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FAQ/Walkthrough by kill_ayeka

Updated: 08/03/2010

                           CALLING Walkthrough and FAQ for the Wii
                       Game copyright to HUDSON SOFT by Hudson Ent., Inc.

Walkthrough copyright to KuRiSu (Kill_Ayeka) 2010, DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE!

For any questions or concerns regarding Calling or this FAQ,
Please e-mail me at Kill_Ayeka@yahoo.com

A. Introduction
B. Legal Stuffs
C. Controls
D. Walkthrough Part 1
E. Walkthrough Part 2
F. List for Gallery and Woman in Red
G. Contact Info and Author Info
H. Credits and Thanks


A. Introduction

	Okay, so here we are playing Calling for the Nintendo Wii. In my
opinion, this game has a lot to offer for a lot of different styled gamers.
It's good for the casual gamer because there are no HP/lifebars or any items to
help you recover... you have a “Horror Meter”. In other words, you're character
can't get too scared or else they will fall over dead from a heart attack or
pissing themselves or whatever actually happens lol. The main point of this game
is to STAY ALIVE. There aren't really any battles... well, sort of, but we'll
get to that later on. The game is SCARY as HELL sometimes, and trust me,
I don't scare easily. And the story is AMAZING to boot. I mean, I think it
could have gone MUCH further but it is still extremely deep, and this game
makes you WANT to find out everything you can, and piece this insane story
together bit by bit, note by note, call by call, and step by step.

	Personally, this game took me a bit to get used to. Not too long, it's
a very friendly control system. I love the Fatal Frame/Zero series and honestly
I was expecting something similar to that or perhaps Kuon for the PS2. Nope.
Not even Rule of Rose. This game is an entirely new spin on the Japanese Horror
games. Not to mention moving the genre to a completely modern setting, not even
really having any historical places or references, or ancient evils. Everything
in this game has happened within the past 5 years of present day, taking place
at normal everyday places that happen to be abandoned... or something like that.

	This is going to be a completionist's walkthrough, which I am FINALLY
DONE WITH! I'm used to RPG's so this walkthrough is definitely going
to take you through this game in a similar way with searching and exploring.
This FAQ was designed to help people with two major things; the first is
letting you know where you need to be and what you need to be doing in any
particular chapter. The second would be getting every single item, file, cell
phone/password keys, and ghost whispers/white noise in the game with as few
playthroughs as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that I have played this using the Japanese voices only, and
unfortunately, the translators didn't exactly translate everything. Perhaps
because in the actual Japanese version there was no text programmed to
actually translate, I'm not sure. BUT, FEAR NOT! I actually know quite a bit
of Japanese and I will do my best to translate everything I find, including
the password cell phone keys, the scribbles people leave on the walls, and the
voices that aren't translated with text. I REALLY suggest playing it in
Japanese, it keeps the original feel and creepiness to it... plus I really
hate most dubs for anything. I think every game should have the option to turn
voices to Japanese and keep Japanese songs in them.

ALSO! PLESE NOTE! The way I list the (Call Log) and (Recordings) and
(Messages) is the OVERALL number. Each character will keep their own personal
files when you push (+), and at the MAIN MENU in the GALLERY, it is listed as
a completed list combining all character's findings. Like I stated, this is
also a completionist walkthrough, so the way I list them in this walkthrough
is the way the GALLERY lists them. Go to the title screen and cross-check your
gallery to make sure you have everything.


B. Legal Stuffs

THIS WALKTHROUGH IS COPYRIGHT TO ME, KuRiSu (Kill_Ayeka) Please do not copy
this and post anywhere else. This guide is intended for personal use to help
any individual with this game.
Calling is copyright to Hudson and HUDSON SOFT. I do not own any part to this
game. This is a free walkthrough intended for free use. Please do not pay
anyone for this. This guide is in no way to be copied or distributed by
anyone, to anyone.



C. Controls


D-PAD - down turns flashlight on/off, scrolls up and down floors on map screen.
(A) - Action button, use to check things, pick up items, select things,
continue a conversation, etc
(B) - (aka "trigger button") is the cancel button in Calling.
(-) - brings cell phone out/puts away
(+) - brings menu up, can use to skip already viewed scenes
(1) - brings map up,
(2) - Help buttin in menu and map screens.
(POINTER) - Moves the camera view, and points the flashlight.

JOYSTICK - move your character forward/backwards, and can move side to side
without turning, scrolls map
(C) - Crouch, bring up Makoto's notebook while cell phone is out, lock on to
yourself on map screen
(Z) - Run, also quickly turn around 180 degrees if pushed twice quickly


D. Walkthrough Part 1

OPENING chat room
kuroneko 00957-00961

INTRO talking about the Kondo family

The Possession - Shin(ichi) Suzutani <American version shortened his name to

-One Story House-
As Shin(ichi) you wake up in a small dank room. Go through the control tutorial
if you aren't familiar with them yet, or you can see my quick control guide
above. When you gain control of Shin, move over to the dresser where the Black
Cat save point is. (if you have the tutorials on, you're going to be told how to
do everything. You can skip with B (trigger button) if you want.) There should
be 6 drawers you can examine, and in the bottom right will be your first of 12
keys to your cell phone to unlock the Gallery. The kanji or symbol means "Not
Yet" or "as of yet" but this game's meaning is "THE RAM" like in the Chinese
Zodiac or Horary Astrology. Just a note, this particular reading isn't commonly
MOVING ON! Take Shin over to the other dresser if you want, on the inside of
the right door someone has etched "Tasukete" or "Help me". Nothing else of
interest here except the fallen doll on top. By this point the blackout should
have occured. Shin's scream always scares me more than the lights actually going
out >.< The cell phone on the nightstand by the bed will start rining. Shin
decides to answer it, so you know what to do. Go grab the cell phone and answer
it with the (-) button. (Call Log 1) A creepy voice talks to you and hangs up,
then the door opens. Hooray! You can check the drawers in the nightstand but
there isn't anything there. Exit the room (after saving if you want). To your
right is a door leading to a really gross bathroom. I got a noise here
indicating a ghost image, and a ghost face appeared in the window. Other than
that the only thing to do in the bathroom is flush the toilet. Continue down the
hallway and examine the door at the end. It won't open, and then you hear that
creepy voice again telling you not to enter... BOOM!!! Your first encounter with
a ghost!!! Shake the Wii Remote and try to hit (A) at the right time, just when
the icon flashes, to get him off of you. After the door should open for you.
Go through and pick up the yellow Flashlight on the ground. Whoo we have some
(CALL LOG 2)!! It's Jun Kondo talking about his dolls always being loyal. Go
back to the closet room. Check the Japanese Doll, and a new option to search an
item will appear. Rotate the doll and check the bottom of her feet. Jun Kondo,
the owner of the house and the man who passed away. HE was obviously obsessed
with dolls. Notice the creepy poster on the wall? Anyways, continue to the
sliding doors and try to open them. You can't get them all the way open,
but you can "peek" through them to see the other side. You can look around and
see a old woman lying on the ground and dolls on both sides of the room.
*creeeepy* Examine the woman and freak out when something behind you falls. A
Doll's head. Here you will enter "Caution Mode". You can't move in Caution mode
you can only look around for the presence you are sensing. Look behind you at
the sliding doors again... eewww. Creepy hair starts coming from the dolls and
you need to book it NOW. Run to the door and it's stuck. Break it open by
swinging the Wii remote up and down. As soon as you are on the other side the
male ghost will attack you again. (notice the handprints on the windows) Run
back to the room you started in (NOTE THE BATHROOM IS COMPLETELY GONE?!) Once
inside the first room you're safe. Wait.. now the phone's ringing! Damn. Go
answer it (Call Log 3) and a cutscene will start.
THE POSSESSION -COMPLETED-  (After every chapter, you will be prompted to save)

-wake up, power blackout, answer the cell phone
-go down hall, fight ghost, enter door, pickup flashlight, go back for call log
-open sliding door, peek through it, run like hell
-go back to starting point, answer rotary phone, chapter ends

-Black Cell Phone (997-894-516)
-Cell Phone Key "THE RAM"
-Yellow Flashlight


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Awakening - Rin Kagura

-Shousei High School 4th Floor-
Rin wakes up from an apparently recurring dream. She notices she's in a school.
Gain control of Rin and take note of the instruments. Obviously you're in the
Music room. You can play with all the instruments for funsies, I was wondering
if they were a key to unlocking something but I haven't found any way so I don't
think that is the case. You can actually just hit the same spot on the
instruments and it will play random notes, except for the drums. The drum set
actually is accurate for the most part. So there really isn't anything to do
here yet so go ahead and exit the room. As soon as you do you hear a cell phone
in the distance. Follow the noise, taking a left out of the music room and an
immediate right down the hallway. Eventually you will see the cell lying on the
ground. Well, of course you have to pick it up and answer it! Creepy girl tells
you she wants her phone back and she's coming to get it. Walk around, you can
enter Classroom 3-5 and look around, you'll continue to receive phone calls
(Call Log 4-7) letting you know she's getting scarily closer... In the locker
in Classroom 3-5 someone has written "Kowai" or "I'm scared" Exit the classroom
and head right. Periodically check your map with the (1) button to make sure you
don't get lost. The High School is a fairly basic floor pattern, all 4 floors
are pretty similar. At the intersection, right is a dead end with nothing to
find, so take a left. Head ALL THE WAY down the hallway, and again at the
intersection right is another dead end with nothing to find. Take a left, and
stop at Classroom 3-2 (check the signs above the doors) It should be glowing
blue in the window and the door should be pretty F'd up. Peek through the broken
glass and to the right you can see a blue glow, which is a "ghost whisper" or
"white noise" you can record. To the left is two of the three school girls that
look pretty dead to me... but I think we can see better than Rin and them lol.
Examine the girls for a cutscene. After you'll go into Caution Mode, hearing
loud breathing. Look to the left to see the owner of the cell phone, a very
scary hefty girl, charge at you. Fend her off quickly and you will be in a sort
of panic mode where you can't really stop to examine anything, you are always
running, and your heart will be pounding which means your horror meter will be
elevated. You decide you need to run after being attacked a second time. You
need to get to the North Stairwell, which isn't very far. After being attacked
a few times you will receive a text message (Messages 1) showing you a picture
of the green stair sign in case you can't find it. NOTE: YOU DO HAVE TO WAIT
stairs after the text message and go down for a cutscene. (NOTE: On the 4th
floor there are the two bathrooms to explore as well, but you can come back to

