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Guide and Walkthrough by dbcification

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/25/2011
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2011

dbcification's Complete Guide to Call of Duty: BO and Cubfan's Ultimate Guide 
to BO's Multiplayer

From the guys that brought you the Modern Warfare Reflex guide comes the Call 
of Duty: Black Ops Wii guide. This is THE guide for Black Ops on the Nintendo 
Wii. Accept no substitutes. Everything you could ever dream of knowing about 
Black Ops is here. So go ahead, check it out. And if you like it, spread it
around to your friends, so that they can be just as awesome at this game as
you will be after reading and applying what is in here. Enjoy the ride.


BO01......................................................Welcome to Black Ops
BO02..................................................Create a Class 2.0 Guide
-CAC1........................................................Submachine Guns
-CAC2.........................................................Assault Rifles
-CAC4.....................................................Light Machine Guns
-CAC5..........................................................Sniper Rifles
-CAC8........................................................Special Weapons
-CAC9.........................................Weapon Attachments, and Prices
-CC10........................................................Lethal Grenades
-CC11......................................................Tactical Grenades
BO03............................................................Campaign Guide
-CAM1...........................................................Operation 40
-CAM4........................................................Executive Order
-CAM6...........................................................The Defector
-CAM8...........................................................Project Nova
-CAM9.........................................................Victor Charlie
-CM10.............................................................Crash Site
BO04..........................Cubfan's Complete Guide to BO's Multiplayer Mode
-CUB1................................................Section 1: Tactical Play
 -S1C1........................................................Basic Tactics
  -CBTa.............................................Suppressing your Fire
  -CBTb...................................................Lethal Grenades
  -CBTc..........................................Claymores and Their Uses
  -CBTd............................................C4 Packs and Their Uses
  -CBTe.....................................The Rest of the Equipment Bag
  -CBTf..............................The Lag Shot versus the Lagging Game
  -CBTg......................................Squad Play and Communication
 -S1C2................................................Semi-Advanced Tactics
  -CSTa...................Killstreak Rewards (KSR) and Effective Grouping
  -CSTb.......................Perk Selection for Effective Class Loadouts
  -CSTc..................................Bringing Down the Enemy Airborne
  -CSTd..................................Mastering Your Tactical Grenades
  -CSTe...................................................Counter nOObing
 -S1C3.....................................................Advanced Tactics
  -CATb...................................................Counter Sniping
  -CATc.......................................Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
  -CATd.....................................................Cat and Mouse
  -CATe...........................................The Kansas City Shuffle
  -CATf...................................................Counter Rushing
  -CATg..............Hacking the Proper Way (and Other Ways to Aggravate)
  -CATh.................................Perk Selection and Its "Pro" Form
-CUB2...........Section 2: Game Modes and Gameplay with Select Map Strategies
 -S2C1........................................................RTDM and Merc
  -TDMa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -TDMb............................Distance Makes the Kill Streaks Longer
  -TDMc............Life after KSR Stacking, Stopping Power and Juggernaut
  -TDMd........................................Play like a Champion Today
  -TDMe.............................................Select Map Strategies
 -S2C2........................................................Hardcore RTDM
  -HTDa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -HTDb................................................To TK or not to TK
 -S2C3...................................................Search and Destroy
  -SNDa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -SNDb........................Smoke 'em if you got 'em (KSR Adjustments)
  -SNDc..................................................**** YOU, NINJA!
  -SNDd........................................Play like a Champion Today
  -SNDe.............................................Select Map Strategies
  -DEMa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -DEMb........................................Play like a Champion Today
  -DEMc.............................................Select Map Strategies
  -DOMa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -DOMb..................................What Happened to Spawn Trapping?
  -DOMc........................................Play like a Champion Today
  -DOMd.............................................Select Map Strategies
  -HQGa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -HQGb...........................................Perk and KSR Adjustment
  -HQGc.......................................Taking it to the Other Team
  -HQGd.........................................Joker ain't the only Fool
  -HQGe.........................................You're Cut Off, Now What?
  -HQGf........................................Play like a Champion Today
  -HQGg.............................................Select Map Strategies
  -SABa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -SABb......................Do You Want It Fast, or Shall I Hit It Slow?
  -SABc.....................................Plus, my Alias is Machiavelli
  -SABd.............................................Select Map Strategies
 -S2C8.....................................................Capture the Flag
  -CTFa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -CTFb.......................................................Role Models
  -CTFc......................................................True Defense
  -CTFd............................................The Quick and the Dead
  -CTFe.............................................Select Map Strategies
 -S2C9........................................................Wager Matches
  -WMGa.......................................Basic Overview and Gameplay
  -WMGb..........................................................Gun Game
  -WMGc.....................................................Sharp Shooter
  -WMGd................................................One in the Chamber
  -WMGe.................................................Sticks and Stones
  -WMGf.......................Know When to Hold 'em, and When to Fold 'em
-CUB3.....Section 3: Completion of your Online Challenges and Random Nonesuch
 -S3C1...................................................Challenge Overview
  -CHAa......................................................Child's Play
  -CHAb...........................................A Little More Difficult
  -CHAc.......................................................How the...?
 -S3C2...........................................Easter Eggs and Fun Timing
  -EEFa...................................................Dance Hall Days
  -EEFb..................A Good Ally List is the best Clan you Could Have
BO05.................................................Multiplayer Map Call Outs
BO06............................Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks, and Facts about BO
LEG1................................................................Legal Info

Use "Ctrl + F" and type in the four letter section name to skip around.

(Please note that the four letter section names that go like BO01 are actually
Bee Oh Zero One, not Bee Oh Oh One.)


0.1 This guide is now in pre-production (planning) stages. Raw format created.
0.2 Added in basic weapons section. Very, very basic. Also added new sections
for Zombie Mode and DLC. (7/13/10)
0.3 Prepping for the big MP Reveal. (9/3/10)
0.4 Added the Perks and Killstreaks from the MP Reveal. (9/4/10)
0.5 Added the Weapons and Equipment from the MP Reveal. (9/4/10)
0.6 Changed the setup of the guide for the MP Reveal's new info. (9/4/10)
0.7 Updated what's possible and what's not via Beta videos. (10/27/10)
0.8 Updated full Create A Class List from Final Version leaks. (11/6/10)
0.9 Added in Rough Draft of Cubfan's MP Guide, reflected it in ToC, changed
ToC to reflect the 1.0 version, deleted all references to the Alpha and Beta
builds of the guide (11/7/10), wrote up descriptions for whatever I could. 
Guide is now ready to accept the 1.0 build. (11/8/10)
1.0 Added in Detailed Weapons Stats, Weapon Descriptions, Campaign Mission
walkthroughs, Cubfan's Final Draft, added in level unlocks for the unknown
unlocks, fixed a few things that were included incorrectly before release, and
added a section for Multiplayer Map Call Outs.
(11/9/10 - 3/18/11)


Hey guys, dbcification here. I hope you enjoy this guide, because Cubfan and
myself have both worked really hard on it. There's stuff in here for just
about everybody, from Campaign, to Combat Training, Multiplayer to Zombies. So
sit back, relax, and enjoy the guide.

Also, I'm going to begin working on gathering strategies together in the guide
just like the MWR Guide. If you have any you'd like me to include, please type
them up and send them in to me via my contact email, found in CON1.

Note that that the Strategies section in the Table of Contents is empty, as
I'm waiting to get some good strategies together after release.

BO01 - Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops

Early May, 2010. The world was reeling from the unpatched glitches that had
come to light in Modern Warfare 2. Well, most of the world, that is. The Wii
Call of Duty players had to stick with World at War, or move to Modern Warfare
Reflex. Many of us moved on to MWR. Many left the Wii. But in the chaos MW2
was creating, a light sprung up.

Because you see, in early May, 2010, a developer at Treyarch leaked that they
were working on a new game. Fast forward a few days to May 18th. A trailer was
released, and the cycle began. The new game, Call of Duty 7, was to be Black
Ops. From that point onward, everyone clamored for information. The PC owners
got theirs, the 360 and PS3 owners got theirs. Yet the Wii owners got nothing,
even though we posted 1,000,000+ sales figures for both World at War and MWR.

Fast forward again, skipping over nearly six months. November 3rd, 2010. Anna
Donlon, an executive producer on the Wii team at Treyarch announces Wii 
version details, and the excitement hits a boiling point for the Wii owners.

And now, it's here. Treyarch has once again delivered to the Wii owners, 
giving us the Game of the Year with as much squeezed in as they could fit. And
once again, they succeeded in making a game that will entertain us for as long
as its life endures. This, my friends, is Black Ops. It is, if you will, the
Wii's Step Eight. Read on, and you will understand the reference.

BO02 - Create a Class 2.0 Guide

This is where the guide starts up officially - the weapons! Here, I have a 
breakdown of each weapons class, and each individual weapons highlighting each
weapon's strengths and weaknesses.

Weapons are rated on a scale like this: Poor, Good, Great, and Top.

Weapon categories are listed by their in-game appearances. So, the list you 
see in Create a Class will be the order things appear here.

Please remember that I am not an impartial observer. I do have my opinions,
and these opinions do influence what I write in the guide about the weapons.
These ratings I give are in no way definitive, and I may very well change my

Weapons rated as Top weapons are the weapons I consider to be the best in the
game. These weapons are generally ones with very few flaws, that are easy to
kill with in general, but also reward skill far more than other weapons. These
may also be subject to change.

Recoil Numbers are the chances a weapon will have recoil kick in the direction
specified by the number. The higher the number, the more chance that recoil
will kick in that direction. If one number is higher than its opposing number,
like Up is 50 and down is 20, the weapon will predominantly kick upwards. If
you have two identical Recoil Numbers opposite each other, there is a random
chance either could occur. 

Recoil Numbers come into play every time you fire your weapon. For every one
shot, the game does four "rolls," and the direction that has the most rolls is
the one that effects the recoil for that shot. Any other directions are added
after that, with the highest number being taken for the secondary recoil 

Since this is a teaching guide, I'm only giving you the facts. It's up to you
to go out there and see how a weapon feels to you. That's the only way you'll
get good with a weapon.


MP5K - Full-auto - Great - Available from the Start

The MP5k is a shortened version of the MP5A2, which is the single most popular
version of Heckler & Koch's MP5 submachine gun family. In game, the MP5k 
performs well in close range, but suffers in longer range. It's a solid and
dependable weapon, with very little wrong with it aside from a slightly slow
reload. I personally try not to use it if I don't have to, because I really
don't like the sound, but that's just personal preference.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the MP5k are Extended Mags, and Dual
Mags, simply for ammo count and reload times. Since Warlord won't let you 
choose both Extended and Dual Mags, there is no use in using Warlord, unless
you want to opt for a Suppressor and one of the aforementioned attachments.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (40)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (40)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3.2 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.9 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 70, Down - 30, Left - 70, Right - 80
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Rapid Fire


Skorpion - Full-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 7 - $2000

The Skorpion is a Czechoslovakian submachine gun-machine pistol hybrid. In 
game, it has a relatively low ammo count, and with a long reload time and 
small damage-effective range, the Skorpion is essentially limited to 
extreme CQC. It can be redeemed with Dual Wield, but you will still have an
ammo problem if you spray. Though I was favorable to the Skorpion in MWR, this
new Skorpion plays very much the same in a game that plays very differently
that MWR. Use it if you want, but you won't be seeing me using it.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the Skorpion is hands down Dual Wield.
It gives twice the normal range, with only a slightly lower damage as a

Max Damage: 50
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 40 meters (50)/ 100 meters (20)
Range SD: 20 meters (50)/ 60 meters (20)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 3.2 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.35 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.8 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 30, Down - 20, Left - 50, Right - 50
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
Dual Wield
Rapid Fire


MAC-11 - Full-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 11 - $2000

The MAC-11 is a machine pistol, usually seen in action movies with its 
iconically bulky suppressor. In game, it is absolutely BEASTLY when hipfiring,
especially with Steady Aim. However, a high rate of fire and a low ammo count 
are some weaknesses to consider when choosing to hipfire. It is nearly 
impossible to get multikills at anything but point blank range, especially if 
you use the suppressor. However, it has a very short reload time, so rushing 
with it, even without Sleight of Hand, is a viable option.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the MAC-11 are Extended Mags or the
Suppressor. Using Warlord to get them both is a good choice, though it will
hamper your ranged capabilities. Dual Wielding is also an interesting choice,
but unless you use it in tandem with Scavenger or Scavenger Pro, you will find
yourself running out of ammunition very quickly.

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (30)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 2.67 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.7 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Dual Wield
Rapid Fire


AK74u - Full-auto - Top - Unlocked at Level 17 - $2000

The AK74u is technically an assault rifle, the shortened stock, carbine 
variant of the AK-74, but for the sake of keeping too many similar weapons out
of the assault rifle category, it has always been in the SMG category. In game
the AK74u hits fast and hard, easily outclassing just about every other SMG. 
It has manageable recoil, and a decent rate of fire. If you're in the right 
range, and can aim at all, you can easily dominate. Steady Aim will give you a
huge advantage, since hipfiring for all SMGs is extremely potent. 

In my opinion, the best attachments for the AK74u are the Extended Mags, the
Grip, and the Suppressor. Use of Warlord should ALWAYS included Extended Mags,
since you will end up going through ammo quite fast otherwise.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (40)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (40)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 2.8 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.1 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 65, Down - 20, Left - 65, Right 65
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Grenade Launcher
Rapid Fire


Uzi - Full-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 23 - $2000

The Uzi is a fast-firing, but not extremely hard-hitting SMG. It is easily
outgunned by other weapons, but if you aim down the sights with it, you can
actually avoid the rather large hipfire recoil it has. Like the Mini-Uzi of
MWR, burst fire is your friend with the Uzi. For those of you who are new to
shooter games, burst firing is when you fire an automatic weapon in short 
bursts to save ammo. It actually has fairly decent range for a lower-powered
SMG, so you can effectively use it at a bit of range. I wouldn't recommend 
rushing with it, due to its recoil.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Uzi are the Grip, the Red Dot
Sight (if you dislike the iron sights like me), and the Extended Mags. Much
like the AK74u, Warlord use should include the Extended Mags, but only if you
plan on getting up in the enemy's spawn. If you prefer to hang back, RDS and
the Grip are also applicable.

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (30)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 32
Empty Reload Time: 3.25 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.4 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.8 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 80, Down - 50, Left - 75, Right - 75
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (48 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Rapid Fire


PM63 - Full-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 29 - $2000

The PM63 is an odd looking machinepistol of Soviet origins. In game, it has a
few interesting qualities, like the dead-accurate ADS, and decent damage. 
Couple that with its high fire rate, and you have yourself one powerful SMG,
at least when in range and ADSing. Sleight of Hand Pro obviously will help you
a lot with ADSing and getting kills, but you should make sure you tune your
ADS settings up before breaking out the PM63.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the PM63 are the Extended Mags and the
Grip. Warlord use for both of these isn't really recommended, however, since 
the Grip will only help you with hipfiring, and a mere 20 rounds will be used
up fast, or even the 30 via Extended Mags. 

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 2.85 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.05 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
Dual Wield
Rapid Fire


MPL - Full-auto - Top - Unlocked at Level 35 - $2000

The MPL is a rather obscure SMG, with a folding buttstock that can move it 
from carbine assault rifle to SMG quickly. In game, the MPL performs BEASTLY,
even on large maps like Summit and Array. It has incredibly accurate hipfire,
and it works wonders when ADSing. It also has beautiful iron sights, so no
optics are needed. The 32 rounds per magazine is also a nice touch, and you
can quite easily rush with it.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the MPL is the Suppressor, hands down.
It already has quite a high rate of fire, and a moderately fast reload speed.
Optical attachments are also kind of a waste on it, and the recoil is very low
anyway. Thus, the Suppressor is the only attachment that it actually needs,
though this is one of the few weapons I can confidently recommend using bare.

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (30)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 32
Empty Reload Time: 3 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.25 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.75 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 30, Left - 60, Right - 70
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Rapid Fire


Spectre - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 41 - $2000

The Spectre is an Italian SMG, created primarily for use in their special 
forces. In game, the Spectre performs well at close range, and moderately well
at longer ranges. It does have a bit of kick to it, so burst fire is 
recommended. Hipfire is okay, but I wouldn't recommend using it in anything
but point-blank range simply due to the recoil, and the risk you'll run of it
slightly offsetting your aim, and thus preventing you from getting the kill.
Still, it is a very solid weapon, and when played right, it is masterful.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Spectre are the Extended Mags, and
maybe the Suppressor. Use of Warlord isn't really necessary, since the 
Suppressor, coupled with fire rate and recoil, will chew through the Extended
Mags like crazy.

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (30)/ 130 (20)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.3 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.75 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Rapid Fire


Kiparis - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other SMG - $2000

The Kiparis is a little-known SMG made primarily for special operations. In
game, the Kiparis has very little recoil, but low damage, and slightly loose
hipfire. ADS is where the weapon shines, however. Rushing with the Kiparis is
not something I'd recommend, but if you think you're up to the task, make sure
you use Scavenger and Sleight of Hand, lest you get owned on by guys with 
more powerful and accurate weapons.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the Kiparis is hands down the Extended
Mags. Simply put, a weapon with such a high rate of fire almost needs the 
extra ten rounds per magazine to be effective, and this is true for the 
Kiparis especially. You can use Dual Wielded Kiparis semi-effectively, but 
you essentially are relying on Steady Aim there.

Max Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 938
Range: 187.5 meters (30)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 72.5 meters (30)/ 130 meters (20)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 2.65 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.1 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.3 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Dual Wield 
Rapid Fire


M16 - Burst (3-Round) - Good - Available from the Start

If you're familiar with military weapons of the last fifty years or so, you've
most likely heard of the M16. In game, the M16 plays just like you would 
expect. It's lightweight with decent damage at decent range. Slapping on 
Steady Aim and hipfiring with it is one of the easier way to get headshots, 
and you can quite effectively hold down a choke point using the Extended Mags,
at least for a bit. However, since you do have a firing delay, rushing is not 
something I would recommend at all. The M16 of Black Ops pales in comparison 
to its MWR counterpart, since it seems for the world that one burst refuses to

In my opinion, the best attachment choices are the ACOG Sight or the Extended
Mags. Getting both with Warlord is also fairly effective, though Hardened or
Steady Aim are equally worthy Perk 2 choices.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 450 RPM.
Range: 500 meters (40)/ 625 meters (30)
Range SD: 200 meters (40)/ 300 meters (30)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 2.36 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.03 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.35 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 50, Down - 30, Left - 35, Right - 35
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


Enfield - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 6 - $2000

The Enfield was an experimental British assault rifle created just before
Britain conformed to NATO standardization. In the game, the Enfield has a very
large amount of kick if you fire it full auto, though the fire rate is 
actually low enough for this to only be an issue at long range. It does good
damage, and is very much complimented by use of Scavenger, or Ghost when
suppressed. Steady Aim, at least until you get Sleight of Hand, is also a good

In my opinion, the best attachment choices are the Suppressor and Extended 
Mags. Optics aren't required because the iron sights are good enough, so you
can choose something more tactical. A Suppressed Enfield user should hang back
though, just so you don't get owned on by unsuppressed enemies at range.

Max Damage: 35
Min Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 375 meters (35)/ 500 meters (25)
Range SD: 125 meters (35)/ 250 meters (25)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.45 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.75 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


M14 - Semi-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 9 - $2000

The M14 is a battle rifle that was standard issue for the United States Army,
and USMC for the Vietnam era. In game, the M14 plays very much like it did in
MWR, with one key difference: it has much less recoil, when compared to the
MWR M14. The iron sights have gotten slightly less obtrusive, but they still
suck. It feels a lot more like the M1 Garand from World at War now, but with
a lot more power behind it. The 20 round magazine can last a while if you play
the M14 correctly, or go fast if you get caught with your pants down and have
to spam the trigger.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the M14 are the Grip and the ACOG 
Sight. Use of Warlord for both of them is very much recommended for a 
pseudo-sniper class setup, and is fairly effective in most situations. On the
smaller maps, you might consider switching out the ACOG for the RDS, but for
most other occasions, that is the golden setup.

Max Damage: 50
Min Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. RoF is capped at 625 RPM.
Range: 375 meters (50)/ 500 meters (40)
Range SD: 125 meters (50)/ 250 meters (40)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 3.45 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.4 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.9 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 80, Down - 40, Left - 40, Right - 40
Multipliers: Head - 1.5%, Neck - 1.5%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


FAMAS - Full-auto - Top - Unlocked at Level 14 - $2000

The FAMAS is the French military's standard assault rifle, and is a solid gun
for just about any occasion. In game, the FAMAS kicks like a mule when fired
at all, so use of a Suppressor to tone down the recoil is a good option. You
may find that Extended Mags are what you need, since it does chew through ammo
quite fast. Scavenger is probably the best perk for any FAMAS, especially
since the FAMAS has a high enough fire rate to outgun just about anything or
anyone who's within about a hundred meters of you.

In my opinion, the best attachment choices are the Suppressor, the Extended
Mags, and the Red Dot Sight if you find yourself in need of more precision in
medium ranges. Some combination of these through Warlord is also a solid 
choice, especially using the Suppressor with either of the other two.

Max Damage: 35
Min Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 375 meters (35)/ 500 meters (25)
Range SD: 125 (35)/ 250 meters (25)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3.3 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.5 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.9 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


Galil - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 20 - $2000

The Galil is an Israeli assault rifle based off of the AK-47. In game, the
Galil is a solid assault rifle, and performs similarly to the G36C from MWR.
However, it has a 35 round magazine, unlike all other assault rifles, which
gives it a large advantage in a firefight. When used behind cover in objective
game modes, the Galil is a serious force to be reckoned with. In kill-based
modes, the Galil still performs well, but the recoil will throw you off if you
fire full-auto. 

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Galil are the Suppressor and maybe
the RDS or Reflex Sight. The Suppressed Galil is the single best suppressed
weapon in the game, aside from possibly the SPAS. This is one of the few guns
where Extended Mags are not actually needed, though having a 50 round magazine
is very helpful for keeping flags held in objective modes. Using Warlord for
any combination of the aforementioned attachments is a deadly idea, but you 
may find yourself wanting extra penetration power through Hardened.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 375 meters (40)/ 500 meters (30)
Range SD: 125 meters (40)/ 250 meters (30)
Mag Size: 35
Empty Reload Time: 3.8 seconds
Add Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (50 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


AUG - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 26 - $2000

The AUG is the standard assault rifle of Austria, and was actually not
released for worldwide use until the 1970's, unlike what is seen in Black Ops.
In game, the AUG performs almost like a FAMAS clone: it has high damage, high
fire rate, and very manageable recoil. However, the reason it is only Great and
not Top is because every so often, the recoil will randomize, which makes the
AUG harder to control in full-auto.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the AUG are the Extended Mags and the
Suppressor. This is one of the few assault rifles I would recommend a 
Suppressor for, because it actually knocks the recoil down slightly. Using
Warlord for both is, once again, a viable option.

Max Damage: 35
Min Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: 375 meters (35)/ 500 meters (25)
Range SD: 125 meters (35)/ 250 meters (25)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3.05 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.6 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.9 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 30, Left - 60, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope
Swarovski Scope (Available only for AUG)
Grenade Launcher


FAL - Semi-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 32 - $2000

The FAL is a standard assault rifle in many European countries, and is
capable of fire-selection. In game, the FAL is semi-auto, and has EXTREME
potential. Of the two single shot assault rifles, the FAL is actually the
better of the two, since it has better iron sights, less recoil, and faster 
reload times than the M14. Though the extra multipliers are taken away, that's
no issue for the FAL, since body shots are much more effective anyway. 
Basically, the FAL equals a near-guarantee of beastly gameplay.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the FAL are... Nothing! To be quite
honest, I always use the FAL bare, and I see very little reason for an 
attachment. The only feasible one I could see is the Masterkey, for when you
are caught unawares in close range and don't want to spam your ammo away.

Max Damage: 50
Min Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Capped at 625 RPM.
Range: 375 meters (50)/ 500 meters (40)
Range SD: 125 meters (50)/ 250 meters (40)
Mag Size: 20
Empty Reload Time: 3.1 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.5 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 70, Down - 20, Left - 70, Right - 50
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (30 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


AK47 - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 38 - $2000

The AK47 is a world-famous assault rifle, praised for its durability and high
performance levels even in the harshest of conditions. In game, the AK47 plays
very well, with great damage and excellent range. The only thing that hinders
it is the recoil, which can be managed effectively by burst firing. Even 
though there are faster firing assault rifles out there, the AK47 chews 
through ammo like it's going out of style. It also has a slightly larger
hipfire spread than the other assault rifles, though this is easily solved by
use of Steady Aim.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the AK47 are the Extended Mags, the
ACOG Sight, and the Suppressor. Use of Warlord for some combination is good,
but it pretty much needs Extended Mags to combat the AK's taste for ammo.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: 375 meters (40)/ 500 meters (30)
Range SD: 125 meters (40)/ 250 meters (30)
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3.25 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.5 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.75 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 30, Left - 60, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


Commando - Full-auto - Top - Unlocked at Level 44 - $2000

The CAR-15 Commando was a specialty assault carbine, and the spiritual father
of the M4. In game, the Commando performs extremely well, tackling both long
and short range with ease. With manageable recoil, a low enough fire rate so as
to keep ammo consumption down, the Commando is one of the better weapons in
the game, and is definitely at or above the FAMAS' level. With Scavenger, or
Scavenger Pro, you'll be a killing machine with almost unlimited ammo.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Commando are... None! The Commando
is another one of those powerful weapons that doesn't need an attachment to
work well. However, if you do want an attachment, the Suppressor would be a
worthwhile choice as well.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: 750
Range: 375 meters (40)/ 500 meters (30)
Range SD: 125 meters (40)/ 250 meters (30)
Mag Size: 30 
Empty Reload Time: 2.55 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.05 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.55 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 30, Left - 60, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (45 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope
Grenade Launcher


G11 - Burst (3-Round) - Great - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other AR - $2000

The G11 is an experimental assault rifle that uses caseless ammunition. In
game, the G11 performs very well, and takes down enemies with little trouble.
Usually, it will knock out an enemy in a single burst, but from longer ranges,
you'll need two. The G11 is unique in that it has a 48 round magazine from the
start, so you have a ton of ammo on spawn. The two available attachments, the
Low Power Scope and the Variable Zoom Scope, are useful for long range, but
will leave you without your ADS capability. The G11 has fairly bad hipfire for
an assault rifle, so you pretty much NEED that ADS capability. If you want to
snipe with it, just make sure you're comfortable using your pistol.

Max Damage: 35
Min Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 525 RPM.
Range: 375 meters (35)/ 500 meters (25)
Mag Size: 48
Empty Reload Time: 3.85 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.7 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 20, Left - 10, Right - 60
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Low Power Scope
Variable Zoom Scope


Olympia - Double Barrel - Great - Available from the Start

The Olympia has got to be one of the most rigid weapons in the game. Not only
does it have a taste for hitmarkers outside of a small range, but it only has
two shots before its painfully slow reload. Thus, it forces you to play the
shotgun correctly, and navigate the maps in a way so that you always have the
upper hand on the enemy. Aiming down the sights on the Olympia is one of the
only ways I would recommend playing, so getting Sleight of Hand Pro is a very
smart idea.

Since it has no attachments, I'll give you recommended perks. Now, the Olympia
has a relatively low ammo count, and if you stay alive for a while, you'll run
through that in no time. Therefore, Scavenger is a must. Reloading in CQC is
dangerous enough, and the less time you take to ADS in, the better. Therefore,
Sleight of Hand is a must as well. Since you'll be spending a lot of time in
buildings, you have to watch out for equipment. Therefore, Hacker is a must as

Pellets per Shot: 8
Max Damage: 40 per pellet
Min Damage: 0
Rate of Fire: Double barrel. Fire rate capped at 212 RPM.
Range: 100 meters (40)/ 150 meters (0)
Mag Size: 2
Empty Reload Time: 3.9 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 3.3 seconds needed.
Add Reload Time: 2.65 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 85, Left - 45, Right - 45
Multipliers: None


Stakeout - Pump-action - Good - Unlocked at Level 9 - $2000

The Stakeout is one of the longest-produced shotgun families in the world,
since it comes from the very venerable Ithaca 37 line. In game, the Stakeout
plays much like any good pump-action shotgun should. However, the Stakeout is
unique in that when you ADS with it, the spread is actually LOWERED from the
standard hipfire spread. Couple that with gorgeous iron sights, and you have
yourself a beastly weapon. Slapping on the only available attachment, the
Grip, will also tone your hipfire spread down a bit, so there really is no
excuse for using it without one.

Pellets per Shot: 8
Max Damage: 30 per pellet
Min Damage: 0
Rate of Fire: Pump-action. Fire rate is capped at 92.3 RPM.
Range: 75 meters (40)/ 162.5 meters (0)
Mag Size: 4
Empty Reload Time: 2.701 seconds (1 second for first shell, then .567 seconds
per shell)
Add Reload Time: 1 second for first shell, then .3 seconds per shell
Recoil Values: Up - 95, Left - 75, Right - 85
Multipliers: None




SPAS - Semi-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 24 - $2000

The SPAS is a selective fire shotgun made mainly for sporting purposes, but
also for police and military use. In game, the SPAS plays the role of second
banana semi-auto shotgun well. With eight rounds, and a range glitch that will
keep the range of the unsuppressed SPAS when it is suppressed, the SPAS is a
fairly good choice. However, poor range within the shotguns slightly does it
in, since getting hitmarkers that close in towards an enemy will spell death 
if you can't take the guy out with the next shell. Use of the Suppressor is
highly recommended if you're going to run the SPAS.

Pellets per Shot: 8
Max Damage: 30 per pellet
Min Damage: 0
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 312.5 RPM.
Range: 75 meters (30)/ 150 meters (0)
Range SD: 75 meters (30)/ 150 meters (0)*
Mag Size: 8
Empty Reload Time: 5.469 seconds (1.5 seconds for first shell, then .567
seconds per shell)
Add Reload Time: 1.5 seconds for first shell, then .25 seconds per shell
Recoil Values: Up - 95, Left - 75, Right - 85
Multipliers: None

*This is a programming glitch.




HS10 - Semi-auto - Good - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other Shotguns - $2000

The HS10 is a bullpup, semi-automatic shotgun. In game, it is a very capable
shotgun only when Dual Wielded. Single HS10's are at a disadvantage since the
thing is a hitmarker machine. However, it also has less spread when ADSing, so
if you get it close enough, the hitmarkers shouldn't bother you very much. 
Still, the Dual HS10 setup is probably the best way to go here.

Pellets per Shot: 8
Max Damage: 30 per pellet
Min Damage: 0
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 341 RPM.
Range: 75 meters (30)/ 150 meters (0)
Mag Size: 4
Empty Reload Time: 3.3 seconds (1.35 seconds for first shell, then .65 seconds
per shell)
Add Reload Time: 1.35 seconds for first shell, then .65 seconds per shell
Recoil Values: Up - 95, Left - 75, Right - 75
Multipliers: None


Dual Wield


HK21 - Full-auto - Good - Available from the Start

The HK21 is a light machine gun designed for use by mobile troops. In game,
the HK21 is a powerful and hard-hitting LMG, but like all LMGs it suffers a
very long reload time. The damage given out and the fire rate don't really
justify the long time there, but it does still do work fairly well. If you
learn when to fire, and when to reload, you can actually do very well. A
word of warning for prospective HK21 users: If you hipfire, chances are very
good that you will die. ALWAYS ADS unless you absolutely can't avoid hipfiring
with the HK21, since the hipfire spread on it is very unpredictable.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the HK21 is Extended Mags. Simply put,
the HK21's reload time normally and with Extended Mags has no noticeable 
difference, so getting 60 rounds and no reload penalty is a no-brainer.

Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains 40 damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 4.75 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 3.75 seconds
Add Reload Time: 2.9 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 40, Left - 70, Right - 70
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (80 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope


RPK - Full-auto - Good - Unlocked at Level 5 - $2000

The RPK is a Russian light machine gun based off of the RPD and the AK47. In 
game, the RPK fires at a good rate, dealing good damage as well. The reload
time penalty is somewhat fair since it has 40 rounds per magazine, but it's
still long enough to almost require Sleight of Hand for an aggressive role of
any kind. The recoil is manageable for medium range, but if you go farther than
across Nuketown, firing full-auto is inadvisable to say the least.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the RPK are the Dual Mags, and possibly
the Red Dot Sight. Using Warlord to combine the two can be done, but isn't 
recommended, since Sleight of Hand is an all-around better perk for the RPK.

Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains 40 damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 40
Empty Reload Time: 5.5 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 4 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 3.25 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Left - 70, Right - 70
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Extended Mags (75 Rounds)
Dual Mags
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope


M60 - Full-auto - Great - Unlocked at Level 21 - $2000

The M60 is a light-medium machine gun designed for choke point defense. In
game, the M60 functions in much the same way. It has crushing power, and also
has very good recoil for an LMG. However, with the single longest reload in
the entire game, no reload cancel ability, and the slow movement speed and 
terrible hipfire of its whole category of weapons, the M60 is a rather 
situational weapon. I prefer to use it only on Jungle, since you can hide 
behind cover and foliage all over the map, as well as take high, narrow choke
points and make them yours.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the M60 are the Grip, the Extended 
Mags, and the Reflex Scope. Using Warlord for some combination is also a good
strategy, since any combination increases the M60's choke point holding 

Max Damage: 50
Min Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: 535 RPM
Range: 250 meters (50)/ 375 meters (40)
Mag Size: 100
Empty Reload Time: 9.7 seconds
Add Reload Time: 7.5 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Left - 80, Right - 80
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Big Ammo (200 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope


Stoner63 - Full-auto - Top - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other LMG - $2000

The Stoner63 is a modular weapons system designed by one of the original 
designers of the M16, Eugene Stoner. In game, the Stoner performs more like an
assault rifle than it does an LMG, but the power it deals out makes it a cut
above assault rifles. The slower movement speed and horrible hipfire make it
not very well suited to closer range combat. The recoil when firing full auto
is also enough to nearly ensure that your shots will miss unless you control
it. But, the quick reload for normal magazines and the high power and fire
rate make the Stoner an excellent weapon when run with Lightweight.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the Stoner is Extended Mags. Since it 
has such a high rate of fire anyway, having more ammo to go through means you
can kill more enemies.

Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: 937.5 RPM
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains 40 damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 30
Empty Reload Time: 3.8 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 3.2 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 2.25 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Down - 40, Left - 70, Right - 70
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%

Challenges for Stoner63.


Extended Mags (100 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Scope
Infrared Scope


Dragunov - Semi-auto - Poor - Available from the Start

The Dragunov is a Soviet-made sniper rifle based very loosely off of the AK47,
and was built to replace the aging Mosin-Nagant. In game, the Dragunov is the
second weakest sniper rifle solely because of its ammo count being ten rounds
per magazine from the start. As far as kills go, you have to be accurate to do
anything with it. However, it "feels" as though it has no weight behind its
shots; there's nothing in the stats to make it weaker, it just seems that way.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Dragunov are the ACOG Scope and
possibly the Extended Mags if you're going to be holding a choke point. Using
Warlord to combine both is a viable option, but Hardened Pro or Scout Pro
would probably be better.

Damage: 70
Damage SD: 50
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 235 RPM.
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains its damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 10
Empty Reload Time: 3.75 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 2.95 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 2.1 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 65, Left - 50, Right - 55
Multipliers: Head - 1.5%, Neck - 1.5%, Upper Torso - 1.5%
Multipliers SD: Head - 2.0%, Neck - 2.0%, Upper Torso - 1.5%


Extended Mags (15 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Infrared Scope
Variable Zoom Scope


WA2000 - Semi-auto - Poor - Unlocked at Level 10 - $2000

The WA2000 is one of the world's rarest weapons, since only 176 models were
officially created before production was halted. In game, the WA2000 is the
worst sniper rifle in the game, even coming in behind an M14 with an Infrared
Scope. It has a longer reload time than the Dragunov, less ammo, and the same
amount of power behind it. For one redeeming quality, it does have very low
recoil, so taking a second shot with it is easier than with any other sniper
rifle. Still, it just "feels" weak to me; you may have different results.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the WA2000 are the ACOG Scope and
Extended Mags. Using Warlord for both is a viable option, but use of Hardened
Pro or Scout Pro are equally effective.

Damage: 70
Damage SD: 50
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 235 RPM.
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains its damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 6
Empty Reload Time: 3.85 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 3.2 seconds
Add Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 55, Left - 50, Right - 55
Multipliers: Head - 1.5%, Neck 1.5%, Upper Torso - 1.5%
Multipliers SD: Head - 2.0%, Neck - 2.0%, Upper Torso - 1.5%


Extended Mags (12 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Infrared Scope
Variable Zoom Scope


L96A1 - Bolt-action - Great - Unlocked at Level 30 - $2000

The L96 is part of a family of cold-weather resistance bolt-action sniper
rifles made by British company Accuracy International. In game, the L96 is the
single most powerful weapon the the game, boasting a one hit kill to all but
the forearms and legs. However, it is bolt-action, so taking a second shot is
not all that easy. But, if you can aim at all, the L96 should be your sniper
rifle of choice. 

In my opinion, the best attachments are the SUSAT Scope and the Extended Mags,
and I would highly recommend combining them with Warlord. Using the Variable
Zoom Scope is also a worthwhile idea.

Damage: 70
Damage SD: 50
Rate of Fire: Bolt-action. Fire rate is capped at 60 RPM.
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains its damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 5
Empty Reload Time: 3.5 seconds
Add Reload Time: 2.45 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 80, Right - 55
Multipliers: Head - 1.5%, Neck - 1.5%, Upper Torso - 1.5%, Lower Torso - 1.5%,
Bicep - 1.5%, Thigh - 1.5%
Multipliers SD: Head - 2.0%, Neck - 2.0%, Upper Torso - 1.5%, 
Lower Torso - 1.5%, Bicep - 1.5%, Thigh - 1.5%


Extended Mags (10 Rounds)
Infrared Scope
Variable Zoom Scope


PSG1 - Semi-auto - Great - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other Snipers - $2000

The PSG1 is a precision marksman rifle designed for police and military sniper
teams working close proximity to the target. In game, the PSG1 is probably the
second best in its class simply due to the fact that it feels like it has some
power behind it. However, a small magazine and huge recoil lessen its how
effective it could be, since it is harder to get focused again and quickly
take a second shot. But, since it has Kill multipliers for all of the torso up
to the head, you might as well call it the Barret reincarnate.

In my opinion, no attachment is good on the PSG1, since that would forfeit the
Kill multiplier to the stomach.

Damage: 70
Damage SD: 50
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 235 RPM.
Range: Irrelevant, since it maintains its damage infinitely.
Mag Size: 5
Empty Reload Time: 3.5 seconds
Add Reload Time: 2 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 80, Right - 80
Multipliers: Head - 1.5%, Neck - 1.5%, Upper Torso - 1.5%, Lower Torso - 1.5%*

*Only without attachments. Any attachments make it 1.1%, and not a kill.


Extended Mags (10 Rounds)
ACOG Sight
Infrared Scope
Variable Zoom Scope


ASP - Semi-auto - Good - Available from the Start

The ASP is a specialty pistol designed for Cold War-era Secret Service agents.
In game, the ASP is the fastest-firing semi-auto weapon in the game, clocking
in at the same maximum fire rate as a FAMAS. However, a small magazine, and
lack of Extended Mags do hurt this pistol as far as use of it outside of point
blank range is concerned. Still, the ASP does have another redeeming quality
in its sights. The sights on the ASP are absolutely GORGEOUS, since it uses a
guttersnipe sight style, which makes quick aiming and target identification
almost automatic.

You really shouldn't hipfire pistols since they have full movement speed while
ADSing, so use of the only attachment, Dual Wield, is not recommended.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 937.5 RPM.
Range: 87.5 meters (40)/ 225 meters (20)
Mag Size: 7
Empty Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 1.25 seconds
Add Reload Time: .9 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 25, Left - 35, Right - 35
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Dual Wield


M1911 - Semi-auto - Great - Available from the Start

The M1911 was the standard-issue sidearm for all U.S. soldiers up to the 
1980's, and was in active service since 1911. In game, the M1911 performs very
well, with good sights, fast reloads, and very good power. However, the seven
rounds per normal magazine is a little bit skimpy, since it takes so many
shots to take down an enemy in Black Ops. Still, the M1911 redeems itself to
me simply due to how shiny it is. It is probably single flashiest weapon in
the game. It positively glistens in light. 

In my opinion, the best attachments for the M1911 are the Extended Mags, and
possibly the Upgraded Iron Sights. Since the M1911 has more ammo with Extended
Mags than the Makarov does, it is actually a better choice until you buy the
CZ75 Extended Mags.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 625 RPM.
Range: 87.5 meters (40)/ 225 meters (20)
Range SD: 62.5 meters (40)/ 125 meters (20)
Mag Size: 7
Empty Reload Time: 1.8 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 1.63 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.1 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 25, Left - 35, Right - 35
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Upgraded Iron Sights
Extended Mags (14 Rounds)
Dual Wield


Makarov - Semi-auto - Great - Available from the Start

The Makarov is a Soviet handgun made to update the USSR's standard issue 
handgun. In game, the Makarov is a solid pistol, with very few frills. It has
decent sights, a health recoil, and more ammo than any of the other starting
pistols as far as normal magazine size. However, in the Extended Mags 
department, it comes in third for the pistols, with both the M1911 and the 
CZ75 beating it as far as per magazine ammo.

In my opinion, the best attachments for the Makarov are the Extended Mags and
Upgraded Iron Sights. Either one is a good choice.

Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 625 RPM.
Range: 87.5 meters (40)/ 225 meters (20)
Range SD: 62.5 meters (40)/ 125 meters (20)
Mag Size: 8
Empty Reload Time: 1.917 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 1.625 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.15 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 25, Left - 35, Right - 35
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Upgraded Iron Sights
Extended Mags (12 Rounds)
Dual Wield


Python - Revolver - Great - Unlocked at Level 18 - $2000

The Python is a precision revolver, and has been called the Cadillac of 
handguns. In game, the Python performs well, dishing out good damage while
paying range no mind. However, a small ammo count of the standard six round
revolver cylinder make for a bit of an ammo problem, at least in sustained
firefights. Controlling the engagement so that it's always just you and one
enemy is the key to survival with the Python.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the Python is the Speed Reloader, hands
down. It takes what is normally a 4.85 second reload for an empty cylinder,
and drops it down to a more manageable 2.6 second one.

Max Damage: 50
Snub Nose Max Damage: 40
Min Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: Revolver. Fire rate is capped at 625 RPM.
Range: 87.5 meters (50, 40 Snub)/ 300 meters (30)
Mag Size: 6
Empty Reload Time: 4.85 seconds (1.6 seconds for first round, then .65 for
each round)
Add Reload Time: 1.6 seconds for first round, .65 for each round
Speed Loader Reload Time: 2.6 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 60, Right - 40
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


ACOG Sight
Snub Nose
Speed Reloader
Dual Wield


CZ75 - Semi-auto - Good - Unlocked after Purchasing All Other Pistols - $2000

The CZ75 is a Czechoslovakian handgun made during the Cold War. In game, it
has the highest starting ammo count per magazine in the handgun category with
twelve rounds. It has good sights and decent reload time, which, when 
combined with its range, make it the best handgun in the game, hands down.

In my opinion, the best attachment for the CZ75 is the Extended Mags. Instead
of having the large amount of twelve rounds per magazine, this gives you the
huge amount of eighteen rounds per magazine. 

One quick word on the Full-Auto
Upgrade: it is absolute garbage. It takes four rounds to kill until you get
past a shotgun's effective range, where it drops down to five. Don't use it,

Max Damage: 40
FAU Damage: 30
Min Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Fire rate is capped at 625 RPM.
FAU Rate of Fire: 535 RPM.
Range: 112.5 meters (40)/ 250 meters (20)
Range SD: 74 meters (40)/ 125 meters (20)
Mag Size: 12
Empty Reload Time: 2.013 seconds
Reload Cancel Time: 1.63 seconds needed
Add Reload Time: 1.05 seconds
Recoil Values: Up - 25, Left - 35, Right - 35
Multipliers: Head - 1.4%


Upgraded Iron Sights
Extended Mags (18 Rounds)
Dual Wield
Full-Auto Upgrade


M72 LAW - Rocket Launcher - Available from the Start

The M72 LAW is a dual-purpose anti-aircraft and anti-personnel rocket launcher
capable of locking on to heat signatures. In game, the LAW is a very solid
launcher, leveling all of the enemy aircraft you could want in a single blast,
which is good since you only get a single shot without Scavenger Pro. Still, 
if you're willing to pass on having a more combat-capable secondary, the LAW
is a solid choice. It's actually the best Launcher when paired with Scavenger
Pro, since it has two shots, and can free-fire or lock on, which is more than
the Strela can do.

DI Damage: 1000
Damage: 160 at center of blast, 70 at edge of blast
Range: 5.7 meters
Lock-On Time: 2 seconds
Reload Time: 3 seconds


RPG-7 - Rocket Launcher - Unlocked at Level 12 - $2000

The RPG-7 is a straight-fire rocket launcher without any lock on capability.
In game, it performs its job adequately, but still does leave a little to be
desired, especially since it will sometimes curve away from your target while
in flight. It does pack a significant punch, but the lack of lock on means
that it will most likely be used to clear off objectives like Domination flags
or bomb sites.

DI Damage: 1000
Damage: 160 at center of blast, 70 at edge of blast
Range: 5.7 meters
Reload Time: 3.92 seconds


Strela-3 - Rocket Launcher - Unlocked at Level 30 - $2000

The Strela-3 is an anti-aircraft launcher capable of being fired while on the
move. In game, the Strela performs very well, and since you have two shots on
every spawn, you can take out an enemy Attack Helicopter all by yourself. It
won't work on enemy players, however, so packing a Masterkey is recommended.

DI Damage: 1000
Lock On Time: 2 seconds
Reload Time: 3 seconds


China Lake - Pump-action - Unlocked at Level 48 - $2000

The China Lake is a pump-action grenade launcher with a very steep arc. In
game, it requires incredible accuracy to use in any effective way, especially
since explosives are nerfed quite a bit. It is a very slow and awkward weapon,
so I personally wouldn't recommend using it. But, if you want to hinder 
yourself, go right ahead.

DI Damage: 135
Damage: 155 at center of blast, 25 at edge of blast
Range: 7.5 meters
Reload Time: 3 seconds (2 seconds for first grenade, 1 second for second)


Ballistic Knife - Spring-loaded - Unlocked at Level 15 - $2000

The Ballistic Knife is a Soviet-made knife designed for use by the Spetsnaz
special forces of Russia. It is a normal, double-edged fixed-blade knife, 
until the button on the end is pressed. When that happens, the knife blade
shoots out with a great amount of force. Sticking another blade in the socket
will lock that blade into position and you can then fire again.

Travel Time: Medium. Leading your shots is required on moving targets.
Range: Infinite, but affected by the arc.
Reload Time: 1.5 seconds


Crossbow - Compound Force Crossbow - Unlocked at Level 30 - $2000

The Crossbow is an age-old weapon dating back to Medieval times. However, in
game the crossbow has a bit of a different twist on it, in that it now has an
explosive-tipped bolt. It will stick into any surface, including players, and
detonate after a brief pause. 

DI Damage: 50
Damage: 200/75
Range: 200 damage up to 4 meters, and will do 75 at 4.1 meters.
Fuse Time: 1.5 seconds
Reload Time: 2.75 seconds


Attachments are listed from Lowest to Highest.


Upgraded Iron Sights (Pistols excluding ASP and Python)

Upgraded Iron Sights will put glowing white dots on the rear notch and front
post of your pistol of choice's sights. It serves well at long range, but 
overall isn't outstanding.


Snub Nose (Python Only)

Snub Nose will shorten your Python's barrel down to about half its original
length, and will drop your maximum damage down to 40, in exchange for less
recoil. It does help for long range shot placement, but the drop in power is
too steep of a price when you only have six rounds to work with at a time.


Speed Reloader (Python Only)

Speed Reloader is a quicker method of reloading your Python. Now, instead of
having to load each individual round, you can just load them all at one time.
This does drop the reload time down to only 2.6 seconds, which is a huge
benefit when you're under pressure.


Extended Mags (SMGs excluding MPL, Assault Rifles excluding G11, LMGs, Sniper 
Rifles, Pistols excluding ASP and Python)

Extended Mags are possibly the best attachment choice in the game, since they
give you more ammunition for little cost. Generally speaking, the bonus can
range anywhere from half of the original ammo count being added, to the ammo
count being doubled. There's really no way to go wrong here.


Dual Mags (AK74u, MPL, Assault Rifles excluding G11)

Dual Mags are the best attachment for those who don't want to sacrifice their
Perk 2 slot for Sleight of Hand. It also has a hidden benefit, since have Dual
Mags equipped will double your spawn ammunition count. So spawning in with the
normal 90 rounds total for an M16 will turn into 180 rounds total for an M16
with Dual Mags.


ACOG Scope (SMGs excluding Skorpion, MAC11, PM63 and Kiparis, Assault Rifles 
excluding G11, LMGs, Sniper Rifles, Python)

ACOG Scope is a precision medium-long range scope attachment designed to
aid in longer range engagements. It has a 1.5x magnification factor, which 
does help in identifying targets. It has a very simple crosshair pattern which
comes together in the center of the sight in a white cross.


Red Dot Sight (SMGs excluding Skorpion and PM63, Assault Rifles excluding G11,

Red Dot Sight is an attachments designed for weapon that have obtrusive iron
sights. However, since most of the weapons that can use it have good iron
sights, it's not especially useful. It has a 1.5x magnification factor.
On most weapons, it appears as a small, flush circle, but on some, notably the
AK47 and RPK, it appears in a style more like the RDS from MW2 than anything 


Reflex Sight (SMGs excluding Skorpion and PM63, Assault Rifles excluding G11,

Reflex Sight is a scope-like Red Dot Sight designed to give a clear picture of
what you want to see with it. It is somewhat unique in that it universally 
reduces recoil when ADSing. It has a 1.0x magnification factor. It appears a 
little obtrusive, but it really isn't that noticeable once you get used to it 
being there.


Grip (SMGs excluding MP5k, Spectre and Kiparis, M14, M60, Stakeout)

Grips reduce the recoil you have to deal with when ADSing. Generally speaking,
they are just vertical foregrips, but they do add a lot for a low cost. The
Grip really shines when used on an M60.


Dual Wield (Skorpion, MAC11, PM63, Kiparis, HS10, Pistols)

Dual Wield sacrifices your ADS accuracy for sheer firepower by adding another
weapon. However, this is fairly impractical for most of the weapons it is
offered on. The HS10, however, can take full advantage of its spread by using
Dual Wield, since a pull of both triggers will essentially kill anyone in your


Masterkey (Assault Rifles excluding G11)

Masterkey is an underbarrel shotgun attachment. Essentially, when using the
Masterkey, you are supposed to be covered for close range engagements, which
frees up your secondary slot for a launcher. The stats below will show why
this pistol elimination is one of the most effective things you can choose to

Pellets per Shot: 8
Max Damage: 30 per pellet
Min Damage: 0
Rate of Fire: Pump-action. Fire rate capped at 128.5 RPM.
Range: 75 meters/125 meters
Mag Size: 4
Empty Reload Time: 2.8 seconds (.7 seconds for each shell)
Add Reload Time: .7 seconds for each shell
Recoil: Moderately Up


Infrared Scope (Assault Rifles excluding G11, LMGs, Sniper Rifles)

Infrared Scope is a type of sniper rifle scope that will show anyone who
does not have Ghost Pro as a white hot signature against a blue background. 
It does, however, completely cover up your peripheral vision, so use of the
scope only to take out a previously identified enemy is the best course of


Swarovski Scope (AUG)

Swarovski Scope is an ACOG Scope-like attachment for the AUG. It has a unique
reticle design, and is very unobtrusive. It has 1.5x magnification, and is by
far the most open of the non sniper scope scope attachments.


