How do I open up mission?

  1. I'm currently at 80% and only have 70 odd minikits. How do I open up the Sepratist missions? I also completed nearly all of the story levels? Is there some other levels I'm missing?

    User Info: criag40

    criag40 - 5 years ago


  1. If you've beaten all of the Assaj Ventress, Count Dooku, General Greivous, and the Zillo Beast missions, then there are two more missions, both on the separatist ship, one in Ziro the Hutt's room, and one on the bridge. Also, if you are missing any characters, Chancellor Palpatine can be obtained by converting all planets to the Republic in Republic Assault, likewise Grand Moff Tarkin in Separatist Assault. Also, while not a part of the 100%, if you pause the game and go to extras and put in the code "MELL07" (that's a zero, not an O), you will unlock Savage Oppress.

    User Info: SunCrusherDude

    SunCrusherDude - 4 years ago 0 0

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