-3rd Floor-
After the cutscene you see you need a key from the Janitor's Office, and it
says we need to return it when we are done (yeah right). That's our next goal,
but we need to get there first! We need to go get a password first though.
Just down the hall (left from returning to the 3rd floor from the stairs) in
Classroom 2-2 there is a Black Cat Doll Save Point. I would advise you to use
it. When I opened the lockers here, the brooms fell out. Nothing in here so
exit the classroom and take a right. You will get a cutscene walking down the
hallway of Shinichi-san screaming and running into the bathroom. Continue on
and check out both bathrooms. In the men's you can hear Shin crying "doushite?
doushite?" I feel so sorry for him! If you try and open the door he screams and
won't let you in. I've tried to get his attention every way I could think of
but nothing worked, even calling his original number. So we have to leave the
poor kid to have a nervous breakdown. In the storage area here someone has
written "mou mikka" which means "Three More Days"........
Exit the bathroom and continue right until you reach a scene with a locker
shaking and a black flashlight falling
under the chairs. Crouch to pick the flashlight up and let there be light!
Okay, from here, continue on the way you
were going, passing the stairs. We want to explore the rest of this floor
before going down. Pass the stairs and soon you will receive a phone call
(Call Log 8). Press (-) to answer it, leading to another cutscene. The three
girls go into the bathroom after Shin. If you try to go and save him you won't
be able to open the door... so I suggest going on, as cruel as it seems. Go on
and take a left at the next intersection. Go down the hall and enter Classroom
2-4. The door will slam behind you and you will see the smallest of the three
girls sitting in her desk. Go check it out to see that horribly mean things
have been written on her desk, immediately followed by an attack... or humping
of the leg... I'm not sure which. Regardless, shake her off. Not much else to
do here so exit and take a right, then another right. At the dead end you will
find Drifter's Memo 3 on the floor. Pick it up and turn around. Go straight
past the intersection until you reach the dead end with the chairs and desks
piled up. NOW TURN YOUR FLASHLIGHT OFF to discover another CELL PHONE KEY on
the left side under the chair. This key's kanji or symbol means "THE ROOSTER",
as in the Chinese Zodiac or Horary Astrology. Well, that's it for the 3rd
Floor, head back to the South Stairwell by the bathrooms and head down!

-2nd Floor-
Let's go left and work our way around. Stop in the bathrooms, in the last stall
in the Men's someone has written "kurai" or "it's dark" in red... perhaps
blood. Then in the Women's bathroom, a HIDDEN PASSWORD is written inside the
third stall. The FOURTH stall will open by itself... if you walk into it, the
door will slam behind you and you will enter Caution Mode... look around... up
at the other stall to see a FREAKY SCARY girl staring at you from above the
other stall with BIG red eyes! Who was that?!? O_o....ko...kowai..... *whew*
okay, exit the girl's bathroom and continue to the left. The next room you come
to is Classroom 1-2. Enter and find Newspaper Article 1 on one of the desk
seats. Also the Drifter's Memo 6 is in a cubby at the back of the classroom.
Exit and continue all the way around to Classroom 1-6 with a Black Cat Doll.
Save. Notice in the locker in Classroom 1-6 someone has written "samui" or
"It's Cold". Exit and go to the intersection. The last room here is locked so
we can't go there yet. Let's complete our circle and get back to the South
Stairwell stairs, and head down to the first floor.

-1st Floor-
Take a left and be surprised as a Black Cat meows at you. Follow it back to
the area and enjoy a cutscene when Rin tries to open the doors. After this
SAVE with the Black Cat Doll nearby. You can double check the lockers but I
didn't find anything at this point. Later there is something in them though
(keep in mind). Follow the hall all the way to the left until you reach the
Library. Behind the Librarian's desk there is the Newspaper Article 2. Also
behind the desk is a cupboard you can open to find Drifter's Memo 4! Exit the
Library and go all the way back to the South Stairwell. Be sure to save your
game at the Black Cat Doll. Continue on right from the stairs, and take a left
at the intersection. We are going to pass the Janitor's Office for now. In the
hallway, tacked up on a bulletin board right past the sign that says Teacher's
Office, is the file Information Printout. Grab it (it's easy to miss)! Keep
going and enter the Principal's Office. The only thing of interest in here
now is the scribble inside the green cupboard saying "mitsukaranai" or "I
can't find it/you" Exit, take a right and enter the next room, the Nurse's
Office. In here you can grab the Nurse's Office Log and look around. After
exploring, exit, take another right and go all the way to the dead end to find
Drifter's Memo 5 on the ground. Pick it up, and return to the Janitor's Office
we skipped. Just a note, I'm 99% sure it's completely random, but along with
the bell chimes and the announcement the buiding is closing, I've gotten some
pretty interesting PA announcements here at the school, including a girl
crying, a man breathing extremely heavy, and wailing. Anyways, go into the J
anitor's Office. In the bottom right drawer of the desk is Janitor's Note. In
the cupboard under the T.V. someone has scribbled "yumenarasame(ro?)"...
now... since "RO" and "RU" are pretty similar, and perhaps this particular
person didn't finish the loop on "RU", but if it DID end in "RU" then it would
mean "If this is a dream, wake up"... but since it looks like an obvious "RO"
I'm actually not sure. the first part definitely means "If this is a dream"
I'm just not sure what "samero" means. "sameru" means to wake up or sober up.
MOVING ON! Now the only thing left to do is unlock the lockbox on the wall.
Look at the Calendar and use the Janitor's Note to figure the clue out. You
need to add all the numbers up on the underlined week. This equals 175. Add a
zero to the beginning and you have your passcode. 0175. Grab the computer room
key and let's return to the stairs. Go up to the 3rd Floor again.

-3rd Floor-
Run to the room where we saw the sign about the Janitor's Office key (by North
Stairwell). Save your game in Classroom 2-2, then go to the locked Computer
Room. There should be one computer running. Go to it and check it out to see
the chat room log. At the bottom you will find two new numbers: 997-684-771
and 997-657-281. Press (B) to start a cutscene with Shin. Afterwards, exit the
Computer Room to see Amano's ghost descend the stairs. If you follow him you
will see him walk through a wall, and it will say you have to find another
way. Just go to the South Stairwell and desend to the 2nd Floor. You will see
the ghost walking towards the one room you haven't explored here.. the Art
Room. Enter and you will go through a cut scene introducing Makoto Shirae.
Rin and Makoto talk until Makoto sees Sadao Amano's ghost and he runs after it.
You get Makoto's Card, 997-657-281. Explore the Art Room a bit. In the
cupboard someone has written "wakaranai" or "I don't understand!" When you try
to exit, the door will slam and you will get your next clip with the
mysterious child known as "Kuroneko"
When you try to leave again, the smallest of the three girls will find you,
then vanish to tell the other two. When you try to leave again (geeze) lol..
actually, when you walk out the door,the black cat will let you know where to
go. Go down to the first floor.

-1st Floor-
If you go back to the Library you can trigger a ghost reading a book, and then
the books from the shelf will fly off. When you're done go back to the cat to
continue on. You need to get back to the Nurse's Office. You can stop in the
other rooms along the way but other than another PA annoucncement I didn't see
anything. Enter the Nurse's Office to find Shin hiding behind the bed. Talk to
him to trigger a cutscene. After Suzutani-kun (Shin) transports using his cell
phone, you will automatically pick up the Spooky Cell Phone, but this isn't
going to be the cell you use at this moment. Our ultimate goal now is to get
back up to the room on the 4th Floor that we peeked through to first see the
three girls. When you leave the Nurse's Office you will get a call from Makoto
(Call Log 9) telling you that you should probably transport soon. When you get
back to the stairs, there is a noise indicating a ghost! Looking CAREFULLY you
can see an actual face inside a locker at the bottom, like the person was
shoved into the shoe locker. I also got to chase a ghost arm hanging out of
the lockers, as soon as I would shine my light on the arm, it would go back
into the locker and pop out of a different locker 4 times then it disappeared.
If you go back to the Janitor's Office you can answer the ringing phone to
hear (Call Log 10). Now it's time to make our way up to the 4th floor again.
We need to start in the South Stairwell and switch to the North Stairwell on
the 3rd Floor.

-4th Floor-
You should get a text message (Messages 2) showing you the banged up door, so
if you haven't gotten it yet, putz around until you do. After you get the text,
go and examine Classroom 3-2 again. Rin decides to throw the Spooky Cell Phone
into the room. Choose YES and watch the cutscene. OH NOES! YOur old phone has
been taken! That means there's no way back out of this room. DO NOT EXAMINE
THE MAGAZINE until you are ready to move on! The first thing you should notice
is the noise coming from the Wii remote. This noise is indicating a recording.
If you flip your flashlight off you can see a blue glow where the recording is.
Flip open your cell phone (note that in the future you will ALWAYS have to
remember to pick up the cell phone after transporting) and press the RECORD
button (casette tape icon) Listen to the three girls talking about visiting
the Black Page. In the locker in this room someone has written "kiken" or
"Danger". After your done looking around, examine the magazine to see a phone
number (997-494-582) and trigger a cutscene. After the scene you are going to
be viciously attacked by all three girls. You need to open your cell phone
and dial 997-494-582. This can get a little frustrating but keep a steady
hand, keep breathing, and keep trying to dial as fast as you can. As soon as
you hit the send button, you're safe.

-wake up in music room, go answer Flashy Cell Phone
-receive calls, peek into classroom 3-2, receive txt and go to 3rd floor
-find passwords, find Shin in bathroom, get flashlight
-receive call log 8, get cell key, go to 2nd floor
-ghost in bathroom, files, explore, go to 1st floor
-explore library, find janitor's key, go back up to 3rd floor
-unlock comuter room, go to art room, meet Makoto, go to 1st floor
-go to nurse's office, shin transports, get spooky cell phone
-get call log 10, go up to 4th floor
-throw cell phone in classroom 3-2, explore 3-2, examine magazine
-teleport out quickly (997-494-582), chapter ends.

