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    Mega Buster Boss Guide by Sujokarn

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Mega Man 10 
                       Mega Buster Only Robot Master Guide
                                 March 09, 2010
                                  Version 1.00
                                By: S.A. Renegade
                       Email: renegade@scathingaccuracy.com
                               -Table of Contents-
    -Version History-
       -Blade Man-
       -Sheep Man-
       -Commando Man-
       -Pump Man-
       -Chill Man-
       -Nitro Man-
       -Strike Man-
       -Solar Man-
    ---Version History---
    The guide is done. All Robot Masters accounted for.
    What up my froggs in tha pondd! Yeah that's right, I just said that. I'm
    back and this time with the natural follow-up to my Mega Man 9 Robot
    Master guide. The Mega Man 10 Mega Buster Only Robot Master guide! You
    know the drill. We don't want to be pussies and use those boss weaknesses.
    It's way too easy like that. It's much more fun to rely only on the Mega
    The purpose of this guide is to help whoever wants to do the same thing by
    outlining the strategies I used to beat the robot masters. Once you do, you
    acquire the Trusty Sidearm achievement. Now I don't claim my methods to
    be the best or the most effective, but they are what worked for me and this
    is all I can give you. With that being said, in this guide you'll find my
    tips for each of the bosses plus videos of me beating each one with the
    mega buster without taking damage to give you a more visual aid in addition
    to the text.
    But that ain't all this time, fool. Nope. THIS time, my videos include my
    full mega buster only run through each stage without taking damage for
    ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL. Well ok. Maybe the reason COULD be that
    bitches complained last time about how I did it in Wily's house instead of
    the actual stages despite the fact that it makes NO GOD DAMN DIFFERENCE.
    So all of you can go climb a wall of dicks. I'm sure hoebags will still
    find stuff to complain about, so I'm going to pre-emptively say that if 
    you don't like it, bite me.
    You can find the entire guide as well as the videos over at my blog:
    ---Boss: Blade Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: Bitches ain't shit/10-
    Aaaaahahahaha. What a joke. This guy is by far the easiest Robot Master,
    and how. He has a very simple, easy, set pattern that he NEVER deviates
    from if you play correctly. We can beat this guy in our sleep. He's that
    The strategy is simple: As soon as you go in, run straight to the right
    without jumping. Blade Man will hang from the wall and throw 3 blades at
    you, but if you run without stopping you'll be able to pass under them.
    Once that happens, Blade Man will jump and hang from the ceiling. Stand
    under him and a little bit to the right but without touching the wall.
    He will shoot 3 blades at you from there, all you have to do to avoid them
    is run to the right until you hit the wall, and maybe jump just to be safe.
    Once that's done, Blade Man will jump over to the opposite left wall. 
    Before he even does this though you should already be running over to the
    left. Shoot a couple buster shots as he's coming down so that they catch
    him once he pins himself to the wall. Keep running to the right and the
    next blades he shoots will harmlessly pass over you as well. 
    Then he will jump over to the ceiling. You do the same thing you did before
    when he was on the ceiling, except the other way. Stay under him, and when
    he shoots the blades, run to the left and jump just to be safe. After he
    does that, he will jump over to the right wall, and you should be running
    over to the right wall as he does this.
    At this point you should see that the pattern simply repeats itself. And
    it will repeat itself over, and over and over until Blade Man dies,
    UNLESS you make a mistake somewhere. So try to stay consistent with your
    spacing, timing, and all that. If you don't, you run the risk that Blade
    Man will at some point drop down on the floor, which he shouldn't if you're
    doing it correctly.
    Watch my video to see how it should be done:
    ---Boss: Sheep Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: Once upon a time in the projects, I damn near had 
    to wreck a ho/10-
    Sheep Man may seem pretty straightforward, but once you get down to it he
    can catch you when you least expect it. He only had two modes of attack. 
