How do you get the 2 big chests in the bandersnatch's stable?

  1. I have finished all the other achievements except for these last 2 chests. When i go to the stable, there are 2 vortexes where the chests should be according to the map. Its driving me insane because the red knights are never-ending, please help!

    User Info: jhghgineedhelp

    jhghgineedhelp - 8 years ago
  2. Have you managed to figure out how to get the two chests from behind the vortex's?? Im stuck on this! :(

    User Info: annebash

    annebash - 8 years ago


  1. I just beat this part last night. Just keep fighting, and eventually the cards go away. There are maybe 8 waves or so? I lost track. I found the best strategy is to use the white rabbit once he has the upgrade that sends cards BACK through the vortex. Then you can just stand next to the save point, where the cards don't "see" you and just keep sending them back. If you don't have that ability, use Hatter's "pinch" from there, remove all their armor, and then run out and kill them. As soon as you kill the last card of the wave, run back to the save point. Don't worry, wherever Alice is, she returns to the save point with you. Using this technique they never captured her, and I never die. And if you kill the cards with a different character each time, you get bonus points.
    Eventually, only two cards come through the vortex. This is the last wave. Defeat them and the vortexes close, revealing two heart chests, each with a single idea inside, worth 10,000.
    Good luck!

    User Info: amiliapond27

    amiliapond27 - 6 years ago 0   0

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