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FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/11/10

_________        .__  .__            _____  ________          __          
\_   ___ \_____  |  | |  |     _____/ ____\ \______ \  __ ___/  |_ ___.__.
/    \  \/\__  \ |  | |  |    /  _ \   __\   |    |  \|  |  \   __<   |  |
\     \____/ __ \|  |_|  |__ (  <_> )  |     |    `   \  |  /|  |  \___  |
 \______  (____  /____/____/  \____/|__|    /_______  /____/ |__|  / ____|
        \/     \/                                   \/             \/     
   _____             .___                   
  /     \   ____   __| _/___________  ____  
 /  \ /  \ /  _ \ / __ |/ __ \_  __ \/    \ 
/    Y    (  <_> ) /_/ \  ___/|  | \/   |  \
\____|__  /\____/\____ |\___  >__|  |___|  /
        \/            \/    \/           \/ 
 __      __                _____                      
/  \    /  \_____ ________/ ____\____ _______   ____  
\   \/\/   /\__  \\_  __ \   __\\__  \\_  __ \_/ __ \ 
 \        /  / __ \|  | \/|  |   / __ \|  | \/\  ___/ 
  \__/\  /  (____  /__|   |__|  (____  /__|    \___  >
       \/        \/                  \/            \/ 
__________        _____.__                 
\______   \ _____/ ____\  |   ____ ___  ___
 |       _// __ \   __\|  | _/ __ \\  \/  /
 |    |   \  ___/|  |  |  |_\  ___/ >    < 
 |____|_  /\___  >__|  |____/\___  >__/\_ \
        \/     \/                \/      \/

Use control+F to navigate.

1. Introduction.....................(1TI)
2. Controls.........................(2CT)
3. Gameplay.........................(3GP)
4. The Guide........................(4GD)
   A. FNG...........................(FNG)
   B. Crew Expendable...............(CEG)
   C. The Coup......................(TCG)
   D. Blackout......................(BKG)
   E. Charlie Don't Surf............(CDG)
   F. The Bog.......................(TBG)
   G. Hunted........................(HTG)
   H. Death From Above..............(DFG)
   I. War Pig.......................(WPG)
   J. Shock and Awe.................(SAG)
   K. Aftermath.....................(AMG)
   L. Safehouse.....................(SHG)
   M. All Ghillied Up...............(GUG)
   N. One Shot, One Kill............(OOG)
   O. Heat..........................(HTG)
   P. Sins of the Father............(SFG)
   Q. Ultimatum.....................(UTG)
   R. All In........................(AIG)
   S. No Fighting in the War Room...(FWG)
   T. Game Over.....................(GOG)
   U. Mile High Club................(MHG)
5. Closing..........................(5CL)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex (Quite
the title, eh?). The purpose of this guide is to provide a guide for how to
complete the main game, as well as tips and general strategies for play. The
guide is organized in to five sections: you're in the introduction, the
controls section lists the game’s controls, The Basics section provides tips
for general combat and how stuff works, and the main guide is the way through
the game. The introduction and the closing section have contact information as
well as some other information about the guide. If you have any questions, you
can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com

2. Controls...(2CT)
One of the perks of this game is the ability to heavily modify the games
controls to be virtually whatever you want them to be. You can alter dead
zones, fire, and pretty much every single button on the controller. I highly
encourage you to customize them to your liking for a better experience, it will
be more than worth it in the long run. These are just the basic controls:

Wii Mote:
1 and 2.........Pause/Map/Objectives
Minus...........Special Grenade
Plus............Regular Grenade
A...............Lock Camera/Sprint/Use object

Right...........Weapon change
Left............Inventory (choose with control stick once open)

Control Stick...Move

3. Gameplay...(3GP)
While I would normally do an extended section for gameplay here, I feel that is
largely unnecessary for this game as the core audience has most likely played a
first person shooter before. I will go over a few things unique to CoD:MWR:

