What are some of the cheat codes?

  1. There is a section under options for "Cheat Codes" that will unlock various things. Does anyone know any of these codes or how to find them?

    User Info: OzzieAstaroth

    OzzieAstaroth - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are a few codes listed under the "Cheats" section here on GameFAQS - however, I work for Disney and my bosses have given me permission to give out a bunch of codes which aren't so well-known at this point. I've submitted them through the app, but here they are for you to enjoy while they're being approved:

    Disc Battle
    o DBBombs
    o DBHealth
    o DBUnlimited
    o DBFast
    o DBTurbo

    o TKShield
    o TKMissle
    o TKMortar
    o TKMines

    Light Cycles
    o LCSuperJump
    o LCTallTrails (battle only)
    o LCUltimateBarge
    o LCSuperSharpSlide

    Light Runners
    o RUSuperJump
    o RUSuperBullets
    o RUNuclearMines

    Hyper Ball
    o HBAllPower
    o HBKillerBalls
    o HBBreakerBalls
    o HBFastReturns
    o HBSuperSpinner

    User Info: James_TRON

    James_TRON - 9 years ago 0   0

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