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Reviewed: 09/14/11

Nintendoman1987 Review - Funny, Gruesome and Very Technical!

Toribash is a physics based fighting game in which you control specific joints on a fighter to attack another fight to earn points and hopefully dismember and/or decapitate them in the process!

Gameplay:- 9/10
This game has a very steep learning curve, so if you are the type to give up easily or you aren't willing to learn , then this is probably not one for you. You control 20 joints on your fighter such as shoulders, hips, elbows etc. And you can also grip with your hands. The fight plays out in frames and you select which joints you want to move up, down, forwards, backwards, relax or hold in a set amount of frames. So for example in the fight is 500 frames long you adjust your joints and press the B button to confirm and the next 20 frames will play out with the effects of your joints taking place. When you connect you earn point and you can sometimes knock your opponents limbs or head off spraying blood everywhere. Then you set up the next 20 frames and so on. And the end of the slow motion fight, you will be shown the fight in real time which usually produces hilarious results. There are lots of custom options that you can change like how many frames will advance at the end of each turn, (it doesn't have to be 20, or 500 overall) gravity, starting distance from the other fighter etc. There are lots of options and you can even customize your character. Sadly this game doesn't really have a single player. You can play alone against a dummy that doesn't move by itself to practice moves on, you can come up with your own moves this way, but besides that it is all about the multiplayer. Local multiplayer is fun, but the drawback is that you have to take it in turns and you can see what the other player is doing and as a result you can just counter everything each of you do. Online is the best way to play as you take every turn each and you don't know what is coming so its a lot more intense. You level up online the more you win and you can save your replays to view or edit later.

Story:- N/A
This game does not have a story.

Graphics:- 10/10
The graphics are very plain and simple, but very crisp and easy to see. Your fighter is just a very generic dummy with huge spheres where the joints are. He can be customised. The blood effects are great and the physics are very funny to watch!

Sound:- 10/10
The sound is spot on, with very pleasing noises when you make a connection.

Controls:- 6/10
The controls are a bit of a let down. You use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and whilst all the buttons and camera control are fine, it is the selecting which joint that you want that can be troublesome. You sometimes end up spinning the stick everywhere to try and highlight the joint that you want as sometimes it doesn't seem to logically select the one you think will come up, especially when you are locked in a tangled mess. Pointer controls seem like a missed opportunity here or an option to do so at least. They would have been ideal. Failing that, a list of the joints down the side that you just move up and down on would have been much easier.

Play Time Replay Value:- 10/10
There isn't lots in the way of content, but you will have to invest many hours before you are in full control of your fighter, and then the fun just gets better.

This game is great if you are eager to learn and have a lot of patience. With a great online multiplayer, that you do not need friend codes for, I highly recommend it for the small price of 1000 Nintendo points!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Toribash: Violence Perfected (EU, 07/09/10)

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