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    Game Script by angeldeb82

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    (Version 2.21)

    Author: Deborah L. Kearns


    Copyright © 2010-2011 by Deborah L. Kearns. Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood is a trademark of LucasArts and Telltale Games. Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood: Copyright © 2009 by Telltale Games.

    DISCLAIMER: This scripted document is intended ONLY for private home use and may not be reproduced through electronic or commercial means without the consent of the author (Deborah L. Kearns). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items, and it should not be claimed as your own. All rights are reserved to respected parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for respecting FAQ authors.



    Hello, and welcome to my guide for the exclusive game script for Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. As you may know, this is now my fourth attempt in using GameFAQs' Formatted FAQ text with markup to write a game script like this one. All the other game scripts from other video games have used plain-text format for easier script write, but not this one. So far, I have successfully created and uploaded my formatted game script FAQs for the previous chapters for ToMI: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, The Siege of Spinner Cay, and Lair of the Leviathan. I'm still a bit inexperienced but improving in trying to use Formatted FAQ text to write this one, along with the upcoming game script FAQ that I'm about to write for the final chapter from ToMI, so, again, it may be just like one of the scripts you read at the South Park Scriptorium website. If I make a few mistakes, I'll try to correct them as best as I can, so please bear with me, okay?

    Anyway, like the previous three chapters, ToMI Chapter 4, along with the final episodic chapter, has quite a loose gameflow like the Kill Bill series, so your storyline may vary from what's listed here, according to GameFAQs contributor HRahman. Due to the overwhelming amount of choices and story paths, I may put ONLY ONE kind of flow that makes the whole story, while the rest of the scripts may be explored by yourself. To tell you the truth, I don't really have that much of a free time, and I may or may not figure out a way to chart out the story system to make it an easy read. Sorry! Also, be cautionary, as this script I am writing for this game is a correction of all the game's subtitle errors, as the game and its subtitles are rife with so many misspellings, missing words, grammar problems, capitalization and punctuation errors and words in voices that don't match the words in the subtitles, as I will point out in brackets! Again, sorry, as you're gonna have to bear with me as I write this script! :P So, without further ado, we move on to the game script!

    Cast of Characters

    Guybrush Ulysses Marley-Threepwood, main hero of the entire Monkey Island series

    Elaine Marley-Threepwood, former governor of the Tri-Island area and Guybrush's wife

    LeChuck, main antagonist, now a good-natured human pirate

    Voodoo Lady, recurring character of the Monkey Island series and narrator

    Morgan LeFlay, athletic and competent female bounty hunter who idolizes Guybrush

    Marquis De Singe, antagonistic French nobleman and mad doctor

    Smilin' Stan S. Stanman, fast-talking, fast-moving salesman, prosecuting lawyer and recurring character of the Monkey Island series

    Wallace P. Grindstump, Right Honorable Judge of the Flotsam Island courthouse and Club 41 owner and proprietor

    Killick Hardtack, former henchman of Captain McGillicutty who is now a bailiff

    Kathryn C. "Kate" Krebbs, member of Club 41 and bosun

    Joaquin Jocinto De Meara Alphonso D'Oro, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire

    Hemlock McGee, former member of Club 41

    Gaffer Crimpdigit, owner of the Well, Blow Me Down Glassworks store

    Pirate Crowds, including Murkel Trenchfoot and Davey J. Nipperkin

    Guybrush Doll

    LeChuck Doll

    Miss Prettywhiskers, Hemlock McGee's paralyzed cat

    Jacques the Monkey

    Rockrib, the Towel Guy

    De Singe's Lab Vole

    Jungle Beast

    Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma


    R#. = Repeat Question C#. = Cycle of Questions E#. = End Conversation


    [Camera moves to a close-up of one of the purple flame torches as the scene fades in from black while the Voodoo Lady's voice speaks.]

    VOODOO LADY: While searching for a cure to the pirate-afflicting Pox of LeChuck, [camera moves to the Voodoo Lady herself, seated on her desk as usual, yet now surrounded by candles on her chair, who draws out a tarot card while she speaks] the fates of Guybrush Threepwood and Morgan LeFlay are blown off-course when they are swallowed by a lovelorn leviathan... [puts the "Nemesis" card on her desk, which is shown in close-up for a few seconds] Much to Morgan and Guybrush's surprise, an uneasy alliance to escape the beast blossoms into a genuine friendship between the pirate and pirate hunter... [text error adds a "the" between the words "and" and "pirate"] [draws out another tarot card] a tidal shift that leads Threepwood to the elusive Pox-curing Esponja Grande... [She sets the "Triumph" card next to the "Nemesis" card while she speaks.] But Guybrush learns too late that it is the wise pirate who prepares for the inevitable change in the winds, as Morgan betrays him and returns him to the scientific clutches of the Marquis De Singe... [She takes out another tarot card, that of the "Betrayal", while she speaks and places it next to the previous two cards, and there is an ominous wind before the title screen appears.]


    [It is now nighttime with a bad full moon rising as the Screaming Narwhal has stopped near the rocks as the credits start to appear.]

