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Turn, take aim and shoot in a rapid-fire hunting challenge like no other. Buck Fever brings a highly addictive hunting arcade experience that will challenge your accuracy, consistency and reflexes as you bag trophy animals in two exciting game modes. Hunt Deer, Elk, Moose, Big Horn and three bonus animals as you compete in four stunning and diverse locations. Increase your score by taking long-range shots using the highly precise scope with full zoom capability.


- Play-style an exciting cross between arcade and simulation
- Two challenging game modes (Countdown and Bag Limit)
- Pause game during game-play.
- Player tutorial.

- Four detailed 3D hunting locations
- Heavily foliaged with generous concealment for animals.
- Turn a full 360 to hunt in any direction.
- True elevation changes (height maps).
- Long range kills up to 350 feet away.

- Unique highly sensitive and precise aiming mechanism (iron site and scope).
- Intuitive adjustable zoom on scope.
- Quick toggle change between iron site and scope.
- Rapid turn / aim / shoot capability

- Four primary trophy species: Elk, Deer, Moose and Big Horn Sheep.
- Each animal is unique in size, weight, rack score and point value (in-game size visibly different).
- True bone scaling for you techies.
- 3D positional animal sound (ideal for headset users).
- Three bonus point animals Black Bear, Wild Boar, Gray Wolf.
- Trophy animals walk, run (when frightened), stop, turn and graze.

- Unique scoring system that challenges the player to go for maximum accuracy.
- Save top 100 scores for each game / map mode
- Each player enters their own name when they make a top 100 score.
- Review full details of all top 100 hunts.

- 3D positional sound (ideal for headset users).
- Adjustable scrolling sensitivity.
- Left / Right hand setup.

Languages: English

Requirements: Buck Fever supports all generation iPhones including GEN-1 as well as iPod Touch. (Requires iPhone OS 2.21 or later).

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