The inventory is accessed by holding left on the D-pad. You thenk pick which
item you want to use with the control stick on the nun-chuck. Each mission
gives you a different set of items that can be used, ranging from grenade
launchers and explosives to night vision goggles. While many of the items are
situational, they can be very useful in tight spots so don't forget you have 

Weapon Speed:
Weapons have different speed in this game, three classes in all. All this
effects is how quickly you can change to a weapon. You can only carry two at
once, and while it might seem to be a good idea to carry around the biggest
guns you can find it's often just as good to have a smaller weapon to switch to
in an emergency. Rifles and other special weapons are the slowest, pistols and
sidearms are faster, and the fastest is the knife.

Special Grenades:
Each mission in the game will give you access to standard frag grenades as well
as some sort of special grenade depending on the mission. Most of the time
these are flashbangs, which deal no damage but blind and disorient the enemy.
You'll also see smoke grenades and a few other special items too.

4. The Guide...(4GD)
This guide was written while playing through the game on Normal mode, so some
strategies might not apply to other difficulties.

A. FNG...(FNG)
This level really doesn't need a whole lot of explanation: it's a tutorial
level designed to get you used to the controls and how the game feels. Just
follow the directions from the other characters to complete the level, which
will give you your recommended difficulty.

B. Crew Expendable...(CEG)
Once on the ship, head forward across the main deck. There are a couple of
enemies along the way, but you should be able to take them out without anyone
noticing. The enemies will take notice of you when you get close to the end of
the ship and will fire on you. Take out the enemies on the upper level, then
move around the dec behind your squad and enter the main section of the boat.
Follow them through a few halls as you take out the enemies, then head down
into the hold. 

Once in the hold, take cover and start looking for enemies. There are quite a
few in the various sections of the hold, the most threatening being the ones on
the upper catwalks. Take them out and let your buddies focus on the ones on the
main level. Take out the enemies they miss from the catwalk, it's a much better
vantage point. Once all of the enemies are dead, grab the intelligence at the
end of the ship. This will trigger a scene in which the ship begins to sink.
Head out as fast as possible, following Price and the others to the upper deck
before jumping on the helicopter and taking off.

C. The Coup...(TCG)
This isn't a mission so much as it is an interactive cut scene. Just watch
what's going on around you until the eventual end, there's nothing you can
really do.

D. Blackout...(BKG)
Your first goal is to make it past some guards, and do it silently. Kill the
first two, then advance some more to a larger complex and lure them into some
claymores. Head through the second house where Price will kick down the door to
meet up with the Russians. Follow them up the nearby hill and down a small path
to a sniping area. Switch to your sniper rifle (right on the D-pad) and Take
out the two gunners in the house at ground level. You'll need to shoot one
through the wall. 

Afterwords, follow Kamarov and equip your grenade launcher. The bottom of the
small hill take cover inside of the house and kill the soldiers that come down
the hill with your grenade launcher. Follow Kamarov for another short sniping
section, then follow him again. After getting the information out of him,
you'll rappel down into the village. Take cover and shoot the soldiers in the
building across from you. Head through that building and out the other side,
killing any enemies you meet. At Head up the hill when you're outside again and
wait for Price. He'll kick in the door, equip your night vision goggles (left
on the D-pad, up on the control stick.) Move through the house and take out the
opposing soldiers before they can see you. Once you've secured the informant,
head outside and run to the helicopter to complete the mission.

E. Charlie Don't Surf...(CDG)
This mission consists of three main parts. The first taking a building. Follow
your fellow soldiers and they will lead you to it, a short distance from the
landing zone. There are a few enemies inside the building, so be careful when
coming around corners and make uses of flashbangs. One of the rooms in this
build is chock full of weapons, so take your pick. The Dragunov is extremely
useful in this mission, but just pick whatever you want.

The second part of the mission involves working your way through a series of
streets to get to the TV station. There are enemies all over the place here,
and you need to keep a sharp eye out. The Dragunov will let you snipe enemies
before they see you, so keep on the lookout for foes you haven't seen yet.
Enemies like to spawn on the low roofs in the level and fire at you with RPGS,
but a good Dragunov round will take care of them easily. 