Suppressor (SMGs excluding PM63, Assault Rifles excluding G11, Sniper Rifles,
Pistols excluding ASP and Python)

Suppressor is a sound suppressor and a flash hider combined to perform as a
stealth tool. It will drop the range of the weapon it is used on fairly 
drastically, but will prevent you from showing on the radar when you fire. It
is worth using on SMGs since you have to be close in to use them effectively
anyway, but on assault rifles it is less effective. It is absolutely HORRIBLE
on sniper rifles, since no matter what, it will not kill in one hit anywhere
on the body, including the head.


Low Power Scope (G11)

Low Power Scope is exactly what its name implies. It has a reticle consisting
of a circle with a chevron inside of it. It has about a 2.0x magnification
factor, and moves with your sniper rifle sensitivities. However, it's not a
good attachment choice, since it is far outclassed by both the iron sights and
the other sniper scope for the G11.


Variable Zoom Scope (G11, Sniper Rifles)

Variable Zoom Scope is a sniper scope with three different levels of
magnification. However, as you go higher on the zoom levels, you will get a
lot more idle sway. Thus, the lowest level of zoom is actually the best, since
you'll have less sway to deal with than the normal sniper scope. On the G11,
this scope dominates.


Grenade Launcher (AK74u, Assault Rifles excluding G11)

Grenade Launcher is an underbarrel projectile explosive launcher used for
getting rid of groups of enemies. However, it has been somewhat nerfed since
MWR, since the explosion damage starts to drop immediately from the center of
the blast. The stats below should help explain the Grenade Launcher.

Max Damage: 155
Min Damage: 25
DI Damage: 135
Range: 7.5 meters total, damage begins to drop immediately from center
Reload Time: 3.13 seconds
Arm Distance: 9.5 meters


Rapid Fire (SMGs)

Rapid Fire essentially doubles the fire rate of your SMG, which puts out more
rounds into the enemy, but chews through ammo incredibly fast, and double the
recoil as well. Still, if you're looking for shock and awe rushing, Rapid Fire
is a good way to go.


Frag Grenade - Timed Explosive - Available from the Start.

Frag grenades are timed explosives that have been in military use for many
years. In game, the frag will do 200 damage within a 5 meter radius of the 
center of the explosion, and will drop by 12 damage per tenth of a meter, out
to 6.5 meters. It will do 75 damage at 6.5 meters, and will do nothing at 6.6.

Ready Time: .6 seconds
Fuse Time: 3.5 seconds
DI Damage: 15
Damage: 200/75
Lethal Range: < 5 meters
Total Range: 6.5 meters


Semtex - Sticky Grenade - $2000

Semtex grenades are timed explosives designed to stick to any surface, which
includes people by necessity. In game, the semtex will do 200 damage within a
4.4 meter radius of the center of the explosion, and will drop by about 14
damage per tenth of a meter, out to 6.5 meters. It will do 55 damage at 6.5 
meters, and will do nothing at 6.6.

Ready Time: .6 seconds
Fuse Time: 2 seconds
DI Damage: 15
Damage: 200/55
Lethal Range: < 4.4 meters
Total Range: 6.5 meters


Tomahawk - Throwing Weapon - $2000

The Tomahawk is a throwing weapon designed for quick kills at close range. It
has its use in close range, especially since it has almost no travel time 
whatsoever in close ranges. It's an instant kill anywhere in the body, and
you can pick it back up after throwing it, as long as you can reach it. 
Combined with Scavenger, you can have an infinite supply of death right there.
It's almost worth not having a grenade, but it does lack in long range 
reliability. It will ricochet if you hit something at an angle, so you can use
that for strategic assassinations if you want to play a stealthier role.

Ready Time: .1 seconds
DI Damage: 340


Wily Pete - Smoke Grenade - Available from the Start

Wily Pete is a codename for White Phosphorous, and the WP Grenade is just
that. It creates a large smokescreen, and it will deal initial damage right
after it detonates.

Ready Time: .73 seconds
Fuse Time: 1 second after contact
Duration: 8 seconds
Range: 7.5 meters
DI Damage: 15
Damage: 20 at center of smoke, 10 at edge of smoke


Nova Gas - Paralyzing Grenade - $1500

Nova Gas is a potent nerve agent. It will cause damage to anyone within its
range for eight seconds, and looks a yellowish-orange color. To kill someone
with Nova Gas, they would have to be in it for all eight seconds, were they at
full health. Used in combination with weapons though, it suddenly gets much
more effective, since it drops each enemy there 13 damage per second they stay
there, making your job easier.

Ready Time: .6 seconds
Fuse Time: 1 second after contact
Duration: 8 seconds
Range: 4.7 meters
DI Damage: 15
Damage: 13 per second


Flashbang - Sensory-Depriving Grenade - $1500

Flashbangs are grenades designed to incapacitate targets without harming them.
In game, the Flashbang will give a hitmarker to register that you affected 
someone, and will blind and deafen people within a 5 meter radius of the 
center of the explosion. The effects lessen gradually out to 20 meters, where
all that is left is a momentary white-transparent screen, and a slight ring.

Ready Time: .6 seconds
Fuse Time: 1 second
Effective Range: 5 meters
Maximum Range: 20 meters
DI Damage: 15


Concussion Grenade - Stunning Grenade - $1500

The Concussion grenade, or stun grenade, is used to slow down targets for an
easier takedown. In game, the concussion gives off a hitmarker to show that
you affected an enemy, and will deafen and slow down people within its normal
maximum range. The time slowed down depends on the proximity to the center of
the explosion.

Ready Time: .2 seconds
Fuse Time: 1 second after contact
Effective Range: Effectiveness goes down immediately from Center of Explosion
Maximum Range: 12.8 meters
DI Damage: 15


Decoy - Simulation Grenade - $1500

The Decoy grenade will pop and whizz in whatever area you let it go in, and it
will pick a random weapon from the list below. Once its picked, it will begin
to imitate that weapon's sounds for a full 30 seconds, before exploding and 
sending red dots around all over.

Duration: 30 seconds
Full-auto Weapon Sounds: AK-47, AUG, Spectre, Enfield, Uzi, Kiparis, Stoner63
Semi-auto Weapon Sounds: M1911, FN FAL, Python, CZ75, M14
Automatic Rounds Simulated: 30 rounds, brief pauses to simulate burst fire
Semi-auto Rounds Simulated: 5 rounds, to simulate picking shots


C4 x 2 - Remote-activated Mine - $2000

C4 are remote controlled explosives that stick to any surface. You can use
them to protect areas, and also to lay traps, but they do require you to watch
them. They will go about half as far as you can throw a Semtex if you throw
without adjusting your aim at all from spawn. There is a delay between
throwing and detonating, so be mindful of that.

Ready Time: .36 seconds
Detonation Delay: .83 seconds
Damage: 200 at center of blast, 50 at edge of blast
Range: 6.5 meters


Tactical Insertion - Respawn Location - $2500

Tactical Insertions are transponders, which, once placed will allow you to 
respawn wherever the TI is on the map. It can be destroyed by enemy players, 
and moved as well.


Jammer - Miniature Counter-Spy Plane - $2500

Jammers are portable radar jamming systems, which, one placed, will fuzz up
the radar of any enemies who get close, completely jamming it once they get
in its optimum range.


Motion Sensor - Miniature Radar - $3000

Motion Sensors are portable radar systems which, once placed, will alert you 
to any movement in the range of the radar sent out by the sensor. This is most
likely the single best Equipment piece in the game.


Claymore - Motion-activated Mine - $3000

Claymore are set and forget trip mines, generally used by groups who want to
hunker down for a while. In game, the Claymore you are given has a cone from
which it will shoot out explosive damage. This cone is 120 degrees in total,
and basically anything that is more than 50% in the blast cone area will be

Ready Time: .36 seconds
Detonation Delay: .83 seconds
Damage: 200 at the vertex of the angle, 50 at the edge
Range: 6.5 meters


You can view all these camos here: http://bit.ly/h1KQjk


Gold - You must reach the 14th Level of Prestige Mode to unlock the ability to
buy Gold Camo. Once unlocked, it costs $50,000 per weapon you wish to put it
on, and you can only buy it after you buy all the other camos.

BO03 - Campaign Guide

Author's Note: Black Ops has a very immersive and engrossing campaign, and it
is full of content and language some players may find disturbing. Without
spoiling, let me just warn you that there are a lot of F-bombs, and there is
a LOT of blood and gore. In particular, there is a scene where you are
actively torturing a prisoner. Please use discretion about who you're going to
have around you while you go through this Campaign.


Faction: Op 40 (CIA backed infiltration team, Bay of Pigs Invasion)
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Santa Maria, Cuba
Date: April 17th, 1961
Intel Tapes: 3

Operation 40 begins in a bar owned by a man named Carlos, who is a friend of 
one of your team members, Frank Woods. The two of them are finalizing plans to
assassinate Fidel Castro in Carlos' old plantation, where Castro has taken up
residence. Once these plans are made, the Cuban police show up at the bar. In
a quick takedown, kill the guard who has his gun jammed, and catch the M16
Carlos tosses to you. From there, bring out your Grenade Launcher, and take
out the police cars as they come to you. Be sure to stand back when doing so,
or else your GL grenade will just be a dud. Once you get up to the alleyway
blocked by the police car, get ready to take out two cars at the same time. Go
up behind the crate out in front of that alley slightly, and track the 
oncoming car. When it stops, throw a grenade, and then turn to the other car,
and fire a round from your Grenade Launcher again.

Stick to the right side after taking out those last two police cars, 
especially if you're playing on Veteran. When the police barricade opens fire,
stay behind your third team member, Joseph Bowman. Once he moves across the
street, edge out, and fire a couple more grenades at the police cars on the
left side. Then, switch to your pistol and run across the street, and get into
the car there. Reverse, following the on screen prompt, and then accelerate
past the police. After a brief cutscene, you'll snap back to Cuba, a few 
hours later.

Once you see the signal, go behind Woods, and hook onto the zipline. When you
land, follow your squadmates up into the house there, and silently kill the
soldier there when prompted. Go outside with your squad, but wait for the
convoy to pass. Then, move up the hill, and kill the two on the truck. Kill
the two who come down to investigate, and search their bodies a little; if one
of them has a Skorpion, swap it for your ASP. Move up past there into the next
building, where some more soldiers and a few lonely RPGs are waiting. Grab the
Intel Tape sitting by the RPGs, and take down the soldiers outside by the
truck, and the ones defending the building. From there, clear the hallways,
going from piece of cover to piece of cover. Make use of your grenades if any
enemies clump up at the end of the first hallway, and advance into the sitting
room. From there, go with Woods to a door, which you will breach. Make sure
you have a Skorpion out when you do this part. 

As you breach, you'll activate a slow-motion mechanic. Take careful aim, and
fire three shots at each of the soldiers there. The one on the right is tough
to spot sometimes, so make sure you take him out before normal motion returns.
Stack up behind Woods again, and you'll automatically pull out an ASP again.
Breach, and kill Castro. If you get a headshot, the camera will follow the
bullet to Castro's head, where a nice splatter effect will be shown off. From
here, move on through the courtyard and the next building, systematically
taking out enemies on the way. Be sure to go into the room that Bowman comes
out of, and into the adjacent bedroom, because your second Intel Tape waits in
there, on a table by the bed. Go out of the bedroom and down the stairs, 
taking out the enemies waiting for you to come down to them. From here, move
down into the large courtyard, where you'll be greeted by several .50 cal HMGs
and many Cuban infantrymen. Take out the guys on the HMGs, and Carlos' men 
will bomb the courtyard, eliminating most of your enemies. Then, move out into
the courtyard, but take cover immediately, due to a large armored truck's
appearance through the nearby gate. Carlos' men will shine again, though, and
they destroy this truck.

Move with your squadmates through the sugar cane fields, and rappel down the
cliff face. You may be tempted to just bolt straight on through this first
hangar, especially when everything begins to blow up, but make sure you stop
and climb the stairs on the far side of the first hangar, since an Intel Tape 
is waiting right on top of them. After you've grabbed that, run across the 
airfield, and get in the plane. From there, you automatically pull out an M60
with infinite ammo, so aim down the sights and hold down the trigger until any
and all enemies you can see are dead. Make sure to blow up the vehicles by
shooting them as well. Once the plane turns and begins picking up speed, watch
for enemy AA guns, and take them out on sight. Take out the enemies on the
small tower in between the two AA guns as well, since they have RPGs. From
here, you'll jump out and get on a functional AA gun. Just put your cursor on
the mass of vehicles in front of the plane, and fire away.


Faction: None
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Vorkuta labor camp, U.S.S.R.
Date: October 6th, 1963
Intel Tapes: 3

Vorkuta begins with a fight scene. The fighters? You, and Victor Reznov. The
fight is staged, however, and soon a guard will come over to break it up. Bean
him with a rock to the back of his head, and Reznov will take the keys, which
begins a large prison break. There are Eight Steps to Freedom here, that are
more or less telling of what you have to do to beat Vorkuta. For your
convenience, they are:

1. Secure the Keys
2. Ascend from Darkness
3. Rain Fire
4. Unleash the Horde
5. Skewer the Winged Beast
6. Wield a Fist of Iron
7. Raise Hell
8. Freedom

Now then, move with your fellow prisoners through the dark corridors of the 
Vorkuta gulag, passing by guards fighting other prisoners. You can help them,
but most of the early prisoner/guard fights will leave the prisoner dead no
matter what you do. As you move through the corridors, you'll pull out a very
wicked looking prison shank, so use it on some guards that will attack you. 
Move with Reznov up to a junction point, where a large man named Sergei will
come out, with two to three guards dead in his arms. Move with him and Reznov
up to the lift, and begin your ascent. When you get to the top of the shaft,
Sergei will use a pickaxe that he got from thin air to spear a guard; grab his
Makarov when you get out of the lift.

From here, stay on the right side of the door, and wait until the doors open.
Then, run up behind Reznov and Sergei, who will be pushing a mine cart to
avoid being torn to pieces by the tower. Pay attention to what Reznov tells
you, since he'll alert you to enemies flanking the mine cart. Take them out
immediately, or else you will end up dead. Once you get up far enough, fire
will shoot out of a building behind you, and destroy the MMG in the tower.
Move into the tower building with Reznov, but stop on the second floor. A nice
Intel Tape is hidden here, on top of a cabinet. Grab it, and proceed up to the
roof, where a crossbow is waiting for you. 

Aim slightly above each of the four crossbow targets, and shoot. With the
right aim, you'll get each target. Once the targets have been destroyed, go
back down to the first floor, where Sergei will give you a KS-23. Go outside,
and shoot the lock off of the chain link fence there. Ambush the guards that
will come running across your path, and swap your Makarov for their AK-47. Use
the AK extensively, moving from piece of cover to piece of cover with Reznov.
When you get up to where the chopper comes in, take out all the guards in 
sight BEFORE moving across the street. Go around the RIGHT SIDE of the small
leftmost building across the street, since you'll take lethal damage from
nowhere if you go on the left side, even if you make sure there are no guards.

Dodge the chopper's fire, and go into the building marked on your Objective 
Indicator. Grab the improvised KS-23 with Harpoon from the dead soldiers on
the roof there, and shoot the chopper with it. Move with the other prisoners
into the long hallway, where many guards will take cover and pop out to shoot
you. You can grab an AK-47 with a Grenade Launcher to clear them off at the
beginning of the hallway, but if you try to use it in close quarters, it will
just be a dud. Fight your way through until you get up to a sliding door. It
will start to move down, but Sergei will grab it, allowing you to slide under.
Right after you get through, Sergei will be shot, and the door will crush him.
Get the other prisoners in there by going into the small control room under a
solid part of the second storey of this room, and activating the door. Once
all the prisoners are in, systematically take out all the guards you can see
before moving up to the second floor, so you don't bite a bullet en route. But
before you go up, go past the stairs, through open double doors. In there, 
on the lone desk, will be an Intel Tape.

Once you're on the second floor, clear it out, and follow Reznov down into an
unloading bay. Protect Reznov on his way back from grabbing the blowtorch, and
cover him as he breaks into the vault there. The guards wearing riot armor 
will begin to come at you, so make sure you take them out first. They have a
LOT more health than the standard guard, but are weak to explosives. Use that
to your advantage. Once Reznov breaks into the vault, grab the Death Machine,
and begin to Raise Hell. Go down through the newly made hole in the wall, and
blow up each of the vehicles and MMG posts along that path there. Don't worry
about running out of ammo, just spray away. Eventually, you'll get tear gassed
to the point of fainting, but Reznov will save you.

You wake up in a garage of some kind. Reznov urges you to get on a motorcycle,
but don't do so right away. Instead, go to the back of this building, and look
on the bottom shelf of a rack on the right side of the room from where you 
woke up for your sixth Intel Tape. It's easy to spot. Grab it, then hop on the
motorcycle. Using the prompts as a guide, drive your motorcycle up the ramp, 
out the window, and follow Reznov, taking out enemies with your Model 1887 on 
the way. After a while of going down that path, you'll reach a truck with a 
HMG on it; get on this, and blast the choppers and enemies away until you get 
to the train. Once you get to the train, follow the prompt and jump off the 

CAM3 - U.S.D.D.

Faction: None
Character: Alex Mason
Location: The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia
Date: November 10th, 1963
Intel Tapes: 0

U.S.D.D. (which stands for United States Department of Defense), is a 
cinematic level, the first of two. There is no player-controlled action here,
so just sit back and enjoy the cinematic.


Faction: CIA
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Baikonur Cosmodrone Facility, Kazakh SSR, U.S.S.R.
Date: November 17th, 1963
Intel Tapes: 3

Executive Order begins in a scrapyard full of old rocket and aircraft parts.
Move with Woods up to the end of the makeshift tunnel, and wait for the 
cinematic to end. Drop down to the road, and run with Woods over to the red
pipe. Crouch, and wait for the chopper to pass. When Woods moves, go with him,
and jump over the pipe. You'll whip out a sweet shank, so go and stealth stab
one of the guards there. Drag the body you have, and get ready to move with
Woods after you've changed.

Go up the hill, stopping when Woods stops to talk with some Russians. After 
they move on, keep pushing ahead. Up ahead, Brooks and Bowman, dressed in
guards' uniforms as well, will take out two guards by a truck. For the next
part, be sure to keep your cool, and walk slowly with your squad. When the
other Russians begin running, run with your squad, veering to the right over
towards the communications building. Brooks and Bowman will take care of the
two guards at that building, allowing you and Woods to move into the building.

Clear each floor cautiously, and take every guard out in there. Take care when
you reach the third floor, however, since there's an Intel Tape here. It will
be on the right side of the room, next to some yellow filing cabinets. After 
you grab your it, move up the ladder to the roof. If you're quick, you can 
knife the enemies up here before they can even say anything to alert the other
ones up there, but shooting them works just as well. You'll pick up a Crossbow
with Explosive bolts here, and enemy vehicles and personnel will move into a 
yard by two buildings opposite your communications post. Aim for the vehicles,
and stick them with an explosive bolt. After you take the vehicles out, try to 
mop up the remaining enemies.

If you're too slow, you won't be able to take them out, and you'll have to
move on. Take your crossbow, and shoot the glowing yellow panel in the 
building on the right of that yard. From there, slide down on that makeshift
zipline, and shoot the enemies in the breach mode before you land. After the
cutscene, move with your squad over to a spot in the wall where you can jump
down into the cosmodrone area. From here, follow Woods and Weaver on the 
righthand path, and fight your way across the area below the rocket.

Do note that you only have five minutes to stop the rocket launch, so be quick
about killing off your enemies. By the large unit Weaver stops by on the
narrow walkway, there is a Dragunov. Be sure to switch out your secondary for
it to conserve ammo and take out the enemies stopping you from getting to the
stairs that lead to the control room. Go around the right side of the rocket,
as it's much easier than trying to scramble up the left with a bunch of 
enemies behind cover. Once you reach the stairs, go behind cover immediately,
only sticking your head out to shoot. Your squad will take out the guys on the
upper levels for you, so concentrate your fire on the ones in front of you.

Once you finish the last enemy there, go up the stairs to the launch control
room. Plant a C4 when you're prompted, then move back a few feet so you don't
get killed by the explosion. Be sure to go into the control room, because
an Intel Tape is waiting in the far left corner of that room on top of the 
computer nestled in that corner. Go back out quickly, and grab the Valkyrie 
Rocket. Aim down the sights, and fire, guiding it towards the rocket with the
Control Stick. Once you take the rocket out, move quickly to avoid falling 
debris. When you reach the burning scientists, go into the door on your left. 
Now, be ready for some frantic fighting.

As you enter the bunker, you need to be sure that every enemy is dead before
moving on. Kill the ones in the first area, then turn and face the ones 
through the doorway on your right. The best way through that room is to stick
to the left side, behind cover, and take them out from the side. Once they're
down, move through the hall, and take out a few more enemies, then move into
the next room. There is a large server on the right side of the room; hide
behind that, and pop out to take the enemies in that half of the room out.
Once you've seen no more enemies coming to that side, hop up, and clear off
the other side. From there, just move over into the last part of the bunker.

Take the control room on the right first, and scour it for the cunningly 
hidden Intel Tape that is sitting in the window to the hall, closer to the 
door you didn't come in through, then move across the hall from the second 
door to a locker room. Take out the guys there, then backtrack to the hallway 
you walked across, being sure to get the guy behind the machine there. Next, 
move through the final stretch, but watch out for the guy who dives out of a 
window to your left. Once he's down, be careful, as three guys with AK47s will
come out of the smoke. Kill them, then move to the end of the hallway.

CAM5 - S.O.G.

Author's Note: This level is sheer, unadulterated hell. This is the one and 
only level that I myself have a lot of trouble in, and the only one where I 
considered lowering the difficulty while playing through the Campaign on 
Veteran. If you attempt to complete this level on Veteran, so help you God.

Faction: Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Khe Sanh, South Vietnam
Date: January 21, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

S.O.G. begins in a tent. Your CIA handler, Hudson, will lead you outside when
a chopper arrives. Woods will get out, and after a short greeting, he'll tell
you how MACV-SOG was formed. Soon though, the camp is attacked, and your Jeep
gets hit by a shell. Drag the shell-shocked Hudson to the bunker, where he'll
get up and grab an M16. You'll receive an M16 with a Masterkey, and an M60 as
backup. Move through the trenches, and shoot anyone who doesn't look like a 
Marine. Go left, following Woods and Hudson.

Eventually, you'll get attacked by an NVA soldier, so press your selected Use
button to punch him in the face, and pull the pin on one of his grenades.
Keep moving through the trenches, and take out the NVA that drop into there
with you. Keep on that path, following behind Woods and Hudson until a rocket
hits a tank on the edge of the trench, knocking it over the trench. Quickly
crawl under, and keep following Woods and Hudson. Eventually, Woods will need
you to cover him. Do so, and he'll blow a Fugassi mine trap, and your game
will direct you to two more. Go to the first one, and grab it, but wait until
Woods tells you to blow it to detonate. Move on to the next detonator, and
repeat the process.

From here, move back up the hill, through a couple bunkers. Once you get to
the second bunker, Woods will grab the MMG, so pick up the M72 LAW and wait 
for his signal. While you wait, move to the long bunker at the top of that 
hill. Your tenth Intel Tape is waiting in the middle of that bunker, on top of
some boxes. Eventually, he'll tell you that some Russian tanks are coming into
view, so pop up and down, and take them out one at a time. You should wait 
until they stop moving so you don't waste rockets, though. Once they're gone, 
backtrack through the bunkers and move up the hill again, and follow Woods and
Hudson through to the underground bunker. From here, move carefully down the 
next hill. There really is no good strategy here; you have to use cover and 
slowly advance down.

Advancing down the left side while taking out enemies is a good way to do it,
so do so. In the long bunker by the left napalm barrel, an Intel Tape will be 
waiting for you to grab it on the far right windowsill. After you get to the 
bunker on the right, take out any enemies by the sandbags by the entrance, and
run over to the napalm barrel. When prompted, press the Use button to slice 
the barrel open and kick it down. There is one more a few yards to your left, 
so duck behind cover and move to get it. Do the same to that barrel, and move 
with Woods and Hudson towards the blackened area. If the last area gave you 
trouble, this one will be a nightmare. Cover is your best friend. Use it for 
every movement you make, and only advance up the hill when you've killed 
everyone in sight. Move from left to right and vice versa, and watch out for 
guys hiding in foxholes in the upper areas of the hill.

Eventually, you'll pull through. Once you do, a mortar will land near you, 
stunning you. As you lay on the ground, Woods' M16 will jam, and the NVA he
was going to kill will drop him down. You'll pull out a Python, so put a round
into the NVA for Woods. Once he gets back up, follow him through the destroyed
command post, and look carefully in the red, destroyed room's far right corner
for an Intel Tape, which is on a shelf by an overturned folding chair. 
Continue on through, and get into the waiting Jeep on the other side. From 
here, ADS and take NVA out with your China Lake as the Jeep drives around; 
you'll need to be a good shot here. Eventually, more tanks will come in, so 
you'll be shifted to the TOW Missile Launcher mounted on the back of the Jeep. 
Fire this, and control it like you controlled the Valkyrie last mission, but 
fly it into the tanks as they show up with red squares on them. Once you take 
out all six of them, you'll pull over by to command center, and end the level.


Faction: Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Hue City, South Vietnam
Date: February 2, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

The Defector begins in a helicopter flying over the MACV compound in Hue City,
but you'll soon get shot down. You and Woods will crash through the window,
and he'll take out two NVA who come in to get you, and throw you the SPAS that
one of them had. You'll automatically load in incendiary Dragon's Breath 
shotgun shells, and from there, you can start moving. Walk into the hallway,
and mow through the NVA there. When you get to the room with all the windows,
stay back, because Bowman is going to shoot the room up. Once he gets done,
continue moving through the building, but keep an eye out for civilians. If
you have good enough reflexes, wait to see if the guy coming towards you has a
gun or not. If he does, let him have it.

Once you go through two more doorways, stop, and wait by the outside of the
second doorway, because Bowman is back, this time shooting through the roof.
When he finishes, take out the remaining NVA in the room, and press on. Move
with Woods through the next two rooms, being careful not to kill any civilians
on your way. Move through the building, towards the safe room. By now, you 
should be familiar with the SPAS's Dragon Breath range, so try putting a bit
of space in between you and the enemy. Stay by the railing next to the stairs,
and pick off the guys who rush in. Once they're down, continue on through
the broken door, take out the two NVA on the floor above you, then breach the
next room.

Take out the guy at the desk quickly, then move on to his buddies in the next
room. There really should be no fighting in the war room (points to anyone who
gets the reference), but they're all over there, including a guy with an RPG
and seemingly endless ammo. Use cover wherever you can, and take out everyone
in sight from your cover before moving to a new piece. Soon, you should have
everyone in that room down. Go through the door on the lower floor of the war
room, and breach the door at the end of the hall. When you can freely move,
quickly go past Reznov into the hall. Enter the first room on the right, and
look on the desk, because there's an Intel Tape waiting on it.

After the loading screen, you'll get full ammo again, so don't worry. Move
through the streets with your squad, up until you get to the rubble ramp. Take
the radio from the Marine with the Objective Indicator over his head, and mark
the targets for your chopper to raze. You should switch weapons here, as your
Commando and Grenade Launcher will work much better than a SPAS out here on 
the streets. From here, drop down to the streets again, and take out anyone 
you see. When the tank stops, look at the building it's facing at the other 
end of the street, and call your chopper on it. Once it goes down, move with 
the tank (now referred to as Bottom Feeder) through the streets. Be sure to 
enter the building you just had destroyed, because an Intel Tape is waiting on
a table in that building, next to a TV. From here, stay on the left side of 
the street, and go into the small room by where Bottom Feeder stops. From 
here, an enemy tank will come in, so call your chopper on it.

Once the enemy tank is gone, move up to the Objective Marker, then go right,
onto the little pavilion, and mark the target for your chopper to hit. Once it
gets done, move with Woods up to a blocked door. Hit (A for Wiimote users, B
for CCP users) over and over to mash the door open. From inside, follow Woods
up the stairs in the next room, and take out the NVA firing from the windows
there. Jump through the window, and move to the objective marker.

After you get back up, move through the rubble and into the courtyard. Take
down the NVA there, then go to the Objective Marker, and place a C4 when
prompted to. Back out of the building before blowing the C4, then let 'em have
it. The wall will break, but wait to go through until the tank there blows up.
Once it goes, move over to the Objective Marker, and grab some claymores. But
before you place those, run to the building furthest up in the direction you 
came, in the leftmost building. There, sitting on a table in the corner is an 
Intel Tape. From here, go and put the claymores all along the side of the 
street you came from, to the left of the way you just came. From here, hole up
in one of the buildings above the place you got the claymores from, and wait. 
When NVA start pouring in, take them out with your Commando and claymores. 
Eventually, a tank will come through. Target it for an airstrike, and then run
to the new Objective Marker on the docks, and jump onto the passing boat.


Author's Note: This mission is the one where I told you that you would be
torturing someone. It's not exactly PG. Please, use discretion here.

Author's Note: There is a special easter egg in this mission. If you've beaten
it already, scroll down to the bottom of this section to see how to do it.

Faction: Central Intelligence Agency
Character: Jason Hudson
Location: Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Date: February 9, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

Numbers starts out with you interrogating Dr. Clarke. When prompted, break the
nearby window, and begin punching when prompted. After two swings, you'll back
up and pull out two CZ75s. As soon as you do this, turn to your right and move
back into this little room. Sitting on a desk at the solid wall there is an
Intel Tape. Grab it, and take out a few of the attacking Spetnaz, then climb
up the ladder before the Nova Gas reaches you and kills you. Prepare for some
CQC, and move into the hallway. One will roll into the bathroom; kill him, but
don't round the corner yet. Around the corner is a second enemy, so don't let
him get the jump on you. From here, kill the remaining four, who are all on
the left side of the hall. You can pick up weapons now if you'd like, but it's
not at all necessary. Climb the stairs, but watch out for the enemy at the
window to your right. Kill him, then emerge onto the roof.

Three enemies will run past you here; kill them, because one of them has a
Dragunov. Pick that up, and use it on the enemies who are all over the next
building over. Once they're dead, run and jump off the ledge, after Weaver and
Clarke. They'll open up a room hidden behind a refrigerator which has a huge
amount of weapons inside, namely a Spectre, a SPAS, Dual CZ75s, Dual PM63s, 
Dual Kiparises, an RPG, a PSG1, a G11, and a China Lake. Grab whichever you
want, though keep range in mind. If you don't like Dual Wield weapons, swap
out your CZ75s for something better. My personal choice here is usually the
SPAS for close range, and the G11 for medium to long range.

With your new toys in hand, move into the next hallway. There are about seven
enemies there, so take them out. From there, move up the stairs into the upper
hallway. When you get about halfway through, Clarke should yell "FLASHBANG!,"
so take cover by facing the corner in the small indent on the right side. Then
simply move into the next room, and follow it until you reach the corner. As
you round it, more Spetnaz will break in through the windows, so take them out
quickly to prevent them from ganging up on you. Move down into the next room,
and take down the two enemies in there. One is behind a barred door; how he 
got there is beyond me. After they go down, move into the left door.

Hop down onto the roof, and take out all the enemies on the roof with you. Be
sure to systematically advance, and always use cover. If you do this, you'll
be fine. Once you get most of the ones on the roof with you, turn your 
attention to the ones in the building above you. Most are by the windowsills,
so they're easy marks if you have a longer range weapon. Once they go down, go
down the stairs at the end of this roof, and move to the concrete doorway. Now
here, there are two ways. You could carefully pick off each enemy in the next
area, or you could run straight through. Either way, you have to run and jump
off the ledge at the end of this area and get onto a pipe. Once you slide down
it, you'll automatically hop off at a small ventilation shaft. Walk through it
until you hear to guards talking, and slip out behind them. If you have done
the easter egg, this is a great place for multiple target destruction. If not,
just go for headshots to put them down quickly.

Move over the arching roofs, but do be careful when you reach the end of these
roofs, because if you don't jump onto the rickety little platform on the side
of the building, you'll fall to your death through a concealed gap. Walk with
Clarke and Weaver down to the next roof. If you have a G11, take it out now.
The next roof will slant downwards, and you'll initiate a slow-motion slide,
during which enemies will come down. Aim for the explosive barrel near by the
door, and blow them up; if one gets through, headshot him. When you land, 
Clarke will open up another weapons cache, so grab anything you want from it.
It has mainly resupplies to your earlier weapons, but it does have a different
G11 with a Low Power Scope, and a CZ75 Full-Auto. The LPS is a good addition,
so if you have a sniper rifle or the plain G11, swap it out here. There are a
lot of enemies spread out all around the roof that Clarke opens the little 
gate to, so you may want to stay up at the top for a bit. Before you go 
anywhere though, go behind the sheetmetal fence that was on the left as you
slid down the roof. There, next to some garbage, is an Intel Tape.

My personal strategy is to clear out the area level with the cache on the left
side of the first roof, and fire on the other enemies from there. Once they
all go down, then I move down the roofs. However, be sure to run and jump, 
since more of those hidden drops are here. When you get to the bottom of these
roofs, hop over into the balcony that Weaver and Clarke are by, but ADS at the
door immediately, because Spetnaz will breach it in slow-motion. Fire at the
door the second the explosion occurs, and they won't make it into the room.
From there, follow the hallway to the room at the end, but watch out for the
enemies perched on the roof of that room. Once they're down, hop out from that
balcony onto the roof, then fall down to the next roof, and repeat again. Then
just jump onto the other balcony. Essentially you just did a fancy U-turn.

From here, take out the three in the building with you, then move outside. 
Take out the guys cowering behind all the junk on this roof, and move down to
the last little room at the end. Clarke will now open up the third and final
weapons cache, which has a HK21, a Grim Reaper, a G11 LPS, a China Lake, a
PSG1, and a Kiparis. Take what you want, and train your sights on the door you
just came from. Until Clarke gives you the signal, hold enemies back. Once he
tells you he has the door open, move out, and fall down each little skinny
awning until you reach the one with the ramp. Run and jump out from it, and 
you'll land on a roof across from where you just came. From here, take out the
remaining enemies who are above and below you, then drop down to each lower
roof. When you see a gap, jump it. Once you've killed four enemies on the 
roofs with you, drop down to the platform right before the slide. Once you get
down there, turn around, and go under the roof you were just on. There, in a
pile of garbage, is an Intel Tape. Now it's time to go down the Slide of Doom.
As you go down it, you'll fall through a cloth awning, and land on a table. 
You can crawl forward, but you may want to use your CZ75 on the enemies that 
come out of everywhere at you. When you reload, a white van will pull out of 
an alley and mop up the rest. Go to it.

Easter Egg - Thundergun in Campaign

Treyarch's Zombie Mode always has a few special weapons that are much stronger
than the regular weapons. Generally known as Wonder Weapons, these weapons are
usually used for each and every player who wants to get further in cooperative
Zombies. Back in WaW, Treyarch included an easter egg to get the Ray Gun in
WaW's Campaign, but it didn't work on the Wii. This time, we get to join in
the fun.

At the very beginning of the level, shoot each of the canisters of Nova Gas
so that Clarke tells you three times that "Gunfire's ruptured the tanks!" Once
he tells you that, go back to where the first Intel Tape was in this level,
and face towards the chair where Clarke was as you interrogated him. There is
a tape player on that desk there, so face towards it and press whatever button
you use to pick up the Intel Tapes. If you've done it correctly, the screen
will shake. After that, make your way up the ladder quickly. Go through the
level normally until you get to the first weapon cache behind the fridge.

When Clarke opens it up, go left from the doorway instead of going to the wall
with all the weapons on it. There will be another tape player there, so press
your Use button again, and you'll put the tape you took earlier into this tape
player. Some strange music will play (anyone who's followed the whole GKNOVA6
thing will instantly recognize this), and the screen will shake. After a few
seconds, the Thundergun will materialize out of the wall. From here, you can
use it throughout the level. You'll even get full ammo again after you ambush
the two guys after jumping down the pipe into the ventilation shaft. Have fun
with your new toy.


Faction: 3rd Shock Army, Special Operations Division
Character: Viktor Reznov
Location: Arctic Circle
Date: October 29, 1945
Intel Tapes: 3

Project Nova begins with you, as Reznov, seeing Dimitri Petrenko in third
person. For players of WaW's campaign, this is probably the best level in the
game (Mosin-Nagant ftw).

Walk down towards the vehicles, and sit through the long cutscene. When you
regain control of Reznov, move forward into the battle. Shoot anyone who isn't
wearing the same uniform as you, and should you see a Red Army member go down,
check to see if he has a Scoped Mosin-Nagant. My strategy for this first
battle is to go down the left side, ducking in through all the houses. You can
go through the middle, but you'll get shot to pieces more often than not. 
Going left also gets you to the objective sooner. Duck underneath the little
roof by the Objective Marker and listen to your squadmates for a moment. There
are some Nazis there, attempting to surrender. Don't let them.

From here, you move into the second wave of this battle. Again, stay to the
left, as it provides you with more cover than you would have otherwise. When
you get up to the large tank next to a building, you should think about going
to your Mosin-Nagant if you haven't switched it out for an STG or an MP40 as
the Nazis there are marks for sniping. Fun fact: the Scoped Mosin in this
mission has absolutely no Idle Sway, which means you don't have to hold your
breath at all and you still have a steady scope.

Due to the moron with the Panzer up ahead, you should go through the left door
of the building by that tank, and flank around their main force. Push forward
into the target building, and put your clearing skills to use. There are six
Nazis on the ground floor, and anywhere from seven to four on the second. An
MP40 is very helpful here, if you haven't already figured out that your Ppsh
is a bit of a peashooter. Clear both floors, then check around in the back
half of the second floor for an Intel Tape on a table along the righthand
wall. Once you grab it, go back down, and out.

Enter wave three. This time, keep right. Keep your smoke grenades for when you
run into trouble, such as a MMG on a high platform, and just use your gun. Be
sure not to rush too fast, as there are Nazis in nearly every corner. Once you
get to the bridge with the gunner position on it, send mortars down on it, and
run towards the hangar beyond the bridge as soon as they stop. When you reach
the hangar, you may want to have an STG handy, as there are multiple targets
at the far end of it. Take them out, and circle around to make sure there are
none left hiding someone. In the back right room in the hangar, there is 
another Intel Tape, sitting on a desk along the wall. Grab it, and move up to
the door with the Objective Marker on it, and go through it.

Enter wave four. Initially, just move from piece of cover to piece of cover
along the path, and use any longer range weapons you have on the Nazis on the
MMG on the hill. From there, stay left and flank around the main force. You'll
see another MMG on another bridge up ahead; use your magically replenished
smoke grenades to call down another swarm of mortars. Once they stop, move
under the bridge, and into the doorway with the Objective Marker. Switch to
your close range weapon here, and get ready to clear the building. There are
four to five enemies on the bottom floor, and four on the top. Once you finish
them off, move back outside, across the bridge you mortared. Clear it of the
remaining enemies, then sit back and watch the cutscene.

When you finish the cutscene, move towards the broken ship. Wait to enter it
until Dragovitch and Steiner begin to enter it, as you can only go so far
without them. Move through the first corridor, and take an immediate right.
In that room, go right again, and follow the Objective Marker to a sealed door
in the next hallway. Open it up. Move through the rocket-strewn area and into
the next hallway. Open the final door when asked to, and sit through the next

A rocket will break open the door; move out into the next room and kill the
closest enemy you can find for his weapon. SAS Commandos will come in soon
after, so eliminate them and steal a Sten. From there, fight your way through
the rocket room, and up to the glowing C4 on the fallen rocket. Plant it, then
move away and shoot the glowing support beams. From there, make your way up
the ramp you create, and go onto the main deck of the ship. Despite Reznov
wanting to fight everyone in sight, it would be best if you only shot enemies
who are actually shooting at you, and no others. Keep moving towards the back
of the ship, uphill, and stop at the stairway to the final deck. Kill the two
shooting at you from the top, and look to the right of that door, where the
final Intel Tape of the level is sitting. Go up to the final deck, and ignore
everyone and get down the rope. From here, you can run or just wait, but the
level ends once you get onto the ice either way.


Faction: Studies and Observations Group, 1st Cavalry Division
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Demilitarized Zone, Vietnam
Date: February 9, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

Victor Charlie starts off in a crashing helicopter. You'll be falling and
eventually land in a river. From here, you need to shoot a few Vietcong who
are attempting (very sloppily) to spray you down with AK47s. Simply kill them,
then mash the prompted button to open the door. Once out of the chopper, you
can swim freely. Swim towards the objective marker, and get your ninja on.

Or rather, grab an unsuspecting meatshield and use his 80 round magazine AK47
on his buddies on the other two boats. Once they're down, swim towards the 
shore and ADS at the mob of enemies coming at you. Pick them off one by one,
and when they're all down, move up. Check their weapons for ones with better
attachments. I usually grab an AK47 Extended Mags just to be safe.

Move down into the lower river area, following Woods. When you reach a large
fallen tree, you'll duck under. Swim from here, and keep following Woods
until he stops by a rock. There are some enemies on boats up ahead; swim over
to them and knife at them when the prompt appears. From here, swim over to the
wood structure to the right of the boat, and creep along it, still following
Woods. After the little meeting with Bowman and his team, jump down into the
river after Woods, and swim over to the objective marker. Place C4 when you
reach the glowing C4 in the fence, and move over to where Woods is. When he
crawls onto the wooden walkway, follow him. Jump inside the window after him.

He motions for you to kill the two VC in the hammocks, but it's not necessary
if you don't want to. Move into the second room, and turn left immediately.
There is a nice Intel Tape waiting in the corner in this little cubby here, so
grab it, and move on. Now though, you do have to kill the third one a couple
rooms away. Just crouch and walk over to him, then knife at him. After this,
drop down through the hole in the walkway back into the river, and look around
you for the glowing objective marker. Place it, and you'll automatically open
the gate in front of you. Swim up the river, and dodge the bodies that Woods
sends in. Get up on the ladder there, and move through the house, rejoining
Woods. Follow him through the jungle path and up to the crooked tree, where
you'll pull out the detonator for those C4 you placed. Blow it, and you'll
be given a Commando. I would suggest staying behind the tree and picking VC
off before moving up, especially on higher difficulties.

Before moving past the bridge, there is a small enterable hut to the left of
the bridge. There, in the back left corner, is another Intel Tape. Grab it,
then keep left, and clear the larger enterable building after the bridge. When
prompted, throw a grenade in the indicated spider hole, then move up again,
this time keeping right, on the walkways. Take out the guys across from you,
then move around to the right where the boats are docked. When prompted, swap
your secondary for the Grim Reaper rocket launcher, and take out the indicated
building across the river. Once you destroy it, move back left after all the
helicopters move over you. Be sure to get the guys on the roof to your right
when you face the objective marker. Once you've cleared around the target a
bit, move up into that building. I would strongly recommend you take the a
position at the window.

Taking out the MMG gunner should be your highest priority. You can shoot him
through his plating, so do so. Once he's down, mop up his buddies, then move
up after Woods and Bowman onto the porch of the building ahead of you. I would
suggest taking up a position at the window of that house, but only do so after
you clear it of all enemies. Take out the huge flood of VC up ahead, then go
up the hill with your squad until the take the cover off of the rat tunnel.

Once inside, turn your flashlight on, and move up behind Swift. You should be
ADSing the enter time you're in here. When the VC pops out, shoot him, then
continue down the tunnel. Eventually you'll get to a larger room, where 
several VC are waiting. Take them out, then move the large crate looking thing
when prompted to. Go down that tunnel, but don't bother shooting at the first
VC you see, as Reznov will take him down in a rather spectacular way. Move
forward, and shoot at any VC you see. 

If you want the last Intel Tape of this level, go left at the first fork in
the road, and follow that winding path. The Intel Tape will be resting on
rocks on the right side of this tunnel. If you don't want Intel Tapes, just 
stick to the main path, as all the others are dead ends. Once you get through
all of the VC in the tunnel (about eight or nine), you'll reach a small 
wooden door. Enter it. When the tape that begins playing finishes, move up to
the objective marker, and break open that door as well. Quickly move down the
tunnel, and follow that objective marker, because your life actually does
depend on it. When you reach a rock blockage, begin digging with the prompted
button. Once you're through it, wait on that cliff there. Woods and Bowman 
will come for you in a chopper.


Faction: Studies and Observations Group, United States Marine Corps
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Mekong River, Vietnamese Border with Laos
Date: February 11, 1968
Intel Tapes: 2*

* Since the entire first part (the boat battle) is cut from the Wii version,
the Intel Tape found just before the boat at the very beginning of the level
for the other systems is not in the Wii version of Black Ops. I'll talk about
this in the WTF Intel Tapes section.

Crash Site on the Wii starts in a boat with a bunch of choppers overhead. Sail
it down the river, and move up under these chopper. When the radio sounds, 
land the boat on the right side of the river, and head up the bank. Right once
you get off the boat, there is an Intel Tape in plain sight on the right side
of the path you HAVE to walk on. Grab it, and move on up. Soon after, you'll
be ambushed by VC. I would recommend swapping the KS23 you have on your back
for an AK74u or AK47 Extended Mags as soon as possible, but keep the Commando
for longer range fighting. Follow Woods upriver and take out any VC you see.

Before too long, you'll start moving uphill, and Woods will alert you to 
snipers in the trees. ADS and look around at the trees up ahead; when you spot
a sniper, take him out. It'll be much easier to continue if you do. Keep going
upriver towards the objective marker, and take out snipers when Woods calls
them out to you. Eventually you'll reach the bank, so hop on it and continue
on. The hill crests here, and you'll drop down into a firefight with Spetsnaz
operatives. Use your shorter range weapon and stick to cover. Pick them off as
best you can, then move up and make sure you've gotten them. The underbrush
can hide some of them, so this is a necessary step.

Once you clear the ruins area of Spetsnaz, the target plane will be right
ahead. Walk up the wing, and go over the fuselage, then turn right and drop
down to the interior of the plane. Before you go in, stop in the dirt area, 
and look at the ground in the center of the area. There's another Intel Tape
waiting there. Once you grab it, go in, and walk over to the crate. Stand a
little away from it so you don't get pushed into the crate by Woods or Bowman,
and wait for them to catch up. Swap whichever one of your weapons you want for
the China Lake, and take up a position at the opening in the side of the plane
when Woods tells you of the enemies on the hill below. Alternatively, you
could pick up the Dragunov, but it'll be challenging sniping them from this

After a little bit of pummeling, the enemy choppers will return, and break the
plane. No matter where in the plane you were, you'll end up in the cockpit,
which will crash to the ground.

CM11 - WMD

Faction: Central Intelligence Agency, United States Air Force
Character: Cpt. Mosely, Maj. Jonathan Neitsch, Jason Hudson
Location: Beale AFB, California / Mount Yamantau, Ural Mountains, Russian SFSR
Date: February 18, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

WMD starts off at Beale Air Force Base in California. As Mosely, you'll move
towards an SR-71 that's ready for takeoff. You'll automatically climb in, and
don't actually have to press a button until you need to fire the engines. When
prompted, press the button to fire them. When prompted a second time, pull
back on the control stick to gain altitude. You now take over control of Maj.
Neitsch. Move your target indicator up and left to locate Hudson and his team.
Place your cursor on the objective marker and use the prompted button to move
the squad. Soon after you'll have to move them into the house right by the 
objective marker. 

After this, you'll briefly take control of Hudson. Some enemies will come in
from the door near you, and the door you're facing. Take them out quickly, and
make sure to reload once they're down. Keep your AUG out, as the gun you have
out now is crucial for later. You regain control of Neitsch now, so send the
squad up and out of the rear of the building, onto the objective marker. When
you spot the two enemies ahead of them, simply mark them and they'll die. Move
the squad again towards the objective marker, and then on to the next marker.
Midway to that marker, use the prompted command to get the squad to dig in
until it's safe to come out. Then, move them on to the barracks.

You regain control of Hudson here. Make use of your flashbangs to take down 
the enemies in this first room, and follow suit with the second room. Once
you've killed them all, go back into the first room. On a desk by the door
you entered is an Intel Tape. Grab it, then go back into the second room and
place the Semtex on the objective marker, and back up. Once you're away from 
it a bit, blow it. You regain control of Neitsch here, so mark the objective
due north from the barracks. You now control Hudson for the remainder of the

Stay put until the patrol passes, then move up with your squad to the outpost
just ahead of you. Stop and drop when told to, and wait for the soldier and
dog to pass. Once they're gone, move down the hill to the substation. Prepare
to rappel down when prompted to, and use the on-screen controls so you don't 
die from a long jump. Once you reach the next roof, hook up again, and when
you're ready, jump. Shoot the window a couple times, but save most of your
ammo. Shoot the guys inside, and go down the stairs with your team.

Go down the hill, but stop on the right side of it when you see two enemies.
Now, most people want to do this section stealthily with the Crossbow, but
the reload time is just too unforgiving if you get one of those magic soldiers
who doesn't die after the first bolt. Stick with your AUG. Kill the two below
you, then move to the base of the hill. Don't get off the ridge on the right
though. Stay there until you have to get off.

Take out the lone guy outside the first shed, then the two in the shed. Next,
sweep your attention over to the guys below you on the truck. Take them down,
then swap to your crossbow. On the other side of the compound from you are two
guys. One is shoveling snow, and the other is smoking. Shoot the guy
shoveling, and your squad will bring the cancer to the smoker. Next, move
down to the hill in the middle of the base. Crossbow the guard on top of the
right building, and AUG the guy who walks over past that building and stares
at where the two guards you just killed were. Kill the guy in the building
last, and move towards the stairs. If you're feeling lucky and have a nice
opening, you can stealth melee the guard at the bottom of the stairs, but
you'd be better off just shooting him.

Once you've cleaned the place out, move down the stairs, and shoot the hinges
on the door when prompted to. Follow Weaver up the stairs, and when you're
ready, enter the room. Take a position behind one of the railing coverings,
and pick enemies off. Concentrate on the ones on your floor, but if any
present themselves on the bottom floor, go ahead and take them out to make
things easier on you when you get down there. Before you go down, move into
the room right by the stairs. There, on a desk in the corner, is another Intel
Tape. Grab it, and go down the stairs to finish the firefight down below. Once
each and every enemy is down, move under where you came in the room from, and
break the comm lines when prompted to.

Once that's done, run through the door, and onto the bridge. An RPG will smash
into it, so you'll have to jump across the gap. From there, run with your
squad to the edge of the cliff, and jump off. When prompted, deploy your
parachute. Take out the enemies in the road in front of you, and move up along
the right side of the road. A gunner in one of the towers nearby will start
firing on you, so duck into the door ahead on the right side of the road.

Enter, and take out the guys at the window and door of the next room, then use
that window position to take care of the guys in that room. Once all the ones
you can see are down, move in and take care of the two left over. Follow 
Weaver into the next building. Before going into the central room, break off,
and go into the middle of the building. An Intel Tape is waiting on one of the
pallets with explosive barrels on it closer to the central room. Grab it, and 
go into that room itself, and wait through the dialog. When you're able to
leave the room, move out onto the right side of the room, and fight your way 
to the opposite side. Once there, kill all the enemies between you and the

Alternate over to the left side of the door, and kill the enemies there. Be
quick about it though. Once the enemies outside of the door are down, move 
out of the building on the left side, and duck behind the small building.
Take out the enemies by the truck on the other side of the lot, and get on the
back of it. Take control of the MMG, and spam at any enemies you see. Pay 
special attention to the ones on elevated positions, as they have RPGs. Weaver
will get the truck going at long last, and you'll drive off.