    First of all, he may shoot a spark at you from where he's standing. This 
    is a dangerous move because he has two variations on the spark, and if 
    you're not far away enough it's very difficult to be able to discern which 
    type it is and react fast enough. The first type of spark travels very 
    fast and low to the ground. This one is very easy to jump over since it's 
    so fast.
    The second type, on the other hand, is much harder to deal with, not only
    does it travel slower, but it also oscillates up and down kind of like a
    sine function. At its highest point, you can't jump over it, but you can
    pass underneath it. So do you want to jump over it or pass underneath it?
    Neither. Why? Read on.
    Now, reacting to which type of spark it is can be difficult, especially
    the closer he is to the center of the arena. But I'm going to let you in
    on the ultimate secret: he will ALWAYS alternate between the two types.
    That's right, there's no need to react if you always know what he will do.
    Simply, when he does a low spark, keep repeating in your mind "the next
    spark will be a high one" or whatever you want. That way you will never
    be caught off guard. Each time he's about to do a high spark, all you have
    to do is go and stand right in front of him, at about a Mega Man's
    length away, and the spark will pass harmlessly over you every single
    time. You don't even have to worry about moving! No sweat at all. However,
    if you happen to be too far away, you'll have to avoid the spark the
    harder way. I recommend passing beneath it. Run away from it, and right
    as it's starting to go upwards, turn around and run the other way to pass
    Note that Sheep Man may fire 1 spark, 2 sparks, or no sparks. If he fires
    two, it will always be of different types. During this period when he's
    down on the ground is when you should be firing on him to deal damage.
    After he does this, he will use his other move, during which you can't do
    anything to him.
    He will turn into four clouds, and each cloud will move to a random part
    above the arena. When this is happening, you'll want to be in the center
    so you can run to either side depending on where the clouds end up.
    Sheep Man is hiding in one of them, specifically the last one to move, but
    it can be hard to see which one moved last, and the knowledge isn't super
    useful, so for the most part what you'll want to do is this: if most of
    the clouds congregate at one side of the room, run to the other side.
    If they don't, then what you'll want to do is stay near the center, but
    not directly beneath a cloud, and wait for the first two to disappear.
    When that happens, simply run away from the remaining two clouds. Be
    careful, because the last one will shoot out a spark, so you'll have to
    jump over it.
    Even if you're not directly underneath a cloud, they will still electrify
    the floor quite a ways from where the lightning hits, so you'll want to
    jump away when that happens. Don't simply jump up, because you will just
    land on the electricity and take damage.
    After that, Sheep Man will get back on the ground, keep shooting him. If
    he's going to shoot a low spark, just stay back and jump when you see his
    cue. If he's going to shoot a high spark, just go and stand in front of
    him like I said before, all the while shooting his face off. Before you
    know it, he'll be dead.
    If you wanna watch my video of this whole stage and boss, go to
    ---Boss: Commando Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: Think ummaduh be the scapegoat fudda whole damn
    machine? Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet/10-
    Alright, so. If you're planning to not take any damage, Commando Man is
    no damn joke. He's one of those robot masters that have no pattern,
    and this, coupled with the fact that his moves are almost impossible to
    react to make him a bitch.
    He's not that complex as far as bosses go, I mean, he only has 3 attacks,
    IF THAT. His first and most common attack, which he's likely to use as
    soon as the fight starts, is to jump up and forward a bit, and shoot one
    of his rockets in the air. These things are hell of dangerous. They travel
    through the air, and then drop down exactly where you are and create some
    splash damage. To avoid the first one, you'll want to run to the center
    of the arena as soon as the battle starts, and when you see the rocket 
    coming, run away from it before it falls.
    Now, this is what you'll want to do to avoid these rockets when Commando
    Man is farther than half the arena from you. However, he will keep jumping
    and getting nearer and nearer to you. When he's closer than half the arena
    to you, what you want to do is stay relatively close to him so that when
    he jumps, you can pass safely beneath him and somewhat reset your spacing
    (the rocket will also miss you completely).