Once you reach the TV station, stow your Dragunov and get a rapid fire/shotgun
weapon. Take the first couple of electronic rooms, and you will soon come to a
wide open area with a lot of enemies. The safest way to take them out is to
dash to the office directly across from the entrance to the area. You can
either camp out here and take them out at long range, or dash from the far exit
to the opposite wall and take cover near some elevators. The elevators are the
safest location, but they can be difficult to get to. After that, just follow
the other soldiers to the end of the mission.

F. The Bog...(TBG)
Run forward as the level begins and quickly duck into the gap in the fence to
your right. This will place you at the bottom of the building that you were
just being shot at from. Turn on your night vision and eliminate the soldiers
in the courtyard, then head in the ground floor of the building and kill anyone
remaining. Head up the stairs and knife the enemy that ambushes you, then take
cover at the top of the stairs. Pop out and mow down the line of enemies, they
shouldn't even notice you. Head to the end of the hall and turn left and do the
same in this room. 

Head back downstairs and follow the other Marines in to the next room. Take
cover near a window and kill the enemies shooting at you from behind the nearby
cars. Move outside and into the building on the left side of the area to flank
the enemies. Once most of them are taken out, tanks will appear on the bridge
above you. You need to grab a Javelin and take them out from the roof of the
building you were just in. The Javelin needs to lock on, which takes a few 

After you;ve taken care of the tanks, head under the bridge. While still under
the bridge, equip your Grenade launcher attachment. In the next area you need
to defend the tank from enemy fire, and the clustered enemies can be killed
easily with the grenade launcher. Take cover near the entrance of the area and
shoot towards the left side behind the sheet metal plates. After the enemies
are taken down, advance forward to find the AA turret that you need to take
out. It's back behind a building in the far corner of the area. Kill the
enemies around it, then plant C4 and blow it up. This will allow a helicopter
to come in and clean out some of the other enemies. Afterwords regroup at the
tank to complete the mission.

G. Hunted...(HTG)
This mission is largely stealth based. Pick up a few weapons from around the
wreckage, then follow Price and the rest of your squad. Continue until you get
to a garage. You'll see some soldiers outside; Ambush them before they have the
chance to return fire. Kill them and follow the others as they you head towards
another house across a field. You'll be ambushed this time, o protect Gaz while
he opens the basement door and gets you inside the house. 

Inside the house, take the stairs up to the top floor. Be prepared for enemies
to come bursting in through the door with a flashbang. Head out the door, which
opens into a larger area. Enemies here will release dogs, so take them out
before they get close to you. After eliminating the remaining enemies, head out
the chain link gate. You'll need to sneak across the field from cover to cover,
just follow the others here and you'll be fine. You'll eventually alert the
guards, but there aren't many left if you've been stealthy.

Head into the next area to meet quite a few more enemies. There is a lot of
cover in the greendhouses, and you'll need to use it. Once outside again, kill
the enemies near the barn and head inside. Grab a Stinger Missile launcher and
head outside. You need to take out the helicopter just like you did with the
tanks: place the reticule over the helicopter until it beeps, then fire. It
might take a couple tries since the helicopter can avoid your shots.
Afterwords, follow Price for a little ways. After the scene with the plane, the
mission is over.

H. Death From Above...(DFG)
In this mission you take control of the gunship that showed up in the last
mission.  You don't move, instead you control one of three mounted guns
throughout the mission: a 25, 45, and 105 MM cannons. Each one has a different
level of zoom and a different effected area: the 25 MM zooms in the farthest
and does the least damage, the 45 is mid range, and the 105 is strictly long
range. Choose which ever gun you like, but I find the 45 MM to be the most
useful thanks to the fairly good zoom and large blast radius of the shots fired
from it. The mission itself is pretty straightforward: shoot the enemies that
aren't flashing and you'll be fine. You'll circle over three areas: the first
village, a second village, and a junkyard. 