Faction: Studies and Observations Group
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Somewhere in Laos
Date: February 19, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

Payback starts off in bamboo prison cells. You and Woods have been captured
by the VC, and they bring you out to play a little Russian roulette. Woods
takes his turn, and tells you that the next chamber is loaded. Kill the VC
bookie, then take his pistol and take care of the other guards. Now, chase
after the Spetsnaz operative. Follow Woods, and go up the tunnel on the right.
Clear out that room, then advance further up the joining tunnel. There are
enemies in here, so move cautiously. When you get into the next room, play it
safe and stay behind cover on the right side of the room, and pick off anyone
who shows their head. While here, you might want to swap your bare AK47 for an
AK with better attachments, and you'll definitely want to swap your pistol for
something along the way. A point of interest is on the shelves on the right
side of the room. An Intel Tape is sitting there, so pick it up if you want.

Once all the enemies in this room are dead, move through the room towards the
large tunnel opening on the left, and take out the enemies inside it. A short
walk through the tunnel puts you in a small, green room where the friendly
Spetsnaz operative is trying to escape out the window. Shoot him down, and
shimmy your way up into the window. Move up cautiously with Woods, and kill
the Spetsnaz and VC on the ground by the chopper. Now for the fun part of this
mission. Before you get in the chopper, there is an Intel Tape sitting on a
table in between two tents. Grab it if you wish.

Get in the chopper, and pay attention to the weapon assignments. Woods will do
vertical flying, but you have complete control of horizontal movement. Destroy
anything and everything, from vehicles, to buildings, to bridges and pipes,
and even boats. Pay attention to the marked targets, and be sure to make them
top priority. When Woods alerts you of an enemy chopper, prepare for a 
dogfight. Before the dogfight, however, perform hard strafing maneuvers to
avoid getting shot down. For this next part, you'll need to duck in and out
of this camp. Top priority is the anti-air placements on the bridge to the
left of the camp. Destroy them, then waste the camp. Finally, destroy the 
marked oil line. Fly past the village, and strafe again, as two enemy choppers
will come at you. Try to shoot your missiles where they will fly, and keep
pelting them with the minigun. Once you take them both down, move past the
large rock in the middle of the river, over the jungle, and land.

There are two RPKs and an Olympia sitting by the chopper when you land. You
can grab either if you want, but your AK47 should be enough, especially if you
got an Extended Mags AK. Follow Woods now, and generally stick to the left
side of the path, as there is better visibility and cover. An RPG trooper is
at the top of the cave mouth up ahead, so take him out before he tears you to
pieces. Once all the troops along the path and in the cave mouth are down,
move up into the cave itself. There is a rather large firefight ahead, so
prepare by wasting the few guards in this prison room. Rescue the prisoners,
and move up into the main room. Initially, hide behind the desks on the left
side of the room, and kill anyone in the main part of the room. Before you go
across the room, on one of the leftmost desks is the last Intel Tape for this
mission. Grab it, then move across to cover on the right side, and take down
the enemies in the door and on the catwalk. 

When they're dead, move up the stairs, and enter the room.


Faction: AWOL, Central Intelligence Agency / Central Intelligence Agency
Character: Alex Mason / Jason Hudson
Location: Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya, Aral Sea, Uzbekistan
Date: February 23, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3*

Intel Tapes are in weird places on this level. I'll still list them.


Rebirth is the longest level in the game. You start off as Mason, in a box.
When you can move, go outside and kill the worker there with his own tomahawk.
Before you follow Reznov, from the area you drag the body to, go out and take
an immediate left when the shipping container to the left of you ends. There,
sitting on the ground, is the first Intel Tape of this level. Grab it, then
move up along the left side to avoid the spotlight, then follow Reznov around
the facility. When Reznov takes cover against a building, run up to the lone
Spetsnaz agent standing in the middle of the path and kill him. If you 
hesitate, you fail, so be quick about it. Move past him, and hide with Reznov
under an awning. Once the chopper passes, follow Reznov up some stairs, to a
ladder. Go up it, and quickly press the prompted button to kill the guard
looking down at you with a shotgun.

Once you're up the ladder, you'll now have an AK74u and a KS-23. You'll want
to keep them both, as most of your combat will be short range. Go up the next
ladder, and hop down onto the roof to your right. Climb up onto the next roof
after Reznov, and go into the elevator shaft just past the door. Switch to the
AK74u here, as you'll need rapid fire for this next part. Once you reach the
opening in the wall, you'll slide down the cable and onto the elevator. When
Reznov opens the emergency door, shoot everyone inside the elevator, then jump

Kill everyone in sight when you get to the research facility. Essentially, the
entire area is a danger zone, so be sure to go everywhere in here to kill all
of the enemies. There are several animal testing labs here, one with
pigs. If you feel so inclined, you can kill the pigs, but don't spend much
time in that room. Once all the enemies in this main area are dead, move to
the hallway you haven't been to yet. Go through it and into the large computer
room. There are enemies all over here, both on the ground floor and on the
second floor. You'll want to just chuck grenades at the guys on the top floor
so you can focus on the ones on your level. For grins and giggles, the middle
room in all these computers will release Nova 6 and seal itself off if ANY
gunfire hits the tanks on the ceiling. You can use that to kill of some guards
if they're in there, but mostly keep your distance.

Once they all go down, enter into the hall.


You now switch over to Hudson. This is twenty minutes before the cutscene you
just witnessed. Move with Weaver in the vehicle, and start killing everything
you see. Pay special attention to the RPG troops along with walls and on the
roofs of buildings. When vehicles join the fray, use your grenade launcher and
take care of them and any enemies by them. When you get to the bridge, make
sure you've killed most of the enemies in the area, if not all, since you'll
be getting out rafter the bridge. Go on foot with your squad, and use your IR
Scope on your Enfield to the best of your abilities. Shoot at every
highlighted target, and if they die, they're an enemy. Keep left, and when
prompted, enter the house. Post up at the last window in the house, and pick
off all the enemies in the next area.

Once things look clear, move up on the left again. Run over to the next house,
but before you go in, go into the building to the right. In there, sitting on
the far wall of that building, is the second Intel Tape of the level. In the
PS3, 360, and PC versions of the game, this is the third Intel Tape, but the
third Intel Tape for us is further ahead. Go into the marked house, and go up
the stairs to. Stay at the windows and pick off the enemies in the next
building before moving out. Once things cool down, move across the walkway and
jump onto the next roof. If you miss the roof, stay in the alley you fell into
until there are no enemies left, then head up the stairs. If you jumped across
just head downstairs. Either way, once you're out of the building, go across
the road and hide behind the boxes. Lay down heavy suppressive fire with your
HK21 and kill everything you see. When told, move up and swap whatever weapon
has the lowest ammo count for the Strela. Move back behind where you picked it
up to target the choppers, then move out to shoot them down. After they go
down, move with your squad. When you get to the hill, take cover behind the
large rock, and pick off enemies by the truck.

When they go down, use the truck for cover and pick off the enemies on the 
right side of the parking lot. Then, move around the left side of the middle
building, taking out all the enemies ahead of you up to the main building.
Once you're clear in front, take out the guys on the roof. When all the 
enemies are down, move into the main building. Your best bet would be to go
straight past the desk and into the room behind it, then flank around to the
objective marker. Clear out all the enemies and move up to the next door. Go
through decontamination, and go down the next set of steps. Go down two levels
and go through the open door. Wait for Weaver to catch up, then follow him 
through another small computer room and down into the bio lab area that you
wasted as Mason. Before entering that lab, stop at the end of the second set
of stairs. At the bottom is the third Intel Tape for this level. Grab it, and
go into the lab.

Move up through that area and into the hallway. Go into the large computer
room with the Nova 6 gas chamber, where enemies have magically respawned, then
enter the marked door.


Faction: AWOL, Central Intelligence Agency
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Room 9, National Security Agency Facility, USA
Date: February 25, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3*

There are still Intel Tapes on this level, but they can't be picked up. Read

Revelations is a cinematic level, the last of two. There is no 
player-controlled action here, so just sit back and enjoy the cinematic. After
watching this level, you automatically receive all the Intel Tapes for it.

One thing to note here is that a lot of Wii consoles freeze if you've been
playing non-stop and get to this level. If that is the case, Save and Quit,
restart your Wii, and come back. If you don't do this, and your Wii freezes,
you will get sent straight back to Hudson's part of Rebirth.

And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion. If you thought the part where
Hudson put his shades on to the guitar riff was funny, I have a ten minute
loop video of it on my YouTube channel. The link is below if you want to watch



Faction: Central Intelligence Agency
Character: Alex Mason
Location: Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Cuba.
Date: February 26, 1968
Intel Tapes: 3

Redemption on the Wii starts with you landing on the Rusalka. Once you get on
the deck, move up on the right side of the ship. Take cover behind anything
solid, and take out any and all enemies you see. Your secondary is a MAC11, of
which there isn't much ammo. I'd recommend swapping it out for a 74u after
the next part. Before you move up to the Strela, there is an Intel Tape 
sitting just outside of the open shipping container on the side closest to the
rocket. Grab it, then grab the Strela on the deck, and take out the enemy
chopper. You may need to duck down into the open shipping container to target
it safely, but whatever you have to do, do it. Once the chopper goes down,
continue pushing forward along the deck. Move from piece of cover to piece of
cover, taking out enemies as you see them. Soon after you'll reach the bridge.

Go past the first few doors up to the end of the path you've been walking.
There will be enemies on the second floor and hiding behind boxes near the 
stairs, so take them all out before advancing. Once they're down, advance in
and go through the hallways. Go down the stairs and move down through the
locker room to the lower deck. When you get down to the first room, take out
anyone you see from the doorway of that room before you actually move into the
next room. After they go down, move back to the first desk you saw when you 
came into this room. Go around to the left side of it, and check down under
it. The second Intel Tape for this level is waiting there. Once you get it,
move into the next room and go up the stairs to the left to clear out the high
ground. Then, sweep back around to the objective marker, and get ready to

When you regain control, move through the door and take cover behind the stack
of crates to your left. Take out all the enemies on the right side, then 
switch your fire to the left. You may want to swap out for higher capacity
weapons here. Move up along the left side to the edge of the door, and take
out the guys on the right side's second floor. Run across the room and move
into the next room and move up the right side. Concentrate fire on the guys
by the door first, then aim up at the guys on the second floor. Move across to
the left side and get the guys above you on that side, then move up through
the door. Go up the stairs and turn left, then right.

Swim your way through into the next room, and up onto the second floor of that
room. Climb up after Hudson, and follow him into the next hallway. Aim down
your sights with an SMG if you have one for this entire hall, then go up the
ladder after all the enemies are downed. Repeat the process for the next 
hallway, and turn right at the junction. Move into the next room and take 
cover behind the white box on the left. Move around the back of the room into
the next doorway, and go up the stairs and into the next room. In that room,
hidden under the desks against the window, is the final Intel Tape. Grab it, 
then move into the control room. Once there, take out the two immediately in
front of you, then hide behind the servers. Poke your head out and take down
anyone you can see. Watch out especially for RPK troops. Once every enemy goes
down, move over to the control panel. Follow prompts here, and you'll be fine.
Follow Hudson out.

BO04 - Cubfan's (Almost) Complete Guide to BO's Multiplayer Mode

Welcome to my online strategy guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops for the 
Nintendo Wii. My guide is meant to focus solely on the online multiplayer 
modes, I don’t go into controls, weapon stats or multipliers. This is my 
third go round for the Wii CoD games online, and I will start out this guide 
by saying these strategies and discussion within are intended for players who
want to use the "team" concept to win games often and convincingly. My 
gameplay is NOT focused around always having the best scores or the highest 
KDR. Quite often they can lead to that, but I am not after an 11 kill streak 
in every match I enter. I want to win, plain and simple. I want to do it in a
coordinated and decisive manner, and I want to have fun while doing it.

With that said, here is what I consider the perfect starting point for all of 
my thoughts, a basic list of courtesy talking points if you will, that ideally 
I believe you should extend in online game play to anyone you lobby with, 
regardless of title.

1) First and most importantly, keep your distance from your teammates. Do the 
best you can to never stand within a blast radius of a fragmentation grenade 
or other projectile explosive when near them. You can turn one kill into two 
or three and give up an easy Kill Streak Reward (KSR) to start the match and 
things can/will spiral quickly from there. 

2) It STILL is the instinct of most players to sprint to the perceived point 
of conflict, with most people I see heading right for the middle of the field.
This is folly, especially if you are guilty of the crimes stated in talking 
point No 1. Look instead to keep to the outskirts of most maps and travel 
through buildings and in and out of cover, not only will it help you with 
surprise it can keep you alive should you get under fire.

3) Random un-suppressed weapon fire (also known as "spraying"), especially 
when you are near a TM who is sniping or otherwise using some sort of a 
stealth class should be avoided. You do have the ability to pay attention to 
what your TMs are doing. With the new character skins that are directly linked
to your Perk 1 class selection, you will always know by looks what they plan 
on doing. Step away from the players in the Ghillie suits if you chose not to 
use suppressors. You will give away yourself and your TM and likely cause 
death to one or both of you when you miss kills. Shot selection is more 
important than simply getting rounds off, missing gets not only the attention 
of your target but anyone paying attention to the radar, provided it isn’t 
being jammed. Good players will flank and clown you for long distance spraying.

4) On the topic of paying attention, see who on your team is calling in the 
KSRs. Then make sure you stay away from them, if you start spraying or being 
reckless in their general area, or shadowing their movements you can flub up 
the rhythm to their game and poach their would-be kills, or otherwise block 
their movements should they need to escape a room quickly. It is almost always
best to go to an opposite building or cover a different floor or alley to 
support their efforts rather than trying to get in on their action. Pay 

5) On the flip side, if you are giving up streaks to the enemies, slow your 
pace a little and give your TMS a chance to try and catch up with the enemy 
or enemies that are killing you. Take a different route to where you were 
killed or fall back and wait for them to come to you.

6) Do your best to not "take" a Second Chance kill from a team mate, I know 
this is hard; I still do it from time to time, but try, really try. You could 
cost your TM a streak that will help the overall effort. If you notice your 
TM is struggling and can’t complete the kill or is stuck in a reload or weapon
swap, then help em out. (UPDATE: Newest patch makes this no longer an issue, 
but as a remnant this was kept in)

7) If you are playing HC mode, recognize who the enemy is and fire at them 
only. If you can't stop yourself from killing your TMs through accidental 
friendly fire, you shouldn't be playing this mode.

8) If you are running around in the middle of the street with an RPG on your 
shoulder, you have already failed at all of the above, and you should do the 
decent thing and leave the game. Look for a lobby that is better suited to 
your overall lack of skill/interest. It is called "Free For All".

9) Always check your six, meaning after sprinting or moving across an alley, 
turn around and see what is going on behind you. With the "humiliation style" 
XP bonuses I see many players trying to get the knife kills and C4 / nOObnade 
impact kills, various "stuck" kills and tomahawks. All of this requires them 
to be close to you. At least once a map I kill someone trying to creep up on 
me and then evading their blade attempt, turnaround from time to time and see 
what you see. This will also help you avoid some of the Span system problems 
of the game dropping enemies directly behind you.

10) nOOb play often degenerates into nOOb play, just because someone is using 
the UGL, Launchers, or other default projectile explosive in a spammy manner 
doesn't mean you have to join in or abandon the concept of playing with the 
team because you got hit by one. Most of them can be dealt with outside of 
going all out spamming yourself. Doing this exposes you to getting killed 
since it tends to make the people I see more reckless than they already are. 
Patience, stay back, take cover, use the FLAK JACKET Perk and wait for them to
come to you. Most tubers bail games if you start beating on them, keep that 
and mind and stick with it.

11) Don’t be a mark for the airborne KSRs. Take cover if you can't kill the 
choppers, chances are someone on your team can. Even using your rifle can 
effectively damage it, if you can hit it with the majority of your shots you 
can clean up for the team mate who hit it square and keep most of you alive. 
Keep a roof over your head and away from the windows when you can, giving up 
three or four lives to the heli can turn the game around.

12) You need to have an approach based on the map you play and the level of 
competition you are facing. Big mistakes are made if you have tunnel vision 
when it comes to red flashes on the map. While chasing around the red dots 
seems like the best way to earn some kills, if you forget to check flanks or 
watch for clay mores, you can find yourself running right into an ambush. 
Don’t forgo common sense whenever and enemy dangles a carrot in front of you 
(such as seemingly unguarded objective or the perception of a camper’s 
presence, decoy grenades or random pistol fire).

13) With the new ability to use VOIP to verbally communicate with your 
teammates, teams that talk and react are going to rule this game over random, 
un-allied players. The voice chat though will also be an additional source for
more aggravation from less than kind TMs or opposition. Please keep the 
screaming and swearing to a minimum, unless you can put some humor behind it 
that is - and thank God for the ability to mute.

The intent of this guide is to help the player who wants to play better as a 
team. If you are a kill whore/slayer who does not seem to mind having a near 
negative Win/Loss record the elements in this guide will likely not be geared 
toward your mentality of game play. Within the forthcoming sections there will
be tips on how certain challenges can be had by using the techniques and 
tactics provided.

I am by no means the "best" player of this game, my strats work for me and 
many who have read them. I consider myself a slightly above average killer who
uses better approaches to outsmart better "kill first" oriented players and 
send them home with a loss. Others have differing opinions that I chalk up 
mostly to them playing a different style of game play, and that is fine 
because what they do works for them. Of course there are players who CAN kill 
anything and everything AND do all of the things I talk about at the same 
time, more power to them, but they are typically in the minority of online 
game players.

If you are interested in teaming up look for me on GameFAQs or GameSpot, I 
keep an Ally list player topic active, just about everyone in it carries 
similar gaming ideals and will tend to help out those who ask for it.

With all of that out of the way, the guide is broken up into three sections. 
The first deals with usage of equipment and tactics on the most basic of 
levels in the multiplayer mode. The second is geared mostly towards strategies
for various types of online game play. The last section is tips related mostly
to things that can extend your fun times in this game, as well as some 
challenge-busting tips.

Enjoy the guide,

RAF|LedFammaMFR / MEATplow(CoD:IGN) / Cubfan082(G-FAQs)/GhostofLed(GameSpot)

CUB1 - Section 1: Tactical Play

S1C1 - Basic Tactics

CBTa - Suppressing your Fire

Suppressors, IMO, are by far the most underutilized attachment on AR and SMG 
classes in this game series. I would expect that this trend will continue 
since a lot of people really like the ACOGs, extended mags, and UGLs. This is 
fine, because believe it or not, you STILL have the advantage. 

Surprise is the most lethal weapon in this game, it always has been. This game
especially, with the removal of Stopping Power and Juggernaut perks feels like
it is meant to be played with more stealth instead of solely brute force. 
While moving unnoticed is important, killing unnoticed from a flank or more 
perfectly from behind an enemy is the key to getting continuous streak 
bonuses. Having two or three TMS, playing in a similar fashion that can keep 
calling in their own KSR will make it utterly impossible for any non-radar 
jamming, un-suppressed firing opponent to do the same thing to you.

This edition of CoD has made it much easier for you to get the suppressors, 
because as soon as you unlock the weapon you may purchase it and all 
attachments for it. The suppressor will be the first thing I purchase for 
nearly every weapon, provided you have enough CoD points.

It appears that the use of suppressor doesn’t affect the damage or accuracy of
the weapon, but you will likely suffer a 20 to 25% drop in MAX DAMAGE RANGE, 
not the distance the bullet travels. What this can mean is that in medium and 
large maps a few extra shots may be a necessary to finish off your target. 
Basically if you burst your fire instead of hammering full auto this will not 
be an issue, control is key. This is excluding the suppressors on the Sniper 
Rifles of course, as they have truly been nerfed...

When you are facing unsuppressed auto fire, you pretty much know exactly where
the shots are coming from as the mini map lights them up in red. Using the 
perimeter of the map to flank/get behind your opponents can lead to many 
consecutive CQC kills that you would not be getting otherwise. You can use 
them to set perfect ambushes on small maps with lots of corners or building to
move around through, basically at any point where an enemy will turn a corner 
and give you their back or flank. I can’t tell you how many times I have 
cleared an entire building that had three or more enemies in it by myself 
because the suppressor kept me unnoticed until their death/near death.

Note: Be aware of the staccato beat of the decoy grenade, if your team has a 
Spy Plane up at the time it "should" be fairly easy to tell the difference 
between the decoy and the enemy watching the decoy, provided they aren’t using
the GHOST perk or personal JAMMER when you move to find them.

There are many modes in this game no though where suppressed fire isn’t all 
that important, and perk grouping and tactical grenade use can make sure that 
running up on a multiple group of enemies will leave you reloading rather than 
respawning. I find in demolition and HQ it is not always all that important to
use the suppressors, and keeping your damage range to the max along with using
the unsuppressed fire as a conduit to bring enemy players into the area you 
are covering. More on this in the Perk Grouping section and in the HQ section 
for tactics of play and using the spawn system to your favor.

There are many modes/situations in this game though where suppressed fire 
isn't all that important, and perk grouping and tactical grenade use can make 
sure that running up on a multiple group of enemies will leave you reloading 
rather than respawning. I find in demolition and HQ it is not always all that 
important to use the suppressors, and keeping your damage range to the max 
along with using the unsuppressed fire as a conduit to bring enemy players 
into the area you are covering. Keep in mind the need to constantly relocate 
while using this mode of play as a flank is coming if you fire and stay in the
same spot. More on this in the Perk Grouping section and in the HQ section for
tactics of play and using the spawn system to your favor.

Note from DBC: Hello guys. I'll pop in with some slight additions here when I
see something I want to comment on... If you've been reading from start to
finish, you already know the helpful tip about the SPAS. However, if you just
went straight for the MP Guide, you don't know. Anyway, the SPAS suffers no
damage loss from using its Suppressor, so you have no reason not to use it.

CBTb - Lethal Grenades

Lethal Grenades come in two forms in this game. The first is the standard 
issue fragmentation grenade, pull the pin and toss for boom. The second is the
SEMTEX plastic explosive pack. Grenades may be replenished in game through 
capturing ammo crate care packages, or by use of the SCAVANGER perk. Important
to note, should you wish to use the Tomahawk, it will take to place of your 
lethal grenades in your class. 

"Cooking" grenades refers to pull the pin on your fragmentation grenade, 
holding it for a determined amount of time and then letting it go with the 
intent of it reaching its intended location and detonating shortly after. The 
basic fuse on the fragmentation grenades remains at 3.5 seconds. The duration 
from when you decide to release the grenade to the point where it is no longer
lethal to you (meaning it has traveled far enough away from you so it will not
kill or damage you provided it doesn’t ricochet into your face) is about 0.25 

The games aiming reticule will tick off full seconds of the cook, when it hits
just over one full tick and you release it at and in-game arm angle of 30 
degrees that should give you full range on the grenade and detonation just 
after it hits the ground, with minimal bouncing as the travel time appears to 
be about1.5 seconds. For targets in between zero range and max range you have 
to adjust your arm angle and cook time in order to make them lethal, this will
take some getting used to but it can be done rather effectively once you do. 
With the decreased lag and overall more lethal weaponry it is not advisable to
cook a grenade versus a live firing opponent who is aiming at you. 

The SEMTEX functions differently, as there is no cooking required. When you 
bring it up to throw, a little timer light will be glowing in green. You can 
hold this indefinitely if you so chose, once you complete your throwing motion
however a 2 second timer begins to count down until the boom. The benefit of 
using these lethal grenades is that they "stick" to the first object they come
into contact with, including enemies players in all forms and team mates (in 
Hardcore modes this will be lethal to them). These grenades are not as 
powerful as the fragmentation grenades, but the can be used to place the 
explosive exactly where you want it without the need to cook, bounce or carom 
to get there.

The rest of the characteristics of the fragmentation grenades remain the same 
as all other CoD titles, they will bounce off of hard surfaces they make 
contact with, which will allow you to use hard objects in the environment to 
get them into places from behind cover. Look to ricochet them off of portal 
walls and doorways to flush out corner campers, banking them off of ceilings 
to get players out of windows or using the bounce to place them behind 
covering objects. The higher you are in elevation the map when compared your 
targets location on the ground will allow you to extend the max range of the
toss by noticeable amounts. Here are a few examples of tossing techniques 
that can help you maximize your chance to get a kill when you toss. 

1) On the Map "Jungle", you can enter the snipers rock near the sandbagged 
bunker and helicopter pad, and toss a SEMTEX or a 1.25 Second Cooked grenade 
from this perch and place it through the opening of the broken bridge for a 
detonation as it hits the ground. This is extremely useful in HQ and 
Domination, and can long toss players moving through this area in RTDMs with 
2) On Nuketown, with a bounce and a max arm angle toss, you can place 
fragmentation grenades from the left corner of the yellow house into the 
white garage, useful again for Demolition and HQ modes as well as RTDMs.
3) Cracked, in any of the elevated positions overlooking Flag "B" on 
Domination, you can drop a grenade directly on the flag or bounce it in front
to get a roll to the back side if you get the meaning. 1.0 second cook will 
give you impact detonation.

You will allegedly kill all players who are not using FLAK JACKET near the 
center of a circle of 6.5 meters in diameter within the game with the 
explosion occurring at the center of that circle. The range of explosive force
is the same for both SEMTEX and Fragmentation grenades, though the frags are 
more powerful at the edge of the blast zone. If you observed 3 teammates 
prone head to foot, this is the alleged circular width of the blast zone for 
frags. If you ask me, the game does not play this way at all, as I have 
survived more grenade kill attempts in this game than any previous CoD 
installment and I conversely have killed less with frags then I ever have 
before. When you used to be able to count on a fragmentation grenade that you 
planted on a Domination Flag clearing off any enemy trying to capture it, 
these grenades cannot accomplish this same feat without increased precision 
and timing. And those using FLAK JACKET will surely survive with the damage 
reduced to 75% of its normal level unless you land it right at their feet. 
Thus accuracy of the toss is now key, and depending on your take these 
grenades have either been nerfed from MWR levels or brought make down to a 
more reasonable level of lethal power.

CBTc - Claymores and Their Uses

CLAYMORES are equipment load out items that have the primary function of being
anti-personal mines that will net a kill. You can purchase this item from the 
equipment load out once you have progressed to level 20 or so. As far as I can
tell, you may not replenish this item through use of scavenger, but you will 
be able to get another claymore if you secure an ammo crate care package. You 
may also use HACKER PRO to hack an enemy claymore and turn it friendly, but 
should the enemy who placed it die it will detonate and be removed from the 
map. Note that you can only have a single hacked claymore in the map in 
addition to your base claymore. Should you hack more claymores, the first you 
have hacked will simply detonate 2 or 3 seconds after you hacked the new one.

It really is not debatable if this is actually a basic tactic, because an 
awful lot of people don’t use these correctly. The placement of many players 
claymores allow you to pretty much run right through areas "covered" by them 
with just a minor scratch. It will also be even more important to place these 
correctly as the Perk 1 "FLAK JACKET" is designed specifically to reduce 
damage from explosive based weapons and equipment. 

For a claymore to be 100% lethal all of the time, it MUST be placed in an 
orientation that has the target moving directly towards or directly away from 
its blast zone. The little lasers give you an indication of the blast zone, 
which is a conical section with a central angle of 120 degrees. When you bring
it up you are looking at the back of the mine, when you drop it, the blast 
zone will be directly in front of you.

A very useful development has occurred though with this edition of the game. 
Should you happen to misplace the claymore, you now have the option to pick 
it back up again and move it to a better spot. This can be done to allow you 
to simply move the claymore at your discretion in the event the enemy is using
a path for movement you have not anticipated or you have messed up your 
original placement direction.

It is important to remember that these are not like the Bouncing Betties of 
WaW; they don’t have the same trigger or the blast radius. Trying to use them 
as if they were will make you hate claymores. 

I have found the best way to use these mines is in the following orientations:

1) At the top of the stairs, place 3 to 4 feet back, at a 90 degree angle to 
the stairway, place to that the mine is off to one side of the landing and not
in the line of sight as you move up the stairs. Player will assume area is 
clear and move up, then boom...
2) At any doorway, you have two placement options. First and most effective, 
pick one side of the door, preferably the side that the enemy will use to move
into the room, place mine about 5 feet back, 5 feet to the side at a 45 degree
angle to the doorway. This works best against rushers on maps who move in and 
out of buildings looking for kills.
3) Second door placement, if the enemy is more cautious, put your back to the 
wall where the door is, take a step to the left or right of the door in the 
direction of anticipated travel, place the mine at a 90 degree angle with the 
4) My favorite, behind cover objects along flanking routes. I like to place 
one behind an object in the environment at a 45 degree angle back towards my 
spawn point, I will then retreat back and shoot at players coming that route, 
if I miss the kill, I will retreat to reload and see that 50% of the people I 
shot at rush down that area into my ambush.
5) On maps with sharp corners and close proximity, like NUKETOWN and LAUNCH, 
2 to 3 feet back, at a 45 degree angle to a corner will kill anyone who turns 
it too tightly. In the hallways that lead through the buildings, you can use 
placement 3 very effective to watch your back as you snipe, method 1 also 
works well upstairs.

I chose the 2 to 3 foot setback because that appears to be how long the lasers
are visible, I chose the 45 degree placements away from obstructions because 
if you don’t you bury half of the mines explosive force into the obstruction. 
There are infinite possibilities with these anti-personal mines. They can be 
placed on top of objects in games as well, be creative and see what works. 
Obviously I didn’t give out all my best places, sue me, I do need to keep a 
few things close to the vest. Good luck.

With the patch to the HACKER perk, claymore use in RTDMS and HARDCORE should 
become noticeably less effective, as now that perk selection allows you to 
see them clearly through most of the walls on the map. Thus if players are 
running HACKER and you are setting up near your equipment, you basically have 
a sign that says "Here I am!" over your head. Keep that in mind.

CBTd - C4 Packs and Their Uses

The C4 pack is an equipment load out option that gives you two packages of 
plastic explosive that can either be detonated remotely through triggering the
detonator, shooting it with primary fire, or splash from an explosive. These 
packs may be placed directly in front of your camera POV or by tossing them 
with the z button. You can choose to detonate them by holding the trigger and 
clicking "B" when ready or by double tapping the left arrow button on the 

These packages do not bounce when they hit the environment; they stick to 
whatever they first touch. They also do not appear to stick to enemies, but 
you now get a hit marker for a direct impact on a toss, which is a good clue 
you should detonate it shortly after. If you do not like the placement of you 
pack, you may pick it up again with the "A" button and try again. If a C4 pack
is placed or thrown into an area while a concussion or flash grenade is 
detonating, it will be temporarily disabled, but you still can shoot it or 
splash it to make the boom. From the ground, you can toss the packages into 
most second story windows if you get the right angle, this may take some 
practice though but it can be extremely useful in getting rid of elevated 
defenders (Read as Array overlooking the B flag in Domination). Be aware a 
player dropping a JAMMER near your C4 will prevent you from being able to 
remote detonate it, but you can still shoot it to make the boom.

The C4 pack looks like a postal parcel, except for the green or red blinking 
light in the middle of it. Red obviously indicates enemy. If a player is using
HACKER, the C4 package will glow red if it belongs to an enemy. The C4 pack 
may also be hacked through use of HACKER PRO, right now be aware of a glitch 
in the game that prevents you from hacking C4 if it is placed on a Domination 
flag that is not yours, as for some reason the progress bar filling interferes
with the hacking procedure. If you have hacked a C4 pack, you are able to 
detonate it at will as if it where your own, but if the player who placed it 
dies it detonates and disappears from the map. Just like with the claymores, 
you can only hack 1 pack at a time. Should you hack two, the first hacked one 
will detonate shortly after.

These packages have three primary uses from what I have found, and depending 
on how you play the game they can greatly increase your kill totals. They are,
in no particular order of effectiveness:

1) Ambush devices - This type of use involves you watching a particular area 
along a path of enemy movement, and placing C4 along the route the enemy plans 
to move though. When you see them move up, you detonate and make some kills. 
This is usually best done if you can get an enemy to chase a decoy grenade or 
some random unsuppressed fire from your weapons. This involves you watching 
the area rather closely, and could result in a flank if you are not careful, 
but it can nevertheless be highly effective when the right route is chosen. 
Blind corners, wall and ceiling placements are best for this type of approach.
This works well on Capture the Flag matches where you have observed the 
enemies route away from the flag, and you lay C4 along it to secure the kill.
You can also use it to get rid of enemies who are chasing you by tossing it 
out in front of you while you escape, then quickly checking back to detonate 
when they are in range.

2) Passive Defense Measures - Often in Domination, the in game voice will 
alert you that you are losing an objective. Player often can find spots in the
environment to try to conceal these packages and will detonate them remotely 
from some point away from the objective when they hear they are losing it. 
This can work, but often this is not perpetually effective against better 
players, since they will have flash/concussed the area to short them or 
claymore if they have seen their use on the map or simply use a JAMMER to 
clock the detonation. Be creative in how you try to pull this off and it can 
work, such as using ceiling and wall placements when enemies have the need to 
occupy HQs or rooms with Domination flags. 

3) Throwing C4 as a grenade supplement - This actually works a little better 
than it should, but never the less you can run around trailing enemies or in 
close quarters combat and toss and trigger detonate the C4 as a way to 
dispatch them. This is especially effective in HQ, Domination, Sabotage and 
Demolition, you know modes where it is not uncommon to find many enemies in 
the same location. You can net loads of multi kills doing this, try to 
remember to flash or concuss the area prior, then toss the pack in and boom! 
Be careful though, if you throw one at an enemy who is firing on you, then can
detonate it and dispatch you should a shot connect.

This piece of equipment is a lot of fun to use and is relatively versatile, 
play around with it if you find yourself needing something new to try. A C4 
assassin challenge exists as well as a requirement to earn kills with it or 
claymore for HACKER PRO levels, so adding its effective use to your repertoire
is a pretty solid strategy. Again with the patch to the HACKER perk, if you 
place these on the map and are standing near them, you are effectively giving 
away your position, thus setting them when you actually need them is likely 
going to lead to more success when players using HACKER are in the map (read 
as Frisbee tossing the C4).

CBTe - The Rest of the Equipment Bag...

The rest of the equipment bag features items that are new to the CoD Universe 
for the Wii. Getting used to what they do and how they can be used against you
can determine the difference between a win or a loss. Equipment items that are
friendly again blink green where enemy equipment blinks red, and should be 
destroyed when it is located.


The Tactical Insertion (Tact Insert) is a device that you place on the ground
of the environment near an area you want to occupy upon re-spawning after your
death in the game. These items give off a fairly visible amount of blinking 
light, thus hiding them is often the key to successful use. They are great for
use in modes such as Capture the Flag, Sabotage, Demolition and Domination, 
not so much in RTDMs unless you really have a favorite ambush spot.

Again, if you want them to be used successfully you have to find places to 
hide them. All it takes to disable a tactical insertion is to hit it with a 
knife swipe or a few bullets or in the event you are running HACKER PRO you 
can tap the "A" button to smash it. When your equipment is destroyed the in 
game voice will let you know this. This piece of equipment can also be 
temporarily disabled if a tactical grenade is detonated close to it. The TI 
may not be hacked with HACKER PRO, instead you are given the option to "smash"
it as was stated above. You may also pick it up and redeploy it at your 

Be careful of use in obvious places, as some players when noticing them will 
camp the spot and wait for the respawn. Hidden properly and used at the right 
times, they are a good choice in objective based games. If your TI has not 
been discovered on your respawn, consider dropping it again right then and 
there prior to moving on with your intended mode of play. Be aware that the 
light from your tact insert glows red, blinks and is often visible through 
floors. This will lead to death on map like Havana and Nuketown, in the 
bedrooms, with the claymore...

A few examples of some decent placements for the tactical insertion on the 
CAPTURE THE FLAG game mode are noted below. Please note, these are "OFFENSIVE"
or "FLAG RUNNER" positions, if you are defending you would likely not be using
the TI:

1) Array - Near the "A" Flag, there is a red building with a small alcove on 
the back side that would face the circular room, dropping it here is a little 
out in the open but I have yet to have it destroyed or otherwise discovered. 
Near Flag "B", inside the circular building just prior to exiting the double 
doors is a room that overlooks the Flag from which you can see the satellite 
dish and excavator. There is a small hallway with a stair, I put the TI down 
here and you spawn 25 feet from the flag practically unnoticed.

2) Summit - Again behind both flags "A" and "B" there are two slightly 
depressed areas, by the "B" flag I believe is a helicopter pad, using this 
area is a little risky since often this is where the enemy will accept their 
care packages, but you can put it near some barrels and be relatively 
unnoticed or back around the small catwalks and that circular tank for a less 
obvious placement. Near the "A" flag is a much larger open area that is 
typically behind the enemy spawn, you can again successfully stash a TI here 
and not really have much issue, again though the enemy will likely take care 
packages here so be ready to fire when spawning. You can however place them 
with relative ease along the back snow path.

3) WMD - For either Domination matches or Capture the flag, where the "C" flag
is located has it placed between two open buildings, you can effectively stash
the TI in either one, since multiple rooms exist, and then run out and grab a 
flag and be gone in a flash if you use the buildings. On the downhill side, 
for either domination or CTF, you can put the TI off to the right of the flag
under the snipers cat walk and again run right through it and out, then again 
dodge into a building. It is really easy to use these on WMD since many, many 
buildings exist with many corners and many rooms. With the short open areas, 
they make a tremendous difference in your ability to beat a flag runner back 
to their base.

Of course the possibilities are endless; just try to keep in mind a few simple
things, particularly on small maps they really do not help much. I also find 
little use for them in RTDMS where spawn points do not stay put for long, but 
in tactical games they may prevent capture and allow you to keep putting 
constant pressure on objectives. Once the enemy is on to you however you need 
to start being much more selective of where you place them, such as if you 
keep placing in a room looking over flags and keep trading kills with the same
targets. Switch it up and keep them guessing, this piece of equipment makes 
opening up Domination, HQ and Capture the Flag games much easier as you 
eliminate the travel delays on your capture routes and also can effectively 
now hold flags "A" and "C" much more easily and neglect "B" when it is in a 
meat grinding position like the "B" flag at Launch or Cracked.

PRO Performance Tip - When playing HQ, I will often place the TI about 20 to 
30 meters from the objective, if I die I spawn and pull the pin on my grenades
and put it right on the HQ. Often when I make the capture, if the environment 
supports it, I will then pick up the TI and actually move it closer to the HQ 
in a position that is away from the approach the enemy has been taking to 
destroy the HQ. What this does then, in the event I get killed and they 
destroy the HQ, I will spawn right on them separated by some cover, thus while
they are picking up weapons, tea-bagging, checking mini-map, reloading 
whatever I try just to clean house really quick and pop the streaks of the 
players who may be earning them. I have never got the entire team, but I got 
four once before getting killed by a SEMTEX. You will likely take a death or 
two doing this often, but those extra kills can really help you regroup and 
get pressure on the objective first by sending them back to the spawn delay.

"Someone is JAMMING us!" (Raspberry?!?!?! LONESTAR!)

The personal Jammer will provide a small area around its deployed location, 
just larger than that of the size of the average in game building that 
scrambles the enemy radar screen. There is no way to counter this equipment, 
but its presence is fairly obvious as your HUD radar will turn into a snow 
screen. This effect is noticeably different from the Counter Spy Plane KSR, as
once you move out of the zone of influence your radar goes back to normal.

Use of the HACKER perk will make an enemy JAMMER glow red in game. These items
are hackable through HACKER PRO, which allows you to take control of the 
JAMMER without the enemy knowing that the friendly marked JAMMER is actually 
yours. When the enemy whose JAMMER you hacked dies, it disappears from the 
map. Your mini map will have a green cloud in the general area of where the 
JAMMER is placed, cluing you in to its zone of influence.

Probably the best function of this piece of equipment is that as long as it is
deployed and active, any enemy equipment such as motion sensors, C4 and 
claymores simply cannot function. If you have found yourself always tripping 
a claymore in an area, drop the JAMMER and you can run through it. Or say you
are playing domination and an enemy is extremely good at concealing lethal C4 
packs or by air mailing them onto your position (shout out to RAF|NinGOD, aka 
PaperStackx, aka Henry Escobar, alias Louis Rich) them onto your position and 
detonating to defend their objective, should you drop the jammer the remote 
detonate function will not work. Just drop it right outside the objective and
move onto it to secure without threat of passive explosive defense measures.

I like to use this piece of equipment a kind of a red herring, since it 
scrambles a predefined area, it is pretty easy to discover the central 
location of the jammer. I try to place these in building opposite of where I 
am located and near objectives I plan on defending. What this can do then is 
say if you are using an unsuppressed weapon, when an enemy enters the area 
affected by the JAMMER, you may begin firing on them and they will not be able
to use the radar to see where the shots are coming from. The scrambling will 
also attract the interest of the enemy affected by it, thus providing a lure 
into an area you have set for ambush.

You can also then retreat to the area covered by the JAMMER in the event the 
enemy has a SPY PLANE in the air and give yourself a screening from the enemy 
view when they get near your equipment. This is nice to use if you are not 
using GHOST as your Perk 1 designation. Over all, I really am not too fond of
this equipment but it has its uses, as the next item discussed is kind of the 
king of the equipment bag.

The Motion Sensor

The motion sensor allows you to deploy a pinging beacon that will pick up the 
movement of any enemies within its zone of influence and translate that 
information to your radar screen. The only players that cannot be picked up on
the MOTION SENSOR are players running HACKER PRO. You WILL pick up players 
running GHOST and GHOST PRO when using this equipment, and outside of the 
Blackbird that is the only way to get them on the radar.

Just like all other equipment, enemy versions will glow red for players using 
HACKER, and the equipment is again hackable. As a user, you can pick up and 
redeploy the equipment like everything else in the bag. These items are highly
effective in all modes of the game and seem to be preferred by campers and 
defenders alike. Enemies moving through the sensor will show up as little red
dots in a skipping pattern that will indicate their direction of movement, 
allowing for perfect ambush.

Similar to the placement of the jammers, I like to put my sensor out ahead of 
me covering the approach to the objective or area I wish to hold. I get the 
drop on just about everyone I use these against, and the distinct possibility 
of landing larger and sustained KSRs exists in all tactical modes.

Important to note, just like all other equipment, tossing flash bangs into the
room will temporarily short circuit them, you can then finish them or with 
weapon fire. The only real down side of using these is that for full effect, 
you kinda need to sit back and watch the game being played around you and hope
for your eventual rush. But again, they are extremely helpful in all forms of 
the game, well outside Hardcore that is, since you have to have a Spy Plane 
up to get a minimap.

CBTf - The Lag Shot versus the Lagging Game

Anyone who has played either of the previous Call of Duty games for the Wii 
has likely heard the term "lag shooting". This time around, Treyarch has done 
a superb job eliminating the need to lag shoot your enemies, which basically 
meant aiming anywhere from 2 to 5 game feet or more out ahead of your target 
to get hit markers and earn kills. The elimination of lag shooting was done 
through "client side" hit detection, meaning the host of the game through a 
"client" now determines based on player positions and firing patterns what is
a hit and what is not based on where everyone in the game is at that time, not
on how the hosts Wii processes the game from the hosts view of the game. Thus,
the hosts Wii must process this information and send it back to all the 
consoles reading positions and shots from their points of view, which can 
cause a serious frame rate drop for the host when many operations (such as 
Airborne KSRs) are active in the game.

"Client Side Hit Detection" is not to be confused with a "dedicated server", 
as those do not exist on this console. The long and short of it is that what 
you see is what you should shoot at, and any players Avatar in your field of 
vision is the true location as your console sees it.

The problem comes in with this approach regarding getting game data back to 
your Wii and processing the results of enemy encounters. While your console 
is telling you that you effectively have dived back into coverage, the Client
determined that you did not survive the fire fight, and your death animation 
is brought back to the place the game says you bit it. Yes it is kind of 
annoying, but it is much better than the alternative.

Still it remains clear that moving in non-predictable patterns will serve you
well, and it beats lag shooting. 

CBTg - Squad Play and Communication

Next to suppression of your fire and concealment of your player in the game 
map, communication amongst you and your teammates is another lethal addition 
to your arsenal. When performed correctly you can coordinate bomb plants, flag
captures, defensive positions, HQ rushes, map movements and an entire array of
useful information that will help make your team play at a much higher level 
than the run of the mill random nubs.

Of course, there are always players who have the headsets just to annoy you 
with rude comments, racist speak, general trolling you get the idea. That is 
why there is a mute button, use it and go about your business. I choose not to
listen to most of it because the stupidity of the American and International 
gaming public knows no bounds, and rather than get sucked into some political
discussion or war of words, I would rather focus on winning the war after the 
lobby starts the match.

Things to keep in mind when you are talking, and some things I try to point 
out to people who appear to really want to play better include some of the 

1) When playing Domination, depending on if I am in a defending or capturing
mood I tell my teammates that they can expect me to try to capture and hold 
"B", and that gives them an indication of how to maximize their in game 
effectiveness by taking a different objective location or backing me up from
a different vantage point. Similarly if you lose and objective, you can 
effectively communicate a rush to re-capture the flag in 1/3 the time if you
all move onto the objective at once instead of one person starting the 
capture and then having help come after the enemy is made aware of your move.

2) Coordinating rushes on HQs and Flag locations with a multi directional 
stun/flash grenade assault is a tactic that is almost impossible to stand up 
to. How it works is you basically agree to attack from a different angle than 
your teammate, be it left, right center or rear on the objective, and once you
get within toss range you all start lobbing everything you got in order to 
confuse and disorient, then eliminate the enemy and their defensive measures.
This will fry their sensors, claymores and C4 long enough for you to make the
capture or grab a flag, and really will annoy the **** out of your enemy. They
can’t shoot what they can’t see and they can’t chase if they can’t run, so you
get the idea.

3) Giving general advice, remembering it is not your place to tell someone how
to play their game, but I notice low levels in "Capture the Flag" running 
around with the HK-21 and no marathon. I point out to them after lobby how I 
noticed everyone running away from you / running you down, then ask what set 
up they are running. I then suggest that switching to an SMG and marathon / 
lightweight can help them escape and actually get a flag back.

4) I try not to be rude, but at times I totally lose my cool with players who 
enter HQ, Domination or Demolition with no intention of ever engaging the 
objectives. When it becomes apparent that player is leaving me hung out to dry
at capture time, or moves away from a capture to avoid possible death on an 
enemy return, I call them out for it. If the behavior doesn’t change I 
basically tell them flat out I am not dying for you anymore, I also troll them
if they are in second chance and basically talk garbage as I let them die 
similar to how they left me to die as they were trying to hulk up.. And that 
usually ends our push and the match becomes and substantial loss, we all get 
crap XP for getting drubbed and hopefully that player leaves. 

The maps are all laid out on a grid, you can communicate your grid position to
your team mates or locations of enemies to get pin point mortar fire, chopper 
position and bombing runs. You can ID campers or call out the location of the 
enemy who is holding your flag. All of this makes you a better team, and a 
squad of mic’d up players should roll teams that are not in most 

Note from DBC: I can attest to Number 4 being true. I am thinking of one match
I played in the wee hours of the morning a few weeks ago with Led, where he
and I were partied up with three randoms, playing Dom on WMD. There was some
idiot who will remain nameless sniping on the catwalk towards B, not doing any
help towards capping B. We ended up wasting five minutes tied while we fought
for B, and at the end of the game (a victory), this moron was 8-3 while we
were around 30-15 each. Led was PISSED at him, both in game and at lobby.

S1C2 - Semi-Advanced Tactics

CSTa - Killstreak Rewards (KSR) and Effective Grouping

Finally the consoles have caught up to what was going on in the PC community 
with the other Treyarch produced Call of Duty, Kill Streak Rewards no longer 
stack! What this means, that if you wish to earn a KSR, you must fire bullets
or projectiles from your primary weapons, toss lethal grenades, use the 
melees, or kill with your equipment to get credit for a streak. No more riding
up Helicopter kills or airstrike kills to get rewards, you now have to do it 
the hard(er) way... 

Here are the KSRs that made it into the Nintendo Wii Version, as you can see, 
and as I predicted, some more notable ones where left out. But what we have is
still pretty much all new, so no hard feelings Treyarch, plus I know/suspected
all along the Wii can’t handle anymore anyways. Each KSR is listed with the 
required numbers of non-stacked kills you must earn to call it in. On the 
player menu, you select no more than three KSRs that you want to use for your 
classes, and unfortunately you only get one designation per game file. You 
start out with Spy Plane (3), Care Package (5) and Attack Helicopter (7).

Spy Plane (3) - This very useful first KSR reward will show you the location 
of any player not using GHOST as their Perk 1 designation through the in game 
map on your upper left hand corner. It will also alert you to the positions of
any enemies firing without the use of suppressors; this includes the firing of
projectile explosives. This KSR may be shot down by any of the ways described 
above, and can be both globally and locally jammed, but still is a good choice
if the lobby is not full of all ghost players. The Spay Plane will be active 
for 40 seconds, and it is reported in the Den Kirson that it can only be 
damages by bullet fire for the first 25 seconds it is in the air, after that 
only a rocket or SAM can take it out.

RC-XD Car (3) - The RC-XD car lets you drive around your not so standard C4 
pack and detonate it by pressing the "fire" button. You get about thirty 
seconds of drive time before the thing goes boom on its own, so find your 
target and get on with it I don’t know why they made it a more powerful 
explosive than any others, but they did. You press the "A" button to make it
go forward, the "Z" to make it reverse, then steer it with the control stick.
The "Message of the Day" tells us about the boost button, but I have never 
noticed it or located it. There are "Easter Egg" type elements to this KSR, 
as several maps have specific "race tracks" that let you take short cuts and 
get you quickly to desirable locations. Check YouTube, they are too hard to 
effectively describe. But if you have ever walked around and saw what looked 
like a tunnel you should be able to prone crawl through, it is highly likely 
this is a RC car path. They seem to be most prominently placed to affect 
Domination and HQ type game modes. 

A patch to the game has enabled the "BOOST" function on the RC CAR. Now if you
press your default "ADS" button you get a small increase in speed for the RC 
CAR that you can use to run up on players who have spotted its movement.

Personally, I do not like this all that much since half the time you deploy 
this an enemy kills you while you are driving it, and the rest of the time you
are driving it you are stuck standing still instead of pressuring objectives. 
But it does have a slight novelty to it, and it may be found to be 
entertaining to some, so have at it I guess. It can be shot and destroyed and 
also temporarily disabled if it is hit with a flash or concussion grenade, it 
will also be destroyed if it passes an enemy claymore. If you shoot an enemies
RC car, you can actually kill an enemy near it with the explosion. I think 
this is an ultimate "me first" KSR though, as using the SPY PLANE helps 
everyone on your team.

Counter Spy Plane (4) - The Counter Spy Plane will scramble the enemies radar 
screen, regardless if they have a spy plane in the air or not. This perk is 
highly useful as it blinds motion sensors and the Blackbird as well. Just like
the Spy Plane KSR, this can be shot down in a multitude of ways. And just like
motion sensors, the use of this perk in Hard Core will only be effective if 
the enemy has a Spy Plane up at the time you call it in. It appears to only be
active for 30 seconds, which seems odd when the KSR above it (and oddly the 
one it counters) is active for 40 seconds.

SAM Turret (4) - The SAM turret is a crate dropped anti-aircraft rocket 
battery that contains an infinite amount of rockets that radar track any enemy
aircraft. The SAM turret is active in the game for a period of 1 minute and 30
seconds, and like was said will continuously fire on an enemy airborne during 
that time. The location of the SAM turrets that are friendly show up on your 
radar map, there is also a marker that shows up on the map when a rocket is 
launched, enemy or friendly. The game will tell you if the turret gets 
destroyed by your enemy. With the use of HACKER PRO you can hack your enemies’
turrets and they will not be made aware of the hack, as it will still appear 
to be in their possession until it kills one of their airborne KSRs.

