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Game Script by joekage

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/31/16

written by Joekage (joekage81@gmail.com)
v1.1 (May 25 2014)

I. Introduction

This is a FAQ of story-line by line translation for SRW Neo. I did not include 
gameplay information, seishin translations, or the like - there are other 
walkthroughs on GF that cover those. Of course, there was already Kern's story 
summary, but I feel it isn't very detailed, so I decided to write this guide.

I can not guarantee 100% correct translation (there are probably some 
mistranslations around that I'm too lazy to check, but I can assure ~80% of the
meanings are there). Read it at your own risk. Also, names romanization are 
rough, don't email me about it. Also, in order to easily track what's 
happening, I greatly advice you to know Furigana, so you will be able to know 
what character is in term of romanization. Also, I'm not a native speaker, so 
there might be somewhere in the FAQ that you find it hard ahem, to swallow. 
I'll try my best to convert the story into English base on my understanding and
simplified words as much as possible. However, many direct translations are 
unavoidable, since I'm not an expert in either two of the languages, so pardon 
me. Again, thank you for reading this faq.

There is probably something missing after the route split or during battle so 
if anyone find it out inform me and I'll edit my FAQ.

Current status: Finished all scenarios. Re-editing up to stage 28. Don't know
when will I return to edit it again so I decided to update it, just to be sure.

(Disclaimer: I don't care if you make use of this FAQ for any purpose, but if 
you're a good man, please note my authority of this FAQ, since this is my long
and hard work. And don't ask me for permission to post it on your website, I 
don't like it)
Note#1: This document does contain some changes from the messages that I posted
at the GAMEFAQs message board. They are minor corrections for misunderstanding 
so for those who read on the board you might want to look again on this.
Note#2: I'll be honest. I play this with an emulator. For some technical 
reasons not all the text are highlighted when I use ''Dolphin''. If someone can 
follow the story, I have a request: send me those missing lines so this FAQ can
be completed)

II. Story Translation

Super Robot Taisen Neo introduces a new gameplay and lots of new mecha animes
debut. The game is well designed with interesting originals and smooth 3D
animation. The main talking points are, you can generate seishin now through
battles, and the position of a mecha on the map are now in cirle instead of
square. However, gameplay are simplified: no pilot point, squad or pilot
switching. Items and upgrades are the only available though. Each mecha now
having their own slots increase, and all items are permanent. Newcomers like
Ryu Knights, Eldorans, Liger, Lamune have very detailed story and represent a
lot of characters to use, so if you are a fan of those, this is the game you
definitely must try. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Note: In this translation guide I'll use Japanese terms that I decided not to
translated, like: ''sama'', ''dono'', ''kun'', ''san'', ''chan''. These are 
suffixes use to address people. If you are curious, you can search the internet
to know how it is used. Among this ''san'' is the most regular and ''sama'' is 
the least. ''Dono'' and ''kun'' is popular among friends but ''san''and 
''sama'' don't have close relation meaning. ''Sama'' is strictly used against 
someone whose rank is above you, though.


The world wars which were taken place many times called the ''Century
Wars''... Among them, the energetic humanity, whom have succeed through many
repeatative revolutions, boost an opportunity of launching an organization
uniting the eternal world. That flow, from the peace constitution over various
nations has concluded, is what humanity celebrate the coming of a new era, the 
''Future Century''. However, even wars between nations has ended doesn't mean
conflicts of human's societies are sweep away. In FC.57, the justice robot
Mazinger Z ends the battle called ''Hell Battle'' against the insane Dr. Hell
in 2 years. After that in FC.59, the new invaders ''Mycene Empire'' invade the
Earth's ground. Not only that, taken advantage of the Mycene's attack, the
rise of worldwide influence of Mafia organization Dokuga and the secret acts
of Nubia Connection are growing deeper. But, with the existence of Super
Robots, their ambition was again crushed. By the time of FC.60, with the
joining hands of Gundam Fighters from each different nation, the Devil Gundam
event also was resolved at the Martial Art Ring. And, by the year FC.61... the
Earth's short time of peace achievement are about to be threaten by a danger
that was never knew before...

Sharu: ... 
So, this is the ''Armed Fantoma''... This must be the place the ''Sword of the 
Giant God'' is...

Ernst Soldier: Please don't move, Lady Sharu!
According to Sir Ribaris's command, you are under arrest!

Sharu: I appreciate your service. But sorry, I will take the Armed Fantoma 
from here!

Ernst Soldier: Eh...!?


Sharu: I archieved the purpose but, this is so heavy it is hard to fly...
However, the only next step is unite with older brother...

Ribaris: You are naive, Sharu! 
Do you think I will let you go?

Sharu: So you've came, Ribaris!

Ribaris: All machine, surround that girl!

Sharu: Shit, I was surrounded...!

Ribaris: Well then, Sharu! Return us back the great sword that you have 

Sharu: I will never do that!

Ribaris: Hmph, stubborn as usual...
Then I will use force until I get back what you've stolen!
Begin attacking!

Sharu: Shit, that fellow Ribaris shows no mercy...
I have to do something to break surrounding and shake off the pursuers...

Sharu: Eh... What!?
The sword is shining! The Armed Fantoma has generated!?

Sharu: Shit, I'm being pulled...

Ribaris: Mu... Sharu you... I don't know what you're trying to do but I will
not let you do as you please!
All members, don't let loose the target!

Sharu: Uu... Not good, this is the limit...! I can't control it anymore...!

Ribaris: Can't be! How... the Armed Fantoma disappears!

Sharu: Enemies are confusing... Chance!

Ribaris: Wait, Sharu! Where did you send the Armed Fantoma!

Sharu: I want to know that much more than you...
Since the Armed Fantoma was lost I have no reason to do business with neither 
you guys or this place! See you again!

Ernst Soldier: Please let us pursue at once!

Ribaris: There is no need for that...
How can this be... Not only I let Sharu escaped, but also even lose the Armed 
Fantoma... At this rate I can't confont Lady Kyaos...

Kyaos: The power of the Armed Fantoma releases means...
So you have been awaken. The black giant sleeping at ''Earth'', the legendary 
vast land which is on the other side of the distant space-time...

Ken: Uuu...

Drago Knight: Guu...Gururururu!

Ken: U, Uwaaaaa!

Drago Knight: Guru!

Ken: Ku, don't come here! Stop, stop!

Ken: Uwaaaaaaaa!

???: Ken! Ken!

Ryuzo: Hey, Ken! You are overslept! Wake up fast!

Ken: Un? Grandpa, what's the matter by morning?

Ryuzo: What time do you think it is now!
If you slow you won't be able to catch up school!

Ken: It is already time?

Ken: That...? What's this? My hand has a strange birthmark...

Ryuzo: What's that? Let me see.
Mu... This is!?

Ken: From the strange dream that I saw...
I wonder I grasped too hard at the time I was sleeping...

Ken: Oh, what a lion-like shape it is. 
Huh...? It disappeared...

Ryuzo: ...

Ken: Uwa, earthquake!?

Ryuzo: Ken, quickly hide under the table!

Ryuzo: It seems the quake has ended.

Ken: Nowadays, there are a lot of earthquakes...

Ryuzo: Right...
I hope this is not a forewarning but...

Stage 1: Angry of the Beast God, judgment of the Giant God

*Kushiro/Match Stadium*

Saeko: Good morning! This is reporter Yagami Saeko.
Yesterday, at this Hokkaido Kushiro city, a tournament of sport for national 
high class school was held. In the men 100m that became popular, the expected 
newcomer Kakeru-kun has made a new record! This morning, we will make a quick 
interview with Kakeru! 

Saeko: Congrats of your victory! Please tell us your feeling!

Kakeru: Ah... well... that...
What should I say... In other word...

Saeko: You don't need to be that nervous, Kakeru-kun. Face the audience that
want to listen the most and speak your honest feeling happily.

Kakeru: Ah... yes... then...
Are you watching carefully Amane? Your brother already win the contest as I
promised you!

Saeko: ...

Kakeru: Is that good enough?

Saeko: E, ee...
Amane-san must be happy isn't it?
Then, the interview will continue afterwards!

Saeko: Again, sometime ago there was a report about an earthquake occured.

*Kushiro/Urban Street*

Amane: ...

Kakeru: Yo! Sorry for letting you wait Amane!

Amane: Brother... I think that interview shouldn't exist...

Kakeru: No, when I think about the television broadcast I was carelessly 

Amane: That's why you're too nervous... Whether my brother have the bravery on
the stadium I really don't know...

Kakeru: Thank you for saying that, Amane? If you say that then the next thing 
I must do is taking you to the farm.

Amane: Ehh!? That's terrible, brother!

Kakeru: I'm joking! Joking!

Amane: ...

Kakeru: Hey, don't always be dispirited, let's go!
It is a race who will arrive at the farm first!

Amane: Eh? Wait...

Kakeru: Well then, get ready...

Amane: Aah! Wait, brother!


Ken: Fuu... the sleep...
Good grief, pedal is heavy... Thanks to that strange dream I lack sleep...
Oh no, if I don't hurry I'll be late!

Amane: Brother, wait!

Kakeru: You're slow, Amane! If you're like that, you'll have trouble catching
the cows!

Amane: Then...!

Kakeru: Oh, faster, faster!

Amane: I... can only make it to this rate...

Kakeru: Ah, Amane! Look before you!!

Amane: Eh?

Ken: Uwaaaaa! Uwwww...
S, sorry! I just boost speed too much... Are you alright!?

Amane: Yeah. Thanks to your evasion.

Ken: Is that so... Thanks God...

Kakeru: Are you alright? You look like got a bad fall.

Ken: Ahem! That was nothing really!

Amane: But your hand...

Ken: Eh...? (At my hand that birthmark again...)

Amane: It is red. Are you hurt?

Ken: I feel refresh! That is not because of the fall.
Excuse me, I'm in a hurry!

Amane: Curse me. I caused a bad thing to that guy...

Kakeru: Come on, he seems fine. Don't always concerning other things.
Well, let's go!

*Onami Kuritsu Kouhi 2nd Class Elementary School/ Classroom*

Ken: (Phew... It's the tiresome history lesson... To make the matter worse,
I don't have enough sleep...)

Dango: Ken, what are you sighing about? Are you thinking again about the 

Ken: Not that. Beside we are in the middle of the lesson, so keep quiet.

Dango: Ahem, I don't want to be told by a dude who yawn in the middle of the 

Dango: Uwaa, it is earthquake! And it's big!

Ken: No, it's not a earthquake...! This guy is...!

Doll Satan: Go, Drago Knights! Spread human's blood and sadness on the 
ground! And, introduce our god Drago to the surface!

Dango: Waa! Monters!

Ken: Those are the ones I met in that dream!

Defense troop: Attack, Attackkk!
Not good! Bombarding fails! What are those monters!? They aren't even 
Dr.Hell's beast machines or Nubia's fighting mechas!  

Drago Knight: Gugaaaaa!

Defense troop: Uwaaaaa! 

Amane: Brother, the town is in a mess!

Kakeru: Who are those monsters!?

Amane: We also have to take shelter at a safety place!
Eh...? Brother, something like a singing voice... Can you hear it?

Kakeru: ... No, I can't hear anything... Beside, are you okay Amane? You... 
Your face looks ill.
Danger! The ground cracks! This is not good...! Let's escape Amane! 

Amane: Yes!

Kakeru: Not good! We can't escape! Uwaaaaaah!!

Dango: Ahh! The monsters are heading this way!

Ken: Escape! Everyone!

Dango: Uwaaaaaaaa!

Drago Knight: Guuuuuuu!

Dango: Uu... It hurts...

Ken: Dango, hold on!

Dango: I'm fine. Beside, how about everyone else?

Ken: ...!

Ken: Ahh... The school... Everyone...!

Dango: Terrible... Why does this thing happen...

Ken: Shit! Shitttt!

Ryuzo: Ken! Ken! Where are you!

Ken: Grandpa! I'm here!

Ryuzo: Ohh, are you alright?

Ken: Ahh... Somehow...

Ryuzo: Ken, let me look at your hand!

Ken: Eh...? This birthmark is the one of this morning...!

Ryuzo: As I thought... The mark of the lion stood out.

Ken: Mark of the lion?

Ryuzo: Ken, call the Liger!

Ken: Liger!? What are you talking about at the time like this!

Ryuzo: You have to be quick! That guy is coming!

Ken: You mean those monsters!?

Ryuzo: No, the more dreadful guy! The demon rock is coming!

Ken: Demon rock!?

Dango: ... W, what!? 

Ken: Now what...


Ken: What's that!?

Ryuzo: The demon rock... It appears at last...

Saeko: Please look, can you see that!?
Now, we are in the middle of an unbelievable scene!
The mysterous beast-like life forms and a strange giant rock suddenly appear!
What on earth has happened!?  

Doll Satan: That is... the ''Sealed Rock'' right?...

Zara: That's right, Doll Satan! That is our god, Drago! The dearest one 
million year wish of emperor Drago is to untie the seal of that unpleasant 
Doll Satan... add more human blood and sadness! With that, Drago-sama will

Doll Satan: I understood, Lady Zara! 
Go, Drago Knights! Shatter everything you can!

Ken: Shit, you bastards! 

Ryuzo: Ken, you must not let those guys unseal that rock!

Ken: What are you saying! What can I do with those bastards!?

Ryuzo: Don't speak weak words, Ken! Hold the birthmark of your hand to the sky
and call out Liger!

Ken: Liger...?

Ryuzo: The birthmark of your hand is the lion seal! Drive the Liger, conquer 
evil... That is your mission as the decendant of the lion family!

Ken: My... mission...?

Dango: What will you do, Ken...

Ken: ... 
I can not let those guys destroying things any longer!
Even I call I don't know what will happen but...
Come! Ligerrr!! Ligerrr! In!!

Ken (pilot mode): This is... Liger!? Me and Liger... are tied together...
I become one with Liger... It is hot...! Liger! Bio unit!!

Ryuzo: Ooh!

Dango: Ooh!

Doll Satan: What is that unfamiliar Bio Armor...

Ken: How dare you get your hands on the town...on everyone at my school...
This can't be forgiven... Can't be forgiven! Go!!


Ken (1st attack): How dare you destroy things as you pleases...! You will pay
for what you've done!!

Ken (after 1st action): It moves! As I thought!

Doll Satan: You son of a bitch! How dare you get in our way!
Drago Knights! Smash that Bio Armor!

*2 enemies shot down*

Kakeru: U... Uu... Where is this... We must fall in between the cracks... 
Amane, are you alright!? If you're here answer me!

Amane: Bro... brother...

Kakeru: Amane! Thanks God... Are you alright...

Amane: Yes... Nevertheless, I can't believe on the underground of Kushiro 
exists such place...

Kakeru: Anyway we must find the way out.

Amane: Brother, look at that!

Kakeru: What's that? A giant robot!?

Amane: How on earth here...

Kakeru: Eh?

Amane: Eh? 

Kakeru: Amane, what's happen with you!? Amane!
Shit... Amane, where are you? Answer me!


Ken: Dammit, now what!?

Doll Satan: You son of a bitch! Again another nuisance?
Go, Drago Knights! Eliminate all the burdens!

Kakeru: Shit, what the hell is happening!
I have to find Amane first instead of escaping...!

Amane: Brother...

Kakeru: Amane! Are you alright!?

Amane: Yes... But, something strange here...
My body, it seems... not belong to me...

Kakeru: What does that mean!? Listen, quickly let me look at you!

Amane: Yes...

Kakeru: You... Your body is transparent isn't it?

Amane: Yes... That's right...
I can't say it clearly, but I'd rather say my body and sense were taken into 
this ship...

Kakeru: Were taken into a ship...?  What on earth are you saying? 

Amane: Er... That is...

Kakeru: No, wait... Calm down, me... Just thinking calm here and... 

Kakeru: ... But, it seems there are no time for that. 
Amane, let's get away quickly!

Amane: From now run away is dangerous. Rather than that, brother! Get in that 

Kakeru: ... What?

Amane: Hurry! If it continue like this we'll be done! 

Kakeru: What are you saying! How can I ride that thing!?

Amane: It is alright! You can do it!
Kakeru: Why do you know such a thing!?

Amane: The knowledge that was sleeping inside this ship slowly flows into 
me... This ship... ''Ionia'' and it's member, the Giant God ''Schicksal''
together they can open the road... 

Kakeru: This robot is... the Giant God...? 

Amane: Waaaa!

Kakeru: Waaaa!

Amane: Brother, I will support you so hurry!

Kakeru: Now... Amane seems to understand the situation more than me...
Amane, I agree with you! Tell me what is good to do!

Amane: Put your hand on the blade at the front of the robot and read the 
written spell!

Kakeru: Like this!? Let's go!

Kakeru: This is ''Gyousen'' (flame work)! This is ''Boujin'' 
(Kyushu ancient soldiers)!
The one who is willing to become the power that prays for future but his skill
for protection is now dull! 
Open your eyes! Schicksal!! 

Kakeru: Uuuuh! I can't lose... Hang on!

Amane: Brother! Are you Ok?

Kakeru: Don't worry, Amane! When I'm riding this Schicksal, the way of piloting
it begin to enter my mind!

Amane: Then, let's go! Brother!

Kakeru: Yeah!

Ken: This time a black robot appears... What on earth has happening?

Doll Satan: Good, one appears after another! I don't mind! Destroy it too!

Amane: They come, brother!

Kakeru: Bring it on! I'll give you one shot at the face!

Kakeru: How is that?

Ken: That guy, could it be... 
Hey, that black robot over there! If you understand my words then answer me! 

Kakeru: I hear you, the robot with hair!

Ken: Robot with hair is terrible...
I'm fighting those monters with my Liger! If it is good (for you) lend me a

Kakeru: Of course, Liger! Let's join hands and knock down those guys!

Ken: Gotcha! Let's give them our best!

Kakeru (1st battle): Not only you mess up the town, you also interrupting our 
brothers' private time! You will have to pay to this!

Kakeru: How is that!? 

Amane: Not good. It seems we didn't give it a fatal wound...

Kakeru: Damn...! If I don't get used to it quickly we'll be done here...!

Doll Satan: You do well... But, you aren't worthy as an enemy of our Drago 

Ken: Shit! They're still left...!

Doll Satan: Kill them, Drago Knights! Offer to our God, Drago-sama those 
human's horror, despair, and their fresh blood!

Kakeru: Shit! The people of the town is!

Amane: Ho... Horrible...

Ryuzo: Guwah!

Dango: Guwah!

Ken: Grandpa! Dango!! You... How dare you...
I'm completely furious!

*Liger transforms into Fire mode* (FAIYAAAAAA!!!! ^_^)

Doll Satan: Mu! That is!?

Ken: Uoooooooh!!

Ken: I'll never forgive you! I'll knock you down one by one!

Kakeru: Liger! I won't let you be done!
My rage also already cross over the critical point!
Amane! Does this Schicksal even have a killing move!? 

Amane: I can't do anything about it given such a sudden notice.


Amane: ...!

Kakeru: That light is!?

Amane: That light is!?

Kakeru: This sword is...!?

Amane: That is the Armed Fantoma... Schicksal's weapon.

Kakeru: Armed Fantoma!?

Amane: If there is Armed Fantoma, it seems like Schicksal's original weapons 
can be used.

Kakeru: Probably... I also feel it...
This shit seems to power up to a new level. 

Amane: Surely brother's thoughts are transfered to Schicksal isn't it?

Kakeru: Ah, yeah probably! Then, I'll go all out!

[Schicksal's morale max]

Kakeru (1st battle with upgraded Schicksal): I succeed!?

Amane: Seems so...

Kakeru: Schicksal moves like I thought... 
From this sword... I feel overwhelmed with power...)

*Battle Ends*

Ken: You monsters! If you still come I'll be your opponent!

Doll Satan: Shit! Those guys' battle strength... isn't something to make light
What does this mean...?! The rock that sealed Drago-sama is! 
Reorganize formation! Retreat!

Amane: Look, brother! The giant rock already disappeared.

Kakeru: Aah, those monsters also seem not here anymore...

Ken: We did it! Wonderful, Liger!
You saw it, grandpa? I avenged the people of the town!

Kakeru: We are amateurs but we can do very well...

Amane: Because brother's reflexes are extraordinary.
Kakeru: Amane, there is one thing I notice...

Amane: What?

Kakeru: Why am I when using techniques the spell is necessary one by one?

Amane: Eh? That?
Yeah... Perhaps, because I was stuck in the Ionia I wonder if I can omit the 
simple spells?

Kakeru: That's difficult for me to accept... Moreover, what lame...

Amane: That is Ok! You're cool, brother!
For now, since we no longer are needed here let's leave this town.

Kakeru: That's a nice decision. We will move before trouble things come.

Ken: Ah, hey! Wait a little!

Ken: Good grief... Who are those guys...?


Ken: Grandpa, Dango! Are you guys Ok!?

Ryuzo: Just relieve. We are in no dangers of life.
Well, I just got my right leg broken so I have to stay at the hospital for a 

Dango: But you are unbelievable Ken! You control that robot so well!

Ken: But I was being absorbed.

Ryuzo: Ken, listen carefully.
''If there is person that cause the devil of the demon rock wake up, the
decendant of the lion family will head to the sky and call out Liger...''.
That is the legend that the Taiga Family teaches...

Ken: Is that legend really exist in my family...?

Ryuzo: ''Person that cause the devil of the demon rock wake up'' refer to the
Drago Empire.

Ken: Drago Empire... Is that the name of the army of those monsters?

Ryuzo: You must absolutely not let those guys unseal that rock!
...Ugh, ouch...

Ken: Grandpa, don't overdo!

Ryuzo: What, I only need to rest a little and it will heal. But, because there 
is a robot that fights along side with Liger we are saved right...?

Ken: I also don't know that well. They seems aren't evil people to me.

Dango: Are they the new weapons of the defense troop?

Ryuzo: Perhaps... Next time if they also fight with us I think we can 

Kakeru: Well... We already far away from the town but dealing with Ionia and 
Schicksal is a problem...

Amane: Err... Wait a bit. I think I can probably handle it...
Turn into labyrinth, turn into bringer...
In accordance with the old oath, transfer the light to the fruit of visions...

Kakeru: !?  Ionia disappeared!?

Amane: Brother, look down at your feet.

Kakeru: That? What on earth is that!?

Amane: My body and the Ionia enter inside this crystal ball.

Kakeru: This is a thing that becomes extremely small. I think it is about the
size of a palm.

Amane: Ah, that's right. We also have to do something with the Schicksal.
Turn into criminal, turn into guidepost...
In accordance with the old oath, transfer the blade to the fruit of visions...  

Kakeru: ...! Schicksal... is shorten...!
So Schicksal enters inside this crystal...? It is also the size of a palm. 

Amane: Yes, that is ''Schick Onix''. In aspect of Ionia is ''Io Onix''. If we
leave Ionia and Schicksal in the condition of Onix they will automatically 
heal themselves.

Kakeru: And moreover, those things are handy, easily to carry.

Amane: My body also enter inside so you must not lose them Ok?

Kakeru: I'll write our names on so even if I drop them things will be alright.

Amane: You serious about that?

Kakeru: I'm serious.

Kakeru: Isn't it that Amane body can't get out of that crystal anyway?

Amane: Yeah... my body seems already fuse with this Ionia...
My vision body can come out but, the real body doesn't seem so...

Kakeru: In short, it means you're trapped inside Ionia...?  
Shit, why is this happening to Amane!

Amane: Brother... What will become of me...?

Kakeru: ...
Don't worry, Amane. I will definitely bring you out from there.
We are as two person, always had overcame whatever the outcomes, isn't it?
That's why, even this time whatever the case, I'm sure we will...

Amane: Yeah...

*Jaaku Fortress*

Belzeb: This is the Earth...

Falzeb: A beautiful planet isn't it?

Belzeb: Our, the 5th dimension people of the Jaaku Empire' next conquer
target is this 3rd dimension.

Falzeb: So we will use the ultimate weapon ''Arc Dahmer'' right?

Belzeb: Right. We will send the missiles that was fully packed with Arc 
Dahmer to Earth, and if we invoke them in one go...

Falzeb: That means the Earth is ours, the 5th dimension humans.

Belzeb: Hmph, that's right... 

Stage 2: Raijin-Oh Kenzan!

*Youshou Town*

*Youshou Academy/Classroom*

Jin: School's time is finished. Why can't we go home!

Koji: It seems everyone are being kept after school.

Asuka: Teacher, the ones in other classes already went home but...

Teacher Shinoda: You're not yet allow!  

Jin: Ehh, why?!

Teacher Shinoda: Other than Maria and Tsutomu, the remaining 16 persons 
start writing family study note!

Tsutomu: Yay, ha ha... 

Maria: It is obvious.

Jin: That can't be! I, copied Tsutomu's carefully?

Teacher Shinoda: Because of that you're not allow!

Koji: I wonder if we can go home while it is not dark...
What's that? Outside gets bright for a moment... 
Aah! Th...That!

Teacher Shinoda: Hey, Koji! Looking for UFO again!?

Koji: Teacher! Outside the window there is a big sphere of light!

Jin: Uo, what's that light!?

Asuka: What speed...

Maria: It already flew away.

Belzeb: Tider, how is the lauching preparation?

Tider: Almost there, Sir Belzeb.

Belzeb: Mu! What's that!?

Eldoran: Stop your attack! This is not the place for the 5th dimension people!

Belzeb: Who the heck are you!?

Eldoran: The warrior who protects the Earth, Eldoran!

Falzeb: Hmph, The warrior who protects the Earth? You make me laugh! 
Are you thinking of turn on we 5th dimension persons!?

Belzeb: Tider! Quicky fire the missile at Earth!

Tider: Yes sir!

Eldoran: Ku, no you don't! 

Falzeb: How dare you, you fucking Eldoran... You stopped the missile by 
turning yourself into a shield...

Belzeb: However, you can't prevent that explosion.

Tider: Sir Belzeb, what shall we do with the Arc Dahmer?

Belzeb: No need to worry. It's too late since the Arc Dahmer already 
scattered. Even we leave it alone the Earth will probably be in a mess. 

Falzeb: Belzeb, let's also land on the Earth and watch the state of 

Belzeb: Hm, right.

Jin: Hey, look! It's that light again!

Kirara: Is that truely an UFO!?

Hidenori: It's coming near here!

Teacher Shinoda: Dangerous! Run everyone!

Cookie: Kyaaaaaaa!

Jin: Kyaaaaaaa!

Jin: Where is this place?

Asuka: Could it be heaven...?

Koji: Jin-kun, look at that!

Jin: That?

Jin: Uwaaa! Such robot at a place like this!

Koji: I never saw a robot like this...

Eldoran: ...

Jin: What's that... Ghost!? 

Eldoran: I'm Eldoran... A warrior protecting the Earth from ancient time...
Now, this Earth is being aimed by the evil 5th dimension world Jaaku Empire...

Asuka: The Earth is aimed?

Eldoran: From today... You guys replace me as the ones protecting this Earth.

Jin: Wait a little! El-whatever!

Koji: He's Eldoran...

Jin: Whatever, that thing!
Hey! You suddenly fall down leaving damage to the school and you still said 
''You guys protect this Earth''!

Eldoran: I have to rest... I only have a choice to entrust power to you 

Jin: Entrust power...  
What's this bracelet!

Asuka: There is also a bracelet in my hand! 

Koji: Uwawa, me also!

Maria: Wa, what? Medal!?

Tsutomu: What on Earth is this medal...

Reiko: Kya, my hand also!

Hiroshi: What's this!

Kirara: Is this a dream?

Akira: Gotcha! I also get one! 

Yuu: Maa, beautiful...

Love: This, is mine?

Yoppaa: Eh? It looks like not a chocolate...

Daisuke: Wa, wawah!

Miki: Eeh!? I don't have one!

Hidenori: This is the first time I hear about this!

Tokie: What the hell is this!

Potato: Arararara... Each person seems to have one medal.

Cookie: Eh... What should we do...

Eldoran: Those medals are the proof of the warriors who protect the Earth.

Jin: This? Proof of warrior...?

Asuka: Even you said protecting the Earth...

Maria: What can we do, given this much number?

Eldoran: Everyone unite power, and stand up confonting the great danger 
approaching the Earth... Fight the evil beasts of the Jaaku Empire with this 

Jin: Raijin-Oh? 

Asuka: Evil beast?

Eldoran: I entrust the future to you! The children of the Earth!

Koji: Ah! Eldoran's body slowly disappears! 

Jin: Wait! Hey!

Teacher Shinoda: Unwaaaaa, dangerous! The ceiling is...!
My! Nothing serious...

Teacher Shinoda: Um... That's strange... From the sky a light came on, and the
ceiling is...
Daahahaha! Then, that is for today!
The deadline for today's homework is Monday! No more than that, dismiss!

Teacher Shinoda: What the hell... How can I see visions while in class...
I'll go to the school infirmary and see Teacher Himeki...

Maria: Hey, that thing before... What's that?

Reiko: A dream... We saw a dream.

Tsutomu: Then, what's this medal? 

Koji: It is not a dream then...

Belzeb: Arc Dahmer... Our Jaaku Empire raid weapon. 
Sense and perceive humanity's hatred, metamorphose into this form...

Tider: Or I should say, into Jaaku dimension beast~.

Belzeb: Tider! Investigate humans' deepest hatred!

Tider: Please wait a few minutes...
Umm! That is!?

Boss: Geho, goho! What is happening, the exhaust gas of this town is! 
My refresh touring comes to nothing!

Mucha: Because they do constructions near here. And only trucks is running...

Nuke: If the exhaust gas is many like this we'll get sickness.

Boss: Good grief! I fucking hate this exhaust gas!

Tider: Sir Belzeb! The Earthlings seem to hate this exhaust gas~!  

Belzeb: Hm, I see...
Arc Dahmer! Turn into the dimension beast Jaaku that spits out the exhaust 

Falzeb: Jaaku Power, expose!!

Arc Dahmer: ...

Nuke: Boss! Look at that!

Boss: What is that!? The Mycene attack again!

Mucha: We must hide or we'll be crushed! Heeeee!

Belzeb: Kill them, Exhaust! Smash everything!


Kakeru: U-mu, I give up... Even I decided to come to hospital, what should I
My brother fused with an odd historic ruin so please help!
Because he is trapped inside the historic ruin he couldn't come out!
Who will believe such story...
By any chance, do I come to a wrong place...? 

Ken: Owah!

Kakeru: Oto, sorry... Are you the one riding the bicycle at that time...

Ken: Oh, how fortuitous! Aren't you the guy running at the place near my 

Kakeru: Does it mean you are here because of that injury? 

Ken: No, I'm fine.
Because of those disturbance monsters in question my grandpa was injured...

Kareku: Is that so...? Because of those monsters...

Ken: Well, thanks God his life wasn't in danger! How about you, why you are at
the hospital? Where is that small brother with you?

Kakeru: The truth of that is...

Dango: Hey, Ken! We're in trouble! The news, news!

Ken: What's up Dango? You're so panic?

Dango: How could you be so calm! There are strange beasts appear again!

Ken: That can't be...! Are they the guys that Grandpa was talking about!?

Dango: I don't know well but, they seems to be huge monsters damaging the 

Ken: Which place!?

Dango: The news said ''Youshou City''. Now, it seems Mazinger Z are facing 

Kakeru: Youshou City they said!?
My house is at Aozora City... This is not good... It's too near...

Ken: I don't know who on earth are they but I can't forgive attacking the 
city. Shit, I can't stay like this!

Dango: But Ken, rushing from here is...

Kakeru: Eh...? A sound from Onix... 

Ken: Is that a mobile phone? 

Amane: Can you hear me, brother?

Kakeru: What's up, Amane?

Amane: Brother, if it is Ionia we can immediately go to Youshou City.

Kakeru: Are you serious!? Even this ship is shaped like manjuu it can fly that

Amane: If it fly through the sky, we can go straight.

Ken: That ship called Ionia... Could it be the one flew at the time I fight

Kakeru: Yes, the truth is my brother controls that ship.

Ken: Then, the one who riding that black robot is!?

Kakeru: Yes, that's me.

Ken: ... Bro, can I ask your name?

Kakeru: Ah. I'm Inanba Kakeru, 3rd year senior high school student. And, my
small brother is Amane, 4th year elementary school student.

Dango: Kakeru-san and Amane, huh? 
I'm Dangoro, or you can call me Dango. 

Ken: I'm Ken! Taiga Ken! 6th year elementary school student! 
I have a request Kakeru-san! Take me to Youshou city with the Ionia!
We can't forgive those step their foot on peace! I'll knock down those guys
with my Liger!

Kakeru: That's mean you've ride the Liger before?

Ken: Yes that's the truth!

Kakeru: As I thought. I kinda figure that out when I watch you guys' way of 

Ken: Well, as the same companion who ride a robot, I only request until Youshou

Kakeru: A... No, wait a bit. If I think carefully, I can't take Amane to a 
dangerous place...

Amane: Brother... I think we should go to Youshou city.

Kakeru: Amane?

Amane: We have Schicksal isn't it? We probably can help Mazinger Z fight at
Youshou city. I understand the hatred and fear of wars... But, to hide from a
thing that must be done is the more to be hate...

Kakeru: Well said, Amane!

Ken: Kakeru-san, also take me with you!?

Kakeru: Yes! If Ken-kun go with us we can feel reassure!

Ken: I'm expecting great things from you. And, just call me Ken!

Dango: If Ken go then I will go too!

Ken: Fool! This is not playing time!

Dango: I'm serious! 
I want to revenge the enemy of everyone, those Drago guys that cause us suffer 
bitterly! I can't stay still and be patience!
So, Kakeru-san! Also take me with you? I will do anything!

Kakeru: Understood! Then, while I and Ken out for battle, you'll stay as a 
supporter in the Ionia for Amane.

Dango: Understood! Nice to meet you, Amane!

Amane: Me too.

Kakeru: Then, let's go!

Ken: Ok!

Arc Dahmer: ...

Jin: What's that?!

Koji: Those beasts are the ones that Eldoran was talking about: the Evil

Tsutomu: Agree. They're likely the Jaaku Empire's weapon?

Hidenori: We fight those beasts!?

Akira: We probably use that robot saw before...?

Koji: I see, so we will use Raijin-Oh!

Kirara: But how!?

Maria: Look at this!

Asuka: This... What do you mean?

Koji: Ah, look at the desk!

Jin: Everyone's desks is shining!?

Maria: Look, the light of my desk... It looks like the shape of my medal!

Cookie: One's desk and the shape of the medal are the same isn't it?

Tsutomu: That means to set each medal on one's desk...?

Maria: I suppose we should insert those medals.

Jin: Uwa, the floor and desks began to move! What will this become?!

Tsutomu: The classroom is changing it's form!

Akira: Hey! The classroom turned into a base-like!

Tsutomu: It seems, this is our command room.

Jin: My desk didn't change into anything... Why?

Koji: Mine and Asuka's also didn't change.

Jin: True...
Hey, Asuka! Where do you think we should put our medals!?

Asuka: I don't know! Think of yourself!

Jin: Um~... Yes that's right! Probably...! 
As I thought! Insert it in the bracelet!

Asuka: This, like this? Hahahaha...

Koji: Then, perhaps mine also...

Jin: Uwah, the floor disappeared!?

Jin: Dowaaaaah, I fall!

Koji: Awawawawah!

Asuka: Awawawawah!

Yuu: ...

Maria: Where did they go...?

Love: Look, everyone! At the ground and the pool and the physical education 

Jin: Ehh~, we are pilots!?

Asuka: A joke!?

Koji: Gross...

Hiroshi: Are Jin's gang ride on those!?

Tsutomu: Please take a look! There are news from the monitor!

Tsutomu: The lion is beast king, the bird is phoenix king, the humanoid robot
is sword king...?

Maria: But, isn't the robot that we saw has a different shape?

Maria: They gone...

Tsutomu: Will those three be alright?

Belzeb: What are those... robots? Where did they come from?

Tider: Well... I don't understand since they suddenly flew here Da~.

Belzeb: Anyhow, we won't show mercy on those obstruct our Jaaku Empire!
Kill them, Exhaust! 

Jin: Ach! Achhhh! What the heck are those beasts with poison gas!?

Tsutomu: Jin-kun, be careful! The battle strength of those evil beasts are yet

Jin: They don't have any weakness!?

Maria: Asuka-kun, what are you doing!? Quickly rescue Jin!

Asuka: Understood! I come now, Jin!

Asuka: Uwaaaaah!

Koji: Asuka-kun!

Belzeb: Well then, Exhaust! Crush them in one go!

Jin: Uwaaaaah!

Asuka: Uuu... You bitch! Move, move!

Koji: Jin-kun, Asuka-kun! 

Asuka: We're rescued!

Koji: Are the two of you Ok?

Jin: Yeah! Thank you, Koji!

Tsutomu: ...I see! Understood!

Maria: What did you understand!?

Tsutomu: If those three machines combine they will become Raijin-Oh!

Maria: Become Raijin-Oh!?

Tsutomu: Jin-kun, Koji-kun, Asuka-kun, do you guys hear me!? 
Push the Raijin-Brace's button!

Asuka: Raijin-Brace's button...? This!

Koji: Jin-kun, let's go!

Jin: Then! Let's rock and roll!!

Jin: Raijin-Oh! Matchless Combination!!

Tider: They com...combined~!

Belzeb: Shit, how on earth can those!?

Jin: We come to safe the day! Prepare yourself, Evil Beasts!

*Raijin-Oh, first battle*

Jin: Let's go! Koji, Asuka! Let's show the power of Raijin-Oh to those 
bastards from Jaaku Empire!

Koji: Ye, yeah!

Asuka: Our first battle! Let's do it carefully, Jin!

*One enemy defeated*

Koji: We did it!

Jin: How's that! That is Raijin-Oh's power!

Asuka: We did it splendidly isn't it?

*Two enemies defeated*

Kouji (Kabuto): Yai yai yai! They must have guts to destroy things at Japan 
while this Mazinger Z is here!
Prepare yourself as I'm going to beat you down black and blue!

Sayaka: Enough of that Kouji-kun. Just because we are long from the last sortie
ain't it too much boastful?

Kouji Kabuto: Heh heh, I'm sorry, sorry. Anyway, we can't be soft on 
perception of real combat. Until Tetsuya's injure is completely heal I and 
Mazinger Z will protect the world peacefulness tightly for you to see!

Asuka: Look, Jin! That's Mazinger Z!

Koji: Then, we'll leave the rest to Mazinger Z. Let's withdraw to a nearby...

Jin: Say what, Koji! We are the ones Eldoran entrusted the peace of Earth! 
How can we runaway!? 

Sayaka: Hey that robot over there, can you hear me? Leave things here to 
Mazinger Z and Diana A of the Photon Power Laboratory. If you want to fight
along side with us tell us your name and your original branch?

Jin: What? Branch? What should we tell?

Koji: It's Ok if we tell them our name and class I wonder?

Jin: Err, that... I'm Youshou Academy year 5 class 3, Hyuga Jin!

Asuka: Similarly, I'm Tsukishiro Asuka.

Kouji: I'm called Hoshiyama Kouji!

Kouji Kabuto: Sayaka-san... Those kids said that now they are year 5 class 3?

Sayaka: Yeah... That robot is controlled by the elementary student of Youshou
City it seems...

Kouji Kabuto: Why are those elementary school kids piloting and fighting in 
that robot?

Jin: We are the ones that Eldoran entrusts! To protect the Earth with this 

Kouji Kabuto: I don't know if the name is Eldorant or Restaurant but, why the 
heck they cause these elementary school kids fighting...

Koji: He is Eldoran...

Asuka: Foolish, Kouji! Don't dig deep into unnecessary things!

Jin: Anyway, because we're entrusted we can't retreat to the backside! We'll 
also fight together with you guys! In this Raijin-Oh!

Kouji Kabuto: Roger that! Then lend us that confident power! 

Falzeb: That is also an Earthling robot?

Belzeb: It's not a problem what the heck it is! Scatter more Arc Dahmer! If
the Evil Beasts increase we'll clear everything in one go!

Tider: Roger Da~.

[Evil Beasts appear]

*Two more enemies defeated*

Kakeru: Arrived! Since it is really Hokkaido, we made it in one jump!

Ken: Those guys seem aren't Drago Empire! I also didn't see the sealed rock...

Dango: What should we do, Ken!

Ken: Even they aren't Drago Empire, we can't forgive them destroying the town!
They are Liger's enemy!

Kakeru: Amane! We'll go too!

Amane: Yes!

Jin: Hey, those robots!

Kouji: The robots from the news!

Asuka: Is that the enigmatic robots protected Kushiro...? Are they come to 
help us?

Kakeru: Can you guys hear me, Mazinger Z and that robot with unknown name 
over there! We are the friends of justice that come here to defeat those 

Kouji: Friends of justice!? 

Amane: Good grief... He should said normally ''come to help''...

Kakeru: Let's put the detailed reasons after! Anyhow now we will lend you guys
a hand! 

Jin: Ok, help accepted! Brother of friends of justice!

Kouji Kabuto: Roger that also over here!

Sayaka: Let's join hands and push down enemies!

Kakeru: Ok! Leave matters to us!

Ken: The great red lion that howls, show your full potential to those 

Amane: Brother, don't overdo things! Ken-san also, if you're in crisis please
return to the ship and recover! 

Kakeru: Understood! Then, let's go!!

Falzeb: Again another new dudes?

Belzeb: No need to worry. The Arc Dahmers already being scattered around the
Earth. Come!

[More enemies appear]

*First battle of Schicksal*

Kakeru: I don't care where you monsters from! If you destroy the city, I'll 
turn you into robo-dustcloth! 

*First battle of Liger*

Ken: Damn you! The ones who aim at the Earth seems aren't only Drago Empire!

Dango: Don't be negligence, Ken! Enemies are still moving!

Ken: I understand, Dango! I can't afford to lose whoever are the enemies! The
one who turn the world into chaos is Liger's enemy!

*Battle Ends*

Cookie: Ah, the light projected on the screen has completely gone...

Hidenori: That means the evil beasts surely disappeared, isn't it?

Maria: Can you hear me, Jin? Enemies seem gone. 

Kouji: We succeed right Jin-kun!?

Jin: Yeah!

Asuka: Somehow we did it...

Tider: Awawa... All the beasts were defeated Da~.

Falzeb: How did the 3rd dimension people hold that much power...?

Belzeb: Even continuing attacking like this, we only waste the number of Arc 

Falzeb: It seems we have to make a new tactic again.

Belzeb: Hmph, remember this, warriors of Earth!

*Youshou Academy/School Infirmary*

Teacher Himeki: Teacher Shinoda! Teacher Shinoda, please wake up!

Teacher Shinoda: Sorry... Teacher Himeki. I sleep too deep...

Teacher Himeki: That's a good thing! However, we had a hard time with the 
monsters appeared in the Town!

Teacher Shinoda: Monsters? 

Teacher Shinoda: Um... It looks like I'm still dreaming...

Teacher Himeki: Anyhow, please look outside! 

Teacher Shinoda: Uwah, a robot at the school!

Teacher Himeki: That robot beat the monsters.

Teacher Shinoda: Why it is at the school...?

Teacher Himeki: That is...

Maria: Teacher! That, is our robot!

Teacher Shinoda: Maria! How on earth was this robot...?!

Maria: We received it!

Asuka: To say exactly, we pushed it willfully.

Jin: You might say, we are the ''Earth Defense Class''!
Teacher Shinoda: Earth Defense Class... means you kids were fighting?

Kouji: Yeahhh, isn't it wonderful?

Maria: We are also the supporters from the classroom.

Jin: For this reason, because we were fighting with the monsters we passed
the study note right?

Teacher Shinoda: That is a different story! Whether you are Earth Defense
Class or whatever, you surely have to do homework!

Jin: Ehh! I beg your pardon!

*Youshou Academy/Classroom*

Kouji Kabuto: What, everyone of the class were piloting the Raijin-Oh? 

Sayaka: The elementary school kids nowadays are great...

Jin: Hehe! We, the Earth Defense Class are special!

Maria: Jin, don't get cocky!

Tsutomu: What will happen if Kouji-san's group were not here...?

Asuka: That's true. I was frighten for a moment.

Kouji: Yeah...

Cookie: Uu... It's scary~.

Sayaka: Everyone, well done.

Kakeru: True, you guys are amazing.

Ken: You guys have great guts for fighting instead of running away.

Kouji Kabuto: You are also an elementary school boy. You did very well piloting
that Liger.

Akira: Ken-san and Kakeru-san are incredible. The first time riding a robot
they protected the city right?

Kouji Kabuto: Liger and Schicksal huh? Because none of them are the type I've 
seen, the first time I saw them I thought that they are fighting beasts of the 

Ken: Nevertheless, who are those Jaaku Empire who sent the evil beasts to the

Tsutomu: According to what Eldoran told us, they are the people from the 5th 
dimension world came to invade the Earth. I don't have the slightest idea who
they are but we have to think of a countermeasure.

Kouji: I wonder if the Drago Empire who attacked Kushiro will come to attack

Ken: Yeah, I wonder they will come again before long. Because they will give 
bitterness to humanity for that guy called Evil God Drago to revive...

Sayaka: I wonder when Evil God Drago resurrect what kind of things on earth 
will happen...

Kouji Kabuto: Jaaku Empire and Drago Empire huh? We don't know their nature
but we can't retreat.

Kakeru: That's right. If we can't drive them away the peaceful time will never

Sayaka: Good for you, Kouji-kun. It seems you are getting along well with 
other people.

Kouji Kabuto: Yeah, I can corporate with those guys it seems. 

*Aozora Elementary School*

Kotarou: Phew~, finish finish! 
Then, let's bring bats and gloves and gather at Rikiya's house!

Yousuke: Err... Today I have a juku so...

Kotarou: What Yousuke, that's not friendly~.

Rikiya: Don't talk like that Kotarou. Yousuke has problems. He is different 
from you, keep playing all year round!

Kotarou: Isn't that similar to you!

Yousuke: I'm sorry. I'll pay you back tomorrow...

Kotarou: Well, there is no other way then. There is no person can get angry as 
Yousuke's mother.

*School Route*

Lamune: Now, there it is! 
Not yet not yet! Fuck you! Take that!

Kotarou: Huh? 

Yousuke: The one playing game over there is Lamune-kun isn't it?

Rikiya: Yeah. That fellow Lamune seems really like video games. 

Kotarou: Hihihi... I'll surprise him by secretly getting nearby...
(sneak, sneak)

Kotarou: Wah!!

Lamune: Owaaaaaaah! Now I'm very surprised!! 

Kotarou: Dahahaha! Succeed succeed!

Lamune: What's up? Kotarou?
Weren't you exposed of skipping cleaning duty and Teacher Aiko is chasing this 

Kotarou: Hehe! You are the one who experience that since you're playing game at
this place!

Rikiya: Hey, is that a new game?

Lamune: That's a wonderful question!
This one is amazing! I bought it sometime ago from a girl sells games 
overthere... The price is merely 10 yen!

Kotarou: What!? Dirt cheap isn't it!

Rikiya: What game is that?

Lamune: An action game called ''King Sccasher''.

Yousuke: I haven't heard that...

Lamune: Because the price is so-so I didn't expect much but, that is extremely
interesting. The amazingness can't be described in one word. Now I'm insanely

Kotarou: Whatt, it is probably truly interesting since that praise is from a
person like game like Lamune.

Rikiya: If you cleared let me borrowed it!

Lamune: Fine. I plan to finish it today.

Yousuke: Um, then since I have to go the other way. See you tomorrow.

Rikiya: Ah! Yeah Yousuke! The print for Amane that you're bringing...?

Yousuke: Don't worry. I'm bringing it. On my way back, I'll put it at the post 
of the house.

Rikiya: Ah, I leave it to you.

Lamune: Which reminds me, that fellow called Amane, today he didn't come to 

Yousuke: The truth is he goes to Hokkaido. He should not be involved in that 
affair of those monsters but...

Rikiya: That's alright. Because Kakeru-san is there. He will surely come back

Kotarou: But on the other side I also have an uneasy feeling when they are 

Yousuke: That probably can't be denied...

Rikiya: Well, they live together as two persons for a long time. Ain't Amane
trying his best to catch up with his brother?

Lamune: I guess so. Well, see you tomorrow!

Kotarou: Good bye! 
*Lamune's Room*

Lamune: And now! I already eat dinner, already went to shower!
Today I'll not sleep until I clear the game! 
Taraaaaa! Ho, yo! Fuck you!
King Sccasher, hold on! 8 stages cleared until now!
One more to go! Last!
Yeahhhhh! Clear!
Hmm, difficult game. But! Due to the action of the legendary brave peace has
come to Earth!
... Legendary Brave? It is fun if I can become the real brave in real life~.
Everyday thump thump, tremble, dazzle in the great adventure!
But well... That thing will never happen.

???: If that's the case, given you say so, it will come true!

Lamune: What's that!? A girl's voice from somewhere!? Uwa!?

???: ... ... 

Lamune: From the console came a girl!? Such unnatural phenomena!?

???: No such unnatural phenomena. You are the one I've been search for, the
chosen descendant of Brave... Lamuness! 
Well, Brave Lamuness! Come with me!

Lamune: Brave Lamuness? My name is Baba Lamune! On top of that, I'm not a 
descendant of Brave...

???: Being able to clear that game is the proof of the Brave! Come with me!

Lamune: I'm in trouble... I can't go with an unknown person...

???: Would you please come!

Lamune: But...

???: Good then, I'll make you come!

Lamune: Wait a little, owaaaaa!! 
I'm being absorbed into the console~!!

Stage 3: Bang! The resurrection of the legend of the brave

*Hoyhoy Castle*

Don Harumage: Gokiburiburi, Gobuuriki! Gokiburiburi, Goburikiii!
Mumumumumumu! What ominous! The one opposes my army appear at Arara castle...!
Da Cider! Lesqua! 

Da Cider: Commanding Officer Da Cider comes right away at your call.

Lesqua: Lesqua-chan arrived.

Don Harumage: Da Cider and Lesqua! Corporate and lead the Monskar, destroy
the Arara Kingdom at once!

Da Cider: Yes sir! 

Lesqua: I'll do it.

*Arara Castle/Space-Time Transmission Room*

Lamune: Uh... This is...?

???: It is the Arara Kingdom of Earth Tear.

Lamune: The Arara Kingdom of Earth Tear? Who on Earth are you?

Milk: My name is Milk. I'm the one who call you to this world by Arara 
Kingdom's Space-Time Transmission Device.

Lamune: Where is this place?! Am I inside the game?

Milk: Let's leave that explanation later. Now, come with me.

Lamune: Ehh!? Where on Earth will you take me?!	

*Arara Kingdom/Reception Hall*

Milk: Father, Lamune has came here with me.

Yokkoora The Third: Sorry to trouble you! The chosen decendant of brave 
Thank you very much for coming here! I'm the king of this Arara Kingdom, 
Aryarya Koryarya Yokkoora The Third!  

Lamune: A jawbreaking long name... On top of that, my name is Baba Lamune, not
Lamuness. Whether I was taken to this game world, or being called Lamuness... I
completely couldn't understand the reason... 

Cocoa: Milk~, welcome back~!

Milk: I'm home sister!

Cocoa: The Space-Time Transmission Device seems to work fine right~? According
to my calculation, the chance of bringing brave Lamuness here is... 
Err... Below 1/1000002389 but it worked right~?

Milk: That's not extremely near 0! How can you show that vague calculation to 

Cocoa: Um~. Then I'm sorry~.

Milk: Because sister is like that we won't be able to easily find Lamuness back 

Cocoa: Milk~, that's not very polite to your sister~.

Milk: Isn't it true?! 

Cocoa: Sign... I'm hurt when my younger sister says that...
Dear me... Because of tears my glass is... (wipe-wipe)

Lamune: Ohh! You're cute when you take off your glass!

Cocoa: Eh?

Milk: Enough! How can Lamuness be spooney on a girl?!

*Arara Kingdom/Underground City*

Paffy: Look look, Izumi, Haguhagu! The foods that we've never seen are lining

Izumi: Hoho, these are the fruits I see the first time.

Haguhagu: Looks tasty!

Paffy: Inside the town also seems lively, the citizens also energetic isn't 

Sarutobi: You don't need to look around restlessly like that princess. This
Harahara World of Arara Kingdom is the edge of Earth Tear. I don't understand
what kind of criminal are there.

Paffy: Is it so? I hear that Arara Kingdom is a very peaceful kingdom. It has
a long friendly relationship with my kingdom.

Izumi: I see, according to what I hear this kingdom seems living the Brave 
legend. The name of the Brave is probably Lamuness.

Paffy: Well! That person is probably the brave one that we're searching!

Sarutobi: But, that brave legend Lamuness is a story of 5000 years ago isn't 

Paffy: If the descendant of the Brave exists, he will probably join our force.

Sharu: Oh, sorry. I'm in a hurry. But, the next time you also need to walk and
look ahead carefully Ok?

Sarutobi: Wait. You shouldn't talk in a way like that after you bump into 

Sharu: What? I thought I already apologize carefully?
Furthermore, because you even give advice for that, I so want to thank you.

Sarutobi: What the fuck, you bitch!

Paffy: Stop, Sarutobi. When you think about it, it is because of me who was 
lost in discussion. I apologize for causing you trouble.

Sharu: Well I didn't do anything wrong. Then, since I'm busy ahead...

Sarutobi: Hmph, how could there be a person with such rudeness infront of such
many people!

Haguhagu: Indeed Hagu!

Izumi: My my, Sarutobi. Calm down. That's a cheap thing if you think it is one
of spirit-training.

Sarutobi: Damn, it is not that simple...

Sarutobi: What's that!?

Izumi: Princess, this way!

Paffy: That is?!

Da Cider: This is Arara Kingdom?! According to the command of Don 
Harumage-sama, I Da Cider-sama will destroy this castle!

Lesqua: Well, do your best.

Da Cider: Appear Monskar!
What will happen if you obstruct Don Harumage-sama...? I will make you fellows
understand that properly!

Sharu: Battle already began? Those ugly mecha is Don Harumage's subordinate...?
This is probably a chance...!

*Arara Castle/Reception Hall*

Yokkoora The Third: What! The Monskar appeared under the castle!?

Lamune: Monskar!? Isn't that the name of the enemy characters appeared in the 
game!? Could it be the ones attack the city are Don Harumage's troop...?

Cocoa: Oh~, you have a good guess~. 
That Don Harumage try to make the legendary great demon ''Calamity God 
Goburiki'' that destroy the world revives and rule Earth Tear.

Lamune: Why does the event inside the game happens to be true!?

Yokkoora The Third: Arara~! The Arara Kingdom is over!

Milk: Father! Why you always only think in a bad way! 
For this moment I bring Lamuness along with me right?

Yokkoora The Third: Arara, is that so? Lamuness, I rely on you!

Lamune: Therefore! I'm Lamune not Lamuness!

Milk: Aren't you said after finishing the game?! You said you want to be the

Lamune: I'm full of responsibility about things that I said but... 
But, what can I do...? 

Cocoa: That's the underground~, Father! That's the underground! 
At the underground there is surely a wonderful weapon being sealed that only 
the Brave can use, right?

Yokkoora The Third: Arara, that's right. 
Brave Lamuness, hurry to the underground!

Lamune: Even you said that thing suddenly!

Milk: Suck it up!

Lamune: Ahh! Wait!

*Arara Castle/Underground Room*

Lamune: This is the underground of the castle?

Milk: Can you see the door? That door is said to be the ''sealed door'' that 
can only be opened by the Brave.

Lamune: Sealed door...? Is there something at the other side? 

Milk: Then, quickly put your hand on the stand before the door!

Lamune: Even it won't open that is not my fault!

Milk: On that occasion I will take responsibility bringing you along!

Cocoa: Lamuness, this is not a case of carefree~.

Lamune: So it is good if I put my hand like this? I don't have any confident...
Yotto (lifting).

Cocoa: It dazzle~.

Lamune: Something goes out!?


???: ... Lamuness! I've wait for you for a long time Mya~!

Lamune: ...!? 
Is this living thing the wonderful weapon!?

Tama-Q: I'm an adviser robot Tama-Q Mya.

Lamune: Tama-Q? 

Tama-Q: Right Mya! Put me on that door Mya~.

Lamune: What...? Is it Ok putting you on the door?

Tama-Q: Um~... Mya!


Lamuness: Uwah, what's this?! I suddenly transform!?

TamaQ: That is the clothes of Brave Lamuness Mya!

Milk: Wow! Wow, wow! Good~!

Milk: Kyaah!

Cocoa: This is unpleasant~. Look like the Monskars are approaching this 

Milk: Hey, Lamuness! Obtain the magnificent weapon! Quickly do something!

Lamuness: Even you said so...!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Go outside Mya!

Lamuness: Outside!? And what will I become!?

Tama-Q: I'll explain later Mya! Don't hesitate Mya!

Lamuness: Understood! Let's go!

Da Cider: Kill! Kill more! Destroy until the grave (''Haka'' made ''hakai'' 
shiro)! How's that Lesqua! Is this joke fun!

Lesqua: ...More like dumb. (haka is a word equivalent to ''baka'' often used 
by female)

Da Cider: Agrr! Shit! You're more a white rabbit isn't it?!

Lesqua: White rabbit? What does that mean?

Da Cider: The tail (o) also (mo), white (shiroi)... Interesting (omoshiroi)!
Hahahaha, I'm genius!

Lesqua: Haa~... If Da Cider don't have that illness he will be a good man...

Da Cider: Ok, Monskar! Break into Arara Castle in one go! 

Paffy: Kyaa!

Izumi: Princess, are you hurt?

Paffy: No, I'm Ok.

Izumi: Muuu... At this rate the city will...

Sarutobi: It can't be help! Thus far I will...!

Paffy: Please wait! From the castle someone appears!

Lamuness: I'm already outside, Tama-Q! What should I do next!?

Tama-Q: Call King Sccasher by the capsule-toy vending machine Mya!

Lamuness: King Sccasher... Isn't it the robot of the protagonist from the game?!

Tama-Q: Insert the coin in your pocket into the insert slot in my head Mya!

Lamuness: This coin!? 

Tama-Q: Right Mya! If you insert the coin in me then a capsule will appear, 
then throw it Mya!

Lamuness: Ok!

Tama-Q: Umm... Mya!

Lamuness: King Sccasherrr!! 

Lamuness: This is... King Sccasher! 

TamaQ: King Sccasher will listen to anything Lamuness say Mya!

Lamuness: Good! Let's go, King Sccasher!
Now, I'm very burning!!

Lesqua: Oh dear, thank you for the sudden appearance and show off.

Da Cider: Ehh! What are you doing, Monskar?! Quickly kill that fellow!

Milk: Lamuness! Don't get attracted to only the Monskar before your eyes! 
If the castle was destroyed everything end!

Cocoa: Lamuness~. Please protect the castle~.

Lamuness: Leave it to me!

*One enemy defeated*

Lamuness: Here! I'm now pit-a-pat thump thump to dead! This is the adventure
I'm looking for!

Milk: Unbelievable! This is what I hope!

Cocoa: Lamuness~, try your best!

*Three enemies defeated*

Da Cider: Stupid Monskar, why are you so slow!
What troublesome! All machines, attack!

Lesqua: Monskar, kill them! I will support you!

Yokkoora The Third: Aryarya! Enemies seem increasing! 

Cocoa: They still come~!

[Solids appear]

Thief: Hehe! We try to come here thinking of something noisy. Can't believe we
end up in the middle of gun firings...

Thief: Just right! We can take advantage of this chaos and steal the treasure 
of the Arara Castle! 

Thief: Agree!

Milk: Hm! Even the thiefs appear at time like this...! 

Cocoa: We are outnumbered right~? 
Lamuness! Hold on!

Lamuness: Even you said hold on... Here I'm the only one! 
Now I'm very bewildered~!

Da Cider: Hahahaha! I'm surprised to see the thiefs here but, this is my 
favorable situation! Let have our own way like this, Monskar!

Paffy: I do not allow you to do that!

Da Cider: Who! The one who ruin my favorite scene is!?

Lesqua: Da Cider, over there!

Paffy: We can not forgive the violence anymore!

Haguhagu: Can't be forgiven Hagu!

Paffy: Let's go, Izumi! Sarutobi!

Izumi: Yes!

Sarutobi: Yes!

Paffy: Come! Ryu Mage! Magidora!!

Izumi: Go! Ryu Priest! Baurus!!

Sarutobi: Ryu Ninja! Bakuretsumaru!!

Lamuness: Tama-Q, those robots are?

Tama-Q: Those are the legendary ''Ryu'' Mya!

Lamuness: Ryu?

Tama-Q: The Ryu has a will Mya. And only the user of Ryu that the Ryu 
recognizes can manage to ride a Ryu Mya.

Lamuness: I somewhat can't understand but perhaps those are strong helpers!?
Hey, will you guys fight along side with us?

Paffy: Of course! Let's protect this town together!

Sarutobi: We can not let those fellow do as they please anymore! 

Izumi: I will heal the damage! Fight as much as you like everyone!

Lamuness: Thank you! It's helpful!

Sarutobi: Even we are taking on those small fishes but they're endless. Let's
bring down that fish-like mothership!

Tama-Q: I agree Mya! Slap that battleship Lamuness Mya!

Lamuness: Then! Let's go!

Da Cider: Those fucking Ryu users! If you get in my way I'll not forgive you!

Lesqua: Monskar! Smash and put an end to all of them!

Da Cider: Hey, that's my words...!

*Ryu Magidora's first battle*

Izumi: Princess, leave this to us.

Paffy: No, I also fight. Because that is the journey of training.

Sarutobi: It comes, Paffy! Don't be careless!

Paffy: Yes!

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: I don't know if it is Yuusha or Chuusha, but I will not forgive 
those go against Don Harumage-sama!
The rebels (hangyaku) have their salary ''half the price'' (hangaku)! Just 

Da Cider: Hahahaha!

Lamuness: Uwa, it's cold! Th... This is the joke of this world...!? What 

Tama-Q: While I was sleeping I'm surprised that such brutal mind game worked 
out Mya...

Lamuness: I knew it! You plan to make a mind game!

Lesqua: They said your joke is a mind game.

Da Cider: What! I'll sentence all those who can't understand my joke to 

*Shirajiirakansu Type HP downed below 50%*

Da Cider: Nuoooh! 

Lesqua: Da Cider! If things remain like this it is terrible!

Tama-Q: Lamuness, just one more step Mya!

Lamuness: Then, I'll give it a go! 
Let's go! Try this!

Lesqua: Hey hey! He's heading here Da Cider!

Da Cider: Shit, I can't be done anymore!
Then eat!!

Lamuness: Uwaaaah!

Tama-Q: Lamuness, hang on Mya!

Lamuness: I can't lose... I... I... I'm 
Brave Lamunesssssssh!!

Tama-Q: Morale surpassed Red Zone Mya! 
Lamuness! Change to Samuraion Mya! 

Lamuness: Samuraion!?

Tama-Q: Do like I said Mya!

Lamuness: Understood! Let's go!

Tama-Q: That is King Sccasher's final move Mya!
At the time Lamuness's morale surpass the red zone, the samuraion that can
transform will display its tremendous attack power Mya~.

Lamuness: Then! I don't think we can lose here!

*Da Cider defeated*

Da Cider: H, how dare you do this to me!

([If Da Cider defeated by Lamuness]

Lamuness: King Sccasher won't lose to you guys!

[If Da Cider defeated by a Ryu-user]

Paffy: You should resign! There is no age for evil to shine!)

Da Cider: Shit...! Just remember this!

Lesqua: We will surely return this debt!

Sarutobi: What, don't you ever come here again!

Izumi: Phew... We did it somehow.

Haguhagu: Victory! Hagu!

Lamuness: Well, as long as I and King Sccasher are here, I won't let those guys
do as they please!

*Battle Ends*

Lamuness: Thanks for the help. If only I was here, probably things will become

Paffy: That is a natural thing to do. We can't afford sitting doing nothing
when a person in trouble. 

Izumi: The best is everyone are Ok. The damage of the city seems also was 
verified at minimum.

Paffy: Er... Can I ask you one question?

Lamuness: That's Ok. What do you ask? 

Paffy: Are you possibly the legendary Brave that the Arara Kingdom tells?

Lamuness: Yeah... I also don't know well but it seems like that.

Tama-Q: Lamuness can't be mistaken the decendant of the Brave Mya!
But he is still a novice Mya~.

Sarutobi: If you look during the battle before it isn't necessary to say that.

Lamuness: Because today is my first battle, forgive me.
By the way, who are you guys?

Paffy: I apologize for not having told you this sooner.
My name is Paffy. I'm crossing many countries, and doing training magic. And 
this is my friend Haguhagu.

Haguhagu: I'm Haguhagu hagu.

Izumi: I'm priest Izumi. The same person who are in the middle of training.

Sarutobi: I'm Sarutobi. I was hired as a bodyguard for those two people.

Lamuness: Ohhhhh! The priest uses magic and a ninja! This is really a world of
video games!

Paffy: Video game...?

Lamuness: No you don't need to concern, that story!

Paffy: Well then, it's time for us to go.

Lamuness: Eh, you go already? Since the castle was safe now why don't you meet 
the king?

Izumi: We are called the person of training and because of that we have to 
hurry. Please tell the king our greeting Lamuness-dono.

Lamuness: Um, understood. Do your best for training then! 

Paffy: I'm looking forward to be able to see you again.

Izumi: Then goodbye.

Sarutobi: See you again Mr. novice Brave-san. 

Haguhagu: Bye bye hagu! 

Lamuness: They gone... Although normally this is the moment they receive gift
from the king.

Tama-Q: The preparedness is different Mya... So great, Ryu users Mya.

Milk: Lamuness~! What are you doing at that place~!

Cocoa: Please return to the castle~.

Lamuness: Um. You keep saying brave Lamuness, but the way you treat is not 

Tama-Q: It can't be helped since you are the novice Brave Mya. You need to 
train more Mya!

Yokkoora The Third: Lamuness! You protected the ground under the castle well!
That brave figure! You're certainly the one being chosen as the decendant of
the Brave! 

Cocoa: Amazing~. Even riding the guardian knight for the first time, you beat
the Monskar~.

Milk: As might have been expected of my faith!

Lamuness: Hahahahaha! Well, that's real ability, real ability! Trust Earth 
Tear's peace to me!

Tama-Q: What are you saying Mya?! Don't get cocky too soon Mya! 
Lamuness's adventure haven't yet began Mya!

Lamuness: What? What does that mean?

Tama-Q: For defeating Goburiki, we need to find the guardian knights scatter
around this world Mya.

Lamuness: The guardian knights is... like King Sccasher?

Tama-Q: If we can't revive all the sealed guardian knights we can't beat the
Goburiki Mya!

Lamuness: That means, from here I starts the journey gathering the guardian

Lamuness: What's that sound!?

Cocoa: Oh oh, my my. Someone is using the Research Room's Space-Time 
Transmission Device~.

Milk: Eh~, why!? Used as one pleases is bad isn't it!?

Tama-Q: Maybe the Goburiki's men taking advantage of the battle to sneak in

Milk: Let's go and see!

*Arara Castle/Space-Time Transmission Room*

Sharu: Modify coordinate, tracking the trace of the Armed Fantoma...
Circuit seems compatible with the one using at Ernst institution. I wonder
will this work...

Sharu: I'm great! Not only cute but skillful. Can only say as unrivaled.

Milk: Hey! What are you doing in this man-made castle!

Lamuness: Illegal intrusion, can't permit! The Brave in training, Lamuness 

Sharu: ...

Milk: Who are you! I haven't seen your face before!

Sharu: You don't need to know who I am. I'm sorry but let me use this device.

Cocoa: Using the device? You know how to use it?

Sharu: The Space-Time Transmission Device. The destination is the legendary
vast land which is on the other side of the space-time, the Earth!
I've to go... also for the Earth Tear! I'm sorry for using it without 
permission! Bye bye!

Cocoa: Ahh! Wait, wait a bit!


Cocoa: Oh~, she's gone~.

Tama-Q: She went to Earth Mya!?

Cocoa: I hope she can arrive safely...

Milk: Sister! On top of that, who is that person!?

Cocoa: I don't know~. I wonder who is she really...


Coco: Hey...? Hey hey hey?

Milk: What's wrong with you, sister?

Cocoa: It seems because of that person not long ago. Due to a very absurd 
establishment it seems leaped. Thanks to that the device seems broken~.

Lamuness: Ehh!? That means I can't return to my world?

Cocoa: That's right. It takes time to repair this thing. 

Lamuness: How long?

Milk: You don't need to worry like that. The goal now is defeat Goburiki 
isn't it?!

Tama-Q: Lamuness, decide now Mya!

Lamuness: U~m... Alright! I've decided! I'll gather the guardian knights and
defeat Goburiki! If all those didn't end I'll not return to my world!

Milk: That's the spirit! Lamuness!

Lamuness: Not particularly because I want to skip school or don't want to take
tests! My father and mother would rather be happy if I take action as the 

Tama-Q: You make a forcible reason but your enthusiasm is priceless Mya~.

Milk: We will follow you on the journey to find the guardian knights.

Cocoa: The place where the guardian knights are sealed is written on the 
ancient document that I bring~.

Milk: Then, let's depart at once for the first guardian knight!

Lamuness: Trust me! I and King Sccasher are invincible!

*Hoyhoy Castle*

Don Harumage: Muuuuuuu! You said a legendary brave appeared at Arara Castle?! 

Da Cider: He is a strong one that defeated the Monskar... I afraid that's 
not a mistake!

Don Harumage: Muuuu! Reviving the Calamity God Goburiki is difficult if we 
can't defeat that fellow! Da Cider and Lesqua! This time, make sure you 
destroy Lamuness!

Da Cider: Yes! I'll bet that with my life!

Don Harumage: If you failed this time prepare to be spanked by the baseball 
bat 100 times!

Da Cider: Uh, that is...

Lesqua: That punishment is a bitter experience...

Don Harumage: Just a little bit more... A bit more the Calamity God Goburiki
will revive! You people should wait till that day while shaken with fear...
Hahahahahaha! Hahahaha!!

*Drago Empire/Temple*

Zara: Our God Drago! Awake from the long sleep of one million years, appears
before us that great figure...

Doll Satan: ...

Ryu Dolk: ...

Zara: Our God Drago! Now, give that power to our Empire!


Zara: Kuuuu... I'm the Destruction God... Drago...

Doll Satan: Hey! Lady Zara is being possessed by God Drago!

Zara: Tell my decendant people... Offer to me those humans' voice of sadness 
and bitterness... 
If so, I will revive again...


Zara: ... 
Do you hear those words clearly?
Release God Drago from the human world as fast as possible!

Doll Satan: Yes!

Abe Seimei: Zara-dono, the recarnation of Drago-sama seems near.
Let this Abe Seimei assists you for the Empire.

Zaara: Um. I'm expecting you.

Abe Seimei: First, we must crush the red Bio Armor Liger that stand before 
Doll Satan-dono.

Zara: Oh... That Bio Armor called Liger...?
But, Seimei. How do you know that fellow's name?

Abe Seimei: With my magical techniques and demon's power, things are 

Zara: Pfft... You are trustworthy, Seimei. Exercise your power as much as you
want for Drago Empire.

Abe Seimei: Your pleasure...

Doll Satan: Lady Zara, at this sortie, please allow me to add the new weapon
Metal Knight.

Zara: Pfft, Metal Knight?

Doll Satan: Doll Geist, explain about the Metal Knight to Lady Zaara.

Doll Geist: Yes. 
Metal Knight is a fusion of Drago Knight and Machine, the ultimate mechanic
weapon... Please think of the weapon of the same rank of the battle beast of
those Mycene... Because they are still under development, I want to use this
chance to obtain real combat data.

Zara: Pfft, interesting... Do as you like.

Doll Geist: Thank you.

Ryu Dolk: Fufufufu... 

Doll Geist: What are you laughing at, Ryu Dolk-dono?

Ryu Dolk: The warrior must be a beautiful beast... What can you do when you
gather those rubbish weapons...? Lady Zaara, allow this Ryu Dolk sortie also.

Zara: Ryu Dolk, you also want to go?

Ryu Dolk: Yes. I want to see the red Bio Armor Liger that you mention directly

Doll Satan: Ryu Dolk-dono don't have to take trouble for that. Leave it to
us is enough.

Ryu Dolk: I leave the Sealed Rock to you. I'm only interested in the Liger.

Zara: That's good Ryu Dolk. You will sortie with Doru Satan!

Ryu Dolk: Yes. I'll surely meet your expectation.
(Liger... Let me check your power)

Stage 4: The arch enemy, Demon Dragon King Doluga!!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kouji Kabuto: This is the inside of Ionia...? It's more wider than we 
feel but am I imagining?

Ken: I'm surprised. Really the inside of the ship is wider than I thought.

Dango: The first time we entered we also surprised.

Sayaka: It is really mysterious. I wonder how is it constructed...

Kakeru: We just riding Ionia for a short time so we don't understand well.

Kouji Kabuto: By the way, where is your brother in problem?

Amane: Err... I'm here...

Kouji Kabuto: Owa, what a surprise! 

Amane: Sorry. Because you can't feel my presence...

Sayaka: The body transparents... So it is true that you're being absorbed into
the Ionia...

Amane: Nice to meet you, I'm Amane...

Sayaka: You? I heard you're his brother but, aren't you his sister?

Amane: I'm male...

Sayaka: Ah, I'm sorry!

Ken: Well, you might make mistake with that outward appearance but that isn't 

Kouji Kabuto: But is it really good? Fighting is risking your life.

Kakeru: We've prepared for the worst for a long time. It is obvious we have to
find a way to release Amane... We can't let the Drago Empire guys and the Jaaku
Empire guys do what they want.

Amane: I also feel the same. Because we now have the power to fight.

Ken: I'll fight with you too Amane. For my grandpa hospitalized at Kushiro and
for the people experienced bitterness.

Dango: Let's try our best, Amane!

Amane: Yeah!

Kouji Kabuto: Then, Kakeru, I entrust the later on you!
Sayaka-san and I will return to Photon Power Laboratory for the present.

Sayaka: Contact us when you decided the plan from now on Ok?

Kakeru: Yes.

Amane: Brother, where will we go?

Kakeru: Well. I would like to return to our home at Aozora City at once but... 
I'm hungry so shall we go visit somewhere? 

Ken: Then, since we already take time to come here, why don't we try taking 
tour on Tokyo!

Dango: That's good! Ken, nice idea!

Amane: That's also good. Brother, can you lead us?

Kakeru: Well. Then, before we go to Aozora City we'll depart to see Tokyo.

*Tokyo/Urban Street*

Sharu: Haa... I made it chasing the response of the Armed Fantoma and come to 
Earth but what a squalid and hard to breath place this is... Uu... I'm hungry
... Nevertheless, from sometime ago I seem to be stared at by the people cross

Mai: ...

Yuy: ... 

Sharu: ... Wait right there you two! Am I that unusual!?

Yuy: We don't think like that...

Mai: That a posture likes coming from a fantasy world...

Sharu: Eh? These clothes, is that strange?

Mai: Don't you feel those aren't appropriate than strange?

Yuy: Mai, isn't that way of talking is rude to people that you first meet?
I'm sorry, young lady. My younger sister said rude things...

Sharu: Well, that's Ok... I'm happy because that isn't a unusual posture in 

Ken: Hurry, Dango! Kakeru-san! That Yagami Saeko comes to take TV photographs!
If we don't hurry they will leave!

Dango: Wait, Ken!

Kakeru: Hey hey! Running like that is dangerous!

Ken: Oh nothing! Nothing!
Uwa! I'm hit!

Mai: Yuy! Dangerous!


Ken: Ow...! Hurt...!
You don't need to push me away that much?

Mai: It is your fault collide into us! Look ahead carefully when you run, Mr.

Ken: What!? Who did you say Mr. Countryside!

Mai: You, it is you!

Yuy: Stop that, Mai...

Ken: You impertinent bitch! This is for such woman!
Take this, special move! Electric shock skirt lifting!

Mai: Naive!


Mai: Oops! This is a service to you guys!


Yuy: Kyaaaaaaa!!

Dango: Uowah! The panty of Ms. Rabbit!

Sharu: Oh, cute underwear isn't it?

Yuy: Mai, you fool!

Mai: Is that good enough? It is no big deal.

Yuy: It is...

Mai: How is that? Are you satisfied?

Ken: Satisfied?! What is good with a woman lifting a woman's skirt!

Dango: I'm satisfied! Right, Kakeru-san?!

Kakeru-san: No, I'd rather say that girl's action is surprising than 

Mai: That a good memory for coming to Tokyo isn't it? Thank you, Taiga Ken!

Ken: Eh!? How did you know my name!?

Yuy: We are Ken's relative. Grandfather at Kushiro told we came to Tokyo.

Ken: Relative!? You girls!?

Mai: I'm Kamishiro Mai! 11 year old! By the way, this is...

Yuy: The older sister of the twin, Kamishiro Yuy! Nice to meet you!

Dango: Hey, Ken! Quickly introduce to us these cute relatives!

Ken: I afraid I also just knew them by now!

Mai: Well, he seems to be your watchdog.

Yuy: Nevertheless, isn't it amazing that we meet here by chance in this wide

Dango: Yeah yeah, it's probably our lives are tied together!

Ken: Dango... You're really crazy with cute girls. 

Mai: Yeah, I like Dango-kun's honesty!

Ken: Not you, girl!

Yuy: Me?

Mai: Me?

Sharu: Yes yes, finish finish. Please end it here young lady and young master.

Kakeru: Hey, even the older sister of the relative said so, Ken also should
stop here.

Sharu: Ahh, I don't have any relation. I was just standing around talking by 

Kakeru: I see. Now that you've mentioned it's only you with a strange fashion 
I say.

Sharu: This clothes... You think it is strange too?

Kakeru: No, it is specially suited you so I think it is good isn't it?

Dango: Yeah, yeah!

Mai: Good grief, this is why men are so troublesome...

Yuy: The clothes that if the style isn't good it won't fit you right? I envy 

Sharu: What's that? Now I'm being praised?

Kakeru: Well, since it must be fate that I meet you, let's be friend here.

Sharu: Uu... My stomach...

Kakeru: What's up, your belly is empty?

Sharu: Sh... Shut up!

Kakeru: If so, why don't go to eat with us? We just bought some doughnuts.

Sharu: Eh?

Mai: Waa, you're sensitive big brother.

Yuy: Thank you.

Sharu: Fu~n, a food with strange shape... It's called ''Doughnut''?

Ken: Eh? You don't know doughnut?

Sharu: Yeah. Yum, yum... yum...
Waa~, delicious! Very good! 
Hey, are there anymore?

Kakeru: Yup, eat as much as you like.

Sharu: Then I'm not holding back... Yum... yum... Ah~, delicious!
Phew... I'm full.

Dango: Amazing... She ate 5 doughnuts...

Sharu: I can't believe the Earth has such good flavor food. I've to return
bringing some souvenirs.

Kakeru: (Earth... What kind of character did she identify herself a little 
while ago...?) (Well, I think we just leave it alone...)

Sharu: I'm truly grateful. It's good to come to Earth.

Ken: Hahaha, you were very hungry!

Kakeru: That's right. It's good that we've prepared buying doughnuts. 

Sharu: Ah, oh yes. Can I ask you a bit?
The truth is, I'm searching for something... 
Recently, is there such story like... There is a big sword used by the giant 

Kakeru: Sword used by the giant? Is it the size of a robot?

Sharu: Right, it is so big that it can't be use by a human. 

Mai: There was such a new?

Yuy: Normally I think that is a hard to believe event but, now because 
troublesome events keep follow up day after day...

Dango: Yeah. It is troublesome because huge monsters come and attack.

Ken: But, since a robot or a monster who can use sword do exist, the story of 
a huge sword fall down seems to be true.

Kakeru: (Reminds me of the sword of Schicksal which called Armed-something...)

Yuy: Are there any trait on that giant sword?

Sharu: A~h, I afraid no...
Wa! What's this quake!?

Ken: It becomes gradually big!

Kakeru: What is happening!?

Saeko: It can't be...!? That is the giant rock we already saw at Kushiro...
How the hell on Earth it appears in the middle of Tokyo...
Can everyone see what is on TV!? The mysterious giant rock that appeared at
Kushiro now appears this time in Tokyo! The circumstance of damage because of
the sudden event is unclear! There seems a lot of casualties and missings!

Doll Satan: Well, the sealed rock already has appeared means... It is a proof 
that Drago-sama's power is increasing... He is looking for humans' blood and

Doll Satan: Go, Drago Knight! And, Metal Knight!

Doll Satan: Destroy everything! Give fear to those human!

Drago Knight: Gugyaaaaao!

Metal Knight: ...

Sharu: What are those!? Those things exist in this world!?

Kakeru: Hey hey, aren't you old enough to see the news!?

Sharu: Who is old! I'm still 19!?

Dango: But I think you're plenty old...

Sharu: You, what did you say!?

Dango: No! Nothing!

Ken: Kakeru-san, Dango! This is not the time for debating!

Kakeru: Right! Everyone, get away quickly!

Mai: Get away!? That is a joke! Let's go Yuy!

Yuy: Ok!

Ken: He, hey! That place is dangerous!

Sharu: Good grief! In any world because children are like this...!

Sharu: (There is no choice... Here I will...!)

Dango: That person also gone...

Ken: Kakeru-san, what should we do!? 

Kakeru: We can't leave them alone!
Ken and Dango go after those two! I'll chase after that young lady!
After those girls escaped, call out Liger and fight!

Ken: Understood! Let's go, Dango!

Dango: Ok!

Sharu: Damn! Even I planned not to get involve in the events of the different 
world as much as possible! 
But, nothing is more important than human's life!

Sharu: Code Wake! Summon, Merveille!!

Doll Satan: Mu, who are you!?

Sharu: You don't need to know who I am!

Doll Satan: Fuck you, do you intend to oppose us?!

Sharu: Right! I can't afford overlook the destruction of the city before my 
eyes! Because it is useless to talk with you I'll give you a dreadful 
Doll Satan: What a loose-mouthed noisy fellow! Drago Knight, pulverize that

Sharu: I have to protect the people that are left behind...! I'll keep those
monster's invasion in check!

*Merveille's first battle*

Sharu: I came here to find the Armed Fantoma but what am I doing...! But, 
since I already embarked I'll focus my mind from now!

*Turn 2*

Sharu: Response of a new mechanic!? This is bad... I don't know if the 
Merveille can hold on much longer...

Boss: Yan ya yan! The super favorite of Earth's peacefulness, Bossborot 

Mucha: Boss, that large rock! It is the same rock appeared at Hokkaido!

Boss: That's right!

Nuke: Whattt~? I don't know why those guys with scary face wandering around 

Kouji Kabuto: Be careful! Those are the Drago Empire that Ken was talking

Sayaka: Kouji-kun, there! Someone is fighting!

Kouji Kabuto: There was a robot arrived before us!?

Jin: I haven't seen a robot like that.

Asuka: Anyway, the more allies the better.

Koji: Yeah, that's right!

Sharu: Somewhat noisy people came here but they seem to come to protect the 
city... If that's the case!
Hey you! Don't make that vacant stare and quickly help me! If only I'm here
it's going to be a big problem!

Kouji Kabuto: Hey, wait a moment, wasn't that a bit rude?

Jin: Good grief, we don't know who you are but can you talk in a better way?

Sharu: Because you guys are late I ended up in fighting! 
Or, should I say the nosy friends of justice are troublesome!?

???: Nosy... The friends of justice is... troublesome...

Osekkaiser: Hahahaha! The friend of justice, Osekkaiser appears!

Sharu: Now, what?

Osekkaiser: Haahahahaha! Haaaahahahaha!!

Jin: Who is this guy!? Suddenly appear.

Nuke: What's this, an egotistic guy~?

Boss: Muu... That was nicely done for overshadow my Bossborot's appearance.

Mucha: He is a strong rival, Boss...

Asuka: But we can't confirm if he is an ally or not.

Sayaka: But didn't he say he is a friend of justice?

Kouji: It's true but...

Doll Satan: Hmph... You call for friends? I'll make you all a scapegoat for
Drago-sama. Go, Drago Knights!

Osekkaiser: Haahahahaha! Osekkaiser! 

[Osekkaiser's morale max. Osekkaiser attacks a Evil Dragon Soldier]

Kouji: To think as an ally... He is good isn't it...?

Kouji Kabuto: For now, let's leave that guy alone and eliminate the monsters!

Jin: I agree!

Sharu: Somewhat a suitable ally. I wonder if I can rely on you...

Osekkaiser: Haahahahaha! Osekkaiser! 

*Five enemies shot down/Turn 3*

Mai: Look! That is the sealed rock!

Yuy: The sealed rock begins to absorb humans' fear and sadness... If things 
were like this, the seal will be untie!

Mai: If those robots don't quickly defeat Drago's fellows...!

Ken: Hey! Impertinent girl and rabbit panty girl! Where are you!? If you're
here answer me!

Yuy: Those children!

Dango: Those children! 

Ken: So you are here! Good grief, you make me worried!

Mai: You don't need to worry that much!

Ken: You really can't keep your mouth shut!

Saeko: Who is there!?

Dango: Ahh, Yagami Saeko! You are real!

Ken: What the hell! I can't believe I meet you here!

Saeko: Only children... Are you kids left behind?

Yuy: No, not really...

Saeko: Anyhow let's escape together. Follow me.

Ken: Sorry for your invitation but, I think I'll take a pass.
There is a thing that I must do!

Saeko: What did you say...

Ken: Dango! I trust 3 persons to you!

Dango: Understood! Do your best, Ken!

Ken: Look, Drago's fellows! I'll cut you to pieces!

Ken: Cooooome! Ligerrr!! Ligerrr! In!!

Yuy: Mai! Did you see it!?

Mai: He called out the Liger... That is the proof of the decendant warrior of
Argama isn't it?

Yuy: Just like uncle Ryuzo said right?

Dango: We rely on you, Ken! Liger!

Saeko: That robot is called Liger? It is controlled by a friend of you kids?

Yuy: Err...

Dango: Yeah, it is so but...

Saeko: Ah, I'm sorry. The first thing to do now is find a shelter. Later I have
various things to ask you.

Dango: Yes! At that time please give me your signature!

Mai: That guy use this chance to profit...

Ken: Kouji-san, I'll also help!

Doll Satan: So you appeared, Liger!

Kouji Kabuto: Ken! Why you're here!?

Ken: I accidentally came to Tokyo for sightseeing!

Sayaka: Kakeru-kun also with you?

Ken: Now, Kakeru goes to help our friends escape.

Kouji Kabuto: Understood! I trust the later to you, Ken!

Ken: Got it! Let's go!

Doll Geist: Satan-sama. Metal Knight's preparation is in order.

Doll Satan: Good! Then, let them sortie!

Doll Geist: Understood! I hope you'll find them useful as much as you wants.

*If Osekkaiser succeed in destroying 5 enemies*

Osekkaiser: Hahahahaha! Osekkaiser! 

*Turn 4*

Ken: Come! You monsters! As long as I and Liger exist, I'll will not let 
things go as you please!

Ryu Dolk: That's Liger... Interesting. Seem we need a feedback.

Abe Seimei: Ryu Dolk-dono, you sortie at last?  

Ryuu Doruku: Yeah. I want to experience myself that guy's power. Let's go!
Demon Dragon King Doluga! Come under me!

Sharu: They come again! 

Ken: That Bio Armor is different from the ones we encountered... Incredible 

Ryu Dolk: My name is Ryu Dolk...

Ken: Ryu Dolk!?

Ryu Dolk: Come, Liger! Let me see your power!

Ken: I can't afford to escape by such challenge! Let's go!!

[Liger and Doluga duel]

Ryu Dolk: You're surprisingly soft... Also full of gap.

Ken: Shit! I'll never get beaten!

Kakeru: This is bad... The guy fights with Ken is very strong.

Amane: Right...

Kakeru: Oh! Amane, you awake?

Amane: I can't sleeping well a while ago. I have to speak when there is people 
around me right?

Kakeru: Is that so? If we do a mobilephone-like talk we won't be discovered 

Amane: But, we have to help Liger! I'll come out with Ionia...

Kakeru: Well, I'll also. I gave up finding that young lady!

Amane: No, brother! If you can't help that person escape safely...

Kakeru: But, if the damage is spreading farther, finding shelter is out of the
question. I decide to beat those bastards with Schicksal!
On top of that, that strong-minded girl can't easily die! 

Amane: The words you said just now, if that young sister hear she will be 

Kakeru: Then! Let's go!

Ryu Dolk: Fuu, the black giant also come...?

Kakeru: Ken, are you alright!?

Ken: Yeah! But be careful, Kakeru-san! 
That guy is a formidable opponent!

Kakeru: Probably among the opponents we take on until now that is the most
brutal one...!

Amane: No, not that much...

Kakeru: Let's insert our fighting spirits, Ken!

Ken: Ok!

[Ken's morale +20]

*Schicksal vs Doluga*

Kakeru: Amane, give me support. If we don't go full strength he'll turn 

Amane: Understood, brother! Be careful Ok!

Ryu Dolk: You made a very good move. However, defeat Demon Dragon King is
another story!

*Merveille vs Doluga*

Sharu: Next after next! Only troublesome opponents!

Ryu Dolk: Woman... But I'm not going easy on you!

*Mazinger Z vs Doluga*

Kouji Kabuto: That machine's movement is different with the others!?   

Ryu Dolk: That's the castle of iron that people was talking about...? He 
should be a worthy opponent.

*Raijin-Oh vs Doruga*

Kouji: Be careful! That guy got incredible power!

Asuka: Jin, don't be rash!

Jin: Yeah, understood!

Ryu Dolk: That's the enigmatic mecha appeared a few day ago...? But, anyone
stand before me only receive a knockout. 

*Bossborot vs Doluga*

Ryu Dolk: Fuu, a machine like that can not escape from this Doluga.
Nuke: It seems like the opponent is completely make fun of Borot...

Mucha: What should we do, Boss?

Boss: I decided! Let's greet him with the special Borot Punch!

*Diana A vs Doluga*

Sayaka: I'll not let you kill Liger!

Ryu Dolk: Fuu, interesting... If you can stop this Demon Dragon King Doluga
then show me.

*Doll Satan is defeated*

Doll Satan: Ku! Again I'm being done by those fuckers...! Remember this! The 
next time it is your turn to be completely wiped out!

*Doluga HP reduce to 50% or Doluga defeated*

Ryu Dolk: I see. It seems these fellow got a little backbone... If that's 
the case I'll also go serious!

Kouji Kabuto: That rascal! He transforms!

Ryu Dolk: Since you fuckers already saw this form of Doluga Dragon the only
chosen road for you is dead!

Ken: I don't care what you're trying to change into! I'll not lose! Until the
fall of Drago Empire!

*Doluga Dragon HP reduce to 50%*

Ryu Dolk: Fufufufu...! Fuhahahahahahah!

Jin: Hey you, what are you laughing about?!

Ken: Ku... You're still calm...?

Ryu Dolk: I'm happy. It seems you fuckers have the power exceed my 
expectation... I accept to lose this game. But next time we meet I'll show you
the real hell.

Sayaka: Thanks God he retreated.

Ken: Ryu Dolk... What a fearsome guy...

Abe Seimei: So the sealed rock disappeared...? 
Boring... This scene is boring to this extent!

*Battle Ends*

Sharu: Phew... Somehow we cleared everything.

Osekkaiser: Hahahahaha! Osekkaiser!

Sharu: Osekkaiser... Can you say something different?

Osekkaiser: Osekkaiser!

Sharu: ...

Kakeru: Those two seem aren't enemy...

Sayaka: I wonder where does he come from?

Jin: That robot has great character...

Sharu: What? What? I can feel that visual line around here... 

Kouji Kabuto: Thank you for fighting along side with us!
By the way, where are you two come from?

Sharu: No, that guy and me don't have any relation! Please don't make us a 

Osekkaiser: Hahahahaha! Go!

Jin: Ahh! He ran away!

Kouji: But I think that isn't the case of ran away particularly...

Sharu: Good grief! Why this time I... 
Ah! Aaaaaaaah!!

Kakeru: What!?

Sharu: Hold it right there, you! Come out from that cockpit!

Kakeru: What! You are the girl eating doughnuts last time!

Amane: That young sister is a pilot...

Kakeru: Good grief, if you're riding that robot please give us a reply. I have
to chase after you in anxiety you know that?

Sharu: Ahh! You're the one from before?!

Kakeru: Well, it's good that you aren't injured!

Sharu: It's not good! No, probably lucky!

Kakeru: Where?!

Sharu: That, is the giant sword I'm searching! The sword that that machine 
hold in its hand!

Kakeru: Schicksal's sword? Probably, its name is...

Amane: Armed Fantoma, brother...

Kakeru: I see, that's right! It is Armed Fantoma!

Sharu: You... What do you understand!?

Kakeru: No, I understand it is a weapon but what did you know about this 

Sharu: The machine of origin... Schicksal... I can't believe it is here in 
this world... 
That's why the Armed Fantoma was summoned on Earth... 

Kakeru: Hey, I've a request! Teach me if you know anything!

Sharu: I'll teach those later! So now immediately get off Schicksal! That
machine is mine from now on!

Kakeru: What are you saying!?

Sharu: Are you deaf!? Hand to me Schicksal and the Armed Fantoma!

Kakeru: No, even you suddenly said so...

Sharu: Quick!

[Sharu attacks Kakeru]

Kakeru: What the fuck are you doing!? It is dangerous!

Sharu: If you don't listen to me I've to use force!

Kouji Kabuto: Hey hey, wait a little!

Ken: Aren't you our ally!?

Sharu: The outsiders please shut up!

Kakeru: Are you serious about that!?

Amane: What should we do now, brother...?!

Sharu: I have no time for questioning and answering! If you're not obey to my 
instruction I'll use force!

Kakeru: Shit...!

[Merveille's energy is down]
Sharu: Eh, no way!? 
Energy is running out at this time...!
Shit, I can't believe I did a basic mistake...!

Sayaka: You can't attack with that condition right...?

Sharu: Hey, you! Keep that sword with caution! If you hand that sword to 
anyone else other than me, I'll make you pay!

Kakeru: Wait! At least we should have a talk!

Sharu: This time I retreat. You should be grateful about that!

Jin: She gone...

Kakeru: Ku, what an escape!

Amane: Brother... That person knew Schicksal don't you think so?

Kakeru: And also the Armed Fantoma...

Amane: The thing that person is finding is the Armed Fantoma...

Kakeru: Good grief! If that's the case don't run away then... 

Kouji Kabuto: But, a while ago is a critical situation.

Sayaka: It's good that the battle has ended. But it seems there are some

Kakeru: That Schicksal and the Ionia is an enigmatic story...

Sayaka: It can't be helped... since they are weapons for wars. But since
Kakeru-kun and Amane-kun are using them it shouldn't matter.

Amane: We fight to protect people. We have to tell our story carefully to
that young sister.

Kakeru: Right.

*Tokyo/Urban Street*

Dango: We did it, Ken!

Ken: Yeah! Those fellows, just when they understood that they can't match us,
they wag their tails and run away!
Well, but that fellow Ryu Dolk make me a little fearful.

Kouji Kabuto: That rascal who change himself into a dragon...? It seems he is a 
member of the Drago Empire.

Sayaka: He has an overwhelming power right...

Kakeru: The next time we meet he will seriously come to defeat us, don't you 

Ken: We can't let it be as now... If we don't get stronger...

Jin: Don't worry, Ken-san! If the veteran Mazinger team arrive, we aren't 
fighting alone.

Asuka: Sometime you say good things, Jin!

Kouji: As long as we exist we'll not let those guys do things they like!

Ken: Haha! I trust in you, everyone!

Boss: Leave things to us! As long as Bossborot is here, evil can't shine!

Kouji Kabuto: Boss said words like that though it's lacking reality...

Saeko: Sorry for interrupting your story but, can I also join the 

Boss: Oooooooh! You're possibly Yagami Saeko-sama!

Ken: Lucky! We receive a visit from Saeko!

Saeko: You are the one riding Liger, Taiga Ken-kun right?

Ken: Ye, Yes!

Saeko: Liger and Drago Empire... Also the friends fighting along side with 
you... I heard it all from your friend Goro-kun.

Ken: Dango, you!

Dango: But in exchange for the request of keeping silent about Ken's true 
identity I've teached you alot of things...

Yuy: You still said that despite you exchanged it with the signature...?

Mai: Well, it is an adolescence thing. It can't be helped right?

Saeko: I have various things that I want to ask you guys...
Now, I wonder what kind of terror is approaching the Earth...

Ken: That I do not know well I afraid...

Jin: We are also the same right?

Kouji: Yeah... We only are the one Eldoran entrusts with the Raijin-Oh...

Asuka: Aside from the Jaaku Empire, we don't know anything about other 

Saeko: After all I only understand their name... At least I want to know their 

Yuy: Er... Saeko-san. We have a bit of knowledge about the Drago Empire. 

Mai: Since I think this talk could be long, could we discuss at somewhere

Saeko: Eh? I see... Then how about at my villa?

Mai: What do you think, Yuy?

Yuy: Understood. Let's go, Mai.

Sayaka: Saeko-san. Wouldn't you mind if we also come? 

Jin: Hey hey, can we go too!?

Saeko: Of course. You're welcome.

Boss: Ohh! We can even go to Saeko-sama's villa!

Kouji Kabuto: We are lucky right, Boss!

Sayaka: Jeez, Kouji-kun! He is festive again! 

*Drago Empire*

Doll Geist: How was Liger's real ability Ryu Dolk-dono?

Ryu Dolk: Phew, he seems to give me a bit fun.
Doll Geist: Oh... that's interesting to hear. I can't believe there is an 
opponent that Ryu Dolk-dono has to take off his hat... 
I also must hurry finishing the Metal Knight. Because nothing is better than 
removing quickly the obstacles.

*Drago Empire/Passage*

Ryu Dolk: Hmph... I didn't expect that the mechanic that doesn't contain
hot-bloodedness can fight the same as the beautiful beast...
Anyhow the formidable opponent of the Demon Dragon King Doluga already
Liger... I must crush you with my own hand.

*Saeko's Villa*

Dango: Ohh! Wonderful villa!

Kirara: Right, coming to Saeko's villa is like a dream!

Yuy: Really, a lovely place.

Kakeru: As I thought a celebrity is different...

Mai: Because she is the daughter of the Yagami family.

Saeko: Well, let's hurry inside everyone. Let's talk slowly in the living 

*Saeko's Villa/Living Room*

Saeko: What do you mean!? The recarnation of Evil God Drago!?

Yuy: Yeah. To prevent that, is the mission of Taiga family and Kamishiro 
family, as the decendants of the Good God Argama.

Kouji Kabuto: In other word, Ken is the one those ancestors entrust with the

Yuy: Yes. It is told that only ''The family of the Lion'' can move the 
inheritance of Argama.

Mai: The birthmark on the right hand of Ken is the proof of ''The family of 
the Lion''.

Ken: ''The family of the Lion''... This birthmark has that meaning?

Saeko: Today things are cleared to me by being able to talk with everyone. The 
report that my grandpa left behind was correct.

Maria: What does that mean?

Saeko: My grandpa spent all his life research the recarnation of Evil God. 
My grandpa's researches continue to receive ignore from almost all scientists,
saying those are stupid and irrational beliefs, but the Evil God Drago's
existence is true... 

Jin: Then, were there a lot of things written in that report?

Sayaka: For example, such things like the revive of Evil God Drago related to
the giant rock appeared at Kushiro and Tokyo... 

Saeko: In grandpa's researching report it is noted as ''Sealed Rock''. A long
time ago the Good God and the Evil God fight. That is the rock lock up the 
defeated Evil God... The sealed rock.

Ken: The sealed rock... Inside it is the Evil God Drago?

Saeko: Probably so... But, I wonder why is the Drago Empire try to unseal 
Evil God Drago...

Mai: We don't understand to that extent.

Yuy: Because there were no stories about that...

Ken: I don't know difficult terms but, shall we just crush the Drago Empire?

Boss: Agree! If we join our power we can beat any opponent hands down!

Saeko: Haha, you guys are reliable. Somewhat my anxieties are just thoughts of
imaginary fear.

Ken: Kakeru-san, you return already?

Kakeru: Yeah, I already heard all the story. I and Amane will return to our 
home at Aozora Town. There is something I would like to tell my friends at my

Amane: Also we can't have everyone worry about us...

Saeko: I see. You should greet people who are looking after you right?

Kakeru: Once job done we will reunite Ok? From now take care Ken and others.

Saeko: Please trust us. Ah, yeah. If you come by tomorrow then come to Shunpuu
Town, not the villa Ok?

Kakeru: Shunpuu Town?

Yuy: Our new destination is Shunpuu Elementary School.

Mai: Ken and Dango also have to go with us on the school transfer. 

Ken: No, we don't need to go to the school that hurry...

Dango: Yeah.

Mai: No. Isn't after all you guys have bad school mark?

Ken: Uh...

Dango: Well, we can go to school by Saeko-san's seeing off and meeting. Let's 
be patience, Ken.

Saeko: Then, Kakeru-kun. I'll give you a ride to the train station.

Kakeru: Thank you.

V If player choses route B (to Shunpuu Town) ^

*Shunpuu Town*

Kenichi: Well, I'm leaving.

Hiromi: Good morning, Kenichi-kun.

Kenichi: Good morning, Hiromi.

Kenichi: Yawn, I'm so sleepy... I lack a bit of sleep.

Hiromi: Could it be you studied for exam?

Kenichi: What are you saying? It is strange I'm studying for the exam? 

Hiromi: No, not strange. But, did you really study?

Kenichi: Nahahahaha! Of course not!
No... The truth is... (Eh... Wait. Am I only be labeled as a fool if I say 
because I have a bad dream I can't sleep?) 

Hiromi: What's wrong with you Kenichi-kun?

Kenichi: ... Therefore, as for children things they didn't know are many! 

Shinobu: Aren't you still children!?

Kenichi: Uwah, you made me surprised! Don't suddenly appear like that!

Shinobu: It can't be helped right? The school is right there!

Hiromi: Asaoka-san and Tanabe-san, good morning.

Kuuko: Good morning, Hiromi-kun.

Kenichi: Dammit, you two, stay away from me a bit will you?

Shinobu: Hahah! You shy when walking with a girl right? As I thought, you're
still a child.

Kenichi: It is you still are a child saying like that!?

Shinobu: Yeah. I'm a child. Is it bad?

Kenichi: Whattttt!

Mai: Hey, Minezaki Kenichi! Why are you quarrel with a girl from the morning?

Kenichi: You appear, another damn tomboy...

Kuuko: Ah! Good morning Yuy-chan and Mai-chan!

Yuy: Good morning, Tanabe-san.

Hiromi: Eh? Behind you two are? 

Mai: Yeah, let me introduce. This is Taiga Ken and Dangoro transfer to our 
class 3 year 6.

Shinobu: Hee~, new transfer students. I'm Asaoka Shinobu, nice to meet you.

Dango: Hehe, nice to meet you! 

Ken: Since I and Dango just arrived from Hokkaido, please teach us many things

Kuuko: Yes. We are from class 2 year 6 so if you don't understand something 
don't hesitate to ask Ok?

Dango: Ken, we're so lucky at the first day of transfering to suddenly gather
many friends!

Ken: Yeah!

Yuy: However, Kenichi-kun, why you're so sleepy?

Kenichi: That doesn't matter a bit to me!

Mai: Hahah! In that case you are bed-wetting!?
Kuuko: Eh? Eh!? Is that true, Kenichi-kun!?

Kenichi: Wrong! I'm not bed-wetting!
That is a scary dream! A dream which the town and my body become machine!

Shinobu: Body of machine...!?

Hiromi: Body of machine...!?

Kenichi: Uwaaaah! What's that!?

Hiromi: Detaaaa! (It is actually a word for spotting something but I don't
know how to translate it so sorry) 

Shinobu: What's that!?

Kuuko: Eh? What's wrong with you three?

Shinobu: Behind you! Behind you!

Hiromi: Di... it is a dinosaur!

Ken: Dinosaur!? 

Ken: That? There are nothing.

Dango: Oh~! They mock us because we're new transfer students~!

Ken: Because it is an amazing serious performance, it deceived us well!

Ken: Eh? Where did those kids go?

Yuy: They already run off in fear.

Kuuko: What's wrong with those three?

*Shunpuu Town/Empty Ground*

Kenichi: Ha...ha...ha... How is that? Is the dinosaur stop chasing us?

Hiromi: We seems fine...

Shinobu: What on earth is that dinosaur!?

Shinobu: Kyaaaaaah!

Kenichi: Now what!?


Denki-Oh: ... This is the Earth...? There are many weak lifeforms crawling 
like worms...

Shinobu: Again there is a stranger appears!

Denki-Oh: My name is Denki-Oh! (Electric King)
I come here to turn this planet into a planet of machinery by Kikaishin-sama's
command! (Kikaishin = Machine God)

Kenichi: Denki-Oh!?

Hiromi: A, Alien!

Kenichi: You mean mechanize the Earth!?

Denki-Oh: Fufufu. That's right. We'll begin with mechanize this town!

Denki-Oh: Ooooooooh!!

Kenichi: The buildings... the ground turn into machine!

Shinobu: That, isn't it the same thing I saw in my dream!?

Hiromi: The dream that the town and our body turn into machine!

Kenichi: Ehh? You dudes also have the same dream as me!?

Denki-Oh: Appear, mechanize beasts!
Go, mechanize beasts! Smash all those who oppose us! 
Make order of steel to the whole universe!

Hiromi: Wawawah, they're coming this way!

Kenichi: Shinobu, Hiromi, let's run! 

Shinobu: What on earth is happening!?

Kenichi: I don't know!

Hiromi: What on earth is happening!?

Shinobu: It can't be...! Where shall we hide!?

Kenichi: Uwaaaaaah!!

Kenichi: What is this strange place!? Moreover, why am I at a place like a
pilot's cockpit...!?

Hiromi: Kenichi-kun!

Kenichi: Hiromi!? Where are you!?

Hiromi: Look like I'm at the cockpit of that dinosaur appeared a while ago.

Kenichi: What!? Then I also...!

Hiromi: Yes. It seems like we're in the cockpit of the dinosaur robots.

Kenichi: Are you serious...
Now that you mention it, Shinobu is...!? Where is Shinobu!?

Shinobu: I'm here, Kenichi.

Kenichi: Shinobu, are you alright!

Shinobu: Yeah! I'm also the same at you two, inside a dinosaur robot's 

Kenichi: I see... Anyhow I'm relief we didn't separate from each other.

Shinobu: Yeah.

Hiromi: But what really is this place...?

Kenichi: What's that!?

Eldoran: ...

Shinobu: Who are you!?

Eldoran: I'm Eldoran... The warrior of light protecting the Earth from ancient

Kenichi: Eldoran... The warrior of light!?

Eldoran: The purpose of the Mechanize Empire that you kids encountered is to 
turn their invading planet into a planet of machinery...

Hiromi: Which reminds me of that matter...

Eldoran: I have to go... to seal the resurrected Demon King from darkness... 

Shinobu: The Demon King's resurrection...?

Eldoran: I want you kids to replace me protect this Earth with this dinosaur
robot, Gosaurer...

Hiromi: We protect?

Shinobu: You mean we fight...?

Kenichi: With Gosaurer!?

Eldoran: You'll grab the future in your hand if you unite everyone's power...
You must not let this planet turned into a machine... I trust in you, the
children of the earth...

Kenichi: Uwah, it's dazzling!

Hiromi: Wawah, waaaaaah!

Shinobu: Wawah, waaaaaah!

Stage 5B: Appear! Dinosaur Robot!

Ken: Shit! What a showy welcome from the first day of school's transfer!

Kouji Kabuto: Hurry, Ken! If we don't fight, everyone at Shunpuu town will
face danger! 

Ken: I understand!

Sayaka: Everyone, you got that!? A lot of people of Shunpuu town are taking
refuge at Shunpuu Elementary School! Don't let those unknown robots get near
the school!

Ken: Understood! We should protect the school right!

Boss: I completely agree!

Kouji Kabuto: Got it, everyone? We must not let those guys enter the school!

Kouji Kabuto: It seems Kakeru is fighting another enemy at Aozora town so he 
can't come here! We can only rely on ourselves here!

Ken: Roger! I'll absolutely not allow them to pass here! (How can I stand 
watching this town be destroyed like Kushiro...!) (I and Liger will absolutely 
protect everyone...!) 

*Kouji or Boss vs Mechanize Beast*

Boss: What are these fellows!? They turn the town into machine!

Kouji: They are harder to deal with compare to when we destroy the like of 
machine beasts.

*Three enemies defeated*

Gorou: Teacher Nakajima, among the 18 students of class 2 year 6 15 persons
were here. 

Teacher Nakajima: I appreciate your efforts.

Gorou: No, as a head class representative the roll-call is a natural thing I
have to do.

Teacher Nakajima: By the way, who are the three people missing?

Gorou: Kenichi... Hiromi and Shinobu.

Teacher Nakajima: I see... Kuuko, do you know where Kenichi group are?

Kuuko: We were together half-way on the school but...

Teacher Nakajima: Those kids... Why don't they come to school at this critical
moment? Could it be they are still at the city...

Yoji: Uwaaah!

Yuka: Ah! Scary~!

Teacher Nakajima: Everyone calm down! At this time look around you carefully

Kinta: Hey! Look there! 

Shuzo: What's that!? Why are they land at the school building!?

Yoji: Di, dinosaurs!  Those are dinosaurs!

Professor: No, look carefully! Those are robots!

Kinta: Look, at the head of the dinosaur! Kenichi is riding it!

Chobi: True!

Ely: Isn't the one riding that is Shinobu?

Ikuyo: On the opposite side is Hiromi-kun!

Yoji: Teacher, what does this mean!?

Teacher Nakajima: Well... I also don't understand anything...

Ely: Hey, hasn't our classroom been destroyed!?

Kinta: Let's go and see!

Teacher Nakajima: Ah, hey! It is dangerous so stop!

*Shunpuu Elementary School/Classroom*

Gorou: Uwah! What's this!?

Professor: The classroom turns into a command room!

Kinta: What on earth is this!?

Ely: Guys, what does this mean!? Beside, what on earth are those dinosaur 

Hiromi: We also don't know well since the development is too suddenly...

Shinobu: The only thing we know now is that since the Mechanize Empire come  
here to turn the Earth into a machinery planet the only choice is to fight!

Kenichi: With this Gosaurer that is given by Eldoran!

Professor: Eldoran!? Is that the sparking old man that entrusts Raijin-Oh to 
the Earth Defense Class!?

Kenichi: Right! That Eldoran! 

Bon: Then, the one rampage the town is the Mechanize Empire!?

Kenichi: Huh? Rampage?

Bon: Look outside!

Kenichi: What is that!?

Shinobu: The robots that Denki-Oh summons are fighting with Mazinger Z and his

Maaboo: But, it looks like they are out-numbered. They're protecting the town 
with all they might.

Kenichi: Damn it! While we're stuck in a strange place they rampage the town as
they like! If that's the case, let's beat them all with Gosaurer!

Wan: But this robot is stuck at the school building right?

Ci: Then how do we fight? 

Kenichi: Th, that is...

Kenichi: Uwa, what's this!? A strange bracelet in my arm!

Shinobu: In my hand also!

Hiromi: In my hand also!

Professor: All the student of class 2 have it...

Ely: Professor, what does this mean!? Do you understand anything!? You have a 
cousin at the Earth Defense Class right!?

Professor: Not only Kenichi group but we also being given a bracelet means...
We are also the chosen members to fight together!

Kinta: It is probably true!?

Professor: It can't be mistaken! We're also in the same situation as the 
Earth Defense Class when they're given the Raijin-Oh!

Yoji: Are you joking~!

*Seven enemies defeated*

Denki-Oh: Fufufu, it seems that in this planet there are people who can resist
my Mechanize Beasts... I'll verify their true ability myself!

Kouji Kabuto: Shit! Enemy reinforcement...!?

Denki-Oh: Fuhahahahaha! The excitement of war is beaten people having power!
Take this!!

Boss: This is bad! That guy has terrific power!

Ken: Shit! If things remain like this it will be like when I'm at Kushiro...!

Kinta: Hey! It seems very awful!

Mai: Hey, people! What takes you a lot of time!?

Dango: Quickly move that robot and rescue Ken!

Gorou: Ken?

Kuuko: He is a friend of Dango-kun, a transfer student at class 3.

Shinobu: Hey, how is Ken-kun!?

Dango: Ken is now fighting outside!

Yuy: The Ken who ride that Bio Armor Liger!

Hiromi: Is that true!?

Mai: Of course it is true! So quickly sortie!

Bon: We want to do so but...

Chobi: We don't know how to sortie.

Dango: What!?

Yuy: Kenichi-kun, do something!?

Kenichi: If I can do something, I won't get stuck here!

Hiromi: What shall we do, Kenichi-kun? Like this, Ken-kun.. and the town will

Kenichi: Right! If it's like this the only way to go out is to destroy the 

Ikuyo: Destroy the building!?

Shuzo: If we do that, teacher will be angry!?

Kenichi: Because teacher is scary, we can't fight the Mechanize Empire!

Kinta: Right! We can't abandon those guys like that!

Ely: Then let's do it! Do it!

Kenichi: Ok, it's set! Sortie!!

Shinobu: Yeah!!

Gorou: Kamishiro-san, quickly go out of the classroom!

Mai: Understood! We entrust Ken to you guys!

Kenichi: Please trust us!

Bon: Preparation is finished! 

Ely: Everyone, go out!

Sayaka: Look! That dinosaur robot moved!

Ken: Who on earth moves that thing!?

Kenichi: It is us! Ken!

Ken: We don't want that...

Kenichi: I'm Minezaki Kenichi! Were we met on the way to school?

Ken: Right, at that time! 

Kenichi: Please let us, all members of class 2 year 6 fight together! With 
this Gosaurer that is received from Eldoran!

Kouji Kabuto: The second Eldoran robot, after Raijin-Oh, appears?

Kenichi: Please leave Denki-Oh to us! Let's go!
Uwaaaah, it don't fly straight!

Ken: What are you doing!? Control carefully!  

Kenichi: This is my first time fly this thing!

Nuke: Because of that you shouldn't talk that big~.

Denki-Oh: Hm, it seems the pilot is inexperienced.

Denki-Oh: The one lacking power don't have qualification to come here! 

Kenichi: Uwaaaah!

Ken: !

Hiromi: Ken-kun, why!?

Ken: I'll never let any more people died! I hate losing friends!

Denki-Oh: A fool comes to wounded himself!

Ken: Uwaaaaaah!!

Hiromi: If things are like this Ken-kun will be killed!

Shinobu: Even you said that, what should we do!?

Professor: Combine into Gosaurer!

Kenichi: Combine into Gosaurer!? What are you saying Professor!? 

Professor: If this is a robot you received from Eldoran then surely it can 
combine! Moreover if there are 3 robots they can combine, that's common sense!

Kenichi: What common sense!? Eh!? What's this!?

Professor: It's Gosaurer Changer! If you use that, you can combine into 

Kenichi: Eh! I don't know what's that but, let's do it!
Gosaurer! Hot-blooded Combination!!

Kenichi: Wow! We really can combine!

Ken: Hehe... You did it, Kenichi.

Kenichi: Yeah! 

Professor: Can you hear me Kenichi-kun? We are in the command room inside the 
chest of Gosaurer. Kenichi group are in the main cockpit at the head. In the
motive power rooms at the two shoulders are Bon, Ikuyo-san, Maaboo, Harue-san.

Kenichi: In short all members of class 2 year 6 are inside Gosaurer, right!?

Professor: Yes!

Shinobu: Kenichi! Let's return them the debt of destroying Shunpuu town!

Kenichi: Ok!

[Enemies appear]

*Gosaurer vs Enemy*

Kenichi: Ok, we will attack them no matter what!

Hiromi: I rely on you, Kenichi-kun! 

Shinobu: Don't forget everyone is riding in this Gosaurer!

*Hyper Death Bolt HP under 50%*

Denki-Oh: Guuuu, impertinent! Are you oppose us to the end...? The next time 
we meet will be your last moment!

*Battle Ends*

Professor: There were no sign of enemies in Shunpuu town anymore!

Kenichi: He! It serves you right!

Ely: So incredible! We're the stars of this town!

Wan: Eh~! Star!?

Ci: Cool!!

Yoji: What star!? What cool!

Ely: Why are you angry by yourself!?

Yoji: Everyone, you don't understand anything! You got it!? We damaged the 
school! The classroom became a robot! Until we graduarate, how can we study by

Shuzo: We sortied aware of that wasn't it? Now don't complain loud like that.

Yoji: It's certainly so but...

Professor: Don't worry about that. If Gosaurer is an Eldoran robot the school
will surely come back to its original form.

Yoji: Then, what happen to the town which was mechanized!?

Professor: I afraid you also don't have to worry. Look there. 
Just like I thought. It seems if we push down Mechanize Empire things will
automatically go back to the start.

Kuuko: Then, the problem was solved now right?

Ken: No, not yet!

Hiromi: What do you mean by not yet?

Ken: Our friends are fighting another enemy at Aozora town!

Kouji Kabuto: Can Gosaurer also come with us together?

Shinobu: I afraid... What shall we do everyone?

Kenichi: Let's go! We can't afford fighting only the Mechanize Empire!
If things become like this, let's fight with all those bastards targeting the 

Professor: That's the spirit, Kenichi-kun! We, the ''Saurers'' also follow 
Ken-kun and his friends!

Hiromi: Saurers?

Professor: We also have to have a name like the Earth Defense Class! Because 
of that in the middle of the battle, I keep on thinking! 

Gorou: You have plenty of spare time...

Harue: As expected Professor...

Kenichi: Saurers? Yeah, it's good!

Ely: Well then! We're set as Saurers!!

Kenichi: Immediately, head for Aozora Town!

Kinta: Ok!!

*Aozora Town*

Amane: Brother, there were no sign of enemies anymore.

Kakeru: I see. It seems we cleared everything.

Jin: We did it very well, Ganbaruger!

Kotarou: Yeah, that's our true ability!

Yousuke: Wait! Something is approaching here!

Toubei: You blockheads! Still more!?

Ken: That? Even you took trouble coming here but it already ended.

Kouji Kabuto: It seems Kakeru group tried hard.

Kakeru: Everyone, you arrived!

Kouji Kabuto: Jin, the robot over there is?

Jin: Yeah. That is called Ganbaruger. It seems an Eldoran robot.

Kenichi: Received from Eldoran!?

Professor: Now there are 3 Eldoran robots appeared in the city huh?

Ikuyo: I wonder if the Earth is in crisis that much?  

Jin: Now that you mention it, I haven't heard the name of the piloting 
fellows... Hey, the ones riding the Ganbaruger! If it is convenient for you 
tell us your names! 

Yousuke: Ah, no... For some reasons we can't do so... 

Kakeru: Then, from now on what should we call you dudes?

Kotarou: We are the Ganbar Team! The so-called ''Secret Hero''!

Asuka: You call yourself ''Secret Hero''?

Kakeru: We are friend that fought together. Nobody will leak out your secret.
Let's be frank to each other.

Rikiya: Sorry... The truth is we have a reason...  

Kotarou: Then see ya!

Jin: He, hey!

Blue Ganbar: Err... When something happens, please contact this commander. 
We'll arrive immediately.

Jin: They gone...

Kouji: What are they really, these so-called ''Ganbar Team''...?

*Aozora Town/Jungle*

Toubei: If we come up till here, it is somewhat safe. At last we can talk 

Yellow Ganbar: I wonder if Chinatsu is Ok...

Toubei: Because the Defense Troop is trustworthy, there is no need to worry.
Our group have more problems than that.

Yellow Ganbar: Totally. Because of the spell of the guy of the Demon World 
father turned into a dog and... We can transform with the bracelet received
from Eldoran by ourselves but... We can't afford always keep the form like 

Red Ganbar: Not only that, Kotarou! Where will we hide Ganbaruger!?

Blue Ganbar: Ahh, if that's the case!

Kotarou: Eh? The transformation was untied?

Rikiya: Ahh, Ganbaruger disappears! Inside it are my gloves and bat!

