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    Walkthrough by Evil Sponge

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                               Tales of Monkey Island:
               Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
                            This Walkthrough is lovingly 
                               written by Evil Sponge
                             Version 1.0 December 4, 2009
    Table of Contents:
      I. Introduction  [int]
      II. Version History  [his]
      III. Walkthrough  [wlk]
          A. Trial of the Century...y...y  [wlk1]
             1. Bailiff Hardtack's Charge [wlk11]
             2. Bosun Krebbs' Charge [wlk12]
             3. Joaquin D'oro's Charge [wlk13]
             4. Hemlock McGee's Charge [wlk14]
          B. The Summons of Marley-Threepwood  [wlk2]
          C. La Alimentación de la Gran Esponja  [wlk3]
             1. First Course [wlk31]
             2. Second Course  [wlk32]
             3. Third Course  [wlk33]
             4. Fourth Course [wlk34]
             5. Fifth Course [wlk35]
             6. Sixth Course [wlk36]
      IV.  Legal Stuff  [lgl]
    |                          PART I. INTRODUCTION     [int]                     |
         Well, here we are at the walkthrough for the fourth part of the fifth
    Monkey Island game.  So far I have mixed feelings about this game as a whole...
    but those details are not suited for this document.  Although, I must say that
    the story is really taking an epic turn in this one.  Overall I'm enjoying it,
    and it gives me an excuse to get back into video game writing.
         At any rate, there are a couple things that should be noted here.  The
    first is that I'm downloading this for the Wii, so I'm about a month behind
    everyone else.  The next is that I like to break things down in referance to
    what you need to do when.  What does that mean, you ask?  Simply put, I'll
    only tell you to pick up an item right before I give you the solution to the
    problem. So I won't tell you to grab the U-Tube until near the end of the
    chapter.  This is to avoid any backtracking through the document to find the
    pertinant info.  
         Another thing you may have noted is that I do not go into detail about
    the control scheme.  The controls can be easily gleaned by looking them up in
    the Operations Manual.  I don't feel the need to copy those down.
         Once more ancilary note.  You can easily navigate this guide by hitting
    CTRL + F and typing in the short string of text found in the table on
    contents.  So for the Legal junk, you would type "[lgl]".
         Well, that's enough out of me.  Enjoy!
    |                          PART II. VERSION HISTORY    [hst]                  |
         Version 1.0: first version, added everything.
    |                         PART III. WALKTHROUGH  [wlk1]                       |
         At the initial dialogue tree, just pick any response. Any of them end up
    with you still not being released. Eventually, after an intro movie who’s
    length is worthy of a Final Fantasy game, you’ll decide how to plead. Just
    plead Not Guilty to move forward, then choose to represent yourself. Check out
    the Briefs, then put those away. Now, to deal with those charges...
    |                           Trial of the Century...y...y  [wlk1]              |
    ****  [wlk11]   Bailiff Hardtack's Charge   [wlk11]  ****
         To clear Hardtack’s charge, click on the Judge and call Hardtack as a
    witness. Talk to him and accuse him of lying about the charge. Do that twice
    more and he’ll crack and confess that he invented the whole thing. If only the
    rest were that easy...
    ****  [wlk12]   Bosun Krebbs' Charge   [wlk12]  ****
         Click on the judge and ask for a recess to confer with your client. Click
    on Hardtack and tell him you want to see your lawyer, and you’ll end up out of
    the prison. Newly emancipated, head over to Club 41 and walk on in. To the
    left of the bartender is a Sign. Look at it, and Guybrush will then be
    inspired to order a line of Volcano Shots. You get to keep one shot and four
    Empty Cups.
         Now head to the table with the Skull Candle and use one of your Empty
    Cups with the Puddle of Hot Wax. Leave the bar and head over to the Marquis De
    Singe’s place. You’ll spot a Mysterious Caustic Liquid dripping down one of
    the marlin pillars. Use one of the Empty Cups with it. Now head down to
    Crimpdigit’s and take a gander at the Leg-shaped Lamp. You’ll need that. Use
    any of the warm liquids on the Lamp to blemish it, thus causing Crimpdigit to
    not want it anymore. The leg is now yours!
         Head back to court and tell Hardtack you want to return to the trial.
