How do I beat Stayne last hit?

  1. I first trapped him in the cage, got his sword with the cat and then fight him making his health 1/3 less. Then, I trapped him on the cage again, threw a rock and made his sword disappear again. So, I hit him again, and now 2/3 of his health is gone. I trapped him on the cage again, he did his spin attack and broke the cage. I threw part of it in the Bandersnatch and it broke the wooden gate. Now I know that I have to trap Stayne in the pole and make the Bandersnatch kick him. Well, I did trap him and I make Bandersnatch kick, but nothing happens to Stayne. But if I stay close I lose my health. Do you guys know if there's any other stuff I've gotta do before trapping Stayne in the pole?

    User Info: AMR0601

    AMR0601 - 10 years ago

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