Yousuke: Don't worry about that. We can call out the Ganbaruger with this
Ganbar Commander anytime it seems.

Kotarou: Hee~, that's handy!

[Route A]

Rikiya: Hoh... Then there's no need to worry. I can't play baseball without bat
and glove.

Yousuke: Next, I understood one thing after I investigated...
It seems we can use superhuman power after we transform.

Kotarou: Superhuman power!?

Yousuke: Yeah. If three of us transform it seems each of us can use different
superhuman power. By the way my superhuman power is the sight and hearing 
become sharp.
That's why I can hear the sound of Chinatsu's camera during the last battle.

Kotarou: Then, what about mine!?

Yousuke: The ability of Kotarou-kun is running super fast.

Rikiya: Yousuke, what about me!?

Yousuke: You become strong. You can lift heavy things.

[Combine Route] 

Kotarou: Well, let's immediately try! Furasshiii...!

Kotarou: It hurts, father! You can't just hit me without reason!

Toubei: Because you try to transform carelessly!
You kids were also being caught by the same spell as me, did you forget that!? 
If you kids leak out the Ganbar Team you will also being turned into dogs!

Kotarou: Ah...

Toubei: Got it!? You kids have to fight those of the Demon World! Because of 
that you absolutely must not let your true identity be known!

Kotarou: Understood...!

[Route A]

Rikiya: But, I wonder how could we solve the spell?

Toubei: We have to bear in mind the guy put the spell on us? If we can defeat
that guy probably the spell will disappear.

Yousuke: To be exact, that guy know how to resolve the spell right?

Rikiya: Well! If we meet that magician next time we'll capture him and make him
utter out!

Koktarou: Then, I wonder what will we do with Dad...

Yousuke: Yeah... What will we explain to the people of his family?

Toubei: You can say that I went for a trip of training.

Kotarou: Then Dad will become a dog that raised in my house. Sister probably 
won't reject that...

Toubei: What do you mean by ''raise''!?
Even the slightest I'm the master of the Kirigakure family that inherit the
tradition of 400 years... Wan!

Kotarou: (But now you just a dog...)

Toubei: You three listen to this carefully. A new danger is approaching the
The mysterious case happens, the invaders come and attack. It isn't that 

Rikiya: Right... The true is strange events happen too much.

Yousuke: Next to Amane, Lamune-kun is also missing...

Toubei: As you know the Earth isn't only be targeted by Demon World!
You three will join hands with other robots fight the invaders as ''the Miracle
Ganbar Team''!

Kotarou: But, if we spoiled ourselves we will turn into dogs?

Toubei: Fight without being revealed is also the mission of Ganbar Team!

Yousuke: Isn't that too much~!

Toubei: Good!? You must not let them turn this world into Demon World!
Because of that I'll train you well from today so prepare yourself!

Kotarou: Ah! I just remembered an urgent business!

Yousuke: I have to go to juku...

Rikiya: Which reminds me I have to practice at Aozora Genkiizu!

Toubei: Hey, you guys! Where are you going!?

Kotarou: Hiiiih! From now on the ninja training will become more serious~!

[Route B]

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kakeru: ... For this reason, I and Amane caught up in the fight at Aozora Town.

Ely: I see. The two town were almost being attacked at the same time right?

Kouji Kabuto: The Mechanize Empire appeared at Shunpuu Town but, thanks to our
new friends corporated it was saved.

Sayaka: The robot sortied from Shunpuu Elementary School is Gosaurer.

Kenichi: Exactly. Our Gosaurer played a great active role!

Ely: We, nickname ''Saurers'', class 2 year 6 of Shunpuu Elementary School,
nice to meet you!

Kakeru: Oh, nice to meet you.

Maria: Now that you mention it, wasn't an Eldoran robot called Ganbaruger also
appeared at Aozora Town?

Amane: Yes. But we don't know the true identity of the ''Ganbar Team'' who 
control the robot.

Shinobu: That is the secret hero Ganbar Team right...?

Kenichi: Aren't this team cooler!? Let's make the Saurers also a secret hero!

Hiromi: Now I afraid that is impossible... Because all students can see the 
place that Gosaurer sorties from the school...

Jin: Well, it seems their identities are unclear but, the Ganbar Team do give 
us a hand.

Bon: Just relax! The more allies the better!

Professor: But, it is helpless if there are only numbers. From now on 
cooperation is important.

Tsutomu: Right. If the companions of the same Eldoran robots cooperate the 
battle strength will be double!
Akira: If we do so, we'll be the matchless strongest hot-blooded?

Kinta: We can't let our guard down! Like judo, the instant of careless in 
battle is the moment of failure!

Professor: If we can cooporate with the Ganbaruger, we can make a higher 
leveled-battle plan...

Jin: Then, the battle plan with Raijin-Oh at the center doesn't have any 
problem right!? No matter what since Raijin-Oh is the eldest of the three 
Eldorans and it is cool!

Kenichi: What are you saying!? That place should be for Gosaurer!

Akira: No no, I also feel Raijin-Oh is the originator.

Yoji: That's wrong! Both Raijin-Oh and Ganbaruger are on the right track but
finally the winner is Gosaurer!

Yoppaa: Raijin-Oh!

Bon: Gosaurer!

Jin: Guuuuu, because we're the higher class student we can't hand over this to

Kenichi: Don't look big on that matter even you are only a little senior of 
the Earth Defense Class!

Kirara: Stop, you boys over there! You shouldn't debate since we are fighting
together from now on!

Jin: That and this are different stories!

Love: I think it won't work... They are completely stubborn...

Gorou: Hey, Kenichi also. Since we are also upper class man, calm down...

Kenichi: No! Even the opponent is inferior I'll never hand it over!

Yuka: Ah! Kenichi-kun looks scary!

Shinobu: Stop you guys! What can we do if we're fighting for only such thing!?

Maria: Yeah! Eldoran will seizure the robots because of this!

Jin: Uh...

Kenichi: Uh...

Maria: Phew... Jin somewhat became two persons...

Shinobu: True, I feel a similar companion... Thank you Maria-san for your hard 

Maria: I also understand Shinobu-san's hard effort.

Jin: Danm, thank you for saying that.

Kenichi: I don't see he is the same anyhow!

Professor: Let the quarrel ends here and return to the serious story. I think 
by now the enemies are preparing arranging their force. At this moment, the 
invaders are confirmed as the Drago Empire, Jaaku Empire, Demon World and the 
Mechanize Empire.

Kakeru: Not only enemies. After all we also don't understand the real identity
of the doughnut-girl that we meet at Tokyo...

Ken: Hey, Kakeru-san. Are you falling in love with that girl?

Kakeru: No!
We don't know if she is a friend or an enemy!

Tokie: Since she fought together with Osekkaiser to protect Tokyo, I don't 
think she is a bad person.

Kakeru: But, when she saw the Armed Fantoma her attitude suddenly changes. If
she remains like that the next time she probably will attack us.

Kouji Kabuto: I think she is an opponent that can be ignored. It seems she 
also knows things about Ionia and Schicksal.

Kakeru: Right. I want to know more about her but, I feel somewhat puzzling...

Dango: That, could it be a robot comes from foreign country?

Yuy: Now you've mentioned it, that person... is separated from Japanese in
some way.

Mai: At first I thought that she did some kind of cosplay...

Sayaka: I also thought there might be a possibility of research party or 
foreign troop and received investigation from my father but, that kind of 
information isn't correct by now.

Tsutomu: But, I don't think a private person operates that robot. Certainly
behind her is a large organization.

Professor: Is that organization also interested in Kakeru's machine?  

Kakeru: However our primary objective now is the invaders. I don't want anymore
human's complication...

Amane: Yeah. Let help each other more and protecting the Earth.

Kouji Kabuto: In this world there are a lot of people. Things are not going in
an easy way.

Professor: But the way we're gathering like this is already a step forward 
for the Earth's future.

Maria: Right. From now let's settle to gather for a meeting for defending the
Earth occasionally.

Ely: If discussion repeats then probably we can see things we couldn't see 

Tsutomu: Right. If it is possible I also want the Ganbar Team to attend.

Jin: First of all, everyone of Saurers! I hope we will get on well together!

Kenichi: Yeah! Roger that!

Jin: Then, follow Raijin-Oh firmly!

Kenichi: He! For that matter watch out you are slower than us!

Jin: What!?

Potato: Here it goes again...

Gorou: Stop that, you two... We took trouble making friends... Don't quarrel
for nonsensical things... 

Jin: What the heck do you mean nonsensical things!?

Kenichi: With us that is a major thing! Even if you are head class 
representative don't make that awful interference!

Gorou: What...!?

Ely: What...!?

Tokie: What...!?

Gorou: Uhh...! I'll stop the quarrel...

Maaboo: Eh? Suddenly at this time?

Bon: Crap! Take refuge everyone!

Harue: Hieeee~!

Reiko: Eh? What is happening?

Shuzo: Listen! Quickly get away from Gorou!

Daisuke: I don't know well but, it looks like you guys should listen to words!

Miki: Ye, yeah! 

Kenichi: Fuck you! Did you prepare yourself!? 

Jin: Same to you! 

Jin: Eh? What's that!?

Gorou: Ura ura ura ura aaaa!! Uooooooo!! I'll stop the quarrel! I mean it!!

Kenichi: Uwaaaaah! Gorou has loss his temper!!

Gorou: Uuu! Wau wauh!!

Ikuyo: An unexpected thing has happened...

Maria: I... worry about the future...

[Combine Route]

Eldoran: I trust in you... children of Earth...

V If player choses route A (to Aozora Town) ^

*Aozora Town/The Front of Train Station*

Kakeru: Aozora Town... Finally I feel coming home...

Amane: We have various things to tell isn't it?

Kakeru: But, it doesn't mean that problems were solved...
Yesterday on the way home I immediately slept, so today from morning we do a
courtesy call.

Amane: First we will go to submit report of temporary absence from school. 
Since I can't be seen in this form I have to rely on you brother.

Kakeru: That's not a problem but isn't Aozora School closed because of its
anniversary of establishment or something?

Amane: That's right but the teachers will surely come in the morning.

Kakeru: How do you know that much!? 

Amane: Eh? That is normal right?

Kakeru: Reliable as ever...

*Aozora Town/Jungle*

Toubei: Wait, Kotarou!

Kotarou: Noo! Who wait!?

Toubei: Toaaaaaah!

Kotarou: Uwaaah!

Toubei: As the only son of the Kirigakure family which shares the blood-line 
of ninja over 400 years, you should have some sense of honor for run away in 
the middle of training!

Kotarou: Father, today I have a baseball match! Let's leave the process of 
training to become a ninja another day!

Toubei: You, Kotarou! Are you saying playing baseball is more important than

Kotarou: It is important!

Toubei: Such training is for you to fight a splendid battle at the time an 
evil spirit appeared at Aozora Town!

Kotarou: Why I have to fight while I'm only an elementary school kid!?

Toubei: So shameful! Did you hear that the Earth Defense Class that fought the
monsters at Youshou Town are only one grade ahead of you!

Kotarou: I don't know that! Anyway now I value baseball than training!

Toubei: I've talked so much and you still don't understand!?

Kotarou: Hehe, I escaped smoothly. However, I didn't know there is a shrine at 
such place deep in the mountain that no one comes... 
Oh well, maybe the reason I can escaped smoothly is because of this lucky rock!

Toubei: Hmph, naive Kotarou!

Kotarou: Oh no! Dad!

Toubei: Ninja art, Koppamijin! (in fragments) Take thisssss!

Kotarou: Oops!

Toubei: Hmm... Because of your evasion it seems I've hit the rock! 

Kotarou: That's not my fault! 
Good grief! I can't associate with dad!

Toubei: You fool, Kotarou! Still intend to escape!?
Wait, Kotarou~!

???: Gu...h...fufufufu... 
Fuhahahahaha! I was free from the seal at last!

Gokuark: My name is Demon King of Darkness Gokuark! With my power I'll turn
the ground into the Demon World!

???: I'll not let you do that!

Eldoran: Demon King Gokuark! As long as I'm here I'll not let you destroy the

Gokuark: Ah! You're Eldoran!

Eldoran: I will seal you! Be obediently return to the dark world!

Gokuark: Ahhhhhhhh!

Eldoran: Demon King, return to the dark for me...

Gokuark: Ah... How dare you, Eldoran!
Go! My servant, Yaminorius The Third! Turn the human world into chaos!


Yaminorius: Leave it to me, Gokuark-sama! I, the demon shaman of the dark 
will surely turn this world into the demon world!

Gokuark: Fulfill your duty! Understand!?

Yaminorius: Fuck you... Eldoran... How dare you seal once more Gokuark-sama...
However, if this world turns into the demon world, the seal will be weaken and
Gokuark-sama can completely revive!

Eldoran: Damn you Gokuark... Before being sealed you released your servant...? 
Yaminorius The Third... I have to stop you!


Eldoran: Yaminorius, I won't let you escape!

Yaminorius: Hm, an insistent bastard. You intend to chase me by separating one
part of your body!?

Eldoran: Wait!

Stage 5A: Robot, spotted!

*Aozora Town/Kotarou's House*

Yousuke: Kotarou-kun is late...

Chinatsu: I guest he doesn't sneak away from Ninja Training?

Rikiya: Good grief! Though he said today there is an important match!

Chinatsu: After the baseball game finished Yousuke-kun will go to the learning
juku and the soroban juku isn't it?

Yousuke: Yeah. If I absence my mother will be angry.

Chinatsu: Yousuke-kun really great. Compare to that Kotarou is...

Kotarou: Hey! Rikiya, Yousuke~! Phew, phew... Sorry for keep you waiting!

Rikiya: Who wait for you! If it took a bit more then it will be late!  

Kotarou: No~, I have had a hard time shaking off dad! Moreover, Rikiya, did 
you bring a good bat?

Rikiya: Heh heh~. I save my money buying that! It is a high quality one!

Kotarou: Oh wow, let me see let me see! Let me swing it!

Rikiya: Well, as a future professional baseball player I have to be particular
about tools...

Kotarou: Go! Go!
Hittt! Player Kotarou makes a homerun!

Chinatsu: That swing now is no more than a strike out...

Kotarou: Yo, Chinatsu! Today I'll be the hero of the match so take a cool photo
for me!

Chinatsu: That's why I'm a reporter. Of course I have to take photos of the 
players playing in the match. But, at any rate that is impossible.

Kotarou: Hahaha! Merely a school newspaper! 

Chinatsu: What do you mean!

Kotarou: So what!

Yousuke: Now, now. Let's go soon instead of quarrel for such small thing.

*Aozora Town/Residence District*

Kotarou: Huh? What is that car?

Chinatsu: That's the car from Katsura's house.

Katsura: Hahaha, you people seem having a lot of time.

Kotarou: Don't treat people as idler as you like!

Katsura: Please excuse me then. From now on there is a parade of the defense 
troop so, would everyone come to see?

Rikiya: I see, because Katsura's dad is the chief of the defense troop right?

General Takeda: You kids come together, how is that? You have a chance to see
our defense troop's gallant figure through the special seats. 

Kotarou: Sorry but I prefer a baseball match lies ahead...

Katsura: Hahaha, what about Yousuke-kun? I heard Yurika-chan also comes?

Yousuke: Eh, Yurika-chan!? Ah, but I also prefer baseball match... 

Rikiya: Thank you for inviting us, but for that reason this time...

Chinatsu: I'll go~!

Kotarou: What!? Aren't you collect data for our match!? 

Chinatsu: Because taking photo of parade of defense troop is lots more cooler 
than baseball match! Then see ya, Kotarou. Try your best!

General Takeda: Then, boys and girls, see you again!

Kotarou: Shit~! That bitch Chinatsu!

Yousuke: It can't be helped. It is not easily to get to see the parade of the 
defense troop from the special seats.

Koutaro: That is probably true but!

Rikiya: Kotarou, the match is about to begin! If we don't go soon the coach 
will yell at us!

Koutaro: Well! We'll use the shortcut as always!

*Aozora Town/Park*

Koutaro: If we pass through the jungle from now we'll immediately arrive at the
playing field.

Rikiya: Yeah, if we going with this pace there seem to have time doing playing

Yousuke: Phew, phew, wait~!

Kotarou: Hey, Yousuke! By this extent we'll get the blame!

Yousuke: If we run like this we'll be out of energy before the match...
Uwawawawah! What!?

Rikiya: Seem like nearby a huge thing fell down!

Kotarou: Certainly a UFO or a meteorite! Let's go and see!

Yousuke: Yeah!

Rikiya: Wait! Carelessly approach is dangerous!

Kotarou: Amazing! Those are robots!

Rikiya: This is a dream... These things have to be paper!

Kotarou: Yousuke, do you know anything about these robots?
... Eh? That fellow Yousuke isn't here?

Yousuke: Hey hey! Look like we can ride those!

Rikiya: Yousuke, you! Why did you freely get yourself onto those!?

Yousuke: Inside here is wonderful! You guys should try riding on the tiger
and the elephant!

Rikiya: No way...

Kotarou: Well then! I'll get the tiger robot! 

Kotarou: Wow! Cool!

Rikiya: You guys! Don't you think riding those strange things is dangerous!?

Kotarou: Haha~. Um... Are you scare Rikiya?

Rikiya: Pfft, scare what? I'll riding that elephant robot!
How is that!? I already rode it!

Yousuke: Look like there are also informations.

Kotarou: Really? Incredible!

Yousuke: Wait a bit Ok? Well, it moved! 
That? What information appearing?

Eldoran: Can you hear me, Earthling children... My name is Eldoran...

Rikiya: Sorry! I just unintensionally rode it because of Kotarou's words!

Kotarou: When did I invite you!? You rode it on your own wasn't it?

Yousuke: Stop it, you two! If you excuse it can be forgiven! 
I'm sorry, we will immediately get off. 

Eldoran: I'm the warrior protecting the Earth from ancient time, Eldoran... 
I can't move now because I'm fighting the Dark Demon King...
Children... I want you to replace me protecting the Earth from the Hell Beasts 
and Kings of the Demon World.

Kotarou: Demon World? Protect the Earth? What do you mean by those!?

Rikiya: How can we do given such sudden request!?

Eldoran: You can do it... I mean you and the Ganbaruger...

Yousuke: Ganbaruger...? That's the name of those robots?

Eldoran: I trust in you, children of the Earth...

Yousuke: Eh... He disappeared.

Kotarou: Hey, you two try to look at your arm!

Rikiya: Owah! What's this bracelet!?

Kotarou: Not only bracelets, there is also this.

Yousuke: Is this a mobile computer...? Hey look! The instruction to use the 
bracelet appears!

Kotarou: Oh oh! Really!

Yousuke: Um, um, I see... This bracelet is wonderful! From now on we can call
out those robots and it seems we can also transform!

Kotarou: Are you serious!? How do we transform? Tell us!

Rikiya: What are you two doing!? We have to think from now on what should we
do rather than that matter!?

Kotarou: That's just common sense! According to Eldoran, we ride this robot 
called Ganbaruger and fight the guys of the Demon World!

Rikiya: What, are you joking!?

Yaminorius: Fumu... This Earth seems to have plenty of things that can become 
ingredients for the Hell Beasts. First I'll turn this town into the Demon 
World! Zoiwako Zoiwako Makaiya Zoiwako. From the ground of endless darkness
of Demon World now appear before me... 

Hell Beast: Dokaaan!

Hell Beast: Saidenganaa!

Yaminorius: Hahahaha, Hell Beast! Show the power of the Demon World to those

Yousuke: Kotarou-kun! Those monsters are possibly...!

Kotarou: They are certainly the Hell Beast of the Demon World! 

Yousuke: What should we do!?

Kotarou: Well! Immediately call out Ganbaruger! 

Yousuke: Right! If the city is destroyed we'll be in trouble! We have to do

Rikiya: Hey, I won't do it!

Kotarou: What~!?

Rikiya: I want to become a professional baseball player, not a friend of 

Kotarou: Rikiya! Is it good to let our city being mess up by those bastards
from Demon World!? 

Rikiya: Ku...!

Chinatsu: Wonderful! The real monsters are also in Aozora Town! This is a 

General Takeda: Shit, the precautions of the land, sea and air are perfect...
Where did these guys appear from!?

Katsura: Daddy! Putting that aside now is!

General Takeda: Hm, the parade is cancelled! Immediately scramble! 
Katsura, you lead Chinatsu to the shelter!

Katsura: Understood, Daddy!

General Takeda: The Defense Troop will turn the nearby Elementary School into
the temporary headquarter!

Defense Troop Member: Roger! Allow us to move the force!

Katsura: Let's go, Chinatsu! Eh? Chinatsu is!?

Chinatsu: Katsura~! You go first~!

Katsura: Chinatsu... How could you treat me that cold...?

Yaminorius: Good, Hell Beasts! Keep that form and destroy more!

Amane: Brother! If things remain like this the city will! 

Kakeru: Shit, the monsters even appear in Aozora Town!
Let's go, Amane! I can't stand watching those bastards do what they like 

Amane: Right! We have to protect the town of everyone!

Yaminorius: What! Who are they!?  

Kakeru: I'm flustered with those are intrusive on others house's garden! I'll
never forgive them!

Yaminorius: Hmm, a noisy fellow! Hell Beasts! Smash them!

*One enemy destroyed*

Toubei: Muu... Those monsters are... Those are probably the beasts of the 
Demon World that our ancestors predicted...? If that's the case where is the
bastard controls those ones...!?

General Takeda: The air force has arrived! Well then, let's start the attack!

Defense Troop Member: Please wait general! The refuge of the citizens is not
yet finished!

General Takeda: Ku... If the back of the defense line suddenly be haunted by 
enemies we can't hope for urgent dealing... 
It can't be helped! Combat troop standby on air!

Defense Troop Member: Uwaaaaah! 

Defense Troop Member: Can't control, escape!

Defense Troop Member: All the machines were being attacked. All the pilots 

General Takeda: Oh God! Where are the reinforcement from Photon Power 

Defense Troop Member: A mysterious enemy also appears at Shunpuu Town. They
said they're dealing with them!

General Takeda: What did you say!?

Defense Troop Member: Over there now the robots that we thought to be allies
are fighting! Please take this advantage to do the refuge!

General Takeda: Ku... Perhaps we can only rely on those robots with unknown

*Aozora Town/Underground Shelter*

Yurika: Uuh... How could beasts appear at Aozora Town...? 

Teacher Aiko: Don't be afraid Yurika-san. Surely the defense troop will drive
out the beasts. Now just wait and believe!

Yurika: Yes...

Katsura: Chinatsu~! Aozora Elementary School class 1 year 4 Chinatsu Yuuki! If
you're here answer me!

Yurika: Teacher Aiko, that voice now...  
Teacher Aiko: It's Katsura-san's voice! Katsura-san!

Katsura: Phew~. You're safe. 

Teacher Aiko: Yeah. Thanks to the defense troop's quick evacuation guidance. 

Yurika: Katsura-san, from a while ago you called for Chinatsu, what's 

Katsura: Oh yeah! I didn't see Chinatsu Teacher Aiko! I'm sure she was taking 
refuge before but...  

Teacher Aiko: Chinatsu-san? No, I don't see her.

Katsura: I see... I wonder if she took refuge in another shelter... I think
she is surely fine but... 

Chinatsu: Haha. Sorry Katsura. I didn't plan to go to the shelter from 

Hell Beast: Dokaaan!

Chinatsu: Wonderful! I can see the beast this close! This is no mistake top
article! A special consequence theme!

*All enemies destroyed*

Kakeru: It seems we wiped the monsters.

Amane: Yeah. Let's move Ionia to the direction of the jungle.

Yaminorius: Hmm... I can't believe the Hell Beasts were taken down! I will not 
permit anymore hindrance! Hazuramusaraiya!

[Enemies appear]

Yaminorius: Well, Hell Beasts! Destroy those fellows!

Kakeru: Shit... Where on earth do these guys erupt from!

Amane: Brother, this is too much to defend!

Yousuke: Hey! The number of Hell Beast increases!

Rikiya: I... I...!

Kotarou: Rikiya! If this world turn into Demon World there are no chances for
you to become a professional baseball player!

Rikiya: ...!

Kotarou: If you want to become a professional baseball player the only way is
beat those guys!

Yousuke: Please, Rikiya-kun! Fight together with us! For protecting everyone 
at Aozora Town!

Rikiya: Ok! I have nothing to lose!
Kotarou: Rikiya!

Rikiya: I completely agree with you two... If we don't push down those guys 
there are no ways for me to become a professional baseball player!

Kotarou: Well! If that's the case, let's go!

Yousuke: Yeah!

Rikiya: Yeah!

Yellow Ganbar: Wow! I really transformed!

Blue Ganbar: The next thing is call out the robot! Insert the card in the 

Yellow Ganbar: Ok!

Red Ganbar: Understood!

Yellow Ganbar: Scraaaamble!!

Amane: What are those!? The Tiger, Eagle and Elephant robots!?

Yaminorius: Ehh! The noisy fellows come next by next! Hell Beasts! Crush 
those robots!

Yousuke: They came...!

Rikiya: Uwaa, all of a sudden! We are still beginners!

Yousuke: If things are like this we'll be done!

Kotarou: Shit! We won't be done by such simple, great action...!

Rikiya: Yousuke! Do something!

Yousuke: Even you say so...! 
...! What, a word appears from the monitor? The way to combine into 
Ganbaruger...? ... I see! Kotarou-kun! Insert the Bracelet Card into the
cockpit commander!

Kotarou: Insert the card in the commander!?

Yousuke: Right! If like that our robots will combine into Ganbaruger!

Kotarou: Combine into Ganbaruger!? You're serious!?

Yaminorius: I don't know what you're planning to do but it is useless even
you're struggle now! Kill them all at once, Hell Beasts!

Yousuke: Uwaaaaah!

Rikiya: Quickly insert the card, Kotarou!

Kotarou: I understand! You don't have to tell me!
Go! Ganbaruger, Miracle Combination!!

Yousuke: Our robots combined, and that shape is the Ganbaruger!

Amane: Brother! Those robots combined!

Kakeru: Yeah! A wonderful combination the same as Raijin-Oh! 

Amane: No, not that much...

Kakeru: Anyhow, let's make those our ally! Let's join hands and kick out those
monsters from Aozora Town!

Amane: Is it good if we decide that without communicating with that robot?

Kakeru: It's good! Trust my six sense!

Amane: Six sense...

Yaminorius: How dare you, impudent... Teach them a lesson, Hell Beasts!

Yousuke: Ahh, a Hell Beast approaches us!

Kotarou: Calm down Yousuke! We already became Ganbaruger! We can't be done 
like before!

Rikiya: Go, Kotarou!

Kotarou: Then, prepare Hell Beasts! We and the Ganbaruger will exterminate you

*All enemies destroyed*

Kakeru: Did we clear all those monsters?

Rikiya: Phew... Somehow we did it...

Yousuke: Wonderful. This is the power of Ganbaruger.

Kotarou: Heheh! Hooray!

Amane: We can't be careless yet.

Kakeru: Right, we don't know where those guys erupt from...

Yousuke: How about let's move to a wider place so we can immediately interact?

Kotarou: Yeah! Let's do that! 

Yaminorius: How dare you! What power that can easily beaten the Hell Beasts! 

Toubei: This mess is your action!

Yaminorius: Eh! Who the heck are you!?

Toubei: Black magic! Prepare yourself!!

Yaminorius: Ehh!

Yousuke: Look! Uncle is fighting with someone!

Kotarou: D, Dad!?

Rikiya: We have to go and save him!

Kotarou: Yeah!

Yellow Ganbar: Dadddd!

Toubei: Dad...? Is it you Kotarou!?

Yaminorius: Now! Riiza Kaabikku!

Toubei: Eh!?

Yellow Ganbar: Uwaaah! Dad turned into a dog!

Yaminorius: You shits also get this spell! Take this!

Red Ganbar: Uwaaaaaaaah! U...uu...!

Blue Ganbar: Eh? We're Ok... I wonder if this suit protects us?

Yaminorius: Eh... Why does these guys didn't turn into dogs!?
But you already being caught in the spell! At the time your true identity was
discovered by someone, you'll surely turn into a dog because of the power of 
my spell!

Yellow Ganbar: If the identity was revealed we'll turn into dogs!?

Yaminorius: Fufufu, right. Remember that! Hahahaha!!

Red Ganbar: He disappeared!?

Blue Ganbar: That guy is... a person of the Demon World...? 

Red Ganbar: Seem so...

Yellow Ganbar: Dad! Truely he turned into a dog!?

Toubei: Uh~... Wan!

Yellow Ganbar: Re, real dog... Dad turned into a dog!

Toubei: I'm really beaten... Wan!

Yellow Ganbar: Ehh!? You can talk!?

Toubei: I guess so... 

Blue Ganbar: What will we do! If we can't keep our identities a secret we'll
turn into dogs!

Toubei: Well, I wonder how do we deal with this matter from now on...

Belzeb: Fufufufu... I thought I sense something evil so I try to come...

Falzeb: The 3rd dimension people seem to like fighting very much... 

Tider: Sir Belzeb! Again there is another robot we haven't yet seen Da~.

Belzeb: It doesn't matter who is our opponent... 
Appear! Evil Beasts Exhaust!! 

Kakeru: Ku, newcomers...!?
Hey, you guys! Don't talk with the dog and quickly return to your own machine!

Red Ganbar: Understood! Hey you two, let's return to the Ganbaruger!

Blue Ganbar: Ok!

Yellow Ganbar: Come together with us Dad! That's the better condition!

Toubei: Understood!

*One enemy destroyed*

Tider: Sir Belzeb. The Earthlings can do better than we think Da~.

Belzeb: Seem so. It's worth the trouble coming all the way to this 3rd 

Falzeb: From now on it is fun to see how much they can do right?

Chinatsu: That robot with the tiger on the chest is cool! I wonder if it is 
the robot of the defense troop!?
Anyhow it is a special theme, special theme! This time it is no mistaken that
the school newspaper will draw attention!

Yousuke: What...? That, is the sound of the shutter...? 

Rikiya: What's wrong, Yousuke?

Yousuke: From a while ago I can hear the sound of a camera shutter.

Kotarou: Sound of a camera shutter? I can't hear it...

Rikiya: I can't hear it too?

Yousuke: I'm sure... Ahh! At the roof of the building is Chinatsu-chan!

Kotarou: What!?

Chinatsu: Alright! Shutter chance!

Kotarou: That bitch Chinatsu! What's she doing at such place!?

Toubei: Leaving her like that is dangerous! We'll protect her!

Kotarou: Understood!

Chinatsu: Kyaaaa! I'm falling!!

Kotarou: Chinatsuuuuuh!!
Phew, right time. Good grief, you cause us worry. 

Yousuke: That's a close call...

Kotarou: Hey! Are you alright, Chinatsu!?

Chinatsu: No, the special theme is...

Rikiya: She is only faint. Seem like she didn't injured...

Yousuke: Wah, we are being surrounded!

Kotarou: This is bad...!

Jin: I won't let you do it!

Jin: Are you Ok!?

Kotarou: Ahh! Ra, Raijin-Oh! It is the Earth Defense Class!

Jin: If you doing nothing you'll be done! Be careful!

Kakeru: Nice timing, Jin! I was believing that you'll come!

Jin: It's good that we made it on time, Kakeru-san!

Kakeru: Thanks God that there was a heartening ally!

Asuka: Ally, that robot?

Kotarou: This is Ganbaruger!

Yousuke: We're entrusted to protect the Earth from a person called Eldoran.

Kouji: From Eldoran!?

Asuka: The same Eldoran robot like our Raijin-Oh?

Rikiya: Raijin-Oh is also a robot that Eldoran entrusted?

Jin: Yeah! Nice to meet you!

Kotarou: Same here!

Toubei: (Kotarou! Now, let's move to a place where Chinatsu can be safe!)

Kotarou: Yeah! We must do something for Chinatsu! But, where is the safe 

Yousuke: Let's request the defense troop! Hey, this way!

Rikiya: Er, the people of the defense troop! Please take this girl to a 

Defense Troop Member: Is that a civilian!? Understood, we'll go right away!

Chinatsu: ...

Defense Troop Member: It seems she didn't hurt. We'll took her to the 
underground shelter right away.

Yousuke: We trust in you.

Kakeru: Somehow they've finished taking refuge. Then, let the battle continue!

Kotarou: You make Chinatsu suffers bitterly! I'll never forgive you!!

Tider: It is the robot at that time Da~.

Falzeb: What should we do, Belzeb?

Belzeb: That is obvious! I'll shoot them down with the power given from 
Appear! Jaaku Satan!!

Belzeb: Raijin-Oh! I'll put an end to you with my Jaaku Satan!

Asuka: That robot is called Jaaku Satan...?

Jin: Seem so...!

Kouji: It seems we have to treat it as our enemy.

Jin: Don't fear, Kouji! We'll also rouse ourselves!

*Raijin-Oh vs Jaaku Satan*

Jin: What's that!? It is different from other Evil Beasts!?

Belzeb: Opposing this Jaaku Satan is reckless!

Falzeb: You shall realize the power of our 5th dimension people!

*Ganbaruger vs Jaaku Satan*

Belzeb: If you're Eldoran robot you're our enemy!

Falzeb: We'll bury you here!

Kotarou: Those guys... They seem to know about Eldoran?

Rikiya: Are they also Hell Beast?

Yousuke: I don't know... But, there is no doubt that they're bad people 
destroying the town!

Rikiya: Before the town turns into a mess we must stop them!

Kotarou: Yeah! We'll smash the bad guys from A to Z with the Ganbaruger!

*One turn after Raijin-Oh appears*

Toubei: Kotarou, from a while ago you kids talked to the guys from the Earth 
Defense Class but, we must keep caution.

Kotarou: Why?

Toubei: Were you forgotten? If you guys revealed yourself you'll turn into a 

Kotarou: Owa, right!

Rikiya: It was dangerous... We're caught by the spell...

Yousuke: Though the people of the Earth Defense Class will want to ask us 
various things...

Kotarou: Yeah, what should we do!

Toubei: Don't be panic! Isn't it good to call you three persons of the Ganbar
Team are Kotarou's friends?

Rikiya: Ga... Ganbar Team...!?

Yousuke: But... Isn't that a bit unnatural?

Kotarou: Right! What kind of connection on Earth of friends is it!?

Toubei: It is good to call we're the ninja friends!

Kotarou: Oh, I agree!

Rikiya: I wonder if we can deceive them nicely because of that...

Toubei: Of course! We have no choice but deceive them!

Yousuke: You're quite right...

Toubei: Well, let's end the discussion here! Concentrate on the battle!

Kotarou: Dammit... I can tell that is going to be a hard time.

*Jaaku Satan defeated*

Belzeb: Shit...! How could they force this Jaaku Satan to have a hard fight!

Falzeb: We don't need to overdo it. Because the battle of the Earth ground 
has just began. 

Belzeb: I see... But somewhat I can see the strength of the 3rd dimension 
people is neat... Withdraw!

Tider: Yes~.


*Shinjuku/Back Street*

Ryouma: ... Who... Someone is following me from a while ago...
Don't hide sneakily and show yourself!

Kid: Hey! That's very skillful of you to notice this shadow.

Ryouma: He, you're not alone. There are three men and one woman!

Omachi: Oh, I'm also being noticed?

Bowie: Aside from me even Omachi-san was noticed.

Isaac: Hm... It seems you aren't only a fool fighter.

Ryouma: You people are debt collectors? No, it's different...

Isaac: Nagare Ryouma, 20 year old... Black belt karate guy but, since doing
opponent a half-killed at the promotion experience, he was dismissed from 
karate world...

Omachi: We were told that now you inherit the karate hall of your lost father
at Shinjuku... 

Bowie: That karate hall doesn't go well does it? The debt seems getting 

Kid: Everyday it seems you're chased by the bill collectors.

Isaac: Most of all, I heard that you killed all the rogue parties that come
to gather the debt.

Ryouma: You investigate me well. Are you Yakuza or Mafia come to scout me?

Isaac: No... The ones come to scout you is worse organization than this.

Ryouma: Hm, I don't know who are you guys but it's not bad of you to cause me
trouble. Come! I will deal with all of you at once!

Bowie: Too bad, my job is driving. I'll leave it to you this time Kid-san.

Kid: This time I make it a pass too. Somehow I don't like that sort of type.

Omachi: Dear, you two are so weak. Maybe I'll show my throwing knives in that 

Isaac: I wonder if I can support you with electromagnetic whip?

Ryouma: He, first is you two! Good then, have a try!

Isaac: Then, I'll go!

Ryouma: Oops!

Omachi: This time is mine!

Ryouma: Phew... Close, close!

Isaac: Boy... How did he dodge my blow?

Omachi: In addition he must be a superhuman to avoid my knife.

Ryouma: You people also not ordinary person. But... if you don't treat me
seriously you'll get serious injury. Ohh! Go!

Isaac: ...! Boy... That's a good attack.

Ryouma: You weren't blow away from my punch mean this is challenging for a 

Kid: I found your weakness!

Ryouma: What? Something on my neck...

Kid: Sorry but I used the gun.

Ryouma: You... What did you shoot!?

Kid: An anesthesia needle. I'm sorry to hit it suddenly but, this is a thing
to solve in peace.

Ryouma: Anesthesia?
He? Anyhow you should use a lead bullet!

Kid: I'm surprised you can still move! That's an anesthesia for hunting.

Ryouma: I can't forgive you anymore! I'll send all of you to another world!
Uh... Ahh... What...? Sh... Shit...

Kid: Phew... The anesthesia is effective at last.

Omachi: This guy is really human?

Bowie: Heaven forbid...

Dr.Saotome: Thank you, J9 party.

Isaac: We're only accomplish the request. Words of gratitude are 
unnecessary. Hayato Jin, Benkei Musashibou, and Ryouma Nagare... We duly 
handed over to you.

Dr.Saotome: Yeah... Fufufu, the set is completed... The three pilots.

Stage 6: Three Animals Go!

Ryouma: Uhh... My head... hurts...
...! Where is this place...!?

Dr.Saotome: This is the Saotome Laboratory in Asama Mountain. 

Ryouma: Who are you!?

Dr.Saotome: I'm the leader of this lab, Saotome.

Ryouma: You! What are you planning to do bringing me here!?

Dr.Saotome: I bring you here to become the pilot of Getter Robo.

Ryouma: Geta Robo? You are saying nonsense!

Dr.Saotome: Not Geta Robo. It's Getter Robo. You and the other two people 
here, Hayato Jin and Benkei Musashibou together will become the pilots of

Hayato Jin: ...

Benkei: This is probably the guidance of Buddha... Amen...

Michiru: Somehow we gathered three people.

Dr.Saotome: ... It's you Michiru.

Michiru: As expected from father's selection, the companies gathered are
completely rustic.

Ryouma: This young lady is...?

Dr.Saotome: My daughter, Michiru.

Ryouma: Daughter!? Completely not the same...

Dr.Saotome: Hmph, that is none of your business.

Michiru: Nevertheless, you are in trouble father. You intend to drag these guys
to hell? 

Dr.Saotome: I don't mind that. If that is a necessary sacrifice.

Michiru: ...

Dr.Saotome: Mu... What is that!?

Michiru: Wait a bit. I'll access the command room.
A group of giant unknown creatures is approaching the laboratory.

Dr.Saotome: Those guys?

Michiru: Right. I fear that it is the attack of Ogre Beasts.

Ryouma: Ogre Beast? What is that?

Michiru: Ogre Beast is an ogre monster in gigantic form.

Dr.Saotome: Come, Ryouma Nagare! Show the opponent that you must fight your 

Ryouma: The opponent that I must fight?

Michiru: Be careful. The human size ogres are invading the lab. 

Hayato: He, this is just a warming up.

Benkei: Those bastard ogres... I'll punish you!

Ryouma: The ogres from a while ago, ogre... You people are mature and you're 
still playing tag game?

Dr.Saotome: Hmph, it will suit you. Follow me.

Hayato: Hm, let's go!

Ryouma: Er?

Ogre: Guruuuuuuu...

Ryouma: Who are those guys!?

Dr.Saotome: The ogres. Perhaps they attack the lab for the Getter Robo...?

Ogre: Goaaaaa!

Ryouma: Uh! Phew... Close, close...
Dammittttt! Eat this!

Ogre: Gyowaaaaaah!

Benkei: Hayato! Behind you!

Hayato: Chiiiishaaaaaah!

Ogre: Guruh!

Ryouma: What...? What are those monsters!?

Dr.Saotome: I also don't know well... I can say there is only one certainty
that those beasts are human's enemy...

Hayato: Until I see the ogre with my own eyes I only think it is a nonsensical
story from the old man...

Benkei: The monk that saved me... the friends that trained together with me in
the temple... Everyone became the victim of these bastards. For those people 
to enter Nirvana, I must take revenge on them.

Ryouma: ...

Isaac: Dr.Saotome, are you alright?

Omachi: Orge-san... (hey) seems already beaten right?

Kid: Doctor, outside the lab the huge orge beasts are approaching.

Bowie: It seems we can't keep the weapon of the troop indoors right?

Dr.Saotome: Fu... Yeah.

Ryouma: You shits are the ones attacked me!

Kid: We are the Cosmo Ranger J9. We scouted you due to Dr. Saotome's 

Ryouma: That is scout!? If you make one wrong move I already death!

Michiru: Now is not the time to say those things!

Isaac: Doctor, there are orges prowling inside. We'll guard the command room.

Dr.Saotome: Thank you.
Ryouma, Hayato, Musashi! You people sortie in Getter Robo and repulse the orge
beasts outside!

Hayato: Roger...

Benkei: At last this is real combat!

Ryouma: Wait a minute! You said selfish thing like sortie inside the Getter 
Robo sometime ago!? When did I say I'll ride that Getter Robo!?

Dr.Saotome: You should obey my command. I'm not forgiving total retort.

Ryouma: Shit! What are you planning to do!

Hayato: Give it up, Ryouma. You, me... and Benkei already a member of 
Saotome... This is our destiny, and there is no other ways other than riding
the Getter.

Ryouma: What nonsense are you talking!? How can I control a robot!?

Dr.Saotome: You don't have to worry. Basically the electronic brain does the 
movement. Then it memorizes by the body. 

Ryouma: Good grief, I don't even know what will happen!

Isaac: Poncho, how is the situation?

Poncho: The ground troop were annihilated. The defend line is pierced.

Omachi: You orge-san are strong.

Kid: Omachi-san, this is not the time for admiration.

Poncho: Right! The Saotome Laboratory is in great danger!

Bowie: Oh dear... If things are like this we probably won't be able to receive 
retaining fee right Isaac? 

Isaac: Dr.Saotome, how was the Getter Robo's preparation?

Dr.Saotome: Don't worry. It seems like we're on time.
Getter Machine, standby for sortie!

Michiru: Roger! Getter Machine's departure door, open! 
Catapult, finish connecting!

Hayato: Jaguar Type, standby Ok!

Benkei: Bear Type, standby Ok!

Ryouma: Hey! What shall I call my machine?

Hayato: Alright! Getter Machines, all sortie!

Ryouma: He, hey... Wait...

Ryouma: Gu...uoooooh!

Ryouma: Shit, I can't control it at all!

Hayato: Calm down, Ryouma! Hold the control stick firmly!

Ryouma: Shit...! Youuuuuuh!
He... Somehow I begin to get used to it...

Hayato: Damn... You cause us a lot of time...

Benkei: Ok! Combine, Ryouma!

Ryouma: What! Com, combine!?

Benkei: Say ''Change Getter 1'' while pushing the lever!

Ryouma: Change... Getter... One...?

Hayato: Don't mutter! If you don't want to die, yell it out quickly!

Ryouma: Don't urge me every bit! Let's go! Chaaaaaange! Getterrrrr One!!

[Getter appears]

Ryouma: This is the Getter Robo that the old man said...
He, I'm surprised. It moves surprisingly easy as I thought. 

Dr.Saotome: Fufufu... This convenient system is made for men like you guys to 

Ryouma: I like it, old man! Shall I beat the crap out of these orges with 

Dr.Saotome: Right. Don't let this monsters get near the lab. Kill them all.

Ryouma: He, then I'll knock them down!

*Getter's first battle*

Hayato: Getter's energy is stable... Let's go!

Benkei: Come, Ryouma! Punch hard without holding back! 

Ryouma: Who hold back!? I can't copy that skillfully!

*One enemy destroyed*

Hayato: We did it...?

Ryouma: He, it serves you right!

Benkei: Let's quickly clear the remaining!

Dr.Saotome: Fufu... You're doing well. (the leader of ex-antigovernment 
foundation Jin Hayato) (Even you're a monk you carry superhuman strength, 
Musashibou Benkei) (And... the warrior purely born for battle, Nagare Ryouma!)
(Everything begin from here! Fufufufufu...)

*Two enemies destroyed*

Seimei Abe: Gugugu, finally you went into action... The robot possessed 
with Getter Ray... But, the thing haven't used up all Getter's power... 
Because of that it is boring... Boring!
Go, my servant! Pull out more the power of that thing, power of Getter!

Benkei: Ryouma! There are newcomers, be careful!

Ryouma: Damn...! Look like those ogres want to defeat Getter no matter what!

Dr.Saotome: This is not good... Now it seems Ryouma group having a hard 
battle... J9 group, it seems I have to rely on your sortie.

Boncho: Doctor, is that a new request?

Dr.Saotome: Yeah... I encourage you with reward. 

Bowie: Oh, we understood!

Kid: But doctor, how about the ogres invading the lab?

Dr.Saotome: Let's trust that matter to the staff members.

Omachi: I don't think the staff members here are equal opponent to the ogres.

Dr.Saotome: No need to worry. Only I and Ryouma's gang live is enough.

Bowie: Oh~! Cold word!

???: You can relax. All the ogres inside were cleared.

Michiru: You are...!?

Dr.Saotome: You, why are you here...

Domon: ...

Dr.Saotome: The champion gundam fighter from before, King of Heart Domon 

Bowie: Domon Kasshu, people said that he disappeared from action since the 
Devil Gundam event.

Omachi: I wonder why such person was here for?

Domon: The more important thing to do now is get rid of the ogre beasts 
outside right?

Dr.Saotome: That is an intelligent decision.

Domon: After we get rid of those monsters, I'll come back here... At that 
time, you must answer my question!

Dr.Saotome: Ha, very well...

Boncho: Er~, Dr.Saotome... How about our commission?

Dr.Saotome: As you've heard, J9 group. The ogres inside the lab already were
eliminated. Go and help Ryouma group.

Isaac: That's good Doctor. We accept that request.
Then, let's go! At last it is Braiger's time!

Omachi: Yay!

Domon: Appearrrrr! Gundaaaaaaaam!!

Benkei: Who is that guy!? 

Ryouma: That is God Gundam!

Hayato: If that is the case, the one riding it is...!

Ryouma: Yeah, it can't be wrong! It is Domon Kasshu!

Domon: Haah! Now, I'll not let those bastards destroy Saotome Laboratory! Let 
me assist you guys!

Ryouma: Have it your way! Because we do it our own way, you do it your way!

Domon: Then excuse me! 

Kid: Wait a bit, two of you!

Isaac: Let's fight together with you, Getter Team.

Bowie: Right! 2 machines are better than 1, 3 machines are better than 2!

Ryouma: Fight... What can you do with that car!

Bowie: Hey, don't take us that lightly.

Kid: Take a look at our true ability!

Bowie: Alright! Brai Cyclone, Alpha!

Benkei: Hey! The car turned into a huge airplane!

Bowie: Not yet not yet. There are more surprises for you to see! 

Isaac: Let's go! Brai Cyclone, Maximum! 

Ryouma: This time it becomes a robot!

Benkei: That is an unbelievable transformation, even to Getter Combination

Omachi: Haha, surprise surprise.

Bowie: Since it is not only the shape but also the size changes isn't it?

Isaac: Then, after the Getter Team we will give amusement to those orges.
Stab the fang of the wolf!

*Braiger first battle*

Omachi: This way orge-san.

Bowie: Kid-san, please do it quickly.

Kid: After Karuto religious organization, J9 is also ready for eliminating

Isaac: Don't lose your focus. Those are more wicked than the Nubia 

Omachi: Right, I'm certain that is an opponent that the charm of bomber girls
and bright men does not apply to.

Bowie: I request try not to wound the kitten.

*God Gundam first battle*

Domon: I don't know what you bastards are thinking attacking the lab! But now
I'll not let it a pass!

*Battle Ends*

Seimei Abe: Those fuckers can't be killed easily... I got a new pleasure. The
power of Getter Ray gradually increasing... Getter Robo... next time we meet 
will be fun.

Domon: Somehow it ended...

Ryouma: What, it already ended!? I'm not satisfied at all!

Omachi: Don't brag although you can't take the beginner mark.

Ryouma: Shut up! I'm irritated because you shits forced me to ride the Getter
suddenly! I can't stand if I can't completely wipe out this anger!

Kid: Good grief, a guy with a fearful violent temper.

Bowie: True, true. A beast is more rational than that guy.

Omachi: If that's the case, how about let Domon Kasshu be his opponent? For a
karate guy like you isn't this a best chance?

Ryouma: He! That is good! Hey, Domon Kasshu! This is somewhat a fate we met 
here! Would you play a game with me!?

Domon: I decline. Now I must have a thing to do rather than speak with fist...

Ryouma: A thing you must do?

Benkei: That guy entered the lab.

Ryouma: Damn! Even though I had a chance to experience directly the technique 
of ''Ryu Ha. Touhoufuhai''!

Hayato: There is no person want to play with you? You are only a quarrelsome 
person than a fighter.

Ryouma: What did you say!? Hayato, you can also be my opponent! I can't 
satisfied with things like this!

Omachi: For some reason it seems to begin another round.

Kid: Then while we are at it bring us fun!

Bowie: Let's do that, do that!

Benkei: Good grief, this is miserable... 

*Saomatome Laboratory/Kakunou Warehouse*

Dr.Saotome: I appreciate your help...

Ryouma: Good grief, because of the old man I had a hard time! 

Benkei: I'm already exhausted... I want to get some sleep... 

Dr.Saotome: How is that, Hayato...? Did you understand the power of Getter 
while fighting with the ogre beasts?

Hayato: ... I don't like to see things going the way as you thought but I also
want to know more...
The destination of the Getter Ray...

Dr.Saotome: You guys who already knew the existence of the ogres can no longer
return to your normal life. You share the same fate with Getter.

Ryouma: Hmph, I don't know about ogre or whatever but isn't that interesting!?
Having an stimulation is much better than boredom doing nothing!

Benkei: I haven't take on the enemies of the monks! 
Until I crush their boss with my own hand I'll continue to ride Getter!

Dr.Saotome: That is set. Starting from tomorrow we'll do real training. 
Today rest comfortably. I have to talk to J9. The rest of you come to the 
command room.

Isaac: Roger.

Dr.Saotome: Then, I'll wait.

Domon: It is too early for you to leave this place Dr.Saotome.

Dr.Saotome: You are still here?

Domon: Of course. My business haven't finished yet. 

Dr.Saotome: ...

Domon: I'll ask in frankness, Dr.Saotome. 
What are you planning to do by creating a robot using the power of Getter Ray?

Dr.Saotome: Why are you asking such thing?

Domon: A wrong way of using Getter Ray will bring a great threat... I can not
let it pass.

Dr.Saotome: Are you saying the Getter Ray will bring calamity to humanity like
the former DG Cell?

Domon: Right!

Dr.Saotome: Ha, your thinking is not wrong. Getter Ray has the power that can
destroy all human beings.

Domon: You...!

Dr.Saotome: But Getter Ray exists only for humanity to survive. That is the 
only thing...

Domon: You think I will agree with that reason?

Dr.Saotome: I don't care if you agree with me or not. If you want to find the
answer, I want you to remain here... Above all, to find a suitable answer or
not depend on you. That's not the thing I want to know.

Domon: Shit...!

Dr.Saotome: Then, our talk ends here...

*Saotome Laboratory/Waiting Room*

Domon: ...

Ryouma: A veteran fighter like you only this time was outclassed.

Domon: I'll surely get information... from Dr.Saotome's real intension... 
Before it's too late.

Isaac: Domon Kasshu, I also have something for you to hear.

Domon: What?

Isaac: I heard the rumor from the foreground that you're chasing after the 
trace of DG Cell...

Domon: Even Devil Gundam was eliminated, it doesn't mean all DG Cells 
vanished. As a person of Kasshu family who created the DG Cell, I carry a 
mission of terminate them from this world.

Omachi: Honest I see. You have to be careful to be dumped because of that.

Domon: ... 

Kid: You who are chasing that DG Cell why this time you are obsessed with the
Getter Ray?

Domon: I already knew the existence of Getter Ray through following the trace
of DG Cell... You might think that the Getter Ray can meet the expectation of 
generating an unlimited energy field but the truth is like DG Cell there is 
also one possibility it will become the calamity of the world... Because of 
that possibility I came here. You guys have to be careful.

Hayato: In other word, depend on the situation you will destroy Getter?

Domon: Right.

Hayato: That can't be permitted. It is necessary for me.

Domon: Then what will you do?

Hayato: It is obvious... I'll do it this way!

Domon: Good punch. But it can't draw me.

Hayato: Taking my punch... You are clever Domon Kasshu.

Ryouma: Hayato you rascal! Leave Domon to me!

Isaac: Stop it you two. Even if you fight here doesn't certainly mean you 
can obtain the answer that you want.

Bowie: I agree with Isaac. Why are you attribute effort on meaningless 

Hayato: That's not your problem. In short I have a goal of my own. 

Domon: I have the same feeling. I also not going to retreat at this point.

Isaac: Sometimes urgent thinking dim your eyes and turn into a thing that kill
reality... Domon Kasshu, let me prepare the data of Getter Ray.

Domon: You...?

Isaac: We will provide you all the data of Getter Ray we collected. In 
exchange, we want you to teach us informations about the DG Cell. 

Domon: Are you saying we'll share mutually the obtained informations?

Isaac: That's right. Isn't that save you more time pursuiting the DG Cell?

Domon: ... Ok then. For the present it is a deal. But if I see danger then I'll
stop the research on Getter by force.

Isaac: Hayato also agree with that?

Hayato: Yeah, for the time being...

Domon: But what will you do? As long as Doctor keep an eye on the circumstance,
I don't think he will show his intention easily.

Isaac: Leave that to me. I have a plan.

Omachi: Hey! Somehow that is the true characteristic of ''Kamisori Aizakku''.

Domon: ... Isaac, though there is no request from anyone why you...?

Isaac: I also think that we should keep caution. Getter Ray, DG Cell... 
Depend on how they're used both can become dangerous stuff.

*Saomatome Laboratory/Command Room*

Michiru: Somehow the discussion with Domon Kasshu and those three people were
finished right?

Dr.Saotome: Yeah... 

Michiru: I've analyzed the combat data of those three but, I can't believe 
they can draw that much of Getter's power at the first battle...

Dr.Saotome: Those are the guys that I hope. The excellent result is natural.
If the guys to that extent lose they don't fit to be Getter pilot...

Michiru: But if we make merry for only one victory the next time we will be in 

Dr.Saotome: For the time being just taste in full the fine wines of victory...
Sooner or later Ryouma and his comrades will notice... This war marks the 
beginning of hell to them...

Michiru: Good grief... I don't know among Dad and those monsters who is the
true devil.

Isaac: Cosmo Ranger J9 has just arrived.

Dr.Saotome: Is the discussion with that guy enough for you?

Isaac: Yes. Thereupon, Dr.Saotome... What is it you want to talk with us?

Dr.Saotome: About the request in the afternoon.

Omachi: Oh, this time what kind of request do you suggest?

Dr.Saotome: Now that Getter already activated, the attack of the enemies will
become more and more severe. But we can't rely on the troop defending the lab

Kid: I see. Then we will be the bodyguard?

Dr.Saotome: That's right. There are no one as skillful as you guys.

Isaac: In case we accept the request, can we also offer a condition?

Dr.Saotome: Condition?

Isaac: The information regarding Getter Ray... We want to discover it, 
including the result of the researching investigation this afternoon.

Dr.Saotome: ... I accept. I'll provide all the informations at this time. I
don't mind if you read it freely.

Omachi: Oh, isn't that extremely lavish? We can see the research of many years
that easily? 

Bowie: Don't you think we can't be well-informed by being deceived by vague 

Dr.Saotome: I don't makeshift such things. But, no matter how hard you find I
don't think you can come out of anything about the Getter Ray.

Kid: You mean even we look we can't understand right?

Dr.Saotome: I haven't come out with any conclusion yet. That is the reason...

Kid: Ok, so you're telling me to do it myself, right?

Isaac: Thereupon we roger the case of data reading. Let's make a contract.

Michiru: Then, the talk seems ended huh...? Everyone of J9. I want you to only
not forgeting one matter. I and a lot of researchers in this lab are doing
research for the future of mankind. I wonder if you can trust only that?

Isaac: Yeah, we understand.

Dr.Saotome: Hm... The future... (Whatever the outcome, the expectation is the
future of wars...) (Getter Ray... To where will you guide this future?)

*Drago Empire/Temple*

Zara: Doll Satan... How is the progress of getting rid of the annoying Liger?

Doll Satan: Don't worry about it Lady Zara... Time is our ally. 
Those guys are baffled by the enigmatic powers that appear one after another 
and, the scream of anguish of humanity are fulfilling the world. We should
built the flame of war to heaten it.

Zara: Don't hold back. We must call back Drago-sama to this world the sooner 
the better.

Abe Seimei: Sorry for interupting, Lady Zara.

Zara: What's up, Abe Seimei?

Abe Seimei: I've suggested a plan before... Now is the time to do it.

Zara: Is that another story of the land of eternal life?

Abe Seimei: If the next step success, let's invite the dummies and Liger to the
different world.

Zara: If that so, the things left in this world are only small fishes... 
Interesting, let's try it.
Dol Geist, you and your followers also sortie to help Abe Seimei.

Dol Geist: Understood. Let us Metal Knight aid you Seimei-dono.
We will make best use of the data of the previous battle and add improvement to

Abe Seimei: I'm very grateful for your help.

Doll Satan: Lady Zata! Please order me to come too!

Zara: I told you this time we do things accordingly to Seimei's plan.

Doll Satan: But for beating Liger I...

Zara: Silent, Doll Satan! I'm not a person who forgive repeatative failure.
Now be prudent and accomplish your duty!

Doll Satan: Yes!

Stage 7: Seimei's Conspiracy

*Saotome Laboratory*

Domon: Those bastards. They're incorrigibly attacking the laboratory...!

Ryouma: He, I'll return you home no matter how many times you come!

Isaac: That's right. Let's get rid of them in one go!

Kid: Yeah!

Michiru: Be careful! There is a very strong energy coming from the sky!

Benkei: What!?

Abe Seimei: Kukuku...

Ryouma: Who is that fellow!? My feeling turns into worse!

Abe Seimei: My name is Abe Seimei... Those who controlling the dummies... I 
will guide you all to the underworld.

Benkei: Hey! That bastard call out the onis!

Ryouma: That fellow is the boss of the onis!?

Abe Seimei: Indeed!

Benkei: Ryouma, leave it to me! The enemy of high priests, now I'll pulverize

Benkei: Ku, there isn't even a scratch!

Hayato: What a guy...!

Abe Seimei: You lack something, Getter Robo!

Ryouma: What did you say!?

[Abe Seimei attacks Getter]

Benkei: Shit, what an attack...!

Abe Seimei: It seems now you idiots aren't my opponent... 
Beasts... I leave this guys to you! Get rid of them!

Domon: Where did you plan to go!?

Abe Seimei: A place I knew. To the place I can collect anguish of humanity...
For the recarnation of Lord Drago.

Domon: That son of the bitch! He heads to the town!? 

Isaac: Is he intend to confine us here.

Benkei: Hey, what do we do!?

Ryouma: You people split out! It is obvious we have to chase him! 

Hayato: Ryouma! If that's the case leave it to me!

Dr.Saotome: J9, you people go after him.

Poncho: What about protecting the Laboratory?

Dr.Saotome: The lab can be rebuilt, but you can't lose Getter Robo no matter 

Poncho: You heard it people?

Isaac: So be it. We will go support Getter Robo.

Dr.Saotome: I trust in you everyone.

Bowei: Then I will accelerate the speed at max to not lose the target!

Domon: Well then everyone, let's plow the road!

[All members' morale max]

*Battle Ends*

Omachi: It seems the Onis-san aren't here anymore.

Domon: Then we can't be slow! Let's chase that bastard immediately! 

Ryouma: Yeah!

*If Getter Robo reach the white line*

Ryouma: I'll go first!

*If Braiger reach the white line*

Kid: See ya!

Omachi: See ya!

*If God Gundam reach the white line*

Domon: I'll go first! I'll leave the remaining grunts to you guys!

*Aozora Town/Intown*

Kakeru: (We received investigation data about the Ionia from the Photon Power
Laboratory but after all we didn't come up with anything... Well, because I 
heard that the investigation is in process, we can only wait for negotiation
from now on. Which reminds me lately, we often store Io Onix at the Earth 
Defense Class... Amane made alot of friend and I'm glad that we can loan Io 
Onix easily...)

Kakeru: Eh? Schick Onix is calling. Is that from Amane? 

Amane: Ah, brother.

Kakeru: What's up Amane? Isn't it now you're at Youshou Academy?
Amane: Right but the truth is I got something for you to see.

Kakeru: Thing I want to see?

Amane: Please immediately come to Youshou Academy class 3 year 5.

Kakeru: I understand. I'll come immediately.

Amane: Then I'll wait. 

Kakeru: Why is he suddenly call...? I don't understand well but I think should

*Youshou Academy*

Kakeru: (It is really reluctance for a high school student enterring an 
elementary school...)

Teacher Himeki: What are you doing here?

Kakeru: My name is Kakeru Ibana...

Teacher Himeki: Oh you are Amane's big brother right?

Kakeru: Yes. 
Well... You are teacher Himeki of Health Preservation right?

Teacher Himeki: Right.

Kakeru: I see... I've heard about you from my brother. I was told you are doing
a counselling...

Teacher Himeki: The first time I saw Amane I was surprised. His body really is
being transparent. Which reminds me, Kakeru-kun, you come to meet Amane right? 
Now he seems to be at class 3 year 5.

Kakeru: At the class of the Earth Defense Class? What the hell is that idiot 
doing there...? 

Teacher Himeki: He seems bring in many things inside the Ionia but I can't tell
you why.

Kakeru: I see.

Teacher Himeki: So I'll be here. Try to make yourself at home.

Kakeru: Yes. Thank you.

*Youshou Academy/Classroom*

Kakeru: Excuse me.

Teacher Shinoda: Oh, are you Amane's big brother!?

Kakeru: I'm Kakeru. Thank you for taken care of my brother recently.

Teacher Shinoda: Oh no Kakeru-kun. You've come just the right time! 
Our colleagues go inside this stone and didn't come back. Tell something!

Kakeru: Which reminds me there are no one beside you right... Perhaps, Teacher 
Shinoda was guarding the Io Onix?

Teacher Shinoda: Right. When I come to class and look for them, they neglected
the platform.

Kakeru: Sorry for troubling you... 

Teacher Shinoda: It is not necessary for you to mind.
To watch over the action of the students also my duty as a teacher.

Kakeru: That speech is helpful to me.

Amane: You were fast brother.

Kakeru: Yeah, I'm a good walker. Aside from that, what is it that you want me 
to see?

Amane: It is inside Io Onix. Now the entrance is opened. Come in.

Kakeru: I understand. Then I'll come.


Kakeru: Well... Where is Amane...?

Shuzo: Yes! Yes! Step aside, step aside!

Professor: If you don't step aside, we will not hesitate to clear the road by
a hand truck!

Kakeru: Gosh! You people are Saurer's!?

Professor: Is that you Kakeru-san?

Tsutomu: I'm sorry for always borrow Amane, but let me explain. All is for 
peace of the world.

Kakeru: You people, and Amane... You take the Io Onix out and doing so many 
things, but what on earth are you planning?

Tsutomu: That is a secret.

Shuzo: Right right! High school student have no business with us elementary

Kakeru: What secret of Elementary student? You're hiding making dirt ball or

Shuzo: Uwah! Old!

Professor: we will announce that very soon.
Kakeru-san, please wait at the bridge.

Kakeru: Bridge? Where is the bridge?

Tsutomu: We call the center of the ship the bridge. It is Ionia's control room.

Kakeru: Ah, overthere? Somehow I understand.

Shuzo: Then see you later!


Kakeru: So this is the bridge... But is it good even the way of calling can't 
be able to understand...

Kouji: Oh, Kakeru? You also came?

Kakeru: Is that you Kouji? What are you doing here?

Ken: Good afternoon Brother Kakeru.

Mai: Sorry to interrupt you!

Kakeru: Ken's group also came?

Yui: Because Tsutomu and Professor suddenly have an important new to tell they
told us to gather here.

Dango: The Earth Defense Class, Saurer party, moreover Saeko-san also here.

Kakeru: Hm, then it is luxurious again.

Sayaka: It seems Kakeru-kun also didn't know the reason we've been call out 

Kakeru: Even I heard from Amane I haven't been informed anything.

Mai: That is because Amane-kun also year 4 elementary student. He didn't want 
to tell his brother.

Kakeru: Is that so?

Ken: Make us remember the time when we were elementary student everyone. There
are one or two things right?

Kakeru: Which reminds me when the food that I hate appear at the school lunch
service, I sneakily bring it home and let a neighbor dog ate it.

Boss: I also did that...

Kakeru: At last I was discovered and got scolded by my teacher.

Kouji: Well, don't worry Kakeru. Take a look at the gathering members here.
Everyone is fighting comrades together. As long as there isn't a very important
event, none of us would gather at one place.

Sayaka: I agree with Kouji-kun. Just relax and wait here since we will get the
explanation very soon.

Kakeru: Well, maybe now that is the best option...

Hiroshi: Well, then everyone please keep silent for a moment.

Maria: It seems everyone is gathering here so let's begin!

Gorou: All I want to say is, today there is a important story about the defense
of Earth.

Ely: Let take everybody have a look at the customary room at once.

Maria: Yeah.

Professor: Amane-kun, how is the preparing situation of the room?

Amane: Ok. Just now Shozo has given his finishing touches.

Professor: Then at once, let make an announcement before everyone.

Kinta: Where do we go?

Ely: Just wait until you actually see it.


Tsutomu: Well, everyone! Take a look!

Professor: This is the result of our hard, self-confidence work!

*Ionia/Special Room*

Asuka: Our self-confidence work... Isn't this the classroom of the Earth 
Defense Class!?

Love: True! It is totally the Earth Defense Class control room!

Akira: It is inside Ionia!?

Shuzo: No~, it takes pain. We make a similar control room by that effort.

Cookie: Wonderful! It looks really the same~.

Kirara: So the busy work of Tsutomu group from before is this thing right?

Jin: So why you're not frank? If you guys give a word we will help too.

Professor: Hmph! As for this thing, advance by secrecy is the basis!

Youji: What basis...?

Gorou: But with the help of Amane-kun we finished this in surprise short time.

Kakeru: Is it true Amane?

Amane: Because inside Ionia we move the heavy things and if it isn't a 
complicated thing we can create it...

Shuzo: Well, you're really helpful.

Shinobu: But, why did you guys make a control room inside Ionia?

Professor: If we analyze the fight from now a conclusion that where and when 
our enemies appear isn't even strange. 
That time, we can rush to the destination if everyone ride this Ionia.

Reiko: But I wonder it could be the same as the control room Eldoran gave us?

Tsutomu: It can not be completely the same but to support Raijin-Oh it is 
surely not a problem.

Akira: What, that is magnificient.

Professor: Not only the control room of the Earth Defense Class, we plan to put
many equipments inside Ionia.

Amane: If there are necessary things please suggest more from now on.

Kakeru: Somewhat Ionia has became everyone's secret base.

Kenichi: Now that you mention it we also made a secret base.

Chobi: Yeah yeah! We took the chairs and cardboard boxes into the base, right?

Ely: What's that? Were you guys doing for such play?

Harune: Those guys are really children...

Bon: Well, woman don't understand. That's a man's romance.

Jin: Oops, we have to tell the Ganbar Team our new secret base.
Yuu: But I also feel bad that we take the trouble calling them...

Asuka: Right. We should tell them the time of the next meeting.

Kinta: But we don't know this Ganbar Team well.

Potato: They are really the secret heroes, even if we ask they don't reply.

Love: I wonder what they're doing now?

Shinobu: Unexpectedly, they are sweeping and...

*Aozora Elementary School/Classroom*

Kotarou: *sneeze*

Yousuke: Are you alright, Kotarou-kun? You probably got a cold?

Kotarou: No, that is not so. Perhaps somebody from somewhere is calling me...?

Chinatsu: Call what about you? Don't talk stupid thing and wear on the dust 

Kotarou: Who is stupid!? You do not have the slightest idea who I am!

Chinatsu: What, really? Then try to say that slightest idea.

Kotarou: Good, Chinatsu! I'm Ganbaru...

Rikiya: Waaaaaaah!!

Kotarou: Mukyu...!

Yousuke: The rumor of the motto ''Ganbaru'' (try'' ) spead inside the city!
They're saying that, right Kotarou-kun?

Kotarou: Yea... Yeah!

Chinatsu: Rikiya-kun and Yousuke-kun are panic about something?

Rikiya: No, pardon me for my shameful.

Chinatsu: Hm... Alright, because I'm going outside to throw away garbage, don't
skip your duty and wear the dust cloth properly.

Kotarou: Phew~!
What the fuck are you doing Rikiya!?

Rikiya: That is my line! You just talk as if there were nothing happening!

Yousuke: That's right! We better turn into dogs!?

Kotarou: Don't give angry screams like that... We will be spotted, Ok...?

Yousuke: Not good! Generally, Kotarou is...

Rikiya: Wah!

Yousuke: The Ganbar brace is ringing. What on Earth?

Yousuke: Yes. This is Yousuke.

Toubei: Wan!

Kotarou: Oh, it is Gon (Gonzales).

Toubei: Who is Gon? Before people you should call me ''Tou-san''!

Yousuke: (Which reminds me, Gonzales is the name of Kotarou's elder sister that 
he use to call uncle?)

Rikiya: What's the matter uncle? Is there something happening?

Toubei: Yeah! There are Hell Beasts destroying the city!

Kotarou: Uhe~! That Yaminorius no matter how many times he was done he still 
didn't learn!

Toubei: Ganbar Team, urgent sortie!

Rikiya: Even you said so, we are in the middle of sweeping...

Toubei: What are you saying! You guys are the Ganbar Team! You should put 
exterminating the Hell Beast ahead of sweeping!

Kotarou: I agree with Dad, Rikiya! Well, let's get going quick!

Rikiya: Even though we will be disqualified from class committee members...

Yaminorius: Fuhahahahahahaha!!
Kill, Hell Beasts! Entrap the human world into the very bottom of fear and

Kotarou: Miracle Ninja! Ganbar Team, here we come!!

Yaminorius: Damn you! Appear again, Ganbar Team!
This time I completely knock you down!

Kotarou: Eat that word! You still haven't learn despite you're beaten 
Let's go! Red! Blue!

Rikiya: Ok!

*Ganbaruger attacks*

Kotarou: Thanks to you stupid beasts we are ''lucky'' by skipping sweeping 
duty... Because of that we won't receive allowance!

*Turn 2*

Jin: Sorry for keep you waiting, Ganbar Team!

Yousuke: Everybody! They come to help us!

Yaminorius: Damn you Ganbar Team! You are a coward for calling friends!

Kotarou: So call out Hell Beasts is good too huh?

Yaminorius: Then you all will also get killed by Hell Beasts.

Yaminorius: Eh? That is!?

Mai: Nuh, that is!?

Yui: Are you saying again making human suffering!?

Doll Geist: This must be the joining location according to Seimei-dono's 
instruction. Abe Seimei-dono's plan is: no matter what the result this action 
still has meaning.

Ken: Everyone, leave the Drago enemies to me! You concentrate on the Hell 

Ryu Dolk: No, Liger. Your opponent is me. 

Ken: Demon Dragon King Doluga!

Doll Geist: Ryu Dolk-dono, why you were here!? It is no need to put your
unnecessary hands on this!

Ryu Dolk: I've no intention to lend you a hand. My reason to come here... 
That is defeating Liger by my own hand. 

Doll Geist: Then I'll go my way. Do whatever you like.

Ryu Dolk: You understand me well Doll Geist.

Yaminorius: Hm... I don't know who they are but it seems they opposing the
Ganbaruger group...
If that is the case!

Yaminorius: Now go Hell Beasts! Don't let a single machine escape, kill them 

Ken: You are alot more than us doesn't mean you can win! I will neatly teach 
you meaning of the word quality is better than quantity! 

*One enemy is destroyed by Ganbaruger*

Momotarou: Wonderful~! As I thought among the Eldoran the Ganbaruger is No.1!

Kakeru: What are you saying Momotarou!? Now isn't it Ganbaruger only beat them
by chance? The next time surely the strongest among the three machines, 
Gosauer will beat them up!     
Momotarou: What!? 

Mai: Momotarou-kun, Kakeru-kun, now is not the time for debating!

Tomoko: I agree with Mai... 
At the worst if us get involve we will be lost in the people be caught in the

Seiji: Well! While the Raijin-Oh people are trying let stay away from this 

Momotarou: Oh yeah! I will never letting myself stand in Ganbaruger's way!
Everyone, follow me! Slow dudes will be left behind!

Mai: Good grief... Because you are cocky...

Momotarou: (I also hope one day I receive a Eldoran robot and fight together 
with those three...!) (For that day, I must study and train more!)

*Number of enemy are less than 8*

Hidenori: Maria-san! The is a response of an unidentified flying object!

Cookie: It is heading faster toward the town!

Maria: What are you saying!?

Kirara: Everyone please be careful! An unidentified flying object is coming

Kenichi: Shit! They said newcomers appear...!

Hidenori: I, it comes!

Amane: That is!

Jin: Isn't that the robot fighting on our side at Tokyo!?

Kakeru: Is that the doughnut-girl...!?

Sharu: I found you Ionia! And Schicksal!
This time hand over the Armed Fantoma!
Then, appear! My Slave Pots!

Kakeru: That girl call out her allies!

Amane: Sister and everyone on your side, please hear me! We have no intention 
of fighting you! 

Sharu: I don't need to listen to your call. There are no one inside this Slave

Kakeru: I see, did she said those machines are AI...? Then, I won't hold my 
hand back!

Amane: Bro, Brother. It is better to solve it with discussion...

Kakeru: Whatever we do that girl won't thinking of replying our question!!
So the only way is force her to answer obediently!

Amane: Understood, brother. But be careful not to hurt her Ok?

Kakeru: What? The cockpit is the hardest thing being made. We can't simply hurt

*Ken vs Ryu Dolk*

Ryu Dolk: This time I'll have your neck, Liger!

Ken: If you can do it then show me! Until all Bio Armor vanished I & Liger will
not be weak!

*Doluga is defeated*

Ryu Dolk: As I expected it is not straightforward...! Then! 

*Doluga transform*

Ryu Dolk: The game begins now! I'll give you more fun!

*Doluga Dragon is defeated*

Ryu Dolk: Phew, I'm happy. You bastards aren't grow up until you can compete 
with this Doluga Dragon!  I'm looking forward to the next meeting!

*Kakeru vs Doll Geist*

Doll Geist: This machine has some unusual properties to recent science. Will 
you show me all your power?

Kakeru: Don't talk reasons that I don't understand and bring it on quickly!
I'll beat the crap out of this machine body!

Doll Geist: Hm, my body which is fuse with machine, by fighting will continue
to evolve more and more.
You will turn into my fertilizer!

*Liger vs Doll Geist*

Doll Geist: Your data of the last battle is grasped full. As long as that data
doesn't exceed, you can't win me.

Ken: Nonsense, you bastard! 
If you think of measuring Liger and me you have a big mistake!

Doll Geist: Fufufu, that is the spirit. Give me more fun.

*Kakeru vs Sharu*

Kakeru: Answer doughnut-girl! Why are you aiming at us!?

Sharu: Isn't it obvious you are the one holding the Armed Fantoma!?
Be obedient hand over Schicksal and the Armed Fantoma and I won't do anything 
to you!

Kakeru: I won't do it! Those things is needed to protect my brother and return
the peacefulness of mankind!

Sharu: That thing in your hand is just a toy, not the actual thing!

Kakeru: Shit, don't mind other people business...! 
As I expected it seems we have to let her completely silent at once!

*Doll Geist is defeated*

Doll Geist: Hm, they've come this far...
Well good... I suppose today's data is effective for the next battle.

*5 enemies remain*
Yaminorius: Shit! Those guys is stubborn as usual...!

Rikiya: How is it, Yaminorius? You still at it?

Yaminorius: Of course! I will not retreat and settle business with you right

[Enemies appear]

Kotarou: Very good! If that the case I'll be your opponent through the end!

Hidenori: Maria-san! There is a new reaction on radar again!

Maria: Eh!? What's more now!? 

Akira: What is that!?

Kinta: A strange guy pops out!

Hidenori: More different responses keep getting close!

Saeko: That's Briger! Cosmo Ranger J9!!

Professor: There is also God Gundam!

Tsutomu: Going together with them is also a red robot that I haven't seen.

Isaac: Schicksal and Ionia... It seems recently they're fighting at this town.

Domon: It seems there is a reason Abe Seimei lure us here.

Ryouma: I can't stand any thinking! If anything come just settle to defeat it!

Abe Seimei: Hm, so the actors have gathered here.
Hey the Beasts, prepare at once to nail down these guys in the city!

Professor: Those beasts at the corner are the ones that appear frequently at

Gorou: That guy is the boss of those!? 

Abe Seimei: Until our operative method is done we will give you entertainment
for a short time.

Ryouma: That bastard... He disappears and left the beasts here.

Hayato: What does that mean... He completely vanish from the sensor.

Benkei: What will we do now? Continuing chasing that guy?

Isaac: There is no need to do things blindly. While continue to search for that
guy by all kind of sensor, we should destroy enemies before eye.

Domon: Right. Now the first priority is to protect the town.

Kid: First of all it is better to try communicate the Ionia.

Bowei: Right.

Reiko: Maria! There are informations appear from those robots!

Maria: Connect.

Isaac: Earth Defense Class, also other teams, sorry to trouble you the first
time we meet.
My name is Isaac Godonov, I'm taken my job as the leader of Cosmo Ranger J9. I
was hearing that you fight for this world. Please let us assist you.

Maria: Understood! Thank you for joining force with us!

Maria: Is that Ok everyone!? We will joining with those 3 machine to defeat 

Ely: Understood!

Jin: It must be a dream fighting along with God Gundam!

Kinta: Oh! When we're finished I will get a signature from Domon Kasshu!

*Sharu is defeated*

Kakeru: How is it!? Doughnut-girl!?

Sharu: Shit...! They're tougher than I thought...!
If I don't recover...

Kakeru: She gone!? Where does she go!?

Amane: The disappearing person now... She probably can turn that robot into 
Onix like Schicksal...

Kakeru: Probably... She even know about the Armed Fantoma...
As I expected, we must force her to answer carefully!

*All Hell Beasts destroyed*

Yaminorius: Wah, what does this mean! The Hell Beasts are all beaten!
Calling the Hell Beasts isn't effective anymore... It seems I have to ascertain
those guys' real ability a bit more.

*Battle Ends*

Maria: Cookie, Hidenori, how about enemy's responses?

Hidenori: The sensor doesn't detect anything!

Cookie: Yeah, there seem to be nothing.

Kouji: It seems we've cleared all the monster.

Domon: It is true that there are no enemy response... But we can't be careless.

Ryouma: Yeah, we beat the small fishes but didn't beat that bastard Seimei!

Hayato: Look at the progress of battle and we can see that it is not like he 

Isaac: Now understanding the situation is the first priority. We can use this
time to gather at the center of Ionia.

Sayaka: Right. There are also comrades that we first meet.

Maria: Everyone heard it? We will gather at the center of Ionia!

Jin: Understood!

Kenichi: For now, yeah!

Kouji: After all we didn't come up with anything since then.

Professor: Well then, since it is time the precaution is solved shall we make 
a meeting at the Ionia?

Isaac: I've no objection.

Amane: Then, everyone, let's get inside Ionia.

Benkei: Phew. Finally I get a rest.

Sharu: It is too early for you to relax!

Kakeru: That girl doesn't give up...!?

Kakeru: Hey, you! You still want to fight us despite that pathetic situation!?

Sharu: Of course!
I'll never leave without Schicksal and the Armed Fantoma!

Kakeru: You say you won't retreat...!?
Good then! Get out of that robot and answer my questions!

Amane: Wait a little, brother!

Kakeru: What Amane? Why are you making such loud voice...?

Amane: At any rate everyone should be careful!
That... I can't say it is good... I sense a very powerful force coming close!

Sharu: What on Earth are you saying...?

Abe Seimei: Kukukuku... The fact that you guys took all the trouble gather here
save me a lot of unnecessary time.

Domon: That guy is!

Ryouma: Heh, you appear just when I couldn't wait!

Kakeru: Amane! The force you felt is this guy!?

Amane: No, brother! Not that...

Abe Seimei: Time's up. The puppets already gathered for the theater...
Now I'll open the door of the underworld and invite you to hell!!


Ryouma: Fuck you! What did you do!?

Kakeru: What!? This quaking is!?

Sharu: The space begin to vibrate...! Someone is using a technique!?

Amane: Uh... Pain...

Saeko: Ah, Amane-kun! Are you alright!?

Amane: Uh...! My head feel pain...!

Mai: What is that!? My head throbs...!

Dango: Shit! Things become more and more terrible...!

Amane: Uh... Everyone... Uwaaaaaaa!!

Ryouma: W, what!? Oooooooooooh!!

Hayato: What is that!? Getter Energy suddenly starting to increase!

Benkei: Wh... What the hell is happening to Getter!?

Kakeru: This power...! It seems Schicksal and the Armed Fantoma resonance...!
Shit, my head feel dividing...! Amane... Amane are you fine...!?

Amane: Uwaaaaaaa! Brother! Brotherrr!

Kakeru: Amane!? Amane!!

Amane: Uwaaaaaaaaa!!

Yui: Ah, Amane's pain begin to spread!

Mai: Uhh! Hold on Amane-kun! 

Amane: Uuuu...!

Abe Seimei: Kukuku... That is the hidden power of the dummies you are 
controlling. It unlocks the connection of this world and the different world.

Tsutomu: Look at that!

Sharu: That is!? It can't be!

Abe Seimei: Now, the door already opened... Farewell everyone... To the land of
chaotic wars!

Ryouma: Fuckkk! Uooooooooh!

Kakeru: Amane! Amaneeee!

Amane: Brother...! Brotherrrrrrrr!

Abe Seimei: Fufufufufufu! Hahahahaha!

The Land that a sword stands....
That is the world of magic and adventure, the Earth Tear...
Mixes various cultures and tribes, that world that marks 1000 years of history 
now being chased by a new threat. 
That world is yet to be known... from now mark a new legend of heroes...

*Urutaria Fort/Ernst facility's headquarter*

Ribaris: My honor to meet you, Lady Kyaos. And, what can I do for you?

Kyaos: Ribaris, today I call you because a few days ago you failed to catch 
Sharu and the Armed Fantoma.

Ribaris: !?
Perhaps I will get an ultimate punishment!? I beg you forgive me only this 

Kyaos: Who talked about that matter? Listen to this story until the end.

Ribaris: Y, yes!

Kyaos: There is an unidentifield new about the Armed Fantoma that you failed to
catch appears again at this place.

Ribaris: What!? That Armed Fantoma is!?

Kyaos: Because of that I want you to verify this is true or not, and take back
the Armed Fantoma.

Ribaris: Lady Kyaos! Are you give me a chance to regain my honor!?

Kyaos: You lead the troop, immediately investigate the observe location. As 
soon as you discover the Armed Fantoma, bring it back.

Ribaris: Yes! Please trust Ribaris Muirab, the man who protects Ernst 
facility's authority!

Kyaos: I rely on you, Ribaris.
Of course, I can't permit failure. I hope you deal with it carefully.

Ribaris: Y, yes...!

Stage 8: To the World of Sword and Magic

Kakeru: U... Uuu...
Where is this place...? If I remember correctly we're swallowed deeply into 
the dark whirpool, then...

Kakeru: Amane! Where are you Amane!?

Robbery: Brother! Look!
There is a behemoth Ryu overthere!

Robbery: You fool, look carefully! That thing is not a Ryu!
But there is no mistake that is a treasure! If we kill him and sell, the boss
will be happy probably!

Robbery: Then, let's do it!

Robbery: Well, surround him!

Kakeru: Who are you guys!?

Robbery: Hehe, we are a group of scary robbery.

Kakeru: What, Robbery!?

Robbery: You are an unlucky guy to become our target.
If you leave that treasure and wind your tail and escape, we will spare your 
life... Well, what will you do?

Kakeru: Who escape!?
I don't understand what are you up to but I'll teach you who is unlucky!

Robbery: That kid seems serious!

Robbery: You fool! You think you can win us with just one machine!?
All of you, deal with him!

*Two enemies remain*

Kakeru: How about that!? Still come!?

Robbery: Shit! We didn't judge him carefully!

???: Penpenpenpen!

Kakeru: Wh...What's that...?

???: Hey you people! What are you doing Pen!?
I already ordered you to arrange preparation infiltrate Pahuricia Pen!

Robbery: That preparation is absolutely perfect Boss!

???: Then, why are you wasting my time here Pen!?
If you want the treasure, head to Pahuricia Castle Pen!

Robbery: O, Ok~!

Kakeru: I don't understand why but it seems they retreat... Despite that, 
where the hell on Earth is this place?

Kakeru: Huh!?

Amane: Brother, it is you brother!

Kakeru: Amane is that you!?
Ionia! And also Raijin-Oh and the Mazinger group!

Amane: You look fine brother!

Kakeru: Yeah, it's nothing.

Kouji: What Amane said is true! Kakeru is really here! 

Saeko: Amane-kun seems to know Schicksal's place through Ionia.

Mai: That is the bond of brothers.

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kakeru: I don't understand what is happening but somehow everyone were unite.

Jin: Not yet. We're still looking for the separated people...

Kouji: The Earth Defense Class and us Mazinger Team are all here. However the
others were...

Mai: We can't find Ken, Sauers and Ganbaruger...
Yui: We can't communicate with Domon, J9 and the Getter Team.

Boss: Everyone was scattered into pieces.

Kakeru: I see...

Sayaka: We try to contact every facility including Photon Power Lab but it is
not good.

Kakeru: Right from the beginning, at that time what was happening?

Amane: Probably, we were absorbed into whirpool-like thing that borns from the
Aozora sky and jumped to the unknown different world.

Kakeru: Different world? You said it is not Earth?

Saeko: You probably won't believe it but we can only think of that...

Jin: If you take a look at that big thing you will understand...

Kakeru: What is that huge sword!?

Amane: A while ago because of the mist we can't see it from afar.

Tsutomu: I don't know correctly the size of that sword but it is so big that it
can reach the stratosphere.

Hidenori: It is really that big. This place is probably where the giants live.

Akira: It can't be. How big are those giants.

Kakeru: It seems we were sent to an unexpected place.

Amane: We have to think of a way to return to Earth...

Maria: But now the priority is to unite with the scattered companions.

Kouji: Right. Let's go at once.

Saeko: Which reminds me, towns can be seen at this place. Therefore we can get
some informations.

Kirara: You are great Saeko-san! Gathering information is the basis of scoop!

Tokie: Scoop what?

Love: Scoop or whatever, if we go to the town we could understand something 

Amane: But I think it is conspicuous to approach the town with Ionia.

Kakeru: Then, let's turn it into Io Onix and walk.

Amane: Yeah, that's probably alright.

Yoppaa: I wonder if we can get food?

Yuu: Right... We need water and food...

Maria: Then, we'll buy provision and head to the town.

Tsutomu: Now I think that's the best option.

Akira: So be it.

Amane: It is strange all of us walk there so let's divide into groups Ok?

Love: That's a good plan.

Maria: Then let's make Amane-kun the guard of Ionia?

Amane: Yes, please trust me.

Kouji: Then, let's go!

*Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber/Steering Room*

Lamuness: Hey Cocoa. The next goal called Pahuricia Kingdom. What is it like?

Cocoa: It is a peaceful kingdom rule by King Pahuricia who is well-known as a 
wise king.

Milk: It is also a castle town which has a size as the first or second largest
among the Earth Tear.
The interesting thing you will see is there are a lot of delicious food~!

Tama-Q: This is not the time worrying about delicious food Mya!

Cocoa: Right, Milk... We're here to find the fourth guardian knight. 

Milk: I understand that. Before Goburiki completely revived we have to find the
fourth guardian knight.

Tama-Q: If that's the case may I explain to Lamuness how to use the guardian 
knights Mya?

Lamuness: Ahh, that's a piece of cake! I summon them when riding King Sccasher

Tama-Q: Right Mya. The summoning guardian knights will fight instead of you 

Lamuness: Now the guardian knight we have in hand is King Sccasher. Moreover,
Ceylorm and Silicone make three of them!

Tama-Q: Each guardian knight has their own strong point of attacking method 
Mya. Depend on situations if those guardian knights comporate they will make
way for us Mya!

Lamuness: It can't be wrong I'm growing more and more like a Brave!
I will certainly obtain the fourth guardian knight for you to see!

*Pahuricia Castle/Castle Town*

Jin: What a lively town~.

Sayaka: It is full of energy.

Kakeru: This street... I feel we really come to a fantasy world.

Kouji: Actually, before my eyes is also a huge castle.

Jin: I feel like we being transported through time to the ancient period...

Maria: But what's those things look like manufacturing robot walking on the 

Tsutomu: I think that this world has different culture with Earth.

Jin: Look at that! There are food that we haven't seen!

Maria: Wait, Jin! Watch your step!

Jin: What? Isn't it good?

Zanpa: Heck!? Don't you look while walking Pen!?

Jin: U, Uwah! You are a penguin!?

Zanpa: I'm not a penguin Pen! I'm a Haafubiisuto (Halfbeast?) Peeeen!

Tsutomu: Halfbeast...? Is that your penguin cosplay?

Maria: From everyside I see it is so. Despite that it isn't well-made.

Zanpa: Ouchhhhhhh! Even if you pull it it won't come out Pen!
What uninhibited brats Pen!
Pay all at once for the bump and injury my heart Pen!

Maria: You say payment...!

Jin: What do you mean!? Haven't I apologized carefully!?

Zanpa: If you pay me I will forgive you and we don't need a sheriff Pen!
Well then, pay quickly Pen!

Kouji: Hey hey hey you! Why are you pick up quarrel? Debate with kids is 

Zanpa: I will not forgive the one not only admit their personal errors but 
instead angry at me Pen! 
I'll punish kids that do not have enough manners Pen!
This is a good time I try out the short-sword I just have bought from the 
weapon store Pen!

Kakeru: Hey! That blade is not a toy!

Zanpa: Hahahahaha! This is a good resolution Pen!

???: Wait!

Zanpa: Huh? Who is that!?

Adeu: There is one big rule of Chivalry! 
The knight will not abandon people in trouble!

Zanpa: Wh, who are you!?

Adeu: The sonic knight Adeu will not forgive an action swinging blade at the 
unarmed townspeople!

Zanpa: Huh!? Wanna try Pen!?

Adeu: Teryaaaaaah!

Kakeru: Hey! Watch your step! Dangerous!

Adeu: Uwawawawawawawah!

Adeu: Shit...!

Zanpa: Hahahahaha! I don't mind a slow-footed brat called Adeu Pen!

Kouji: Hey! Run, Knight-san!

Zanpa: Finish Pen!!

Adeu: N, no!

Hayato: That is enough.

Zanpa: Shit, another trespassing idiot Pen!? You have courage to pull the 
riffle toward me Pen!

Hayato: Don't worry. I don't need a gun to deal with a penguin like you. Bare
hand is enough.

Zanpa: Pepepepepepepen!? How dare you make fun of me the great robbery Zanpa 
You can't be forgiven Pen! Prepare yourself Pen!

Hayato: Hm...

Zanpa: Ouchhhhhhh!!

Jin: Wh, what a punch!

Kouji: That is Getter Team!?

Zanpa: Pepepepepen! Today I'll forgive you at this place Pen!
Remember this!

Hayato: ...

Maria: Thank you for saving us right at the dangerous time.

Hayato: Of course I've to help well-known friends. I'll help you whenever you
... We will meet again.

Kakeru: Hey! Wait!

Kouji: We will meet again... Is that guy a person of Getter Team?

Sayaka: It took a lot of trouble to meet. I wonder why does he run away...?

Adeu: Uhh... It hurts...

Maria: Are you alright Knight-san?

Adeu: I just fell down. There is no injury.

Sayaka: I see, thanks God.

Adeu: I gave a poor display but I'm relief that you guys are alright.

Jin: You said before you are a knight but brother, are you a real knight?

Adeu: Now I'm in training. My plan for grow up is only following the path of a 
knight! Moreover, you guys seem doesn't belong to this town.

Jin: Er... That is this...

Kakeru: We, come from the countryside!

Maria: Yeah! We come to this town for sightseeing so we don't understand 

Adeu: Is that so...
I'm also on the middle of a tour so call me whenever you're trouble!

Sayaka: That is helpful. On top of that we are looking for food...

Adeu: If that so let me guide you to a nearby restaurant. I'm also hungry.

*Pahuricia Castle/Castle Gate*

Cocoa: Welcome~. This is the capital city of Pahuricia Kingdom.

Lamuness: Is the fourth guardian knight sealed in this town?

Cocoa: According to the ancient paperwork there is a high possibility~.

Milk: Let's put that aside. First it is lunch time! My stomach is empty~!

Lamuness: So it is time for lunch... Is that Ok Cocoa?

Cocoa: But I couldn't find a good restaurant in this big city~.

Lamuness: If that let's try asking the young people we encounter!
The gatekeeper standing there probably knows a delicious restaurant.

Milk: Is that so? Then...!

Milk: Excuse me! There is a thing I want to ask!

Benkei: Oh? What is it?

Milk: Where is the best place to eat in this town?

Benkei: Delicious food? Let me see...
Kaneshikatei is the one I suggest. The price is cheap and the volume is 
If you go through there you can see the sign.

Milk: Thank you! Lamuness and sister, let's go!

Lamuness: Uwa, Milk! Don't pull me like that!

Tama-Q: If you're too fast you will slip Mya~!

Benkei: Phew~, that party is somewhat noisy.

Hayato: Benkei, those guys from before is...?

Benkei: Oh, is that you Hayato? Those are the tourisms asking for a restaurant.

Hayato: You are completely familiar with this town...

Benkei: Because of the shortage of staff. The one guarding here is almost only 

Hayato: Well, thanks to your speaking that I was hired as a spy... 

Benkei: There are many dangerous missions right?

Hayato: Hm... To collect information, it is just right.

Benkei: Which reminds me, did you come up with anything?

Hayato: I found the Ionia members at the middle of the town.

Benkei: Ionia comrades!? As we expected, they also come to this world!?

Hayato: Yeah. It seems at that time all the comrades fighting at Aozora town 
are coming to this world.

Benkei: As I thought... I was worrying that we can't find Getter and Ryouma 
but, at last there is a light of hope.

Hayato: We don't know Ryouma's location but we know there are beasts in this
world. If we follow that, we might end up in Getter.

Benkei: Why do you say if we chase the beasts we will find Getter?

Hayato: I guess the goal of those beasts attacking the Saotome Lab is Getter.

Benkei: Really?

Hayato: If we unite with the Ionia members, we will obtain strength to chase 
those beasts. Let's move.

Benkei: Ok!

*Pahuricia/Cheap Restaurant*

Milk: Yum, yum, yum... Another plate please! 
My stomach is growling! Please bring more!

Lamuness: You are eating too much Milk. Let's stop there, all right?

Milk: It is long since I ate delicious food, it is not enough yet! 

Cocoa: We call it ''fed the eating child''.

Tama-Q: If you eat too much you will be fed in unnecessary place Mya~.

Adeu: Here we arrived. Let's call some food!

Jin: Uwa! Sweet odour!

Sayaka: I exchanged the jewels with the money of this kingdom, so the war fund
is also a piece of cake.

Kakeru: The jewels that were used on Ionia's ornament are unbelievable useful.

Kouji: Hey hey take a look at that.

Milk: Yum yum... Delicious!

Jin: Who is that child!? She has awesome style of eating!

Milk: I'm still not full! Please bring more cuisines and don't stop!
Even all of this shop's food is Ok!

Maria: Wa, wait! If you ate all this restaurant food we'll be in trouble!
There must be plates for us too! Around 30!

Milk: Ehh!? You also eat that much!?

Maria: Wrong! I'm not the only one eating...!

Milk: I don't want to hand over those yummy cuisines! I'm so hungry!

Maria: Hungry...? What are those plates on the table!? Haven't you ate enough!?

Jin: Hey Maria. You don't need to be that serious...

Lamuness: Milk, you also calm down!

Milk: But I'm not having enough...

Adeu: You two don't debate with each other.
The rules of Chilvary also said ''If you hungry you can't fight''.

Adeu: What's that!?

Kouji: Outside the shop! Something happening there!

Da Cider: Come out, Lamuness! 
This time I'll cut you into fillets!

Lesqua: If you don't come out quickly the Monskars will destroy more and more.

Pahuricia Soldier: You villians! This is the sacred Pahuricia capital! Leave

Da Cider: Hahaha! We will appear anywhere, wherether it is Arara capital or 
Pahuricia capital!  
Kill Monskars! Do it before my eyes!

Pahuricia Soldier: Shit! What power!
Retreat to the castle wall! Hold back these guys at that place!

Maria: What are those monsters!?

Cocoa: That is the weapon called Monskars~.

Kouji: It seems this isn't a peaceful place either!

Tsutomu: Anyhow we need to hide! If it is like this we'll be finishing involved
in war!

Cocoa: Don't worry~. We will do something here~.

Kakeru: You guys say... you do something!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness will never let that Da Cider do what he like Mya! Quickly call
out King Sccasher Mya!

Lamuness: Understood! Milk group, you lead brother's group to the Hulk Hogan 
Axe Bomber! Leave the Monskars to me!

Milk: Understood! Give your best Lamuness!

Lamuness: Let's go, Tama-Q!

Tama-Q: Ok Mya!

Kouji: Tha, that guy call out a robot!

Kakeru: That summoning is somewhat like Schicksal.

Pahuricia Soldier: What on Earth is that yellow machine...!?

Cocoa: Hey~ hey~. Pahuricia soldiers can you hear me~?
I'm the princess of Arara Kingdom, Cocoa~.
And that guy that ride the yellow machine is Brave Lamuness. Of course we're
not suspicious~.

Pahuricia Soldier: Oh, Arara Kingdom! Thank you for sending reinforcement!

Cocoa: Leave this to Lamuness and go inside the castle to strengthen your 

Pahuricia Soldier: Yes, princess Cocoa! Thank you for your kindness!

Lamuness: Da Cider, I'll be your opponent!

Da Cider: You're good for not escaping Lamuness!

Lesqua: This time we'll beat you from head to toes.

Lamuness: The Brave never escape!
I'll make you completely regret for following us!

Cocoa: Let's take refuge and entrust the situation to Lamuness everyone~.

Jin: Who on Earth are you guys?

Milk: Let's leave that for later! Now follow us!

Tsutomu: Stay here is dangerous. Now that seems the best option.

Kouji: Right. Then sorry to bother you.

Cocoa: Please trust us~.

Adeu: Let me fight together with Lamuness! I'm a knight anyway!

Milk: What are you saying!? You are no match for the Monskars without anything!
Now, go!

Adeu: Hey! Don't pull my mantle!

*Turn 2*

Tama-Q: Lamuness, it is the Hulk Hogan Mya!

Lamuness: Milk and Cocoa! Why!?

Milk: I can't bear those interupt our lunch time! I'm going to teach that 
dreadful Da Cider the bitterness of food!

Cocoa: Milk, now inside the Hulk Hogan are other people~.

Milk: But I never let Lamuness fight alone!

Tsutomu: Er... Sorry to interrupt you...

Cocoa: Yes, what?

Tsutomu: A while ago there is an alarm sound...

Cocoa: Oh, it is true...

Maria: Look overthere everyone! Something is coming!

Jin: Who are those people!?

Cocoa: I don't know the leading machine but the ones behind it are the Solid.

Zanpa: The Great Robbery Zanpa, now here I come Pen!
This time I'll surely not slip the Pahuricia treasure Pen! 
You rascals, while the Monskars are destroying, steal the treasure Pen!

Robbery: Ok! 

Kakeru: Those are the robberies that attacked me!

Cocoa: It seems they plan to steal Pahuricia treasure while we are fighting.

Sayaka: You say they take this advantage to profit what they need...

Kouji: Despite what he said ''great robbery'' they are low!

Milk: It true! I'll never forgive those!
Lamuness! Defeat those people and Da Cider for me!

Lamuness: You are talking absurd Milk! The Da Cider group is already too much
for me!

Milk: Is that the lines of the Brave!?

Adeu: Don't worry! I'll take on the robberies!

Sayaka: Take on...!? You plan to fight those guys with your bare hands!?

Jin: Whatever the circumstance is that is too much! From before ain't you're
almost done by that guy!?

Adeu: There is big one rule of the Chivalry! I'll never forgive those bring 
chaos to the world! Whatever it is, as long as I'm a knight, I must fight when 
it is time to fight!

Adeu: Hey, robbery group! I'll not let you pass me!

Zanpa: Oh it is that stupid knight that I met in the town! You come again to be
beaten Pen?

Adeu: Shut up! I don't think it is the same this time!
Look at my true power! Ryu Knight! Zephyrrrrrr!!

Zanpa: Penpenpenpenpenpenpen! That is...!?

Kakeru: Adeu also own a robot!

Cocoa: Wow~, I'm surprised... Adeu-san uses a Ryu~.

Lamuness: Ryu? Is that the robots help us from before at Arara Castle?

Tama-Q: Right Mya! Moreover it is the strongest Knight of Ryu among the Ryu 

Lamuness: Knight of Ryu... It is somewhat cool.
Anyway, if that Knight brother help me clean this robberies I'm grateful!
Assistance, thank you! Knight Brother!

Adeu: I only follow the path of a knight! You don't need to thanks me!

Cocoa: Milk~. Because Adeu appears to help us, let's step back at once~.

Milk: But we haven't show those guys the bitterness of food...!

Cocoa: This time listen to me...

Milk: Ok...

Cocoa: If that is the case, Adeu-san. Sorry but we will step back.

Adeu: Ahh! Leave it to me!

Cocoa: Then, please~.

Adeu: But who are those monsters? It seems they're not only monsters.

Lamuness: Those are the bad sorcerers who is the subordinate of a guy called Don

Adeu: Don Harumage...! Is that the guy spread evil to every place...!?
I'll never leave things like that!
I'll fight those monsters and the robberies!

*Adeu's first battle*

Adeu: A fight of Ryu Knight Zephyr and Sonic Adeu! I'll show you all my 

*4 enemies shot down*

Da Cider: Hahaha! I'm not having enough with you yet Lamuness!

Lamuness: What did you say!?

Da Cider: I'll teach you my seriousness! 

Lesqua: Alright, Monskars. Kick his ass.

Lamuness: Shit, still more to come!? 

Adeu: This is too close to the town. We can't fight as much as we want...!

*Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber/Steering Room*

Kakeru: This is not good...! If the situation is like this the town will be a

Jin: We can't keep silent anymore! Everyone, let's go!

Tsutomu: But if we get involved in the battle at this world...

Jin: Now is not the moment to talk about that!

Kouji: We can't pretend blind at this situation!

Kakeru: Then, shall we go!?

Maria: Right! We'll fight too!

Cocoa: Where are you people going~!? Outside is dangerous~!?

Jin: We're going to help little Lamuness and Knight-brother!

Milk: Help? How!?

Kakeru: We also have some robots!

Cocoa: Ehh~!? Really~!?

Milk: If that is the case, Hulk Hogan take off!

Cocoa: Ahh~, wait a bit Milk~!

Kakeru: Amane! It is our turn!

Amane: Brother, you get out of Ionia!?

Kakeru: Right! We'll drive away the villains!

Amane: I understand!

Adeu: What is that huge ship!? This is the first time I saw it!

Lamuness: That sacred-like ship is...!

Kouji: Lamuness, Adeu, we'll also help you out!

Kakeru: I don't know this world but we can't overlook the villains!

Lamuness: Ahhh! Why does Mazinger Z appear at Earth Tear!?

Kouji: You know Mazinger Z!?

Lamuness: Moreover that robot is Raijin-Oh who protects Shunpuu town!?

Jin: That guy also knows Raijin-Oh...

Asuka: If that is the case you also come from Earth?

Lamuness: Well, the truth is...

Amane: Lamune-kun! You are Lamune-kun!? I'm your classmate Amane!

Lamuness: Amane!? You ride that ship!?

Amane: As I expected! I was worried when I heard you're not around!

Lamuness: Why are you at this place!?

Amane: Let's leave that later. Anyhow now let's drive them off together with 
these people!

Lamuness: Understood Amane! I fully trust you!

*Raijin-Oh attacks*

Jin: We will fight without leaving damage to buildings.

Asuka: I haven't seen any castle like that, though it is a town arrange like

Koji: We really have came to a special world.

Tsutomu: Raijin-Oh's power are just like when it is on Earth! Let's go!

Jin: Then! Let's quickly clean up this mess and have lunch!

*Adeu vs Zanpa*

Adeu: You looter! Your action is dirty!

Zanpa: That word is the most admiring word to us Robbery Pen!
I'll take your life without any consideration Pen!

Adeu: Then come! This world is not for evil to shine! I'll fight a decisive
battle with guys like you!

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Lamuness: You incorrigibly fool come again to be done, Da Cider!?

Da Cider: How dare you, Lamuness! Today is the last time you whine with a big

Tama-Q: Lamuness, it is worthless talking to Da Cider Mya! Let's beat him 
quickly Mya!

Lamuness: Well, is that so?

Lesqua: Da Cider. You are treated like a trifling character.

Da Cider: How dare you Lamuness...! I will treat you properly for that attitude
making fun of me!

*Cocoa vs Da Cider*

Milk: Hm! You incorrigibly fool! Persistent bastard!

Da Cider: We are ''Chinese soba'' of autumn until we beat you! That is called
ramen of autumn!

Lesqua: ... Achaa

Da Cider: Uuu... Laugh! Laugh!

Lesqua: I understood but now concentrate on your enemies! 

*Adeu vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: I don't know where you come from (I don't know the horse's bone from)
but if you're in our way we knock you down!

Adeu: If you can do it let me see! I'll cut you into fillets with the sword of

*Zanpa is defeated*

Zanpa: Pepepepe! Today is this far Pen! I'll never let things like this next 
time Pen! Remember that Pen!!

*Zanpa is on the map while Da Cida is defeated*

Zanpa: This is bad Pen! This is a very dangerous work Pen!  I'll withdraw from 
here Pen!

*Da Cider is defeated*

Lamuness: As I expected this time the winner is also us Da Cider!

Tama-Q: This time resign Mya!

Da Cider: How dare you! Just one more step, I'm done again at this place!

Lesqua: You say one more step but think of a hundred more...

Da Cider: It is a disgrace that the war commander of Don Harumage retreats like
If that is the case I will release my final method!!

Milk: What do you mean by releasing one Monskars!?

Da Cider: Hahaha, if you're thinking that is just only a Monskars you made a
big mistake.

Cocoa: Say what?

Da Cider: Let me kindly explain that!
Inside that Monskar is a bomb that can blow away half of this city!

Lamuness: You say a bomb!?

Jin: Hey you! Under whatever circumstance isn't that too much!?

Da Cider: Hahahaha! I'll do anything just to defeat that damn Lamuness!

Asuka: You're really an absurd guy...

Da Cider: You have 3 minutes to get rid of that Monskar!
It is useless to destroy the bomb! If you try to destroy it then immediately 

Adeu: Shit! What a coward!

Lamuness: Tama-Q, let's draw that thing outside the city!

Tama-Q: It won't work Lamuness Mya! We can't move that thing with King 
Sccasher's power Mya! 
Moreover if we attack it to let it move then it will probably explode Mya!

Lamuness: But we can't leave it like that! Is there any other method!?

Tama-Q: If we have the power of the guardian knight Blendon then...

Cocoa: Eh that's...?
Lamuness, look at that!

Lamuness: What!? The stone statue is shining!

Tama-Q: ...!!
That is the response of a guardian knight Mya!

Lamuness: Which reminds me we come to search the guardian knight in this town 

Tama-Q: Have you forgotten Mya...?
Anyhow! Head for that stone statue and Seinto Bomu Mya!

Lamuness: Well! Now I'm very blood-boiling!
Seinto Bomu!!

Blendon: Bleeeendooooon!
My name is Blendon! Please trust me to the end!

Lamuness: We succeed! This is number 4! Now I'm very nostagic!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Anynow return Blendon to the capsule at once Mya!

Lamuness: Ok! Back to the capsule!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Call out Blendon immediately and push that Monskar out of the

Lamuness: Understood!

Da Cider: Uwaaa! It explodes!

Lesqua: Eeeeeeh!?

Da Cider: Remember this Lamuness!

Lamuness: Terrific power! He forced the monskar out!

Tama-Q: Blendon is the most powerful among the guardian knights Mya!

Cocoa: Phew~, that was close~.

Amane: Brother, be careful! Something is coming close!

Kakeru: What!?

Adeu: What's that!? Are they also Don Harumage's subordinates!?

Tama-Q: This is the enemy I've seen the first time Mya! 
Lamune don't hold your guard down Mya!

Ribaris: Hey! That response can't be mistaken! Just like what the report said,
The Armed Fantoma returns to Earth Tear...!
Send confirmation of the target back to the headquarter. More than that, take
back the Armed Fantoma!

Ernst soldier: But Ribaris-sama! The unknown machines are on the middle of

Ribaris: It is obvious that those things are just for show! 
We don't have time with the one going against us! Eliminate them by force!

Ernst soldier: Keep up with Ribaris-sama!

Ernst soldier: Alright, go upfront!

Ribaris: Let's decide in one go! Don't give them a chance to counterattack!

Kakeru: Shit! What are they planning to do!?

Amane: Those people aim at us...!?

Kakeru: I don't really know the situation but I can't endure being killed!
If they aim at us, we just beat them!

*Kakeru vs Ribaris*

Kakeru: I'll take you whereever you're from so come! You dango bastard!

Ribaris: How could you not understand the beauty of Pulcherrima... I doubt your
aesthetic feeling...

Kakeru: Which person?

*Ribaris is defeated*

Ernst soldier: The machine sustains damage! More fighting will be dangerous!

Ribaris: What did you say!?
I've to admit the fighting power of those brats!
Yeah, retreat from here!

Kakeru: Wait, I've something to ask you...!

Ribaris: I warn you! The Fantoma is the thing belong to us!
The next time, hold down your weapon and hand it back to us!

Kakeru: You! You just saying like the doughnut-girl...!

Ribaris: You better be obedient hand it over! 
If you won't return, we'll give you punishment suits for that!

Kakeru: You said selfish things! On the first place who are you guys!?

Ribaris: We are the symbol of intelligence of Earth Tear, the highest research
headquarter... The name is Ernst facility!
Remember that! The next time the Armed Fantoma will be ours!

Kakeru: What next time! I will capture you and draw words out of your mouth!

Amane: Oh no brother! Chase them in this unknown land is dangerous! 

Kakeru: Shit...!

Saeko: The enemies begin to withdraw?

Cookie: It seems they all run away.

Love: We made it...

Tama-Q: Lamuness, you know there are your friends on that white ship?

Lamuness: They are the friends going to school with me.

Milk: He~, really?

Cocoa: The town is safe~, first I suggest that we gather~.

Lamuness: Yeah, so be it!

*Pahuricia Castle/Castle Town*

Kouji: Well well! Until we come to this different-dimension world the only 
thing we do is fighting.

Boss: Hot blood exists anywhere.

Kakeru: Anyway thanks God the town isn't damaged much.

Adeu: Thank you for giving us assistance a while ago. Thanks to that we are 

Jin: Well, we also received help from Adeu-san. It is a draw.

Lamuness: But I'm surprised. Even Mazinger Z and Raijin-Oh come to Earth Tear.
Moreover Amane body is transparent by himself...

Amane: I'm also surprised that you appear at this place...
Which reminds me, how did you end up at this world?

Cocoa: Lamuness was summoned by us~. For rescuing the world as the legendary 

Lamuness: Because of that now I'm the brave Lamuness. From now on call me 

Yoppaa: Legendary Brave... Just like in the game.

Milk: How about you guys? How did you end up in this world?

Kouji: We were forcibly jumped here because of a guy called Abe Seimei.

Adeu: Sorry to interrupt your conversation but I want to ask one thing?

Maria: What Adeu-san?

Adeu: Somewhat I heard that you guys and Lamuness come to Earth Tear from 
different world...

???: Right. We are not from this world.

Hayato: ...

Adeu: You are the one saved me from before!

Hayato: My name is Hayato. I'm Getter Robo's pilot.

Kouji: As expected, it is you!

Jin: He is the pilot of Getter Robo fought together with us at Aozora Town!

Adeu: And the big person standing beside you is?

Hayato: Ahh, that big guy is Musashibou Benkei.

Benkei: Nice to meet you.

Milk: You are the guard from before! You're also Earthling?

Benkei: That right.

Hayato: In the middle of that battle Getter Robo also jumped to this world...

Benkei: I meet Hayato right away but there is another person and Getter Robo are

Sayaka: You can't find the pilot and Getter Robo?

Hayato: We have no clue even after several months of tracking.

Kakeru: Several months!? I just come here today...!

Benkei: I came from about 6 months before. Therefore I completely used to it.

Tsutomu: Somewhat there is more or less a deviation in the time we jumped.

Hayato: Right.

Maria: Dear God. What should we do next?
We come to this town to gather informations, but instead get involved in the 
battle from before...

Hayato: First for easily to act at Earth Tear let's get the support from 
Pahuricia Kingdom.

Saeko: Let's do that but I think it isn't simple.

Hayato: We are finishing making necessary arrangements.
The most important thing is because you guys saved this town things suddenly 
turn easy way.

Yui: Really?

Benkei: Ahh, everyone the king of Pahuricia is calling.

Akira: We'll meet the king? That's awesome.

Kakeru: Somewhat things go smoothly.

Hayato: Follow me. I'll make an announcement.

Lamuness: Hey, can we also come?

Cocoa: Of course~. From the start we planned to visit the king after finishing
the meal~.

Milk: Really?

Tama-Q: It is natural to visit the king since we are the representative of 
Arara Kingdom Mya.

Milk: What~! Then even if I can't eat at that restaurant I can eat delicious 
food in the Castle!

Lamuness: After all, here it goes again...

*Pahuricia Castle*

Pahuricia King: The fighting style of Brave Lamuness-dono, and the revival of
the guardian knight are really magnificent. 

Lamuness: Oh no, not at all!

Pahuricia King: Brave Lamuness. Please gather the remaining guardian knights and
defeat the Calamity God Goburiki for us.

Lamuness: Yes! I'm planning to do that Sir!

Pahuricia Queen: You are magnificent for those heartening words Brave Lamuness!
Moreover the Ryu Knight-dono that has the weird name Sonic Adeu fight very well

Adeu: I feel awkward for those words from the Queen...

Pahuricia King: And you guys are the one come from the legendary land Earth...? 
As a representative of this kingdom I'm truly grateful from the bottom of my 
heart for fighting along with Lamuness to protect this land.

Pahuricia Queen: We're truly thank you. Let me give my gratitude for that also.

Maria: N, no... That was nothing.

Pahuricia King: We hear from Hayato you guys been tricked by that Abe Seimei
and were summoned to this Earth Tear.

Saeko: Pahuricia King you know Abe Seimei?

Pahuricia King: Yeah. I hear that Abe Seimei is a sorcerer who uses beasts.
There are rumors that he is in the headquarter of the Hinode Kingdom at the 
East continent.

Sayaka: If we go there we'll hold the key of coming back to Earth. 

Hayato: We need to verify that more than recklessly going there.

Kakeru: Is that Hinode Kingdom far from here?

Pahuricia Queen: If you go by ship or carriage it will take 10 days.

Jin: Eh!? That is very far!

Pahuricia Queen: But by your vehicle that we see from a while ago it surely 
don't take that much time.

Kakeru: Vehicle?

Tsutomu: That is the Ionia.

Hayato: Then I have a suggestion. We'll protect Pahuricia while you guys 
heading to Hinode Kingdom as messagers?

Benkei: The rumor of the revival of Goburiki really disturbs Earth Tear. We 
must send messages to the friendly neighbor Hinode Kingdom.

Pahuricia King: From the bottom of my heart please do it. May we support you
as much as we can.

Saeko: That is a good story but I wonder us who didn't know not only Hinode
Kingdom but anything about this world could take that job?

Cocoa: Don't worry that much. We will teach you guys about Earth Tear~.

Hiroshi: Cocoa-san's group do it?

Cocoa: Yeah. According to ancient paperwork at Hinode Kingdom there is a 
guardian knight sleeping there~.
If so, because we have the same goal, why not going together while exchange
informations at the same time?

Maria: How is that everyone?

Kakeru: I agree with Hayato and Cocoa. There are no other better way right?

Kouji: Yeah. We have to unite with the lost companions so this is a chance.

Pahuricia King: Let me hear good things from you.

Hayato: Let me pass the detail of the plan to you guys.
As soon as important supplies and fighting strategy are collected, I'll report

Pahuricia King: Yeah, then I trust in you for the laters. 


Kouji: After a talk with the King somewhat we've come to an agreement.

Sayaka: The negotiation is perfect right?

Hayato: There is nothing serious. We only need to chose the appropriate time 
for departure.

Amane: Hayato-san. How should we sail to the East continent?

Hayato: First of all is the important point Onion Valley. Recently the Monskars
appear frequently so trade is delay but even if you go around it will cost 

Cocoa: So the rumor that monsters appear at Onion Valley is true~.

Benkei: From what I heard it seems these are monsters that never seen before at 
Earth Tear.

Hayato: The first object is to cross the valley but exterminate the monsters so
the trade can open again is the best option.

Amane: When we get out of the valley which way do we chose?

Hayato: There are no restriction as long as there ain't broken roads in your 
way. Depend on the situation the plan may changes...

Cocoa: If it is good may I make an announce from now on?

Benkei: We don't know which is the best option but that is probably the safest

Amane: Then, this time we depend on you Cocoa-san.

Cocoa: Yes~, no problem~.

Tsutomu: Which reminds me Lamuness was able to be summoned to Earth Tear right?
Is there anyway to return to Earth?

Lamuness: A way to return to Earth? If we use the Space-Time Transmission Device
at the Arara Castle surely we'll succeed...

Nuke: Y, yes~! We can go home! 

Boss: Yeah... I can't think of living here my whole life.

Lamuness: But, now that device is broken and we can't use it.  

Kirara: You can't fix it?

Cocoa: The problem isn't fixing but another point~.
That point is the dimensional boundary line becomes abnormally unstable~.

Daisuke: Dimensional boundary line?

Cocoa: Dimensional boundary line is the boundary line divides Earth Tear and 
the Earth~.
If it is unstable, the percentage of you guys return to Earth safely is 
extremely small~.
The worse situation is you will be lock up at the threshold of the dimention...

Koji: It is that dangerous...?

Love: Why is the dimensional boundary line becomes unstable?

Cocoa: The Calamity God Goburiki's revival somehow affect the dimensional 
boundary line.

Asuka: Then in contrast if we prevent Goburiki recarnates the dimensional 
boundary line will be stable again?

Cocoa: That is right~.

Jin: You mean the only way to return to Earth is defeat Don Harumage before 
Goburiki revives!?

Kouji: Now let's decide that is the thing we should do in this world.

Kakeru: Well! First thing to do is find back the missing comrades while 
accomplish Pahuricia King's mission! 

Lamuness: The next thing is gather the guardian knights and defeat Don Harumage!

Jin: Then later we'll return home by the thing that called Space-Time 
Transmission Device!

Reiko: At this time on Earth the Jaaku Empire and the Mechanization Empire are
probably destroying things!