As was stated above it appears that this Turret will remain in the game for a 
period of 1:30 seconds. So really, there is little need to place this turret 
until you know for a fact the enemy has an airborne up. It has a set and 
forget feel to it, so often what happens is you earn one and place, move out 
of your spawn area and the enemy then spawns on top of it and destroys it. Keep
that in mind if you want it to do its thing.

Until/if the Wii gets a HARDLINE PRO patch that would no longer allowed 
rolling of the SAM turret, this reward will be used primarily as a short cut 
to care package chance. The SAM turret however is highly useful when it is 
placed correctly. Large maps obviously lend themselves to better concealment, 
but alcoves and larger openings exist on some of the building that allow you 
to place them higher up in the map and more out of sight. What is nice about 
them is when they cover and area, the first rocket fired from a single SAM 
turret will force a repositioning of the attack heli and its Chaff Dodge to 
kick in. The second rocket will then remove the attack heli from the sky.

(Update: Patch on 3/15 removed this from rerolling, thank you Treyarch)

You can detonate the SAM turret with explosives or shoot it with your primary 
fire weapon at distance, or simply run up behind it and swipe your knife at it
to disable it.

Care Package (5) - The Care Package is another crate dropped from the 
helicopter. This crate can contain any of the following, in order of what is 
most likely to be found based on Den Kirson's findings on the PC version of
the game:

Spy Plane..................................................................16%
Counter-Spy Plane..........................................................16%
Mortar Team.................................................................6%
Sentry Gun..................................................................6%
SAM Turret..................................................................6%
Rolling Thunder.............................................................3%
M202 Grim Reaper............................................................3%
Napalm Strike...............................................................3%
SR-71 Blackbird.............................................................3%
Attack Helicopter...........................................................3%
Death Machine...............................................................2%
Attack Dogs.................................................................1%

This positioning of the rewards on the list represents the highest likelihood 
of being inside the care package, and again this is based on the Den Kirson 
for the CPU version of the game. The probabilities for the Wii varied 
slightly, differences coming from fewer kill streaks being in the game, but 
this should be correct enough for the point of discussion. When you roll a 
package with HARDLINE PRO, you are guaranteed to not get the same item as was 
initially dropped.

I like the novelty of this perk reward, as it can be a short cut to much 
better rewards. I only really have one thing to say about it though, is 
players like me actually are set up to jack your **** whenever I can. Using 
any of the dropped rewards always comes with the risk that you are going to 
draw a lot of attention. On larger maps if you are standing by yourself away 
from all of your team, you could be calling your drops into an area where an 
enemy respawn is going to occur. 

The SAM turret can track and knock out the care package heli with relative 
easy, if it is hit it will drop the package immediately, and that could be a 
sizable distance from you. Even worse, it can drop them out of bounds or onto 
an unreachable area. There is a challenge for "Destroying the Care Package" 
for doing exactly this.

Like all crates, HACKER PRO will not only steal it but leave a bomb that will 
kill you when you have filled the progress bar to take the crate. In the event
that you were killed attempting to pick up your crate, and did not notice that
the player who killed you was killed by someone else, and your crate is still 
there, you are either about to be "Booby Trapped" or someone is waiting to 
farm kills on you. In the event of the booby trap, and if you have already 
rolled the crate, the crate will revert back to the original dropped icon. If 
you have not rolled it, and try to and it won’t switch, it has been trapped. 
You will hear in the game the same sound made when an enemy has taken your 
care package but it will still stay lit up in green on you mini map. Pay 

It is up to you what to do with trapped packages, you should tell your 
teammates at least and if time allows shoot it till it blows up to avoid 
giving a kill to the hacker.

Napalm Strike (5) - I love the idea of this perk, but I have a tremendous 
issue with the way it translates the call position on the mini map to where
the Napalm actually falls. First and foremost, if the napalm drops on you 
consider death to be imminent. If you cannot find a solid roof over your 
head, the fire will consume and kill you. It will also burn for several 
seconds on the ground, and the graphic for its burn is IMO somewhat glitched 
as it is not always obvious what is considered to be on fire on the game 
screen. Should you run into the flames, you get two hit markers at full health
before you will die, unless you are using FLAK JACKET PRO, which will shield 
you from burn damage. Yes it does work for Napalm, so keep that in mind.

I have bad luck with this KSR, I seem to always end up getting killed by it 
when I call it in regardless of my location on the map. When you call it in, 
you get a blue pulsing arrow for the indicator of the CENTER of the Napalm 
drop. Moving the Wii-mote and the thumb stick will help you align the position
of the drop and the direction of where the drop is coming from. The Napalm 
Drop will move ahead and back of the indicator arrow, so as long as you can 
place it in an area where the bombs (3 total) will not hit a building prior to
hitting the ground, you get a sustained burn that can be used to clear off 

This KSR is highly useful in modes like domination and demolition. You can 
place the drop directly on 90% of the flags in the game and always on one of
the demolition sites. It will burn on the ground for roughly 10 seconds and 
comes in relatively quickly. If a single player is moving to capture a flag,
the napalm will be on them before they can finish, and will also gobble up 
anyone who was moving to join them.

Sentry Gun (6) - The sentry gun is the final air dropped crate reward. This 
time you get a turret that uses infrared to lock on and fire at enemy targets 
that are in front of it. This weapon is essentially the same weapon that the 
attack helicopter uses to fire on you, but it is tripod mounted and you can 
place it just about anywhere you want in the game and it is going to pick up 
enemies and kill them for you.

A few things to note about the sentry gun, it is functional and actively 
firing for a period of 1 minute and 30 seconds of time, it never runs out of 
ammo, and it can be picked up and repositioned like any other piece of 
equipment. The timer counts down from the moment you enable the reward and 
place it, so don’t select it and go running around the map repositioning the 
thing at will, you are wasting your reward. Instead move your player to where 
you want to position, and then enable the turret and place it. Guard it after 
it has made a few kills if you want it to last

The Sentry gun fires for approximately 2 seconds then has a smaller recovery 
time of about 1.5 seconds before it will fire again. If the sentry turret is 
your placement and you cross its line of fire while it is engaging an enemy, 
it can kill you even outside of Hardcore.

This weapon can rack up lots of kills, but it is also rather easily thwarted.
By simply tossing a flash bang at it you temporarily fry the sensors and you 
are given a reprieve of close to 5 seconds upon which it cannot fire on you. 
This is plenty of time to run up to the sentry and swipe it with your knife 
to disable it. Players who use GHOST-PRO are not visible to sentry guns, and 
a player using HACKER PRO can sneak up on the turret and take it over, thus 
turning it on you and your team. This crate can be rolled, but why on earth 
would you want to do that?

(Update: Patch on 3/15 removed this from rerolling, thank you Treyarch)

This weapon ranges well, thus if you can position it higher on the map you 
can pin an enemy down and get on with securing/defending the objectives. This
weapon is the friend of a true "defend" oriented player, as often they will 
place them to cover a flag or an approach to the flag.

Mortar Team (6) - The Mortar team delivers three volleys of explosive shells
to three separate locations that you identify as targets on the mini-map. The
shells are extremely powerful and can earn kills with relative ease provided 

...actually hit something.

Here is my gripe with this perk, IMO it is too slow to be called in to 
effectively prevent much of anything or do much else besides support a spawn
kill attempt or defend a flag from a single player who is trying to secure it.
They have a central damage amount of 300 which trails off to 50 at the outer 
range, which happens to be 7.5 meters in diameter as listed in the Den Kirson.
So basically you need to drop them with fragmentation grenade precision on a 
moving target when you really don’t "know" where they are going to be order 
for them to be lethal since they won’t hit for like 4 or 5 seconds after they 
have been called into the game.

Basically if you earn this, hold onto it till you know the enemy is near a 
flag or objective, or till you get a Blackbird to give you a better indication
of where the enemy is and moving towards.

To counter this KSR, simply move indoors until the last volley detonates. It 
does have uses, but you have to be preemptive and get lucky to make the 
killfeed light up. This is nothing like the artillery strikes form the old 
days, but what can expect is that the rounds are pretty much going to go where
you direct them to go. I like to use them to shell an HQ just prior to it 
going on line or to drop all three of them near the backside of a held flag in
domination or a bomb plant. This "may" clear out an enemy or two but "will" 
clear out any claymores, sensors or other explosives in the area. 

With practice, you can become quite lethal with this KSR. You are typically
dependant on having either excellent instinct, first hand line of site 
confirmation of enemy position (such as a team mate telling you "hey two guys
are moving onto the C-Flag"), or some form of recon up that is giving you an 
indication of movements to plan your volley. If you take a few seconds to 
study the recon map, you can make a 2 to 4 kill feed a norm with this perk, it
just takes practice combined with some luck. I do like it though, and have 
been trying to use this and Napalm much more often as effective strikes with 
either of those are game changers in Domi, Demo and HQ.

Attack Helicopter (7) - The attack helicopter is very similar to the one used 
in MWR, only this time to counter it you have the ability to use guided 
rockets through launchers or turrets to take it down along with your primary 
weapon fire. But it also has the ability to counter your counter through a 
chaff dump that breaks the radar lock of your rockets and allows it to keep 

The primary weapon of the chopper is again a minigun, it does 20 damage per 
round while firing 20 rounds in a one second time frame. The chopper then has 
a 1.5 second reload time prior to it firing again. Unfortunately you need 2 
seconds of tone before the guided missiles will lock, thus you have to begin 
acquiring the lock while the heli can fire at you. Thus to me it seems that if
you truly want to bring the chopper down quickly fire a RPG at it from cover. 
You may find yourself in a good cover position however and the Strela rockets 
will work just fine, it really depends on what cover is available.

The attack helicopter takes about 10 seconds to enter the map prior to it 
beginning active fire. Once it begins engaging the enemy it remains active for
either 60 seconds or until it is shot down. Primary weapon fire will damage 
the helicopter, which has two tiers of ammunition based damaged based on if 
you are using Hardened pro or something else. Landing enough rounds on the 
Helicopter appears to shorten its active time in the map, so it is recommended
that if you have solid cover and some space from the enemy, unload a few 
rounds into the chopper. That may save a few teammates.

Expect the helicopter to average you 2 to 3 kills. Of course you will get more
going up against bad player, but organized teams will shoot it down, likely 
before it kills a single player. I scoped in one time, the developers have 
inscribed the words "newb slayer" under the pilots windows, cause that is 
what this sitting duck of a chopper really is...

A good way to effectively use this KSR is to "connect the dots" between 
objectives in domination and demolition in the event you don't have any recon
up and want to call it in. Again though, just like the mortars and napalm, 
give the map a quick view and try to anticipate where the movement will take 
your enemies and put the bomber in line with them.

Rolling Thunder (8) - I love the sound and the effectiveness of this perk when
it comes into the game. It is a massive B-52 bomber that drops roughly 20 
bombs that kill any and everything in the way. There is no safe place to hide 
from this KSR, as the bombs it drops are considered bunker buster thus their 
damage penetrates all buildings. This KSR seems to be fairly accurate in its 
drop path. On small maps its use often generates a five kill feed on the 
enemy, which is extremely satisfying. Just like the Napalm strike you can spin
the direction of the path of the bomber along with its location on your map 
view screen. These are great to save to clear off a HQ or an area for a 
demolition plant, or to kill feed a SnD game. If you are playing tactical 
games, saving it for a bit is often wise.

SR-71 Blackbird (8) - The perk allows you to call in a recon plane that lasts 
for 45 seconds and gives you "real time" information on your enemies location 
and their direct path of movement. It will also alert you if an enemy is 
firing upon you or any of your team mates in the game. This KSR is highly 
useful provided the enemy has not saved and stored a counter spy plane. 
Personal JAMMERS deployed by an enemy will thwart this KSR, but only when the 
enemy is in range of the JAMMER. Regardless if you are after Dogs, it is 
highly beneficial to use this KSR to get you those next three kills in place 
of an Attack Helicopter.

In my opinion, use of the Blackbird will not only elevate your personal play, 
but that of your team mates and is thus the ultimate team based KSR. It is 
like Christmas for me when these things show up in care packages. I wish I 
would have discovered this a little earlier in my playing time, as I really 
didn't use the blackbird until around prestige 8 or so. With the new patch 
and the reduced spawn delays, again this KSR is unbelievably lethal.

Attack Dogs (11) - The Attack Dogs are the cream of the crop when it comes to
lethal kill streak rewards. It unleashes 4 viscous attack dogs that track down
enemies on the map and kill in a single hit. You also get 4 dogs in reserve 
should the enemy manage to kill some of your pack, for a total of 8 and they 
will hog up the kill feed for a total of 60 seconds. It is discussed by many 
that use of the GHOST PRO Tier 1 perk will make it impossible for dogs to 
track you. There are some minor points of contention about this, in game 
experience suggests that the dogs CAN still find you, but MAY not always 

From my experience, I have been on both sides of the discussion on what GHOST 
PRO does in regards to saving you from dogs. I have run next to enemy dogs 
with Ghost Pro enabled and they have left me alone, I have fired an 
unsuppressed pistol at them and they attack me, a suppressed weapon and they 
left me alone, but should I kill an enemy player they tend to come near me 
enough to bring more enemies my way or kill me themselves if a team mate is 
near me. It seems like you can move or camp all you want with GHOST PRO and 
nothing will happen to you. Engage an enemy and all bets are off.

I need to get some more feedback on this element, it is hard for me to truly 
test this out much since I prestige immediately and typically don’t have GHOST
PRO till almost level 40 if I choose to earn it at all, and also I rarely get 
dogs called on me. That is not to brag or anything, but I don’t see them a 
lot, and definitely not often when I have GHOST PRO. But in the event that 
they are called in on you, here are some sure fire ways to thwart them or at 
least minimize their effect:

a) Get high, stay high - if the map support objects like crates or levels that
are accessed primarily by ladders, get up and get defensive. The dogs will 
likely always find you, and you will likely always see an enemy player 
following the dogs. Shoot the enemy first, then kill the dog. A word of 
warning though, a dog will sit near a ladder where an enemy has retreated and 
kind of look left and right to try to find them, thus a quick frag or stunner 
up onto those areas will alert you to their presence.

b) Claymore and crouch - if you fall back into a room claymore directly in 
front of yourself, the dog will lunge right into death.

c) Corners with furniture/objects - Hanoi is the prime example of this, put 
your butt into the corner of one of these walls with an object like a small 
table or a basket or something near it. The dog finds you, and a glitch or 
something in the games "at times" can hang up their first lunge, thus a quick 
knife swipe and they are dead.

d) Shotguns will put down more than just Old Yeller... The spread of the 
shotty plus the proximity to the dog to you make a shotgun class a good 
selection to dispatch the pooches. Wait to fire until you absolutely have to, 
then put em down.

e) Decoys catch all the dummies, and the doggies have been reported to be no 
different. They will apparently chase after a decoy, giving you a chance to 
kill them by suppressed fire. They have also been reported to eat the decoy 
and die, I have never witnessed this, but it definitely sounds pretty funny. 
If I can get that confirmed I will edit as appropriate.

It is reported the dogs have 100 HP just like you and me, keep that in mind. 
Overkill when it comes to shooting them should not be underestimated, you 
gotta put them down, as I have gotten more than a dozen kills from a dog pack 
in a single match. They can be a total game changer. Expect to earn on average
4 to 6 kills with this reward, much more and less depending on the nature of 
your enemy.

I have also had a friendly dog kill me because I got in between it and its 
lunch, and it wasn’t even me who called them in, so keep that in mind should 
you be following the pack and an enemy appears behind you, cause mistakes will
be made...

Effective Grouping of Kill Streak Rewards

IMO with the ability to move around the level of kill streaks you wish to 
enable, you should theoretically be setting yourself up for the best chance of
success for each game mode that you plan on playing based on your user skill 
level. It should go without saying, that if your highest kill streak recorded 
in any match is not above 7, that picking a reward above 7 will be an apparent
waste of you ability. I personally am not a huge fan of predefining only high 
kill streaks as you can be completely marginalized from the game if you 
consistently do not reach them. So take a look in the mirror, if you rarely 
call in dog packs, keeping your last KSR set to this level is going to be a 
waste and you could do more to help the team by defining lower levels. 

Below are a few suggestions based on the tactical modes I prefer to play. 
Notice, I will never recommend anyone who wants to be good team player to use 
a RC-CAR, as that is almost certainly a waste in anything but a RTDM. I also 
am not going to ever recommend a class to HARDLINE ROLL packages, as that is 
allegedly getting patched and requires very little to pull off and chance to 
work well.

Domination - Newb Competition

1) Counter Spy Plane (4) OR Care Package (5)
2) Black Bird (8)
3) Attack Dogs (11)

I would suggest when competition allows, HARDLINE the above class and own. If 
you want to get dogs out, this is the absolute easiest mode and easiest setup 
to achieve that. The use of the Counter Spy plane compensates for your use of 
something other than Ghost, and gives you 30 seconds of jamming to get close 
to the Blackbird. Once you have blackbird up, it is unbelievably easy to get 
the dogs out. You are basically all in with the set for the high levels to get
you to dogs, and the logical choice to leave the helicopter out is mainly to 
avoid it from Newb slaughtering and prevent you making that final push to 11 
(10 with HL). The Heli will even pimp you off when you have the drop on an 
enemy, meaning you damage or pout a player into second chance, go to square up
and finish the kill and the heli does it for you, thus no credit towards your 

At this time, I have called in approximately 85 blackbirds and approximately 
65 dog packs, there is a reason the numbers are so close. I discovered this a 
little late in the game, but moving forward I pretty much will be using the 
Blackbird KSR in the majority of my groupings.

Domination - All but Newb Competition

1) Spy Plane (3) OR Counter Spy Plane (4) OR Care Package (5)
2) Sentry Gun (6) or Attack Helicopter (7)
3) Rolling Thunder (8) or Black Bird (8)

If I know I am going up against "elite" competition, I want to be lethal with 
the majority of my kill streaks. I am all over the place with recommendation 
for reward 1, the reason being simple, after you get a feel for what the enemy
is doing you will know how many of them are ghosting and what not, thus if 3 
or more players on the opposite side are running ghost, Spy Plane will be 
ineffective, and they may shoot it down. Counter Spy plane is kept as a viable
option as throwing that up will allow you to scramble all sensors and enemy 
radar while you push up to take an objective, this will also block the in game
voice as an added feature. I stick with the helicopter here to mainly provide 
some support if I need to push the enemy back to their spawn point, often this
will get shot down prior to the 60 second mark. But landing that one more kill
will net you a Carpet Bomber, which is the ultimate streak breaker of high 
level completion, as there is absolutely no where on the map you can be saved 
from its lethal wrath.

If you want to leave your recon to chance, you can equip HARDLINE PRO and use 
the Care Package in slot 1. Care Package is viable as a choice since you are 
equally likely to get a Spy Plane or Counter Spy Plane, but you might be a 
free blackbird, heli, mortar team or whatever else it offers. It would all 
help, and could simply just serve as a distraction to get the players off of 
the objectives. I basically never go out with Attack Dogs at 11 against what I
feel is above average competition, as it seems like continuously getting Dogs
against them will be unlikely.

Headquarters - All Uses

1) Spy Plane (3) 
2) Counter Spy Plane (4) OR Mortars (5) or Napalm Strike (6)
2) Attack Helicopter (7) or Black Bird(8) or Carpet Bomb (8)

I think it is essential to have the most recon and counter recon that you can 
possibly have when playing Headquarters games. Many layers in this mode will 
run HARDLINE and FLAK JACKET over Ghost, thus lighting them up is going to 
help you out maneuver them. Jamming an enemy is always good, if you can wait 
till they throw up a spy plan it is even better.

I like the use of Mortar Team and Napalm here for the simple reason you only 
have one objective that is to be captured at any one time, and the likelihood 
that more than one enemy will be affected by the drop is high. This also goes 
for Demolition mode.

Blackbird use is something I really like, thus its third appearance is again 
all about showing the enemies approach and position relative to the HQ going 
on line, which is just about the length of time it takes for the HQ to open 
for capture. I pretty much think dogs is going to be a waste in this mode, 
mainly due to the length of spawn delay prior to the capture being open, and 
also if you put an enemy out who has captured the HQ then call in your dog, it
is likely a larger portion of the KSR will be wasted since no respawning is 
possible till the HQ is destroyed.

Demolition Slayer 

1) Napalm Strike (5) or Mortar Team (6)
2) Attack Helicopter (7)
3) Attack Dogs (11)

This set is meant to tally kills, I would recommend that you run this set when
you plan to occupy an area and use the motion sensor to watch your back. In 
demolition the enemy must come for the objective, use HARDLINE and beat them 
back. You will have dogs in no time if you stay patient. Again I often see 
fewer players running ghost in this mode, thus no need to worry about Pro 
perks hiding kills from your Heli. Most players in this mode tend to leave the
airborne alone as well, no idea why.

But yeah, Napalm, and lots of it with only 4 kills (using HARDLINE) needed to 
reach it. Drop it on the open approaches to the outdoor destroy position, or 
immediately after the bomb was planted if you didn't see it coming. If you 
have FLAK JACKET PRO you can then run through the flames and get the miracle 
defuse under cover of fire.

Domi/Demo/Death Match Elite Setup 

1) Attack Helicopter (7)
2) Carpet Bomb (8)
3) Attack Dogs (11)

When you have the enemy, and you know it, and they just won't stop selecting 
Nuketown, send this set up their way. If you are an excellent run and gun 
slayer, go get um. For me, I play passive aggressive then motion sensor near 
their spawns and fall back. Using SCAVANGER PRO I will tact and lethal nade 
them into oblivion, and hulk up to these high streaks.

When using Carpet bomb on this small map, never place it so its line of motion
would pass you. Rather make sure it moves across you and near the enemy spawn.
Dogs on Nuketown are just not fair, expect 10+ kills and the nOObs to still 
select it next lobby...

PRO Tactical Games Kill Streak Setup

1) Spy Plane (3)
2) Counter Spy Plane (4)
3) Sentry Gun (6) or Attack Helicopter (7) 

There is a class set up I give down below as an ultimate loadout for tactical 
game play. It essentially one of the most difficult class arrangements to 
combat since explosives won't kill them, tact nades have no effect, and they 
will often out duel you head to head. So why compete right?

Well for all the strengths that set up affords the user, there are two glaring
weaknesses that must be exploited.

1) No ability to conceal themselves on the map
2) No ability to hide from infrared seeking KSRs

Thus, light them up on the mini-map early and often, Jam their mini-map just 
as often, then heli up or place the sentry where they are challenging. If 
anything this is going to extremely reduce the amount of pressure these 
players can put on your objectives, and if you motion senor in addition to the
airborne recon you will give yourself even that much more of an advantage. I
veer off of going much higher than seven, since players who typically run sets
like this are more often than not really good at tactical games.

CSTb - Perk Selection for Effective Class Loadouts


I am going to suggest a few pairings of perks with and without Pro forms that 
tend to play well off of each other from my experience with the game. They 
will be set up based on the game mode I would most likely take them into to 
try to increase my chances for success. I have an overall perk discussion 
section a little later in the guide that details the requirements to earn the 
PRO versions of the perks, but I decided to place this here in the event a 
reader never gets that far in the guide.

1) Overall "Run and Gun" Set


If you truly want to kill and kill a ton, SCAVANGER is your best friend in 
this game. You will continuously resupply your grenades and ammunition 
throughout the entire time you are alive in the game. Not to mention spawning
with additional secondary stocks, such as 5 total crossbow bolts. Never having
to compromise off of the preferred attachments for your weapon of choice is 
invaluable, thus no need to try and stop and locate a swap out. Simply running
through the resupplies icons and moving on to the killing will keep the KDR 

WARLORD PRO lets you bank another fragmentation grenade and more tactical 
grenades along with the multiple attachments., Use of TACTICAL MASK PRO I 
particularly like because you basically will run through all stun and flash 
attempts and be shielded from your own miss fires, thus netting you more 
kills. MARATHON to me is only useful in small map RTDMS or "Capture the Flag",
but that is up to you. Yes I said SMALL MAPS, not larger one. Use this class 
in any FFA match or RTDM, or in a tactical based game where the opposition is
playing the game like an RTDM. 

If you combine your Primary weapon with a "Dual Mag" for one of your 
attachments, you basically have a "near" SLEIGHT OF HAND reload speed with 
every other reload. Keep that in mind.

2) Anti Noob Set

Perk 2 - SLEIGHT OF HAND PRO or HARDENED PRO (For fighting high ROF foes)

To counter all UGL, RPG, LAW, C4, Claymore, Frag, etc, use a fricken FLAK 
JACKET and get on with it. You will stand up to the projectile explosives 
and laugh while you mow them down with ADS fire using HARDENED PRO. The 
reason I suggest SECOND CHANCE PRO here over all others is quite simple, if 
you are using HARDEDNED PRO and land hits before getting put into second 
chance it is highly, highly likely that the rapid fire or high ROF of a few 
select weapons in the AR class may require the enemy to reload or swap out 
prior to killing you. Thus you have the opportunity to turn the tables and 
kill them first, and hopefully get a TM to revive you and preserve your KS 
progression while taking one away from the enemy you popped.

MARTHON can help you in and out of cover faster, and HACKER will give you a 
slight heads up on explosive traps. If you have it to pro you can try to 
hijack and bomb enemy care packages for lulz, and look to take over SAMs and 
SENTRY GUNs that are throughout the map

3) Stealth Class

Perk 3 - HACKER PRO (PRO is a must here to be completely off the grid) 

To be completely undetectable to all radar, Motion Sensors, Sentry Guns, 
attack helicopters and attack dogs you need to combine the effects of GHOST 
PRO with HACKER PRO. Thus theoretically, the only thing that can ever kill 
you is live enemy fire or explosive based enemy KSRs and equipment. This has
a huge advantage if you want to play close to the enemy. If you want to play
behind enemy lines, I suggest choosing SLEIGHT OF HAND for faster reloads or
the use of WARLORD to combine a dual mag with a suppressor. This class is a 
lot of fun as you can often take over enemy equipment and turrets through 
Hacker and really set up behind them for some gold old fashioned spawn 
trapping on certain maps.

4) The Ultimate Tactical Games Load out (AKA the ROMPSTA special)


If you use this set in Domination, Demolition, Sabotage, and Headquarters you 
are pretty much going to capture 75% of the objectives you go after. In most 
lobbies consisting of players who know how to play these modes, moving onto 
the capture points of flags brings a rain of tact naded, toobs, RPGs, SEMTEX 
and frags. You will stand tall to all of this, gun down long distance sprayers
and snap out of tact attacks in no time. Also as an added bonus, you can 
Napalm yourself and go into the fire to capture, plant and defuse. If you can
aim well, this is as close to a god mode set that this game can offer.

CSTc - Bringing Down the Enemy Airborne

There are four types of Airborne enemy KSRs that may be taken down for XP 
bonuses and to help improve your chance of winning the match and earn some PRO
perk credit. As mentioned above, the KSR SAM turret will be airdropped to you,
at which time you should deploy it in an off the beaten path place and let it 
do its thing.

You can also take matters into your own hands in a more direct approach 
through the use of a secondary weapon swap out for either the:

1) LAW Rocket - A single fire rocket that can be launched with or without 
locking on to a target. To make the LAW lock, you must keep the targeting 
reticule on the target until you hear a sustained "BEEEEEP", then it is locked
and with track what it is aiming at. It also fires relatively straight, 
similar to an RPG, by just letting it loose on whatever you are pointing at. 
This is a danger in that you can fire it prior to its lock, and your rocket is

I have found this to be rather ineffective in bringing down Attack helicopters
and the Chinook Choppers that bring in the care packages since:

a) The lock just simply takes too long to engage (Yes I know, the lock is 
"allegedly" 2 seconds, which is the same as the Strella-3, but something with 
the sight gives me a harder time lining it up quickly.

b) In the case of the attack heli, if lock is registered it has a single round
dump of chaff/flares and it executes a dodge, thus your rocket is wasted and 
you are dead now for engaging the chopper.

c) You can fire the LAW rocket before lock is acquired, even though you 
thought you locked on you may not have and your rocket just sails off.

2) Strela-3 Rockets - This is where the Strela-3 comes into play, as you get 
two rockets per spawn and they lock on much easier (IMO, based on how the 
sight appears and its overall movement), though the game states the times are
an identical 2 seconds. From my XP, you do not have to wait for full tone to 
get the lock on the Spy Plane, a couple sustained beeps and it should let you 
fire. These things will chew up the SPY PLANE and COUNTER SPY PLANE within 5 
seconds of them entering the match. Look up to the sky to find them, they will
most often be outside of the playable portions of the map, a little gray 
colored plane is all it is.

Against the heli however, much like the LAW, it will dump its chaff / flares 
and your first rocket will likely not hit if you are a reasonable range from 
it. What you need to do is reload and fire again so long as you still have 
both rockets available. That, or actually use your SAM turrets for their true 
intention, not HARDLINE rolling them into something else.

3) RPG - Just like old times in MWR, the RPG has no lock or radar give away, 
just point and shoot and the heli goes down if you connect. It is moderately 
inaccurate at range, but if you find yourself close to it just bring it up and
let loose. The RPG can additionally be used like any other projectile 
explosive in the game, unlike the Strella-3, but good luck trying to down a 
Chinook or Spy plane at range.

4) Primary weapon fire with HARDENED PRO - best done with an LMG with a 
gripped attachment or in a GHOST PRO class with a suppressed Assault Rifle, 
if you can live long enough eventually you will be able to bring the airborne 
down. In regards to the Spy Plane I have no idea how long it will take, I have
seen it only register a few hit marks as I never have it visible long enough 
to actually knock it down (according to Den Kirson it has 700 HP). The chopper
though is going to require a large dose of ammunition from more than one 
player if you what it to hit the ground. It feels like you need to land well 
over 100 rounds to swat it like a fly, with HARDENED PRO you halve that 
amount, so there is some use there. Still Strella-3 is king, and I would 
recommend that, but these are your options.

Use of UGLs, China Lake, Crossbow actually do work, I don’t know how quickly 
because I would never be silly enough to try that out, but I have been in 
games where the heli was shot at enough that a cross bow bolt "Stuck" it and 
brought it down. There is also a very famous YouTube video that appears to show
a helicopter being taken out by a Tomahawk, but I cannot verify if this will 
work on the Wii since my mind would never allow me to attempt something so 

Note from DBC: My mind does allow me to try silly things like that, and I can 
confirm that you can take out a chopper with a Tomahawk, or even a Ballistic 
Knife on the Wii as well. I even got an extremely lucky hitmarker on a Spy 
Plane with a Ballistic Knife, but I was relatively high up at the time.

CSTd - Mastering Your Tactical Grenades

The return of the tactical grenades in this edition of Call of Duty offers 
some new chances for fun and deception. With this comes a much underutilized 
perk in the third tier that will at times leave better players scratching 
their heads. More on that later, but keep in mind that the range of the 
tactical tosses appears to be similar if not the same as that of your primary 
grenades, and they all seem to have a minor safety fuse (read as a 0.5 to 1.0 
second delay in detonation from toss), but some will not trigger until they 
hit the ground.

You also have a recovery delay that is new to this game after you have tossed 
the grenade. You seem to have to wait between 0.5 and 1.0 seconds before you 
can resume firing after making a toss. With the new accuracy and less lag the 
game appears to be playing with, standing still after deploying these grenades
will likely result in you getting killed if your target has seen you.

To gauge the maximum range of a secondary grenade toss, go to the map Array,
climb up onto the excavator, move to the edge that would cover the objectives 
at the entrance to the building ahead, down the alley, you can toss from here 
to the center of that objective, which is in line with the open double door. 
Keep that in mind. Obviously, the more elevation you can create will increase 
the range of your toss, but a 30 degree angle is what you need to shoot for 
when you arch your arm back to toss. These grenades need no cooking, and can 
be held for as long as you like, but holding them in the "ready" position for 
tossing will slow your movement considerably and you cannot sprint.

That’s Just Willy Pete...

This tactical grenade, when deployed, will blanket a small area of the map in 
a screening smoke. Within the center of this smoke you can practically see 
nothing through it, along the edges figure outlines are visible. It takes 
about 3 seconds to fully cover the area surrounding the detonation, at it 
remains fully effective before dispersing for around 6 to 7 seconds.

I find these to be far more useful as an attention getter than a screener. 
Basically I will toss them out to an area where I really don’t plan on moving 
through or towards as a diversion, or at times to cover a team mate who is 
making a plant or defuse attempt in an objective based game.

My main problem is that you only get one, and no matter what you do, you 
cannot get more without dying. I also get extremely aggravated when a teammate
of mine sees me at a domination or HQ location, pops smoke to join me, then we
both get blitzed by enemies that I had no idea where even coming. I really do 
not like the smoke in general; I would also rather run behind it than run 
through it, as often the smoke is a target for projectile explosives or 
grenades. I also prefer to see what is coming for me, and not draw attention 
to myself.

There are players who live and die by this tactic though, more power to them. 
They will pop smoke near a destroy objective, sometimes multiple smokes from 
multiple team mates, rush in and plant under complete cover. That is all fine 
and well and can be used to great success. Against me however, it means every 
stunner and frag I have left is going to meet you in the smoke, and I am going
to cover your most likely exit from the plant site.

They will see lots of use in Capture the Flag, Bomb Planting game modes and 
HQ. The grenades actually do minor impact damage if your enemy is hit with 
direct impact. I would recommend that is you plan on using them to cover your 
plants and defuses that you consider entering the screen with the Dolphin Dive
and staying prone to avoid random fire into the smoke screen.

Concussion Junction, What’s Your Function...

Concussion grenades where my go-to secondary grenade in MWR. Their 
effectiveness has been somewhat hampered now by the game in my opinion with 
the addition of a recovery time from the time it takes you to complete the 
throwing motion and then recenter on the target. With less lag and better 
hit detection (even with red barring your connection) standing in front of 
someone and trying to concuss them when they know you are there will likely 
result in your death before it has a chance to take effect or you are able 
to recenter your weapon. The game allows you two concussion grenades at spawn,
with use of WARLORD PRO you may carry up to three. These grenades will be 
replenished with AMMO DROPS and through the use of the SCAVANGER PRO perk.

They still can see moderately well through the effects of the concussion 
grenade, but their hearing and the movement are greatly impaired. When taking 
a direct hit from these grenades, your vision immediately gets a deep blue 
shading and you start to walk at a snail’s pace. Your weapon will move slowly 
but you can fire it off to your heart’s content. If the enemy had a bead on 
you prior to you concussing them, then they can much more easily adjust their 
fire and spray you down before you can make the kill.

They do have great use however because of the motion impairment in the event 
that you are trying to chase down a Flag Runner in Capture the flag or just a 
hunter in RTDM modes using LIGHTWEIGHT and MARATHON PRO. If you are to concuss
an enemy who has you squared it is a good idea to dive to cover or at least 
get away from where you where standing when you tossed, and then move out of 
the cover from a different direction if you can. If you need to re concuss 
them, go for it.

Like the Flash bangs, if you are running TACTICAL MASK PRO you will only get 
10% of the effect of yours or your enemies concussion grenades, thus bringing 
in again the possibility of a close quarters bail out provided you begin 
moving as soon as you can to finish the kill.

FLASH! Ah-ahhh... He Saved Every One of Us!

I used to never use these much in MWR, but I have adjusted with the new 
parameters of this game and find that flashbangs are really quite useful. I do
believe when you select the flashbang you get two of them to start, and if you
use WARLORD PRO you can increase this amount to 3 total. With the use of 
SCAVANGER PRO you may replenish these grenades to a maximum number of three 
after use of some of your stock. On the surface, use of the flashbang still 
carries the risk of it affecting you somewhat as well when it detonates, but a
smart way to counteract this is through the use of TACTICAL MASK PRO, which 
all but negates the effects of a peripheral hit by this grenade, reducing 
effect to 10% of what it would do if you were unprotected. Cue the return of 
effective drop shotting and ACTION HERO accomplishments.

In some respects now with the overall reduction in game lag and less lag 
shooting in general, it appears to me that these grenades may be the single 
most useful in the group since a direct hit with them not only deals some 
minor damage, but also renders the target unable to see or hear the game for a
full 5 seconds. I still have a soft spot for the concussion grenades, but my 
interest in them is definitely waning. The addition of the hit marker to the 
detonation is what I think is the tipping point, as now you know for sure that
they are at least minimally effected by the Flash. TACTICAL MASK PRO will of 
course confirm this along with the general direction of where they are 

Anyways, basic uses for these grenades should be relatively intuitive. See 
enemy, throw at enemy. You want them to land as close to their feet as you can
to make sure they are given the full effect. I do believe these grenades still
have the 0.5 to 1.0 second "safety fuse" that prevents you from flash banging 
right at your feet or immediately in CCQ. You should factor that into your 
toss, but this time around it does appear that these will not detonate until 
they make contact with the ground, which is a relatively sweet thing.

If you flash bang an enemy that is looking at you, you must be aware that 
there is a recovery time from the throwing motion till the time you can bring 
a weapon onto the target. This is a change from all previous CoD games on Wii.
Here are a few basic recommendations on how to use them most effectively:

Situation Number 1, it’s the best chance for fun, when the enemy is running 
away. Pop the tacky out in front of their path of movement, and dispose of the
target as you see fit. Best chance for running knifes and Tomahawks, just 
watch make sure they are not 360 spraying if you chose to do anything but put 
them down with primary weapon fire.

Situation Number 2, when there’s not much left to do but toss and run away, or
around or through. Meaning, you found your target, toss the grenade from your 
hand, and dodge back behind cover to reload and finish them or in the cases of
maps like firing range, flash them and run through the building and end up 
behind them to dispatch with extreme prejudice. Make sure you tea-bag if you 
flash them facing you and are able to run completely behind them and kill with
the blade, you earned it.

Situation Number 3, is a favorite one of mine, flash bang with TACTICAL MASK 
PRO you see, in CQC you will find me, leading the detonation of the flash bang
into the Action Movie Star/Super Cop porpoise dive to avoid the blind fire and
secure an easy primary weapon kill. 

Keep in mind the longer you wait to finish them off, the less the effect of 
the grenade will impair the target, which is exactly why TACTICAL MASK PRO is 
so friggin bad ass in the Perk 3 spot. It will tell you they are still 
stunned, flashed, gassed what not so you can give them a second or two to 
empty out their weapon then come out of cover and finish the kill. You can 
also more wisely make the decision if you need to re-flash them prior to 
trying to finish them off.

This is nails in Domination, HQ and Demolition games. Try it out and see if 
you agree.

The Hatfields and DeCOYS

Decoy grenades are great fun and can lead to newb slaughter. But it took me 
all of three matches to pretty much never fall for them again though, as they 
have a staccato beat that can be picked up rather easily if you are paying 
attention. Basically, you pull the pin on them, they mimic enemy gun fire in 
the game and on the radar screen. If your enemy is radar dependant to find 
kills, chances are they will come running for it, at which point you spring 
your trap and make a kill.

If they are not and notice that a decoy has been tossed in the area, they will
try to work around you and kill from the flank. While these can work at times 
if they are tossed near enemies, i.e. leading more enemies to check the radar 
and see what could appear as a team mate engaging an enemy, I am finding that 
the more exposure players have to them the more cautious the approaches are.

Think of it this way, you are moving and hear the controlled fire going off, 
see something on your radar flash in red and kind of jog about. It sounds like
the beat of the enemies weapon who you recently engaged (the decoy grenade has
3 to 4 different rhythms, based on the primary weapon the enemy is carrying), 
but the firing is controlled, and that dude was spraying the **** out of it 
earlier. You look, see nothing on the kill feed calling out deaths, you look 
at your map and see that none of your team mates are firing. It is a decoy, no
move around that area and try to humiliate the would-be camper. If the enemy 
has a SR-71 Blackbird up, it is fairly obvious it is a decoy grenade.

If you are not running ghost, and the enemy spy plane is up, it can still be 
pretty easily deduced that you are trying to decoy.

But regardless, in some tactical modes they can serve a great purpose. Running
WARLORD PRO gives you three of them to use, tossing a couple out in front of 
you while you move on to the objective can make the enemy cautious enough to 
allow you a cap. They are also good to toss out while running away to recover.

Their best use may however be that they distract dogs, and give you an easy 
opportunity to kill them with silenced weapons. It is rumored that the dogs 
will eat them and die, I have yet to witness this, since I don't run decoys 
really at all anymore.

If decoy grenades get too close to your equipment like claymores and C4, they 
will detonate it. Keep that in mind.

Note from DBC: Fun fact - Decoys, when thrown while an enemy Blackbird is in 
the air, will create a ton of objects on the enemy radars, which can really 
disorient them at best, and keep them from picking the right arrow to go after
at worst.

Obnoxious Gas

The Nova Gas grenades are my absolute favorite tactical grenade to use in 
tactical game modes. Combine this with use of TACTICAL MASK to prevent the gas
from affecting you as well. When used with WARLORD PRO you can carry 2 of 
these grenades, otherwise you only get one. They may be scavenged back up to a
total stock of two with SCAVANGER PRO.

How they work is upon impact with the ground the produce a cloud of yellow gas
that immediately begins to damage the enemies who are within the cloud. It 
also provides a mild amount of screening, sleight motion impairment and will 
give direct impact damage. I am not sure of the actual in game radius of the 
gas, all I know it is just enough to effectively clear off any enemies from 
the capture zones in Domination and Headquarters. If a single player 
challenges an objective you have held, and you deploy the Nova gas as they 
enter the capture zone, if they are also not using TACTICAL MASK they will not
be able to survive within the gas cloud and complete the capture. Period. They
will seriously just die if they stand there and try if only minor progress has
been made.

I am sure the Den Kirson statistics will tell you exactly what it is, but it 
appears that every 0.5 to 1.0 seconds an enemy is in the Nova Gas cloud, they 
lose 1/8 of their RTDM health. Thus, 8 hit markers equals death. If you have 
fired on them and landed a hit, they go down sooner. If they have killed you, 
your gas may still take them out. If you stagger your two tosses for a rush 
you can create a bigger and longer lasting gas cloud and increase your chance 
at objective defense. You may need to land a few rounds of primary fire to 
prevent capture however.

These grenades are highly effective in providing an early warning to enemies 
coming through corridors after bomb plants have been made or captures being 
attempted. Tossing them out to the perceived route of engagement will give you
hit markers that let you know an enemy is close, and if you have TACTICAL MASK
PRO the mask will tell you what direction to look for the damaged enemy by 
yellow markers that are similar to the red damage indicators when you have 
sustained damage from enemy fire.

Final notes, they remain effective for an 8 second window. While they can be 
used to provide some amount of screening, they are no where nearly as 
effective as Willy Pete. They also do appear to considerably slow down enemies
who are sprinting through the gas cloud, like the concussion grenades would to
a lesser degree, though the effect does seems to slightly blur your vision but
you can still see through it well enough to kill the person who threw it at 

CSTe - Counter nOObing

I will say this first and foremost. There is quite simply a counter for 
everything anyone could ever possibly do to you in this game. You may not like
hearing it, but it is the truth. I hear many, many people complain about 
spamming this or spamming that or spraying this and spraying that. Well, tell 
them to shut up and adjust their perk sets and develop some of the pro forms.

The way I play I try to force my competition off of the perks and classes they
want to use, and into a grouping that I can use my Kill Streak Rewards to 
abuse. It is all calculated and done with a purpose, but here are a few 
examples. Note, I pretty much stopped using the FAMAS after my second prestige
when it became obvious to me that the weapon is fairly easy to use to dominate
a game. I consider using that weapon like putting training wheels on a 
mountain bike, and is in my mind relegated to people who really seek little 
challenge from the game they play and are programmed by nature to try to be 
the best.

nOOb Accusation #1 - You are spraying the (FAMAS, AUG, STONER, AK74u etc)!

Counter nOOb #1 - Play with a more accurate, moderate rate of fire weapon and

HARDENED PRO takes the benefit of the FAMAS and turns it into a detriment by 
keeping your weapon pointed at the FAMAS user and using accuracy to kick their
weapon off of you. If this counter does not work for you, consider playing 
extremely close to the FAMAS user and equip a suppressed SPAS. This weapon 
will knock them down before they can unload theirs on you.

nOOb Accusation #2 - You are SPAMMING toobs/RPGs/LAW Rockets/Frags/C4/Claymore

Counter nOOb #2 - There is a perk called FLAK JACKET. It's there for a reason.

The reason is this right here. Put it on and 90% of the time you are hit by a 
single one of these elements, you will live. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT. If you
know where it came from, you have a free kill opportunity on the person who 
fired it since they are now in a reload animation, and you just laugh at the 
silly monkey who can’t recognize player skins while you streak up and take 
their objective. 

I toss a ton of Frags. Loads really. I love them now after I got more used to 
the reduced damage range. I toss them to clear objectives, and it works like a
charm. I also toss them to try to convince my enemies to give up on running 
GHOST, HARDLINE and SCAVENGER and put on the FLAK JACKET instead. This is 
because I want my SPY PLANES to see everyone while hamstringing their PRO perk
in Tier 1. If they are dying to frags, it is their fault and not yours, as 
basically when a FLAK JACKET is on you have to put the nade right at the feet 
of the target, thus you really have earned that kill with an accurate toss and
some luck.

nOOb Accusation #3 - YOU ARE A CAMPER!

Counter nOOB #3 - There are very few instances in this game outside of 
Hardcore and RTDMS that camping actually does much of anything. 

If you are in a tactical mode of game play, there is really no such thing as 
camping. It is called defending an objective when you set up near it, you get 
a crap load of XP for doing it and the majority of the people who play this 
game would win more and die less if they did more of it.

Regardless, getting off of that damn RC car/Care rolling mentality and putting
aerials like SPY PLANES, COUNTER SPY PLANES and BLACKBIRDS combined with 
dropping sensors (either MOTION or JAMMER) will root out campers and make them
rage out of RTDMS. If you know a player is camping a building in a RTDM, talk 
to your teammates and tell them where they are "camping", when you get back 
drop your sensor, tact nade the room, and flush them out. If you are using 
claymores instead, leave a claymore on the approach back to this spot or 
concealed within it.

If a true camper is owning you, it really is your fault. Especially if they 
haven’t moved.

nOOb Accusation #4 - You are just HARDLINING us and rolling packages and you 


Wow, first off for HARDLINE rolling to be effective, you have to be giving up 
3 to 5 kill streaks consistently to players, then allowing them time and a 
location to call in 2 to 4 or more packages and roll them into something else.
A team of coordinated players doing this can at times be difficult to deal 
with, but in the end the counter is actually quite simple.

SAM turrets will gobble of the Chinook choppers that bring in the packages 
like a piranha would to a gold fish. Placing them near the center of the map 
will almost always ensure the chopper will get shot down prior to making its 
drop. Hopefully it will drop the packages off the map or into an unreachable 
place, but it definitely will not put them right on their target.

The best way to use the SAMs is after you have called them in and picked them 
up, just carry them around until a drop is going down. Once you hear the game 
tell you they are coming, drop them and defend them of a few seconds. It works
best if you have more than one.

(Update: Patch on 3/15 removed SAM and Sentry Crates from rerolling, thank you

nOOb Accusation #5 - SMG rushing and Rapid fire is for nOObs!

Counter n00B #5 - Stay back then, and shoot at a distance.

Distance and accuracy, if you can get it, destroys SMG players. Tact nade hits
and HARDENED PRO makes them waste their ammo at an epic rate. CLAYMORES can 
chew up reckless sprinters. But the MOTION SENSOR is like a permanent claymore
that will give up anyone who is sprinting around the map. You can hold rushers
down and keep them at back with LMG suppression or accurate AR fire, if you 
want them close again defer to shot gunning.

I like using the Masterkey with and AR and SLEIGHT OF HAND for this very 

nOOB Accusation #6 - SECOND CHANCE PRO is for nOObs and leads to my kills 
being stolen!

(Update: Patch on 3/15 removed the "kill stealing possibility, thank you 
Treyarch. Keep in mind, no you truly will know if it was your kill or not, 
since the bullet who triggered the second chance now award the kill provided
the user isn't revived)

Counter n00B #6 - They aren't "your" kill until you kill them.

I get yelled at often for saying this, but a kill is not yours until you have 
killed the player you were aiming at. This goes for second chance players 
especially, as they are not dead until they have the gun pried from their 

People say this and that about this perk being cheap and or glitched with and
invincibility frame and what not. What it appears to is that controlled fire 
of your weapon will always dispatch a second chance user prior to them being 
able to even turn their weapons on you. There "may" be a micro second where 
you land hitmarkers on the players as they are knocked back where it appears 
you should have killed the enemy, chalk it up to client delay or what not, but
it is factual that you cannot get a registered kill until the second chance 
animation has initiated.

Read this as one of the following:

1) Shoot for headshot kills which automatically by pass Second Chance.
2) If hip fire is your thing, aim lower to have your weapon trained closer to 
     the ground and fire on the way down.
3) Use tac nades from the start, thus second chancer is stunned/flashed/gassed
     while they go into the animation. The gas will actually kill them, as 
     would a second flash or concussion detonation.
4) Don’t stop moving and never reload until the kill is recorded.
5) With the new patch, shotguns now by-passes second chance, so defer to 
     buckshot and shut the pie hole.

If they kill you, it is on you. If you control the engagement, it is not a 
problem. Often when sniping if I hit on in the clear, I will wait for the 
would be reviver to come out then attempt to drill him as well, thus making it
a 2 for 1.

Try not to get too bent out of shape over a TM taking the last stander from 
you. I say "gawd dammit" a lot when this happens, not cause I am mad at my 
team for "poaching", but rather cause I had the guy and I didn’t finish the 

See what I mean? Nothing in the game is cheap, everything is counterable (is 
that a word?), and Treyarch did the best job to date at balancing a Call of 
Duty game.

S1C3 - Advanced Tactics

CATa - Sniping

Basic Overview and Game Play

Sniping in the Wii Universe offers you an extremely versatile control set up 
that you should select according to your abilities and resources. You can 
choose to use the Wii mote on its own and use the pointer function to aim the 
scope, have the "scope in/ADS" button activate the control stick for scope 
aiming, or use the classic controller pro to take the majority of the 
challenge/user sway out of it. The selection of the type of controls you 
choose to enable should play off of the type of "scope" or site you wish to 
use to acquire targets. More on that later.

The majority of the challenge in sniping comes about due to the basic fact 
that outside of the pure base bullet damage that a sniper rifle deals out, the
weapons toe-to-toe are outclassed by everything else in the game due to rate 
of fire, reload times, centering speeds and recoil. The second major challenge
is the amount of cover the game provides for players to move in, out and 
around. These are the facts of this game, but they are facts that you must use
situational awareness to work around.

What this means is that you have to be a master of your environment if you 
want to succeed and pull off positive KDR matches. You need to be able to 
discover places to conceal yourself with in the environment that allow you to 
track and kill targets. Creativity is a plus when it comes to this, as 
everyone and their mothers' mother are aware of the sniper tower on Array. You
can use the corners of buildings and walls, window ledges, roofs, bushes, 
cars, landscaping, you name it to conceal and protect yourself long enough to 
take a shot and make a kill.

One thing I won't get on Treyarch about is their improvements to the hit 
detection. I will gladly trade a few deaths where I think I should have been 
saved with a dodge over having to scope 5 or more game feet ahead of running 
targets. Take it from someone who bludgeoned their way to a Gold Dragunov in 
MWR, this improvement alone has ensured I am buying their next title.

Whitefeather you is...