    Sometimes you will see that he makes an ESPECIALLY high jump. When you see
    this, make sure to jump before he lands because he will create a quake
    that will immobilize you for a bit. This is harmless in and of itself, but
    it can make the splash damage from the rockets hit you if you're not
    This would be the entirety of the strategy against Commando Man, simply
    stay close to him and pass underneath him when he jumps, however, the
    throws a monumental wrench in our plans with his other move: he simply
    stays on the ground and shoots a rocket horizontally. This no frills move
    is what makes this fight go from a joke to shieeet rating. You see, what
    happens if you're close to him, expecting him to jump over you, but instead
    he uses this move? Simple. If you don't jump, you get hit. The problem
    is that this move is so god damn fast that it's almost impossible to react
    to if you're really close. Oh sure, he telegraphs the move by raising his
    arm for like 0.3 seconds before firing but let's be serious. Who is
    actually going to be able to react to that? Considering I basically have
    the reactions of an 80 year old man, definitely not me. But hey, maybe you
    have better reactions than me. And if you do, well, all you have to do is
    jump up when you see him raise his arm. 
    For us less gifted folks, though, there is something different we can do,
    and it's this: if you concentrate hard enough, you will be able to note
    that Commando Man stays in the ground for just a TAD longer before he uses
    this move. What does this mean? It means that if you're paying very careful
    attention, you don't actually have to react to the impossibly fast arm
    raise, rather, you can react to the fact that he's been in the ground for
    just a tiny bit longer, and thus "anticipate" the move. It's not really
    anticipation, but you know what I mean. This at least doubles the amount
    of time we have to react to his move, which makes it quite a bit easier,
    but still tough because the difference in the time he stays on the ground
    is tiny, so you have to stay on your toes.
    To help out with this, I recommend staying close to him but NOT point blank
    range. About 2 Mega Man's width away from him should give you the 
    maximum range to react to his grounded rocket but also give you enough
    time to run beneath him if he jumps.
    And that's the whole strategy. Remember, if he's more than half an arena's
    length away from you, you can stay farther away from him so you don't
    even have to anticipate the horizontal rocket, but don't stay so far away
    that you won't be able to move backwards if he shoots a jumping rocket.
    Another thing to keep in mind is, when he shoots you and you don't have
    enough room to get away from the splash damage, you can jump to where
    the rocket originally hit because the splash travels away from there.
    There is none right at the center where the rocket fell.
    And of course, remember to be shooting him the entire time. He dies pretty
    fast since there are no points during which you're unable to attack him.
    For my video of this whole stage and boss, head on over to my dump at
    ---Boss: Pump Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: With my mind on my money and my money on my mind/10-
    Pump Man is one of those Robot Masters who have no pattern, so this can
    make him seem tough, and he kind of is, but if you follow my bulletproof
    strategy you'll have him bodied easy!
    Pump Man's entire mode of attack is to surround himself with his bubble
    shield, jump around a few times, unleash it, and then repeat. That's IT.
    That's all. Of course, the fact that he has no pattern makes this harder.
    He alternates between high and low jumps, but you don't know which one
    he's going to do first, plus, you also don't know how many times he's
    going to jump before unleashing his bubble shield.
    Further, whether he's facing to the right or left when he pumps the shield
    out affects whether the bubbles will spin clockwise or counterclockwise,
    which in turn affects where the bubbles will go when he shoots them out.
    And having the proper spacing to avoid those bubbles can be hard. It's
    a bit easier if you're very far away, but that's not always possible.