I. War Pig...(WPG)
This mission is essentially one long shoot out. You'll begin where the last
mission here left oft, only the tank is working this time. Take out the enemies
across from you, specifically the ones in the bus, and use the tank as cover.
During the entire mission the tank is extremely useful for cover, so retreat
back to it if you get in trouble. Soon after the enemies are dead, some
helicopters show up. There are sime RPGs behind the bus you can use to take
them out. 

From here on out, the mission is a battle through a long street. A lot of
grenades and weapons drop here, so don't be afraid to go a little crazy on the
ammo. The best way to move through the streets is to first take out the left
side after the tank rolls up, using it as cover. After that focus on the right
side, and when you can advance into the building and take out the enemies at
close range. On the top floor you can shoot down a door and take a small room
which contains some more ammunition and an excellent position to shoot the
enemies on the ground below. When enough seem dead, jump down to the ground and
head across the street to another building to use as cover. There are a lot of
enemies in the building across from you, and this is the best spot to take them
out from since they have almost no cover. 

Continue down the street after they're dead and enter the next building. Circle
around to the back to find some more soldiers and a machine gun nest. Take out
the gunners from long range and deal with any enemies your allies don't kill
for you. Enter the door at the far end and head to the top floor, where you
will meet up with the Tank again. After that, head down the final street to the
landing zone and exit the level.

J. Shock and Awe...(SAG)
This mission starts out similarly to Death From Above. You have one gun, and
you need to take out enemies that you see below. Your gun is pretty powerful,
and has the ability to take out tanks and turrets just as well as infantry. The
big things to watch out for are the rooftop RPG gunners and the AA turrets,
both of which do a lot of damage.

After a few minutes you will land for a short ground section. Follow your squad
to the building a short distance away, where a another squad awaits your help.
Fight your way out of the building towards the way point to find a helicopter
waiting for you. Get on the gun again and take out the few enemies you see on
the way. A fellow copter will soon get shot down, and you decide to go in and
rescue it. 

Once on the ground, kill the few enemies in front of you and then sprint down
the alley way to the wounded pilot. The area will soon be overwhelmed, so do it
quickly. Get her out of the ship, and then make your way back to the helicopter
to complete the level. Sort of.

K. Aftermath...(AMG)
Crawl forward out of the helicopter and make your way down the street. Short
and not-so-sweet.

L. Safehouse...(SHG)
This mission is a little less linear then the previous ones. There are 7 houses
that you need to search to find your target, and you need to clear each one to
make sure that he isn't there. You'll have access to an attack helicopter
during this stage, which you can use once every 2-3 minutes to bombard an area
of the map. Use the helicopter against buildings and large buildups of enemies,
and make sure not to waste it against areas with few enemies. 

The first house is just up the hill at the start. Hold out on the path behind
cover until you get the go ahead for the helicopter, then use it on the house
to take out most of the enemies. Search it, then head up the hill to the left
to the church. Beware the enemies on the far hill and the dogs inside of the
church, then move in and secure it. From their you can either snipe from the
graveyard or the small shack across from the door of the church to take out the
next building. From that building take cover near the fence and bombard the
house at the end of the road, though it might take two gos to kill all of the
enemies. Head down the hill to the right from there to find the barn, take out
the enemies and search it. Head back up the hill to the left to find the sixth
house which you can easily bomb from afar. The final shack is across a field,
and numerous enemies spawn in the courtyard. Take them out with a well placed
shot, then head to the barn there to end the level.

M. All Ghillied Up (GUG)
This level is all about stealth. Follow Macmillan forward into the hut, then
crush low to the ground and take out one of the guards when the other isn't
looking. Follow Macmillan around the side of the next building and sneak
past/take out the guard near the car. Hop over the fence and head near the
buildings. Take out the guard in the central area, then look up to your right
to a tower to find a second guard you need to take out. Follow Macmillan
through the area and jump over a pipe.

