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The Ultimate Music Quiz!!Are you ready to have your music knowledge tested?Beat the Intro is the new, highly addictive music quiz game that tests your music knowledge with thousands of different tracks! Choose from lots of different track packs spanning a huge variety of genres and eras that suit all styles and tastes.The faster you guess, the more points you rack up, its that simple. You control how many rounds you want to play and then begin discovering new music instantly.New packs full of the latest and greatest music released regularly, featuring packs from genres and eras, and even look out for artist packs and promotions from the best artists around! Look out for free giveaways and promotions that you cant afford to miss. FEATURES:? Discover new music with every play and purchase your favourite music discoveries directly from iTunes! Beat the Intro is the best new way to support your favourite artists and expand your music collection.? Sign in with your Gamecenter account and beat the high scores on the leader boards to prove your vast knowledge of music!? Post your scores on Facebook and Twitter? Unlock achievements as you play through the various packsPick from packs such asSongs of the 00sDisco Fever!Hip-Hop and Rap ClassicsNew WaveSongs of the 70s80s Dance+ Many more!REVIEWS:????? The BEST APP ON MY PHONE! I am BESOTTED with this game and ITS SO COOL! rethalesch????? One word, addictive Smalone387134????? GREATEST MUSIC GAME EVER! MACthabestLike our Facebook page for updates, support and exclusive offers -http://www.facebook.com/beattheintroFollow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/beattheintroHaving trouble? Contact support here - info@gameboxco.com

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#212 highest rated WII miscellaneous game (#985 on WII, #34629 overall)


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#252 easiest WII miscellaneous game (#932 on WII, #19419 overall)


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