Cocoa: Somehow at this two world, the Earth and Earth Tear, something bad is

Maria: We meet somewhat by fate. Let's combine our power to fight the evil in 
the world!

Lamuness: Yeah!

Milk: What will you do from here Adeu?

Adeu: Me? I'm thinking of going to the Onion Valley and beat the monsters 
appear from the story before. From beginning I already decided that.

Milk: Then, come with us! Going with us is fast and we don't demand payment!

Adeu: First of all let's make a deal until Onion Valley. I'll lend you a hand
in exchange for travel expenses.

Tsutomu: Then we will end the story here. First to accomplish the beginning 
objective let's go out and buy what we need for the travel.

Sayaka: Right. Let's divide the work and finish things quickly.

Kakeru: Yeah, let's do it that way.

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kirara: What is your impression walking inside Ionia?

Adeu: Wow, wonderful ship...

Lamuness: I can't believe there are lakes and trees inside. What a big ship...

Cocoa: The space of this ship is like the outside world being compressed~.

Lamuness: Compress the space!? That thing is possible?

Cocoa: It is the same thing as putting a guardian knight into the capsule~.

Lamuness: Oh! I see!

Tama-Q: Despite that this is a mysterious ship Mya.

Milk: There are water and soil. We can grow vegetable and fruit!

Maria: As I thought Milk-san seems concentrate on food.

Milk: Is that so?

Yoppaa: I also understand, that feeling...

Tokie: If you guys really want to do that how about making a farm?

Tsutomu: I think it is surely possible. The water inside the ship can be 
recycle, and the control of light is perfect!

Milk: Hee~, let's make it at once! I want to eat fresh fruit!

Tsutomu: No... I only said about the equipment and possibility...

Yuu: Then let's begin from the kitchen garden.

Hiroshi: Yeah. Let's decide our duties.

Jin: Hey hey, don't add unnecessary staffs...

Koji: I'll give it a try since I think it is fun.

Maria: Then we will settle the discussion of farm in the next class meeting!

Jin: Ehh~!?

Kouji: Hey! Where are you guys going?

Asuka: Ah, Kouji-san. We are making an announcement to Adeu and Lamuness's 
group inside the ship.

Milk: At this point we can get by without being lost!

Cocoa: I hope so...

Amane: Thank you for your hard work everyone. We will reach the Onion Valley 
in a few minutes.

Adeu: Eh? We already reach Onion Valley?
It seems this ship can go to ''Earth Blade'' by one jump!

Koji: What is Earth Blade?

Adeu: Earth Blade is the ground-sword that stands in the center of Earth Tear.

Kouji: Is it that big sword?

Mai: We can see that at anywhere.

Adeu: My destination of travelling is that ''Earth Blade''.

Yui: There is something there?

Adeu: There is a story the Earth Blade is where the true Braves gather and
complete... My dream is to become a knight among the knights there!

Tokie: So that is the reason Adeu-san travels.

Adeu: Yeah. Kill the monsters at Onion Valley in also one of my training!

Lamuness: I wonder what kind of monster will appear. Dragon or Golem or...

Adeu: I don't know who will appear, but whatever the opponents I'll surely 
defeat them!

Lamuness: Which reminds me, Cocoa. Is there a guardian knight at Onion Valley?

Cocoa: There are no description like that on the ancient paperwork~.
But according to another paperwork, there is a rock with strange shape which is
called the ''Demon Rock'' in Onion Valley~.

Mai: Demon Rock?

Cocoa: Yeah~, It is written that that rock grows two horns, and there is a 
giant red oni sleeping under it~.

Hayato: Red oni sleeping...?

Benkei: I hope that there a some clues of the onis that we chase...

Hayato: It is worth investigating...


Boss: Ah...! What is that!?

Maria: What happen, Amane? The ship just shaked hard!

Amane: Sorry... Recently I feel somewhat sick...

Dango: Amane is exhausted?

Saeko: Perhaps so. From the time we come to this world we always rely on 

Kakeru: Do you need a rest Amane?

Amane: No, I can still keep it up. If we don't quickly find the missing 

Lamuness: Don't overdo it Amane! If you need help talk without reserve!

Amane: Thank you, Lamuness....

Amane: (But what is really that thing from before...?) (Until now there wasn't 
such thing...)

Stage 9: Appear! Evil Knight. The Dark Ryu Knight

*Earth Tear/Wasteland*

Izumi: Princess. we reached Onion Valley at last.

Paffy: This place is quite desolate.

Sarutobi: Right. Because this place is the bandit's home.

Haguhagu: Hagu!? Fearful hagu!

Sarutobi: Go straight and get out of here quickly is a good plan.

Izumi: Hmph. Probably so.
Not long ago I heard a bad rumor from the town we dropped by.

Sarutobi: Bad rumor?

Izumi: Yeah. Recently there are mysterious monsters that yet to be seen in 
Earth Tear appear at Onion Valley.

Sarutobi: Then, shall we take another road? I can handle enough the robberies
but taking the monsters is another story.

Izumi: I also told the princess like that but...

Paffy: I'm cool with it. That is also my training.

Sarutobi: Good grief. What a fearless princess...

Izumi: Eh? It seems like we can see the entrance.

*Onion Valley/Entrance*

Paffy: So this is the Onion Valley.

Sarutobi: We have no time to lose, Paffy. We don't know when the bandits or
monsters attacking.

Izumi: Right. Then let's hurry.

Paffy: Wait Izumi. There is people there.

Blass: ...

Paffy: Uhm, what are you doing?

Blass: ... Who are you guys?

Paffy: Sorry for my arrogant. My name is Paffy. And the one on my shoulder is

Haguhagu: Nice to meet you Hagu!
Paffy: And the two behind me are my journey's friends, Izumi and Sarutobi.

Blass: Thank you for that polite welcome.
My name is Blass Lunoie. I'm primarily a researcher of archaeology of Earth 

Izumi: Oh, you do ancient culture...

Sarutobi: Then, Researcher-san, what are you doing at this place?

Blass: The truth is I have an appetite with the ''Demon Rock'' in this valley 
so I came here... But my gallop run away...

Sarutobi: Gallop run away? You don't have any reflex...?

Blass: No, controlling vehicle is my weak point. I couldn't help feeling 
ashamed of myself...

Sarutobi: Gallop is animal. If you ride it will go ahead as you like...?

Blass: I also think so but as soon as I leave it, it go away. From there I 
only have a choice walking...

Paffy: Well, you're in big trouble... 
Then, why don't go with us to near the place that Demon Rock is?

Sarutobi: Wait a bit Paffy! Why we have to do that!
You better return to the town and buy a new gallop!

Blass: Like he said. You must not bother with strangers...

Paffy: No, we all finished the introduction. We're no longer stranger.
Moreover it is a fate we met like this.
Well then, don't make it difficult. 

Haguhagu: Hagu! Hagu!

Blass: You were beaten then... Then, I'll accept your offer. 

*Onion Valley*

Sarutobi: We've considerably reached the center of the valley.

Izumi: Somehow we didn't end up encounter bandits or monsters.

Paffy: Blass-san. Which way is the ''Demon Rock''?

Blass: We already can see it. Overthere.

Paffy: Well, that?

Izumi: We can see the head of the demon clearly.

Haguhagu: Indeed Hagu!

Blass: Paffy-san. Because we already saw the Demon Rock. It is time I leave
this place...

Paffy: Uwa!

Izumi: Th, that is!?

Sarutobi: Damn! Somehow they are here!

Blass: Solid...! Moreover what number!

Sarutobi: Hey, fools! Thank you for immitated that surprise attack!

Robbery: What did you say!? It's your fault for stepping your foot on our 
secret base!
Well, even if you don't step in we planned to attack you at other place but...

Izumi: What did you say!?

Paffy: What does that mean!?

Sarutobi: Paffy, Izumi! Keep talking to those fools is a waste of time!

Izumi: There is no other way...! Princess, let's counter here!

Paffy: Understood!
Blass-san, please chose a safe place to hide!

Blass: But if I leave you guys here and escape...

Paffy: You don't need to worry about us!
Come! Ryu Mage! Magidora!!

Izumi: Go! Ryu Priest! Baurus!!

Sarutobi: Ryu Ninja! Bakuretsumaru!!

Blass: Those are, Ryu!
I can't believe Paffy and her friends can use Ryu...!

Paffy: Well then, Blass-san! Hurry to a safety place!

Blass: Understood! Sorry but I'll do like you said!

Paffy: Then, let's go!

*All enemies defeated*

Izumi: Somehow we cleared things up.

Idro: Those useless fellows. At this rate I don't know I hired them for what. 

Paffy: ...! Who are you!?

Idro: It isn't important for you to know who I am. You are going to die here 

Sarutobi: You said the same thing like those robberies...! If so, you are the 
villain this round!

Idro: If you want to know the answer try to get information by force. But... 
After you've won these guys!

Izumi: Those are Slave Pot!

Paffy: Slave Pot!?

Izumi: Those are the weapons without pilot that the Ernst creates! Those are
not that easy to obtain but...!

Sarutobi: If she owns those weapons then there must be somekind of organization
backing her.

Izumi: That old woman doesn't look like a robbery.

Idro: Your lives probably were saved if I'm a robbery... 
But the desire of our master is to erase you Ryu users! 
I'll never leave this valley without taken your life!

Sarutobi: What did you say!?

Idro: Well, kill them!

Ken: Wait! 

Idro: What!? Those are!?

Paffy: Izumi, are those the monsters appear at Onion Valley recently!?

Izumi: I don't have the clue but judging from its frighten look I can only 
think as that!

Sarutobi: But as long as you look at the reaction of that old witch aren't they
seem to be our allies?

Kenichi: As we see from before, they attack one-sidedly by a large number!
I can't bear it anymore! We will wipe away those bad guys!

Paffy: It seems there are people riding those monsters.

Idro: I don't know who you are but if you interrupt my work I'll send you all 
to the other world.

Ken: He! You think you can do it!?

Idro: Kukuku, what a high-spirited prey.
Well, get in. Let me watch how far you can go.

Hiromi: That old witch disappeared!

Ken: What kind of magic trick does she use!?

Shinibu: Let's close the talk here everyone! Let's quickly beat those machines
and help those people being attacked!

Kenichi: Ahh, right! Then for the present... Gosauer! Hot-blooded combination!!

Sarutobi: Three monsters mix and form a giant...!

Izumi: Anyhow that seems to be our ally.

Paffy: It seems they are good people. We don't know who you are but thank you
for backing!

Ken: Oh no we are in the same situation!

Kenichi: Let's go Ken!

Ken: Yeah!

*Gosauer attacks*

Kenichi: Let's go everyone! We will show Gosauer's power to those bastards!

Shinobu: Ok!

*Liger attacks*

Ken: It is very irritated to be jumped to the unknown world!
I'll storm my rage on you!

*3 enemies shot down*

Professor: There is a response from the radar! Something is heading this way!

Ely: Could it be!

Blass: ...! That is...!

Ken: Is that Ionia!?

Kenichi: That is true! Great timing!

Ken: Hey! Everyone~!

Mai: Ken! Ken right!? He seems fine!

Ken: Yeah! I'm lively!

Kenichi: So are us!

Kouji: Sauers! You are together with Kenichi!?

Shinobu: Yeah! We Sauers are fine!

Paffy: That ship seems to be an ally of those guys.

Milk: Sister, those are!

Cocoa: Well~. That are the dudes Ryu-users we've meet at Arara Kingdom~.

Adeu: You know them?

Lamuness: Yeah, those guys helped me in my first battle with the Monskars.
Time to return the debt...! Let's go Tama-Q!

Tama-Q: Yes Mya!

Adeu: I'll also go Lamuness! I come here because of that!

Lamuness: Hey, the Ryus overthere! Are the ones riding them Paffy and her

Paffy: You are Brave Lamuness! Why you're at this place!?

Lamuness: We also come to Onion Valley for business!
Because of that, this time it is our turn to help you!

Adeu: Let me help too! As the same Ryu-user like you guys!

Izumi: That is, Ryu Knight!
I'm surprised... to see Ryu Knight at this place...

Sarutobi: Anyway it is surely very entertaining from here.
Paffy, we'll obediently backing from here.

Paffy: Right. 
Brave Lamuness. Sorry but we rely on you from now on.

Lamuness: Please trust us.

Cocoa: Everyone~, this is no resting time~! Something big is coming~!

Jin: Big thing? What is that...?

Benkei: Those are Oni!?

Hayato: You are also in this world...!

Benkei: Eh? Those onis, where are they intend to go?

Hayato: It can't be they...!
Shit! As I expected those Onis also noticed the Demon Rock...!

Benkei: Hey! That can't be mistaken Getter 1! But in that condition it seems 
there is no Ryouma inside!

Hayato: Benkei, let leave that guy for later! Now we have to move Getter before 
those Onis destroy it!

Benkei: Ok!

Hayato: Amane, let's move Ionia beside the Demon Rock at once!

Amane: Understood!

*Ionia moved to the designated point or all enemies destroyed*

Amane: We already moved near the disignated rock! We'll land here!

Maria: Hurry! Hayato-san's gang appear at the deck and wait for chance!

Hayato: Let's go Benkei! Let's jump on that rock!

Benkei: Ok!

Amane: Wa, wait a bit! Since we'll land immediately...

Hayato: Don't worry about us! Concentrate on your battle! 

Benkei: Deryaaaaaaaaah!

Maria: Unbelievable! They jumped directly from the deck!

Akira: Wow! Great, Getter Team.

Yuu: What ridiculous men...

Hayato: Then, let's ride it Benkei!

Benkei: Yeah!

Hayato: System, all green...! There are no problem with the control system.
Despite leaving for a long time, the engine's circumference also have no 

Benkei: As I thought of Getter!
But without Ryouma I wonder how far can we do?

Hayato: We can only do it. We can not leave it like this.

Hayato: Go! Change! Getter 2!

Hayato: Sorry for let you wait! We will participate from here!

Ken: Is that Getter Robo!?

Professor: We don't know why is it being buried here but we trust in you!

Benkei: There is still one more person so you can't call it flawless.

Hayato: Benkei, let's leave thinking about Ryouma later! First let kick those 
guys' ass!

Benkei: Understood Hayato! Let's cover the missing Ryouma with potential!

*Getter Team vs Oni*

Benkei: Why the heck does the Oni appear at this world!? 

Hayato: True! But wherever Oni appear we will kick their ass!

*7 enemies remain*

Galden: Phew, I can't believe that thing had slept at Onion Valley...

Idro: That is beyond our expectation... What shall we do Galden-sama? 

Galden: I plan to watch but now I change. Let's teach them a lesson.

Idro: Indeed...

Galden: Go! Dark Knight Steru!

Galden: I'm Knight Galden! Let me test your power!

Adeu: What did you say! You suddenly appear and act big!

Sarutobi: Dark Ryu!?
It can't be wrong! It is him! Thanks to him my...! Uoooooooooh!!

[Sarutobi's morale max]

Paffy: What's wrong with you Sarutobi!?

Sarutobi: I can't forget that look! I want to forget but I can't!
Because that Dark Ryu is the one destroying my hometown! 

Paffy: What did you say!?

Sarutobi: Only you...! Only you I'll...!

*Galden vs Getter Team*

Galden: Is that the thing appeared from the Demon Rock a while ago?
But it seems its performance is dull.

Benkei: What are you doing Hayato! Power up more! 

Hayato: I'm doing that despite your word!
(It is because the mecha haven't warmed up or is it because we're lacking

*Galden vs Ken*

Ken: I don't like to waste my word but you must have some nerves challenge us!

Galden: I'll exterminate the monsters from Onion Valley!

*Galden vs Gosauer*

Kenichi: You bastard! Restless!

Galden: Despite your big body, you better know it is meaningless if you can't

*Galden vs Kakeru*

Kakeru: Oh... Its fast! I can't catch it with my eyes!

Galden: Hou... You have an interesting weapon.
But before my magic sword, you of course are just a baby.

*Galden vs Adeu*

Adeu: Despite you're a Knight you work for evil! This Sonic Adeu will fight a 
decisive battle with you!

Galden: Hm, by the like of you?

*Galden vs Sarutobi*

Sarutobi: I found you at last, Dark Ryu! The enemy of everyone of the village,
now let me take revenge on you here!

Galden: I don't know who was left there but you are a fool to throw away your 

Sarutobi: Shut up! I'll defeat you even if it cost me my life!

*Galden's HP reduce at some point*

Galden: Hm, interesting! Somehow I misjudged you!

Paffy: You are a Ryu user. Don't you have any thinking of using that power the
correct way!?

Galden: How dare you give that opinion to me who is a high king...
Know your position!

[Galden recovers 13500 HP, Galden attacks Paffy but Adeu covers her]

Galden: Shit! You bastard!

Adeu: You do not deserve to be a Knight with those desires!
There is one big rule of Chilvary! A Knight will not forgive the one brings 
chaos to the world!

Galden: You are the one with big mouth despite having no real ability...!

Paffy: (Ryu Knight risked his life to save me...)
(By any chance, is he the hero we searching for...?)

*Galden defeated or forced retreat*

Galden: Hm, it seems I took you people a little lightly.

Adeu: Hey, wait! We haven't decided who is the winner! 

Galden: Keep your life for the time being.

Sarutobi: You bastard! Escape huh!?

Izumi: Wait, Sarutobi! There is probably a case that guy entrap us! Follow him
is dangerous!

Sarutobi: That thing isn't a matter to me! I'll never let that bastard escape 
like this!

Paffy: Calm down Sarutobi! If you overdo, the thing you seek for revenge turns 
into a thing you can not revenge!

Izumi: Because that guy is aiming for the Ryu he will surely appear before us!
Wait then for that time!

Sarutobi: Shit...! Then that's for today...!

*Battle Ends*

Hayato: Somehow it ends.

Ken: Phew~, at last.

Maria: Everyone, there are still possibility that enemies will come again. 
Let's unite at once.

Professor: That is right. First of all let's get out of this valley.

Cocoa: Can Paffy-san and your friends come to our ship~? There are things we 
want to ask~.

Paffy: Understood. Izumi and Sarutobi, is it Ok?

Izumi: I have no objection.

Sarutobi: Roger.

Blass: Sorry but can I go too?

Lamuness: Eh? Who are you?

Paffy: That person is Blass Lunoie. He is an archaeologist of Earth Tear.

Shuzo: Eh~, archaeologist?

Blass: Yeah, specially I'm an expert of ancient culture. I have a very high 
appetite of your Schicksal and Ionia.

Kakeru: What!? You know something about it!?

Blass: Yeah. But the degree is through books...

Amane: What will we do, brother...?

Kakeru: Of course we have to let him in!
You are Blass-san right? Then, quickly get on!

Blass: I have permission to ride the ship? Thank you...

*Onion Valley*

Kouji: Everyone seem fine!

Kenichi: Kouji-san and the others also!

Ken: We're worrying what to do without Ionia but Sauers and Ken came and help.

Benkei: It must be really hard for you to live that many days though you're 
only elementary students.

Gorou: We more or less worrying come to this world in a sudden but, it is not
that much trouble.

Professor: Because we transform the Gosauer into a school building, most 
equipments were furnished. 

Shinobu: But it is a bit hard to turn the bathroom into the science room.

Ely: On that point, isn't it comfortable that the Ionia also have a lovely 

Ikuyo: But now ain't we in trouble because there is no school building at 
Shunpuu Town?

Youji: We have a bigger problem than that! It is because we can't go home! 

Yuka: That is probably true...

Saeko: There is need to worry everyone. We already found a way to return to 

Kinta: Really!?

Sayaka: But before going home first we have to unite with the missing people.

Yui: I hope the Ganbaruger, J9 group and Domon-san are alright...

Mai: You don't have to be worry like that! As the way they are surely they will
be fine! They're the Secret Hero, the frugal person of the universe, moreover 
the King of Heart!

Kouji: Somehow if we hear only those titles the good feeling comes...

Harue: Indeed...

Jin: Well, we can't begin if it turn dark! Since we took trouble coming here 
let's enjoy this world atmost.

Asuka: Good grief... I wonder which way that thought can be called, reliable or

Ken: Which reminds me, how did everyone of Ionia know we are here?

Dango: The truth is we were given a mission by Pahuricia King to send present 
to a place called Hinode Kingdom.

Hiroshi: Then we take Onion Valley as the route to head to that kingdom.

Mai: Well, we knew there are monsters appear at the valley after we left 
Pahuricia Kingdom.

Boss: But we couldn't think that the monsters' true identity are Liger and 
Sauer Robo!

Ely: Terrible! Aside from Liger, we Sauers are treated as monsters!?

Ken: What do you mean by ''aside from Liger''...?

Mai: Well, by the view of the travellers going through here it is certain that 
Bio Armor and Sauer Robo are ''monster''.

Kouji: Right!

Professor: Everyone, let's end the investigation here and return to Ionia. We
have to hurry for the goal.

Kenichi: Roger! Let's return everyone!

Chobi: Yeah!

Hayato: ...

Benkei: What's wrong with you Hayato?

Hayato: I understand something from the battle this time but, it seems we can't
demonstrate our full power if we don't have enough 3 people...

Benkei: I'm certain that we draw power more than usual...
Anyhow we must find Ryouma at all cost.

Hayato: (But... Getter without Ryouma is powerdown beyond my imagination...) 
(Why is that...?)


Paffy: Everyone. Thank you for coming to the dangerous place to help us a while

Lamuness: There is no need for attitude! We just pay back the debt at Arara

Milk: Right right! That is of course an action a human would do!

Cocoa: Because of that princess Paffy, gratitude is unnecessary~.

Adeu: Princess Paffy?

Cocoa: They are a party of princess Paffy from Pahuricia Kingdom.

Adeu: What~, the princess of Pahuricia is at this kind of place?
Indeed there is noble atmosphere everywhere.

Lamuness: Well, there is also a princess who I can't even feel the slightest of
that atmosphere...

Milk: Wait, Lamuness! Why you're looking at me!?

Cocoa: I didn't asked your names while we are at Arara Kingdom. Sorry~.

Paffy: Never mind, princess Cocoa. I have a good time that way.

Adeu: But, why did the princess of Pahuricia travel?

Paffy: Yes. To become an adult who can use Magic is the goal of my travel.

Adeu: Then it is the same to me.

Paffy: Eh~, Knight-sama...

Adeu: Don't call me that name! I'm still a trainer of the Chilvary!
Just call me Adeu!

Sarutobi: A trainer huh...? No wonder he haven't master the use of Ryu yet.

Adeu: W, what!?

Izumi: Stop it Sarutobi.
Sorry to be impolite Adeu. You definitely not bad but from previous battle 
you seem nervous...

Adeu: Well, it doesn't matter... That is the truth...

Paffy: Adeu. As for us beside travelling to train there is also one main goal.

Adeu: Main goal? 

Paffy: That is, to find a hero like you.

Adeu: Hero!? Me!?

Paffy: Yes! I can confirm that seeing the previous battle!
Adeu who control Ryu Knight is the hero I'm searching for!

Adeu: No, not that much...!

Sarutobi: Princess, if you raise him too much he get cocky.

Adeu: A guy who turn on me one by one!

Cocoa: Er~, aside from wherether Adeu-san is a hero or not we have one 

Sarutobi: Suggestion?

Lamuness: Adeu, Paffy and friends, would you come along with us?

Izumi: With you guys?

Milk: Now we are travelling to defeat Don Harumage who plans to revive 

Lamuness: I think if you come together with us it is a good training.

Tama-Q: Rather than training it is a battle to save the world Mya!

Adeu: A battle to save the world huh...?
Understood! Let me take that suggestion!

Cocoa: Is it really Ok~?

Adeu: There is one big rule of Chilvary! A knight will not forgive the one 
brings chaos to the world!
I'll crush Don Harumage's ambition!

Izumi: Princess, how about us?

Paffy: I don't mind that. I also hear the rumor of Goburiki's revival. 
Moreover everyone take command from father and travel. 
I must help them.

Izumi: Then I'm the same...
Sarutobi, what will you do? You don't accept any other rule beside protecting

Sarutobi: If I come with them there might be a chance I'll meet the Dark Ryu
again. I don't like that idiot knight but I have no objection to go together 
with them.

Adeu: Hey, who is the idiot knight!?

Milk: Well! Then it is decided!

Lamuness: The party member is increasing and I can feel the adventure of 
I'm now very bursting with will~!!

Izumi: Princess, it seems from now the travelling ahead will be fun.

Paffy: Yeah!


Blass: So this is the inside of Ionia... It is a lot wider than what was 
written in the book...

Kakeru: Then, Blass-san! What is Schicksal and Ionia!?
If you know anything just tell us all! 

Amane: Brother... Calm down a bit...

Blass: Kakeru-kun... Before that let me verify one thing... 
Is that Schicksal's weapon, the Armed Fantoma?

Kakeru: Why does the people of this world chase after the Armed Fantoma?

Blass: Originally the Armed Fantoma belong to Earth Tear.

Kakeru: Why did it appear on Earth... no, at my place!?

Blass: I think the reason is because of Schicksal and Ionia's awakening.

Amane: What does that mean?

Blass: It seems Schicksal has the power to summon the Armed Fantoma.
Kakeru-kun... Did you think of the desire for power when you fight until now?

Kakeru: Now that you mention it, I wish for something like a sword the first 
time I ride Schicksal...

Amane: Then, the Armed Fantoma reacted to brother's wish and came to Earth

Blass: We don't know why were Schicksal and Ionia at Earth...

Kakeru: In another word originally what the hell is Schicksal and the Armed

Blass: Armed Fantoma is the remaining weapon of the ancient citizens of Earth
Tear, the Ernst people.
And the Schicksal that you ride on is a machine for using the Armed Fantoma.

Kakeru: Ancient citizen? Ernst people?

Blass: The Schicksal and Armed Fantoma can't be created by Earth Tear's 
technology nowadays.
The guardian knights and the Ryus also the same, were created and used by super
technology of ancient culture.
Between those super technologies there were also existed organizations to keep 
an eye on, analysis power, plan to use them for personal use.

Kakeru: By any chance is it the guys that called Ernst facility!? 

Blass: You seem to know.

Kakeru: Yeah! Recently they order us to hand over the Armed Fantoma and attack

Blass: I see... As expected those guys noticed... The Armed Fantoma returned to
Earth Tear...

Amane: Blass-san... You're familiar with the Ernst facility?

Blass: I'm a researcher of that facility...
But I can't bear those guys' thinking so I run away from the Ernst facility. 
They produce too many things for human to use and have an attitude chasing for
power, somehow I can't follow it. 
Therefore I decided to capture the Armed Fantoma at the Ernst facility from its
safekeeping and seal it in the place where human can't reach. 

Kakeru: Then, did you succeed?

Blass: That is... Just by the time I'm taking it out from the Einst facility 
you summoned it. 

Amane: But is it that dangerous that you have to seal it?

Blass: It is an item that hides terrific energy... It is not the thing science 
nowadays can control.

Amane: ... 

Kakeru: Please teach me Blass-san! How can we free Amane from Ionia!? Is there
any method!?

Blass: It is a pity I don't know that.

Kekeru: It can't be...!

Blass: But because it is a thing for people to ride I'm sure there is a way.

Kakeru: ...

Blass: Well then, don't be disappointed like that.
Anyhow let me invest this ship? This is the first time I see the Ionia.

Amane: Ah, of course!
I'm sorry for my brother suddenly urged you.

Blass: No, I'm Ok with it.
If I corporate with you guys we can surely get far more accurate informations 
than in books.

Kakeru: Please do so, Blass-san! 

Blass: Me too. I'm grateful to work with you.


Maria: Hidenori-kun, is there any obstacle on the way?

Hidenori: It is fine Maria-san. There isn't anything in our way.

Gorou: It seems there is no pursuer also.

Ely: Somehow we can take a rest.

Tokie: After all who are those that attacking us at Onion Valley?

Shuzo: Well. Anyhow those round things and the black knight robot suddenly 
come and attack. 

Hiromi: That grandmother seems to aim at Paffy and her friends...

Tsutomu: We think about that but didn't come up with anything.

Professor: Right. We still didn't know anything about Earth Tear though
Cocoa group become companion together with us.

Shinobu: Then, now we can only do what we can do right?

Professor: Right.

Kuuko: But, it is good that everyone is back together.

Hiromi: True. The team increased before we knew it.

Koji: Try to think of it, it is such a magnificent party from Super Robot to
magic user.

Professor: From now the fighting power raise up a bit more. Because we have
comrades that haven't join yet.

Reiko: The more comrades we have the closer the day we will return to Earth.

Ely: For that let's unite and do our best!

Love: Yeah!

Shinobu: Which reminds me from a while ago the boys from Sauers and Earth
Defense Class ain't here?

Yui: Ken and Dango-kun also ain't here.

Wan: Kenichi-kun group seems gone to meet Paffy and her friends.

Ci: They talk with us a while ago and because they couldn't meet.

Shinobu: Good grief! Those boys~!

Saeko: Don't be angry, Shinobu-san. Boys are weak to things like princess-sama.

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Milk: Ehh~! Is that true, sister!?

Cocoa: Yes~! It seems the competition of Iron League this year was postponed~.

Milk: Lie, I'm looking forward to it! My Silver Castle~!

Paffy: I also feel sorry. This year the Dark Prince is winning...

Lamuness: ... Hey Cocoa. What is this Iron League that Milk and Paffy talking

Cocoa: Iron League huh~? It generic name is Iron Leaguer where the players do
various kind of sports~. There are many kind of game like baseball, soccer or
ice hockey~.

Ken: Is the sport player call Iron Leaguer?

Milk: Right. They are sport-men that burst their Leaguer spirit through hot

Kenichi: Hot oil!?

Cocoa: It is because Iron Leaguers are machines.

Kinta: Machine...! Are they robot!?

Yoppaa: Is it a sport that control robots?

Sarutobi: Wrong. Each robot carries thought like human.

Ken: Robots have thought...?

Yoji: Does Earth Tear have that high technology...?

Milk: There are many team in the league but my favorite is Silver Castle team!
The members are cool, the owner Ruly Ginjou also cute~!

Paffy: I support the Dark Prince.
Not long before I don't support their rough play but... From the time I saw
them defeat Silver Castle in a game last year I become their fan.

Bon: It seems a very famous sport.

Cocoa: When everyone looking forward to it, it is a pity it was postponed~.

Kenichi: Why was it postponed?

Cocoa: It seems the reason is due to politic~. The Monskars are destroying 

Sarutobi: Moreover the action of the robberies taking advantage of it turns 
thing awfully into chaos...

Izumi: I heard that the events which the merchandice caravans are being 
attacked also increasing.

Sarutobi: The villains could take the offense of the Monskars as an opportunity.

Paffy: All kingdoms can't manage to defend the tournament.

Milk: Damn~! That is clearly because of Don Harumage!

Paffy: I felt sorry since Iron League carry on the peaceful connection of many
kingdoms through sport...

Milk: If that's the case for Iron League to reopen as fast as possible we have
to beat that Don Harumage!

Izumi: By the way princess Cocoa, where will be our next goal?

Cocoa: The forest Jelock~.

Izumi: Huh... Isn't there is a historic ruin in that forest?

Milk: That is a holy ruin protected by the Family of Warrior.

Adeu: The Family of Warrior...? I'm hoping for some strong guys there.

Sarutobi: Hm... You are somewhat correct. There is a top class warrior there.
His name is ''White Wolf''.

Adeu: White Wolf?

Sarutobi: But, you are no match for him.

Adeu: How can you understand if I haven't try yet?
Well, I will defeat that White Wolf as a proof of my ability!

Sarutobi: Hm, do your best then.


Kakeru: We can collect all the Armed Fantomas? If we do that Amane can be
released from Ionia?

Blass: That was my investigation so far...
Basically the Ionia gains its movement by taking the supporting energy of the 
Schicksal which is equipped with all of the Armed Fantomas.

Blass: According to my investigation, Schicksal seems to have 3 Armed Fantomas.

Amane: One of this is the Armed Fantoma we are holding now right?

Blass: Right.

Kakeru: Then, we have to collect the other two...

Blass: We better hurry. Now the Ionia taken Amane's energy in exchange for its
insufficent energy...
If this circumstance continue long... the Ionia will absorb Amane life and his 
body and sense will not return to normal... 

Kakeru: What!? If we can't collect the Armed Fantoma Amane will...!

Blass: I afraid to say... dead.

Amane: B, Brother...

Kakeru: Please tell me, Blass-san! Where are the remaining Armed Fantomas!?

Blass: Sorry, Kakeru-kun... I'm searching for long until now but I didn't come
up with anything.

Kakeru: It can't be...!

Blass: But, we shouldn't throw away all hopes.
According to my research so far, I know that the Armed Fantomas have a bond
that can call for each other mutually. 
If we reach near the place the Armed Fantoma sealed, surely it will show up.

Kakeru: For that we only have a choice continue to travel...

Blass: Sorry for a harsh story...

Kakeru: No... Blass-san. Thank you for telling the truth... 


Kakeru: ...

Amane: Brother... You shouldn't worry too much about Blass-san's words...

Kakeru: Somehow I don't have spare time to worry... We have to collect the
Armed Fantomas the sooner the better... 
But... a deep story like that... Let's keep it from anyone else...

Amane: Yeah...
Everybody is desperately want to come back to Earth, I won't let them get
involve in our affairs...
But if we find the other two remaining Armed Fantomas I will be released 

Kakeru: Yeah, if Blass-san's prediction is correct.

Amane: I hope we quickly find those remaining Armed Fantomas.


Kouji: What is that!?

Kirara: A notice to all members! There are informations according to the 
scouting of the Phoenix King!
At the direction of Southwest there is response of a lot number of heat source!
We afraid there is a war breaks there!

Lamuness: The Monskars attacking again!?

Cocoa: That direction is surely the Iron League Stadium~.

Milk: Right right! It is the special stadium made on Table Mountain!

Izumi: Ah, now I notice. First let's head to the stadium.

Milk: Ahh, if only those heat sources weren't battle but a game of Iron 

Cocoa: Milk~. This isn't the time for talk in carefree~.

Maria: Amane we already sent you the coordinate of the stadium! Can you catch 

Amane: Let me try somehow!

Lamuness: We depend on you, Amane!

Stage 10: Fierce Attack! The three brothers of Gold!

*Special Stadium*

Mach Windy: Magnum isn't coming to this baseball stadium...
Magnum Ace... Where on Earth do you go.

???: I found you! Mach Windy!!

Mach Windy: ...!

Mach Windy: Gold Arm! Gold Foot! Gold Mask!

Gold Foot: Where are you intend to go, Mach Windy!?

Gold Mask: No matter how you struggle you can't escape from our three Gold 

Mach Windy: Why!? Didn't you wake up your Leaguer Spirit after the match with

Gold Foot: Leaguer Spirit!? We don't know that!

Gold Arm: Hey, Windy! Where is Magnum Ace!?

Mach Windy: I also want to know that! I'm also finding Magnum Ace!

Gold Arm: Call Magnum! Call Magnum out!!

Good Foot: It is useless hiding around!!

Gold Mask: If you don't tell us we will use force to open your mouth!

Mach Windy: Shit! There isn't even room for talking...!

*Gold Foot loses some HP*

Mach Windy: How is that? Gold Foot!

Gold Foot: I'll... I'll not lose to you! I can't stand losing!!

Mach Windy: What!? You, what on earth is that!?

Gold Arm: You have space, Windy!!

*Gold Mask loses some HP*

Mach Windy: How is that? Gold Mask!

Gold Mask: I'm a baseball Leaguer...! I'll never fall before you at this 

Mach Windy: What!? You, what on earth is that!?

Gold Arm: You have space, Windy!!

*Turn 2*

Gold Foot: Windy you bastard! You run away restlessly!

Gold Arm: But, the farce ends here!!

Mach Windy: What!?

Windy: I could only sense suffering and rage in this ball...!
You dudes! You really forgotten the burning League Spirit!?

Gold Foot: I'm tired everytime I hear those worthless words!

Gold Mask: Brother, it seems this Windy guy really don't know where is

Gold Arm: If you don't know where is Magnum you are no use...
I'll finish you with this...!

???: Stopppp!!

Rikiya: You guys shouldn't use a baseball for things like that!
I don't know why you fight but that isn't like a sportman!

Gold Arm: You shit! I won't forgive you for enterrupting us!

Yousuke: You two! Let's go!

Kotarou: Don't worry! Trust in me!

Kotarou: You can't hit us with that ''Been Ball''!

Gold Arm: You avoid my ball...!?

Mach Windy: Those guys are not ordinary human...!
Who are you guys!?

Kotarou: We are the Ganbar Team!

Mach Windy: Ganbar Team... I haven't heard of a team with that name...

Gold Mask: Brother, what should we do!?

Gold Arm: Don't get flustered, Mask! Our attack ain't finished yet!

Rikiya: Hey, that is!

Yousuke: It can't be mistaken! That is the Death Army appeared at Devil Gundam

Kotarou: This is not a joke! Why did Devil Gundam's pawn appear at this place!?

Rikiya: I don't know that!

Gold Arm: Go, you all! Destroy Mach Windy and those block-heads!

DG Cell: ...

Yousuke: Hey, what should we do? We will be done if things are like this!

Mach Windy: Hey, you are called Ganbar team right? I'm Mach Windy of the Silver
I can not be defeated here! Lend me a hand will you!?

Kotarou: Understood! Is it good, you two!?

Yousuke: Ok!

Rikiya: I won't let myself get beaten at this place!

Mach Windy: Then! Let's go!

*Ganbaruger vs enemy*

Kotarou: Devil Gundam's pawns can't win Ganbaruger!

Rikiya: That is the spirit, Kotarou!

Yousuke: Let's beat all of them before we get harmed!

*Mach Windy vs enemy*

Mach Windy: I can't be done at this place...!
I'll strike with all I got and open the way!

*1 enemy remains*

Yousuke: Ahh! Another wave of Death Army coming!

Mach Windy: They are crawling in even outside the baseball field...

Kotarou: What will we do? We escape for the present?

Rikiya: We can't! They are surrounding every place!

Gold Arm: Hm... At this point the game is set!

???: I'll not permit it!

Gold Foot: Eh?

Yousuke: That is God Gundam!

Kotarou: Domon Kasshu also came to this world!?

Mach Windy: That guy is your comrade?

Rikiya: Yeah!

Yousuke: Can you hear us Domon Kasshu-san? This is the Ganbar Team!

Domon: I hear you! Let's leave the story later and defeat those guys now!

Kotarou: It helps us that the talk was fast!

Gold Arm: Somehow we must appear... Let's go! Foot! Mask!

Gold Foot: Roger, brother!

Gold Mask: We'll show them our true power!

Mach Windy: Shit! Those guys still...!

Kotarou: Windy-san! Aren't those guys your friend!? 
Then, can we persuade them to stop the attack!?

Mach Windy: If I can do that I would do it a long time ago!

Domon: It is useless to talk to them now! Look, their eyes are full of sadness!
I know those eyes!
There is only one way to stop their attack!
We can only hit them with our flame spirits that burn to the limit and awake

Mach Windy: Shit! I can do that...!?

*Domon vs Death Army*

Domon: I can't believe DG cell is at this world...!
But, even if it is in a different world, my destiny is bring it to an end...!
I'll smash you all!

*Ganbaruger vs Gold Arm*

Rikiya: A sport player should win game fair and square, how is that!? 

Gold Arm: Hm! You sound naive just like Windy!

*Domon vs Gold Foot*

Domon: Answer me! Where did you obtain those power!

Gold Foot: Well! If you want to know try to deliver it by force!

Domon: Good then! Then I'll not hold back!

*One turn after God Gundam appears*

Ely: Everyone, look there!

Maria: Ganbaruger! Moreover there is also God Gundam! 

Milk: Woa~! That is Mach Windy!

Lamuness: Could those guys be the Iron Leaguer that Milk was talking about?

Milk: Yeah, that's right!

Cocoa: But it is strange~. How come you are fighting against the Gold 

Paffy: I can't see it is a game...

Kouji: Hey! Is that the Death Army!?

Youji: Ah, it is true!

Yui: But why are they here at Earth Tear? 

Milk: Enough! Whatever just quickly give Windy group a hand!

Kakeru: Ok...!

Ken: We don't know what happened but let's go!

Yousuke: That's the Ionia! Everyone come to save us! 

Koutaro: Yay! We were saved!

Rikiya: Mach Windy! Those are my comrades!

Mach Windy: Not a bad timing. Sorry but I depend on you guys.

Jin: Are you fine, Ganbar Team!?

Kotarou: Thanks God!

Kenichi: We will help you so let's wipe them in one go!

Kotarou: Roger that!

*5 enemies remain*

Mach Windy: Those bastards call out their companion!

Kotarou: Good grief! How insolent! 

Domon: This doesn't mean the end! Don't let your guard down everyone!

*5 enemies remain*

Yousuke: Here they come again!

Rikiya: When will they stop appearing...!? 

Kotarou: Shit~! If it is like this I'll push you to the limit!

*Gold Foot defeated*

Gold Foot: Damn, the recovering doesn't catch up...! Does this mean I can only
reach this far for today...!?

Mach Windy: Wait, Gold Foot!

Gold Foot: Next time I'll let you see the true conclusion Windy! Wait and shake
til that day comes!

Mach Windy: Gold Foot! What really happened with you...!?

*Gold Mask defeated*

Gold Mask: Shit! We took a lot of trouble obtain new power but why this 

Domon: The power you obtain is nothing but illusion that display DG Cell!
That power, no matter how much you obtain it you can't win us!

Gold Mask: Shut up!
This time we meet isn't the end! Remember that!

Domon: We welcome you anytime! At that time tell us the reason why you got the
DG Cell!

*Gold Arm defeated*

Gold Arm: Hahahahahaha! Well done! If you don't show us that much we'll be very

Kotarou: What is with that guy!? He sudden burst a big laugh!?

Yousuke: I... fear a bit...

Gold Arm: But, next time we meet we'll surely win!
Don't you forget that!

Yousuke: The next time we meet we have to fight that guy again?

Rikiya: If there is next time I will just teach them real baseball!

Kotarou: Well, yeah.

*If there are enemies left after the Three Gold Brother defeated*

Cookie: Look! The remaining enemies retreat!

Izumi: Somehow, it is fortunate that we defeated the Three Gold Brothers.

Mach Windy: ...

*Battle Ends*

Yousuke: It seems ended.

Kotarou: Phew, I'm so tired~!

Maria: Ganbar Team, Domon-san and Mach Windy.
There are a lot of thing to tell so could you act together with us?

Domon: Sorry but I plan to chase after DG Cell.

Mach Windy: I'll also follow you. I can't leave the 3 Gold Brothers like that.

Blass: You two wait there. Even you act recklessly surely you can't chase after 
DG Cell.

Domon: Why did you say that?

Mach Windy: You know something?

Blass: It is more or less a fate. I want you to get inside the Ionia for 
further details...

Domon: Understood. Let me board in the Ionia.

Milk: Mach Windy. Could you also come?

Mach Windy: Yeah, let's do so.

Kotarou: Hey, what about us? Shall we go with Ionia?

Rikiya: Isn't that the only way? We are also in trouble lost in this world.

Yousuke: But if we ride Ionia we have to continue with this transformation. If 
we leak out we turn into dogs?

Rikiya: That is probably so but we can't keep away from the Ionia in this

Kotarou: Well then! Leave that to me! I'll do something!

Rikiya: Is that alright?

Amane: Eh? We got contact from Ganbaruger.

Yellow Ganbar: Er, everyone of Ionia. We Ganbar Team also come with you.

Jin: Really!?

Kenichi: At this point the Eldoran robots are together!

Yellow Ganbar: But! We demand just one condition!

Asuka: Condition?

Yellow Ganbar: Like before, we can not let you know our true identity for some
So! When we are acting together with everyone, I hope you don't try to find out
who we are!
Don't peek inside our room! Don't peek inside the bathroom! Let's make a 

Koji: Even you can trust us, no one will peek inside the bathroom... 

Amane: How about it, everyone?

Hiromi: Since they are not bad people, this time it is fine, right?

Ken: Those guys are comrades that fought together with us many time. They are a 
reliable party so 1 or 2 secrets won't hurt.

Shinobu: Well, that is right.

Maria: Understood Ganbar Team! It is a promise!

Yellow Ganbar: Yes! Then, it is decided!

Sarutobi: Good grief... They are guys who find solution fast...


Hayato: This battle gave us a new problem of DG Cell but we united with Domon 
Kasshu and the Ganbar Team.

Benkei: So we only miss J9 party and Ryouma...

Domon: I can't believe Ryouma is missing apart from you guys and Getter Robo...

Benkei: That idiot, where could he go...?

Yellow Ganbar: The Ganbar Team came at your invitation. Here we are!

Kakeru: Welcome Ganbar Team!

Red Ganbar: Sorry. Please take care of us for a while.

Kinta: You don't have to be that polite!

Shinobu: Right. Everyone of Ionia is the same.

Blue Ganbar: I guess so.

Lamuness: You guys are Ganbar Team right!? I heard story about you through 

Amane: We're also the first time meet each other directly like this right...?

Blue Ganbar: Ahh! Are you Lamune and Amane-kun!?

Red Ganbar: Why are you at this place!? Moreover your body is transparent!

Lamuness: Eh? How do you know about us?

Yellow Ganbar: That, that's...

Red Ganbar: The rumor about Baba Lamune, the missing child quite well-known at
Aozora Town!

Lamuness: As I thought... I should think of an excuse at once...

Blue Ganbar: Moreover isn't Amane's brother famous around the Earthling 
high-school junior!?
The little bro of the reliable person is a part of that super reputation!

Amane: Is it so...?

Lamuness: For mama and papa not worrying, let's quickly beat Don Harumage and
return to Earth!

Tama-Q: That's the spirit Mya!

Kenichi: From now we are fighting as one family!
I rely on you guys!

Red Ganbar: We too!

Yellow Ganbar: But don't forget our promise!
If that promise broken consider we don't exist!

Jin: This is not the Grateful Crane! Come on!

Blue Ganbar: (Oh... If only it is a romantic story...)

Mach Windy: Hm, somehow you are a good team...

Milk: Er! Mach Windy!

Mach Windy: Yeah?

Milk: My name is Milk! I'm a big fan of Silver Castle!

Mach Windy: Really? Thank you for always supporting us.

Paffy: But I never think I meet Mach Windy at this place.

Cocoa: Right~. You were fighting the Three Gold brothers~.
Moreover this year the Iron League was postponed~. Is there something very bad 

Mach Windy: The reason the Iron League was postponed is the public order began
turning for the worse.

Izumi: What does that mean?

Mach Windy: The truth is now on the Leaguer world there are enigmatic 
abscondence and rampage events keep happening one after another. They can't
create fair matches.

Adeu: Is that so?

Mach Windy: We Silver Castle started to search for the original reason of those
events but in the middle of the work Magnum disappeared.

Benkei: Magnum? You lose your gun?

Milk: Wrong! He is an Iron Leaguer! His full name is Magnum Ace!
He is a famous baseball league player, he plays the central role of Silver 

Mach Windy: Because of that I left the team and chase after the trace of 
Magnum alone.

Sarutobi: And you said on the middle of the road you were attacked by those 
three brothers?

Hayato: Those guys, it seems they run wild for some reason.

Mach Windy: Shit! What is wrong with them!?
We even waked up the true Leaguer Spirit and sealed rough play...!

Kouji: That is rough play!? What a hard sport Iron League is!

Domon: That is not a simple thing like rough play... It is the thing that you 
use war techniques to destroy enemies.

Mach Windy: You are the one that called Domon Kasshu right?
Maybe you have some knowledges of the reason they turned like that?

Domon: I fear that is the cause of the DG Cell.

Mach Windy: Is that DG Cell turns them into that condition?

Domon: I don't know their characters from before but... That abnormal 
recover and brutal is DG Cell's deed I only can think of.
Above all they are accompanied by Death Army.

Ken: But, isn't the DG Cell only exist on Earth? Why is it here?

Milk: Because the method to access Earth from Earth Tear somewhat exists.

Cocoa: If small things like cell exist there is a full possibility there are 
someone bring it in.

Blass: That is right. Very recently the DG cells were bring here as raw 
material by the Ernst facility.

Domon: Ernst facility?

Blass: It is my old research facility.

Domon: You also study the DG Cell!?

Blass: No, I'm in a different research team. But I already saw the data and 
sample... It is studied in the view of military use.

Domon: What the hell...
Now I'll make you stop the research!

Blass: I afraid you can't. Now I'm a criminal of Ernst facility.

Domon: Then, guide me to that Ernst facility.

Blass: I also can't do that.
The headquarter of Ernst facility flies in the sky. It is camouflaged with 
several layers of magic and barrier so finding it is rather impossible.

Domon: But I'll never stand and watch...

Hayato: ... If we can't find it we should make a situation that appear and come
from the opposite direction. 

Kakeru: How?

Hayato: It is the Armed Fantoma. If they're chasing after the Armed Fantoma
they'll surely appear.

Professor: Which reminds me, they came to Pahuricia and attacked us right? They
said hand over the Armed Fantoma but...

Blass: Indeed... If we collect all the Fantomas maybe they will come in full

Lamuness: Collect the Armed Fantomas!?

Kakeru: Yeah, according to Blass-san's story there are 2 more Armed Fantomas 
sleeping somewhere in this world.

Domon: Armed Fantoma... Is that the one we just about to verified at Saotome 

Kouji: Hey, Domon-san. How about going together with us for a while?

Sayaka: Yeah. We can be reassured if Domon-san is with us.

Cocoa: Moreover, it is easier to collect informations if you go with us, I 

Domon: You're probably right...

Mai: Then!

Domon: Yeah. Let me work together with you.
I afraid I've to say sorry but I only care about chasing DG Cell. 

Ken: Cool! There are no one can be reassured like you!

Adeu: Mach Windy, how about you?

Mach Windy: With both the Leaguer missing and DG Cell, the Earth Tear is 
turning strange...
If my Leaguer Spirit is helpful to you, let's fight against the threats in the
world together.

Milk: Yay! From now on I can be together with Mach Windy anytime!

Mach Windy: If I walk with you guys, I feel I will meet Magnum someday... 
Mark that. That is the bond of Silver Castle.

Cocoa: Then let's end the serious story here. First let's do the maintenance~.

Mach Windy: Yeah! Trust me!

Adeu: Then, first of all the next destination is the Jelock forest!
At last I can fight the White Wolf!

Sarutobi: Good grief... Keep that high spirit, you luck-pusher.

Blass: I heard that White Wolf is a supreme noble and broad minded guy. I think
he is surely strong.

Izumi: Is that so? I really want to meet him.

Blass: Well, I leave the checking of Jelock's ruin to you guys while I'll do
different things.

Amane: Eh? Blass-san you're off the ship? I still have many things to ask 

Blass: I'm better than you guys at collecting information that can be used for
locational advantage. After I'll collect informations at several places, I will
reunite with you again.
DG Cell, moreover the Armed Fantoma... I think I also have the responsibility 
as an old person of Ernst facility...
Because of that I want to corporate with you guys as far as I can do.

Kakeru: I see... I understand Blass-san.

Blass: Don't worry because we will meet again soon. For now good-bye!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Ken: Yui-chan, you said recently you see a strange dream?

Yui: Yeah... The truth is... From the time I came to Earth Tear I keep seeing
the same dream...

Mai: What kind of dream, Yui?

Yui: There is some kind of strong power calling us... Moreover I can see a big

Dango: Big building huh...?

Mai: Perhaps that dream has something to do with Liger?

Saeko: Right... Yui-chan and Mai-chan are the decendants of God... You probably
see such dream.

Paffy: Which reminds me, did you know there is also a ''legend of lion'' in 
Earth Tear?

Saeko: Legend of lion is also at Earth Tear!? 

Paffy: Right. That theory is written in ''Earth Tear Genesis''.
According to that book, in the age of Gods there is a lion warrior who fought 
along the side of the good Gods. 

Izumi: Beside, between the myth of the Earth and the myth of Earth Tear, we can
see many things in common. 
Earth Tear and Earth from ancient time are probably linked to each other.

Saeko: If so it is normal that the dream Yui-chan saw refers to Liger right...?

Amane: Eh, sorry to get in your lines. We will reach Jelock forest very soon.

Adeu: Ah, so we came at last...!
Just wait White Wolf! This Sonic Adeu will soon challenge you!

Stage 11: The White Wolf of jungle, the Sky Horse of the castle of Gods

*Jelock Forest*

Kouji: So this is Jelock (great) forest!

Kakeru: How wide! It looks like Amazon Forest!

Ely: Look, there is something overthere!

Cocoa: That is the ancient ruin of Jelock we're talking about~.

Lamuness: H~m, that?

Yui: ...

Saeko: What is wrong with you, Yui-chan?

Yui: That must be the big building I saw in my dream...

Mai: Really, Yui!?

Yui: Yeah... A strong and warm power is calling us...

Mai: Since Yui say that, there must be something in that ruin! Let's go there! 

Ken: Yeah!

Amane: Wait a moment! Something is coming!

*Solids appear*

Milk: Aren't those robbery!? What are they doing here!?

Hayato: It seems they're after the treasure in that ruin.

Adeu: I can't stand that behaviour! I & Zephyr will beat them!

Sarutobi: No, you don't need to do that.

Adeu: What?

*A Ryu appears*

Adeu: That's, a Ryu!

Jin: Amazing! He defeat those robberies in a flash!

Domon: That skill... is quite something...

Adeu: Sarutobi, could it be...!?

Sarutobi: Right! He is the warrior that guard this ruin, White Wolf!

Izumi: I'm surprised... He is a Ryu-user...

Paffy: But, Sarutobi. Why did you declare that Ryu is White Wolf? 

Sarutobi: From before I challenged him with a match...
But, that guy is strong beyond my imagination... He easily defeated me like a

Paffy: Is it so...?

Adeu: Ku! I'm so excited finding you at this wonderful place! 
I gotta go! I'll quickly challenge a match with him!

Paffy: I wonder how can Adeu find White Wolf without knowing his face?

Sarutobi: That simple-minded idiot! Acting the way he want!

Ken: Anyhow we have to chase after Adeu!

*Jelock forest/Ruin*

Adeu: Phew, phew, phew...
Shit, that White Wolf guy, where on Earth did he go!?
Oh! There is a person at this place!
Hey! Young lady! I want to ask you something!

Gratches: Young lady?

Adeu: Sorry! You are a man!?
My name is Adeu. You know the person named White Wolf that I'm searching for?

Gratches: Why are you finding him?

Adeu: Because I want to fight that guy!

Gratches: For what?

Adeu: There is one big rule of Chilvary!
A knight must never stop drill himself! 
In other word, you always fight strong guys and improve your skill!

Gratches: I see... I knew your feeling well.

Adeu: Then, tell me where he is.

Gratches: I don't know.

Adeu: What do you mean...? By that suggestive behavior I know you do...

Paffy: Adeu! We find you at last.

Milk: You jumped out alone! You almost become a lost child!

Haguhagu: Good grief Hagu!

Adeu: Sorry sorry! If I think of fighting the White Wolf I can not sit still!

Domon: Hm, I know it well. That is the bad habit of a fighter.

Gratches: Are they your companions?

Adeu: Yeah!

Sarutobi: You are Gratches!

Adeu: What is that Sarutobi? He is your friend?

Sarutobi: What are you saying Adeu! This Gratches is the White Wolf you're 
searching for!

Adeu: What!? Is it true!?

Sarutobi: Yeah. I who had a fight with him do not say it wrong.

Adeu: I see...
Then, you say it is him!? Fight me!!

Gratches: ... I decline. I don't want meaningless fight...

Adeu: Of course it has a meaning! Let's firmly settle this, who is the 
strongest in the world, you or I!

Gratches: I don't have the hype for it.

Adeu: Lie! You must have a challenging blood as a warrior!

Gratches: I swore I don't do meaningless fight until the day I fullfill the 
duty of my family.

Cocoa: Er~ , perhaps your duty is protecting this shrine~!?

Gratches: ...Right.

Izumi: We come to this shrine to confirm the legend of lion.

Gratches: Why do you need to confirm the legend of lion?

Cocoa: The truth is these 3 people are the decendant of the mystic lion~.

Gratches: What!? Is it true!?

Ken: Yeah. This is the proof.

Gratches: ...!
Certainly that birthmark is a proof of the decendant of lion which is 
transmited through generations!
I can't believe the decendants of lion appear before me...

Mai: Somehow you believe in us. 

Gratches: The decendants of lion, I welcome you to this sacred place.
According to the mission of my family I'll guide you to the castle of Gods.

Saeko: Castle of Gods... It seems to be the name of this shrine.

Gratches: Well then, following me.

Adeu: Wait a bit Gratches! Before that fight me!

Sarutobi: That octopus! He still at it!?

Adeu: I come all the way here to fight Gratches! I won't give up easily!
Gratches, don't make an excuse as ''duty''! Are you fear losing me!?

Gratches: You can insult me with anything but I don't plan to fight...

Adeu: Then, let see if you can say the same thing when you see this!
Ryu Knight! Zephyrrrr!!

Gratches: That is Ryu Knight!? This boy control Ryu Knight!

Adeu: How is that Gratches!? Are you still saying the same thing fighting
with me is meaningless!?
Quickly call out a Ryu to fight me!

Gratches: ... You can use Ryu Knight...?

Adeu: Of course!

Gratches: Then let me check if those words are true...
Another mission that I carry is...! Worararararara!
Ryu Chief! Shinebaram!

Adeu: At last you are out! Let's decide Gratches!

Paffy: Stop, Adeu! Now is not the time for a duel!

Domon: Let them fight Paffy.
I don't know why Gratches accept his challenge but this is a match of man vs 
Because of that, whatever happening as outsiders we can not poke our nose into
their affair.

Izumi: I agree with Domon-dono. Here we can confirm Adeu's ability is bad or

Paffy: It can't be! But, you're a priest Izumi!?

Izumi: Yes! Please entrust me for the funeral! Amen~.

Gratches: The one that can use Ryu... Or the one that was chosen...
By the pride and the honor of our Heroes, come and fight me!

*Adeu vs Gratches*

Adeu: Let's go, Gratches!

Gratches: Battle... That is the ritual which risking life...
By the name of the God of Heaven, God of Earth Adeu, I'll treat you with 

*Gratches is defeated*

Sarutobi: That rascal Adeu! I can't believe he can hold on Gratches til now!

Domon: ... Then, it ends here. 

Paffy: What do you mean, Domon-san?

Domon: The answer will appear soon.

Adeu: Shit, that bastard Gratches! I can't read his movement easily...!
If it is like this I'll challenge him all-out!

Gratches: You are naive Adeu! I already read your attack!

(Adeu: I'll prove I'm better than Gratches!

Gratches: Fufufu, you only know how to thrust straight?
Adeu, show me your power.

Adeu: Oh no! Zephyr won't move as I command!)

Adeu: Guwaaaaaa!!

Paffy: A, Adeu!!

Gratches: I win, Adeu.

Adeu: Shut up! I haven't done yet!
I'll never loss! As a strongest knight in the world I'll never loss!!

Gratches: The one who can't look back at himself surely can't become the 
champion... That is the only thing you better bear in mind.

Adeu: W, wait! Gratches!

*Ryu Chief Shinebaram disappear*

Adeu: ...Damn. Eventhough I decided to become the strongest Knight in the 
Damn... damn... Damnnnnnnn!!

Gratches: Sorry for let you wait everyone. Now I'll guide you to the shrine.

Ken: But, leaving Adeu-san at this place is...

Dango: Yeah, it is a bit...

Domon: Leave Adeu to me. You all hurry to the shrine.

Yui: B, but...

Saeko: Everyone, there is surely a thing that we must do. Let's leave Adeu to 
Izumi: That is wise. Moreover right now surely Adeu don't want to face anyone.

Sarutobi: Well, he gave a stylish challenge but was beaten at the end.

Paffy: ... Is Adeu fine?

Sarutobi: If he is soaked here that's all he can reach after all.

Gratches: (I don't understand... Why does Ryu Knight chose that boy...)
(The knight of Ryu Knight Adeu... How on Earth he...)

*Castle of Gods*

Lamuness: What~, this is the castle of Gods...? It is wider than its outside 

Tama-Q: Because more than half is buried that thinking can't be helped Mya.

Saeko: That room can't be...

Paffy: I can see that room serves for some ceremonies.

Dango: Saeko-san, there is something drawed at the pilar.

Saeko: That is the wall painting of a sky horse flies together with the 
warrior... The warrior seems to be Liger.

Mai: As I thought that means we're related to this ruin!

Yui: But what is this wall painting of the sky horse?

Ken: Gratches-san, do you know anything?

Gratches: I also don't understand... But my family passes this word... 
The maidens of Gemini, at the time you touch the herb stone, you protect the 

Saeko: The maidens of Gemini are probably Yui-chan and Mai-chan.

Cocoa: I think the herb stone is the jewel in that pedestal~.

Saeko: Yui-can, Mai-chan, try to touch that jewel? We might come up with

Mai: Ok! Let's do it Yui.

Yui: Yeah!

Mai: Let's go, Yui?

Yui: Yes.

Mai: I see something... There are two bracelets...

Yui: The wish to wear the bracelet... Something...?

Ken: Hey, you know something?

Mai: ... It seems to draw out the power of this ruin we need the bracelets...

Ken: H~m, bracelets right?

Gratches: Perhaps the bracelet you are talking about is this?

Mai: Y, yeah!

Gratches: These bracelets is the treasure of this shrine that the chiefs of our
family were entrusted to protect through many generations...
Now is probably the time to return it to its true owner...

Gratches: Then, take it.

Yui: Thank you Gratches-san.

Mai: But how can we use it?

Yui: I wonder we pray something for Liger...

Gratches: No need to hurry. You are the decendants of lion. When the time comes
you will naturally learn it.

Ken: I see. You mean they can naturally do it like when I call out Liger?

Saeko: Certainly. Let's try to invest this shrine more.

Mai: Yeah!

*Jelock Forest*

Adeu: ...

Domon: So you are here, Adeu.

Adeu: Domon-san...

Domon: Are you that shock losing to Gratches?

Adeu: That is just because, when I try to see through Gratches's true ability,
I was caught on the wrong foot.
But the next time we duel I will surely win!

Domon: No, as it is now you can't win no matter how many times you try it.
The fighting style of you and Gratches are definitely different.

Adeu: Definitely different?

Domon: Against Gratches's flexible movement, you could only do straight 
Fighting that always push ahead can't win. There are times that to fit enemy's
movement you need to withdraw.

Adeu: That is the different between me and Gratches...?

Domon: You should admit your defeat and learn new things, Adeu.
That is not only the knowledge to become strong, but to grow as a soldier and
person at the same time.

Adeu: ...I understand Domon-san. It seems I still need trainings.
There is one big rule of Chilvary! Don't show your back to the enemy!
Just wait Gratches! I'll pile up my training experience more and defeat you
next time!

Domon: Then, let me be the one to train you! Bring it on Adeu!

Adeu: Yeah! Here I come Domon!

*Castle of Gods*

Milk: Phew~. We walked around severely but couldn't find anything.

Mai: Gratches-san, do you know anything else?

Gratches: Sorry, I afraid that is all...

Lamuness: What is wrong, Gratches-san? You suddenly make a grim face.

Gratches: There is someone approaching this place...!

Ken: Gratches-san, where are you going!? Wait for us!

Sarutobi: This atmosphere, it is not a joke! We should go too! 

Paffy: Yeah!

Doll Satan: So this is the ruin of legendary lion! They are inside...!
Do it, my followers! Burn the ruin to ashes and force them out!

Yui: Hey, overthere!

Ken: Why is Drago's subordinate also at Earth Tear!? 

Mai: We also want to know that! Go and ask straight those guys!

Gratches: I won't forgive those attacking the shrine no matter who you are!

Doll Satan: Who the hell are you!?

Gratches: I don't need to tell my name to guys like you!
I'll take your life make up for poluting this sacred place!

Doll Satan: Hey! Fellows, bloodbath this guy before taking on Liger!

Ken: I don't permit that!

Doll Satan: So you appeared, Liger!

Gratches: It is the lion warrior and his comrades! Are you lending me a hand!?

Ken: Of course Gratches-san! 
Those guys bring mess to people want to live in peace and cause them suffering!

Lamuness: Villain never learn!

Gratches: Thank you!

Izumi: Everyone! Inside the shrine are Saeko group. Don't let them invade the

Ken: Understood!

*Ken vs Enemy*

Ken: You even follow us to this Earth Tear! I'll beat you until there are none
of you left!

*Getter Team vs Enemy*

Benkei: Those bastards... How did they get to Earth Tear?

Hayato: Hmph... I remember the time we fight these guys back on Earth...
If Abe Semei go along with Drago Empire it is clearly that they appeared there

*Sarutobi vs Enemy*

Sarutobi: Prepare, monsters! I and Bakuretsumaru will send you to another 

*5 enemies remain*

Doll Satan: You are good as usual...!
If that's the case, I will begin my strike from that ruin!

Professor: This isn't good! Those enemies plan to destroy that ruin rather than

Gratches: No you don't!

Doll Satan: You fool! I got you!

[Doll Satan attacks Gratches]

Sarutobi: Gratches!

Gratches: Gu... I can't believe I lose control...!

Doll Satan: Then, it ends here!

[Adeu backs Gratches]

Adeu: Are you alright, Gratches!?

Gratches: Adeu! I can't believe you save me...!

Doll Satan: You still have friend...! Then first I'll erase you annoying 

Adeu: Shut up! If you can do it show me!

[Adeu attacks Doll Satan]

Doll Satan: Shit!

Gratches: Adeu's movement is different from before! What happened to him!?

Domon: Gratches, Adeu is stronger after one battle with you.

Gratches: The battle with me...?

Adeu: That's right Gratches! Thanks to you I realised the thing I miss!

Domon: The next thing is to make up for that.

Gratches: Even so, he is good for this short period of time...
Hm, I think I understand the reason why Ryu Knight chosed Adeu...!

Adeu: Eh? What does that mean...?

Domon: The talk ends here Adeu! Let's join Gratches to beat those guys!

Adeu: Understood, Domon-san!

Ryu Dolk: As I expected Doll Satan can't handle those guys...
If that is the case...!

[Doluga appears]

Ken: Doluga! As I thought you're also here! 

Ryu Dolk: Let's do this Liger! This place will be your graveyard!

Ken: That is my line! This time I will end our duel!

*Doll Satan is defeated*

Doll Satan: Shit...! It seems the only choice is temporarily retreat...!

*Ryu Dolk is defeated*

Ryu Dolk: Those bastards... Their skills seem improved...! But, if you think
you'll win you're in big trouble! 

Kakeru: So you appeared, you Dragon monster!

Ken: Shit! I'll not lose!!

[Ken fights Ryu Dolk]

Ken: Guaaaaa!!

Ryu Dolk: You hold on well, Liger! But I wonder for how long!?

Ken: Shit!

Kakeru: This is bad! At this rate Ken will...!

Gratches: I will not let you kill the decendant of lion!

Ryu Dolk: This is none of your business! Step back!

Izumi: Shit! This power is...!

Jin: That bastard is stronger than the last time we meet...!

Kouji: Are you saying that is the seriousness of this guy!?

Ryu Dolk: Take this, Liger!

Ken: Uwah! Uwaaaaah!!

Mai: Ahh! Ken!!

Yui: Saeko-san! How can we save Ken!?

Saeko: The thing that protect lion... If we can call that out!

Mai: But, how!?

Saeko: You two pray from the bottom of your heart! Say you want to save Ken!

Yui: Is that the pray the jewel said?

Saeko: I don't understand! But now we can only bet on that!

Mai: Let's do it, Yui! We can't do nothing in this situation!

Yui: Y, yeah!

Mai & Yui: (Please, if we have the power to save Ken...) (Lend us that power...)

Ken: W, what is that...?

Ryu Dolk: That is!?

Gratches: Is that sky horse the thing sleeping inside the castle of Gods and 
protects the lion...?

Ken: W, wow... A big horse comes from the sky!

Mai & Yui: Ken, this is Vega Rooda...
The sky horse that God left to protect Liger... 

Ken: Vega Rooda... 

Mai & Yui: Ken... Call ''Vega Rooda''...

Ken: Very well! Vega Rooda!!

Ken: This is, Vega Rooda...! 

Ryu Dolk: You bastard... Liger!!

Mai & Yui: Ken, Vega Rooda will move by your thinking...

Ken: I see... Then, let's do it!

*Ken vs Ryu Dolk*

Ryu Dolk: How dare you, Liger! I'll not forgive!

Ken: The one to say that is me!
Let's go Vega Rooda, show your power to that guy!

*Doluga Dragon defeated*

Ryu Dolk: Shit! Is that sky horse Liger's new power...!?

Ken: Disappear Doluga!!

Doll Satan: Dolk!

Kouji: That guy protects Doluga!

Ryu Dolk: Doll Satan...

Doll Satan: We can't make it more than this! Let's retreat, Dolk!

Sarutobi: Those guys are running away!

Ken: If there is no Vega Rooda now I'll be...

Mai: Yui!

Mai: Win! We win!

Yui: We summoned Vega Rooda!

Saeko: The drawing pegasus on the pilar is Vega Rooda...

*Castle of Gods*

Gratches: The decendants of lion family and your comrades, moreover Adeu.
Thank again for backing me at that time.

Adeu: Cut it out, Gratches! Isn't it awkward to say thank you in a formal

Mai: Right! The one to say thank you is us instead!

Yui: We couldn't summon Vega Rooda if it weren't for Gratches!

Ken: We are in the same situation in this regard!

Gratches: Thank you for your sympathy.

Ken: Then! Liger is power-up as Vega Rooda is with us!
The next time we meet Doluga I will settle it!

Dango: But, Ken. Usually Vega Rooda is sleeping inside this castle isn't it?
Because of that we can't bring it with us?

Ken: Now that you mention it... What should we do?

Mai: Don't need to worry Ken. If we wish for Vega Rooda no matter where we are
it will fly to us.

Ken: Really!?

Yui: Yeah. When you need it anytime just call. We will immediately summon Vega

Ken: You are indeed reliable partners!

Gratches: So I've accomplish the duty of my family... The only thing remain is 
fulfill the mission as a Ryu-user...

Izumi: The mission as a Ryu-user? What is that?

Gratches: Sorry, but I can't reveal it to you.
But as long as you guys continue riding Ryu someday surely you will know.

Paffy: Really...?

Sarutobi: Hm, you put on airs.

Gratches: Adeu, as the one riding Ryu Knight you have to become stronger than 
anyone else in this world.

Adeu: I planned that from the start. The number one knight in the world has to
be stronger than anyone else!
But for that Gratches! I want a rematch with you! 

Gratches: I'm looking forward to that day, Adeu.

Adeu: Yeah! Please wait for that expectantly!

Paffy: Why do Adeu & Gratches obsessive about that winning thing?
I wonder what do you gain from winning?

Domon: Victory from the viewpoint of feeling after all it is not just satisfy 
But if you can't win in reality the loss is much bigger than the gain...
Because of that we probably pursue victory to protect something...

Amane: (You are the winner because you have something to protect...?)

Jin: You are awesome Domon Kasshu! To obtain a girlfriend I'll take those word
from a man that became the winner seriously!

Paffy: Oh dear! Get a girlfriend!

Izumi: Hohou, that is a very interesting story. By all means I want you to tell

Domon: ... 

Hayato: Let's end the discussion here everyone. It's time to leave.

Saeko: Right. We can't stay here forever. Let's depart.

Ken: Roger!

Gratches: My companions, please be careful.

Adeu: Gratches, be in good heath too!

Paffy: Goodbye~!

Gratches: Hero Ryu Knight and the decendants of lion... and your companion...
May our God bless you in your adventure from now on...

*Hinode Kingdom/Capital*

Lamuness: What~, this is Hinode Kingdom?

Asuka: There is Red Fuji-san, buildings like tenement house lining up. It makes
me think of drama era.

Kakeru: Hayato-san, how about the request of King Pahuricia?

Hayato: Yeah, I already fulfill it.

Cocoa: I also gone to the castle for greeting~. They allow us to act freely in
this kingdom~.

Hayato: At this point of course we'll find Abe Seimei's base and arrange a plan
to attack him.

Cocoa: Please also find the guardian knight at the same time~. It is sealed
somewhere around this place~.

Shinobu: Do you have any general idea where is the guardian knight?

Cocoa: Well~. I completedly don't understand the location, although I know it 
is somewhere around here~.

Jin: Hey hey, this is not a joke! Looking around the country take unimaginary
amount of time!

Cocoa: Right~. If we calculate our searching ability and the width of this 

Milk: The result is?

Cocoa: To find it we need 30 years~.

Milk: What the hell are you saying!

Milk: Of course it don't take that much time!

Kenichi: Right! It can't take more than the time needed to graduate elementary

Cocoa: Even you said so since in the ancient paperwork it is written just like 
that, what should we do~?

Nuzzi: You seem in trouble, young lady. Can I do something for you?

Cocoa: Er~, who are you?

Nuzzi: Me? I'm...

Adeu: Aaaaah!! You are the uncle that gave me the Ryu Knight!?

Nuzzi: Oh, the boy at that time. You have turned very strong.
You seem to obey what I told and doing proper training.

Adeu: I guess so! All is to become the strongest knight right!

Izumi: Er, sorry for interrupting but you are probably Nuzzi-sama right?

Nuzzi: Correct, that's my name.

Izumi: So it is as I expected...!

Adeu: What, Izumi? You know this uncle?

Izumi: Adeu, this person is knew as the great wise man among the wise men.

Adeu: What~! You are that great uncle!?

Sarutobi: In everyway that I see, he is only an ordinary uncle.

Paffy: Er, Nuzzi-sama. Do you know where the guardian knight is sealed?

Nuzzi: Yeah, I know.

Lamuness: We are saved~! At this point we didn't waste any part of 
''30 years''.

Milk: Then then! Where is that place!?

Nuzzi: Calm down because I will teach you now. 
The place the guardian knight sleep, that is frankly...
Is the dark capital Abe Seimei rules, the Black Heian-kyo!

Kakeru: Black Heian-kyo...! There is ancient Kyoto even in Earth Tear!?

Nuzzi: Fumu... You ain't a person of Earth Tear...
Perhaps you guys come along with Abe Seimei from Earth?

Kouji: Uncle! You know the Earth!?

Sayaka: Moreover even Abe Seimei's power...

Nuzzi: I'm the great wise man. I know everything.

Kakeru: Then, do you also know where is the Armed Fantomas!?

Nuzzi: I'm sorry for didn't meet your expection but that is an exception.
That is a different object compared to Ryu and the guardian knight. 
I don't know it well except I was told it is a power of taboo.
At some books it is said they were left at Ernst facility but that's beyond my

Kakeru: I see...

Nuzzi: But there are some clues. Recently the Ernst Facility attack Black 

Domon: The Ernst Facility fight with Abe Seimei?

Nuzzi: Yeah. There must be some kind of special energy needed for a certain 
power which control Abe Seimei's dimension.

Hayato: I see. If we think in a way that match with Ernst facility's trend 
there seems to be something in the origin of Abe Seimei.

Kakeru: Which reminds me wasn't the Armed Fantoma reacted when that guy appears
at Aozora Town...?

Tama-Q: Anyhow now we could only go to Black Heian-kyo Mya.

Lamuness: Because there are no other clues, we can only do that.

Ken: We can find the Armed Fantomas and the guardian knights quickest if we 
just ask Abe Seimei!

Benkei: That is good! While we unseal the guardian knight, we'll knock down 
that Abe Seimei!

Sarutobi: Will you go with us uncle?

Nuzzi: I have jobs to do. I leave fighting to you.

Nuzzi: Oh, I forgot to say.
The truth is there is already one samurai who subdues Seimei that I entrust to 

Sarutobi: That samurai must be very skillful to be able to go alone to the nest
of demons.

Nuzzi: Nope. He is just a Ryu trainer.

Adeu: That means he is a Ryu-user!

Nuzzi: You are just right to head to Black Heian-kyo. Lend that guy a hand.

Paffy: I understood Nuzzi-sama. May I know his name?

Nuzzi: Yeah. His name is...

*Hinode Kingdom/Forest*

Ryouma: ...
Where is this place? It seems I slept too much...

Ryouma: Right...! Certainly at that time we were absorbed into the black 
Hayato! Benkei! Hey, are you there!?
Good grief, those guys... Where did they go...
The Getter is also not here... What the hell is happening...

Ryouma: Who, overthere!?

Oni: Guuuu...!
Gurururuh! Goaaaah!

Ryouma: Shit! Oooryaaa!!
Orah! Sooryaaaa!!

Oni: Guooh! Gahah!

Ryouma: As soon as I wake up an oni welcome me... Where the hell is this place?

Oni: Guuuuuu...h

Ryouma: Heh, they come after one another...!
Good! I'll leave questioning this place later! Now I'll be your opponent!

???: Wait!

???: You plan to fight the onis alone?

Ryouma: Who are you!?

Gesshin: I'm Gesshin! Let me assist you to get rid of the onis!

Ryouma: I don't need unnecessary interfering!
But, I'd like to say, you seem to be fit as the beast's opponent!

Gesshin: Then, let's beat them!

Ryouma: Yeah!

Oni: Gugyaaaa!!

Ryouma: Somehow we cleaned the mess.

Gesshin: Yeah.
But it is dangerous dealing with the onis with bare hands. May I ask your name? 

Ryouma: Ahh, I'm Nagare Ryouma.

Gesshin: Nagare Ryouma-dono huh?

Ryouma: Then, Gesshin-san. Where is this place?

Gesshin: Are you approach this place without knowing? 
This is the nest of oni near Black Heian-kyo.

Ryouma: Black Heian-kyo!?

Gesshin: Ryouma-dono, let me guide you out!

Ryouma: What is that thing?

Gesshin: That is Black Heian-kyo! That is the demon castle where Abe Seimei, 
the one controls the onis and brings chaos to the peacefulness of Earth Tear,

Ryouma: Abe Seimei!? That disgusting bastard!

Gesshin: You know Abe Seimei?

Ryouma: Yeah! He is the originator send me flying to this place by mysterious 

Gesshin: Flying? Where are you from...?


Ryouma: What is that sound!? 

Gesshin: Something seems to happen at Black Heian-kyo!

Ryouma: Good grief, one after another...
This really give me fun!

Stage 12: The dark color of Heian-kyo

*Black Heian-kyo*

Ernst soldier: We can't do beyond this, Ribaris-sama! Let's retreat!

Ribaris: Is this how I end up when I at last know the place of the Armed 
Fantoma...? Lady Kyaos will not forgive me!

Ribaris: Ok! Retreat at once!

Abe Seimei: Fools... You think you could obtain our treasure?

Abe Seimei: Eh! That wave is...!

Shingo: Ouch...
Good grief, I'm trouble with the Beamler's fickleness.

Remy: Hey Shingo! You should do a better smart landing!

Shingo: Don't say that Remy. We suddenly jumped into a strange place.

Killy: As for me anyhow I wish I'm between the beautiful women.

Shingo: Too bad Killy. We seems to come to a place that doesn't have them.

Remy: I don't like it! What are those monsters!?

Killy: They have giant body and horn in the face... Are those the onis we 
heard from the rumor?

Shingo: To make the matter worse, this old-fashion townscape is...
We seems to do a time warp to Japan in Middle Age.

Killy: The figure stands still at the ancient capital. It is just like the
Demon God appears at the world of ''Sengoku'' (Chinese related).

Remy: Damn! Eventhough I request you not bother to led us to this so-called
Sengoku era...

Abe Seimei: The robot powered by Beamler...?
Kukukuku... That is another interesting thing that lose its way...
Oni, play a bit with them.

Oni: Goaaaaa!!

Killy: Oh, I see they're full of will!

Shingo: Then let's wipe out the oni shall we?

Remi: Let's beat them up quick and return to our original time!

*Go Shogun attacks*

Shingo: I can't believe we end up fighting onis.

Killy: Good grief. I don't know what happen to our life.

Remy: Don't complain. This situation whether or not is one time in our whole 

Killy: Yeah, it is.

Shingo: Then let's enjoy this situation with all we can!

*Turn 2*

Killy: Shingo, they appear more!

Remy: We are surrounding! It is bad as it is!

Shingo: It is not just ''bad'' being outnumbered like this.

Ryouma: Is that Go Shogun!? What are they doing at this place!?

Gesshin: Ryouma-dono, you know that robot?

Ryouma: That is a famous robot.

Gesshin: Really...
Even that anyhow it is outnumbered! We have to save it! 

Ryouma: Hey, where are you going!? If you go there you'll be done!

Gesshin: Don't worry about me! I have this!

Gesshin: Ryu Samurai! Hayatemaru!!

Ryouma: What is that? A robot come out from the card!

Gesshin: The violence onis, you can't be forgiven! I'll challenge you with this
Ryu Samurai Hayatemaru! 

Killy: After the oni is a samurai... This is more and more like Sengoku era. 

Shingo: One way or another, it can't be wrong that guy come to save us.

Remy: Welcome rescuer! Let join force with that samurai-san to beat the onis!

Gesshin: Acknowledged! Let's go!

*Turn 3 or 3 enemies remain*

Ryouma: Shit! I can't bear staying here and not doing anything...!
If this is the case, I'll embark directly at the inner citadel!
Very well! I'll wreak havoc to the end!

Shingo: Look! Killy! Remy! There is a person at the gate!

Remy: Who is that guy at this dangerous place?

Killy: It can't be that that guy intend to help us?

Gesshin: Ryouma-dono! Challenge Abe Seimei alone is dangerous!
At least wait until we beat those onis then together...

Ryouma: Sorry Gesshin! I can't sit still if I can't beat that Abe Seimei!
That is my attitude for bring me to this weird place!

Abe Seimei: I'm waiting, Ryouma Nagare. 

Ryouma: That voice is... that bastard Seimei!?

Abe Seimei: What are you thinking? You plan to fight me without Getter?

Ryouma: Shut up! I only need this fist to knock you down!
I'll come immediately so just wait there!!

Abe Seimei: Hm, the dummies from Earth that I invited haven't appeared but 
good... I'll support you with some entertainments.

Oni: Gaaaaaa!!

Ryouma: Shit...! How dare you!

Oni: Gaaaaaa!!

*Ionia appears*

Hayato: Ryouma! 

Ryouma: ...! Is that Getter!?

Benkei: Because there are onis, we thought perhaps... But, as we thought 
you're alive Ryouma!

Ryouma: Idiot! If I'm alive come here quick!

Hayato: Hm, a noisy guy as usual...

Benkei: Leave the complaining later Ryouma! Let's send those bastards to the

Ryouma: Yeah!
Let's go, Hayato! Benkei!
Open Get! Chaaange Getter 1!

Ryouma: Well! Come whereever you from!

Hayato: (Just as Ryouma rides, Getter's power jumped up...)
(As I expected the key lies inside Ryouma...?)

Izumi: Princess, that person riding Ryu is the one Nuzzi-sama talking about, 

Paffy: Yeah. It can't be wrong.

Milk: Then what the hell is the other robot?

Saeko: That is Go Shogun!

Sarutobi: Go Shogun? It is a robot from Earth?

Sayaka: Yeah! That is the robot that save the Earth from the secret 
organization Dokuga!

Shuzo: To be exactly that is a robot of the 3 persons called Good Thunder Team.

Tsutomu: But why is Go Shogun that said to be disappeared after the war with 
Dokuga here at Earth Tear?

Saeko: At any case let's contact with those 2 robots!

Saeko: Can you hear me!? Good Thunder Team and the samurai that uses the Ryu!?

Remy: You? You know us?

Saeko: We are Earthlings that came to Earth Tear by that Abe Seimei who control
Black Heian-kyo!

Remy: I guess from those words this seems isn't the Earth. 

Killy: Dear dear. We jumped over from past to future, and this time ended up at
a different world.

Saeko: We come here by the words of the great wise man!
Because those onis also our enemy, let's combine force!

Gesshin: If you know Nuzzi-dono, I'll gladly join force with you!

Remy: We are also Ok! Let's do it together.

Jin: Then, let's clean things fast and get out of this weird place!

Maria: After everyone depart, let's move Ionia to a safe place! How about it 

Amane: ...

Maria: What is wrong with you Amane? You look weak?

Amane: Ah! Yes, sorry! I'm fine.
(...) (Why... Somewhat I feel my chest hazy...)

Abe Seimei: I'm waiting for you Getter Robo, and Schicksal.
Since you guys come here I have to give you a warm welcome.

Benkei: You appear...!

Ryouma: Those are the guys from Drago Empire ain't they!?

Hayato: The Drago Empire advance to Earth Tear... maybe with the guide of Abe

Ryouma: I don't care! If they come to challenge us, just beat them!

*Gesshin vs enemy*

Gesshin: As long as we don't wipe away you bastards, peace will never come to
Hinode Kingdom!
I'll win this game, no matter what it is!! 

*6 enemies remain*

Amane: Be careful everyone! Something is coming this way!

Ken: Even you said be careful this situation is...!

Lamuness: That is, Da Cider!

Da Cider: Dowaaaahahaha! I found you Lamuness!

Lesqua: This time we'll muss you so prepare yourself!

Lamuness: Impudent bastards! Moreover, this scene of all scenes!

Milk: If you have a few more time I want you to think of a location.

Da Cider: You fools! With us this is the best appearance timing!

Da Cider: Kill them, Monskars! This very day bury Lamuness and his friends!

Abe Seimei: Hou, that is Don Harumage's subordinate...? This is an unexpected

Ryouma: So you appear, Seimei!

Seimei: Getter Robo and those dummies from Earth! You will die at this place!

Ryouma: Shut up! You will fall to hell from this place!

Amane: Brother, that feeling!

Kakeru: Yeah, it can't be wrong! That Abe Seimei guy also owns an Armed 

Abe Seimei: Hou, you begin to notice...
Indeed. I also got an Armed Fantoma...
As long as I have this, even open the dimension door is under my control.

Amane: Dimension door...!?

Kakeru: Somewhat uncle Nuzzi's word is true...!
But, your fate ends here. Let me take your Armed Fantoma!

Abe Seimei: Foolish! You haven't learned why you are here!
Then I will make you remember that!

Hayato: Shit...! That is...!?

Gesshin: Soon after those pillars shine I can see thunder falling onto us!

Izumi: Somehow Abe Seimei did a lightning attack magic... No, he releases dark

Abe Seimei: Fufufu, to welcome the rude intruders, I must prepare for any case.

Ryouma: Shit! You set a cheap trap...!

Cocoa: Lamuness~! Those 3 pillars are!

Lamuness: What is wrong with you, Cocoa!?

Cocoa: According to the ancient document those 3 thunder-releasing-pillars are
the one that sealed a guardian knight~!

Lamuness: Really!?

Cocoa: I afraid if you destroy those lightning pillars the seal will be 

Tama-Q: Lamuness, that isn't wrong Mya! At any case destroy all the lightning 
pillars Mya!

Lamuness: Understood, Tama-Q!

Kotarou: We will also help, Lamuness!

Kenichi: Let's take down those lightning pillars!

Shingo: Then, can we return to the fight!?

*Kakeru vs Abe Seimei*

Kakeru: Hand it over! You don't deserve to own the Armed Fantoma!

Abe Seimei: Hou... My hobby increases as I control the Armed Fantoma with 
overwhelmed power.

Kakeru: That bastard, what did he say...!?

*Getter Team vs Abe Seimei*

Abe Seimei: I can't wait for you Getter Robo! Show me all your power!

Benkei: That guy, he said he want to test Getter's power!?

Hayato: I can't bear that guy's thinking! Let's be serious Ryouma!

Ryouma: I don't need you to tell me! I can't sit still if I can't beat that
bastard Abe Seimei!

*Go Shogun vs Abe Seimei*

Killy: I've seen many enemies before but a disgusting guy like that is the 
first time.

Shingo: Indeed this fellow opponent can't be a friend for Kenta.

Abe Seimei: Where does that margin come from, aliens of time?

Remy: Let me explain. It doesn't mean that we have became aliens as you like.

*Da Cider defeated*

Lesqua: If we return like this there will be punishment again...!

Da Cider: Don't worry, Lesqua! I have an idea!

Lesqua: Is it really Ok?

Da Cider: Listen up! We will retreat at once!

*One pillar is destroyed*

Milk: One is downed!

Kotarou: Let's bring down the other in this way!

Lamuness: Yeah!

*Two pillars are destroyed*

Cocoa: Here is the second one~!

Maria: Try your best everyone! There is only one more!

Adeu: Leave it to us!

*All pillars are destroyed*

Tama-Q: That is the last Mya!

Lamuness: Where is the guardian knight!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness! The guardian knight is sleeping under that gate Mya!
Quickly head toward the gate and release Seinto Bomu Mya!

Lamuness: Understood!

Lamuness: Hot-blooded!! Seinto Booooomu!! 

Assaam: Kochacchaa!!
If you are far away, listen intently.
Behold me standing here.
I'm Assaam! 
I assist by justice!

Abe Seimei: What! How come there is a thing like this sleeping at Black 

Lamuness: Hey! That seems to be a reliable guy!

Tama-Q: Lamuness. Assaam is a guardiant knight proficient at speed Mya!
Let kick the remaining enemies together with Assaam Mya!

Lamuness: Understood!
I rely on you from now on, Assaam!

Assaam: Me too!

Lesqua: What should we do now, Da Cider! Another guardian knight has waked up!

Da Cider: I... I...! I do things earnestly!
No, if it turns like this...!

Milk: Wait, wait, wait! Perhaps that Da Cider guy!

Cocoa: He plan to drop revenge on us~.

Lamuness: Shit! Bastard Da Cider, your turn is finished so obediently go home
for me~!

Tama-Q: That is not the case of talking Mya! Let's stop him with Assaam Mya!

Lamuness: Understood!

[Lamuness's morale max]

Lesqua: I already expected that...

Da Cider: Shit! As I thought with those Monskars now we can't beat them!
If I could obtain a machine that beat King Sccasher...!

Lamuness: That Da Cider somehow ran away.

Tama-Q: You done well Lamuness! Let's call out the remaining guardian knights
with that spirit Mya! 

Lamuness: Ok! Have faith in this Brave Lamuness!

*Abe Seimei defeated*

Abe Seimei: How dare you...!
If that is the case, I'll use the power of the Armed Fantoma!

Kakeru: I won't permit that!
I'll take that Armed Fantoma that you have!

Abe Seimei: What the fuck did you say!?

Kakeru: The blue sky of heaven, the daybreak of land! The judgement of the
ended flame, hold this hand!
Come! Armed Fantoma!!

Abe Seimei: Guoooo!

Amane: We succeed, brother! The Armed Fantoma that Abe Seimei hold is 
transfered to Schicksal!

Abe Seimei: You fuckers! How dare you steal my treasure! This can't be 

[Abe Seimei recovers 16000 HP]

Amane: Here he come, Brother!

Kakeru: Is this a shield!? Is Schicksal powered up because we obtain the Armed

Amane: Not only that, brother! It seems Ionia is also powered up!

Abe Seimei: Shit! As I expected Schicksal and Ionia are things that don't 
belong to Earth!

Kakeru: What the hell do you mean by that!?

Abe Seimei: You fuckers don't need to know that reason! Disappear from here!

Ryouma: You are the one to disappear! Seimei!!

[Getter attacks Abe Seimei]

Abe Seimei: Uooooooooh!!
Damn you, Nagare Ryouma! Getter Robo!
I will surely return this bitterness ten fold!

[Abe Seimei blow-ups]

Benkei: We did it!?

Hayato: Temporarily so...
But that guy can call out dead being from hell. It is not strange that he will

Ryouma: Heh! No matter how many time he resurrected, we just beat him at that 

*Battle ends*

Kakeru: It ended...?

Amane: Yeah. It seems there are no signs of enemy.

Shingo: Then it is time for us to leave.

Killy: Let's do that, let's do that.

Kakeru: H, hey! Are you guys leaving!?

Killy: Sorry, boy. We are selfish travellers. We can't bear stay at one place.

Shingo: Well, there is something happened to us jumping to this world.
If that and the fate of you guys cross then we will meet again.

Remy: That's it. Then, see you again.

Jin: They really left us...

Kirara: We have many things to ask them like the Dokuga war...

Kouji: Because she said ''See you again'', we can meet again if there is fate.

Ken: Yeah.

Hayato: ...Ryouma. You said that Abe Seimei is waiting for Getter here.

Ryouma: Yeah.

Hayato: We knew we come here, transfer through the previous dimension... What 
on Earth is that Seimei who can control such thing easily...

Ryouma: Leave difficult story later old man. On top of that let's quickly 
return home!

Benkei: Return to where?

Ryouma: Fool, isn't we decide it is the Saotome Laboratory? It takes one flight
from Kyoto to Mt. Asama!

Benkei: Are you... serious?

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Domon: Long time no see Ryouma. As I expected you're alive.

Ryouma: Of course! I can't easily die like that!
On top of that where is this place? 
Moreover the Black Heian-kyo is Kyoto of what period of time!?

Hayato: This is neither Kyoto or Earth. This is a different world called Earth

Ryouma: What!? A different world!? 

Hayato: I will try to give a brief explaination what we will do from now on so 
that you can understand.
In order to return to our original world we'll join force with the Ionia and 
beat those current villains.

Ryouma: In short if we continue fighting by Getter sooner or later we'll come
home right?
Then there will be no problem! We'll just beat the villains no matter where 
are they appear from. 

Benkei: Good grief, what a simple-minded guy...

Gesshin: Ryouma-dono, it seems you met your friend safely.

Ryouma: I owned you a favor even it was only a short time. 

Gesshin: No no. I had a good training too.
I'm sure we will meet again somewhere if our travels continue mutually.

Paffy: Where will you go from now Gesshin-san?

Gesshin: To Earth Blade. I continue my travel to become the strongest swordman
in the world.

Adeu: What~, it is the same as me!

Gesshin: You also?

Adeu: Yeah! I go to Earth Blade to become the strongest knight in the world!

Gesshin: That is nice to hear! If that is the case I won't lose! 

Izumi: Gesshin-dono also head to Earth Blade? How about coming with us?

Gesshin: I'm happy to take that word but I'm still a trainer. I plan to pile 
up training by going alone. 
Moreover the world is wide. If my view isn't deepen more...

Adeu: Is that so? I'll pray for your safety.

Gesshin: Then, I'm sorry! We will meet again if there's a chance!

Ryouma: Ok, stay healthy!


Professor: I see... The Armed Fantoma is the item which strengthen Schicksal.

Kenichi: You mean Schicksal becomes strong because of the obtained Armed 

Professor: Probably. This time the thing we obtained is the Armed Fantoma which
serves as a shield.

Hiromi: Then a shield is equiped to Schicksal.

Tsutomu: That is a big fighting power up.

Kakeru: The remaining Armed Fantomas is only one!
Just you wait! I'll surely obtain it!!

Maria: King Sccasher also power-up.

Lamuness: Yeah! Thanks to everyone I was able to summon Assaam, I'm truly 

Kenichi: Hey hey! We're reciprocal!

Youji: Indeed! We have to unite to save this world, moreover the Earth!

Kakeru: Right. If that's the case let's do something with all our power!

Cocoa: I appreciate it~.

Milk: Then I depend on you the later, everyone!

Shinobu: Yeah! Have faith on us!

Cocoa: That~? That sound is...?

Amane: Cocoa-san. There is information from Arara castle.

Cocoa: From Arara castle~? What is that~?

Amane: I'll turn it on the monitor.

Yokkoora the Third: How are you? Cocoa and Milk, and Lamuness?

Cocoa: Well, Father~. Long time no see~.

Milk: Father, the job of collecting the guardian knights is going well!
At this rate, we will revive 2 guardian knights left soon for you to see!

Yokkoora the Third: I see... I'm glad to hear that...

Milk: What's wrong father? You don't look very well?

Yokkoora the Third: The truth is a trouble matter happened...
Is Paffy-dono with you?

Paffy: I'm here.

Yokkoora the Third: Oh, princess Paffy. Please listen carefully to this.
The truth is Pahuricia Kingdom was invaded by a mysterious force.

Paffy: Pahuricia is!? It is true!?

Yokkoora the Third: It is a new from an identifield well-informed person. 
The castle seems already being captured by someone...

Paffy: It can't be...

Izumi: Princess! Stay calm!
Then, King Arara! What happened to the King and the Queen!?

Yokkoora the Third: Sorry but I don't know... 
Anyhow now we completely lose contact with Pahuricia Kingdom...

Paffy: Oh... Father... Mother...

Adeu: Well then, we can't sit around! We have to go to Pahuricia at once!

Milk: Right! Let's return immediately!

Paffy: But, as for everyone the mission of gathering the guardian knights is...

Cocoa: This is not the time for that! Right, father!?

Yokkoora the Third: Yeah. Gathering guardian knights is important but 
protecting the peacefulness of Pahuricia Kingdom is also the same... No, it is

Lamuness: We are in the same boat when it comes to difficulty! This time we 
will lend Paffy a hand!

Tama-Q: Nice word Lamuness! That is the Brave Mya!

Kouji: We can't keep on travelling overlooking the crisis of our comrades!

Paffy: E, everyone...

Adeu: Don't worry Paffy. We will take back Pahuricia castle!
The King and Queen also surely be fine!

Paffy: Adeu... Everyone... I truly thank you...

Kakeru: If we decided so, Amane! Return to Pahuricia Kingdom at once!

Amane: Roger, Brother! We'll go at maximum speed!

Paffy: (Father, mother! Please be fine!)

*Hoyhoy Castle/Inside the Castle*

Don Harumage: Da Cider, Lesqua! When will you defeat Lamuness!? 

Da Cider: Don Harumage-sama! For that matter I have a good idea!
Please look at this file!
I think thoroughly for the last few days in order to defeat Lamuness and finally
I finished it...
The name of the project is ''Super Gray Test One Shot Down Lamuness!''!

Lesqua: Well done. Let me review it a little.

Don Harumage: Well let me see. Um...um...um...
Th, that is!?
Da Cider, what is this!?
Except the front cover, everything is blank!

Da Cider: Ha... The name is enough to exhaust the spirit.
Let me explain...

Lesqua: I'm a fool to expect more...

Da Cider: Don Harumage-sama. The reason we always lose is because we lack a 
mecha that can compete with King Sccasher!

Don Harumage: I see...

Da Cider: Don Harumage-sama! 
Please give me a mecha that can fight against King Sccasher!

Don Harumage: That is impossible.

Da Cider: If you are that frank...

Don Harumage: Certainly until now there are none...

Da Cider: Eh!? Then how about now?

Don Harumage: Listen! 
From olden days, I put a spell on the guardian knights and dyed their soul and 
body by evil!
But there is a really tough guardian knight that even my power stands nothing.
It is the same as King Sccasher: it carries person on the head, the ability is
high by far...
The name is Queen Sideron!

Da Cider: Queen... Sideron...

Don Harumage: In order to avoid my spell Queen Sideron's ability was shut down
by itself and sleep eternally at the great cave of the dwarf...

Da Cider: But, how could the guardian knight to that extent become our ally?

Don Harumage: Fuhahahaha! Naive! You are naive Da Cider!
Do you think I always leave the impossible as it is impossible!?

Da Cider: Er, such thing must be...

Don Harumage: Go! The thing makes the impossible possible!

Da Cider: Uwa, what is that!?

Hebimetako: Hello~! Are you enjoying?
My name is Hebimetako Ja~n!

Da Cider: Hebimetako!?

Don Harumage: This is the adviser robot that I made to control Queen Sideron!

Hebimetako: Nice to meet you Jan, Darling!!

Da Cider: Darling?

Hebimetako: Hey! You are out of fashion, kekeke!

Lesqua: What did you just say!?

Hebimetako: Hey, Darling! Your clothes also out of fashion! I won't forgive 
that Jan!

Da Cider: Owah!

Lesqua: Oh. Da Cider's clothes changed.

Da Cider: This is me!? Isn't it cool!?

Hebimetako: Hey Darling! It fit you!?

Da Cider: Yeah!

Don Harumage: The search for Queen Sideron is progressing. You guys also go
and help!

Da Cider: Yes!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kinta: Cut it out! If you said something like that we can't fight!

Yuka: But, I wonder if we can return to Earth...?

Kinta: Isn't it obvious!? Because of that we are fighting!

Gorou: Calm down Kinta. If there is a wide different world like that we also
feel anxiety?

Kinta: That is the same with everyone! Even the Earth Defense Class and the 
Ganbar Team!

Hiromi: That is probably so but...

Ely: If that is the case, you can speak in another way right!?

Mai: What is happening, why are you guys raising voice?

Shinobu: When everyone discuss what should we do from here Kinta-kun becomes

Wan: He is unhappy with the person who is weak because we can't return to 

Shuzo: But, not everyone is strong like Kinta. 

Ikuyo: Yeah, you don't need to be angry like that.

Ken: I understand how Kinta feels. If one by one depress we can't fight. 

Hiromi: But from now on we have to fight stronger enemies.

Harue: Right... The next is an opponent that captured Pahuricia castle in a 
blink of time...

Kuuko: I wonder if we can win an opponent like that?

Kinta: Of course we can! If the enemy is strong, we will strengthen our effort
and guts more! 

Yuka: But...

Kinta: Mind you! We will fight in seriousness!
While it is maybe true that we can't go home or the opponent is strong, it is a
pity to fear!  
Why don't we not neglect everyday training and polish the power of justice!

Kenichi: Did you say first we have to be strong!?

Youji: Justice is known as the thing called ''power'' right!

Bon: Nice word Youji!

Chobi: But only occasionally!

Ely: How is that Yuka? It is as they said.

Yuka: Yeah... Because everyone is trying, I also try a little...

Kinta: Then! We will begin our training at once!

Kenichi: Ok!

Gorou: What is this vibration...!? Air turbulence!?


Kakeru: What is wrong, Amane!?

Amane: Sorry, brother... I feel bad again... 

Kouji: Are you alright Amane?

Amane: This is the peak... I've to do emergency landing...

Jin: Are you serious!?

Maria: Everyone, hold on!!

Stage 13: The fearful dungeon! The bright and awakening power that is stealed!

Katze: Oh no! I'm surrounded!

Zanpa: You can't runaway anymore Pen! Quickly offer us money and goods Pen!

Katze: Don't even dream of it!
As for merchant, money and goods is more important than life!

Zanpa: That is an admirable preparedness before Zanpa-sama, the great robbery
Nevertheless I can't forgive Pen!

Katze: Ha, I'll never get beaten by the like of you! I'll show you my power!

Katze: Ryu Gunnerrrr! Derringerrrrr!!

Zanpa: Pepepepepe!! You are a Ryu-user!?

Katze: Right!
What happen if you make light of trader!? I'll make you taste!

*Ryu Gunner Derringer vs enemy*

Katze: I don't know how many robberies are there but don't think you can be an
opponent of this Derringer!

*Katze vs Zanpa*

Katze: I'll sell you weapon if you pay properly!

Zanpa: Just where in the world exist robbery that pay Pen!?
The rule of the robbery is take what he want by attacking with force Pen!

Katze: Is that so!? Then I'll teach you the rule of merchant!

*2 enemies defeated OR Zanpa defeated (possible)*

Katze: How is that!? Still chasing after me!?

Zanpa: Pepe! As I expected the Ryu is strong Pen!

Katze: What is that!? An ambush!?

Zanpa: Hm! This is my force ''Hyena of dawn''. You are in trouble to make fun
of me Pen!

Katze: Oh no! There are no way to fight if they gang up on me like this!

Zanpa: Then this time give us the money and goods, and Ryu on the occasion!

Katze: Shit...!

[Ionia appears]

Zanpa: Pepe! That is!?

Katze: What is that stupid big ship!?

Adeu: Ugh! Is everyone alright!?

Paffy: Yeah... It seems there are no big problems...

Amane: Sorry... The condition of Ionia is...

Hayato: How soon can we travel again?

Amane: It seems impossible for a while...

Adeu: It can't be use? Now we are raced against time!

Tsutomu: Anyhow, we can only check Ionia's condition.

Hidenori: Please wait! There are response of robots nearby!

Izumi: That is a Ryu! Ryu Gunner!

Paffy: But that robot is surrounded by someone!

Adeu: That guy is the robbery that attacked Pahuricia!

Kakeru: That bastard Penguin again!?

Lamuness: Well, thanks to that we can clearly see which side is evil!

Adeu: Yeah. Let's save that Ryu!

Paffy: Yes!

[Adeu sorties]

Katze: Is that Ryu Knight!? Why is that extraordinary Ryu at this place!?

Zanpa: As expected it is you Pen!

Adeu: Hey Penguin! It seems you haven't learned and still doing bad things!

Zanpa: Hey, you!
You still say ''Penguin'' till now Pen!?
I'll not forgive! I'll give you a miserable day by throwing you into a intense
cold blitzard Pen!

Zanpa: I thought of that but, I still have something to do Pen. 
I'll withdraw Peeeeen!!

Mach Windy: That guy, he ran away.

Kakeru: I wonder if he is frightened of our strength.

Ryouma: If that is the case, he just talk big!

Adeu: Hey, you overthere! Are you alright!?

Katze: I'm fine. There is no need for you to worry!
Moreover who are you guys? I haven't seen those robots, aren't they high 

Rikiya: Th, that is...

Katze: What are you mumble? Whatever...
But from your appearance your ship can't move. What will you do from now on?

Adeu: We will repair it and leave at once. We have to return to Pahuricia as
quick as possible.

Katze: I see. If that is the case I can probably help you.

Kenichi: Really!?

Katze: Really. I want to return your help. Anyway let's talk once.

Katze: Phew~. I'm really safe! If you don't come I'll be done.  

Adeu: Of course it is a knight's duty to save the one in trouble!

Katze: I'm Katze. I'm a merchant who sells weapon around here.

Reiko: Weapon seller!? 

Katze: Yeah, not only weapon but I serve many useful items.
Well, see! All of them are extremely good quality!

Lamuness: Wow! When that sister spread her mantle various items appear!

Tama-Q: That is the magic mantle which puts the goods Mya.

Cookie: Interesting!

Kakeru: Is there an item that makes Ionia moves between these?

Katze: I don't understand that.

Kinta: Don't understand...!? You said you'll help a while ago!?

Katze: That's why I said ''I can probably help you''.
Moveover I still don't understand what kind of thing is this Ionia ship so of
course I can't handle it.

Jin: I see...

Katze: Hey hey the boy with a scar on his cheek!

Ken: You mean me?

Katze: What do you think of this sword? If you hold up over the head, wow! A
robot appears!

Ken: It can't be... Since it is not a Ryu...

Katze: Then the tom-boy with long hair!

Ely: You mean me!?

Katze: What do you think of these 4 red jewels? It is a bitter for me to 
collect them!

Ely: Eh~, I don't have interest in bloody color...

Yellow Ganbar: Hey hey! Do you have any item that can erase curse?

Katze: Oh~, too bad! I just finish selling all of them!

Kakeru: Judging from the occasion it seems you don't have any item repairing

Hayato: How about let flying robots go first?

Izumi: We don't know what will wait for us on the way. Flying one by one is

Amane: Sorry... because of me...

Paffy: You don't have to apologize Amane.

Sarutobi: Because of our overreach, it is meaningless that we can't go at
crucial time.

Mach Windy: Is there anybody who come up with a good idea?

Lamuness: Well, how about turning Ionia into Onix and advance by another thing?

Cocoa: Good idea~. 
How about reaching the goal using the Axe Bomber~.
Just in case, we'll prepare making a supporting device of taking robots in and 
out of Io Onix~.
Other than a bit bulky it is perfect~. 
If we set that device to Ionia we can go with Axe Bomber as a mothership~.

Lamuness: Because of that Amane, let us take the later. You can rest slowly!

Milk: Don't worry and have a long sleep. We'll tell you when we reach 

Amane: Thank you.

Katze: I thought you were joking but are you serious about going to Pahuricia?

Kakeru: Yeah.

Katze: Stop, stop! That place now is taken by Dark Knight Galden!

Adeu: What! Galden is!?

Sarutobi: That bastard! This time he aims Pahuricia!

Katze: Recently Pahuricia is a trade place but those guys suddenly attacked~.
Galden's Ryu power is terrific~. He take the castle in just one night.

Paffy: It can't be...

Izumi: There is no time to be lost! We must depart at once!

Haguhagu: Hangu~.

Katze: You guys have courage... Do you realize Galden's strength?

Adeu: Of course! We can push down Galden with our power!

Sarutobi: Yeah, this time don't runaway!

Katze: You are full of will brothers.
If you are that powerful I'll teach you a shortcut.

Hayato: Shortcut!?

Katze: Right, in the underground of this area laid a ruin of the underground
kingdom of dwarf. There are countless number of cave there.
At the center of the caves is the ''door of time'' which leads to Pahuricia.

Sarutobi: Is that true!?

Katze: Yeah. It is just recently that the door of time was discovered in the
caves so no wonder you did not know.

Lamunes: Hey, Tama-Q. What is the door of time?

Tama-Q: Door of time is a device that can go to particular place by jumping
over the space.

Amane: I didn't know that there is a useful thing like that at Earth Tear...

Cocoa: The door of time in the underground kingdom...
I see, understood~!

Lamuness: What is wrong with you Cocoa!? You suddenly yell with big voice!

Cocoa: Lamuness, the ruin of that underground kingdom is where the guardian
knight Queen Sideron is sleeping!

Milk: Really, sister!?

Cocoa: Yeah! It is written like that on the ancient document!

Lamuness: Then we have to go to that ruin no matter what happens!

Katze: But the cave is complicated that amateurs can get lost...
To make matters worse that is also the hidding place of robberies and outlaws.
It is dangerous if you ain't very skillful.
Well, it can't be helped! Follow me!

Adeu: Follow you...? You know that place!?

Katze: I have taken that place several times!

Kakeru: Could it be you're intend to charge us a huge amount of fee later?

Katze: Don't worry about that! This is my gratitude of saving me!

Lamuness: Then, we don't have much time! Please guide us!

Katze: Roger that! Leave the matter to me!

Katze: (Fufufu... those guys are talented in contrast of their appearance...)
(Well, if everything went smoothly I can probably find a treasure at the big 

*Dwarf Big Cave*

Da Cider: Lesqua, where is Queen Cideron's response from?

Lesqua: It seems coming from inside of that big crystal Da Cider.

Da Cider: Oh that! Hebimetako, soon it will be your turn!

Hebimetako: Please trust me Ja~n!

Lesqua: I wonder if she is truly useful...

Hebimetako: Speak for yourself Jan!

Lesqua: What did you say!?

Da Cider: Well well, two of you... Try to be more friendly.

Adeu: Katze, we still haven't reach the door of time?

Katze: If we advance like this, the big crystal surely can be seen. The door of
time is that destination!

Milk: Lamuness! Wait there, there!

Lamuness: Monskar!? Could it be Da Cider's!?

Lesqua: What will we do Da Cider? It seems Lamuness also aim for Queen Sideron.

Da Cider: Of course! We can't hand over Queen Sideron to Lamuness! That thing
is mine!

Hebimetako: That is the spirit Darling! Then, let's do it Jan!

Da Cider: Yeah! Lesqua, bring out Monskars!

Lesqua: Ok.

Cocoa: This is bad, Lamuness~.
At this rate Da Cider will capture Queen Sideron~.

Lamuness: I'll never permit that! Let's go, Tama-Q!

Tama-Q: Roger!

Kenichi: Well, we also...

Kenichi: What is that!?

Gorou: Sauer Brace is flashing!?

Professor: I don't think that it responses to the guardian knight...

Youji: This response... What is it has to do with Gosauer!?

Professor: Perhaps there is a Eldoran mecha somewhere in this cave.

Hiromi: But, this is Earth Tear?

Professor: I'm not sure about that. There is Vega Rooda for example!

Kinta: Let's leave complicated thinking later! The thing to do now is beat down
those guys!

Kenichi: Right!

Adeu: Katze, you also fight?

Katze: Yeah, this is my service!

Lamuness: You're helpful, Katze-san!

Katze: You have to notice one thing. Since this is a thin cave flying is 
If the road is blocked we lose everything. Do not attempt doing things like 
breaking celling. 

Ely: Understood. You can't fly inside the cave.

*Go-Sauer vs Enemy*

Kenichi: Professor! How is the response on the Sauer Brace!?

Professor: There is a response but it is not that big! But it is true that
there is something in this cave!
We'll continue to check the response of Sauer Brace. Now please concentrate on

Kenichi: Understood!

*Katze vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: This machine! Could it be a gunman!?

Katze: So what if it is true!?

Da Cider: Because you are a gunman, why don't you do a gunman and receive my 

Hebimetako: Wow! That is the best Darling!

Katze: Ridiculous... Why I have to deal with this kind of person...

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Lamuness: Da Cider! I'll not let you touch Queen Sideron!

Da Cider: You fool! No matter how you think Queen Sideron's passenger already
decided as me!

*Turn 2*

Tama-Q: This is not good Lamuness! Da Cider is likely plans to steal Queen 
Sideron Mya!

Lamuness: What did you say!?

Tama-Q: Now the priority is stop Da Cider than fighting the Monskars Mya!

Lamuness: Understood, Tama-Q!

*Five enemies remain*

Zanpa: You rascals, try your best Pen! The treasure is just ahead of us Pen!

Katze: You are the Penguin robbery from before!?

Zanpa: Pepe!? Why are you people here Pen!?

Kouji: That's our line Penguin!

Ryouma: Then, robbery penguin-san, you plan to runway nervously again? 

Zanpa: Who runaway Pen!? How can I do that when the treasure is just before my
eyes Pen! 
More than that I'll never forgive all of you saying Penguin Penguin everytime

*Zanpa defeated*

Zanpa: Pepepepepepepe! I'm done again Pe~n!
I will withdraw while thinking seriously of changing job Pen!

Katze: Retreat!? I will beat you here completely so you can't mock me the 
second time!

Katze: Eat this!

Zanpa: Oops!

Katze: Shit! He dodged it!

Zanpa: Hahaha! This is Penpader's magnificent dance Pen!

Katze: What is this penguin's dance...?

Katze: This time I'll not miss!

Zanpa: Pen? Now, what is that light Pen?
What is that egg Pen?

Katze: Ahh, that is...! It is the golden egg I'm searching for!!

Zanpa: Hahaha, an unexpected harvest Pen! I say farewell with the treasure Pen.

Katze: Ahh! Hey you wait!

Adeu: Where did you plan to go Katze!? The fight has not yet finished!

Katze: I have an urgent business! I'll leave to later to you!

Paffy: She is really gone...

Kakeru: She said something about the golden egg...

Izumi: Could it be the dwaft's treasure?

Maria: Because of that she guide us here right?

Yui: As expected of a merchant...

Sarutobi: Leave that girl alone! Now the priority is awake the guardian knight!

*Da Cider defeated*

Lesqua: Oh~h, we're done again...

Da Cider: Don't worry! I already prepared a wonderful plan just for this 

Lesqua: You also said that last time and we received an utter failure. 

Hebimetako: Shut up homely woman Jan!

Lesqua: Who is homely woman!?

Hebimetako: You you you Jan!

Lesqua: Grrrr!!

Da Cider: The two of you stop fighting! Let's retreat!

Ken: It seems finished now!

Lamuness: Yeah! The next is Queen Sideron!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Quickly awake Queen Sideron Mya! 

Lamuness: Understood!

Lamuness: Hot-blooded! Seinto Bomu...!

Cocoa: Lamuness! Wait!

Lamuness: W, what Cocoa?

Cocoa: Queen Sideron isn't being cursed so Seinto Bomu won't make it awake!

Lamuness: Then what should I do!?

Cocoa: Destroy the green jewel at the center of the crystal~!

Lamuness: ...! That!?

Lamuness: That is Queen Sideron!? It is bitterly cool!
So this is the 6th guardian knight! There is only one left!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Try to board it at once Mya!

Lamuness: Ok!

Da Cider: Take this!

Lamuness: Shit! Da Cider!

Da Cider: The one to embark Queen Cideron is not you! It's me!

Da Cider: Your turn! Hebimetako!

Hebimetako: Ok, Daaarling!

Hebimetako: Meeeee!!

Hebimetako: Hey! You're already a thing of Darling!

Hebimetako: Darling, Ok Jan!

Da Cider: Well then! I'll ride Queen Sideron!

Milk: Ahh! Queen Sideron is...!

Da Cider: How is that Lamuness!? That thing is mine! Good!? 

Lamuness: Shit, you bastard Da Cider!!

Da Cider: I'll return all the hard times you gave me until now!!

Domon: That thing has terrific spirit...!

Milk: What should we do, Lamuness!? 

Lamuness: If it is like this we can only take it back by force!
Let's go, Da Cider!

Da Cider: Come, Lamuness!

*Lesqua defeated*

Lesqua: Sorry Da Cider! I'll retreat first! 

Da Cider: Eh! Hey, Lesqua!

Hebimetako: Good grief... An useless sister Jan!

*Queen Sideron's HP is below ??%*

Lamuness: How is that!? Da Cider!

Da Cider: Hahahaha... 

Lamuness: What is that?

Da Cider: Nahohoho! Don't you think that you can defeat me by that extent!

[Queen Sideron regains 16000 HP]

Ely: Lie!? He recovered!

Jin: That pun brother! This time he is serious!

Lamuness: What is that!?

Lamuness: What is this terrible thing!?

Tama-Q: Not good Mya! The magma is blowing up Mya!

Milk: Ehh!?

Tama-Q: This is the emergency device of the time Queen Sideron was released 
due to evil power Mya!

Ken: Shit! At this rate we will be buried in the magma...! 

Cocoa: Yeah, according to ancient document this cave is full of magma~.

Tsutomu: We don't have time! I think we should escape instead of taking Queen
Sideron back!

Kakeru: I agree with Tsutomu! Everyone, rush to the entrance of the door of 

Lamuness: Understood!

Da Cider: Lamuness! I will never let you run!

Hebimetako: Yeah! Then Darling, let's transform and decide in one go Jan!

Da Cider: Transform? How!?

Hebimetako: There is a blood pressure metal attached to Darling's belt Jan!
If it reach red zone if you yell ''Yaripanzer'' Queen Sideron will transform

Da Cider: Well then... if that's the case!
Prepare Lamuness!

[Queen Sideron attacks King Sccasher]

Lamuness: Guaaaaaa!!

Milk: Lamuneeeeess!!

Da Cider: Nahahahaha! See that Lamuness!

Hiromi: This is bad, Lamuness is!

Professor: The power of that guardian knight exceeds King Sccasher! At this 
rate we have no chance of winning...!

Youji: Can we really win an opponent like this!?

Kinta: Hang on everyone! If we unite our power we can surely win!

Harue: But the magma is filling this place...

Kinta: So what! At any situation I... I...
Will never give up!!

Youji: The brace shines again!

Shinobu: Yeah, it shines even more than before!

Professor: Everyone, hold up your brace! If you do that something will surely

Kinta: Understood!

Kinta: That is!?

Professor: The data appears! This is Magna Sauer! This is the new Sauer robo!

Yuka: But how can we ride it? Going outside is dangerous...

Kinta: I will go! Kenichi, approach Magna Sauer with Go-Sauer!

Kenichi: Understood!!

Kenichi: Now, Kinta!

Kinta: Uoooooooo!!

Kinta: Good!!

Professor: Magna Sauer! He safely activated it!

Kenichi: You succeed! Kinta!

Kinta: Yeah!

Shinobu: Are you alright Lamuness!? If you conscious answer us!

Lamuness: Somehow I'm Ok...

Da Cider: For some reasons a new robo appeared but I'll not let you rascals
escape from here!
As long as I and Queen Sideron exist!

Ryouma: Then we just beat you and advance!

Kinta: Let's do it everybody! If we unite our power we'll surely win!

Kenichi: Yeah! Let's go, Kinta!

*Kinta vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: Nahahahahaha! Even such robo appeared you can't be my opponent!

Kinta: Shut up! The game is not over until the last minute! I'll make you
understand that now!

*Kinta vs Enemy*

Kinta: A human has a loving heart toward other person...! If you have comrades
believe in that, you can do anything...! Because of that I believe in everyone!
And I believe in Magna Sauer's power!

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: Lamuness! I will not lose to you again with this Queen Sideron!