The field is patrolled by two APCs and a lot of guards. To get through, follow
directly behind Macmillan and only move when he does. You'll eventually get the
choice to take out the soldiers standing there or sneak around. Either way,
head towards the cargo containers and move through them carefully behind
Macmillan. Once you come out on the other side you'll need to move through an
entire enemy camp. Follow Macmillan closely and you'll be fine. Once safe;y on
the other side, follow  Macmillian through the wrecked city. Kill the sniper
when prompted, and carefully move around the dog when you come to it. Once
you're in sight of the hotel, the mission ends.

N. One Shot, One Kill...(OOG)
This mission begins with a short sniping sequence. You need to shoot the guy in
the picture. Get a good look, then zoom in with the rifle on the meeting point
near all of the trucks. Wait for him to come out and Macmillan to confirm it,
then prepare to take the shot. You can either do it ASAP, in which case you
need to account for wind and gravity (look at the little flag on the truck to
the direction of the wind), or you can wait for him to throw his hands up in
the air and shoot him then when there isn't any wind. After shooting him a
helicopter will be alerted to your position, so take out the pilot with a well
timed shot.

Drop the rifle and head over to the window behind you, where you and Macmillan
can rapell down the side of the building. A timer will pop up, which is how
much time you have to get to the extraction point. Once down, head over to the
courtyard to your right and snipe a few of the enemies before they can get to
cover. You don't actually need to kill any of them, just enough to safely cross
the courtyard. Head to where they came from and you'll find an apartment
building. Head through to the other side, where you'll first be targeted by
some soldiers and then by a helicopter. Shoot down the helicopter like last
time, and it will crash. It will also injure Macmillan. Pick him up near the
wreckage and move into the alley. Drop him near a car and take out the incoming
enemies from the alley ahead, then pick up Macmillan and move to where they
came from. In the next area there's a grove of trees and some more enemies.
Drop him by the entrance and move to cover, taking out any enemies you see.
Once they're dead, move to the apartment building to the right of the area.
Head right into a door and then right again to get upstairs. Drop Macmillan and
slowly move forward to take out the two guards and two dogs. Once they're dead,
pick up Macmillan and move through the building to the other side, where the
timer will stop. Congrats, you've reached the drop off point.

Now you just have to defend it while the helicopter gets there. Ditch your USP
is you haven't already for something more mid-range, you're going to need it.
Drop Macmillan off at the glowing spot on the hill, then set up your remaining
claymores around the perimeter of the area. Lay a few behind the Ferris wheel
too, as enemies will stand there and shoot you if they get through. You'll have
to defend yourself for about 10 minutes with a single save point in the middle.
Enemies will first pour in from the rear of the area, and you should snipe them
while they do. The best locations to do so are either next to Macmillan or
inside the bumper car area.  A few minutes into the fray helicopters will drop
more soldiers into the level, which is also a checkpoint. The best way to take
them out is to switch to a paid fire weapon and run to the first copter, a
little ways in front of Macmillan. If you;'re fast you can kill the enemies as
they land on the ground out of the chopper. Immediately turn right and equip
your sniper rifle and you can see another copter letting out troops in the
distance. Kill them as they fall out too. Finally, re-equip your rapid-fire
weapon and look up to see another helicopter dropping troops pretty much right
next to you. Kill them, then retreat back to the Ferris wheel. (If you succeed
that's about half of the rest of the enemies in the level.)Hold out for a few
more minutes and the helicopter will land. Grab Macmillan and board it, ending
the level.

O. Heat...(HTG)
You're back at the collection of shacks again, and this mission is sort of a
reverse of the last one here. Your first goal is to fire on the approaching
wave of enemies. You have a great gun for this, so just mow down anything not
in cover in the trees in front of you. Just be aware of the gun's long reload
time. When you get the notice to break away, head back up the hill to the
downed helicopter. Crawl inside and use the turret inside of it. You need hold
Z while using it too feed the bullets into the gun and B is fire like with all
the other guns. Be careful to not overheat the gun, and if enemies start to get
too friendly then you should abandon it. 