Flashy Cell Phone (997-708-964)
Drifter's Memo 3
Cell Phone Key "THE ROOSTER"
Newspaper Article 1
Drifter's Memo 6
Newspaper Article 2
Drifter's Memo 4
Information Printout
Nurse's Office Log
Janitor's Note
Computer Room Key
Makoto's Card
Spookey Cell Phone (997-862-542)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Wandering - Rin Kagura

NOTE: By now you should get the basics of the game, so I'm not going to go into
such details about what buttons to push and etc etc...

-Internet Cafe-
Finally! We escaped from those three cheerfully friendly ghost girls. Now Rin
is in some sort of Internet Cafe. Pick up the cell phone off of the ground and
you will see a ghost of the man who died here at the computer. I clicked on the
big poster (hitorikiri) and a ghost's face came out of it. Also on this same
poster is a HIDDEN PASSWORD written in red kanji. Check the chair where the
man was sitting to find the Internet Cafe Memo. It says 29. Check the box on
the floor and you see you need to match the numbers to 29. I just click the
left one, make the right number on 2 or 3 and keep going back and forth until
it hits 29. Usually takes about 5 twists. After you open the box, you need to
remove all the doll parts one by one until you find the Business Card for Gin
Fujimura at 997-818-662. Hmmm, let's give it a call shall we?

-One Story House- (Jun Kondo's house or the "Doll House")
Rin notices dolls all around. I would be a little freaked too. She also
notices an old lady, Chiyo Kishibe, lying on the floor. Gain control and try
to grab the cell phone on the ground. A hand comes and snatches it away. Move
towards the old lady to trigger a cutscene. After the scene you will here a
phone ringing. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING on the side opposite of Chiyo, underneath
the fallen doll in red, by the big blue doll is a CELL PHONE KEY!! This key's
Kanji means "THE DRAGON" (Chinese Zodiac). Check out the photo to see what
order you need to move the dolls in. It goes lolita in bottom left, goth in
bottom right, dog front, red kimono in top left, white long arms center left,
red warrior in back right, and finally blue kimono in left center. Go through
the doors and down the hall. A DOll will fall from nowhere. Examine it to hear
giggles coming from all the dolls. Go into the bedroom and peek under the bed
to grab the Black Cell Phone and see Shin's ghost. Poor guy. He starts attacking
you non stop pleading "matte, tasukete" Run out of the room and watch Shin drag
himself behind you. Run around avoiding him, fending him off when he attacks
(he's REALLY weak and won't scare you much). No doors will open so just wait
for the phone to ring. The sound drives Shin away (after all, it was the last
thing he heard before he died). Go answer the phone to hear the girl calling
her mom a liar for not visiting. (Call Log 11). Now go back to the Closet room.
You'll see Jun Kondo's ghost staring at the doll. If you examine it he will
come back and say "watashi no ningyou" or "my dolls.."
Open the doors to the Doll Room where Chiyo was to find her missing. Pick
up the Phone Number Memo 1. Michio Kishibe 997-618-252. Kuromiya Hospital,
Room 204. Go ahead and dial.

-Kuromiya Hospital 1st Floor-
Rin starts off in the Treatment Room. Pick up the Classy Cell Phone off of the
bed and you will immediately hear a white noise. Go record it for
(Recordings 2). Look on the bed again to pick up Patient Chart. Rin seems to
recall something about her left leg. Exit the Treatment Room to see a Nurse
(Kyoko) head towards the stairs. I would suggest saving and exploring the
first floor before heading up. You can check the vending machine (actually I
think any vending machine here will do this but only once) You can press the
change return and coins will fall out. When you try to grab them a hand will
come out and attack you. Just fend it off. Go behind the counter and enter
the Director's Office. Here there is a hidden password hidden in the
cupboards, one kanji at a time. They glow green when you turn your flashlight
off. In one of the cupboards someone has written "tasukaranai" or "not saved,
not spared". Exit and continue to the Examination room, where you will find
Drifter's Memo 7. You can check out the bathrooms here. In the Women's
Bathroom in the large stall if you shut the door on yourself someone has
written "mou iyada" or "please stop/that's enough" Now go to the stairs and
head up. You will be greeted by the Nurse again.

-2nd Floor-
You will see the Nurse standing in front of Room 204. If you bypass 204 and go
into Room 202, you will see a nurse behind the curtain walking around the bed.
Exit and head into the Operating Room and save your game. Now you can go enter
Room 204. You should hear a white noise before you even enter the room. Record
it for (Recordings 3) to hear Michio talking to the little girl. Also, turn
your flashlight off and ther is a hidden password on the window! On the bed,
grap the Phone Number Memo 2, Chiyo Kishibe 997-082-196. Now, we COULD dial
this number now, but let's head up to the 3rd floor first.

-3rd Floor-
As you walk out to the hallway, Rin notices that faces have appeared on both
sides of the walls. (This must be what the Drifter's Memo was talking about
the walls swallowing people). You can't actually get close to them, they
disappear. Explore the Cafeteria and Computer Lounge. In the Computer Lounge
you will find Drifter's Memo 8. When you open the door to 301, you see a man
banging his head against the window. That's about all you can do for now, so
go ahead and dial Chiyo's number to transport. Don't worry, we'll be back
here soon. Dial 997-082-196.

-Two-Story House- (Chiyo's house/Kishibe residence)
I REALLY LIKE CHIYO'S STYLE! You start in the Living Room of Chiyo's house.
Grab the Gray Cell Phone and look around. Exit the room and GO RIGHT! You can
check the kitchen out and grab the matches. (I want a purple fridge) Now, go
into the bathroom and right in front of you in between the washer and sink is
your next cell phone key. You need to crouch to grab it. This key's kanji
means "Child", but in this game the meaning of the kanji is meant to read
"THE RAT". You can open the other door to see the bathtub, but nothing in
there right now. Exit and check the bedroom out. Someone has written
"kaeritai" or "I want to go home" in the closet. That's it for now. I would
go back and save since we got the cell phone key. Now try to go upstairs.

-2nd Floor-
You hear a bell and then at the top your flashlight's batteries run out! *gasp*
DO NOT PEEK THROUGH THE DOORS YET!!! Instead, just walk past and open the LAST
door and step into the Guest Room. You will receive a text (Messages 6)
showing the altar. Now go back. Peek through the door to see the little
girl sitting at an altar, then disappear. At the very end of the hallway is a
hidden password carved into the wall. Open the sliding doors to the Guest
Room. You have no light so you can't really grab anything. Open the next set
of sliding doors to the Altar Room, and a picture of the deceased Michio will
fall and break. Examine the altar to notice a candle. Choose to light it and
take it when you are ready. Go over to the table to grab Michio's Letter.
Examine the picture. On the back, it says "From Take" (Takeshi) and you can
also inspect the old man Michio. When you examine the Lady, you remember it's
Chiyo. After the cutscene, the phone downstairs will start ringing, go back
through the Guest Room, grabbing the Wooden Piece in the closet on your way
out. Go back downstairs.

-1st Floor-
Answer the phone to get (Call Log 12). Here you get another up close encounter
with the girl, "Kuroneko". After the cutscene, turn around and try to go back
up. This should trigger a ghost that squishes down the stairs. Don't go
upstairs, but go back to the bathroom. Open the door to the tub to see a
woman who looks drowned in the tub, slowly submerging.  go to the bedroom to
see Michio lying in bed, then disappearing. Go check out the box he left
behind. You have to solve the puzzle to open it. Simple, just get the bird on
top and the blossoms on bottom. Inside is Kyoko's Letter 1 (remember the nurse
showing us where to go?) Okay, so we get Kyoko Hibino's number now,
997-116-286. Get a quick cutscene and...

-Internet Cafe- get cell phone, open locked case, transport to One Story House
-meet Chiyo, get cell phone key, find Shin's ghost
-grab cell phone, transport to hospital.
-grab cell phone and chart on bed, meet Kyoko's ghost
-get to room 204, transport to Chiyo's Two-Story House
-get cell phone, get matches, light candle, examine picture
-answer phone, find michio's box, open box for Kyoko's Letter 1, chapter ends.

Blue Cell Phone (997-494-582)
Internet Cafe Memo
Gin's Card
Cell Phone Key "THE DRAGON"
Black Cell Phone (997-894-516)
Phone Number Memo 1
Classy Cell Phone (997-618-252)
Patient Chart
Drifter's Memo 7
Phone Number Memo 2
Drifter's Memo 8
Gray Cell Phone (997-082-196)
Cell Phone Key "THE RAT"
Michio's letter
Wooden Piece
Kyoko's Letter 1

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Return - Chiyo Kishibe

-Doll Room-
Playing as Chiyo, you won't be able to run or crouch. You see a younger man in
uniform before you. He beckons you through the door. If you try to go the other
way, the doors will shut behind you. The white light is welcoming and calling
to you. Enter as white light engulfs all.

I like this chapter. It's so peaceful. You need to follow the man in uniform
as he leads you through the forest. He will wait for you to catch up, but if
you go the opposite direction, Chiyo will start panicking and can result in a
Game Over. Once out of the forest, we find ourselves back in...

-Hospital 1st Floor-
As you walk by the chairs, that child is sitting there, head down. Chiyo
obviously remembers her. Now, Chiyo is old, so she walks VERY slow. Walk down
the hallway to see a cutscene. Okay, now if you try to go into the Examination
Room, the Black Cat will try to stop you. My theory is the cat is trying to warn
you what rooms not to go into. If you examine the chart in the Examination Room,
the Director will come out and attack Chiyo. Her horror meter goes up faster
than the other characters, but he's not too hard to fend off. Continue on to
the stairs and head up.

-2nd Floor-
As Chiyo walks into the hallway, a cutscene will appear with her husband and
Reiko, the child, talking outside of Room 204. If you go past 204 and try
entering the Operatin Room, the black cat tries to avert you again. You can
save in the Operating Room, and if you examine the operating table, the door
will close on you. On the door is writte, "koko de owaru" or "This is the
END". You will see the head nurse Hina coming after you. You actually have
to fend her off for a minute or so (about 3 times). (I really hate Hina, she
looks so pissed every time you fend her off...) That's about it for this
floor, you can go check out room 202 and the Nurse's Station, but besides a
scribbled "kikoeru" or "i can hear it..." nothing much of interest. GO back
to the stairs and head up.