    Tell the Judge you want to call Bosun Krebbs to the stand. Open up your
    inventory and use the Mysterious Caustic Fluid with the Leg Lamp. Now use the
    Hot Wax with the Lamp. Use the Lamp with Krebbs to prove that her burns were
    not caused by you.
    ****  [wlk13]   Joaquin D'oro's Charge   [wlk13]  ****
         Click on the judge and ask for a recess to confer with your client. Click
    on Hardtack and tell him you want to see your lawyer, and you’ll end up out of
    the prison. Newly emancipated, head over to the other jail cell. Talk to
    D’oro. Ask him what he’s in for, then ask him to stop testifying against you.
    Offer to give him a Glass Eye in exchange for him dropping the charges. Exit
    the convo.
         Head over to Crimpdigit’s. Click on the door, then ask him if he can make
    Glass Eyes. He'll hand you one that will adapt itself to any eye color it
    looks at. D’oro wants pox eyes, and you can anger anyone who’s pox infested.
    However, the only one you can get this from is the judge. So tell Hardtack you
    want to return to court. There are two ways to make the judge angry. The first
    is to say “I object!” and the other is to call yourself as a witness. Either
    way, he shall become pox enraged. Simply use the Glass Eye on him to have it
    mimic the pox eyes.
         Call a recess, consult your lawyer, then give the Glass Eye to D’oro.
    He’ll hand you a Map to question him about. Now return to court and call D’oro
    to the stand. Use the Map on D’oro to have his charges against you dropped.
    ****  [wlk14]   Hemlock McGee's Charge   [wlk14]  ****
         Click on the judge and ask for a recess to confer with your client. Click
    on Hardtack and tell him you want to see your lawyer, and you’ll end up out of
    the prison. Newly emancipated, head over to Stan. Talk to him and ask about
    the souvenirs he’s selling. Ask about the Magnetic Beard Toy. It’s defective
    and leaking iron shavings, and summarily tossed to the side. Exit the
    conversation and pick up the Beard Toy.
         Head to the Docks area and up to De Singe’s doorstep. You’ll see Jacques
    in a cage just outside the door. Use your Hook to pick the lock and swipe
    Jacques. Head further down the docks and you’ll find McGee feeding Miss
    Prettywhiskers. Use the leaky Beard Toy with the Bowl filled with catfood. Now
    talk to Hardtack and tell him you wish to re-enter the court.
         Talk to the judge and call McGee to the witness stand. Simply walk over
    to the evidence table and use Jacques with the cat. The judge will then drop
    this charge.
    |                      The Summons of Marley-Threepwood  [wlk2]               |
         Once you clear yourself of all those charges, you’re free to go. Well,
    except for the criminal charge, of course. Plead not guilty because it isn’t
    your fault. You will, eventually, be charged with the mission of serving
    Elaine her summons.
         Once in Club 41, you’ll find Bosun Krebbs sitting at a table. Talk to
    her, and pick the second option to flirt with her. This will bring Morgan and
    Elaine rushing to the table, and Krebbs will run off and hide in the bathroom.
    Head over to the bar and talk to W.P, then order a drink. The ladies of danger
    scamper back over to the bar, and Krebbs escapes from her hiding spot.
         Click on the Icky Puddle that appeared at the bathroom door and a Scrap
    of Paper will get stuck to Guybrush’s shoe. Click on that to pick it up to
    receive the Tri-Island Tuna Colada Recipe, then talk to Krebbs and flirt with
    her again. Hand the Drink Recipe to Grindstump and he’ll slowly gather the
    needed ingredients.
         Use the Summons with the Dartboard. The drink will be done soon after,
    and the ladies will start fighting on the bar again. Talk to Elaine and tell
    her that Morgan’s no match for her, and she’ll end up stabbing the summons.
         Back in court, none of the dialogue options will help you. So tell the
    judge you need a minute to plan out your next move. Head over to the evidence
    table and pick up La Esponja Grande to end this scene. 
    |                       La Alimentación de la Gran Esponja [wlk3]             |
         Talk to the Voodoo Lady and she’ll hand you a Map...yes, yet another map.
    Click on the Top Fold and the Bottom Fold to reveal a menu. Now we know what
    to feed the sponge, and in what order! Or, at least, in what order...in true
    adventure game fashion, the courses and laid out in hints.