You'll eventually abandon it anyway when the tanks show up. Head back to the
pub and go upstairs. There are detonators for bombs near the four windows on
the second floor. Activate each one, then retreat to the farmhouse. Head inside
the barn once there and grab a Javelin launcher. Go outside and aim with it
(you can track the tanks through the smoke) and take out each one. One they're
dead you'll learn that in order to get picked up you need to go all the way
back down to the bottom of the hill where you started the last mission here,
and you have three minutes to do it. If you're smart you can get there in about
one minute without fighting any enemies. Run along the left side of the field
to find a drain, crawl through it and head to the shack in the corner of the
field. Move along the fence from the shack all the way across the field behind
the house and come out on the other side. Move across the road and down a path,
which will take you behind the church. Move through the church ans you'll be
right at the top of the hill near where the mission started. Just head down it
and go to the gas station and you're home free.

P. Sins of the Father...(SFG)
Follow your squad and jump up on the dumpster when prompted to. Take out the
two guards in the tower, then eliminate the remaining soldiers in the camp.
After a short scene you'll be on the guard tower. Once the **** hits the fan,
fire on the enemies below you. A jeep will soon ram the tower, and it's now up
to you to follow and catch Lakhaev's son. Follow him through the junkyard and
kill the dog and you'll come to a small town. You'll need to keep up with him
or you fail the mission. Duck into the building to the write and flank the
guards behind the nearby cover. 

From here, run across the street and into an alley. On the other side there are
some soldiers in a courtyard. Take them out and throw a grenade behind the
cover across from you, then run over there and take out the two enemies. Head
right down the street and then turn left into another street to find two more
enemies. Kill them and turn left at the end of that alley to find more enemies.
Kill them and move up the path to the right, where you'll see the target duck
into a large building. Take cover near the cars and wait for the helicopter to
take out the gunners, then move inside the building. Be prepared: there are
plenty of enemies in here with shotguns and close range weapons, and you need
to be on your toes. Move up the first couple floors of the hotel and the
helicopter will take out more enemies for you. Beyond that there's the roof,
where your target awaits.

Q. Ultimatum...(UTG)
This mission is essentially and extended shootout. At the start, head forward
and take out the two guards. Move up some more to the next area with guards and
take them out too. Head up the hill and enter the house quietly, kill any
enemies you meet with your USP to avoid noise. After you clear the first house,
move outside and take care of the few enemies in this area. Check the house
across from you, then check the final one to find Griggs on the top floor with
some enemies. Cut him loose and continue.

Follow the others to the tower, where you'll need to plant some C4 to destroy
it. Once destroyed, follow Gaz into the next area inside of the base. From now
to the end of the mission, the level is basically one big shootout. In this
first area the best place to be is inside the building on the right. Take out
the enemies near the entrance and move in. Inside you can get clear shots at
anything around you. Once clear move into the large warehouse and take cover on
the upper level. Take out the troops coming in by helicopter as they get off,
then head down past where they landed to find an area with some tanks. 

There are multiple enemies with RPGs on the roofs here, and there are red
exploding barrels scattered around the area too. Take out the two RPG gunners
on the far building, then head down past the tanks to the corner. This will
allow you to pretty much mow down the enemies as they come out of the nearby
building. After they're dead, move inside. A few trucks will come along and
deploy more foes, and you can take them out from the relative safety of the
building. Head out once they're taken care of and move down the road to meet up
with the American team, and watch what happens before the mission ends.

R. All In...(AIG)
This is a pretty short mission, but you'll constantly be under fire. Follow
your fellow soldiers through the gate in the front of the base and take cover
to left near some crates. You need to destroy a tank just beyond here with C4.
Thankfully you have some smoke grenades: use two of them to clear a path to the
tank and move through it with your night vision goggles. Plant the C4 on either
end of the tank and blow it up once you're clear. From here, run to the right
through the low hanger-looking buildings to come to a gate. Eliminate the
enemies near it and your buddies will bust it down. Head through and turn left
to find two more tanks to take out. In the small area near the entrance that
has a roof you can find an RPG, two shots will take out one of the tanks.
You'll need to use C4 on the other one. After the tanks are done, head to the
vents on the north side of the area and rappel down once they're open to
complete the level.