If you don't know who White Feather is, I would suggest you Google it. 
Basically he was a long shot artist who lived by the Sniper's Creed, One Shot,
One Kill. Little known knowledge is that he didn't spend much time seeking 
headshot victims though, he went for kills center mass to avoid misses when 
the advantage was his and the distance was long. If you want to be like White 
Feather, you are going to have to stay back, stay hidden and scope up. You 
take your shot, make your kill and then relocate to a new spot to 
continuously avoid detection.

I am talking Hard Scoping, and hard scoping from a distance while you are 
hidden and looking for your opportunity. A former ally of mine, Soviet Spy, 
has a really funny signature on the GameFAQs forum. It is paraphrased here as:

"They call it Hard Scoping because it ain’t supposed to be easy"

Before we get into nuts and bolts, here is what I like to use for my Sniper 

Primary Weapon - PSG1 or Dragunov with Variable Zoom scope or Infrared scope.
Secondary - Pistol of Choice OR Ballistic Knife. I like dual wield Makarovs.


EQUIPMENT - Motion Sensor

Yes, I am well aware that SCOUT is made just for sniper classes, and yes you 
can elect to use it to increase the time you are allowed to hold your breath. 
I get it. But honestly it simply is just not worth giving up either more ammo 
and a few extra nades for this or the benefit of HARDENED. Regarding the 
secondary weapon suggestion, I fully understand the desire to use a rocket 
launcher here and shoot down some enemy airborne while you are using GHOST 
class, but in the event you get busted would you rather have a pistol or bolt 
action to no scope?

I suggest the use of the motion sensor to quite simply provide you with 
perpetual claymore, one that which FLAK JACKET will not save them from. The 
selection of WARLORD PRO will give you three concussion grenades, which is 
highly useful in aiding you in pistol whipping an enemy with a FAMAS. If you 
are particularly using HARDENED PRO, it is going to be a lot harder for the 
enemy to counter snipe you should they discover your location from range and 
you trade fire simultaneously.

What makes "Hard Scoping" a little harder than regular old ADS ACOGing is that
not only do you have to account for your normal hand sway on your end, you 
also have sway built in to the game that will not allow the cross hairs to 
stand still for long. Thus when you snipe with the scopes, you need to 
constantly correct your aim. You are somewhat assisted with this task through 
the "Press "A" to Hold Breath" option, which is where the use of the SCOUT 
Perk comes into play. Normally you can hold your breath for a time of four 
seconds, with use of SCOUT this is pushed up to 8 seconds.

A note of caution on the use of "Aim Assist" with the Wiimote: When you use 
this game feature to help fine tune your aim you will find it slightly snaps 
or tracks your scope onto the target and walks with it. This "onto the target"
does not mean a lethal shot is coming, it means it is tracking the target and 
you still have to fine tune the aim to get the right location for OSOK. Where 
this goes haywire is when 2 or more targets enter the scoping view. 

Say there is a target in your foreground and you wish to scope on to kill him.
In the background, two other enemies come into view, but are closer to the 
center of your cross hair then the player you actually intended on targeting. 
If you still try to get that player in front, you may notice that your scope 
drags much slower onto the target. This is because aim assist was helping you 
get the player who it "believed" you were aiming at since they were closer to 
the center of the reticule. 

The moral of the story here, if you wish to snipe with Wiimote controls, turn 
off the aim assist and you will find much more success. Without aim assist 
though keep in mind that knifing requires you to actually line up your blade 
rather than swing it wildly, it is a trade off that you will have to weigh for

Whitefeather you ain’t...

If the "Hard Scope" motions prove to be too challenging for you, don't give up
hope. There is always the ACOG. Enabling the ACOG site will allow the movement
of your sniper rifle to mimic the settings of your standard weapon ADS 
function and speeds. Be forewarned, you will have very little zoom effect when
you do this, and you cannot use the "hold breath" option to steady your aim. 
With ACOG sighting it is highly likely you are going to need to play a little 
closer to your enemy, thus adding some risk in using a OSOK type weapon in the
face of FAMAUG spray.

But on the plus side, you are given the option to use some of the most 
powerful weapons in the game with a control setting that suits your abilities 
and normal style of game play. With the reduction in lag and better hit 
detection, sniping has become a real pleasure instead of a lag shooting pain 
in the ass. I would recommend changing out to either HARDENED or WARLORD, 
since the true benefit of SCOUT will not be had, the fast weapon swaps of 
SCOUT PRO are nice, but again at least it will get you sniping even if it is
with the ACOG.

Expect to need to play this game with a more mobile approach. The closer you 
get to the enemy, the greater the chances of CQC in surprise setting. If you 
aren't good with your pistol, try to find a suitable swap out to help you 
survive longer. 

I like to use the PSG1 (post patch has made this much easier) for this 
approach or the L96. Both seems to be reasonable accurate and perfectly lethal
with this attachment.

It seems pretty clear that players using the CCP along with Aim Assist are 
having an increased amount of success when it comes to pulling off either no 
scope or quick scope shots. At this time I have not been able to find a 
rational explanation to why quick scoping performs much better using these 
set ups, but competition I have faced and conversations I have had with the 
players seem to revolve mainly around the self centering of the weapon giving 
a relative advantage within the games mechanics. I am not sure if users who 
are enabling this approach are using STEADY AIM to reduce the hip fire spread,
as they won't give up all of their secrets. Regardless, this topic needs more
investigation on my part for completeness.

CATb - Counter Sniping

Counter sniping is rather self explanatory in its purpose. You or a teammate 
has been killed by a sniper, the kill feed and the in game voice has told you 
as much. Now you have to find them and dispatch them before they get someone 
else right?

This process is fairly easy to do, which is why many, many people are 
frustrated with sniping in this game. Depending on the size of your 
television, the strength of your eyes, or your ability to see the red name 
over their head train your Assault Rifle site of preference (ACOG is perfect 
for this) on their body and burst fire away. If they are not using HARDENED 
PRO they will most certainly not be able to realign a lethal shot on you prior
to you killing them. You need to be fast about it though, cause if you have 
been damaged prior to engaging the sniper, a single hit marker from that rifle
will likely kill you or send you into second chance.

Most players do not use the suppressors on the sniper rifles, since you can 
really only get a OSOK with a headshot (after the new patch of course), thus 
little margin for error. The rest, watch your map, when they fire you will get
a red dot that lasts for several seconds since the shot is the loudest in the 
game. If you know the maps, you have a pretty good indication of where they 
will be hiding.

I would suggest that if you find yourself needing to go sniper hunting, using 
HACKER PRO and a motion sensor will be extremely effective. Not only will you 
light up their claymores in red, but you will be invisible to their motion 
sensors. This will help you keep the element of surprise. Flashbanging their 
POV is also extremely effective and will allow you to reposition and get 
closer to their spots. The flashbangs only travel so far, but their effect is 
felt over a fairly large range, and since most will not be running TACTICAL 
MASK PRO while sniping, they are likely going to be completely blinded while 
you line up your own kill shot.

In case you need some suggestions of places to look for them:

1) In the bushes on Array and Jungle with a GHOST PRO set up. Look for their 
feet hanging out, they are hard to see. Typically you will never find these 
guys until after they have killed someone, but once you see their spots your 
eye will be trained to look for them more often.

2) Several maps such as Array, Crisis, Cracked and Jungle have perches in the 
environment where a sniper can get up and rain down heel on the map. Again if 
you know the map, these locations are obvious. If you see sniper kills coming 
in on the killfeed, check the obvious spots first. They are usually surrounded
by sandbags and in a position above most of the map.

3) Any window or door frame in the game, both high and low.

4) At the back of all maps with long alleys, as they stay away from CQC.

5) Behind objects of cover, prone on or under cars and trucks, near barrels 
and barriers. Use of HARDENED will help you dispatch them quickly in these 

Remember, the closer you are to the sniper, the better advantage you will 
keep. Nothing pisses off a sniper more than them taking a knife in the back or
you using SECOND CHANCE PRO, try it sometimes for lulz, as sometimes if you 
get your pistol out and on them you can out duel them before they deliver the 
death blow.

CATc - Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

Want to see the client side game lag in full effect? Situation is as such:

Two soldiers walk into a room, they circle each other while wildly spraying 
their weapons until both are out of ammunition. One player moves to reload, 
the other one seemingly takes a step forward. The first player brings up their
weapon to ADS and fires while on screen the target runs straight at you and 
moves their arms a little...

Firing player gets a "thump-thump-thump" as three recorded hit markers are 
registered, only to find out that instead of killing the player who appears 
ten or more feet away they have been killed by the client due to a knife 
swipe. At that range, the three hits should have knocked down anyone, but alas
the second that enemy stepped forward and moved their arms you were already 
dead because you are lagging the client and didn't even know it. This effect 
is made worse if the enemy swaps to a ballistic knife and is using 
LIGHTWEIGHT, they will appear to float across your view or jump two times 
further than should be considered possible.


Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it outside of having the fastest 
connection to the client or being in a lobby of full of all green bars. If 
you aren't going to upgrade your Internet speed, then you need to try a few
other things.

First and foremost there is no way you should ever expect to win all of your
CQC situations. Gone are the days of Juggernaut and Stopping Power saving the
day combined with game lag (lag shooting). The client is fairly accurate 
enough that any one of any level can point and shoot and drop you at will with
almost any weapon in the game.

So how can you succeed more than you fail? There is no one sure fire way since
all players have different preferences and abilities. But here are a few tips 
that have saved me in the past:

1) Never stop moving, move in a frenetic pattern that is not predictable. Jump
laterally across the enemy's field of vision.

2) Take a step back and to the side if you see an opponent charge at you, as 
they pass swipe your knife and earn a kill. This is my go to move when knifing
close quarters.

3) Develop and use STEADY AIM PRO. In such situation ADS fire slows you down 
enough to make you a sitting duck. Hip fire will always be the fastest way to 
a dead opponent, and the PRO effect of STEADY AIM allows you to recover much 
faster from failed knife attempts.

4) Semtex and Tomahawk were made for moments like these. Try to line up for a 
stick or a scalp. In the case of the Semtex, if the enemy kills you, you can 
still get one of those life after death medals and even the playing field. 
Tomahawk kills are just a riot, and happen extremely quickly.

5) While not the best idea, if you are confident in your movements pull the 
pin on your frag grenade and shuffle for two seconds, then drop it in the 
path of their movement. This works a lot more than it should, especially if 
you see them coming.

6) You have a pistol, swap to it instead of reloading. Chances are if you 
injured the enemy, a pistol shot or two will finish the job much faster than 
you could ever reload a dry weapon and fire again.

7) If running Tact Mask Pro, concuss behind the target or get them caught in 
a Nova cloud. If you think you are going to die, flash bang between both of 
you and try to escape to a position you can reload.

8) There is something almost glitchy about players who are killed with 
claymores in their hands, as it appears through either lag or forced 
continuation that even if you shoot the player trying to drop a claymore 
between the two of you, and clearly see them die, the game places it anyways 
and if you are close you just bit it. If you see that start to happen, back up
if you want to live.

Regardless of your best plans or complete lack thereof, you are going to get 
caught in these situations and die in many where you don't always feel like 
you should have. Roll with it, if the client is lagging your game, adjust to 
keep more distance. If it is allowing you to have the advantage, by all means 
take it. Try not to be too predictable...

...and if you are going to stand there and attempt to no scope the L96 you get
what you have coming to you.

CATd - Cat and Mouse

The entire focus of this section is to make you think about using the 
environment as a tool to help you earn a couple kills or to otherwise just 
save your bacon. The movements you need to make are often fast, and definitely
is not going to be a good idea for you to use if you cannot strafe, move and 
aim at the same time while either preparing to deploy equipment, a tact nade 
or performing a dodge dive... You need to know the maps well, and be able to 
jump over objects while sprinting or dive through doors and windows to save 
you from death. Please note, these are intended to give you ideas should you 
be finding yourself out of ammo, without a swap out, looking to recover 
health, reload, in need of some laughs, or just looking to screw with people. 
First and foremost it will always be best to simply shoot them if the 
opportunity presented itself, but if you have to bail to recover these methods
represent an option that may save you at times.

Basically when you know an enemy player is trailing you and they and others in
the lobby have been extremely aggressive in their movements, use what you can 
in the environment to run them off of you and into a position where you can 
gain control of the engagement. If for instance you have just killed an enemy 
inside of a building, claymore the most logical entrance back to where you 
where from their perceived point of spawn. You can specifically show yourself 
on the radar through unsuppressed fire and get them to chase you again, thus 
entice them to rush after you into your trap. 

When players see you sprinting, they tend to sprint after you, thus if you are
winding around some stair cases on CRACKED, leave a claymore back and off of 
one of the landings and run them up to the top and through your trap. Often if
you just drop it directly in front of you while turning a corner the enemy 
will still get killed by it as the pass it without notice, then die should 
they hesitate or not be using a FLAK JACKET.

Dropping a decoy grenade in a building where the enemy knows you have been 
occupying will make them believe that you are still there and actively firing.
Place it near a window to aid the ruse. Since the decoy nade is inside they 
cannot get a LOS On you to verify if it is an enemy player or indeed a decoy.
Just be careful using the decoys as they will detonate any C4 or other 
equipment you have placed. That is why you place the C4 on the ceiling though
right! Doing this around the objectives in HAVANA is nearly 100 % lethal and 
down right hilarious.

Other forms of use of the environment involve you pulling a 180 degree turn 
just passing a corner and tossing a flash or concussion nade around the corner
while you hug the wall to avoid the effect, you can then run out and dispatch.
A preferred method of mine involves cooking a nade to 1.5 to 2 seconds then 
either dropping it at my feet and letting the enemy run into it or by again 
pulling another 180 and throwing it back on the pursuit. 

Combining LIGHTWEIGHT PRO with MARATHON PRO makes this method much easier to 
pull off.

You can also pull my favorite move turning a corner through a door or around a
building, where you 180 and move back towards the pursuit with a motion that 
arcs you away from their movement while crossing the threshold of the doorway 
again. Often you will see the enemy run through the door or around the 
building and point their Line of Sight in the direction of the corner they 
thought you just turned. Thus as soon as the time is right swipe your blade, 
toss the tomahawk or fire away on someone completely unsuspecting of you 
moving back on them.

You will also find ways to entice the enemy to suicide themselves. Develop and
earn LIGHTWEIGHT PRO, go to high places and jump off of them when being 
pursued and keep running, you will be amazed by the amount of people who 
simply fall to their death mimicking the movement you just made. This is 
highly useful in CTF matches with larger elevation changes. The jumping off of
elements to move into a fire fight is also extremely useful on maps like 
SUMMIT and NUKETOWN, where you can run up them then hop landings with the 
appropriate turn of aim, you execute kills on players who were on the other 
side of the stairs you ran up. When done right, you will almost always have 
the back or someone, and the enemy will most likely be taken off guard by you 
not running away when you come hurling through the air to destroy them.

You can also pull the Action Hero move after you have turned a corner, then 
180 on the way down then unload on whatever was after you. Practice this move,
it is a bit tricky, but you can run in one direction, perform the dive and 
spin nearly completely around to face the opposite direction. You must kill 
them fast though, or else stand back up and try to survive the CQC. Just 
remember, all of the stair cases, windows, doorway, and library rooms, 
everything can be used by you to improve your performance.

CATe - The Kansas City Shuffle

This section is meant to deal with specific player movements that can be 
easily repeated to generate Close Quarter Combat kills while out in the 
battlefield using secondary movement commands and objects that are typically 
kept between you and your enemy. The movements are all mean to be performed as
a distraction to help you secure a kill.

<_<, >_>, >_< ...how the **** did I just die?

You see an enemy. They are between you and a solid and impenetrable object 
like a blown out truck. You fire and duck behind it, the enemy is standing at 
the other end of the truck. You shuffle to the left...


Enemy follows keeping truck between you and them... You shuffle to the right 
while preparing and tact nade...


You toss it out on the right side of the object while shuffling back to the 
left, you get your concussion marker...


Now you circle all the way back around the object and have the flank of an 
enemy you just stunned/flashed whatever. Now you choose the best mode to put 
them down, I like a blade for emphasis. But that is up to you. I would 
recommend using TACTICAL MASK PRO for this to avoid any problems. Also teabag 
if you kill with a knife, you earned it.

Hop it Like it's Hot (My ode to NoblWolf)

Gone are the days when the bunny hoppers were easy marks for kills on the Wii.
Often how the lag used to work is that if you simply kept hip firing even 
though the players Character was in the air, they actually were on the ground 
and taking damage while they performed their hop of deaths. With the improved 
hit detection, you need to track kill shots on the victim if you plan on 
putting them down first, as you can literally jump over hip fire and the shot 
of crouched players and kill them in midair.

My gaming buddy NoblWolf is a master at this. He takes corners with leaps and 
dives and seems to continuously outclass players who are running up on him 
with these simple and repeatable moves. 

A few thing to keep in mind, never jump straight up and down. Basic recoil of 
the weapon will keep the enemy fire on you. Rather enter rooms and turn 
corners with a jump strafe thus making the enemy track you in two planes 
instead of one. If you can manage it, at the bottom of your jump hold the 
Change Stance button down and complete a drop shot. If you haven't killed your
target by now, you are likely dead yourself, but you still have a chance if 
the enemy ran out of ammo.

If you get stunned or flashed while doing this, expect your death to be 
imminent. Regardless, if you are fast with your fingers and can perform this 
move while keeping your weapon on target and firing, it should work out 
provided you jump across the enemy.

Note from DBC: For those of you who haven't seen DefendTheHouse's Black Ops
Mythbusters series (a generally very mediocre series without much testing at
all), you may not realize this, but you can actually dolphin dive over rockets
much like bullets. Timing it right, you can dive over an enemy RPG headed for
your balls, and Action Hero the guy who shot it. Have fun with it.

Dropshot =/= Dodge

The last character motions I wish to discuss is the Drop Shot and the Action 
Hero Dive. Both of these have their places of uses, but they are definitely 
not best employed while the enemy is looking at you.

First and foremost, the drop shot. Drop Shotting basically means that when you
get into a close quarters combat situation, if you suspect that the enemy is 
going to keep their weapon high either through ADS or hip fire, you mash the 
Change Stance button while firing in an attempt to "drop" under the enemy 
fire. This can work...

...against people who suck at the game. 

Most realistically in this game if you simply run up on an enemy and execute 
the drop shot, a head shot kill is going to be ending up in their column and 
you will be re-spawning. You can use this however if you do a few other 
things, namely:

1) Only look to perform the drop shot on an enemy who has not seen you at the 
     time you start firing.
2) If they have seen you, flash or concuss them first, and hopefully you are
     running TACTICAL MASK PRO.
3) Look to execute the drop after a first executing an across the field of 
     vision jump, as the need to track that motion is much more effective in 
     throwing off the enemy aim than simply hitting the deck.

Regardless, simply dropping to prone will significantly increase your weapons 
accuracy and should not be considered categorically useless. You need to pick 
and choose when to try it, how to try it and when enough is enough. Most often
standing still in the game means death is coming for you, so if you fail to 
kill best stand up again and try a different method to get the kill.

The Dive to Prone action, aka "dolphin diving" involves the same button usage 
as the drop shot, but this one you execute while sprinting. There is a minor 
delay in the time you complete your dive to the time you can begin actively 
fire again, which makes you vulnerable to death to anyone who saw you. 

At times the sheer surprise of this move is enough to through off your enemy 
and give you a chance for a quick kill. Most of the time though, you are again
diving right in to your death since you also have a delay in the time it takes
you to get back up again. As you know, standing still is never a good idea. 
This can work though if you try to limit its usage to the following types of 

1) Diving across the enemies field of vision and turning your weapon 90 
     degrees upon your landing. This is best demonstrated by the crates on 
     NUKETOWN near the B Domination flag. A player can run from behind the 
     cover of the truck trailer and begin the dive at the start of the crates,
     the momentum and bounce will carry you past the crates and if you where 
     turning your aim through the air you have a chance to Action Hero a 
     player or players trying to take the "B" flag. Thus dive behind a cover 
     object and prone on the other side of it.

2) If being pursued by an enemy, with practice you can actually pull a near 
     180 degree turn and surprise the rush with a firing weapon. How this 
     works is that just prior to engaging the dodge feature, you cut left or 
     right on a 45 degree turn and then hit the dive while arrowing over fully
     with the control stick. If it worked, when you bounce you will be nearly 
     turned around 180 degrees and ready to fire on anyone running through 
     that hall.

Again, none of this is all that great of an idea to employ if the enemy has 
seen you prior to you starting these moves. Remember, use your stunners and 
things will likely work out in your favor. Keep in mind that LIGHTWEIGHT PRO 
does NOT seem to save you in falls from heights while diving like it may in 
other version of the game.

(Update: Patch on 3/15 patch fixed the damage issue with LIGHTWEIGHT PRO, 
thank you Treyarch)

CATf - Counter Rushing

Rushing is a term that is used to describe players that fly around the maps 
with light weapons and load outs and attempt to engage you on your "side" of 
the map in close quarters combat. They want to bring the fight to you and kill
you, and then kill you and your teammates again on a re-spawn, then run back 
the middle hoping the spawns flipped and do it all again. Most of them will 
hip fire SMGs and use MARATHON (PRO). This is a tactic that is widely used in
Search and Destroy games where rather than set up to defend, a pack of players
will go off to hunt you down while you attempt to move up on their objectives
or defend your own.

In actuality, this is not a big deal. Most true rushers will likely not be 
using GHOST, rather you will see more LIGHT WEIGHT, SCAVANGER and HARDLINE. 
They also will likely not be using HACKER PRO or TACTICAL MASK PRO, they will
have MARATHON enabled and often SECOND CHANCE. What does all of this mean?

It means you sit tight, place a motion sensor out in front of you, get your 
SPY PLANES up and tact nade spam and mow them down. If you don't have a 
favorite Assault Rifle (I like a Dual Mag Galil for this, no suppressor), go 
to the dark side for a LMG and mow them down over and over, basically let them
run straight to their death. After a few kills, move off to a flank and look 
to cover where you had been engaging them. Repeat this until the rush stops or
slows, then try to go about your business. When you get movement on your 
sensors make sure to ready that concussion nade, spam the hell out of them and
make the enemy think twice about running up on you.

Setting claymores and using decoys will also help out in slowing rushes, but 
you have to be nails with your placement since lightweight players can run 
through poor placements. If you have noticed the enemy consistently running 
through the same area, if you can get out ahead of it placing a claymore in 
front of the area you have been killing them is highly effective. Depending 
on the map layout, it may be more appropriate to use your motion sensor to 
watch your back, on maps like NUKETOWN and FIRING RANGE.

CATg - Hacking the Proper Way (and Other Ways to Aggravate)

When all is said and done, I want to have fun first and foremost. If things 
are going well or they are not, here are a few things that tend to make me 
a) Hijacking the Care Package - If you have had an enemy accepting a lot of 
care packages in a specific area and have noticed them making lots of kills, 
fall back to where you can cover the area, wait for them to drop their flares
then stun/flash and kill them Take their stuff and smile about getting the 
hijacker medals.

b) Setting nOOby Traps - Nothing to me says eff you more to an enemy them 
completely clowning them, then doing it again in the same spot. I do this by 
either killing the guy with an exclamation point (read as ballistic knife 
shot after stunner or by back stab) then leave a claymore at the approach to 
where this kill just happened. I will also do this with C4 placements on 
blind walls and corners after I have taking objectives or thwarted their 
approach to mine.

c) Real Ninjas Don’t Need Wiimotes - The biggest eff you in the game is the 
Ninja Defuse. This version of Search makes them much less common due to 
spawning issues and host advantage in movement, but when it is done it is 
glorious. I don’t recommend you trying this if you are in the lead, rather 
go for it when you know you are overmatched and want to save some sort of 

d) I am SAM - A small array of SAM turrets is glorious when the enemy has been
putting up aerial after aerial. They will intercept those package helicopters 
and cause their crates to be dropped all over the map, opening up the 
possibility of doing number h), below...

e) What’s Yours is Mine - Hack their stuff, take it for your own with HACKER 
PRO. My favorite is if I happen to creep up on the enemy who just got the 
SENTRY GUN, they place it and run off and 3 seconds later it is lighting up 
their team.

f) Tactical Deletion - Big time fun greasing an enemy on top of their tactical
insert. I don’t promote camping on top of, but you can set a claymore there if
you wish to run off (don’t die) of just give it a few seconds. Most players 
don’t live all that long, and often times if you found their tact insert they
are not far away. Kill the player, if you then look back and see it is gone, 
the respawn will happen and you can either see if they tact insert again or 
kill time immediately if they try to move. Little on the dirty side, but it 
is their fault not yours...

g) I’m Stuck on You - This one actually makes me rage. The "tag" if you will 
of a player who could have mercifully headshot your stand still ass but choose
instead to slap an "I am a nOOb" sign on your back in the form of a semtex 
grenade. This is also a fun way to get rid of people who are proned under 
cars, or constantly peering out the same window, line them up with a crossbow
and when they come out "stuck!"

h) Snap That Ass in a CARE Trap - If you have HACKER PRO, not only will you 
take their stuff in the form of a care package hijack, but you will leave them
a bomb in its place. Communicate to your teammates that you have done this so 
they don’t congregate around the hijacked package. The owner of it, if they 
are a newb will not pay attention to the sound of the package being stolen, 
but rather focus on the green package on the screen, which their team mates 
will also see. Getting a kill like this is hilarious, getting a double is 

i) The Mine Field - Yeah, on Jungle, toss out a Care Package just inside of 
it, watch teammates and enemies combined run out into it and die time are 
time. I love Treyarch for this moment of amusement. If you don’t know where it
is, check the "Danger" signs on the low side of Jungle. If you don’t know what
that is, play the game more or check YouTube.

CATh - Perk Selection and its "PRO" Form

What separates the campaign mode of this game from the online multiplayer 
version is the ability to add attributes to your character through the Perk 
system. The intent of this system is to allow the players to add abilities 
that either boost their strengths or negate their deficiencies, which in turn
help them compete at a higher level. Perks are separated into 3 tiers with six
perks per tier that may be purchased for 2,000 CoD point. Each perk has a Pro
form that may be purchased for 3,000 CoD points after you have met required 
usage challenges, typically three per perk.

The accomplishments required to unlock the "Pro" effects of the perks can be 
tracked through the Player Card "Challenges" section or by pressing the 1 
button in the Create a Class menu, where each individual requirement and your 
progress with towards them is listed. Once you have enabled "Pro" effect, you 
cannot disable them, not that you would want to, until you prestige. At the 
time of prestige you have to do it all again.

You are given access to multiple perks through the preset game classes, keep 
in mind nothing that you accomplish with these is stored towards your "Pro" 
progression un less you have purchased the perk outright in the create a class
menu. The three perks you will always have access to in Create a Class are 
LIGHTWEIGHT, HARDENED and TACTICAL MASK. You will never be asked to purchase 
these, only their pro forms. 

CPSa - Tier 1 Perks

In addition to giving the attributes listed below, the selection of the Tier 
1 Perk will change your in-game character model, thus allowing your enemies 
and allies to identify the perk you are using. Keep that in mind, as running 
SPY PLANE as your KSR makes no sense in multiple games where all of your 
enemies are using Ghost.

T1Pa - Lightweight

The Lightweight perk allows players to move 7% faster in the map. This is not 
an increase in sprint duration, it is important to keep that in mind. On the 
surface, what is the big deal right? Well, it basically increases you range 
for your melees by 7%, and using aim assist with it somewhat mimics the 
Commando Lunge from MW2. You can also get in and out of cover that much faster
than other players not using Lightweight, thus you could effectively throw off
the aim of an enemy. 

Its PRO effect however, is quite nice, as it eliminates all damage from NON 
100% LETHAL falls. This is nice for dropping in unexpected to defend an 
objective or bailing from heights to avoid death. In case you don’t know, a 
lethal fall is what happens when you step off of the bridges or cliffs along 

To earn Lightweight Pro, you must:

1) Escape Death - You need to get damaged, then run away and completely 
     recover without being killed. Pretty easy to do.
2) Melee Kills - Get 15 kills with your melee weapons, I think this is only 
     the standard and ballistic knife that would qualify, provided you
     don’t launch it. Again, pretty easy to earn.
3) Offense Medal - Earn 10 offensive medals in objective based games; this is
     earned by challenging flags or HQs held by enemies and killing them
     while you or they are in the capture zone. Not too hard, but not
     entirely up to you as to where your enemies will be when you are 
     doing these things. Play some domination and go after flags, 
     shouldn’t take long. All weapons/grenade/equipment kills count 
     besides KSR kills. Also, downing a flag runner in Capture the Flag
     will earn this medal, as well as killing any enemy while you are holding 
     their Flag in CTF.

T1Pb - Scavenger

Scavenger allows you to secure unused ammunition and lethal grenades from 
fallen enemies and allies. In game, a little equipment icon shows up near 
their corpses as an indication that you can pick up something in the area. The
PRO effect of this perk allows you to spawn with extra magazines and you can
also replenish tactical grenades.

You cannot use scavenger to pick up unused equipment like claymore or C4, nor 
will it pick up UGL rounds or rockets.

To earn Scavenger Pro, you must:

1) Resupplies - Use Scavenger to pick up ammo and lethal grenades 150 times.
2) Grenade Kills - Kill 5 enemies with grenades that have been scavenged.
3) Kill Count - Get a 5 kill streak in the game 5 times while Scavenger is

All of these are fairly easy to achieve through normal play in RTDMs. This 
perk is beast when combined with WARLORD PRO.

T1Pc - Ghost

Ghost is one of the best in the class. It will make you completely 
undetectable to enemy Spy Planes in its base form. You will still be picked up
by infrared scopes, Claymores, Sentry Guns and Motion Sensors. The PRO version
of this perk is simply bad ass, as it takes infrared items and Sentries and 
makes you invisible to them. You will still trip claymores however. You also 
no longer have a red ingame name over your head on the enemies' screens, and 
in a pile of bodies can blend right in and stay hidden while the enemy moves 
all around you. If they ADS or otherwise keep their weapon trained on you it 
will eventually show you as a hostile, but not if they don’t stop and take a 
long hard look.

Use of GHOST PRO can make the requirements of HACKER PRO and HARDEDNED PRO 
that much easier to attain since you can approach Sentries from all 

To earn Ghost Pro, you must:

1) Concealed Kills - Kill 20 enemies while they have a Spy Plane or 
     Blackbird in the air.
2) Destroy Aircraft - Shoot down 30, yes 30, enemy airborne KSRs, without the
     use of a SAM Turret.
3) Destroy Sentry Gun - Destroy an enemy SENTRY GUN.

Knocking out a sentry is no big deal, you can either shoot it from range or 
get behind it and swipe it with your knife. I recommend that if you go to 
knife it, you hit it with a stun or flash nade first, then run up. The 
toughest one here is the requirement to shoot down 30 enemy airborne KSRs, or
so it would seem. Really, all this takes is a lot of time. If you play just a
few matches where you sit back and try to knock this out, you will. Use the 
Strela as your secondary, you get 2 guided missiles. 

A single hit will bring down a Spy Plane or Counter Spy plane. Just look up in
the sky, they are there waiting to take a rocket. It will also register if you
shoot the enemy helicopter that brings in the care packages, either before or
after their drop. If you do it before, the care package is dropped at the 
point your rocket hits the chopper. 

I choose the Strela cause the lock is much easier than with the LAW, and you 
get two in the event of flares coming out of the target busting your lock. If
you are targeting Heli’s, RPG is still king. This is a good task to combine 
with the quest for HARDENED PRO as a similar requirement exists.

Ghost pro will however keep you undetectable to the Attack Helicopter, Sentry
Gun, IR Scope attachments and most importantly enemy dogs. Yes, this perk
negates 3 of the lethal KSRs almost completely, and is going to be widely
popular for it. Be aware if you stand near your team mates who are not running
Ghost Pro and the above lethal KSRS target them, you can get killed through
collateral damage. It also appears that if you kill enemies near where the 
dogs are, they will at least try to find you, and if you use an unsuppressed
weapon they may come after you.

There is an in-lobby intel that is currently running the claims "The Ghost 
Perk will keep you hidden from Enemy Spy Planes and Blackbirds". I am 
assuming this is where a lot of the confusion comes from. Perhaps the other
systems this title is active for actually honor this intel, but it seems 
pretty clear to me the Wii does not. There is no hiding from the blackbird, 
and that is actually fine by me.

Note from DBC: Ghost Pro protects you completely from enemy dogs attacking you
directly. If there's a teammate by you and they lunge and miss, you can still
die from them. Also, if you fire an unsuppressed weapon, the dogs can "see"
you. And Blackbirds always see Ghosts, even Ghost Pro users. Just clarifying.

T1Pd - Flak Jacket

FLAK JACKET allows you to reduce damage from any explosive to 35%, up to a cap
of 75 health down. In Hard Core, it reduces explosive damage to 9%, up to a 
cap of 25 health down. It allegedly will allow you to survive all but direct 
explosives attacks (such as "sticks" from Semtex and Arrows) and direct impact
from UGL rounds and RPGS/LAW rockets. This perk has essentially taken the word
"nOOb" out of play for UGL primary players. If you simply equip it on one of 
your custom classes you will die less than 90% of the time you are hit by 
these things, the counter is there you just have to choose to use it.

The PRO version of the perk allows you to pick up tossed fragmentation 
grenades and basically reset the fuse to 2.5 seconds, and toss them back or 
away. It will also make you will be immune to fire damage, but since the 
flamethrower was not added in the Wii, it will only save you from a Napalm 
Strike or a Grim Reaper's splash damage. 

To earn Flak Jacket Pro, you must:

1) Protected - Survive ten explosive-related attacks while using FLAK JACKET.
2) Demolished - Plant or Defuse 10 bombs in Demolition, SnD or Sabo while
     using Flak Jacket.
3) Throwbacks - Throw back 5 enemy grenades prior to their detonation, doesn’t
     count if you simply pick it up, it has to get away.

Of these, the throwback challenge is the toughest to accomplish, as you need 
to have the perfectly uncooked grenade land near you, while having the 
presence to tap your throwback-bound button, during which you will likely 
already be shooting or otherwise trying to stay alive. The fuses on grenades
are only 3.5 seconds, thus toss back opportunities are extremely rare, so if 
you really want this perk, it may require you to, shall we say, meet a friend
in Free For All and have him throw uncooked grenades at you? If that is not 
your thing, as it is not mine, you will just have to expect that this may 
never come in a single prestige file, cause that many poorly tossed grenades 
coupled with no martyrdom means very few opportunities to get five toss backs.

I recommend you go to Domination or HQ modes for the best chance to knock out
the throwback requirements.

T1Pe - Hardline

HARDLINE will let you reduce the number of un-stackable kills to earn a KSR by
1 in its base form. This is highly useful for all levels of players, and much 
more useful on maps that are large where enemy contact is sporadic. The PRO 
version of the perk will allow you to change the contents of an air dropped 
crate at random without the ability to be re-given the KSR that was contained

In the event that a SENTRY GUN or SAM has been called in as a unique KSR, you 
may swap it out for a different KSR with this perk at this point in time. This
was recently patched on the other versions of this game, as of now you may 
still "roll" all packages on the Wii. You may also "roll" crates for your 
teammates with or without their consent. You are not allowed to enable this 
feature when taking enemy crates.

To earn the Hardline Pro, you must:

1) Share Packages - Let your team mates have 10 of your care packages 
     while you are using HARDLINE.
2) Multiple Killstreaks - Call in seven KSR is one match.
3) Killstreak - Get a kill streak of seven through weapon or equipment kills.

These requirements are all pretty easy to obtain, using a headset and playing
with friends makes the share packaging a breeze. For the seven KSRs earned in
one match use a 3-4-5 KSR arrangement. If you can’t get to kill streak of 
seven regularly, you should never have the dogs selected as one of your KSRs.

CPSb - Tier 2 Perks

The perks that are contained in Tier 2 are specifically designed to make your 
character be more deadly in firefights or to allow you to carry more offensive
weaponry. Two of the perks appear to stand high above the rest in online play,
the rest it appears like you could take or leave with no real detriment to 
your performance.

T2Pa - Hardened

HARDENED is the initial Tier 2 Perk that is available to you in the Create a 
Class menu. It is used to decrease the reduction multiplier that your bullets 
receive when they pass through hard objects in the environment. The PRO 
version of this perk allows you to have a higher damage multiplier when 
firing on enemy KSRs, which can be useful when dispatching helicopters and Spy
Planes, and much more importantly it will reduce the secondary inaccuracies 
that your aim incurs when you are taking damage to 20% of their initial 

To earn Hardened Pro, you must:

1) Penetration Kills - Kill 10 enemies with bullet penetration
2) Bullets in Aircraft - Land 200 rounds of fire into enemy KSRs, like the
      helicopters, or Spy planes
3) Equipment Shot - Destroy a piece of enemy equipment through a wall.

Land 200 rounds sounds easy, but firing on the heli makes it look your way, 
and you will die shortly after if this is not done from cover. Thus, if you 
have earned GHOST PRO and are using suppressors, this is your fastest way to
knock this perk out. My record is 130 rounds landed in a single domination 

Shooting enemy equipment through a wall is a lot easier than it sounds. Look 
for a poorly placed claymore or sensor and have at it should the environment 
support penetration destruction. With the patch made to the HACKER perk 
though, it is becoming much easier to accomplish this task as sensors are 
almost always completely visible through the walls, and claymores most of the
time. The two absolutely easiest places to earn these without the use of the 
HACKER perk are on HAVANA and FIRING RANGE. On HAVANA, it is common to see a 
claymore placed covering either of the doors into one of the upper level rooms
that would overlook FLAG B. Locate the claymore, shoot it through the wall. On
FIRING RANGE, same story with the upper level room overlooking both flags "A" 
and "B", many players’ claymore or sensor here, bonus is that the walls are 
paper thin and much faster destroys of the equipment follow.

If those fail you, try the snipers tower on ARRAY or on the low side of WMD. 
Many players will claymore or set a sensor up on that platform then camp/snipe
from the tower. With HACKER enabled, the red shows up in contrast to the 
grating, any take your time and shoot through the grating to end that 

Anyone who complains about the FAMAS and AUG being over-easy, over-accurate, 
whatever criteria they have to label them nOOb should shut their mouths from 
this day forward and earn HARDEND PRO instead. My primary assault rifle class
I use equips the Galil. Its rate of fire is a bit below the FAMAS, thus in the
event that we see each other at similar times I would lose the fire fight not 
because it is overpowered, but mainly because of its range accuracy and sheer 
amount of rounds it puts down range is preventing me from lining the target 
back up again.

The rapidness in which that weapon can hit you in non lethal areas will cause 
your ADS view to "kick" every time a round hits. This then means your weapons 
of choice are no longer pointed on the target with all of the rapid hit 
markers. HARDENED PRO almost completely removes this, thus I can keep my 
weapon on them and use my higher range damage and better accuracy to kill them
first. Keep that in mind, it is too bad that it can take such a long time to 
earn this one, as it really is extremely useful to keep on one AR class as a 
primary. I personally think this is the best PRO perk in Tier 2.

Note from DBC: When I first Prestige and don't have Hardened Pro available on
my longer range class loadouts, I usually say I got "view kicked to Hell" over
my mic, to the general amusement and agreement of my team.

T2Pb - Scout

SCOUT increases the amount of time you are allowed to ‘hold" your breath and 
steady the sway of a fully scoped in sniper rifle. The time increases from 3 
seconds to 8 seconds, and this perk is only useful for hard-scope players. The
PRO form of this perk allows you to change to your secondary weapon 50% 
faster, which could help you avoid the urge to no scope in this game.

To earn Scout Pro, you must:

1) Secondary Kills - Kill 50 people with a Secondary Weapon.
2) One Shot Kills - Kill 50 people in bullet each with a sniper rifle.
3) Headshots - Kill 30 people by headshots.

Next to NINJA, I find this perk almost entirely useless as I almost never hard
scope sniper rifles. I still have yet to buy this perk. You should note that
this will apply the breath holding bonus to anything you put an IR scope on,
as that falls under the same parameters for steadiness. You will earn credit 
for ANY head shot with ANY weapon while running SCOUT, you will also be able 
to get credit for ANY secondary weapon kill you make through pistols or by
replacing the pistol with a picked up weapon in game. You are however tied to
sniping for the "One Shot, One Kill" medals, and be aware that no matter if 
you drop the guy in a single shot or not, if he was damaged when you make the
kill or perhaps stunned or flashed by you or someone else, it will not count.
This is the hardest thing to earn in the Pro Perk requirements.

Update: I did finally earn this at 15th steege, and it isn't as bad as it 
would seem. I am also growing fonder of the IR scopes, so yeah. Thanks again 
to DBC for helping me correct this and show me that any weapon counts.

Note from DBC: You don't just have to run around with a pistol for this. Slap
Scout on a knifing class and pull out your Ballistic Knife. You earn Secondary
Kills for every single kill you get with the Ballistic Knife, even the knife

T2Pc - Steady Aim

STEADY AIM allows you to increase the hip firing accuracy of your weapons, 
this specifically and exclusively applies to situation where you fire your 
weapon from the hip. STEADY AIM PRO reduces the time it takes to fire 
directly after sprinting or knife lunging. Any player who wishes to Knife-Only
should give this pro perk consideration.

To earn Steady Aim Pro, you must:

1) Quick Melee - Kill 2 enemies with by knifing within 5 seconds of each
2) Spring Kills - Earn 100 kills directly out of sprinting.
3) Hip Fire Kills - Kill 150 players while using Steady Aim.

Of all of these requirements, getting the two melee kills is the toughest. You
can make your own luck here though by properly placing a tactical grenade like
a CONCUSSION out in front or between two enemies moving away from you, then if
you have MARATHON and LIGHTWEIGHT run up on them and give the blade. I have 
pulled this off a few times now, twice on Summit in Capture the Flag mode, 
once in a RTDM on WMD where two enemies where camping the open warehouse that 
would over look the "B" flag in domination. I would imagine you could also 
pull this off in a FFA, but I really don’t play that mode much. 

One of my allies, Zhukov, suggested that the spawning on Havana makes this 
relatively easy to do, and he is 100% correct. When playing tactical games due
to the limited spawn areas if you get in and behind the enemy lines you will 
see at times up to 3 players appear right out of nowhere, begging you to put 
your steel in their spine.

T2Pd - Sleight of Hand

SLEIGHT OF HAND = KILLS, should I say more? It is likely the best perk in this
game for true primary fire killers. In the time it would take you to swap out 
to a pistol should you run your magazine dry, you will likely have your 
primary weapons magazine changed and firing again, since it halves the time it
takes to reload. On pistols, reloads take under half a second. The PRO version
of this perk allows you to snap up your ADS in a 50% reduced time frame, which
again is highly useful for quick twitch players.

To earn Sleight of Hand Pro, you must:

1) Aiming Kills - Kill 150 enemies while aiming down the sites of your 
2) Reload Kills - Kill 30 enemies within 5 seconds of reloading.
3) Fast Hands Kills - Kill 10 enemies after wounding them, reloading, then
     finishing the deal.

None of these are all that tough, players in Second Chance, provided that you 
put them there, are easy mark for this. The rest will come when they do, none 
of it is all that hard.

T2Pe - Warlord

WARLORD is probably the second most popular perk in the tier, as it allows you
to enable up to two weapon attachments onto any primary weapon that supports 
that many attachments. There are restrictions of course, such as enabling an 
underbarrel attachment disallows you from choosing a second attachment, and 
the obvious fact that you cannot have two attachments in the same spot on the 
gun. The game will indicate what is disallowed by "graying out" all other 
options that cannot be combined with what you have selected. 

WARLORD PRO, however, is a serious ass kicker. It not only gives you an extra 
lethal grenade at spawn, you also get an extra tactical grenade to boot. Use 
of this perk with SCAVANGER PRO will allow you to rain hell on FFAs and RTDMs.

To earn WARLORD PRO you must:

1) Two Attachment Kills - Kill 150 enemies with a weapon that has two
     attachments enabled.
2) Grenade Kills - Earn 10 kills with tossed frags or semtexes.
3) Grenade Multi-Kill - Earn a double kill with a tossed frag or semtex.

None of these are all that difficult to obtain, the double kill only requires 
the proper opportunity, and of course like always that is Domination or HQ 
where you can surely find multiple targets loafing around the objectives 
trying to capture or destroy it. Cook it right, and it is easy as pie.

If you ask me though, this perk is made expendable by SCAVANGER PRO, which 
will give you infinite ammo and nades at the sacrifice of a second attachment 
and lower initial grenade stock. The additional secondary projectiles however 
are extremely valuable and more than outweigh the use of WARLORD. If you 
choose Dual Mags as one of your attachments however, it functions like getting
half of SLEIGHT OF HAND and you can still use a sight or a suppressor.

Note from DBC: Not only does it give you Sleight of Hand's base benefit with
all of Warlord's benefits (base and Pro) when you use Dual Mags, it also
increases your starting ammunition, so instead of having three magazines on
spawn, you have five magazines on spawn, not counting the one already in place
in your weapon.

CPSc - Tier 3 Perks

Regarding all of the perk tiers in the game, tier 3 seems more like a kitchen
sink conglomeration that will basically define the type of game play you wish
to complement Tier 1 with. You will always be given access to TACTICAL MASK, 
the rest must again be purchased.

T3Pa - Marathon

MARATHON will increase the duration you are allowed to sprint in game. It does
not affect the speed at which you can run, like the LIGHTWIEGHT perk. The PRO 
version of this perk will allow you to sprint for an unlimited time. 

To earn Marathon Pro, you must:

1) 26 Miles - Just like it is stated, run 26 miles in a single prestige file
     while Marathon is selected.
2) First Blood - Earn the first kill of any match type ten times while using
     this perk.
3) Captures - In Capture the Flag game mode, you need to get a capture medal 
     15 times. 

None of these are all that challenging, the First Blood one is pretty easy to 
accomplish in any team based game. Chuck your frag grenades and Semtex at 
Position "B" flags in Domination or just hope to find the first kill on a 
RTDM. The Capture one isn’t too bad either, use LIGHTWEIGHT with it and bring
the flag home. It will also count if you pick up a downed flag a team mate 
has dropped and capture it for them. Running 26 miles takes a long time, you 
just have to persevere. Use of LIGHTWIEGHT will make this happen 7% faster...

T3Pb - Ninja

NINJA perk is similar to the old DEAD SILENCE, in that the sounds your 
footsteps make in the game become relatively quiet, 25% of their original 
volume. This is true for walking and running, but falling still makes the same
amount of sound as it normally would.

NINJA PRO will allow you to amplify the sounds of your enemies' footstep by 
200% (2 times louder) and you will now walk/move silently. If you are using 
external headphones (not the Headbanger) this is extremely noticeable on 
surfaces that cause footsteps to make noise. See there's the rub, cautious 
enemies in some environment makes little to no sound, thus if you ask me this 
perk may really be kind of broken without having the audio go through 
something other than your television.  

To earn Ninja Pro, you must:

1) Silenced Kills - Kill 150 Enemies with a suppressed weapon.
2) Back Stabs - Kill 5 enemies with a melee knife to the back
3) Plants - Plant 10 bombs in any game mode that allows you to plant bombs.

None of this is all that hard to accomplish, it will just take some time for 
the kills to come, but you can do this in an evening. Important to note, if 
you enemy is crouch walking, there is a chance their footsteps will make no 
noise at all, even with the amplification. So, is it really worth it?

Well, the answer is "maybe". At times you will run into players who seem to 
always know exactly where you are, you could be running a Ghost class, they 
have no Spy Plane in the air, but they are mowing you down at every 
opportunity. For while, there was a cheat code active that gave enemies an 
infinite use of the Blackbird without making the enemy aware of it being 
called in. This "could" explain the events you are witness.

Or it could be that the enemy is sound whoring you. With high performance 
headphones and you running around you are broadcasting your location, and he 
is using that to clown you. The most important give away though is the events 
that happen after you switch to a NINJA PRO class, as all of those seemingly 
out of nowhere grenades and tactical nade attacks will all but cease, and the 
offender is no longer getting the drop on you at all times. This use of 
ambient sound is subtle, but if it continues to happen seemingly 
unexplainably, try out NINJA PRO.

Now that I have raised your attention to allegation of cheating, be aware that
player could simply also be using NINJA PRO against you and turning up the 
ambient noise through high performance headphones to hear what would sound 
like you trudging along with megaphones on your feet. If that is your 
suspicion, you can also use NINJA or NINJA PRO to counter and walk, don't 

T3Pc - Second Chance

SECOND CHANCE makes its triumphant return to the Wii platform. This perk 
allows you to drop to the ground as if you have been killed, only you still 
have 2 HP and draw a pistol out (even if you aren’t carrying one) and have 
the ability to either kill that person before they can finish you or die where
you were dropped. In the base form, you have 10 seconds of life left after the
second chance kicks in. During the time you are put down, you can scoot around
a little to try to find some better cover. While in second chance you still 
can capture objectives, but you cannot plant or defuse bombs, or use KSRs.

The PRO version of this perk is really useful in almost all versions of the 
multiplayer game. Basically it extends your time in SECOND CHANCE to 30 
seconds, during which if you have remained alive you can be revived by any 
teammate in the map. Incredibly useful in RTDMs, and a full team running it 
will almost certainly see an increase in overall performance due to not only 
preserving your KSR progression but by making and taking a kill away from the

To earn Second Chance Pro, you must:

1) Kills - Kill 10 enemies while in SECOND CHANCE.
2) Revenge - Kill the Enemy who put you into SECOND CHANCE 5 times while in
3) Headshot - Get a single headshot kill while in SECOND CHANCE.

None of this is entirely difficult, accomplishments 1 and 2 can be double 
dipped, along with 3 for that matter. It was great that they made this perk in
such a way that you don’t need other SECOND CHANCE users to revive you, giving
the PRO version real value.

A team that is running all SECOND CHANCE PRO is going to be really, really 
tough to beat in RTDMS and slower paced tactical games. Quick hitters like 
Domination and Headquarters it may not be as effective, mainly because speed 
kills in those games, and if you are laying on your back away from the 
objective you may not be doing any good. Getting a teammate away to revive you
also means they are not on the objective capturing it or defending it. While 
preserving KSR progression may be good for you, biting the bullet and putting 
pressure to your full ability might be a better approach especially when you 
are down.

I have left enemies in SECOND CHANCE specifically for this reason. I killed 
them far enough away from my objectives that I would rather have them rot than
respawn and provide more pressure. I will still keep an eye on them, and if 
they do get someone to come and pick them up I will look to blast them both 

Final words on the perk of SECOND CHANCE, I have heard some "better" players 
complain that this perk is Nooby cause the player who got "own’d" ends up 
killing them in a barrage of pistol fire and they those "their kill". Well my 
response is plain and simple, they ain’t your kill until you put them down 
completely. There is NOT an invincibility frame in the animation that gets 
you from your feet to your back where the enemy can fire on you and not take 
damage. THERE IS A 0.5 SECOND ANIMATION that MUST be completed to begin the 
second chance countdown and make the player vulnerable again and able to 
attack. Basically though, a minor client delay exists on poor connections 
that allows continuation of the enemies fires to appear to knock you down 
after you have sent the player to SECOND CHANCE. The player who is using 
SECOND CHANCE CANNOT fire their weapon until they hit the ground, thus if you
COMPLETE YOUR KILL you can make sure they are dead before they can even bring
the weapon up. Either that or aim for upper body and head shots as the death
blow that deal enough damage to pass up the SECOND CHANCE, that and use the 
FAMAS less, as that weapon does not do well in dealing enough damage to bypass
the SECOND CHANCE trigger.