-3rd Floor-
Right away you should hear the presence of a ghost. See the man in uniform
standing in front of the cafeteria, and go in. You will see a cutscene of
Chiyo and her husband talking with Reiko. After the scene, exit and head down
to the Nurse's Station. You can check the computer lounge and Room 301 but
nothing is in them. Approaching the Nurse Station you can hear a phone
ringing. Enter. In one of the drawers someone has written "aitsu ga kuru" or
"It's/He's coming..." look around and answer the phone for (Call Log 13).
Reiko says not to come here. Even if you do, he's not here. Not you... you're
too special. Hmmm. Anyways, exit the room and you will see the ghost of the
man in uniform. Go to where he is and follow him down the stairs.

-2nd Floor-
The man is standing in front of Room 204. Enter and the room will revert to
what it looked like 5 years ago. Check around and on the bed you will find the
Old Photograph and Classy Cell Phone. Automatically, Chiyo will dial Michio,
and he will speak to her, telling her Thank You...

-Follow ghost through Forest, enter hospital
-Follow ghost to 2nd Floor, then 3rd floor
-enter cafeterai, answer phone in nurse station, go down to 2nd floor
-enter room 204, get photograph and phone, chapter ends

Old Photograph
Classy Cell Phone

INTERMISSION - checking out the old hospital where the rumors say all the
staff and patients died...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Lamentation - Rin Kagura

-Two-Story House-
You resume as Rin right where we left off with her. Remember we just got
Kyoko's Letter 1 out of the box. Before you dial her number, head into the
kitchen to trigger a ghost child sitting underneath the table. After that, go
ahead and transport. 997-116-286.

-Hospital 3rd Floor-
You end up in the Cafeteria of Kuromiya Hospital. The candle burns up
(oh noes!) and you hear a cell phone start ringing. The cell phone is in
the cupboard underneath the T.V. Grab it and answer it for (Call Log 14).
After the call, you enter Caution Mode. Look at the door to see Kyoko
walking through it. Exit and you will see her walking towards the Nurse
Station. Go into the Nurse Station and see Kyoko crying. Check out where she
was crying to find Kyoko's Diary 1. *SPOILER* Read it and a Photo of a Girl
will come out. Enjoy a cutscene where Rin pieces together the ghost girl is
Reiko Asagiri. Try to leave and an evil little clown on a toy bike will ride
out. Examine the clown and the batteries will die, giving you the idea to
find new batteries for the flashlight. Exit the Nurse Station and be sure to
SAVE at the Black Cat Doll. We need to get to the 2nd Floor, so head down the
hallway. Close to the stairs, you are going to have to fight off a ghost. You
get your first physical encounter with Reiko. You should notice that the
music is more dramatic so obviously this is a dangerous fight. Reiko can
scare the hell out of you if you aren't quick with the (A) button. Especially
in this case since we don't have a flashlight. After about a minute she will
vanish and the barrier around the stairs will be gone. Go on down the stairs

-2nd Floor-
Start heading down the hall and you should hear some white noise outside of
Room 204. Jump in and grab it for (Recordings 6) and also the password
mentioned earlier is still here in case you didn't get it. Exit 204 and
continue down the hall towards the Nurse Station. You should hear a faint
noise like talking now. Around the corner to the right there is a radio
turned on. Go to it and examine it. You can click a couple places, but you
want the batteries out of the back. Rin puts the batteries in and this
immediately triggers Kyoko... "I wanted to help that girl..." Well, now we
have light!!! Woo-hoo! We can start picking things up again! Okay. First stop,
Room 202. Kyoko will be standing over the bed. Go over and pick up Kyoko's
Diary 2. Exit and directly across the hall enter Operating Room. Again, Kyoko
will be trying to tell you her diary is there by the Black Cat Doll. Pick up
Kyoko's Diary 3. Exit and return to Room 204 and grab Kyoko's Diary 4 off the
stand. Now exit and head up to the 3rd Floor. (Notice you can't go down the
stairs, there's blockage)

-3rd Floor-
Enter the Cafeteria first off and notice Kyoko standing by the cubbies. Check
for Kyoko's Diary 5. There's also a white noise in here. Record it for
(Recordings 4). Next stop is Room 301 for Kyoko's Diary 6. Exit and you will
hear a phone ringing. Run into the Nurse Station to answer the phone.
(Call Log 15) After the call you enter Caution Mode. Turn around to find
Kyoko. As she disappears she leaves a card. Pick it up to get
Business Card/Yoshi's Card. Exit the Nurse Station and head down the hall
towards the stairs. The Black Cat will come out and enter Room 302... keep
this in mind. Head down to the 2nd floor.

-2nd Floor-
Go all the way down the hallway to trigger the Director Yoshi Kuromiya and
Head Nurse Hina Hidaka walking, the Director saying something about taking a
AND DO THIS! Go ahead and call the number on Yoshi's card now. 997-447-619.

-1st Floor-
In the Director's Office, check the cupboards for Kyoko's Diary 8. The
password is still here if you didn't get it as well. Go check the desk to
find the cell phone. The Director Yoshi will attack the first time you try
to grab the cell. Fend him off and then grab it. The door will then open.
Walk out and Rin notices that the entrance is there. Start walking down the
hall and you'll hear white noise. Go record it for (Recordings 5) and then
enjoy a cutscene. After the scene, Makoto will call you (Call Log 16) telling
you that every location in the Mnemonic Abyss is centered around Kuromiya
Hospital. After hanging up, you enter caution mode. Search around and below
you to find Reiko. You need to fend her off for about a minute. After she's
gone, go back to the save point to find Kyoko's Diary 9. You should have
heard some white noise, go record it towards the entrance (click your light
off to see the glow) for (Recordings 7). After that, Reiko will appear,
sitting, waiting. If you try approaching her she'll disappear. Now go into
the Treatment Room to pick up Kyoko's Diary 10. Go back to to Entrance. When
you turn the corner you'll see Kyoko walking towards the elevator. Go pick up
the Tagged Key for the Nurse Station on the 2nd Floor she leaves you. To get
back up there we're gonna have to teleport, so flip open your cell phone and
dial 997-116-286.

-2nd Floor- (wherever you were when you teleported last)
Make your way to the locked Nurse Station. It's a good idea to save too.
Unlock the door and enter the Nurse Station. Om the table next to the laptop
is Kyoko's Diary 7 (thought we missed it, huh?) After reading the diary, check
out the laptop that just turned on. Notice the time when Kuroneko logged in
and wrote the message. Exit the Nurse Station and you'll see Kyoko walking
down the hall. Follow her up to the 3rd Floor.

-3rd Floor-
Follow Kyoko to the Computer Lounge and enter for an extremely important
cutscene. This is your first glimpse on what really happened. Kyoko tells you
she's still waiting. Exit the Computer Lounge and SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE
ANYTHING ELSE! After saving, teleport down to the 1st Floor. 997-447-619.

-1st Floor-
Approach Reiko. After the cutscene you need to follow Reiko. You need to
follow her closely, yet not too close. This is a very easy Game Over if you
don't get a rhythm going here. Tilt the joystick slightly florward to walk
slower than normal. If you get too close to Reiko she will jump ahead, causing
your meter to spike. Follow her up the stairs to the top 3rd Floor. Keep
following her down the hall until she goes into Room 302.... follow her in.
 "usotsuki... minna usotsuki da..."     "Liar... everyone is a liar..."

"yurusanai.... minna... yurusanai...."
"unforgivable...everyone...is unforgivable"

-teleport to hospital 997-116-619
-grab cell phone, follow Kyoko to Nurse Station, grab Kyoko Diary 1
-go to 2nd Floor, get batteries, get Kyoko's Diary 2-4, go up to 3rd Floor
-grab Kyoko's Diary 5-6, get Yoshi's card, teleport to 1st Floor.
-grab Kyoko's Diary 8-10, get Tagged Key, teleport to 2nd floor
-unlock Nurse Station, get Kyoko Diary 7
-follow Kyoko to COmputer Lounge, SAVE GAME
-teleport to 1st floor, follow Reiko to 302, chapter ends

Pink Cell Phone (997-116-286)
Kyoko's Diary 1
Photo of a Girl
Kyoko's Diary 2
Kyoko's Diary 3
Kyoko's Diary 4
Kyoko's Diary 5
Kyoko's Diary 6

Yoshi's Card
Kyoko's Diary 8
Simple Cell Phone (997-447-619)
Kyoko's Diary 9
Kyoko's Diary 10
Tagged Key
Kyoko's Diary 7

EPILOGUE-Chiyo's Salvation

Save Game Screen


E. Walkthrough Part 2

	Okay, so we got to the end of the game, right? Nope. That wasn't very
satisfying. What the hell is REALLY going on here? Start up your save file and
let's find out!

There are a few things I want to talk about before we get started here.

First of all, you are going to get the option to skip the chapters we already
did. DON'T SKIP THEM! The first few chapters are now in a different order, the
actual order they belong in. Next, there are new things to trigger and secrets
to unlock by replaying the chapters. There are also new characters being
introduced, so to get the full story, we need to play through it all again.
Don't worry, there's so much new stuff you won't mind replaying it. It will
make a lot more sense the second time around too. Plus you can get anything
you missed your last playthrough. All files will be there again, but any cell
phone keys you have are not going to be there anymore. Hopefully you got all
the ones you could with this walkthrough.

Second, the Woman in the Red Dress. There are 6 locations where you can
trigger her, and 7 letters she will send to your Wii. She seems to be quite
smitten with Shirae-san, doesn't she? We'll go over the locations and hope we
get all 7 letters. I really wish I knew who she was, along with the drowned
woman. Any suggestions, please e-mail me! I find it extremely intriguing.

Third, you will notice that your main menu looks different after you beat the
game for the first time. SO MUCH CRAZY STUFF HAPPENS ON THIS MENU!!! Keep
your eye out for a lot of different stuff happening everytime you load it up.