    Fortunately, with my strategy you ain't even got to worry about none of
    What you do is simple: as soon as the fight starts Pump Man will begin
    pumpin' out his shield. Run right at him without stopping. He will jump
    right before you collide with him and you'll pass beneath him. Now, what
    you want to do is run underneath him EVERY time he jump. That's right,
    EVERY single time, doesn't matter where he is. To do this, you have to
    be as close to him as possible. Close enough that you can run under his
    low jumps but far enough that his shield doesn't touch you. The high jumps
    are easy, but for the low jumps you have to be fast, start running as soon
    as you see him jump. 
    And here's the good part: Once he's about to unleash his bubble shield
    he will jump up, stay there for a second and then shoot them out. What
    you have to do at this point is simple: just stand directly underneath him
    and the bubbles will miss you every single time. This is the best and
    easiest way to deal with them. This way you don't even have to worry
    about where the bubbles will fly, which way they're spinning, nothing.
    Just stand under Pump Man and you're safe, then move out of the way when
    he falls back down. Just make sure that you stand directly beneath him,
    not to either side or you're risking it. You gotta do it right.
    Once he falls down, that's when you should shoot him to deal some damage
    before he gets his shield back out. If you're fast you'll be able to get
    in 3 shots on him. If you're not fast you'll only be able to get 2 shots
    in, but it's all good. Once he gets the shield out, just stay close to
    him, wait for him to jump over you, and repeat the strategy, having him
    jump over you every time. Don't bother shooting your mega buster when
    he's got his shield out, I find that mashing on that affects your
    concentration, so you're better off just devoting all your resources on
    making sure you don't get hit.
    And that's really all of it. I wouldn't exactly say it's easy, since you
    have to pass relatively close to him when he does those low jumps, but
    there are tougher things out there.
    If you want to see how it's supposed to look, go watch the video over at
    ---Boss: Chill Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: Oh mah lawd/10-
    Shiet. Chill Man is one of the harder bosses because of a few reasons:
    he ain't got a set pattern, the slippery floor can screw you up, and also
    I heard he's a contemptible little sneak. 
    The arena is nothing but an even surface of ice, and Chill Man will
    be constantly running from one side to the other trying to bump into you.
    The best way to avoid him is to jump over him. However, you gotta be
    careful, because sometimes he may simply run at you, but other times he
    may do a huge leap at you. His leap isn't big enough for him to pass over
    you though, and way too fast for you to try and run underneath him. So,
    even when he jumps at you, you will still want to jump over him after
    he has landed. He will always land just a bit in front of you, so the
    only difference between that and when he runs is simply that you have to
    be a lot faster if he decides to jump.
    Now, if that was all there is, it wouldn't be a problem, however, Chill
    Man also has his ice gun which he likes to fire and create spikes with.
    Usually the spikes aren't too much problem, the bigger problem is the
    inital shots. He will always fire twice. Once at the ground, and then at
    the wall. This can be quite hard to deal with. Why? Because a combination
    of whether he runs or jumps/gets to the end of the room or not/fires
    immedately or slower or doesn't fire at all requires a slightly different
    response from us. 
    First of all, I recommend to be jumping constantly to try and keep your
    traction, but makes sure that your jumps are as low as possible when you're
    not jumping over anything by only tapping the button rather than holding
    it down. Secondly, you'll be going from one side of the room to the other
    as Chill Man does the same, but since he always shoots a spike at the wall,
    you'll want to stop just short of the end of the arena so that you don't
    accidentally bust your head on the wall spike when you jump.
    Now here's the deal. Chill Man will always run or jump at you. Like I 
    said before, you have to jump over him and run/jump to the other end of
    the arena. If he runs at you, you don't have much to worry about, simply
    jump over him, and he will always slide right to the wall. From here,
    he may do one of two things: he can fire his ice gun immediately after you
    pass over him. To avoid this, as soon as you jump over him, IMMEDIATELY
    jump a second time once you land. The first ice shot should not be able to
    hit you if you do this. Then, if you are far away when he fires the 
    second shot, and you will be if you jumped twice, don't jump and it will
    miss you as well. If he doesn't fire immediately, well, in that case he
    will be so far away that you don't have much to worry about. As long as
    you're far away and don't jump when he fires his second shot, neither can
    hit you. Or he may not shoot anything and simply opt to run/jump towards
    you again. In which case that takes us back to the beginning.