Control your fire, and Second Chance is not a problem. If you still have 
trouble, try using an extended mag or get used to pistol swapping instead of 
reloading, toss out any tact nade at them, toss a tomahawk, or frag, or 
simply move to cover to regenerate life and reload, then finish what you 

If the 0.5 second animation wasn't there, most people using Second Chance 
would never be given the opportunity to use it since continuation of fire 
would kill them before they hit the ground. It is annoying, but not cheap, 
and its users are marks for many other things in the game so adjust more and
complain less. No I do not use SECOND CHANCE.

T3Pd - Hacker

HACKER, in its base form, will allow you to quickly identify enemy equipment 
deploys as they are glowing entirely in red on your screen. This is very 
useful in tactical games and small maps where a player may be camping an area 
with a jammer or motion sensor, or to quickly identify claymore and C4 packs 
should you be walking in to a booby trap. Fortunately you are now able to see 
these through MOST walls, which will make the quest for HARDENED PRO that much

The PRO form of HACKER is really a treat, as if you can find and capture an 
enemy care package, not only do you steal their reward but you replace it with
a bomb in it. They go to claim it and get blown up instead. You can also then 
turn their deployable equipment, including turrets and claymores against them,
and they will have no idea you have done that. You will also be invisible to 
enemy motion sensors, which is rather useful when you try to perform the 
hacking or sneak around a camping/defending enemy. As a final bonus, as if you
didn’t need more, since enemy sensors will no longer pick you up, you can hack
theirs and use it to find their hiding spots.

To earn HACKER PRO you must:

1) Destroys - Destroy 10 items of enemy equipment
2) Explosive Kills - Get 25 kills with Claymore or C4 while HACKER is enabled.
3) Near Equipment Kills - Get 25 kills of an enemy being affected by your

Since the enemy equipment glows red, it is actually pretty easy to knock this 
out. Shoot claymores, knife SAM and Sentry turrets, take out the rest in your 
preferred manner. The claymore and C4 kills can take a little time, but if you
play Domination or Demolition and you know enemies have to come near you, you 
choose to either go with jamming/motion sensors or the C4 Packs and claymore, 
it is a shame you can’t do both at the same time.

This perk combines with GHOST PRO, which coincidentally makes you undetectable
to enemy sentry guns, allows for much easier capture of them. Currently there 
is a glitch in the game that prevents you from hacking equipment that is 
placed within the capture radius of an objective. Thus if C4 is on a flag or 
HQ, shoot it, cause you are going to die if you try something else. If you 
hack turrets, you are not given permission to redeploy them, same goes for 

In the event that your equipment has been hacked, if you are also running 
HACKER PRO you can actually hack it back to your side. If you want to be 
clued into if you stuff has been hacked, then sensors are an easy give away. 
Basically the JAMMER is now jamming you, the MOTION SENSOR is no longer 
pulsing on your mini map, and everything is now in red in the same location 
where you left it. Credit to nogaems from G-Faqs for alerting me to a glitch 
in the game that if you deploy JAMMERS and hack an enemy C4 or Claymore, if 
you die you will respawn with a new JAMMER and your original one still in the
game provided the player whose C4 and claymore you hacked is alive at the time
of your death and it has not detonated. This may also work for the rest of the
equipment bag, but I have yet to test this out fully, plus glitching for 
advantage is for tools, but this actually would be pretty funny to see how much
of the map you could actually screen out...

T3Pe - Tactical Mask

TACTICAL MASK on the surface seems pretty lame. Survive the damage of Nova 
Gas, big whip. Who uses Nova Gas anyways? Well, the PRO form of this is rather
useful and in my opinion is one of the true jewels of the PRO perk system. 

Not only will the PRO version significantly reduce or eliminate the effect you
receive from getting hit by these tactical grenades (including your own thrown
in CQC) it will point out to you the direction and number of enemies that have
been affected by the tactical grenade you have thrown. This indicator is in 
the form of a yellow direction marker on your HUD, not your map screen, much 
like the red damage indicator, that point out the general direction of any 
enemies that where just affected by your grenades detonation. Campers beware 
of the White Death (that is what I call being killed while the screen is 
whited out from being banged)...

To earn Tactical Mask Pro, you must:

1) Flash Kills - Kill 20 enemies blinded by a flashbang.
2) Concussion Kills - Kill 20 enemies stunned by a concussion.
3) Nova Gas Kills - Kill 20 enemies poisoned by Nova Gas.

These are all very, very easy to accomplish in Headquarters and are extremely 
integral in my overall approach to any tactical game. You need to keep in mind
the toss delay it takes from throwing to when you can fire your weapons again,
but once you get used to it you will be clearing rooms and areas without 
worrying about finding more trouble than you bargained for, cause the mask 
told you that single player you concussed running into that door actually has 
two more Teammates who felt your boom. This is when you toss another and go in
a different door and clean house.

This perk combined with WARLORD PRO and SCAVANGER PRO equals absolute 
destruction in FFA matches. And you will basically never be concussed or 
flashed again, ever. Yeah, that is appealing to me and lets you truly open up 
with different ways to counter enemy movements in your games. I like to 
attempt to concuss everyone I kill, and flash them a few times over if I think
they are being a little douche with their game play. Nothing in this game is 
more rewarding to me that landing a concussion grenade on two or three targets
and dispatching them all when I should have been chewed up after I killed the 
first one.

One thing I have noticed is that even though the game tells you they must be 
under the effect of "your" tactical grenade, either through a glitch or a 
misunderstanding; this is not true for friendly deployed tactical grenades. So
if you are using tactical mask and see an enemy in a team mates gas cloud, if 
you register the kill the credit for the pro perk is assigned. I know this to 
be true since Nova is always the last tact nade I buy, and when I start to 
move to knock these out I already have 3 to 5 registered kills through Nova 

CUB2 - Game Modes and Gameplay with Select Map Strategies

S2C1 - Regular Team Death Match (RTDM) and Merc

The most basic mode of play in the COD online universe is the Regular Team 
Death Match. You hopefully line up 5 on 5, and fight to kill the other teams 
players more than they kills yours. RTDMs and Mercenary modes have the same 
game parameters in terms of Health Points and such. The difference comes in 
that in Mercenary mode you are not allowed to play as a party even though 
allies may join up on your game and end up playing on your team.

TDMa - Basic Overview and Game Play

As stated above, the purpose of this mode is to kill the enemy much more than 
they kill you and your team mates. Games last 10:00 in time duration or the 
first one to score 7,500 points. This number equates to 75 kills. In terms of 
XP grab, you earn 100 points for each kill that you earn in the game and 
assist points from 10 to 90 based on the level of damage you have dealt.

There are multiple challenges and contracts that can be completed for this 
mode. A word of warning though, if you are out to reach final prestige this is
likely the absolute slowest way to get there. This is especially true if you 
are a marginal player. Another word of caution, IMO this mode gets boring and 
does so quickly. The reason I even bring this up is basically being a vet of 
all the CoD Wii titles, I have never encountered so many matches of RTDMS that
do not point out prior to time expiring. 

Most of this is likely related to non stacking kill streaks and better hit 
detection forcing caution onto players who normally would be more willing to 
move about. But with the 5 on 5 nature and the overall larger "feel" to most 
maps, it seems that unless you get HAVANA, FIRING RANGE or NUKETOWN to show up
you can spend minutes without finding a target. I can't stand that, thus I 
have fully shifted my preference to tactical games that require players to 
move to accomplish something or be absolutely destroyed by points earned
securing objectives.

TDMb - Distance Makes the Kill Streaks Longer

In general I find the most consistent way to approach this game mode while 
earning decent game scores is to engage your enemy at range in a manner that 
you are controlling their movement. I chose to recommend for this mode the 
absolute most recon you can get, which includes forgoing the claymore/C4 and 
equipping the motion sensor. As a rule I tend to not deploy my motion sensors 
while I or my team mates have recon up in the game as that is when I will 
typically like to relocate my position. I also stick to suppressors on the 
majority of my weapons and employ a Ghost class likely 75% of the time I am in
this game mode.

My typical class set up will look something like this:

Primary - Galil or Ak-47 with suppressor (and/or Dual Mags)
Secondary - Dual wield pistol of choice

Perk 1 - Ghost or Ghost Pro
Perk 2 - Sleight of Hand or Warlord Pro
Perk 3 - Hacker Pro

I tend to stick with the basic KSR grouping of Spy Plane, Care Package and 
Helicopter for this mode as I find the consistency of getting to dogs on 
some of the maps is just not there. Part of this I find is to be the result 
of the spawn system, the rest is likely due to the amount of movement I feel
you have to make to streak up that high against better competition. Don't get
me wrong, if you enemy is going to allow you to keep killing them with 
senseless rush by all means let them and get the dogs out, but generally the 
RTDM spawns and the constant roving of your team mates often leads you to 
situation where one or more enemies gets spawned with a free shot on your 
back, thus a heartbreaker if you last to 10.

Again, I feel on these larger maps your primary enemy is the need to move and 
move often to search out targets. This leaves you vulnerable to the ever 
present campers that this mode often is populated with. In general campers are
not good players, but accuracy of the weapons and less lag has made campers 
moderately dangerous. Once you have their spots though, they shouldn't get you

Basically my approach to most maps in RTDM format is to look to occupy a 
quadrant of the map. I consider that section my yard, and until I have solid 
recon I will not look to venture too far from it. I will set my motion sensor 
either out in front of me to give away movement into my area or set it behind 
me to attempt to guard my back while I look ahead. I will sweep back and forth
throughout the quadrant and look to pick up enemy movement and position myself
for the best chance to make a kill. If I make kills in this area, it is likely
more enemies are going to come right back, thus I reload, reposition and




That is all there is to it on the mid to larger sized maps of this game. Do 
not stick to the same quadrant of the map, make sure you include rotation that
to maximize your elements of surprise. This is not camping, this is a roaming 
ambush. Don't forget to pick up your sensor again before you move out.

In the event that you have to do more searching for targets, make use of the 
HACKER perk to identify areas that are covered by enemy sensors or claymores. 
Find a flanking route to those locations and clear them out. Make sure to make
use of everything you bring into the round as often as you can. Tactical nades
are especially useful in countering campers and sitting back on rushers is 
perfectly legit in my book. If someone is going to perpetually run at you and 
make themselves available to be killed by all means oblige them.

TDMc - Life after KSR Stacking, Stopping Power and Juggernaut

Anyone who played Modern Warfare Reflex and World at War are very familiar 
with the terms "Helicopter Chaining" and "Dog Chaining". This basically meant
that you would hold your 7 kill streak reward until after you have died, then
call it in and allow the Kill Streak to take you reward number back up as 
close to seven as you could. It was an extraordinarily cheap way to play the 
game, and lots of people did it. This is now out, as no kill earned with any 
KSR counts for anything in your current streak. Thus you want to get to 11 
kills, you are going to have to do it the hard way with bullet fire, blade 
and explosive kills.

Also gone are likely the two most common perks used in those games, Juggernaut
and Stopping Power. Those gave you more health and more bullet damage 
respectively, and were basically essential for most people who played the game
off of host to compensate for the larger amounts of game lag. Well, the 
introduction of the Client side hit detection has for the most part eliminated
the whole concept of lag shooting, thus accuracy and sustained accuracy under 
fire are now the most important aspects of earning a kill, not entirely perk 

So how does this fit into a sprint rushers style? Well all of the above made 
the concept of sprint rushing the old MP-40 and P-90 classes with Marathon 
viable and extremely dangerous if one player got behind your spawns. The game 
doesn't really work like that anymore, but sprint rushing and it being an 
effective way to play are by no means dead in the CoD universe.

In order for this to be successful from my experience, you need to pick and 
choose when you want to play this way. You sprint rush all over ARRAY against 
a good team and you are going to get chewed up. You sprint around the smaller 
maps like HAVANA, SUMMIT, NUKE TOWN and FIRING RANGE though, you have a fairly
easy path to good game scores if you properly get on to the enemy players 
movements and spawn relocation.

In order to rush, you first and foremost need to know the maps, their tricks 
(such as the second way into the Towers on Firing Rage) and have the awareness
to be typically moving either in the opposite direction of your team mates or 
significantly out ahead of them. Keeping away from the pack of team mates will
often put you on an island in the middle of the enemy spawn waves, but if you 
want the majority of the kills, this is how you get them.

When I rush I pretty much default to three weapons and set the first two perks
consistently. I use the Spectre with grip, the Dual Wield MAC11 (Thanks to 
Henry Escobar aka H.R. Paperstackz for the clue in) or the SPAS w/ suppressor.
I chose these weapons primarily for the High ROF in the SMG class and the high
power from the shotgun. I plan on playing close and seeing lots of enemies at 
the same time.

I will never deviate from SCAVANGER PRO if I plan on rushing, and I am also 
married to SLEIGHT OF HAND, PRO if possible, in slot 2. It is up to you based 
on enemy tactics for what to choose for Perk 3. All but Ninja and Second 
Chance IMO merit consideration. I am a fan of TACT MASK PRO to allow you to 
concuss or flash point plank and take out many target in rapid succession. 
MARATHON would be nice to help you move about faster, but you could also be 
running right into motion sensors and claymores. Thus HACKER would have some 
passive defense measure of worth that would also direct you to where an enemy 
spawn wave can occur.

I still keep the approach when rushing to stick to the perimeters of the map 
and never attempt to move down the center or most obvious path of movement. If
you keep your back somewhat to the edges of the map you can minimize the 
amount of times an enemy spawns directly behind you as you are running away. 
If you are good at the CQC tactics discussed here or ones you have employed 
independently, you will excel and survive many 2 on 1 encounters. Also 
remember to always check your six, if you come under fire don't stop and try 
to return it. Keep on running and recover first, then decide if you want to 
rush back around that area or right back to it.

When I rush, I typically only run the SPY PLANE, BLACKBIRD, DOGS grouping so 
I don't have to slow down and wait for a care package, nor would I want to 
take the moments to call in a different lethal airborne. 

Keep it Fast, keep away from your team and keep on killing. If the weapon of 
choice you are using has a dual mag option, I would understand the desire to 
use STEADY AIM in place of SLIEGHT of hand. I find that to be acceptable in 
this instance, so have at it.

TDMd - Play like a Champion Today

Use recon if you want to play this mode well. People driving RC cars still are
typically people who do not win a lot of games. 

Save your Recon if the opportunity allows. There is no sense calling it in the
second you earn it, wait till you reload or kill all enemies that are in front
of you to do so. This can prevent the dreaded kill the second you enable the 
reward that ends your streak. As a rule, I try not to call in my Spy plane 
till I have 4 kills and often my Blackbird until I have 9, especially if I 
have a bead on the enemy.

Be the biggest dog in your yard. Never stop roaming your areas and position 
your sensor to cover the area you are not directly moving through. Make sure 
to relocate that yard after you have earned a few kills. Don't be afraid to 
sit back on rushers, chew them up for their nonstop rush.

Don't fall for a campers trap more than once. Never underestimate their 
ability to blind spray their Stoners even while flashed. Give them a second to
burn through their ammo then finish them off.

Jammers fry claymores, sensors and C4 packs. If you are continuously running 
into trouble flushing them out put a jammer outside their campsite.

If you are using HACKER and you see and enemies equipment from across the map,
shoot it and spare your team mates from their own inability to recognize 
deployable equipment.

TDMe - Select Map Strategies


Grid is the perfect example for my overall RTDM approach. In this match, there
are four general areas that you can choose to occupy. One of them, over by the
power grid and hangars I consider to be no man's land and avoid like the 
plague due to its wide open nature. The other three though offer you the 
opportunity to occupy and kill farm.

I prefer use of the buildings and alleys behind them here instead of the 
outdoor area with the bushes, to me you are surprised much less if you work 
the buildings. Occupying the areas in and around the buildings will allow you 
to place your sensor on one side and then roam through the remainder of the 
area. There are doors, hallways and windows to look out and through to view 
enemy targets, just be aware of snipers or other range player popping you as 
you peek outside. Hopefully you are running recon and your team is not driving 
RC cars to help you always see what is coming near you.

After you have made some kills, pick up the sensor and move it to the other 
side, then fall back and cover the entrance from different perspective. If 
the traffic slows, relocate to the other building/alley areas and continue 
on with this approach. Whatever you do, try to avoid running straight down 
the middle of the map parallel with the truck. You are just asking for 

If you get hemmed in outdoors make sure you use the bushes and other objects 
and portal walls in that zone to provide you some cover and distance. If the 
lobby allows you two, try to work back inside. If I plan to play this way, I 
tend to use the default 3-5-7 KSR designation. I am usually good for a 
helicopter or two on this map following these steps. If your motion sensor 
gets destroyed, your care package will give you a new one if "ammo' comes 
down. Main thing is to stay patient and load out and up for multiple 
engagements of Close Quarters Combat. 

When using this approach, I tend to always go with WARLORD and an SMG that I 
can use a DUAL MAG and SUPPRESSOR attachment. I will likely always run GHOST 
and HACKER as well to avoid claymores or pick up enemy sensors. You can elect 
to go with an assault rifle class it you see fit, I would stick with something
like the commando that can be hip fired relatively effectively.

If you are finding this approach does not suit you, this map can be moderately
rushed effectively if you can get onto the enemy spawn wave and engage them 
before your team mates do. You then look to fall back around to the opposite 
side of the map. If you want to rush, give strong consideration to choosing 
HACKER over MARATHON for the simple reason that this map has endless claymore

When I rush, I typically will always run SCAVANGER PRO with SLIEGHT OF HAND 
and the Dual MAC11s. I will concuss most corners I turn and look to scavenge 
packs everywhere I can. This is not for everyone, if you are not comfortable 
with the dual wields try a rapid fire SMG to help you clear out rooms quickly.

I am all about recon when I rush, so I typically like to play with SPY PLANE 
(Or COUNTER SPY PLANE), Blackbird and Dogs. 


I love this map for Regular Team Death Match. This is a map I sprint rush 
exclusively and I do it with the SPAS. You can use your close quarters weapon 
of choice of course, but the spawns on this map are kinda screwed up and you 
often end up with 2 or 3 enemies next to each other going through the same 
door or alley. Thus rather than trying to put a few bullets into each a 
shotgun blast or two will knock down multiples will little effort.

Again here, stick to the alleys and the area around the two main buildings. If
you use the sprint rushing classes that are described above you will see 
positive scores come your way. Stay out of the middle of the map as often as 
you can, if you need to cross use the edges of the map and keep circling the 

Many people think that camping the two bedrooms is a good thing. They will set
up sensors and claymores there, tact insert and try to streak up. They hide 
behind the beds and the coffee tables, often with FLAK JACKETS and train their
Stoners at the door. Concuss them, frag them, then concuss them again, then 
run in and clean up the scraps. If a player is using a tactical insert 
upstairs, it will be visible through the floor. Make sure after you clear the 
room train your weapons on that insert and kill them again.

For this mode, I sometimes actually get off of the BLACKBIRD and use the 
ATTACK HELICOPTER instead. It seems that the helicopter can survive a little 
more on this map and if you are flying around the back alleys you will pick up
anyone who wants to shoot it down. That is up to you though. If you are good 
with hip fire, I find this map is about the easiest dog match on the game with
the unfortunate enemy spawns. It is also a great place to get quick multi 

Be warned again about claymore traps, there are lots of places to hide them 
around corners. If it is a problems switch out to use HACKER to give yourself 
a better shot to avoid them. Again, I will typically use:

SPAS with Suppressor
Concussion Nades


Have at it and have fun, again if the shotty is not your thing, use your 
favorite SMG and fire it from the hip. Concuss your corners and keep on 
rolling. Remember, SLEIGHT OF HAND equals kills.

S2C2 - Hard Core RTDM

Want more realism out of your Call of Duty experience? Try Hard Core...

HTDa - Basic Overview and Game Play

The Hard Core mode features several game setting changes that are meant to 
increase the difficulty of the game play and make it more like a real life 
battle result. To start off, the biggest and most important feature is that 
your base Health Points are reduced from 100 to 30. What this means is that 
nearly every weapon in the game is capable of giving a one shot kill. Another 
major difference is that the Mini Map will not appear on your HUD at all 
times. Finally, keep in mind that in Hard Core, it's not only your enemies who
you can kill, since Friendly Fire is turned on in Hard Core. Three consecutive
team-kills and you're booted, so watch out.

Some things to keep in mind when playing this mode:

1) If you use a COUNTER SPY PLANE, it will not jam the enemy mini map unless 
they are running a SPY PLANE or BLACKBIRD at the same time.

2) If you are using either of the MOTION SENSOR or the JAMMER, neither will 
function to scramble the enemy mini-map or show enemy players movement for you
unless you have a SPY PLANE or BLACKBIRD up or the ENEMY does as well for the 
JAMMER to function. The JAMMER will still short claymores and C4 however.

3) Everything you do that would affect the enemy, now will also affect your 
teammates. This goes for TACTICAL GRENADES, explosives, Kill Streak Reward 
(including a TM running into Chopper Fire), primary weapon fire you name it.

Some basic perk adjustments will do loads to help you succeed. First and 
foremost I think HARDLINE is the most appropriate perk 1 to default to. Next
I find WARLORD PRO to be almost as necessary. I say this to include an IR 
scope and a suppressor on your weapon of choice, pretty much regardless of it 
is a sniper or an assault rifle. If the IR is not your thing, go to an ACOG 
for a little bit of zoom. For perk 3, it is going to be a toss-up between 
using HACKER or NINJA for me. 

NINJA? WTF, you say? Yes, NINJA and hopefully NINJA PRO. Once the game was 
patched, you would not believe the difference in the sounds of the enemy 
footsteps. You can hear these and be alerted to someone coming near you in a
ghost class.

Use of HACKER since the patch will often serve to give away the location of 
enemies who chose to camp areas. You will see their equipment often from all
the way across the map, you can then move to flank or cover it and pick off 
the player once your scope picks them up.

A lot of players will run GHOST and GHOST PRO here, which will thwart the IR
scopes and your SPY PLANES. This is why in place of SPY PLANE I choose the 
COUNTER SPY PLANE, with the HARDLINE Perk 1 it requires the same amount of 
kills to earn and performs a much more crucial function of keeping you hidden.

As for Killstreaks, it is rare that I move higher than 7, without mad camping 
I don't feel it is all that likely I will reach level much higher than that 
with any regularity. This is another reason why I feel HARDLINE is appropriate
for use here, and I pretty much go:


I don't like using the Mortars, Napalm or Carpet Bomb here since it often will
kill just as many Team Mates as enemies. But as discussed, if your TMS roams 
too close to the enemy, the Sentry and the Chopper can also kill them while 
targeting the enemy.

This is pretty much also the only mode that I still consider the use of decoys
viable. Most of the time when the competition is evenly balanced, you will not
see all that many SPY PLANES called in to the match. Players will listen for 
sounds and often move towards them, knowingly or unknowingly. Since I pretty 
much never deviate from suppressors in HC, even on my pistols, the decoys end 
up giving the enemy one or two more targets on the Mini-map if I cannot jam

For equipment, it is kind of tough for me to say to use much of it. As 
discussed most of it is not functional unless recon is up. And if an enemy is
also using Hacker it is going to likely get destroyed. But you can find lots 
of places to claymore and pretty much never miss a kill. Use it as you see 

Again, suppressors and more suppressors. With the reduced HP you rarely ever 
need more than two shots to put anyone down even at maximum range with any 
weapon. Stay quiet and move along the perimeter of the map. If caught with 
multiple targets, never under estimate the ability to hip fire spray them 

Players who play this mode and typically excel at it have a mix of caution and
good timing that comes with experience. You need to know the maps, know where 
you can safely expect to regenerate (yes I am fully aware your HP do not 
recover in Hard Core, but the red from your screen needs to go away to let 
you see again and reload) and where you are likely going to find enemies
traveling across you. Use your recon and jam theirs, the Helicopter is just as
good as Dogs in this mode, so no need to hold out till 11 kills to bring pain
onto your enemy.

I really don't have much more to add here, I am not a primary HARDCORE player,
if you have any tips or tricks you would also like to share send them my way 
and I will give credit when it is due.

I fully feel that playing this mode with an LMG and HARDENED makes you a 
Sally. Challenge yourself, try out the sniper rifles or semi auto rifles, 
shot guns and other lower tier weapons. Hard Core mode offers variety the 
other modes often lack, if you let yourself try it.

HTDb To TK or not TK

There are many times in the Core game mode that I would wish we could enable a
team kill function as a Kill Streak Reward. Well this mode basically can serve
as a vent for that, and lets all admit it now, sometimes our "teammates" 
deserve it...

Team Killing (TK), read as death caused by friendly fire, is going to happen. 
It will always be debatable to if this is accidental or intentional. 
Regardless, if it is going to make you angry take a deep breath. There are 
many, many instances where you or your teammate simply strafe across each
other's line of fire while you are targeting an enemy or their equipment. It 
is going to happen, if you have a mic apologize and let the person know that.

Then of course, there are players who will TK to annoy you or block you from 
getting up to a streak level or to take your care packages or if they wanted 
to be somewhere you are or whatever reason they can justify in their head. 

One alleged "justified" reason is to kill a team mate who is currently in 
SECOND CHANCE to prevent the enemy from getting the credit. I am not a 
believer in the value of this until the final minute of the game, if you TK a 
TM in second chance 30 seconds in you're a jerk. Obviously the player who is 
use SC is doing so because they want to earn some kills with it. If they have 
SECOND CHANCE PRO you have the option to take the second to revive them if 
they can move over to you. Regardless, it isn't up to you determine that your 
TM shouldn't be left there and I would TK you back the first opportunity I 
got, especially if you chose not to revive me and I was close to a streak.

My absolute favorite story of team killing involves a friend of mine who is a 
Hardcore junkie trying to earn Ghost Pro. The enemy had earned a sentry gun 
and called it in, my buddy still needed to fill out this requirement. 
Apparently so did a team mate. They saw the sentry gun and both indicated they
wanted it for their Ghost Pro credit. The other player was out and front, as 
was going to get their first... until the MPL had something to say about that.
While amusing, we all agreed this was a douche move but it got a desired 

In general, unless you are intent on trolling the game and have no intention 
of playing competitively, check your fire. You TK three times in one game you 
are sent to the spawn delay, and for each TK after that the story is the same.

S2C3 - Search and Destroy

SNDa - Basic Overview and Game Play

Search and Destroy is my favorite game mode, it can be both extremely 
satisfying and extremely frustrating all in the same round. The basics are 
this, each team gets the opportunity to either DEFEND or DESTROY an objective.
They are marked "A" and "B" on the map. At the start of the game, one team 
will get three consecutive attempts to DESTROY an objective while the other 
team DEFENDS, after the third attempt the sides will switch and the roles 
will reverse. The first team to score 4 points wins the game, if it is 3 v 3 
an overtime match will be held with the DEFEND or DESTROY roles determined 

There are three ways to win a match. They are as follows:

1) Eliminate all enemies in the map. 
2) Destroy the objective by planting the bomb and effectively defending it as 
the timer counts down, including elimination of all enemies prior to 
3) Defuse the bomb anytime after it has been planted by your enemy.

At the start of each match, the team with the bomb has to recover the 
explosives, they then have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to either clear the map of
enemies or plant the explosives. If the bomb gets planted, the defending team 
then has 40 seconds to defuse it. During any of this time, if all member of 
the DEFENDING team are killed, the DESTROY team wins the match regardless. At 
any time prior to bomb placement, the DEFEND team can win the round by killing
all enemies. If they kill all enemies after the bomb has been planted, the 
explosives still must be defused in order to with the round.

Did I mention you only get one spawn per round? Yeah, that can be kind of 
rough if you are used to rushing in RTDM matches, but this mode requires 
tactics to play successfully. Think of it like playing a round of 
Counterstrike, if you have done that before. Patience is rewarded, because 
there are a lot of rushers out there who die after about 10 seconds in to it 
who claim SnD suxors...

But there is great reward to be had, any kill in an SnD map nets you a fat 
+500 XP, an assist is +250 XP, if you plant the bomb you get +250 XP, while 
defusing it nets you another +500 XP. Plus you get match bonuses based on 
performance and you open up an entire spread of bonuses through the operations
challenges. Score ranges per match well over 1000 XP are the norm for better 
than average players.

The biggest mistake people make in this mode is rushing with the bomb. You are
going to be a mark for a good sniper, a blind frag toss or other projectile 
explosive. I prefer to hang back and see what happens when I take the bomb, I 
will let my TMS make an initial move towards one objective or the other, 
rattle some pots and pans(SEE "Cat and Mouse" discussion), then hopefully clue
me in to how the defense is set up as I make a push to plant the explosives.

Defending is far, far easier than Destroying if you ask me. Most of the 
objectives can be bottled up rather tightly if the defending team stays home 
and remains patient. Claymores and C4 are often used to secure routes to the 
objectives or to booby trap them. Equipment like motion sensors can help you 
watch two locations at once. When I defend on most maps I will pull out a 
sniper class or a suppressed assault rifle, I like to do this because of the 
time limitations and the overall impatience of the bomb planting team. Most 
take direct or nearly direct routes to the objectives, therefore you can 
effectively dig in your heels and cover one by yourself if you can hit targets
at range. 

SNDb - Smoke 'em if you got 'em (KSR Adjustments)

The average player in SnD will not live long enough in this mode to 
consistently warrant the use of all high level kill streaks. It is quite 
simply much more consistently effective to define lower values and always have
SPY PLANES and COUNTER SPY planes available to help you secure plants and move
onto areas for defusing. 

With the accuracy and ability of most weapons to kill anyone in the right 
situation regardless of skill level, a single misstep can lead you to spend 5 
to 7 rounds never calling in anything in the form of a KSR. If you trust your 
ability, by all means go for it. But it is far more likely that you are going 
to die 2 to 3 times, with only 5 max kills available per round and 4 others on
your team trying for them as well the probability is simply not in your favor.

The better team approach is to try for recon, and do it with a HARDLINE class.
If the enemy gets up recon first, retreat a little bit and look to supplement 
your class with the JAMMER or a MOTION SENSOR, or take a Strela and get rid of

SNDc - Play like a Champion Today

Since the max kill count can only be 5 in a single round, I highly discourage 
the use of the SCAVANGER Perk. I highly recommend forgoing GHOST and sticking 
to LIGHTWEIGHT to help you move faster or HARDLINE to try to get a KSR up when
able while you are on the "Destroy the Objective" side of life. The NINJA perk
is going to be highly used in the mode for the third tier selection by players
who wish to accomplish the Ninja Defuse. People will question "why no GHOST"? 
Answer in my mind is quite simple, the personal JAMMER in the equipment 
section when you are on the Destroy side "should" leave you fairly protected. 
Spy plane gets up, fall back, deploy your jammer, equip your Strela, take it 
out, hold tight for a few seconds and continue on.

On the defend side, HARDLINE with claymore appears to me to be the best case 
setup for most competition, you can decide if you want to UAV or RC CAR, I 
personally think RC CAR is going to see heavy use in SnD, but I would much 
rather use a SPY PLANE and help my team out.

If by chance the enemy does get a Spy Plane up, you can always choose to 
Counter Spy Plane as your hardlined KSR for 3 kills, or simply do what I did
all throughout MWR. Just double back and wait for it to go away if you don’t
want to take it out, this will often lead to the enemy advancing up and 
opening their defense of the objectives because they turn into hunters so 
long as the Spy plane is up. Find an area with some cover and manageable 
approaches, claymore the approach to it, and hopefully take out an enemy or 
two. Again, if you make some ruckus in the "Cat and Mouse" mode of play, you 
can fire off some rounds, drop your JAMMER, then toss a DECOY and see if an 
enemy takes the bait. MOTION SENSORS out ahead of you will also keep you safe 
until it goes away.

Often I see a big mistake IMO happen when a TM or Enemy earns a Spy Plane. 
KSRs will carry over to the next round if you elect to not call it in after 
it was earned. What I see happen quite often is as soon as the round starts, 
the TM who earned it calls it in. Complete waste if you ask me, since you are 
nowhere near being close enough to do anything good with it for the majority 
of its active time. The Spy Plane will last 40 seconds I believe, with the 
travel time it takes to get to the objectives it seems like its usefulness is 
not maximized. I as a rule try not to call it until I see a TM or enemy die, 
then I light it up if I am using that reward. Exception is if the bomb is 
planted, I will always call it in right afterwards in order to give myself the
clearest path to defuse or defend the plant.

Willy Pete use is highly common in this mode. Most players will use them when 
they set or attempt to defuse an explosive. They can give you the required 
screen from a sniper or AR player, but in the end they attract the attention 
of anyone left in the map who is watching the target, and if someone is noob 
tubing or has a lethal grenade left you are about to get blown up. When I see
the bomb carrier advance towards an objective, I will almost always toss my 
smoke grenade, if I am using them, towards the opposite objective to attempt 
a diversion. Decoy grenades can be useful as a distraction from the main 
objective, and if you come up from behind the bomb plant side, tossing it out 
in front of the site will get the enemy looking away for a few crucial seconds
that might allow you to slide in and defuse the bomb or kill the enemy.

I think it takes 4-5 seconds to plant the bomb and 4-5 seconds to defuse it. 
People will often plant the explosive then camp directly on top of it. This 
can work, but I prefer to set a claymore on an approach to the objective 
rather than on top of it. The reason is simple, it some through a flash or 
stunner grenade at the objective, it has effectively short circuited all of 
the equipment in the area, they then have a clear approach in and attempt a 
defuse. I would rather claymore a rear approach, then cover the most logical 
route to flank the objective. I look for a position where I can cover the 
location where the bomb was planted and have enough line of sight to watch a 
second approach.

Again I will almost never set a claymore at the objective locations when I am
defending, rather I set them up on the approaches to the target, I find that 
much more effective since people rush a lot. 

Because of only having one life, a lot of players, higher level ones included,
will noobtoob or spam other projectile explosive types. It is highly annoying,
yet can be highly effective. I don’t recommend doing that though, I recommend 
the use of suppressors on all weapons instead and taking your time. Surprise 
is especially lethal in this mode, I do what I can to stay quiet, and from the
arrangement and balance of the perks in this game, it seems like the developer
really wants stealth to be a much greater factor than previous titles..

The other most common mistake I see made is a TM who sprints to the bomb and 
then sprints to plant it prior to having anything cleared out. You are asking 
for one of two results to happen:

1) Bomb carrier gets killed, bomb now smack in the middle of many enemies.
2) Bomb planted while carrier had no one around him, enemy lets him plant it 
only to kill him when he walks away and bomb gets defused about 5 seconds 

If I ruled the world, the entire team would stay within AR fire range of each 
other, 3 sweep forward, one stay back with the bomb carrier. The three ahead 
would provide the initial assault on the chosen objective, the two behind 
would cover with ACOGs or Scopes and see what happens. If they clear it, in 
comes the bomb, you set perimeter and hold off who remains. If they all die, 
you sweep around to the other objective and do what you can to clear the 
mission. Did I mention everyone would have headsets and tell each other what 
they plan on doing, along with agreeing who is going to take the bomb? Your 
classes would then be set for your agreed upon roles, thus maximizing the 
chances of success. This is in my own perfect world of course...

But sadly, I do not rule the world, and most people make a mad dash for the 
bomb, then most blitz both targets simultaneously and get killed while on the 
destroy side, where the defenders also sprint rush and try to wolf pack kill 
everyone away from the target. I am quite often left in matches 3 or 4 on one 
in random lobbies. ARGH!

Rushing up to die does nothing more than waste your time. You need to be 
careful but you can’t sit on your hands either. People who rush this mode and 
fail are the ones who leave the lobby mid-game and screw everything up for 
those who remain, patience is rewarded with the best XP grab in the game. At 
least the fragmentation grenades have been somewhat nerfed...

Final points, if you set a claymore, it will remain in the game after your 
death. Same goes for C4, but it will take a bullet to detonate it. If you are 
killed using a RC CAR you will be able to direct it to its detonation, and 
then you are out of the game. FLAK JACKET is a viable option for anyone who 
plans on defusing or planting bombs, since you will likely take heavy 
explosives assault near the objectives.

2:30 is a lot of time, use it to make your way around the map, wait for the 
enemy to over extend themselves or lose patience then pounce. Many people camp
hard in this mode, they do so with UGLs and claymore traps, so watch the 
corners. If you can snipe, this is the perfect mode for it since the time 
restraints and the enemy dying will typically not result in you getting 
flanked for firing. When you down the bomb carrier, you see the bomb drop on 
the screen. It stays there, so make sure you cover it and identify the routes 
that can be taken to pick it up again. Claymore approaches before you claymore
the objective.

SNDe - Select Map Strategies

This section will be filled in after I have spent some time with the maps 

S2C4 - Demolition

DEMa - Basic Overview and Game Play

Demolition is a hybrid game type, sort of the sick and twisted love child 
between Sabotage and Search and Destroy game modes. This game includes the 
initial time limit of SnD and match point systems with the slugfest that is 
Sabotage. Thankfully, there is no such thing as a tie in this mode, it is 
only 3 rounds and the first team to score 2 points wins.

Each team at random is assigned in either Defend or Destroy. The main 
difference is that every player on the "Destroy" side spawns carrying a bomb.
Anytime anyone is killed, you are allowed to respawn effectively without delay
and go about your business. The round last 2:30 seconds, and within that time 
the "Destroy" team must demolish an objective, if they can get a single 
destroy the map clock is then reset to minimum of 4:30 to take out the last 
target, speed planting can give you over 5 minutes of time, not sure how that 
is determined though. The Defend team only has to finish the round with one 
objective in play to take the round point, but it is much easier if you keep 
them both around to reduce the number of opportunities to make the plant.

Obviously, life is a lot harder if you are asked to destroy twice. 
Communication again will be the key in success or failure. It is my beliefs 
that in lobby you should agree to all make the destruction of one specified 
target your goal initially, hopefully your first wave will result in a plant,
then defend said plant until the target is nearly or completely demolished, 
then focus your efforts on the remaining target as you are being taken off of
your initial plant. The time it takes to plant and defuse is similar to that 
of sabotage, and again in this mode you always spawn carrying a bomb.

You are awarded 50 points per kill and 100 points per plant or defuse, with 
bonuses worked in regarding if you kill a planter or a defuser in the act, 
that kind of stuff you know. In this game mode, 2:30 seconds is not a lot of 
time. Be fast and quick, descend on one target then peel off to get the other.
Keep in mind that it is a great time to plant at the other location while the 
enemy is trying to remove your first bomb. This will usually allow you a 
nearly clear path up to the second site, and the use of a speed plant at an 
easy location can allow you to all as a team peel off and hit the more 
difficult one. 

If that doesn’t work, hopefully you get to defend twice. I don’t think this 
section needs to be expanded further, as the tactics of Sabotage and SnD are 
truly hybridized in this mode, see the other sections for more information. 
Keep in mind, it is much easier to defend the objective out ahead of them as 
often slowing the progress of the enemy toward your objective rather than 
trading fire at it will leave your plants active enough to detonate. Sentry 
guns are your best friends and worst enemies in this mode, expect to see them
and learn likely locations for their placement. On the defend side, consider 
"B" to be the Alamo, make you final stand closest to your spawn for best 
chance of success.

I recommend use of concussion grenades or nova gas when watching the 
objectives. Will Pete and flashes for when you plant. TACTICAL MASK in its 
pro form is great for this mode, but MARATHON may be most appropriate due to 
the need for speed if you chose to leave the TACTICAL INSERTIONS in the 
equipment bag. Planters will want to consider the merits of FLAK JACKET over 
LIGHTWEIGHT or other perks, because you will always have hell rained down on 
you in the form of explosives spam. WARLORD PRO will be great for the extra 
magazines and both types of grenades if you want to try to earn a higher KSR.
The calling in of the dogs in this mode makes everything much easier...

DEMb - Play like a Champion Today

The simplest and most effective to way to win demolition matches on nearly 
every map in the game is to by-pass the plant on the "A" objectives and give 
the "B" objectives the bums rush as a team. The enemy will categorically 
spawn closest to the "B" objective, thus if you rush the plant and secure it, 
they will be forever travelling to catch you at the "A" location. If you 
position yourself and your team properly, you will mow down anyone who makes 
an attempt to then press up to the "A" objective and keep your planters clean
while they knock out the objective.

Most players run out to "A" thinking that is where everyone is going to be at
the start, thus moving around the edges of the map to get to "B" back doors 
them and leaves them wondering if they should pull off and move back or sit 
tight and wait at "A". That hesitation combined with the spawn delay on Demo 
is going to work in your favor here. 

A word of warning, the demolition spawn system on many maps is highly 
predictable. I completely and totally endorse the use of a tactical insertion 
to prevent and enemy from spawn locking you on smaller map. If you are in the 
mode to spawn kill, you are a turd. When they are set in, they are extremely 
difficult if not impossible to get out of. If you suspect this may happen, 
choose GHOST PRO to save you from the sentries, and try to get out and TACT 
INSERT away from the spawn. If time allows go back and kill that would be 
spawn killer. In the event you have been spawn trapped, I would fully endorse
returning the favor on the next round. Make sure you start out with a TI 
though to prevent being made the fool two maps in a row.

Regardless, it is a douche bag move, play the game and get good scrub. If it 
continues to be a problem, assign a player to guard it.

DEMc - Select Map Strategies


Honestly I think this map is one of the best tactical maps in the game because
you can play all levels of range into your defense and plant strategy. 
Objective "A" is located in the back alley near the satellite dish and the old
excavator while Objective "B" is located in the open space just outside the 
circular building. Both objectives can be covered by snipers, long range 
Assault Rifle play, LMG suppressing fire or through SMGs and other close 
quarters weapons.

For my money, it is much harder to plant and secure location "A", and thus 
that should be your primary focus to get the bomb planted and detonated before
only giving the enemy one objective to defend. The approaches to it offer some
cover in the back alleys, but you will likely be running straight into heavy 
weapons fire anytime you are outside of the building that opens up to the 

Moving through the building will likely require you to run Hacker and Ghost to
avoid the imminent claymore traps and motion sensors or busting by the spy 
plane. If you get jammed, that will alert you to someone waiting for you 
there. You can get to the open door for the plant by taking the long way 
through the building, or by going all the way around the perimeter if the map 
and using the back staircase. If you choose to plant from this direction the 
alcove can provide you some cover, but be aware that it is likely enemies will
be on the crane side of that opening and if they are elevated they can see 

After "A" has been planted, and preferably if you get killed defending your 
plant without using a tactical insertion, peel off and try to get the bomb 
planted down at "B" while the enemies are moving off to try and defuse. 
Hopefully you get one or both and the game is done. If not, hope that "A" is 
destroyed and now you only have "B" to worry about. This objective is out in 
the open completely, but it can be covered and cleared relatively easily due 
to the distance it takes to get there for the defenders. This is the main 
reason why getting "A" first is so critical in my opinion. It typically 
happens that two or three enemies sprint to "B" because the planters can reach
it first through a marathon and lightweight combo, thus they rush out and frag
and semtex spam the objective to prevent the speed plants. This then 
unintentionally leaves "A" open for your best opportunity to knock it out, and
since it is closest to the enemy spawn point the plant is going to be tough to
hold if everyone stayed home.

This also means that the back stairwell or just off the side of the crane is a
good spot to use a tactical insertion. Yes they do have value if you can find 
a spot to hide them, this will prevent you from having to run back and try to 
defend the "A" plant from your spawn point behind "B" and give you the best 
chance to corn hole the enemy after they think you were dispatched. Try to 
remember to replace the tacy incase they get you again, provided it was not 
located and you were not tactically deleted.

Obviously on the defend side, objective "A" is a real meat grinder. You can 
get out and prone on the crane with any weapon that ranges well and pepper the
alleys leading to the objective. If you set up here, it will be a good idea to
place a motion sensor near the big round satellite dish to watch your back. 
You can take claymores or sensors into the circular building and 
simultaneously watch the approach to "A" through the building and the plant 
site at "B". You can cover "B" completely from the window, but most players 
will be waiting for you to show your face, so don’t stand still too long. You 
can also hoof it out to the Radio tower and sit in a snipers ambush on the 
tower or getting lost in the rocks and shrubbery provided you can hit 
stationary planting targets at range. As a rule, in this snipers mode don’t 
shoot at anyone who is not a planter, and load out the Strela as your 
secondary to immediately take down any enemy airborne. "B" is by far most 
vulnerable because you effectively reach it at the same time as the planter, 
thus watch out for an enemy waiting for you with a range weapon and spamming 
grenade tosses.


The locations for the Demolition sites on Launch present a unique and rather 
difficult challenge to overcome. The way I see it, it is really, really easy 
to plant and destroy "A" at will. Thus, it should be the focus of the entire 
team to support the plant and destroy of Target "B" first, as the map will 
become your enemy if the game gets drawn out.

Target "B" is located in the missile silo on the West side of the map. This 
objective represents the unique challenge of not only allowing the enemy to 
rain death on you from above, but the system of stair cases makes it extremely
easy to cut you off and establish a line of defense on your half of the map. 
The ramps leading down to the site are extremely dangerous to run through as 
not only is the cover minimal, the cover provided perfectly screens claymore 
mines. C4 packs will kill almost all players who are not using FLAK JACKET if 
you detonate them in the middle of the ramp. These work wonders when an enemy 
has deployed Willy Pete to cover movement, toss your C4 near the base of the 
smoke and detonate when you see the figure move through it.

This is a map where I would recommend the use of the Plant class and the 
Defend class, and thus remembering to use them when the roles switch. The use
of LIGHTWEIGHT PRO will be helpful in allowing you to hop down both ledges of
the silo from the cut outs at the top without sustaining fall damage, and you
will likely need to be doing a lot of this. TACTICAL MASK PRO will allow you 
to spam flash bangs into the room to give you the location of any enemies 
while blinding them for just a bit, hopefully cluing you in to how they plan 
to defend and allowing you to dispatch them first. I would suggest using the 
tactical insertion with the plant class and trying to stash it in one of the 
stair cases. Ideally, you should aim to get a player ahead of ramp and on top 
covering the silo drop downs, make the plant and hope you can hold them off. 
HACKER and its PRO form will also be highly useful in identifying JAMMERS, 
SENSORS, CLAYMORES and C4. You can also use it to counter the most douche 
approach in the game since Helicopter Chaining...

Once the game has been going for a while though, it is going to be highly 
likely that you will start seeing sentry guns or other types of KSR rain down 
on this area, again, it is imperative to get this first for your best chance 
of success. Once all 5 enemies are looking solely at this objective, it 
becomes extremely difficult to not only get a plant but to hold them off for 
40 seconds. 

This map provides a real threat of being HARDLINE PRO-rolled into submission. 
There are "safe" drop zones where players who have banked multiple crate drops
will line them up and try to "roll" for better rewards, which always seems to 
happen and work out well for them. At this time, the game has not been patched
to address it, nor should we expect it to change. Thus you must actively 
counter it if the game starts to play long. 

When you see this happening, it should again be a reminder why shooting down 
enemy airbornes is so essential in this game if you have team mates who are 
not using GHOST. At the break over in the map, there are two locations that 
are elevated and off the beaten path that will allow you to set up SAM 
Turrets. One is a small ladder that leads to a little 5 x 5 platform that 
will support the placement, the other on top of the machinery right in the 
middle of the break over. If you can get these SAMs up while being HARDLINE 
rolled, you have a greater than 50% chance that you can get the helicopter 
prior to it dropping the package at the selected DZ, hopefully getting it 
stuck on top of unreachable areas or a place where you can use your HACKER PRO
to return the favor. This combined with a team mate using the Strela to knock 
down all the COUNTER SPY PLANES and regular SPY PLANES will significantly slow
the growth to another batch of spammed air drops.

The other way to more actively combat this, outside of not being killed by the
HARDLINE roller of course, is to ambush them at their drop. Back at the defend
spawn site, you will see a large open area that has a small tank to the left 
and a small room to the right when looking ahead. Both of these locations are 
behind the "A" plant site if you are looking ahead considering your spawn 
location. It is likely an enemy defender will be at or near this room, but you
can use it. The intent of you being back here is to wipe out the Hardliner and
blow up their packages, not primarily to steal them cause you likely will not 
have time. If you have the drop on the HARDLINER, wait till you see the first 
crate before dispatching him. With hacker pro you can try to take one, I would
say grab the sentry first, then C4 destroy what is left. Hopefully this will 
work out for you and then you can move up behind the enemy on the way back to 
the plant sites and score some easy kills.

The plant site at "A" is fairly easy to hit even with the close proximity of 
the enemy spawn. You need to watch that eastside back catwalk as a player can 
ambush you there or set claymore on your movement. There are several tanks and
other perches that can be used to provide cover or to set up and rain grenades
down on you. Claymoring the first path to the left of the Plant "A" sight is 
recommended and covering it with a team mate is even better to prevent the 
short path around you. If you can get a team mate back behind their spawn 
point you will be able to occupy them long enough to keep reinforcing your 

Another reason why this position should be left for last happens around the 
5:00 mark of the map, where is you happen to be at the "Plant B" location, you
get a big surprise in the form of death by rocket ignition. It will kill and 
destroy everything in that room at this time, so if you can remember that it 
actually could be turned for your advantage. 

S2C5 - Domination

Domination is an objective based game that has you capturing flags, marked A, 
B, and C on the maps, and earning points based on how long you hold each 
position. I love this mode for the simple reason that even with less than 
stellar players on your squad, you can win since body count does not 
ultimately determine success or failure. When I first started playing this 
mode I would play even or slightly negative because I would capture flags as 
my primary objective, it seemed like the way to go. But I have evolved and now
have a rock solid approach that is extremely difficult to overcome.

DOMa - Basic Overview and Game Play

At your spawn, you will be located close to either flag "A" of flag "C". Flag
"B" will allegedly be placed at a neutral location equidistant from each team.
To "capture" a domination flag, you must stand within a circle that is roughly
4 game meters in radius, about the length of 2 proned players head to toe with
the lead players head at the base of the flag. This measure is important to 
remember since it is now larger than the 100% lethal zone for a frag or semtex

To capture the flag, you need to occupy it for roughly 8 to 10 seconds by 
yourself, and a time duration of half of that number for each additional 
player on your team that stands in the capture circle with you. Thus if three 
players enter the capture zone together, in roughly 2 to 3 seconds the flag 
becomes yours. 

Points towards the game score are then only earned after the first flag has 
been captured. For each three to four seconds you hold a flag, a +1 is added 
to your game score. Additional flags = additional points. The game is untimed,
and will conclude once one team has reached a score of 200 points at minimum. 
Depending on how the flags were captured and at what point in the game they 
were taken a maximum winning score of 202 is possible. The game tally clock is
constant, keep that in mind as all tallies are recorded simultaneously 
regardless of when the flag was then captured or turned over to the 

For each flag you contribute to the capture you get +150 points. For each kill
you make of an enemy trying to take you flag, you get the kill points plus an
addition +200 for a "Flag Defender" award. If you kill an enemy who has just 
taken a flag from you or happens to be planting a claymore/C4 whatever on 
their held flag you get an "Offensive" award and an XP bonus for aggression. 
Both the capture and defender accomplishments tally up to give you career 
awards per each prestige file, thus playing domination through each of your 
prestige file actually pays off if you are decent at the game mode. The 
offensive medals are required to earn LIGHTWEIGHT-PRO. There are contracts 
specifically set up for this mode that are beneficial to purchase should you 
need the CoD points or XP, in general the XP grab in the mode is better than 
average and the bonuses increase considerably depending on how much ass you 
can kick.

Currently the most effective way to play sound games of Domination is to set 
up and as a team defend your spawn flag and ONE other flag on the map. This 
most typically is the "B" flag, but with the use of TACTICAL INSERTIONs it 
most certainly does not have to be. If you set up entirely behind "B" flag you
can essentially hold a line in the game and kill anyone who comes to take "B" 
from you while always being in position to cut off an enemy moving towards the
"A" or "C" flag. This is sound strategy that often gets you called a camper, 
and is often wise to enact if you feel like your enemy outclasses you and your

Conversely a much more aggressive way to play the game is to rove the entire 
map flipping flags at will. This can work, but tends to leave players who are
using more conservative approaches vulnerable to an enemy spawn wave at their 
back. If you see that the majority of your team is playing this way you need 
to always check your back and if you choose to remain in a defensive role, 
hang out as close to "B" flag as the map allows since you will give yourself 
the best chance to spot and enemy spawn wave.