Last, I just want to stress I'm trying my best to make this walkthrough as
easy to use as possible. I want people to be able to read it top to bottom,
skim it, ctrl+f it, do whatever they need with it. I'm keeping everything in
here the exact way they spell it and use it in the US version of Calling.
I've spent a lot of time on this walkthrough and I really want to keep it
updated with anything new I find. Also, feel free to e-mail me with anything
you found that I missed! So many ghosts to see, so many little things to
trigger. It seems there is just so much stuff in this game it's ridiculous.
(I'm only going to let you know what is new in the previous chapters, or any
new ghosts to trigger)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Mnemonic Abyss - Makoto Shirae

-Geek Room-
Makoto starts off thinking about his colleague Sadao Amano. You automatically
start off with Sadao's Notebook 1. When you gain control of Makoto, the first
thing you want to do is search the desk drawers to find a Cell Phone Key. This
key's kanji means "THE TIGER" (3rd sign in zodiac/astrology). Now go to the
bed and examine the pillow to find a cell phone. (turn the alarm off by
clicking it). Pick up the Black and White Phone. Explore the Geek Room.
Figured out who's room this is yet? Look at the shirts hanging up and that
should give you your answer. On the figurine stand (where the action figures
are standing) on the right side is a HIDDEN PASSWORD!! Shin's T.V. will turn
on automatically. It's just for show so don't worry too much about it. You
can examine each of the action figures seperately.
AYA, IORI, MAKO, YAYOI, and MANA. The 5 soldiers from the show Armed
Soldier MAKO (lolz) the fictional anime that Shin is obsessed with. When
you're done exploring, go over to the computer and log in. Please figure the
password out yourself. If you really can't figure it out, it's MAKO. Okay,
anyways, you can read the chat log again, or just scroll down to the bottom
to have Makoto notice the phone number at the bottom. 997-684-771. You add
this number to your notebook, something Makoto has that other characters do
not. Flip open your phone and hit the (c) buttin to open your notebook.
Go ahead and dial.

-Beauty Salon-
Makoto notices his cell phone is gone.

There are TWO things here, a Call Log (Call Log 17) and a Text Message,
(Messages 3) and you can only get one or the other.

First, the Text Message:
Walk around, if you try to exit through the door, you will trigger a scene.
The door is locked, so flip on the light switch. WTF THERES ACTUALLY
ELECTRICITY HERE! Go ahead and pick up the note on the floor directly by
the door for Sadao's Memo 1. Now, do you see the white board? You can
actually FLIP it over by grabbing the top of it. Once you flip it over, there
will be a HIDDEN PASSWORD that is written UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! In the far right
locker you'll find Drifter's Memo 9. When you're ready, grab the  checkered
cell phone on the table. You can now exit, so go out and in front of you on
the counter should be Drifter's Memo 10. Now, turn around and CLOSE the door.
Look on the ground near the wall to find a Cell Phone Key!! This key's kanji
means "THE BOAR". Okay, go out from behind the counter. If you go to the
exit, there is only abyss. This is of course Makoto's first time seeing it.
Go towards the barber chairs. You'll find a Key in the bottom left cubbie
hole. Midori K. on the tag. This sends you into Caution Mode. Turn towards
the chair to see the ghost of a stylist clipping hair. Now the lights are
out, so go back to the Staff Room and unlock the locker. Flashlight!! Now try
to go back out and you'll trigger a scene. Go check out the couch to find
Sadao's Notebook 2. Now we know the Stylist's name is Midori Kato. After
reading it, another scene will trigger. Now, we need to putz around for a bit.
You need to wait for your next Text Message for (Messages 3). I suggest you
look up at the vent on the ceiling too... shine your flashlight on it. After
you get the text go in the Staff Room and check around. You'll see that the
mannequin heads have been thrown off the shelf. Go open the fridge and
slipped underneath is Sadao's Memo 2. Two new numbers are given to you to put
in your notebook. 997-118-029 and 997-494-582. After reading the memo, notice
the mannequin heads are all right side up now, all looking towards where you
just were?


The Call Log:
Repeat all the steps above, but DO NOT GRAB THE CELL PHONE FROM THE TABLE!!!
As soon as you grab Sadao's Memo 2 from under the refridgerator, the cell
phone will start ringing. Pick it up and answer it. (Don't forget about the
you will have both the Call and Text in your Gallery.

Okay, so here you have a choice on where you go next. I really don't think it
matters, but I'll go with the first number listed. Dial 997-118-029.

So, here we are in a motel room. First thing I would do is flip your
flashlight off and go over to the chair on the left of the table. Crouch and
behind the chair leg in the dark you will find a Cell Phone Key! This key's
kanji means "THE SERPENT". If you open the cupboard below the T.V. you will
see a body of what looks like a little boy (perhaps the same one at Chiyo's
House under the table?) And he has written "ochiru" or "fallen". In the
bottom drawer is Sadao's Memo 3. On the bed is the Hotel Memo, saying '369'.
Go into the bathroom and see the shower running with a silhouette. Open the
curtain to find Sadao's Notebook 3. Exit the bathroom and be sure to PEEK
out the peephole to trigger a ghost of a girl in a sun hat. Open the closet
and I found a dead body of a girl falling down face first.... which I don't
remember happening the first time I was here. Now, on the bed closest to the
bathroom, on the side of the headboard by the wall, there is a HIDDEN
PASSWORD!!! Alright, now it's time to get a cell phone to record that white
noise glow. Go to the travelling case and turn the dials to 369. If you can
get it to land on 346 with the left, hit the right switch to bring it to 369.
Just keep going back and forth until you get it. If you go past 369, go back
with the left dial. Once you get it open and get the Silver Cell Phone, go
and get (Recordings 8) That's everything here, so now dial the next number
on your list, 997-494-582.

-Internet Cafe-
You're in the internet cafe 'Caravan'. The lights are on so it doesn't matter
***NOTE: I just noticed there is a HIDDEN PASSWORD written in RED on
the big Promotional Poster!! I'm NOT sure if it was there before, so I'm
putting it here just in case!!!***
You can grab Sadao's Notebook 4 here, I do it before I grab the Blue Cell
Phone off of the ground. When you grab the cell phone, you'll instantly
receive a text message (Messages 4) and hear the white noise. Record it to
get (Recordings 9) and hear Ken Negisha talking to a Fujimura-san. After,
you'll trigger a scene and a fight. The computer's on so go check it out to
see the chat log again. The computer will die on you momentarily. I would save
your game and dial 997-916-785 to go back to the geek room.

-Geek Room-
Go ahead and pick the cell phone up from the bed. The printer should start
printing something. Go grab what prints out for the Anime Poster. The MAKO
figure will fall down and break. Go to the computer and log back in. Scroll to
the bottom to discover the second number. Once it's added to your notebook, go
ahead and dial 997-657-281.


-4th Floor-
You start off in the woman's bathroom where the small girl will steal your
notepad. Check the stalls. The second stall won't open, so swing you're Wii
Remote to bust it open and see a school girl hanging. After you're done
exploring, exit the bathroom and receive a text message (Messages 5). Go to
Classroom 3-5. In the locker you will find Sadao's Memo 4, and on a desk you
will find Drifter's Memo 1. The password etched into the desk is still here
too in case you need it again. You can explore the music room, but nothing
is there. Go to the North Stairwell and head down.

-3rd Floor-
The computer room is locked, so continue down the hall until you trigger a
cutscene. Watch Shin run away. Explore all the rooms, eventually making your
way to the South Stairwell. Use the South Stairwell and go down to the 2nd
Floor. NOTE you can go up and down the stairwells to explore the areas, and if
you take the North Stairwell down to the First Floor you can still see the
password on the wall in the dark.

-2nd Floor-
Okay, first thing you'll notice is I would go left and make your way around.
First off, check the chairs on the left of the hallway and pick up Drifter's
Memo 2. Check the bathrooms on your way down the hall to get them registered
in your map. Go into Callroom 1-2 and check around. Continue on down the
hallway. Now, at the dead end on the right side of your map, you will see an
eye drawn on the wall of the dead end. Examine it.
This is the first time the Woman in Red will see Makoto. These sightings will
result in letters being sent to your Wii. I don't want to spoil anything yet,
so that's all I will say about the  Lady/Woman in Red.
After you are done exploring, go ahead and enter the Art Room. You should hear
the doors rattling. In the Art Room in the green cupboard someone has written
'wakaranai' or 'I don't understand.' Other than that, the only thing to do
here is go where the text message showed you by the statues. Pick up Sadao's
Notebook 5.
The Mnemonic Abyss -COMPLETED-

-Unlock computer for numbers
-teleport to Beauty Salon, get text and call
-get Sadao's Memo
-teleport to Internet Cafe and Hotel, get text
-teleport back to Geek Room, grab printout, then teleport to school
-check stalls, exit bathroom, go down stairs
-go to south stairwell, head down
-trigger Woman in Red, go to Art Room, chapter ends

Sadao's Notebook 1
Cell Phone Key "THE TIGER" - top drawer in computer desk
B&W Phone (997-916-785)
Sadao's Memo 1
Drifter's Memo 9
Checkered Cell Phone (997-684-771)
Drifter's Memo 10
Cell Phone Key "THE BOAR" - behind Staff Room door
Locker Key
Sadao's Notebook 2
Sadao's Memo 2
Cell Phone Key "THE SERPENT" - under chair IN DARK
Sadao's Memo 3
Hotel Memo
Sadao's Notebook 3
Silver Cell Phone (997-118-029)
Sadao's Notebook 4
Blue Cell Phone (997-494-582)
Anime Poster
Red Cell Phone (997-657-281)
Sadao's Memo 4
Drifter's Memo 1
Drifter's Memo 2
Sadao's Notebook 5

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Awakening - Rin Kagura
This chapter is now skippable, but choose No and replay it. There are a few
new things to unlock here.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Posession - Shin Suzutani
This chapter is now skippable. It's short and easy and I suggest you play it

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Remnants - Makoto Shirae

You start off where we left off talking to Rin. Makoto sees Sadao and takes off
after him. You can't enter anywhere so follow Sadao down to the first floor.

-1st Floor-
Take a right and go to the lockers. In the first row (where the Black Cat Doll
is) in one of the lockers with a pair of white shoes in it, will be a Cell
Phone Key!!! This key's kanji means "THE MONKEY". If you go back up to the
2nd Floor you can now enter the rooms and explore. Go ahead and go back up
for an item.