Lamuness: What! Don't get cocky just because you obtained Queen Sideron 
Da Cider!

*Battle ends*

Da Cider: What! I'm not done yet!
I will not let you pass at any cost!!

Lamuness: Shit, that Da Cider! He is tenacious than usual...!

Maria: We don't have time! If things advance more it is bad!

Jin: We can only hit one big shot and run from this place by that gap!

Professor: If so, let's use the Magna Buster!

Kenichi: Magna Buster!? What is that!?

Professor: It is a transformation of Magna Sauer!
By changer of two persons Magna Sauer will change into Magna Buster!

Kenichi: Kinta, you hear it!?

Kinta: Yeah! Let's do it Kenichi!

[Gosauer and Magna Sauer attack Queen Sideron]

Da Cider: Shit...!

Kinta: Now, everyone! Escape!!

Da Cider: They escape!? Let's chase them at once!

Da Cider: What happens!?

Hebimetako: Darling we can only reach this point Jan!
Now Queen Sideron still has a fragment of good heart left Jan!

Da Cider: It can't be...

Hebimetako: The magma is coming this way. Now capture Queen Sideron is enough

Da Cider: It can't be helped then... Let's escape this time...
But the next time we meet is the last moment of those guys!

Don Harumage: Well done the three of you!

Da Cider: Ha! I'm really flattered to hear that!

Don Harumage: But Queen Sideron still has a good heart left.

Hebimetako: Yeah Jan!

Lesqua: It isn't going well right?

Hebimetako: If we have more time we can surely dye it an evil heart...! I'm
regreted Jan!

Don Harumage: Well, Hebimetako! Turn the heart of Queen Sideron into completely
evil at once!

Hebimetako: Yay! Trust me Jan!

Queen Sideron: Juwaa!

Hebimetako: You say Juwaa! Well, this time I dye you an evil heart Jan!

Da Cider: Well then! Next time I the appearance warlord will beat King Sccasher
with this Queen Sideron for you to see!

Hebimetako: Cool, Darling!
You are out of fashion, sister!

Lesqua: Shut up! Fuck you!

Hebimetako: Oh yeah!? Hysteria Jan!

Lesqua: You stupid snake! Let's finish this here!

Da Cider: Well well you two. Calm down calm down.

Idro: Fufufufu. Somehow you succeed in taking the guardian knight back...

Don Harumage: You came, Idro.

Idro: As our promise Don Harumage-sama. I bring along the two persons you 

Don Harumage: Yeah, good job. Then as our promise, I'll grant your wish.

Idro: Thank you.

Da Cider: Don Harumage-sama, who is that old woman?

Don Harumage: You three listen. From now on you will join force with this Idro
to beat Lamuness group. 

Da Cider: I hear you but, Don Harumage-sama. I think now just Queen Sideron is 

Hebimetako: Yeah Jan! The last time we are just one step away Jan! The next 
time we will win for you to see Jan!

Don Harumage: The truth is Queen Sideron's power exceed my expectation.
But Lamuness joined force with Ryu-users and the people came from different
world and their power increased.
Until Goburiki revived, I will not permit you disrespecting those guys.

Lesqua: I see...

Da Cider: I understood Don Harumage-sama! I'll obey your order and join force
with Idro-dono!

Don Harumage: Um. I wait for good news from you.

Da Cider: Then Idro-dono, what should we do?

Idro: First you will head to Pahuricia Kingdom that my master Galden-sama hold.
Therefore you will attack Lamuness party.

Lesqua: Those guys are heading to Pahuricia Kingdom right?

Hebimetako: If we decide that way let's start preparing the ambush Jan!

Idro: Then, because I have things to do let me return to Pahuricia Castle.

Da Cider: Um! Then wait genuinely for our arrival!

Kouji: I was thinking what will happen to us in an instant but above all, all 
members are fine.

Hiromi: All is thank to Kinta-kun.

Ely: Right! Due to the feeling never give up of Kinta-kun Magna Sauer awaked!

Kinta: No! The appearance of Magna Sauer and the last attack is due to the 
unison of us!
That is the result of us Sauers joining hands!

Yuka: Kinta-kun...

Chobi: That guy somewhat isn't soft...

Yellow Ganbar: But I didn't expect a Sauer robo appears at that cave!

Asuka: Because no one think that an Eldoran robot appears at Earth Tear.

Blue Ganbar: Perhaps there will be more aside from Eldoran robo right?

Professor: That possibility is 100%.
If we analyze the data this time, we can catch the same response from afar.

Kenichi: That is amazing! I depend on you Professor!

Cocoa: The people of Sauers, it seems your bond strengthen more and more~.

Adeu: Moreover we obtained a new robot.

Milk: But we lost Queen Sideron...

Lamuness: It is alright, Milk! We have 5 guardian knights anyway!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! This is not the case to say careless thing Mya!
At the previous battle you understand well the power of Queen Sideron Mya!
At this rate we can't prevent the awakening of Goburiki Mya...!

Milk: Ehh!? It can't be!!

Lamuness: There is no need to worry just because of that.
I'll surely take it back for you to see! Queen Sideron and also Pahuricia

Paffy: Thank you, Brave Lamuness!

Sarutobi: Then let's not waste time here, depart at once!

Izumi: Yeah.

Adeu: Just wait Galden! This time I'll bring you down!

*Pahuricia/Town's Neighbourhood*

Benkei: Well well... Somewhat we come to Pahuricia's territory...

Paffy: The Pahuricia castle is right next to this town.

Domon: I heard they attacked the kingdom but it seems this town isn't damaged.

Hayato: They only gain total control of the capital...
It seems to be the most efficent tactic but, if their goal isn't steal the city

Ryouma: That thing doesn't matter right!
We'll quickly attack the castle and knock down that Galden!

Izumi: But the opponent is Galden. He surely has a defense plan.

Paffy: Moreover everyone need to take a break.

Izumi: Right. First we gather information of this town and let's make a plan
taking back the castle.

Tsutomu: Perhaps we should do that.

Adeu: Talking about gathering information, how should we investigate the 

Izumi: There is nothing to worry about it. I already suggest Sarutobi and 
Ganbar Team to scout. 
If it work well they should return soon.

???: You bastard, how dare you treat me, the great magic user like that...!

???: I don't know who you are but, everyone is embarrassed! Don't cause anymore

???: Shit remember this! I'll surely return this debt!

Lamuness: What? Quarrel?

Ken: Well. We should go and see anyway.

Amp: That guy, as soon as he appear he start talking about change the world 
into Demon World... 
What the hell is he planning?

Mach Windy: Amp! Are you Amp!?

Amp: You are Mach Windy!

Amp: Well, thanks God... I can't believe I meet you here...

Sayaka: Mach Windy. You know that person?

Mach Windy: Yeah. That girl is Amp of the Iron Bowler. They fought together 
with us from before.

Kenichi: Iron Bowler?

Shinobu: She is a Bowling player...?

Amp: Yeah... But now I travel with sister while playing baseball. For appearing
on Iron Ring.

Mach Windy: Which reminds me I don't see Watt...
Amp, where is Watt?

Amp: I think now sister is in Pahuricia Castle...

Adeu: In Pahuricia Castle!?

Paffy: Now, in Pahuricia Castle is Galden!?

Amp: Right... When we visited the capital for a match, Galden came to attack...

Mach Windy: Is there something happened to Watt!?

Amp: In order to help the people of the town escape, sister joined the 
Pahuricia chilvaries to fight against Galden.

Paffy: Chilvary!? Then is the chief Wendy there?

Amp: Yeah... Wendy-san were together with sister to fight against Galden...

Paffy: Wendy is... Is he alright!?

Amp: I'm sorry. That is the limit of my knowledge. I'm taking refuge so I came

Paffy: Ahh... Wendy...

Kirara: Hey, Izumi-san. Who is Wendy-san?

Mai: He seems to be a special person to Paffy-san.

Izumi: Wendy-dono is a honorable knight working for royal family and at the 
same time princess's finance (iinazuke).

Kenichi: Finance!?

Adeu: In that case, the tsukemono that can be done in one night is...

Milk: Isn't that vegetables pickled overnight!

Cocoa: Finance is the person will marry you~

Adeu: Marry~!?

Amp: There are still a lot of people inside the castle. We must quickly rescue

Paffy: Right...

Adeu: Well! When Sarutobi group come back from scout, we will take back the 

Sarutobi: I have returned Izumi.

Izumi: Thanks for the hard work Sarutobi and Ganbar Team.

Yellow Ganbar: Well when it is our turn scouting is simple, simple!

Red Ganbar: By the way, who is the man that tried to thrust from the front?

Blue Ganbar: Right. If we're caught the scout will be meaningless.

Yellow Ganbar: Believe more in my foot! If necessary, I can go to the center of
the castle so fast that no one can catch my attention...

Hayato: Leave the useless story later. Teach us the information you gathered.

Red Ganbar: Ah, yes. There are no sign of people in the town.

Blue Ganbar: We thought they stay indoor but there were no one inside the house

Paffy: Everybody, where are you going...?

Izumi: Perhaps they gather at a place like the underground of the castle?

Kouji: If that is the case, there is a possibility when needed the citizens 
were used as hostages...

Hayato: That might be the case.

Red Ganbar: Moreover there is one thing you have to be careful.

Hiromi: Be careful?

Sarutobi: There are Monskars beside Solids and Slave Pots.

Milk: Monskars!? In other words...!

Sarutobi: It might be Don Harumage and Galden joined force.

Lamuness: If that is the case, Da Cider might appear...!

Kenichi: Their preparation to welcome us is flawless!

Kakeru: That means taken back the castle isn't a simple task...!

Sarutobi: What should we do Izumi? 
Should I and the Ganbar Team sneaking in the royal capital and confuse those

Izumi: No, that isn't necessary. We have a plan for those informations. That
is also the plan to attack Galden directly.

Maria: Really Izumi-san!?

Izumi: First, as the composition of the tactic, the ones except Ryu-user will
attack from the front.
We Ryu-user will use that chance to try to sneaking inside the castle.

Cocoa: You have a way sneaking in without being noticed~?

Izumi: In Pahuricia Castle laid a secret underground passage. If we follow that
we can surely get inside the castle without being encounter. 

Domon: I see. You will summon Ryu inside the castle and directly attack Galden?

Izumi: Yeah. Taken back the castle by beating Galden is enough. Because of that
I want everyone to do a diversion.

Shinobu: I don't mind that but the problem is Amane's condition...

Amane: I'm Ok.

Yui: Amane has waked up...

Lamuness: Amane, are you really alright?

Amane: Thanks to everyone I was able to have a good sleep.
We have to hurry save the people of Pahuricia being caught.

Yellow Ganbar: You speak well Amane! That is the Aozora Elementary class 1 year
4 that I know!

Amane: Eh?

Yellow Ganbar: Ah, no... Don't mind that...

Kouji: Anyhow, let's perform the plan!

Adeu: If that is decided let's begin at once the mission to take back Pahuricia

Paffy: Yes!

Amp: Wait, let me come along with you!

Mach Windy: Is that alright, Amp?

Amp: Of course! I can't sit still here!

Mach Windy: Understood! Let's go together and save everyone!

Amp: Yeah!

*Pahuricia Castle*

Galden: Idro, have you found the treasure that we've said before?

Idro: Not yet, Galden-sama... I cause all the Pahuricia troop I manipulate by 
will to find but...

Galden: The treasure that the royal family of Pahuricia passes... 
If we obtain that treasure and make this castle a base the total control of the
whole continent is only a matter of time...
At that point, the time that I'll become the supreme ruler of this world will 
come soon...

Idro: But there is a shadow on Galden-sama's dream...

Galden: Are they the Ryu-users and the ones came from the different world...?

Idro: Indeed. It appeared that they're gathering the strong ones on the 
authority of the ship called Ionia... 

Galden: I see. These guys came to take back Pahuricia?

Idro: Your guess is right. Those guys already made a move.
Not long ago there are 4 mouses sneaking in the royal capital...

Galden: Hmph, are those mouses came here to search?

Idro: Indeed...

Galden: Hmph, whoever come to attack I'll make them a rust of my sword.

Pahuricia Soldier: Galden-sama, Idro-sama!

Idro: What happen?

Pahuricia Soldier: Da Cider-sama and Lesqua-sama has arrived. 
Please let me know what you would like me to do.

Galden: Bring them here.

Pahuricia Soldier: Yes!

Idro: That idiot Da Cider, he come at this time...

Galden: Idro, can those guys be used?

Idro: They obtain the guardian knight from the last battle, and were just one 
step away from pushing the Ionia members to the corner.

Galden: Hou... They have that much power? It will be fun to meet them.

Da Cider: Please to meet you! Galden-dono! I'm Don Harumage's greatest 
sub-ordinate, Da Cider!

Hebimetako: Hello~! I'm Hebimetako Jan! You are also a very sexy man, though 
worse than Darling Jan!

Lesqua: I'm Don Harumage's secretary, Lesqua-chan.

Galden: Idro, are they really Don Harumage's talent men? I only see them as
thoughtless person.

Idro: Well, set character aside, I think they are vital to carry on smoothly...

Galden: Fu, I see...
Da Cider and your comrades. I'm greeting you from a far travel.
I want you to sweep away my enemy with your power.

Da Cider: Nahahahahaha! Trust everything to me! Trust me and it'll be Ok!
I & Queen Sideron will beat whoever black and blue!

Galden: (Can those idiots even be used at house arrest...?)
(Move for my sake as much as possible...)

Lesqua: Then, when will the enemies come?

Idro: At my crystal ball, they will appear soon to bother us.

Da Cider: Then probably they will attack tonight...

Lesqua: Why?

Da Cider: Doesn't people often say from the old days!? A ''knight'' does 
surprise attack at ''night''!

Hebimetako: Yeah, Darling! You are also in perfect form today Jan!

Galden: ...

Pahuricia Soldier: Galden-sama! Idro-sama! There are informations!
From some time ago, we're told that Ionia appeared at the town of neighboring

Da Cider: What!?

Lesqua: Not at night, they come right away.

Galden: Fu, the mouses jump into their own trap.

Pahuricia Soldier: They'll invade the royal capital soon! What should we do?

Idro: Send notice to the soldiers! Don't let them come near the castle!

Pahuricia Soldier: Yes!

Hebimetako: Darling! If Lamuness come, we must appear Jan!

Da Cider: Ok!
Then Galden-dono! Although it is a short meeting, let us sortie!

Galden: Yeah, I'm counting on you.

Idro: Those bastards, I can't believe they attack from right in front...

Galden: There is no mistake they're after something. It seems the main force is
the diversion, they are aiming for the lacking defense castle...

Idro: No need to worry. Let put the new obtained pawn at front and retain the
force that protects the castle.

Galden: Pawn?

Idro: The woman that I manipulate while I'm on the road returning from Hoyhoy 
The machine that the woman ride is the new type that Ernst facility develop in
strict secrecy... I think it is helpful in its own way.

Galden: Good. Do as you like.

Stage 14: Take back Pahuricia Castle!! Roar, the angry magic sword!

Amane: Everyone, we arrived at Pahuricia Castle.

Kakeru: Well! Let's do according to battle plan!

Amp: Wait for me, sister! Now I come to save you!

Lesqua: Da Cider, it seems Lamuness has arrived.

Da Cider: They are a bunch of idiots come to their own graveyard!

Hebimetako: Darling! Call out Queen Sideron Jan!

Da Cider: Ok! 

Hebimetako: A hebi hebi, a meta metako.

Da Cider: Queeeeeen! Sideroooooon!!

Lamuness: As I thought you appear Da Cider!

Da Cider: You bastards escaped well last time but this time it is different!
Let's end it here!

Lamuness: That's my line Da Cider! Gave back my Queen Sideron!

Kakeru: That machine is the doughnut girl's...!

Amane: That sister also came to Earth Tear...

Ken: But why is she here!? She also joins hand with Galden!? 

Kakeru: Seem so!
But, it can't be helped that she is here!
If she works for evil we'll gave her another painful experience!

Hayato: Mind you! We can't let the enemies see through our detached force. 
Gaudy damage will draw enemies attention.

Jin: Roger!

*Kakeru vs Sharu*

Kakeru: Hey, doughnut girl! To obtain Schicksal you join Galden!?

Sharu: Obtain Schicksal!? What on Earth are you saying!?
I only have one goal! That is defeating all of you for the sake of Galden-sama!

Kakeru: She said completely different line from last time... What on Earth 
happened to that girl...!?

*Amane vs Sharu*

Amane: I don't know the reason why you join Galden! But if you're in our way
we have to use force!

Sharu: I'll not permit that! I'll not let you take back Pahuricia Castle!

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: Lamuness! Today is your end!

Lamuness: Then show me Da Cider! This time is different from last time!

Tama-Q: Don't be too hot-headed Mya, Lamuness! We must give priority to the 
battle plan Mya!

Lamuness: Understood Tama-Q! But just like before, I will beat the crap out of 
Da Cider!

*Cocoa vs Da Cider*

Cocoa: Have you been tought not to steal people thing~?

Da Cider: Who decided that Queen Sideron is yours!? Was even the name of 
Lamuness written!?
Moreover Queen Sideron chose us as pilots! Since then you shits don't have the
right to complain!

Milk: You said it well despite it is stupid!

Cocoa: That's what called audacious...

*Turn 2*

Sarutobi: The enemy seems attract smoothly to our diversion.

Izumi: Then, we'll follow this route and sneak in the castle.

Adeu: Yeah!

Paffy: (Father, mother, Wendy, now I come!)

*Lesqua defeated*

Lesqua: I'm done...? I leave the later to other guys.

*4 enemies remain*

Yaminorius: I think somewhat noisy so I came but, I can't believe I encounter 
those guys from Ionia...
I don't know this place but if those guys are here there is only one thing to 
do! Hazuramsarai Ya~!

Yellow Ganbar: Are those hell beasts!?

Blue Ganbar: Look overthere! That is also Yaminorius!

Yellow Ganbar: It is true!

Ely: Why is Yaminorius at Earth Tear!?

Asuka: I can only think of he is near us at the time we fly to Earth Tear.

Yellow Ganbar: We can't bring anymore trouble to everyone at Earth Tear, let's
beat those guys!

*All hell beasts defeated*

Yaminorius: You bastard, again!
But next time I'll show you the greatness of Demon World!

*Sharu defeated*

Sharu: I can't hold on more than this! Retreat!

Kakeru: Wait, doughnut girl! You...!

Amane: That sister... She has different mood than last time...! 

Kakeru: That girl has ate something bad?

Amane: I don't think so...

*Pahuricia Castle/Underground Passage*

Izumi: Somehow we sneak in without being noticed.

Adeu: Galden probably not recognize we can go into the castle from here!

Sarutobi: Paffy, where is Galden's place?

Paffy: I can only think he is in the royal room at the highest floor! 

Adeu: Well then, let's go!

*Pahuricia Castle/Reception Hall*

Galden: This is strange... Why the Ryu-users don't come...? Where do they go...?

Idro: What! This is!?

Galden: What is wrong Idro?

Idro: Galden-sama, take a look at the crystal ball! The princess of Pahuricia
is inside the castle!

Galden: Hm, so they came?
Somehow there is a person who know the secret path.

Idro: I afraid that is the princess.
I'll call the soldiers to face them.

Galden: No, let them come...

Idro: Is it alright? At this rate it is just only a matter of time they'll come

Galden: Isn't it me they're searching for? If that is the case I have to 
welcome them...

*Da Cider defeated*

Da Cider: Shit! I'm done!?

[Queen Sideron recovers 40000 HP]

Tama-Q: He recovers again Mya!

Milk: I thought of this case before but, that is dirty!

Da Cider: Fools! I as the main actor can do anything!
Let's go Queen Sideron! This time blow them to pieces!

Da Cider: W, what is wrong Queen Sideron!?

Hebimetako: We can't do that Darling! It isn't completely evil Jan! Let's 
temporarily retreat Jan!

Da Cider: Damn, it can't be helped...! Lesqua!

Lesqua: Yes yes yes. Good grief, how long before we can win...?

Lamuness: Queen Sideron... How fearsome.

Tama-Q: But, this battle is turning our side Mya! Let's wipe them all before 
reinforcement arrives Mya!

Sarutobi: Galden!

Galden: You came at last Ryu-users. I'm tired of waiting you.

Paffy: As I thought you are here!

Adeu: Galden, your sins end here!
I this Sonic Adeu will take back the Pahuricia Castle!

Galden: Hou...? You are Adeu...? You are the one controls Ryu Knight.

Adeu: Right! So what!?  

Galden: Hm, I just want to know who is the person controls Ryu Knight.
The Ryu is real but the one controls it is second-rate. 
That is how your face looks.

Adeu: Why you~!

Izumi: Mu... Before our surprise attack this composure is...!

Idro: We can see through your action through this crystal ball!

Sarutobi: While I can understand that why were you let us go this far!?

Galden: Hm, because I have a question for the princess.

Paffy: Me?

Galden: Princess, the treasure that passed through royal family generation...
The Spirit Stone is surely somewhere around this castle.
Tell me the location.

Paffy: Spirit Stone? What the hell is that?

Idro: Don't play dumb! As a princess you must know it!

Paffy: Izumi, you know it?

Izumi: I also heard about the secret of the royal family of Pahuricia but I
haven't know what Spirit Stone...

Galden: It seems you don't really know...

Paffy: Galden, answer me!
Where is Mama, Papa and Wendy!?

Galden: We send your father and mother to a certain place.
Above all, what the two become after that is beyond my knowledge...
And we already get rid of that Wendy knight...

Paffy: Eh!?

Idro: You idiots knights. You cause us a lot of trouble until the last moment.
Thanks to you even capture the royal people is our hardships.

Paffy: Lie... How could Wendy die...
Lie! Lie! Wendy's death is a lieee!!

Adeu: Paffy, calm down! Paffy!

Galden: The one who can't bear your fiance's death like you is clumsy princess.

Sarutobi: Galden! You are the most evil!

Idro: Don't bark! Shut up your mouth before Galden-sama the future high king!
We plan to get rid of you here mad dogs!
You bastards will become pawns of Galden-sama!

Sarutobi: Th, that is!?

Izumi: This is not good! The wave that responses to will! She attempt to 
control us!

Adeu: Shit! Paffyyyyy!

Paffy: ...

Idro: Fufufufufu. At this rate you'll be my puppets.

???: I'll not permit that!
Spinerrrr! Flaaaash!

Idro: No, my crystal ball!

Watt: Like that you can't use this dangerous technique!

Idro: You bastard, why can you move!? All the people inside the castle are 
surely strike by this technique!

Watt: Sorry then! Your trick won't work on me an Iron Bowler!

Idro: You disgusting bastard...! So you pretend to be controlled!

Galden: Enough. Step back Idro.

Idro: But, Galden-sama...!

Galden: They're aimming for my head right?
Then I'll get rid of the remainings by my own hand.

Idro: If you say that Galden-sama...

Galden: It will be like that, you bastards. The ones outside will also be my
opponent. If you want to settle things, follow me.

Idro: You will see the utmost hell.

Sarutobi: Shit! You bastard Galden!

Watt: Are you alright?

Sarutobi: Yeah. Thank you for saving us.

Izumi: Perhaps you're Amp-dono sister, Watt-dono?

Watt: You know Amp...? 

Sarutobi: Yeah. We are comrades.

Watt: As I thought.
Because I hear gun-shooting outside I thought allies come, so it is you guys.

Izumi: Watt-dono do you know where is the place the citizens were arrested 
inside this castle?

Watt: Don't worry about that. I saved them before I came here.

Sarutobi: Thank you! Then we have to chase Galden at once!

Izumi: Yeah!

Sarutobi: Hey Paffy! Be tough! This is not the case to feel down forever!

Izumi: I agree with Sarutobi! If we can't defeat Galden here we can't repay

Paffy: ...

Watt: She can't do it I afraid... The only way is leave her alone...

Sarutobi: Bastard Galden, could it be he is aiming for this...!

Adeu: You three go first and leave Paffy to me... I'll surely follow after...

Sarutobi: Adeu, what will you do?

Adeu: ...

Izumi: Understood. We entrust the princess to you Adeu.

Sarutobi: Izumi?

Izumi: Sarutobi, the princess won't listen to us now...
Because of that, trust Adeu. We can only sortie with the Ryu...
For taking back the castle, and for beating Galden!

Sarutobi: Understood!

Watt: Then that is the end of the story! Let's go!

Izumi: Yeah!

Ken: Galden!

Hayato: So you appear!

Galden: You fools who oppose me the future high king.
I'll bloodbath you.

Amp: Sister, you're fine!

Watt: Of course! Until I reach the rank of Magnum's group of Iron League I'll
not be done!

Domon: Sarutobi, Izumi, how is the outcome?

Izumi: Thanks to Watt-dono the people of the town were released.

Sarutobi: But all we could do is forcing Galden out as you see!

Kakeru: Don't mind it! That's enough!

Sayaka: I haven't seen Adeu and Paffy. What happen to them?

Sarutobi: Don't worry! Those two will unite with us later! Now we have to beat

Watt: Well then, Amp! Let's show those guys our power!

Amp: Roger, Sister!

Galden: You plan to trick us but it is useless. This place is where you'll die. 
Come, mouses...! I'll have you pay back what you loan at that time...!

*Izumi vs Galden*

Izumi: We will defeat you at any cost and take back the castle!

Galden: Ryu Priest's user, shut up your mouth about things you can't do.

*Sarutobi vs Galden*

Sarutobi: Let's decide Galden! The bitterness of everyone of my village that
you killed! This time I will avenge!

Galden: The always loud-mouth! I'll make you disappear quickly!

*Watt vs Galden*

Galden: A baseball player like you think you can beat me?

Watt: Merely a baseball player or not, I'll check it with this body!

Amp: Let's do it, sister!

*Galden defeated*

Sarutobi: We did it!?

Galden: Shit...! I'll not let you small fishes obstruct my ambition!

Galden: Haaaaaa!!

Izumi: Steru changes its form!?

Galden: Since you bastards already saw this Dark Knight Steru's true form, I'll
not let you come home alive!

Sarutobi: Shut up! The one won't come out of Pahuricia alive is you!

[Sarutobi fights Galden]

Sarutobi: Uwaaaaaa!!

*Pahuricia Castle/Reception Hall*

Adeu: Sarutobi!

Adeu: Paffy, watch carefully. Everyone is fighting with their lives to take 
back Pahuricia from Galden.
I understand your shock but, we have to fight now... At this moment...

Paffy: ...It is too much. I, can't fight...

Adeu: If we stop fighting here more other important people will probably die!
Will you let Galden do as he please for the kingdom that Wendy risked his life
to protect!?

Paffy: But father and mother and Wendy can't protect everyone of the town! What
can I do?
Sarutobi, Izumi and Adeu only fight and fight... You don't understand my 
feeling just because I'm a Ryu-user, Pahuricia's princess...!
I hate! I hate everyone!

Adeu: Paffy!

Paffy: Hate! Hate! I hate everyone!! Leave me alone!
I don't believe in anyone anymore!!

Adeu: Paffy!!

Adeu: Paffy! Don't talk sad thing like that!
Don't talk sad thing like you don't believe in anyone!

Paffy: Adeu...

Adeu: Because I'll protect Paffy... I'll show everyone I'll protect you!

Paffy: Adeu...

Sarutobi: Guaaaaa!

Galden: After all these guys are the same as Adeu, your nature is just a Ryu...
Then, this is your end! Dieeeeee!!

Adeu: Wait, Galden!

[Ryu Knight appears]

Galden: Huh...!?

Galden: At last you appear Adeu. I thought you don't have the nerve but it 
doesn't seem so. 

Adeu: Galden! Not only you capture Pahuricia but you cause that pain to Paffy!
I'll never forgive you!!

Galden: Hm, what is the use of increasing one Ryu now!? 

[Ryu Mage Magidora appears]

Paffy: Shut up, Galden! I'll not let you steal anything from me anymore!

Sarutobi: Can you do it, Paffy!?

Paffy: I'm fine. Because I've many friends...  
I'll show you I can bear that bitterness...!

Izumi: Princess...

Paffy: For Wendy not having an useless death, I'll take back the peacefulness 
of Pahuricia!

Galden: Fool! Then I'll make that wish disappear in eternity!

*Adeu vs Galden*

Galden: My idealism is a noble thing that you bastards can't match! 
It is different from your tiny dream of only rise to the peak of knights!

Adeu: I can't stand the idealism create by stepping over people's agony.
Galden! I'll end your worthless idealism!

*Paffy vs Galden*

Galden: If you loss yourself as that state you won't witness another painful

Paffy: It will not go that way! Adeu and everyone teached me that! Nothing can 
be saved if you stick to sadness! Because of that I'll give everything! For the
dream of Pahuricia of everyone!

*Galden defeated*

Galden: You did well... But...!

[Steru recovers 45000 HP]

Izumi: That bastard Galden uses the healing magic...!

Galden: What's wrong, is this all you can make thus far!?

Sarutobi: Don't joke! The game isn't over yet!

Adeu: Right! We will never loss to you!

Galden: You are insolent bastards that don't know the fear of death!
After all, no matter how much you struggle you can't win!
Taste my manly attack!
Rider's Swooooord!

Jin: Terrific power...!

Domon: Galden possesses this much power...!?

Tama-Q: Is there anyway to destroy Galden's magic power Mya!?

Izumi: Adeu! Princess! It will be dangerous but let's use the final resolution!

Adeu: Eh!?

Paffy: Izumi, what are you planning to do!? 

Izumi: We can only use magic sword against magic sword! Princess, pour Honoon 
on Ryu Knight! Then Adeu will absorb Honoon on his sword and cut Steru! Now 
that is the only way to defeat Galden's magic sword!

Adeu: But can we do it suddenly like this!?

Paffy: Moreover that method needs time! I don't think Galden will miss that 

Sarutobi: It will work out if there are time!? Then, let me hold that guy!

Paffy: Sa, Sarutobi!

Sarutobi: Paffy! Adeu! I'll trust you... Give him one big shot!!

Sarutobi: How is that, Galden!? 
If I cling to you like this you can't use your pride magic sword!

Galden: Fool! You want death that hurry!?

Sarutobi: Shit...!
What's wrong!? Adeu! Paffy! Now! Hurry!!

Adeu: U, understood! Let's go, Paffy!

Paffy: Y, yes!

[Adeu and Paffy attack Galden]

Adeu: How is that, Galden!?

Galden: You became strong...!
But everything won't end here... Remember, it isn't the end yet...
Uuuu... uowaaaaa!!

Hayato: Somehow it is finished.

Sarutobi: You did it, Adeu!

Adeu: Sarutobi, are you alright!?

Sarutobi: Don't worry. It is a light injury.
This time I own you one. Because anyhow you beat my enemy.

Adeu: You don't need to be thankful, Sarutobi. Because thanks to you we win.

Sarutobi: Hehe, cut it out. I feel awkward.
Moreover this time's service prize isn't me but Paffy.

Adeu: Paffy...

Paffy: (Please watch over us Wendy, we will carry your wish...)
(And we will surely obtain peace for Earth Tear for you to see...)

Idro: Galden-sama! Be tough Galden-sama! Don't die here!

Galden: U, uhh...!

Idro: H, how dare you...! How dare you do this to Galden-sama...! Bastards...!
Remember this!!

Izumi: Princess, we searched inside the castle and all the royal capital region
but as I thought the King and the Queen are nowhere to be found...

Paffy: I see...

Sarutobi: As I expected according to Galden's words they're brought somewhere

Milk: Sister. Can you create a machine that can find the King and the Queen?

Cocoa: Don't talk nonsense Milk. An effective thing like that, if we can create
it that simple we don't have to struggle this much~.

Watt: Perhaps...

Amp: You know something sister?

Watt: Yeah. I remember that crone Idro said: ''We have to find before Don 
Harumage get the information of the location of the Spirit Stone from those 

Professor: Is that true, Watt-san!?

Watt: Yeah. They said so at the time we're forced to find the stone.

Paffy: Then, father and mother is...!

Lamuness: They're at the place of Don Harumage!

Tama-Q: It seems the King and the Queen are used as a tool for Don Harumage 

cocoa: That is strange...

Hiroshi: You have something to say Cocoa-san? 

Cocoa: According to Watt-san's story from before, not only Galden but Don
Harumage also searches for the Spirit Stone~.

Sayaka: It may be interpreted in that way.

Bon: What is strange about that?

Cocoa: Yeah, I'm worry about the reason they try to obtain the Spirit Stone, to
the point they corporate with each other...

Jin: Since it seems to be a very valuable treasure, we shall called that: 
''because I simply wanted''?

Shuzo: Or it is a necessary item for Goburiki to revive.

Cocoa: I don't think it is simple as that~.

Adeu: Let's leave thinking about it later! More than anything else we have to
hurry to Don Harumage's place and rescue the Queen and the King!

Kouji: Calm down Adeu.
Even if we want to go to Don Harumage's, we have no idea where he is.

Adeu: Even so, I can't bear sitting still at this place...

???: There is one clue.

Maria: You are...

Blass: Long time no see, everyone. Although it is just a short time from our

Kakeru: Blass-san! Why are you at Pahuricia!?

Blass: After our separation, I was thinking of investigating the treasure the
royal family of Pahuricia pass so I came here.
I thought that treasure might be the Armed Fantoma.

Gorou: Then, Blass-san until now...

Blass: Right, as your imagination in the middle of the search I was arrested by
Galden and held at the underground.

Koji: Moreover from being arrested the treasure you investigate isn't the thing 
you searching for...

Ryouma: Heh, today is not your day, Blass.

Ken: Well, anyhow I'm glad that Blass-san is alright.

Domon: Then, Blass. What is the clue you said?

Blass: It is a place of mid-winter spread to the north of Earth Tear, Colin
People said that at that place which surpass the term of science, laid the gate 
which leads to the legendary kingdom.

Cocoa: That story is also written in the ancient document~.

Adeu: Really, Cocoa?

Cocoa: Yes, in detail at the ancient document...

Cocoa: There I saw it~.
Laid before the gate Annamokonna is the machinery kingdom Eldogear~.

Milk: Machinery kingdom?

Izumi: I heard it...
It is the city of machine which gives birth to the Ryu at Earth Tear...

Adeu: Create Ryu!?

Blass: Right. It seems to be the kingdom which remains the scientific 
civilization of the time the Ryus were created.

Izumi: But I heard that the machine kingdom was ruined from a long long time 

Blass: That is certainly a common opinion. But even there are no people, there
are still possibility that the machines of Eldogear live.

Adeu: I see. We can control Ryus so perhaps we can also use the machine of that

Izumi: We might be able to obtain information of ancient times.

Paffy: We might also know something about the Calamity God Goburiki right...?

Sarutobi: That is if the existence of Eldogear is true... 

Domon: There are no other way. Then , we can only bet on that.

Cocoa: Ah, look at this! It said there is a guardian knight sleeping at the
gate Annamokonna~!

Milk: I wonder if that guardian guard that gate?

Cocoa: Well~, we don't know that~.

Lamuness: Well, either way it is worth try going there.

Milk: Right.

Paffy: Now it is better to act than think. Let's begin to prepare right away.

*If you success in recruiting Amp & Watt*

Watt: Mach Windy, we also go along with you.

Mach Windy: Really!? Amp! Watt!

Amp: Yeah. We even know which way isn't good in the world.

Watt: And... To resolve the situation and bring back light to the world of Iron
Leaguer it is necessary to have the power of Magnum Ace.

Mach Windy: I agree with you two. Because of that, no matter what happen I want
to find him. Lend me your power, Amp, Watt!

Watt: Ok, Mach Windy!

Amp: Let's protect the light of Iron Leaguer!

Blass: By the way Kakeru-kun, since then did you obtain any Armed Fantoma? 

Kakeru: We only obtain one at Black Heian-kyo. The other one is yet to be found

Blass: I see...

Kakeru: Blass-san. I also have one question for you.
Nowaday, Amane's condition isn't good, could it be the reason is... 

Blass: In all probability, it can't be mistaken that is refer to the Armed

Kakeru: As I thought...!

Blass: Did you overuse the Armed Fantoma more than Amane's spirit power can 
We don't have much time to take thing easy.
I can't say the condition by now to him isn't nice.

Kakeru: Shit! We've to find the last one as fast as possible!

Blass: Then I have one suggestion. Let me travel together with you guys.

Kakeru: Is that Ok!?

Blass: Yeah. Because you and I are the objection of Ernst facility. Moreover
we also worry about Amane's condition. 
From now on, working together is convenient in various way.

Kakeru: Thank you Blass-san! That is helpful!

Adeu: Then the goal is decided. As soon as we finish preparing, let's move on!

Paffy: Yeah!

*Youshou Academy/Year 5 Class 3*

Teacher Shinoda: Fuu~... When will those kids come back... The lesson can't
start at all.

Teacher Himeki: Teacher Shinoda, I bring a visitor.

Teacher Nakajima: Good afternoon.

Teacher Yayoi: Sorry for inconvenient.

Teacher Nakajima: I'm Nakajima incharge of Shunpuu Elementary School Class 2 
Year 6. 

Teacher Yayoi: I'm Yayoi incharge of Shunpuu Elementary School Class 3 Year 6.

Teacher Shinoda: Ah, you are people of Gosauer and Ken-kun!

Teacher Nakajima: Yes. Thank you to the Earth Defense Class for always taking
care of my students...

Teacher Shinoda: No no. The one saying that must be me.
By the way, why are Teacher Nakajima and Teacher Yayoi here for today?

Teacher Nakajima: The truth is the Sauers suddenly disappear...

Teacher Yayoi: Ken's group of my class also.

Teacher Nakajima: Do you know anything?

Teacher Shinoda: Gosauer also? The truth is my Earth Defense Class also 

Teacher Nakajima: Is that so...

Teacher Yayoi: I wonder where do they go?

Teacher Shinoda: Great Mazinger and the Defense troop somehow is holding the
Jaaku Empire and the Mechanization Empire but...

Teacher Nakajima: Yeah... At this rate sooner or later the Earth will...

Teacher Himeki: Everyone please be tough.
If we teachers feel down like this those kids will laugh at us when they 

Teacher Yayoi: Fufu, yeah.

Teacher Nakajima: Those kids we know are trying with courage I think.

Teacher Shinoda: I also think like that. We will wait and believe in their 

Teacher Nakajima: Everyone, please be fine!

Teacher Shinoda: We teachers will wait for your return eternally!

*Arara Kingdom/Frontier Town*

Katze: Phew~. This time I'm not gathering much~.
It is painful to let that penguin escape at the Dwaf cave~.
That golden egg if I can obtain is a very valuable profit...!
Eh? Who are those guys...?

Boncho: Well, that is the compromise restaurant.

Ribaris: Yeah.

Katze: That guy, probably is...
Oh yeah that guy is Ribaris from the Ernst facility...! 
What is he doing at this place?
Somewhat I can smell money making~.

*Frontier Town/Restaurant*

Katze: (Well... I have to arrange a meeting...)

Boncho: Isaac-san, I bring you a new customer.

Isaac: Thank you for your hard work Boncho.

Ribaris: You are the famous bounty hunting recently...?

Bowei: Right, if you call we immediately arrive!

Kid: That's us the Cosmo Ranger J9.

Ribaris: I'm Ribaris Muirab, the leader of Ernst facility troop.

Isaac: I'm Isaac Khodorov, the leader of J9.

Ribaris: Let's quickly move to work. 
Is the asking price like this is enough?

Omachi: Isaac, it is long we've seen a good customer like this.

Isaac: We don't always work for money. First we want to hear your story.

Ribaris: Good. I don't expect the rumor J9 to anticipate while the detail
story isn't finished.
The job I offer to you guys is take back the machine and the ship from a war
The target is the black giant Schicksal and the ark Ionia...
I want you to try to obtain it without harm but it is Ok if it is not.

Bowei: Schicksal and Ionia right?

Kid: It doesn't look like we can steal easily.

Ribaris: It is a very dangerous job so I need your hand J9.

Kid: What will we do Isaac?

Isaac: Ribaris-san. Sorry but we need time to think.

Ribaris: It is Ok. But I don't have much time.
If we can do a promise, come to this place. Join directly with our operation.

Isaac: Roger.

Ribaris: I'm waiting for your reply.

Katze: Hihihi... I heard an interesting story!
Then, I wonder how much I sale this information to the Ionia's crew.


Kenichi: Uhh~, cold...
It can't becoming more cold than this.

Milk: That is so. This is already the center of Colin Land.

Hiroshi: Because of that it is too cold.

Izumi: Colin Land is an intense cold place that almost covered by frozen 
When it comes to winter it is a harsh place where blitzard blows violently 

Shinobu: We've came to an unexpected place...

Yui: I wonder if it is bad to have Ganbar Team do a scout.

Hayato: But the field of vision is this bad and moreover the radar can't detect
the object so even if we go out it is worthless.

Cocoa: We can only rely on Blue Ganbar in order to find the Annamonkonna gate
as fast as possible~.

Lamuness: I wish the Ganbar team return safely.

Kouji: I understand your anxiety for Ganbar Team but it is time for children to
go to sleep.

Kakeru: Leave the later to us and you elementary school students go to sleep!

Maria: Then we will listen to Kouji-san's words.

Ely: Right. Staying up late is the natural enemy of beauty.

Jin: I, because above all it is cold I'll wear the pilot suit to go the sleep.

Benkei: Don't wet your pant just because it is cold.

Ken: Of course I don't wet my pant since I'm not a kindergartener!

Kouji: That fellow Ken is angry.

Saeko: But I'm very worry about the Ganbar Team, since they didn't return this

Ryouma: Those guys survived the nature of battle. I think there's no need to 
fucking worry to that extent.

Domon: The snowstorm becomes more severe. I wish they don't loss sight of 

Mach Windy: I also want to scout but I afraid my hypernitro runs out in the

Hayato: Amane, still there are no connection from the Ganbar Team?

Amane: Not yet by now.

Amane: Ah, wait! We got contact from Ganbar Team! It seems they'll return to 
Ionia soon!

Kakeru: Phew... Those guys are fine...

Yellow Ganbar: Phewww~, this is an awful day~! The snowstorm suddenly becomes

Red Ganbar: I thought it is almost a disaster...

Amane: Thank you for your hard work, the 3 of you.

Cocoa: Did you found the thing like a gate~?

Blue Ganbar: I don't know if there is a Annamonkonna gate or not but, the
western place from here laid a statue of a face of a giant beast.
Because the field of vision is bad, that's all we can find.

Cocoa: I'm anxious what is the statue of a face of a beast at this 

Hayato: It seems it is worth going there and see.

Kouji: But, it is already late today so let's moor the Ionia here.

Saeko: Right. Let's move when the night is over.

Ryouma: Moveover don't you think the enemy come and attack because the blizzard
is so strong?

Benkei: I sure hope so.

Red Ganbar: Then our job is done. We leave the later to you.

Kakeru: Yeah, leave it to us.

Yellow Ganbar: Good night!

Yellow Ganbar: But it is awfully cold... Even we wear Ganbar suit it is still

Red Ganbar: It is trouble if we catch a cold, let's go to sleep soon. 

Blue Ganbar: I'll investigate the Commander a bit more before sleeping.

Red Ganbar: You investigate the robot called Revolger appeared on the Commander
after we went to Colin Land?

Blue Ganbar: Yeah. The same as the new robot that Sauers have, it is no 
mistaken that we also have a new robot.

Red Ganbar: That is nice.

Yellow Ganbar: Phew... phew...

Red Ganbar: Eh? What's wrong with you Yellow?

Yellow: Bueeeekkushon!

Blue Ganbar: Uwa, that is a terrible sneeze!

Red Ganbar: Hey hey. The visor is dirty. Dirty...

Yellow Ganbar: Oh man, really.

Kotarou: Good grief, why this time I...

Blue Ganbar: W, wait, Yellow! If you pull out the helmet at a place like 

Kotarou: Buekkushooooon!

Red Ganbar: Uwa!

Blue Ganbar: Ew, even our helmets is dirty~.

Rikiya: Good grief, how could you sneeze at our direction!

Yousuke: Damn~. Your saliva is dropping...

Kotarou: Sorry sorry. I can't bear it.
But, during such cold, after the scouting the body also becomes chill.

Lamuness: ...

Rikiya: Dowaaaaaa!!

Lamuness: Ehhh... That is...?
Kotarou and Rikiya, moreover Yousuke?
Why are you in the uniform of Ganbar Team? 

Kotarou: Geeeeeee!!

Kotarou: Wan!?

Rikiya: Wan!?

Yousuke: Wan!?

Lamuness: Eh, you turn into dogs... Why is dog, not Kotarou's group...?
Phew~w... I'll go to the toilet before go back to bed...

Rikiya: Ah...ah...ah....ah.

Yousuke: I, iii...

Kotarou: We're doggggggggs!!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Ken: Good morning, everyone!

Sayaka: Good morning, Ken-kun. Today seems to be another cold day.

Mach Windy: Ganbar Team seem didn't wake up yet.

Milk: It is strange that Red Ganbar, Blue Ganbar and the gluttonous Yellow 
Ganbar didn't come...

Tama-Q: I think I would rather hear it from someone else but Milk Mya...

Lamuness: (Yeah... I had a dream Kotarou's group wearing Ganbar suit last night
but...) (Surely, I was half asleep...)

*Ionia/Ganbar Team Room*

Rikiya: Uh~, I'm hungry...

Yousuke: But we can't go to face everyone with this shape. Now we can only sit
around here...
Kotarou: Well, I'll go to take the food whenever there is a chance.

Yousuke: Kotarou-kun. Now is not the time to do that.

Kotarou: But, isn't it can't be helped because we already turned into dogs?

Rikiya: It can't be helped!? It can't be helped because we turned into dogs!?
You can't grasp a bat being a dog. In the world of dog there is no pro baseball 

Kotarou: Isn't that obvious?

Rikiya: Kotaroooou!!

Yousuke: Hey Hey Rikiya-kun. Calm down and let's think what to do from now on.

Kotarou: Yeah yeah! Because we turned into dogs there no need to always keep
From now we're carefree! Carefree!

Rikiya: Uhh... My dream... The dream of becoming a pro baseball player!!

Stage 15: Appear! Revolger!

Sarutobi: It is still cold but nonetheless better than yesterday.

Adeu: Which reminds me of such cold day in my hometown Bifrost...

Paffy: Well, so Adeu's birthplace is Bifrost?

Izumi: You come travelling from a far land. Your parents are kind to let you 
travel alone.

Adeu: Yeah. He said that ''You've to become stronger than anyone'' and happily 
send me off.

Paffy: A comprehensive dad right?

Adeu: But that man isn't my real father.

Paffy: Really...?

Adeu: But I don't mind that! Even we don't share the same blood I consider him
as my dad!

Paffy: Haha. That is true.

Amane: Everyone be careful! Something is approaching!

Adeu: That is Derringer!

Katze: I found you, Ionia! It is true that you're aiming for Colin Land!

Sarutobi: Katze, why are you here?

Katze: To answer that I want something in return.

Adeu: Huh?

Katze: Fee for information! Fee for information! 
It is the reason for express in the middle of snowstorm! 
If you don't give me a gift I won't spit it out.

Milk: Cut that salemanship out!

Katze: That is not a salemanship. I came here because I have to important 
information for you guys.

Blass: That is perhaps the information we're being targeted by someone?

Katze: Eh? How did you know that?

Blass: Because look. They are coming there.

Ribaris: Phew, like Kyaos-sama said! As expected they are here!
By the pride of Ernst facility today I'll take the Armed Fantoma!
All members, rousing!

Kakeru: That sweltering until useless...! Ribaris!

Blass: Somehow it isn't smooth right?

Ryouma: Then we'll beat the hell out of them!

Hayato: All machines are in emergency of preparing departure!

Lamuness: We have to go to Annamonkonna gate at any cost! We can't permit

Katze: Hey, I've to hide. Try your best~.

Adeu: Wait, Katze! You also have to fight with us! 

Katze: Why!? 
The Ernst facility is my customer! I can't make enemy with them!

Ribaris: Stop those guys! Add total shooting!

Ernst Soldier: Roger! Fire missles!

Katze: Hieeeee! Wait!

Sarutobi: Too bad, it is late. It seems you're also considered as our ally.

Izumi: Accept and lend us your power.

Katze: Why things are like this...! This is loss-making!

Tama-Q: You pay for your mistake Mya.

*4 enemies remain*

Ribaris: Those bastards, their fighting ability has raised from before...!
If that's the case it can't be helped! Deploy the ''things'' from before!

Ernst Soldier: Yes!

Blass: As I thought they appear...!

Domon: We can only beat those guys in full power so that they can't use DG Cell

Mach Windy: Yeah! Let's do it, Domon!

Gold Arm: This is fun you people. Let's us join.

Mach Windy: The Three Gold Brothers!

Ribaris: You are in time.

Gold Foot: Ribaris-san! If we beat Windy, you will tell us the true location of

Ribaris: Of course. I don't want to boast but I don't teach lie.

Gold Mask: Brother! Let's defeat him quickly before the battle turns into a

Bowei: Too bad but it seems we are a bit late!

Ryouma: Hey, you!

Benkei: Are you Braiger!? You guys are alive!

Ribaris: Hey, J9! Are you come here to help us!?

Kid: Right. But...

Kid: Only for Ionia.

Ribaris: What does that mean!?

Bowei: The reason is simple and clear. It is because we are on Ionia's side.

Omachi: It is your stupidity to not investigate our background and came to
request the job.

Ribaris: Why you~!

Kid: For that reason, everyone of Ionia. Let us help you from now on.

Maria: Understood! We rely on you!

Isaac: Then gentlemen! To make up for late union, let be tough!

Omachi: Ok!

*Ribaris vs J9*

Ribaris: I will never forgive those who fooling me!!

Omachi: That is disreputable. You can't say we tricked you since the contract 
isn't signed yet.

Bowei: You even have to hire someone like us because of such condition?

Ribaris: Shit, you stab into my bitterness!

Kid: The stab begins from now!

Isaac: Prepare yourself!

*Kakeru vs Ribaris*

Kakeru: Ribaris! Even if it is a mission, I admire your enthusiastic for 
chasing us to even this place!

Ribaris: For finishing this mission no matter if I'm in fire, if I'm in water, 
I'll chase you anywhere!

Kakeru: I see! Then, for not chasing the second time, I'll turn you into ice

*Amane vs Ribaris*

Amane: I think you are dirty for doing this everytime, everytime!

Ribaris: All is for the thing Lady Kyaos wanted! 
For not losing hope anymore, I'll not hesitate to use any method!

*Katze vs Ernst Soldier*

Katze: Here is one: I blame you guys come attack first... pardon me!

*Watt or Amp vs 3 Gold Brother*

Watt: Let's do it, Amp! Show those 3 brothers the result we get from training!

Amp: Understood, Sister! We will release their heart from being seize by power!

*Mach Windy vs Gold Arm*

Mach Windy: Gold Arm! What is the point of making yourself dirty by obtaining

Gold Arm: There is a point, Mach Windy! Because that is the power I need for 
defeat only you!

*Mach Windy vs Gold Mask*

Mach Windy: Mask! Is your Leaguer Spirit already surrender to DG Cell!?

Gold Mask: What the hell is Leaguer Spirit!? I only have one desire! That is
defeat you and Magnum!

*Mach Windy vs Gold Foot*

Gold Foot: Windy! If you don't want to be scattered to pieces you better obey

Windy: Never! Until I stop you guys I will never withdraw!

*7 enemies remain*

Yaminorius: Fuhahahahahaha!! You can't escape, Ionia!

Yousuke: Yaminorius!

Kotarou: What a diligent guy for chasing us until this cold place!

Rikiya: Shit! Because of that bastard's spell we are dogs...!

Yaminorius: Ehh? I didn't see the Ganbar Team?
Then good! I'll drive them out deliberately!

*Ionia/Ganbar Team Room*

Yousuke: Not good! With this much enemies!

Rikiya: If things are like this we could only appear!

Kotarou: But how can we fight!? We already turned into dogs!

Rikiya: That might be the case but we can't sit quietly like this!

Kotarou: What's that?

Yousuke: What's wrong Kotarou-kun?

Kotarou: Hey, look! A map appears on the commander!

Yousuke: That looks like the map of this area...

Rikiya: What is that point shining!  
I can see it teaches something.

Yousuke: Maybe that is the place of Revolger!?

Rikiya: Then, let's go quickly to take it!

Yousuke: But it is dangerous to run around at place where allies and enemies
are mixing like this!

Kotarou: Very well... Let's tell everyone the truth and join them!

Rikiya: Right! It is no use regreting become a dog forever, let's do that!

Kotarou: Hey, Amane! This is Yellow Ganbar! Look at our room through the 

Amane: Eh? Is it Ok?

Kotarou: It is fine! Quick!!

Amane: O, Ok...

Lamuness: What is wrong with you Amane!?

Amane: There are dogs inside Ganbar Team's room!

Maria: Really!? Amane-kun, show the image of the room to everyone!

Amane: Understood!

Love: Lie! There are really dogs!?

Tsutome: Where did you slip into?

Ely: Where did the Ganbar Team go?

Kotarou: We are Ganbar Team!

Jin: The dog talks!? What the hell is this!?

Rikiya: We are being cursed with Yaminorius's spell that if we reveal our 
identity we will turn into dogs!

Yousuke: From yesterday we carelessly revealed ourselves. Therefore we turned
into dogs.

Kakeru: That is why the Ganbar Team hide their true identity!?

Shinobu: Then who on Earth are you?

Kotarou: I'm Aozora elementary school student Kotarou Kirigakure class 1 year 
4 Yellow Ganbar!

Yousuke: I'm Blue Ganbar Yousuke Kazamatsuri.

Lamuness: Kotarou and Yousuke! You guys are Ganbar Team!?

Amane: Then, the last person is probably...

Rikiya: I'm Rikiya Ryuzaki! I'm the Red Ganbar!

Lamuness: Are you serious!? Then what I saw last night wasn't a dream!

Kotarou: ... Thanks to you we are like this. 
Top of all take a look at that! Overthere is a lump of snow!

Kotarou: I'm sure there is a new Ganbar robo there!

Yousuke: From now we'll go there!

Rikiya: Sorry but everyone please hold them until we obtained the new robo!

Kouji: Understood! Trust us!

*Next turn*

Yousuke: You two hang in there! We're almost there!

Rikiya: Yeah! We must obtain Revolger as soon as possible!

Kotarou: But, even though we turn into dog, it is very bitter to run above the
If we don't invoke the new robo quickly our feet will frozen!

Rikiya: It is fine! Now we run and aim for that lump of snow!

Kotarou: Hey hey.

*Gold Mask is defeated*

Gold Mask: Damn! Next time the Gold Brothers will not lose...!

*Gold Foot is defeated*

Gold Foot: Damn! How clumsy am I doing this match!

*Gold Arm is defeated*

Gold Arm: I'm done!? I'll pile up more training for the next match!

*Next turn*

Kotarou: Well! We arrived!!

Rikiya: Yousuke! Call out the Revolger with the Commander!

Yousuke: Understood!

Rikiya: What's wrong Yousuke!?

Yousuke: I can't press the Commander's key easily...

Kotarou: Well, because we're dogs...

Rikiya: Shitttt! Damn this troublesome curse!

Tama-Q: Curse... curse...
Right Mya! Lamuness, try to use Seinto Bomu on Kotarou's group Mya!

Lamuness: Ehh!? Isn't Seinto Bomu suppose to use to release the guardian knight
from the curse!?

Tama-Q: Seinto Bomu is a holy light that call back the original form Mya!
If it can solve Don Harumage's curse then it can surely release Kotarou group's
curse Mya!

Lamuness: That is unreasonable!

Tama-Q: It is fine to do Mya! We don't have time to lose Mya!

Lamuness: Ok, though I don't know what will come!

Lamuness: Uooooh! Hot-blooded!! Seinto Boooooomu!!

Rikiya: Th, that?

Yousuke: We're back to human...! That means the curse is erased!

Kotarou: Yahoo! At this point we don't need to hide ourselves!

Lamuness: Hohe~. It seems succeed.

Tama-Q: It is easier to do something than worry about it Mya.

Rikiya: Yousuke! Now!

Yousuke: Ok!

Yaminorisu: What is that!?

Kotarou: Perhaps that is...!

Rikiya: Revolger!?

Yousuke: As I thought, there is a new robot here!

Kotarou: Hurray! Anyhow, first let's tranform!

Yousuke: Yeah! 

Rikiya: Yeah!

Yellow Ganbar: How do we make it move?

Blue Ganbar: I wonder if it is like Ganbaruger where 3 persons ride?

Red Ganbar: That is... My Ganbar Brace is shining!

Red Ganbar: Uwaaaa!!

Blue Ganbar: Ahh! Rikiya-kun disappear!

Yellow Ganbar: Where did he go!?

Rikiya: Hey, I'm here!

Rikiya: I'm inside Revolger you two! Somehow I'm a pilot!

Blue Ganbar: Right!

Rikiya: Get in the palm of Revolger! We'll return to Ionia and call out 

Yellow Ganbar: Understood!

Kotarou: Well, let's call out Ganbaruger!

Yousuke: Sorry for keeping you waiting everyone! We'll join the battle from
now on!

Amane: Kotarou-kun's group, can you fight!? You're probably tired from finding
new robo so it is better to rest this time...

Kotarou: Don't worry, Amane! The secret hero will not rest by such reason!

Milk: But it isn't a secret anymore right?

Rikiya: The game truly begins from now! I'll show you all of Revolger's power!

*All Hellbeast is defeated*

Yaminorius: Shit, not only they defeated the Hellbeasts, they also obtained a
new robot!

Kotarou: Too bad, Yaminorius! No matter what evil you do, justice will surely

Yaminorius: Disgusting bastards! Next time I'll surely beat you with my own 

*Ribaris defeated*

Ribaris: Shit, you're good! But...!

Ribaris: Let's this Deba Jino be your opponent next!

Ernst Soldier: Then, let's us standby behind.

Ribaris: Yeah! Wait for good news!!

*Deba Jino defeated*

Ribaris: Shit! Deba Jino's modification is not enough...!
Just wait... I'll bring reinforcement!

*Battle ends*

Hayato: Somehow we cleared things.

Katze: Seem so.

Ribaris: Don't you think it is ended!

Kakeru: That guy... He come again.

Ribaris: I'll never return shamefully like this...!
If that's the case, fully deploy the remaining force! We'll clear things in one
Every member! Teach them the power of Ernst facility! 

Kakeru: You still have that much troops left!?

Jin: They appear in swarms!

Omachi: If they all come at once we will probably be in trouble.

Rikiya: Yousuke, is there anything that can be done about it?

Yousuke: Wait a bit!

Yousuke: I see! Understood!
Rikiya-kun, the Revolger is equipped with a weapon! That is called Revolbuster!

Rikiya: Revolbuster!?
Well then! Let's do it the 2 of you!

Kotarou: Yeah!

[Ganbaruger attacks Ernst's troop]

Kotarou: Wow! What power!!

Ribaris: You bastards... How dare you possess that kind of machine...!
Let's retreat!

Kouji: It seems we did it.

Cocoa: This time not only Ernst facility but the Gold Brothers and Hellbeasts.
We're in big trouble~.

Rikiya: But, no matter who they are we can't lose!
When this Revolger is here!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kotarou: Yahoooo! The curse disappeared!

Rikiya: Now we don't need to hide anymore. We can discuss with everyone about

Yousuke: That is the biggest thing.

Kotarou: All thanks to you Lamuness!

Rikiya: If you weren't there I couldn't obtain Revolger!

Lamuness: You also help us finding the guardian knights! We're mutual!

Tama-Q: But be on your guard Mya. 
Persistency Seinto Bomu is light that erase the curse of guardian knight Mya.
Probably it can only release you from the curse for temporary, not forever Mya.

Professor: Then, if the power of Demon World is strong the curse will come back

Tama-Q: That is 100% can happen Mya.

Yousuke: It, it can't be... We thought that the curse is erased...

Kotarou: There is no need to be afraid! We'll escape it if we beat that 

Rikiya: I agree with Kotarou! Yousuke, it is no use with that softness always!

Jin: We will aid you 3 for completely erase that spell so cheer up.

Yousuke: Y, yeah.

Kotarou: Well then! The first thing for us who completely revived from the 
spell to do is...!

Yui: To do what?

Kotarou: It has to be eating the breakfast that we miss when we're dogs! I'm
very hungry, hungry already!

Ely: I can't believe Yellow Ganbar's true identity is elementary school pupil 
and has such light-hearted character...

Boss: If Ganbar's fans know that they'll probably shock...

Sayaka: Somehow they came to a conclusion.

Katze: Then please forgive my rudeness. I have a stocking next.

Izumi: Don't say those words Katze. Can you also come together with us?

Katze: Why I've to go with you?

Paffy: Don't say no. How about try listen to the story.

Katze: What? But that is shady...
Well, Ok. I'll hear just in case.


Katze: H~m. The revival of Calamity God Goburiki and rescue Pahuricia's king 
and queen~. I heard enough.

Paffy: Thanks for hearing. Will you fight together with us?

Katze: I reject. It is not worth my effort...

Paffy: Katze-san...

Adeu: There is one big rule of Chilvary! 
A knight must correct the chaotic world!
Paffy's parent were captured by bad guys! 
As a person you don't think of aiding!?

Katze: I'm business woman! Why I've to risk my life for the strangers!?

Kouji: If Goburiki revive you can't even do business trading.

Katze: Because of that you guys are trying to beat him? Then is it really good?
Moveover ain't various organizations gang up on you?
If I act together with guys like that how many lives will be sufficient?
For not making unnecessary misunderstandings, from now on I can't help you at

Adeu: You bastard!

Blass: Too bad but Katze. It is not the way you think.

Katze: Why?

Blass: The Ernst facility surely already marked you for fighting at our side.
From now on if you were found by an organization you will receive 

Katze: If that is true, I'll just talk.

Blass: Not that easy. I well know that from my experience.

Katze: W... What's that? You imagine a fearful scenary...

Blass: No matter where you hide, isn't trading is impossible?

Paffy: Nonetheless it is safe to be at our side.

Sarutobi: Then, until this war is over, lend us your hand.

Katze: Why the heck it is like this...


Ryouma: J9, just as I thought you guys also came to this world.

Isaac: It takes time to collect information so we ended up late with you.
We know that the Ernst facility were against Ionia so we gathered information

Bowei: Even we don't make a move, we thought that anyhow Ernst will guide us to

Omachi: Well, because we're a bit trouble with the travel expenses we pretend 
something as bounty hunter.

Mai: H~m, I see.

Kid: By the way Kakeru, the Ernst facility seems desperately want your 

Isaac: We were offered attacking Schicksal and Ionia by that man Ribaris.

Omachi: At the end we neglect that request but he seems prepare an 
extraordinary reward for that.

Kakeru: ...

Isaac: There seem to be a very deep fate...

Kakeru: I won't hand over Schicksal no matter what reason those Ernst people
I'll find the remaining Armed Fantoma and rescue Amane out of Ionia!
If I can't do that... Amane will... Amane will die.

Yui: Amane... dies...?

Mai: Why!?

Kakeru: I heard it from Blass-san... Ionia begins to absorb his life...

Saeko: It can't be... Ionia takes Amane's life...?

Maria: That's why when the condition of Ionia is bad, Amane is also in pain... 

Ely: We didn't know that and forced Amane overdoing...

Kakeru: I'm sorry for keeping silent. I don't want everyone to be anxious 
because of the problem of my brother and I at this dangerous time...

Benkei: Now, what are you saying. We're comrades riding the same ship, even it
float even it sink we share lot with other!

Mach Windy: Right, Kakeru! We're a team!

Ken: Everyone let's unite from now on and find the Armed Fantoma!

Jin: Ok!

Kakeru: Thank you everyone...

Asuka: Don't make that gloomy face. Be live-lover Kakeru-san!

Kakeru: Right! Let's be live-lover!
Everyone! From now on also please take care of us!

*Hoyhoy Castle*

Don Harumage: Gokiburiburi, Gobuuriki! Gokiburiburi, Goburikiii!

Don Harumage: Fufufu. At this point Queen Sideron's good heart is completely

Da Cider: Really Don Harumage-sama!?

Don Harumage: Yeah! From now on it'll not reject you Da Cider.

Da Cider: Then this time I'll show you their defeat!

Hebimetako: Yeah yeah! Let's do it!

Don Harumage: Listen, the 3 of you! Calamity God Goburiki will soon revive! 
Until then no matter the cost defeat Lamuness and his comrades!

Idro: Don Harumage-sama. Those guys now seem heading toward Annamonkonna gate.

Don Harumage: Is that true!?

Idro: My crystal ball don't tell lie...

Don Harumage: That's bad... bad... If they pass through that gate...

Da Cider: E, er... Don Harumage-sama? What on Earth is ahead of Annamonkonna 

Don Harumage: It is not necessary for you to know!
Good Da Cider and Lesqua!? Don't let Lamuness group pass through the 
Annamonkonna gate!
I don't care what method you use! You have to stop them!

Idro: Don Harumage-sama. Leave them to this Idro. I have a good plan. 

Don Harumage: Then you better head to the gate together with Da Cider!
Take it seriously! If you fail this mission I'll take your life make up for it!

Da Cider: Yes!

Don Harumage: Shit, as this rate...!
Those guys... Only those guys I must not let them know the truth!

*Drago Empire/Temple*

Zara: You people. When will you send Liger to hell!?

Doll Geist: Zara-sama's anger is natural... But their strength is formidable 
and they came here with even more comrades...

Zara: It is useless to complain! I only want information of eliminating the 
ones obstruct the revival of Drago-sama!

Ryu Dolk: For that reason, it is necessary to have power that overwhelm them.

Doll Satan: That power, I afraid at the moment...

???: About that matter, I happening to know abit.

Doll Satan: You're...!

Abe Seimei: Long time no see, Zara-sama.

Zara: Oh, Seimei! I thought you're beaten by Liger's group but it comes out
you're alive!

Abe Seimei: That is not a strange thing...
My soul is immortal... Until I revenge those guys I'll never let myself 

Sara: Fufufu, I see...
Btw, what did you happening to know?

Abe Seimei: It is told at Earth Tear there is a legend of a huge sword which 
hides the power of evil god...
The name of that sword the ''The Fang of Destruction''!

Ryu Dolk: Fang of Destruction...!

Abe Seimei: Yeah.
It is located at the freeze land of Earth Tear. 

Zara: Fufufu... I see. I can't believe it is at the different world...

Doll Satan: Zara-sama. What kind of sword is that Fang of Destruction?
Zara: It is said that the one obtains that sword can tear the ground, burn the
sky, and boil the ocean...
If we can obtain that perfect power, our Drago Empire will be invincible!

Doll Geist: Zara-sama, let this Doll Geist carry this mission!

Zara: No, the one doing it is Ryu Dolk.

Doll Geist: W, why!?

Zara: The Fang of Destruction is more than you can handle!

Doll Geist: Damn...!

Zara: Ryu Dolk, go at once!

Ryu Dolk: Yes, this Ryu Dolk will surely obtain the Fang of Destruction. 

Doll Geist: ...

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Amane: Everyone, just a bit more we'll arrive at the statue Kotarou-kun's
group discovered.

Domon: At last we made it here.

Kenichi: I want to pass through a cold place like this and go to a warm place.

Professor: Also aside from that reason, I want to know what is the relationship
of the statue with the Annamonkonna Gate.

Lamuness: Cocoa, a guardian knight is sealed at Annamonkonna Gate right?

Cocoa: Yes~. That is exactly what was written in the ancient document~. 

Tama-Q: The power of the guardian knights is absolutely necessary to prevent
the recarnation of Goburiki Mya!
Lamuness, this is crunch time Mya!

Lamuness: Understood! I'm now make up my mind with hot-blooded!
Ah, but it is a bit cold so would you mind turning on the air-conditioner?

Milk: Damn, Lamuness! Isn't your blood is boiling!?

Lamuness: Even I said that, cold like this...

Blass: Which reminds me, aside from the legend of a guardian knight there is
another legend.

Kirara: Legend?

Blass: At Annamonkonna Gate there is a huge sword called ''Fang of 
Destruction'' sealed by a good God.

Mai: Good God... Could it be Argama sealed that huge sword?

Saeko: That might be a possibility.

Dango: Then together with unseal the last guardian knight let's power-up by
obtaining that Fang of Destruction!

Blass: I hear that Fang of Destruction hides the power that can destroy the
whole world so you must be careful when obtaining it.

Ken: Don't worry, Blass-san!
We don't know what kind of thing is the Fang of Destruction but we'll surely
obtain it!

Stage 16: The great decisive battle at the intense cold!!

Da Cider: Uuu... Cold! Cold!

Hebimetako: I can't bear this cold...!

Lesqua: At this rate we'll turn into ice before Lamuness come...

Da Cider: Understood! Lamuness intend to come late so we become soul of 
freezing death!
Shit! What coward guys!

Sharu: Hey, you guys! Be quiet! It is no use talking loud!

Da Cider: What did you say?

Lesqua: If it is cold like this, I can't stand if I can't spit a complaint!

Sharu: You people are loud-mouth like this from the time you're child?

Da Cider: The time you're child? Well... From the past I...

Lesqua: Da Cider, perhaps you can't remember your childhood?

Da Cider: I don't know! I don't have childhood!
Lesqua, how about you? Are you a woman obsessed with sex from the past!?

Lesqua: What are you saying!? I don't look like that...!

Da Cider: What's wrong? It is what even if I see it in this way?

Lesqua: ...Which reminds me I can't remember my childhood either...

Sharu: What are you two saying...? You guys look a bit strange.

Idro: Let's stop the story here, you people. They already came.

Milk: Look Lamuness! Queen Sideron is here!

Lamuness: That Da Cider try to perform an ambush!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness, anyhow we must sortie and awake the guardian knight Mya!

Lamuness: Understood!

Da Cider: At last you appear Lamuness!

Hebimetako: We almost turn into icecube waiting for you Jan!

Lamuness: That's why waiting is too much for you...

Da Cider: Shut up! 
We receive command from Don Harumage-sama don't let you pass through 
Annamonkonna Gate at any cost!

Milk: Annamonkonna Gate!? Then that is the Annamonkonna Gate right!?

Kukko: They teach us the thing we're finding.

Asuka: This time we've to thank Da Cider.

Lamuness: Well! We must revive the guardian knight here no matter what!

Blass: ...! That is...!

Blass: Merveille! Why is Sharu here!?

Kakeru: What wrong with you Blass-san? You know that doughnut girl?

Blass: The doughnut girl you're talking is my small sister Sharu...

Kakeru: What did you say!?

Blass: But, why is Sharu together with Don Harumage's subordinates...

Idro: Long time no see, Blass.

Blass: You're Idro!

Adeu: That is the scone who uses magic that joins Don Harumage!?

Blass: I see.. So it is like that... That woman makes Sharu...

Amane: You understand something, Blass-san?

Blass: Sharu is under the spell which control mind. That's why she follow them.

Kakeru: Mind control!? That girl being control by that old woman!?

Blass: Yeah. Am I correct, Idro?

Idro: You're right, Blass. As I expected the man used to be Kyaos's right arm.

Kakeru: Blass-san, how do we rescue doughnut-girl... no, Sharu? 

Jin: Rescue her? Are you serious?
Wasn't she caused us a lot of trouble so far?

Ken: As I expected you've fall in love with her Kakeru.

Kakeru: That.is.why, I say it is not like that!
When I hear that is Blass-san's sister, I must rescue her.
Moreover, her action is positive.

Amane: How?

Kakeru: She try to steal the Armed Fantoma from us but, because she knew that
is a dangerous force.
The same with Blass-san, isn't she try not to let the Ernst facility uses the
Armed Fantoma?

Amane: Perhaps you're right. Although the manner is a bit awkward.

Blass: I see... That is because Sharu try to perform my request with faith.
But, for that reason she brings you trouble...

Kakeru: Blass-san doesn't need to worry about that. On the top of that, please
teach us the way to bring her back to her old-self.
Appear, Schicksal!

Blass: Kakeru-kun. For weaken the mind-control on Sharu, you have to repel Idro
from that place.

Kakeru: Understood! In short I must keep her away the charm of that crone.

Idro: It will not be that easy.

Idro: Keeeeeei!!

Lamuness: Damn, a wall of ice!?

Milk: Like this we can't go to the Annamonkonna Gate!

Hayato: The job will be done if we destroy those icebergs.

Idro: Hihihi. You can't say simply destroy those walls.

Izumi: Then, those ice is...!

Idro: As you guess, those walls of ice are magic ice that can not be melt. With
the power you possess now you can't destroy it. 

Lamuness: Shit, then what will we do!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness, if we can revive the guardian knight there must be some way 

Lamuness: Really, Tama-Q!?

Tama-Q: Trust me Mya!

Lamuness: Understood! I'll try betting on that!
Cocoa! How can we revive the guardian knight?

Cocoa: Well~. I think I can see the 2 pillars~.
Please destroy those 2 ice pillars at the same time~.
If we can't do that because of the effect that the balance of seal collapses 
the guardian knight will not awake for his life~!

Lamuness: Understood! Everyone, please join force with us!

Kotarou: Trust us, Lamuness!

*3 enemies shot down*

Doll Geist: Somehow I outwitted Ryu Dolk.
Go my servants! Obtain the Fang of Destruction for me!

Ken: Ain't that the guys from Drago Empire!? Why they are here!?

Boss: After all it is the reason like always: dedicate our sadness to Drago!

Sarutobi: I don't think they come to this place only for that.

Saeko: Everyone let's postpone the inquiry! The priority now is focus on 

Ken: Yeah, understood!

*One pillar is destroyed*

Lamuness: Well! Here goes the first one!

Cocoa: Please quickly destroy the other one!

*Two pillars were destroyed*

Tama-Q: Now Mya, Lamuness!

Lamuness: Well! Hot-blooded!!

Lamuness: Seinto Boooooomu!!

Zenzain: Ankororin!
Sorry for keep you waiting! My name is Zenzain. Best regard from now on. 

Tama-Q: I'm happy Mya! At this point we've collected all guardian knights Mya!

Lamuness: What a long journey.... I'm now feel very nostagic!

Milk: The 2 of you! Leave the nostagic later!

Da Cider: Damn! The final guardian knight revived...!

Hebimetako: Darling! That's terrible Jan!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Attack Idro with Zenzain Mya!

Lamuness: Understood!
Zenzain! Attack that fish-like battleship! 

Zenzain: Roger!
Shukketsudai Zenzain! I'll take that in full!!

Lesqua: Kyaaaaaaaa!!

Idro: What an attack! At this rate the charm provision is...!

Shinobu: We did it! The ice wall disappeared!

Lamuness: Zenzain, you did it!

Tama-Q: That is the strongest fire power guardian knight Mya!

Idro: H, how dare you...! You destroy my ice wall...!

Hebimetako: You talk big but what a mess Jan!

Da Cider: As I expected we can only get rid of Lamuness by directly fight him!
Let's go, Lamuness!

Lamuness: Come, Da Cider!

[Monskars appear]

Idro: I'm not finished yet!

[Slavepots appear]

Sharu: I'll sink Ionia!

Blass: Kakeru-kun. The next is prevent the Merveille from moving.

Kakeru: You say simple but for that we can only beat Merveille!

Blass: I don't mind that. But, also for that first let repel the ship
that Idro rides away.

Kakeru: Roger! Then let's go!!

*3 enemies remain*

Doll Geist: At last you destroy the ice wall for us... It is a bit late but
I'll beat you with all force!

Ryu Dolk: You're pathetic Doll Geist.

Doll Geist: Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: You should disapppear from this place before you became more 

Ken: Doll Geist... Moreover Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: Liger, I don't know why you are here... But this Ryu Dolk will obtain
the Fang of Destruction!

Adeu: You say Fang of Destruction!?

Dango: Is that the great sword at Annamonkonna Gate!?

Sayaka: If that thing come to Ryu Dolk's hand...!

Ken: I'll not permit that! I don't know the thing called Fang of Destruction 
but I will not let it fall to your hand!

*Kakeru vs Sharu*

Kakeru: I made a promise with Blass-san I'll save you! This time I'll go all 

Sharu: There is no reason for you to save me! It is just right we met here!
I'll return all you lend me the other day!

*Amane vs Sharu*

Amane: Stop your attack Sharu-san! Inside here is also Blass-san!

Sharu: Who is Blass!? I don't know that person!

Blass: Amane-kun, it is no use talking to Sharu now... 
It is sad for me to hear those words... 

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Lamuness: I'm getting colder when I hear your joke at this cold place!

Da Cider: How dare you Lamuness! I can't leave a guy who can't understand my 
joke alone!

*Ken vs Doll Geist*

Ken: I can't stand you bastards now! I'll beat you!

Doll Geist: I calculate that you don't have the power to do that! Try to turn 
the table if you can!

*Lesqua defeated*

Idro: What are you doing!? Hurry recover!

Lesqua: Good grief... Talking big! Wasn't your magic also useless!?

Idro: Hmph, what a weak young girl...

Blass: Well, Idro already go away! At this rate Sharu is free from her charm!

Amane: The only thing left is stop Merveille from moving right!?

*Merveille's HP is under 30%*

Sharu: Shit...! Merveille's movement is...!

Blass: Now! I'll release all-out Sharu's magic by force!
At the same time influence Medical Machinery with all power...!
Moreover if my healing technique transfers to Merveille...!

Sharu: U... uu...!

Amane: Is there something wrong Blass-san!? Sharu-san seems in pain!

Blass: Medical Machinery is giving its effect! But Idro's mind control is
stronger than I imagine!

Bon: It is that terrible?

Blass: Now Sharu is in the situation her original will and Idro's technique
are crashing with each other!
At this rate in worst Sharu's mind will collapse...!

Kotarou: Are you serious!?

Saeko: Can't you do something about it, Blass-san!?

Blass: I already try the most effective method I can think of!
There is no other way...

Sharu: Uu... Aaaa!!

Kakeru: Hey, doughnut girl! Don't always let that crone control you!

Amane: Br, brother!?

Kakeru: I not fear you a bit as for now you degraded to a pupet and can't 
control your own will!
Where are your force at the time you chased us!?

Sharu: Shit...!

Kakeru: You forgot about the Armed Fantoma!? You make light to your mission 
like that!?

Sharu: You talk too much...

Kakeru: We don't have time! If you can come back to your oldself then come
At that time I'll invite you with doughnut! You devoured all 6 of them at once!
That time is no big deal for you!

Sharu: When did I devour doughnuts!
Moreover I ate 5! If there is 6th offer it here!!


Sharu: Eh? Why am I at this place? I'm certain that I return to Earth Tear... 

Kakeru: It seems you are back to your original self.

Blass: Trigger anger and shameful to awake Sharu...
Good grief... You done an unbelievable thing...

Kakeru: No, I just strike the obedient feeling.

Amane: Brother... That is like confessing even it is a product by chance...

Sharu: Isn't that the Ionia!? Why it is at this place...!?

Blass: Sharu can you hear me?

Sharu: That voice is, brother!?

Blass: Right. Now I'm talking to you inside Ionia.

Sharu: Why are you inside Ionia!?

Blass: Sharu, from now on we'll fight together with Ionia people.

Sharu: Ehh!? You say we'll fight together with them!?

Blass: Let's leave the detailed story later. Now believe in me.

Sharu: I believe in your word but...

Kakeru: Doughnut girl! For that reason lend us your hand!

Sharu: Who is doughnut girl!? You must call me properly ''Sharu-san''!

Kakeru: That high-handed character... You seem really come back.

Sharu: Good grief, when it is that boy!

*Doll Geist defeated*

Doll Geist: Shit! I'm beaten again...!
I'll never forget this humilation!

*Ryu Dolk defeated*

Ryu Dolk: How long will I of all people letting you do as you like...!

*Da Cider defeated*

Da Cider: How dare you forcing my Queen Sideron to do a hard fight...!

Hebimetako: Darling, at this rate we'll be freezing to death!

Da Cider: Yeah! Let's temporarily retreat! 

*Battle ends*

Ely: There seem no sign of enemy.

Maria: Everyone, return to Ionia.

Hidenori: Wait! There are still responses of enemy!

Ken: What!?

Ryu Dolk: I'll not lose! Liger... I'll kill you!!

Ken: Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: The Fang of Destruction! Let me have your power!

Kakeru: Blass-san! What the hell is that!?

Blass: The Fang of Destruction choses it's owner!

Yui: Then, Ryu Dolk is the chosen one?

Ryu Dolk: Ku...u...!
Fang of Destruction... From now I'm your master!

Ryu Dolk: So the Fang of Destruction is mine... 
For now I'll return to the Empire to report to Zara-sama.

Doll Geist: You don't need to do that!

Doll Geist: Barbados! Steal the Fang of Destruction from Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: Just right! Let me see your true power Fang of Destruction!!

Doll Geist: What power! 

Ryu Dolk: Fufufu... I'm satisfied... 
From here I'll name it Doluga Blitzard...
Doll Geist, you'll also taste the power of Doluga Blitzard?

Doll Geist: Shit!

Ryu Dolk: Phew...

Ken: Ryu Dolk... He come!?

Ryu Dolk: Don't fear. It is pointless to defeat you who exhausted from battle.
But the next time we meet I'll return the loan. 
Enjoy waiting for that moment!

Ken: Come anytime, Ryu Dolk! I and Liger will make the force that destroy
the world surrender!


Sharu: Sorry, brother. Because the transmitter is broken, I can't contact you
for a long time...
Moreover I let Idro control me... That's the biggest blunder in my life... 

Blass: Don't feel sorry about it. I'm happy enough that Sharu come back fine.

Kakeru: Well, doughnut girl... Oh no, Sharu.
Sorry for interupting your reunion but... Why are you aiming at Ionia, 
Schicksal and the Armed Fantoma?

Blass: For that, let me explain.
The one sent Sharu to Earth is me. For seal completely or destroy it.

Amane: Is that so?

Sayaka: But you must have incredible energy for taking trouble come to Earth.

Sharu: Depend on the user of the Armed Fantoma, it is the prohibit weapon that 
can release unlimited power. 
It is told that if a weak-willed and halfwit person use it, he will be 
overwhelmed by the power and bring destruction to the world.

Rikiya: It is that fearsome thing...?

Sharu: Yeah. We don't know the theory to use it but it seems it can response
the thought of the pilot of the Giant God which control the Armed Fantoma.

Hiroshi: Then, if Kakeru use that power for the bad purpose...

Kouji: Then probably Schicksal will end up become the destruction God!

Amane: I think out of all people, my brother will not do that. 

Blass: It is probably like that but, that time can't be helped. Anyway 
Schicksal and your brother' existence is out of my expectation.

Akira: It is good if you told us that affair in the first place.

Tsutomu: Right. If we do that resolve it by discussion is enough.

Sharu: Well, I admit I'm forcible more or less...

Asuka: (More or less to the extent you did it gaudy...)

Blass: But, fortunately on contrary of being possessed by the Armed Fantoma's
power, Kakeru-kun controls it magnificiently.
Therefore, Sharu. At this time I'm thinking of helping Kakeru-kun's group.
Kakeru uses the Armed Fantoma in a correct way thus he can probably save this
world from chaos.

Sharu: I oppose that brother. There are no guarantee that he can control it in
the future.

Kakeru: I myself understand that I can't completely handle the Armed Fantoma...
But even I understand that they are dangerous things, for saving Amane and this
world I have no choice but to use them!
After everything end I don't care what will you like to do with Schicksal and
the Armed Fantomas.
Because of that, Sharu. Don't oppose us like that!

Amane: I also rely on you, Sharu-san! At that time I'll pass the Ionia to you
so please lend us your power!

Sharu: Brother, you worked well together with these simple-minded persons...

Blass: Aren't they good young men?

Sharu: That is sultry!

Kakeru: So, Sharu! What is your answer!?

Sharu: It can't be helped! I'll be your ally in return for saving me!
But, Kakeru! You must not forget to treat me with doughnuts!

Kakeru: Roger! At that time I'll treat you until you can't eat anymore!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Lamuness: Yeah! The last guardian knight Zenzain has resurrected!

Tama-Q: Thanks God we didn't pass it like Queen Sideron Mya!

Saeko: But in exchange for that this time we let them take the great sword at
Annamonkonna Gate...

Isaac: There will be no mistake that the next time we confont, Ryu Dolk will
take out that sword.

Izumi: In brief comment that sword has terrific power. So far we have to pay
notice of that.

Ken: It is fine! No matter how strong he is the Liger will surely not lose!

Ryouma: You're very confident, Ken.

Mai: I agree with that. Anyway Liger has Vega Rooda!

Yui: Moreover we have everyone of Ionia!

Domon: Hm, right.

Paffy: The next is I could only hope for information refer Don Harumage's 
castle at Eldogear...

Adeu: Isn't there are all kind of information in the world in regard to
Eldogear!? So I'm sure there is one!

Kid: The machine kingdom Eldogear. What kind of place is that?

Tama-Q: Eldogear is where I was born Mya.

Milk: Eh!? Really!?

Tama-Q: It is 5000 years ago so I forgot about it Mya... I remembered it when
we came to Annamonkonna Gate Mya.

Sarutobi: Phew, according to Tama-Q's story Eldogear really exists.

Lamuness: Well, let depart for Eldogear!
Now I'm very pile up!!


Lamuness: Tama-Q, is this Eldogear?

Tama-Q: Right Mya! I've returned after 5000 years Mya! So nostagic Mya!

Asuka: I heard that this is the kingdom of machine but, really there is only

Cocoa: It seems to be a kingdom which science is very advanced~.

Kid: Even so, there is no sign of life.

Paffy: As I expected, after all it is left in ruined...

Kenichi: Eh? Overthere I can see a person's shadow.

Nuzzi: Welcome, heroes.

Paffy: You're the great wise man Nuzzi!

Adeu: Why are you here...?

Nuzzi: Because there is an old friend here...

Izumi: Who is there beside Nuzzi-sama?

Nuzzi: Follow me. That old friend want to meet you.


Kakeru: The center of this building is amazing... I can feel a great future.

Izumi: Because anyhow it is a civilization which creates the Ryu.

Cocoa: Why until now people can't find a big machine city like this~?

Nuzzi: Eldogear was skillfully camouflage from the outside world.
But, because you guys bring along the Ryu Eldogear's seal was dissolved and
it showed up on Earth Tear's ocean.

Tama-Q: At this point we don't need to go through the Annamonkonna Gate anymore

Lamuness: Really?

Cocoa: It seems so~. From now on we only need to cross over the ocean~.

Nuzzi: Even if you don't do that, you can take the Warp Gate at every place and
go instantly.

Lamuness: Warp Gate?

Blass: The same with Annamonkonna Gate, they are the jumping gates at specific
place. It is one of the inheritance of the ancient civilization.

Kakeru: What~, there is that useful thing at Earth Tear? 

Izumi: Exactly there are ruins of Warp Gate at everyplace in the world. But now
a lot of them were malfunction and can't be used...

Nuzzi: Not like that. Most of the gates are only being sealed by Eldogear's 

Blass: Is that so. What a supreme civilization Eldogear is!

Sharu: Brother, please don't walk around with high spirit...

Blass: Understood...

Lamuness: Btw, great wise man Nuzzi. Where is the guy who want to meet us?

Nuzzi: What are you saying Brave Lamuness. He is right before your eyes.

Lamuness: Before my eyes?

Lamuness: Uwa! A big dragon!

White Dragon: My name is White Dragon. You can call me the God which protect
I'm waiting for a long time for the braves who protect the world to appear...

Adeu: White Dragon, to protect the world we must defeat Don Harumage! Because
of that...!

White Dragon: You don't need to talk more. I understand. I know something that 
you want to know...

Nuzzi: It is a serious thing refers the future of the world. 
Listen to it carefully.

Kakeru: The Armed Fantoma is being used by Don Harumage!?

White Dragon: Right. 
The revival of the Calamity God Goburiki is set to final stage due to the power
of the prohibited treasure, the Armed Fantoma.

Nuzzi: You guys have to defeat Don Harumage before the revival of Goburiki is
completed! Go to their castle, the Hoyhoy castle.

Lamuness: Hoyhoy castle! Don Harumage is there!?

Hiromi: Where is that Hoyhoy castle?

White Dragon: Hoyhoy castle don't exist at Earth Tear. But I can say it is just

Sharu: What does that mean?

White Dragon: Hoyhoy castle moves on different dimension. Therefore it can 
appear at any place of Earth Tear.

Cocoa: I see~. Different dimension huh~?. That is why the Monskars suddenly 
come and attack~.

Hayato: If we measure the time those things appear from the different dimension
we can invade the castle.

Nuzzi: You have a good opinion.
But at the time those guys send Da Cider, they intend to use the mothership. 
Even though in case of you entered the different dimension, you can only find 
the mothership there.

White Dragon: If you can't lure out the true identity of Don Harumage, in other
word Hoyhoy castle there is no chance to invade...

Lamuness: How do we lure him out?

White Dragon: There is a way. The necessary characters for that... Bring along
Lesqua and Da Cider here.

Lamuness: What!? The two of them!?

Milk: How the hell can we do that!? They are Don Harumage's subordinate!

White Dragon: But if you want to defeat Don Harumage you must meet them at any
Those two will tell you the truth to you guys.

Tama-Q: There seem to be somewhat deep story behind Mya.

Lamuness: Yeah... If it is like that we can only bring along Da Cider and 

Yui: But how? We don't know where Da Cider is...

Nuzzi: Don't worry about that. Now the camouflage of Eldogear is dissolved,
those 2 will come and find you anyway.

White Dragon: Immediately I catch a ship heading this way above the sea. It 
seems faster than we thought.

Da Cider: Lamuneeeess! Come out!

Lesqua: If you don't come out quick we'll destroy Eldogear.

Lamuness: Those are Da Cider's!

Izumi: It really went the way the great wise man Nuzzi told.

Tama-Q: Let's negotiate at once with Da Cider Mya!

Adeu: Even you say that I don't think Da Cider will be obedient to listen to

Lamuness: Right! I have a good battle plan!
Everyone, Da Cider want to settle the score with me so please don't involve in
our matter!

Tama-Q: Is it Ok Lamuness Mya?

Lamuness: Fine fine! Trust me!

Lamuness: Hey, Da Cider!

Da Cider: You appear at last Lamuness! Quickly call out King Sccasher and 
finish this!

Lamuness: I care nothing about winning.
The truth is there is one among us want to meet you.

Da Cider: What? Me?

Lamuness: Yeah. ''She'' said ''she'' love you!

Da Cider: Eh, love me!?
But that's bad. No matter how much she love there can't be a love that ties 
mutual enemies!
But I can't ignore her if she said that.

Lesqua: What...? It seems not so bad.

Da Cider: By the way I wonder what kind of girl is she, the one want to meet 

Hebimetako: She is surely an extremely ugly woman anyway!

Lamuness: What will you do, Da Cider?

Da Cider: I will not make her cry.
Well, let's meet just once. As the like of you I can defeat anytime.

Lamuness: Well, you fell for it...!

Tama-Q: What a battle plan Mya...

Da Cider: Well, I've arrived Lamuness!

Lamuness: Don't be rude because I'll guide you properly.
How about you, Lesqua?

Lesqua: I'll come along. It's boring staying here anyway.

Lamuness: Then here we go.


Lamuness: Hey. I bring Da Cider and Lesqua.

Cocoa: Well~. You guys really came along~.

Da Cider: Hey, Lamuness! Where is the girl who loves me?

Da Cider: You!?

Sayaka: W, wrong!

Da Cider: Then how about the girl overthere?

Paffy: Sorry but you chose the wrong person!

Da Cider: Then, then, the one overthere...?

Sharu: Let me pass it.

Da Cider: You?

Omachi: Sorry but you're not my type.

Da Cider: If that then...

Amp: Eh!? Me!?

Watt: Hey you! If you lay a hand on Amp I'll not forgive!

Da Cider: Hey, Lamuness! Where the hell is the girl you say!?

Lamuness: Calm down, Da Cider. Well, ''she'' is there.

Da Cider: Where!?

Da Cider: What, that old man?

Lamuness: The great wise man Nuzzi loves you.

Da Cider: What!?

Lesqua: Da Cider. You have fall in love with an unexpected person.

Da Cider: You cheater Lamuness! Is that how the Brave is!?

Lamuness: I'm not fooling you. The great wise man and the White Dragon really
want to meet you!

Lesqua: White Dragon?

White Dragon: Right.

Hebimetako: What! That huge thing!?

White Dragon: Cider and Lesqua. Welcome to my place.
Now I'll return you your memory that Don Harumage erased.

Da Cider: What? I'm Da Cider, not Cider! 

Lesqua: Moveover what is the memory that Don Harumage-sama erased?

White Dragon: Take a look at this.

Da Cider: That is!?

Professor: A thing like stereoscopy...

White Dragon: This is the image recording left on Eldogear.

Milk: Hey, hey Lamuness! The 2 persons at the left are like me and sister!?

Lamuness: Well yeah I wonder?
I can realize the person at the left is like Cocoa, but the beauty next to her
I can't see it as Milk.

Milk: Noisy! Give me 5 years and I'll be like that!

Lamuness: Liar...

Cocoa: The great wise man Nuzzi, who are those people~?

Nuzzi: Those are the Braves that fight Calamity God Goburiki and the girls help
them out called ''The sacred three sisters''.

Lesqua: The Braves 5000 years ago?

Lamuness: Then, that cool guy is my ancestor?

Tama-Q: R, right Mya! That can't be wrong the previous generation Brave 
Lamuness Mya!

Milk: Then that means that two ladies is the ancestors of me and sister right!?

Hebimetako: Hey, darling. The man standing beside ancestor Lamuness looks like
you Jan.

Da Cider: Really? But I think he is a man worse than me.

White Dragon: That snake is right, Cider. He is your ancestor Brave Cider.

Da Cider: What did you say!?

Hebimetako: I hear that the first time Jan!

Lesqua: Da Cider is a Brave? Are you joking?

White Dragon: Lesqua, look carefully at the sacred three sisters. Ancestor 
Cocoa, Milk and the eldest of the three Cafe Au Lait...

Lesqua: You say that is the ancestor of Milk and Cocoa? But I don't know the
one called Cafe Au Lait.

White Dragon: That girl is your ancestor Lesqua.

Lesqua: Whattttt!?

Sarutobi: I can't believe it judging how the face look...

White Dragon: Lesqua, your true name is Arara Cafe Au Lait, the first Queen of
Arara Kingdom.

Lesqua: I'm Queen...!?

White Dragon: That is the truth.

Cocoa: If you are the Queen of Arara kingdom that means... you're our big 

Lesqua: Lie~!

Milk: No way no way~! I'll never admit a sister like that!

Kenichi: If White Dragon's words are true why is Da Cider Don Harumage's

Lamuness: I'm now very dizzy in my head and don't understand the reason~! 

Nuzzi: Cider and Cafe Au Lait were captured by Don Harumage when they're little
and their memory are being erased by him.

Da Cider: You say my memory was erased!? Don't talk bullshit! There is no way
for that to happen!

White Dragon: Remember Cider. In the past you loved the truth and justice.

Da Cider: U, uuuu...h!

Nuzzi: You also Cafe Au Lait. Remember the day you live at Arara Castle when 
you were a child.

Lesqua: Uu... Aah...!

Hebimetako: Darling, be tough Jan! Those things are fake Jan!

White Dragon: They are not fake. That is the real memory sleeping deep down
inside you guys...!

Da Cider: Shut up, shut up, shut up!! I don't want to get along with you guys 
Let's go home Lesqua!

Lesqua: Go home... Where!?

Da Cider: Where Don Harumage-sama is!
I don't know if those words are true or lie!
Because of that, we've to meet Don Harumage-sama to find out!

Lesqua: Understood!

White Dragon: You must not go! You guys have to take back your memories!

Da Cider: I don't know! I'm me!

Lamuness: Ah! Hey, wait!

Mai: They gone...

White Dragon: ...

Paffy: Is the story just now true?

White Dragon: The activity of ancestor Lamuness group is left at Eldogear as
certain memory.
It is the legend of Lamuness fighting to seal Goburiki.

Cocoa: I can't believe there is such secret about Lamuness's legend...

Lamuness: Da Cider... I wonder if that guy is really the decendant of the 

Rikiya: Yeah. He doesn't look much like a Brave.

Kakeru: But, that fellow Da Cider... Is he alright returning like that?

Sharu: Was it better that we keep him by force?

Nuzzi: Well... I don't understand the memory was stealed by what technique. If
we do bad restrain I fear his mind will collapse.

Sharu: Like I am before...

Blass: I afraid Don Harumage's charm is incomparable... He will be in danger 
just for wanting the truth.

Nuzzi: We made a strategic move. We can only trust in destiny for the later.

Da Cider: Dangerous dangerous... I almost fell into the trap of those dangerous

Lesqua: But, the story of that dragon...

Da Cider: Ehh, don't talk don't talk! Haven't we been distracted good enough!

Da Cider: Ouch...!
Who are you, stand straight at the place like this!? 

Magnum Ace: ...

Da Cider: ... Wa? You are Iron Leaguer?

Magnum Ace: Sometimes, knowing the truth bring you bitterness in reality...
But... To head to the future you must overcome the past and step forward.

Lesqua: ...Overcome...the past...?

Da Cider: What are you talking about?

Magnum Ace: I already saw the answer in your heart.

Lesqua: ...

Magnum Ace: Well, then go!

Da Cider: ...I don't understand you well but, I have a thing to do so goodbye.

Lesqua: Right. Let's hurry! 

*Hoyhoy Castle*

Da Cider: I've a question! Don Harumage-sama!

Don Harumage: ...

Lesqua: Answer us, Don Harumage-sama! What we saw at Eldogear is a trap of
Lamuness isn't it!?

Don Harumage: Da Cider and Lesqua...

Da Cider: Yes.

Don Harumage: I give you the last mission...

Da Cider: What...? Last mission?

Don Harumage: Fufufufu...

Da Cider: Guaaaaaaa!

Lesqua: Da Ciderrrr!?

Don Harumage: Fufufufufu... I'll help you erase unnecessary memories!
You'll be my subordinate until you die!

Da Cider: Guaaaaaaa!

Lesqua: B, but, you are!

Da Cider: I'm fine... So hurry...!
Guwawaaaaaaaa! I'm... I'm...!

*Eldo Gear/Center*

Izumi: White Dragon, thank you for teaching us various things.

Blass: What will happen to the world, what can we do. We're able to see it
little by little.

White Dragon: I want to talk more but, you must preparing for the upcoming 
battles. From now on I will tell you step by step.

Adeu: Wait, White Dragon. I want to become stronger so please teach me more
about the Ryu!

White Dragon: Good. But even if you gain knowledge it doesn't change anything.
That is if you guys don't become strong by yourself the Ryu will not response.

Adeu: I know that. We are training more and more and become stronger!

Nuzzi: That is not a simple thing. Strength doesn't only mean stamina and charm
but the main is the strength of your heart.

Izumi: I agree with that...

White Dragon: Now you guys are very weak compare to the Ryu-user from the past.
You can't draw out the true power of Ryu...

Sarutobi: How is that? We become stronger by pass through many battles. I don't
think we are that weak!

White Dragon: I'm saying that you who must have speaking directly to Ryu don't 
understand Ryu at all.

Katze: You've got to be kidding. Don't put on airs and teach us.

White Dragon: It is a pity... It seems you don't know that Ryu can fly.

Adeu: Ryu flies in the sky!?

Paffy: You mean the Ryu is equipped with the power that we don't know?

White Dragon: ...
Let's leave the future story in later battle. 
The time and space near Eldogear is producing a distortion...

Nuzzi: Look at the sky! The door to another dimension is opening!

Kotarou: What is this uncomfortable feeling!?

Nuzzi: That is the base where Don Harumage lives, Hoyhoy Castle!

White Dragon: Somehow he accept our invitation and enter here by himself. But
how fast...

Ryouma: Heh! It save trouble finding him!

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahaha! Wahahahahaha!

White Dragon: Don Harumage!

Nuzzi: He come out to this place mean he's full of confident...

White Dragon: Does that mean the revival of Goburiki is closer beyond our 

Don Harumage: White Dragon, Nuzzi! I've seen through your thinking!
You teached Da Cider his past but erase that memory is easy for me!

White Dragon: Shit... You bastard Don Harumage...

Lamuness: Hehe~n. Somehow you said that guy won't come out? The truth is he 
ran away right?

Don Harumage: Fufufu, when the time comes I'll let you meet him! But that is
the story you remain alive! 

Don Harumage: At last this is the final step of the revival ceremony! The
revival of the Calamity God Goburiki is no longer an imagination!
I'll begin by making you bastard scapegoat!

Domon: We're being surrounded completely...

Cookie: There are many of them~!

Hidenori: The Monskars appear one after another from Houhoy Castle!

Ken: You mean that is an all-out attack!?

White Dragon: They intend to crush you guys together with Eldogear!

Ryouma: As you wish! Bring it on no matter how many you are!

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahahaha! I'll left you and Eldogear in ruin!

*All enemies defeated*

Saeko: It seems we've beat the first vanguard...

Tsutomu: But more of them are coming! At this rate...

Don Harumage: Fufufu, I wonder how long can you stand?

*All enemies defeated*

Cookie: Their number don't decrease at all~!

Kouji: Shit, they seems endless!

Maria: Please! Try your best everyone!

Izumi: We must avoid battle that there are no chances of success. Shall we
evacuate from Eldogear at once?

Nuzzi: We can afford to lose Eldogear! You must withstand at any cost!

Blass: But, at this rate we can only fight defensively.

Lamuness: Shit~! The Hoyhoy castle is right ahead!

Mach Windy: Though we can see the opponent's goal, if we can't shoot we can't
win the match! 

Magnum Ace: The battle is not yet over! Don't give up till the end!

Mach Windy: ...!

Milk: Magnum Ace!

Mach Windy: Magnum! Where are you till now!?

Magnum Ace: Let's leave the story later!

Magnum Ace: Let's go, everyone! Let's turn this crisis into chance!

Domon: Well! Let's find out the mean of survival in the fatal situation! 

*All enemies defeated*

Blass: Well! We got rid of the invading Monskar!

Amane: Everyone! Let's gather and supply at once!

Don Harumage: Fuhahaha! You give me a very good entertainment!

Ken: Shit, here they come again!

Kouji: I'll beat all of you no matter how much you come!

Ribaris: Hm, everytime they are straight-game-guys...
Don't they think of using that spare power effectively?

Kakeru: Damn, Ribaris!?

Sharu: The boorish guy as usual! Don't suddenly cut in the communication!

Ribaris: Hmph... You bitch Sharu! You also join Ionia?

Kakeru: Ernst battle ship!?

Hidenori: Fearful number!

Blass: I fear those are Ernst elite force!

Amane: At this time...!

Ribaris: Don't misunderstood! We follow Kyaos-sama's order coming here to aid 

Sharu: Aid!? What does that mean!?

Ribaris: Have you forgotten Sharu? The purpose of us Ernst is to protect
Earth Tear!

Blass: I see... Ernst facility is also like us, waiting for the chance to beat 
Don Harumage...

Ribaris: Then taste it now! Our Ernst's elite force's fire power!

Ribaris: Go! Elite Slave Pot!

Don Harumage: Damn! The Ernst facility has this much fighting ability!

Ribaris: If you look down on our power you're in big trouble!
The Ernst facility prepared the incoming great battles in the near future and
saved force to protect Earth Tear.

Don Harumage: Fuck you Kyaos Reille... So you don't live hundreds of year just
for show!

Ribaris: Listen, Brave Lamuness! And those of Ionia!
Leave this place to me! You guys invade Hoyhoy Castle!

Sharu: What!?

Kakeru: Do as you please! We don't trust you!

Magnum Ace: That is wrong, boy!

Kakeru: What!?

Magnum Ace: No matter how you hate the opponent, sometimes you have to trust
and rely on them!
Even the hearts is different, the purpose are the same! So, now is the time to 
find out the mean of survival in the fatal situation!

White Dragon: Right! You guys are the one beat Don Harumage and carry Earth
Tear's hopes!

Paffy: White Dragon, even you!?

Nuzzi: Don't worry about us and go! The chance is only now!

Magnum Ace: I believe in you! You must beat Don Harumage and return here!

Mach Windy: Magnum! You don't come with us!?

Magnum Ace: I have a mission that I must do!
I'll open the way!

Kotarou: Magnificient! He blows the Monskars away!

Tsutomu: The way to Hoyhoy Castle is cleared!

Mach Windy: I can see your thought, Magnum...!

Domon: Yeah, his soul is with us!

Lamuness: Uooooo! Something is burning! I'm now very hot-blooded!!

Amane: Let's go Lamuness! To Hoyhoy Castle!

Lamuness: I rely on you, Amane!

Amane: Ionia, let's invade!

Nuzzi: You must come back alive... Because you still have something you must

Ribaris: Magnum Ace! Let's me see your Leaguer Spirit that haven't appear for
a long time!

Magnum Ace: I know that you taken away the Iron Leaguers for suspicious 
I'll not letting the sad history of the Iron Soldiers come back...!
But, now is the time to fight together!

Ribaris: Acknowledged!

Stage 17: Crash! The Braves vs Calamity God!

Kenichi: We came at last! This is the final side!

Lamuness: Come out Don Harumage! Your ambition ends here!

Don Harumage: Lamuness and your friends. I welcome you for making this far.
But, you're too late! Calamity God Goburiki will soon revive!
Go, my servants! Earn time for Goburiki to revive!

Da Cider: Lamuness... I'll kill you...

Milk: Queen Sideron!

Lamuness: What's wrong with you Da Cider!? The truth is you're our friend!
You forgot what you saw at Eldogear!?

Da Cider: Defeat King Sccasher... Kill... Lamuness!

Adeu: That guy Da Cider, something is wrong with him...!

Izumi: Da Cider seems to be control by some suspicious techniques! We can only
fight and keep him quiet!

Lamuness: Shit! We can only do that...!?

Don Harumage: Fufufu, fight fight! Fight against your comrade!

*One enemy defeated*

Don Harumage: Muh! That is...!

Lesqua: Lamuness, please! Lend me your power!
I want to... want to save Da Cider!

Lamuness: What does that mean, Lesqua!?

Lesqua: After departing with you guys, we approached Don Harumage to have him
tell us our true identity but...
Don Harumage tried to silent us with his magic!
At that time, Da Cider acted as a shield for me to escape and was controlled by 
Don Harumage!

Cocoa: So that's why Da Cider acts strange~.

Lamuness: Then, what should we do...!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness, use Seinto Bomu to awake Queen Sideron's heart of justice

Lamuness: Understood!
Lesqua, come inside the Axe Bomber! Leave Da Cider to us!

Sarutobi: Is it good to believe in her that simple? It could be a trap?

Adeu: You talk too much again! Do you have a heart in believing people!?

Sarutobi: I'm saying that because there is probably a possibility that Lesqua 
also being controlled!

Pahuricia King: Don't worry about that!

Pahuricia Queen: That person is not being controlled. That is a pure request.

Paffy: Father, Mother! You are also on that ship!?

Pahuricia King: Yeah. We're being rescued by Lesqua-san.

Paffy: Thanks God... Really...

Lesqua: I'm not thinking of your forgiveness for the things we have done but...

Izumi: So do you have any objection about that Sarutobi?

Sarutobi: I understood! 
Hey, get in Axe Bomber while they didn't have their hands on you!

Lesqua: Thank you! I own you one!

Don Harumage: I'll not permit that! Gokiburiburigoburiki!!

Lesqua: Kyaaaaaa!!

Don Harumage: Now! Bring back Lesqua to me!

Lamuness: This is bad! At this rate Lesqua will...! 

Milk: Leave that to us!

Cocoa: Ah, what are you plan to do Milk!?

Milk: Isn't it obvious!? At full throttle!!

Milk: Well! Quickly come in!

Lesqua: Y, yeah...

Milk: You~! How dare you~!

Sarutobi: They attack by Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber... Nice shot princess.

Cocoa: Now Milk is the one control~! The way of riding is chilling~!

Lamuness: Milk's control is reckless but the result this time is alright.

Milk: Right. Sometime daring is necessary, Sister!

Kakeru: Then let's return to the battlefield!

Lamuness: Yeah!

*Lamuness vs Da Cider*

Da Cider: Lamuness... I'll kill you...!

Lamuness: What really happened to that idiot Da Cider?
He doesn't talk pun like usual!

Da Cider: Beat King Scassher...! Also beat the cabinet! Dance!

Hebimetako: Darling, you're in perfect form Jan!

Lamuness: Seem it was not so...

*Cocoa vs Da Cider*

Milk: Da Cider! That cool character doesn't suit you!

Cocoa: Stop that show off and please remember the event at Eldogear!

*Queen Sideron defeated*

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Now Mya!

Lamuness: Then! Hot-blood!

Lamuness: Seinto Boooooomu!!

Lamuness: How's that!?

Da Cider: Kill! Kill Lamuness!

Lamuness: Shit! We failed!?

Don Harumage: Fools! Now that the revival of Goburiki is near, my charm 
That stupid Seinto Bomu won't work!

Lamuness: I, it can't be...!

Don Harumage: It is time the entertainment ends! Da Cider, crush that King 
Scassher in one go!

Da Cider: Roger...

Lamuness: Uwaaaaaa!!

Milk: Lamuneeeeeess!!

*Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber/Control Room*

Milk: Sister, what should we do!? At this rate Lamuness will!

Cocoa: I see~
Er, Lesqua-san. Is your real name Cafe Au Lait?

Pahuricia King: What! Lesqua-dono is princess Cafe Au Lait!?

Pahuricia Queen: Ohh... I can't believe we reunite with the missing princess 
Cafe Au Lait at this place...

Lesqua: This is not a joke! I don't believe in the words of those guys at
Eldogear anyway!

Milk: I also don't believe a sexual fool like you is my Sister!

Lesqua: I also don't remember I have a sister that is short and hearty eater 
like you!
Beside I and you guys don't look the same at all! Even the ear is not sharp so

Cocoa: What a pity~.
If we can prove that we are really sisters we can fulfill the mission as the 
three sacred sisters...

Pahuricia Queen: We can prove that.

Cocoa: How~?

Pahuricia King: From the past, at the time I receive a request from Yokkoora
the third to corporate to find princess Cafe Au Lait...
I heard that princess Cafe Au Lait has a heart-shape mark on her hip. 

Lesqua: What, on my hip!?

Milk: Then if Lesqua has that mark...!

Pahuricia Queen: Then surely she is princess Cafe Au Lait.

Cocoa: Will you show us Lesqua-san?

Lesqua: Stop joking!

Milk: Even you also know this isn't a situation for joke!
If we are the three sacred sisters we can probably save Lamuness and Da Cider!
Then, don't be shy and show us quickly!

Lesqua: S, serious!? Kyaaaaaaaa!!

Pahuricia Queen: That, that is!

Milk: The mark of heart! Like Pahuricia King said!

Cocoa: That mark proves that Lesqua is our big sister Cafe Au Lait!

Lesqua: If the verify ends quickly move out!

Cocoa: If that is understood we can't hesitate! The three of us are really the
three sacred sisters as see in Eldogear!
If that is the case then we surely have the power to seal the charm of 

Milk: (Sister's tempo is up...! I haven't seen it since Arara Castle
was in heavy flood 3 years ago...!)

Cocoa: Let's combine our power Lesqua-san... No, sister Cafe Au Lait.

Lesqua: Even if you can't use that power it doesn't mean because of me right?

Milk: Well! Quick Sister!

Cocoa: Then the 2 of you, don't loose your hand. 
Keep your heart peaceful and unite at one...

Lesqua: Heart...

Milk: Heart...

Lamuness: W, what is that!? Milk, Cocoa, Lesqua!?

Don Harumage: T, that wave motion is....! Can it be those guys invoke the power
of the three sacred sisters!? 

Lesqua: (This feeling... is somewhat... somewhat gentle...)

Lesqua: ...

Milk: From that way far away to this way...

Coca: From this way to the far away that way...

Lesqua: The thing that pulls away evil beings...

Milk: Give us the power...

Lamuness: !?

Don Harumage: Th, that is...! It can't be that Lesqua's group...!

Cocoa: Use Seinto Bomu King Scassher.

Tama-Q: Lamuness! As expected Lesqua is the big sister of Milk and Cocoa Mya!

Lamuness: That means...!

Tama-Q: Those girls are the three sacred sisters that will aid Brave Lamuness
That power seals the charm of Goburiki Mya!

Lamuness: Well! Seinto Boooooomu!!

Da Cider: Guooooooh!! I... I...!

Hebimetako: Darling, be tough Jan!

Paffy: It is working! It is obvious that it is different than before!

Asuka: Just a bit more! Please work!

Da Cider: Damn! Owaaaaaaaah!!

Tama-Q: That is the most powerful Seinto Bomu due to Milk's group's power Mya!
If it can't work there is no other way for him to return to himself Mya!

Lamuness: Da Cider! Return to your normal self for me!

Lesqua: Please remember who you are Da Cider!

Da Cider: Damn! U...uuuu...! 

Ken: W, what happen? Is Da Cider alright?

Da Cider: U, u, uu...

Da Cider: Phew. What a sleep!

Kouji: Is that your first tone!?

Lesqua: Da Cider!

Da Cider: Ehh...? What on Earth have I done? (Ore-sama ha ittai nanni wo 
shite itanda?)
Itanda... Itanda...
Please excuse me (Itadakimasu)!

Hebimetako: Darling, interesting!

Da Cider: I see I see (Soka soka) Sokasenbei! Dowahahahaha!

Koji: Cold...

Lamuness: You returned to yourself Da Cider! 

Da Cider: Oh, Lamuness!? 
You are here?
When did I ride Queen Sideron?
On top of that, what do you mean by return to old self...?

Lesqua: You were controlled by Don Harumage!

Da Cider: Being controlled...? 
I see... I was caught by the spell of Don Harumage-sama...

Lesqua: Da Cider, it seems true that we are Lamuness's comrades.

Da Cider: Hm, I don't want to admit that but it seems so.

Da Cider: Tentatively, I suppose I should thank you. Three-ball.

Lamuness: What is that?

Da Cider: Third class (Thank you/Sankyu) (lol)

Lamuness: I see...

Don Harumage: Damn, the three sacred sisters! How dare you poke your nose into 
unnessary things!

Da Cider: Hey, Don Harumage-sama! No, Don Harumage!! How dare you trick me til
Now here, I'll return without fail the etiquette being fool by you until now!

Hebimetako: Wait Darling! You betray Don Harumage-sama!?

Da Cider: Yeah, I don't care betray or whatever but he tricks me at the first

Hebimetako: Then I'll also betray Jan! You idiot Don Harumage!

Don Harumage: Kukuku...!
What are you doing Idro! It's time for your turn!

Don Harumage: Shit! You bitch Idro, where are you going at this important 

Sarutobi: It seems your comrades abandoned you!

Da Cider: Prepare yourself Don Harumage! I'll not let Calamity God Goburiki

Lamuness: I'll not permit either!

Don Harumage: No way! At this rate....
If I invoke the true power of the Armed Fantoma...!

Kakeru: Give up Don Harumage! It is obvious you can't fucking use the Armed 

Don Harumage: Then the Black Giant! Lend me your power!

Kakeru: What!?

Don Harumage: Kaaaaaaaa!!

Kakeru: T, that is...! Schicksal is being pulled...!

Blass: This is bad, Kakeru-kun! That distance is...!

Don Harumage: This is enough! At this range the Armed Fantoma will surely 
response to the Black Giant!

Kakeru: What!?

Don Harumage: Goburiki will complete its revival with perfect shape due to the
union of my charm and the power of the Armed Fantomas! 
Gobugoburikirikigoburiki! Gobugoburikirikigobuurikiiiiii!!

Shinobu: T, that is...!

Jin: The Calamity God Goburiki!

Tama-Q: What the hell Mya! The thing we fear come true Mya!

Kakeru: Shit! Because of my blunder...!

Don Harumage: At last... at last you revived! My body, the Calamity God 

Isaac: Your body!?

Tama-Q: Hey, Don Harumage! Who the heck are you Mya!? You are the spirit 
slipped out of Goburiki's body Mya!?

Don Harumage: Fufufufu. Now you notice that?
Indeed I'm Goburiki's spirit! Right, I'm his spirit!!
Now that the body being resurrected, I completed my revival as the complete
destruction king!

Tama-Q: Don Harumage! What are you plan to do with this world Mya!?

Don Harumage: You already know that. I'll rule everything.
I'll obtain the whole universe! That is my ultimate desire!

Don Harumage: After destroy Earth Tear I will also control the Earth!

Jin: Don't joke! 

Ken: I'll never let it happen!

Don Harumage: Before I get my hand on the whole universe, I'll begin by destroy
Earth Tear!
The world that I hate for sealing my body!

Lamuness: I'll never let you do that Don Harumage! No, Goburiki!!
I'll surely prevent your ambition!

Kotarou: Lamuness! Don't forget us!

Domon: No matter how strong the opponent is, if we concentrate attacking at one
point, we'll surely win!

Adeu: We must not let this guy destroy Earth Tear!

Don Harumage: Nuwahahahahahaha! 
You can't win me even if you form a bunch!
I'll make you witness the terror of Calamity God Goburiki!

*Kakeru vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: The Black Giant! I'll take all of your Armed Fantoma!

Kakeru: Those are the important things to our brothers! I'll never let it fall
to the hand of guy like you!

*Kouji vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: At the time my body revived you have no chance of winning!
Don't do useless resistance and kneel before me!

Kouji: Never! I can see not only Earth Tear but the Earth also in danger at
this rate! That is just one thing I'll never runaway!

*Getter Team vs Don Harumage*

Ryouma: You're an unlucky bastard to acknowledge our appearance at this world!

Don Harumage: Shut up your mouth you insects! Blame your unlucky self to
acknowledge Goburiki revival!

*Ken vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: You are the Bio Armor of the good God left but you aren't the
opponent of my completed revival!

Ken: Shut up you bastard! If you make light of Liger you will regret at once!

*Jin vs Don Harumage*

Jin: The one control Earth Tear, the one who is the reason obtruct our return,
you are really a troublesome guy!

Don Harumage: From my point of view, you are the one that is troublesome! Let
me erase you all!

*Kotarou/Rikiya vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: If you didn't join Lamuness, you can live a longer live!

Rikiya: We'll not abandon friends who have difficulty!

Yousuke: Moreover we can't forgive evil being like you!

Kotarou: For that reason Goburiki! This time not the Brave but secret heroes
will exterminate you!

*Kenichi vs Don Harumage*

Hiromi: Goburiki! We will not letting you control Earth Tear!

Kenichi: We'll defeat you here!

Shinobu: And we'll comeback home with everybody!

Don Harumage: I'll not let that happen! I'll punish you here for obstructing

*Kid/Bowei vs Don Harumage*

Kid: Your awaken is bad so let me putting you to sleep again Ok?

Omachi: I mean a deep sleep so you will never awake the second time.

Don Harumage: Interesting. I'll teach you who will be sleeping eternally.

*Domon vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: You bastard, don't think seriously you can win the Calamity God

Domon: I don't care if you're Calamity God or whatever! I'll get rid of guys 
bring catastrophe to the world! In the name of Shuffle Alliance!

*Lamuness vs Don Harumage*

Tama-Q: Lamuness, we can't let the Calamity God escape from here Mya! Lift your
fighting spirit Mya!

Lamuness: I understand Tama-Q! I'll defeat Goburiki like the ancestors from the

Don Harumage: I failed 5000 years ago but not this time! 
Lamuness! I'll use all of my power and bury you!

*Cocoa vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: The three sacred sisters! I'll pinch you out before you use 
dangerous techniques! 

Lesqua: Do it if you can!

Milk: We'll never do as you like!

Cocoa: We'll show you we can seal again Goburiki with our power!

*Da Cider vs Don Harumage*

Da Cider: How dare you continue to trick me! Prepare yourself for that!

Hebimetako: Prepare Jan!

Don Harumage: Fools! You'll be regret in hell for not being controlled by me!

*Adeu vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: You are a guy who is poor to rot away without being able to 
achieve the mission that oneself was assigned to.

Adeu: I don't understand the mission that you're talking about but, now I have
only one thing to do! I'll fight with all my power not to let Earth Tear falls
into your hand!