    ****  [wlk31]   First Course   [wlk31]  ****
         Head to the island overview and click on the Creepy Shack hotspot. Or
    follow the map, but the former option is quicker. Once there, use the Leg
    -Shaped Lamp with the Moths. Now return to the town and use the Lamp With
    Moths on Stan. Hmmm...well, that didn’t go as expected. Talk to Stan and ask
    him about his new wares. Ask about the LeChuck doll to summon the Moths. Pick
    up what’s left of Stan’s Jacket and you’ll have the first course. Combine it
    with the Sponge.
    ****  [wlk32]   Second Course   [wlk32]  ****
         If you didn’t do this earlier, head into Club 41 and pick up the Sack Of
    Sugar that Morgan knocked off the chandelier earlier. Now head into De Singe’s
    Lab. Enter the backroom and Guybrush will pick up a pack of Severed Legs.
    Head into the Jungle and follow the map to the Well. Use the Sugar with the
    Well to attract some fireflies. Now use the Severed Limbs with the Well.
    Follow the map to the Altar and use the Severed Leg with Fireflies with the
    Altar. Return to the altar screen and follow the Firefly Trail through the
    jungle. When you get to the Calendar, there will be a Hidden Trail off to the
    right you can click on.
    You’ve now found the legendary beast of Flotsam Island. He’s got a stinky Lion
    Paw stuck in his mouth. Use the Leg-Shaped Lamp with the Jungle Beast and then
    grab the Lion Paw. Now just combine that Second course with the Sponge. 
    ****  [wlk33]   Third Course   [wlk33]  ****
         Head to Club 41. On the right-hand side of the bar is a Sign. Read it,
    then go ask W.P. about the Fugu Jolokia Challenge. He’ll raise the glass from
    the Pepper. Instead of failing miserably, leave and head to De Singe’s Lab.
    Inside, use the Curious Device (a.k.a. Auto-Trepanation device) hanging from
    the ceiling. Use the leftmost button to numb your tongue. Now return to Club
    41 and use your Hook with the Pepper to snag this course. Combine it with the
    ****  [wlk34]   Fourth Course   [wlk34]  ****
         Pull out the Map and open both folds to reveal the menu. Hover the
    pointer over the corners to reveal that they, too, are folds. Fold down all
    the corners, and the top and bottom folds to fully complete the map. See those
    colored items on the map? If you’ve been exploring the jungle on your own,
    you’ll realize that these are the wind god idols which are now under glass.
    Head to the jungle and use your newly folded Map to find the Red Idol.
         Once there, pull out your map again. Unfold the top and bottom folds,
    then unfold the corners again to restore the map to its previous form. The Map
    now shows the Red Idol has a path leading to a question mark. Put the map away
    and the ground will shake. Follow the path to reach a lone chest. Use your
    Hook on the chest to get a deck of Tarot Cards. Combine them with the Sponge.
    ****  [wlk35]   Fifth Course   [wlk35]  ****
         Enter Club 41. As you’ve been entering and exiting this place, you may
    have noticed that Guybrush get’s shocked every time he tries to leave. That’s
    because the Green Carpet on the floor is static-charged, and that gets
    discharged when he touches the doorknob. That shock alone, however, is not
    strong enough to qualify for the course.
         So, stand on the carpet and walk around until Guybrush is engulfed in
    static. Then combine all the previous courses with the Sponge if you haven’t
    done so already. Finally, walk to the exit to receive a huge shock.
    ****  [wlk36]   Sixth Course   [wlk36]  ****
         Once you gain all the previous courses, Guybrush will automatically head
    toward the Belch. Watch the latest long scene (was this chapter made by
    Square?), use the Sponge with the Wind Control Device. Stupid Pyrite Parrot...
         Once you’re back in control, use the Sack of Sugar with the Bucket of
    Water.  Now use the Pepper with De Singe, and we have a glowy-headed mad
    scientist. However, the fireflies are not bright enough to attract the moths
    fluttering near the Wind Control Device’s eye. Talk to De Singe and tell him
    he’s no match for Elaine. While he’s distracted, Elaine hits the device with a
    lunge. Now just toss the Sponge into the Wind Control Device and watch the
    Boen-riffic ending.
    |                          PART IV: LEGAL STUFF    [lgl]                      |
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