-2nd Floor-
Go to Classroom 1-6. On one of the desks you will find Sadao's Notebook 7.
That's pretty much all there is up here, but this item is probably missable.
Feel free to explore around and then go back down. You won't be able to go up
at this point, so go down to the First Floor...

-1st Floor-
Now, head to the left and go to the Library. Once you step into the Library
you will receive a text message of the Principal's Desk for (Messages 7).
There is also a White Noise in here, just click your light off to see the
blue glow and go record it for (Recordings 11) (3 girls telling small girl).
Go ahead and exit the Library. Just a quick note, if you hold your Wii Remote
up to your ear you can hear an eerie noise. Now, you want to go all the way
down the hall, go past the Principal and Nurse's Office. Go to the dead end
for another recording (Recordings 12) (3 girls at gym). Now go back and enter
the Principal's Office. Go to the desk and open the center drawer and grab
Sadao's Notebook 6. When Makoto decides to go to the Nurse's Office, exit and
you will encounter the 3 high school girls. Run to the South Stairwell and go
up, all the way to the 3rd Floor.

-3rd Floor-
Enjoy a cutscene, then make your way to the Computer Room. You'll see Sadao
standing in front of the doors. When he walks in, enter the Computer Room.
There is a white noise located in the middle of the room, go record it to get
(Recordings 10) (3 girls talking about lame website). Now go examine the lit
computer. After a cutscene, walk to the door. You will enter Caution Mode.
Look back at the computer to see Sadao. Go examine it again to find Sadao's
Card. Now leave and decide to go to the Nurse's Office on the First Floor.
NOTE: I'm not sure if you have to go to the 4th Floor to trigger it, but you
need a Text Message (Messages 8) that shows a bed in the Nurse's Office.
Regardless, get the text before going to the Nurse's Office.

-1st Floor-
After getting the text message, head to the Nurse's Office. When you get there
and open the door, there will be a cutscene. After the scene, be sure to pick
up the Nurse Office Chart 1-3. Behind the far bed on the floor (where Shin
fell when he transported) there is the Phone Number Memo 3. Be sure to grab
it! Now when you exit you will see Mika (the tall girl) walking. She will
attack you, but your ultimate goal is to follow her up to the 4th Floor. Go
up the South Stairwell until the 3rd Floor, the go to the North Stairwell on
3F to go up.

-4th Floor-
The North Stairwell doors will slam behind you. I suggest you go to the Save
Point and Save. Now head to Classroom 3-2 (with the cracked door). You will
hear a cell phone start ringing. When you peek through, you will see Mai
(the small girl). Click (A) on her to start a scene. You need to try and open
the door, then you need to force it open by swinging the Wii Remote. Once you
get the door open, you will automatically retrieve your Notepad back. Be sure
to grab the Samsara Magazine from the desk. NOW!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!
Go to the door which is now closed, and PEEK OUT THE GLASS!!! This is your
next Lady in Red sighting!!
Now exit, take a right and GO SAVE! Now head towards the Music Room. You
should start hearing a familiar piece of music. Once you get to the Music Room
you will get a cutscene and automatically enter. Now, my tactic for this, is
as SOON as you get control over Makoto again, just BOLT for your cell phone
on the Piano. You can make it there before they look up once!!! After you
retrieve the cell phone, get away from them by running to the North Stairwell
and heading down.

-3rd Floor-
You can explore now, get things you missed, but if you have everything, go
ahead and dial Jun Kundo's number at 997-894-516.

-One Story House-
Enjoy the creepy cutscene and pick up the cell phone laying by the sliding
doors. There isn't much of interest in here so let's go back to where the
whole game started. Exit into the hallway and head down to hear a familiar
scream. Before you check the doors, go to the bathroom and pick up Sadao's
Memo 5. Read it, then go look at the doors covered in hair for a quick scene.
Remember the Salon? Well, we need to cut through that hair, and where else in
the Mneumonic Abyss are we gonna find some skizzers? Flip open your cell and
notebook, and call the Beauty Salon at 997-684-771. NOTE: Trying to warp
elsewhere seems to result in auto death, a hand reaches from you cell phone
and grabs you and kills you!

-Beauty Salon-
You start off in the Staff Room, with a cell phone and a Black Cat Doll.
Grab the cell phone and USE THE SAVE POINT!!! This next part is EXTREMELY
difficult, especially if it's your first time through. Check the lockers
as well for a surprise. After saving, exit through the door to the main
room. Go out from the counter and turn right towards the haircutting stations.
(one time I was checking the plants and the one clostest to the exit into the
void fell over on me). Check the cart on the right to notice the scissors are
missing. Get ready for a cut scene, immediately followed by psycho bitch
coming at you. HERE'S THE TRICK! You need to back up away from her, and
meneuver back to the storage room. You have to ALWAYS be facing her or else
she will teleport. If this crazy girl touches you, it's an immediate Game
Over. Practice before you check for the scissors if you need to. Eventually
you will get it and slam the door on her. She'll keep attacking the door for
a few moments, then all will be calm. Check the Cat Doll's eyes to make sure
they are open. Open the door, walk out, close the door. The scissors will be
sticking out of the door. Grab them. The cell phone key will be there too if
you missed it the first time. Open your cell phone and dial 997-894-516

-Doll House-
Warp back, pick your phone up, and cut the hair blocking the door. When you
enter the bedroom, search the dresser with the Cat Doll on it for Sadao's
Notebook 8, and a business card for Yoshi Kuromiya. After you get the card,
you will notice a pair of glasses that fell on the floor by the bed. Look
familiar? If you try and pick them up, Shin will reach out from under the bed
to grab them and possibly attack you. This is your next destination, but go
back to the larger room with the sliding doors to trigger a ghost scene. Move
to the doors, try opening them and Jun Kundo will appear telling you that you
may not enter. 'Soko ni hairu na...' open your cell phone and dial Yoshi's
number 997-447-619. THE REMNANTS -COMPLETED-

-Follow Sadao down to 1st Floor
-Go to Library to receive text
-Go to Principal's Office
-Head up to 3rd Floor Computer Room
-After text head to 1st Floor Nurse's Office
-Follow ghost to 4th Floor and save
-Go to Classroom 3-2, peek at woman in red
-Head to Music Room and retrieve cell phone
-teleport to One-Story House
-teleport to Beauty Salon, get scissors
-teleport back to One-Story House
-Dial 997-447-619 - chapter end

Cell Phone Key "THE MONKEY"
Sadao's Notebook 7
Sadao's Notebook 6
Sadao's Card
Nurse Office Chart 1
Nurse Office Chart 2
Nurse Office Chart 3
Phone Number Memo 3
Samsara Magazine
Red Cell Phone (997-657-281)
Black Cell Phone (997-894-516)
Checkered Cell Phone (997-684-771)
Black Cell Phone again
Sadao's Memo 5
Sadao's Notebook 8
Yoshi's Card

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Wandering - Rin Kagura

DO NOT SKIP THIS CHAPTER! There is another sighting with the Woman in Red.
After getting the phone, go out and to the right. At the very end of the hallway
there will be a colorful fan. Go up to it to trigger the Woman in Red. Now
proceed through the chapter, making sure you get (Messages 6) if you didn't

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Connection - Makoto Shirae

-Hospital: Director's Office-
Makoto starts off in the Director's Office. Go to the desk and check the
drawers with your light off to find a hidden Cell Phone Key. This key's kanji
means to "THE DOG" (11th Chinese zodiac). In the cupboard on the opposite side
of the door you will find Sadao's Notebook 9. When you're ready grab the
Simple Cell Phone from the table. When you try to leave you will enter Caution
Mode. Just search around until you are attacked. After you leave the
Director's Office you're flashlight will die. You can explore but you won't be
able to do anything. Go to the stairs to trigger a scene with the Director
going down. Follow him and he will drop a key you can't pick up yet. Go ahead
and head up, then up again to the 2nd Floor, where you will receive a text
message of a bed (Messages 10). Then up to the 3rd Floor.

-3rd Floor-
Go all the way down the hallway until you start hearing music. Enter Room 301
to find a Music Box with Batteries. When you get your flashlight working,
pick up Kyoko's Diary 14 from the chair. Go into the Computer Lounge and you
will find Kyoko's Diary 13 in the Cubbies. If you walk behind to where the
computers are you will trigger a ghost of a man looking towards the windows.
Exit and go to the Cafeteria to trigger a scene of a past time. That's about
all you can do here, so go down to the 2nd Floor.

-2nd Floor-
If you go into the operating room you can save your game, and right
underneath is Kyoko's Diary 12. Going through the door in here and trying to
leave will result in Nurse Hidaka attacking you. You need to bust through the
door back out into the hallway by swinging the Wii Remote. Take a right and
you will hear a ghost. Look at Room 201 to see a pair of legs. After they walk
into the door, open it to see the void, then close it again. A voice should
come through your Wii Remote. Now go into the Nurse Station. Grab the Medical
Contact List. In one of the drawers someone has written 'kikoeru' or
'I hear it..'. Now exit. Nurse Hina Hidaka will laugh at you and slam the
door and lock it. Bitch. Okay, by now you should have gotten a text showing
stairs (Messages 9). If you haven't keep wandering until you do. Then go
down to the 1st Floor.

-1st Floor-
First off, go down to the basement and grab that desk key the Director
dropped. Now go into the Examination Room. On the far shelf hidden is Kyoko's
Diary 11. Grab it. Now, I'm sure you've noticed the weird bandages lying
around that weren't here before. Keep these locations in mind. (Here and in
the Treatment Room. Also up in the Operating Room) Now, exit here and go into
the Men's Restroom. In the stall on the left behind the toilet is
Sadao's Memo 6. Okay. Now you are ready to go into the Director's Office again
and unlock that drawer. Go in and unlock it, and grab Contact Book 1 and the
Director's Memo. Putting this information together with the Medical Contact
you can decipher Hina Hidaka's number, 997-521-884. Go ahead and dial this and
transport up to the 3rd Floor's Nurse Station.