    If he jumps at you, that's when things can start to get hairy. The problem
    is that when he jumps at you, sometimes he may not get all the way to the
    end of the arena, and further, when this happens, he may fire his ice
    gun SO FAST that you'll still be in the middle of jumping over him when
    he does. If you don't jump over him fast when he does this, you'll be
    stuck in the WORST situation possible, and that's stuck in the corner with
    Chill Man 1/4 of an arena away from you firing two shots and jumping at
    you. In which case I hardly knew ya. If this happens to you, you can still
    try to save yourself by running all the way to the wall to avoid the first
    spike and to have the second one appear JUST above your head, and then
    running a bit back and hoping Chill Man decides to just run at you, so
    you can jump over him and the first spike in one go. But if he decides to
    jump, you're screwed. Nothing can do. But if you're TOO fast with the jump
    then he might turn around and fire the spike right where you're about to
    land, and you're screwed too. See how much of a cunt this guy can be? I
    told you he was. So yeah, make sure you're fast but not TOO fast with
    that jump. When this happens, the first shot won't hit you because you'll
    be above him, but then when he fires the second one, you'll be so close
    that you have to do something slightly different: you have to jump OVER
    the second shot. Remember, you only do this if he has fired too fast and
    you are close to him. Which doesn't ALWAYS happen, so you need a good
    eye. Generally speaking, if he shoots the first spike the wrong way, you
    might be far enough by the time he shoots the second one that it can pass
    over you. Whether or not he gets to the end of the arena is
    entirely dependent on your position when he decides to jump, and this
    in turn is entirely dependent on how fast he decides to jump at you. So
    you can see how he can screw you up pretty good. Even when he jumps so fast
    that he ends up near the middle of the arena, you always want to jump over
    him since the chances are higher that he will land closer to the wall he
    jumps towards. That's why you need to be low jumping constantly, so you can 
    turn on a dime and jump over him quickly if he decides to do this dick 
    All the while, you'll want to be firing your Mega Buster at him as he's
    coming towards you when you get to each end of the arena. You can get in
    quite a bit of damage on him, especially when he runs at you.
    If you feel like watching me do this whole stage and boss, watch the vid at
    ---Boss: Nitro Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: BREAK YOSELF, FOO/10-
    Nitro Man can be VERY hard until you figure out exactly what it is you
    have to do. The first thing he will usually try to do is get on his bike
    and try to roadkill you. This is pretty easily dealt with, simply jump over
    him when he comes at you, and keep jumping each time he makes another pass
    at you, all the while shooting him as he's coming towards you. This is
    the best time to damage, and hell, actually, the only time. Fortunately
    you can get a LOT of damage in on him when he's doing this.
    Of course, after a few passes he'll do a wheelie, that's your cue that
    he's going to go up the wall. As soon as you see him do this, run so that
    you're about 1/4 the arena's length away from the wall he just went up.
    That's right, you want to be close to him. He will drop 2 saws on you but
    they should fall down on either side of you, not on top of you. When this
    happens, begin running away from him and jump over the saw. He will drop
    down right where you are. That's why you wanted to be close to him at
    first, so that when he drops down he's a good length away from you and not
    right in the middle of the arena.