*Mach Windy vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: No matter how you struggle it is already too late! 
From now on, all beings at Earth Tear will only live in panic by my control!

Mach Windy: Enjoy your dream but before that you need to beat us first!

*Turn 6 or Goburiki's HP is reduced to certain point*

Don Harumage: Those bastards are worthy of my opponent...
But, my power is not only that much! Behold, my true power! 
Psychic Barrier!!

Jin: W, what is that!?

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahahaha! No matter how many power you gather, it is 
useless in front of this psychic barrier!

Lamuness: What? You don't know until you try! Goooo! King Scassher!!

Ely: Lie! It didn't work at all!

Kakeru: That bastard Goburiki, he pull out a troublesome thing!

Goburiki: Do you understand now!? No matter what you do you can't win me!

Ryouma: Shut up! If we can't destroy it the simple way we'll destroy it the
hard way!

Mach Windy: There is surely a breakthrough! We'll never give up until we find

Don Harumage: Fools! Carry that hope with you to hell before me!

*Don Harumage is attacked within a few turn*

Lesqua: Ah~ damn! If we let Goburiki do the way he likes we can't end this 

Milk: Sister! Can we do anything to break that barrier!?

Cocoa: Even you say so...!

Don Harumage: Fuhahahaha! It seems nothing can be done!
Then it is time I send you all to hell together!

Da Cider: Hey, Goburiki! Don't be cocky! Now I will make your face tearful!

Don Harumage: Bullshit, Da Cider!
As long as this barrier exists none of you can wounded me!

Da Cider: What barrier!? If that's the case this is all-or-nothing!
I will focus Queen Sideron's power at one point and break it!!

[Da Cider attacks Don Harumage]

Don Harumage: Can't be! The barrier is destroyed!

Da Cider: Heh! See, I told you so!

Hebimetako: You are cool Darling!

Tama-Q: We did it Mya! Queen Sideron's risking attack worked Mya!

Don Harumage: You bastard Da Cider! Doing impertinent trick!

Sharu: Now, everyone! 
Before the barrier stretchs again let's beat him in one go!

Lamuness: Understood!

*Battle ends*

Lamuness: How is that Goburiki!? Your ambition also ends here!

Don Harumage: Nuuuu... Not yet! I'll not die at this degree!

[Goburiki recovers 100000 HP]

Da Cider: Damn! What a tough bastard!

Hebimetako: The name Calamity God doesn't for showing off!

Don Harumage: If that is the case I'll use the Armed Fantoma at once and
completely heal!

Blass: This is bad! If he recover he will use the Psychic Barrier again! 

Tama-Q: Everyone, the one can seal Goburiki is only the guardian knights Mya!
Please trust me from here Mya!

Lamuness: Tama-Q!?

Tama-Q: Concentrate all the guardian knights' energy on me and pour into King
Sccasher Mya!
Then attack Goburiki with a full-power Samuraion Mya!

Lamuness: But, Tama-Q! If we do that you will...!

Tama-Q: Don't hesitate Mya! Now gather all the power of the guardian knights

Lamuness: Understood! Step back everyone!

Amane: O, Ok!

Lamuness: Let's do it, Tama-Q!

Tama-Q: Ok Mya!

Tama-Q: Ummmmmm... Mya!

Lamuness: I rely on you everyone! Lend I & Tama-Q your power!

Tama-Q: Go Mya!! Mya Mya Mya Myaaa!!

Lamuness: Ceylorm! 

Ceylorm: Go! Here is all my power!

Lamuness: Silicone!

Silicone: Youth! I let you use all of my power!

Lamuness: Blendon!

Blendon: Take all of my power!

Lamuness: Assaam!

Assaam: The samurai has the courage to face death! Nuooooooo!

Lamuness: Zenzain!

Zenzain: This is clearance! Have it!

Da Cider: Lamuness! I hand over the merit so you must beat that bastard 

Tama-Q: Lamuness, change to Samuraion Mya!!

Lamuness: Ok!!

Don Harumage: Ugoooooooooh! Not at this place.... Noooooo!! 

Da Cider: That idiot Lamuness did it!

Hebimetako: He is cool next to Darling Jan!

Lamuness: We did it... At last we did it! I'm now very nostagic.
Oh I forgot Tama-Q...! He used all of his energy...

Tama-Q: Hm...

Lamuness: Hey, hey! Tama-Q, be tough!

Tama-Q: Lamuness... Be happy Mya...! Because we beat the Calamity God Mya...!
Good night Mya...

Lamuness: No way, Tama-Q! Don't joke! Doesn't we come this far!?

Tama-Q: ...

Lamuness: Open your eyes, Tama-Q... Tama-Qqqqqq!!

Milk: Kyaaaah! What's that!? The space around us vibrates!?

Hebimetako: Because of Don Harumage's death the Hoyhoy Castle is uncontrollable

Blass: You mean there are distortions happen at the surrounding space...!?

Hebimetako: There is nothing better than escape from this dimension Jan!
If we don't do that we'll die together with Hoyhoy castle Jan!

Da Cider: Whattttt!!?
Lamuness, quickly evacuate! If you're slow you'll die in this dimension!

Lamuness: Wait! Tama-Q is... Tama-Q is...!

Amane: All machine, go back to Ionia! We'll escape from this sector!

Sharu: Wait Kakeru, what are you doing!? 
Didn't you hear that if we don't escape quickly we'll disappear with this

Kakeru: I know that! 
But I can not leave the Armed Fantoma here!
This time... Come, Armed Fantoma!!
This is the last one! Wait Amane! I will immediately release you from Ionia!

Ribaris: I'm sorry but I can't let that happen!

Kakeru: Shit...! You bastard, Ribaris!

Ribaris: Let me take that Armed Fantoma! Farewell!

Kakeru: Wait, Ribaris!!

Amane: Brother, quickly return! We can't bear this anymore!

Kakeru: B, but!

Blass: Calm down, Kakeru! If you overdo here and lose the Schicksal you can't
save Amane!

Kakeru: Shit! Understood!

Don Harumage: Naive... You're naive Lamuness! The Calamity God Goburiki can't
die that easily!
Shit...! But the damage is serious beyond my imagination...!
If that is the case I'll absorb all the mist of the atmosphere...!
Just wait, Lamuness! I'll surely destroy you and Earth Tear!!

Idro: Ehh! The mist rune of the atmosphere is in disorder!
At last... at last! The time has come!

Galden: Idro...

Idro: Yeah, Galden-sama... It seems you have recovered.

Galden: Hmph, I can't bear resting carefree like this forever.
Moreover answer my question. What is happening?

Idro: I have a good new for you, Galden-sama. Soon the ground will be full of
The era will be in chaotic wars as you wished. Hihihi...

Galden: The era of chaotic wars...?
That is, in other word, the future world where the weak dies and the strong 
But now I can't win those Ryu users with this power...

Idro: You don't need to worry about that... If we obtain the Spirit Stone there
is nothing to fear.
In addition, I have a plan to power up Steru to manyfold.

Galden: What!? Is that true, Idro!?

Idro: Yes... That time will come soon... Please give me extension for a little 

Galden: Understood... I'll enjoy watching over your plan.

Idro: Yes.

Galden: This time I'll seize this world as a supreme ruler. I'll kill all those
obtruct me...!
Adeu! I will return the disgrace you caused me! Wash your neck while waiting!

*Eldogear/Center Room*

White Dragon: Brave Lamuness, and the other heroes fighting together with him.
Thank you for defeating Calamity God Goburiki for us.

Nuzzi: At this point Earth Tear is free from one threat...

Lamuness: But in exchange for this Tama-Q is...

Tama-Q: ...

Kotarou: Lamuness... Even if we cheer him up it is impossible.

Lamuness: I'm now very sad.
But Tama-Q... I'll not cry anymore!
Because we defeated our objective, Calamity God Goburiki.

White Dragon: Yeah. Tama-Q's name will be transmited through eternal at Earth

Cocoa: Lamuness. When we return to Arara Kingdom we will make a grave for 
Milk: Sister, his grave is fine beside graves of gold fish right?

Cocoa: That's right. Let make him a neighbor of gold fishes...

Izumi: In the name of God Zeto, the Brave, please protect Tama-Q's rest...

Benkei: Amen Amitabha... Amen Amitabha...
Kakeru: Tama-Q, we'll never forget your braveness!

Mach Windy: The MVP this time is no mistaken Tama-Q...
Adeu: Sleep well and leave the later to us...

Yui: Rest in peace... Tama-Q...

Cocoa: Lamuness~, before putting him into the funeral let's make him clean~.

Milk: Use this cloth.

Tama-Q: Don't do that to me Mya...

Jin: Dowaaaaaaaaah!!
Rikiya: T, Tama-Q come back alive!!

Ryouma: Hey, Benkei! Because of your suitable pray he came back to haunt us!

Benkei: Because of me!?

Tama-Q: Eh? Everyone, what are you astonishing for Mya?

Lamuness: Are you ghost of Tama-Q!?

Tama-Q: What are you saying Mya? I just only slept Mya.

Ken: I see...

Lamuness: You make me worried...! But... but...! 
I'm now very happy!!

Tama-Q: Because I used up too much energy my recovering took time Mya!

Da Cider: That idiot... He try to make people laugh. 

Hebimetako: That Manju is doing an exquisite thing Jan!

Lesqua: Good grief, you're daring. You cause people worry terribly.

Bowei: Anyway, this is a happy ending to Goburiki's event.


Pahuricia Queen: Paffy!

Paffy: Father! Mother!

Pahuricia King: Oh, Paffy!

Adeu: Hehe... Good for you, Paffy.

Pahuricia Queen: Paffy, you're very healthy...

Paffy: Because everyone support me.

Pahuricia King: I see. You have good friend Paffy.

Magnum Ace: Pahuricia King, above all you are safe.

Milk: Magnum Ace!

Paffy: Father and Mother know Magnum Ace?

Pahuricia King: Yeah, he is an old friend of mine.
When Pahuricia Castle was attacked, I entrust him an important thing.

Adeu: Important thing?

Pahuricia Queen: The item influence Earth Tear's fate.

Sarutobi: Could it be...

Magnum Ace: Pahuricia King, I return the thing you entrust.

Pahuricia King: You keep it well, Magnum Ace.
As the King of Pahuricia... No, as one of Pahuricia citizen, I thank you with

Cocoa: Er~, inside that box is...?

Pahuricia King: Yeah. I have something I must tell you guys...

Pahuricia Queen: Let's leave the detail after we return to Pahuricia Castle.

Pahuricia King: Right. We defeat Calamity God Goburiki. I think we should
celebrate prosperous tonight.

Kenichi: Eh!? Really!?

Kouji: It is a long time I haven't eat good food!

Milk: Then, let's do it quickly! I'm hungry~!

Lesqua: Good grief, that girl...

Cocoa: Milk~, that's shameful. First we must report to Father about the defeat
of Goburiki~. Moreover, Father will surely happy to know that our sister Cafe 
Au Lait is alive~.

Lesqua: I see...

Nuzzi: So have you finish the story?

Adeu: Yeah. We'll go to Pahuricia from now!

White Dragon: I see, to Pahuricia...

Lamuness: Great wise man, White Dragon! Thank you for teaching us many things!

White Dragon: Yeah. You did really well.
I'll prepare the warp gate which leads to Pahuricia. You can use it from now on.

Paffy: It helps a lot.

Milk: Then, farewell!

Haguhagu: Bye bye Haguu~!

*Eldogear/Center Room*

Nuzzi: They gone...

White Dragon: ...Great wise man Nuzzi. I notice one thing.

Nuzzi: Before Lamuness group return the Mist Rune suddenly be in disorder.

White Dragon: Could it be...

Nuzzi: There is a possibility... But those guys overcome whatever critis isn't
I believe so. For that we will try our best to help them. 
Because those guys are the hope of the entire world.

*Pahuricia Castle/King's Room*

Kinta: Phew~, I finished eating!

Milk: Thank you thank you! But that is a little lacking!

Mai: Despite you ate all the food from the table, you say that...? 

Saeko: Let's end the talk here. The King and the Queen come to meet us.

Pahuricia Queen: Everyone. Thank you for saving Pahuricia Kingdom from danger 
this time.

Pahuricia King: I want to express my gratitude of your large effort taking back
Pahuricia Castle...
How can we pay this debt...?

Adeu: Don't worry about it, your majesty!
There is one big rule of Chivalry! The knight's action isn't looking for 

Pahuricia Queen: Well, you really a good knight that Paffy chose. What an 

Adeu: Ofcourse! Nahahahahaha!

Sarutobi: Good grief... You hype yourself.

Kouji: We have the same feeling your majesty!
We can stand still watching Paffy's kingdom and her father fall into crisis.

Kenichi: Moreover stopping Don Harumage is also necessary for us.

Pahuricia Queen: Thank you everyone...
Paffy made really good friends... No, she got her best friends.

Paffy: Yes... Everyone are important close friends to me.

Cocoa: Er~, can I have one question~?

Pahuricia King: Eh? What is it, princess Cocoa?

Cocoa: It seems Don Harumage kidnapped you guys for the Spirit Stone~...
Can it be that inside the box that Magnum Ace carries is...

Pahuricia King: As I expected the intelligent princess Cocoa that I know.
It is as you imagine.

Pahuricia Queen: The let me tell you the secret treasure of our family...
This way is the box.

Pahuricia Queen: You, the one control the seal... The time has come...
Listen to my command and break the seal!

Lesqua: What is that light!?

Da Cider: Ah, it is dazzling! You are cute!

Hebimetako: Darling, this is not time for joke Jan.

Paffy: Mother, that is!?

Pahuricia Queen: That is the old treasure passed from our family, the Spirit

Paffy: Spirit Stone... So that is the Spirit Stone that Galden was looking for. 

Cookie: Beautiful~! It is like jewel!

Professor: What kind of power does this stone have?

Pahuricia Queen: This Spirit Stone is not only a stone. It is a mystery stone
that hide big power.
Galden's family over many hundred years attack our kingdom many times but we're
able to push them back.

Adeu: Is that because Galden wants the power of this stone...?

Cocoa: So you request Magnum Ace to keep the Spirit Stone~? 

Pahuricia King: Yeah. I heard of Galden's threat but we can't abandon our 
At that point when we receive the new that Galden is going to attack, we 
entrust the Spirit Stone to our reliable Magnum Ace.

Mach Windy: So that is why I can't contact Magnum Ace?

Magnum Ace: Yeah. Even those guys can catch Pahuricia King it is Ok if they
can't catch my whereabout. 
But because I try to protect the stone, I let everyone of Silver Castle 
worry... Sorry, Windy...

Mach Windy: Don't worry about it Magnum... I was thinking that you have some
reasons for it.
As long as you're fine it is alright.

Magnum Ace: Thank you, Windy. From now on I'll fight with you guys and grasp
the victory.
By the spirit of Leaguer!

Windy: Yeah! I rely on you, Magnum!

Sarutobi: By the way the king and the queen. What is the big power that the
Spirit Stone holds? 

Jin: Perhap if we use that green stone, something legendary will wake up!

Yousuke: Something like gold?

Mai: You two overthere! We are talking seriously so don't butt in with silly

Pahuricia Queen: Do everyone know about the Evil Dragon Tribe?

Sarutobi: Evil Dragon Tribe?

Izumi: Evil Dragon Tribe... If I remember correctly, it is surely an evil tribe
that live in different world... 

Pahuricia Queen: Correct. They are living beings with giant body, evil heart
and are brutal.

Pahuricia King: They always seeking chance to attack and take control of Earth

Da Cider: So beside Don Harumage are these guys aiming for Earth Tear too...!

Lesqua: Right next to the defeated Don Harumage this time it is them...

Hebimetako: After one crisis came another Jan.

Da Cider: After defeating Don Harumage the era seems still needing me!

Lamuness: Da Cider, this time lend me that power for justice!

Da Cider: Wahahahaha! Trust me!
Because you are a hero your heart have to be spacious (hirobiro)! Just kidding!

Sarutobi: That means from now on we have to continue hearing those jokes...

Tama-Q: Everyone, be patience Mya...

Pahuricia King: The Evil Dragon Tribe can't endure the narrowness of their 
living world so they try to seize the world of Earth Tear.

Pahuricia Queen:  If the guardian knights are machinery giants who is made to
fight Calamity God Goburiki...
Ryu are machinery giants who is manufactured by the ancient magic science to 
fight Evil Dragon Tribe.
Therefore the Ryu-user whose life stick together with Ryu has the mission to
protect Earth Tear from Evil Dragon Tribe.

Adeu: Defeat the Evil Dragon Tribe is our mission...?

Paffy: So that is the mission that Gratches was talking about...

Sarutobi: Then how does the Spirit Stone relate to we Ryu-user?

Pahuricia Queen: The Spirit Stone is the key which draw Ryu's original power
for you to fight the Evil Dragon Tribe.
According to legend, the one who can truely fight Evil Dragon Tribe is 
considered only the Ryu who received the power of the Spirit Stone.

Pahuricia King: But because even with Ryu they can't beat completely the Evil
Dragon Tribe, the ancient people cover a barrier around them and protect the
temporarily peace.
And that barrier is weaken in a cycle of one thousand years... It is about time
the Evil Dragon Tribe visit and attack Earth Tear.

Adeu: That seems to be a very awful story...

Pahuricia King: Uh! What is that!?

Pahuricia Soldier: We are in big trouble! From the sky giant dragons keep 

Paffy: Giant dragon...!?

Pahuricia King: Could it be them...

Stage 18: Evil Dragon Tribe alight! The angry agressor!!

Evil Dragon Soldier: It seems we escaped from the barrier.

Evil Dragon Soldier: Most guys were blocked by the barrier and was burned 

Evil Dragon Soldier: Well, these much are left will do.
Soon the second group will come along. Let's act before they take away our
Evil Dragon Soldier: First we will make the garbages of this town scapegoat!

Evil Dragon Soldier: This is the first step to cover the world with darkness!

Kakeru: Who are those guys!? Are they dragon!?

Adeu: Those are the monsters I saw from before!

Izumi: Adeu! You have seen these strange beings!? 

Adeu: When I was 10, I saw these monsters fight with a Ryu!

Pahuricia Queen: Everyone, those evil beings are the Evil Dragon Tribe we 
were talking about!

Paffy: Evil Dragon Tribe!? Those are Evil Dragon Tribe!? 

Sarutobi: Is the story wrong!? Isn't those guy come and aim at the time the
barrier is weak!?

Pahuricia King: Certainly so but...

Ryouma: Please end the story here! Let's quickly beat those lizards!

Magnum Ace: The battle with the Evil Dragon Tribe... We'll never avoid it!

Kakeru: Right! This is no time to think!

Domon: Well! Then let's go!

*Magnum Ace/Mach Windy vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Mach Windy: We finished the warming up right Magnum!?

Magnum Ace: Yeah! I'll also fight with all my power! For this world and for 
Iron League to reopen!

*Katze vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Katze: I don't care what the fuck is Ryu-user's mission! 
Obtruct my business is unbearable! I settle things straight here!

*Adeu vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Adeu: When I was small the Ryu defeat the Evil Dragon Tribe! I'll show you I
also can do that!

*Paffy vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Paffy: Even without the Spirit Stone we have heartening comrades! I'll show all
I will surely win this battle!

*Izumi vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Izumi: It is time to accomplish the mission as a Ryu-user...! Let's go Baurus!

*Sarutobi vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Sarutobi: Who is Evil Dragon Tribe! I'll beat them from A to Z!

*Lamuness vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Lamuness: Tama-Q, are you really alright?
Tama-Q: Thanks to the deep sleep I'm in perfect condition Mya!
On top of that, Lamuness! According to the story a while ago, the enemies seem
to be strong Mya! You have to very be careful Mya!

Lamuness: We even beat Goburiki! No matter who is the opponent I'll show 
everyone I'll protect Earth Tear!

*Da Cider vs Evil Dragon Soldier*

Da Cider: I give up Goburiki to Lamuness but beating Evil Dragon Tribe is mine!

Hebimetako: Darling! Try your best!

*6 enemies remain*

Adeu: I can't believe the Evil Dragon Tribe is this tough...!

Sarutobi: Yeah, the Solid is nothing compared to them!

Blass: Without strong robots we can't fight even one soldier...

Professor: What!? That's!?
Everyone, be careful! We acknowledged new machines coming this way!

Ely: What did you say!?

Katze: Good grief! Who is the visitor this time!?

Domon: That is, Death Army!

Magnum Ace: The Three Gold Brothers!

Gold Arm: Fuhahahahahahaha!! At last... at last we found you Magnum Ace!!

Gold Mask: Now! Let's play!

Adeu: Leave the match later! We don't have time to challenge you now!

Gold Foot: Shut up! 
No matter who you fight we act according to instinct!

Magnum Ace: The Three Gold Brothers... What the hell happened to you...?

Mach Windy: Be careful, Magnum! Those guys are being controlled by the trouble
thing called DG Cell!

Magnum Ace: Is that so...

Magnum Ace: Good, the Three Gold Brothers! I'll accept your challenge!

Mach windy: Is that Ok, Magnum!?

Magnum Ace: The Leaguer will accept a challenge regardless of the condition!

Mach Windy: Do you come out with any plan?

Magnum Ace: I can only overcome their Leaguer spirits.
If I burn my heart to the limit, they will surely be released from the DG 
Cell's curse naturally!

Mach Windy: Understood, Magnum! Let me join that bet!

Magnum Ace: Come, the Three Gold Brothers! Let settle this fair and square!

*Magnum Ace vs The Three Gold Brothers*

Magnum Ace: Receive my ball the Three Gold Brothers! Also remember this! This
is a heart to heart crashing burning fight!

*Mach Windy vs The Three Gold Brothers*

Mach Windy: I'll help you remember the Three Gold Brothers! Those burning 

*Gold Foot defeated*

Gold Foot: Don't you think this is over! Next time I'll build my strength and
return you this debt! Enjoy waiting for that time!

*Gold Mask defeated*

Gold Mask: Shit, why!? Why I can't win those guys...!? There must be something
different between them and I!!

*Gold Arm defeated*

Gold Arm: I don't like being beaten over and over! I will return twice the debt
next time we meet!

*All enemies shot down*

Benkei: It seems we cleared the mess.

Hayato: No, we detected heat source from the sky. It seems the second group of
Evil Dragon Tribe will come here.

Omachi: We also catch it. But it seems we can relax a bit.

Isaac: Well, let's use this time to reorganize our formation.

Mach Windy: It seems the Three Gold Brothers can't escape the curse of the DG

Magnum Ace: Somehow I can't detect their burning spirit at that match...

Match Windy: There is something missing...

Domon: No, through the battles with us until now their hearts have been 
engraved our fighting spirit.

Magnum Ace: Now let's return to the bench. Make use of leisure time to rest is
also the player's duty.

Hidenori: Maria-san! Something coming from the sky!

Bowei: It seems they appear.

Maria: Be careful everyone!

Kid: The enemies fall from above just like shooting star...

Katze: They come in large number...! Can we really win...!?

Adeu: What are you saying Katze! If we combine our force we can win anyone!

Galden: Immature as always, Adeu.

Paffy: Dark Knight Steru!

Adeu: You are alive, Galden! 

Galden: I came back from the death... To erase the disgrace you bastards caused
But, first...!

Evil Dragon Soldier: Guaaaaaa!!

Galden: Now! Do it, Idro!!

Idro: Haaaaaa... Haah!!

Galden: Ohh... I'm overflow with power... Is this the power of Evil Dragon 

Galden: Hahahahaha! I the Dark Knight obtained the most powerful strength!

Izumi: It can't be! Dark Knight absorbed the power of Evil Dragon Tribe...!

Sarutobi: Shit! That bastard Galden!

Galden: Now, prepare yourself! 
I'll show you the hell of incomparable disgrace that I received!

Idro: Well, you guys also line up!

[Enemies appear]

Idro: Hihihi! I prepared the stage, Galden-sama.

Galden: Hm, Idro, you step back.

Idro: Then, enjoy this show as much as you can.

*Galden vs Paffy*

Paffy: I'll not letting you capture Pahuricia the second time...!

Galden: I don't care the fuck about Pahuricia! I'll use this power to become
king of Earth Tear!
Die in the other world while be proud as the basis of that becoming matter!

*Galden vs Katze*

Galden: The master of Ryu Gunner, stop accompany those guys and follow me!

Katze: I decline! I can't see a good dream even if I follow you!

*Galden vs Sarutobi*

Sarutobi: Even if you fucking resurrected the second time I'll send you back to
bottom of Hell! Prepare yourself Galden!

Galden: The victory from the last battle make you a loud-mouth...
I'm discomfort! The master of Ryu Ninja, quickly disappear before me!

*Galden vs Adeu*

Adeu: Just because you absorb Evil Dragon Tribe doesn't mean we can't defeat 
you! Let's finish this Galden!!

Galden: Naive as usual, Adeu...
But I will immediately teach you so that you won't talk about it anymore!

*Galden vs Izumi*

Galden: Although you know that Steru's power is up you still fight me?

Izumi: Behind me is Pahuricia. I'll protect it with my life despite any kind of

*Steru's HP reduced to ??%*

Hidenori: They come from the sky again!

Evil Dragon Soldier: How long are you guys playing!? The ones that can break
through the Mystic Shield gather at the joining point!

Evil Dragon Soldier: We will move right away!

Galden: Bastard Evil Dragon Tribe... They run away. 

*Battle ends*

Galden: You fight well with the Steru which obtains Evil Dragon Tribe's 
But, the foreplay ends here!

[Steru recovers 91000 HP]

Adeu: What a annoying bastard...!

Galden: Well then, Adeu! Let me pay back the disgrace that you caused me!

[Steru attacks Ryu Knight]

Adeu: Uwaaaaaa!!

Paffy: A, Adeu!

Tsutomu: Not good! At this rate Adeu-san will!

Adeu: Ku... Galden! I'll not get crushed by this pain!

Galden: Hmph, it seems you can show endurance more than before.
But, I'll teach you that reality is severe. I'll show you a good thing before I
get rid of you!

Adeu: A good thing!?

Galden: Look! The vanish of your friends!

Da Cider: The wholesell store doesn't wholesell that!

Da Cider: Hurtttttt!!

Amane: Da Cider-san! He cover us!

Da Cider: Since I utterly caused you guys trouble if I don't do this much I feel

Hebimetako: Good! Good! Darling, I'm excited Jan!

Lamuness: Da Cider! Nice move!

Tama-Q: It is not surprised that he is the decendant of Brave Mya!

Galden: Stupid Da Cider! Doing unnecessary trick...!
Then I'll begin by sending you to the other world!

Lamuness: I'll not permit that!

Lamuness: I'll beat an inhuman guy like you!

Da Cider: Fuck you, Lamuness! This is none of your business! Just me dealing 
Galden is enough! 

Lamuness: Da Cider, you can't match Galden alone!
Moreover this time it is obvious the turn of the leader!

Da Cider: Shut up! I'm the one receive more fan letters from female high school

Lamuness: Female high school students!?

Da Cider: Go, Queen Sideron! We'll make Lamuness good-looking!

Lamuness: Eh!? Wait, Da Cider!

[Lamuness and Da Cider do a combination attack on Galden]

Galden: Shit...! You always oppose me...!
Don't think you can leave this place alive!

Idro: Calm down, Galden-sama!
Although you obtained the power of Evil Dragon Tribe, fighting with 
convalescent body more than this is too much!

Galden: Shut up, Idro! I don't satisfied if things are like this!

Idro: Retreat is also essential for accomplish your great ambition! That is not
very good idea!

Galden: ...
Good then, Idro... Your words also reasonable... I'll do as you wish. 

Idro: Haa!

Galden: You're lucky, you bastard!
But I'll not be like this the next time! I'll surely take your heads!

Paffy: Thanks God he retreats...

Sarutobi: Shit, that bastard Galden! He obtained great power!

Izumi: Somehow we also must obtain the power to fight Galden.

Adeu: The power just to fight Galden...?
(But, we can't win Galden...! If we don't obtain the power just to beat 

Sarutobi: It is a pity that even Galden survived...
Lesqua: He is one step faster than us power up by fusing with Evil Dragon 

Katze: The truth is we did well to repel him.

Lamuness: Well, my ''King Sccasher Hurricane'' settle it.

Da Cider: Fool, we'll settle it by ''Queen Sideron Tornado''!

Lamuness: King Sccasher Hurricane!

Da Cider: Queen Sideron Tornado!

Lamuness: King Sccasher Hurricane!!

Da Cider: Queen Sideron Tornadoooo!!

Lamuness: Then, take it middle-way as Royal Squash!

Da Cider: Ok, that's more like it!

Milk: Good grief, when it comes to those two...

Lesqua: They're really good combination...

*Pahuricia Castle/King's Room*

Da Cider: The Evil Dragon Tribe... Another terrible enemy appeared!

Izumi: The Evil Dragon Tribe... They hold the power just as the legend said...

Paffy: Yeah. If everyone ain't with us we could't hold them back...

Katze: That time, just as I think those guys appear in swarm, I feel heavily

Pahuricia King: But I can't understand. The weakening of the barrier of Earth
Tear is surely 2 months from now...

Cocoa: The reason the barrier weaken seems to be on other factor~.

Adeu: Whatever the reason might be, the Evil Dragon Tribe already arrived at
Earth Tear!
So we can only beat them from A to Z!

Sarutobi: Our enemy aren't the Evil Dragon Tribe, Adeu. Because there is also
a bastard come back from the death.

Izumi: Galden...?

Sarutobi: That bastard obtained the power of the Evil Dragon Tribe and his
power increased...
On top of that if he obtain the Spirit Stone we can't be sure we can beat him
next time.

Paffy: If that's the case, we have to protect Pahuricia's Spirit Stone no 
matter what.

Pahuricia King: I agree Paffy. Galden will surely after the Spirit Stone again.

Pahuricia Queen: Good, Paffy? From now you will protect the Spirit Stone in
place of us.

Paffy: That can't be...!

Adeu: Are you serious!? That is Galden's objective!

Pahuricia Queen: We fully aware it is a dangerous task. 
But carrying the future is always heroes' duty.
I entrust the mission protecting Earth Tear from the evil hands of Galden and
Evil Dragon Tribe to Paffy and you young heroes.

Paffy: Mother...

Pahuricia King: Understand, Paffy? We can only chose to fight to protect Earth

Paffy: But that matter to me is...

Pahuricia Queen: It is alright... I'm sure you can master the power of the 
Spirit Stone.
We have you travel for training also for this reason.

Paffy: ...

Adeu: Don't worry, Paffy. You ain't alone, I'll lend you my power!

Paffy: Adeu...

Sarutobi: Paffy, if you forget us you're in trouble.

Izumi: Princess, my journey is finished but let this Izumi after this help you.

Haguhagu: Me too!

Paffy: Father, mother. I'll give it a shot!

Pahuricia Queen: We entrust the Spirit Stone and Pahuricia future on you Paffy.

Paffy: Yes.

Adeu: Katze, it is easy to see that you'll give us a hand?

Katze: Ain't I said it before? I don't care the fuck risking my live for other
Moreover I don't do things that don't make money... (Ah, wait...)
Hey hey, King! Queen!

Pahuricia King: What is it Katze-kun?

Katze: Let me and Derringer be Paffy's bodyguard!
And then~ I want the fee for that.

Adeu: You~, protecting Earth Tear is our mission! What is the point of making
money here!?

Katze: Afterall I'm a merchant! Business is cool!

Sarutobi: Good grief... It is optimistic making business at this time...

Hebimetako: Darling, what will we do after this Jan?

Da Cider: Anyhow we don't have anything to do after beating Don Harumage.
If that is the case I'll beat Evil Dragon Tribe so that the reputation of Brave
Da Cider will raise high!

Lamuness: Paffy, I'll also help you!

Cocoa: Protecting the world is Brave's duty right~?

Lamuness: If we let Evil Dragon Tribe messing this world up there are no 
meanings defeating Goburiki!
So we will fight until the true peaceful day comes to Earth Tear!

Milk: Lamuness...

Tama-Q: You said well Mya, Lamuness! As I expected the Brave Mya!

Kotarou: Well, we'll also fight for Earth Tear!

Pahuricia King: No, I'm happy with that suggestion but you guys better go back
to your original world.
From what I heard you forbided your true enemies at Earth and came to Earth

Gorou: I agree with that but we can't overlook Earth Tear's crisis...

Pahuricia Queen: We're deeply moved by your offer...
But we can't take advantage of it anymore. From now please use that power to
protect your world.

Adeu: Don't worry about Earth Tear! We'll show you we can protect it!

Jin: You said that but what should we do?

Asuka: I think we better return to Earth once.
The Drago Empire and the Hell Beasts cause trouble to that world. We have to go
to Earth and get rid of them.

Ely: That's true. We can let the invaders do as they likes!

Magnum Ace: The battle protecting peace is starting from now. Eventhough we're
devided in separated world, our hearts are one!

Domon: Right. Let's swear from now on we also fight together at the stages of
the 2 world.

Kouji: If the decision is made, let's immediately get back to Arara Kingdom 
that has the Space-Time Transmission Device!

Cocoa: If that is the case~ we have to repair the Space-Time Transmission 
Device so let us travel along with you~.

Paffy: Father, Mother. For escorting everyone, we also want to come along with 
Brave Lamuness.

Pahuricia King: Yeah, it is a farewell to your friends. You may go.

Paffy: Yes.

*Urutaria Fort/Ernst Facility Headquarter*

Ribaris: I'm reporting, Kyaos-sama!
The abominable being to Earth Tear, the Evil Dragon Tribe appeared!

Kyaos: So they appeared at last...
It seems Earth Tear's barrier, the Mystic Shield gradually weaken.

Ribaris: According to the report of the observation group, a lot of Evil Dragon
soldiers died for breaking it...
The ones can breakthrough it is only no more than 10%...

Kyaos: We have to prepare a decisive battle with Evil Dragon Tribe's 
They might plan to build the foothold of Earth Tear's invasion before the main 
force arrive.

Ribaris: How do we oppose them Kyaos-sama?

Kyaos: It is obvious. Have you forgot the meaning of our existence?

Ribaris: Yes... Then, the time we accomplish our mission has come at last!

Kyaos: Right, Ribaris.
More than that for the Ernst Facility to counterattack the Evil Dragon Tribe 
let's transmit the plan to the final stage.

Ribaris: Roger. I'll give notification to all the troop at once!

Kyaos: Wait, Ribaris. Have you forgot the important mission that I give you?

Ribaris: Of course, Kyaos-sama! That is take back the remaining 2 Armed Fantoma
from the Black Giant!

Kyaos: Because the Evil Dragon Tribe already fell here, there are no longer time
for us to chose the method.
I'll give you a new power in place of your Deba Jino.

Ribaris: T, this machine is!?

Kyaos: This is a legendary machine sleeping at Urutaria. It can run at last 
thanks to the Armed Fantoma you obtained.
Without you it'll be buried forever. Thank you, Ribaris...

Ribaris: I don't deserve such words...!!
In the honor of Kyaos-sama's word and this machine, now I don't feel anxious of
this task at all!

Kyaos: Then go, Ribaris. This time come back with Schicksal and the Armed 

Ribaris: Yes! Ribaris Muirab, sortie!

*Ionia/Main Hall*
Kenichi: Hey, everyone. What will we do if we return to Earth?

Hiromi: I will contribute our adventure at Earth Tear to magazine or manga.

Reiko: I will surely watch professional wrestling! But before that I must see
the piled up wrestling videos!
Rikiya: For me is baseball. Because I haven't play a baseball match for a while
my batting sense is dull.

Mai: How about asking Magnum Ace for a pitch?

Rikiya: Pardon me... With Magnum Ace's strong fast ball if it hit me I might
broke my arm...

Yousuke: It is fine if you wear Ganbar suit.

Milk: That is probably good! Magnum Ace vs Red Ganbar is the best card!

Professor: Everyone, before being in high spirits have you forgot one crucial

Dango: Crucial thing?

Kenichi: Father, mother and moreover teacher?

Professor: Of course those are important but before that is the anxious of the
future of the Earth!

Tsutome: I agree with Takako-san. 
At worst, there is a possibility the Earth will fall into the hand of some 

Ely: Now that you mention it...!

Kouji: Hey hey. It is no use worrying like that from now. 
At Earth there is Tetsuya and Jun-san, surely things will be alright.

Boss: I believe in them! They'll surely protect our home firmly!

Sayaka: Moreover I'm sure the mobile fighters around the world also fighting to
protect Earth.

Domon: Right. They are the representative fighters of each country. Each of
them hold enormous power that match a thousand of people.

Magnum Ace: Somehow the Earth has many friends that you can rely on.

Hayato: Kakeru, what will you do? You have to collect the Armed Fantoma for
Amane right?

Kakeru: Yeah. I plan to stay at Earth Tear.
I've to take back the Armed Fantoma from the Ernst.

Blass: Kakeru-kun. If it suit you I'll also like to help.

Kakeru: Thank you. That saves me, Blass-san!

Sharu: It can't be helped. Allow me to join!
I mean, I'm worry about only Amane and you and, if Schicksal is stolen it is
not a joke.

Kakeru: You don't trust us... But, you are a great help, Sharu!

Sharu: What is that refreshing response! You are disgusting!
Good? If we can rescue Amane smoothly you have to treat me with doughnut.

Kakeru: ...Do you hint that you want to date me?

Sharu: Idiot! That's wrong!

Domon: Kakeru, let me help you too.
I have to get rid of the DG Cell that Ernst facility owns.

Kakeru: That's fine. I'm rely on you from now on! 

Blass: Amane-kun, for that reason please trust us from now on.

Amane: Yes...
But, Blass-san...

Blass: Eh? What's wrong Amane?

Amane: Will my life last until I was released from Ionia...?

Kakeru: What are you saying Amane!?
Of course!

Amane: But from what I feel from the battles before... The time left for me is 

Izumi: Amane-kun, if you give up first the effort of everybody will be a waste.

Lamuness: Right! Don't be weak!

Cocoa: We also support you with all we can~.

Adeu: Of course we too!

Amane: Is it alright, everyone? Everyone is busy fighting the Evil Dragon 

Paffy: I will never be ungrateful for protecting my kingdom. This time it is
our turn working for Amane.

Kotarou: Because we won't handover the Earth to other guys so take back the 
Armed Fantoma without worry!

Yousuke: I keep all the school's prints so you must return together with 

Amane: Thank you everyone. I will try my best until the last minute.

Stage 19: Awakening! The new threat!

Zanpa: Now, surround him Pen!

Zanpa: This is the last warning Pen! Quickly get off that robot and surrender

Killy: Good grief... Just when we get out of the suspicious capital this time 
we appear at a place like this...

Remy: In the end, we're surrounded by strange robberies... I want to settle
down this annoyance.

Shingo: Let's leave that to Go Shogun.

Zanpa: Hey, you guys! Do you understand what kind of situation you're on Pen!?
You are surrounding by Earth Tear's greatest robbery Zanpa and fall into a huge
crisis Pen!?
This is not the case you talking that carefree Pen!

Killy: Right. How about surrender and wave white flag?

Remy: Or, roast Earth Tear's greatest robbery?

Shingo: Right... As for me I give one vote for the punishment.

Remy: Ok. Then it is settle as 2 against 1.

Killy: Hey hey you two. Who say obstruct. This time I also agree with that.

Shingo: Then, uanimously, we settle it as punishment!

Zanpa: Pepepepepen! I'll make you regret that foolish choice in hell Pen!

Zanpa: Hohe?

Shingo: Are those Onis?

Killy: Perhaps they chase us?

Remy: Hey, no way! Since we don't invite you stop chasing us!

Robbery: Hi, hieeeeeeeh!

Robery: Sorry, boss! We'll go first!

Zanpa: Pepepepepepen!? Do you have guts!? You ran away too much Pen!

Zanpa: Pepepen! I'm surrounded at the blink of time Pen!

Shingo: Wow... It seems I have to agree with your word Killy.

Remy: Well, the profit won't come at all right?

Killy: I'm sorry to hear that.

Zanpa: This is terrible Pen! The instinct of animal tell me I've been drive
into a corner Pen!

Shingo: Can you hear me, thief? At this rate the one being roast is you.
I think you better corporate with us.

Remy: Look like, it is extremely hard for you to escape.

Zanpa: Damn~... I only have a choice acting against the style of Sir Zanpa to 
survive Pen...

Zanpa: If that is the case I'll accomplish the great escape and create the new
legend of Zanpa-sama Peeen!

Remy: That is the spirit!

*Go Shogun vs enemy*

Shingo: Well well... Since when we became the experts exterminate the Onis?

Remy: You don't change anything since you are a boy. 
Let's head forward as one here.

Killy: Should I think that the material for writing an autobiography 

*Zanpa vs enemy*

Zanpa: Because of you I show a great loss Pen!
At least allow me to earn just one part of the allowance!

*All enemies defeated*

Shingo: Well, that is quick and neat.

Remy: Shingo, before those strangers come again let's go home quickly.

Killy: Remy, I'm sorry to say that is impossible.

Evil Dragon Soldier: Earth Tear is ours!

Evil Dragon Soldier: We'll kill all the obstructors!

Zanpa: Pepe!? Those guys are!?

Remy: Oh dear. It is well said that ''Oni appears or snake appears''.

Shingo: At that time he was hoping only one will appear.

Zanpa: Those guys have terrific menace Pen! At this rate we can't avoid total
annihilation Pen!

Killy: You are pessimistic even you are the greatest robbery?

Zanpa: I want to say that I calmly analyzing the situation Pen!
Leaving that aside you guys should quickly escape Pen! I'll do something here 

Shingo: Hey hey, what did you just say?

Zanpa: You could have escaped if you thinking of escaping from beginning Pen...
But because I was here you chosed to stay and fight Pen.

Remy: Dear, you are unexpectly sensitive.

Zanpa: Making debt is Half-Beast's disgrace Pen!

Zanpa: I will return the debt properly Pen!!

Zanpa: Kyu, kyuuuuu...

Killy: Good grief you're reckless.

Remy: Penguin-san, do you intend to die!?

Zanpa: Don't talk ''Penguin'' Pen...

Shingo: It seems you're still more or less fine.

Remy: What should we do? We can't abandon Penguin-san...

Killy: If we don't have something like a squad coming here...

Remy: I wonder if no one suddenly come to rescue us.

[Ionia appears]

Shingo: Speak of the devil!

Remy: Nice timing~. I can feel the squad exactly.

Isaac: Those are Good Thunder team!

Benkei: Goshogun!

Hayato: Can you hear us, Good Thunder Team!? The Evil Dragon Tribe is also
our enemy! Let us assist you!

Killy: We will be grateful for that...

Shingo: But first of all save that guy before saving us.

Kakeru: Him?

Zanpa: Pepen!? Save... me!?

Ken: That guy is Zanpa!?

Shingo: That guy is our ally at the moment.

Remy: He save us.
...For the time being.

Killy: He said he is a robbery but he is actually a good guy.
...I guess.

Katze: Even you say so, he has been bothering us from before...

Kakeru: Saving the robbery that causes other people trouble is...

Sharu: That's his reward for the past behavior. He pay for his mistake...

Zanpa: Pepepeeeen! Who said I need help Pen!
I haven't sunk to the extent that I need your help Pen!

Kakeru: Hey hey, don't make that tone...

Amane: Hey my brother just mocking so don't be stubborn Zanpa-san.

Sharu: It can't be helped... Letting someone dies without help leave us bad

Zanpa: Shut up Pen! This is the pride of the great robbery Pen!
I'll not permit your fucking help Peeeen!

Amane: Listen, Zanpa-san. From now we need everyone joining their hands to
protect Earth Tear.
Because of that we want the great robbery Zanpa to gather the robberies.

Zanpa: What are you saying Pen!?

Amane: We can only rely on Zanpa. After you're healed in Ionia, I want you to
listen to our story.

Zanpa: Haha, I accept your request Pen! Do as you wish Pen!

Sarutobi: That idiot Amane, he seduced sweetly.

Katze: He is a guy that can lie when necessary.

Amane: I want things to advance quickly. But the word just now is my serious

Kakeru: Really!?

Izumi: Exactly, to fight against the Evil Dragon Tribe, we have to unite 
everyone in Earth Tear as one...

Hayato: Hm, throw away conflict and head to the most important thing right?

Sarutobi: That Amane has high caliber...

Amane: Then, quickly get in Zanpa-san!

Zanpa: Aren't we missing something?
There isn't even one salute of welcome for the visit of Zanpa-sama Pen?

Sharu: Hey! Quit complaining and get in!

Zanpa: No way Peeeeen! I don't want to get in with that attitude Peeeeen!

Kakeru: Good grief, what a troublesome penguin!

Amane: Zanpa-san! It is dangerous so be quick!

Amane: ...! Danger! 

Amane: Quickly get in Ionia!

Zanpa: You save me even I caused you trouble...!?

Amane: I just want to save the one that is in trouble right before my eyes...!
I only want to do that natural thing...

Zanpa: That guy called Amane...

Kouji: Zanpa! Leave your sympathy later!

Paffy: Fight the Evil Dragon Tribe with us! Please get in Ionia at once!

Zanpa: Uu... I feel indebted...

Adeu: Well, everyone! Let's beat the Evil Dragon Tribe!

Ken: Ok!

*All enemies defeated*

Amane: U...

Maria: What's wrong Amane-kun!?

Amane: Something... is approaching us...!

Professor: I also catched it here! This pattern is Ernst fleet!

Amane: Not only that...! I feel something with great power...!

Kakeru: Shit...!

Kouji: What's wrong, Kakeru!?

Kakeru: Schicksal responses to something...!

Sharu: Is that the response of the Armed Fantoma that Ribaris stealed?

Kakeru: It is the same feeling... But, I feel that guy is different from 

Blass: Could it be...!

[Enemies appear]

Sharu: It's been so long, Ernst fleet!

Cookie: Eventhough we've been allied at Eldogear...

Blass: Those guys' objective is the Armed Fantoma. Battle can't be avoided...

Mach Windy: If it is the battle with Evil Dragon Tribe we could probably fight
together but...

Magnum Ace: The method of those guys is wrong. We can only correct that!

Shinobu: Hey look! That red robot at the back!

Hidenori: We don't have the data of that robot till now!

Tsutomu: Ernst's new type machine? But, that figure is...!

Kakeru: That thing... From that thing, I feel the same wave motion as 

Maria: Blass-san! What is that robot!?

Blass: That is... Arsignosis! The ancient weapon that Ernst facility excavate
in order to use the Armed Fantoma!

Kid: In other word it is the sibling of Schicksal right?

Kakeru: How can Ernst facility have this thing...

Sharu: But, why is Arsignosis operated!? Whatever they do it surely won't

Ribaris: Fuhahahaha! You surprise Blass and Sharu!?

Kakeru: Ribaris!? The one control it is you Ribaris!?

Ribaris: Indeed! The machine suits this Ribaris Muirab, the faithful knight of
You bastards and the Evil Dragon Tribe can't match us anymore!

Kakeru: I can't believe we reunite this early... 
We meet again, Ribaris!
Now here tell me the location of the Armed Fantoma that you seized at Hoyhoy

Ribaris: You don't need to be that angry the pilot of the black giant! The
Armed Fantoma is here!

Kakeru: So you have it! It save me alot of time finding it!

Blass: I see...

Maria: You understood something Blass-san?

Blass: Arsignosis doesn't use the Armed Fantoma's power as a weapon, but is
operated using it as the energy source forcibly.

Sharu: Sure... You can operate it by that method but...!

Blass: But by that condition they surely can't draw Arsignosis's original 

Ken: Then this is the time to beat it!

Sharu: But, isn't that brother's reasoning?

Kotarou: I don't understand complex story but the main thing is we take back
the Armed Fantoma and rescue Amane?
Then, let's do it quickly!

Isaac: I agree with Kotarou. Now we can only think of beating him so let's
leave reasoning later.

Yaminorius: Phew, the people of Ionia. I can't believe I meet you here!

Yousuke: Hell-beasts!

Rikiya: Shit~! They always bother us at time like this!

Kotarou: Now let's put the Armed Fantoma ahead of Hell-beasts! Rescue Amane is
the top priority!

Lamuness: I agree with Kotarou! Let's beat that Arsignosis in one go!

Kakeru: Sorry then everyone! I rely on you!

Sharu: Arsignosis's power is unknown. Be full of awareness everyone!

Ryouma: Bring it on! Compare power is what I want!

*4 enemies remain*

Ernst Soldier: Well, sortie!

*Kotarou vs Hell-beast*

Kotarou: I will not let any Hell-beast left at Earth Tear...! 
Before going home I'll completely clean you!

*Kakeru vs Ribaris*

Kakeru: You are tired of bringing the Armed Fantoma here! I've to thank you
just for that!

Ribaris: The one to thank is me! Thanks to your stupidity I had Kyaos-sama to
admire me!

Kakeru: Then this time receive the scolding and be a crybaby at the corner!

*Amane vs Ribaris*

Amane: Uh... Why... When Arsignosis come near me I feel pain...!

Maria: Here they come! Amane! Stay tough!

Amane: ...!

Ribaris: Sorry but I won't hold back!

*Sharu vs Ribaris*

Ribaris: Sharu, if you don't want to be injured get out of this place!

Sharu: That isn't your business... Perhaps you still care for me?

Ribaris: T, that is nothing but a temporary delusion! Otherwise who will fall
in love with a stubborn tomboy like you!

Sharu: Thank you for saying stubborn tomboy!
But ain't you just envy of my magnificent controlling technique!?

Ribaris: What are you saying!? I'm saying your...!

Sharu: Then, receive my technique and reform! 

*All Hell-beasts destroyed*

Yaminorius: Ehh! Again those bastards of Ionia!
If that is the case then I'll watch for the chance and send the Hell-Beasts 
close to Ionia!

*Ribaris defeated*

Ribaris: It can't be! The Arsignosis that Kyaos-sama modified...!
Yeah! I'll turn Arsignosis into Ionix and recover!

Kakeru: Wait, Ribaris! Give back the Armed Fantoma!

Professor: Confirm another sign of enemies! They're coming!

Sarutobi: You come again, those Evil Dragon Tribe!

Kakeru: Everyone, I leave the Evil Dragon Tribe to you! I'll chase Ribaris!

Domon: Stop, Kakeru! Now protecting Ionia is priority!

Kakeru: But, at this rate Ribaris is...!

Isaac: Don't worry, you know the character of that guy. 
With his pride he can not imitate to run home like this.

Blass: I understand how you feel to take back the Armed Fantoma but if Ionia is
shot down we'll lose everything!
Now concentrate on defeating these guys!

Kakeru: Shit! I understand!

*Battle ends*

Amane: It seems there are no sign of enemy...

Blass: Well, let's grasp the Armed Fantoma that Ribaris holds.

Ribaris: Ku... I'm being surrounded...!

Kakeru: Ribaris, do you understand well why we're here!? Be obedient hand over
the Armed Fantoma!

Da Cider: That guy Kakeru is very irritable.

Ryouma: If you don't quickly appear I don't know what he will do to you.

Ribaris: You bastards, you should corporate with Ernst at once!

Ken: That guy, what did he just say...?

Kid: Somehow I don't seem to understand his point of view.

Ribaris: You still don't understand!?
Now that the Evil Dragon Tribe's agression began, this is the time we must 
unite all forces to protect Earth Tear!
we Ernst fight because of that purpose! If you also protect Earth Tear then
join us! 

Adeu: You say that eventhough you challenged us severe fights until now!?

Domon: If you want us to join stop your researching for the DG Cell right now!

Ribaris: You Earthlings don't understand anything about Earth Tear!
Fight poison with poison! That is our master Kyaos-sama's bitterness decision!

Domon: I won't forgive you using DG Cell just for that reason!

Bowei: Even you fight poison with poison but in the end, isn't the one left 
after is stronger poison?

Remy: Saying protecting Earth Tear is foolish if you don't understand that.

Ribaris: Y, you bastard! 
How dare you say such thing unconcerning Kyaos-sama's bitterness...!
I will never forgive!!

[Arsignosis appears]

Kakeru: You make me crazy waiting for you!

Sarutobi: He still doesn't understand that he can't fight us!

Ribaris: Even I understand that I can't win there are times that a man must do!
Go, Arsignosis! Let's those bastards know our justice.

Ribaris: No.. Power doesn't go up!?

Kakeru: Sorry to say Ribaris! It seems that robot can't catch up with your
recovering expectation.

Ribaris: Ku! Move Arsignosis!

Kakeru: Ribaris! Give me the last Armed Fantoma!
Come Armed Fantoma! Your true master is Schicksal!

Ribaris: Oh no!

Kakeru: Well! So I've accomplish collecting the Armed Fantomas at last!

Blass: Don't loss your focus Kakeru-kun! 
The circulated energy between Schicksal and Ionia is increasing!

Kakeru: Shit... Uu...!

Blass: Hang on Kakeru-kun! That torrent of energy will soon be settled!

Kakeru: I'll fine Blass-san! Instead of that, please look after Amane!

Blass: Understood! Saeko-san and Dango-san, sorry but I need your help!

Saeko: Ok!

Dango: Let's quickly find Amane!

Blass: Do you hear me, Sharu?
Amane-kun is surely get weaken! Replace her control the Ionia!

Sharu: Roger! I'll do as the plan!

Blass: I rely on you, Sharu!

Kakeru: Hey, Sharu! What do you mean by ''as the plan''!?

Sharu: Because it is fine, worry about yourself! I can assure it will be 


Maria: Sharu-san take over the Ionia!? I haven't heard of that story!

Sharu: Now, if Ionia stop ain't we in trouble? 
The control room of the Earth Defense Class also doesn't work?

Tsutomu: I can see that but...

Sharu: The Ionia losing Amane will soon stop. It is disaster if no one
taken over before that...

Maria: But can you really make it move without Amane?

Sharu: Of course, of course! It won't be a problem if brother's theory is 
Since we completed the set of Armed Fantoma my life will not be in danger.

Tsutomu: Sure... I've heard of that story before from Blass-san but...

Sharu: The one can chant with the unison spell of Ionia is only me. 
Doing later or doing now is the same.
Then let's begin the chanting!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Saeko: Where are you Amane!? Answer me!

Dango: Saeko-san, Blass-san! Here!

Amane: Uu...!

Zanpa: Are you alright Pen!? Be tough Pen! Surely the wound is slight Pen!

Dango: Hey, Zanpa! What are you doing to Amane!?

Zanpa: You don't understand Pen!? I'm looking after the one saving my life Pen!

Saeko: Looking after... You?

Zanpa: I surely have to repay his debt! That's my motto Pen!

Dango: You are very honest.

Zanpa: I don't care what happen to me Pen! Amane's life is now in danger Pen!
I feel bitter Pen!

Dango: Right! Blass-san, please quickly heal Amane!

Blass: Yeah!

Amane: Blass-san... I...

Blass: Don't talk Amane. Now I'm checking your condition.

Amane: Y, yeah...

Sharu: Well, at this point I can move Ionia.

Maria: Look like it went smooth.

Sharu: Though I haven't master all of its ability...

Tsutomu: I'll also help you Sharu-san. I'll check every sensor at once.

Sharu: That's helpful.

Kakeru: Blass-san, how is Amane? Is he release from Ionia?

Blass: ...

Kakeru: Blass-san, why are you silent!? How is Amane!?

Blass: Kakeru. I want you to calmly listening to this. He is released but...

Kakeru: Is something happening to him!?

Blass: We are too late...
Amane's body already began to disorganize...

Lamuness: It can't be...!

Blass: It seems we are finished collecting Armed Fantoma too late...

Sharu: You give up too quickly brother!

Kakeru: Sharu!? Why are you synchronized with Ionia!?

Sharu: Leave the explanation later!
On top of that, isn't the Armed Fantoma take its energy from Schicksal!?
Then, if we can make Amane unite with Ionia and return the energy...!

Blass: He lost his conciousness so unite with Ionia is impossible...

Adeu: Then what will we do!? We can only stand there and watch Amane dieing!?

Kotarou: Blass-san! There is no way that we can save Amane!?

Blass: ...

Kakeru: Amaneeeeeeh!!

Ribaris: Shit! I'll not let they do as they please!
Move! Why you can not move Arsignosis!?

Ribaris: Yeah! So you moved Arsignosis!

Ribaris: W, what is that!? Arsignosis moves on its own...!?
You fool! Not that way!

Kakeru: Out of my way, Ribaris! Now is not the case I mind you!

Ribaris: I don't care about you! This is Arsignosis's own action!

Amane: ...

Zanpa: Pepen!? Amane's body begins to shine Pen!

Saeko: Is it about time he return to Ionia?

Amane: Wrong... I can hear Arsignosis calling...

Blass: Amane, what did you just say!?

Amane: You will soon understand, Blass-san... Soon...

Dango: A... Amane disappear!

Blass: Could it be he reunite with Ionia?

Sharu: Wrong, brother! I can't feel Amane's existence inside the ship!

Blass: It can't be!

Amane: ...

Ribaris: What the fuck!? Who are you!?

Amane: I'm Amane, Arsignosis's true pilot.

Ribaris: What are you saying!? This machine is what Kyaos-sama entrusted to me!

Amane: You are overestimating yourself, Ribaris.
This machine given by Kyaos isn't for you to fight. It is for my original self 
to ride.

Ribaris: What~!?

Kakeru: Hey, what do you mean by Amane disappeared!? Explain to me carefully
what the hell is happening!

Amane: Brother, I'm here.

Kakeru: Amane...!? You are inside Arsignosis!?

Amane: Right, brother.

Kakeru: Amane... You are really Amane!?

Amane: You are terrible brother. It is really me.

Lamuness: Amane, what happen to you!? Why are you suddenly at that form!?

Cookie: Moreover that is somewhat... creepy... 

Mai: Yeah... It is completely different from Amane before...

Amane: Thank you everyone for keeping me heathy this far.
For that my gratitude will be sending you back to Earth now!
You guys are just in my way if you exist at Earth Tear any longer.

Kakeru: Amane! What the hell are you saying!?

Amane: Now, Arsignosis! Roar high to the heaven!

Asuka: That is...!

Tsutomu: That responding energy is the same when we're flying to Earth Tear!

Professor: I can't measure the amount of energy!

Cocoa: He plans to wrench open the hyperspace with huge power!

Ken: That Arsignosis can use such trick!?

Izumi: Not good! At this rate even us are pulled to Earth...!

Paffy: It can't be! Our mission to protect Earth Tear will...!

Zanpa: Pepepepepepepenn!? I hate to be driven out of Earth Tear Pen!!

Kakeru: Stop, Amane! 
Even if you don't use that trick, if we fix the Space-Time Transmission Device,
we will...!

Amane: The one decide everything is me. I don't know where to put you in.

Ryouma: Amane, I don't like you to continue the story alone!
Somehow you intend send us flying to Earth by that weird thing but it will not 
go that way!
I'll send you flying by Getter's power!!

Hayato: Stop, Ryouma! If you release another large amount of the similar energy
we won't be sure what will happen!

Sharu: Moreover, we don't know where we will be ended up!
Everyone, at this rate it is dangerous! Quickly get in Ionia!

Jin: Understood!

Kakeru: Shit! Amane!

Kakeru: Out of my way, Sharu! 
I can't leave him here at Earth Tear!

Sharu: Idiot! If you die because of this impossible attempt, who will be there 
to protect Amane!?
Kakeru! Bear it now!

Kakeru: Shit... Shitttttttt!!

Amane: Goodbye everyone.

Kakeru: Amaneeee!

Stage 20: That name is Daiteioh!

*Aozora Town*

General Takeda: Attack attack! Don't let the Machinery Kingdom get near the
town anymore!

Denki-oh: You small fish! Disappear, the guys with no power!

Earth Defense Troop Soldier: Uwaaaaa! Retreat!

General Takeda: Kuuuu! What does this mean!?

General Takeda: Uoooo!
We can't hold on more than this! Retreat!

Katsura: Aah! Father!

Yurika: It can't be... The Earth Defense Troop is done...

Mai: Only Earth Defense Troop can't be Machinery Kingdom's opponent!

Kakeru: But they are trying their best.

Momotarou: Shit! If the Ganbaruger team is here...

Denki-oh: At this point no one will obstruct us! 
Machinery Beast, mechanize this town at once!

Denki-oh: Although it is due to Kikaishin-sama's command, it is a pity we have
to aim at the time Go-sauer isn't here...
What is the point of the victory gained without fighting the strong guys...!

Momotarou: This is bad! At this rate the whole town will turn into machine!

Tomoko: Momotarou, how about calm down a bit?

Mai: Right! If we panic even the lower classes will be frighten!

Kakeru: Even we make a fuss nothing can be done. At such time like this let's
wait for chance to come.

Momotarou: Perhaps so but!

[Great Mazinger & Venus A appear]

Momotarou: That is Great Mazinger and Venus A!

Kakeru: See what I mean?

Chinatsu: Wonderful! It is the real thing!
This is shutter chance!

Tetsuya: Jun, how is the circumstance!?

Jun: All Earth Defense Troop is annihilated.
I'm sorry but the usual force can't deal with Machinery Kingdom.

Tetsuya: We can't count of Earth Defense Troop anymore. We can only fight by
I'll show them I can protect the Earth until Kouji comes home!

Jun: Don't push yourself too far Tetsuya. Your wound when fighting Mekene 
doesn't heal yet.
Moreover because you sortie everyday Great Mazinger also...

Tetsuya: I'm fine! Now let's only think of protecting this town!

Denki-oh: I'm happy that you appear, Great Mazinger!
I'm somewhat tired of getting rid the weaklings!

Tetsuya: We don't have free time to the extent of associate with your time
This time I'll draw out the best of you Denki-oh!

Denki-oh: Interesting! I'll return all the debt you caused me here!

Jun: Tetsuya, the people of Aozora Town are taking refuge at Aozora Elementary

Tetsuya: Well, then we'll protect that school and fight!

Jun: We have to be careful not letting enemies get near the elementary school!

Tetsuya: Roger!

*Tetsuya vs enemy*

Tetsuya: Even if the body worn out we'll fight as long as there is something to
protect. That is call the great hero!

*Jun vs enemy*

Jun: The Machinery Kingdom! No matter how many times you appear I & Tetsuya 
will drive you away!

*Tetsuya vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: I respect your real ability to defend this Earth eventhough there are
only two of you! But that wasteful battle ends here!

Tetsuya: It will not go that way! I'll show you I can protect this Earth until
Kouji comes home!

*Jun vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Do you think you can beat me with that kind of machine!?

Jun: Even I can't defeat you protecting the people of this town is already my

*One enemy shot down*

Toubei: Damn...! I can't believe I meet the Machinery Kingdom in the middle of 
investigating the seal of the great rock...!
The Great Mazinger team are outnumbered...!
Good grief Kotarou! Come home quickly!

*3 enemies remain* 

Denki-oh: It seems you're doing well Great Mazinger! 
As I expected it is worthy to fight you!
I'm excited to meet you!

Kikaishin: Denki-oh, what taking you so long!?

Denki-oh: Kikaishin-sama!

Kikaishin: I already told you! 
Act according to the plan and be sure to grasp the victory!

Denki-oh: But Kikaishin-sama! If I rely on the strategy my pride will...!

Kikaishin: Shut up! You can't win by yourself!
At this world the result is everything! It is meaningless if you can't win!

Denki-oh: Yes! Make the order of steel to the whole universe!

Kikaishin: ...

Denki-oh: Shit, it can't be helped...!

Jun: Tetsuya! Denki-oh is!

Tetsuya: That bastard, does he intend to aim at the shelter!?

Denki-oh: Fools! I got you!

Tetsuya: Shit!

Denki-oh: As I expected! You people for protecting other you turn yourself
into a shield!
It is like the time when I first fight Go-sauer!

Tetsuya: I misjudged you, Denki-oh!

Denki-oh: What!?

Tetsuya: Certainly even you have overwhelming power you're just an irritating
bastard who enjoy opposing us with dirty trick!
But, until now even for one time stop using that underhanded plan and challenge
us constantly by frontal attack!
I also noticed only that pride as a soldier in you.

Denki-oh: S, shut uppppp!!

*Aozora Town/Forest*

Toubei: Dowaaaaaa!!

Toubei: Ouch... Good grief... I had an awful day...

Toubei: ...?
Gege! The seal of the rock is broken!

Gokuark: Fuhahahahaha! At last I was released from the unpleasant seal!

Toubei: Who is this weird guy!?
Can it be this guy is Emperor Gokuark of the Demon World!?

Gokuark: Now that I resurrected I will turn the ground into Demon World!

Eldoran: It will not go that way.

Gokuark: So you appeared, Eldoran!

Eldoran: Indeed!

Gokuark: Guoaaaaa!!
How dare you, Eldoran! If that is the case...!

Gokuark: Go, my subordinates! 
Replace me turn the ground to the very bottom of of chaos and fear! 

Eldoran: I'll not permit that!

Gokuark: Eldoran! You'll be my opponent!

Eldoran: Shit, at this rate...!

Chinatsu: This time the Hell-beasts appear!

Teacher Aiko: If things are like this even this place is not safe!
Everyone, let's take refuge to a farther place!

Yurika: Yes!

Momotarou: Kakeru! If things are like this it is us the Dankettsu's turn!
Let's show them the result of the research and our special training recently!

Kakeru: Yeah! Let's do it, Momotarou!

Momotarou: Gennai and young lady please look after the troublesome lower 

Tomoko: Leave it to us!

Seiji: Bring along this bowgun! It is my proud product!

Momotarou: Thank you, Gennai! I'll use it at once!

Mai: Momotarou and Kakeru-kun, are you intend to fight!?
How can you win the Hell-Beast with a hand-made weapon like that!?

Momotarou: We can not give up! Now that Ganbaruger ain't here we have to do our

Kakeru: Moreover at the time Gosaurer arrived home we'll feel regret to let
these guys do things they like!

Mai: Damn, it can't be helped! If that is the case let me help you!

Momotarou: That's the spirit! Then let's go, you two!

Eldoran: I can feel it... The overflowing bravery... The surging heart of 
Those guys are... perhaps!!

Mai: Look at that light!
Ah! One was flying to somewhere.

Momotarou: What is that light?

Kakeru: It is heading this way again!

Momotarou: Uwaaaaaa!!

Momotarou: This is...!?

Mai: Perhaps this is...

Kakeru: We are inside an Eldoran robot?

Eldoran: Can you hear me... children of Earth...? My name is Eldoran...
I entrust this robot, Daiteioh to you.

Mai: This is Daiteioh!?

Momotarou: We did it! The dream... the dream comes true!

Eldoran: Please protect this planet with Daiteioh...

Eldoran: I rely on you... children of Earth...

Gokuark: Guwaooooo!!

Eldoran: Gokuark... return to the Demon World...

Gokuark: You bastard Eldoran! You prevent me again!
But, you aren't my opponent with that little power left!
I'll come back to the ground in the near future!!

Toubei: Hey, the rock is closed! Just when I thought what will happen at last
I'm relief!

Seiji: Momotarou! Kakeru, Mai! Where are you!?

Tomoko: After that robot appear, the three of them disappeared! 

Momotarou: Gennai, young lady! We are here! We are riding this Daiteioh that
Eldoran gave!

Tomoko: Momotarou group are the pilots of an Eldoran robot...?

Chinatsu: Amazing!! I witness the moment of the new robot's appearance!

Seiji: You are amazing Momotarou! Quickly beat those monsters with Daiteioh for

Momotarou: Trust us!

Mai: But, can we make it work?

Momotarou: The Earth Defense Class, Ganbar Team and Sauers did it. So we...

Momotarou: Surely can do it!

Denki-oh: Eh! Who are you!?

Momotarou: Take this, Denki-oh!

[Daiteioh attacks Denki-oh]

Denki-oh: Shit...! How dare you!

Tetsuya: Is that robot our ally?

Jun: It seems so. Eventhough the pilot is children.

Momotarou: Can you hear us, the pilot of Great Mazinger and Venus A!?
We are Dankettsu! We will fight together with you with this Daiteioh that 
Eldoran gave!

Jun: It seems they are new pilots of Eldoran.

Tetsuya: You say you are Dankettsu. If you can fight give us a hand.
We need more firepower now even if it is only one machine.

Momotarou: Yeah, trust us! 

*Daiteioh vs enemy*

Momotarou: We piled up special training and research for this day! 
I'll show you the result just now!

*Daiteioh vs Denki-oh*

Momotarou: Come, Denki-oh! Don't think Daiteioh's power as the ones you met 

Denki-oh: Interesting! Let me check if you have power more than that!

*1 enemy shot down*

Belzeb: Great Mazinger... It seems you are very exhausted.

Falzeb: There is another robot that we haven't seen.

Tider: There are lots of robot on this planet Da~.

Belzeb: Hm, there is nothing to fear since there is only one more machine!
Smash them today!

Tetsuya: It is the Jaaku Empire! Even them appear here!

Mai: What will we do, Momotarou!? There are a lot of them!

Momotarou: What shall we do except fighting!? 
We have no choice!

Belzeb: Go! Show them Jaaku Empire's power!

Tider: I want you to wait a bit Belzeb-sama Da! Somewhat the condition of the
space of this area is strange Da!

Falzeb: What? What did you say Tider?

Chinatsu: What!? After Jaaku Empire is earthquake!?

Katsura: Damn~~~! What is happening this time!?

Jun: Tetsuya, that is!

Tetsuya: It is no mistake the Ionia! Is Kouji group coming home!

Maria: Is everyone alright!?

Tsutomu: Somehow we can say there is no problem...
It seems we really flied to Earth...

Kakeru: Are we missing anyone?

Sharu: It is fine! Everyone is at Ionia!

Ken: Is this really Earth!? Or is it another world that is similar!?

Chobi: Everyone, look there!

Sayaka: Great Mazinger and Venus A!

Kotarou: Moreover that is Aozora Elementary school!

Kinta: So as I expected we arrived home at last!

Sarutobi: Hey, you guys! This is your world!?

Domon: Yeah, it can't be mistaken.

Lamuness: We were forced to return even we didn't intend to do it...
I'm happy and feel sad on other side...

Kouji: Moreover now we are in the midst of battle! We have to save Tetsuya!

Mai: Understood!

Kotarou: Yousuke, Rikiya, let's go! We'll protect Aozora Town!

Yousuke: Understood Kotarou-kun!

Jin: Kotarou, we'll go too! 
Since there are Jaaku Empire we must sortie!

Kenichi: Not only the Earth Defense Class! We'll also go!

Kouji: Tetsuya-san! We'll help you from here!

Tetsuya: As I expected it is you Kouji-kun!

Sayaka: Jun-san, that robot is?

Jun: It seems another Eldoran robot!

Kenichi: Eldoran robot!?

Mai: It is a story a little while ago but, Eldoran entrust us with this robot!

Shinobu: It seems true!

Jin: Then I assume we'll fight together!

Kotarou: We rely on you from now on!

Kakeru: Roger!

Momotarou: Ku~! It is a dream to fight together with Ganbaruger!

Kakeru: Gosauer also! We can't show them clumsy form!

Momotarou: Yeah! Ganbar Team and Sauers, please keep an eye on our activity!

Kotarou: Ok!

Kenichi: Ok!

Jin: What is that, you don't show caring for Earth Defense Class...

Sharu: Hey, you overthere! Stop complaining and reorganize the formation!

Jin: Understood!

Bowei: The ship's captain this time is strict...

Kid: Isn't that good?

Isaac: We also brace ourselves! 
I want to enjoy this moment of returning home but first let's clean the 

Omachi: Nevertheless, after we clean enemies let's party, party.

Kid: Then, let's beat them at once!

Omachi: Ok!

*2 enemies remain or Denki-oh defeated*

Belzeb: Only Exhaust can't deal with them...

Tider: Belzeb-sama! 
At last we should use the super evil beast Suigarar Da.

Falzeb: We'll also assist and let's settle it in one go!

Belzeb:  Hm, right...

Belzeb: Let's go!

Love: Those evil beasts!? We haven't seen them before! 

Tsutomu: It seems they're new type of evil beast!

Asuka: They prepare those things while we ain't here...!

Jin: Heh! I don't care what kind of beast appears!
We'll make them understand Raijin-oh is invincible!

*Kakeru vs enemy*

Sharu: Kakeru! Can you do it properly!?

Kakeru: The others are trying their best! I can't hesitate!
Moreover Sharu, you also control Ionia properly!

Sharu: Even you don't say that I'll do it! 

Kakeru: I'm now irritated! I'll beat them straight!

*Goshogun vs enemy*

Killy: It been a while I breath the air of this world.

Remy: The feeling of missing the exhaust gas is more terrible than I thought.

Shingo: Then, this is the first battle when we return to Earth. 
I want to decorate it with brilliant victory.

*Denki-oh defeated*

Denki-oh: Great power! Winning battle doesn't need wisdom! Victory is a thing
that snatch by force!

*Belzeb defeated*

Belzeb: Shit! How can these guys have that much power!

Falzeb: Impudent bastards!

Tider: Belzeb-sama! 
We better withdraw Da!

Belzeb: I don't need you to say that!

Hayato: It ended...

Jin: Heh! It seems they rampage the way they like while we are not around but
we will not permit their action anymore! 


Kouji: Tetsuya-san, Jun-san. It seems we caused you a lot of trouble.

Jun: Don't worry about that. It is our mission to fight the threats of this

Tetsuya: ...

Sayaka: ...

Tetsuya: ...

Boss: What is wrong with you, Tetsuya!? Why don't you answer us!?

Tetsuya: ...

Kouji: ...

Jun: Perhaps when Denki-oh attacked him his old wound reopened!

Momotarou: What!? He fight with that body condition!?

Paffy: Izumi!

Izumi: Leave it to me! Paffy-sama!

*Aozora Town/Aozora Mountain*

Belzeb: Shit! If Raijin-oh didn't appear at that timing I'll be able to
annihilate the obstructors...!

Tider: Belzeb-sama, Falzeb-sama, those guys have more comrades, from now what
should we do Da~!?

Falzeb: I'm thinking about that now! Instead of always rely on us for the 
answer why don't you use your head a bit!?

Tider: R, right Da...
Then we are the same at them, why don't we join an organization from somewhere?

???: Right... To beat them we can only do that...

Belzeb: ...! Who are you!?

???: Fufufufufu...


Isaac: The greeting of the reunion was late but long time no see, Good Thunder

Remy: J9 as usual is busy with punishing the bad guys.

Poncho: Not really Gesu... Thanks to the peace recently the amount of job is 
decreasing more and more Gesu...

Kouji: Hey, Kid. What is your relationship. You guys seems aren't just knowing

Kid: Well in short they're our fighting comrades.

Ryouma: Fighting comrades?

Shingo: Do you know the Nubia Connection and Dokuga?

Saeko: Of course. Each of them are called the huge criminal organization that
are capable of changing the world.
Sure, you guys Good Thunder are the justice heroes that destroyed Dokuga...

Killy: You know us well.

Ryouma: Knowing or whatever, if you stream TV super gaudily that much you know 

Bowei: In contrast we act to prevent the ambition of Nubia Connection's boss
Kamen Kamen.

Isaac: For destroying mutual enemy organizations there are time when we worked
with each other.

Domon: So that's why you are comrades.

Omachi: After you beat Dokuga, just when we thought you are missing how on
Earth did you end up in Earth Tear?

Remy: For that matter... we can only answer you that we are selfish travellers.

Isaac: Anyhow, we met here again is somewhat fate.
The Earth is now being targeted by various organizaions. I offer your joining

Poncho: Isaac-san, even the contract with Saotome Lab was finished long ago,
you still intend to act with Ionia?

Isaac: To be exact our pathetic title of J9 is well-known but, there are also
time when we have to put justice before benefit.

Kid: And this is the time to do it.

Bowei: It can be helped. Until all the dangers of the Earth is wiped I guess we
can only be patient with that action.

Isaac: So what is your response, people of Good Thunder?

Killy: Well, we can't reject after sawing the circumstance of full of unknown

Remy: There are probably some meanings meeting everyone by chance like this.

Shingo: Anyhow this is a drifting life. We are happy to corporate.

Isaac: Thank you. It is heartening to add you guys to the party.

Omachi: The valuable Adult Team comrades, let's make good friend.

Killy: Same here. 
We are grateful as individual, not as team.

Shingo: Killy-kun, don't you think that forestalling leads to team's discord?

Killy: For not burying the group it is also important to yell invidual, 

Remy: Saying with one thing and another you only want to make good friend with 
girls right?

Omachi: If there is same race in the team he will do mutual hardship.

Bowei: Oops, I also embroiled?

Remy: By the way, how is the Great Mazinger's pilot?

Sayaka: Now he is being cured by Izumi's magic. I think Jun will tell us very

Jun: Sorry for keep you waiting everyone.

Kid: O, speak of the devil.

Kouji: Jun-san. How is Tetsuya's condition!?

Mucha: That Tetsuya is about to be done! Terrible isn't it!?

Jun: Calm down, everyone. It is true the reopened wound is worse but his life
ain't in danger.

Paffy: Izumi said that if he get treated by the ''miracle healing'' a few more
times he can act normally.

Nuke: Phew~. Just when we worry what will happened to him he somehow made it~.

Jun: Tetsuya said he sorry for causing trouble to everyone.

Kouji: That's our line. In general when we weren't here, the reason is because 
he worked too hard?
Therefore even we apologize you two Tetsuya don't need to apologize at all.

Jun: Receiving those words is well worth our desperate trying...

Sayaka: The wound Tetsuya bears will soon be healed. Izumi's recovering magic 
is magnificient!

Jun: ...Magic?
Er... Where are you guys until now? First would you mind teach us from there?

Kouji: Ahh, I see. The truth is we...

Jun: I see... In other word, you travelled at a different world called Earth 

Kid: It is too hard to believe it is true right?

Jun: Since the Ryu and guardian knights is the proof, we must believe it.
Moreover... ''he'' is also here right...?

Zanpa: Pen!? Why are you looking at me Pen!?

Ryouma: Because there is no talking penguin on Earth.

Zanpa: Pepepepen!? What a prosaic world Pen!

Sarutobi: We are the one disbelieve that we came to Earth.

Benkei: But since Milk can come to this world to search for Lamuness, you guys 
don't have to be surprised like that.

Cocoa: Because we know the Earth through one part of the legendary Brave at 
Arara Kingdom.

Jun: In other word only a small fraction of people at Earth Tear know about the
Earth right...?

Cocoa: Moreover the only way to travel to Earth is using the Space-Time 
Transmission Device...

Hayato: But, this time all of us were sent here by Amane and Arsignosis...
No, perhaps I should say being transfered... 

Kouji: But it is troublesome that even Adeu group flying here.

Saeko: It is good that we came home but there are big problems left.

Adeu: We know this world has big problem but Earth Tear also being aimed by the
Evil Dragon Tribe!

Mazch Windy: Yeah! We have to quickly return to Earth Tear!

Domon: Moreover we left Amane and DG Cell at Earth Tear and came here...
Since I and Kakeru have to settle things, we must return to Earth Tear once 

Sharu: There are two ways to return to Earth Tear.
One is as Cocoa-san said, use the Space-Time Transmission Device at Arara

Blass: Another one is create a gate link to the two world and jump.

Lesqua: But, isn't the Space-Time Transmission Device is left broken?

Cocoa: It is like Sister Cafe Au Lait said~. Because at that time we gave
priority to stop Don Harumage's ambition~.

Magnum Ace: Then we could only use method 2.

Ryouma: Like Abe Seimei and Amane did...!?

Blass: But to use that method we have to master the use of the Armed 

Kouji: But the Kakeru now can't do that...

Omachi: He try to act tough from the previous battle but as I thought he bears
leaving Amane behind and came here...

Katze: Now he look like a coward.

Kouji: Amane turned into such thing... It is easy to understand...

Sharu: But it bothers us for he turned coward like that!
Because we can't standstill here...!

Momotarou: E, er! Excuse me!

Kenichi: Eh? You are the ones riding Daiteioh...

Momotarou: Y, yes! I'm Gokuraku Elementary School class 3 year 5, Omomotarou!

Kakeru: I'm the same class of Momotarou, Daichi Kakeru!

Mai: I'm Mai Oozora. I'm Momotarou & Kakeru's classmate and also the commitee
leader of the class.

Koji: I see. You guys are Dankettsu right?

Momotarou: We are attracted by Ganbar Team, Sauers and Earth Defense Class so
we decided to create a name for the team!

Kakeru: We are not getting used to Daiteioh yet but we'll try our best! From
now let us fight together with you!

Bon: From now you are our friend. You don't need to be that humble.

Mai: Yes! Then, nice to meet you!

Momotarou: Excuse me but where are the 3 people of Ganbar Team!? I'm their big

Gorou: Ganbar Team? Aren't they right before you?

Momotarou: What!?

Kotarou: To be frank with you, I'm the leader of Ganbar Team, Yellow Ganbar!
And the two overthere are Red and Blue!

Yousuke: Being asked by a big fan face to face is somewhat embarassing...

Rikiya: Well, don't be upset.

Momotarou: You guys are Ganbar Team!? Are you serious!?

Mai: You look like elementary students. What year are you?

Rikiya: We are students of elementary year 4.

Momotarou: You are below us one...

Yousuke: Er... Perhaps you are shock knowing the Ganbar Team is one year below

Momotarou: Not like that!
No matter what is Ganbar Team's real identity our admiration doesn't change! 

Kotarou: Really!? As I expected a fan has to be like that!

Professor: Then, everyone. 
Even it isn't our hopeful expectation, somehow we came back to Earth.

Tsutomu: But we can't be relax just because of that.
First we need to know what happened while we weren't around here.

Professor: Moreover this time we have to think of a way to return to Earth 

Maria: Right. We'll begin collecting informations at once.

Kotarou: Then, may we rest a bit? I already feel tired.

Rikiya: What are you saying Kotarou!? Everyone is tired like you!
At this time, everyone have to unite!

Kotarou: You don't have to be that angry! I'm just kidding!

Yousuke: Good grief... Kotarou-kun always make irresponsible comment...

Momotarou: ...

Kakeru: Hey, Momotarou... Can you still speak admiring words for Yellow Ganbar?

Momotarou: To be honest... Perhaps I can't speak just a bit...


Kakeru: What is wrong with Amane...?
Being flying to the different world and was completely caught up in fighting...
Eventhough we took trouble collecting the Armed Fantomas why such thing 

Sharu: Kakeru, I come in.

Sharu: When I thought you don't appear at the place everyone's at you feel 
unusually sad?

Kakeru: Sharu... what are you here for?

Sharu: Isaac want to talk about the plan of action from now on so I want you to
gather at the main hall.

Kakeru: Understood. I'll go a bit later so wait for me.
If I can't be on time just ignore me.

Sharu: Kakeru, how long will you feel down?

Kakeru: I don't feel down... Just the goal is too far I don't understand how 
will I run...

Sharu: Hey, Kakeru!

Kakeru: Ouch!!
What are you doing, Sharu! Why did you suddenly slap me!?

Sharu: Kakeru, if you use your head it is a short race! You are pityful just
because you can't see the goal a bit!

Kakeru: What did you say!?

Sharu: Haven't we settle how to run?
First, we will run all we might to the goal from the range that we can see!
If we reach it, we will run all we might to another goal! Simple as that!

Kakeru: No, it is not that simple...

Sharu: It is simple!
We'll run while thinking how to take back Amane!
At any rate, if you use your head, think to advance even if it is only one 

Zanpa: I agree with the young lady Pen! 

Kakeru: Zanpa!

Zanpa: This Zanpa, no matter how dangerous is the road of saving Amane I'll
show you that I can surely penetrate through Pen!

Kakeru: Zanpa... You... You will help me take back Amane?

Zanpa: Of course Pen!
I have to pay back Amane for saving my life Pen! I live by the rule of surely
pay what I'm in debt Pen!

Kakeru: Even you're strange you are honest...

Zanpa: That is my policy Pen! If I decided a resolution to advance I'll not 
hold back Pen!

Kakeru: ...
The resolution to advance...?
On top of taking back Amane we even have to protect this world...
Certainly this is not the case of stopping at such place!

Sharu: At last we see a normal Kakeru.

Kakeru: Thank you, Sharu, Zanpa. Thanks to you guys I was able to remove sad
I'm happy that I have good friends!

Sharu: Don't talk soft speech suddenly...
I not only want you return originally to that character that saying straight
what you think...

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kakeru: Sorry, everyone! I let you wait!

Kotarou: You're late, Kakeru-san!

Hayato: At this point everyone is gathered.

Saeko: Then, let's us begin the story of our action from now on.

Professor: This might being said before but as for now there are no way for us
to return to Earth Tear our taken action is only one.
While protecting Earth, we can only find a way to transmit to Earth Tear.

Lesqua: In other word, we can only fight now...

Tsutomu: Not really! There are great amount for us to investigate.
Among the legend of ancient and Kamikakushi probably hide a hint of transmiting

Isaac: But gathering information is the job of adults. You kids should come
back to your normal life.

Lamuness: Eh!? Is it Ok!?

Omachi: Of course.
When you are a child you can only have experience. In other word, it is a waste
if we don't look after you.

Yoji: Then we will be able to go to school again!

Hiromi: That's good, everyone!

Love: Yeah!

Hayato: Then let's end the talk here.

Isaac: There will be enemies appear while we act separately. At least try to
hold communication.

Remy: Please be careful not to get injured.

Momotarou: Things like the closing ceremony before the summer break is 

Shingo: Then, dismiss!


Kenichi: Hey, Ken. What will you do from here?

Shinobu: Will you come together with us to Shunpuu Town? Because now you are
at the same school as us.

Ken: Sorry but I'm thinking to return to Kushiro once. I want to meet my long
time no see uncle.

Saeko: Ken-kun, we'll also go with you. I'm thinking of talking to your uncle

Dango: I'll also go, Ken! I'll also want to meet mother and my sister Chiko!

Mai: Dango, perhaps you're homesick?

Dango: It is wrong?

Yui: Not like that. We all miss our family after separated that long.

Mai: Right...

Ken: What is wrong with you two? You suddenly turn gloomy?

Yui: No, nothing. Don't worry about that.

Kakeru: Kushiro... Isn't that the place we found Schicksal and Ionia?

Blass: ...Kakeru-kun, if you like let us go along to that place.

Kakeru: Right... We might come up with something from Blass-san's 

Sharu: Then, will you go to Kushiro Kakeru?

Kakeru: No, before that perhaps I got something to do at my home Aozora...

Sharu: Hey, be clear! Because I could only follow you.

Kakeru: Yeah, I see... I...

[Please chose a route.
Route A: Stay at Aozora Town
Route B: Depart for Kushiro]

V If player choses route A ^

Kakeru: I'll stay at Aozora Town. Now it seems I've other thing to do before 
rushing and investigate around.

Zanpa: That is good Pen. If you are tired even if you overdo good result can't
come Pen.

Blass: Then, let's settle our action.

Sharu: The life at Earth... What will it become...?

*Jaaku Fortress*

Yaminorius: ...That's it, Belzeb. To defeat Eldoran robots shall we join hands?

Belzeb: Good. We will be alliance to defeat mutual enemies.

Falzeb: By the way, Yaminorius. You say you fought those guys at a different 
world called Earth Tear...?

Yaminorius: I flied to the different world together with the guys of Ionia.
Then while chasing those guys I somehow ended up on Earth...

Belzeb: Since that ship Ionia didn't appear Raijin-oh also didn't show up...

Yaminorius: Of course. The Eldoran robots act together with Ionia.

Tider: So you say that Raijin-oh's base is Ionia Da?

Yaminorius: No, each Eldoran robot surely has its base somewhere on Earth.

Belzeb: You seem to know more about Eldoran than us.

Yaminorius: My demon world and Eldoran has fate from a long time ago.

Belzeb: First hear this story. In addition we'll make the next battle plan.

Yaminorius: That's fine.

Yaminorius: I see... Find the real identity of Eldoran pilots?

Falzeb: If we know those guys's base and their real identity, the victory is
determined before they move the robots.

Tider: If we do that we don't have to take trouble defeat Raijin-oh Da.

Belzeb: Legally speaking I don't want to take a fighting method like that...

Falzeb: It can't be helped, Belzeb... We can't make Warusa-sama unhappy 

Yaminorius: Good, Belzeb. Let me take that plan.
If so then... Reena Ningunni!

Yaminorius: Fufufu...

Tider: That guy transform into human Da~.

Yaminorius: I can't walk around human world with my original form.

Belzeb: Aim for the regions where Go-sauer and Raijin-oh sortie to fight in
the past.
First let's head to Youshou Town where there is a high possibility Raijin-oh
and its pilots hide.

Yaminorius: Good. I'll leave the fun with Ganbar Team later.

Falzeb: Just wait, Raijin-oh and its pilots! 
We'll surely expose your base and your identity!

*Youshou Academy/Class 3 Year 5*

Kirara: As for Ganbaruger there is Revolger, as for Gosauer there is 
The other Eldoran Teams have their own robots, it feels lonely that we haven't
got anything.

Hiroshi: Right. If we obtain a new robot protecting Earth is easier.

Reiko: I wonder the exclusive robot of Earth Defense Class falling somewhere?

Jin: ...

Tsutomu: Everyone, about that there is a matter we should worry.

Minori: A matter we should worry?

Tsutomu: Everyone, look at the blackboard.

Asuka: Tsutomu, what are you intend to do by sticking the Raijin Commander to
the blackboard?

Tsutomu: Well, wait a bit.

Yuu: Something reflects on the Commander.

Akira: What is that? I can see a thing look like dragon?

Maria: By any chance it is a new robot?

Tokie: Tsutomu-kun, do you understand something?

Tsutomu: I don't understand that...
But I think there is a high chance there is a new robot for Raijin-oh.

Potato: I hope so...

Yoppa: Since there are support mechas for Ganbaruger and Gosauer, we'll surely
have one!

Cookie: I wonder where is the robot...

Love: I wonder are there any key at somewhere at the school?

Tsutomu: The Raijin Commander shows the same response at various places of the 
school building.

Hidenori: Various places of our school? 

Maria: It is necessary for us to try to investigate!

Hiroshi: Everyone, let's split into groups and investigate!

Daisuke: Understood!

Asuka: What is wrong, Jin? Why are you keep that annoying face from a while 

Koji: We should also quickly investigate.

Jin: ...I won't go.

Maria: Jin?

Jin: Hmph! Everyone are noisy about new robot!
Just because Ganbar Team and Sauers got new robot we don't have to be that

Maria: Jin, what are you saying!?

Jin: So what!

Maria: Everyone is trying to get the new robot! You also have to be more

Jin: We're fine without a new robot! We have Raijin-oh!

Tsutomu: It will not go that way! The enemies are stronger day by day! We must
strengthen our force as soon as possible!

Jin: That's why I'm saying we don't need it since we have Raijin-oh!

Tsutomu: We absolutely need it!!

Jin: I say we don't need it ''rocking head''!

Tsutomu: Who is rocking head!? Who is rocking head!?

Jin: Good grief, we can't associate anymore. You guys are enough for the later!

Koji: Ah, Jin-kun!

Maria: Good grief! That Jin...!

Asuka: Koji, go after Jin.

Koji: Ok, but...

Asuka: We can't leave him alone.
As the same pilot I somewhat can understand his feeling.

*Youshou Academy/School Gate*

Teacher Aiko: Teacher Himeki, thanks you for escort me until the school gate.

Teacher Himeki: No. I also come home from here, so the timing is just right.

Teacher Aiko: Fufu, I see.
The inspection of the lesson of Youshou Academy that I received today was very 
If there is another chance, I looking forward to work with you.

Teacher Himeki: I'll transfer that greeting to the headmaster.
Recently there are evil beasts and hell-beasts appear so you must be careful
not to get injured.

Teacher Aiko: Yes. Then goodbye.

Teacher Himeki: Well then... I'll also take a car...

Koji: Hey, Jin-kun! Wait!

Teacher Himeki: That? That is Koji-kun?

Jin: What now, Asuka and Koji!?
Did Maria and Tsutomu tell you guys to call me back!?

Asuka: Not really. I just think we need to talk.

Jin: I have nothing to talk to you!

Teacher Himeki: What's wrong with everyone?

Jin: Teacher Himeki...

Teacher Himeki: You doesn't look alright. What is wrong? If it is good tell me
your story?

Jin: ...

*Youshou Town/The way to school*

Teacher Himeki: ... I see...

Jin: I can't stand everyone is crazy about finding a new robot!
We already have Raijin-oh!

Teacher Himeki: Teacher don't think so.
The reason everyone is trying very hard to find the new robot is they want to 
help Raijin-oh even a bit.

Koji: Help Raijin-oh?

Teacher Himeki: Yeah. I wish it can quickly fight together with Raijin-oh.

Jin: I don't think like that! Teacher Himeki, are you join side with Maria's 

Asuka: Jin, calm down.

Teacher Himeki: Because Jin-kun is Raijin-oh's pilot I can understand he has
caring more than others...
But, I want you to understand other people's feeling too.
Because everyone don't want to let Jin's group in danger.

Koji: It is probably so...

Jin: ...

Teacher Himeki: Now that the only thing I can say...
Then, even if you understand my words just a bit why don't you try to discuss
with everyone?

Koji: Yes.

Teacher Himeki: Then because I have other things to care about, goodbye.

Asuka: Thank you.

Belzeb: ...
Did you hear the story of those kids?

Falzeb: That kid probably know something about Raijin-oh.

Tider: We are lucky to find the key that fast Da~.

Yaminorius: If that is so...

Koji: Jin-kun, I agree with Teacher Himeki's words.

Asuka: All of us 18 persons are the Earth Defense Class. Let's return to class
once and talk with everybody.

Yaminorius: Hey~, you kids.

Jin: Eh? Who are you uncle?

Yaminorius: Me? I'm the evil Yamino...!

Asuka: What?

Yaminorius: Ah, no... Janari... Er... Yamino...

Koji: Janari? Yamino? Perhaps uncle is a journalist named Yamino?

Yamino: A...Ahh, yeah! I'm that journalist Yamino!

Jin: Hey, Asuka. What is a journalist?

Asuka: That is a person collecting news for TV or newspaper.

Yamino: (Hou... I see...)

Koji: Then, the 2 persons at your back are also like that?

Yamino: Yeah. That two persons are my co-worker and assistance.
Oh, can you introduce yourself?

Belzeb: Y, yeah...
I'm Yamino's co-worker Belzeb.

Tider: I am his assistance called Tider Da.

Asuka: Belzeb-san and Tider-san... Those are strange names.

Jin: Then, what are you journalists want from us?

Tider: That is...

Belzeb: The truth is this time we decided to write a report about Raijin-oh on
the newspaper.

Jin: Are you serious!?

Belzeb: Well... Because of that we're collecting various things about 

Asuka: So you want to ask us?

Jin: This is a chance to forestall Maria's group...! 
First we'll answer your interview! 

Koji: So uncle, what do you want to ask us!?

Belzeb: Well... I wonder where is Raijin-oh?

Jin: Before that haven't you heard of us the Earth Defense Class?

Tider: Earth Defense Class... Da?

Asuka: Right. We are the Earth Defense Class.

Belzeb: (What are those kids saying?)

Kenichi: Hey, Jin!

Jin: Sauer and Dankettsu. What is the matter?

Mai: We receive a call from Tsutomu.

Yoji: Well, no matter what business is it why don't you tell us?

Koji: (I wonder it is that matter...)

Belzeb: Then you kids, where is Raijin-oh?

Asuka: Hey? I didn't see Kotarou's group here. Is there something happen to

Shinobu: Recently because they slack off so Toubei-san put them to hard work.

Gorou: I hear they're training special techniques. 

Jin: Holly cow! Toubei-san did well again!

Belzeb: Damn, then... Raijin-oh...

Kinta: Jin, what are you guys doing at this place?

Jin: Hehe, you'll be surprised to hear this! The truth is these uncles seem
gathering informations about Raijin-oh! 

Hiromi: So this will be recorded on magazine!?

Kenichi: It is a pity if only the Earth Defense Class has that pleasure!

Ci: Right right!

Ely: Hey, uncle of reporter!
Anyhow if you collect information, this future adult Erika Kouzu of Gosauer is
the best for that!

Kakeru: Leave aside the part of adult for now, I have a feeling of reading 
article about Gosauer.

Momotarou: What are you saying Kakeru! 
The one shall be interviewed is us Dankettsu the new star of hope!

Yamino: Sauers? Dankettsu?

Jin: No matter what the outsiders talk it is useless, useless! 
This time it is decided as us!

Belzeb: Hey! What I want to hear is where is the base of Raijin-oh!

Tider: What is that explosion just now!?

Professor: Everyone! Look overthere!

Stage 21A: It is time you awake! The matchless soldier!

Asuka: Those are evil beasts!

Jin: We can't sit around!

Jin: Maria, can you hear me!? This is Jin!

Maria: Hey, Jin! Where are you wander around at this time!?

Jin: Leave your complain later! Evil beasts appeared!

Maria: What are you saying!?

Jin: I don't have time to return to classroom! Since Asuka and Koji are also
here, send Sword King here!

Maria: Understood!

Jin: Uncles of article, watch over our action!

Belzeb: Action?

Jin: Right! Because we'll soon beat those evil beasts!

Belzeb: (They said beat evil beast!? Can they be...?)

Asuka: Jin, they came!

Belzeb: What! Those are!

Tider: Where did they come from Da~!?

Jin: Then, uncles! We'll meet again!

Belzeb: ...!

Tider: Those kids got inside Da~!

Belzeb: Could it be... They are Raijin-oh's pilots!

Kenichi: Well! We also must quickly help Jin with Gosauer!

Professor: Wait! Now there are connections from Earth Defense Class!
It seems Denki-oh appeared at Shunpuu Town!

Ely: Really!?

Professor: Now it seems Kakeru's group are holding them back!

Shinobu: We can't sit still! Let's quickly return and sortie!

Kakeru: But, how about Youshou Town!?

Jin: Don't worry! We are enough for those evil beasts! Everyone, hurry return
to Shunpuu Town!

Mai: But...!

Jin: Good grief! Quickly go!

Momotarou: Understood! When we beat Mechanize Empire we will come back to help 
you at once!

Asuka: I'm waiting for good news from you.

Kenichi: Let's go everyone!

Yoji: Ok!

Koji: Everyone is gone.

Jin: Asuka! Koji! It is uneffective if we scatter! Let's combine here and 

Asuka: Understood!

Jin: Raijin-oh! Matchless combination!!

[Raijin-oh appears]

Jin: Then, come! Evil beasts!

Falzeb: I can't believe those kids are Raijin-oh's pilot...!

Tider: Moreover it seems the other kids are pilots of different robots Da~!

Yamino: Then the Ganbar Team are also among them...!

Belzeb: It can't be... We came here to fight those kids...?
It can't be... It can't beeeeee!!

Yamino: Belzeb... You lost your temper when you know those kids are pilot...?
Well, shall I lend you my hand...?

Belzeb: Yaminorius! This is none of your business!
The one to settle with Raijin-oh is our Jaaku Kingdom!

Yamino: But, you can't do that alone...

Belzeb: It is useless to argue! Get out of my way!
Go! Evil beasts!

Koji: Jin-kun, there are also enemies overthere!

Asuka: Be careful, Jin! It seems there will be more!

Jin: No matter how many are them just Raijin-oh is enough!
I'll make both Maria's group and Jaaku Empire know that!

*5 enemies remain*

[Enemies appear]

Belzeb: What are you doing, Yaminorius! I told you not to interfere!

Yaminorius: Why do I have to listen to you?
Somehow those hard to please bastards aren't appear as usual...
Then I rather bury Raijin-oh at once!

Asuka: Jin, at this rate we are outnumbered! Let's put our heart and soul into 
defense until everyone come!

Koji: I also think that is good! We'll wait until Ionia comes!

Jin: Raijin-oh is... Our Raijin-oh can't lose...!

*Earth Defense Class/Command Room*

Love: It's bad, Maria! The enemies are increasing!

Maria: The others still haven't come!?

Kirara: It seems Mazinger Team and Getter Team stuck fighting Drago Empire so
they can't come!

Reiko: It seems the members left for Shunpuu Town are coming this way only by 

Yuu: It can't be...

Maria: Tsutomu-kun, is there anything we can do!?

Yoppa: Can that new robot move!?

Tsutomu: I tried a while ago! But... but I don't know how to operate it...!

Hidenori: Tsutomu-kun...

Tsutomu: Uu... It is frustrating but I don't know...

Maria: Are you a man!? If you're a man don't give up midway and do until the

Tsutomu: Uu...

Hiroshi: We rely on you Tsutomu! The robot can rescue Jin's from their crisis
is only that robot!

Yuu: The time to resolve Raijin Commander's secret is only now.

Akira: You surely can do it!

Tokie: Be tough!

Love: Fight, Tsutomu-kun!

Tsutomu: Uu... Everyone... We have to save Jin.
Please... If there is a robot at the school building please move!

Tsutomu: T... that is!?

Akira: Look! There is something on the monitor!

Reiko: What is that!?

Maria: It is the image appeared on the Commander!
Something appears on my desk!
What is this lever?

Tsutomu: Maria-san! Pull that lever!

Maria: Understood! Everything will be fine if I pull this lever right!?

[Bakuryudragon appears]

Jin: What is that!?

Asuka: From the school building came a dragon!?

Tsutomu: The letter from the control screen...! That is...!
Bakuryuoh! That robot name is Bakuryuoh!

Hiroshi: Bakuryuoh!

Akira: W, wonderful! At the building school of Youshou Academy hide something
like this!

Maria: Bakuryuoh...! That is our new ally!

Maria: Tsutomu-kun! How do we operate it!?

Tsutomu: It seems we can operate it from the control room!

Maria: We control... it!?

Tsutomu: Maria-san! Please push the red button at your desk!

Maria: This right!?
Bakuryuoh, launch!

Tsutomu: The one in charge of attacking is Akira-kun! Please push that shining

Akira: Understood! This one!

Jin: Wow~, what power!

Koji: That is the Earth Defense Class's new robot!?

Tsutomu: Right! That is the new power of Defense Class, Bakuryuoh!

Asuka: Bakuryuoh!?

Yoppa: Well well! Let me do something too!

Tsutomu: Ah! What did you do!?

Cookie: It transformed!

Tokie: Amazing! Bakuryuoh!

Maria: Jin! From now Bakuryuoh also helps!

Jin: ...
It can't be helped! I'll permit whatever you say!

Asuka: Hey, Jin. Don't be stubborn until this time.

Belzeb: Shit! How can another machine appears...!

Falzeb: Those bastards... Just how many robots do they hold!?

Belzeb: It won't be a problem no matter how many they are! In that case I'll
wipe out Raijin-oh once for all!

*Bakuryuoh vs enemy*

Potato: The enemy is coming!

Tsutomu: Bakuryuoh is controlled by all of us!
Everyone calm down and please concentrate on the work of attacking!

Akira: Understood, Tsutomu!

*4 enemies remain*

Tsutomu: Ionia comes to save us!

Jin: Ionia!?

Kenichi: Sorry for let you wait Earth Defense Class!

Asuka: So you come, everyone!

Kinta: Yeah! We've perfectly cleared the guys of Mechanize Kingdom!

Lamuness: By the way that robot is!?

Asuka: That is Bakuryuoh! Our Earth Defense Class's new robot! 

Kotarou: So the Earth Defense Class also finally obtain a new robot!

Jin: Well, the truth is only Raijin-oh is enough!

Mach Windy: That attitude from Jin... Are you guys having a quarrel?

Adeu: Anyhow let's sortie! I can't stand those guys anymore!

Sarutobi: I agree with Adeu! We should kick those villains' ass rather than
worrying about the arbitration of kid's quarrel!

Tider: Oh no, enemies increased Da~!

Falzeb: Those guys again!? All of them...

Belzeb: Who is Raijin-oh!! Who is Earth Defense Class!!
How dare you! I'll teach you!!

Tider: What is wrong with you Da, Belzeb-sama!?

Belzeb: Go! Jaaku Satan!

[Jaaku Satan appears]

Belzeb: The robots from Ionia! Let settle this today!

[Enemies appear]

Belzeb: Let's go!

Asuka: Jaaku Satan! As I expected you appeared!

Jin: Heh! You haven't learn your lesson!?

Magnum Ace: Be careful Jin! I can feel a strange spirit from those guys...!

Jin: Don't worry Magnum Ace!
No matter how much fighting spirit those guys hold the victory of Raijin-oh is

*Belzeb reduced below 40% HP*

Falzeb: Shit! How dare you!

Tider: Belzeb-sama! Those guys are too good Da!

Belzeb: You brats... you brats...
I can't stand you bratssss!!

Jin: He still not give up!?

Da Cider: Damn! What a bastard!

Belzeb: Uoooooooh!!

[Jaaku Satan attacks Raijin-oh]

Jin: Uwaaaaaa!!

Belzeb: Eat this!!

[Bakuryudragon backs Raijin-oh]

Koji: Ah! Bakuryuoh is...!

Jin: Maria, why!?

Maria: Aren't we comrades of Earth Defense Class!? Because of that of course we
have to help each other!

Jin: Help...

Belzeb: How dare you standing in my way! Then I kill you first!

[Jaaku Satan attack Bakuryudragon]

Yuu: Kyaaaaaa!

Asuka: At this rate Bakuryuoh will be done in scrap! Jin, quickly save them!

Jin: I want to but Raijin-oh doesn't move easily...!

Koji: I, it can't be!

Kakeru: Jin, now I'll save you!

Yaminorius: I'll not permit that! Hazuramsaraiya~!

Kotarou: Fuck that Yaminorius! He incorrigibly call out the hell beasts!

Yousuke: Wait a bit! Yaminorius suppose to be in Earth Tear!

Rikiya: But, the hell beasts keep coming! That means that bastard also return
to Earth!

Koji: What will we do, Jin!?

Jin: How the hell do I know...!

Maria: Jin, the Bakuryuoh is fine so escape with Raijin-oh!

Jin: What are you saying!?

Tsutomu: There are no one in Bakuryuoh! Now the priority is let everyone

Jin: Is that good!?
Tsutomu: I'm not saying it is good! But now we can only thought of that...!

Belzeb: Damn you! Quickly get out of my way! 

[Jaaku Satan attack Bakuryudragon]

Tokie: Maria! If Bakuryuoh receive more damage it will break down!

Maria: Please, Bakuryuoh! Hang on a little longer!

Jin: I won't let it destroy... Bakuryuoh is our...

[Raijin-oh & Bakuryudragon shine]

Koji: T, that is...!?

Belzeb: You bastard Raijin-oh! What are you intend to do!?

Jin: What is that!? There is a lever I haven't seen in cockpit!

Hiroshi: There is also a lever appears at the classroom!

Jin: It is for us to push!? Well!

[God Raijin-oh appears]

Asuka: T, that is...!?

Koji: Raijin-oh combined with Bakuryuoh!

Jin: Amazing...

Belzeb: How can Raijin-oh have this secret...!

Kirara: Hey, look! On the screen of the monitor...!

Tsutomu: God Raijin-oh! Jin-kun, this robot is called God Raijin-oh!

Jin: Hehe, God Raijin-oh!?
Well then, let's go! God Raijin-oh!!

[God Raijin-oh attacks Jaaku Satan, Jaaku Satan loses 60400 HP]

Koji: Amazing power...!

Asuka: We can do it with this power, Jin!
Let's beat the crap of these guys out of our town in one go!

Jin: Understood!
Let's go Jaaku Empire! The real fight begins from here!

*Jin vs Belzeb*

Belzeb: How dare you make me drink boiling water until now, children of Earth!
I'll wipe all the grudge that you caused me by crushing my pride here!

Jin: Quit complaining! If you can do it come quickly! I'll defeat you by only 

*Jin vs enemy*

Koji: This God Raijin-oh is created by uniting our heart as one!

Asuka: No matter what kind of enemies the result is the same!

Jin: I'll kick all your ass with power of matchless!

*Bakuryuoh vs Belzeb*

Maria: Even if you are our enemy Bakuryuoh won't lose!

Tider: Perhaps this also moved by these kids Da!?

Belzeb: You brats! I won't forgive you anymore for obstructing me!

*Ganbar Team vs Belzeb*

Kotarou: Because we arrived you have no chance of winning anymore!

Belzeb: Don't get cocky just because your number increased! I'll teach you that
thing is meaningless before my power of rage!

*Kenichi vs Belzeb*

Kenichi: You will go to hell following Mechanize Kingdom!

Belzeb: Then show me, Gosauer! For the sake of injuring my pride as a soldier,
I'll beat you black and blue!

*Momotarou vs Belzeb*

Belzeb: You have the same sin as the Earth Defense Class! I'll kick your ass 

Kakeru: Be careful, Momotarou! The strength of this guy is completely different 
from before!

Momotarou: What on Earth is wrong with him...!?

*Jaaku Satan defeated*

Tider: Belzeb-sama! We can't stand more than this Da!

Belzeb: Why...!? Why I can't win those brats!?

Falzeb: Belzeb, we got what we want! Let's quickly retreat!

Belzeb: How dare you brats! Next time I'll surely...!

Yaminorius: Good grief, that idiot Belzeb. Despite his big mouth he is done!

Yaminorius: Eh? That is?

Yaminorius: Ouch~!

*Battle ends*

Tsutomu: There are no signs of enemy in Youshou Town anymore!

Asuka: Thanks to everyone at the control room found out Bakuryuoh!

Koji: Right.

Jin: Well, only this time the credit goes to Tsutomu's group!

*Youshou Academy*

Asuka: Tsutomu saved us thanks to his discovery of Bakuryuoh.

Tsutomu: No, I should have know Bakuryuoh earlier...

Koji: Don't talk like that! If Tsutomu wasn't there we couldn't move Bakuryuoh!

Jin: Er, Tsutomu...

Tsutomu: What, Jin-kun?

Jin: That... I'm sorry for saying you ''rocking head''... We can't do it 
without you...

Tsutomu: Jin-kun, I'm also loosen my mood at that time so pardon me.

Jin: Hehe! Then that matter is settle!
Moreover, from now I will stop saying selfish thing and join hands with 
everyone. I beg you keep your support for us!

Maria: Yeah! Trust us!

Mach Windy: It seems you guys are friendly again.

Da Cider: Although I'm not sure what will happen when we arrived.

Professor: But I'm surprised that those 2 robots can combine to become a
stronger one.

Kinta: It is different from Magna Sauer and Revolger which can only transform
into weapon.

Yousuke: Perhaps there are still some abilities hiding in our robots?

Professor: That is full of possibility! Let's check at once!

Momotarou: Hey hey, I wonder Daiteioh also has a separated robot that can 
combine with?

Mai: We didn't say that is hopeless.

Kakeru: But before that time we must find the separated robot.

*Youshou Town/Urban Area*

Yaminorius: Ouch... What was happening...?
Eh, where is this place? I am...
Ah~! I can't remember anything!
Damn! What is that weird fashion!? I hateeeee that fashion!!

Yamino: I transformed...! What is this mysterious power!?

Teacher Aiko: Er... You seem in trouble. What is wrong with you?

Yamino: Yeah, sorry! Please help me!

Teacher Aiko: Eh?

*Aozora Town/Residental Area*

Teacher Aiko: Can you remember something, Yamino-san?

Yamino: No, not yet... This town looks close to me but...

Teacher Aiko: I see...

Yamino: Sorry, Aiko-san. I can't remember anything except my name...

Teacher Aiko: Don't worry, Yamino-san. Be patience and remember slowly.

Yamino: It will not go that way. I can't bother you longer...

Kotarou: Teacher Aiko~!

Teacher Aiko: Kotarou-kun, Yousuke-kun and Rikiya-kun. Where are you going?

Rikiya: We're training at Aozora mountain from now... We aren't play around.

Yousuke: What are you doing Teacher?

Kotarou: Perhaps you're going on a date!?

Teacher Aiko: Now, what are you saying!
Right. I want to ask you one thing.

Yousuke: What is it?

Teacher Aiko: I talk to Yamino-san here but can you recognize him?

Yousuke: No... I don't know him.

Kotarou: I see him the first time.

Rikiya: I also don't know him. I haven't see him on my delivery.

Teacher Aiko: Is that so...

Kotarou: Well then, Teacher! We're in a hurry!

Teacher Aiko: Watch out not getting injured Ok.

Yousuke: Yes!

Yamino: Aiko-san, those kids are?

Teacher Aiko: That is my students.

Yamino: That means Aiko-san is...

Teacher Aiko: I'm a teacher. I have many students but they're all good.
While I live in this socialty I don't believe there are bad people.

Yamino: Ah, now that is gentle for a complete stranger like me.

Teacher Aiko: Is that strange?

Yamino: No, not like that. I think that is a lovely way of thinking.

Teacher Aiko: Fufu. Thank you.

Yamino: Aiko-san, you're like an angel...

Teacher Aiko: Eh? What did you say?

Yamino: No, don't mind that...
(Should I tell that mysterious power to Aiko-san...)
(If I do that Aiko-san will be scared and probably leave me...)
(Now if I lost that person I'll be in big trouble...)

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san, what's wrong with you?

Yamino: No, not at all...

Teacher Aiko: It is time we go home?

Yamino: Yes...

*Aozora Mountain/Aozora Town*

Kotarou: Are you prepared, Yousuke, Rikiya!?

Yousuke: No problem!

Rikiya: Me too!

Kotarou: Well, let's go! Taaaaaaa!!

Rikiya: Ouch!

Yousuke: Are you two Ok!?

Toubei: If you loose the timing to jump up that's what you get Ja!
Come all three of you Ja!

Rikiya: Even you said so...

Kotarou: Dad... We have Ganbaruger and Revolger so do we need training this

Yousuke: Right. Moveover there are other comrades.

Toubei: Fool!!
Considerably Revolger joined made Ganbar Team's fighting ability powered up. 
But, that machine is nothing but a tool! To use all of its ability you guys
have to be stronger!

Adeu: I completely agree with Gonzales-san.

Sarutobi: If the Ryu himself don't train his power don't go up.

Toubei: The three of you hear this carefully. 
The scroll left from our ancestor wrote not only the resurrect of Revolger but
also this.
''After the good guardian released the 4th power, the seal of demon emperor 
melt, human doesn't exist from the ground''

Kakeru: Could it be the good guardian is...

Yousuke: Eldoran right?

Momotarou: Then, the 4th power is...!

Mai: It can't be mistaken Daiteioh.

Kotarou: So, it is soon that Gokuark will be released from the seal!?

Toubei: That is the utmost prediction. But, judging from the outcome of the 
world, it is not surprised that the seal is weaken.

Rikiya: What the hell...

Toubei: Because of that I'm thinking of passing the ninja technique of trinity
to you guys!
Before the Demon King resurrect train yourself properly!

Rikiya: Yes!

Kotarou: Then let's do it!

Yousuke: Yeah! We can't hand the ground to the Demon King!

Adeu: Kotarou. Let us join this training!

Kotarou: Adeu's group is!?

Sarutobi: We're interested to see you build up your strength. Moreover am I 
your ninja senior?

Toubei: Then, since the participants increased I will reopen the training!

Kotarou: Yes!

Lamuness: Kotarou's group is trying their best.

Da Cider: Then, Lamuness. Shall we also have a game?

Lamuness: I would like to but no thanks. I want to finish the games that are
sell at the time I was at Earth Tear.

Tama-Q: Aren't you also come here for training Lamuness Mya!?

Lamuness: No~. Recently I can't play game at home since my father is noisy. 
I think I can play with focus inside Ionia.

Hebimetako: Then why are you doing it outside Jan?

Milk: He said that he think Sauers and Earth Defense Class will ask him helping
their duty so he give up! 

Da Cider: Good grief, is that the Lamuness that gave us a hard time...

Lamuness: Even Da Cider's group didn't have the same reason, give me a break.

Kakeru: Well, if you have to read the reference book that much anybody will 
want to run away...

Zanpa: Good grief Pen. The reference book isn't that thick but you can't 
continue reading Pen.

Paffy: Er, Zanpa-san. Recently what were you doing?
From your outlook, it seems you're polishing something?

Zanpa: This?
This is my treasure I found at the cave of dwraf of Earth Tear Pen.

Kakeru: You were looking for that at that time?

Lesqua: What a magnificient golden egg! What a valuable thing!

Hebimetako: It seems very tasty Jan!

Zanpa: I thought of sell it off but, I feel there is something from it so I
keep it along Pen.

Katze: Hey, Zanpa-san. Can I see that golden egg a bit?

Zanpa: I'm sorry about that. I don't know what you will do if I pass it to you.

Katze: What's that, you're cold.
Please, come on, let me see it.

Zanpa: No Pen! 

Izumi: Hey Katze, that violent action is...

[Red Shocking Flash]

Da Cider: Hey, it fell.

Kakeru: Bad. It rolls into the thicket...

Paffy: It is hard to find since the slopes are steep.

Zanpa: Hey, you! What you gonna make it up for Pen!?

Katze: You don't have to be that angry. It doesn't mean that I did it on

Zanpa: It will not go that way Pen! I already told you this golden egg is my
treasure Pen!

Izumi: Hey hey, Zanpa. It is no use getting angry like that. 

Haguhagu: Right Hagu!

Zanpa: Everybody can say that without knowing how much I think about that egg 
and warming it Pen!
If you compare my anger, that is it! To the extent that this crest can explose
and go beyond control!


Zanpa: Pepe!?

Kakeru: What!? The crest really explosed!?

Sharu: I don't think so!

Tama-Q: Everyone! Look there Mya!

Stage 22A: Ganbar Team! The great counterattack of madness!

Gokuark: Fuhahahahahaha!! The seal is broken at last!
My name is Emperor of the Demon World, Gokuark! From now this world is mine!

Rikiya: That is Gokuark!?

Kotarou: Shit, that bastard Gokuark! 
Just when we talk about him he recarnated!

Momotarou: But isn't Gokuark fights Eldoran in the Demon World!? He is here

Toubei: The answer is only one! Eldoran is defeated by Gokuark!

Kotarou: Are you serious!? That is just right as the prediction!

Gokuark: You foolish human! You all will be my slave! Turn into sorrowful

Yousuke: We're in big trouble! People of the town are turning into animal!

Lamuness: What did you say!?

Toubei: Does this mean ''human doesn't exist from the ground'' like the 

Mai: We can't let it go like this! Let's quickly sortie!

Gokuark: As long as I revive it is natural that this world is mine!
Soon I'll put everything under control! 

Kotarou: We will not let it go that way!

Kotarou: Gokuark! We will not letting you mess the town any longer!

Gokuark: What can you human do!? If you don't oppose me I'll end your 

Rikiya: I have a dream of becoming a professional baseball player! I'll not
give up easily!

Kotarou: We are the mirage ninja, Ganbar Team! We can't be lose by the like of

Yousuke: We will show you miracle!

Gokuark: Fool! Then I'll give you a quick death instead of turning you into

[Hell-beasts appear]

Kakeru: Monsters gush out one after another...

Cocoa: I also want reinforcement...

Sharu: We make contact with Ken a while ago. They seem now fighting Drago 

Lamuness: What a bad timing!

Tama-Q: It is no use to grumble Mya! We can only rely on ourself Mya!

Rikiya: Right, Lamuness!

Kotarou: We will not lose to you no matter what, Emperor Gokuark!!

*10 enemies remain*

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san, we will soon reach the shelter! Hang on!

Yamino: Y, yes!

Chinatsu: Teacher Aiko~!

Teacher Aiko: You kids! You're still here!?

Katsura: Chinatsu said she want to take a picture of Gokuark no matter what.

Yurika: Because of that we're late on taking refuge.

Teacher Aiko: I see...
Chinatsu, it is good to be full of curiosity but you have to chose time for

Chinatsu: Yes!

Katsura: Teacher Aiko, who is this person?

Yamino: Ah, I'm...


Yurika: Ahh! The building is!

Katsura: It collapessss!

Teacher Aiko: Kyaaaaaa!

Yamino: No! 


Yurika: Amazing... That person blow away the fragment of the building...

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san... Now that is...

Yamino: You surprise, Aiko-san...? 
I have a strange fearful power...

Teacher Aiko: ...No. I don't fear the mysterious power that you have...
Because you are a good person.

Yamino: I'm... a good person?

Teacher Aiko: Yeah. You have fearful power but that power saved me and my
So, that power, and you who own it, are not fearful to me at all.

Yamino: ...Aiko-san, as I expected you're an angel.

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san...