-3rd Floor-
Go ahead and pick up the Green Cell Phone from the table. This is Hina's Phone.
Also someone has written 'aitsu ga kuru' which means 'it's coming' in the
middle drawer. Now your goal is to go to wherever you dialed last and grab
Yoshi's cell phone. Once back down on the 1st Floor, grab the Cell Phone and
you should receive a Text of the vent on the 3rd Floor (Messages 11). Hooray
that's your last text!!!! Now, once again head up to the 3rd Floor. Go into
the Kitchen and examine the open vent. Makoto understands the phone will
break if you just drop it down, so now we're off to look for those bandages
and cotton. Now you have a task. Go get one roll of medical bandages and one
Medical Cotton, then meet me back here on the 3rd Floor. (Just a quick note,
in the Operating Room on 2nd Floor, if you examine the operating table and
try to leave, a ghost surgeon will trigger.)
Okay, SAVE and when you're ready, drop Hina's Cell Phone down and dial her
number, 997-521-884.

--Basement Floor--
We are finally here in the basement. You start off in the Laundry Room. Walk
around and the washers will pop open and startle Makoto. Pick up the cell
phone and save your game here. Now exit into the hallway. Go ahead and enter
the first door on the left. Makoto sees Kyoko crying... this is it. This is
the morgue, and this is Reiko Asagiri's body. Now, you won't trigger anything
until you examine her. So, flip your flashlight OFF and pick up the
Cell Phone Key on the ground underneath her body. This key's kanji means
"THE HARE". If you examine Reiko-chan's body, her ghost will rise from it and
attack. As usual, Reiko scares you a lot. Walk out into the hallway, and she
will do her ultimate attack where everything turns red. Back away to avoid
getting killed. She will eventually back off. Now, when you continue down the
hall, be ready for a surprise when you pass the Parking Garage.
WOMAN IN RED ALERT! Walk ALL the way down to the END of the hallway, and you
will enter caution mode. Turn around to see your stalker, the Woman in Red,
staring at you. She will walk into the Radiation Treatment Room, perhaps a
clue to how she died or at least why she is connected to the hospital.
Okay, with all that triggered, go ahead and enter the last room, the Basement
Data Room. In here, your goal is to collect 5 Reports. Report 1 is located on
the desk right at the entrance. Report 2 is in the middle drawer of the same
desk. Continue on and pick up Report 3 off the table. Report 4 is on the floor
at the end behind the bookshelves. See those boxes where you pick up Report 4?
Go all the way around to the OTHER side of THOSE boxes. Located on the
bookshelf (top shelf) is Report 5. Now, go and try to leave. Kyoko will stop
you, and leave you two items. The Death Certificate, and the Contact Book 2.
As soon as you dial Yuko Asagiri's number, the chapter will end.

-grab cell phone and fend off director
-flashlight dies, go up to 3rd Floor
-Enter 301, take batteries from music box
-go down the stairs to basement and grab key
-go up stairs to Director's Office
-unlock drawer, dial Hina Hidaka's number 997-521-884
-Unlock 3rd Floor Nurse Station, go to Kitchen
-DO NOT DROP CELL PHONE, collect cotton and bandages
-wrap cell phone up, drop down vent on 3rd Floor
-teleport to basement, trigger woman in red, find 5 reports
-Kyoko will give you 2 items, dial Yuko's number, chapter ends.

Cell Phone Key "THE DOG"
Sadao's Notebook 9
Simple Cell Phone
Kyoko's Diary 14
Kyoko's Diary 13
Kyoko's Diary 12
Medical Contact List
Desk Key
Kyoko's Diary 11
Sadao's Memo 6
Contact Book 1
Director's Memo
Green Cell Phone (997-521-884)
Medical Bandages
Medical Cotton
Cell Phone Key "THE HARE"
Report 1
Report 2
Report 3
Report 4
Report 5
Death Certificate
Contact Book 2

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Lamentation - Rin Kagura

DO NOT SKIP!! There is a WOMAN IN RED sighting here! Plus this chapter has
minor changes. Go ahead and play.

Use the walkthrough above until you are on the 3rd Floor and Kyoko gives you
After they disappear, GO TO THE ELEVATOR and try to open it. Push (B) after you
open it to trigger the Woman in Red!!!

The other difference is at the very end, so go ahead and follow the rest of the
walkthrough above.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Curse - Makoto Shirae

We start off in the Private Room, Yuko Asagiri's apartment. You can save
you're game here. Under the T.V. you will find Yuko Asagiri's Diary 1. Note
that you can scroll through 8 pages of this tragic diary. Notice the
Retro Robot Doll on the floor. Play with it for a moment. When you examine the
lower body you will see that it is a flash drive.

NOW!!!! LOOK AT THE CLOCK!!!! There is a HIDDEN PASSWORD in the clock,
integrated in with the numbers. The first symbol is the "ROOSTER" starting
at where 1 is supposed to be, then 2,5,7,9,11.

Okay, you can grab the cell phone from the table.Now, you can go to the
drawers and unlock the Diary by getting all they buttons DOWN. Every button
you push will effect every other button it touches. You will receive
Yuko Asagiri's Diary 2. If you have the cell phone, Kyoko's Letter 2 will
fall out of the diary. If you don't it will fall out when you pick the plain
cell phone up. Okay, so now Makoto decides he needs to call the Hospital again,
even though there seems to be a woman crying.... try to dial Yoshi's number at
997-447-619. A cutscene will happen and you will talk to Rin. Then you will
be attacked. None other than Yuko Asagiri. Fend her off for about a minute.
When she's gone, pick up your cell phone. It will automatically dial

-Studio Apartment-
You're in the big Private Room. There is a Cell Phone Key beside the microwave
when you click your flashlight OFF!! This key's kanji means "THE OX" Remember,
all these key's kanji mean the Astrological symbol for "the ox" etc etc., not
the actual animals.
Okay, now, there is also a HIDDEN PASSWORD by the stove, if you crouch down
and look up underneath the cabinets you will see the password etched in there.
Okay, now we have those two hidden things, go ahead and pick up the Cell Phone
by the T.V. This will trigger the computer to turn on. DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!!
Toilet Bowl and the door will shut behind you. Turn around to touch the door,
and you will trigger your next and FINAL Woman in Red sighting. Enter
Caution Mode and look down at the toilet bowl to see blood dripping in.
YAY!!!! *please refer to Woman in Red List at end of walkthrough for any
help triggering the New Game/Load Game letter/final 7th letter in
Wii Messageboard)
Okay, with all of that out of the way, let's continue on with the game,
shall we?
Go ahead and examine the computer to insert the Flash Memory. Sadao has a
password safe computer. Think about it for a while. This one is semi-difficult
to figure out. I'll give you a hint. Open your notepad. Still can't figure it
out? What number have you not been able to dial or transport to the whole
game? Okay, it's Sadao's full phone number. The password is 993754862. Once
the computer is unlocked, scroll through it for notes left by Sadao. At the
end, he has the one piece of information that changes everything.
Reiko Asagiri's cell phone number. 977-600-184. Enjoy the cutscene.

-Grab Yuko Asagiri's Diary 1, get cell phone
-get flash memory, unlock Yuko Asagiri's Diary 2
-dial hospital, fend off ghost, pick up cell phone
-trigger lady in red, unlock computer, chapter ends.

Yuko Asagiri's Diary 1
Flash Memory
Plain Cell Phone (997-674-681)
Yuko Asagiri's Diary 2
Kyoko's Letter 2
Broken Cell Phone (997-858-838)
Cell Phone Key "THE OX"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Bond - Rin Kagura

Rin starts off in the Computer Lounge. Exit the computer lounge to receive your
final call, (Call Log 18). This triggers a scene with Makoto. Pick up the
Phone Number Memo 4 from where he was standing. Reiko Asagiri's number. Now
Makoto will lead you down the stairs. Down to the 1st Floor. BE CAREFUL there
is the last Cell Phone Key is on the 1st floor.

-1st Floor-
Follow Makoto. Walk all the way down the hallway, sticking to the left wall,
and turn the corner towards the elevator. On the floor, regardless of light,
the Cell Phone Key will be lying there. This key's Kanji means "South" as in
the direction, but the meaning here is "THE HORSE", 7th sign in the Chinese

Now, approach Reiko-chan. Enjoy a cutscene, and then follow her, just as you
did the first time through. Now, the scenery is much different. It is still
dangerous to get too far away from her, so just find your rhythm and stay a
safe distance away. Follow her up to the 3rd Floor, and into Room 302, the
room where she jumped. ;_;

-get Phone Number Memo 4
-go down to 1st Floor
-Grab Cell Phone Key
-Talk to Reiko
-Follow up to Room 302

Phone Number Memo 4
Cell Phone Key "THE HORSE"


F. List for Gallery and Woman in Red

These lists are going to be listed as in the Gallery.


Newspaper Article 1
Newspaper Article 2
Information Printout
Nurse's Office Log
Kyoko's Diary 1
Kyoko's Diary 2
Kyoko's Diary 3
Kyoko's Diary 4
Kyoko's Diary 5
Kyoko's Diary 6
Kyoko's Diary 7
Kyoko's Diary 8
Kyoko's Diary 9
Kyoko's Diary 10
Kyoko's Diary 11
Kyoko's Diary 12
Kyoko's Diary 13
Kyoko's Diary 14
Yuko Asagiri's Diary 1
Yuko Asagiri's Diary 2
Sadao's Memo 1
Sadao's Memo 2
Sadao's Memo 3
Sadao's Memo 4
Sadao's Memo 5
Sadao's Memo 6
Sadao's Notebook 1
Sadao's Notebook 2
Sadao's Notebook 3
Sadao's Notebook 4
Sadao's Notebook 5
Sadao's Notebook 6
Sadao's Notebook 7
Sadao's Notebook 8
Sadao's Notebook 9
Patient Chart
Nurse Office Chart 1
Nurse Office Chart 2
Nurse Office Chart 3
Kyoko's Letter 1
Kyoko's Letter 2
Contact Book 1
Contact Book 2
Medical Contact List
Report 1
Report 2
Report 3
Report 4
Report 5
Death Certificate
Makoto's Card
Gin's Card
Yoshi's Card
Sadao's Card
Phone Number Memo 1
Phone Number Memo 2
Phone Number Memo 3
Phone Number Memo 4
Janitor's Note
Internet Cafe Memo
Hotel Memo
Director's Memo
Drifter's Memo 1
Drifter's Memo 2
Drifter's Memo 3
Drifter's Memo 4
Drifter's Memo 5
Drifter's Memo 6
Drifter's Memo 7
Drifter's Memo 8
Drifter's Memo 9
Drifter's Memo 10