    Now comes the tough part. He's going to start throwing a bunch of saws at
    you for a bit. Don't try to damage him at this point, just concentrate on
    dodging the saws. This can be very hard and overwhelming at first, but
    here's the trick: first of all, you have to notice that the saws will
    always move to the end of the arena, then go up the wall, and then fall
    AT YOUR POSITION. What does this mean? It means that, to avoid the falling
    saws you have to stay on the move. So here's what you want to do:
    You will jump over the saw away from Nitro Man as he's coming down, when
    he drops, you will jump over the same saw again towards him, then start
    running away from him as he throws the first saw from the ground. When
    he does, jump towards him again over said saw. Then start running away from
    him again as he throws the second saw. By this point, the very first two
    saws will be coming down on you, but since you're currently running away
    from him, they will miss you. Once this happens, the first saw he threw
    from the ground should be almost about to fall on you. Now here's the
    important part: keep running away from Nitro Man, but SLOWLY so that you
    don't hit the wall. Leave about a single Mega Man's width of room between
    you and the wall. Why? So that when that saw that is about to fall does,
    you can run into that space you left and it will miss you. Then, as soon
    as it falls, very quickly jump towards Nitro Man, because the third saw he 
    threw should be just about to hit you. Continue running towards him,
    because he will throw a fourth saw. Don't worry, this fourth one will be
    very high, which means you can pass safely underneath it. At this point
    he should stop, and get on his bike again. Simply keep moving slowly to the
    left to avoid those two saws coming down on you, and that should only
    leave the last one. Run towards Nitro Man and jump over him. The saw will
    never fall farther than half the arena towards you.
    Yeah, I know, it seems like a lot to remember, but practice it and it
    should become second nature eventually. Now, of course, it won't always
    play out like that. Why? Because sometimes Nitro Man may get tired and
    get on his bike before throwing all of the saws. It's not biggie though,
    that only makes it easier since you have less stuff to deal with. What
    may throw you off though, is that sometimes he gets on his bike without
    even throwing a SINGLE saw from the ground! So you have to be careful.
    It's very risky to jump over him near the middle of the arena because
    there will be 2 saws coming down on you there, so what I recommend doing
    is moving a bit to the sides of the arena to pass under one of the saws
    and THEN jump over him. You have to be fast on the second jump though
    because he will turn very quickly!
    And that's about it! Like I said, he can be pretty tough, but this strategy
    is pretty damn bulletproof as long as you can follow it correctly.
    Head on over to my pad if you wanna see the video of this stage and boss
    ---Boss: Strike Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: Rollin' in my six-fo'/10-
    Strike Man has a set pattern once he gets going, and is therefore one of
    the easier Robot Masters to perfect. Of course, when you fight him for the
    first time you'll probably get overwhelmed and it might seem tough, but
    when you break it down, it's actually a smooth ride.
    Strike Man attacks first of all by throwing a ball. He may either throw
    it from the ground, or jump up and throw it from above, but it doesn't
    really matter. Either way, you'll want to jump over said ball. What you
    have to watch out for, though, is that the ball bounces several times
    around the whole arena. This might seem difficult to deal with at first,
    but the trick you have to be aware of is that the ball will ALWAYS home in
    on your position when it can. That's right, every time it bounces off the
    ceiling, it will travel to where you were standing when it did. Obviously,
    this means that to avoid the balls, you have to stay on the move. You don't
    have to move too much. As long as you're about a Mega Man's width away
    from where you were when the ball hit the ceiling, it will miss you. And
    this is good, because you don't want to accidentally bump against Strike
    Man, do you? 
    While the ball is bouncing around, Strike Man himself will ball up
    armadillo style and bounce twice in your direction. His first bounce will
    always be the same: low, and travel a short distance. Disregard this one.
    The important one is the second bounce. The second bounce will either be
    very high and travel a short distance or low and travel a long distance.
    He will always alternate between these two types of bounces, although you 
    don't know for sure which one he will use the very first time. What you 
    want to do is pass underneath him during the second bounce.
    So how do you go about this fight? It's really simple. First, you jump
    over Strike Man's ball. Then, as he starts bouncing you should be moving
    around on the other side of the arena constantly to avoid the ball which
    will make several passes at you. However, don't keep your eye on the
    ball. Rather, keep your eye on Strike Man, because you'll want to be
    relatively close to him when he bounces a second time so that you can pass
    underneath him. If he does his very high bounce it's actually not necessary
    to pass beneath him at this point, but since you don't know for sure what
    he will do, you have to.