Chinatsu: I see you two are lovers!?
But as a school newspaper reporter I can't leave the one with super ability

Katsura: Wait, Chinatsu! Haven't Teacher told you to chose time and occasion 
just a while ago!?

Yamino: Aiko-san, I...

Yurika: D, dangerous!


Teacher Aiko: Y, Yamino-san! Are you alright!?

Yamino: ...
Ouch. What on earth is happening?

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san, be tough!

Yamino: Eh? Who are you?
Hey, aren't that Ganbaruger and Gokuark-sama!? There is no time to lose!

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san, that way is dangerous!

Chinatsu: He went away...

Teacher Aiko: Katsura-san, a shelter is near here! Bring Chinatsu-san and 
Yurika-san there!

Katsura: How about you!?

Teacher Aiko: I have to look for Yamino-san! Then, hurry everyone!

Yurika: Y, yes!

*3 enemies remain*

[Hell-beasts appear]

Gokuark: Fufufu! It is useless killing hell-beasts!
As long as the miasma of Demon World are filling this town, you can't win!

Kinta: Bastard Gokuark, he still feel like he won!

Kakeru: What! He doesn't understand the victory can only be decided at the
last moment!

Kotarou: Right!
We will defeat all the hell-beasts no matter how many they are!

*Kakeru vs Gokuark*

Kakeru: This is an important place for us to return! I can't stand you monsters
pollute it!

Gokuark: You don't have to worry about it soon! While the miasma of the Demon 
World is touching!

*Jin vs Gokuark*

Asuka: You will end up not beaten by us if you don't come out of Demon World!

Jin: Prepare as I'm going to tear off all your dragon heads!

Gokuark: Don't be cocky just because you're chosen by Eldoran...!
You will be regret in this world for opposing me!

*Kotarou or Rikiya vs Gokuark*

Gokuark: You oppose the Demon World very well but from now on it will not go
that way! I'll bury you before turning the ground into a dark world!

Rikiya: Too bad! We will show you we can protect Aozora Town!

Kotarou: Come, Gokuark! As our promise with Eldoran, we Ganbar Team will beat

*Kenichi vs Gokuark*

Gokuark: I'll make you understand before my power of Demon World your power is

Kenichi: I don't know how much power does Demon World hold but we will send
away the Demon World with our dinosaur Gosauer's power!

*Momotarou vs Gokuark*

Gokuark: This robot! Is the thing that Eldoran gave at that time!?

Mai: Right!

Kakeru: But, we don't need to tell you its name!

Momotarou: Because you will be killed by us here anyway!

*Magnum Ace vs Gokuark*

Magnum Ace: If you fight to cover the world with darkness I fight to bring this
world light! With the friends that sympathy with me!!

Gokuark: What friends! I'll turn them into animal immediately with my demon 
magic power!

*Lamuness vs Gokuark*

Lamuness: There is a theory that no matter it is the Demon King or Calamity God
they will be beaten by the Brave! Prepare yourself!

Gokuark: Fool! I'll end your play in this world!

*Da Cider vs Gokuark*

Da Cider: Good grief, a bastard that his name completely match his personality!

Hebimetako: Let make he learn that Darling is the true reverse!

*Adeu vs Gokuark*

Gokuark: Don't a half-baked like you think you can beat this Emperor Gokuark!?

Adeu: Then I'll show you! You will have my service as a knight!

*Gokuark's HP reduced by ~20%*

Gokuark: How long will you fools struggling!? Do you think you can really win
me!? The King of Demon World, this Gokuark!?

[Gokuark regenerates 48000 HP]

Adeu: Hey! That bastard Gokuark is terrible strong!

Magnum Ace: What power of regeneration...! We can't win him by remnant damage!

Da Cider: In other words if we don't land a more powerful attack than ever 
before we can't defeat him...!?

Hebimetako: That is the super heavy Jan!

Kotarou: Shit! What should we do!?

Kotarou: What is that!? There is an image of a robot on Ganbar Commander!

Yousuke: On the commander!? Perhaps that is a new robot!?

Kotarou: What!? There is still robot!?

Yousuke: Kotarou-kun! Pass me the commander so I can check it!

Kotarou: Ok!

Yousuke: It can't be wrong! There is still another robot!

Kotarou: Well! Quickly call it out!

Yousuke: Let me try!

Yousuke: That? The screen shifted to a golden egg.
I see! Inside that golden egg is a new robot!

Kotarou: But, where is that golden egg?

Yousuke: T, that is...

Kakeru: Could it be that golden egg is the egg that Zanpa owns?

Kinta: It is a high possibility that egg is the egg at the place Magnasauer was

Yousuke: Yeah! Surely it is!
Zanpa-san! Lend me that egg!

Zanpa: Sorry Pen... The truth is a while ago I lost it at Aozora Mountain 

Yousuke: Eeee!?

Kotarou: Well! Let me find it!

Yousuke: Wait! That is my turn! Kotarou-kun please hold on with the Ganbaruger!

Kotarou: Ok! I rely on you Yousuke!

Yousuke: Understood!

*Two turn after Gokuark regenerated*

Gokuark: Fuhahahaha! Useless, useless!

[Gokuark regenerates 60000 HP]

Kotarou: Shit! We can't end it...!

Rikiya: Yousuke! Come back quickly!

*Aozora Town/Forest*

Blue Ganbar: It seems exacly this is where the egg fell but...

Blue Ganbar: There! I found it!
If we can call out the robot inside this egg, Gokuark will surely be defeated!

Yaminorius: It will not go that way.

Yaminorius: I wondered where are you going in the middle of battle so I try to
track you and it turns out you're about to receive a new robot.

Blue Ganbar: Shit...!

Yaminorius: Well, now that Gokuark-sama resurrected everything is useless no
matter what you do.
Give up finding that new robot and surrender for your own good.

Blue Ganbar: We'll never do that...

Yaminorius: What!?

Blue Ganbar: We will never surrender to Demon World!
We'll surely show you we'll protect this town... our town!!


Yaminorius: Uooh, what is that!? That light is!?

Blue Ganbar: That light from the egg is...!

Yaminorius: Ehh, as I expected I can not leave that egg like that! I'll
immediately destroy it!

Blue Ganbar: S, stopppp!


Blue Ganbar: Uwah!

Yaminorius: You take my magic for that egg!? Do you want to die!?

Blue Ganbar: That egg... is our hope of protecting the city!
For defeating Gokuark and for everyone of the town returning to human, I'll
never let that egg... destroyedddddd!!


Yaminorius: Oooh! Ooooooh!?

Blue Ganbar: The crack on that egg...! It gives birth!?

[Gekiryuger appears]

Yousuke: That is... I'm inside the cockpit of!?

Yousuke: Gekiryuger...?
Right, this robot is called Gekiryuger!
This is Yousuke! I obtained a new robot Gekiryuger!

Rikiya: You did it, Yousuke!

Yaminorius: Ehh! How could I allowed the new robot appears...!
I'll be scolded by Gokuark-sama at this point...!

Gokuark: How dare you, Eldoran('s)! You do impudently trick!

Kotarou: Yousuke! Rikiya! We obtained the 3rd robot! Let's try to do something
with that thing! 

Yousuke: Right!

Rikiya: Well, let's go!

[Ganbar Team attacks, Gokuark loses 48000 HP]

Gokuark: Guoooh! What is this power!?

Rikiya: We did it! Even it never went well in training!

Toubei: Well done you three! That is a splendid Ganbar ninja technique!

Kotarou: Well, when do it for real we can only do this much!

Yousuke: Then! The game begins now, Gokuark!

Gokuark: You fools! You really make me angry!
I can't forgive you more! I'll kill all of you!!

*Gokuark's HP reduced by ~50%*

Gokuark: Nuooooooo!
Not yet! I'm not yet done!!

[Gokuark regenerates 84000 HP]

Yaminorius: This is bad! At this rate Gokuark-sama will!
You bastards, eat my magic that is powered up by touching the Demon World's
atmosphere! Saraiya~!!

Momotarou: What is that!?

Yaminorius: Now, Gokuark-sama! Those guys is frighten, this is your 

Gokuark: Well done! You're truly helpful Yaminorius!
Take this!

Rikiya: Oh no!

Kotarou: Ku, Ganbaruger is catched by a black ring, we can't move...! 

Paffy: What strong magic...!

Yousuke: Eventhough we obtained Gekiryuger, at this rate...!

Toubei: Yousuke! Do you know where Yaminorius is!?

Yousuke: I think perhaps he is still at Aozora Mountain but what are you
planning to do!?

Toubei: I'm going to stop him from bringing more trouble!
You guys must overcome this tough situation and defeat Gokuark at any cost!

Kotarou: Understood! We rely on you, father!

Gokuark: Fuhahahaha! No matter how much you struggle it is useless! You all
only have a road to death!

Katze: Dowaaaaaa!!

Blass: Sharu, can we destroy Gokuark's magic by Ionia's full power!?

Sharu: No...! No matter what I try it doesn't move!

Kotarou: Shit! Get over it Ganbaruger!!

Yaminorius: Hahahaha! I feel good Ganbar Team! Realize my bitterness until now!

Teacher Aiko: Enough!

Yaminorius: W, what!?

Teacher Aiko: I'll never forgive you to interfere Ganbar Team any longer!

Yaminorius: You are an impudent woman for challenging me! 
I'll silent you first before touching those guys!

Toubei: No you don't!

Yaminorius: Muu! Who are you!?

Toubei: There is a dog at the shining place! Heaven know Earth know you know!
For shutting down the evil in this world, Toubei Kirigakure! Just now I arrive

Yaminorius: Ehh, it is you again...!

Teacher Aiko: Gon, why do you talk!? Moreover you said you're Toubei 

Toubei: Teacher Aiko, let's leave detail later! At this point leave it to me!
Hurry run!

Teacher Aiko: No! I don't know why but let me fight too!
I haven't find my beloved Yamino!

Toubei: L, love?

Yaminorius: Yamino-san...? That means this woman is...!

Teacher Aiko: Well! Prepare yourself Yaminorius!

Yaminorius: You said you come here to find the human named Yamino.

Teacher Aiko: So what!?

Yaminorius: I'll teach you the place of the man you love!

Teacher Aiko: Eh?

Toubei: What are you saying you bastard!?

Yaminorius: Look carefully!


Teacher Aiko: ...! Yamino-san...!

Yousuke: You two, did you see just now!?

Kotarou: That Yamino is Yaminorius!?

Rikiya: I can't believe it!

Teacher Aiko: It can't be...! Why is Yamino Yaminorius!

Teacher Aiko: Even I love...! Even I love Yamino-san!!

Toubei: Teacher Aiko! Be tough!


Yaminorius: I also fell into a trap falling in love with such human...

Toubei: How dare you, Yaminorius! 
What do you know about human's heart!?

Yaminorius: Well, Gokuark-sama! It is time to wipe out this guys!

Kotarou: Not only you mess up our town you also bring sadness to Teacher Aiko!!

Rikiya: We absolutely won't forgive you, Demon World's bastards!!

Yousuke: I'm already in complete anger!!

Kotarou: Uoooooooh!! We will not loseeeee!!

[Ganbar Team boost up]

Gokuark: It can't be! My magic won't work!?

Toubei: Hey! Those guys did it!

Teacher Aiko: Ganbar Team is... this frantic...
(Ganbar Team is trying this hard...! I can't be a crying baby!)
(I can surely do something! I...!)

Kotarou: Uoooooooh!!

[Ringing sound]

Kotarou: A letter on Ganbar Commander!? Install the program: Super Mirage 
Combination Great Ganbarugar!?

Yousuke: Right, Kotarou-kun! Our robots can combine like Raijin-oh!

Kotarou: Understood! Let's do it, Rikiya, Yousuke!

Rikiya: Ok!

Kotarou: Great Ganbaruger! Super Mirage Combination!!
Spirit! Explosionnnn!!

[Great Ganbaruger appears]

Kotarou: He~! So this is Great Ganbaruger!

Yousuke: We did it, Kotarou-kun!

Rikiya: Kotarou, now is the time to pay back!

Kotarou: Well! Go, Great Ganbaruger!!

[Great Ganbaruger attacks Gokuark, Gokuark loses 72000 HP]

Gokuark: Gunuuuuuu! Impertinence!

Sharu: Gokuark's magic ended! At this point all members should move like usual!

Hiromi: T, true! Gosauer can move!

Adeu: Well! If Zephyr can move the game is ours!

Magnum Ace: The situation is reverse! Let's push back Demon World's invation in
one go!

Kotarou: Ok! Then come, Gokuark!

Yaminorius: Ehh, how come not only the Earth Defense Group but Ganbar Team's 
robots can also combine...!
If that's the case I have to help Gokuark-sama once...!

Toubei: I'll not permit that Yaminorius! Your opponent is me!

Yaminorius: You stupid ninja dog! You are not satisfied as a dog!?

*Gokuark defeated*

Kotarou: How is that, Gokuark!?

Gokuark: Can't be! It can't beeee!!

Rikiya: We defeated Gokuark...?

Yousuke: Yeah! The people turned into animal by Gokuark are returning to 

Kotarou: Then, the curse on father also being removed!

Yaminorius: H, how come! Gokuark-sama is defeated!

Toubei: Now the one left is only you! Prepare yourself, Yaminorius!

Yaminorius: H, how dare you~!

Teacher Aiko: Yamino-san!

Teacher Aiko: W, what!?

Teacher Aiko: I've made up my mind! From today I'll persuade you! 

Yaminorius: Eh~?

Toubei: Teacher Aiko, what did you just say?

Teacher Aiko: I believe you are good even til now! It is because all living
beings have a good heart and live on!
Because of that, it is no mistaken you have a pure heart!

Yaminorius: Of course I don't have that! Since I use magic of the Demon World!

Teacher Aiko: First listen to my story!

Yaminorius: No, you loud-mouth! I can't stand staying here any longer...!


Toubei: Ahh! Wait! Return me to my human form!

Teacher Aiko: (I will not lose...!) 
(Surely I will make Yaminorius... no, Yamino wake up!)

Kakeru: Somehow we protected Aozora Town.

Mach Windy: Thanks to Ganbar Team too.

Kotarou: Not only we were supported by Gekiryuger, we also have Great 
Ganbaruger! We will surely stop those guys from Demon World do what they like!

Rikiya: Good grief, Kotarou... Weren't we win because everyone support us...?

Yousuke: Well well Rikiya. I think we actually did good today.

Rikiya: Well, perhaps...

Sharu: So, aren't everyone tired? Take a rest inside Ionia.

Lamuness: Exactly... I'm exhaust...

Tama-Q: Surely the tension string is broken Mya.

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Yousuke: At last we defeated Gokuark right?

Rikiya: Yeah! At this point the Earth is saved from Demon World's threat!

Kotarou: Anyhow now that we beat the Demon World, I want to play baseball as
much as I want to make up for only fighting until now!

Toubei: What are you saying, Kotarou! The enemies are still left! Brace 
yourself, brace! 

Kotarou: F, father! Even we beat Demon World you're still a dog!?

Toubei: I also want to know that!

Paffy: Why can't Gonzales return back to his original from even all the people
cursed by Gokuark's magic are free...?

Izumi: That is truly strange...

Asuka: You don't say he live his life as a dog forever...

Toubei: Uhh... Since Seinto Bomu wasn't effective, how long will I be a dog...

Shinobu: Now now, Toubei-san. We'll surely come out with an idea so don't feel
down like that.

Teacher Aiko: Yeah. If Yamino-san convert he will surely do something for you.

Lamuness: No! Teacher Aiko!

Teacher Aiko: Long time no see, Lamune-kun. No, Brave Lamuness. I'm relief that
you look fine.

Rikiya: What does this mean!? Why is Teacher Aiko inside Ionia!?

Teacher Aiko: I heard everything from Gon... no Kotarou's father about you 

Yoji: Everything...!?

Kotarou: Father! You tell her everything about us!?

Toubei: Sorry... At that situation I can only tell what happened...

Kinta: Oh no... What the hell...

Teacher Aiko: I didn't expect the Ganbar Team's true identity is Kotarou's 
But it is inevitable that you get caught by Yaminorius's spell.

Rikiya: Er, Teacher Aiko... Don't you mean you told others that we are the 
Ganbar Team...

Teacher Aiko: Don't worry about that. Because Toubei-san kept me silent.

Kotarou: Phew, thanks God!

Yousuke: Er, Teacher Aiko...

Teacher Aiko: What, Yousuke-kun?

Yousuke: Are you alright too? You keep worry about us a while ago but that...

Teacher Aiko: Perhaps Yamino-san?

Yousuke: Yeah... well...

Teacher Aiko: I'm fine Yousuke-kun. Because I was supported by your 
Moreover because of Yamino-san I have one determination.

Lamuness: That is...?

Teacher Aiko: I'll make Yamino-san look back, I will show you I'll bring back
his gentle heart!

Ely: Eh~!? Are you serious!?

Teacher Aiko: I'm very serious! 
No matter what kind of person he is, if I speak to him heart by heart he'll
Because all beings in this world have a gentle heart!

Maria: Teacher Aiko is very confident...

Lesqua: That is a woman in love...

Toubei: Kotarou, Yousuke, Rikiya!

Kotarou: What, father. You suddenly look serious...

Toubei: Good? Like I said before, eventhough you defeated Demon World, there 
are still other enemies left aiming for the Earth.
You all will fight together with everyone from now on. Have you prepared?

Yousuke: I understand, uncle!

Rikiya: Because we can't playing around while other people are fighting!

Kotarou: We will be the secret heroes until we kick all enemies' ass!

Toubei: Yeah, good attention! From now on keep that focus!

Kotarou: Yeah! Trust the peace of the Earth to us and Great Ganbaruger from now

*Aozora Town/Aozora Mountain*

Yaminorius: I can't believe Gokuark-sama was defeated...
What will I do...

Yaminorius: Eh? What is that black misty...!?

Yaminorius: It comes!

Yaminorius: T, that magic is Gokuark-sama!
I see, Gokuark-sama hasn't died at all!
Oooooh! My magic raises as I absorb Gokuark-sama's magic!
Just you wait, Ganbar Team! 
The one will surely beat you, turn this world into Demon World and resurrect 
The one who borrows the power of king of Demon World, is this Yaminorius the

V If player choses route B ^

Kakeru: I will go to Kushiro!
As Blass-san say, there might be something happening there.

Zanpa: If we decide like that there is no time to lose Pen! 
Start the preparing at once Pen!

Yousuke: Eh? 
Zanpa-san, you dropped something.

Kotarou: What is that? A golden egg?

Zanpa: Oh, that is dangerous Pen!
This egg is the treasure I found at the cave of dwarf Pen!

Rikiya: You say cave of dwarf... That is the place where the Sauers obtained

Zanpa: I think of sell off but I feel something coming from that egg so I 
decided to keep it Pen!
Since no matter how much I warming it doesn't change, I'll pass it to you if
you want Pen.

Kotarou: Really? Then, we will keep it!
By any chance, something amazing must be borned from it!

Blass: Then, we settled what we'll do right?

Sharu: The life on Earth... What will it be...?

Ken: Uh...Uu...

???: ...

Ken: W, who are you!?

Kamiyo: I'm Kamiyo... I came to meet you.

Ken: You say you came to meet me...? What does that mean...?

Kamiyo: ...


Ken: Uwah!

Ken: U... That thing now is a dream...?
Who is that girl...?

*Saotome Lab/Hangar*

Dr.Saotome: At this point the core of nuclear reactor is done. 
Michiru, activate Getter.

Michiru: Roger, Father.

Shingo: Somehow the energy runs smoothly right?

Ryouma: Does that mean Getter is power up at this point!?

Dr.Saotome: Due to the new type of Getter's nuclear reactor core Getter's
potential will draw out perfectly.

Benkei: To draw out perfectly? I think the way things are now is enough.

Dr.Saotome: Until now you just haven't meet an equal opponent.
But, I wonder if it will go that way?

Hayato: That is why you develop the nuclear reactor core secludely at the

Dr.Saotome: Right. While you were at Earth Tear, for some reason the Onis
didn't appear here.
You went through bitter experience but, I have a happy time and doing research 

Kid: Then from now on relief and do research as much as you like.

Bowei: Because anyhow we defeated that Onis' boss Seimei for you.

Dr.Saotome: ...The onis will appear again here. 

Domon: Why do you declare that? Are there any trustworthy reason?

Dr.Saotome: I don't have any reason. But I can understand it.
No, it is correct to say I'm being informed about it rather than understand.

Ryouma: Talking in the way that put on airs as usual.

Dr.Saotome: Michiru, if the whole Getter Ray works well gradually increase the 
I'll take a rest at the underground. If something happen contact me.

Michiru: Good grief... He goes to the cellar basement again.
I wonder if he feel that comfortable?

Kid: Again?

Isaac: Michiru-san. Dr.Saotome recently been at the cellar basement?

Michiru: Yeah. After you guys weren't here he always seclude himself 
researching at the underground.
He is taking advantage when the Onis weren't here.

Omachi: I wonder when we were at Earth Tear, as expected the absence of Onis is
due to the missing of Getter?

Hayato: That is a very high possibility...

Ryouma: Then if we destroy Getter the Onis won't appear anymore.
But if I do that the old man won't forgive me.
You too, Hayato...

Hayato: ...

Ryouma: Ah? What is that noise?

Domon: Ryouma, look at Getter. It is glowing.

Benkei: That is Getter Ray?

Bowei: It emits strange light. Getter is really a misterious robot.

Shingo: Killy, Remy. Do you think that light is like Beamler?

Remy: I wonder so?

Killy: Well, you two, since I don't understand the nature of this energy, if
you say it is so then it is so.

Ryouma: Hayato, Benkei. I have a thought that will we be alright while continue
sinking deep to this thing?

Hayato: ...

Omachi: Eh? Where are you going Hayato-san?

Hayato: To Dr.Saotome's place... I simply was able to come out of a thing that
I must ask him.

*Saotome Lab/Cellar Basement

Hayato: Doctor... 

Dr.Saotome: It is you Hayato... What can I do for you?

Hayato: Doctor, while we are not here you stay at the underground to develop 
the new type of core of nuclear reactor...
But, that thing can be done without the underground. Is there something here?

Dr.Saotome: Sooner or later you will know.

Hayato: When? After we all dead?

Dr.Saotome: If you want the answer, you only have a choice continue riding 
Above anything else, you three can't escape from Getter.

Hayato: Your way of speaking is like you see through everything.

Dr.Saotome: Is that all you want to know?

Hayato: One more thing. Doctor, you also know right?
If the existence of Getter causes enemies to appear...
You must have a basis of creating the core of nuclear reactor while we are not 
here. Am I wrong?

Dr.Saotome: What I can say is that Getter already here and Ryouma and you guys
The consequence (or whatever) later is meaningless.

Hayato: ...


Hayato: That light is what I saw before from Getter...

Dr.Saotome: Fufufu, if you are here you can see things you never see before.
Is it because Getter Ray is excessively at full power...?
An expert that appeared yesterday talks to me.

Hayato: Expert? Could it be your son that was killed by Oni...?

Dr.Saotome: The expert speaks. Strengthen Getter... Strengthen more... 

Hayato: ...

*Drago Empire/Sacred Temple*

Zara: My throat is burning... my body is thirsty...
Do you people understand? My thirsty is a thing of our lord Drago-sama...
Drago-sama is desperate for many more human's blood and sadness.

Ryu Dolk: Then this time let this Ryu Dolk offer Liger's life to Drago-sama.

Zara: Yes, Ryu Dolk! That is it!

Doll Geist: That is reliable. Dolk-sama that obtained the Fang of Destruction
will surely bring Liger down.

Ryu Dolk: ...

Doll Satan: But Dolk-sama. The plan of beating Liger and bring sadness to 
humanity already arranged.
Dolk-sama don't have to take trouble sortie...

Ryu Dolk: I don't plan to get in your way. Do as you like.

Doll Geist: I sure hope so.

Zara: Then go! Before the Fang of Destruction Liger is nothing!

Ryu Dolk: Yes!

*Ken's House/Living Room*

Zanpa: Pepepepepen! Stop Pen!

Kouji: Hey! Don't run away!

Mai: Be obedient and let me wash your body!

Zanpa: I hate bathing Pen! I don't like it Pen!

Sayaka: You don't like bathing Penguin?

Zanpa: That's why! I say I'm a Half-beast Pen!

Boss: I'm tired of hearing that line.

Yui: Mai, if the person himself hate, don't force him...

Zanpa: That's right Pen! 
Even you are twin, Yui's word is reasonable Pen.

Mai: What is that!? If that is so I'll completely wash you!
Give me a hand Yui! We'll bring Zanpa to the bathroom!

Yui: U, understood. Sorry. Zanpa-san.

Zanpa: If I experience that, I should have go out with Kakeru and Tetsuya-san

Ryuzo: Now now Yui-sama and Mai-sama, don't make a big fuss like that...

Saeko: This is the first time I see those two frolic like that.

Ryuzo: Even we are fighting Drago Empire, those kids are only year 6 elementary
students. That is a normal expression.

Saeko: Right. 
Moreover Ken-kun is too... 

Ryuzo: Which reminds me I haven't seen him after breakfast...
Well, why don't we try to peek at his room?

Ken: ...

Ryuzo: What is wrong with you Ken? Do you worry about something?

Ken: Not really...

Saeko: By any chance is it that girl you saw in the dream?

Ken: Yeah, thank you for you caring...

Mai: H~m, dream huh?

Ken: Mai, what is that look?

Mai: There is no need to mind about that. At Ken's age that is a dream you see

Yui: What do you mean?

Mai: If I say it frankly, Ken will be mad!

Ken: Mad?

Ken: You insolent!! You mean that!?

Ryuzo: Then let's go to the living room. The visitors are worry.

Dango: Hey, Ken! At last you came down!

Ken: What's with you Dango? Today aren't you spend time with your family?

Dango: I thought so but I end up meeting my friend.

Ken: Friend?

Shinichi: Ken-chaaaan!

Ken: Eh!?

Shinichi: It is really Ken-chan!
Ken-chaaaan! I'm miss you so much!

Ken: Shi, Shinichi! Why are you here!?

Shinichi: Dango-kun told me you've came back to Kushiro and he bring me here.

Mai: Who? Is this kid?

Dango: He is our class-mate when we went to Kushiro school.

Shinichi: Everyone tease me when Ken-chan is not around! I felt lonely~!

Ken: Uwa! Don't hold me! Hey!

Saeko: What~? I didn't know. You are popular, Ken-kun.

Mai: Hey, sexy man! Man-killer! Hyuhyu (whistling)

Ken: Shut up!!

Sayaka: You like Ken-kun very much right?

Shinichi: Because Ken-chan always protect me from teasing.

Saeko: Hee, that great?

Dango: He always copy Shinichi's during the test so he feel he has to payback.

Ken: W, wrong!

Mai: What's wrong with you, Ken?

Ken: Did you hear something everyone?

Dango: Eh? I didn't hear anything. How about you, Shinichi?

Shinichi: Yeah. Me too.

Ken: No... Could that voice be...?

Ken: Overthere!


Ken: Where... Where is this voice...


Kamiyo: Ken...

Dango: Ken! What happen with you suddenly!?

Yui: What, that girl!? She stand above the water!

Kouji: Who is that girl...?

Ken: Everyone, it is that girl... That girl appears in my dream.

Ryuzo: Really, Ken!?

Ken: Yeah... I can't be wrong...

Mai: Ken is not imagining...

Kamiyo: Ken... Come with me... Take this hand...

Ken: Hand...?
(...! What a cold hand...!)

Kamiyo: You have to come with me...

Ken: L, leave me! Why do I have to go with you!?

Kamiyo: Ken, you must not fight... If you fight...

Ken: Eh?

Dango: If he fight, what will happen!?

Kamiyo: Ken will... die...

Ken: Eh!?

Mai: Die!? You say Ken will die!?

Kamiyo: ...


Yui: She disappeared...

Shinichi: Who is she...?

Ryuzo: If Ken fight... he will die...

Mai: That kid is human? Or...

Dango: Of course Ken will not die! Everyone, don't worry about nonsense!

Ken: Yeah...

Saeko: I wonder where is she from...

Sharu: That? Is Ken's group isn't it?

Kakeru: What is wrong, everyone? What are those confusing faces?

Yui: That is a mysterious girl appeared a while ago...

Saeko: She say unlucky thing such as if Ken-kun fight he will die and 

Sharu: Hmph... Isn't that thing often happens on Earth?  

Dango: Of course it will not happen!

Mai: She floats above the lake like a ghost...

Ken: ...

Tetsuya: Perhaps Drago Empire sends an assassin to unsettle our spirit.

Boss: Those bastards do a roundabout thing like that?

Shinichi: Ken-chan, somehow we have a lot of trouble...

Ken: Yeah. Our enemies are large in number.

Kouji: Btw Blass-san. Have you come out with anything at the place Ionia was?

Blass: No, I didn't find anything.
But, I can understand that the place where Ionia was buried laids very deep

Jun: It is better to leave the investigation to specialists. 
We'll prepare so that we can create an investigation party.

Sharu: Kakeru, you really don't understand anything?  
Wasn't actually it moved?

Kakeru: Even you say so it can't be helped. 
That Ionia, as soon as I think that it takes in Amane it started to move on its
own way.

Mai: Hey hey. Let's end the talk here. It is time to go home. 
I'm hungry.

Kouji: Which reminds me, it is late.

Dango: Well! Then I'll cook dinner for today!

Ken: Yeah, that is helpful, Dango!

Mai: Dango, you are only strong at cooking right...?

Dango: ''Only'' is unnecessary! If you say that then I'll not cook your dish!

Mai: Sorry sorry! I'm rely on you Dango-sama!

Kakeru: Although it is troublesome but we trust you, Dango.
Because anyhow, there is someone as greedy as stolen other people's dish.

Sharu: That is why I said I'm not greedy!

Kakeru: I'm not refering you Sharu.

Sharu: Shit, I can't believe I did that...!

Blass: This time only Kakeru got you.

Ken: Shinichi, today is late so stay at my house.

Shinichi: Yes! Today I can be with Ken-chan!

Ken: Hey hey don't follow me to the bathroom!

Sharu: ...!?
Too bad but, this is no the time for that!

Ken: What's wrong?

Sharu: Because we have uninvited guests!

Stage 21B: Bear the tear and attack friend

Doll Geist: Doll Satan-sama, the releasing response of the maggot seems appear
from this area.

Doll Satan: I see... Soon the maggot that live inside human will awake.
Until then give blood and sadness to Drago-sama!

Doll Geist: Yes! Go, Metal Knight!

Kakeru: The guys from Drago Empire!

Ken: Damn! Eventhough the town take trouble begins to restore you can't wait
destroying it!?

Shinichi: What do you intend to do, Ken-chan!?

Ken: Well, look!

Mai: No, Ken!

Yui: Right! Have you forgotten what the girl said!?

Ken: ...!

Mai: Leave this matter for everyone! Ok!?

Ken: Somehow I understand what that girl said.
But, I can't be silent watching this town being burned!
Dango! I entrust uncle's group to you!

Dango: Leave it to me!

Ryuzo: Be tough, Ken!

Ken: Yeah!

Ken: Comeeeee! Ligerrr!!

Shinichi: Liger!? It can't be... Ken was operating the Liger...!?

Kakeru: Sharu, let's go too!

Sharu: Roger!

Shinichi: Amazing! You are amazing Ken-chan! Ken-chan's group protect the Earth!

Saeko: Well, Shinichi-kun. Let's go to safer place.

Shinichi: Yes!

Doll Satan: Shit, how could Liger appear at this place...!?

Ken: You planned to do whatever you like with this town again but it will not 
go that way!
This time I'll show you I'll protect everyone of this town...!

*6 enemies remain*

[Ally reinforcement appears]

Kid: Hey, I'm coming I'm coming!

Kouji: Everyone has come!

Shingo: Well, we can't stand and watch over Earth's crisis.

Kid: But we J9, if anything, an attendant of Getter.

Omachi: Hey, I wonder if we were talisman rather than attendant?

Ryouma: Heh, thank you for saying that!

Ken: What happened to the others?

Isaac: We are being informed that they are fighting against a force at Youshou 
and Shunpuu Town.

Bowei: Because of that, the one helping you is only us.

Tetsuya: Roger! We'll smash enemies in one go before they give farther damage
to the city!

Hayato: Ryouma, this is the first time we experience real battle with new type 
of core of nuclear reactor equipped. We shouldn't raise the output beyond 

Ryouma: That depends on who is the enemy.

Benkei: Stow that, Hayato. Ryouma won't think of listening to whatever you 

Dango: Since Getter Team is assisting us I feel relief at this point!

Shinichi: ...

Saeko: Are you alright, Shinichi-kun? Your face looks ill.

Shinichi: I only feel a bit dizzy... I wonder if I'm too excited of Ken-chan's
group's battle...

Ryuzo: Anyhow don't force yourself.

Shinichi: Y, yes...

*5 enemies remain*

Shinichi: U.. Uu...

Dango: Eh? What is wrong with you, Shinichi!?

Shinichi: My head... hurts...

Ryuzo: This pain is unusual! You should be checked immediately!

Shinichi: Gu... aaaa...

Dango: Owaaaaaa!!

Ryuzo: What does this mean!?

Saeko: Ken-kun, it is bad! Shinichi-kun is!

Ken: What, Sister Saeko!? What is wrong with Shinichi-kun!?

Shinichi: Uu... Uuuu...

Doll Geist: Hou... That is...
Look Doll Satan-sama. It seems there is a guy that our releasing parasite 

Doll Satan: Hm... I can't believe that guy is acting together with their party.

Doll Geist: Then, it is time for us to act.

Doll Satan: Liger! This time I will show you my ability!

Shinichi: Gu..aa...aaaa...

Ken: Shi, Shinichi...

Shinichi: Ken-chan... Kill me...
Please... Kill me... Uhuuh... 

Dango: I, it can't be...! Shinichi turns into Drago Knight!

Ken: Those guys from Drago make Shinichi!

Kouji: Shit, Drago Empire! Doing heartless tricks!

Doll Satan: Fufufu, so you've awaken... 

Doll Geist: The experiment is success. If we carry this out the human will
decrease and our servants will increase...
We can call this exactly kill two birds with one stone.

Shinichi: Guoooooo!

[Shinichi attacks Liger]

Ken: Uwaaaaaaa!

Ryouma: What are you doing, Ken! Don't hesitate and fight back!

Ken: How can I do that...! Eventhough he turned into Drago Knight he is still

Tetsuya: But, at this point you will be done! 

Ken: No, no...! I can't even do that...!

Ryouma: Then, you step aside! I'll beat him!

Kouji: Wait, Ryouma! First we have to think of a plan to release Shinichi...!

Ryouma: You are noisy, Kouji! We aren't playing game!
I'll beat whoever is the enemy! 
Out of my way if you don't prepare!

Kouji: Ryouma, you!

Hayato: Kouji, Ryouma's words somewhat make sense.
As long as we don't understand of a method to release that kid, at least we 
show mercy by instantly bury him.

Dango: Keeeen! That guy is no longer Shinichi!

Domon: We can only show him his cruel fate! Bear the tear and attack your

Ken: Shit... I have no choice...!?

Ryu Dolk: I can clearly see the fate of this battle.
That guy is truely the chosen soldier, or...

*Evil Dragon Soldier Atlus is defeated*

Shingo: He stop moving!

Isaac: Now! To success is this time!

Ryouma: Then, let's go!

Ken: Wait, Ryouma-san! 
In the end... in the end at least I will...!

Kakeru: Ken...

Shinichi: Uh... K, Ken-chan... Please... Kill me... Kill me!
Kill me... Ken-chan... 
For me... For me! Ken-chaaaan!

Ken: Uooooooooo!!

Ken: S, Shinichi... If we be borned again, we'll be friend when we meet...

Shinichi: Thank you... Ken-chan...

Ken: S, Shinichiiiiii!!

Ryu Dolk: I'm happy, Liger...
Come! Doluga!

Ken: Y, you bastard are...

Ryu Dolk: The real battle begins from now, Liger.

Ken: I, I... I! Will never forgive you bastards!!

Ryu Dolk: Fu, fool... When the soldier act according to his emotion, the dead
star falls...

Ken: Shut uppppp!!

Ryu Dolk: Fufufufufu!

*Kouji vs Doll Satan*

Kouji: I let you escaped from Earth Tear but, meeting me here means you are out 
of luck!

Doll Satan: Hmph! I don't know how did you make your way back but think you're
lucky to die here!

*Tetsuya vs Doll Satan*

Doll Satan: Great Mazinger! Don't think our Drago is like the Mycene!

Tetsuya: I don't care if it is Drago or Mycene! 
I'll beat all those making fun of human's peace! That's my mission!

*Getter Team vs enemy*

Ryouma: I will make you the experiment of the old man's new type of core of
nuclear reactor!

*Getter Team vs Doll Geist*

Doll Geist: The ability of the machine is up but can you handle that power?

Ryouma: Then I'll try to verify that on your body!

*Ken vs Shinichi*

Ken: Shinichi turns into the Drago Knight...! I don't believe it...!
Damn... Damn... Damnnnnnnn!!

*Ken vs Doll Geist*

Doll Geist: I passed the Fang of Destruction to Ryu Dolk but, the honor of
defeating you is mine!

Ken: What a nonsense story! By such the failure person like you!

*Ken vs Doll Satan*

Ken: I haven't forget the time you attacked this town! 
I won't let that tragedy repeats! I'll kill you here!

Doll Satan: The one to be killed is you, Liger! This place of fate is your

*Ken vs Ryu Dolk*

Ken: Watch over me, Shinichi! I will definitely defeat Drago Empire! At least
that is the thing I offer to you!

Ryu Dolk: Hm, Taiga Ken. It seems you haven't throw away soft thinkings...
As I thought, the one to win this fight isn't you!

*Doll Geist defeated*

Doll Geist: I think I've done enough for today. I'll leave the later to other

*Ryu Dolk defeated*

Ken: How is that, Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: You give me fun! As I thought I have to use ''that''!

[Ryu Dolk regenerates 50400 HP]

Remy: Wait wait! That guy recovered!

Killy: Such terrible guy appeared since we've separated from Earth!

Ken: So what!!

Ken: This is a revenge for Shinichi! Prepare yourself Dolk!

Tetsuya: Wait, Ken! You're too careless!

Ryu Dolk: Liger, your destiny ends here!
Look carefully! The power of the Fang of Destruction!!

Ken: Uwaaaaaaaaah!!

Ryuzo: K, Ken!

Kid: That huge sword is the one at Colin Land...!

Blass: The Fang of Destruction!

Kakeru: But, what was that power just now! It has improved a lot more!

Ryu Dolk: Liger! It is time to end this long battle!

Ken: S, shit...! I can't do it anymore...!

Kamiyo: ...

Ken: ...

Kamiyo: ...Well, come with me.

Ryu Dolk: Good bye! Taiga Ken!

Kamiyo: ...


Ryu Dolk: What... Liger disappeared...!?

Ryuzo: Hey... What does this mean...!?

Saeko: It can't be... Ken-kun is... Liger is defeated...

Ryu Dolk: Well, Liger has been defeated. Then I'm out of here.

Kakeru: Wait, you bastard!

Domon: Stop, Kakeru!
Didn't you see his power? It is dangerous to chase him!

Kakeru: What are you saying, Domon-san!?
Ken is done! You let him leave without revenge!?

Domon: Because of that revenge Ken is done by Dolk!
Now throw away that feeling, think about protecting this town only and fight!

Kakeru: Shitttttttt!

*Doll Satan defeated*

Doll Satan: Ehh, only one more step!
The next time I will draw out your horror and bitterness as much as I can!

*Battle ends*

Kid: Sharu-san, is that guy now is the last one!?

Sharu: Yeah. It seems there are no sign of enemy.

Jun: Somehow we protected the city.

Kouji: But, we lost an important comrade...

Yui: Why... Why was that happened...

Mai: Ken...

*Ken's House/Living Room*

Yui: Ken...

Mai: Ken...

Saeko: How is it? Yui-chan, Mai-chan?

Mai: Not good... As I thought I can't feel Ken anywhere...

Yui: Ken...

Dango: Ken, lie... Your death is a lie...

Ryouma: You idiots, how long will you cry!?
Even if you mourn he don't exist!

Kouji: Ryouma! Ken died for you! Don't you feel sad!

Ryouma: Kouji, you also say thing like an adolescent brat!
We are fighting a serious battle at the risk of our life! 
We won't be moved just because one or two comrades fell down!

Benkei: Hey, Ryouma! You shouldn't talk that way!

Remy: Right. Isn't that too much for a person first experience a loss of his

Omachi: Not to mention, those girls are elementary students.

Hayato: No, even he is a brat or whatever he must prepare for that when he
stand at the battlefield.
Half-hearted wimp only in others' way at the critical moment.

Kouji: You fools! I can't stand you any longer!

Tetsuya: Stop Kouji-kun!
Those guys only don't understand the important of a life that we lost.

Ryouma: What, thank you for saying that, Tetsuya!
Then, you must understand the importance of life!?

Tetsuya: I know the bitterness of losing comrades. That's my own experience.

Jun: Tetsuya...

Ryuzo: Please stop the debating here. We shouldn't quarrel because of that.

Kouji: ...

Dango: Uncle... Don't you feel sad losing Ken?

Ryuzo: My grandson isn't here. Of course I feel sad.
But sadness won't help prevent Drago Empire's ambition.

Domon: Exactly. Now that Ken is done, the one who prevent Evil God's 
recarnation has to be us.

Ryuzo: Moreover I can't help sensing that Ken is alive somewhere...
Well, that is nothing more than a perception of Ken's uncle...

Yui: Uncle...

Kakeru: Right! Ken can't die that easily!

Mai: I also believe that...! Ken is not a person dies at that place!

Bowei: Isaac, shall we teach the guys left at Aozora City Ken's matter?

Isaac: No, even Mai's group is receiving such shock.
If they know Ken's event there is a possibility someone can't fight.

Killy: Right. I think they will know it sooner or later it is better now that
we just hide it.

Kid: Well, I agree with Ryuzo-san that Ken is alive so we'll just be keen on

Sayaka: Right! Let's not lose hope!

Kouji: Yeah.

*Drago Empire/Sacred Temple*

Zara: What? You want to turn all Drago Knight into Metal Knight?

Doll Geist: Many Metal Knights were strengthen thanks to the research so far.
The one turned into Metal Knight probably obtains fighting ability that surpass
Drago Knight several times. 

Doll Satan: But isn't it will take time for all Drago Knight to change into 
Metal Knight?
The revival of Drago-sama is approaching this place soon...
Because of that, it is necessary to remove all obstructors. There is no time to
play around.

Doll Geist: Hm... There is no need to worry. 
I already arranged the product line. 
By this chance, I suppose I'll also teach the technique of converting Metal
Knight to Doll Satan-sama?

Doll Satan: ...Doll Geist, are you trying to turn my body into machine!?

Doll Geist: Remove unnecessary emotions, surely accomplish the mission with the
body of machine is the ideal of a soldier.

Ryu Dolk: That is foolish...

Doll Geist: Ryu Dolk-dono, what did you just say!?
Now for the revival of Drago-sama get rid of the obstructors is our urgent 
For that reason we need our Metal Knight's power!

Ryu Dolk: The battlefield isn't that smooth for your foolish trick to succeed.

Doll Geist: You say foolish trick...!?

Ryu Dolk: I will show you I'll beat those guys without rely on those stupid
Metal Knights. Don't get in my way.

Doll Geist: That's the last straw...!

Zara: Oh well, stop useless quarrel!

Doll Geist: Yes! Sorry.

Zara: We will use any method to the last moment. For Drago-sama, we only can 

Doll Geist: Exactly like Zara-sama says, for victory any method is necessary.

Ryu Dolk: (Any method...?) 

Doll Satan: Where are you going Dolk-sama?

Ryu Dolk: Somehow the way of thinking to fight of me and Doll Geist is 
basically different.
I feel uneasy hearing the story. Sorry.

Doll Geist: Zara-sama, you let Ryu Dolk-dono do as he please!?
Now that the seal is weak, shouldn't we concentrate all the power of the 
kingdom for the revival of lord Drago!?

Zara: Ok. I let him do whatever he like...

Doll Geist: But...!

Zara: I'm saying Ok. It is good that each of you thinking of a plan of getting
rid of them on your own.

Doll Geist: Then, Zara-sama. I want to perform the plan that I think from 
Now that Liger is dead, I'll show you I'll kill the rest by that plan.

Zara: You seem very confident... Good then, do your best.

Doll Geist: Thank you. Then please give me Doll Satan's assistance.

Doll Satan: Me too?

Doll Geist: Right. Until the preparation is finished I want you to become those
guys' opponent.

Doll Satan: ...Fine. That is if you can kill them.

Doll Geist: Fufufu... Then I'm looking forward to work with you, 
Doll Satan-sama.

Doll Satan: ...

*Ken's House/Living Room*

Saeko: As I thought it is hopeless. We use all method possible but we can't 
find Liger...

Dango: I wonder if Ken was really death...

Mai: Idiot Dango! What are you saying!? Of course he wasn't!

Yui: Right! Ken has to be alive!

Dango: But... We haven't found even a single fragment of Liger left.

Yui: Nevertheless there is no evident that Liger is done!

Mai: Right! I will find him again one more time!

Yui: Mai, I'll also go!

Saeko: Yui-chan... Mai-chan...

Ryuzo: Yui-sama and Mai-sama, althought they know in their head but they can't
stand still.

Ken: Where is this place...? Could it be that I'm dead...?
Yui, Mai! Dango! Sister Saeko! Uncle!

Kamiyo: ...Ken... I warned you that much but you still fight.

Ken: You are!

Kamiyo: My name is Kamiyo. I'm the descendant of the Good God like you...

Ken: Descendant of Good God!? Really...?

Kamiyo: Ken, because Liger is defeated the awaken of Evil God is coming 

Ken: What!?
I can't sit around! If I don't return quickly the Evil God will revive!

Kamiyo: It is useless...
You were done once. You can't do anything with your power now.

Ken: Then what should I do!?

Kamiyo: You can only borrow the power of the Holy Bird...

Ken: Holy Bird? What is that?

Kamiyo: Holy Bird is another split of himself that Agama made...
During the last battle with Evil God Drago the Holy Bird has flapped that 
holy wing.
But because of receiving Evil God's spell it was imprisoned at a world exceed
time and space...
Ken, release the Holy Bird from the spell of Evil God...
If you do that Liger will revive and is stronger by the power of Holy Bird.

Ken: You say Liger resurrects and will become stronger!?

Kamiyo: Yeah... But for that you must pass a test.
I can't help you anymore... You are the only one who can rescue the Holy 
By the sword of destiny, the chain of flame of Thunder Phoenix will be 

Ken: Then if I can't fight again, that is the only choice! I will overcome the
Wait for me, everyone...! I'll come back for sure!


Ryu Dolk: (From my childhood Zara-sama started telling me about the ideal of
Drago Empire...)
(But now I started to notice that that ideal is changing...)
The noble will of Drago Empire is no longer return...

Yui: Mai, have you met Ken!?

Mai: No! How about you!?

Yui: I can't feel Ken here also...

Mai: How can it be, even we searched this much...

Yui: Perhaps Ken is really...

Mai: Of course not! I'll find him one more time!

Mai: Kya!

Yui: Are you alright Mai?

Mai: Sorry, brother! It was my careless...

Ryu Dolk: No, the one to be sorry is me. Well, I'll give you a hand.

Mai: Thank you.

Mai: ...! T, this is!

Yui: M, Mai! Don't do that! You must not grasp hand of the man you first meet!

Mai: Yui, look at this!

Yui: T, this is the birthmark of a dragon...!

Mai: We come to find Ken but we find an exceptional goal...

Ryu Dolk: You girls... are interest in this birthmark?

Mai: E, er! We are searching for a guy with similar birthmark!

Ryu Dolk: The same dragon birthmark?

Yui: What is your name? Your age? Where do you live?

Mai: W, wait, Yui! Don't ask all at once like that.
There is a proper order for doing things...

Yui: Is it necessary to be that cold!? This person might be our brother!?

Ryu Dolk: ...!

Yui: From our childhood our brother who was captured by someone had a dragon 
birthmark on his hand.

Ryu Dolk: That is merely a coincidence... I'm not your brother.

Yui: Please! Let me see once more the birthmark of that hand!

Ryu Dolk: ...Sorry. That isn't an interesting story to me.

Yui: You and us might be brother and sister!

Ryu Dolk: I told you it is a coincidence. That guy with the same birthmark you
looking for is surely different from me.

Yui: There are no other person with a birthmark at the right arm and 
approximately the same age as you!

Mai: That birthmark which is the same as Ken's lion birthmark is surely the 
seal of our family!

Ryu Dolk: (Ken!? Lion birthmark!? Could it be Liger's pilot...!?)
(Then this two are the descendant of Argama's blood! Those girls and I are
brother and sister!?)
(It can't be! That story don't exist...!)

Yui: If you don't let us see your palm at least tell us your name!

Mai: Please!

Dango: Hey! Yui-chan, Mai~!

Mai: What is wrong Dango? Why are you out of breath?

Dango: The sealed rock appears at Tokyo!

Yui: What!?

Dango: Therefore it seems Getter Team and Domon's group are fighting Drago
Ionia will soon leave for Tokyo so hurry come back!

Yui: B, but that person is...

Dango: That person? I didn't see anyone?

Mai: Eh!?

Yui: He just here a while ago... I wonder where did he go...?

Dango: Above all, quick! Hurry!

Mai: Understood! Let's go Yui!

Yui: Y, yeah! We have to fight properly to make up for Ken...! 

Ryu Dolk: They gone...
Surely I and those girls are not brother and sister. Not to mention the damn 
family inherit Argama's blood...
I've to head to the direction where the sealed rock appeared...
As a soldier of Drago Empire, Ryu Dolk!

Stage 22B: Now, stand up. Thunder Liger!

Ryouma: Good grief! They erupt in swarms!

[Getter Team attack Drago Knight]

Ryouma: Heh! Did you see it!?

Doll Satan: Shit! How can the guys being divided fighting power push me this 
You bastard Doll Geist, what are you doing!

[Ionia appears]

Ryouma: Kouji, Tetsuya! What took you so long!? 

Kouji: We are different from cold-hearted person like you who quickly returned.
We are finding Ken!

Tetsuya: Let's stop debating here the two of you. Now we can only thinking of
get rid of Drago Empire.

Kouji: Understood, Tetsuya-san!

Remy: Which reminds me, did we receive communication from Eldoran Team?

Blass: It seems they can't come here because they're fighting King of Demon
World at Aozora Town.

Killy: That's bad! At last the boss appear isn't it!?

Bowei: Then, we are enough to do something with these guys.

Yui: Look! That is the sealed rock!

Kakeru: This is not good... Even only looking from outside we can understand
the sealed rock is revitalizing.

Shingo: That is the result of losing Liger.

Isaac: The existence of Liger himself had become the deterrence against Evil
God isn't it?

Tetsuya: At this rate he will be release from the sealed rock. We're in big

Boss: Then it is better that we should destroy the rock!

Kid: What will we do if just destroy the rock will release the Evil God from

Boss: No! Now I have no suggestion!

Kouji: Even it is ridiculous the ones that prevent the recarnation of the Evil 
God is us!

Kakeru: We'll protect the world that Ken try to protect!

*Turn 2*

Doll Satan: (Bastard Doll Geist, why is his preparation that long...?)
(What is the special plan...? What the hell does that bastard up to...?)

*5 enemies remain*

Doll Satan: You are late Doll Geist! What were you doing!?

Doll Geist: Because I have a few problems with the preparation...
But thanks to the time that Doll Satan-sama has earned, the adjustment is
perfectly completed.

Doll Satan: Then, do it right away!

Doll Geist: Yes...

[A Metal Knight appears]

Kouji: What are you plan to do with just one Metal Knight!?

Ryouma: Even you line up the same face as always you will end up being beaten!

Doll Geist: Hm, there is no need for you to do that...

Domon: It self-destructs!?

Kakeru: What a explosion...! The building is completely destroyed...

Isaac: They seem to plan indiscriminately destroy the city by letting the Metal
Knight that is equipped with bomb self-destructs...

Doll Satan: Doll Geist! What does that mean!?
You plan to use the high pride soldier as a self-destruct weapon!?

Doll Geist: I thought you know Zara-sama's heart? We'll use any method for
victory... Wasn't she said that?

Doll Satan: Nonetheless, this unpleasant method is...!
Doll Geist! I'm out of your plan from now on!

Doll Geist: If this battle plan end in success isn't Zara-sama happy?
Moreover she won't forgive Doll Satan-sama withdraw from battle.
As a general you should stick on your duty to the end.

Doll Satan: Shit, you bastard!

Doll Geist: (Doll Satan, your time has end. You are an idiot to let foolish
emotions control you...)
(Fufufu, from now on my influence power on the kingdom will raise more...)

Doll Geist: Well, Metal Knight! First destroy that unpleasant ship to cut
off those bastards' path of retreat!

[Metal Knight appears and goes near Ionia]

Dango: That thing is coming this way!

Saeko: Can it be it aims for Ionia!?

Dango: Sharu-san! Evade!

Sharu: It isn't as easy as you say...!

Yui: It can't be!

Ken: Ha... Ha...
Crossing the lake with monsters, jumping through one collapsing pillar and...!
How long will this test last!?
...! That is!

Ken: There is a sword on the cliff...! Perhaps it is the sword use to release
the Holy Bird that Kamiyo said!
Then, if I pull out that sword...!

Ryuzo: Wait, Ken! That sword can't be pulled!

Ken: U, uncle! Why are you here!?

Ryuzo: Ken, you have been tricked! That girl called Kamiyo is being in the
world where evils rule!

Ken: Kamiyo is?

Ryuzo: Ken, give up fighting. You don't need to get yourself injured more than

Yui: Right, Ken.

Mai: Stop fighting.

Ken: Yui, Mai!?

Dango: Right, Ken. We don't need to fight to the point that we have dreadful

Ken: Dango, even you...

Ryuzo: I also think like that. Let's just run to a safer place.

Mai: There is eternal joyful peace waiting there.

Yui: Then, Ken. Come with us.

Ken: Wrong! You people aren't the persons that I know!
My real uncle will never say things like forbid persons who are in trouble
and run away!
Dango and Yui and Mai also! We swore to beat Drago Empire!
Even if they die they won't say those linesssss!!


Drago Soldier: Guuuu...!

Ken: So you reveal your identity! You can't deceive me!

Ken: Be goneeee!!


Drago Soldier: Gugyaaaa...!!

Ken: What is this...!?
Inside the light is a giant bird!?
That is the Thunder Phoenix... The Holy Bird!?

Kamiyo: Ken, your strong heart resurrected the Thunder Phoenix.


Kamiyo: Well, that time came! Call out Liger and become one with the Thunder
And, return! To the world where your beloved ones waiting for you...!

Ken: Wait Kamiyo! What about you!?

Kamiyo: My service ends here.
Goodbye, Ken... Thank you, Ken...


Ken: Kamiyo...

Sharu: Shit! Too hard to evade!

Mai: W, we can't make it!

Dango: Damn! We can't die without revenge Ken's enemy!

[Metal Knight is destroyed]

Doll Geist: Mu, what happens!?

[Liger appears]

Ken: Liger! Arrived by now!!

Yui: Liger!

Mai: Ken! You are alive!

Doll Satan: It can't be! Surely Liger was beaten by Dolk-dono!

Ken: Sorry everyone for causing you worry! But, I'm fine!
As long as I and Liger live, I won't let the bastards of Drago do what they 

Ryu Dolk: It will not go that way!

[Doluga appears]

Ken: Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: As I thought you are alive Taiga Ken! But, this time I'll truly kill

Ken: Show me if you can! I'll return double what you did to me!

Domon: Don't do it Ken! Have you forgot he has the Fang of Destruction!?

Ken: Don't worry about that Domon-san! Now I have this!

[Liger's morale +40]

Ken: Thunderrrr!!

[Liger transforms into Thunder Liger]

Ryu Dolk: That is...!

Dango: Liger changed its form!

Mai: That is Liger's... No, Ken's new power!

Yui: You are amazing, Ken!

Ken: Prepare yourself! I'll show all of Liger's new power to you!

Ryu Dolk: Interesting! This time I'll truly kill you so that you won't revive

*7 enemies remain*

Doll Geist: Fufufu, how long will you last? Go, Metal Knight!

*Ryu Dolk vs Ken*

Ryu Dolk: I'll show the prove of inheriting the blood of the Holy God Drago by
defeating you, Liger!

Ken: I don't know what are you talking about but since I've revived I can't get
beaten one more time!
In the name of the power of the miracle Beast God!

*Doll Geist vs Ken*

Doll Geist: That bastard Ryu Dolk! He said he had crushed you with big 

Ken: What a pity! Until we defeat Drago Empire I and Liger can't die that 

*Ryu Dolk defeated*

Ryu Dolk: Shit, I am...!

Ken: How is that, Ryu Dolk!?

Ryu Dolk: I'll never get beaten! Until I make you know who you are...!

*Doll Satan defeated*

Doll Satan: Shit, how can those bastards overpower me...!

*Doll Geist defeated*

Doll Geist: Shit... I'm done! There is no choice than temporarily retreat!

*Battle ends*

Saeko: It seems that one now is the last.

Benkei: Phew... Somehow we crushed those guys' trick.

Sharu: No, not yet!

Domon: Doll Geist!

Doll Geist: How dare you...! How dare you obstruct my plan...!
Then I'll deploy all the Metal Knight bombers and destroy this city!

Tetsuya: I'll not permit that!

Ryouma: How many times did you do dirty tricks!? You truly are an annoying

Kouji: Tetsuya-san! Ryouma! For prevent him to do this trick the second time 
let's show him a superior attack!

Tetsuya: Ok!

[Mazinger, Great Mazinger and Getter attack Doll Geist]

Doll Geist: Ku...! These guys still have a secret attack of this much...!?
I'll surely pay back this debt! Just wait till then!

Ryouma: Ke! The subordinate vomit the old same line! Don't you ever come here

Kouji: Somehow we survived.

Nuke: I thought it was over when the Metal Knight with bomb get near Ionia.

Mucha: Good grief, it is bad for my heart.

Sharu: Everyone. I have good new. It seems the Demon King of the Demon World 
was defeated by our comrades at Aozora.

Kakeru: Really! Kotarou's group succeed at last!

Kid: That means we expelled one of the threats of Earth.

Hayato: It is no more than the danger at the time being...

Dango: Sharu-san! Because we know Kotarou's story, quickly set us down! 
I want to meet Ken right away!

Sharu: Ok. I'll land soon so wait a bit.

*Tokyo/Urban Area*

Ken: Hey! Everyone!

Yui: Keeeen!

Dango: You are really alive! This idiot!

Ken: Of course! I can't die leaving everyone like that!

Mai: Hey, if you are alive then get out of that robot!

Ken: Sorry for keeping you worry. But I had my own kind of hardships.

Isaac: Ken, I want to ask you one thing.

Ken: Eh? What Isaac-san?

Isaac: From a while ago Liger changed its form... What happened?

Ken: It is powered up! By become one with Thunder Phoenix!

Saeko: Thunder Phoenix... That is also the power Argama left?

Ken: Yeah. It is the power that the girl we met at the lake of Kushiro... 
Kamiyo entrusted.
On the verge of dieing she bring me along to a different world.
At the time I overcome the test given at that world, I revived together with 
Liger and also the Thunder Phoenix.

Jun: While we don't know Ken was bearing a test huh?

Saeko: Then, since we solved the enigma, let's inform Ryuzo-san that Ken is

Sayaka: Right. Uncle Ryuzo will surely be very happy to know that Ken is alive.

Ken: That uncle huh...?

Dango: But he will rather be angry and say things like''Don't make this old man

Yui: Fufu, right.

Ken: (Thank you, Kamiyo... Thanks to you I was able to meet my friends 
again...) (I'll use the power that you gave me to prevent the revival of the
Evil God Drago for sure!)

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Kouji: Ryouma, thank you for lending me a hand a while ago.
Thanks to you we're able to protect the town from the hand of the evil Doll 

Ryouma: It is not like I give you a hand for the city.
I don't like that guy so I decided to beat him together with you.

Kouji: That doesn't change the fact that you lent me and Tetsuya a hand.
I'm sorry for saying annoyed words before. Let's be friend again! Ok?

Ryouma: Hey, if I'm being said that face to face I feel uncomfortable...

Benkei: Ryouma, why are you twirling like that? You better learn the respectful
heart of Buddha.

Ryouma: Shut up! It is not your duty to say other person's thing!

Tetsuya: Then, Ryouma. What is your answer?

Ryouma: Well, I'm not congenial with making friends but if you say even until 
that it can't be helped.
I'm next to Hayato and Benkei. I will look after your trouble for a while.

Domon: Phew. That answer is just Ryouma-like.

Hayato: Anyhow, at this point we and Liger have growth to another round.

Shingo: Then since I want to know the detail of what happen to the detached
force, is it time we unite with them?

Killy: But we need to rest first.

*Shunpuu Town/Jungle*

Denki-oh: Failure after failure. Kikaishin-sama will not forgive me...
At this point I can't return to the mechanize castle. 
The next thing is I have to keep on my belief and just defeat those guys!
Hyper Death Bolt! I Denki-oh will offer my body and life to you!
This time become one with me to become the strongest mechanize beast in the


Denki-oh: I that united with Hyper Death Bolt can't return to my original 
But, power is everything! I'll beat them with this power!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

[If player passed through route A]

Kenichi: What did you say!? Then Ken was cleaved by that bastard Doluga into

Hiroshi: Lie!

Adeu: Then, the Ken now is a ghost!?

Ken: Eh?

Tsutomu: Perhaps Ken's spirit turns grudge and is wondering around.

Izumi: That is too bad! I'll send him instantly to the afterlife here for that

Adeu: Right! We rely on you, Izumi!

Ken: Wait! Don't continue the story as you guys like!
Look carefully! I have proper legs and attach even triangle hood!

Kouji: If you said so...

Ken: Not if I said so! Or what!? No matter what you guys want to treat me as a 

Da Cider: You don't have to be that angry, Ken! It is an light joke! Joke!!

Ken: Good grief, I experienced death... 
Even if it is a joke, I want you to be laughable.

Lamuness: But, why is Ken-san which was done by Dolk is here?

Ken: To be exact I was almost been finish off by Dolk.
But at that time, I was saved by the decendant of Good God, a girl named 
Then, I who receive a test revived the Thunder Phoenix which is a copy of
Good God and spendidly came back!
Liger also power up to Thunder Liger!

Kotarou: While we were fighting the Demon King such thing happened?

Haguhagu: I'm surprised Hagu.

Sarutobi: I understand why Ken is alright but, what is wrong with Yui?
For some reason she doesn't look fine.

Mai: While finding Ken, we meet a stranger that might be our brother.
But Yui seems regreting of not be able to ask his name and where he lives...

Dango: Yui-chan, is this person which you happen to meet is really your 

Yui: That person said we are mistaking... But certainly that birthmark of 
dragon is... 
That isn't a simple coincidence, right, Mai?

Mai: Yeah, it can't be wrong! Moreover, he is exactly the brother that I was
Tall and beautiful! Well, I wish that person is really our brother.

Ken: Hmph, anyhow Yui only feel that Mai's elder brother is an careless, rustic
and uncool man.

Mai: You are terrible! A person like that is you Ken!

Ken: What did you say!? At what point is I like that man!?

Mai: All! Everything!

Ken: You bitch! You talk too much!

Professor: Now now Mai-san and Ken-san. Let's end the quarrel here. It is time
for us to go to the base of the Defense Group.

Dango: The base of the Defense Group? What is that?

[If player passed through route B]

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Ken: What! Well then, so the Earth Defense Class obtained a new robot?

Maria: When Jaaku Empire attacked, Tsutomu-kun found Bakuryuoh at Youshou

Akira: If Bakuryuoh wasn't there Raijin-oh will be done.

Reiko: That is probably so.

Jin: But we defeated Jaaku Satan due to the appearance of God Raijin-oh!

Ken: God Raijin-oh?

Asuka: It is a robot which is a combination of Raijin-oh and Bakuryuoh.

Dango: Isn't that wonderful! Raijin-oh also power up!

Saeko: At this point the reliable comrades were increased again.

Kotarou: Wait! Not only the Earth Defense Class received a new robot!

Rikiya: We the Ganbar team also obtained a new robot called Gekiryuger.

Mai: Ganbar Team also?

Yousuke: Yeah. That is the robot borns from the golden egg that Zanpa-san gave

Zanpa: Inside that egg contain a robot Pen?

Kotarou: Of course, that isn't all! Ganbaruger and Revolger, moreover 
Gekiryuger combine!
That name is Great Ganbaruger! Miracle Three Combination means exactly that 

Ken: That is fantastic! Ganbaruger also power up!

Saeko: The display of Eldoran robots right?

Mai: But Sauers and Dankettsu didn't receive anything?

Kakeru: That is only Eldoran knows.

Mai: But, wasn't Eldoran beaten by Gokuark? Then, our hope is slim?

Momotarou: Wrong! Only the seal was released! His death is only a theory!

Tsutomu: It doesn't mean that we can't no longer obtain new robots.

Kotarou: Why?

Yousuke: Have you forgot, Kotarou? Ganbaruger is the thing that Eldoran 
directly entrusted to us but...
Gekiryuger hatched from the egg and Revolger was at Colin Land.

Kotarou: I think you are right.

Kakeru: Then, there will be chance for us!

Momotarou: Well! We will research and train for that moment to come!

Professor: Fufufu... Right.

Gorou: W, what is that Professor...? You express a fearless smile.

[All routes]

Professor: You'll know when you went there.
We should not waste time and go there quickly!

Ely: I wonder what is Professor hiding...?


Omachi: The main hall is like merrymaking.

Boss: That can't be helped. Anyhow Eldoran robots increased and we have Liger
power up.

Nuke: But~, there are still problems left~.

Tetsuya: Right. Even Gokuark was eleminated, there are still other guys aiming
for the Earth...

Mach Windy: We haven't found a way to go back to Earth Tear.

Sarutobi: At this time Evil Dragon Tride's invasion is probably increasing

Kouji: It is good to understand Earth Tear's condition even a bit.

Bowei: It can't be helped. 
Shall we go to arrest the active electric thief that travel all over the world 
to forget our troubles?

Sharu: Electric thief? What is that?

Shingo: I hear that a mysterious UFO appears and is stealing all the electric 
power of major cities.

Omachi: After New York, London and Paris were done.

Blass: Somehow that isn't a gentle story.

Kakeru: Just when the fearful Demon King disappears this time it is the 
mysterious flying UFO.

Isaac: We worry about the real identity of electric thief but it could be a 
diversion of any organization of enemies. Acting thoughtlessly isn't a good

*Defense Group Base/Hangar*

Professor: Look! This is the thinking plan of me and Shuzo, the machine that
equips with permanent engine ''Boueiger''!

Kinta: What, that is the new robot Boueiger!?

Lamuness: Uoooh! That is a great impact!

Hiromi: Professor and Shuzo-kun created this amazing thing while we don't know?

Professor: Sorry. General Takeda told us to keep it a secret.

Koji: At this point the allies that we can trust increased!

Kenichi: But, I feel uneasy with Professor's idea. Can we really use it?

Professor: That is no problem! We input all Eldoran Robo datas on Boueiger's

Gorou: From recently the data arrangements that were done is for creating this

Akira: Right right. Even we Earth Defense Class helped them.

Shuzo: But, thanks to the help of everyone the plan succeed faster than we 

Kirara: But who gave the name ''Boueiger''?

General Takeda: I'm!

Jin: What! The general was here!?

General Takeda: Because it is a robot of Defense Group so we gave it ''Bouei''!
How is that? Is it cool!?

Ely: It is uncool to be frank...

Kenichi: Right. Afterward we should give it a different name!

General Takeda: What did you say!?

Professor: Then, on top of that I think we should carry out the experiment of 
activate Boueiger!

Professor: Yoji-kun, is the preparation complete?

Yoji: Good but... I'm really the pilot?
After all we better ask teacher about this matter...

Kenichi: Be strong Yoji! Teacher Nakajima will sure say: ''If you are a man hit
strongly and come!''

Yoji: T, that can't be!

Professor: The result that verified data of everyone except Sauer's main 
It could only think of Yoji suitable for Boueiger's pilot!

Yoji: That data is really fine?

Professor: Please believe in my data!

Yoji: U, understood...
It is Boueiger that everyone created right!? I'll show you I do properly!

Wan: That is the spirit!

Ci: Try your best, Yoji-kun!

Maria: Nevertheless General Takeda gave permission to chose the pilots among

Chobi: I think he will surely say: ''The children leave aside! The pilot is 

Professor: The truth is he said it.

Shuzo: But, he said that the data won't transfer if the pilots weren't us.

Yuu: I see...

Asuka: If you were said that, even the great general can only withdraw.

General Takeda: Tohoho... Even I thought that this time the exclusive robot of
Defense Group was available...
I let the children seize the initiative of everything! 
In aspect of an adult, I completely lose!

Harue: You have my sympathy, General...

Professor: Then, Yoji-kun! Please operate it!

Yoji: Er... Ah, this right...?


Kotarou: Owaaaaa!

Kinta: Hey, Yoji! What are you doing with the missle launcher!

Yoji: S, sorry! Perhaps this!?

Love: This time it turned back!

Lamuness: It turn this way and is coming.

Ken: Everyone, runnnnn!!

Rikiya: Uwaaaaa!!


Yoji: Ugh...!

Kenta: Kuuko, is Yoji alright?

Kuuko: Now he is sleeping in the medical room. It seems he just hit his head
softly so don't worry.

Mai: Thanks God nothing serious happened.

Shinobu: How could he do that mistake... I wonder what went wrong?

Kenichi: Is it simply wrong to chose Yoji as a pilot?

Professor: Of course it isn't! I'm sure the data was perfect!

General Takeda: Good grief, I've been through a painful experience!
As I thought I can't rely on those kids!
Let's act according to the first plan, the Boueiger is for the Defense Group to

Yousuke: Ehh!? It can't be!

Shuzo: That isn't as we promised!

General Takeda: You kids crumble the hangar before my eyes and you dare say 

Gorou: I think this and that is a different story!

Kotarou: Moreover the fundamental of Bouei isn't broken isn't it? Then there is
no problem!

Professor: Right. From the beginning Bouei is...

General Takeda: Shut upppp! Someone throw these kids out!

*Base of Defense Group*

Jin: Good grief! What is that attitude of General!?

Kenichi: I'm furious!
Even if the hangar was a bit damaged he doesn't have to be that angry!

Hiromi: I know he will be angry but I didn't expect him to be angry like 

Shinobu: Hey, Kukko. What will we do leaving Yoji-kun there?

Kuuko: Since I said to him relax I wonder if it is better to left him there?

Mabo: Right. Let's be calm now.

Kotarou: But, since we were expelled from the base of the Defense Group what 
will we do from now?

Professor: Then, let's return to Shunpuu Elementary School.

Yuka: What will we do when return? Polish Gosauer?

Professor: Wrong. 
Beside creating Boueiger we also research another thing.

Kinta: What is that? Is that another secret robo beside Boueiger?

Professor: Fufufu! In a sense, it is a wonderful research beyond that!
I really want everyone to look at!

Milk: What will we do, everyone?

Jin: Since it is a honest inviting, we'll go and see it.

*Jaaku Fortress*

Tider: We will kidnap Da?

Belzeb: Right. We'll kidnap the Earth Defense Class or one of their comrades at
that time and lure them out of the base.

Yaminorius: I see... If we attack the place where there is no comrade they will
surely be in chaos and lose morale.

Falzeb: If we attack that in one go, they will not be our opponent.

Belzeb: Then go Taida! 
First try to aim at the kids of Sauers which we knew their face!

Tider: Yes Da!

Falzeb: The kids of the unpleasant Earth...

Belzeb: Just look! This time we'll make them know what will they become by
making fun of Jaaku Empire!

Teacher Yaoi: Teacher Nakajima, Sauers sortie means Mechanize Kingdom appeared?

Teacher Nakajima: Well, I can't tell what is what...
Hey, you kids! What is Kenichi's group doing?

Tsutomu: They seem doing a combination of Gosauer and Magnasauer.

Teacher Yaoi: Combine? That two machines?

Professor: Kenichi-kun, Kinta-kun! The combination method is like the 
explanation a while ago! Try to not making mistake!

Kinta: Understood, Professor!

Kenichi: Relax since we will show you the combination of King Gosauer properly!

Ely: I wonder if they can really combine...

Bon: I don't think those 2 machines can combine into anything except 

Professor: No need to worry!
This program is made base on the combination data of Raijin-oh and Bakuryuoh!
Moreover the one who made this program is me, Takako Kojima! It is perfect!!

Ely: (Because she said the same word like that with Boueiger we can't help to 

Kenichi: Look, everyone!
We will show you a super combination after God Raijin-oh and Great Ganbaruger!

Professor: Then I rely on you, Kenichi-kun!

Kenichi: Ok! Combine into King Gosauer!!

Kinta: Dowaaaaaa!

Teacher Nakajima: Hey! You kids!

Tsutomu: It seems to be a failure.

Lesqua: Too bad you fail even you declared dramatically...

Mai: It is somewhat uncool.

Kenichi: Hey, Professor! What does that mean!?

Professor: Somehow there is problem with the program...
I'm sorry but I need to research again from the beginning...

Bon: Damn. I thought so much of Gosauer also power up.

*Shunpuu Elementary School/Year 6 Class 2*

Kenichi: What does that mean, Professor! Explain!

Professor: Failure is the origin of success...

Ely: That's why I said stop.

Bon: Certainly it is because of Professor's fault.

Chobi: I understand that you were stimulus by God Raijin-oh and Great 
Ganbaruger but if you do I want you to do properly!

Shinobu: It can't be! Professor worked hard!

Hiromi: Right! That's too much!

Ely: We took shame before everyone! Because of this if we can't become idol
what would you do!?
It is your responsibility to have everyone of Ionia leaved!

Professor: Failure is the origin of success...

Kenichi: You said that a while ago don't you?
Surprisingly, the mess that Bouieger caused wasn't Yoji but also your fault 

Professor: ...!!

Gorou: Hey, Kenichi! That is too much!

Professor: Understood...
If everybody said that way, I'll take the responsibility and quit Sauers!

Kinta: H, hey, Professor?

Professor: Please do whatever you like with the combination program!

Kenichi: Damn! What is that response!?

Shuzo: Professor for the sake of everyone nearly didn't sleep to make the
program of King Gosauer...
Moreover, she went all the trouble to rearrange Bouieger...

Shinobu: ...Before we knew it, we were thinking that the one who analyze mecha
and create battle plan is certainly Professor.

Kukko: It was our selfish to say ''you're slow'' or ''do it quick'' eventhough 
we don't know anything.

Hiromi: We should think about what Professor feels a bit...

Ely: ...

Kenichi: ...

Gorou: Everyone, let's find Professor! And from the bottom of your heart thank

Ikuyo: Right! This time we have to work hard to make up of Professor's 
incharging part!

*Shunpuu Town/The road to school*

Professor: I want everyone to know my hardships even a bit... If it is so 

???: Hello, young lady. I want to ask the way a little Da.

Professor: Yes?

Stage 23: Appear! The power exceed the strongest!!

Shinobu: Everyone, have you seen Professor?

Harue: No, we can't find her at all...

Ci: I also go to her house but they said she haven't come home.

Hiromi: There isn't information on Sauer Brace. I wonder where does she go...?

Gorou: Anyhow, everyone search for places you knew.

Kinta: Understood!

Teacher Nakajima: Hey, everyone!!
Phew phew phew. Thanks God, I finally found you!

Shinobu: Teacher Nakajima, what was wrong with you?

Teacher Nakajima: We got contact from the Defense Group that Evil Beast and 
Hell Beast appeared near Shunpuu Town! It seems they will appear here soon!

Ely: What did you say!?

Teacher Nakajima: When Ionia finished accommodate the members, it will head to
Shunpuu Town!

Gorou: Understood, Teacher Nakajima! Everyone, let's call out Gosauer!

Shinobu: Wait! What about Yoji-kun!?

Mabo: Moreover we haven't found Professor...

Gorou: Since enemies appear at Shunpuu Town, we don't have time to meet Yoji!
Ely, contact the Defense Group and have them send Yoji to Shunpuu Town!

Ely: Understood!

Kenichi: That is Ok for Yoji but what about Professor!?

Gorou: Now we can only wait for her contact. We will find her again after the
battle ends.

Bon: But at this rate we will have to fight with the power goes down!

Kinta: Then, how about sending Magnasauer first!?

Yuka: Only Kinta-kun fight?

Kinta: Yeah! While I hold the enemies here everyone go and search for 

Kenichi: Then, understood! We rely on you, Kinta!

*Defense Group's Base/Hangar*

Yoji: Because of my mistake this happened... Is everyone get tired of me and

Yoji: The Sauer Brace rings. What is that...?
Yes, this is Yoji!

Ely: Thanks God Yoji! You seem recover your conciousness!
Listen carefully Yoji! Soon Evil Beasts and Hell Beasts will appear on Shunpuu!

Yoji: What!?

Ely: We now have things to do so we can't come to pick you!
So let the Defense Troop bring you along to Shunpuu Town!

Yoji: Understood! I'll try making a request on General Takeda!

Ely: Then we'll wait for you!

Yoji: How did Hell Beasts and Evil Beasts appear on Shunpuu Town...! I have to
meet General Takeda at once!


Yoji: W, what is that!?


Yoji: Uwaaaa!


Yoji: Ouch... What on Earth...?
Ahh! Boueiger is damaged!

???: Fuhahahahaha!!

Yoji: T, that voice is!?

Denki-oh: I will fill my power to maximum with the electric power of this base!
Wait soldiers of Earth! I'll soon make you prostrate before me!

Yoji: He said the soldiers of Earth... Could it be that this Denki-oh's 
intention of going to Shunpuu Town is...!?
Our opponent isn't only Hell Beasts and Evil Beasts but also Denki-oh! At this
rate everyone will be in danger!

General Takeda: Hey, you boy overthere! Are you alright!?

Yoji: You come just in time General Takeda!
Please, General! Bring me to Shunpuu Town! Everyone is waiting for me!

General Takeda: I want to do that but...

Yoji: But, what?

General Takeda: We can't use the communication facility and helicopter because
of the attack of Denki-oh a while ago.
Even if we go on land the roads surrounding are cut to pieces.

Yoji: You mean...

General Takeda: We are similarly at a solitary island of the continent.

Yoji: I, it can't be!!

Kinta: So you came! Hell Beasts and Evil Beasts!!

Yaminorius: Hm, only one machine comes out means... Tider, somehow he was able 
to kidnap smoothly one of those guys.
Then before Gosauer comes out crush that guy for me!

Kinta: If you can do it then show me! Even with only Magnasauer I'll beat you 

*One enemy beaten or turn 1 enemy phrase*

Tider: Oh oh the fight has began Da~. I can't sit around Da~.
Then quickly show us your base Da! If you do that I'll untie the rope and 
return your belongings Da!

Professor: I completely have no idea what you are talking about! You are 
picking a wrong person to ask!

Tider: It is no use playing dumb Da~! I know that you guys are the one 
controlling the Eldoran robots Da~!

Professor: You kidnap me because of that...! Who on Earth are you!?

Tider: Me!? I'm a 5th dimension person Da~!

Professor: 5th dimension person!? Then you belong to the Jaaku Empire!?

Tider: Right Da!

Professor: Then I don't talk unnecessary things!

Tider: Good grief, I'm in trouble because Earthling children are stubborn Da~.

[Ringing sound]

Tider: W, what is this? Why is this bracelet ringing Da?

Professor: T, that is...!

Tider: I see, perhaps you communicate to each other by this Dana~.

Gorou: At last I can link...! Professor, where are you now!?

Tider: Ah~ah~! Can you hear me Eldoran pilots!?

Kenichi: What uncle!? What is wrong with Professor!?

Tider: You don't need to know who I am Da~. 
On top of that, I've kidnapped one of your comrades Da.

Gorou: What!? What did you just say now!? 

Tider: If you want her back tell me your base Da~.

Professor: Everyone, that uncle is a person of the 5th dimension! You must not
tell him!

Shinobu: 5th dimension person!? Really Professor...?

Tider: Contacts end here. I'm waiting for your good news Da~.

Tider: Fufufu, at this point knowing their base is natural Da~.

Professor: It is useless. Because I quit Sauers.
Everyone will never exchange me for informations about the base.

Tider: I, it can't be...! Then there is no point capturing you Da!

Professor: (That is Ok... At this point the identity of the base is kept a 

*Another enemy beaten*

Tider: Uh~, there is really no contact Da~.

Professor: That's why I said so. It is useless.

Tider: Of course it can't be like that Da! Surely the contact will come Da!

[Ringing sound]

Professor: Ahh...!

Tider: Hey, look Da. As I thought the contact came Da.

Tider: Ah~, hello! I'm waiting for your contact Da!

Kenichi: Hey, the person of the 5th dimension! We will tell you our base as
you want!

Bon: Because of that return Professor, unharm!

Tider: I promise Da.

Professor: Don't, everyone! We'll be done if we tell Jaaku Empire our secret

Hiromi: The secret of our base isn't as important as your safely come back

Professor: But I'm a person that quit Sauers! You don't need to go that far to
save me...!

Kukko: Don't talk like that, Professor! Professor to us is very important!

Ely: Since you're not as one member of Sauers but as a comrade of Year 6 Class 

Professor: E, everyone...

Tider: Please end the conversation here and show us your base Da!

Kenichi: Good! Open that back eye of the sunglass carefully and look!

[Gosauer appears]

Tider: I seen it Da! Your base is overthere!

Professor: Shit...!

Hiromi: It ends here, 5th dimension person!

Tider: H, how do you know we are here!?

Shuzo: You gave us your phone trace while you're using Professor's Brace from

Tider: Kuuuu! I didn't know this Bracelet has that function...!

Kenichi: As our promise we teach you our base! Quickly return Professor!

Tider: Since I know your base, there is no use of this kid any longer Da!
You can bring her along Da!
Allow me to disappear from here Da!

Yuka: Lie! That person sunk into the ground!

Mabo: It seems he really is 5th dimension person.

Professor: Everyone...

Shinobu: Professor, are you alright!? Are you hurt!?

Professor: No... But, because of me the base is...

Kenichi: Don't worry, Professor! Isn't failure is the origin of success!?
On top of that quickly get in Gosauer!
We can't let Kinta fight alone!

Professor: Yes!

Kenichi: Kinta, we safely rescued Professor!

Kinta: Good! At this point I can fight with all my power!

Gorou: Everyone, we will return our thanking of kidnapping Professor perfectly!

Kenichi: Of course!

*2 enemies remain*

Belzeb: Tider, that building must be their base right?

Tider: Yes Da. I saw Gosauer came out clearly with this eye Da.

Falzeb: At this point we knew Gosauer's base. The next thing to do is seek for
our chance and destroy them.

Belzeb: Nevertheless, this is a rare chance. It is fun to settle with Gosauer 

[Ionia appears]

Kakeru: Sorry for let you wait, Sauers!

Kenichi: Finally you came!

Ken: We will get back properly the part we were late!

*Belzeb defeated*

Falzeb: Those bastards, again...!

Belzeb: That is Ok. Knowing their base is worth the fight. Let's retreat.

[Jaaku Satan retreats]

Kakeru: Well, that's for today.

Denki-oh: I wonder about that!?

[Denki-oh appears]

Tetsuya: Denki-oh!

Kinta: That guy, he come again incorrigibly!

Denki-oh: Don't worry. Today is the last time I meet you.
Since today you will be beaten by me!

Lamuness: What!?

Denki-oh: Fufufu, for defeating you I was born again!
Look! This is the strongest power I obtained by uniting with Hyper Death Bolt!!

Professor: Be careful everyone! That is a terrific electric energy!

Asuka: Bastard Denki-oh, when did he obtain such power!?

Hayato: In order to demonstrate that much power he surely have to store 
suitable electric power.

Sayaka: Then, the one who stealed the electricity around the world is...

Domon: It seems to be his work.

Kid: I can't believe we find the electric thief in that form.

Denki-oh: Then, bring it on! With all you can!

Kenichi: You... How dare you make fun of us!

Ely: Everyone, start attacking!

Kinta: Ok!

*Kakeru vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Fuhahahaha! Engrave the limit of my strongest power and die!

Kakeru: Good grief, you waste electricity...! Pay the electric bill properly!

*Kouji vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Fufufu... The body move as I thought! Now it is impossible for me
to lose against imperfect guy like you!

Kouji: Sorry but I also unite with Mazinger! I'm a little ahead of you!

*Tetsuya vs Denki-oh*

Tetsuya: You seize for power too much that power swallows you, Denki-oh!

Denki-oh: I don't mind that if I defeated you! Also for carry out my belief!

*Ryouma vs Denki-oh*

Ryouma: You murmur something like you obtained the strongest power. But I'll
teach you the thing that exceed more!

Denki-oh: Interesting! Do it if you can!

*Jin vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Raijin-oh! You've given me many trouble! But that will end here 

Jin: Right Denki-oh! We'll settle the conclusion with you here!

*Kotarou vs Denki-oh*

Kotarou: The one who became strong is not only you! Take a look at our new 

Denki-oh: I will let you know the power you obtained is garbage compare to
what I have!

*Kenichi vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Gosauer! I'll return all the times you humiliated me here!

Kenichi: I don't care what the fuck is your humiliation! We as usual only 
protecting the Earth!

*Kinta vs Denki-oh*

Kinta: This world isn't all about power! We'll never lose to the guy lacking
that knowledge like you!

Denki-oh: Too bad you don't understand my belief to the bitter end!
Human is really a foolish being!

*Momotarou vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Now that I became the strongest mechanize beast in the universe, no
one can't fight me equally! Daiteioh, even you can't be my opponent!

Momotarou: Save that line after you defeat us, Denki-oh!

*Kid or Bowei vs Denki-oh*

Bowei: You desperate to beat us to the point that you even unite with machine.

Isaac: You came to challenge us holding a preparation of that much. Kid, don't
loose your guard.

Kid: Understood, Isaac. There is no scary opponent as the one ready to die.

*Domon vs Denki-oh*

Denki-oh: Beating the enemy without receiving damage! That is the prove of the
strongest power!

Domon: It seems you're mistaken the meaning of power. We'll never get beaten by

*Hyper Death Bolt's HP reduced to 50%*

Denki-oh: Hahaha! This is power! Power overflows!

[Denki-oh recovers 40600 HP]

Kinta: Shit! Our attack didn't work!?

Denki-oh: Because I obtained unlimited power!

Kukko: Unlimited power? We can't win that sort of guy?

Professor: That can't be true! Because the power that Denki-oh absorb is 

Shinobu: Right! We can't lose against a guy like that!

*Hyper Death Bolt's HP reduced to 20%*

Denki-oh: What's wrong!? Are you going to give me more fun!?

[Denki-oh recovers 30450 HP]

Kotarou: Shit! That bastard Denki-oh becomes stupidly strong...!

Denki-oh: If you don't give me fun any longer then I'll do it for you!

[Denki-oh attacks Gosauer]

Hiromi: Uwaaaaaa!!

Lamuness: Ahh! Gosauer is!

Magnum Ace: Are you guys alright, Sauers!?

Shinobu: S, somewhat...!

Denki-oh: I'm now excited. Until now the splendid fight you give...
And this power of mine give!

Kenichi: Shit! At this rate...!

*Defense Group's Base/Hangar*

Yoji: E, everyone!
The robot that everyone created... If Boueiger can move I can go and save
Eventhough I'm one of Sauers... eventhough everyone is fighting at the risk of
their life I could only watch from here...!
Shit... Shittttt!!


Yoji: T, this is!?

Eldoran: Boy... Stop crying...

Yoji: Eh!? Who are you!?

Eldoran: My name is Eldoran... The soldier of light that protects the Earth...

Yoji: Eldoran!? You are the one gave us Sauers Gosauer and Magnasauer!?

Eldoran: Right... Boy, you must not cry... Now I'll give new life to this 

Yoji: Give life to Boueiger!? To try to win the guys of Mechanize Empire!?

Eldoran: That is... depend on you...


Yoji: Uwaaaaaa!!

Kenichi: Why youuuu!

Kouji: Not good! It isn't working!

Denki-oh: Fuhahahaha! You can't win me with your power after all!
That is because!!

Denki-oh: I'm strong! I'm stronger than anyone else! My power is strongest in
the universe!!

Sarutobi: Shit! At this rate...!

Denki-oh: The playing time is finished! It's time I'll put an end to it!

???: I'll not permit that!

Denki-oh: W, what!?

Sayaka: what is that robot!?

Wan: Look! Inside the eyes of that robot!

Yoji: Thanks God... Somehow I made it in time.

Ely: Yoji-kun!

Ci: Yoji-kun, what is that robot!?

Professor: Perhaps...!

Professor: As I thought! That is a new Eldoran robot!

Shinobu: Yoji-kun! Is Professor's word true!?

Yoji: I'll explain later! I'll fight with you with this Gransauer!
(This time I must not repeat the mistake...!)

Denki-oh: Interesting... Another new robot appeared.

Kenichi: Yoji, that's too much for you!

Kinta: Leave things to us!

Yoji: I hate it! I also can fight! Let's go, Gransauer!!

[Gransauer attacks Hyper Death Bolt]

Yoji: Uwaaaaaa!!

Denki-oh: Fuhahahaha! If you can't aim properly you can't hit!

Shinobu: Yoji-kun!

Yoji: Why! Why you don't move as I think, Gransauer!
As I thought... as I thought this is too much for me...?

Kenichi: Don't give up that simple, Yoji! Was the words that you said you can
fight before a lie!?

Yoji: B, but I can't control it easily...

Kenichi: If it can't go smoothly we will make it smooth! I'll teach you!

Youji: K, Kenichi...!

Gorou: Right, because we'll back Yoji!

Jin: Not only Sauers but we and other comrades also!

Kinta: We will cover the part that you can't do it smoothly!

Professor: I'll also help with the best of my ability!
Even if it is a failure, base on that failure it should become smooth!

Mach Windy: Surely nobody is able to do things smoothly from the start.

Rikiya: Yoji-san! Let's try to do it since we have nothing to lose!

Adeu: Even if you fail, we will cover you properly!

Lamuness: All of us!

Ken: That's why Yoji-san, don't fear failure!

Shinobu: If it is Yoji-kun, it will surely goes smooth!

Hiromi: Show your courage! Don't give up!

Yoji: E, everybody...

Denki-oh: Newcomer! I'll beat you all starting from you!

Yoji: I can't lose... Because I have everyone backing me...! By the like of 
I won't loseeeee!!

[Gransauer attacks Hyper Death Bolt]

Yoji: I did it!

Kouji: You did it, Yoji!

Denki-oh: It can't be! His fighting power suddenly went up!? How dare youuuu!

[Denki-oh recovers 10150 HP]

Kenichi: Even you recover a bit, you can't match us when we Sauers unite 

Ely: Right! Everyone, fight back like this in one go!

Yoji: Roger!

Professor: (Gransauer...! If I input that robot's data perhaps...!)

*Denki-oh defeated*

Denki-oh: I'll definitely won't lose...! I'll definitely won't...!
The strong will surely control everything!

[Denki-oh recovers 50750 HP]

Tetsuya: Bastard Denki-oh! He still intend to fight!

Kinta: Kenichi, let's finish this with Magnabuster!

Kenichi: Got it! 
Yoji, combine with our attack's timing! Can you do it!?

Yoji: P, perhaps...! No, I'll show you I'll do it!

Kenichi: Very good! Then let's do it!

[Gosauer, Magnasauer, Gransauer attack Hyper Death Bolt]

Yoji: We did it! The strongest hot-blooded!

Denki-oh: It can't be! Human hold something stronger than power...!
Human does hold something stronger than power!

Kenichi: Prepare yourself, Denki-oh! We will end things here!

Denki-oh: Gu... Guuuuuuu!

Professor: Be careful, Kenichi-kun! There is something coming close from the

Kenichi: What did you say!?


Kenichi: W, what is that!?

Maria: That is a robot we haven't seen! The new enemy!?

Denki-oh: Y, you are Engine-oh...!? Why are you here!?

Engine-oh: You are pathetic, Denki-oh. 
You rely on power and are beaten by the guys you fight thus far by the power
exceed it...
Take a good look Guilturbo. This is what he deserves.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

Rikiya: That guy is Denki-oh's comrade!?

Milk: Nevertheless he seems odd!

Denki-oh: Engine-oh, what do you come here for!? Kikaishin-sama gives the duty 
of mechanize the Earth to me!

Engine-oh: It is too much for you to mechanize Earth, since you are always 
beaten by the robots of those human beings.

Denki-oh: What!?

Engine-oh: You are no longer needed for the Mechanization Empire. Finish him,

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

Denki-oh: Guaaaaaaah!

Hiromi: It can't be! He attacks his own comrade...!

Denki-oh: H, how dare you...!

Engine-oh: Your use ends here. Be gone Denki-oh.

Denki-oh: Uoooooooh!!

Kenichi: What are you doing!? Isn't Denki-oh your comrade of Mechanization

Engine-oh: Well well. You are interesting guy that you care about your enemy.
Moreover you are in trouble if you compare us with that scrap.
We are Engine-oh and Guilturbo.

Yoji: Engine-oh!? Guilturbo!?

Engine-oh: From now on we will be incharge of mechanize the Earth in place of
Denki-oh. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.

Tetsuya: As soon as we corner Denki-oh a new enemy appears...

Isaac: The fighting power of Mechanization Empire is properly thicker than we

Kenichi: That thing doesn't matter!
Hey, Engine-oh! Sorry for you to came to Earth in hurry but we'll beat you 

Engine-oh: Good then. Today I only intend to greeting you but I change that
Show me how well your robots can do.

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Engine-oh: Then let's begin the battle, Guilturbo.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

*Jin vs Engine-oh*

Jin: Even Denki-oh was beaten! You will also have the same fate!

Engine-oh: The way of not thinking Denki-oh is the same class with me is for
your own good. Even we're the same machine kings, there is a big difference 
between him and I.

*Kotarou vs Engine-oh*

Kotarou: Don't think you can beat this Ganbaruger easily, Engine-oh!

Engine-oh: That machine is Ganbaruger? I see... There seems only power.

*Kenichi vs Engine-oh*

Engine-oh: Well, show me the true ability that you guys have driven Denki-oh to

Shinobu: Even he has weaken, he brings down Denki-oh with one shot! Be careful!

Kenichi: Yeah, I understood!

*Momotarou vs Engine-oh*

Engine-oh: This is still working very incompletely. At this point only 
Guilturbo is enough to squeeze it.

Momotarou: How dare you look down at us! If we won't show you you don't 

*Engine-oh reduced to below ~40% HP*

Guilturbo: Father, those guys seem to have some spirits.

Engine-oh: But, all is useless!

[Engine-oh recovers 28500 HP]

Tetsuya: He heals the damage points...!

Kakeru: That power is surely beyond Denki-oh!

Shuzo: Kenichi! Almost all our machines wear out because of the fight with 
If the battle prolongs beyond this it is bad!

Kenichi: Nonetheless we can't give up here!

Gorou: Professor! Is there any way to solve this!?

Professor: If that is the case, there is only one resolution! We can only
combine to King Gosauer!

Hiromi: King Gosauer!?

Ely: What are you saying, Professor!? We failed the last time wasn't it!?

Professor: I've rearranged the combination program by three machines including
Gransauer! This time it surely will work!!

Kenichi: Then let's do it! We trust you, Professor!

Professor: Everyone, please push the Sauer Brace button!

Gorou: Understood! Everyone, do as Professor said!

Kinta: Ok!

Professor: Now, Kenichi-kun, Kinta-kun, Yoji-kun! Please push the Sauer Changer
Combination button!

Kenichi: Then, understood! Let's do it, everyone!

Ely: Ok!

Kenichi: King Gosauerrr! Super Hot-Blooded Combination!!

[King Gosauer appears]

Kenichi: Wonderful! We really combinated!

Professor: This is King Gosauer! The strongest hot-blooded robo in the 

Kinta: Amazing energy... With this power we won't lose!

Engine-oh: Fufufu! It is interesting you invoke the new power in this 
situation! Then show me that power!
Let's go, Guilturbo!

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

Kenichi: Come, Engine-oh! We'll show you all of King Gosauer's power!

*Kenichi (King Gosauer) vs Engine-oh*

Kenichi: Since the super hot-blooded robo, King Gosauer is completed you guys
have no chance to win!

Engine-oh: I can feel that you're not only a mere show. Shall I turn you into

*Battle ends*

Guilturbo: Father, the damage is bigger than we expected!

Engine-oh: There is no need to overdo here. Today we will withdraw.

Guilturbo: Roger, father! As expected the robot of this planet is...

Engine-oh: They meet our expectation... No, they're more!
Fufufu, from now things will become interesting! I'm looking forward for the
next time we meet!

[Engine-oh disappears]

Kenichi: Why you! Wait there!

Kinta: Let's chase!

Ci: We can't! It disappeared from the radar in blink of eye! It is impossible 
to chase him!

Hiromi: That is... our new enemy...

Gorou: Engine-oh and Guilturbo... It seems those guys hold a very deep power.

Kenichi: So what!? No matter how many times they come we will beat them with
King Gosauer!

*Jaaku Fortress*

Yaminorius: Damn it... This time we were done by those guys again.

Falzeb: But our primary target Gosauer's base is confirmed.
As this point we can attack those guys anytime we want.

Belzeb: Just wait those remaining robots. We'll soon find out your base.

Tider: B, Belzeb-sama! Falzeb-sama! We are in big trouble!

Falzeb: What's wrong, Tider? You are noisy.

Tider: I want you to look at the map of this Shunpuu Town Da!

Belzeb: What are these several responses?

Tider: The Gosauer-like responses come out from all the point Da!

Falzeb: Then, you mean all of these are Gosauer's base!?

Belzeb: Then even we destroyed the confirmed base they just need to sortie in
another base!

Tider: I'm sincerely regret this Da...

Belzeb: Shit...! Stop the progress of finding their base!
As I thought we can only defeat them directly!

*Shunpuu Elementary School*

Kakeru: Tsutomu, I've accomplish all your preparation devices.

Kouji: We too.

Tsutomu: Thank you for your help everyone.
At this point the 5th dimension people are surely fooled by us if they think 
Gosauer base is not only Shunpuu Elementary School.

Professor: Thank you Tsutomu-kun. What should I do to answer your help?

Tsutomu: Don't worry about that, Takako. I thought if something like this might
happen the devices we prepared were useful.

Kenichi: But the enemies also do it! They kidnap Professor and seem looking
after our bases!

Asuka: How could the Jaaku Empire use this trick...

Mai: Hey, Professor. How is the 5th dimension person that kidnap you look like?

Professor: His image is left in my Brace when he try to communicate.
This is his face.

Jin: Aaaah! That guy is!

Asuka: That guy is the 5th dimension people...!?

Kenichi: What is wrong with you? You know that guy?

Jin: What are you saying!? Weren't Sauers and Dankettsu met him once!?

Mai: We too?

Koji: That is the assistance of the journalist we met at Youshou Town before!

Kakeru: Oh, that time?

Shinobu: Which reminds me the one that has that look...!

Jin: Why no one remember at all!?

Harue: Even you said so it is not the case that we had met him like Jin group.

Asuka: That 5th dimension guy is no dout the one introduced as Tider (Kanji).

Koji: If Tider-san is the 5th dimension people then Belzeb-san is also...?

Sharu: That thinking is hardly wrong.

Jin: Those guys, they asked for information of Raijin-oh but the truth was they
are after our base...!

Maria: What are you saying!? Jin, could it be you...!

Jin: It is alright! I did't tell anything about our base!

Reiko: Really~?

Jin: Really! I bet all my allowance this month for that!

Asuka: Everyone, relax. Jin is honest.

Potato: If Asuka said so then we'll trust you.

Cookie: Me too!

Jin: Why you believe in Asuka rather than me...?

Koji: (But we told them that we are the Earth Defense Class...)

Cocoa: From now on not only the enemies directly attack us but they will use
cowardize method too~.

Killy: Then that means we can't negligence even in our private time.

Bowei: Well well... At least I want them to not obstructing my date.

Kid: Bowei-san, before that you must find the object.

Bowei: That is mutual, Kid-san.

Jun: You can crack joke but have you forgot a dangerous enemy appeared?

Hayato: Is that the new assassin, Engine-oh and Guilturbo of Mechanization 

Kukko: This time we succeed in driving them away but can we win the next time
I wonder?

Kinta: What are you saying? We'll not lose if we combine our strength!

Momotarou: Right! There is no fear if we unite no matter what kind of enemy is!

Kenichi: This time we got a reliable comrades! Right, Yoji!?

Yoji: Eh? Me?

Shuzo: Who else if not you?

Adeu: If that time Yoji-san didn't come with Gransauer we will probably be done
by Denki-oh.

Ken: Thank you, Yoji! You are truly helpful!

Yoji: I would rather be the one to say that. I was able to fight Denki-oh at 
that time because everyone encouraged me.
Everyone, I'm truly thank you. From now on I'll fight at my best as a pilot of

Chobi: We rely on you, Yoji!

Shinobu: Moreover we have to thank Professor.

Ely: Right. Thanks to the program that Professor finished we're be able to
combine into King Gosauer.

Professor: I only do what I should do.

Hiromi: But, that power is important to us.

Gorou: From now on we will help Professor with all we can.
That's why, don't say the second time you will quit Sauers.

Professor: Y, yes!

Kenichi: Engine-oh, come anytime you want! We'll never let the Earth turns into
planet of machine! 

*Drago Empire/Temple*

Ryu Dolk: Please tell me, Zara-sama! I want to hear who on Earth am I!

Zara: You already knew. You are the Brave, the true decendant of our God Drago.
You are the man who carry out a fate as a vanguard that destroys the foolish 
human, for Drago Empire to rule the ground.

Ryu Dolk: I heard that more than enough from you since my childhood. I also 
believed in that straight without doubt...

Zara: Is there something you want to say, Dolk?

Ryu Dolk: Doll Geist who throw away his pride as a soldier and only seek after
victory by using any method...
The Drago Kingdom now that that kind of man controls, should I say it is 

Zara: What did you say...!?

Ryu Dolk: Zara-sama, you probably know the two sisters that live together with
Taiga Ken.
They said that their brother has the birthmark of a Dragon in the palm of his
hand like me.

Zara: ...!

Ryu Dolk: What the hell does that mean!? Zara-sama!

Zara: Shut up! Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: Those two are the decendants that share Argama's blood. If I connect
with that blood then...

Zara: Don't you understand that I said ''Shut up!''?

Ryu Dolk: I don't know my parents' name, while I grow I only have you, 
everything that you teach me, raise me...
I want to know! My origin!!

Zara: ...
Fufufu, you of all men are dyeing the polluted atmosphere of foolish human and
gone crazy...
You are no mistaken the decendant of God Drago!

Ryu Dolk: Then...!

Zara: I'll not forgive you if you talk those stupid inquiries any longer, even
if you're Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: ...

Zara: And don't meet those strange humans the second time! Good!?

Ryu Dolk: But...!

Zara: Enough! Step back!

Ryu Dolk: ...Yes.

Zara: (If by any chance, if Dolk know the truth...!)
(I'll not let things go more than that! Absolutely!)

Zara: Doll Geist! Is Doll Geist here!?

Doll Geist: Doll Geist as your command.

Zara: Oh, Geist. I have one thing for you to accomplish.

Doll Geist: You said kill the two sisters who call out the sky horse?

Zara: Do it at once. 
Dolk will disobey my command and goes out to meet those girls.

Doll Geist: Please restrain yourself. Of course I'll do that.
But, Dolk-sama is the man who will rebel in some way...
If such event happens next, he will probably response violently a bit...

Zara: ...It can't be helped.

Doll Geist: This Doll Geist will take the mission of killing the twin firmly.

Zara: I rely on you, Doll Geist!

Doll Geist: Yes!

*Drago Empire/Passage*

Doll Geist: (Hm, the chance comes around sooner than I expected...)

Doll Satan: Doll Geist...

Doll Geist: This is Doll Satan-sama. What can I do for you?

Doll Satan: Don't tell me you are taking advantage of Zara-sama's words.

Doll Geist: Phew, what are you saying?

Doll Satan: I hear that Dolk-sama is like Zara-sama, the decendants of the holy
blood of God Drago.
Wouldn't it be foolish to pull your trigger at a man like that?

Doll Geist: No matter if it is holy blood or dirty blood in short the one to
value is the winner...
The person flowing with strong mechanic oil is much better than weakling that 
called decendant of holy blood.
If the strength is decided by bloodline, the battle finishes much quicker.

Doll Satan: ...

Doll Geist: Hm, you are also somewhat weak when it comes to Dolk-dono's thing.

Doll Satan: What!?

Doll Geist: The truth is you are foolish to let worthless emotions control 
Well, just see. The next battle plan is the twin sisters. And I'll show you 
I'll beat Liger.

Doll Satan: Doll Geist! You bastard!

Doll Geist: I have to prepare for the attack so excuse me...

*Mechanize Castle*

Engine-oh: I see. This is the data you collected thus far by analyzing 
You investigate well from the action pattern of each robot to the property of

Guilturbo: Father. Among these is there a power beyond our calculation that 
the Gosauer that we fight last time show us?

Engine-oh: I'm sorry but no.
But, judging from this data, it seems at the time human's ability affect the 
machine, the power beyond calculation begins to occur.

Guilturbo: Then that is!

Engine-oh: Right. That is the greatest power in the universe that we're 
But, it seems the data now isn't enough for us to obtain that power.
I rely on you Guilturbo. That power is necessary for us no matter what...

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

*Shunpuu Town*

Ely: Ah! That dress is cute!

Mai: Really! The shape and color are good, it fits Yui!

Wan: I also think like that! 

Yui: I see, thanks...

Ci: (Yui looks pale today...)

Ely: (Right. We try to cheer her up with this since her condition isn't good
til now)

Wan: (I wonder if she still thinking that unknown person is her brother?)

Mai: Hey, Yui! What is that gloomy face while everyone take trouble to go 

Yui: ...Hey, Mai. I wonder if we can really meet that person again...

Mai: It is fine. If that person is our brother we will surely meet again.
Now just wait and believe that chance will come.

Ely: I agree with Mai, Yui! If there is time when you can't find him everyone
of Sauers will give you a hand!

Mai: Well well! Since everyone even said that be moderate and cheer up!
Moreover, if you always give that gloomy face I'll take this dress!

Yui: Fufu, I'll not let you do that Mai. That girly design suits me more.

Mai: Why you! You're on!


Ely: What is that shaking!?

Wan: Perhaps enemy again!?

[Doll Geist and 2 Metal Knights appear]

Mai: That is Drago Empire!

Ely: Could it be, they came here to destroy the city again!?

Yui: Eventhough the number are few!

Doll Geist: I found you, the twin inherit Argama's blood!
Metal Knight, capture them alive!

Yui: Nooooo! Help meee!

Mai: Hey! Release me you bastard! I told you to release me!

Ely: Yui! Mai!

Doll Geist: You hear me Liger and those foolish people that oppose us!?
Now that the decendants of Argama is in my hand!
If you want me to return those two come to the plain outside the city!

[Doll Geist disappears]

Ci: Ely, what should we do!? 

Ely: We have no time to lose! Let's meet everyone right away!

Wan: Right!

Ryu Dolk: Bastard Doll Geist... Does this mean you oppose me?

Stage 24: Doll Geist! Coward Trap!

[Ionia appears]

Doll Geist: So you appeared at last. That is too late.

Ryouma: Shut up! We are different from you, have a lot of things to do!
Get to the point quickly!

Doll Geist: Watch your mouth, or else...

Mai: Aaaaaah!

Yui: Kyaaaaaaah!

Dango: Yui-chan! Mai!

Doll Geist: It will be like that.

Ken: You bastard Doll Geist! How dare you did that to those two!? 

Ryouma: That... shitty bastard is!

Domon: Ryouma, now is not the time for the like of you and I. We'll trust 
Isaac here.

Remy: Right. The turn of body group that is strong of using body than head
will be a bit later.

Doll Geist: Do you hear me, Taiga Ken! If you want to save the life of the
twin come here alone!

Ken: What!?

Doll Geist: I think that you understand but if I detect any weird action from
the one other than you, I'll kill them!

Adeu: What a rascal! He use cowardice method!

Kouji: Shit, that bastard! He intend to aim at Liger by using prisoner as a 

Boss: What should we do!? Will we accept his offer!?

Hayato: If we follow what he say, Ken will die. If we don't follow, Yui and
Mai will die.

Kakeru: Don't you mean in the worse case we have to chose an alternative...!

Doll Geist: What's wrong! Do it quickly!

Ken: Understood! I'll go now so wait for me!

Saeko: Ken-kun, are you really intend to go alone!?

Ken: At this rate Mai and Yui will be in danger! So, I could only go!

[Liger appears and moves toward Doll Geist]

Mai: K, Ken!

Ken: I come alone like you said! Well then, release Mai and Yui!

Doll Geist: I will not release them yet. My next desire...
Is your life!
Kill him, Metal Knight! First offer to God Drago Liger's bitterness!

Ken: Shit! As I thought things will turn like this...!

[Liger being attacked]

Ken: Shit! If I act, Yui and Mai will...!

Mai: Ken! Don't worry about us and fight!

Ken: I carry your lives...! I can't imitate something like that...!

Yui: K, Ken...

Doll Geist: Right, Liger. I'll not forgive if you have a hand in.
After your dead I'll get rid of that unpleasant Ionia!

Sarutobi: This is not good...! At this rate if they continue attacking Liger
will be done!

Kotarou: What shall we do!? I'll spin and save those two!?

Isaac: Impatience is forbidden. Let's wait for the chance to save them.

Katze: You say chance...! Will that comes in a situation like this!?

Isaac: I can see that Doll Geist is waiting for something to happen.
Otherwise, the reason why Doll Geist didn't finish the nonresistance Liger
immediately can't be explain.

Shingo: In short you mean we can only wait for chance right...?

Dango: Shit! Hold on, Ken!

Doll Geist: Hmph... Somehow the prey doesn't get trapped...
Then the life of Liger and the twin end here!

Izumi: What!? That is different from the promise!

Doll Geist: Why do I have to keep the promise with bastards like you!
People better know where they are!

Da Cider: A bastard rotten to the end! That bastard is you!

Sharu: Everyone! Quickly take off!

Doll Geist: Fufufu! I don't think so!
Burn your eyes firmly watching the dead of your comrades!

Yui: Kyaaaaaa!!

Ryu Dolk: Wait, Doll Geist!

Ken: T, that is...!

Doll Geist: At last you came, Ryu Dolk.

Mai: Yui, that person is...!

Yui: It can't be wrong! That person from before!

Mai: But a while ago they called him Ryu Dolk...

Ryu Dolk: Doll Geist! Release those two sisters!

Doll Geist: I afraid I can't.
Kill those twin and Liger is a direct command given by Zara-sama.
It is heavier than anything else. 

Ryu Dolk: What!? Zara-sama gave that kind of order!?

Doll Geist: If you obstruct me it is natural to think you rebel the Drago
Empire. I hope you understand.

Ryu Dolk: I only want to know who I am! If you won't obediently accept my 
request I'll release them by force!

Ryu Dolk: Demon Dragon King Doluga! Come under me!

[Doluga appears]

Yui: Ryu Dolk comes to save us!?
L, lie... Could it be Ryu Dolk is...

Mai: Our brother...!?

Ken: What did you say!? Ryu Dolk is Mai-chan and Yui-chan' brother!?

Doll Geist: Hm, at last you revealed your true character, Ryu Dolk!
There is no excuse for you that you joined our enemy, the decendant of Argama!
I will punish you in place of Zara-sama!

Yui: The one being aimed is us isn't it!? This is none of your business!

Mai: Don't care about us and withdraw!

Ryu Dolk: I'll never do that...! I have to know the truth!
I'll bet my life to save those two sisters!

*Turn 2*

Asuka: What does this mean!? Ryu Dolk becomes our ally!?

Domon: If those previous words are true, Ryu Dolk is the brother that is 
lifelong separated from the two.

Bowei: That means Ryu Dolk is also the decendant of Argama?

Saeko: The decendant of Argama must be the one opposes Drago... Why is he at
Drago Empire? 

Milk: ...Sister, don't you think we heard an terrible story like that from

Cocoa: Right~.

Da Cider: What did you just say!?
The absolute beauty is tricked and be at the enemy side. I can't stand such 
cool story turns thoughtlessly. 

Lesqua: Nobody talk about your story! They are saying the same as us three 

Sharu: ...No way.

*All enemies defeated*

Doll Geist: That is enough, Ryu Dolk! If you're against me longer than this, I
will kill the two sisters!

Ryu Dolk: You bastard...!

Doll Geist: Fufufu, as long as I've the prisoners you can't interfere!
Your fate also ends here... Look down completely on me, regret your crime and

Ryu Dolk: Shit! This is...!

Doll Geist: The fool that rebel our kingdom! Take the punishment here!

[Ryu Dolk being attacked]

Ryu Dolk: Guaaaaaaah!

Ken: Ryu Dolk!

Mai: This is enough! Fight Ken and Brother!

Ryu Dolk: I can't do that...! I can't let you two die!

Yui: B, Brother!

Doll Geist: Unreasonably stubborn bastards! But, this is the end!

Doll Satan: Now!

Doll Geist: What are you try to do, Doll Satan!?

Doll Satan: Now, quickly hide! Don't hesitate!

Yui: A person of Drago Empire saves us...!?

Mai: I don't understand well but... Yui, let's go!

Yui: Y, yeah!

[Doll Satan heads for Ionia]

Doll Geist: I can't believe Doll Satan do that...!
But, even you released my prisoners now, it is too late!
Go! Metal Knight!

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Doll Geist: Fufufu, you give me a lot of time.
But this Doll Geist will not be touched by such wound!

Ryu Dolk: H, how dare you...!

Doll Geist: Dieeeeee!

[Doll Geist attacks Dolk]

Doll Satan: A...Aa...!

Doll Geist: Why you, Doll Satan!  
You obstruct me not only once but two times!
The general Doll Satan who was declared to be the general of ice let her 
worthless feelings flow!

Ryu Dolk: Satan, why did you save me!?

Doll Satan: Dolk... It suits you to go on believe in your own path...
Living as a high pride soldier, I... you...

Mai: Doll Satan, could it be you...!

Doll Satan: Don't misunderstood me... Decendant of Argama...
I've no intention of saving you... All is for Ryu Dolk...

Ryu Dolk: Satan! Be tough!

Doll Satan: This is irony... Have you hold me in this kind of form...

Ryu Dolk: Satan... You...

Doll Satan: Dolk... Till next time when I was reborned... As a woman...


Ryu Dolk: S, Satan...

Yui: Noooooooh!

Mai: That person... Doll Satan is... For Brother...

Doll Geist: Hm, after all even Doll Satan failed as a soldier!

Doll Geist: Metal Knight! Kill Ryu Dolk!

Ryu Dolk: Uoooooooooh!! I can't forgive you, Doll Geist!!
I'll take your life make up for Doll Satan's death!

[Ryu Dolk's morale +50]

Ken: I have sympathy with those guys...! Shit... Shittttttt!!
Doll Geist! Only you I'll never forgive!!

[Ken's morale +50]

*Ken vs Doll Geist*

Doll Geist: Taiga Ken, the one burned your town is dead... You should rather be
happy than angry?

Ken: Shut up! How dare you make use and step on human's heart. That is what I
hate the most!

*Ryu Dolk vs Enemy*

Ryu Dolk: Doll Geist! How dare you treat victory with that cowardize style of 

Doll Geist: What glossing! Have you forgot Zara-sama's word, no matter what
method, we could only head to victory!

Ryu Dolk: I haven't forgotten! But by that the truth is you are violating the
pride of Drago Empire! As a Drago soldier, I can't bear such thing!

*Ryu Dolk vs Doll Geist*

Ryu Dolk: Doll Geist! I'll never forgive a bastard like you! 
And Drago Empire at its present state can't tolerate a coward like you!!

Doll Geist: I and Drago Empire don't need your forgiven!!

*Doll Geist defeated*

Doll Geist: How can I be defeated by the guys that hold useless emotions...!
Remember this! The next time I'll send you to hell by more powerful Metal

Ryu Dolk: Don't run, Doll Geist!

Yui: Wait, Brother!

Ryu Dolk: ...

[Ryu Dolk chases after Doll Geist]

Mai: ...

Ken: Emotion is not useless! We become strong because of heart, because of

Kenichi: That Doll Geist relies on the machine that doesn't commute heart
will never understand that for his whole life!

???: I can't believe it. The minus factor called emotion creates that kind
of power.

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Kenichi: You are Engine-oh!

Kinta: You have good courage to come out lately!

Engine-oh: Don't get cocky just because you defeated us once.
Let's go, Guilturbo! We have to collect the data of the uncalculated power
no matter what!

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

*Jin vs Engine-oh*

Jin: I'll defeat you together with Guilturbo! Don't feel lonely!

Guilturbo: Father, that guy is saying such thing.

Engine-oh: Just let him talk what he like. Anyhow at last he can't defeat us.

*Kotarou vs Engine-oh*

Kotarou: It is useless how many times you come Engine-oh! Because anyhow the 
one who hold the key to victory is us!

Engine-oh: We don't know if we can arrive at that answer with what sort of 
calculation! But we'll teach you right now that answer is wrong!

*Kenichi vs Engine-oh*

Engine-oh: Now, Gosauer! Show me again that power that we miscalculated at that

Kenichi: What miscalcultion? Is it really just a mistake of calculate?
This time also let us win according to this calculation!

*Momotarou vs Engine-oh*

Momotarou: My controlling technique improves from the time that I fought the 
other day! I'll show that to you now!

Engine-oh: No, it is pointless to fight you. We don't need the same data.

*Engine-oh reduced to 50% HP*

Guilturbo: Father, as I thought these guys fight beyond our expectation.

Engine-oh: Interesting... Nonetheless the truth is they are interesting.
Guilturbo, let's capture one machine as a sample.

Guilturbo: How about the Gosauer that overwhelm Denki-oh?

Engine-oh: No, let's decide on the Daiteioh that we lack the most.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

[Engine-oh comes near Daiteioh]

Momotarou: That guy heads this way!

Mai: Be careful, Momotarou! Engine-oh intend to capture Daiteioh!

Momotarou: I'll not be mocked by that!

[Engine-oh attacks Daiteioh]

Kakeru: Uwaaaah!

Momotarou: What is that!? Daiteioh can't move!

Guilturbo: I halted him, Father.

Engine-oh: Well done, Guilturbo. Immediately capture him.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

Rikiya: This is bad! At this rate Daiteioh is...!

Sharu: Someone! Please immediately cover Daiteioh!

???: Shame on you, Dankettsu.

Engine-oh: What is that robot!?

[Hiryu attacks Engine-oh]

Engine-oh: Ku!?

Momotarou: Who are you?

Hiryu: I'm Hiryu Tsukishiro. And, the name of this robot is Dairyuoh!

Asuka: Hiryu Tsukishiro...!? Could it be...!?

Hiryu: Long time no see, Asuka.

Jin: What does that mean, Asuka? You know that robot's pilot?

Asuka: Hiryu is my cousin. I couldn't believe I meet him here.

Kenichi: Then, I suppose you are our ally!?

Hiryu: Right. From now let me join the battle line.

Asuka: Understood. I rely on you, Hiryu.

Hiryu: Roger, Asuka. I don't fight pitiful like Daiteioh so trust me.

Momotarou: What did you just say!? How dare you come out suddenly and said
great words!
Take a good look if whether we are pitiful or not, Hiryu!

Hiryu: You guys also have a good look at Dairyuoh's power!

Guilturbo: Father, the number of enemies is increased!

Engine-oh: Good then. Let's also take that robot home.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

[Engine-oh recovers 19000 HP]

*Hiryu vs Engine-oh*

Hiryu: Mechanize Empire, it is one million year early for you to defeat me.

Engine-oh: Oh. You seem very confident with that surprise attack you did a 
while ago.