    Written & Directed By:
    Mike Stemmle

    [Scene cuts to a wood plank on the water as it is pushed out of the way by a rowboat. Morgan LeFlay sails with Guybrush Threepwood in tow as he looks around and sighs before they move on closer to Flotsam Island.]

    Choreography By:
    Daniel Herrera
    Eric Parsons
    Programmed By:
    Randy Tudor

    [Papers are blown on by the wind as the rowboat sails on under the full moon before she looks back toward Flotsam, and there is a view of the Giant Statue, which is now a Vaycaylian Wind Control Device, moving its fingers on the horn...]

    Music By:
    Michael Land

    [...and she smiles a bit before looking at Guybrush, who still looks at her in disappointment, feeling betrayed. She continues rowing on.]

    Art Direction:
    Derek Sakai
    David Bogan

    [They move on closer and closer before the camera cuts to a view of the Marquis De Singe, looking through a spyglass on the balcony and smiling as he gets up and moves away...]

    Story By:
    Mark Darin
    Mike Stemmle
    Dave Grossman

    [...before the scene fades to black.]

    Based on Characters Created By:
    Ron Gilbert

    [Scene cuts to a pier in the Flotsam Docks, where Guybrush is tossed onto the ground and opens his eyes as De Singe's footsteps come closer to him.]

    DE SINGE: 28... 29... 30 thousand pieces of silver, mon petit chouchou! [He tosses the money sack to Morgan, who catches it in her hands.] Just as we agreed.

    MORGAN: [strict] It'd better be, [turns to De Singe] or I'll cut the difference out of your fluffy wig.

    GUYBRUSH: I got an idea... [text says "I've" instead of just "I"] why don't you let me go, and I'll pay you double what the Marquis is paying?

    DE SINGE: [snickers] Don't embar[r]ass yourself, Threepwood.

    ["Oh yeah? I'll pay Triple!"]

    GUYBRUSH: Oh yeah? I'll pay Triple!

    DE SINGE: [in jest] HA!


    GUYBRUSH: Quadruple?

    DE SINGE: [in jest again] HA!


    GUYBRUSH: Quintuple?

    DE SINGE: [starts getting serious] HA!


    GUYBRUSH: Sextuple? [De Singe just raises his hands and shakes his head no as he laughs in a humming manner, and Morgan gets a bit embarrassed before De Singe continues.]


    ["I've got money!" (PENDING)]


    ["I've got treasure!"]

    GUYBRUSH: I'll auction off my entire collection of autographed sextants.

    [NOTE: Regardless of which topic(s) you choose, the story continues on as before.]

    DE SINGE: Ah, Threepwood, you grossly underestimate the value of that which courses through your body!

    GUYBRUSH: Oh, I've got a pretty good idea. [gets up] Why, my spit alone once won me 8,000 pieces of eight on Booty Island--

    DE SINGE: Then you shall die knowing that you gave a priceless gift to science! [She comes closer to Guybrush and puts her hand on his shoulder while he looks at her in disgust before she walks away.] Finally! [puts his finger to his lips and smiles in excitement] I've got the Threepwood, I've got the formula, and soon I'll have nothing less than life eternal! [claps his hands in joy] [Oh,] I'm as happy as a penguin sliding on its belly! [She walks on to the Well, Blow Me Down Glassworks store before she stops, sighs, shakes her head in disbelief and closes her eyes. Just then footsteps belonging to Poxed pirates are running, and she opens her eyes in surprise as they run up closer to her. She becomes angry, draws out her sword and points it at them while they are still running. But just when she is ready to strike, they suddenly pass her by, and she looks back at them before De Singe turns to the crowds approaching him and Guybrush and becomes annoyed.] What is this?

    GUYBRUSH: [smiles] Aw, it's a welcome back party! I hope they brought ice cream cake... [The pirate crowd is far from amused as they approach him with pitchforks, and Hemlock McGee comes up to him in a fury.]

    HEMLOCK: GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD, we've been waiting a long time for this! [While he speaks, Killick Hardtack comes up to Guybrush and sends him an invitation card, which he places on Guybrush's tied-up hook hand, and the card suddenly pulls him away from the crowd as if by magic.]

    GUYBRUSH: [confused] Hey! Why can't I stop my legs?

    DE SINGE: [horrified] What!? No!!! [The pirate crowds block his way while he screams.] [No,] Come back!

    HEMLOCK: [shoves him off] This cracker-croaker's got a date in the court of pirate law, ya test-tube-tinkerin' Talleyrand!

    DE SINGE: [looks up] But--

    FEMALE PIRATE: And then the scurvy dog'll hang!

    HEMLOCK: Arrr!

    CROWDS: [in unison] Arrrr! [Guybrush is still being led away by invisible forces as he walks while Morgan looks at him in confusion and sadness as the crowds chase him away, and she looks as though she's about to cry at what'll happen to him.]

    DE SINGE: [runs up to her] You! After him!

    MORGAN: [in argument] Hey, I brought you Threepwood, and you paid me. We're done here. [She turns around and walks away to De Singe's disbelief before he raises his fist in anger.]

    DE SINGE: We'll just see about that. [Scene cuts to the Flotsam Courthouse, as Guybrush is being led in before the courthouse door shuts.]

    [End of Intro. Cut to title for Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood.]