Rayman Raving Rabbids Cheats


  • Super Bonus unlockable

    Get the score in Score Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate endingScore at least 1000000 points in Score Mode.

    Contributed By: Magikoopa189.

    1    3

  • Unlock Bonuses

    To unlock bonuses, amass certain total amounts of points in Score Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Artwork 15000 Points
    Artwork 293000 Points
    Bunnies Can't Cook Eggs84000 Points
    Bunnies Can't Infiltrate Games Convention48000 Points
    Bunnies Can't Play Soccer138000 Points
    Bunnies Don't Do Vacuum Cleaning21000 Points
    Bunnies Don't Like Taking a Bath9000 Points
    Bunnies Never Close Doors111000 Points
    French Bastille Day57000 Points
    US Independance Day165000 Points

    Contributed By: CaptainDrakesGhost.

    2    0

  • Unlock Challenge Mode

    Complete Story Mode.

    Contributed By: SuperPhillip.

    1    1

  • Unlock different modes for Bunny Hunt games

    You can unlock two different modes to play the Bunny Hunt games in. In Time mode, you must beat the games as fast as possible. In Survival, you must get as high a score as possible with just one heart the whole time.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bunny Hunt Survival ModeClear all games on Bunny Hunt Time Mode at least once
    Bunny Hunt Time ModeClear all games on Bunny Hunt Score Mode at least once

    Contributed By: CaptainDrakesGhost.

    1    0

  • Unlock things in Story Mode

    To unlock things in Story Mode, clear all 4 minigames (Not including the boss stage) on a day.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Dark Iron Bunnies" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 11
    "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 05
    "Good Time" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 03
    "Hip Hop Hooray" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 07
    "La Bamba" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 09
    "Misirlou" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 01
    "The Butcher Deejay" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 13
    "Ubisoft Montpellier Choir" for the jukeboxClear all games on day 14
    Bunny costumeClear all games on day 12
    Caramba costumeClear all games on day 08
    Dee-Jay costumeClear all games on day 02
    Gold Cow Trophy on top of the wardrobeClear all games on day 15
    Gothic costumeClear all games on day 04
    Raymaninho costumeClear all games on day 10
    Rock 'n Roll costumeClear all games on day 06

    Contributed By: CaptainDrakesGhost.

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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Cheats


  • Unlock Funkytown

    Play every game once in single player mode.

    Contributed By: Darthmario40.

    3    0

  • Unlockable Rabbid Costumes

    Different outfits can be unlocked mostly by High Scores or shooting the Right Rabbid (shooting minigames only). To unlock different costumes for a custom Rabbid, complete the following...

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Altair (Assassin's Creed) RabbidGet a high score using Wiimote only mode on USA
    Chinese CostumeGet 12,000 points in The China House
    Cossack (Russian) Rabbid12,000+ points in Concentrate!
    Crash Test Dummy CostumeGet 12,000 Points in Shopping Cart, Downhill.
    Cupid costumeget 12,000+points in Burgerinai
    Disco RabbidGet 12,000 points in Papa's Got song
    Doctor Costume12,000+ points in the "Anesthetics" Game
    Fireman (Right Rabbid)Shoot in "Paris, Pour Troujours" (Shooting Game)
    French Maid CostumeGet 12,000 Points in Little Chemist.
    Fruit-Hat Dancer CostumeShoot the Right Rabbid in Year of the Rabbids.
    Gingerbread Rabbid12,000+ points in Hot Cake
    GymnasticGet 12,000 points in Funky Town song
    HAZE ArmorShoot the Right Rabbid in Big City Fights.
    Indiana Jones CostumeGet 12,000 Points in Rolling Stone.
    Jason CostumeScore 12000 or more in Dial R for Rabbid
    Jet-Trooper Rabbid12,000+ points in the "Greatest Hits" Shooting Game
    Ken CostumeGet 12,000 Points in RRR Xxtreme Beach Volleyball
    Martian CostumeGain more than 12.000 points on Bumper Cars
    Masked Wrestler (Right Rabbid)Shoot in "Greatest Hits" (Shooting Game)
    MimicGet 12,000 points in Singin in the rain
    Party Girl (Right Rabbid)Shoot in "Paris, Mon Amour" (Shooting Game)
    Purple Space Rabbid UniformStart out with it automatically.
    Rabbid in SuitGet 12,000 points in Trash House
    Raider's RabbidScore 12,000 Points In American Football
    Red Space Rabbid UniformGet 12,000 Points in Year of the Rabbids.
    SailorGet 12,000 points in Swimsuit Edition
    Sam Fisher CostumeGet 12000+ points in Rabbid School
    Samurai CostumeGet 12000+ points in The Office
    SingerGet 12,000 points in Teenager in Love song
    Skeleton CostueGet 12,000 points in TNT
    Spider-Rabbid (Free Costume)Play the "Spider Rabbid" Game
    SupermanGet 12,000 points in Timber
    TMNT Costume, RaphaelObtain Trophy for greatest hits
    TMNT, Leonardo CostumeGet 12,000 Points in Usual Rabbids
    TransformerGet 12,000 or more points in the plumbing minigame
    Vegas Showgirl12,000+ points in Burp
    Voodoo Rabbid12,000+ points in the "Voodoo Rabbids" Game
    WaitressGet 12,000 points in Laundry
    Yellow Space CostumeGet 12,000 points in Snail Race

Easter Eggs

  • Christmas Music

    If you play the game in December or January You can notice that an Christmas music will play in the mode-select menu.

    Contributed By: lucastcorrea.

    2    2


  • Alternate starting menu

    Complete 100% of the game to have a crown appear at the "Press Start" menu

    Contributed By: wiinnerboy.

    1    1

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party Cheats


  • Extra 'Pimp my Rabbid' costumes.

    To unlock extra Pimp my Rabbid Costumes, beat a minigame with a score of over 15,000 points.

    Contributed By: Ratchetrules.

    1    0

  • Unlocking mini-games to play in training mode.

    Get at least 10,000 points on each mini-game in solo mode.

    Contributed By: twister782.

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