S. No Fighting in the War Room...(FWG)
...this game sure would be hard if you had a hand with a mind of its own,
wouldn't it?

Anyway, this level is sort of like the last one. A long shootout to the end of
the level, only this one has a time limit. Enemies will constantly harass you
in this mission, so be careful about dallying too long at any point. You also
have an 11 minute time limit to deal with. Follow Price as the mission starts
and drop down to the lower level. Head through the bathroom, then out the door
and down the hall to meet some enemies. Take cover and kill them when  they pop
out, and move through the next couple of hallways in a similar fashion. You'll
eventually come to a more open room with a lot of crates inside of it. Move to
one of the side paths in the room to avoid the brunt of the enemy gunfire and
pick off the enemies that come towards you.

Once you're out on the other side, move to the end of the corridor to be
introduced to the hallway from hell. Boxes block the main path, so you need to
take one of the side paths. Enemies line all the areas here, and your teammates
seem to lose any sense of teamwork and just let you go at it by yourself. After
the first few soldiers come out of either side of the hall, choose one and
chuck a grenade or two in. Afterwords, quickly take out the enemy on the
opposite side from there so he can't shoot you when you but your back to him.
Head into the first hall and kill anyone you see, but be prepared to knife a
new enemy that comes in from the side. Take out the enemies in the side hall,
then toss a grenade or flashbang before taking the final little area before the

Head down the hall and you'll come to some large, thick doors. They need to be
opened by remote, which Gaz will do. While the open take the time to stick your
gun through the door and shoot what you can through the crack. Head into the
room and take cover on the right side when the door opens, then take out all of
the enemies that pour in from the left. Head down to where they were and you'll
find a wall you need to blow open. Do so and head into the war room, where the
American forces are already engaging the enemy. Take them out and enter the
access codes to stop the missiles, then head back towards the large doors. Go
into the new door and kill the enemies to find the truck bay. Defeat the
enemies here to complete the level. 

T. Game Over...(GOG)
For this level you;re sitting on the back of a truck. You need to take out the
enemies shooting at you from the other vehicles. You should be especially
careful of enemies that are using RPGS, as one lucky shot can take out your
Jeep. You don't necessarily have to take out all of them though, as they will
crash into traffic and obstacles along the way. Eventually you'll have to take
on a helicopter with an RPG. It's pretty hard to hit, but you don't actually
need to destroy it. 

You will eventually crash on a destroyed bridge. Your goal now is to hold out
until the Russian forces show up and save your ass. Take cover near the front
of the destroyed portion and mow down anyone who comes close. The enemies are
basically limitless, so just take out what you can. Eventually there will be
short scene, and afterwords you'll be given a gun. Use it on the approaching
enemies before they get a chance to kill you to end the level and beat the game.

U. Mile High Club
Sit through the credits to unlock this special epilogue mission. You have just
over two minutes to rescue the hostage and exit the plane. You need to travel
down the first floor and move up the stairs at the end, then turn around and do
the same in the other direction. At the start run forward and knife the enemy
coming out of the bathroom. Kill the next enemy in conference room, then toss a
grenade into the next room before moving in and killing the enemies. Move to
the next room and hold for a second and the plane will burst open. Toss a
grenade to kill the enemies near the hole, then pick off the stragglers. Move
up the stairs at the end of the plane and take out the enemy in front of you
and to the side. Move through the next couple rooms to find the hostage. To
rescue him you need to shoot the man holding him in the head in the few short
seconds you have. Once he's saved, blow the door and jump out of the plane.

5. Closing...(5CL)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, January 10 2010.

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