Guilturbo: Then, let's destroy this machine, Father!

Engine-oh: You have my word! Do it!

Hiryu: It will not go that way. I'll bet myself with the ones threaten Earth's

*Engine-oh defeated*

Guilturbo: Father! We can't fight longer than this!

Engine-oh: Their strength is no doubt increasing more than the last battle...!
Guilturbo, let's return to Mechanize Castle and analyze today's battle!
Record things firmly!

Guilturbo: Roger, Father!

Tetsuya: Engine-oh retreated...

Rikiya: I'm a little panic at the time they're about to capture Daiteioh.

Kakeru: Since we rescued Yui and Mai, I can say everything is Ok for now.

Ken: I truly hope so...

Yui: ...

*Battle ends*


Mai: Hey, Hiryu-kun...
Thanks to you a while ago we weren't captured by Engine-oh.

Hiryu: No need for attitude. That action is natural as a person that Eldoran
entrust the Earth's peace to.

Asuka: Well well... You haven't change from before with that cool point...

Momotarou: What cool! He is only a conceited fellow!
At that time, even without Hiryu only I was enough to do something!

Hiryu: ...Could it be that you're Daiteioh's pilot?

Momotarou: Right!
I'm Tarou Oomomo! Daiteioh's main pilot, Momotarou!

Hiryu: I see... You...

Momotarou: W, what... Why are you stare at others?

Hiryu: Momotarou. This is the last time you do disgraceful things.

Momotarou: What!?

Hiryu: Even this time I succeed in saving you, I can't guarantee there is a
second time.
I don't mind your mistake. But, because that mistake can harm other people 
don't behave like that.

Lamuness: Uwa, that is a severe word!

Momotarou: Y, you! How great!

Kakeru: Calm down, Momotarou. Please restrain, restrain.

Jin: Hey, Hiryu. Sorry for interfere but I want to ask you one thing.

Hiryu: What? 

Jin: How did you obtain the Dairyuoh?
It seems you own Daiteioh from before.

Tsutomu: I also noticed that. Considering of obtained it not long ago your 
control is magnificent.

Hiryu: After I knew that the Earth Defense Class from the same school and 
Sauers are fighting for Earth's peace, I thought I also want to fight for the
Somehow that desire was accepted and Eldoran entrust Dairyuoh to me.
That time is about the same when you guys returned to Earth.

Yousuke: Then you obtained Dairyuoh just not long ago...

Reiko: If it is so you should have meet us earlier.

Hiryu: Because I wanted to check information of enemy's parties and ability of
But, that is also finished. From now I want I and Dairyuoh will be useful for
protecting Earth's peace.

Kenichi: Yeah! We rely on you, Hiryu!

Kotarou: Since we are the same elementary student, let's be friend from now on!

Hiryu: Yeah. Nice to meet you.

Momotarou: (I don't like it...! I don't like that guy!)

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Ken: Sister Saeko, how is Yui and Mai?

Saeko: Those two are sleeping at their room. The exhaustion seems to catch them
in both body and spirit.

Kouji: On top of such thing, knowing their brother is Ryu Dolk also the cause
of their tiring.

Paffy: I couldn't believe that their longlost brother is on the enemy's side...

Killy: The fate is really cruel.

Kid: But Ryu Dolk is their brother means he is the decendant of Good God.

Mach Windy: Then, could it mean the next time we meet him he will be on our

Isaac: The story isn't that simple. Ryu Dolk carry his pride as a soldier of
Drago Empire...
Even if he know his origin, as long as that pride exist, he won't willing to
corporate with us.

Hayato: Moreover he is a rascal who killed a lot of people. Even the twin
forgive him, it doesn't mean his sin disappears.

Ken: ...

Domon: But there is also the truth that he tried risking his life to save Yui
and Mai...
As long as I see his action of trying to save the two even to the point that
he is label traitor of Drago Empire, I think there is a dim light of hope.

Adeu: Right! There will be some way!

Izumi: Sin can be atone. The action of the past isn't enough to decide the
person's future.

Da Cider: Well said! Perhaps that bastard too is only being manipulated!

Dango: Hey, Ken... What will we do from now on?

Ken: I see... Now I don't understand...

Saeko: Right... There are too many simple resolutions...

Ken: (Ryu Dolk... If you are a decendant of Argama, why on Earth did you end up
at Drago Empire...)
(Yui-chan and Mai... and the people that were killed by Drago... What should I

*Drago Empire/Temple*

Zara: What? Liger's group will gather at Saotome Laboratory?

Abe Seimei: Yes. I afraid they are about to open the door for leading them to
''that place'' again.

Zara: Then isn't it just right? While those guys ain't here we will revive Lord

Abe Seimei: Zara-sama, I afraid this time I can't assure that.

Zara: Seimei... You use the Oni and persistently attacked Saotome Lab... Is
there something in that lab?
Why are you desperate to destroy Getter Robo?

Abe Seimei: All is to close the kettle of Hell... I can only say that.

Zara: Your answer makes no sense...

Abe Seimei: There is a fate ties me and Getter from ancient time...

Zara: Hmph... Very well. To our Drago Empire, there is no change that those 
guys are also our enemy.
Doll Geist!

Doll Geist: Yes!

Zara: Now I'll give you one chance. Kill all of those following Liger!
Of course that includes the life of the twin sisters!

Doll Geist: Yes! I'll use the new barrier system that I developed. I'll
show you I'll return home with victory!

Abe Seimei: ...

*Saotome Lab/Control Room*

Kid: You are a research-worm as usual, Michiru.

Michiru: I don't have spare time to rest. The events that exceed my 
understanding come one after another.
That is the fault that you guys bring people from different world.

Hayato: What happen to the investigation that I request you? We fought even Oni
and Drago Empire at that different world. There will be surely a method to get
back there.

Michiru: That is the story of the dimension opened by Abe Seimei right...? I've
investigated at many aspects.

Kakeru: Then, Michiru-san. Do you understand something?

Michiru: Not yet... There are too little datas to analyze the power that opens
the dimension door.

Cocoa: We are in trouble~. If somehow we can return to Earth Tear, the 
Space-Time Transmission Device can be repaired~.

Izumi: Anyhow we can only solve the mystery by gathering more information.

[Alarm Sound]

Dango: W, what is that!?

Boncho: A flying objective are approaching from the South Gesu!
That response is... Drago Empire Gesu!

Ryouma: What!?

Hayato: Those bastards, they aim at this place! 

Stage 25: The roar of the awakening

Michiru: Everyone, Drago will be here soon! How is the preparation?

Ken: We finished long time ago!

Ryouma: Hey, Michiru! How is the old man!?

Michiru: I was calling him sometimes ago but he didn't give contact! Maybe he
is shutting himself at the underground again!?

Ryouma: Damn! Old man, what the heck are you doing at this critical time!

Benkei: Ryouma, no matter what you say he won't come out. Now let's focus on
Drago's guys.

Ryouma: Understood!

Sharu: Let's end the talk here! Because there are visitors!

[Enemies appear]

Ken: Doll Geist!

Doll Geist: Fufufu... Be obedient and give me the twin sisters!

[Doluga appears]

Ryu Dolk: I'll not permit that! Doll Geist!

Doll Geist: Ryu Dolk!

Mai: Brother!

Yui: You came!

Zara: As I thought you appeared Dolk.

Kotarou: Huge! What is that thing!?

Hayato: That is hardly wrong Drago Empire's fortress.

Saeko: And, that woman overthere is Queen Zara!

Zara: Ryu Dolk. It is not like you to drown in temporary emotions and support
those guys.
Think again, Ryu Dolk!
Your hand already bloodbaths humanity. You surely can't come back to human's
world by that body.

Ryu Dolk: Shit!

Zara: Our God Drago is the destruction God of fertility. If we release him from
the temporary seal, without my protection no one can survive!
Even if he is a member of Drago... not to mention he support human, he will not 
It isn't too late, Ryu Dolk... Come with me...

Ken: Are you the Queen of Drago Empire, Zara!?
If that is what I hear a while ago, you can't declare in your own way something
like Ryu Dolk can't come to our place!
It is true that Dolk makes many people unhappy! Of course I'll not forgive 
But there is people who want even a guy like that to convert!

Ryu Dolk: Taiga Ken...

Mai: Even if brother is Ryu Dolk it doesn't change at all that you are our

Yui: If the world do not accept you we will be with you!

Zara: Hm, nonsense... Even if you bastards accept Ryu Dolk there are surely 
others don't agree with that.

Da Cider: I wonder how is that going to be? There is a word ''the enemy of
yesterday is a friend today''!

Lesqua: At last, it is a problem of feeling. Because there are many affairs in 
the society.

Da Cider: That is what I mean!
Hey, Ryu Dolk! If you intend to come to our side there is no need for wonderful
Show us by action the thing that make up your mind! That is rather a persuasive 
power at manyfold!

Hebimetako: Yeah! If you are a man decide it flatly!

Ryu Dolk: Hm, as expected of my worthy rivals...

Ryu Dolk: Zara, as long as a bastard like you rule, the Drago Empire and this
world have no future! As a soldier, I can't follow that like of person!

Zara: Ryu Dolk! Even I've raised you from your childhood you still point your
sword to me!?
Until now you give everything that you can to me! Are you intend to left me
for good!? 

Ryu Dolk: It is useless even if you demand gratitude! I'm a soldier that 
inherits Argama's blood! I'll never be your ally!

Zara: H, how dare you, Ryu Dolk...! I don't need a bastard like you!
Geist! Kill all of them!!

Doll Geist: Yes! As Zara-sama's wish.

[Drago's Fortress disappears]

*Ken vs Doll Geist*

Ken: What rare of you to challenge me directly, Doll Geist!? 
Did you finally understand that you can't win us just because you adopted bad

Doll Geist: What a joke! Even the plan doesn't work out, my mechanic holds a
power of only defeating you bastards!

*Ryu Dolk vs Doll Geist*

Ryu Dolk: I let you escaped last time, but not this time! The debt that you
killed Doll Satan and injured my sisters, I will pay them back here!

Doll Geist: How pitiful a high-pride soldier like you act according to your
emotions Ryu Dolk. After all you are only a worthless human being.

*Doll Geist reduced to 50% HP*

Ken: What, it isn't effective!? This Doll Geist is different from normal!

Doll Geist: Hm, you can't easily destroy my barrier.

Ken: What on Earth should we do...!?

Ryu Dolk: Ken, let's unite your Thunder Sword and my Doluga Blitzard!

Ken: What did you say!?

Ryu Dolk: Doluga and Liger! Combining the power of Argama of two of them is
the only method to smash the power of Evil God Drago!

[Ryu Dolk's morale +max]

Ken: Then, understood!

[Ken's morale +max]

[Doluga and Thunder Liger attack Doll Geist]

Doll Geist: What! That power is...!?
Shit! How can my mechanic falls behind the like of you...!
The next time we meet I'll take your life and end this revenge!

[Doll Geist disappears]

Ken: It goes well!

Hayato: We've cleared up the mess.

Ryouma: Ke, this isn't fun!

Tetsuya: Ryu Dolk, what are you planning to do from now on?

Yui: You can't go back to Drago Empire right? If you don't have a place to
go... How about come with us?

Mai: Right! Fight the Drago Empire with us!

Ryu Dolk: But, I'm unqualified for that...

Ken: Dolk... Have you forgot Doll Satan's last word?
Didn't he say you must believe going your own way as a soldier!?

Ryu Dolk: ...!

Ken: Before consider qualify or not aren't you Yui and Mai's elder brother!?
Then you must protect them at the risk of your life!

Ryu Dolk: Protect the two sisters...

Mai: Right, brother... Not only our life. If brother fight together with us
there are many other lives can probably be saved.

Yui: That's why we need you brother. Lend us your power.

Ryu Dolk: ...
Understood... Taiga Ken, I'll carry out my mission as a soldier and as a 
It is my own atonement for the dead Doll Satan who protect me and for my own

Ken: Ryu Dolk...

Ryu Dolk: Yui, Mai... I'll protect you and beat the Drago Empire! Let me walk
beside you until that day!

Yui: Brother!

Mai: If that is the case we will be together all along!

Ken: A nasty bastard but you're an elite soldier.
If that power is used for justice we are heartening.

[Abe Seimei appears]

Abe Seimei: The power of the dummies at last reaches this point...

Benkei: Hey, that guy is probably...!

Hayato: Abe Seimei...!

Abe Seimei: Kukukuku...! I'm happy to meet you again, Getter Robo!

Ryouma: Seimei! You are alive!?

Abe Seimei: To clear away the bitterness, I've came back from hell!
I can't stand still and watch you change this world into hell!

Benkei: What are you saying!? The one doing that action is you!

Hayato: Abe Seimei, you bastard know anything about Getter Ray? Why are you
chasing Getter to this point?

Abe Seimei: I don't understand what are you talking about!
I can see you're dealing with Getter Ray but the truth is you're a fool that
doesn't recognize you are being controlled by it!

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Abe Seimei: Now, Onis! This time destroy Getter, stop those guys open the lid
of the kettle of hell!

Ryouma: You are babbling in your own way even more than the old man!
But, Seimei, no matter how many times you revive I'll kick your ass that much!

*Kakeru vs Abe Seimei*

Abe Seimei: The one who uses Black Giant... You can't be mistaken the opponent
that should head for power.

Kakeru: What!? What does that mean!?

Abe Seimei: That is try to listen to the power that you own.

*Getter Robo vs Abe Seimei*

Ryouma: Seimei! You must losing your mind to resurrect at this present world!

Abe Seimei: As long as you are still using Getter Ray, I will revive many 
times! That is my fate being caught in the battle of endless cycle of death and

Hayato: As I thought Abe Seimei seems to know something about Getter Robo...!

Benkei: Then, as I thought Getter Robo is...!

Ryouma: Hayato, Benkei! Leave that thinking later! Now concentrate on kicking
this playful adhesion!

*Ken vs Abe Seimei*

Abe Seimei: Liger, even if you succeed in stopping the revive of Drago, if
the kettle of hell is opened, that effort is a waste.

Ken: I don't know what kettle of hell you are talking about... But, I can't
forgive you for joining hands with Dragon Empire and cause bitterness to other

*Domon vs Abe Seimei*

Domon: You can't spread useless battles!

Abe Seimei: The ones are trying to spread battles are you bastards!

Domon: What!?

Abe Seimei: I thought you know! At the time the thing from the underground of
Saotome Lab is released...
The deep chaos will swallow not only Earth and Earth Tear but also every single
beings, that is a fearful truth!

*Abe Seimei defeated*

Ryouma: We succeed!?

Abei Seimei: Stop making fun of me! You seem still don't understand!

[Abei Seimei recovers 100000 HP]

Abei Seimei: I'm immortal! 
If the time of eternity flows I won't die in obscurity!

Hayato: Impossible... Is he really immortal?

Ryouma: Guuuu! Bastard Seimei...!

Michiru: At this rate both Ionia and this place is in danger... Is there any 
method to beat Abe Seimei...?

Dr.Saotome: Michiru, get everyone refuged. Now.

Michiru: Father, what on Earth are you intend to do!?

Dr.Saotome: I'll release the energy from the deep underground.

Michiru: Energy in the deep underground!? Eventhough I don't know what happen
it is too dangerous!

Dr.Saotome: That's why I say take refuge. Now is not the time to debate. Hurry.

Michiru: Father...

Dr.Saotome: Can you hear me!? Ryouma, Hayato, Benkei!

Ryouma: Old man!?

Dr.Saotome: It seems you're having a very hard fight!

Ryouma: You can understand it by looking! 
Don't say half-asleep things!

Dr.Saotome: Come to the upper air above the base!

Ryouma: What!? If we go there is it alright?

Dr.Saotome: It is alright!

Ryouma: Understood! I trust you, old man!

Ryouma: I came, old man! Is that Ok!?

Dr.Saotome: Yeah... Wait there...

*Saotome Laboratory/Underground*

Dr.Saotome: ...
At this point the energy is released... I no longer need to do anything beyond 
Ryouma, Hayato, Benkei... You must not be taken over by Getter Ray...
Don't be drain by Getter Ray and choose future by yourself, grasp it by your
own power...


Jin: Getter Robo is!

Ken: It is swallowed by the explosion!?

Abe Seimei: You fools. Understand that you can't win and chose the path of ruin


Tetsuya: Getter Robo! It survived!

Maria: Are you alright, Getter Team!? If you're fine answer me!

Hayato: Yeah, somewhat...

Benkei: Me too.

Kouji: What is wrong with you, Ryouma!? Are you Ok!?

[Getter shines]

Benkei: W, what is that!?

Hayato: That is!? That output is...!?

Ryouma: Uoooooooo!!

[Getter approaches Abe Seimei]

Abe Seimei: W, what...!

Benkei: Damn...! What...!

Hayato: Are you taken over...! Ryouma!

Ryouma: Uooooraaaaaa! 

Benkei: My body is... squeezed...!!

Hayato: Ryouma, Open Get! Do the Open Get!!

Ryouma: Uwahahaha!! Hahahahahaha!!

Hayato: We can't be swallowed...

Benkei: Ryoumaaaaaaaah!!


Ryouma: ...! Hayato... Benkei...

Abe Seimei: How dare you! How dare you do this to me! 
Getterrrrr Robo!!

[Abe Seimei recovers 100000 HP]

Abe Seimei: For you to not repeat the imitation I'll return your soul to dust!

Ryouma: I wonder about that!

Benkei: You bastard!

Ryouma: Heh, such big mouth... So you awaked!

Benkei: You are joking! I'm thinking of who I waked up!

Ryouma: Heh, look sharp! Let's go!

Hayato: Yeah!

[Getter attacks Abe Seimei]

Abe Seimei: Nuooooooh! My body is collapsing...! Resurrection can't be made...!
Is this... Is this Getter's power!!?

Benkei: Amazing! Getter... No, my body is overflowed with power!

Hayato: It is the power of Getter energy that erupted from the underground...

Ryouma: Seimei! This time you can't revive!

Abe Seimei: Fufufufu! Fuhahahahahahaha!!

Hayato: What is funny here, Seimei?

Abe Seimei: I can't help laughing that you opened the kettle of hell by 
If ''that guy'' is released, you'll... No, what awaiting the world is true 

Ryouma: Who is ''that guy''!? What the fuck are you talking about!?

Abe Seimei: Acknowledge the answer by your own... By enter the kettle of 
Ryouma... You will regret for not await at hell...
As long as you and Getter exist together, feel free to wander in infinite 

[Abe Seimei explodes]

Hayato: We succeed at last...

Ryouma: Good grief, that is an stubborn guy until his end.

???: If you said stubborn you guys and Abe Seimei are the same.

Adeu: ...! Who!?

Blass: Arsignosis!

Sharu: How can that be... How did you get here!?

Amane: About that, if I use the power of Arsignosis it is simple.

Kakeru: Amane...!

Amane: Well, there is a space that even I can't open but...
Thanks to you I was able to open the road.

Ryouma: What!? What the fuck does that mean!?

[Arsignosis flies above Saotome Lab]

Amane: As for that, how about try to go together with me?

Kakeru: What...!?


Kakeru: What is this place...

Benkei: Is this the inside of the kettle of hell that Seimei said?

Domon: If you glance, it seems empty but...

Hayato: This strange space is...

Amane: This is the prison of time. This is a really tasteless place.

Blass: Amane-kun, is this place the space you couldn't open that you said?

Amane: Right, Blass-san. I... No, Larvae has saw he come to this place in the

Kotarou: Larvae?

Lamuness: What are you talking about, Amane? You are Amane right?

Kakeru: Explain, Amane! Who is Larvae!?

Amane: Right. Let me explain the affair a little to everyone.

Amane: You have heard a story of the Ernst people who hold super civilization
in ancient Earth Tear by Blass-san right?

Kakeru: Yeah. Those guys created Schicksal, Ionia and moreover the Armed 
Fantomas isn't it?

Amane: To be exact it is wrong.
Include this Arsignosis, they are all created by one genius scientist and
magician. His name is Larvae...

Domon: Larvae...

Amane: And now, the me who is riding this Arsignosis is also that person 

Da Cider: What did you say! If there is that Larvae who created the Schicksal
then he must be death!

Amane: Even the body is destroyed the soul lives on.

Sarutobi: What does that mean?

Amane: Long time a go there is a civil war between the Ernst. Larvae lost that 
fight and his soul was imprisoned inside Arsignosis.
After that fight, the survivors Ernst people left the ruined Earth Tear and
aim for a new world.
They used the Armed Fantoma by force.

Tsutomu: That's why the Schicksal and Ionia were at Earth, while the Armed
Fantomas and Arsignosis were at Earth Tear right...?

Amane: And then the fainted Larvae through time were put under the control of
One day he saw a dream that the vessel which accepts his soul appears.

Bowei: Good grief, what a cohesion guy...

Amane: And at last the appeared thing is me, the decendant of Ernst people.

Kouji: Wait there! That means Kakeru and Amane is...!

Amane: Right. The decendant of Ernst that went to Earth. Isn't that is a clear
evidence than anything else that we were able to control Schicksal and Ionia?

Kakeru: ...

Amane: Kyaos seems to aware at the time the Armed Fantoma of sword travel 
through dimension. That is the time when the vessel of Larvae appeared.

Blass: ...I see. Kyaos are dealing business with you? For exchanging knowledge
of super ancient civilization...

Sharu: How could she join hands with a stranger like you just because she want
to protect Earth Tear...!

Amane: Because she loves Earth Tear deep down inside her heart. That is a woman
who don't care becoming oni or demon for that purpose.

Katze: That woman didn't know that there is such dangerous being...

Isaac: Larvae, you said you take over Amane's body but then, what happened to
Amane's spirit?

Amane: That spirit already disappeared without a trace.
The character of the man standing here now is a combination of Larvae and 
Amane' spirit... You can call me ''Amane''.

Kakeru: ...Stop joking...

Amane: What did you say, Brother?

Kakeru: I said stop joking!!

Sharu: Kakeru!?

Kakeru: I don't care what the heck Kyaos and you want to do...
I never believe that Amane disappeared!
Bring back the old Amane! And I'll take back what belongs to us! Definitely!!

Amane: What you said is interesting, Brother...
But you are nothing but a fool to say what you can't do.

Kakeru: If I said I will do it surely I'll accomplish it! That is my good 

Amane: Then we shall play a bit, Brother. I'll make you taste the hopelessness!

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

*Kakeru vs Amane*

Kakeru: Too bad! Your plan seems ain't going well!

Amane: Really!? Now I'm extremely happy! Because I can't fight Brother that
obtained power evenly!

Kakeru: I see! Then as the plan I'll take back Amane from you!

*Arsignosis is reduced to 50% HP*

Kakeru: How is that! Be obedient, give up and quickly return Amane!

Amane: You say give up? It seems you are misunderstanding, Brother.

*Arsignosis recovers 40000 HP*

Kotarou: He recovered!?

Kakeru: Wait! Where are you going!?

Amane: Because I already got what I want, I'll return to Urutalia.
Even if I don't play with you any longer all of you will die here anyway. 

Milk: What does that mean!?

Amane: Right. I forgot to say one thing. This space has a way in but no way

Maria: What did you say!? Then we will...!

Amane: Continue to fight eternally here and die for good.

Jin: Wait there! Then, how do you plan to get out of here by yourself!?

Amane: I'm special. From the time I entered here this place has became my 

Yui: I, it can't be...

Amane: Well, if Brother master the 3 Armed Fantoma, something like a hole can
probably be opened.

Kakeru: ...

Hebimetako: This time we really can't do anything Jan...

Da Cider: Stupid! I still have things to do! I can't die here!

Lamuness: I follow Da Cider! We have to return to Earth Tear and defeat Don 

Adeu: Moreover we have to protect Earth Tear from the threat of Evil Dragon

Ken: Not only Lamuness and Adeu! I carry a mission defeating Drago Empire!

Ryu Dolk: I must stop Evil God Drago's revival by the name of Good God Argama!

Jin: We are also the same!

Kenichi: We promised Eldoran we'll protect the Earth!

Kotarou: I'll never break that important promise!

Momotarou: There are also our beloved friends believe in that!

Kouji: Well said, you guys!

Kid: Your warm feeling spreads strongly! If that is the case hang on till the 

Shingo: Well, to guide the youngsters of the future is also adult's duty.

Tetsuya: We'll not give up now matter how hopeless the situation is!

Domon: That is our pride!

Amane: ...
...Really, you all are fools.
Eventhough you said things like that mission or protect something it is 
meaningless if you can't get out of here.

Magnum Ace: It will not be that way! The hope that we continue to hold will
turn into power and it is calling us for victory!

Amane: I'm sorry to say but, in this world exist things that absolutely can't
be turn over.

Kakeru: The one decides that isn't you! It is us one by one!


Jin: What is that!? Schicksal is...

Blass: That radiance is...!

Kakeru: I can feel it... The thought of everyone is flowing into the Armed
We will show you we break out of this! And surely we will bring you back to
the old Amane!!


Amane: ...

Sharu: Wait! Are you... alright!?

Kakeru: Yeah! I'll not give up by this much!

Sharu: You could say that but at this rate you'll...!

Kakeru: Don't worry, Sharu!
Because everyone at Earth Tear and Earth is waiting for me!
I'll surely do it! Also to carry out everyone's thought!!

[Kakeru's morale +max]

Tsutomu: T, that amount of energy is...!?

Maria: What is wrong, Tsutomu-kun!?

Tsutomu: So far there are unknown readings are measured from Schicksal!

Sharu: Kakeru... You...

Kakeru: Haaaaaaah!!


Kakeru: This is...!? Words are... flowing into my head...

Kakeru: Keep in left hand is Blue Flame of Crushing Evil!
Engrave in right hand is Ruination of Thunder!
Surge! Brave life! Cut apart the unpleasant spiral, bring light to the world!


[Schicksalius appears]

Blass: That is...!

Sharu: Schicksalius!? That is Schicksal's true form because of awaken the Armed

Blass: I see, ''Sword'', ''Shield'', ''Armor''... That is the ability of the 3
Armed Fantomas as an item...!

Kakeru: Go!!

[Schicksalius attacks Arsignosis]

Amane: Shit! Arsignosis is raising scream...

Kakeru: How is that!? This Schicksalius is the crystallization of our thought!!

Amane: Seeing things like this, I can only crush Brother here...!
Also for not letting Schicksalius escape from the Prison of Time!

Kakeru: Shut up! We'll show you we can break out of this place!
And we will surely take back Amane!!

*Arsignosis defeated*

Amane: It seems this is my limit...
I'm enjoying this, Brother. And everyone of Ionia. If you can escape from here,
I'll come and play with you again!

Kakeru: Wait! Return Amane!

[Arsignosis disappears]

Kakeru: Shit!
Everyone! At this rate let's smash this space and chase that guy!

Sharu: How!? You can even do that!?

Kakeru: I can do it! If this Schicksalius was packed with everybody's thought!

[Schicksalius shines]

Kakeru: Haaaaaaah!!
Roar, Schicksalius! Strikeeeee with all your power!!


Kakeru: Ouchhhhh... Where is this place...? 

Kakeru: ...!
That is Earth Blade! So this is Earth Tear!?

Blass: Kakeru-kun, can you hear me?

Kakeru: Ah, yes!
Blass-san, everyone is?

Blass: Everyone is fine. It seems we succeed in escaping from that space.

Kakeru: I see. Thanks God.

Blass: First let's investigate the situation from now on. I want you to come
back to Ionia immediately.

Kakeru: Understood!


Milk: Sister! We are finally back to Earth Tear!

Cocoa: I was thinking what become of us for a while but it is really good that
we returned unharm~.

Sharu: Since Ionia did't suffer big damage, for the present we overcame the 

Jin: Nonetheless, I was frighten at the time I heard that we can't get out of
that place!

Ken: Thanks God we can get out safely.

Tetsuya: Also we have to thank Kakeru for mastering the Armed Fantomas.

Kakeru: Thanks to the Armed Fantoma responsed everyone's thought.

Gorou: But is the Earth alright if we leave it and come to Earth Tear?

Rikiya: I think it will be alright since we have Mobile Fighter friends 

Kotarou: It is useless worrying about that matter. We have no choice but coming

Tetsuya: Other than that grasping the situation is our priority.

Boss: Well, when we needed Kakeru will open the road back to Earth for us.

Kakeru: No... I afraid I can't do that.

Maria: What does that mean?

Kakeru: The truth is I didn't think of coming to Earth Tear when I cut that

Adeu: In other words...

Kakeru: It means it is not true that we can appear at the aiming place.

Lesqua: Then, it is a coincidence that we came to Earth Tear?

Kakeru: From deep down of my heart I wished for coming to Earth Tear but it
doesn't mean that we did it on purpose.

Sarutobi: It means we don't understand where we will appear if we do it next

Kid: The truth is we escaped death by a hair's breadth unexpectedly right?


Katze: W, what's that!?

Da Cider: Earthquake!? I'm a confident man of pun! This is not the case of
saying such a thing!

Akira: Owaaaaaa! Hide everyone!

Saeko: Somehow it stopped.

Izumi: That is a big earthquake... It is good if the city didn't sustain 

Milk: Sister, do you know something?

Cocoa: Please wait~. I'm finding the hypocenter of the quake~.

Cocoa: That? Eh!? Eeh!?

Lesqua: What is wrong, Cocoa? Why are you surprise like that?

Cocoa: Woa~. For some reasons Earth Tear is like a broken elevator falling~.

Lamuness: Eeeeeeeh!?

Maria: Earth Tear falls?

Shinobu: To where does it fall!?

Cocoa: I don't know~! I haven't heard or seen anything like this before~!

Mach Windy: What is happening to this Earth Tear!?

Adeu: Was that also the deed of Evil Dragon Tribe!?

Paffy: How can that be...

Magnum Ace: At the time we're surrounded by anxiety and doubt, we should search
for the answer on ancestors that know much.
If we visit White Dragon, we'll probably know something.

Domon: Right. If we go to Eldogear we might be able to know the present 
condition of Earth Tear.

Paffy: I concur. Let's go and meet White Dragon.

Haguhagu: Go Hagu!

Adeu: Then let's head to Eldogear at once!

Milk: Ok!

Robbery: Look! That is Ionia!

Robbery: Yeah, it can't be wrong.

Robbery: Boss, what should we do?

Robbery: Their machines, each of them worth a lot of money! Let's receive all
those rewards!

Robbery: You are great Boss! I suspected as much!

Robbery: This game is a big thing! You idiots take time tighten your spirits!

Robbery: Understood!

Stage 26: The flash that shake the ground

Kakeru: Sharu, we haven't reach Eldogear?

Sharu: I think we'll soon reach the warp point.

Cocoa: From there the interval of earthquake on the surface is shorten~.

Milk: Really?

Sharu: Now because Ionia is flying we probably can't feel anything from inside
the ship...

Cocoa: The falling speed is becoming faster little by little~.

Sarutobi: Somewhat that isn't the only problem.

Blass: It is good if nothing happen to Eldogear...

Hebimetako: It becomes a very heavy state Jan!

Da Cider: You say heavy because you are Hebimetako...?
You improved your skill, Hebimetako!

Katze: Snake don't have skill.

Da Cider: Oh! Yeah!

Lesqua: You guys... Don't talk demoralize things at this time.

Lamuness: Anyway before it is too late we have to arrive at Eldogear!

Sharu: ...

Paffy: Sharu-san, you seem rather tired...

Sharu: Yeah... But we are in a hurry. It is a bit tight to continue flying
with this base...

Lesqua: Sharu, don't push yourself. Isn't your face looks pale?

Sharu: I'm fine, Lesqua. Complexion at least I can do something about with 

Mai: But that is not the problem.

[Bandits appear]

Ken: Those are robberies!

Momotarou: Amazing~! There is really such thing at Earth Tear!

Mai: Now! Don't be glad, Momotarou!

Robbery: As I thought you travel through this route! My reading is perfect!

Robbery: We kill them, Boss?

Robbery: Yeah! All members, begin attacking!

Kouji: It seems those guys clearly intend to beat us.

Remy: Even we are hurried we're troubled by this kind of thing.

Sharu: What shall we do? Pass them and rush?

Adeu: There is one big rule of chivalry! A knight will not show their back to
the enemy! 
Even if we pass them they will surely chase us anyway!

Lamuness: Then, let's quickly beat them and rush to Eldogear!

*3 enemies remain*

Adeu: How is that, give up robberies!

Robbery: Hiii, if this is the case we have no chance of winning! 
Remember this!

[Robberies run away]

Sarutobi: He! Those guys roll up their skirt and run away!

Paffy: We did it, Adeu!

[Dark Knight Steru appears]

Idro: Hihihi... Even those guys were stranded.

Galden: Yeah.

Paffy: That Ryu is...!

Adeu: Galden!

Galden: Long time no see! I thought you scare of me and run away since I
haven't seen you for long.

Sarutobi: Nice words, Galden! You can't win us alone surely!

Adeu: Right! We went to the world called Earth, build up our strength and 

Galden: Hou, you said you trained and came? Then it will be fun.

Adeu: He, that's my word! We will not lose by the like of you!

Idro: Then, let the game begin.
Now, you idiots! Help Galden-sama!

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Lamuness: Are those Monskars!?

Lesqua: Why did Idro control Monskars!?

Idro: Hihihi... Somewhat from the time Don Harumage was playing with Lamuness.

Da Cider: Damn, so that is the story!

Hebimetako: Good grief, you cunning crone Jan!

Idro: Were you thinking I seriously rely on Don Harumage's power? Sooner or 
later he will be the one that is in our way.
All is for increasing the authority of Galden-sama.

Galden: Stop unnecessary talk here, Idro. It is pointless to teach the ones 
that are walking to the path of dead.

Idro: Yes sir!

[Idro disappears]

Remy: That brother. He talking in a way that put on air much.

Sarutobi: Then, now is the time to shut down his mouth!

Adeu: Let's begin, Galden! Let's settle things today!

*5 enemies remain*

Idro: Hmph, you're doing great! But you can't escape!

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

*Adeu vs Galden*

Adeu: Galden! I can not lose to a knight who wield power like you!

Galden: You follow the path of cavalry to the end, Adeu...
But, before my noble wish your path is nothing!

*Paffy vs Galden*

Paffy: I wonder the I now can win Galden...!?

Galden: Even if you hold the Spirit Stone if you can't use it is useless...!
Die while grief your immaturity!

*Izumi vs Galden*

Izumi: Bastard Galden, he carry a powerful strength more than before!

Galden: Of course. Do you think I didn't do anything while you ain't here!?

*Sarutobi vs Galden*

Galden: This time I'll make you follow your family.

Sarutobi: You said that without consider who on Earth be done by us several

*Katze vs Galden*

Galden: The owner of Ryu-gunner, I can see that you still didn't understand the
power of Steru which fused with the power of Evil Dragon Tribe.

Katze: The truth is I don't want to fight with a scary guy like you! But, don't
overlook me anyhow! If you do it, I can only fight!

*Galden defeated*

Adeu: See it, Galden! Even if you obtained the power of Evil Dragon Tribe you
still ain't our opponent! 

Galden: ...
I see, Adeu. You bastards seem stronger than I thought.

Tetsuya: You are a great guy with that much attitude even being drive into a

Galden: Hmph, are you seriously think that you drive me into a corner?

Sarutobi: You're not knowing when to give up, Galden!
If you still consider yourself as a knight how about prepare yourself manly!

Galden: What loud-mouth even your rank is only small fish...!
Engrave this experience! The power of Evil Dragon Tribe that I owned, the true 
power of I who recovered from wounded!!
And acknowledge! Who is the one will become a supreme ruler of Earth Tear!!

Ryu Dolk: That is!?

Galden: Now! Prepare yourself!!

[Dark Knight Steru attacks Ionia]

Sharu: Ku...!

Maria: Sharu-san! Are you alright, Sharu-san!?

Sharu: S, somewhat...!

Izumi: What power! Galden is clearly stronger than the last time we met!

Da Cider: Moreover, what speed! We can't cover by that!

Kakeru: Bastard Galden, he ain't joking a while ago!

Galden: Fuhahahahaha!! There is only one supreme ruler in this world!
And, that one is I! All others have the fate of kneeling before me!

Sarutobi: Who kneel before a bastard like you!?

Paffy: We will surely beat you who forgot the original duty as a Ryu-user and
only chase before your own ambition!

Galden: How, princess Paffy!? By using the Spirit Stone that you hold!?

Paffy: ...!

Lesqua: That bastard Galden notices that Paffy is holding the Spirit Stone!?

Magnum Ace: What a guy...!

Galden: Well, what's wrong princess!? Show me the power of that stone!

Paffy: I can't do it! I now can't be able to use thing like Spirit Stone! 

Galden: If you can't show me then I'll show you!

Izumi: This is bad! Please run, princess!

Paffy: Shit...!

[Paffy escapes]

Galden: Don't run!

[Dark Knight Steru approaches Ryu Mage Magidora]

Galden: This is your end, princess! After I kill you, I'll make this kingdom
mine again!

Adeu: Paffy!!

[Ryu Knight covers Ryu Mage Magidora]

Paffy: Adeu!!

Galden: What a fool chosing death on his own!!

Adeu: I'll protect Paffy... I promised that...

Paffy: Adeu...

Galden: Then Adeu! Die with that promise curse by your own helplessness! 

[Dark Knight Steru attacks Ryu Knight]

Adeu: Shit!!

Sarutobi: Adeu! I'm helping you now!

Galden: Don't get in my way! Small fishes!

[Lighting strikes player's robots]

Tama-Q: What magic power Mya! We can't get near him at this point Mya!

Galden: You bastards stay there and watch Adeu's execution!
Don't worry... After I get rid of princess Paffy and Adeu, I'll send you 
bastards to other world right away.

Galden: Take this!

Adeu: Uwaaaaaa!

Galden: It is painful isn't it, Adeu? But it is easy compare to the disgrace
that I tasted...

Adeu: I have to protect Paffy...

Galden: Hm, you still can talk...
But the next strike is when your mouth will shut forever!

Paffy: Stop, please! Stopppp!

Galden: Goodbye, Adeu! Be proud of becoming the basis of my ruler path!

Paffy: Please, Spirit Stone! I offer you anything so please save Adeu!!

Galden: Dieeeeee!!

Paffy: Please!!

[Ryu Mage Magidora shines]

Adeu: Paffy!? 

Galden: Ku! What is that light!?

Izumi: Princess!!

Blass: Not good! Sharu, get everyone back!

Sharu: Brother! What happened to Magidora...!?

Blass: Shit, we are too late!


Adeu: Uwaaaaaaa!!

Galden: Ha...ha...ha... 
If I didn't stretch the barrier right away I would have been swallowed by that
But what the hell is that light that released by princess...?

Idro: Galden-sama!
Hey, Galden-sama! I'm glad that you're fine!
Well, come here. If you don't take a rest right away...

Galden: No! Release me, Idro! I can't rest until I get rid of those guys!

Idro: I afraid you can't do that! You surely already understood the power of 
the Spirit Stone at the fight just now!

Galden: That is... the power of the Spirit Stone!?

Idro: Yes. That power is strong that it is immeasurable.
I think it is better to challenge them after we obtained the Spirit Stone...

Galden: What are you saying! I have to power of Evil Dragon Tribe with me!
Now, the Spirit Stone is unnecessary!

Idro: B, but...!

Galden: Those guys are still somewhere around here! I'll find them right away
and put an end to this!

Idro: Galden-samaaaaa!!
Shit, even I don't have time left anymore I was troubled by Galden-sama!

Paffy: This is...

Paffy: Father! Mother!

Pahuricia Queen: Paffy, as for using the Spirit Stone it is necessary to polish
skill and train the heart.

Paffy: I can't deal with the Spirit Stone! That power is too big!

Pahuricia Queen: You should already be able to fight plenty as a soldier.

Pahuricia King: To protect Earth Tear you can only fight.

Paffy: It can't be...! How can I protect Earth Tear! Please teach me!
Father! Mother!


Paffy: Huh!?
T, this is... What am I doing until now...?

Izumi: Hey! You gain back your conciousness, princess!

Kotarou: Thanks God! We thought at this rate you surely won't wake up again!

Rikiya: Don't talk bad luck, Kotarou!

Paffy: Izumi, everyone...
...! Adeu! What happened to Adeu!? Moreover Galden is!?

Ken: That is...


Paffy: Izumi! This giant pit is!?

Izumi: The light that Magidora released... It is the thing made by huge magic

Katze: In other words, this giant hole is your creation.

Paffy: (Perhaps that is the power of the stone!? It can't be... This is the
power of the Spirit Stone?)

Remy: Adeu and Galden were missing after the light that Paffy released 

Hebimetako: To say it simple Adeu was missing Jan!

Paffy: Then, we have to find him right away...!

Mach Windy: We already searched for Adeu while you are sleeping but...

Hayato: We couldn't find sign of Adeu anywhere.

Paffy: Is that true, Izumi!?

Izumi: Yes. I'm sorry but we already searched the area around here...

Paffy: Then, this time I'll help you! We'll split and find Adeu one more time!

Izaac: Princess Paffy. I'm sorry but we can't waste time finding Adeu.
We have to meet the White Dragon at once and have to know the situation of
Earth Tear.

Paffy: No way! You say we leave Adeu behind and advance!?

Lamuness: We also against abandoning Adeu like that and go!

Tama-Q: However because situation is situation it can't be helped Mya... Paffy,
I want you to bear this Mya...

Paffy: ...
At that time, if I can use the Spirit Stone properly, I could have rescue 

Tetsuya: Paffy, it is not good to blame yourself. Nothing can be done if you
do that.

Kouji: I agree with Tetsuya-san. The one who have the responsibility of can't
be able to rescue Adeu is not only you.
It is our responsibility of can't be able to fight Galden.

Da Cider: But the next time is not like that! We'll surely beat that bastard
Galden in revenge for Adeu!

Milk: Don't talk like that, Da Cider!

Kotarou: Right! You are talking like Adeu already died!

Da Cider: Er, I should have known better...! That is very improper word...!

Harue: This is not the first time...

Paffy: ...

Sarutobi: You don't have to be that serious, Paffy. That idiot can't die that
That idiot will be rather annoyed by the reunion time in reverse if you
carry that look.

Haguhagu: Right hagu right hagu! Paffy, cheer up hagu! Make a smiling face 

Paffy: ...Thank you Sarutobi, Hagu.
Adeu is a person who will become the strongest knight. That Adeu won't die for

Izumi: Then princess, now for protecting Earth Tear let's go ahead!

Katze: While Galden don't come and chase us!

Paffy: Understood. Let's go everyone.
(Adeu, you told me your dream of becoming the strongest knight in the world...)
(You must live to make that dream come true, Adeu... Please...)

*Mechanize Castle*

Engine-oh: Kikaishin-sama, let me humbly say I've news for you.

Kikaishin: What's up, Engine-oh? You've made on step on mechanize the Earth and
exterminate those obstructors?

Engine-oh: It is about that matter but... The party of the ones oppose 
mechanize, including Gosauer are on a trip to a different world.

Kikaishin: Different world... There is another land that different from the

Engine-oh: Our objective is spread the order of steel to the whole universe.
Should we leave the existence of different world as it is?

Kikaishin: ...

Engine-oh: Now that the ability of travelling of the two world is confirmed, it
is better to think of adjoining Earth and the different world.

Kikaishin: I agree with you, Engine-oh. 
The existence aside machine in the whole world is unnecessary.
Of course we'll spread order of steel to the different world!

Engine-oh: If we follow the trace of their energy, we also can surely go to the
different world.

Kikaishin: Then turn the different world into another land of machine king.
Engine-oh, you press forward mechanize the Earth that you're doing for long!

Engine-oh: Yes! Spread the order of steel to the whole universe!

[Kikaishin disappears]

Guilturbo: Father, the distortion of dimension is too big for going to 
different world.
Moreover if other machine kings defeat those guys, we won't be able to pick up 
the data of the power we can't calculate... Is it good?

Engine-oh: Don't worry about that.
No matter how much the dimension bents, as long as there is a trace of their 
energy, we can surely reach the different world.
We who watch for a chance should go to the different world. Because we've thing
we must do.

Guilturbo: Thing we must do?

Engine-oh: There is a data display the more they fall into crisis the more 
their power beyond our calculation appears.
Because of that we have to show more hell to them.
And at the time we finish analyze that power I'll grasp the supremacy of the

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

*Earth Tear/Wasteland*

Nuzzi: I can only escort you until here. Drop him off.

Hittel: Understood.

Nuzzi: Hey, wake up. You ain't dead are you?


Adeu: ...! What is that!?

Nuzzi: You rascal that oversleep. At last you opened your eyes.

Adeu: Great wise man Nuzzi! Why are you here!?
I at the time about to be killed by Galden in the forest, were covered with

Nuzzi: Thanks me then. I succeed in teleporting you...
Oherwise by this time you are torned into pieces.

Adeu: I see... Thank you, Nuzzi.
Yeah, how about everyone else!? Is Paffy group alright!?

Nuzzi: Don't worry. All of them escaped from Galden.

Adeu: Then, I have no time to lose! I have to meet them again!
Nuzzi, bring me to where they are!

Nuzzi: Such impatient guy. Now even if you go there what can you do? Only to
get beaten by Galden again.

Adeu: Even so I have to go to where everyone is!

Nuzzi: Good grief, you are just like your father, Larthur when he was young.

Adeu: Larthur? What are you saying, my father's name is Billford.

Nuzzi: I'm not talking about your foster father, but your real father.

Adeu: You say my real father!? Nuzzi, you know him!?

Nuzzi: Yeah. Before that Adeu, have you heard why the Evil Drago Tribe attacks
Earth Tear?

Adeu: Yeah. They attack because they want the land of Earth Tear?

Nuzzi: Right. But before that they've came from the place where the barrier is
And, one of that battle occurs at the town where you are borned.
Because of that battle you were separated from your parent when you was a baby.

Adeu: What did you say!?

Nuzzi: Your father Larthur is a soldier who control Zephyr and fight the Evil
Dragon Tribe to protect Earth Tear.
Passing Zephyr to you is his last request.

Adeu: It can't be... My father had rode Zephyr...

Nuzzi: Adeu, you must fight inherit your father's will. For that you must train
At the time you overcome the training, you'll probably obtain a new power.

Adeu: New power...

Nuzzi: It is a harsh training but if you can't get over it the future of your
friends and Earth Tear will not exist.

Adeu: Nuzzi, I'm the man who will become the strongest knight in the world!
I'll overcome such training!
If that is for beating Galden, it is best!

Nuzzi: You already full of vigor even you're exhaust a while ago. Well, that
vigor is your merit. 
Hittel, show Adeu the thing I said before.

Hittel: Receive it, Adeu.

Adeu: This is the sword of Spirit Stone!

Nuzzi: Aside from Zephyr's Mistlot there is one more good that Larthur stored.
It is what Larthur passed and entrusted to you at the time Evil Dragon Tribe
(The truth is I want to pass it when Adeu grows up a bit more...)

Adeu: Thank you, Nuzzi! With this surely even Galden is no match!

Hittel: ...

Nuzzi: Then Adeu, let's begin the training. You can take out the Mistlot.

Adeu: Understood!

Nuzzi: Haaaaaaa!!


Adeu: What is that light!?

Nuzzi: I think you understand at this point... Whether you're fit as a true 
user of Zephyr or not...

Stage 27: I can see it! The path to the Holy Knight!

Adeu: W, where is this place!?

Adeu: ...!
Someone is fighting!

???: ...

Adeu: What!? That soldier fights Evil Dragon Tribe without a Ryu!

???: Haaaaaaa! Ryuseiken!!

[Evil Dragon Soldier explodes]

Adeu: That is the same technique that I saw from the Ryu a long time ago!
If I master that technique, even Galden is no match, let alone Evil Dragon

Adeu: Please! Please teach me that technique you used a while ago!

???: ...Why?

Adeu: Because I want to beat Evil Dragon Tribe and Galden!

???: Why do you fight that Galden?

Adeu: That is because that bastard is about to erase every single one of us
It is bitter but Galden now possessing the power of Evil Dragon Tribe is 
The truth is we can only fight by mastering the Spirit Stone but now I don't 
have time for that!
That's why I can only fight by technique...!

???: ...I don't mind teaching you that.

Adeu: Eh!? Really!?

???: Before that answer me. What do you think of the meaning of fighting?

Adeu: Isn't it obvious! To beat the enemy by this sword!

???: I see... Beat the enemy huh...

Adeu: Yes!!

???: Good then. If you beat those enemies, I'll teach you the technique.

Adeu: Those enemies?

[Ryu-users appear]

Adeu: That is Bakuretsumaru, Shinebaram, moreover Hayatemaru!
Sarutobi group also come here!?

Adeu: Uwaaaaa!!

Gratches: Fufufufufu!

Gesshin: Fufufufufu!

Adeu: What is wrong with those three!? Ain't we comrades!

Sarutobi: Fufufufufu!

???: Well, beat those enemies! If you can't beat them that technique won't be

Adeu: Those guys are not my enemy! They are friend... comrade!

???: Wrong! Those guys are enemies that aim for your life! If you don't 
counter, you will die!

Adeu: Shit! I can only fight...!?

[Ryu Knight appears]

???: Right, fight! Show me your power!

Adeu: Shit!

[Ryu Knight fights Bakuretsumaru]

Adeu: S, Sarutobi!

???: Now, kill him!

Adeu: I can't... I can't do that!

???: What are those soft words that you're talking! You said that fighting
means beat enemy that approaching you!
Then show me! Throw away softness! To beat enemy you need to be heartless above
anything else! That is throw away softness!

Adeu: I can't do it!!

???: You want to beat Galden that possess with the power of Evil Dragon Tribe 
even if you can't kill one of those guys!? You make me laugh!

Adeu: Because they are my friends! Sarutobi group are my comrades!

???: No, step aside! This is the meaning of fighting!

Sarutobi: ...! 

???: This is your end! Ryu Ninja!

Adeu: Stoppppp!!

[Ryu Knight covers Bakuretsumaru]

Adeu: Shit...!

???: What a foolish action! Step aside!

Adeu: That's wrong! You are wrong!
You are only thinking of killing! Because of that you are just like Galden!

???: You say that I'm wrong!? Weren't you said that fighting is beating 
Because of that if you obtain the technique you are also like Galden?

Adeu: ...! I'm similar to Galden...?

???: Just like you say, I like Galden.
But, that is also what you desired, the power to beat the opponent.
If that is wrong, you can go and die together with other guys!

Adeu: Run Sarutobi! Quickly run!

Sarutobi: ...

???: You chose to die for the guy tried to kill yourself!?

Adeu: I can't abandon my friend! I will protect everyone even if it cost my
I can't let everyone... die!!

???: ...

Larthur: Don't forget this feeling now, Adeu. The true meaning of fighting
isn't beat opponent.

Adeu: Eh?

Larthur: If you have the feeling that you think of your friend to the point
that you set aside yourself, Ryu Knight Zephyr will surely lend you its power.
Become strong together with Zephyr. And bypass me to become the strongest 
knight in the world.

Adeu: ...! Could it be you're...!

Larthur: Adeu, you have people that you must protect. And those are also your
friend that deepen the bond that cross the world.
If you unite power with those guys, from now on you surely can fight to the
bitter end. I entrust Earth Tear to you, Adeu.

Adeu: F, father!


Adeu: Fatherrrrrrr!!

Adeu: T, this is!? Father is!?

Nuzzi: Adeu.

Adeu: Nuzzi! You're here mean...!

Nuzzi: Yeah. You brilliantly accomplished your training and returned to 

Adeu: Reality? Then before was...

Nuzzi: That is an illusion world create by one part of Zephyr's battle 
For transfering the heart as a Ryu-user and the true meaning of battle to you,
I can say that is a world that reappears Larthur's thought.

Adeu: I see...
Father, I'll do it for you to see! I'll show you I surely protect this Earth
Tear that you risked your life protect it to the end!

Nuzzi: Well said, Adeu! As I expected the son of Larthur!

Adeu: Nuzzi, bring me to where Paffy is!
At the time like this Galden is... Everyone is probably being chased by danger!

Nuzzi: That is true. But, the one going with you isn't I but also Hittel.

Hittel: ...

Adeu: That person also? But, isn't from now on we will fight that Galden?
So isn't it better for him to not come?

Nuzzi: Don't worry. Hittel is a skillful gunman. He surely will be useful.

Adeu: He~, you are that skillful!? If Katze saw his skill he will surely be

Hittel: ...

Adeu: I thought it will be a harsh battle but I'm looking forward working with
you Hittel!

Hittel: Me too, Adeu.

Nuzzi: Hey, what are you doing!? Aren't we in a hurry!?

Adeu: Understood!

Nuzzi: Hey, you! This time you're too fast! Wait for us!

Adeu: I can't wait! I'm Sonic Adeu!
(Paffy! Everyone! I'll be right there so wait for me!)

???: Since I obtained this this place is no longer be used.
Kill, mechanize beasts! Turn the capital of this machine to trash!

Gesshin: Ku, it is a mistake to let go the invaders!

Gratches: Who is that guy? Moreover those machine soldiers... are clearly not
belong to Earth Tear.

Gesshin: After Evil Dragon Tribe and Calamity God Goburiki came this 3rd evil 

White Dragon: Gratches, Gesshin. Leave the other guys later and immediately
create the defense around Eldogear.

Gratches: But, if we do that we'll no longer take back the thing being stealed!

White Dragon: We can take it back later. Now the priority is Eldogear defense.

Gesshin: Roger!

White Dragon: Sorry for bothering you two. Just as you arrived at Eldogear this
thing happened.

Gesshin: Don't worry about that White Dragon-dono. Protecting the peace of 
Earth Tear is also Ryu-user's mission.

Gratches: Nuzzi-sama foresighted this kind of event so he put us at Eldogear.

Gesshin: By the pride of samurai I'll protect Earth Tear to the end!

White Dragon: I rely on you guys. I'm sure our hope will arrive soon. Until 
then hold on at all cost.

*Turn 2*

Gratches: Ku... They aren't newcomers...!

[Ionia appears]

Magnum Ace: Somehow we made it in time...!

White Dragon: I'm waiting for you, Ionia!

Gesshin: At this point the defense is perfect!

Hiromi: Look! Those are mechanize beasts!

Yoji: Why are mechanize beasts at Earth Tear!?

Kenichi: They are not satisfield with Earth and even come to attack Earth Tear!

Gratches: Long time no see, everyone.

Ken: Gratches!

Gesshin: Everyone, I'm so glad that you are all well!

Ryouma: You also, Gesshin!

Gratches: I want to enjoy this reunion a bit longer but the situation won't let
me do that. Will you join hand with us?

Kouji: Trust us! We'll kick away every single one of them!

Kinta: Because we don't want Earth Tear to be mechanized!

*4 enemies remain*

Sharu: Be careful, everyone! New enemies coming from the sky!

Evil Dragon Soldier: Is this the stronghold of Ryu? 

Evil Dragon Soldier: Before the main force arrive this is our chance to achieve

Izumi: Evil Dragon Tribe!

Cocoa: It seems the barrier of Earth Tear is weaken beyond our expectation~.

Lamuness: It doesn't matter how many of them. We'll beat them all!

*4 enemies remain*

Ken: Shit! They appear again!

Magnum Ace: Don't give up, everyone! We can surely win if we unite our power!

*5 enemies remain*

Kakeru: Alright, one more breath and we can repel the Evil Dragon Soldier!

Sharu: Be caution! Something is coming close!

[Galden appears]

Galden: You won't hold one step back to the Evil Dragon Tribe means you 
bastards have improve your skill a bit.

Sarutobi: Galden! You were chasing us!?

Galden: Because I haven't kill you yet.
But don't worry about that! This time I'll truely send you to hell!

Katze: Not only our opponent is Evil Dragon Tribe but also Galden! 
This is not a joke!

Milk: If at least Adeu was here...!

Galden: Fufufu, he is dead. Princess Paffy, that is because you haven't 
mastered the Spirit Stone. 

Paffy: No, of course Adeu is alive! I believe we can surely meet again! Because
of that we can afford to lose here!

Galden: If you want to reunite with Adeu that much let me do it for you... But
the destination is another world. 

Adeu: That is unnecessary, Galden!

[Ryu Knight appears]

Izumi: Ryu Knight Zephyr!

Sarutobi: Adeu! You are really Adeu!?

Adeu: What are you saying, Sarutobi! I'm the authentic knight of sonic Adeu 

Katze: That mood, it can't be wrong the real person!

Da Cider: You bastard, you cause us worry.

Paffy: Adeu... As I thought Adeu is alive! As I thought you will return! I'm
really happy!

Adeu: What is wrong Paffy! I can't die leaving you like that!

Paffy: Right...

Galden: Fufufu, what a touching reunion. Adeu, I can't believe you are alive.

Adeu: What a pity for you but I can't die yet!
I can't die that easily without beating you!

Galden: Fool! You seem still don't understand my power! This Galden's true 

Adeu: Shut up! I also obtain a new power similar to you obtain Evil Dragon
Tribe power!

Galden: What!?

Adeu: Look, Galden! This is my new power!

Sarutobi: T, that is!

Galden: He also obtain the Spirit Stone!?

Adeu: Let's do it, Galden! I'll beat you with the power of the Spirit Stone!

Galden: Bullshit Adeu! I'll let you know you can't beat me even if you obtain
the Spirit Stone!

*5 enemies remain*

Shinobu: Enemy reinforcement!? Nonetheless there were too many of them!

Galden: Idro! Why are you coming here? Could it be that you are thinking of
calling me back?

Idro: Of course not. I want to engrave Galden-sama's action to my eyes so I
come here.

Galden: I see. That's good Idro. At last even you understood my power.

Idro: ...

Galden: Then kill them, Idro! Don't leave a fragment of them and turn this
capital into the sea of fire!

Idro: Yes!

Paffy: Kyaaaaaaa!!

White Dragon: Shit! Bastard Galden, he plan to destroy Eldogear along with 
Ionia's members...!

Katze: Hey hey, what will we do? That number of enemies, including Galden and
Evil Dragon Tribe is not a joke!

Sarutobi: Katze, don't lose your temper! If so you will be their thinking pot!

Kouji: Paffy! Can we just use the power of the Spirit Stone!?

Paffy: I afraid I can't! If I lose control of the Spirit Stone again...!

Lamuness: Shit! Even we can't let ourself be done at this place...!

Mach Windy: Those guys are really unpleasant...!

Adeu: Paffy! Everyone!

Galden: Hahahahahaha! Die! Die while regret your foolish action opposing me!

Adeu: Stopppp!!

Adeu: P, Paffy... Everyone...
Even I swore I'll protect Paffy and everyone...!
A knight won't break his promise!
A knight... A knight... must protect the weak!

Adeu: Lend me... lend me your power! Ryu Knight Zephyr!

Adeu: Uwaaaaaaah!! My body! My body is burning!

Galden: What is that!? What is happening to Ryu Knight!?

[Ryu Paradin Lord Zephyr appears]

Adeu: Zephyr changed its form!? This is...!?

Galden: W, what is that!? That Ryu is!?

Izumi: That is the legendary Ryu Paradin!

Paffy: Ryu Paradin!?

Izumi: Yes! Zephyr obtained the power of Spirit Stone and Class-changed to Ryu
Paradin Lord Zephyr!

Adeu: Class-change...! So this is the power Zephyr lend me that my dad was
talking about...!

Galden: You bastard Adeu... You power up by the Spirit Stone...!

Idro: You see that, Galden-sama? That is the true power of the Spirit Stone!

Galden: No, fool! You can't match my Steru even you Class-changed!

Adeu: Everyone, I and Lord Zephyr will open up the path!
Because of that don't give up! Fight by uniting your power!

Paffy: Yes sir!

*Adeu vs Galden*

Galden: You bastard Adeu will regret from now on! It is good for you to die in
that explosion!

Adeu: That is you, Galden! You will regret for not be able to kill me at that

*Paffy vs Galden*

Galden: Princess, you have no ability to master the Spirit Stone! If you lose
control of the power again you'll surely expose your friend in danger!

Paffy: Even that is true, I'll never pass the stone to a person like you!

Galden: Fool! Do you think I still want the stone!? I'm the one possess the
power of Evil Dragon Tribe!

*Izumi vs Galden*

Izumi: I will not let you interfer the princess the second time, Galden!

Galden: Don't get in my way you margot! People like you are useless!

*Sarutobi vs Galden*

Galden: The one who doesn't hold the Spirit Stone like you can't win this 
Steru! Moreover, even you did hold it the result is the same!

Sarutobi: Don't talk bullshit Galden! Even without the Spirit Stone I can't 
lose by the like of you!

*Galden defeated*

Adeu: How is that Galden!? 

Galden: Useless! Have you forgot my power!

[Galden recover 130000 HP]

Kakeru: That power again...!

Gratches: There is no limit of him...!

Adeu: Why...! Even I class-changed why I can't beat Galden...!

Galden: Adeu, you fought well to this point as my opponent. But, this point is
also your end!

[Steru attack Zephyr]

Adeu: Guaaaaa!

Paffy: Adeu!!

Galden: Fuhahahahaha! Adeu, even you turn into Ryu Paladin everything is 
Afterall you are not fit as my opponent!
Prepare yourself Adeu! I'll truly take your life this time so you can't return 
to the present world the second time!

Adeu: I can't lose...! If I lose to Galden here everyone will get hurt 
Even if I die, I have to defeat Galden...!

Larthur: (As long as you have the feeling to protect your friend to the point
you set aside yourself, Ryu will surely lend you its power)

Adeu: Father...

Larthur: (Now release it... The strongest technique that Ryu lends, Meteor 

Adeu: ...! The technique lended by Ryu's power...!
Uoooooooooh! Zephyr, lend me your powerrrr!!

Galden: T, that power is!?

Adeu: Let's go! Galden!!

[Zephyr attacks Steru]

Galden: I, it can't be...! I that obtained the power of Evil Dragon Tribe 
is...! Steru loses!?

Idro: G, Galden-sama!
Galden-sama, you can't die! Galden-sama!

[Steru disappears]

Adeu: I did it...! I really did it, Father!

Sarutobi: A, amazing! That idiot Adeu, when did he get such power!

Gratches: Unbelievable power!

Tama-Q: No one can compete Zephyr now in term of attacking power Mya!

Paffy: Adeu, you are a great Brave...

Ken: Well! Let's beat the remaining enemies!

Kenichi: Yeah!

*Battle ends*

Kotarou: It ends here?

Jin: Somewhat so.

White Dragon: Well done, everyone. Let me thank you.

Isaac: No, that's the thing we must do. There is no need to thank.

Shinobu: Moreover, if Eldogear is destroyed we are also in trouble.

Izumi: White Dragon, we come here because we have something we want to ask you.

White Dragon: Understood. Please come to the center block. We will exchange
words there.

Paffy: Understood.

White Dragon: Then, I'll wait.

*Eldogear/Center Room*

Sarutobi: Adeu! You caused us really worried!

Adeu: Heheh, I'm sorry then.

Lesqua: We thought what happened to you for a while but it was good that you
are Ok.

Paffy: I was worried, Adeu. I, I...

Adeu: Sorry, Paffy. But I won't go their way the second time!
I and Zephyr, and everyone's power if unite, we can overcome any crisis.

Sarutobi: Well said.

Lamuness: But, why did Zephyr suddenly power up?

Domon: I also notice that. The power of Zephyr after it changed form was the
thing beyond my recognition till then.

Nuzzi: That is the power of the Spirit Stone.

Gratches: Great wise man Nuzzi, you look very well.

Nuzzi: Yeah. Gratches, Gesshin, sorry for troubled you.

Gesshin: That order is easy as that much.

Milk: And, great wise man Nuzzi, you said the power of the Spirit Stone?

Nuzzi: It is like Izumi already explained from the previous battle. 
Adeu draw the power of the Spirit Stone splendidly, and succeed in class-change
But, to accomplish that the training of heart and the skill which is polished
is necessary.

Paffy: (The training of heart and the skill which is polished... My mother also
talked like that in my dream)

White Dragon: Ryu-users, you understand well the power of Spirit Stone in 
today's battle right?

Gratches: Yeah. I've heard from the rumor but I can't believe the power of Ryu
is that high...

White Dragon: If you follow the path of Ryu-user to the end surely you can
master the Spirit Stone...
And also at that time Ryu accept its owner, and is caused to change its form.

Adeu: Like me the Ryu Paladin!

Paffy: Please teach us, Nuzzi-sama. How can I master the Spirit Stone?

Nuzzi: I sorry for didn't meet your expectation but I can not teach that.
The one to find out the method to make the Spirit Stone his own is completely
the Ryu-user.

Paffy: I see...

Izumi: Nuzzi-sama, do our Ryu have Spirit Stone like Zephyr and Magidora?

Nuzzi: Yes. 1 Spirit Stone is surely existed for 1 Ryu.

Gesshin: Then, we must first find the Spirit Stone.

Sarutobi: But where? If we don't have the key it is useless.

White Dragon: Don't worry about that. I know where they are.

Izumi: Really!?

White Dragon: Yeah. The truth is 4 Spirit Stones of Baurus, Hayatemaru,
Shinebaram, Derringer were stored at Eldogear.

Lesqua: Were stored? That means now they ain't there?

White Dragon: Yeah. Before Ionia arrived a bit someone invaded the inner part
of Eldogear and stealed them.

Cocoa: I can't believe they invaded Eldogear that easily~.

Paffy: How did they know Eldogear has the Spirit Stones?

White Dragon: I don't know that...
But, they are the one cut off Eldogear defense system and the pursuit of 
Gratches and Gesshin. It seems they ain't the only ones.

Kotarou: I wonder why didn't you pass them to the extent of being stealed?

Nuzzi: As for using the Spirit Stone you guys before were still too 
If we pass the stones to you at that time you can't control them and danger
will appear.

Paffy: ...

Sarutobi: Hey, White Dragon! Do you know the location of Bakuretsumaru's Spirit

White Dragon: The Spirit Stone of Bakuretsumaru... Anfuu, I hear it is in your
hometown ninja village.

Sarutobi: Anfuu... I have heard it appear in fairy tale but I can't believe it
is true...

Domon: Then first we better go to Hinode Kingdom and guarantee the Spirit 
Stone of Bakuretsumaru.

Kid: I think that is good since there are other guys aiming for Spirit Stone
aside Galden.

Nuzzi: During that time we will try to follow the trace of the stealed Spirit 

Katze: Wait a bit! Left me aside here!

Adeu: Katze, you still talk that way!? Earth Tear is in danger!
Be moderate and prepare to fight together with us!

Katze: But I'm a merchant! There is no point for me to fight for other persons
any longer!

Hittel: It is because you are chosen as a Ryu-user of Derringer.

Katze: What, you? You suddenly appear and act great! The outsider don't 

Hittel: You ain't cute as usual, Katze.

Hittel: ... (mask off)

Katze: Y, you are...!

Adeu: What Katze? You know Hittel?

Katze: Brother! You are brother Hittel!

Benkei: You said brother! You are Katze's old brother!?

Yui: I can't believe Katze has a brother...

Katze: Why are you at this place, Brother!?

Hittel: I'm acting as a guardian for great wise man Nuzzi. At that time I
heard the story of Derringer so I came to meet you.
Because I thought it will be like this.

Katze: So you see through everything...

Hittel: Of course. Your brother ain't for mere show.

Katze: Sure. If I being talked by Brother like that I'll accept my fate.
Well! I can't get off Ionia! Everyone, from now on I'm looking forward to
work with you!

Kouji: Good grief, a money-dude.

Katze: Well, this is a family of business man!

Hittel: Everyone, please let me fight together from here. As Derringer's pilot.

Adeu: Yeah! I'm expecting you, Hittel!

*Eldogear/Center Room*

Izumi: I see... As I thought, the attack of Evil Dragon Tribe continue.

White Dragon: For the present, each place of Earth Tear is under the invasion
of Evil Dragon Tribe. 
They are barely holding back by the soldier and samurai of each country, 
Gratches family, and Ernst facility...

Sharu: I can't believe Ernst facility is fighting to protect Earth Tear...

Blass: Of course it is not an admirable thing but now we can only rely on Kyaos

White Dragon: And, one more thing. Your defeating foe Goburiki is reviving.

Lamuness: What did you say!? Goburiki is!?

Milk: But Goburiki at that time surely beaten by Lamuness wasn't it? 
Why is he still alive!?

White Dragon: A moment before you guys came back to Eldogear, the Mist Rune
atmosphere suddenly went out of order...
I afraid Goburiki absorbed the Mist atmosphere and attempted to revive.
If that guy revive, even more disasters will certainly fall on Earth Tear.

Da Cider: What disaster... It is the worst!

Lesqua: Da Cider, you... Think about the atmosphere a bit.

Cocoa: Er~, is it have anything to do with the whole Earth Tear falling~?

Nuzzi: Cocoa's word is right.
In the pounding space there are many floating continents like Earth Tear.
And at the bottom of the pounding space is a hell sand called the quicksand of

White Dragon: That sand don't move at all, at the end it is swallowed by the
death space called ''Darkness Notsubo''.
If you fall in there in the end you can't get out the second time.

Mach Windy: Don't you mean Earth Tear is falling into that dark quicksand!?

White Dragon: Yeah. By the magic power of Goburiki.

Lesqua: What did you say!? Then isn't it too late!?

Nuzzi: No, it will be saved if you can beat Goburiki before it is taken in
the dark quicksand.

Hebimetako: Why Jan?

Nuzzi: Because anyhow the dark quicksand is a production of Goburiki.

Tetsuya: I see. If we can beat its creator that dark quicksand will turn into
a structure that will disappear.

Lamuness: Then great wise man Nuzzi! Where is Goburiki now!?

Nuzzi: He is now healing his wound at the Dark Comet.

Milk: Dark Comet...

Tama-Q: How do we go there Mya?

White Dragon: If you can collect eight Holy Stones I'm sure you can open the
road to Dark Comet.

Hayato: Eight stones huh...

Sayaka: Aside from the Spirit Stones we have things to find again.

Nuzzi: Hey, don't worry. Because anyhow that eight stones are all Spirit 

Cocoa: What did you say!?

Gesshin: It have that power beside causing Ryu to class-change!?

Da Cider: After all we have to find the Spirit Stones at all cost!

Hebimetako: Yeah yeah.

Nuzzi: The Braves, go at once collecting the Spirit Stones, and defeat Goburiki
at the Dark Comet.
That is the only method save Earth Tear from the dark quicksand.

Lamuness: Understood, great wise man Nuzzi!

White Dragon: And one more thing. We try to follow the trace of the mechanize
soldiers that came from different world but...

Kenichi: Mechanize Empire!? Is there something happened to the Mechanize 

White Dragon: Right... So those guys are from Mechanize Empire.
Those guys seem are creating a device at Jelock forest.

Kenichi: This is no joke! We can't let them do what they want!

Kinta: We have to stop them right away!

Isaac: Wait, Sauers. Stopping Mechanize Empire is heavily considered but, we
also need to collect the Spirit Stone as fast as possible.

Gorou: That is true but if we leave Mechanize Empire alone Earth Tear will turn
into land of machine.

Kouji: Moreover we don't know when will Galden, Evil Dragon Tribe and Ernst
come after us again.

Momotarou: Ah~, there are enemies everywhere in this world.
It is a feeling don't know when the homework will end even you do and do.

Hiryu: Then Momotarou shall rest slowly inside Ionia. Leave fighting to us.

Momotarou: F, fuck you!

Tetsuya: It is wise if we separate our force into two.

Isaac: I also have that thinking. Let's divide team into two. One shall find
the Spirit Stone, one shall stop Mechanize Empire.

Izumi: Because we have to race against time anyhow. Let's do that.

Isaac: The ones to find the Spirit Stones is Ryu-users, guardian knights, 
Mazinger Team, Good Thunder, and we J9.
Pursuiting Mechanize Empire is Domon Kasshu, Iron League, Getter Team, Bio
Armor, moreover Eldoran robo.

Sharu: Kakeru, which team do you chose? We will follow you anyway.

Kakeru: Right... I...

[Please chose a route.
Route A: care about the location of Spirit Stone
Route B: care about the Mechanize Empire]

^ If player choses route A V

Kakeru: I will go together with Adeu's group. First if we don't obtain the
Spirit Stone, there is no way to fight Goburiki.

Domon: You seem decided.

Isaac: I want to have Hayato the leader of the team stopping the Mechanize 

Hayato: Trust me.

Ken: Well, if that is so let's prepare at once!

*Urutalia Fortress/Ernst facility HQ*

Amane: I see. Even the Mechanize Empire comes to Earth Tear.

Kyaos: Yeah... At this point once again Earth Tear winds in the ash of war...
Soon will be the time the two moons collide... If the mystic shield weaken, the 
invasion of the Evil Dragon Tribe is beginning to take full effect.
Before that we must get rid of Mechanize Empire and Calamity God Goburiki.

Amane: Moreover also the Ionia... right?

Kyaos: Yeah. It can't be helped if they don't follow us.

Amane: But, Ionia's members are stronger than before. I wonder we can beat them
with our current force?

Kyaos: There is no need to worry.
Thanks to your support our fighting ability is strengthen day by day. The
overhelming different is only a matter of time.

Amane: Then, until that time let's have Brother buy us time and exterminate the

Kyaos: Right. Let's have them working for Earth Tear as much as we want.

Amane: (Before the world fill with chaos and conflict my ideal world will 
come...) (All is for the new order...)


Cocoa: Soon we'll reach Onion Valley~

Sayaka: If we get out of here, there will be a warp point to Hinode kingdom.

Lamuness: But Goburiki is persistent. Even if he revive, he will be beaten by
us anyway.

Tama-Q: Lamuness, negligence is forbidden Mya.
We win the last battle because of Milk group's power but it doesn't mean it 
will go well next time Mya.

Bowei: There is a possibility Goburiki is polishing some kind of plan for
dealing with us. 

Tama-Q: Right Mya!

Lesqua: Hey! Try your best, Da Cider!
If Goburiki revive, the elegance life at Arara Castle came to nothing isn't it!

Hebimetako: The gorgeous life don't fit you the extremely ugly woman!

Lesqua: What did you say!

Cocoa: Well well, you two. Calm down calm down.

Lamuness: But well, it is good if we can go to the Dark Comet before Goburiki
perfectly revive.

Tama-Q: Even so it is necessary to find the Spirit Stones Mya!

Paffy: ...

Izumi: Princess, you still feel sad?

Paffy: Yeah...
My parent entrusted me with this stone but... I wonder if I can master it...?

Gesshin: We can clearly see the Spirit Stone hides terrific power from the
battle of Ryu Paladin...

Hittel: If it hold that much power, a same amount of power of its user is 
needed in response.

Gratches: But, anyhow we must master it... That is our mission.

Paffy: Yes...

Sarutobi: Adeu, how did you draw out the power of the Spirit Stone?

Adeu: Fu... You want to know Sarutobi-kun?

Sarutobi: Yeah, I want to know. We must need the power of the Spririt Stone
in order to fight Evil Dragon Tribe and Galden equally.

Paffy: Teach me too, Adeu. How can we class-change?

Adeu: I see!

Adeu: I also don't really know that well!

Boss: What is that! It is completely useless!

Hagu: Hagu hagu.

Adeu: It can't be helped! If you do it enthusiasmly you will make it!
Simply, there is a person said that.
He said: ''If you think of your friend to the point that you set aside 
yourself, if you have that feeling Ryu will surely lend you its power''

Paffy: The feeling that you think of your friend to the point that you set
aside yourself... huh?

Adeu: Yeah.

Nuzzi: You don't have to think that difficult, Paffy. Like I said before the
way to draw the power of the Spirit Stone depend on each person.
The other people also, you can only find your own way to draw out the power of
the Spirit Stone respectively.

Gesshin: You mean it is meaningless to obtain the Spirit Stone if you don't
know how to realize that method.

Izumi: We have to take back the Spirit Stones and accomplish the class-change
no matter what before the main force of Evil Dragon Tribe attacks.

Gratches: Right. We don't have much time left. Now if we don't strenghthen our
fighting power even one bit...

Adeu: ...

Adeu: Hey, how about asking Galden for help if we need to strengthen our 
fighting ability.

Sarutobi: What are you saying Adeu! Have you forgoten what he done until now!?
We're almost get killed by him many times!

Omachi: Sarutobi's word is right. For one's own ambition he try to destroy
everyone of Ryu user no matter what he think it is normal.

Adeu: But isn't Galden a Ryu-user? Wasn't Ryu created to fight Evil Dragon

Nuzzi: Not only Evil Dragon Tribe. It is Ryu's duty to fight even if Earth
Tear fall on complete crisis.

Da Cider: In brief he is friend of justice protecting Earth Tear right?

Milk: Now matter how you think I can't imagine Galden will be our friend...

Lesqua: But if a Ryu-user can't confirm by the Ryu he can't ride it?

Gratches: I agree. The one becomes a Ryu-user only hold a true heart as a 
Ryu-user himself.

Kouji: It is true...

Kakeru: I simply can't believe it...

Katze: Wait! Why are you looking at me for that reason!?

Adeu: Then, wasn't Galden chosen as a soldier to protect Earth Tear? If that is
the case...

Sarutobi: You forgive everything he did until now and welcome him as a friend!?
Don't make me laugh! I lost a lot of friends because that bastard destroyed my
I'll never forgive him!!
Adeu, if you thinking naive counting on Galden's help the second time I'll make
you eat those words!

Adeu: Naive... huh...


Remy: Perhaps enemy-san attacks again?

Sharu: Wrong. It seems the atmosphere shaked greatly. Moreover it seems a big
earthquake happened on the ground.

Izumi: Is this natural disaster also related to the weakening of Mystic Shield?

Nuzzi: Yeah. It is thought that the reason is the Mystic Shield weaken and the
energy of Evil Dragon Tribe flows in.

Cocoa: Such kind of disaster happens just because the shield was weaken...

Tama-Q: More of natural disasters will come true if Earth Tear fall into the
dark quicksand Mya.

Hittel: ...! Everyone, look there!

Katze: What, brother? Is there something happen outside?

Adeu: That is...!

Milk: What is that!? The color of Earth Blade is changing!

Omachi: I wonder what the hell is happening?

Gesshin: Nuzzi-dono, that is!?

Nuzzi: That is the sign show the unusual phenomenon of Earth Tear...

Tetsuya: The vibrating of atmosphere a while ago is also this cause...!

Nuzzi: Since Earth Blade became like this, there is no longer delay.

Lamuness: If things are like this, we have to hurry find the Spirit Stones and
beat Goburiki!

*Earth Tear/Forest*

Idro: Shit, Earth Blade became red this much mean! I don't much time left...!
Not good... At this rate I will...! 

Galden: Idro...

Idro: Galden-sama! You haven't heal the wound you received from that Paradin!

Galden: You don't have to worry about my condition. On top of that answer me
What is the color of that Earth Blade? While I was sleeping is something 
strange happened?

Idro: Well, nothing special happen to me... Anyhow, I can say this is the first
time I see this kind of phenomenon.

Galden: Then, do you know the trace of the Ryu-users?

Idro: Yes. Those guys seem are on the way to Hinode kingdom to obtain the 
Spirit Stones.

Galden: Then we should head to Hinode kingdom at once. 

Idro: But Galden-sama, Steru isn't completely repaired yet!
Moreover we shouldn't make light of them! You surely must know this from the
battle at Pahuricia and Eldogear!

Galden: Idro! Have you forgotten that hatred and disgrace!?
What is the meaning of conqueror if I can't force those guys to surrender!
I must put an end to those painted my face with mud by this hand!

Idro: Even this Idro have the same feeling as Galden-sama.
Therefore this Idro already prepared my favorite thing for you.

Galden: My favorite thing?

Idro: Yes, this...

Galden: ...! This is!

Idro: If you insert this inside Steru, the wound will immediately heal and
at the same time Steru's power becomes manyfold stronger.

Galden: Interesting... Let me check if your word are true or not.

Idro: Please look carefully.
Now, Steru! Change your holy power into evil power, and now revive!


Stage 28A: The reveal of the secret of the knight of black clothes

Milk: We'll soon pass Onion Valley.

Lamuness: The last time we came here Fire Liger and Sauer Robo were treated as
monster right?

Jun: Really?

Tetsuya: I have no idea.

Adeu: Which reminds me, I met Paffy the first time here.

Paffy: Right.

Izumi: That time we're scared to death by robberies and Onis, moreover Galden'

Gesshin: Hou, such thing happened?

Sarutobi: Yeah. That bastard Galden instigated robberies to crush us.
Well, the one who beat robberies and Onis is us. 

Izumi: I can't guarantee there are no enemy hiding in the valley. Hurry get out
of here is the best plan.

Kakeru: Right. Before disaster happens let's quickly get out of here.

Sharu: Somehow we are late, Kakeru!

[Enemies appear]

Kouji: That is Steru!

Da Cider: Bastard Galden! Even we beat the crap out of him recently he already

Galden: I found you, margots! This time I'll make you grovel before my sword!

Adeu: Galden! As you already know the Evil Dragon Tribe will soon attack!
Moreover Earth Tear is now is falling into the dark sand because of Calamity
God Goburiki!
Because Earth Tear is in danger we don't have time to play around with you!

Galden: I am enough to clear even if it is Goburiki's work or how much Evil
Dragon Tribe attack!

Kouji: You still mimic that much even you can't win us!

Galden: Phew, you still say the same thing even if you see this?

Gesshin: That is the Spirit Stone's Kunai!

Nuzzi: Anfuu! That is Anfuu!

Sarutobi: Anfuu!? That means!

Galden: Right, Sarutobi. This Spirit Stone is the one at your hometown.

Sarutobi: Galden! Why do you have Anfuu!?

Idro: At the time you guys were heading to Eldogear I stealed it.

Nuzzi: But, surely Anfuu is sealed with a powerful barrier...!

Idro: To be exact that is the past. 
But, that seal, also Earth Tear were filled with Mist and protected by it.
Because the Mist became weak by Goburiki. If you try to do just in case, as I
thought the big effect didn't display.

Sarutobi: Shit! So that was it!

Galden: This stone is wonderful beyond rumors. Thanks to it Steru's power is
raising even more.
I'll make you bastards taste as the welcome! The power of Steru obtained the
power of Evil Dragon Tribe and Spirit Stone!

Lamuness: It will not go that way! We will also win this time!

[Ryu-users appear]

Adeu: Now is not the case we should fight...! Why doesn't that bastard Galden
understand that!

Sarutobi: Adeu! It is useless to talk to him! We can only kill him!

Paffy: Sarutobi...

*Adeu vs Galden*

Adeu: Galden, you also know Earth Tear is in danger! There ain't much time left!

Galden: You are noisy, Adeu! I don't own the ear to listen to your word!

*Paffy vs Galden*

Galden: Princess, it seems even now you haven't mastered the Spirit Stone yet.
It is pointless if you hold a power you can't use. Be obedient and give me that

Paffy: It will not go that way! This stone is essential to save Earth Tear!
Because of that, I'll also surely take back Sarutobi's Spirit Stone!

*Izumi vs Galden*

Izumi: The God of the six pillars! Please lend me the power to defeat Galden!

Galden: How pitiful you praying to God for help from now on... That thing is 
also useless!

*Sarutobi vs Galden*

Sarutobi: That Spirit Stone is mine! Give it back!

Galden: If you can do it show me! I don't think you can!

Sarutobi: Bullshitttt!!

*Hittel vs Galden*

Katze: If you think this Derringer is like before you'll get serious injury! 

Galden: Interesting. Show me how it change.

Hittel: Good then! I think the consideration of that word is costly!

*Gratches vs Galden*

Galden: You will also receive this! The power of Steru obtained new power!

Gratches: The game surely isn't only decided by the roll of Ryu! 
Galden, I'll teach you that!

*Gesshin vs Galden*

Galden: You are Ryu Samurai huh...? You who don't hold the Spirit Stone surely
can't beat Steru.

Gesshin: You won't know that until you try! That is proved by the battles thus

*Galden defeated*

Sarutobi: We did it!?

Galden: I'm the one that will become the supreme ruler of Earth Tear! I'll not
die here!

*Steru disappears*

Sarutobi: Wait! Galden! Give back the Spirit Stone!

Adeu: Galden...

Idro: I don't have much time left! If that is the case...!

Sharu: Everyone, be careful! Something is getting close above the sky! I think
that is probably the Evil Dragon Tribe!

Shingo: Damn... They appear at this time.

[Enemies appear]

Rigel: ...So we arrived, at Earth Tear.

Adria: Yes! But at the time we try to break the Mystic Shield, we lost more 
than half of the army.

Rigel: It is good if the obstacle don't appear at our mission.
Before the Emperor descend kill all the obstructors.

Adria: We will kill the enemies get in the way at once. Rigel-sama, let me

Rigel: Ok.

[Doom appears]

Adeu: That is a Ryu!?

Izumi: Evil Dragon Tribe also own a Ryu!?

Adria: Hmph! Don't confuse my Doom with your Ryu!

Gratches: Doom!? It is not Ryu!?

Adria: Rigel-sama, how would you like to treat those Ryu?

Rigel: Exterminate all of them. All their friends and what looks like them.

Adria: You guys heard that!? Let's make those guys scrapegoat for our first
step to take control of Earth Tear!

*Rigel reduced below 50% HP or shot down/2 enemies shot down*

Rigel: What are you doing? Bring out the reinforcement! 

[Enemy reinforcement appears]

Adeu: You still come!?

Rigel: I will have you bastards disappear from this place!

???: I'll not permit that!

[Galden appears]

Sarutobi: What!?

Galden: Don't interfere me Evil Dragon Tribe! I won't let you touch this game!

[Idro appears]

Idro: Stop, Galden-sama! Don't fight those people!

Galden: What!? Idro, why are you on that ship...!?

Rigel: Is the one riding that ship Idro?

Idro: Yes sir! Long time no see, Rigel-sama!

Galden: Idro! You know those Evil Dragon Tribe!?

Rigel: Idro, say the mission that I give you.

Idro: Y, yes... Erase the unpleasant Ryus from Earth Tear. 

Rigel: Where of this were you erased!? What are you doing in this thousand 

Idro: P, please listen to me, Rigel-sama! My plan was perfect but...!

Rigel: As you also know, the Emperor say he don't need incompetence guys. I
think like that too.

Idro: ...

Rigel: But I dismiss you from your too long mission and give you another 
If you can work with Adria get rid of this guy I'll forgive your errors till 

Idro: Yes sir! Thank you, Rigel-sama!

Rigel: Don't think that you can escape from me. If I know you ain't useful I'll
kill you by my own hand.

Idro: I'll bear that in my mind! I'll surely present their necks before you!

Rigel: Give me some fun then.
Rigel: Adria, the one leads this mission is you. I'll watch their fighting
ability from behind.

Adria: Yes sir!

[Rigel retreats]

Galden: Idro, what does this mean!? Explain!
Why did you know those Evil Dragon Tribe!? What are those guys saying!?

Idro: On top of that now beat those guys must be the first priority!
If you kill those guys this time, the suffering till now will end!

Galden: Shut up! Answer me Idro! 
I'll even kill you if occasion demand!

Idro: You are conceited!!

Galden: W, what!?

Idro: You forgot the kindness that I raised you! 
You are impertinent to went against not only me but Rigel-sama!

Galden: Idro... What are you saying!?

Killy: What? Internal discord?

Izumi: Idro no longer serves Galden...?

Idro: Now that the barrier of Earth Tear is weakening, join our Evil Dragon
Tribe beat those guys!

Galden: ''Our''!? You are also belong to that Tribe!?

Idro: Of course!

Galden: Don't joke! I'll never join those monsters!
Because I'm the supreme ruler of Earth Tear! I'll surely beat the one obstructs
that no matter if it is Ryu or Evil Dragon Tribe!!

Idro: Fuhahahahahaha! If you can kill me try! But can you omit the blood that
flows inside you?

Galden: W, what!?

Idro: I'll tell you...
You are the child of Galden family that hold the dark magic power and supreme
ruler of evil, the Evil Dragon Tribe!

Galden: ...!!

Adeu: W, what are you saying!? Galden belong to Evil Dragon Tribe!?

Sarutobi: I can't believe it...!

Galden: I. I'm... Evil Dragon Tribe...!? I'm...

Idro: Right. No matter what you ignore half of your blood is Evil Dragon Tribe!

Galden: ...

Idro: You are the chosen one! While you live you can have the power of two 
Well, Galden! Resurrect that power and fight together with us!

Galden: Wrong! Wrong wrong wrong!!
I'm the decendant of the noble Galden family! I'm not that ugly and dirty 
Mark my word! To become this world's supreme ruler!

[Galden kills one Evil Dragon Soldier]

Kakeru: Hey! Galden attacks the Evil Dragon Tribe!

Paffy: What is happening!?

Idro: What are you planning to do, Galden! Don't tell me you join their side!

Galden: Shut up, Idro! I don't need anyone's instruction!
Of course I'll get rid of them! But before that I want your life!!

Idro: Bastard Galden! I can't believe he is against me...!

Adria: Idro, he is half of human. After all he isn't useful. What can that kind
of guy do? We are enough to get rid of the Ryus.

Galden: Bullshit, Evil Dragon Tribe! I'll erase you from this land, every 
single one of you!

Shingo: It seems Galden isn't intend to go against us.

Adeu: Well then! If that's the case let's first focus on attacking the Evil 
Dragon Tribe!

*Adeu or Sarutobi or Hittel vs Idro*

Idro: You unpleasant Ryu-users! My plan would have been perfect without you!

Adeu: Don't blame your own failure on other people!

Sarutobi: Your plan is full of hole, that's why you end up like this!

Katze: The next time you create a plan focus on the goal again and again!

*Galden vs Idro*

Idro: Galden! Why are you resenting my kindness! Suppose even if you survive 
this, your living path is nothing but to follow Evil Dragon Tribe!

Galden: So what! I'll not forgive you! Now I only have that thinking!

*Idro defeated*

Idro: Ehh! How come!
I should retreat from here instantly and beg Rigel-sama another chance...!

Galden: Idro! Don't run!

Idro: He...!

Galden: Die, Idro! Things end here!

[Steru attacks Evil Dragon warship]

Idro: Why, Galden... Why you...!? Have you forgot the kindness that I raised

Galden: You only use me! There is no such thing like kindness!

Idro: I see! Then!

Galden: Guoooooh!!

Adeu: G, Galden!

Idro: As always, in the end you are naive, Galden.

Galden: H, how dare you... Idro...

Idro: You're disillusioned. If I propose you to the Emperor, you'll get a 
better rank. 
I have expected in the blood of Evil Dragon Tribe that flows in you. After all
you are only a human of Earth Tear...
You ignore all hardships that I made. This atonement is, as I thought only 
death. Polish your skill as much as possible in hell!

Galden: Shit...!

Idro: Goodbye, Galden!!

Galden: Uooooooo!!

Idro: What is that!?

Paffy: T, that light is!

Sarutobi: The power of Anfuu! That bastard Galden uses the power of my Spirit

Idro: It can't be... You're able to draw out the power of the Spirit Stone...
You can't be...

Galden: Idro. Your words is all that I have... I lived on believe in you...
But you played with me, and only used me! 
You only see me as your tool!
Why... why, Idroooo!!

Idro: Kuuuu! Galden, how dare you!

[Rigel appears]

Idro: Hey! Rigel-sama!

Kouji: That's the guy from before!

Idro: Please save me, Rigel-sama! Galden really intend to kill me!
Help! Please help me!!

Rigel: ...Your use finished here.

Idro: Gyaaaaaaaa!!

[Idro is death]

Rigel: For the glory of Evil Dragon Tribe an useless being like you don't 

Galden: I. Idro...

Sayaka: How could he killed his own friend...!

Adeu: Why did he do such terrible thing to his subordinate!

Rigel: Accomplish the mission is also the true Evil Dragon Tribe.
My will is Emperor's will.
I'll carry out the Emperor's will in place of useless subordinate!

[Rigel attacks Galden]

Galden: Guwaaaaaaa!!

Isaac: That machine has fearful speed!

Tetsuya: Moreover that armament! It can't be compared to Evil Dragon Soldier!

Rigel: First is you, Dark Knight! We don't need imitation of Doom that Idro

Galden: Damn...!

Paffy: At this rate Steru will be done!

Sarutobi: Now if he is done the Spirit Stone also in danger! What should we 

Adeu: I'll go! 

[Ryu Knight covers Steru]

Rigel: What!? 

Galden: What are you planning to do?

Adeu: Hehe, there is one big rule of Chilvary! A knight have to protect the 

Galden: Hmph, such bullshit...

Rigel: Another unecessary obstructor... Then I'll consign all 2 machines to

Adeu: Come!

Galden: Nuaaaaaaaah!

Boss: They vanished! Adeu and Galden vanished!

Izumi: Could it be the Spirit Stone is out of control...!

Rigel: Hmph, I don't know what happened but they seem escape smoothly.
But, I'll not let the remainings escape. I'll smash all beings that against the
ambition of our Evil Dragon Tribe!

[Enemy reinforment appears]

Kid: They appear again, good grief...

Kakeru: Shit! We have to defeat these guys quickly and find Adeu!

*Adria defeated*

Adria: Shit, those guys of Earth Tear is really something!
Well that is good! This time I will retreat!

*Rigel's Doom is reduced to 50% HP*

Rigel: I see... If they hold that much power it isn't strange that they 
defeated the advance troop.

Sarutobi: Don't get cheeky with us! We'll beat you here!

Remy: If you looking down on us we'll give you painful experience.

Rigel: Somehow first I have to shut down that impertinent mouth.

Bowei: That guy heads to Ionia.

Tetsuya: Not good! That bastard intend to shot down Ionia first!

Rigel: Phew, as I thought the defense line of the ship is thin.
By this kind of tactic, you can't win me no matter how much power you hold.
I'll let you know the different in term of capacity.

Sarutobi: I won't let you do that!

[Sarutobi and Paffy sortie]

Rigel: Phew, you are a fool to come to let yourself be done!

Sarutobi: To protect everyone this is the only way!

Rigel: Then I'll begin the killing from you!

[Doom attacks Bakuretsumaru]

Sarutobi: Guaaaaa!!

Rigel: You bastards can't be our opponent! Know your rank, humans!

Paffy: This is bad! At this rate Bakuretsumaru will!

Gratches: Sarutobi, we'll come right away!

Sarutobi: D, don't! Instead of that beat me and him together!

Sarutobi: The power of this guy isn't ordinary! Now if he run, we'll probably
don't have the chance to beat him again!

Kouji: Don't talk foolish! We can't sacrifice you!

Sarutobi: There is no time to debate! Hurry!!

Paffy: S, Sarutobi!

Paffy: The life of comrade! The heart of thinking about friend! I absolutely...
absolutely won't let him die!
Same as Adeu protected us...! Same as Sarutobi protected Ionia! I'll also show
that I can protect everyone!
Because of that please Magidora! Lend me the power to protect everyone!!

[Magidora class-changes]

Rigel: What!?

Blass: Magidora is...!

Nuzzi: It class-changed to Ryu Wizard!

Paffy: The valuable heart will not be burn by the flame of evil!

[Ryu Wizard attacks Doom]

Rigel: Shit...! What power...!

[Doom's loses 12357 HP]

Paffy: Well, what will you do!? I won't forgive you if you say you still can

Rigel: Elegance humans, don't get cocky yet!
Regret in the underworld for making me truly angry!

[Doom regenerates 27000 HP]

*Rigel defeated*

Rigel: How could I be done...!
The next time we meet you will not live! I'll show you true hell!

*Battle ends*

Izumi: It ended.

Lamuness: We felt chill when that machine called Doom of the Evil Dragon Tribe

Sarutobi: Also thanks to Paffy drew out the power of the Spirit Stone, we're 
able to get out of here unharm.

Paffy: No, Sarutobi. Thanks to you.

Sarutobi: What? Me?

Paffy: Yes. Sarutobi teached me the meaning of the words Adeu said before and 
thanks to that I was able to class-change.

Hittel: Is that... if you have feeling to think about your friend to the point 
you set aside yourself, Ryu will surely lend you its power?

Paffy: Yes!
Other than that, we have to look for Adeu at once.

Tama-Q: Right Mya! Adeu is in danger if he is together with Galden Mya!

Blass: Everyone, I want you to return to the ship. We'll find Adeu at once.

Kouji: But where? If they were flying that far finding them is useless.

Nuzzi: No need to worry. Even if it is the Spirit Stone the energy released are
few. There is no need to fly to that far.

Shingo: Indeed.

Da Cider: Well, if the old man said that let's believe in him.

Sarutobi: (Even saving Galden... Adeu, you idiot are really soft-hearted)

*Earth Tear/Cave*

Galden: ...U...Uu...
Where is this place... Why I...

Adeu: Oh, you awaked.

Galden: You are Adeu!
Shit! Uuh...

Adeu: Don't overdo. The wound will spread.
If Izumi is here, his Miracle Healing will instantly heal you but...
Now there is only herb so be keen. 

Galden: ...Where is this place? Why you are here?

Adeu: What are you saying? Even I saved you you talk harsh.

Galden: What does that mean...?

Adeu: You don't remember? You used the Spirit Stone at the time you're about to
be done by Evil Dragon Tribe.
Because of that we're flying from that place and when we noticed we've fell 

Galden: ...

Adeu: Because it is dark outside if we movearound carelessly it will be 
dangerous. Well, until morning let's stay here.

Galden: You bastard, what are you thinking...

Adeu: Eh?

Galden: Why do you save me? Are you plan to take back the Spirit Stone in
exchange of my gratitude?

Adeu: Since you're a knight I thought you knew?
There is one big rule of Chivalry! A knight must save the weak!
I only can't leave alone a wounded person.

Galden: Hmph... What an idiot.

Adeu: Good grief! Is that your attitude toward the person who saves your life!?
Aside from that I carry this thought but, why an evil guy like you own a Ryu?

Galden: Well... Idro brought me that thing. Why don't you try to ask her in

Adeu: I see... If that is the case it is good.
But, I can't agree you are a knight!
If you are a knight why did you do such futile fight!?

Galden: Hmph, don't talk unexpected thing... Do you want to become a supreme
ruler that control the world?

Adeu: Supreme ruler?

Galden: If there is a guy that hold power, he surely want to prove that that
power is stronger than anyone.
To become a supreme ruler is to stand on top of guys with power. Because of
that he must beat anyone stands in his way!

Adeu: ...I also had thought of become the world strongest man. Until a little
while ago.
But when I was travelling with everyone of Ionia I realized one thing.
It isn't about only power to become strong.

Galden: ...

Adeu: Everyone at Ionia is very strong. But no one was thinking of becoming a
supreme ruler.
Everyone is fighting for protecting something, for someone...
That's why I also thought that I have to become strong to protect someone.

Galden: What joke! If you have that naive feeling, you're just in the way
while fighting!

Adeu: Then, what are you fighting for? Why do you want to become a supreme 

Galden: ...!?

(Idro: Galden-sama, you are a person who will become a supreme ruler of this
world. Because of that you have to beat all Evil Dragon Tribe!)

Galden: (Uuh... I...)

(Idro: Hyaahahahaha! The supreme ruler of Earth Tear is our Evil Dragon Tribe!
It is not you!)

Galden: ...

Galden: Shut up! A brat like you can't understand that!

Adeu: ...Well that's good. You still wounded so rest slowly tonight.
I'll go to sleep first. Good night!

Galden: ...
(Why? Why that brat is that defenseless before an enemy like me...?)

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Paffy: How's it, Sarutobi? Did you find Adeu?

Sarutobi: No. It seems he isn't around here.

Bowei: I tried to go to the end of the valley but I'm sorry that I didn't
find any trace.

Tetsuya: So much for the searching.

Boss: Is that uncle's word really correct?

Kouji: The search becomes more and more difficult when night falls.

Cocoa: Because there are a lot of caves in the valley, I think they'll be at
one of those~.

Paffy: But, if Adeu together with Galden he is...

Izumi: What, he is Adeu. I'm sure he will be fine.

Sarutobi: To be exact... He is durable with bad luck...

Gesshin: When the night end let's search every bit of cave.

Gratches: Right. If we hurry the good result won't come.

Izumi: Princess, let's hold the search until tomorrow...

Paffy: Yes...

*Onion Valley*

Galden: ...

Adeu: Good morning! It is a good feeling morning.

Galden: Adeu...

Adeu: I thought you shouldn't leave since your wound ain't heal yet.

Galden: ...

Adeu: A guy who always fighting like you didn't know such beauty of this world?

Galden: ...

Adeu: I love this Earth Tear. I won't let Evil Dragon Tribe and Goburiki do
what they want to this world.

Adeu: Galden! Fight together with us!

Galden: What fool! I'm your enemy!
Moreover inside me is half of the blood of Evil Dragon Tribe! I surely can't be
compared to you guys!

Adeu: That doesn't matter! Let's fight together and protect Earth Tear from
those guys!

Galden: ...
I can't understand what you're thinking...

Galden: Muh, who!?

Sarutobi: Damn! You dodged it!

Adeu: Hey, Sarutobi!

Sarutobi: You Sonic idiot! We worry searching for you and you're making friend 
with Galden!
Let's settle things today, Galden!

Adeu: Wait, Sarutobi! Stop!

Sarutobi: Adeu, you bastard! Get out of my way!

Adeu: Sarutobi, calm down! Listen to my story!

Galden: ...Move, Adeu.

Adeu: Galden!?

Galden: I'll not let the one pointing the sword to me live!
Go! Dark Knight Steru!


Sarutobi: So you appear! Then...!
Ryu Ninja Bakuretsumaru!
The enemy of my family, today let me avenge!

Galden: I wonder if it can be done, by the like of you!

[Bakuretsumaru attack Steru. Steru loses 18000 HP]

Sarutobi: What! Somehow the wound you get from the battle recently isn't heal 

Galden: Shit!

Sarutobi: Galden, prepare yourself!

Adeu: Stopppp!!

[Ryu Knight appears]

Sarutobi: Why you obstruct me, Adeu! Now is the time we can kill him!

Adeu: Don't you understand, Sarutobi!? We need comrades even if there is only

Sarutobi: What comrade! Have you forgot the evil things he done till now!?

Adeu: But he has the power to save Earth Tear!

Sarutobi: You... extremely idiot bastard!

[Evil Dragon Soldiers appear]

Evil Dragon Soldier: Hehehe... I found you Ryu-users!

Galden: Evil Dragon Tribe!

Evil Dragon Soldier: According to Rigel-sama's command, let me have your necks!

Sarutobi: What! You!

Evil Dragon Soldier: Hey, you overthere.

Galden: ...!

Evil Dragon Soldier: According to what I heard your body has half of Evil 
Dragon Tribe's blood.
How is that? If you join us we will spare your life.

Galden: Nonsense! I don't listen to anyone's command! I do what I like!

Evil Dragon Soldier: What a fool! Then we will kill you together with them!

Sarutobi: What will you do, Adeu! To be treated as friend is troublesome!

Adeu: It is not good to attack scatteredly! Let's kick them by quick attack!
I'll be the decoy so Sarutobi and Galden, you guys use this chance to join 
hands and attack them!

Galden: What!? 

Sarutobi: You said you believe in me and Galden!?

Adeu: If the battle prolong we can only be treated as friend! Even you don't 
want that now we can only rely on each other!

Evil Dragon Soldier: What are you babbling about!

Adeu: Now, you two!

Galden: Shit!

[Sarutobi and Galden attack Evil Dragon Soldier]

Evil Dragon Soldier: Guooooooooh!

Evil Dragon Soldier: How dare you!

Adeu: Somehow we did it...!

Sarutobi: Damn! I can't believe I join hand with Galden...!

Galden: ...

Galden: Adeu, I haven't dropped my dream of becoming a supreme ruler. I'll
chose my own way.

[Steru disappears]

Adeu: Galden... You...

Sarutobi: Damn... How stupid. He is so disgusted that he don't utter a word!

[Ionia appears]

Paffy: Adeu! Sarutobi!

Izumi: As I thought you are fine!

Gesshin: Adeu. Only a moment from before I can see Steru but...

Adeu: Yeah. Galden also fought the Evil Dragon Tribe with us.

Katze: Eh!? Galden allies with you!?

Hittel: He also intend to fight the Evil Dragon Tribe...?

Adeu: He only loses his way now. Surely one day he'll understand.

Sarutobi: ...

Isaac: Adeu, from a while ago we got contact from the team chases after 
Mechanize Empire.
According to that they success in saving the three brothers whose appeared on 
their way from the curse of DG Cell.

Adeu: Is it true! Magnum Ace did it!

Sharu: There is also another welcoming new. The weapon of the Mechanize Empire
at Jelock forest includes the Spirit Stones.

Sarutobi: Could it be those Spirit Stones are...!

Gratches: It can't be mistaken our Spirit Stones at Eldogear.

Gesshin: Somewhat the one who stealed those stones is from Mechanize Empire.

Isaac: The later is unite our force at Jelock forest. We must hurry.

Nuzzi: Good, everyone? Stopping Mechanize Empire is an important thing but the
fight with Evil Dragon Tribe also truly begins from now.
Pull yourself together.

Paffy: Yes!

Adeu: I'll not lose no matter how many times Evil Dragon Tribe attack!
We'll protect Earth Tear!

^ If player choses route B V

Kakeru: I'll go together with Kenichi group. I worry what the Mechanize Empire
are doing at this world.


*Jelock Forest*

Genshi-oh (Atom King): Since we obtained these things the problem of supporting
energy is resolved.
Just a little more... If this device is completed Earth Tear will become a 
territory of our Mechanize Empire...
But first we have to get rid of the obstructors.

Genshi-oh: Eh, who is there!?

Guilturbo: We arrived, Father.

Engine-oh: Thanks for your hard-work, Guilturbo.

Genshi-oh: Engine-oh! How did you get here!?

Engine-oh: We traced the Pulse Width Gate that you opened.

Genshi-oh: Did Kikaishin-sama know your arrival at Earth Tear?

Engine-oh: No. I came here by my own decision.

Genshi-oh: Engine-oh! Do you think he will forgive your arbitrary action!?

Engine-oh: Genshi-oh, if you angry like that you will hitch the operation 

Genshi-oh: I'm the one commanding the mechanization of this world! I don't
need your appearance!

Engine-oh: Don't worry, Genshi-oh. I absolutely have no intention interfering
Instead, I come to this world to save you.
Guilturbo, pass the data that we talked about to Genshi-oh.

Guilturbo: Yes, Father.
Genshi-oh, release the information circuit so I'll transfer the data to you.

Genshi-oh: Data? What kind of data on Earth is that?

Engine-oh: It is the data of all machines boarding Ionia.
Among this Gosauer's data is roughly completed.

Genshi-oh: T, this is...!

Engine-oh: This data is surely useful for fighting Ionia. Do you like it?

Genshi-oh: Of course, Engine-oh! With this they will not match me!
I'll use this data at once and let's begin to create robots!

Guilturbo: Father, is it really good to pass him that data?

Engine-oh: Yeah. Since Genshi-oh also like it, from here good things will
The later in only how much Ionia react...

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Momotarou: Ah, shit! It isn't really interesting!

Kakeru: What is that, Momotarou? You are very cranky.

Ely: Perhaps you have a quarrel with Hiryu again?

Momotarou: Why is Hiryu appear here!?

Ely: Because speaking of Momotarou if you see Hiryu you will directly show 
your annoying face.

Momotarou: No, that's not so!

Mai: No, I agree with Ely-san.
Hiryu also certainly is a Dankettsu member. I hope you guys will get along a 

Momotarou: That is useless because that dude don't feel that way!
That guy Hiryu, from the beginning just because he was entrusted with a Eldoran
robot alone he turns bragging!

Jin: I don't think so. That guy, Hiryu is a very good guy.

Momotarou: Of course not!

Shinobu: It is true. He helped me prepare the Thunder Brachio before...

Reiko: He helped me taking the luggages that I can't reach...

Yui: When Mai and I request him to help us with the cooking he happily accepted
without a wrinkle in the face.

Yousuke: I don't think he is a bad person as Momotarou-san says. 

Kukko: Yeah. I think he is rather a good guy.

Ken: Right. We were able to eat dinner normally that day is because of Hiryu.

Mai: Wait Ken! What does that mean!?

Momotarou: Then, why does Hiryu only turn on me...!?

Hiryu: Because I can't find in you the point that I should pay respect.

Momotarou: F, fuck you!

Kakeru: Stop, Momotarou!

Momotarou: What, Kakeru! You are on Hiryu's side!?

Mai: No one says that!

Hiryu: Inspite of having a selfish friend, the two even doing well...

Tsutomu: That is troublesome...

Professor: If Dankettsu's teamwork break up there is no meaning to the new

Yoji: New discovery?

Professor: The truth is I made a research on the 2 robots Daiteioh and Dairyuoh
and the result is I found out those two can combine.

Yui: Really?

Shuzo: Yeah. Because they are the same Eldoran robots we tried a research just
in case. 

Bon: If they can combine, they will be power up much more.

Professor: But, if the relationship of main pilots is this bad, it is 
impossible to combine...

Kinta: Right. To combine all hearts of team members have to become one.

Hiryu: It is not necessary to combine with Daiteioh. Supposing we combine,
Momotarou will only be in the way.

Momotarou: I don't like that too! I can't stand sitting in the same cockpit
with Hiryu!

Kakeru: Good grief, stubborn dudes.

Akira: From now on we can't tolerate this condition all along.

Shinobu: I have one suggestion. We should teach this two the important of 

Maria: If that is the case, how about leave it to Magnum Ace and Mach Windy?

Kenichi: Then, Magnum Ace and Mach Windy! 
Teach them the secret of combination play!

Magnum Ace: No, we have nothing to show those guys.

Rikiya: Why!?

Magnum Ace: Even you say in brief teamwork, each team have its own color
The nature of variety teamworks... That is the special of the team, which is
also their strength.

Mach Windy: Don't worry. They will be fine.

Cookie: Even they are in quarrel all the time?

Mach Windy: Anything that bump into each other is also remove the angle and 
becoming mellow at the same time.

Watt: While they collide in mutual the raising teamwork will rather be strong
all the way.

Amp: Right. Teamwork can't be teach from a person.

Mai: But isn't the conflict angle of Momotarou and Hiryu too much?

Kakeru: It seems to obtain that we need time.

Sharu: Sorry for interupting but can I have a word?

Maria: What, Sharu-san?

Sharu: From the direction of Ionia's movement there is a weak response of
Since there is a possibility enemy will perform an ambush, I want someone to

Momotarou: Yes yes! Leave that job for us Dankettsu!

Sharu: Really? Then I rely on you.

Hiryu: I feel uneasy if there is only Daiteioh. I'll also go out for scouting.
If Momotarou do this job carelessly everyone of Ionia will be in trouble.

Momotarou: W, what did you say!?

Dango: It begins again...

Kirara: I feel they will have their own way again.

Mach Windy: Dankettsu, I'll go to scout with you.

Kakeru: Why Mach Windy?

Mach Windy: Since I feel something.

Magnum Ace: If Mach Windy go I'll also come.

Mach Windy: Sorry for bearing then, Magnum. 

Sharu: Somewhat we decided.

Hiryu: Time is valuable. Let's better sortie at once.

Momotarou: Hey, you! Don't steal a march on me!

Kakeru: Wait, Momotarou!

Mai: Good grief! Why do you want to compete with that action right away!

Asuka: I wonder if Hiryu group is fine?

Yui: Well...

Hiromi: I hope nothing serious happen...

Stage 28B: The stadium that you swore with friends

*Special Installation Stadium*

Mach Windy: This is Stadium...

Magnum Ace: Yeah, this Stadium is...

Momotarou: The response came from here right?

Kakeru: I haven't seen a single person, let alone enemies.

Mai: Since the response was weak, maybe they already escaped.

Magnum Ace: It takes time for Ionia to arrive here.
Until then let's investigate this place.

Mach Windy: Right.

Momotarou: Hey, Hiryu! Since that is the case you can return without worry.

Hiryu: You said it. Anyhow Kakeru and Mai have to trust in you.

Momotarou: Hiryu, as I thought you are picking a fight!?

Hiryu: Isn't the one cause it you?

Mai: Stop the debate here! Something is coming!

[Three Gold Brothers appear]

Mach Windy: Three gold brothers!

Gold Foot: Long time no see, Magnum! Windy!

Gold Mask: You make me worry that you're done by other guys!

Gold Arm: We meet by chance here mean somehow it is the fate that we'll
fight and settle conclusion.

Magnum Ace: Remember, Gold Arm! You are proving you're a baseball leaguer by
naturally headed to this stadium.

Gold Arm: Hmph! What are you saying?

Mach Windy: This place is where you like to train!

Gold Mask: He! Fine!

Gold Arm: Well, let the game begin!

Magnum Ace: Good then! I'll accept this game!

Momotarou: Wait, Magnum Ace! Ain't those guys your friend!?
Then to not destroy them, what will you do!?

Magnum Ace: There is only one way! Wake up their burning spirits that sleep
inside them, and erase DG Cell by that flame!

Hiryu: That thing is possible?

Windy: I heard that story from Domon but, he experienced come across a scene of
risking his life to get rid of DG Cell.

Kakeru: You said risking life...!

Momotarou: That is too dangerous!

Mach Windy: I'm fully awared of danger! But at this rate the lives of those 
guys are also threatening!

Magnum Ace: This time we have to awake the spirit that sleep deep down inside
them! In the name of this burning oil!!

Mach Windy: Let's do it, Magnum! Let's save them one more time!

Momotarou: Magnum Ace, Mach Windy! We'll also help! We'll return them back
their old personality!

Kakeru: Hiryu, how about you?

Hiryu: Even if you don't tell me that thing I can understand.

Mach Windy: Sorry but I rely on you guys!
Momotarou, Hiryu! The key to success of this plan is our teamwork!
Don't forget it!

Hiryu: ...Understood.

Momotarou: It can't be helped! Let's do it only now!

*Momotarou vs Three Gold Brothers*

Momotarou: This is for saving friends of Magnum Ace! I even join hand with 

*Hiryu vs Three Gold Brothers*

Hiryu: I'll not hold back just because you are Magnum Ace's friend! Now let me
demonstrate full power!

*Magnum Ace vs Three Gold Brothers*

Magnum Ace: This time I'll release the spirit imprisoned inside you! In the 
name of my burning Leaguer spirit!

*Mach Windy vs Three Gold Brothers*

Mach Windy: This is a place which deeply determine your fate! Let me open your
eyes here!

*Gold Arm defeated*

Gold Arm: Ouch! Not yet... I'm not done...!

*Gold Foot defeated*

Gold Foot: Gasp! 
The damage this much...!

*Gold Mask defeated*

Gold Mask: Guah!
Ku... I'll not lose...!

*All Three Gold Brothers defeated*

Momotarou: Now, Magnum Ace! Mach Windy!

Magnum Ace: Gold Mask! You are a baseball leaguer! Remember your real fight!

Gold Mask: Kuuuu...!

Mach Windy: Gold Foot! Is your leaguer spirit even eaten by that cell!?

Gold Foot: Gu...uoaaa!

Magnum Ace: Remember, Gold Arm! That day when the heart was burning and we 
boosted each other up!

Gold Arm: Nuaaaaaaaa!!

Gold Arm: ...

[Gold Arm restores 23800 HP, Gold Foot restores 13300 HP, Gold Mask restores
11200 HP]

Magnum Ace: What!?

Gold Arm: Magnummmmm!!

[Gold Arm attacks Magnum but Mach Windy covers him]

Mach Windy: Guaaaaaa!!

Magnum Ace: Windyyyyy!

Gold Arm: Magnum! Windy! I will not lose to youuuuuu!!

Kakeru: It didn't work! We fail!

Hiryu: If this is the case we can only destroy those guys by atomic level!

Momotarou: What are you talking about, Hiryu! Those people are Magnum's 

Hiryu: I understand what you want to say! But according to the present time
they can't return to normal!
Mach Windy lost to that illness, that is the only resolution to beat the
condition of fighting strength falling!

Momotarou: That's why we can't give up!

Magnum Ace: Right, it is too early to give up! Because the game haven't ended

Hiryu: Then, what should we do!? We tried many times but only failed!?

Magnum Ace: Sure! I'll not give up until I success!
As long as we and Three Gold Brothers stand on the ground, it doesn't matter
how many times!

Momotarou: Magnum Ace...

Mach Windy: Magnum, I trust in you...

Magnum Ace: Leave it to me, Windy!

[Magnum's morale raises to max]

Magnum Ace: Come, the Three Gold Brothers! Let's decide who is the winner
directly fair and square!!

Gold Foot: Ok then! Bring it on!

Gold Mask: Don't think you can win us now!

Gold Arm: This time we'll crush you!

Magnum Ace: I'll make you remember completely with this ball...
The burning Iron Leaguer spirit!

[Magnum Ace attacks Three Gold Brothers]

Gold Arm: Guooooooooo!!

Gold Foot: Guooooooooo!!

Gold Mask: Uwaaaaaaaaa!!

Gold Arm: I, I am...! I ammmm!!

Kakeru: T, this time we really did it?

Mai: I don't know...

Magnum Ace: Resurrect... The rivals of flame...

Momotarou: Magnum Ace!

Engine-oh: Fufufu, interesting... You showed me a truly interesting thing.

Hiryu: ...! Who!?

[Engine-oh appears]

Kakeru: Engine-oh!

Momotarou: Shit! Why does the Mechanize Empire appear at this time!

Engine-oh: It is truly interesting that you can draw out the power beyond our
calculation even if you are machine! You are a truly interesting sample!
It is just right time that you can't move! Mechanize beast, capture him!

Mechanize Beast: ...

Gold Mask: ...

Gold Foot: ...

Gold Arm: Let's go, Foot! Mask!

Gold Arm: I won't permit it!

Gold Arm: Now! Foot!!

[Gold Foot attacks Mechanize Beast]

Gold Foot: How is that!!

Gold Arm: Well done! Foot!

Mach Windy: You guys, have you awaked!?

Gold Foot: Yeah! Thanks to you guys!

Gold Mask: We have story to tell but now let's first beat those guys!

Gold Arm: How long does you plan to sleep, Magnum! The game begins from now!

Magnum Ace: Yeah, the fight begins from now!

[All allies restore full HP]

*4 enemies remain*

Engine-oh: As expected, valuable datas seem coming in. Let's strengthen the
pressure a bit more.

Momotarou: Bastard Engine-oh! If you can collect our data show us!

Kakeru: We won't let you do as you please!

Mai: Be careful, everyone! Something is coming close!

[Dark King GoSaurer appears]

Momotarou: W, wait!? What is that!?

Mai: Black King Gosauer!? WTH is that thing!?

Genshi-oh: You seem surprise, the soldiers of Earth.

Gold Arm: Who are you!?

Genshi-oh: My name is Genshi-oh! I'm the only machine king carry out the 
command of Kikaishin-sama mechanize this Earth Tear!

Momotarou: Mechanize Earth Tear!? Then, that guy is...! 

Hiryu: He is the boss of Mechanize Beasts attacked Eldogear at that time...!

Momotarou: More than that, why does he ride King Gosauer!?

Genshi-oh: Fufufu... This thing is created by using the data Denki-oh and
Engine-oh obtained from you.
Of course, its power is far greater than the original!

Momotarou: Shit! So that is the story!

Genshi-oh: I'll start checking the power of Dark King Gosauer by bloodbath you
To spread the order of steal to the whole universe!

Momotarou: You bastard! We'll never lose to a fake thing!

Hiryu: I will teach you the fake thing is no more than fake afterall Genshi-oh!

Gold Arm: Be patient you guys! The match won't end at one time. Think about
game make and move!

Magnum Ace: Don't approach Genshi-oh without prepare! Hold on until Ionia 

Mai: Everyone! Until Ionia comes try your best!

*Momotarou vs Engine-oh*

Engine-oh: It is a coincidence we can meet here. Good then. Let's return home
receiving the lacking data.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

Momotarou: What! Since you concentrate too much on recording data, be careful 
so that you don't overlook us.

*Hiryu vs Engine-oh*

Hiryu: Engine-oh, you seem doesn't understand that you can't beat me yet!

Engine-oh: Because that time we don't have your data. But this time it is

*One turn after Dark King Gosauer appeared*

Genshi-oh: Fufufu... No matter how much you oppose, you bastards have no chance
of winning!