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Call Log 1 (The Possession) One-story House First Floor
Call Log 2 (The Possession) One-story House First Floor (go back to room)
Call Log 3 (The Possession) One-story House First Floor
Call Log 4 (The Awakening) School 4th Floor
Call Log 5 (The Awakening) School 4th Floor
Call Log 6 (The Awakening) School 4th Floor
Call Log 7 (The Awakening) School 4th Floor
Call Log 8 (The Awakening) School 3rd Floor after bathrooms
Call Log 9 (The Awakening) School 1st Floor Makoto calls
Call Log 10 (The Awakening) School 1st Floor Janitor's Office
Call Log 11 (The Wandering) One-Story House First Floor
Call Log 12 (The Wandering) Two-Story House First Floor
Call Log 13 (The Return) Hospital 3rd Floor Nurse Station
Call Log 14 (The Lamentation) Hospital 3rd Floor Cafeteria
Call Log 15 (The Lamentation) Hospital 3rd Floor Nurse Station
Call Log 16 (The Lamentation) Hospital 1st Floor Makoto calls
Call Log 17 (Mnemonic Abyss) Beauty Salon (don't grab cell phone)
Call Log 18 (The Bond) Hospital 3rd Floor Makoto Calls

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Recordings 1 (The Awakening) Classroom 3-2 when you teleport in
Recordings 2 (The Wandering) Hospital, 1st Floor Treatment Room
Recordings 3 (The Wandering) Hospital, 2nd Floor Room 204
Recordings 4 (The Lamentation) Hospital, 3rd Floor Cafeteria
Recordings 5 (The Lamentation) Hospital, 1st Floor Hallway
Recordings 6 (The Lamentation) Hospital, 2nd Floor Room 204
Recordings 7 (The Lamentation) Hospital, 1st Floor near Entrance
Recordings 8 (Mnemonic Abyss) Hotel
Recordings 9 (Mnemonic Abyss) Internet Cafe
Recordings 10 (The Remnants) School, 3rd Floor Computer Room
Recordings 11 (The Remnants) School, 1st Floor Library
Recordings 12 (The Remnants) School, 1st Floor Hallway (dead end by Gym)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Messages 1 (The Awakening) After Kumi attacks, wait for text
Messages 2 (The Awakening) After receiving Shin's Phone
Messages 3 (Mnemonic Abyss) wait to get Sadao's Memo 2
Messages 4 (Mnemonic Abyss) after hotel and internet cafe are completed
Messages 5 (Mnemonic Abyss) before chapter ends
Messages 6 (The Wandering) don't peak and pass it, get txt, then peek
Messages 7 (The Remnants) enter Library BEFORE principal's Office
Messages 8 (The Remnants) wait to enter Nurse's Office
Messages 9 (The Connection) follow director down the stairs
Messages 10 (The Connection) go up to 2nd Floor to trigger this
Messages 11 (The Connection) last text, grab both cell phones

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Okay, I'm going to list these both by the Kanji's meaning, and as a number
representing the placement on the actual cell phone. They go in order according
to the Chinese Zodiac. The First Year of the Zodiac is the RAT, the Twelfth year
is the year of the BOAR.
Please note that the kanji used in Calling for these keys are all derived from
the 12 "Earthly Branch" signs, representing the 12 Animals of the Chinese
Zodiac, as opposed to the 10 "Heavenly Stem" kanji, representing the Yin and
Yang in the 5 Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood (ie the Yin
Wood, and the Yang Wood). Anyway, not trying to get too deep into that,
just try to remember that they all go together.

The Keys:

1 "RAT" (The Wandering, Two-Story House Bathroom)
2 "OX"  (The Curse, Sadao's Studio Apartment by microwave)
3 "TIGER" (Mnemonic Abyss, Shin's Geek Room in drawer)
4 "HARE"  (The Connection, Hospital Basement in Morgue under Reiko)
5 "DRAGON" (The Wandering, One-Story House, Doll Room across from Chiyo)
6 "SERPENT" (Mnemonic Abyss, Hotel under chair in DARK)
7 "HORSE"  (The Bond, Hospital 1F by elevator)
8 "RAM"   (The Possession, One-Story House in bedrrom in drawer)
9 "MONKEY" (The Remnants, School 1F in lockers with white shoes)
* "ROOSTER" (The Awakening, school 3F hallway under chairs and desks)
0 "DOG"  (The Connection, Director's Office drawer DARK)
# "BOAR" (Mnemonic Abyss, Beauty Salon behind Staff Room door)

The Passwords:

91678* (One-Story House Hallway ceiling)
98*1*1 (School, North Stairwell 1st Floor in DARK)
715#39 (School carved in desk)
846*49 (School women's bathroom in stall)
558146 (Hospital Director's Office in cupboards in DARK)
34*152 (Hospital Room 204 on window in DARK)
#15926 (Hospital 2F Operating Room ceiling)
256*47 (Two-Story House 2F hallway etched in wall)
8588*3 (Internet Cafe on poster)
53#574 (Shin's Room on side of figure display)
16*926 (Beauty Salon flip whiteboard over)
28#310 (Hotel on headboard of bed)
*14159 (Yuko's apartment, hidden in the wall clock's numbers)
9273*9 (Sadao's apartment, crouch under staove and look under cupboard

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

WOMAN IN RED (Red Letters on Wii)

#1. Mnemonic Abyss, School 2nd Floor, At the dead end (on the right top side of
the map) you will see an eye drawn on the wall, examine it to trigger this

#2. The Remnants, School 4th Floor, in classroom with broken door, after
getting notepad and magazine, PEEK through the glass BEFORE opening the door
to trigger this sighting.

#3. The Wandering, 2nd time through as Rin, 2 Story House 1st Floor, at the
end of the hallway with the colorful fan, go examine to trigger this sighting.

#4. The Connection, Hospital Basement Floor, go all the way to the end of the
hallway to trigger this sighting.

#5. The Lamentation, 2nd time through as Rin, Hospital 2nd Floor, after getting
key to Nurse Station, go there and trigger the Director and Nurse Hina walking
down the hallway. Then, go to the elevator and open it. Then, press (B) to
trigger this sighting.

#6. The Curse, Sadao's Studio Apartment, get cell phone and look at Sadao's
picture to trigger the computer. BEFORE looking at the computer, go into the
bathroom and examine toilet bowl. In Caution Mode, look in toilet to trigger
this sighting.

After you have triggered all 6 sightings and have read all 6 letters she has
sent to your Wii, go to the New Game/Load Game main title screen to see a red
letter to the left. Point over the letter and this will trigger the final
sighting and the final letter to be sent to your Wii. Enjoy =)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Death Pictures (Black tattered letter on Wii)

Dying in certain places will trigger a letter being sent to your Wii. The key
is, you MUST SELECT RETRY AND LOAD YOUR GAME!!!! You will NOT receive the
letters if you do not select retry and load your game. As soon as your game
is loaded, hit the "home" button and go to your Wii Menu. Your Message Box
should ring and a letter will appear with a picture enclosed. Here is a list
of all 13 places that will trigger a letter.

DOING THIS! You will trigger at least one automatically with Shin, but really,
try and wait until you are more familiar with the game and used to saving in
the appropriate times and places.

#1. Auto. The Possession. Complete the Possession to trigger this letter.
Note that all playable characters except Chiyo can receive a picture like this.

#2. Mnemonic Abyss. Hotel. After you enter the bathroom and get
Sadao's Notebook from the tub, bust through the door and let
Kei Shoji kill you. She will trigger a picture.

#3. Mnemonic Abyss. Internet Cafe. After recording Recordings 9,
let Ken Negishi kill you. He will trigger a photo.

#4. The Awakening. Classroom 3-5. When all 3 girls are attacking
you, after they form their special formation, die by Mai, the small girl.
This will trigger a picture.

#5. The Possession. Closet. (Bigger room) Let the dolls kill you with the hair.
This will trigger a letter with a photo enclosed.

#6. The Remnants. Beauty Salon. Let Midori (Stylist's ghost) kill you.
She will trigger a letter.

#7. The Remnants. One-Story House. Bedroom. Reach for the glasses and let
Shin kill you. This will trigger a photo.

#8. The Wandering. One Story House. Bedroom/hallway. Let Shin kill you to
trigger this letter.

#9. Various Chapters. Kuromiya Hospital. Let Director Yoshi or Nurse
Hina Hidaka kill you. This will trigger a letter with a photo of both
of them inside.

#10. The Curse. Yuko Asagiri's Apartment. Let Yuko kill you.
This will trigger the letter.

#11. Auto. Complete The Curse to trigger this letter of Sadao.

#12. Reiko must kill Rin at any point during the game. Black Cat

#13. The Connection. Hospital. Reiko must kill Makoto. Black Cat

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Completion Pictures

There are 3 total. The very first time you beat the game, you will get one
with the 4 playable characters (Rin, Shin, Chiyo, and Makoto). The second time
you beat it, you will get another letter with a photo of ALL the main
characters and ghosts, INCLUDING the Woman in Red! The third time you beat it
you will receive a picture of Reiko-chan when she was younger! (kawaii) This
last picture is actually the background on Yuko's phone, and can be seen in
the cell phone backgrounds under Bonus Images in the Gallery.


G. Contact Info and Author Info

My e-mail address is Kill_Ayeka@Yahoo.com
Please, if anyone has any questions or concerns, contact me.


H. Credits and Thanks

First of all, I would like to thank Hudson for releasing this game! Without
them this would never have been possible.

I would like to thank my friend Jessie for helping me write down notes while

And I would like to thank all of you who are reading this walkthrough and
playing this awesome game! I know this game has had some really bad reviews.
Gamespot was even so bold as to take a screenshot of Rin when she remembered
everything about Kuroneko/Reiko. Her eyes were filled with disbelief, and
Gamespot led people to believe that she was supposed to be scared, with a
quote saying "Is that fear in your eyes, or boredom?" I thought that was a
LOW BLOW to the game!! Her eyes were wide open because she just remembered
something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! Freaking assholes. Anyways, you who have
played this game must know that it is pretty good.
And for that, I humbly thank you!

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