I personally do not like playing this game mode at such a fast pace, say what 
you will about it but that is the Team Death Match Approach to Domination. 
Killing the enemy more does not win you games in this mode, capturing and 
holding objectives does. If your team rushes up into the area of an opposition
that is playing to defend they will likely get lit up and streaked up. As with
all game modes, understanding your enemy is the primary key to success. 
Committing to rove an area between two flags often can and will lead you to 
decent kill totals while securing the win, and in this mode that is the name 
of the game.

DOMb - What Happened to Spawn Trapping, or "resistance is futile"?

What used to be the best way to play this mode for an easy, moderately paced 
victory was to hold the two flags closest to each other and then move up to 
the midpoint of the map at Flag "B" and contain the enemy spawn at Flag "A" or
"C". It was extremely frustrating to be on the wrong side of this as 
airstrikes and suppressing fire kept you as a fish in a barrel. The developers
of this game have sort of made this just a little harder to do, as it appears 
now that if you kill consecutive enemies in a close amount of time the spawn 
zone is freed and often they end up spawning directly behind you en mass, thus
effectively putting the shoe on the other foot...

One thing to keep in mind now though, is that it appears that on most maps 
there is no such thing as a spawn point near Flag "B". Thus what is then 
deduced from this is that what was put in by the developers to somewhat abate 
spawn trapping can actually be manipulated to make it worse. You may be saying
"huh?" right about now...

Effectively what this has done on most maps is turn what used to be 200 to 100
victories in Modern Warfare reflex into 200 to 40 victories in Black Ops. If 
you play it right, you can effectively negate any and all pushes to take ANY 
flags back in this game by simply keeping your back pointed towards the "B" 
flag if you have taken "A" and "C". If your entire team plays this way, you 
are going to be perpetually killing the enemy and streaking up on them, 
killing them at "A" flag and sending them to be killed at "C flag in a 
seemingly perpetual cycle. You can do this without even playing all that close
to the "A" or "C" flags, just by making sure you are somewhat in between the 
"B" flag and either "A" or "C" and the rest comes to you.

Basically if you are running SCAVANGER you will get an endless supply of 
grenades, and while the grenades are no longer a sure flag clearer, a single 
shot is often all that is required to finish the job if you miss the initial 
kill. Keeping between "B" and the forward flag you will always see when it is 
being moved on by the enemy through either the flag icon flashing on your 
screen or the game voice telling you it is being taken. Cook the nade and let 
it fly, mop up what is left. With all the Spy Planes you will likely earn 
doing this you will be clued in whenever a player is forgoing capturing the 
flag in front of them in an effort to get out of the "spawn trap", use the map
to flank them and send em back into the cycle. 

Use of motion sensors makes all of this infinitely easier, as you can stash 
one out ahead of you and watch a different side alley. Only a player then 
using HACKER PRO with ghost will likely escape. 

If you are on the bad side of this, you have to basically spawn guns blazing 
and not attempt to take that flag in front of you, you need to get out and 
kill the players keeping you penned in and try to reestablish a front until 
your team mates regroup and break the cycle. Setting a TACTICAL INSERTION 
somewhere near "B" flag will help you avoid this.

DOMc - Play like a Champion Today

The in game voice and the flag flashing in this mode when an enemy is moving 
to take your objectives acts like free recon in the game. While you can use 
it to your advantage to clue you into an objective that is going to switch, 
it can also be used to set you up and get you drawn out of your defense 

A move called a "feint" basically abuses this function. As the "feinting 
player" you want to run through the flag area and get the voice to tell the 
enemies you are taking their objective. Often times doing this more than once
is most effective. Again you do this move to accomplish one of two goals:

1) To draw them out of their defensive positions and spend their grenades on 
blind tosses to clear the flags.
2) To get them to back off of the mid point flag by making them think multiple
targets are behind them. 

The use of decoy grenades in performing "feint" moves add to the quality of 
the ruse, keep that in mind.

As stated in the PERK Grouping section above, the ultimate tactical load out 
set for Domination will invariably consist of FLAK JACKET and TACTICAL MASK 
PRO perks. It would be up to you to decide if you want to go with HARDENED 
PRO or not, as some users really like WARLORD and SOH. Regardless of that 
preference, you are going to trip claymore, draw the attention of UGLS and 
RPGS, C4 and grenades of all types. You will stand strong to all of that, kill
the tosser in their recovery time and still secure the objective.

Right now many people are still in love with GHOST. I get it, who wouldn't 
want to be off the radar. But in the event that you run GHOST, HARDLINE, 
LIGHTWEIGHT or SCAVENGER you are going to get clowned by well tossed 
explosives at all times. Thus if you find that you are in a match with a 
grenade marksman, either accept death often or adjust your PERK 1. 

Every map has multiple locations where you can lob grenades and either drop 
them directly on to the would be captures or carom them into the correct kill
spot. Practice and learn these, as they are the difference between winning 
and losing. Look for windows and doors to throw through, buildings to toss 
over or trucks to bounce off. They are there, waiting to be discovered.

THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO SUCCES IN DOMINATION (i.e. - if you learn nothing else
for this guide, take this piece of advice with you.): The fastest way to lose
and lose big in domination against good to above average competition is to try
to capture flags by yourself. A single player moving onto a flag will almost
always be exposed to multiple enemies firing and tossing nades directly onto
you. You will end up giving up streaks to the enemy and continue to allow the
game to slip out of reach. A better approach is to coordinate your capture,
enlisting the help of 1 to 2 additional teammates BEFORE you enter the capture
radius. This will reduce the capture time by a third, which is huge.

If you find yourself stuck with the enemy holding the "B" flag and another 
objective, it is often not best to keep running right up to "B". Rather taking
the time to move all the way behind the enemy and either secure the held flag 
or back door them at "B" with a coordinated rush. 

Talk to your team mates, ask for them to join up on you or ask them where you 
can join up on them. Get more team mates to use the flak jacket to prevent a 
single nade giving up a triple kill.

Never underestimate the ability to wallbang an enemy capturing a flag.

On the larger maps such as JUNGLE, VILLA and ARRAY the spawn system will often
aid the enemy in taking flags from you. Thus attempting to hold 3 flags 
against good competition will often not work. Instead, use this to your 
advantage and when recon tells you multiple targets are moving onto your held 
"A" or "C" flag (while holding and playing near "B" of course), move as a 
group to capture the "C" or "A" flag while the enemy is taking your objective.
We call this out as "flipping" the flags in our games, and all my team mates 
know exactly what I am talking about when we do this. Basically it makes the 
enemy charge up to back door you for almost no gain, as almost immediately 
after taking the objective from you their held objective falls. 

Note from DBC: I really can't stress this enough: DO NOT TRIPLE CAP. It's
almost always a bad idea, and can quickly turn a great game into a losing game
for you. If you have a team of all-star players, and you're up against people
who are still trying to figure out how all the buttons work, you can get away
with it, but otherwise, it should not be attempted unless the situation is
dire. Such as a Villa game that Led and I played with some other notable RAF
guys (Henry, Zhukov, and Blizz) on Villa. We were up against good competition,
and they pulled ahead of us. At 190 - 135 we made the decision to go for the
triple cap to pull out a victory. Somehow, through a helluva lot of 
coordination over the mic and teamwork, we pulled out a 195 - 200 victory. But
still, it's a last resort tactic, okay?

DOMd - Select Map Strategies

Firing Range

Firing range is the single easiest map in the game to earn a shutout victory 
in Domination. You know, the ever so sweet 200 - 0 victory. It is actually 
surprisingly easy to accomplish and you really don't need much else but an 
opponent who is a little slow getting going to pull it off. If you have a team
of 4 or 5 mic'd players, some basic position call outs are all you need to 
absolutely destroy anyone on this map. 

If you spawn on the "C" Flag, leave only one player on the "C" flag to secure 
it. The rest run to "B" flag, and toss nades in the direction of "A" through 
the blown out open area while firing in the direction of the flag. With the 
right angle you will bounce the grenade off the second floor and it will drop 
down directly onto the flag. "BOOM", multi kills guaranteed.

After then securing "B", two or more players need to rush through the building
and then secure the "A" flag. Once this is done, it is time to dig in your 
heel and put your backs to the "B" flag. As what you have effectively done is 
confine the spawns of the enemy to one of three places. I am not directing you
to spawn kill anyone. No, what I am saying is that the enemy, with all three 
objectives held by you is now hamstrung to spawn either South of the "B" flag 
at the bottom of the hill, north of the "B" flag behind the wooden trailer, or
North East of the "A" flag in that bumped out area a lot of players take care 
packages in.

So yeah, if you set your heels and put your back to the "B" flag, the enemy 
will be constantly in front of you unless they take long flanking routes to 
your positions. I like to set up at the top of the hill, just south of "B" and
watch for enemies run up or across the back. I can set behind the half wall 
with a motion sensor at the bunker, or go up near the elevated area under the 
tower. From these spots, you can support defense on both the "B" and "C" 
flags. A player set up in the building next to "B" can do the same.

A player or two can also set up in and near the building over "A", and just 
the same cover both the "A" and "B" flags. This can then leave one player to 
cover the areas between all three flags and help out as required. If you 
communicate and ask for help when you need it, you will be amazed at the 
hurting you put on the enemy with this strategy. Our typical match is 200 to 
40 when pulling this off, and we have performed shutouts as indicated, but 
realistically the enemy will likely get something before the match is over.

From the position of the "B" flag, you can actually grenade both the "A" and 
"C" locations with blind tosses. From "B" to "A" as discussed by bouncing it 
off the open area second floor and from "B" to "C" by tossing your grenade 
through the upper level Loft door things. In both instances, just use the 
flag indicator to get your direction and practice the toss.

A class I like to use involves your favorite fast firing weapon (I like the 
SPECTRE or the MP5K/AK74U rapid Fires) with SCAVENGER PRO to always have ammo
and grenades, SLEIGHT OF HAND to deal with multiple targets and TACTICAL MASK 
PRO to concuss in close quarters. You could also choose HACKER to avoid 
tripping claymores moving in and out of the buildings. Rounding out the set 
up looks like this:

Primary - Favorite fast firing SMG
Secondary - Crossbow (With SCAVENGER PRO 5 bolts)


Frag and Concussions, with MOTION SENSOR

The use of HARDENED on this map is warranted, as the environments is easily 
shot through and HARDENDED will make wall banging just like open area killing.

I would use my Domination Dogs KSR grouping of:

1) Spy Plane or Counter Spy Plane
2) Blackbird
3) Dogs

Last time we did this we had 4 Blackbirds up in the game and two dog packs 
from different players. If you use the dogs on this map, expect anywhere from 
8 to 12 kills from them as there is little you can do to get away from them 
without Ghost Pro. The Attack Helicopter is particularly lethal on this map 
with all the thin walls and open spaces, but again it is easy to see and easy 
to shoot down, and often a dog blocker.

So have at it, let me know if you are able to get a shut out.


Similar to Firing Range, employing the "Back to B" strategy will allow you to 
control the flow of enemies onto the objectives and into the map. This is 
another map that if you spawn on the "A" flag, you can effectively sprint over
to the "C" flag site and loft a grenade along the side pathway and wipe out 
the initial capture if the enemy is not using FLAK JACKET. Players are coming 
to expect this, but you can get them from any of three different ways and it 
happens fast, and thus is easy to get lit up.

Regardless of that, expect the enemy to capture either the "A" or "C" with 
relative ease at the start, and instead push to secure the "B" flag first. I 
suggest leaving on player on "A" or "C" to capture it, then put three on "B" 
and one ahead to slow the enemy approach to the "B" flag from their spawn 
point. Once you lock up the "B" flag, again set your heels and play defense 
moving out from "B".

The spawns on this map occur either back in the lower area behind the "C" 
flag, the common spot to receive care packages, or back behind the "A" flag, 
again in the little depressed area where care packages often come in. If you 
and your team occupy the central building and hold "B", again the enemy will
always be moving directly towards you if they choose to pressure objectives.

Watch the map, wait for the flags to start fading, then move out and stop the 
capture. Streak up and rain hell on them. Using motion sensors will make all 
of this a lot easier to control, expect that the "A" flag is going to turn 
over much more often than "C", as you really only have two ways to defend it. 
If you are good at cooking the grenades, you can often run to the doorway, 
toss in a 2 second cooked nade, drop back and flank around and clear the "A" 
capture. On "C" you have a multitude of options that make holding that 
objective much less challenging. Regardless, hold and don't lose "B", there 
are upper levels, back areas, catwalks, outdoor towers and any area out side 
of that central building that can be bottled up to prevent them from moving 
into that building, Use them all, and you will find victory. 

Expect scores closer to 200 - 50 when using this approach. We did secure one 
shut out here, but it wasn't all that legit since 2 enemies quit after being 
completely stymied by our defense of "B".

I have the absolutely dirtiest of dirty claymore placements on this map, and 
it essentially a can't miss FIRST BLOOD medal, if you spawn on the "C" flag 
side, if you are using MARTHON PRO you can sprint right up to the "B" Flag and
go past it to the hallway that the players coming from "A" will likely be
rushing towards. If you drop your claymore so it is in the middle of the 
opening facing out to where they will be coming from it is essentially a 
guaranteed kill to any player not using the Flak Jacket. I got single, double
and triple claymore first blood kills doing this, of course I am fairly 
certain you only get one medal, but the point is a claymore got me a SPY PLANE
ten seconds into the match, and we now have the B flag.

S2C6 - Headquarters

HQGa - Basic Overview and Game Play

Headquarters is an objective based game mode that has each team fighting to 
secure a single objective whose location on the map changes after each cycle 
of "capturing" and "destroying". When the game starts, the game voice and HUD 
will tell you to "Capture" the HQ, and give you the general location and 
direction you need to travel to get there. Notice there is a 40 second delay 
in the time it takes to identify the location of the HQ until it goes Online. 
Once the HQ is online, you and your team must move into the capture radius of 
the HQ to secure it. Once secured, the enemy is then told by the game voice 
to "destroy" the HQ while you are left to "defend" it.

So how it works, you capture the HQ, it is now in your possession for a 
maximum of 60 seconds, during which you will earn as a team +50 xp for every 
five full seconds the HQ is under your control along with a tally of 5 points
to the game score. After the capture, should you be killed either defending 
the HQ or away from it anywhere on the map, you are sent to the reinforcement 
delay which will not allow you back into the match until the full 60 seconds 
has elapsed on the capture or the enemy has destroyed the HQ. Full secures get
you 650 XP for each occurrence, thus by deduction you can see that HQ is a 
very sought after mode for high levels of XP grab.

Each game is played to a maximum score of 250 points in the match or 15 
minutes, there is no overtime thus a draw is just that. Thus, the best 
possible score you can attain is 250 - 0, which will earn you ridiculous XP 
and bonuses. Again, outside of Search and Destroy, this is likely the best XP 
grab you can get.

Headquarters is the game mode that you should expect the best competition the 
game has to offer. You will often find teams of 3, 4 or 5 players waiting in 
the lobby for someone to come for them. I would highly, highly recommend you 
do not go into this game mode alone, as getting the randoms with no clue mean 
you will have little chance of success, almost none.

In order to excel in this game mode you have to be an effective killer along 
with possessing ability to out maneuver your enemy to secure HQs for your team
while preventing captures for the enemy. There is no one best way to play this
game mode, it is highly dependent on the level of competition and the way they
are trying to play you, but I offer a few suggestions that seem to work for me
in most instances.

HQGb - Perk and KSR Adjustment

It is my personal belief that if you play this mode without the use of FLAK 
JACKET, against anything but low levels of competition you should not expect 
to survive during HQ captures. This is not to say that the other Tier 1 Perks 
have no use, but your HQ capturing and destroying role should be only as 
support and not the primary. If you take anything but the FLAK JACKET to the 
HQ, expect to die early, often and seemingly randomly from Hail Mary grenades 
or explosive projectiles.

Players who wish to kill however, should give strong consideration to going 
HARDLINE or SCAVANGER PRO (See HQ section C). The reason I am suggesting 
HARDLINE, for at least one of the players on your team is to have just a short
trip to 2 kills for a SPY PLANE. Get that right away in the lobby and count 
the number of enemies who show up on it, if you only see 2 that means you have
3 easy marks for grenade / explosive kills. Visuals will confirm if the 
remaining players you see are using the flak jacket or not.

The use of SCAVANGER PRO of course will ensure you can constantly and 
consistently have ammo and grenades at your disposal to support your "Slayer" 
role. I would also suggest going dual mags as an attachment as multiple 
targets should be in your view often.

As for KSR adjustments, again give strong consideration to providing the most 
recon you can. I often forgo the task of shooting down enemy SPY PLANES and 
opt to enable a COUNTER SPY PLANE instead. I also strongly encourage you to 
get used to the drop zones for NAPLAM STRIKES in this mode, and it will clear 
out and keep non FLAK JACKET PRO enemies off of it while your team mates can 
run right through it. Let's face it, there are not many FLAK JACKET PRO 
players out there, so fire up the barbeque...

It is also highly recommended to coordinate your KSR grouping with your TMS. 
All 5 of you do not need spy plane. It would be a good idea to use SAM turrets
for the proper us in this mode to avoid the need to search the sky for the 
planes and care package choppers. Also in the event a Cobra is called in on 
you, you can drop it almost immediately. Just remember, do not deploy that SAM
until you absolutely have to. 

The best time to drop in your NAPLAM, ROLLING THUNDER and MORTAR TEAM is 
typically going to be around the 5 seconds to online time frame. Thus they 
should be fully on top of the HQ just as it becomes live. Do this on top of 
your team mates or in the event that you are knocked off of the HQ by a enemy 
kill. If you have FLAK PRO you can NAPALM yourself and stall tall to it. If 
you know where the enemy approach route to the HQ is, favor the drops in that 

The Cobra can be very effective in suppressing the movements of the enemy onto
the HQ, but there are a lot of GHOST PRO players in this mode who will simply 
run past it. It will slay all others though, and getting help in putting down 
a player with FLAK JACKET is always a good thing. Do not expect the Cobra to 
last, it should get shot down but it can be enough to allow you to set your 
heels in near the HQ and control the enemy movement onto it.

Note from DBC: A word of warning to any of you who play against me: If you try
that Napalm trick that Led gave in here, I will walk straight through the fire
and kill you because I am one of the few people who actively uses FJ Pro. Thus
there is a lesson on always expecting someone to be able to counter what you
do; it grounds you from feeling like you're the best player ever, and it lets
you think about different ways you could be countered, and how to stop them.

HQGc - Taking it to the Other Team

Basically it is my understanding of this game that you cannot take a passive 
approach into this mode and expect to play, perform and score well. The true 
slayers who play this game will often excel, and put down those who would 
attempt to hang back and defend the HQ prior to it going "online" for capture.
Does this mean you have to be the best killer in the game in order to win?

No. Absolutely not. You just have to have the better approach than their best 

Again, much like the section dealing with player "roles" in CTF, it is best 
to start out with predetermined roles of either a capturer or a slayer until 
you get a cushion in the match. Once the cushion is achieved, you can 
freelance a little more since the enemy will likely be more aggressive trying
to catch up. What I think works best is to put your 2 to 3 best players out 
ahead of the HQ and have them function primarily as killers and controllers of
enemy movement. These players are meant to slow the enemy advance while 
keeping the most amount of pressure off of your HQ captures as possible. Once 
the HQ is nearing online, the slayers would then look to back up if possible 
to meet the captures at the HQ and help complete the capture in minimal time.

Once secured, you then spread right back out and KILL-KILL-KILL! Then kill 
some more. If you have the enemies approach, retreat to a flanking route and 
tact nade and mow them down. Move up and kill them further up their route to 
the HQ for additional surprise. Streak up your KSR, and get ready to use them
to support the NEXT HQ capture.

Often the more these players fly around the map and kill away from the HQ, the
wider the margin of victory will be. You will all have the chance to 
continuously put out KSRs into the match. Again use of lethal perks like 
SCAVANGER and SLIEIGHT OF HAND will help you continue to kill the enemy. Use 
of GHOST PRO will allow you to again creep up further undetected. Outside of 
CTF, this is about the only game mode where I find MARATHON PRO can offer 
consistent assistance, but you will present yourself as a mark for claymores 
and motion sensors, so keep that in mind. 

Again, I highly recommend players out in front of the HQ using tact nades to 
break rushers out of their sprints or blinding those trying to line you up for
shots. Constantly bombarding the enemy with flash and concussion assault will 
occupy their time and give your capturers and reinforcing players a chance to 
join up respectively, and in turn help your overall performance. As final 
note, never underestimate the power of the Nova gas. If two players are not 
using tactical mask, and your Nova deploys as they move into the capture area 
of the HQ, should they be silly enough to stand there in it they both will die
prior to the capture being made. It is also extremely useful in breaking 
sprinters out of their sprints along the narrower paths to isolated HQ 

HQGd - Joker ain’t the Only Fool

One of the best ways to stall the advance of the enemy onto the headquarters 
is by combining the use of decoy grenades and unsuppressed fire at a location 
away from the new HQ. This ruse attempt will be figured out rather quickly if 
you simply use the decoys, that is why I am suggesting stashing the 
suppressor. You can use tactics that involve you dodging in and out of cover 
areas to occupy one or more enemies and get them to move towards you instead 
of onto the objective. These moments are highly beneficial, as it would allow
your team to regroup for the push to the next HQ. 

Remember you want to make noise and show up on the radar, not present yourself
as a free kill. Be ready with stunners and nades to kill anyone you get to 
chase after you, and continue to pull their movement away from the capture. 
This is about the only mode I still consider use of decoy nades a viable 
strategy, but after a few consecutive matches it may no longer work in the 
lobby. Make sure you toss your decoy out far enough away from you so as to 
give the appearance of a cross fire.

HQGe - You're Cut Off, Now What?

It happens often when facing off against players who really excel in this game
mode. They establish a front and prevent you from coming near the HQ, 
effectively cutting you off of the route you need to take to prevent the 
enemy capture. What to do when you are on the bad side of this?

Well you have two options really, one is brute force and the other is more 
passive-aggressive. If you fashion yourself a slayer, stand toe to toe and try
to knock them all out of the way, clear the area and let you and your team run
right up. Of course more often than not, especially when mic'd up, the death 
of one forward player will bring two more your way, thus you have to be fast 
and cannot make a misstep.

If you feel you need less of a toe-to-toe encounter, use your knowledge of the
map and look to move along a flanking route. Use the edge of the map and slide
all the way back around the map to set yourself up behind the HQ and 
perpendicular to the direct line of enemy reinforcements to the HQ. With 
cautious aggression try to work your way to the HQ while picking off any 
reinforcing players and taking the backs of the rest. Remember to always check
your six as respawning enemies will likely be running up behind you.

These situations are sometimes extremely difficult to get out of, but you have
to try. If you need recon try to hang back and pick off the most forward or 
furthest back enemies to streak up before your push. Remember you have 40 
seconds before it goes on line and typically another 10 before a capture is 
secured. While that is not a lot of time, you can make the most of it.

HQGf - Play like a Champion Today

It is my personal opinion that you cannot play this game mode and expect to 
win in it if you plan on staying behind the objective during your captures. 
You need to plan to be out in front of it protecting your team mates and 
preventing them from having their capture stalled by explosive spam or a 
sprinting rush player. Obviously this cannot be the entire team, but 2 or 3 of
your most lethal team mates will suffice while the 2 or 3 left move to make 
the capture. The capture progress in this game is relatively slow, thus if 
you want to win, you need more than one person doing the capturing, At least 
one of your team's capturers must be wearing Flak Jacket to prevent that one 
nade knocking all of you out. All of this should be coordinated in lobby for 
full effectiveness.

Killing the players out in front of you then sends them to the spawn delay, 
which will mitigate the effectiveness of their rush. All of this will buy you
time, which is exactly what you need to secure the captures and streak up 
some recon.

Once you set your line, when the 5 second mark comes prior to the HQ going 
on-line, that is when you need to descend on the headquarters. Hopefully you 
have rooted out all enemies near it so there is no confusion in the game as 
to who is occupying the area and deserves the most beneficial respawn prior 
to the HQ going on-line. With 3 or more players occupying the region the 
capture will finish in roughly 4 to 5 seconds. Then spread immediately back 
out and keep your eyes peeled for enemies coming to destroy it. You get the 
same fading emblem warning in HQ mode that you would in Domination when you 
are losing the objective, pay attention to it.

When running up on an area either held by the enemy or after all enemies are
put into the spawn cycle, if you are using the personal JAMMER drop it and 
save you and your team mates from a "life after death claymore kill". 

Targeted lethal KSRs such as NAPALM and MORTARS will bail you out if you get 
pushed off of the capture. Save the B52 for when you know the objective is 
being captured and then call it it. Sentry Guns will help you hold the line. 
The helicopter is often highly effective in this mode when people are not 
using Ghost Pro classes.

HQGg - Select Map Strategy


WTF Nuketown right? Well basically this section is here to prove a point. 
Control the map, control the enemy's motion, and you control the game. 

The whole point of this strategy is to as a team establish your right to spawn
closest to the HQ by first getting to it, killing who is there from the enemy 
side, and then setting up a front you then move forward from. This map has 
only 5 HQ location, 2 at each building and one between the bus and trailer, 
using this knowledge before you move to the HQ get the most amount of your 
teammates together BEHIND the HQ and clear it out. Occupying this zone, kill 
any enemies who would show up or spawn to flip the enemy spawn to the opposite
side of the map.  

From this point, push forward with your three most lethal player with each 
covering roughly a third of the approach to the HQ, while your remaining 2 
players hang back behind the HQ positioned with their backs to it to prevent 
an enemy flanking or backdooring them on the HQ should someone get past your 
teammates out ahead. The two corners of the houses are good for this, you 
roughly want to occupy this area long enough for the HQ to go online. When it 
gets close the two players at the back go to the HQ to begin the capture. If 
the HQ is in the middle, it should be a coordinated secure that involves 3 or 
4 members moving in unison, that should take 4 to 5 total seconds to secure, 
then you quickly spread back out.

Again, as another statement of emphasis, unless you are absolutely sure no one
is going to run up on you and deliver that Hail Mary grenade, you simply would
not be anywhere near the HQ without a FLAK JACKET on in this map. You can 
support at the tail end of the capture, but do not take this as your primary 
role if you wish to be around to consistently defend your capture.

Let me know if this gets you a 250 - 0 win. You can apply this strategy to 
SUMMIT and FIRING RANGE as well, with sleight modifications due to flanking 
routes and a larger playing area, but the concept will work and is an absolute
beat down when you properly execute it.

S2C7 - Sabotage

SABa - Basic Overview and Game Play

The game mode of Sabotage involves each team having an objective and a single
bomb the teams fight over for control. At the start of the match, the bomb is 
placed equidistant between each team. The team with host typically ends up 
grabbing it first however, and then the push is on to plant it at your 
objective is on.

ON the mini-map and also on the HUD screen, the location of the BOMB will be 
highlighted in YELLOW when no player has control over it. If a friendly player
picks up the BOMB, the identifier icon with chance to "DEFEND" and it will be 
written in GREEN on your HUD. If an enemy has control of the bomb, the icon 
will say "KILL" and it will be written in red. The location of the bomb and 
any payer holding it will always appear on the mini-map view, this can and 
will lead to enemy movement onto your position, keep that in mind when 
employing some of the following tactics. 

The XP grab for this mode is roughly equivalent to Demolition for kills, 
plant, defuses and what not. Tactics for this mode can be played much more
differently than the other modes that involve objective destruction, thus 
class adjustments can maximize your ability to excel based on your preferred
style of play. Each time you are killed you are sent to a ten second spawn 
delay, keep that in mind when plants are made as it often means you have one
shot to defuse.

The game is played only to a score of "1' over a 20:00 minute game clock, thus
if you secure plant and destroy at any time you are the winner. I have not 
played an OT match in Sabo on this title, thus assuming the rules are the same
as MWR in the event of a tie, re-spawns are disabled for the remainder of the 
match and you win by either:

1) Securing the plant and destroying the target.
2) Eliminating all enemies in the match.
If the bomb has been planted and THEN you eliminate all enemies in OT, you 
must still secure the defuse in order to win it.

SABb - Do You Want It Fast or Shall I Hit It Slow?

From my perspective there are two completely different ways to play this mode.
You either play for speed and look to knock out the objective immediately or 
you set up for a slugfest. I am not a fan of the slugfest, so bring on the 
speed plants...

You can end most matches of Sabotage in under a minute and thirty seconds if 
you really try. All it requires you to do is be fast with the trigger and 
with the foot, grab the bomb, and wheel to the outside edges with your 
teammates out ahead of your run picking off any who comes near the objective.
This works amazingly well mainly due to it being an unexpected tactic that 
often catches the enemy flat footed or off setting a claymore or something 
else ahead of them.

What helps is if you have people at spawn run to the 'Destroy" site, then 
place their motion sensors and get rid of who is there for a clean plant. 
Send a player to pick up the bomb with an escort and shove it right down 
their throats. With the spawn delay and you having three or more players up on
the plant site the game is going to be over and be over fast, win for you, 
rage for them...

Conversely, you can slow the game down to a snail's pace by playing on your 
side of the map, not really looking to do much with the bomb other than hold 
it to get the enemy to move towards you and hopefully streak up and kill farm.
I hate this method, but if you find yourself overmatched by the opposition, it
may be your only option. What benefit this allows you is to let the game come 
to you rather than going out to seek it. If you position yourself correctly 
you can streak up to helicopter and beyond with little effort, then under 
cover of all of your Kill Streak Rewards, take control of the bomb and make 
the plant, win the game.

When it is time, I like to use the "Wall" approach if I am running with the 
bomb to get it into the enemy objective. What is the "wall" approach you ask?
Well if you have ever played organized football or watch it on the television,
when a player returns a punt he typically has a "wall" of blockers out in 
front of him to help him spring the return for a larger gain. What invariably 
happens, is one of the would be defender gets absolutely lit up by a blocker 
he didn't even know was there since he was focused primarily on tackling the 
return man.

The "KILL" icon is your return man, the majority of your enemies will do
everything they can to get to this icons location. If you are holding the 
bomb, you simply hang back on your side of the map and move in some long and
sustained arc to get you to one back corner as you wait for your team mates 
to respawn or get in front of you. When this happens you should then take a 
long arc back across the map and then cut up behind them along the opposite
flank from where you started your motion. Your team mates are now your wall, 
and they are going to have the majority of the enemy team running right into
them as they are seeking your kill icon. Hopefully you will see the enemies 
die, and you and your buddies meet up at the objective and plant for your
touchdown dance. It will help if your "Wall" starts to fade to the side of 
the map you are moving along, if you can coordinate this you will not believe
how effective this is.

SABc - Plus, my Alias is Machiavelli

Every once in a while, my dark side shows up when I play this game. Normally 
when I play, the first opportunity I have to end the match I do, not only to 
simply just ensure that nothing goes wrong or things get out of control but 
out of respect for the competition. Prolonging matches to farm kills is kind 
of a douchebag move in my book, especially when the competition is obviously 
over matched. 

But again, everyone has their dark days. Sometimes that trash talking moron 
on the opposite end of the mic really needs to understand what "getting owned"
actually means. Cue sabotage and the abuse of the "Kill" icon.

As stated above, the player holding the bomb in game will have a "KILL" marker
calling him out to the enemy. Most players treat this as free recon. If you 
simply hang back on your side of the map and have the rest of your team out in
front of you, kills will fall in to your lap as the enemy rushes up to try to 
claim the bomb. If you stay patient and streak up, covering all routes up to 
you while the bomb carrier moves laterally behind you high level KSRs are 
coming your way.

When you have what you need in the bank, call a bunch of them in and use the 
"Wall" approach to rush in the bomb. Once it is set, continue to use the rest 
of your kill streaks and punish them for their constant rush. We have had to 
swallow Blackbirds and dog packs because other teammates had them out, got 
messages about not using multiple Napalms and airspace being full with others
choppers. This isn't kill farming, this is exploiting foolish play for epic 
beat downs and is almost cleansing after having to listen to garbage smack 
talk and eating toobs. In lobby make sure you let them know that is what 
"owned' really means. 

Using this approach is about the only time you will ever catch me playing 
anything resembling defense in this game mode. This is one mode in particular
that I think aggression is warranted and rewarded.

SABd - Select Map Strategies


Grid was a map made for the speed plant. Both of the objectives not matter 
what side you find yourself on can be reached by traveling quickly through 
the buildings and along the perimeter of the map. What I prefer to do is to 
call out three players who will rush up the edge of the map and clear the bomb
site, then have two players go for the bomb, secure it and run it through 
either building onto the plant. You then form your perimeter and wait out the 
countdown. Sounds too easy right?

Well it really is not. It is incredibly effective from the surprise nature and
the desire for many of the enemies to try to run up and control the bomb from 
the start of the match. Stopping them from doing so sends them into an 
immediate spawn delay with your team mates now occupying their objective.

When using this approach, we have ended the game with a victory in less than 
60 seconds. Remember the classes set up for these speed planting attempts may
not best serve you should the game get drawn out into an entrenched battle. 
But give it a chance to give you a challenge.

S2C8 - Capture the Flag

CTFa - Basic Overview and Game Play

This is the game mode that really spawned the rise of team based online 
computer gaming. I am a veteran of the title "Tribes", the old Sierra-based 
game that was pretty much developed to play massive capture the flag matches 
with servers that hosted up to 36 players in versus modes. Needless to say, 
I was stoked when I heard this was in. 

The game will basically play out as follows. Each team is assigned a flag on 
the game map that will serve as your team’s base. The objective is to make 
your way to your enemies flag stand, take it, then bring it all the way back 
to your own flag location. You will get points doled out on your kills at a 
reduced number like any other objective based game, I believe it is +50 XP for
each kill, then get assigned bonuses for taking the flag, capturing it, and 
killing the enemy carrying your flag then returning it. Sounds pretty easy 

To take the enemy flag, you must work your way to their base location and 
simply run through the flag stand. To capture the flag, all you have to do is
touch your own flag provided it is still on its stand. A wrinkle is thrown 
into the match in that for every time you are killed, you sit out of the match
for a 10 second period. Spawn points can be effectively fixed in this mode, so
be aware of the possibility of getting spawn trapped. Do what you can to 
eliminate the trap. 

The match consists of two rounds with an overtime round held if the sets are 
split. Each set is determined by the first team to capture three flags, if it 
reaches overtime it is the first team to capture a single wins. There are 
literally a dozen different types of bonuses that can be earned specifically 
for this mode, many with multiple tiers. This leads to a good XP grab if you 
can play it well.

Final point to mention, teams with headsets and teams that use the headsets to
discuss what is happening in the game regarding who will do what are going to 
clown players who are not doing the same thing. I spent fifteen matches with a
small party and a random who had a headset, between the 4 of us constantly 
calling out the approaches and coordinating the running we never lost a match 
and maybe gave up 5 points to the enemy the entire evening. Consider this if 
you would like to win rather than rush blindly and perpetually...

CTFb - Role Models

You want to really excel at this game mode? There is one magic phrase that if
followed will make that all possible, and it is "know your role". If you enter
this game mode and do not at least have some inkling of how you want to play 
off of your assigned team mates you are likely going to get destroyed against 
even semi-organized competition. 

"Capture the flag" is going to be best played if teams assign and respect 
roles that each team member will agree to play and load out specifically to 
fulfill. "Flag Runners" are those team mates that will press up to take the 
enemy flag and look to bring it back to your flag to "cap" it(capture). They
need to be quick and stealthy, able to get out of tight spots and be lethal in
CQC. "Flag Defenders" have to be tough and resilient, aware enough to know the
approaches to the flag objective and able to resist everything the enemy is 
going to throw at you. There is also room for a "midfield" role we used to 
call "the scout" or "the heckler" that is really at the center of my player 
strategy. The Scout has to support the efforts of both the "Defenders" and 
the "Cappers", of course range weapon support is critical and the ability to 
flank and heckle would be enemy cappers is a must, cutting off flag runners 
on their return routes and basically making their life hell. This scout role 
will be much more effective on larger maps, as maps like Summit and Nuketown 
can at times play too small to do anything but rush 3 to 4 players. 

CTFc - True Defense

As far as I am concerned, this is the only mode in the game that will truly 
require you to sit and watch the flag. Since it can be grabbed by just 
breezing through you need at least one person DEDICATED TO PLAYING DEFENSE 
if you want to win consistently. I would also suggest that you make that two
players on defense, especially on the large maps, and agree at the start of 
the match just who that is going to be. If the enemy is unable to press you 
and you equally cannot claim their flag, adjust your positions from there.

Players who are assigned to defense need to think about running SCAVANGER or 
FLAK JACKET sets and look to set your KSRs up for the purpose of making flag 
cappers lives hell. Use of sentries and care packages is going to help, along
with motion sensors, C4 or claymores, and what not. You are likely going to 
take a beating; all enemy KSRs "should" be directed your way if they are 
earned. You need to stay alive and retain the ability to react in the event of
getting flash banged or concussed, you also need to know the difference 
between a decoy grenade and a live firing enemy. 

You have to defend the flag, it must be in its determined location when your 
flag runners come in with the enemy flag, otherwise you cannot score and run 
the risk of the enemy pushing up to take back their flag.

In the event that the enemy actually grabs your flag, you also have to be 
quick enough to run them down or stop their exit from your view, and 
ultimately return the flag. You have a lot of responsibility in this role, but
for the most part the game is always going to be in front of you. I would 
suggest the following load out as a starting point, and would adjust from 

Primary Weapon - Assault Rifle, Shot Gun, SMG or LMG of choice, need 
combination of accuracy and ammo count as multiple targets are going to be in 
your sights often. Anything but a sniper rifle here because you have to watch 
multiple approaches at once.

Perk 2 - WARLORD (hopefully up to PRO level) or SLEIGHT OF HAND
Perk 3 - MARATHON or TACTICAL MASK (Pro versions preferred)

Concussion Grenades or Flash Grenades
Equipment - Choice of claymore, C4 packs or motion sensors

KSR - Spy Plan or Counter Spy Plane, Sentry Gun or Care Package, Helicopter, 
Blackbird or Dogs

Regarding the KSR grouping, yes I know what I have said about predefining high
KSR levels, this to me seems like a perfect fit though because you are going 
to be having countless enemies coming right towards you the entire game while 
they will likely be looking at the flag more than looking at you. The 
possibility of long and extended kill streaks should be high in the defense 
role. The groupings I have given are not equivalent swap outs for kill number,
but these to me seem like the best to fill the role.

I must also stress that I believe it would be silly to use a KSR here that 
takes you off of the flag, such as driving the RC car. You have to watch the 
flag, the cappers are going to be coming from all directions and at all times,
you can’t be standing still. In unorganized matches, expect 5 people bum 
rushing you hard and fast, be ready to lay down some serious suppressing fire 
and keep them off the flag.

CTFd - The Quick and the Dead

This section deals mainly with the roles as I see it that need to be filled by
the "Cappers" and the "Scout" or "Heckler" positions. 

As mentioned above, I would expect cappers to be light and geared for CQC 
combat. You will always be moving and likely dying often, your KSRs to me 
appear to need to be set in the 3-4-5 variety. Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane 
and perhaps care package seem to make the most sense. The care package is not 
for you BTW, it is for your defenders. Load outs for perks should consider the
use of GHOST or LIGHTWEIGHT in slot one, pick your favorite Perk 2, but it is 
going to be a tough call on what to choose for Perk 3. 

The way I see it, MARATHON, with its pro version will allow you to sprint to 
your hearts’ content. This seems like a good choice, because you need to get 
to the flag stand fast and get out of there faster. NINJA would not seem like 
a usable choice, it will keep you quiet and clue you in on enemy movement if 
you use the headset, but in order for it to be fully effective you kinda need 
to be still as well, thus ultimately selection of this perk appears to be a 
waste IMO. But for a moment think about what HACKER and TACTICAL MASK can do 
for you, especially in their PRO forms...

First, regarding HACKER and its PRO upgrade, this should be extremely useful 
to flag Cappers. You will be given a heads up on the entire enemies array of 
counter measures, their sensors, sentries, and claymore locations. With the 
PRO version, you are also invisible to them, well excluding the sentry gun of 
course, but the GHOST Pro is. Even better, you can choose to hack them and 
turn them against the enemy. Do you see where I am going here? Imagine 
grabbing the flag, and running the chasers back through their own mess. Could 
be fun, but it takes some time.

Also TACTICAL MASK PRO, you can thus Nova, Concuss or Flash the hell out of 
the flag stand and the enemies defending it, then run right through with 
minimal ill effects from your tactical grenade assault. Some would be inclined
to drop ole’ Willy Pete and try to run through the smoke screen, that may 
work, but impairing your enemy seems like a better approach especially since 
they have to then try to run you down, thus giving you a decent head start. 
They can’t shoot what they can’t see, nor can the catch you if they can’t 
sprint. If you use a smoke grenade, you will likely bring down a rain of 
explosives that will meet you at the flag. Watch out for C4 packs as well. A 
secondary effect of spamming tactical grenades like concussions or flash bangs
at and near the flag stand is that it will temporarily short out enemy 
equipment, rendering their deployed explosives ineffective and frying their 
sensors in the short term.

Regarding you equipment, I think that so long as the environment supports it, 
TACTICAL INSERTION is going to be highly effective in keeping constant 
pressure on the enemy flag. If you can find a spot that is ideally behind 
where the enemy is setting up their defenses or better yet behind their spawn 
point, you could have an additional level of surprise, especially if they just
killed you and went looking to scavenge your corpse. Be smart about your 
placement though, you don’t want to get tactically deleted because you put it
in an obvious spot, like right in front of their spawn point or on top of the
flag stand. I have used these very effectively here, as at this point in the 
game many players simply do not recognize what it is nor how you are getting 
to their location so quickly. If the insertion has worked, upon your 
respawning drop it again and continue.

If your team mate is running the flag out and you are on the enemy side of the
map, it would be a good idea for you to hang around and try to set a little 
spawn trap and rack up some kills. It will also be good for you to be close in
case the enemy runner comes back with your flag, kill them and return it. You 
can also set yourself up to grab it right away in the event that they leave no
one at home after it is returned or captured. This possibility is why it is 
extremely important to always have at least one player playing the defensive 

Here is a suggested load out for a "Capper" role:

Primary - Your favorite SMG with your preferred load outs
Pistol - Running with pistols is a viable strategy here for the movement 
multiplier, pick your favorite upgraded to the highest level. Better yet, use 
the BALLISTIC KNIFE for free lightweight

PERK 1 - LIGHTWIEGHT or GHOST (PRO of both is nice, Lightweight can save you 
in chase scenarios with no fall damage)
PERK 3 - Anything but SECOND CHANCE or NINJA

Tactical Grenade - Nova, Flash or Concussion
Frag (no semtex for me, as you will likely want your lethal grenade to rattle 
into an area instead of stick)

KSR Grouping - Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, Care Package (for your defenders)
(3-4-5 arrangement)

Yeah, no SECOND CHANCE, you don’t need to be wasting time off of your flag 
running routes, nor occupying team mates who would think they need to revive 
you. If you get killed, you want to quickly get back and get that flag off of 
its stand. I am going to seriously try to leave players who use this perk in 
it while I defend, so long as they don’t appear to be in range of harming 
anyone or getting healed. Again regarding the Perk 3 spot, all stated above 
there seems to be a good case for using. I would think to combine LIGHTWEIGHT
with MARATHON, because moving faster and sprinting forever is going to be 
highly useful in this mode, but that is up to you. To earn MARATHON PRO, you 
must specifically be responsible for capturing 15 flags, you do not have to 
be the player who removes them from the enemy flag stand, just the player who 
brings it to your base and scores.

Regarding the "Scout" or the Midfield Heckler role, you need to be a player 
who is going to bring the pain. This role should be filled by the best true 
killer on your side. I would expect your KSRs to be set up to annihilate they 
enemy flag area from distance. You need to be able to keep an eye ahead and 
behind, you must heckle the defenders you can identify at range and also slow 
down the advance of the enemy flag cappers so they spend some of their time 
and goodies dealing with you prior to reaching your flag defense. In the event
that the flag capper gets killed with in your area of vision, you need to pick
it up midfield and try to bring it back the rest of the way. 

If a friendly flag runner gets out, you have to be positioned to pick off or 
slow down anyone who chases them. Conversely, if an enemy flag runner grabs 
your flag, you need to wheel around and look to cut them off or kill them, or 
just buy time so your defenders can catch up or regroup. You are going to want
weapons that range well and deal out serious damage without sacrificing 
mobility. You should also plan on living a while and getting serious amounts 
of kill streaks. Setting ambushes with lethal equipment is going to make your 
job easier. You want to remain undetected while you are killing, but if you 
show up on the enemy Spy Plane it is not all bad, as that will get them to 
either move towards or around you, thus occupying their time.

I would suggest loading out in such a manner:

Primary - Favorite AR or SMG class with suppressor/extended mags (or both)

Tact Nade - Concussion or Flash
Frag for kills, the ability to bounce them in front of a capper while trailing
is highly effective.
Equipment - CLAYMORE! Motion Sensors could also help, but go lethal first.

KSR - Napalm, Mortars, Carpet Bomb, Helicopter or Dogs, all things set up to 
kill your enemy at their base. I would stay away from the care package type 
rewards due to the time it can take to bring them in and set them up, but that
is up to you and the level of pressure your opposition is able to generate.

Regarding your KSRs, you want to rain hell on the flag stand. Hopefully you 
can coordinate with your flag runners on dropping right after or just before 
a planned grab, and parking the heli over their flag will give them just 
another thing to deal with while they try to watch it.

You will need to rely on your cappers to get your Spy Planes up, if they are 
good that will work out just fine. If it doesn’t, keep a secondary load out 
available in the event that you need to adjust. I could see merit of the RC 
Car here, sending one out to destroy an enemy sentry or root out the 
defenders, or even to chase down an enemy flag runner who escaped. I would 
still go away from it though, cause this mode plays fast on small maps.

I can also see a sniper rifle being extremely useful in dispatching the enemy
defenders, leaving you in need of picking up a CQC weapon from a fallen rusher
should you catch one in a claymore or by other means. 

Of course like I mentioned, playing smaller maps this role will likely not be 
required and you should give serious consideration to rushing three. I will 
guarantee you, that playing defense on Capture the flag is about the easiest 
way there is to earn dogs as you will invariably have everyone on the enemy 
side moving towards you throughout the game. KSRs and your kill streak levels 
carry over to the second round, keep that in mind.

As a final note regarding this game mode, if you are finding that you are 
rushing 3 or 4 players up onto the flag and getting nowhere, the counter to 
the enemy stymieing your efforts is likely not to rush everyone. It is likely 
to pull everyone back and make them move off their flag or switching out 
weapons to engage them at range prior to running for a flag. If you all pull 
back and subsequently killed the enemies who have moved forward you have the 
chance to earn some air support and give yourself a better chance to get the 
flag out. If you all are using headsets tac nade spamming in unison will also 
break up the jam of defenders and allow you to move them off of their spawns. 
Mix up flashes and concussions, not only will they not see your approach they 
won’t be able to chase you.

CTFe - Select Map Strategy


The first time I played this map in capture the flag I earned Dogs by simply
defending the flag at location "A" and mowing down the mindless rush. How 
many times have you had dogs called in on you in CTF? Not many I bet, but 
this highlights just why playing defense is so important. If they can’t take 
your flag, they can’t score. If your flag is always there, you will score at 
will. Finally, if your flag is always there, many enemies will be looking to 
occupy that one spot near the flag, thus providing you many opportunities to 
earn high KSR levels.

The location of "A" is right in front of that little water fountain, It can 
be effectively approached from no less than five positions on the map. There 
is the direct route that takes the runners through the building with the 
little bar directly ahead of the flag, you can pass through the hallways from
the villa and elect to either approach from the first floor stair way or from 
a jump out the second floor window, or you can come all the way around and 
pass through the warehouse by either taking the ramp or passing through the 
windows. Three of these approaches the cappers can effectively sprint through,
the other two require some delay to jump and pass through openings.

Fortunately, there are equally as many ways to defend the flag. I like to 
claymore the opening right ahead of the flag, choose to either hop into the 
small drop down or pick a corner opposite of my claymore and defend the first 
rush. After a few kills, move to another location always keeping your eye on 
the flag. If you have a teammate who is up on the balcony that is really going
to help suppress the push to take it from you. The second floor or the corners
near the primary entrance to the courtyard give your motion sensor enough room
to do its thing, I recommend setting up opposite of it and suppressing 
anything that moves through it while keeping your eyes open for traffic 
through the route from the warehouse.

It is highly likely the enemy will not grab the flag and spin 180 and go back 
the way they came. Thus in the event they take the flag and you are alive, 
look to move and flank their attempt to get back, the shortest path back is 
by going out the doorway ahead where the Bar is located. You will then choose 
to meet them in the villa gardens or back along the back route, there are two 
or three locations where they can turn up if they choose the back route home, 
but most of them will put you in the line of fire if an enemy is perched in 
the window over their flag.

There are also two ways out of the Villa Mansion, obviously the main double 
door opening and then the less used side route. The can then choose to cut 
through the garden or go again along the outskirts to get it back. 

On the Flag "B" side setting up the defense is a little more tricky, cause 
there is not a sure fire way to see all approaches. The flag is most 
vulnerable to a move from behind using the broken down jeep as a screening 
element, but that also provides perfect cover for a claymore. Setting motion 
sensors in the house can give you heads up enough to move out to the window 
and engage the capper, but having a forward defender (or the scout position) 
watching in the courtyard is going to seriously cut down on the bums rush 
through the portal walls. From the windows you can see clearly down two of the
four approaches and cut down player running without regard. Do not stay there 
the entire match through, as a sniper or long range AR player can pop you and 
render your flag unguarded.

Two players for defense seems like a must on this side of life , but again 
that is going to be dictated on how effective your teammates are in getting 
the flag from the enemy base and how much pressure the opposition is able to 

Regarding running flags, there are no less than four solid approaches to get 
this flag away on both the A and B side. I like to use my tactical insertion 
near the Flag A location in the upper balcony room with the large bed, you can
place it there and remove the trudging to get back. you can also ambush a 
would be attempt to capture the flag from this location should the enemy get 
one back. You can them choose to either jump off the balcony and grab it or 
run through the first floor and out through the warehouse. If the enemy starts
catching on to your routes, switch them up. 

To grab flag B I really prefer coming up behind the jeep and choose either the
route through the garden or the left side corridor, you can also use the 
building to do a loop-de-loop and make the enemy think you took off one way 
but actually went the other. The space behind this flag is wide open and can 
be used for many things, such as dropping a sentry gun to cover your egress, 
getting another runner up there to move the flag out after your capture will 
make that move all that much more effective. You can effectively tactically 
insert yourself anywhere back here, most enemies will not think to check it.

S2C9 - Wager Matches

WMGa - Basic Overview and Game Play

The feature of Wager Matches is new to the CoD universe and it ties in the 
system of a "game economy", as the developers put it, that fuels your 
progression through the game. This game mode will allow players to gamble with
their CoD points with the intent on earning more CoD Points or just for the 
thrill of having something at stake besides a KDR or WL ratio. However, only 
the top three will receive anything back from it, those players are referred 
to as "being in the money" at the end of the match. 