    The ball will be coming down from the ceiling as Strike Man bounces the
    second time, which means that, since you will be conveniently running as
    you pass beneath him, the ball will miss you as well.
    Once that's done, the ball will disappear and Strike Man will return to
    human form for a few seconds while he prepares for another go. Shoot him
    a few times as he does this, and then simply repeat the pattern.
    Eventually, after passing underneath him a couple times, he will move to
    the very end of the arena after one of his low bounces. Once this happens,
    you'll want to slightly change your pattern: when he does his very high
    bounce, do NOT pass underneath him. Stay on the other side of the arena
    (while moving around to avoid the ball, of course), and wait for him to
    throw the ball again and do his low bounce to run under him. Once you do
    this, it means he's permanently locked in this pattern and will never
    deviate from it, so all you have to do from here is repeat the same thing
    over and over. Stay away when he does his high bounce, run under him when
    he does his low bounce. That's all you have to do. Easy street.
    Watch my video to see how it's supposed to go:
    ---Boss: Solar Man---
    -Difficulty Rating: What you gon' do? You really don't know, so I'd
    advise you not to trust that ho/10-
    Solar Man definitely seemed like the hardest boss to me when I first
    fought him. He deals a boatload of damage, and it's not immediately 
    apparent how you can avoid his attacks. Fortunately for you, I've died
    enough times to him that I can now tell you the absolute 100% bulletproof
    strategy to beating him. So listen up.
    The arena consists of 5 ledges/platforms/areas/whathaveyou. We're gonna 
    call the the two closest to the wall the outer platforms, the two after
    that the inner platforms, and the last one the middle platform. K? Got it.
    Solar Man attacks simply by jumping between any of these platforms and
    shooting out solar beams which fall downward and then explode to the sides.
    He may also attack by trying to headbutt you with his solar head, but
    that only happens if you're right next to him, which you shouldn't be.
    So what are you supposed to do to win this fight? Aright. First of all,
    where are you supposed to be standing. Most of the time you should be
    standing on the middle platform. The ONLY time you shouldn't be standing
    here is when Solar Man is standing on it. Now, it's a pretty big platform,
    so where exactly should you be standing on it? Simple: always at the 
    very end of it. Specifically, if Solar Man is currently standing on the
    left outer platform, you should be standing on the left side of the
    middle platform. And if Solar Man is standing on the right outer platform,
    you should be standing on the right side of the middle platform.
    Now here's the deal. What you will do is directly dependant on what
    platform Solar Man jumps to. And he has no pattern, he can jump to any
    platform he feels like, so you need to be on your toes and always react
    properly. Let's go over the situations:
    1) If Solar Man is standing on the left outer platform, then you should
    be standing on the left side of the middle platform. 
    a) If he jumps to the left inner platform, then you don't need to do
    anything, except move a bit to the right so he doesn't catch you with his
    melee attack.
    b) If he jumps to your middle platform, you need to run to the left, jump
    over the single solar beam he shoots and fall down to the left inner 
    c) If he jumps to the right inner platform, this is potentially his most
    dangerous move, because he liked to shoot two solar beams when he does 
    this. You want to jump up when the solar beams come down, so that as the
    second beam is going down, you're going up beside it, and then
    move towards the middle part of the platform (in the air, of course), and
    fall down right on top of the solar beam that just hit there. If you do
    it correctly, by the time you fall, it should have already exploded, the
    waves should be moving to either side but you should be safe in the center.
    d) If he jumps to the right outer platform... just kidding, he's not
    actually capable of jumping this far.