There are three tiers of "wager" that you may stake in the wager class, 
depending on your faith in your skill or what you want to risk. All wager 
matches must begin with 6 players, it appears that teams will only be allowed
for the "Gun Game" mode. If the entire lobby agrees to it, you are allowed to 
"Double Down" on your bet, stealing a term from the black jack table that lets
you double the wager for that specific match.
There are four game modes that appear to show up at random. It also seems 
pretty clear that any accomplishments such as headshots or gun kills will not
count towards your other goals, but this will be fully confirmed shortly after

WMGb - Gun Game

Each player will start out holding only pistol. For each kill they make with
the weapon in their hand the progress a level, allegedly giving you a better
gun. You must be the first person to kill 20 players will each weapon class 
in the progression in order to win, once you start pulling away as the leader,
the game will identify you on the map to all players.

A wrinkle in the game is added in that if you get knifed, you are dropped back
one level. Killing with the knife does not progress you along the 
predetermined gun path. Also if you suicide with the explosives, you get 
backed up as well.

Guns will vary from pistols to SMGs to Assault rifles to LMGS to snipers to 
launchers to the Ballistic Knife being the last weapon you must kill with. It 
seems that you are granted unlimited ammunition, but are given no perks.

This match will test your ability to kill up close, and then gradually require
you to put distance between yourself and your enemy as you move from bullet 
based weapons to projectile explosives. The only strategy involved will really
come in to play at the end, when the decision needs to be made if you would 
rather attempt to knock the top player back a level by knifing them or try to 
finish up the weapon progression in front of them, you must decide based on 
your confidence in your ability or lack of belief in the leaders ability to 
seal the deal.

WMGc - Sharp Shooter

In a game mode that is similar to Gun Game, everyone in the wager match will 
be given a weapon to be used for 45 seconds before being switched out for 
another one. A kill in the game will award the player with predetermined perks
and score multipliers. Should the player die after earning one of these 
rewards, they are taken back and you have to begin the progression again.

Obviously, players that stay alive and can go on extended kill streaks will be
rewarded with better scores. This is rocket science right? The only wild card 
is that you have absolutely no idea, nor any control over what weapon comes up
next. Weapons will also have random attachments and possible dual usage 
enabled. You can be using dual SMG sets, get switched to a pump action 
shotgun, then on to a China Lake, then a sniper rifle and so on.

If you want to succeed you have to either make hay with the weapons you are 
really good at or become good with all classes and uses. If you can’t snipe, 
hide out the best you can for 45 seconds, no use trying to no-scope and giving
up a life if you simply just can’t do it. The game will end after the 
predetermined time limit has expired or the kill total has been reached.

WMGd - One in the Chamber

This mode is different than all of the other mentioned wager matches, in that 
you are only given a predetermined set of three lives. You die three times 
and you are done, plain and simple. The last man standing is not the winner, 
but the person who has done the most killing with what they have, thus 
camping is not rewarded.

You start out with a traditional knife and a pistol with one bullet in the 
chamber. Again, everyone uses the same predetermined classes. Health is set 
to levels similar to Hard Core mode, thus if you get shot you are dead.

If you shoot and miss, you are out of ammo. If you shoot and kill, you get 
another bullet. If you knife a player, you get a bullet. Obviously, there is 
large incentive to save your bullet and to try to earn another one with the 

This game combines stealth and stalking, you will always need to watch your 
back and be left guessing if that player who is dancing around you has a 
bullet or not. At times you will be able to tell cause you have seen them 
fire, at other times you will not. Players who are better with the blade 
should rule the roost, just don’t stand still for too long or move too much 
without checking your back side. As stated above, the game will end when all
players are dead.

WMGe - Sticks and Stones

In the final Wager Match mode, each player will be given a predetermined 
class that allows them use of only the Crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and a 
Tomahawk. The cross bow is equipped with the explosive tips, and it appears
that the name "stick" has more to do with an explosive tip being "stuck" to
you than calling arrows sticks. This then infers that a missed arrow with an
explosive tip that manages to kill through splash will not count.

All knife kills appear to count regardless of use of the ballistic feature or
not. Your knife projectiles are limited to two, but you can pick up more 
within the game. Same thing with a failed tomahawk toss, and speaking of 

...there is a humiliation feature in this game mode, much like the knife kill 
in the gun game, that if you manage to catch your enemy with a Tomahawk toss, 
the enemy player will be "bankrupted". This term "bankrupted" is a little 
misleading, because they can they turn around and bankrupt someone else or 
kill streak up and get right back into the money, or so the released videos 
would make it appear. This needs to be confirmed after the mode has been 
tested for a bit, because a more tense version of the game would occur if 
once you are bankrupted you are done in terms of "being in the money" and 
that would be that. 

This mode is going to be tense because you could be kicking ass the entire 
time, then get tomahawked, and should the game end shortly after you just 
lost. It appears that once you tomahawk a player, you are given a portion of
their points. You have to make kills in order to win, so however best you see
fit between balancing your projectiles with your melee attacks, do that.

I honestly will not be playing this mode very often, so that is really all I 
can offer.

WMGf - Know When to Hold 'em, and When to Fold 'em

As with all forms of gambling, when someone comes for your CoD Points you 
should really put both hands over them. Players requesting to double down in 
a lobby that you haven’t even played with yet should at least raise your 
alert that there are some sharks in the water. 

I play a lot of Texas Hold ‘em, me and the poker buddies use this phrase quite
often regarding gambling amongst people you don’t know:

"If after a full round you haven’t been able to identify the mark at the 
table, it is probably because it is you..."

The basic level of Wager Matches never seems to allow you to lose more than 15
to 30 CoD points at a given time. The high roller levels can take much more 
from you, and it can be done rather quickly. Of course this currency is not 
real, and the only way to earn more of it is to go back and play more CoD, 
which seems like a win-win right? Just keep it in mind the more you lose the 
longer it is going to take you to get the gear you really want to use, nothing
is worse than getting higher ranks and being out of CoD points to unlock your 
new features right away. 
If you are a true gambler, then have at it. I would suspect that you would 
also like the CONTRACTS mode that let you gamble even while playing regular 
game modes. If people are going to put up their CoD points, there is nothing 
stopping you from taking them...

There is no real magic strategy to winning these game modes, you just need to 
be the best player at that specific moment or have the timeliest luck. That is
true of the majority of gambling. Try to have some fun with it if you can.


Got a guide? Send DBC what you've got, as I haven't had time to play it 
enough since I am fully engrossed in the multiplayer. Credit will be given 
where it is due, or you will have to simply wait till later in March when I 
should be slowing down on the Multiplayer.

This mode is merely a distraction for me though, as I find the variety of 
gameplay much more of a challenge and much more engaging then endless hordes 
of undead slaughter. To each their own though, I am not knocking Zombies. I do
consider it a step above Free For All...

Note by DBC: That was a joke, the thing about FFA. Laugh. LAUGH. LAUGH!!!

CUB3 - Completion of your Online Challenges and Random Nonesuch

S3C1 - Challenge Overview

Like versions of this game before, the developers added an absolute load of 
challenges for your enjoyment and to help you reach your prestige levels that
much more quickly. Look in your player card after you have earned the ability 
to open it, and see where you stand on each prestige file.

A trick that can help you fly through some of the early levels later in your 
game profile is to "set up" some of your attachment bonuses to be a few kills 
shy of their reward at the ends of each prestige, then stop using that 
attachment. The final value of most of these is either 10,000 or 20,000 XP, 
thus you will skip 4 or more levels right out of the gate and get right back 
into the flow of the game. I do believe you are rewarded for up to 1,000 
kills for most of the primary attachments, and that you have to pass 
Attachment Level Bonus 1 for the game to carry over progress through prestige 
files. You also have to have purchased at least one attachment for any weapon 
for random pick-ups to count towards your lifetime counts. Big thanks to 
ZimbabweBob for clueing me into this feature and saving me from buying a FAMAS
after Prestige Level 4.

If anything, use these as an encouragement to try something different. Put on 
a reflex sight instead of the ACOG, or drop the suppressor for a Masterkey. 
Regardless, leave the toob in the closet. I still have not even passed level 
1 of that challenge, and I am quickly approaching 15th prestige.

I have come up with these groupings based on my own criteria, as the 
developers just have them lumped into an entire slew of challenges. There are 
hundreds of them, each with multiple levels, and I don't know how anyone who 
walks in the sun could even contemplate finishing all of them.

Note from DBC: Except a player from GameFAQs called StrawberryFeatherz. She 
had all the Pro Perks completely gotten by November 17th, so if anyone could
do it, it would be her.

CHAa - Child's Play

Quite simply these challenges are going to get accomplished by brute force 
game play. They include rewards for simply playing the game for so many hours,
completing so many matches(see they don't want you to rage quit), or killing 
so many times with a certain weapon class. Some of these such as the game time
are "career" based, thus a tally from your total game time. The rest reset 
with each prestige.

These include all awards for flag capturing in all modes, bomb plantings in 
all modes, and an entire slew of other game mode specific accomplishments. 
Typically at the end of each one is a big fat 20,000 XP that can be earned. 
The key to ensuring each prestige file earns these maximum bonus levels is to
focus on two or three game modes primarily each time through the game. For me,
it takes me typically between 18 and 21 hours of game time to complete a 
prestige. Thus, my mode of game play that is primarily Domination, Demolition,
Team Death Match and Capture the Flag oriented took me roughly 11 days of game
time to hit 15th prestige.

If you play more HQ and SnD, you can obviously do this much, much faster. 
Typically this can be done in the 8 to 10 day time frame for the above average
player. Keep that in mind kiddies before you squeak "HACKER" accusations at 
people with high prestige symbols in your game lobbies. Before you open your 
mouth you should check the user's player card...

My favorite low level challenge involves using the Olympia, it says something 
like "Get two kills by firing both barrels into the enemy". This is the one 
time I welcome a second chancer, keep in mind it won't count if you have to 
reload. This one is a nice novelty.

CHAb - A Little More Difficult

My two favorite challenges in this grouping involve the Ballistic Knife and 
the Tomahawk. Each one involves you getting two kills in a single life with 
each weapon. The Tomahawk appears to need to be the same one you tossed for 
the first kill, thus run up over to it and pick it up with the "A" button. 
The ballistic Knife challenge does not. Both are aided by concussion grenades
if your aim with these projectiles is not all that great.

Aggression medals often confuse many players. Basically you need to kill 
anyone near what is considered their objective in any tactical based game. 
Thus if you only play Merc, FFA and RTDMS you have no chance to ever earn 
these for LIGHT WEIGHT PRO. About the easiest way to get these is to play 
Domination of Capture the Flag. If you want them and need them, while 
watching your help objective in Domination, allow the capture then kill them 
before they move off. 

In Capture the Flag though I witnessed about the funniest run of aggression 
earning medals ever. My buddy Blizzard happened to pull a "Death machine" out 
of a care package. He also happened to pick up the enemy flag from a fallen 
team mate. He then enabled the Death Machine and went to town, since if you 
hold the enemy flag in CTF, you are the enemy objective and anyone you kill 
while holding it counts for aggression credit.

CHAc - How the...?

The biggest How The...? Challenge in the game likely revolves around the Care
Packages. The first one has a confusing description, it saying something like 
"Destroy the Care Package" so many times. This one is actually easy, as what 
it really means is "Destroy the Helicopter bringing in the care package and 
make it drop the package at a spot that is not where the flare was dropped". 
Use SAM turrets and this will happen on its own.

The second part is a little more difficult. You actually need to kill player 
"with" the care package and not what you pull out of it. Basically I have only
got this to happen once and it was dumb luck. I tossed my flare onto the "C" 
flag for an ally to pick up for a share package, then was promptly killed. 
Player who killed me didn't notice the smoke, and 2 seconds later the care 
package fell on his head. Lol. You can set this up if you see enemies are 
going to be moving onto your objectives, then stunner them and hope for the 

The bankshot sounds tricky, but is actually extremely easy to accomplish. All 
you have to do is get your tossed tomahawk to bounce off a wall, ceiling or 
the ground BEFORE it hits its target. Poor aim and luck help, but this sounds 
more confusing than it is.

I do believe there are 5 categories of "elite" precision challenges. These
require every bullet that you fire to hit an enemy, and you get a nice bunch
of XP for doing it. While most people I see kill someone and then reload
immediately, often we are our own worst enemies when it comes to this 
challenge. But there is an easier way...

First off, if you want to go after these, leave the extended mags off of the
weapon. Secondly, the only one I recommend actually trying to get against 
enemy players is the 5 shot sniper rifles. That one is pretty easy to do if 
you can snipe. For the rest, guess what? The Helicopter is considered an
"enemy", thus with controlled fire you can put every round you have onto the
helicopter and earn challenges. Thus again you can stack these challenges 
with the quest for HARDENED PRO, and knock it out with little effort. If you
still have trouble, try the smallest capacity weapons like the Skorp, the
Makarov, and the M14. As for LMG, never have been able to do it, but I think
the RPK might be the best choice.

S3C2 - Easter Eggs and Fun Timing

EEFa - Dance Hall Days

Try this one with your friends, better yet try it with low levels who don't 
know any better. Credit to Rompsta for blowing me away with this several times
and showing me the joy of a few simple words:

"Hey guys, want to see something cool? Hurry up and follow me..."

BOOM! Mistakes have been made. Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot TK 
your team mates in Core modes, cause if you happen to be watching any of the 
ten or so red barrels on various maps (RADIATION, GRID) and that guy on your 
team will just not stop launching toobs, take out your trusty Tomahawk and hit
the red barrel just as they run by.

Again it is good to bait them into this with promises of showing them a trick 
or a glitch or a whatever gets their newb blood excited. Really, this is quite
hysterical when you get a bunch of them on a single barrel, then time them up 
for another at a different locations.

A true "Easter Egg" in this version revolves around putting a "Camo" onto a
crossbow, particularly cool with the gold crossbow. How to do it, first have
an AR with a Masterkey or Noob Tube. Second, have the cross bow as your
secondary weapon. Third, with a frag, through it at your feet while holding
your AR, then swap after the toss to the Crossbow. Let your frag kill you, 
go back to your corpse and presto! A crossbow with camo, any camo works, 
gold looks pretty good on other systems, just ok on this one.  

You can use "edge walking" in this game to get into some pretty spectacular 
places on maps like ARRAY, SUMMIT and JUNGLE. Many others of course. This is 
not glitching, glitching is for d-bags. This is hopping up and running onto 
hard objects in the map and then executing timed jumps to find places that are
unexpected. My personal favorite was again shown to me by Rompsta, it involves
timing jumps in Core modes to get you actually up into a tree, from which you 
can snipe the **** out of certain objective games. No way I am I giving it up,
but play the game and see if you can find it. 

Use of edge walking can allow you to place your SAM and Sentry turrets in 
rather unexpected places. 

Some places you can try out:

On WMD - covering what would be the "B" flag, you can use railing walks and 
well times jumps to get on top of the trucks or simply buy going next to them 
and finding the stacked boxes.. Fun place to put a sentry gun.

You can also get on the roof next to the Warehouse overlooking that same flag 
at the opposite side, and two other places using the snow drifts to climb onto
the building walls.

On Cracked near what is the "A" flag location, you can use the awnings outside
the windows to hop onto the adjacent structure, which also makes a sick 
location for a Sentry Gun. New RAF recruit SUGA|MXS showed me that one.

On Array, you can actually edge walk all the way around the satellite dish and
end up on the central antennae. This can get you a view near the "B" flag, but
you are completely and totally exposed.

There are many, many more. None of this involves calling in care packages to 
stand on or team mates to bounce off of. It is all legit and a single player 
using Core rules can pull off all of this for some fun times and a slight 

Sill looking for ways to improve your level of fun with the game? Show off 
your dance moves on top of a car, box , objective or whatever. Meeting your 
friend in the middle to try and recreate a caterpillar walk, a land swim or 
just overall cutting it up with weapon swaps and spins is a great way to put 
everything back in to perspective. It is a game, and playing it should be fun.

EEFb - A Good Ally List is the best Clan you Could Have

A lot of people who play this game go through the entire multiplayer spread 
never doing anything else but playing with the easiest to use gear. They 
never move off of single perk arrangements, never try out anything else but 
what they believe is going to lead them to consistently get the most kills.

I am not going to lie to you, you put on the rapid fire on the AK74u or equip
a FAMAS you are likely going to be able to stomp your way through any match 
of unorganized random players. You can earn high totals for KDRs and impress 
yourself / your clan or meet your requirements to join said clan. That is fine
and good and well within your rights as an owner of this title. Playing with 
clans is great way to make some casual gaming friends and share tips and 
tactics on how to play better. It also gives you something else to do besides 
pub stomping, like you know seeing how good you really are by playing on a 
ladder system.

But eventually you can become tethered to this business of keeping KDRs up. 
From my XP, not only from playing all titles this series has on the Wii but 
from hearing discussion on the mics, this predetermined notion that you must 
"own" to live up to your "clan's rep" can cause a downward spiral in your 
ability to be a "sportsman" and be willing to compete. You know, humble in 
victory and gracious in defeat. And when the "defeats" set in, the rage quits 

Yes the rage quits. The "Game Disconnects" or "Host time outs" or the alleged 
"Wii freezes that happen when you take the game over and get your dogs out on 
a bunch of trash talking rapid fire scrubs. The same ones who would not shut 
up about "owning" you or bragging about KDRs and combat records pre match. 
Yeah, they are such tough guys they have to quit a video game by turning off 
their Wii to avoid taking a loss and instead giving you one in return.

Honestly, it is a game. It is meant to be played to have fun. The nature of a
competitor is not that they run away when a challenge comes, but they meet it 
in full force and try something else to combat and turn the tides back into 
your favor. There is nothing more satisfying than coming all the way back 
after having been put into a real bind by giving up and early chopper or 
"gasp" having dogs called out against you.

I don't play typically for high KDR. I can at times, but I don't. My W/L ratio
is above a 3:1. If you look at my career complete games to my career games 
won, that ratio is over 12:1. The majority of the disparity in those two stats
is due primarily to players who have committed the above demonstration of lack
of sportsmanship, either ending games early just as we are about to take 
control or through disconnecting the game system on their hosts. Doing this 
causes the system to track that match as a user generated disconnect and 
credits you with a loss as if it was your decision to leave.

I have no problem giving credit when it is due when I get whipped. It does 
happen. It will continue to happen. It is okay. In the end it is just a game. 
I don't like losing. I don't like playing poorly or having someone take me to 
the wood shed, but it happens. I have done it to others and they have stuck it
out, out of respect for competition you owe it to the ones handing it to you 
to give them a complete game. If you don't want a rematch, leave in the lobby 
after completion.

A positive way to combat this mentality from happening to you is to use the 
ally system and you know, actually make gaming "friends" on the console. 
Having someone to laugh it out with or share your rage is a good vent that 
will allow you to play as a better person. This game will be its best if you 
can allow yourself to play for fun and share your successes and fails with 
people in your ally list. The mics make this a lot easier to do, but you can 
also use the text system, Skype or outside message boards.

If that sounds a little preachy, and maybe it is, that is simply just who I 
am. I spent the first two months of my time on World at War getting glitch, 
hacked, cheated and chained into oblivion with little idea of how or why any 
of it was happening. Then I made some gaming friends on a forum, and 
everything turned around. Having someone to talk a few things out with will 
make sure the Fun to No Fun ratio stays high and gives you a positive gaming 

This guide was authored to help those people who really have no idea why they 
are losing and performing so badly. It is meant to point out ways to combat 
some of the most correctable ways the more experienced players are using to 
keep you losing. In the end, the only thing I am hoping to get out of doing 
this is to make the community have a much better baseline of competition, and 
have one that is more willing to try something else out other than lobby 
hoping to find someone who just might be worse at it than you. Take it as you
will, hopefully you find something within that you can use to improve your 
game and increase that ever important F:NF ratio.

If anything you see is factually or statistically incorrect, please let me 
know. If corrections are issued based on your comments you will of course be 
credited. Do not contact me simply because you feel your approach is "better",
as that is a matter of opinion, and the basic reason why the ice cream man 
sells both vanilla AND chocolate...

Special thanks to the RAF crew for the 10 or so gaming days of constant fun, 
the sharing of flags and fun times, the generation of multiple rage quits, the
chants of "TOMAHAWK!", Romp's Red Barrels, lasting through the first month of 
connection issues and generally just having a good time dealing with my 
perpetual insomnia through Call of Duty. Thanks to the original RAF crew of 
Zhukov, Rompsta and ZimbabweBob, that is where it all started. The second 
generation RAF waves of Henry Escobar aka NinGod aka H.R Paperstackz alias 
Louis Rich, LIFE|DBC*, Blizzard, OG's JLew, Steiner, N2Rock and Insano,
Nooblesaurus, Hoodbury and all the rest I am forgetting to mention.

Special thanks to BC's Amish and Packo for continuing to remind me that no 
matter how good the plan may be, sometimes it will just come down to standing 
toe to toe and beating the guy with the gun across from you. That 199 to 200 
Domination loss they hung on me still stands out, Villa can be so cruel at 

Final shout out again to DBC for formatting this and hosting it within his 
guide. It takes a lot of work to do this, and it is recognized and 
appreciated. I will be posting additions to select maps through the summer, 
check back in or send your game mode and map requests. I am active around 
the Black Ops Wii board on GameFaqs if you need to reach me.

LedFammaMFR out...

BO05 - Multiplayer Map Call Outs

For a long time now, competitive multiplayer teams have been squaring off to
see how is better at the game. Oftentimes these teams use complicated maneuvers
and others such tactics that they practice over and over again to perfect. But
a key factor to their success aside from all of their tactics is a very basic
element of team multiplayer games. These pro gaming teams use map call outs.

Essentially, map call outs are names assigned to specific areas on a 
multiplayer map for easier area identification and tactical spotting. For
example, I'll take the map Firing Range. Let's say you're playing Domination
on Firing Range, and you're over by B flag defending one of the ways up to it.
You're waiting behind the small wooden wall in between B and the building 
closest to the south edge of the map, when all of a sudden three enemies come
out of that building towards you. You and your teammates have mics, and you
die, with two enemies coming towards B.

What do you say to your teammates to let them know about the threat going to
B? You might say "There are two guys going towards B," but that's very vague,
and really doesn't help your teammates know what direction the baddies are
coming from, which greatly hinders their ability to mount a defense. So then,
what do we do? We take a page out of competitive gaming's book, and use map
call outs. Still using Firing Range, and that situation we were thinking of.

Using call outs, let me identify your position. You are on Ramp, watching that
route to B from Ammo Room. You have Blue Building behind you. Two enemies come
up from Back Path, and one comes up from Tunnel, forgoing Tire Path and the
Firing Range to go into the Ammo Room. The enemy from Tunnel comes out first,
and you take him out, but his two buddies are right behind him, and they kill
you, eliminating the guard on Ramp. Now, you can tell your buddies "There are
two enemies coming up Ramp towards B." This lets your teammates know exactly
where the enemies are coming from, and they can quickly set up a defense, if,
say one of them is up on Top Blue.

Hopefully now you can recognize the importance of call outs to your team game,
especially if you have a mic. I personally use them all the time in my own
gameplay, and it always helps us win. The parties I run with have given me a
nice win streak so far, and my Win/Loss ratio is pretty high. From here, I'll
go into detail about each of the maps and their unique call outs.


Array Call Outs: http://bit.ly/hry03Z

Array is one of the largest maps in the game, and likewise is usually the main
choice for snipers and other long-range players. There are a few areas that
these players, especially ones without too much experience go. The Tower is
the usual hideout for anyone with a long-range weapon, especially in Objective
modes where one objective is in the B-Dom area. However, it is rather obvious,
and it leaves you exposed from Back Path and the entire A-Dom area, as well as
all the way back by the Dish. In fact, the Dish is an excellent counter spot
for the Tower.

Another nice area, especially for SnD, Sabo, and Demo is the truck by C-Dom.
Simply chuck a grenade at it to blow it up at the start of the match/round,
and get up on there. You can now cover both paths by Red and hold down your
site with relative ease, since a lot of players are too dumb to look up and
realize there is a guy on the truck. Hiding behind the white tank up there
works as well, though getting on top of it completely exposes you.

The last nice area on Array is the middle building. Essentially, if your team
controls that building and at least one chokepoint (C-Dom Truck, Tower), you
can generally win Objective games with ease. The windows are just large
enough to get you killed if you aren't careful, so you should make sure you're
exposing the least amount of hitbox as possible while still effectively 
covering your area. The Center Stairs make a lot of noise, especially for
Ninja Pro users, so you should be able to hear would-be attackers coming from
that way if you're in the far right window. 


Cracked Call Outs: http://bit.ly/grCmqt

Cracked is a medium sized urban map, which means the assault rifles are going
to be dominant here. High rate of fire players should definitely pursue a more
aggressive role as the cappers or bombers, while players with lower rates of
fire or semi-auto weapons should stick back to defend what you've got. Most of
the defense spots are rather obvious (A House and C House), but then again,
they really are what you have to work with. There are unique ways of getting
into C House, which can spell doom for an inexperienced defender (hint: every
window and door can be an entrance), but A House is rather easy to defend.
There's only one way up, which does work to your advantage, but you're more
exposed to Destroyed and from B-Dom itself.

For a closer engagement role, the outskirts of the map are an excellent way to
go. Broken in particular is a HUGE camping building, so if you're running a
stealth class, you may want to pay a visit there if the enemy is holding the C
side of the map. Another great thing about Cracked for CQC players is the very
fact of it being urban. I did touch on multiple entrances to C House, but in
truth there are multiple entrances nearly everywhere, and different paths that
lead to the same location in the same amount of time. Essentially, doing well
in CQC on Cracked is all about controlling where you present yourself to the
enemy. If you force an engagement from the flank or the rear, you're going to
have success in that battle, even if it's with multiple guys.

Finally, a topic I've neglected to mention: B-Dom and that whole complex. The
building is wide open on multiple sides, there's overlooks and lines of sight
on it from nearly everywhere in the map, and to top it all off, the lighter
weapon you carry, the faster you get there at the beginning. For success on
Cracked no matter what game type, your team MUST control the B-Dom complex. If
you can have a guy covering the Statue area, and the Bus Station/Side Street,
as well as a couple watching the middle from the pieces of cover offered 
around it, you can lock the enemy on one side of the map. From here, you can
do whatever needs to be done, whether that be holding two flags, planting or
defusing a bomb, or simply getting 75 kills to end the match. I repeat for


Crisis Call Outs: http://bit.ly/hPp1Cw

Crisis is an interesting map. It has lots of vertical gameplay, lots of lines
of sight, but it is surprisingly CQC oriented. For this reason, I'd recommend
your 40 damage SMGs, since they hit hard, but they don't become fuckless at a
range greater than three feet like shotguns. CQC run'n'gunning should go in a
crescent shape from C-Dom to Tunnel Rock. Avoiding the B-Dom Bunker is a nice
idea unless you're in an objective mode, which will require you to be up in it
a lot of the time. In this case, lying in wait in unexpected places can be a
huge lifesaver. I won't give my super secret camp spots away, but experiment a
bit and you'll find what works and what doesn't. Generally speaking, avoid the
two small rooms off of B-Dom like the plague. They suck badly for everything
except getting the jump on rushing planters on SnD. Lastly, the bane of CQC
rushers on this map is the A Rock. If you've got a guy with good aim and a
lot of ammo, you're nothing but Dog fodder going through there. If the enemy
(or you, being so resourceful) put a Sentry Gun up there, consider that route
effectively closed.

If you want to go with a mid range approach, staying around the Main House
area over to Overlook will be a good choice. Essentially, the sandbags on
Overlook are impervious to bullets, which makes the job of hemming in enemies
running from A-Dom and the Beach over towards B-Dom and C-Dom a breeze. Just
make good use of your Motion Sensors to watch your back with the exposed path,
and you'll be fine up there. As for the Main House, the best use for it is as
a base to fall back on if Overlook gets overrun. I usually drop my Motion
Sensor over by the stairs, a bit south of the middle of the second floor, that
way I catch anyone trying to sneak their way up via the fence. There is a 
GORGEOUS sightline for Armory and the wall to the left, which means if you 
need to hold a rush from B for some reason, you can do so with relative safety
at the windows. However, a better choice for strictly attacking the Armory is
the balcony of Main House. The railings there are impervious to bullets, so
you have impenetrable cover if you get in trouble.

Close or mid range gameplay is what you should strive for here, as most of the
time you'll be in either close or mid range gameplay. If you're in a 
coordinated team, holding Main House/Overlook and the B-Dom Bunker is an
almost SUREFIRE way to win, so long as everyone watches their sightlines. You
can do massively well here so long as you remember to navigate the map very
cautiously, as there are sightlines that can absolutely rip a team apart. A
lot of people I play with don't really appreciate Crisis, but I hope me 
sharing what I do to be successful on it has helped you out and given you a
new appreciation for the beautiful map that is Crisis.

Firing Range

Crisis Call Outs: http://bit.ly/flX9He

Firing Range is the second smallest map in the game, and has very quick-paced
action for Objective modes. Most SMGs aren't as viable here as assault rifles
just because this map has longer lines of sight, and ranged combat may be
needed. However, you could go with a CQC rushing style if you stick to high
traffic areas (Wood Building, Tin Building, Trailer), so long as you do so
situationally. The only time you should rush in there is when the enemy is the
and shouldn't be. In this case, SMG players are better off hanging around in
the outskirts of the map and the buildings there. If you can help it, never
go past Wood Building towards the Bathrooms, since oftentimes longer ranged
players are waiting by Tin or by C-Dom to eat your lunch.

Longer range players have more freedom on this map, as they can actually hold
down a position if need be. The example in the first part of this section is
actually an extremely useful one for all Objective modes, and that bit of
cover on the Ramp can be utilized as an excellent chokepoint. Another, though
more dangerous spot with an excellent line of sight on anyone dumb enough to
just walk down the street in the middle of the map is C Window. You can perch
up in there and pick guys off, or, if you're trying to hold the enemy back at
A-Dom, you can use that position to watch the C door from Tin and the Tunnel
by Tire Path. One important thing to note though is that you're completely
exposed, and if someone comes around Trailer and into the Outpost, you're done

One more area I want to touch on briefly is the Tower. Don't go up into the
Tower. It's really not a bright idea, since the ceiling and two walls are open
to grenades, and any decent player who notices you is going to chuck one your
way, or worse, come up to you for the knife. The only nice line of sight it
gives in down Ramp to the Ammo Room, but the small area behind it, lovingly
referred to as Back Tower, does this job better without exposing you quite as
much. You're still vulnerable to guys coming from the B door of Tin, and from
B-Dom itself, but if you're trying to hold the enemy back on the right side of
the map, it can be viable. Firing Range is another map that has excellent 
sightlines, but most of them are situational. One final note, in Kill-based
games (TDM, FFA), Trailer will always have someone hiding in a corner, and Top
Tin will always have someone hiding in a corner. There's usually a guy up in
Top Wood as well. Be careful out there.


Grid Call Outs: http://bit.ly/gaqayZ

Grid is a medium sized map that's pretty much built for objective modes. Any
Domination or Demolition on here is almost always going to be intense and back
and forth unless you have an all-star team with you. There's also really no
good way to lock the enemy at any flags, due to all the different paths they
could choose. I find that Grid suits assault rifles the best, and SMGs and
surprisingly shotguns next best. For assault rifles, all of the map is open to
you, since you can deal with threats in CQC and at range. Just be aware of
some of the longer sightlines (Street, the two Tunnels, Side Server), as you
can get chewed up here very easily.

For SMGs, you'll want to hang around the outskirts of the map, though unless
you're needing to head over to A-Dom for some reason, you should only patrol
from the main buildings to the Tunnels, since there's less room for longer
ranged engagements. Be VERY careful when crossing the Street, since you don't
have much capability of fighting back. I'd always recommend going from Tunnel
to Generators, since that exposes you for the least amount of time on Street,
and lets you flank any would-be assailants by C-Dom. Inside the buildings is
going to be your strong point, so hang around them a lot. When the enemy goes
to one building, go up in there, preferably with a stealth class, and waste
them. When they move to the other building (or rather, if they move), go there
and repeat the process.

Lastly, shotguns actually have a nice niche on this map. The number of tight
corridors, even outside, makes this map a very nice one for shotguns. The
Stakeout is probably your best bet, since it has insane range and does 40
damage a pellet, compared to the last two shotguns that only do 30. You could
go with the Olympia, but the likelihood of running into multiple enemies is
very high on Grid, so I wouldn't trust it to OSK. Essentially, you just need
to adapt the SMG strategy, but instead of patrolling from the buildings to the
Tunnels, patrol from the buildings to C-Dom, then down by Ladder House. This
way, you're almost always in a situation where you're in effective range with
your shotgun. You have to be aggressive, like with the SMG role, but not too
aggressive, since you only fire one shot at a time. Grid is basically all
about navigating around it in the best manner for your loadout.


Hanoi Call Outs: http://bit.ly/emxL6f

Hanoi is a rather slow map, unless you're playing Domination. Then, it can be
either blindingly fast, or exceedingly slow. The best weapon to use on Hanoi
is an assault rifle, hands down. I would not recommend an SMG here, since, as
a medium-large map, Hanoi has too many long sightlines and not enough close
quarters to justify using an SMG. This section may be shorter than most due
simply to most of Hanoi's action focusing in the center of the map.

It's a rarity that people will go back to the Bus House, or even to Bus Street
unless they're going from A-Dom to B-Dom, or vice versa. One interesting fun
tip is that you can get on the bus, but it's not a smart idea, as you're very
exposed. It's even rarer that anyone will venture through Courtyard from A to
C, or go by C to Back Path. However, if there is someone back there, such as
a defender on C, they will either be in Bloody Room/on Bloody Room's C Stairs,
or up in Top Barracks camping their heart out.

Now that I've told you where the action isn't, let me tell you where it is.
Starting up by A-Dom, you'll oftentimes see people pass through Window House,
though occasionally, depending on your positioning, they may post up in the
window there and fire into the Gallows area. The Hallway is EXTREMELY high
traffic, and you should never, ever sprint through there, since claymores
and enemies love to hide there, just waiting to kill you for not looking for
them. B-Dom is a hot zone as well, as is B-House. Essentially, if your team
has A and B, and the enemy is coming from C to capture B, there are two routes
most of them will take. One is straight through Water into B House, and from
that doorway they'll fire on anything they see, or they'll come down Planter
Path in a feeble flanking attempt. Both of these can be beaten if you use
cover to your advantage, however. Finally, the BEST place to defend B from as
long as your team is strong and doesn't let the enemy run everywhere is from
Screen Room. There is a window overlooking B, and one that lets you see the
right side of A, as well as all of Window House and Gallows. From Office, you
can cut off any advancing enemies from Planter Path. It's probably the best
spot on the map.


Havana Call Outs: http://bit.ly/gHJG8Q

Havana is an odd map. It's stuck in Wager Match size, first of all, and so it
becomes the third smallest map in the game. However, gameplay on it almost
always revolves around the assault rifle, even in close quarters. The main
reason SMGs aren't king here is because of Main Street. Anyone on any point on
Main Street can see all the way to the end of it, and moreover, can kill you
as you try to cross. That's one of Havana's largest challenges.

Essentially, Havana is divided into two roughly equal halves by Main Street.
A-Dom and C-Dom are both in small rooms, though C-Dom is much more protected
thanks to the bar in that building. Moving down from C-Dom, most people go
from C-Dom to Top Hotel, because Top Hotel's window is one of the two camping
spots for most people. Since B-Dom is out in the middle of the street, it's
both hard to capture it, and very hard to retake it should you lose it by some
stroke of bad luck. As for Back Path, you'll almost always run into one person
going around Hotel to C from A, especially on the turn where you get to go
across the street.

Crossing the street, we get over to A-Dom. A-Dom has no cover at all within
the room, which makes it harder to recapture or take from the enemy. Most
people, once they're captured A, go up to Top House, the other camping spot
on the map. From here, they trade fire with the campers on the other team in
the other building, and basically, that's how Havana works. Alley is about
the same as Back Path, since sometimes brave enemies come over from C to try
to get your campers out of Top House. Trash Room serves no purpose tactically,
but it's nice to have a unique callout in the event your team isn't camping up
in Top House or Top Hotel.


Jungle Call Outs: http://bit.ly/h8W25C

Jungle is the second largest map in the game, and my personal favorite. For me
personally, Jungle works best when you run a long range option, such as LMGs
or the semi auto assault rifles. My personal favorite is the M60, which is a
pretty beastly weapon in and of itself. It gets greatly enhanced by the strong
sightlines that Jungle gives you. I'll go ahead and get the most important
point out there; for Domination, if you aren't controlling B Hut, you are 
doing it wrong. The stronger of the two flag configurations here is B and C,
so having a couple guys watching B Hut and Back Path, one on Pride rock, and
one back by C-Dom is a nearly unbeatable strategy. 

If you're going to run the M60/LMG setup, I would firstly recommend a perk
loadout that suits your needs. You're generally going to need to be more
aggressive most of the time, since you have extreme firepower and a ton of
ammo on you. This also means that you'll be a large target for the enemy. For
this reason, pack Flak Jacket Pro, Hardened Pro, and Tactical Mask Pro (you
may recognize this as the Rompsta special package from Cubfan's part of the
guide). From here, you'll want to hold B, and generally stay by it. You can
take up a position at B Hut and mow down enemies coming down Creek, or you can
get up on Pride Rock and waste anyone trying to flank. Contrary to how most
players act in this game, you'll want to be a mobile camper. What that means
is cycle between two different points based on the needs of your team at the
time. If your team is getting chewed up from Field, go over to Pride Rock and
try to pick the flankers off. If the enemy is coming from A down by Creek or
Back Path, you and a buddy need to set up around B Hut and hold the fort.

If you go the semi auto assault rifle path, kudos to you for using a weapon
that if you do well with it will get you called a hacker. Now, you'll want to
act like the M60 player, but more conservative. You need cover moreso than 
else, but also have longer range than most. Therefore, it's a nice idea to
post up on Pride Rock, or on the Dock watching over Field if your team is
holding B and C. If you're at A, you may want to take Overlook and watch B,
Creek, and Back Path. Try to avoid hotspots, and don't really go for captures
unless it's crucial that you get a flag ASAP. One last point on Jungle... To
the side of Field is a large swampy rice paddy area. If you step out there,
however, you'll be blown up by mines. These cannot be avoided or blocked in
any way, which can lead to some fun if you get dumb opponents, or teammates.


Launch Call Outs: http://bit.ly/e01s3B

Launch is a medium sized map, and is extremely symmetrical. If you're OCD, this
may be your favorite map. You can win just as easily holding A or C along with
B, so you can have some great competition if you have two evenly matched teams
going head to head. Launch is also a great map because ANY style of weapon has
a niche here. You can shotgun, snipe, rush in CQC, rush with an AR, or hold
down positions with an LMG, and do any of them effectively. I'll cover each of
them briefly up ahead. One nice thing about Launch is that the rocket over B
isn't just for show. It will launch and kill anyone underneath it at about
five minutes left in the match.

Now then, for shotgunning, you'll want to stick to the tight corridors and
paths by the enemy flag. Since you have a lot of firepower, you can afford to
be up by the enemy and still survive. I'd recommend Sleight of Hand most for
shotgunning on Launch. For sniping, you can use the two Towers to stop the 
rushers coming across Main Street from their flag, or take up positions down
by B if you're confident in your target acquisition speed and ability. I'd
definitely recommend the PSG1 and Hardened Pro here, since you're likely to be
shot while you're lining up the shot on the enemy. ACOG does work on Launch as
well, but I prefer the standard scope on the PSG1 for the 1SK stomach shot.

For CQC rushing, you can follow the shotgunners' strategy, or flank around the
edges of the map, since you can afford to have a bit of range between you and
the enemy. Again, Sleight of Hand is great for your type of play, since you're
going to be up in the enemy's face, and a quick reload will be a lifesaver.
For the assault rifle user, you should flank around the map, and patrol from
your flag to B-Dom, and back. You're going to be the primary flag capper, so
you should load up with the Rompsta Special to keep you alive as long as you
can shoot. Dual Mags are also extremely useful here, since they give you
pseudo-Sleight of Hand. Finally, for the LMG user, you should take up the
positions the sniper would use and hold those choke points down with automatic
fire. Finally, keep in mind that it helps to have just one of each position.
If your team already has a guy with an LMG covering B-Dom, don't pick an LMG
and crowd him. Use one of the other loadouts, and roll with that.


Nuketown Call Outs: http://bit.ly/fd4F1H

Nuketown is the smallest map in the game, and is generally hated by above
average players due to all the map spamming it got before they patched Last
Map Spamming. It's still disliked because everyone sprays high rate of fire
weapons, and throws Zeus grenades like candy. Domination, or any objective
mode on Nuketown really is HORRIBLE, since the explosive and high RoF weapon
spamming goes up by about 200%. However, defending or capping B-Dom is an
easy way to grab Flak Jacket Pro's five grenade throw backs if you can think
about it. You don't even have to throw them far, just get into the throwing
motion. If you suicide from it, it counted.

There will generally be one or two players camping in the Top levels of each
house, and the rest will be rushing mindlessly. Honestly, having callouts for
this map isn't very useful, since by the time you've called an enemy out, 90%
of the time, they're dead. However, good tactical positions DO exist, but are
relatively easily turned against you. One of these positions in behind the
Jeep, since you can pick the mindless rushers off as they run by obliviously.
However, if one of them has the presence of mind to chuck a grenade or fire a
toob over at the Jeep, you're screwed unless you have Flak Jacket on (which
yours truly never goes without on this map, regardless of what weapon loadout
he's using). The others are the Garages of both houses, but they're mostly

If you want a real challenge, use a shotgun on this map. Since it's such a
small place, Nuketown shotgunning is great fun. Plus, it's awesome to get
called a hacker after going 30-5 against a clan spraying the FAMAS/AK74u.
That's about all I have for Nuketown. Good luck for Nuketown Demolition. Ay
dios mio. :/


Radiation Call Outs: http://bit.ly/e2USVS

Radiation is a medium sized map, and is kind of inconsistent. On the one hand,
I've had great games, both with and without a team. On the other, I've had
games where everything has gone wrong, even with a team. It's this mixed
experience that makes me dislike Radiation. Essentially, all you need to do to
win is hold B, and either other flag, then have a guy watching the chute from
the other flag. Do that, and you basically have the game in the bag. 

For Demolition, hiding back in the Tanks is a great way to catch off-guard
bombers. I'd also recommend going back there to call in your killstreaks if
you're patrolling the map, as few people look back there. The Control Room and
the Mid Panel are where the two switches that control the doors are located,
so be expectant of a surprise attack by enemies going up there to play with
the doors. One other fun thing about the doors is the fact that they will
crush anyone standing on the edge there, which will leave the bodies hanging
awkwardly in the doors.

Lastly, Radiation has two large camp spots, which actually face each other.
The one by A is A Overlook, and the one by C is C Overlook. That's pretty
straightforward, but the two are large camping areas, A Overlook especially.
There is usually someone up there in every match, and occasionally someone
will be up in C Overlook as well. They counter one another, so if someone
is camping hard up in A Overlook, get up in C Overlook and waste them.


Summit Call Outs: http://bit.ly/evn826

Summit is a medium sized snow map, which a lot of people seem to dislike
everything's white. Personally, I like it, because it reminds me that no 
matter how cold it gets here in Michigan, it could always be worse (i.e. 
Russia). Anyway, there are several nice spots on Summit, such as by the left
stairs by Server Room. You post up in that window, and you can hit anyone
coming towards B from either the B Stairs or from A-Dom through those doors.
Basically most significant action will take place in and around this middle
building. You sometimes get skirmishes along the Back Path or near A or C, but
B is usually where most of the enemy team can be found, when in doubt.

Since this building is so popular, it also happens to be the most valuable
spot on the map. You hold it, B, and your spawn flag, and you have the game,
basically. However, defending this building is hard due to the many entrances
and flanking routes. You can achieve a pseudo spawn-lock on the enemy by
holding B and C, then stopping them from moving past the rough line between
the two sets of stairs nearest A-Dom. That means a man on Back Path (Tower
would work too), two guys in Server Room, on more on the balcony to keep the
enemy from coming through Generator Room or around it, and one watching the
stairs. The other two guys should split watching the main entrance from A-Dom
and making sure the enemy doesn't start spawning behind you inexplicably.

If you're assaulting the building, you should know that a proper defense is
incredibly flimsy and stretched thin. That makes your job easier. If you can
take out the guy on Tower, you can enter the B-Dom area and get behind cover
by the time he gets his callout said. All you need is to clear one defender
and there is a breach made. Now, attacking the guy on the balcony isn't very
workable, since he has higher ground than you and should have a teammate near
him to take over. One thing you should take into account is numbers. If three
guys assault one position, not only will it overwhelm *most* defenders, it
will call attention to that location, and there's a good chance more defenders
will move over to the breach, leaving other positions relatively more open.


Villa Call Outs: http://bit.ly/gudHxO

Villa is a medium sized map, the second map based on Cuba. It is also a very
fun map for any good team. It always provides a good challenge, even when I
run with the RAF, because it is extremely easy to capture A and C if you're
determined. Because the map is spread out, holding down B means that you'll
need all hands on deck to hold it down and keep it held. The bar in Bottom B
and the window of Top B are the single most important locations to hold. Due
to the easily-flippable nature of Villa's A and C flags, you'll need to be
watching your second flag closely to prevent the enemy from flanking it.

One of the reasons why Villa is so fun is because there are about thirty ways
to get anywhere on the map, and they all take about the same amount of time.
It's really quite fantastic, and it's one of the few maps where I pull out
Lightweight Pro for some epic parkour action. Let me just describe A-Dom and
all of its entrances and exits. First of all, you have the Villa itself. You
can either go through the main door, or post up in the window up top to clear
the area, then jump down to get to the flag. From Storage, you can jump up
through the windows into the planter, then up into A from the side, or you can
go up the stairs normally. Then, there's the B Complex. You can go straight
through the door, or sneak in through the bathroom window. I can't tell you
how many times I've gone through that window and surprise attacked guys there.
Villa brings out my inner ninja.

The main point of Villa is staying mobile, and moving around the enemy to hit
them from the side or the back. Head on engagements are fairly standard, but
when a map offers you the chance to fight the enemy head on or from their
blind side, I take the side and live to fight another day. Lastly, some quick
tips about the sightlines. If you are by Gates, and there's a guy in Top C,
and he's seen you, DO NOT try to win that fight. He is about four pixels to
shoot at, whereas your whole body is exposed. Not a smart idea. Don't hide
behind the cars before they're blown up either, since he'll just car bomb you.
There is a nice spot for an opening route from C Spawn, where you duck down
behind the crate next to the planter between B and C, and wait for enemies to
come into view. I've gotten nice triples spray kills at that spot in 
Domination, but I'm willing to share. The final spot is at B-Dom itself. 
Crouching in the corner behind the cart along the wall will start capturing,
but protects you from most enemy grenades, unless they throw them past the
cart itself. 


WMD Call Outs: http://bit.ly/fVQriu

WMD is one of the largest maps in Black Ops, and is a snow map. This means
people will automatically hate it. However, I kind of like it. It has a large
amount of long sightlines, and is one of my favorite maps to snipe on. The B
flag, however, is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Capping it at the beginning against a
determined team is very difficult, and recapping it is even harder, especially
if the enemy is holed up in the Middle Building. Clearing out the Middle
Building, Storage, AND C Overlook/Catwalks is almost required to recap it.

C-Dom is a very open flag, and is generally capped in passing, because hanging
around there too long is a good way of getting killed, regardless of who is
holding the flag. A-Dom is also open, but it's the least open of the three,
and is easier to capture unmolested. It also generally gives the Middle
Building's first possession to the team that spawns on it. There is one good
spot where you can defend A from, properly named A Overlook, which is nicely
defended. Plus, you're on high ground, which is always to your advantage.

C Overlook is an extremely nice position for a team holding C, but it doesn't
give any sightlines. If you go onto Catwalks, you'll be more exposed, but you
can defend B-Dom very easily. You can also combat enemies in the windows of
Top Middle, which can aid if your team needs to recap B. Lastly, Storage Path
and Back Path are pretty random. You can usually find someone on them, but
there are always times where no one will show up and you can run through 
unmolested. You have to be lucky, I guess. Usually only assault rifle users
run through here, so it's a good idea to ADS when you reach a straightaway.

BO06 - Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks, and Facts about BO

1. There are 50 ranks in Multiplayer, and 15 Prestige Levels.

2. Equipment can be picked up and moved around; experiment a little bit!

3. Stock player health is 100. In Hardcore, Stock player health is decreased
to 30.

4. A lot of people hunt with their radar, so staying out of sight with a nice
Ghost class is a good way to get kills.

5. Communication is available, and a good idea.

6. If you aren't rolling with a party, you're probably doing it wrong. Add a
few Allies so you don't have to fight alone.

7. If you see something cool in the maps, for God's sake don't just stare at 
it. You can go back in a Private Match and find it again, but don't just check
out random crap in the middle of a match.

8. Save your CoD Points as much as possible, especially on the lower ranks.
Try to only buy one or two attachments per weapon. If you want to have all of
the attachments and camos, wait till you reach the highest level of Rank and
Prestige that you want.

9. Pretend CoD Points are your actual, real life money; you'll have very 
little trouble saving it then.

10. Care Packages have a set percentage chance for each and every killstreak.
Here is that table:

Ammo Resupply..............................................................22%
Spy Plane..................................................................16%
Counter-Spy Plane..........................................................16%
Mortar Team.................................................................6%
Sentry Gun..................................................................6%
SAM Turret..................................................................6%
Rolling Thunder.............................................................3%
M202 Grim Reaper............................................................3%
Napalm Strike...............................................................3%
SR-71 Blackbird.............................................................3%
Attack Helicopter...........................................................3%
Death Machine...............................................................2%
Attack Dogs.................................................................1%

11. Hardline Pro's re-role does actually shift the percentages around. Here is
that table:

Ammo Resupply..............................................................10%
Spy Plane..................................................................10%
Counter-Spy Plane..........................................................10%
Mortar Team................................................................10%
Sentry Gun.................................................................10%
SAM Turret.................................................................10%
Rolling Thunder.............................................................5%
M202 Grim Reaper............................................................5%
Napalm Strike...............................................................5%
SR-71 Blackbird.............................................................5%
Attack Helicopter...........................................................5%
Death Machine...............................................................3%
Attack Dogs.................................................................1%

12. Using your grenades when you have them is a good idea. The mentality of
"I'm going to save this for later, in case I need it" is inherently flawed.
The average lifespan in Call of Duty is about twenty seconds. So, if there's a
remote chance of running into an enemy, use your Tactical grenades. If you 
see an enemy around a corner, throw a grenade. You may kill, or you may weaken
him, but either way, using your equipment is a key survival tool.

BO07 - Strategies

This section is left intentionally empty until a good collection of good
strategies is ready to go. This section will be filled in on the next update.

BO08 - Closing

Wait, that's it? There's no more? Well, yeah. We've covered everything that
you can possibly imaginably cover in a plain-text guide. We hope you've liked
all the stuff we put in here for you. Know that we did work awful hard on it.

If this guide helped you, pass it on to your friends. Sharing is caring.

Thank you, the reader, for being the awesome audience that we write for.

Thanks to our host sites for hosting us up and making our success possible.

Thanks to Treyarch for making the game, and to Activision for publishing it.

This marks the end of THE Guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Nintendo

LEG1 - Legal Info

We are giving permission for this to be on GameFAQs, GameSpot, IGN, and 
Neoseeker for the time being. If you want to post it elsewhere, email me with 
the subject "BO Guide Posting," and I'll get back to you ASAP. Don't 
plagiarize us, bro.

All detailed weapon information such as damage, range, and spread came from
DenKirson at xanga.com.

Call of Duty: Black Ops and all plot elements, storylines, perks, etc etc are
registered and copyrighted by Activision Publishing, Inc. and Treyarch.

Rock on. 

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