    2) If Solar Man is standing on the left inner platform, then you should
    be standing on the left side of the middle platform, but not at the VERY
    edge of it or you open yourself up to his melee attack.
    a) If Solar Man jumps to the left outer platform, you don't need to do
    b) If he jumps to the middle platform you're on, simply run to the left
    and jump onto the left inner platform.
    c) If he jumps to the right inner platform, he will shoot a single solar
    beam down in the middle of the platform you're currently standing on.
    Move to the edge of the middle platform, and then jump up as the beam is
    coming down, then move to the right in the air and fall down exactly
    where the beam hit, similarly to what you do in 1c. It should explode 
    before you hit the floor and you'll be safe.
    d) If he jumps to the right outer platform, he will shoot two beams. You 
    should first run to the left side of your platform to avoid the beam coming
    down on your platform, then when it has fallen, jump and change directions
    to fall down exactly where it hit. Immediately after you land, jump a
    second time to avoid the second beam, whose wave should be coming towards
    you at this moment.
    3) If Solar Man is standing on the middle platform, then you should be
    standing on either one of the inner platforms, depending on where he
    originally came from. If he came from the left, you stand on the left
    inner platform, if he came from the right, you stand on the right one.
    We're going to assume you're standing on the left one though.
    a) If he jumps to the left outer platform, he will shoot a beam down on
    the platform you're standing on. You need to first jump up onto the middle
    platform, and then jump a second time once you're there to avoid the
    afterblast from the solar beam.
    b) If he jumps to the left inner platform you're standing on, you simply 
    need to jump up back onto the middle platform. He'll jump really high, so
    it's not hard to go under him.
    c) If he jumps to the right inner platform, you don't need to do anything.
    d) If he jumps to the right outer platform, you don't need to do anything.
    4) If Solar Man is standing on the right inner platform, then you should
    be standing on the right side of the middle platform, but not at the VERY
    edge of it or you open yourself up to his melee attack. As for the
    situations, simply use the ones in number 2, but reverse the directions.
    5) If Solar Man is standing on the right outer platform, then you should
    be standing on the right side of the middle platform. As for the
    situations, simply use the ones in number 1, but reverse the directions.
    And that's it! Follow these instructions to the letter and you will NOT 
    get hit even once. What's that? Too complicated? DEAL with it, fool.
    Really though, once you get used to it you don't really need to think all
    that much and it's pretty fun. 
    Regarding damage, note that Solar Man can absorb your mega buster shots 
    with his sunhead, and if he absorbs two shots in a row this makes his
    next beams more dangerous. So the way I recommend damaging him is to only
    shoot him once or twice each time RIGHT as he lands on a platform, or right
    as he's jumping. Sure, it can take a bit, but it's not like you're going
    to get hit by any of his bull if you're following this strategy, so
    it's all good.
    If you need a visual aid, go watch my video of this fight over at my blog:
    And that's all people! So how was it? Was pretty fun, but man, is it just
    me or was this easier than Mega Man 9? It can't just be me right? Oh well.
    's all good. It's not like it was TOO easy or anything so I'm not gonna
    complain. The whole game's cool, I'd say it's just as good as 9.
    You should now have the Trusty Sidearm achievement, so if you do, grats.
    Hopefully this guide was helpful in some way. Yeah, I know the strategies 
    are only half the battle. Ok, one fourth of the battle. But hey, it 
    wouldn't be any fun if you could magically do it on your first time right?
    This guide is short so it was pretty easy to do compared to the last one
    (Urgh). What can I say, it's nice to just chill and do easy guides like
    these every once in a while.
    Anyway, guess I ain't got more to say. So I'll see you when and if I see
    you, and if I don't, well TOO. BAD.
                                                                 ~S.A. Renegade
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. If you wish to host the guide on your site, you must
    first ask for my permission, and you must not alter the guide's content in 
    any way. If you're going to copy/paste chunks of this guide anywhere, at 
    least be decent and give credit where credit is due, and link directly to 
    the guide. The original and best version with videos can be found on my 
    personal website www.scathingaccuracy.com. March 2010.

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