[More enemy reinforment appears]

Kakeru: Shit! We can't win this with only this number!

Mai: At this rate we'll be done...!

Gold Foot: Don't give up easily!

Magnum Ace: You haven't show us your true power!

Mach Windy: Don't throw away hope till the end, Dankettsu!

Momotarou: I'll not let myself be done here! We can still do it!

Hiryu: I agree with Momotarou. I'll not give up by this extent.

Momotarou: Mai, Kakeru, Hiryu! If that is the case we'll give it a try, sink or
swim! Let's combine to Perfect Daiteioh!

Kakeru: That is...! Perfect Daiteioh!? 

Hiryu: Is it a robot make from Daiteioh and Dairyuoh' combination!?

Mai: But can we combine with our teamwork now?

Momotarou: To be exact the feelings of me and Hiryu now are separated!
Thanks to that the combination program that everyone found out won't work...
But we can't let that happen! That's my thought when I watched Magnum Ace's 
effort from before!
Now we have to make teamwork by our own!

Hiryu: ...

Kakeru: Can we do teamwork such sudden?

Momotarou: If we fail we can try again anytime!
Moreover we are Dankettsu! If we unite we can do anything!

Hiryu: ...Understood.
My objective is beat down the guys aiming for the Earth and this world. If that
is the only option it can't be helped.

Mai: We are the ones Eldoran entrusted the future! We'll not lose here!

Kakeru: Right! Let's do it!

Magnum Ace: I believe in your courage! In the union of friends!

Momotarou: Well! Let's go!

Momotarou: Don't commit a blunder, Hiryu!

Hiryu: That's my line!

Momotarou: Perfect Daiteioh! Perfect victory combination!!

[Perfect Daiteioh appears]

Genshi-oh: What! How can those 2 machines combine! I don't have data for that!

Engine-oh: Another power beyond our calculation! Amazing! Truly amazing!

Momotarou: Let's go, Genshi-oh!

[Perfect Daiteioh attacks Dark King Gosauer, Dark King Gosauer loses 24000 HP]

Genshi-oh: Shit...!

Kakeru: What power! This is Perfect Daiteioh!?

Mach Windy: You did it! Dankettsu!

Momotarou: How is that, Hiryu! We combined as I said!

Hiryu: To be exact I admit that achievement. But it doesn't mean I admit you.

Momotarou: You are annoying~! You bastard~!

Mai: Now~, I thought that you guys will get along a bit.

Kakeru: Well it is good, Mai. That is the color of Dankettsu.

Genshi-oh: You said that is Perfect Daiteioh! You bastard won't return alive! 

Hiryu: It will not go that way. The one going to win this fight is us.

[Ionia appears]

Ken: Are you alright, Dankettsu! Magnum Ace! Mach Windy!?

Momotarou: Yeah! As you see we are lively!

Professor: That form of Daiteioh! You succeed in combine with Dairyuoh!

Mai: Yeah!

Hiryu: You two stop exchange word. Now let's put the priority defeating Dark
King Gosauer on top.

Kenichi: Dark King Gosauer?

Kakeru: It is the thing created by the machine king called Genshi-oh base on
the data that Engine-oh gave him!

Shinobu: Genshi-oh...! That is the name of the new enemy right!?

Kenichi: Of all things, he got good courage to create the fake thing of King
But I don't think a fake thing can win the original!

*Jin vs Genshi-oh*

Koji: This is the fake King Gosauer...?

Asuka: Sooner or later, a fake Raijin-oh will probably appear.

Jin: What, I'll not let them do that! I'll show them the power of the real 

*Kotarou vs Genshi-oh*

Genshi-oh: The three robots can't win the super-steel-combination King Gosauer!

Kotarou: Speaking of the strength that can be able to combine three bodies, we 
are also the same with that!

Rikiya: We can't definitely lose to you who intend to copy human to become 

*Kenichi vs Genshi-oh*

Kenichi: Why did you copied only King Gosauer!?

Professor: I fear that it is because King Gosauer is the one fighting them at
most so the data was being recorded elaborately!

Kinta: It has power beyond how it looks! It is bad if we fight it directly!

Yoji: Shit! Dangerous enemy! It is hard to success!

*Momotarou vs Enemy*

Momotarou: I'll show you the power of Perfect Daiteioh!

Hiryu: The lacking of energy isn't the problem! You can go all out!

Momotarou: Well! Let's do it, everyone!

Mai: What, ain't you two get along very well!?

Kakeru: From now on they will probably be fine!

*Momotarou vs Genshi-oh*

Momotarou: Why did you copy King Gosauer nonetheless!?

Kakeru: A bad person like you don't suit King Gosauer!

Genshi-oh: How could you only attract to the outlook! Foolish humans!

*Momotarou vs Genshi-oh (after event)*

Kakeru: Thanks to you we're able to form Perfect Daiteioh!

Mai: I just want to thank you for that point!

Hiryu: But your turn already ended!

Momotarou: Leave this world quickly!

*Momotarou vs Genshi-oh (third time or shot down?)*

Hiryu: Its armament is about the same as King Gosauer!

Genshi-oh: Phew... Although the outlook is the same but the content's power is

*Engine-oh defeated*

Guilturbo: Father, we can't hold more than this!

Engine-oh: Then let's retreat. This time record the data of the certain robots
called Iron Leaguer was enough.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father!

*Genshi-oh defeated*

Genshi-oh: Ugh! Is the adjustment not enough...!?

Kenichi: He! The fake can't win the real one!

Genshi-oh: Phew, he get cocky...
But, you will know soon. That this victory is meaningless!

Kinta: What! You don't admit your defeat!

Genshi-oh: There is no such thing like I don't admit my defeat!
Sooner or later this world will completely turn into machine when the Kansei 
mechanize device completed!

Jin: What did you say!?

Genshi-oh: Soon it will be the time this world turn into a beautiful mechanism
planet! Enjoy that time!

[Dark King Gosauer disappears]

Kenichi: Don't run!

Hayato: Don't chase him, Kenichi!

Kenichi: Why, Hayato-san!? If that guy escape, he will use that whatever 

Hayato: Isn't that guy tell that device isn't finished yet?
Now the priority is eliminate the ones here.

Shinobu: Kenichi, we can't advance alone. Let's listen to Hayato-san now.

Kenichi: Shit! Understood!

*Battle ends*

Hiryu: We confirmed annihilation of all enemies.

Kakeru: Phew~. It is probably the hardest time until now.

Professor: Everyone, we have many things to tell but I'm worry about the words
that Genshi-oh said!
As we continue the story inside Ionia now let's head to Jelock forest at once!

Sharu: Right. Then let me report the matter of Genshi-oh to Isaac group.

Shinobu: We rely on you, Sharu-san!

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Jin: It is Perfect Daiteioh!? You did it, Dankettsu!

Momotarou: Well~, hahahaha! If I perform my real ability that's how it goes!

Hiryu: Not only Momotarou but also us.

Momotarou: Eh! Have you forgot that we could combine because I said so!?

Mai: Now, you two say those words again!

Kakeru: Right. Since we went all the trouble to be able to combine, you two
should get along from now on.

Hiryu: ...

Asuka: How about Hiryu also be a bit obedient? There is a limit of fighting
alone isn't it?
Because we can fight well with enormous enemies is due to the combine power of

Hiryu: That seems to be correct but...

Kotarou: We are somewhat heartening if there is friend!

Yousuke: Like seeing his homework?

Kotarou: Right right!

Koji: Momotarou-kun, Hiryu-kun... 
If comrades believe in each other they will definitely become strong.
Wasn't because of that evidence you guys be able to combine into Perfect 

Hiromi: Because of that be good friends, Ok?

Hiryu: It can't be helped... If because of that we can drive enemy away.
Momotarou, Kakeru, Mai. From now let me join the Dankettsu.

Momotarou: Y, yeah...

Kakeru: At this point Dankettsu give birth to a new member!

Mai: From now on let's try our best together in the Perfect Daiteioh!

Hiryu: Yeah.

Gorou: At this point all Eldoran robots can combine.

Jin: With that we can't lose no matter what is the opponent!

Professor: Don't be overconfident. The power of the Dark King Gosauer which
appeared a while ago is yet to be known.

Kukko: Right. The next time it appears it will probably be stronger.

Ken: On the contrary, the fake of other Eldoran robo haven't come out.

Zanpa: Because that is seriously not a joke give me a break...

Kenichi: Don't worry! If we combine our power we surely can't lose!

Mach Windy: That is the spirit, you guys.

Momotarou: Mach Windy! Is your body Ok!?

Magnum Ace: Yes. Thanks to Blass-san's appropriate maintenance we completely

Mai: I'm glad that you got better! 

Blass: It is sad that even me can't be able to see the action of those 5.

Momotarou: Magnum Ace, Match Windy! Thanks to you two we're able to combine 
into Perfect Daiteioh!

Magnum Ace: No, I & Windy didn't do anything. The success of the combination
is due to the power of heart of you guys one by one.
Also from now on, don't forget that feeling and deepen the color of Dankettsu

Momotarou: Yes sir!

Gold Arm: I'm sorry you guys. We seem cause you alot of trouble.
The reason we've been eaten by DG Cell is because of our weak hearts...

Domon: The one to apologize is me. The reason you became like that is because
I failed to catch DG Cell at Earth.
You don't need to feel guilty at all.

Gold Arm: If you said that I feel more or less easy.

Magnum Ace: Welcome home, the Three Gold Brothers.

Mach Windy: Indeed. You cause us worry.

Gold Foot: Thanks to you that wake up our Leaguer Spirit.

Gold Arm: From now on let us fight together with you. We want to atone our sin.

Mach Windy: I'm not against it at all but, how about everyone?

Kakeru: Isn't it good? We'll give a warm welcome to the rivals of Magnum, no, 
rather friends!
What about everyone else?

Ryouma: This is the gathering spot of soft dudes. Surely there is no one 
against it.

Benkei: Then, it decided.

Gold Arm: So, from now on we depend on you guys.

Maria: If Paffy-san know that the three Gold Brothers are our ally she'll
probably be happy.

Potato: Right. Because she is their fan.

Gold Foot: Brother, I and Mask will be around supporting you.

Gold Mask: Brother, please rage as much as you can!

Gold Arm: Yeah! I'm counting on you, guys!

Magnum Ace: The Three Gold Brothers, I have one thing I want you to listen to.

Gold Foot: What, you're formal?

Magnum: About the disappear event of the Leaguer that is happening now.

Domon: I also want you to listen to me. Why are you have DG Cell inside your

Gold Arm: Understood. We'll tell you all that we know.
First, the Ernst are behind the disappear of the Leaguer.

Magnum Ace: As I thought...

Gold Foot: They're experimenting the captured superior Leaguer as the Iron 
Soldier who fight the Evil Dragon Tribe.

Mach Windy: What did you say!? As the Iron Soldier!?

Jin: What is this ''Iron Soldier''?

Magnum Ace: It is the robot use for battle created by remodelling the Iron
Very recently, it is the thing that the leader of the Iron Leaguer, Girochi 
have done as dark trade.

Blass: So the rumor that Girochi is using the Iron Leaguer as the prime field
of Iron Soldier is true.

Mach Windy: But Girochi seems showed great admiration when he watched the match 
between our Silver Castle and The Three Gold Brother's Dark Swan.
Thereafter he promised to stop all the remodelling Leaguer into Iron Soldier.

Zanpa: Was such thing happened Pen?

Gold Arm: But it seems the Ernst inherited that will and begun the research on
Iron Soldier.
They pretended to come to scout quietly the superior Leaguer and forcibly 
captured the Leaguer reject the invitation.

Kakeru: Sharu, is that story now true?

Sharu: I don't think we did such experiment while we were at Ernst.

Blass: Including the event of DG Cell, it seems to be the project that was
carried out secretly in the place that we can't see.

Domon: The scale of Ernst facility seems larger than we think...

Zanpa: I also was treated as an experiment animal of Ernst Pen!
That was a project called strengthen penguin Pen!
It was hard for me to escape Pen...

Blass: Which reminds me, I heard of a story about the research team related to
the AI of Slave Pot...

Zanpa: Really Pen?

Sharu: Could it be they insert the thought circuit of Zanpa into the Slave 

Blass: Probably...

Gold Mask: Those Ernst people, they greatly succeed in investigating our
thought circuit too...

Gold Foot: They tried to conform our thought but...

Gold Arm: They were very unhappied with our resistance. So in the end they
implied DG Cell on us.
And that later as you know, we're running wildly by the heart of rival and did
nothing but challenging you guys a game.
It is a shameful thing...

Mach Windy: I see.

Magnum Ace: It must have been a painful experience. Thank you for telling us,
the three Gold Brother.

Gold Foot: That extent is nothing. More than that we've to save the captured

Mach Windy: Of course!

Kakeru: Then we decided what we'll do!

Kenichi: First let's go to the Jelock forest and beat the Mechanize Empire!

Ken: Next we'll find the base of Ernst facility and stampede them!

Domon: Thereupon we'll completely erase the DG Cell and save the Leaguers at
the same time right?

Sharu: Then, first let unite with the detached force.

Tsutomu: Which reminds me, Adeu group succeed in capturing the Spirit Stone of
Bakuretsumaru wasn't it?

Sharu: Good then... I hear that Galden have hold that stone.

Jin: Galden!? Are you serious!?

Sharu: Let's leave the detail later. Now the Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber are heading
this way. I'll move the Ionia to the uniting point right away.

Momotarou: Yes sir!

*Evil Dragon Tribe Battle Ship/Bridge*

Rigel: I thought the only one we should defeat is Ryu-user when we invaded 
Earth Tear but... those bastard humans have gathered strength beyond our 
Before the main force of our Emperor appear dealing with all obstructors is 
my job... If we don't erase them quickly...

Adria: Sorry for interupting, Rigel-sama.

Rigel: How are you doing, Adria? I thought I already ordered you to follow the 
trace of Ryu-users.

Adria: While we're on that, I have a plan that I want you to acknowledge.

Rigel: Talk then.

Adria: Yes, please take a look at this.

Rigel: That is?

Adria: This is the result of our investigation after many years, and at last
we completed it. 
If we install this magic stone on Ryu, we can manipulate the consiousness of
Ryu and its user.
If we do so we don't need to do the job ourself but cause them to kill each

Rigel: Fu, that is interesting.
Well, I permit your plan! Besure to crush the Ryu-users!

Adria: Yes! Please trust me!

*Urutalia Fortress/Ernst facility HQ*

Ribaris: Is it good at this point, Amane?

Amane: Yeah. If we insert this device, the output surely increases by manyfold.

Kyaos: You are great, Amane. I researched for a long time but couldn't thought 
of that kind of device.

Amane: That can't be helped. The science at the present time is trivial compare
to my time.
More than that, Kyaos. How is the guys of Ionia doing?

Kyaos: Like you thought, they are putting their effort on defeating the enemy 
of Earth Tear.
But, as for the result they are a bit in trouble because of serious competitors
aiming for the Spirit Stones.

Amane: If this machine is completed, even they will join force with us.
You prepare for upcoming decisive battle. I have nice arrangement for the case
of the Spirit Stones.

Kyaos: Are you planning something?

Amane: Well, trust me. I'll show you the development that will paralyze Ionia
with terror.

Kyaos: Then Ribaris, continuing put adjustment to the machine.

Ribaris: ...

Kyaos: What is wrong with you, Ribaris?

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama, is it really good that we're working following that man's 
As for me I don't think that guy is a character that we can trust enough...

Kyaos: He have knowledge and technique that we need.
We can fully make use of him while we're having the same purpose.
Even, that is a being that lay waste to Earth Tear and is called former Evil

Ribaris: ...

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Sharu: All machines confirmed... The harvest operation of machine is completed.

Izumi: It is best that we're able to join force without anyone missing.

Lamuness: We're increased instead of missing.

Milk: I couldn't believe that even the Three Gold Brothers joined us!

Gold Arm: We've troubled you many times.

Gold Foot: But, from now on we'll give you a hand! We'll do the best we can!

Magnum Ace: We rely on you, Three Gold Brothers!

Gold Mask: Yeah, leave it to us! We will give light to the two worlds as long
as Iron Leaguer Spirit is there!

Momotarou: Since we Danketssu also be able to form Perfect Daiteioh, leave the
later to us!

Kinta: From here Paffy was able to Class-change!

Paffy: Yes. I think the Spirit Stone responsed to the feeling I want to protect
everyone and this world.

Akira: That is great!

Izumi: But, there isn't only good news! The higher rank Evil Dragon Tribe 

Hittel: The fighting ability of the Doom, the machine has the same size as the
Evil Dragon Tribe we beat, has terrific fighting power.

Hayato: I can't believe the Evil Dragon Tribe has something like that.

Gesshin: Moreover a truth that caused us surprise is that Galden inherits half
of Evil Dragon Tribe blood.

Ken: What did you say!? Galden is!?

Gratches: He himself also had a great shock... Galden had challenged the Evil
Dragon Tribe.
But before the power of Doom instead he fell into crisis.

Sarutobi: Then the one saving him is this soft-hearted idiot Sonic Adeu.

Adeu: Who is the Sonic idiot!?

Sarutobi: To be exact thanks to your effort saving him the Anfuu that he holds 
ended up with no harm.
But, if you think Galden is moved by your kindness and join us you have big

Adeu: Nobody think that way!
Nevertheless Galden is a Ryu-user borned and raised at Earth Tear!
He will surely understand! Now, that is the thing he must do!

Sarutobi: Hmph, that thinking is naive.

Ryu Dolk: Adeu, why do you trust Galden that much?
If that guy inherit Evil Dragon Tribe's blood, there is a high possibility he
accept that cursed fate and more than ever will become our enemy.

Adeu: I can't explain clearly but... While everyone wasn't there, when he 
talked to me I felt that he is somewhat lost...
Surely there are things that Galden did that we can't forgive...
But that guy is only be used by Evil Dragon Tribe!
If he didn't meet Idro now probably he'll be on our side!

Paffy: Adeu...

Ryu Dolk: Do you mean regardless of how he is borned and raised, surely anyone
will has a good heart sleeping inside him? If that's the truth I'll also help.
Because there is a proof that I chose to be here by my own will, not because 
I'm the decendant of Good God.

Isaac: Either way, Galden has the Spirit Stone of Sarutobi...

Sarutobi: Right. Let's find that guy and get back the stone.

Cocoa: But we don't have a idea where Galden go~.

Adeu: Don't worry about that!

Lesqua: You have a good method?

Adeu: No!

Adeu: But we'll surely find him! As long as he is fighting!

*Earth Tear/Forest*

Galden: (What will I do from here...?)
(I was taken by Idro's word and fight to be a supreme ruler as fast as 
possible... In the end, I wasn't able to obtain anything...)
(From now what should I do... I don't understand even that...)

Adria: Fufufu... I found you, Ryu-user)

Galden: Who is there!?

Adria: I'm Adria. You are the one control Dark Knight Steru, Galden. 

Galden: You're... Evil Dragon Tribe...!

Adria: If you're the one inherit Evil Dragon Tribe's blood, why don't you fight
together with us?

Galden: Watch your mouth! I'm different from you!

Adria: Then it can't be helped! I'll make you do so by force!

Galden: I'm also irritated! Bring it on!
Dark Knight Steru!

Adria: Fufu, you called out Ryu?

Galden: Well, what are you doing!? Call out Doom and fight me!

Adria: I don't need to call out Doom to fight the like of you.

Galden: How impudent...
Then die here!

Galden: What!? You dodged!?

Adria: You're naive, Galden!
Next is my turn! Receive my magic stone!

Galden: Mu... This is...!?
What is this...!? What did you do to Steru!?

Adria: As long as this magic stone exist inside Steru, it will make you fight 
as a soldier of Evil Dragon Tribe.

Galden: Don't make fun of me! I don't think I'll be controlled by such thing!

Aria: It is useless. Once it is installed, it can't be removed.

Aria: Well, Galden! Kill all Ryu-users for the sake of Evil Dragon Tribe!

Galden: Shit... Uu... Uooooooo!!

Stage 29: Countdown to destruction

*Jelock Forest*

Engine-oh: Genshi-oh, how is the construction of the Kanshi Mechanize device?

Genshi-oh: Soon the energy filling will complete.

Engine-oh: Hou, that is wonderful.

Genshi-oh: Because we used the Spirit Stone this device was able to obtain the
output as the plan!
If this device operate every single life in this world is erased, and later the
field of machine will spread!
Fuhahahaha! Make the order of steel to the whole universe!

[Ionia appears]

Engine-oh: Genshi-oh, somehow Ionia appeared.

Genshi-oh: Good timing! I will return the debt last time!

Ely: Everyone, look at that!

Hiromi: Could it be the Kanshi Mechanize device!?

Tsutomu: Somehow it is in the progress of filling energy.

Maria: Now is the time we destroy it!

Genshi-oh: I'll not permit that!

Kenichi: So you appeared, mechanize beasts!

Genshi-oh: Fufufu... Not only that.

[Dark King Gosauer appears]

Genshi-oh: I'll directly challenge you in this Dark King Gosauer!

Lamuness: Dark King Gosauer!?

Kenichi: It is a fake merchandise that Genshi-oh created!

Genshi-oh: Ionia's robots. Normally I'll not welcome you but, this time it is
special... The 4 Spirit Stones that I already obtained, including the one that
we'll steal from you will only give us new power!

Gesshin: The Spirit Stones that you stealed from Eldogear!?

Professor: I afraid to say that they're used as the energy source of that 
Kanshi Mechanize device!

Genshi-oh: Fu... If you obedient give us the Spirit Stone, we'll let you escape
from this place.

Gratches: Nonesense! Spirit Stone is Ryu-user's pride! You don't have the right
to take it!

Genshi-oh: That is the power beyond human's control. Let us Mechanize Empire
use it effectively. 

Izumi: The true meaning of the Spirit Stone is also for us Ryu-users to use!

Sarutobi: I won't let guy like you use it as you like!

Gesshin: Genshi-oh! Give us back the Spirit Stone!

Engine-oh: Fufufu, what vigorous dudes. Let us give you a hand.

[Engine-oh appears]

Guilturbo: Father, this time we should help Genshi-oh right?

Engine-oh: Yeah. That's right.

Guilturbo: Understood, Father.

Engine-oh: Then, it is good to proceed by seeing through Genshi-oh's plan...

Hiromi: Even Engine-oh appears!

Shinobu: It doesn't seem easy for us to pass through...

Kenichi: Even so we can only do it! Let's fire ourselves up!

Professor: Everyone! According to my calculation, there are 15 more minutes
before the filling energy progress finishes!
We have to defeat all enemies in 10 minutes for us to save time to safely stop
the device!

Ken: Why? Can we just destroy the device?

Tetsuya: Have you forgot Ken? The Spirit Stones are installed in that device.

Omachi: In other word if we destroy the device the Spirit Stones also gone.

Tsutomu: Not only that! That device is spreading to the underground! If the
Spirit Stones explode, we can't measure the damage!

Hayato: Not only we can't start an all-out-attack, we are attached to time 

Magnum Ace: The time of the game is 10 minutes!

Mach Windy: Ok, let's end this!

*Engine-oh defeated*

Engine-oh: Somehow as I plan those guys are powering up steadily.

Guilturbo: Eventhough the ability of the machine hasn't changed why do they
become strong?

Engine-oh: If we can't analyze the unknown secret power of humans, even if we
win the fight it can't be called true victory.
We can't make light of human just because their body are weak.
Well, let's retreat Guilturbo.

Guilturbo: Roger, Father.

*5 turns passed*

Tsutomu: We have 5 minutes left!

Kinta: 5 minutes is enough! We'll surely win this battle!

*8 turns passed*

Professor: There is only 3 minutes left! Please hurry!

Yoji: Shit! At this rate...!

*10 turns passed*

Gorou: There is one minute left! Everyone, don't give up till the end!

Kenichi: Of course! We definitely won't let Earth Tear turn into machine!

*11 turns passed*

Kenichi: Not good! We're too late!

Milk: Ahh... Earth Tear is...

*Jin vs Genshi-oh*

Asuka: We don't have time, Jin! Let's quickly finish Genshi-oh!

Jin: Understood! How can I let Earth Tear turn into machine!

Genshi-oh: Now that the Mechanize device is working, you bastards can't win!
Turn into machine together with this world!

*Kotarou vs Genshi-oh*

Genshi-oh: After we ruined Earth Tear we'll ruin the Earth! By using the Spirit
Stones and this device!

Kotarou: Why you~! Don't talk big!

Rikiya: We'll beat you so that you can't create a thing like this the second 

*Kenichi vs Genshi-oh*

Genshi-oh: I'll operate the Mechanize device soon! Stop useless resistance and
watch the world you try to protect being destroyed!

Kenichi: As long as we're here, that trick won't work! 

Shinobu: We'll surely protect Earth Tear!

*Momotarou vs Genshi-oh*

Genshi-oh: So you came, the Eldoran robots! Let's settle things today!

Momotarou: We are about to do that, Genshi-oh! If we beat you here, the Earth
will be safe a bit more!

*Adeu vs Genshi-oh*

Genshi-oh: Give me that Spirit Stone you are holding!

Adeu: This stone is not only me but packed with Father and everyone else' 
thought! I'll never pass it to a guy who don't understand that reason like you!

*Izumi or Gratches or Hittel or Gesshin vs Genshi-oh*

Gesshin: Such being uses our Spirit Stone and turns Earth Tear into machine...!

Izumi: Good grief! How could there be a guy that think terrible things!

Hittel: But, we can't let things go the way he think!

Gratches: Return to our hands the power that is needed to save Earth Tear!

*Genshi-oh defeated*

Genshi-oh: How dare you Eldoran robots! If that is the case...!

Koji: The pillar is shining! What is that!?

Genshi-oh: Just a moment ago, I pushed the switch of the Mechanize device!
Soon the mechanize progress will begin!

Momotarou: What did you just say!?

Genshi-oh: Thanks to your resistance the energy filling can't be completed...
But, that is enough to turn half of Earth Tear into machine!

Kenichi: Don't joke!

Genshi-oh: You bastards can stay there and watch slowly!
The situation of this ground which fills with order of steel!

[Dark King Gosauer disappears]

Da Cider: Damn, he run away!

Hiromi: If we don't arrest him and make him utter out the resolving method!

Professor: Now is not an occasion for that!
If we leave the device as it is now the mechanization will begin!

Kouji: Then, what should we do!?

Tsutomu: We can only analyze the system of the Mechanize device and stop it!

Blass: Sharu, put Ionia next to the Mechanize device! 
We'll directly construct the line and analyze the device!

Sharu: Understood!

Sharu: Brother! I finished the attachment of the line!

Blass: Everyone of Earth Defense Class, are you ready!?

Tsutomu: Yes! The preparation is done!

Blass: Good, we'll analyze quickly!

Maria: Tsutomu, it seems we made it?

Tsutomu: Now we're gaining the control of 10% of the system!
We need to earn time to cut off the energy provision!

Potato: You're great, Tsutomu-kun!

Tsutomu: As the result of recalculation, the time limit is 5 more minutes. At 
that 5 minutes we must analyze the system!

Sharu: At this rate we'll also give you support!
Since Ionia is set here, everyone else please guard around Ionia!

Kakeru: Understood!

Kotarou: If we keep it up, somehow we can do it!

Professor: But even if we succeed in stopping the device, until then the fact
that large amount of energy sink into the device won't change.

Jin: What does that mean?

Blass: When we take out the Spirit Stone, if we're not careful the energy will
run out of control and there will be a possibility that a big explosion occurs.

Yoji: But, isn't we don't have much time left!? There is no spare time to act 
that carefully...!

Sharu: That's why when it comes to critical moment we can only acknowledge 
danger and take a rough method! 
This time we are in the same boat! All member please be prepared!

Yousuke: I, it can't be~!

Hidenori: Be careful! There is new response! It's the Evil Dragon Tribe!

Shingo: Good grief... Guys who unable to read the situation is why they're

Adria: I found you, Ryu-users! 

Adeu: You are the Evil Dragon Tribe from before!

Adria: Soon our main force will arrive at Earth Tear! But before that, all of
you must die!

Paffy: We'll never accept that kind of fate!

Sarutobi: We don't have time! No matter what you do, quickly bring it on!

Adria: Fufu, don't try to look that cool. I have prepared a suitable person to
execute you.

[Steru appears]

Galden: ...

Adeu: That is Galden!?

Ryouma: That bastard... At last he joined them! Fine then!

Ryu Dolk: I misjudged you, Galden! Is that the answer you show us!?

[Ryu Knight sortie]

Adeu: Galden, what is wrong with you!? You finished being subordinate of Evil
Dragon Tribe!?

Adria: Kill them, Galden! Bloodbath them!

Galden: ...

Adeu: S, stop, Galden!

Galden: ...

Adeu: Talk Galden! Can you hear my voice!?

Adria: It is useless. The Galden now won't listen to anything you say.

Da Cider: What!?

Adria: Galden is now my puppet. His conciousness is no longer exist.

Sharu: You did the same like Idro. All you Evil Dragon Tribe are the same!

Adria: Galden is under command to fight you! Fight your own fellow Ryu-user and

Ryu Dolk: You coward... A disgraceful woman as a soldier...!

Sarutobi: I don't care what the fuck happening to Galden! I'll give him the
final word!

Adeu: Stop, Sarutobi! Galden is only being controlled!

Katze: You fool! You already saw he attacked without mercy! You'll be done if
you say such thing!

Adeu: But...!

Gratches: Adeu, give up on Galden! We don't have spare time to find a method to
rescue him in this condition!

Adeu: Of course not! I'll persuade Galden!

Hittel: But even if you attempt to persuade him, I afraid it is hard to talk 
with that rage!

Gesshin: Moreover, if Ionia being attacked while we're taking out the Spirit 
Stones then...!

Adeu: Nonetheless I can't leave Galden like this!
I rely on you, everyone! Lend me your power! Because I want to save Galden!

Paffy: Understood, Adeu.

Sarutobi: Paffy!?

Paffy: Regardless of Galden's past, like Adeu said now we need more comrades,
even if there is only one.
I don't know how can we return Galden to normal but let's do thing we can do!

Izumi: If princess say so then...

Lamuness: Well! Let's do it!

Adeu: Thank you, Paffy! Thank you, everyone!

Bowei: The story is settled but how do we do it in detail?

Izumi: I think it is best after we weaken Galden's action, let Adeu persuade

Tetsuya: It seems that is the only way we send words to him.

Isaac: Let's trust the Mechanize device to Ionia's crews. The one can fight
will repel the enemy. Adeu will try to persuade Galden.

Adeu: Understood!

Gesshin: Mu! Something coming out from the Mechanize device!

[Mechanize Beasts appear]

Sarutobi: They are convoy!

*Adeu vs Galden*

Adeu: Wait, Galden! I'll soon release you from those guys' curse!

*Sarutobi vs Galden*

Sarutobi: Galden! It seems you're being control but I don't care! I'll avenge
you for the sake of me!

*2 turns after Galden appeared*

Tsutomu: There are no time left! 3 more minutes!

*4 turns after Galden appeared*

Gorou: There is only 1 minute left! Hurry, everyone!

*5 turns after Galden appeared*

Tsutomu: Uu... We're too late...

Milk: Ahh... Earth Tear is...

*Steru's HP is reduced to under 30%*

Paffy: Now, Adeu!

Adeu: Galden, are you that weak!? Answer me, Galden!

Galden: ...

Adeu: Galden, ain't you the chosen Knight by Ryu! Remember!

Galden: ...

Adeu: Galden, remember! Take back yourself! Don't lose to those bastards Evil
Dragon Tribe!!

Galden: A, Adeu... I'm...

Adeu: Galden!

Galden: Uooooooo!!

Galden: I won't be as you like!

Adeu: G, Galden!

Paffy: How! How can he stab the sword into his own chest!

Izumi: He wounded himself to set free from the curse that manipulates will!

Galden: Guuuuu...!

Sarutobi: You bastard Galden! What are you doing!?

Galden: Guuu... I can't let it end without paying your debt...!

Gratches: Perhaps he try to remove the Spirit Stone from the Mechanize device!?

Blass: Not good! If he receive the energy of the Spirit Stones with that wound
he won't get away with it!

Adeu: Stop, Galden! You'll die!!

Galden: Adeu, I'll not die...
Go, Steru! Take back the Spirit Stones!!


Tsutomu: He did it! The Mechanize device stopped!

Gesshi: Magnificient swordmanship! By a great speed swordplay he removed the
Spirit Stones without wounding them.

Galden: Take it! Your Spirit Stone!
Sarutobi, I'll also return to you! Your Anfuu!!

Gesshin: This is...

Hittel: Our Spirit Stone!?

Izumi: But why did Galden return the Spirit Stones...!?

Gratches: Moreover risking himself!

Sarutobi: I don't understand... Why is that bastard Galden...

Galden: U... Uu...!

Adeu: Galdeeeen!!

Adeu: Galden! Be tough, Galden!

Galden: A, Adeu... I can clearly hear your voice...
I didn't lose... You saw it... Adeu?

Adeu: Galdeeeen! Be tough, Galdeeeen!

Blass: At this rate his life is in danger! Let's bring him inside Ionia at 

Adeu: Yeah!

Adeu: Don't die! Galden!!

[Doom appears]

Adria: Hmph, that is useless but!
Go, you guys! Offer those guys' neck to Rigel-sama!

[Ryu-users appear]

Sarutobi: That guy... That Galden...

Katze: He risked his life to get back the Spirit Stone...

Gratches: He is also a Ryu-user...

Gesshin: We also have to response to that faith.

Izumi: Right, we've to do it! We also have to do it!

Izumi: Spirit Stone!

Gratches: Give us your power!

[Ryu Priest Baurus changes to Ryu High Priest Baurus, Ryu Mage Magidora 
changes to Ryu Wizard Magidora, Ryu Gunner Derringer changes to Ryu Wyatt 
Derringer, Ryu Samurai Hayatemaru changes to Ryu Kaiden Hayatemaru, Ryu Chief 
Shinebaram changes to Ryu Grand Chief Shinebaram]

Sarutobi: I'm rely in you, Spirit Stone! Let me class-change!

[Ryu Ninja Bakuretsumaru changes to Ryu Ninja Master Bakuretsumaru]

Sarutobi: I did it...! I also did it!

Adria: What does this mean...! How can they also class-change!

Sharu: Thanks to Gaiden we completely stopped the Mechanize device! At this
point Ionia also able to return to the front line!

Isaac: Then, now we'll also fight with full power!

Adeu: How can you control human's heart and let them fight! I'll never forgive

Izumi: We have to protect Earth Tear!

Gesshin: For that reason the Spirit Stone lent us its power!

Hittel: We can't permit the invasion of Evil Dragon Tribe any longer!

Katze: Then! Let's give them a good rhythm in one go!

Gratches: Let's go! We have to crush the Evil Dragon Tribe so Galden's action
won't be in vain!

Adria: Hmph, don't think that you can beat us just because you can 
I'll send you following right after Galden!

[Ryu Knight appears]

Adeu: I'll not permit it!!

[Ryu Knight changes to Lord Paradin]

Adeu: Come, Evil Dragon Tribe!!

*Adeu vs Adria*

Adria: Die! Ryu Knight!!

Adeu: I'll definitely not forgive you! Definitely... not forgiveeeeee!!

*Sarutobi vs Adria*

Sarutobi: What you did to Galden is even unnecessary imitation to me!

Adria: Hmph, with your true ability what you can do is follow that garbage!

*Izumi or Gratches or Hittel or Gesshin vs Adria*

Izumi: I'll absolutely not forgive what you did as a person!

Gesshin: I'll challenge you in place of Galden!

Adria: You chicks that only did class-change! You can't be the opponent of my

Hittel: I wonder if it is truly so?

Gratches: Open your eyes and confirm our power on your own body!

*3 enemies remain*

Adria: I can't believe they can go that far...!
If that is the case I'll be your opponent!

*Adria defeated*

Adria: I can't fight any longer...! I can only retreat for today!
Unpleasant Ryu-users! Remember this!

[Doom disappears]

Hayato: It finished...

Adeu: Izumi! Please return to Ionia immediately and use your magic to cure
Because Galden must fight together with us! He is chosen by Ryu as a soldier... 
for Earth Tear!

Gesshin: Right. It is very regretable to let him die here.

Paffy: Izumi, I also wish for that! Please use your magic to cure Galden!

Izumi: Understood! As for me I also own him for taking back the Spirit Stone!

Sarutobi: Shit, bastard Galden! That mess troubles us throughoutly after all!
I won't forgive him if he dies here!


Izumi: The deep compassion God Ada! Heal the wound of this guy!

Adeu: Izumi, what's Galden condition!?

Izumi: I gave him the best treatment. The next depends on the life force of

Adeu: He risked his life and defied by using the technique of Evil Dragon 

Hittel: In the end he saved us.

Sarutobi: Why, Adeu? Why you backing Galden until now? 

Adeu: You don't understand? Galden get wounded by fighting for us.

Sarutobi: What a lucky guy... You know how much he made me in pain...?

Adeu: Even so we can't leave him alone!
Moreover Sarutobi, you must saw the battle from before! What did Galden do
for you!

Sarutobi: Because Anfuu is the thing originally from my village. Even if he
return that to me I don't intend to thanks him at all!

Adeu: Sarutobi, you...!

Paffy: Er, Sarutobi... I think I know the complex feeling of you for Galden...
But, now until Galden's condition is stable, can you surpress that feeling?

Sarutobi: Don't worry about it, Paffy. To tell the truth, I don't plan to
immediately take his neck at the moment...
But since that dying guy did such thing, I have no intention to kill him, as a
At least I'll wait until he completely recovers and call out Steru.

Gesshin: I see... 
If you who want Galden to see hell talked like that, it saves us who changed 
our viewpoint towards him.

Katze: Eventhough we notice it is only a moment.

Sarutobi: I don't intend to forgive Galden as you guys. Don't misunderstood 
Moreover on top of that, if I see his face my determination won't change. 
I leave the later to everyone else.

Adeu: I wonder when will Sarutobi forgive Galden?

Gesshin: Until now he seek for revenge his family were killed. I think he need

Izumi: But, as long as he understand Galden is a soldier who fight for Earth
Tear, sooner or later the time will come for both sides to digest it.

Gratches: For that reason we must have Galden to recover as soon as possible...


Kinta: Somehow we're able to stop Genshi-oh's battle plan.

Mai: Good grief! That guy can think of anything to mechanize Earth Tear!

Professor: This time we can do something since we obtained informations from
White Dragon.
But, that mechanize device is dangerous... If we can't sense Mechanize Empire's
action beforehand, we simply can't deal with them...

Gorou: I wonder if us Sauers should act particularly and go to beat Genshi-oh?

Tsutomu: That isn't necessary, Sauers.

Bon: Why, Tsutomu?

Tsutomu: Since I understood the analyze of mechanize device, for that device to
work, the energy needed is more than we can think of.
It is necessary to make material that release energy of Spirit Stone class its
energy source.
Therefore, even the Mechanize Empire can't create the mechanize device that 

Jin: Is that so?

Shinobu: It seems we can relax for the time being.

Chobi: But if those guys find a powerful energy source, they will create 
another mechanize device right?

Tsutomu: Probably so.

Momotarou: Then we can't be careless until we beat those guys!

Kenichi: Yeah! This time that we fought certainly isn't settle yet!


Milk: Including the Spirit Stones that we obtained this time we now have 7 
Spirit Stones!

Cocoa: The Spirit Stone left is only one~.

Lamuness: If we get it we'll make Goburiki old pan!

Da Cider: Old pan...? Classic pan... Koten Pan!
Nuoooooo, Damn~! Isn't it interesting~!

Lesqua: Fuu... For the time being, if we collect the 8 Spirit Stones, we'll
face Goburiki at last right?

Cocoa: But what I afraid is the location of the 8th one~.

Hayato: Let's trust Adeu group for the research.

Isaac: In addition to that we have a lot of problem pile up. We've to decide
the guide of the next action at once.

Sharu: What? An information from the external?

Amane: Well, everyone. You fought a magnificent style a while ago.

Kakeru: You are...! Where!? Where are you!?

Amane: Is that thing not worth noticing? Because aren't you finding the Spirit 
If that's the case I'll tell you where it is.

Kakeru: What did you say!? Why did you know that?

Amane: I always keep an eye on your action from the Ernst facility.
Therefore anything you do will be leaked out.

Omachi: That is stalker isn't it? Well, I can understand such charming feeling.

Lesqua: Then where is the Spirit Stone?

Amane: It is at Ernst facility's stronghold, Urutalia.

Gold Foot: Urutalia!?

Domon: If that is true, we can also be able to get rid of all DG Cell.

Sharu: But aren't we in trouble since we don't understand the location of 

Amane: Right. That's why I'll tell you how to get there. If you want the 
Spirit Stone, it is good to go there.

Kouji: Wait! How can you proof that a Spirit Stone is really at Urutalia!?

Ken: Your talk of taking trouble to invite us to the stronghold is like there
is a trap!

Amane: Have you forgotten? The countdown to destruction has begun.
Are you sitting your butt here and watch Earth Tear falls into the dark 

Kakeru: ...You, what are you planning?

Amane: Isn't I'm a fool to teach you that?
Because I'll give a dramatic act to your scenario, you can press forward 
without worry.

Domon: We have no choice to go even that is suppose to be a trap.

Magnum Ace: Anyhow that is the opponent we should settle with. If he show
up, in contrary that is probably our chance.

Amane: That's all. Then, let's meet later.

Tetsuya: The final Spirit Stone is at Urutalia...

Sharu: Because that place is inside Earth Tear, since the gathering OOPArts
are deposited it isn't strange if there is a Spirit Stone among them.

Blass: But, I don't think that Kyaos will give it to us that easily.

Milk: You don't mean she'll say hand over Ionia and Schicksalius in exchange?

Kakeru: Yeah, I afraid so...

Isaac: The same as Genshi-oh this time they are probably aiming for the Spirit
Stones that we hold.

Gold Mask: We can't begin with thinking. In brief, it is suspicious whether
Urutalia appears or not.

Domon: No, he don't need to lie that much. ...He only don't answer the question
he don't want to answer.

Cocoa: Which reminds me~, the time that that strange dimension locked up also 
tought us a very important hint~.

Kakeru: It is a thing that we can probably escape if I master the Arm 

Kid: Then it means he sidestepped the true identity of the dimension.

Jin: Then, he don't want to tell us whether there is a trap when we come to
Urutalia. How tiresome...

Blass: Since we are the opponent of Urutalia, he have to be careful... That is
the member of Ernst facility after all.
Those guys also have to unite to protect Earth Tear. That method is no more 
than chosing to fight under Kyaos.

Killy: You mean those guys also have the sense of justice? It is a good story
but, to be honest I feel lost with that kind on enemy until now.

Sharu: Yeah. Moreover in that base aside from soldiers there are lots of
civilians and researchers...

Ryouma: Suppose a battle break out we can't just blow it up entirely?

Isaac: If we can, avoid fighting and set up negotiation as much as possible.

Tama-Q: We don't have much time until Earth Tear is completely soaked Mya!
Anyhow we can only obtain the Spirit Stone Mya!

Bowei: Then let's leave thinking later and now let's only act.

Sharu: Then let's carry out the battle plan. We'll quickly move to the point
that the sending data shows.

Lamuness: Well! Let's move to Urutalia!


Blass: This area is the route to Urutalia...

Zanpa: If the information is correct, this is it Pen.

Maria: Outside the ship it is chilly cold...

Ken: This place has nothing but snowy moutains...

Izumi: This is the place of North Pole, Byfrost. It is probably Adeu's 

Adeu: Yeah, it is but... I don't know such place.

Cocoa: Because Byfrost is very large~.

Hayato: It is a silent place that there is even no trade route...
Speaking of Earth this is the end of North Pole... 

Isaac: It is the place of North Pole where no one lives... It is most suitable
for hiding Urutalia.

Blass: As for hiding such big object to camouflage by magic is not enough.

Kakeru: Urutalia... What on earth is that place?

Blass: Urutalia is a historic ruin of the ancient Ernst people. 
Once it is said to be a capital flying in the sky.

Professor: It is exactly a fantasy world to be the ruin that flies in sky.

Sharu: But I can't feel it is an ancient ruin now that it becomes Ernst 
facility's stronghold...

Lesqua: Isn't in reality not many people can see it since originally the
Ernst facility itself isn't much of a major being?

Katze: Well, among us traders it can be known as a stocking goal for good new

Blass: Because it is a strategy to advance more in development and research by
the compensation that obtained by productization one part of the research.

Hittel: You mean trading is just a means to an end?

Blass: The leader Kyaos Reille is thinking seriously for Earth Tear's future.
That ideal doesn't change consistency.

Da Cider: From the beginning why do those guys have an intention of collecting
the Armed Fantoma?

Blass: It is the method to oppose Goburiki and Evil Dragon Tribe by awaken
To be exact inside of the book of ancient Ernst culture Armed Fantoma possess
the power to save the world...
But the more we research on ancient history, the more we understand the danger 
of that big power.
I think that we should protect Earth Tear by the power of ourselves, the 
guardian knight and Ryu-users rather than rely on such mysterious power.

Kakeru: ...

Sharu: Well then, we trust in you and Schicksalius. I said from before didn't
I? That I and Brother believe in Kakeru.

Isaac: Anyhow, the remain is we can only wait if Urutalia appears or not. 

Blass: Sharu, if you feel Urutalia is approaching near tell us. I'll use the
technique to resolve the camouflage magic.

Sharu: Understood. I'll try to confirm Urutalia by sight.

Blass: We rely on you, Sharu.

*Urutalia stronghold/Ernst facility HQ*

Ribaris: Reporting, Kyaos-sama.
The scouters catched Ionia on the way to Urutalia.

Kyaos: At last they came...

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama! The Spirit Stone is the core of our plan! We can't hand
over to them! 

Kyaos: Of course. Prepare for urgent counterattack.

Ribaris: Yes sir!

Amane: Since the dark quicksand is approaching it is time we've to settle with

Kyaos: The destruction time is solidly approaching. We can only show our true
power to urgently persuade those guys.
We probably find ourselves in harsh fight but, the citizens won't be involved 
in the flame of war from this place.

Amane: Why do we mutually compete in strength for protecting the same thing...?
How sad for the limit of intelligent being.

Kyaos: I agree with your word... But, the one correct is us Ernst.

Stage 30: Decisive battle! Flying stronghold Urutalia

*Flying stronghold Urutalia*

Sharu: We arrived at the air defense sphere Urutalia!

Momotarou: A, amazing! This is Urutalia!?

Hiromi: Such big thing floating in the air...

Ryu Dolk: Strange... Why don't they attack even we're this close...?

Kyaos: Welcome to our Urutalia, everyone of Ionia.

Kakeru: You are!?

Sharu: She is Ernst facility highest manager, Kyaos Reille.

Isaac: Kyaos-dono, we don't have the intention to trigger war.
We came here to negotiate with you.

Kyaos: I understand. The Spirit Stone at Urutalia right?

Isaac: If you know our intention then it is easier to talk.

Gratches: If that's the case how about give the Spirit Stone to us?

Kyaos: I can't do that.

Kakeru: Why!?

Kyaos: The Spirit Stone is also important for our plan.

Da Cider: This is not the case to say such thing! The dark quicksand will 
soon reach this place!

Kyaos: If you understand that you guys should lend us your power.

Gold Arm: Fool! We'll never join hand with guys who remodelling Leaguer into
Iron Soldier!

Domon: Moreover you guys are using DG Cell! I'll definitely not forgive you 
that no matter what kind of excuse you give!

Kyaos: All is for protecting Earth Tear... The infinite DG Cell and the Iron
Soldiers who don't know fear are necessary beings.

Izumi: Kyaos-dono, if we corporate there is no need to rely on such dangerous
Even if you win the battle using DG Cell and Iron Soldiers, the later result is
a world that is control by only power.
Even if your method is to prevent Earth Tear from destruction this world can't
meet the true peacefulness!

Kyaos: There are too many enemies. You don't know that.
Even if we follow your word first protecting Earth Tear is maximum priority.
We're going to starve to death at this rate, so I don't think anyone will mind 
spots on the fruits we finally got our hands on, right?

Domon: Kyaos Reille! You don't understand anything about the fearful of DG 

Kyaos: The control is perfect. If we use the power of Ernst science, it can't
be unmanageable.

Domon: That arrogant thinking will bring the worst situation!

Killy: This is not good. She disagree with us.

Shingo: Even the purpose at the present time are the same, the goal regarding
future is different. It is severe considering the different of artist vision.

Isaac: Somehow we failed to negotiate.

Kyaos: Too bad...

[Enemies appear]

Sarutobi: So you appeared!

Lesqua: We don't have much time left! We'll answer this with force!

Kakeru: In any case we'll breaking through one point! Stealing the Spirit Stone
is enough!

Ryouma: What! It is good since it is easily to understand!

Koji: Somehow, I don't understand which side is bad here...

Ryu Dolk: This battle isn't about justice and evil. The winner push on his own
road... Only that.

Kid: Then, let's clear the road.

Ribaris: The one to be cleared is you bastards!

Kakeru: Ribaris!

Ribaris: The last time I took failure by the machine that I'm not used to but,
this time it will not go that way!

[Deba Jino Beta appears]

Ribaris: Look! This is my favorite machine that reborned, Deba Jino Beta!

Ryouma: Don't make me laugh! Do you think that piece of junk fit as Getter's

Kakeru: Ribaris! Attach an escape device into that thing! Prepare yourself as I
will beat you immediately!

Ribaris: You can talk as much as you like! I'll treat fools that don't 
understand the heart of Kyaos's sama the fist of justice!

Remy: What a sultry brat on this serious scene...

Isaac: That guy can be ignored! If we strike at one go the center of the 
fortress the battle will end.

Sharu: Everyone, look at that!

Blass: That building is called ''Urutalia Temple''. It is the center part that
controls the fortress.

Sharu: Inside it is Kyaos's command room!

Jin: Roger! We'll attack that building!

Magnum Ace: Then, let's begin the game fair and square!

Mach Windy: Yeah!

*6 enemies remain*

Kouji: Newcomers appear!

Sharu: This is Ernst base. Don't forget that!
We'll run out of steam if we kill too many enemies!
Let's focus the suppression on the temple now!

Kakeru: It seems we can only do so!

*Pulcherrima's HP is reduced to 50% or defeated*

Ernst Soldier: Ribaris-sama, the strength of enemy is beyond our imagination!
Let's call back the fleet who in the middle of evacuation to the back line!

Ribaris: No, evacuate the reseachers in the fleet. We can't let them and the
result of the research in danger.

Ernst Soldier: But, at this rate!

Ribaris: Believe in Kyaos-sama's tactic. Leave fighting to the drones. You guys
also withdraw from the battle line!

Ernst Soldier: Yes sir!

*Ribaris defeated*

Ribaris: How shameful when Kyaos-sama see me...!
But, it will not end like this...!

[Ribaris retreats]

*Kakeru vs Kyaos*

Kakeru: Kyaos Reille! How dare you turn Amane into a monster like Larvae!

Kyaos: All is for protecting Earth Tear! It is an cheap thing if the price for
that ends up as one person.

Kakeru: Bullshit! A bitch who look light on others like you surely can't save
this world!

*Sharu vs Kyaos*

Sharu: This is not the time for us to fight! Kyaos Reille, even you must know

Kyaos: Then Sharu, surrender obediently with that ship. If you do that Earth
Tear is protected.

*Lamuness vs Kyaos*

Lamuness: At a time like this Earth Tear is sinking to the dark quicksand! Do
you really understand that!?

Kyaos: That's why we're frantic. Therefore we can't lose this battle.

*Adeu vs Kyaos* 

Adeu: I don't want to fight meaningless war! So shut up and give me the Spirit

Kyaos: The power of the Spirit Stone is essential for our plan. We can't pass
it to you.

*Kyaos defeated*

Kakeru: We did it!? 

*Urutalia stronghold/Ernst facility HQ*

Ernst Soldier: Engine number 1 and number 2' output fall!
Automatic gun platform stopped!
There is no obstacle to Urutalia cruise but, the fighting power of the fortress
is losed...

Kyaos: They did well. It seems we can win those guys that exceed the quality of 
fighting power by decisive battle of brief duration...

Ernst Soldier: Kyaos-sama, we still haven't lose the battle! Let us sortie!

Kyaos: There is no need for that. Give the command for all members to evacuate.

Ernst: Why!? Are you planning to abandon Urutalia!?

Kyaos: Don't worry. I have a trump card.
You guys hurry get all the researchers that are late to run inside the ship and

Ernst Soldier: Roger!

Benkei: What's wrong? They didn't counter?

Cookie: T, there! Ships appear!

Isaac: New fleet!?

Hidenori: No, they escape from Urutalia!

Sayaka: At least it seems they don't intend to fight.

Jin: Then, we win this battle.

Blass: It seems they escape carrying the research's material. I afraid among
them is the Leaguer prisoners.

Magnum Ace: Well, if that is the case! I'll go and rescue the Leaguers!

Kyaos: I'll not permit that. As long as you guys don't obey me I'll not
allow you to leave this Urutalia.

Gold Arm: What!? 

Sharu: Kyaos! You still intend to fight!?

Hayato: Hmph, it seems you still have some trump cards.

Gold Foot: Then, don't put on airs and quickly show us!

Kyaos: Then I'll do as you wish. The result that I've researched for many 

[Signics appears]

Kakeru: That is Arsignosis!?

Maria: But, its color is different from the one before!

Kouji: Blass-san, what the hell is that thing!?

Blass: I don't know... This is the first time I see a machine like that...

Kyaos: It is natural that Blass doesn't know it. This Signics that is the copy 
of Arsignosis just finished its constructing a while ago.

Sharu: Kyaos!? Kyaos rides that machine!?

Kyaos: Thanks to you looking after the Mechanize beasts and Evil Dragon Tribe,
I was able to focus on designing this machine.
I have to thank you for that.

Gesshin: You mean you looking over and use the battle of us and Evil Dragon

Momotarou: What! Don't think you can't win us just because that kind of robot
sortie now!

Kyaos: You also don't take the power of this Signics lightly. This machine is
equipped with a fake Armed Fantoma.

Kakeru: You say fake Armed Fantoma!?

Blass: So you finally done it... Kyaos...

Kyaos: For that reason I resurrect the Larvae to the present world.

Kakeru: For that matter you use Amane's body!?

Zanpa: That sin, even if it is forgiven by heaven it won't be forgiven by me 
Pen! If I can't fulfill the promise returning Amane to his old self then for me
you are worthless Pen!

Tetsuya: Be obedient admit your defeat and hand us the Spirit Stone! 
If there were one machine, no matter how high its ability is you can't turn
over the war table!

Kyaos: Shut up! If I admit defeat all the thing I done till now is meaningless!
If we mass produce this Signics, and put under control a mass amount of drones,
the strong and humane army that I wish will be completed!

[Death Army appear]

Kyaos: Well, you guys! Verify the exactness of my battle tactic!

Domon: Stop! If you stimulate DG Cell more there is no way to return back!

Kyaos: I'll show you I can control them! By the scientific power of Ernst!

Ribaris: I agree, Kyaos-sama!

[Deba Jino Beta appears]

Ribaris: Let's teach those bastards the wonder of our Ernst scientific power!

Kyaos: Step back, Ribaris! This isn't your time to act!

Ribaris: No, Kyaos-sama! Leaving the ruler fighting alone is the unworthy deed
of the military man!
This Ribaris Muirab! Let's me be your companion to the utmost!

Zanpa: Good grief! Such obstinate bastards Pen!

Kakeru: Forget it, Zanpa! 
The one that blindly believe in their own idealism won't listen to anything we
Hey, Kyaos! You understood the world that you want to protect too much that it
But, you can't protect the world with that self-satisfied way of thinking!

Ken: Right! Stop playing around with dangerous power by science!

Kyaos: The view of strangers like you and I at the danger of Earth Tear is

Kakeru: We don't need to understand your opinion! I'm saying your idea of 
chasing after power more than necessary is too dangerous!

Kyaos: How can you still don't understand even I said that much...
The debate ends here!
I and Ernst facility will protect this world without your help! With this 

*Kakeru vs Kyaos (Signics)*

Kyaos: The later history will proof whether I was wrong or not!

Kakeru: That is only the excuse of your own action! No matter what you say,
your thinking is wrong! As long as I live I'll change that idea!

*Sharu vs Kyaos (Signics)*

Blass: Sharu, even it is just a copy the power of that Armed Fantoma is 
comparable to the real one! You must not be careless!

Sharu: Understood, brother! Surely that Kyaos don't show a half-baked thing at
this circumstance...!

*Zanpa vs Kyaos (Signics)*

Kyaos: A remodelling type of Slave Pot won't fit as this Signics's opponent!

Zanpa: What are you saying Pen! Don't make fun of the Penpader that I 
personally constructed Pen!

*Domon vs Kyaos (Signics)*

Domon: You can't protect the world with DG Cell! Why don't you understand that
thing is a devil that will ruin the world!

Kyaos: Your calamity happened because you don't have a perfect way to control 
it! However, we succeed in putting that destructive power completely under

*Magnum Ace vs Kyaos (Signics)*

Kyaos: Iron Leaguers after all is no more than machines! Therefore the meaning
of your existence is for us to use!

Magnum Ace: I'll be happy to do that if it can save this world and our friends!
But, I can see you are acting to push through your own ego rather than for the
world! I'll not corporate with a person like that!

*Magnum Ace vs DG Cell*

Magnum Ace: You are a dummy for other people and moreover, even steal the 
spirit of soldier! I'll not let that being exist!

*Watt vs DG Cell*

Amp: Sister, this is the critical moment!

Watt: Understood! Let win this game!

*Three Gold Brothers vs DG Cell*

Gold Mask: Stupid DG Cell... How dare you that time...!

Gold Foot: We'll not absorb by you any more!

Gold Arm: Let's go, Foot, Mask! Let's show them our bond!

*Signics defeated*

Kakeru: This time it really ends, Kyaos! Give up and pass us the Spirit Stone!

Kyaos: Shit... Of course not!
It is not yet...! Not yet over...!

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama, please retreat!
We finished taking refuge the researchers. Even we're defeated here we don't
lose anything!

Kyaos: Watch your mouth, Ribaris! I won't let things end like this!
We can't let the Spirit Stone fall into the hand of morons that don't 
understand anything!
Ernst is... If we can't win the future at Earth Tear is...!

Kid: That sister is dangerous. She loses completely the calmness.

Kyaos: Not yet! If we release the power of the Spirit Stone and strengthen the
activity of DG Cell...!

Paffy: You say Spirit Stone!?

Domon: Could it be, you...! You use the Spirit Stone as DG Cell control core!?

[DG Cells appear]

Jin: Oh no! They appear in swarm!

Paffy: Don't do it, Kyaos! Using the power of Spirit Stone as such is...!

Kyaos: No matter how strong you are, you can't deal with endless enemies!

[DG Cells appear]

Rikiya: They still come!

Kinta: Shit! This is no joke!

Kyaos: ...!

[DG Cells appear]

Kyaos: It can't be...! The multiplication percentage is beyond calculation...!?
What on earth...!?

[Arsignosis appears]

Amane: You overdid it, Kyaos. You.

Zanpa: So you appear Pen!

Kakeru: As I thought you're here!

Kyaos: Amane, what is that multiplication!? 

Amane: Kyaos, do you really think you can control DG Cell with the Spirit 

Kyaos: What does that mean!?

Amane: DG Cell has a special ability called self-evolution.
In other words... DG cell taken in the information of the Spirit Stone by that
ability and ends up evoluted.

Kyaos: Impossible! I established a method to control after taking consideration
thus far!

Amane: That's why like Domon said that is a conceited thinking.
No matter how much you research in this world there is always things you can't
One of those is the DG Cell.
And the result of that half-baked research gives us...

Milk: What!? That vibration is!?

Domon: It can't be...!

Kyaos: Amane! What did you do!?

Amane: Well, from now the true scene begins.

Stage 31: The resurrected nightmare

Ribaris: T, that is...!?

Hayato: Devil Gundam! The multiplicated DG Cell swallows Urutalia!

Amane: Right. This is the result of using comfortably the thing that can't be
able to interpret completely.

Kyaos: I can't believe it... The DG Cell that I finished adjustment slips out 
of my hand and going berserk...

Sharu: Believe it or not what happens before our eyes is reality!

Domon: That is the fearfulness of DG Cell! No matter how you perfectly 
interpret it continues to evolve at wonder speed!
The program created to control its multiplying instinct only meet a fate 
getting bite and tear in the blink of eye!

Amane: Right. You know very well.

Kyaos: Why, Amane!? In exchange for obtaining your body, you offer to join my 
plan right!?

Amane: That? I said that? I only lend you a hand for my plan to work smoothly.

Kyaos: It can't be...!

Kakeru: Answer us! What is your purpose!? You do this for what purpose!?

Amane: I only have one wish... To kill the omniscience life-form living in 
this world.

Adeu: What did you say!?

Amane: As you know, from ancient times at Earth Tear occur many battles...
For that reason I decided to create Armed Fantoma and gave birth to super 
weaponry called Schicksal and Arsignosis.

Sharu: Yeah! This Ionia and Urutalia also were the things that created at that 

Amane: Eventhough Larvae thought that much fire power is enough, his 
neighbourhoods didn't give up the development.
At that time, Larvae has a thought...
To protect important things human are nothing but ugly creatures who are 
willing to obtain great destructive power.
That's why Larvae decided to purge humanity so that they can't create dangerous
weapons any more.
There is no need for them to chase after power if they don't have anyone to
Well, after all at that time, I losed to my own creations and was sealed.

Blass: That is the identity of great destruction...

Benkei: Then, why did you strengthen Kyaos's fighting ability!?

Amane: Isn't it obvious because I wanted a palm who hold great power?
It is trouble for only me to destroy the omniscience life-forms.
That's why, Kyaos. At the time I completed Signics you are no more used.
To protect self, continuing to chase after the power beyond opponent, after all
human from the past and now don't change at all...
Truely low and stupid being, humanity.

Kyaos: You only use me as a palm right...?

Amane: Right. Ain't you also like that?
The one who uses other people only falls in the situation of being used.

Kyaos: How can the power for protecting Earth Tear bare its fang at us...

Amane: That's why that ''protecting'' is annoying.

Kyaos: System down... This is...!?

Amane: You receive Signics's control. Kyaos, I've prepared a special seat in
thank for corporate with me.
You stay there and watch until I finish you. The protected power that you
created is the thing destroying the world.

[Amane disappears]

Kyaos: ...

Blass: ...

Killy: Somehow it is a complete awaken.

Gold Mask: If that big stupid thing act violently it will destroy the world!

Gold Arm: It's not just victims like us increase!

Kyaos: ...Can you hear my voice everyone of Ionia? I have a wish...

Kakeru: ...What?

Kyaos: Please sink Urutalia that DG Cell encroached...

Jin: Is it Ok!?

Kyaos: At this rate Urutalia will destroy the world...
I understand this is a selfish request. But, please do it.

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama...
Don't worry, Kyaos-sama! I will fulfill your promise!
Ionia dudes! Please lend us your power for Kyaos-sama!

Kouji: We will surely do even if you don't say that!

Kid: Because aside Kyaos, we will not left a dangerous thing like that!

Da Cider: But, will the Spirit Stone be alright!? If we break the Spirit Stone
we can't go to the Dark Comet, right!?

Ribaris: Don't worry about that! The control core of the DG Cell is at the 
deepest part of Urutalia!
That place is created so that it can't be destroyed easily!

Isaac: Then, let's first weaken this guy! Then later we'll invade the deepest
part and bring out the Spirit Stone!

Domon: Leave that job to me! I'll put DG Cell to an end by my own hand!

Ken: We rely on you, Domon-san!

Ribaris: Wait! The story isn't that simple!
To take the Spirit Stone out of the control core we need the password that 
only Kyaos-sama knows! If you don't take it out carefully, it'll explode!

Lamuness: What did you say!?

Sharu: Kyaos, can you hear me!? Tell us the password!

Kirara: Not good! We can't contact Kyaos-san!

Maria: It can't be...!

Tsutomu: If she can't be able to use to communicate function, that means...?

Blass: The control of Signics is completely taken over...

Ryu Dolk: Then by all cost we must rescue Kyaos out of there...!

Katze: But, how? We don't have extra time to practice the rescue plan!

Blass: It is a forcible method but... we can only destroy the Signics and get
Kyaos out of there!

Adeu: Understood!

Tetsuya: We won't manage it if DG Cell multiplies more than this! Let's do it
in one go!

Domon: Ok!

*Kakeru vs Devil Urutalia*

Kakeru: This have nothing to do with Kyaos's request...! I'll exterminate you
to protect things we want to protect!

*Kouji vs Devil Urutalia*

Kouji: Prepare yourself, Devil Gundam! This time not the Gundam union but us
to destroy you!

*Tetsuya vs Devil Urutalia*

Tetsuya: Even if you hold big power doesn't mean you can move that fast!
Then, we can also take advantage to create a chance because of that!

*Getter Team vs Devil Urutalia*

Benkei: Good grief, it grew this much...!

Ryouma: But, that is its end! I will beat you with Getter until there isn't any
bit of you left!

*Ken vs Devil Urutalia*

Ken: If I treat you like this the world will be a mess!
I'll kick your ass so hard that you can't show that face the second time!

*Jin vs Devil Urutalia*

Asuka: What an amount of energy...! 

Koji: Be careful, Jin-kun! If you hit it lightly it will recover right away!

Jin: I don't care how much it generates! I'll just hit it by an attack that is

*Kotarou vs Devil Urutalia*

Rikiya: So what if you can evolve infinitely!

Kotarou: We won't feel surprise because of that!

Yousuke: Let's do it, Rikiya-kun, Kotarou-kun! We'll protect Earth Tear by our

*Kenichi vs Devil Urutalia*

Hiromi: How could we fight Devil Gundam in reality although we only saw it 
through TV...

Kenichi: But, it is still small compare to that time!

Professor: Because that Devil Gundam uses the Spirit Stone as its energy 
source! On this occasion, it doesn't related to size!

*Momotarou vs Devil Urutalia*

Mai: How could DG Cell evolve to the point that it eats Uritalia...!

Hiryu: We have to destroy it to prevent it from evolving more!

Kakeru: But it is a pity that Urutalia will fall!

Momotarou: That is for Earth Tear! We have no choice!

*Domon vs Devil Urutalia*

Domon: For that tragedy not repeat I'll surely destroy your core! By my own

*Kid or Bowei vs Devil Urutalia*

Kid: I don't have hype to pay debt for others but this is also for protecting 
the world!

Bowei: Just let me try my best!

*Shingo vs Devil Urutalia*

Shingo: No matter what I have to pay for this, I can't reject the request of
the beauty.

Killy: How could the feeling of thanks turn into love before long... 
Shingo, will you hand over the role of the prince of white horse to me?

Remy: Good grief, when it comes to those two...

*Magnum Ace vs Devil Urutalia*

Magnum Ace: For no more victims like the Three Gold Brothers to appear, I'll
cut off the origin of nightmare here!

*Lamuness vs Devil Urutalia*

Lamuness: How big that is! Where is the best place I should aim!?

Tama-Q: Lamuness, we can only just attack now Mya! If we do so, sooner or later
the road of survival will open Mya!

*Adeu vs Devil Urutalia*

Adeu: If we take back the Spirit Stone inside you, we'll complete the set of 
Spirit Stones! I'll surely take it back!

*Devil Urutalia receives damage*

Kakeru: Not good! Even if it receive damage it immediately recovers!

Isaac: As I thought, we have to save Kyaos first! We get password from her and
destroy the internal core!

*Turn 2*

Isaac: That thing now obtains infinite power from the Spirit Stone! Let's deal
with the small fishes later!

Momotarou: Understood!

*Signics defeated*

Zanpa: Signics stopped acting Pen!

Ribaris: Then this is the chance to save Kyaos-sama!

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama! Now I will save you!

Ribaris: Are you alright, Kyaos-sama!?

Kyaos: Yeah. You did well for saving me, Ribaris. Thank you.

Ribaris: What a waste of words! This Ribaris Muirab is moved from the bottom of
his heart!

Kakeru: Save your word later, Ribaris! We've other thing to talk about!

Ribaris: Oh, yeah!
Kyaos-sama, please tell us the password to take the Spirit Stone out from the
control core!
After we taken the Spirit Stone, we'll destroy the core and put an end to this

Kyaos: Understood.

Kyaos: Everyone, I sent you the password and the coordinate data of the control
After you stopped Devil Urutalia please head here.

Domon: Got it!

Kakeru: Stay tune everyone! Rouse yourself up!

[Signics disappears]

*Devil Urutalia defeated*

Kakeru: We did it!?

[Devil Urutalia recovers 48000 HP]

Ryouma: Damn, what a quick-recover-thing!

Da Cider: That is also the power of the Spirit Stone!

Domon: Then I will open a hole in that body to the extent that it can't 

Domon: Take this! The secret of Ryuha.Tohofuhai!!

[Domon's morale raises to max, God Gundam attacks Devil Urutalia]

Domon: Now!

Adeu: We rely on you, Domon-san!

[Arsignosis appears]

Kakeru: That bastard, he came back!

Ribaris: Moreover those are Signics!

Kyaos: Such things... When did you...!

Amane: A~ah, letting Domon Kasshu invades, Urutalia only reach this far...
After ate the world, I want to see what does the DG Cell that doesn't hold
intelligence aim at.

Kakeru: Too bad! The next one will be you! Today I'll take back Amane!

Amane: That's too much for you Brother.
Like I said before, Amane's spirit already disappeared without a trace. 
And yet, how do you take it back?

Kyaos: There is a way.

Kakeru: Really, Kyaos!?

Kyaos: Yeah.
Larvae who was sealed in Arsignosis had said: ''The one who ties my spirit at
the present world is Arsignosis''. 
So even now, most parts of Larvae's spirit don't fit in the young body of
Amane but remain in Arsignosis.

Sharu: In other words that means...!

Remy: If we destroy Arsignosis the spirit of Larvae will be separated from
the character called Amane and the original Amane will probably returns.

Amane: Kyaos, you!

Kyaos: I was not only researched Arsignosis.
This time you will taste! The bitterness that your dream will vanish!

Kouji: If that is the case, let's quickly destroy Arsignosis and rescue Amane!

Kyaos: To destroy Arsignosis you need to attack it with similar energy from

Kakeru: Let me deal with Amane. Since the one dealing the last attack will be

Kyaos: But I can't guarantee Amane's soul can bear that huge amount of 

Kakeru: But isn't that the only way to save Amane!?
Then we can only do it!!

Kotarou: Let's do it, Kakeru-san! This time we'll save Amane!

Kakeru: Yeah! Everyone sorry for trouble you but please keeping Arsignosis

Amane: It will not go that way! You guys will disappear here! Together with

Kakeru: The one to disappear is only you, Larvae! I'll also destroy all your
stupid delusions!

[Devil Urutalia recovers 192000 HP]

Momotarou: Shit! Devil Gundam resurrected!

Isaac: Let's entrust Domon dealing with him. We'll stop Arsignosis!

[One turn after Amane appears]

Amane: It is useless! All of you!
I'm here. I wonder if you can see it...?

*Kakeru vs Amane*

Kakeru: At last I can see the goal! If I beat you everything will be resolve!

Amane: You're simple as usual. But don't think somehow you can do it with only
enthusiastic, Brother.

*Sharu vs Amane*

Amane: A person who is not the decendant of Ernst like you surely can't draw
out the ability of Ionia. Do you think such person can be my opponent anyhow?

Sharu: Even if I can't draw out 100% Ionia's ability I'll try my best to do
what I can only do! That is what I decided when I ride Ionia!

*Zanpa vs Amane*

Zanpa: Amane! This time I'll rescue you Pen! 

Amane: You're always Amane Amane. Shut up. I'll roast a noisy bird like you

*Ribaris vs Amane*

Ribaris: I had a thought that I can't trust you from before but I can't believe
things become like this!

Amane: It is too late for you to realize now. I'll use effectively the 
researching result of Ernst facility so don't worry. Of course, for destroying
Earth Tear.

Kyaos: I'll never allow you to do it, Larvae!

*Getter Team vs Amane*

Ryouma: I'm sorry but I can't allow myself to be defeated by the like of you!

Amane: Right. No matter what you say you are destructive human.
The future that draw Getter Ray... That is a world for the weak to become the
victim of the strong. You can be rather happy to die here.

*Ken vs Amane*

Amane: You fool. If you can't smash Drago Empire's ambition you surely can't
smash my dream.

Ken: It can't be like that! I'll stop both of them!

*Jin vs Amane*

Jin: You parasite bastard! Be obediently give back Amane's body!

Amane: That is useless speech. Anyhow this body already belong to me.

Asuka: Then, we can only forcibly make you return as Kyaos said!

Koji: Prepare yourself, Larvae!

*Kotarou vs Amane*

Rikiya: Amane is an important friend of us! We'll surely bring back the old

Amane: Even you do so the only left is an emty shell with no spirit. You want
to see your friend's dead body?

Yousuke: Who will believe what you say!

Kotarou: Amane still exists inside you! We only believe in that and fight!

*Kenichi vs Amane*

Amane: Don't think you can stop me just because you've stopped DG Cell.

Kenichi: Talk what you like! Because we'll soon make you shut up!

*Momotarou vs Amane*

Amane: The world will surely end by my hand. That's why it is meaningless to
you no matter how much you research and train.

Momotarou: Whether it is meaningless or not... I'll prove that by making you

*Lamuness vs Amane*

Lamuness: Look carefully, I'll surely rescue Amane!

Amane: Brave Lamuness, reality isn't smooth as in game.

*Arsignosis defeated*

Blass: Now, Kakeru-kun! Use Schicksalius's power on Arsignosis!

Kakeru: Understood!
Prepare yourself, Larvae!

Amane: B, Brother...

Kakeru: Amane!? You, your sense is...!

Amane: Phew!

[Arsignosis recovers 250000 HP and attacks Schicksalius]

Kakeru: Shit!

Amane: As I thought you wavered, Brother. 
When it comes to matter of other person your heart simply shakes...
That is Brother's weak point.
As long as you have that weak point inside you, you surely can't win me!

Kakeru: Larvae, you!

Amane: It ends here, Brother! This time I'll send you to eternal darkness!

Sharu: Kakeru!

[Penpader appears]

Zanpa: Wait Pen!
The one shines brightest here is a kind person like me Pen!

Sharu: Zanpa!?

Zanpa: Go all out, Penpader Pen! 
I'll show my readiness to Larvae... no Amane Peeeen!

Amane: Fufuh, very good! If you want to die first I won't stop you!

[Amane's morale raises to max, Arsignosis attacks Penpader]

Zanpa: As I thought t, this is dangerous Pen...

Kakeru: Zanpa! Why you!?

Zanpa: Brothers hurt each other... It is the saddest battle in this world 

Kakeru: Even that is probably so you don't need to protect me...!

Zanpa: Even he is captured by Larvae, that guy is no mistaken Amane Pen...
If Amane know that he beated his brother he will be wounded Pen...
Amane... Since this life was saved by you I don't regret Pen...
But I want to see again the brightness of Amane's heart that saved me at that 
time Pen...

[Penpada explodes]

Kakeru: Zanpaaaaaaahh!

Lamuness: L, lie!

Da Cider: Zanpa! Hey, Zanpa! Answer me!

Amane: Phew, even he has no power he butt in and meet his tragic.
Then, the next is you, Brother!

[Arsignosis shines]

Kouji: W, what is that?

Amane: Amane...! You still didn't disappear...!?

Kotarou: What did you say!?

Amane (old): ...!

Amane: A, Amane! Don't oppose me!

Shinobu: Arsignosis stopped moving!

Sharu: This is our chance, Kakeru! Let's settle it now!

Kakeru: Yeah! I won't slip the chance that Zanpa and Amane give me!
This time release all of us, Schicksalius!!

[Schicksalius attacks Arsignosis]

Amane: I, it can't be!!

Kakeru: Amane!! Can you hear me, Amane!!?

Amane: ...! The body, the body is rejecting me!!

Kakeru: Return, Amane! Return to us!!

Amane: Uuuh...!! Stop... A...ma...neeee...!!
Impossible... This is impossible!

Kakeru: Amaneeeeeeeh!!

Ribaris: Arsignosis is... disappeared...

Kyaos: That is the end of Larvae...

Sharu: A, Amane is... What happen to Amane...?

Kakeru: He is here...

Blass: The core unit of Arsignosis!

Amane (old): U...uuh...

Yousuke: Thanks God... He is alright...

Lamuness: I'm now very relief!

Kotarou: He caused us to worry to death! That idiot!

Amane (old): ...

Maria: What is wrong, Amane-kun?

Amane (old): I'm... Zanpa-san is... It can not be recovered...

Kakeru: ...

Sharu: There is no need to worry.

Amane (old): Eh?

Sharu: Everyone of Earth Defense Class. Can you see Zanpa's escape pot!?

Tsutomu: Yes, we capture it!

Cookie: There seems to be a response of life!

Amane (old): I see...
I see...

Kakeru: Hey, Amane!? What is wrong, Amane!?

Saeko: Kakeru-kun! Quickly bring Amane-kun inside Ionia!

Kakeru: Y, yeah!

Kinta: What this time!?

Blass: It seems Domon-kun succeed in capturing the Spirit Stone.

Professor: Not good!
The Urutalia that lost its control begins to collapse!

Da Cider: Then if we staying like this we'll die!

Gesshin: Not yet, Domon Kasshu!?

[God Gundam appears]

Hiromi: Domon-san!

Adeu: Domon-san! The Spirit Stone is!?

Domon: Don't worry, Adeu. Its here.

Jin: You're wonderful Domon-san!

Sharu: Leave the chatting later! Everyone, return to the ship! We'll escape
from Urutalia!


*Ionia/Main Hall*

Nuzzi: It is the final of Earth Tear's intelligence and reason floating town...

Professor: It is wasteful... Since it is a structure that has history...

Omachi: But I wonder if everyone live in Urutalia alright?

Ribaris: Yeah. At the time you guys destroy the command room, Kyaos-sama gave
order to evacuate all intelligent members.

Kenichi: Well, what we mostly relief is we're able to iliminate that bastard 
Larvae and DG Cell.

Yoji: Which reminds me. If destroying Arsignosis mean exterminate Larvae, why 
didn't the ancient people do so after sealed him?

Ely: Stupid. Because that time the ones surrounding him are all Ernst people?
Wasn't they're affected if someone being possessed by him?

Yoji: Ah, I see... That is why he aim for Amane who is the decendant of the 
ancient Ernst people.

Saeko: Anyhow, there is casualty but I'm relief that there are no victim.

Shingo: But I'm worried about the wound of the casualty.

Yousuke: I wonder if Amane and Zanpa are fine...

Zanpa: Don't worry about me Pen!

Gold Mask: Zanpa! Is it alright for you to move!?

Zanpa: I don't have any problem Pen! My body is made different from the 
ordinary Pen!

Jin: If you glance you can understand the different...

Kotarou: Not only Zanpa, Amane also! What happen to Amane!?

Kakeru: The cosmatose state continues... There is completely no sign of his
sense returning...

Yousuke: I, it can't be...!

Kyaos: As I thought the shock of separating from Larvae was too strong...

Ribaris: Kyaos-sama! Do you feel fine!?

Kyaos: Yeah, thank you for your caring.

Isaac: Kyaos-dono, do you know any method to make Amane wake up?

Kyaos: Too bad that's all I know... We can only wait now while praying for him
to get back his consciousness...

Ken: Shit! Even I thought we took all trouble to bring Amane back why his sense
isn't return...!

Kyaos: It is all my responsibility submitting Amane's body to obtain Larvae's
Kakeru-san... And everybody... I'm really sorry...

Kakeru: ...

Kyaos: I can't find a word to thank you for not only saving my life but also
put an end to the DG Cell running wildly...
Moreover, I apologize for not listen carefully to everyone's word to cause 
Earth Tear in danger as you see...

Jin: Enough! Hold your head high!

Mai: Right, Kyaos-san! You don't have to apologize many times like that!

Kyaos: But, if I think of the sin I committed I can't feel at ease...

Remy: But, if you keep your head down like that nothing can be changed right?

Gorou: Even the Ernst facility did wrong things, we don't intend to critize it.

Bowei: Since it is useless to complaining things that already passed, we don't 
like to do it. 

Kyaos: ...

Isaac: Kyaos-dono, since you admitted your own thinking is wrong, then will you
lend us your power?

Kyaos: Yeah...

Isaac: Then I don't intend to say that until now all the atonements of the 
things that you did is finished...
But, at least we can confirm your changing mind.
Then from now if we're hand in hand, we can surely protect Earth Tear... and 
our mother Earth.

Kyaos: But, even if I want to corporate with you guys I lost everything... 
The I now can't offer you anything...

Ribaris: What are you saying, Kyaos-sama! Ain't Kyaos-sama have us Ernst 
Because of that don't give up!

Kyaos: Ribaris...

Ribaris: Even your way of doing is wrong, the love you have for Earth Tear is a
real thing!

Ernst Soldier: Because of that deep passion, we decided to follow Kyaos-sama!
Even now that we lost Urutalia that decision haven't changed!

Kyaos: ...You guys still follow me?

Ribaris: Of course! All of us Ernst facility humans follow Kyaos-sama from now

Sharu: You are a man that is straight to the point of sultry as usual.

Blass: How is it, Kyaos? Ribaris is saying like that but, even so will you 
still lend us a hand?

Kyaos: Understood...
From now on the Ernst facility will corporate with everyone to protect Earth
Tear, and I promise to give all we got for you to use.

Hayato: Somehow the decision of Ernst facility is determined.

Sharu: Next is Kakeru and Domon, moreover Magnum Ace to say...

Domon: My goal of exterminate DG Cell is fulfill. If you admit your fault, then
that is good.

Kakeru: If everyone forgive then I must forgive too.

Blass: Kakeru-kun...

Kakeru: Kyaos, now what we should do isn't what lies within your past...
I have a thought we corporate from now on and how we're going to protect this
world. Is it wrong?

Magnum Ace: We have to same thought as Kakeru and Domon. 
Now we'll only fight together and grasp victory.

Mach Windy: But, please release the Leaguers quickly. 

Kakeru: Moreover, if Amane wake up don't forget to apologize.

Kyaos: I promise.

Benkei: Somehow the story is finished.

Professor: Since the Ernst facility becomes our friend, from now on we're able
to cover broader region.

Reiko: But Urutalia is gone. What will the people of Ernst facility do from now

Ribaris: W, well...!

Magnum Ace: Then, Kyaos Reille, how about go to Eldogear with us?

Kyaos: Eldogear?

Magnum Ace: Yeah. You can research there since it is as good as Urutalia.
Tsutomu: Right. There are so much equipments there that it is hardly obstruct
the research.

Magnum Ace: How about it, Kyaos Reille?

Kyaos: Understood. We Ernst facility will make Eldogear the base and give 
everything we can to back up Ionia.

Gold Arm: I wonder if that is reliable?

Kyaos: It is my atonement... I'll gather all forces and take the duty.

Ribaris: Then, Kyaos-sama! Let's go to Eldogear at once!

Kyaos: No, Ribaris. You'll help the remaining guys in Ionia.

Ribaris: W, what did you say!?

Kyaos: The key to protect Earth Tear is Ionia. Show the true value of your
power by fighting together with these guys. 

Ribaris: Understood, Kyaos-sama!
This Ribaris Muirab will act without shame as a representitive of Ernst!
So that is the story, Ionia dudes! I'm looking forward working with you!

Momotarou: Yeah! We too!

Kakeru: Good grief, that troubled guy also became our comrade.

Sharu: Hey, Kakeru.

Kakeru: Eh? What, Sharu? 

Sharu: Can you be beside Amane until he regains his conciousness? Leave 
fighting to us...

Kakeru: Don't worry, Sharu. Not matter what situation it was, Amane will
recover. I'll just wait and believe that Amane will open his eyes.
Moreover, if I leave you guys fighting alone when Amane opens his eyes, I don't
know what I being talked.

Sharu: Then you don't need to talk more.
From now on I'll also trust your power.
If you lost your way again feel free to call! I'll give you a scold and slap
you on the face again!

Kakeru: At that time do it lightly than the other day.


Cocoa: Well~, at last we finished collecting the Spirit Stones~.

Adeu: There is exactly 8 pieces if we combine what we got at Urutalia and what
we owned.

Paffy: But, nothing happens.

Sarutobi: The last Spirit Stone is a fake?

Izumi: The magic power I feel from this stone is exactly the same as the Spirit
Stones we're holding.

Tetsuya: Judging from the power that we saw at the battle of Urutalia, I don't
think it is a fake.

Da Cider: Hey hey! Then, when can we go to the Dark Comet!?
I can't wait longer than this! Can't wait, can't wait, skyscraper (matenrou =
can't wait)!

Hebimetako: Yay! You're also in perfect form today Jan!

Da Cider: Nahahahahaha!!

Katze: You talk stupid joke again... Can you read the atmosphere a bit...?

Gesshin: By any chance, collecting the Spirit Stones probably isn't enough to
make use of it.

Nuzzi: I agree with Gesshin. To go to the Dark Comet ''a person who guide the 
spirit'' is necessary.

Lamuness: a person who guide the spirit?

Nuzzi: Yeah. And that is the matter of the 3 sacred sisters.

Milk: Eh? Us?

Nuzzi: Right. At the time your hearts are one and you give your pray to the
Spirit Stones, the road to the Dark Comet will be opened.

Lesqua: Really~?

Cocoa: Sister, Milk. Let's try it anyway.

Milk: Right. It worth trying out.

Adeu: We rely on you! Let's entrust our Spirit Stones to Milk group!

Paffy: Try your best, everyone.

Cocoa: Then, sister, Milk... Let's our heart be as one...

Milk: ...

Lesqua: ...

Milk: From the faraway that way to this way...

Cocoa: From this way to the faraway that way...

Lesqua: Draw back the hindrance beings...

Milk: Give us the power...!


Lamuness: U, uwah!

Sayaka: The Spirit Stones are shining!

Gratches: The Spirit Stones react to the pray of the three sacred sisters?

Da Cider: By any chance... The destination of that light is where the Dark 
Comet lies!?

Hittel: That thinking is hardly wrong.

Lamuness: At last, this is the final decisive battle with Goburiki!

Tama-Q: Lamuness, fire yourself Mya!

Lamuness: Ok! I'm now very boiling!!

*Pahuricia Castle*

Pahuricia Queen: It is earthquake again...

Pahuricia King: Yeah... This is also the effect of the dark quicksand...
I wonder the world will fall into the dark quicksand before the invasion of
Evil Dragon Tribe's main force.

Pahuricia Queen: The arrival of the dark world and the attack of Evil Dragon
Is there a margin of survival for the citizens of Earth Tear before that?

Pahuricia King: Now we can only entrust our life to everyone of Ionia...
What we can only do is pray for them to return save and sound.

Pahuricia Queen: Yeah. They will surely save the world from this crisis...

*Arara Castle*

Yokkoora The Third: Uwa! Kowa! It is that terrible shaking again!
Uu~, will they be fine~? I'm worry~.
To completely beat Goburiki we need more than the power of Brave Lamuness and
Brave Cider... 
The wish of people who protect Earth Tear... 
If we don't unite everyone power we can't beat Goburiki~!
The one hold the key of the battle of Goburiki is neither the guardian knights
or the power of the Spirit Stones.
The hearts which overflow the hope of wanting to rescue the world will become
the greatest weapon.
I rely on you, heroes...

*Ionia/Main Hall*

Akira: Dowaaaah!

Ryu Dolk: That thing now is quite big...

Boss: We can't calmly prepare against such terrible shaking.

Koji: I wonder if Kyaos group who went to Eldogear alright?

Ribaris: The elite of Ernst is guarding her. You don't have to worry.

Tetsuya: We need Ernst's knowledge for the battles from now on.
Anyhow they must reach there safely.

Kouji: Now, I've a thought. Was it good that we bring Galden with us?
He can receive better treatment in Eldogear rather in Ionia.

Sayaka: Thanks to Izumi-san's treatment his condition is stable. If that is
the case it is enough to treat him even inside Ionia.

Izumi: Moreover we have to bring him together to prove the Spirit Stone we 
obtained at Urutalia is Steru's or not.

Hittel: If it is so...

Izumi: Yeah. Surely we can have a comrade that we can rely on.

Paffy: The Galden now can probably control the power of the Spirit Stone.

Gratches: Right. Let bet our hope on his power of justice.

Sarutobi: What the heck is everyone talking about? That bastard Galden surely
don't have any sense of justice.

Gesshin: But Sarutobi. You also saw what happen at Jelock forest isn't it?
Galden risked his life to pass us the Spirit Stones, and your Anfuu too.

Gratches: Right. We can class-change is because Galden try his best to the
point that he is heavily wounded.

Katze: Sarutobi was also deeply touched by Galden's action so you could 
class-change isn't it?

Sarutobi: How could you say that! That is my true ability...

Adeu: Sarutobi! Don't talk lightly like you throw grudge to Galden!
But, now for rescuing Earth Tear, swallow that feeling! Please, Sarutobi!

Paffy: For me also, Sarutobi!

Sarutobi: ...Somehow everyone is moved by Galden's charm.
If I continue the conversation with you guys any longer, even I will become
like Adeu. Sorry then.

Adeu: Sarutobi...


Sharu: Is the route good at this rate?

Cocoa: Yeah~. It can't be wrong~.

Milk: The light of the Spirit Stones is aiming straight at the direction Ionia

Lamuness: At last we can have a rematch with Goburiki... I'm burning!

Tama-Q: You must fully aware Mya, Lamuness! Don't think Goburiki had just 
recovered his wound Mya!
Moreover he is a being that is called God for even a moment. That power is
somewhat immeasurable Mya.

Da Cider: Nevertheless, I don't think that is a scary story.

Hebimetako: I agree with darling Jan! This time we will completely beat that
moron Don Harumage Jan!

Kinta: Then after that let's settle in the warp of dimension and return home

Ely: Right! Since I also worry about the Earth, let's settle this quick and
come back home!

Da Cider: Fufufufu! This time I'll kick Harumage's ass and become the true 

Hebimetako: Yay! Let's do it Jan, darling!

Zanpa: Speaking of beating Goburiki, I notice one point Pen.

Kukko: What?

Zanpa: If we beat Goburiki, will we receive something from Arara's king Pen?

Kakeru: There is a possibility. Anyhow, since we'll become the hero of saving
Earth Tear from Goburiki.

Kotarou: Then, if I receive the reward I'll buy a mountain of banana cake!

Rikiya: I'll renew completely all of my baseball tools!

Killy: I'll add it to the war funds and publish a book one more time.

Remy: Forget it, Killy. You failed last time remember?

Shinobu: ...I wonder if it is alright that there are no tension even if the
decisive battle with Goburiki is drawing near...?

Mach Windy: Well, it is better than being frozen don't you think?

Gold Arm: Right. Facing battle with this kind of atmosphere will rather
make us draw all of our power. 

Domon: ...There are surely also a lot of guys full of anxiety at this battle.
Those guys try to make their friend relaxes by intentionally behaving 

Sharu: Soon we will enter the field that the Spirit Stones point!
Everyone, prepare to takeoff!

Lamuness: Understood!

Stage 32: Burn Lamuness! The hot-blooded power forever!!

Lamuness: This place is where Goburiki is!

Lesqua: Somewhat it is a weird place.

Hebimetako: Where is Goburiki Jan?

Da Cider: Hey, Goburiki! We knew you are here! Don't hide and quickly show
your face!

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahaha!

Da Cider: Don Harumage!?

Lamuness: So you appear!

Don Harumage: Welcome, Lamuness! Da Cider! And your friends!
The power of me which revived as perfect Calamity God... I'll let you taste

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahaha!
Before I get my hand on the world, first I'll send you to hell!

[Flash, Monskars appear]

Da Cider: What! You took out all Monskar that you have!

Tama-Q: It is a mutual all-out war Mya! Don't lose your tension even for a
moment Mya!

Lamuness: Monskar is not a big problem! I'll beat you no matter how many you 

[King Sccasher attacks a Monskar]

Cocoa: A Monskar falls inside the whirpool!? 

Lamuness: T, that is the dark quicksand...!

Don Harumage: Haahahaha! Are you frighten, Lamuness!?
But you don't need to be scare! 
Because you will immediately be eaten together with Earth Tear!!

Adeu: We'll definitely won't let it happen!

Da Cider: We'll try so that you can't return from hell the second time!

Lamuness: This time we'll truly beat you! Prepare yourself, Goburiki!

Tama-Q: That is the spirit Mya, Lamuness!

Da Cider: Today I'll show you my cool point!

Hebimetako: Yay! Darling, fight Jan!

Lamuness: Well! Everyone, let's goooo!!

*Kakeru vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: More or less you seem to be able to control the Armed Fantoma but
you can't be the opponent of I who evolved!

Kakeru: What a coincidence, Goburiki! I now also thought the same thing! You
also can't be opponent of this power-up Schicksalius!

*Kouji vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: Earth Tear will soon be swallowed by the dark quicksand! You
should be silent and watch!

Kouji: I won't permit it! Because of that we came here! We'll stop the dark
quicksand and beat you at any cost!

*Tetsuya vs Don Harumage*

Tetsuya: I'll teach you that you can't fight against us even how much you 
increase your power!

Don Harumage: You also should know! The power of me that comes back to life!

*Getter Robo vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: You bastards can't return to Earth! I'll tear you apart and throw
you into the dark quicksand!

Ryouma: Stop babbling Goburiki! I'll return to you all the words you said now 
so prepare yourself!

*Ken vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: The decendant of Good God! You seem still didn't understand the
rage of Calamity God Goburiki!

Ken: What! I that challenge Evil God don't fear Calamity God! The name of Beast
God is not for show!

*Jin vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: You will die here without knowing how to return to Earth!

Jin: It will not go that way! Father, mother, moreover Teacher Tsuruta is 
waiting for us to go home!

Koji: For those people we'll surely come back to Earth!

Asuka: Calamity God Goburiki! We'll beat you!

*Kotarou vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: After I buried you I'll do that to Lesqua group! You can make
friend to them as much as you like in the afterlife!

Rikiya: Milk group are Lamuness's and our friends! 

Kotarou: Because of that we can't be beaten by you!

Yousuke: That's why we will definitely not lose this battle!

*Kenichi vs Don Harumage*

Kenichi: Don't boast only because you increased power by evolving a while ago!

Shinobu: But, you ain't the only one power-up!

Don Harumage: Interesting! Then show me carefully how much you changed from 
last time!

*Momotarou vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: I'll teach you with this body that there is no one in this world
can match me that evolved ultimately!

Mai: Show us if you can do it!

Momotarou: You can win us all by yourself just because your power increased!

Hiryu: Calamity God Goburiki! We'll settle with you!

*Kid or Bowei vs Don Harumage*

Kid: After the barrier you rely on is gone, you don't have a chance to defeat 

Bowei: Be obediently give up and let us destroy you.

Don Harumage: Shut up, margots! Even how much you boil I will smash you one by

*Shingo vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: That power bypass time, will you intend to use it for me?
As long as you do it, I can accomplish revenge the hateful first generation

Shingo: If we use it for such thing Beamler will bend strangely.

Remy: Because of that reason we reject your proposal.

Killy: I don't want to say the replacement but, we'll show you the true power
of the Good Thunder that you haven't been teached before!

*Magnum Ace vs Don Harumage*

Magnum Ace: Calamity God Goburiki! Let me settle the game with you at this

Don Harumage: You get cocky even your rank is only a Leaguer! It was good for
you if you only play ball!

*Lamuness vs Don Harumage*

Lamuness: This time you'll really die for good, Goburiki!

Tama-Q: Prepare yourself Mya!

Don Harumage: That is my line, Lamuness! This time I'll bring an end to the
5000 years long battle!

*Cocoa vs Don Harumage*

Milk: Prepare yourself, Goburiki!

Cocoa: We'll beat you!

Lesqua: Surely this time!

Don Harumage: Don't be cocky just because you can use the sacred power!

*Da Cider vs Don Harumage*

Da Cider: Hey, Goburiki! Stop doing useless tricks like sinking Earth Tear into
the dark quicksand!

Don Harumage: It isn't Earth Tear that is sunk. Your life also follows the same

Da Cider: You fool!!

*Adeu vs Don Harumage*

Don Harumage: Even you carry out the Spirit Stone you can't match me that 
completely revived!

Adeu: The one beat you isn't the Spirit Stone but everyone of us! Don't take
that wrong!

*Paffy vs Don Harumage*

Paffy: I have the Spirit Stone! If I use it I won't lose to even Goburiki!

Don Harumage: Fool! The Spirit Stone that can't demonstrate the true power is
no more than a mere rock!

*Goburiki defeated*

Da Cider: Goburiki! Your ambition ends here!

Hebimetako: Prepare yourself Jan!

Don Harumage: Nuuuu...! How dare you!

Adeu: Bastard Goburiki, he planning to run away again!

Cocoa: We can't let it happen.

Milk: Lamuness, can you hear me!? 
Because from now we'll seal Goburiki's movement, take this chance to deliver
the final blow!

Lamuness: Got it! I rely on you three!

Lesqua: Da Cider! Don't fall behind!

Da Cider: Leave it to me!

Cocoa: Good? We will unite our heart as one and pray for Lamuness's victory.

Milk: Yeah! Sister!

Lesqua: Trust me!

Cocoa: No matter what we must do.

Milk: (Goburiki...)

Lesqua: (For the peace of this world...)

Lamuness: That is!?

Tama-Q: That is the holy light that seal Goburiki Mya!

Da Cider: Well, good good! Do it do it!

Hebimetako: Yay! Yay!

Don Harumage: I see. They use the power of the three sacred sisters...
But do you think that sort of thing always work on me!?

Sarutobi: What did you say!?

Don Harumage: To be exact that power bothered me in the battle 5000 years 
But, when you're coming here, to you think I wasted time for only recovering?

Magnum Ace: What!?

Tama-Q: C, could it be!?

Don Harumage: The I now is completely different from before in term of power.
Now I'll proof that!

Don Harumage: Kaaaaaaa...!


Milk: S, sister, are you alright!?

Cocoa: Yeah... My body just get knocked a bit.

Lesqua: ...!? That is...!!

Izumi: Bastard Goburiki, he created the psychic barrier again!

Kid: Not only that it seems. Look at his form.

Mach Windy: He changed his form!?

Jin: What is that!?

Don Harumage: This is the new form of Calamity God Goburiki! Even if you
bastards have the divine protection of sacred power it is already meaningless!

Ryouma: You idiot! You still have additional trump card!

Milk: It can't be! The sacred power won't work!

Nuzzi: It is because of that barrier! It repels the sacred power!

Da Cider: He, so what! No matter how many times you pull I'll break it!

[Da Cider's morale max, Queen Sideron attacks Goburiki]

Don Harumage: Nuhahahahaha! Fool! It is useless!!

Da Cider: What!?

Rikiya: Lie!? There isn't even a scratch!

Domon: It becomes harder than last time.

Lesqua: How can we win if the sacred power won't work!? That monster!?

Don Harumage: Hahahaha! My play with you bastards ends here!
Look carefully! My power!

[Monskars appear]

*9 enemies remain*


Galden: U... uuh...
...! Where is this place... Why I'm...

Dango: A, you got back your sense.

Galden: Y, you are!? 

Dango: Hey, Nuzzi! Saeko-san! Galden awaked!

Nuzzi: So you awaked, Galden.

Galden: You... You are great wise man Nuzzi.

Nuzzi: Hou, as might be expected of living a long time, you seem to know me.

Galden: ...Where is this place?

Nuzzi: We're inside Ionia.

Galden: Ionia!? I was saved by you guys!?

Saeko: Adeu volunteers to save you.
Since we need you for the next coming battle... He said surely you will lend
us a hand. 

Galden: Adeu said that...?

Nuzzi: Galden... Now Adeu group are fighting a decisive battle with Calamity
God Goburiki.

Galden: From not long ago that annoying transmiting wave motion are those 

Saeko: Ah, don't move yet. Even if the curing magic is effective, your wounded
chest isn't completely healed.

Galden: ...

Nuzzi: Then, if you already awaked I'll give you this, as my promise to Adeu.

Galden: ...! This is the Spirit Stone!

Nuzzi: The decision to give you this Spirit Stone is the consencus of everyone
of Ryu-user.
Well, there is one guy opposed it till the end.

Galden: ...

Nuzzi: Galden, I've heard alot of things between you and Adeu group...
But, as a Ryu-user... please response to the belief of everyone as a soldier
protecting Earth Tear.

Galden: ...I...

*Alot of enemies defeated*

Don Harumage: Fuhahahahaha! I say it is useless!

Gesshin: Not good! As long as we can't completely destroy that barrier, our
attack won't reach him!

Lamuness: Tama-Q! What should we do!?

Tama-Q: I also don't know Mya!

*Hulk Hogan Axe Bomber/Control Room*

Lesqua: Ha~... Because that barrier is pulled, the power of us can't reach...

Milk: Ah! If things are like this I should have filled my stomach more!

Cocoa: ...There is still a way.

Milk: Eh!?

Cocoa: If our power is prevent by the barrier it is good if we enter inside the
barrier by ourself!

Milk: But, if we approach more than that we'll be done when we pray!

Cocoa: Milk, we are the three sacred sister.
At this rate if we stand and watch Earth Tear will be destroyed...

Lesqua: Moreover even if you say inside the barrier if we do that it is our end
if we receive an attack from Goburiki!

Cocoa: It is good if we open a crack so that only the Hulk gunboat can enter.

Milk: Could it be, we jump in on ''that'' (probably point to Goburiki)!?

Lesqua: Even you have simple character you think daring...

Cocoa: Yes!

Milk: I, believe in sister...

Cocoa: Thank you, Milk.

Lesqua: All of Arara kingdom are fools...

Cocoa: Sister Cafe Au Lait...

Lesqua: I'll not run away.

Cocoa: Thank you, sister Cafe Au Lait!
Well, let's go... T, this is time for us to show off our power... 

Lesqua: ...
Get out of there, Cocoa. I'll drive the ship this time.

Cocoa: Eh?

Lesqua: You can't control with such hand's shaking. Moreover that is the role
of the eldest daughter.
Because until now I haven't done anything for you as an elder sister. Let me be
the main actress until the last moment. 

Cocoa: Sister Cafe Au Lait...

Milk: So you decided. You are a stylish elder sister.
Thank you! The next queen!

Lesqua: That's right! Because protecting citizens is the duty of the monarchy!
Then, let's go!

Lamuness: Where... where is the method to break the barrier...!?

Cocoa: Everyone! Listen to me!

Lamuness: Cocoa?

Paffy: We heard you, princess Cocoa!

Cocoa: We will enter the inside of the barrier, and display the sacred power!
If we do that, we can weaken Goburiki's magic and the psychic barrier will 
surely be resolved!

Lamuness: Understood!
Well, everyone! Focus your attack on the barrier!

Lesqua: Are you ready Da Cider?

Da Cider: Yeah! Trust me! 
Whatever it takes I'll make an air hole to that guy's barrier!

Hebimetako: Hang in there Jan, Darling!

Lamuness: Goooooo!!

Don Harumage: Nuooh, what power!
But, too bad...!
You can't break my psychic barrier with your power! Hahahaha!

Milk: It can't be...!?

Adeu: Shit... Just a bit more!

???: You seem to have trouble, Adeu!

Adeu: Galden!

Galden: Now is the the time I stand up as a Ryu-user, and as a soldier who
protect Earth Tear! 
Go, Steru! Use the maximum power of you and I, and crush guys do wrong thing to
this world!

[Galden's morale max, Steru transforms into Rune Knight]

Mach Windy: Steru changed its form!?

Isaac: Is that class-change!?

Gratches: As I thought, the Spirit Stone we obtained at Urutalia is Galden's!

Izumi: That Ryu is the legendary Rune Knight!

Nuzzi: Dark Knight obtained a pure heart and reborned as a Ryu of justice!

Paffy: Ryu and the Spirit Stone lent power to Galden who raised for Earth Tear!

Izumi: The Galden now is unmistaken our friend! That proof is above all!

Sarutobi: Friend... huh...?
(Galden, I can't believe inside you also lies a feeling for Earth Tear...)

Galden: Adeu, I don't think of make up for what I done to you guys to this 
But, now I'll fight along side with you!

Adeu: Yeah! I rely on you, Galden!

Kakeru: Well then! This time we'll break his barrier!

Adeu: Ok! Just watch, Goburiki!

Paffy: Let's go, everyone!

Galden: Eat this, Goburiki! Our power!

Don Harumage: Useless! What do you want to do with just one more small fish!

Kakeru: Uoooooooo!!


Jin: We did it! There is an emty hole on the barrier!

Don Harumage: What! A crack like this, sooner or later...

Cocoa: Now! Sister Cafe Au Lait!!

Lesqua: Go! Cocoa! Milk!

Milk: Yes!!

Lesqua: Uoooooooh! Goooooooh!

Lamuness: The Hulk boatgun is!?

Da Cider: Lesquaaaaa!

Don Harumage: Hahahahaha! It seems they struggled for nothing!

Da Cider: Shit! I'll surely avenge you!!

Milk: Hey~!!
We are still alive!

Lesqua: Don't kill people as you please!!

Don Harumage: W, what!?

Da Cider: I see... Lesqua group is safe...
Thanks God~!

Hebimetako: To assault Goburiki... What unthinkable girls Jan...

Cocoa: Everyone! We will display the sacred power. We need a bit of time until
that power is high enough!

Lamuness: Understood! At that time, we will distrack that guy's attention!

Paffy: Got it!

Lesqua: We rely on you! Everyone!

Cocoa: Milk, Sister Cafe Au Lait...
By the power that we give, surely we'll seal Goburiki's power!

Lesqua: Got it!

Milk: Understood!

Cocoa: Focus our hearts at one...

Milk: ...

Lesqua: ...

Don Harumage: W, what!?
Guuuh! Unpleasant light!!
Go! Monskar!!

Lamuness: (Milk, Cocoa, Lesqua. Please be fine...!)

*Some more enemies defeated*

Don Harumage: It seems you still don't understand! 
No one can win me! You bastard should know your own standing!

Hittel: That bastard Goburiki, he increased power again!

Katze: If we let him keep doing like that forever it would be worse...!

Lamuness: Not yet, Milk, Cocoa, Lesqua!?

Da Cider: That is!?

Milk: Us three sacred sisters have a wish...

Cocoa: We will exchange our life once more for the power of justice that seal

Lesqua: The power of justice!

Don Harumage: Nuaaaaaaah!?

Kenichi: Look! The barrier cracks!

Yoji: I, it is true!

Tama-Q: The barrier disappeared Mya!

Don Harumage: Shit...! How could they destroy my psychic barrier...!

Don Harumage: W, what is that!?

Cocoa: The soldiers of justice that wander in the thump-thump space.

Lesqua: Follow the life of the three sacred sisters and awaken that power that
you hold...

Milk: Gather here!!

Cocoa: The soldiers of justice! Gather here!


Cocoa: Gather!!

Lesqua: Justice!!

Milk: Soldiers!!

Tetsuya: That light is!

Lamuness: King Sccasher's power is increased!?

Da Cider: Queen Sideron's energy also steadily raising!

Magnum Ace: Amazing... Power overflows! 

Tama-Q: That is the power of the three sacred sisters Mya! That is the power
they showed us at the previous battle with Goburiki Mya!

Da Cider: Lesqua...

Hebimetako: It is annoying but, they did it Jan!

Momotarou: Amazing! Amazing, those girls!!

Adeu: We can do it...! With this power we can do it!

Jin: Then! The parts that we're done by now, let's return them all!

Don Harumage: Nuuuuu...! Those bitches three sacred sisters!

Cocoa: Well, Lamuness. This is the time you can beat Goburiki.

Lamuness: B, but you three will!

Cocoa: Quick... Until Goburiki pulls out his barrier again.

Milk: Lamuness, quick!

Lesqua: I rely on you, Da Cider!

Da Cider: L, Lesqua...

Hebimetako: I lost Jan.

Tama-Q: Lamuness...

Lamuness: Everyone, this is the critical time!

Adeu: Got it! We'll grant those three sisters' wish!

Don Harumage: How dare you... How dare you, how dare youuh!
You stubbornly went against me even you're only small fishes!!
I can't forgive you!!

Lamuness: This is win or lose, Goburiki!!

*Lamuness vs Don Harumage (after event)*

Don Harumage: Lamuness! Let's decide who'll finally be left alive in this 

Lamuness: That is what I planned from the beginning regardless of your speech!

Tama-Q: Lamuness! Now is the time to end the task as a Brave Mya!

Lamuness: Understood, Tama-Q! I'll never let the chance that Milk created be a

*Da Cider vs Don Harumage (after event)*

Don Harumage: Da Cider, in my stomach is Lesqua. Do you really want to beat me?

Da Cider: As for that, a man is the one listens to the wish that they risked 
their life!

Hebimetako: Right Jan! Now that threat won't work Jan!

Don Harumage: Shit! You bastard Da Cider...!

Da Cider: Don Harumage! I've made friend with you for a long time but this is
the end of it!

*Adeu vs Don Harumage (after event)*

Don Harumage: How dare you break my barrier! That sin is worth a certain death!

Adeu: Not only the barrier! Prepare yourself as I'll also erase you for good!

*Goburiki defeated*

Lamuness: How is that, Goburiki!

Don Harumage: Not yet... I'm not done yet... 
Until I take my hand on the world...
I'll not disappearrrrr!!

[Goburiki recovers 145000 HP]

Da Cider: Bastard Goburiki! He still intend to fight!

Lamuness: Da Cider, Royal Squash! Let's aim at his face do or die!

Da Cider: Ok!

[Lamuness and Da Cider attack Goburiki]

Don Harumage: This Calamity God Goburiki is...! This I that resurrected over
5000 years is defeated!!?

Lamuness: No matter how much time you spend to resurrect we won't hand over
this world to you!

Da Cider: And, also our future!

Don Harumage: Guuuuuu... H, how dare you...!


Adeu: We did it!

Nuzzi: The last moment of Calamity God that brings chaos to the transmited
world eternally... This time it is real...

Lamuness: Milk... Cocoa... Lesqua...

Tama-Q: Hulk Gunboat!? 

Lamuness: Milk! Cocoa!

Da Cider: Lesqua! Are you guys alright!?

Lesqua: Yeah! The three of us are fine!

Milk: No one is hurt! 

Hebimetako: Good grief... You guys are really tough Jan.

Cocoa: Sorry for causing you to worry.

Lamuness: Thank goodness... Really...

Da Cider: Since Lesqua group came back safely, it means we net a perfect 

Lamuness: Yeah! This battle is ours!!


Sharu: Everyone, we confirmed that the dark quicksand is gone!

Katze: Then, the Calamity God Goburiki is...!

Nuzzi: He seems completely disappeared. The vanish of dark quicksand is the
best proof.

Magnum Ace: Somehow we made it.

Lamuness: We did it...! We really defeated Goburiki this time!

Milk: Yeah! This time it is flawless!

Tama-Q: Lamuness. We finished the task as the Brave splendidly Mya.

Paffy: I thought what will become of us for a moment but we really did it.

Ribaris: All thanks to Brave Lamuness, Da Cider and the three sacred sisters.

Da Cider: Well, when it comes to a true hero like me it doesn't matter if there
are 1 or 2 Goburiki!
Since I tried too hard being the case of hero I feel a bit tired!

Mai: Then rest quietly...

Lamuness: I was called for defeating that guy! If I lose Milk won't forgive me!

Milk: Lamuness..

Cocoa: I'm happy that we're able to finish to job as the three sacred sisters

Ely: But I was surprised that you three assaulted him at the risk of your life.

Remy: That is very thrilling.

Kotarou: But, if that doesn't happen we'll probably be done.

Tsutomu: Right. Thanks to that action the sacred power were able to affect

Da Cider: Thank you, Lesqua! As I thought you're reliable at the critical 

Lesqua: N, nothing! 
If Earth Tear is destroyed all of Arara Kingdom will come to nothing so I
could only try my best!

Milk: Again again~. You shy!

Lesqua: I don't shy! You big eater girl!

Milk: So what! You sexual obsessed woman!

Tama-Q: Now now... When I thought you guys finally unite you get back into the 
swing of things again Mya.

Cocoa: Everyone... And also Galden-san, we really thank you for give us a 

Adeu: That is unnecessary! It is a natural thing to be done for us as a 
Ryu-user who hold the Spirit Stone!
Right, Galden!?

Galden: ...

Gratches: Galden, thanks to you we're able to weaken Goburiki.

Galden: I'm also one of those born and grow at Earth Tear.
Moreover as Adeu said, it is nothing but a necessary thing to be done as a
Ryu-user who hold the Spirit Stone.
Moreover because you guys trusted in me and gave me the last Spirit Stone isn't
I just return that feeling...

Sarutobi: Galden!

Sarutobi: Galden. I still haven't forgive what you did.

Galden: ...

Sarutobi: But, I understood that you are no longer like before since you gave
us a hand...
But if you do strange trick even a bit, sooner or later I'll kill you. Just
remember that.

Galden: I'll bear that in my mind...
My goal from now is atone the deed that I've done until now... That is how I
live from today.

Adeu: Heheh! Galden, as I thought you are also a wonderful knight.

Paffy: Haha, the eye that Adeu has for a person is correct.

Gesshin: Sarutobi, you also have grew up.

Sarutobi: Hmph... The words from before are just my frankness.
Let's check from now on Galden's word is true or not.

Blass: At any rate, the threat of Goburiki is gone at this point.

Hittel: From now on we can concentrate on the Evil Dragon Tribe.

Izumi: Let's return to Eldogear and report to White Dragon.

Sharu: It is useless to stay at this place any longer. Let's go back to
Earth Tear at once.

Milk: Hey, Lamuness... What will you do from now on?
Now that Goburiki is defeated, there is no point for you to fight as Lamuness,
isn't it?

Lamuness: Milk, haven't I said before the time Goburiki was defeated?
I'll be beside everyone until the true peace comes.
Not only Evil Dragon Tribe, but the Drago Empire, Jaaku Empire and many more
are there for us to beat.

Da Cider: Right. The villain ain't only Goburiki!
At this rate we have to look after the villains that aim for not only Earth
Tear but also the Earth!

Hebimetako: You are cool Darling Jan! That is the hero Jan!

Da Cider: Nuwahahahahahaha! Right, right!

Lamuness: That's why, Milk! Journey together with us even if a little!

Milk: Ok!

*Eldogear/Center Room*

White Dragon: Welcome back, Ryu-users, the decendants of Brave, and the
warriors of the different world.

Lamuness: We were able to return safely thanks to White Dragon teached us
another power of the Spirit Stone.

Cocoa: Yeah. If we don't have the power of the Spirit Stone we can't defeat

White Dragon: I done nothing of transmited the stored data at Eldogear to you.
You opened the road for survive because of your heart of wisdom, bravery... and 
love for peace.

Lamuness: No~, hahahah. I wonder if we have that much?

Tama-Q: Lamuness, don't get too cocky yet Mya.

White Dragon: And, Galden... You are no longer being covered with the blood of
Dark Knight.

Galden: ...

White Dragon: I hope you exert that power as a rune knight who bring hope to 
the citizens of Earth Tear.

Galden: That is what I planning. I'll protect this world with my sword.

Adeu: I trust you, Galden!

Sarutobi: Hmph. You will be in trouble if you don't act properly to make up
the part you troubled everyone.

Domon: The problem is what will we do after smashed Goburiki's ambition and
put an end to DG Cell?

Kyaos: How about returning to Earth?

Blass: Kyaos, it seems you arrived at Eldogear safely.

Kyaos: Yeah. I was accepted by White Dragon.

White Dragon: The power of wisdom and organize of Ernst is necessary from now
on. Even I don't have any reason to dismiss her group.

Killy: It was a match of mutual interest?

Isaac: Kyaos-dono, from a while ago you said we must return to Earth?

Kyaos: The urgent problem of Earth Tear was removed because of your action.
If that is the case, I thought you guys should return to Earth and settle with
your original opponents.

Ryu Dolk: But after we returned to Earth, who will protect this world?
Isn't it tough for only Ryu-users, Braves and Leaguer to face the main force of
Evil Dragon Tribe?

Professor: Moreover there is a possibility Genshi-oh tempt to attack again.

Kyaos: Don't worry about that.
After you guys returned to Earth, we Ernst will communicate with every country
to harden the defense.

White Dragon: Leave Earth Tear to us, you guys return to Earth at once and 
protect the world from the invaders.

Kouji: Well, if you said that then we will not hesitate...

Adeu: Everyone, we Ryu-users also come with you!

Kakeru: Is it alright? You guys have to protect Earth Tear from the Evil Dragon

Paffy: The beginning of all-out-attack of Evil Dragon Tribe occurs at every 
eclipse in thousand years so there is still time.
Moreover I'm grateful with everyone's effort for Earth Tear.
This time let us assist you.

Adeu: Is that Ok, Nuzzi?

Nuzzi: Yeah, like what we said before the problem isn't lay in each of Earth
Tear or Earth alone.
Protect the peace of each world is protect the peace of the whole world.

Mach Windy: We Leaguers feel the same thing with Adeu.

Magnum Ace: Let us use that power now one more time to protect the Earth!

Hebimetako: Darling, what will we do Jan?

Da Cider: Of course, haven't we decided that we'll go!? We will also left the 
legend of Brave Da Cider on Earth!

Lamuness: If we decided that there is no time to rest! Let's prepare go to
Earth at once!

Hayato: Cocoa, can we use the Space-Time Transmission Device right away?

Cocoa: Trust me~. I'll repair it at once~.

Taider: Heeee~! Belzeb-sama~!

Jin: It ends here, Evil Beast!

[God Raijin-oh attacks Evil Beast]

Koji: We did it!

Taider: B, Belzeb-sama! It would be better if we retreat Da!

Belzeb: Shit, the children of Earth...! The next time we meet I'll surely beat

Falzeb: Remember that!

Jin: Bring it on anytime! No matter how much you attack we won't hand over the
Earth to you!

*Youshou Academy*

Koji: It's been a weak since we returning home from Earth Tear.
We're worrying for the Earth while we ain't here but since the Shuffle Alliance
join hand somehow they were able to repel the enemies.
Moreover there are also reports that the mysterious hero protected the town 
from the invasion of Mechanize Kingdom.
I hear that he beat the Mechanize Beast while bursting big laugh but, perhaps
he is the one at that time...
Well, leaving that aside, now while we're driving the enemies away, the Defense
Troop are preparing an attack to the base of Mechanize Kingdom that they 
detected on the Moon surface.
To be honest, before going to the moon, we want to be able to do something to
the Jaaku Empire...
I wish that peace returns quickly to the world.

*Youshou Academy/Class 3 Year 5*

Teacher Himeki: Everyone, thank you for your time.

Teacher Shinoda: Teacher is happy that you guys return safely!

Minori: Just as we returned, Evil Beast and Hell Beast appear everyday.

Cookie: I already exhaust...

Reiko: Right. I wish that the pace drops a bit more.

Teacher Shinoda: What, the defense troop are investigating the Arc Dahmer that 
gives birth to Evil Beast. Soon it will be fun.

Yoppa: I hope so...

Gorou: But, I can't believe that the reason Evil Beast appears is that small

Tsutomu: But, because of the detector that defense troop developed the Arc 
Dahmers are discovered one after another, and they are gathered at the base of
the defense troop.

Tokie: While we are not here how could they did a thing like that...

Kirara: The defense troop also do very well isn't it!? Now I think better of

Kotarou: But we can laugh at General Takeda's speech ''Meiwaku (troublesome)''
at the chance of discovery!

Professor: Kotarou-kun, be careful with your speech! If there is that material
nearby it can give birth to Evil Beast!

Kotarou: Oops! Right...!

Professor: Good!? Even at the time of doing conversation always keep inside of
the head Meiwa...

Ken: Waaaaaa! Stop, Professor!

Ely: What will we do if Professsor say so!?

Professor: S, sorry... I just carelessly hot-headed...

Kouji: Good grief, you must always keep an eye on it.

Potato: Even if you speak you must be attentative at every moment.

Lamuness: Those bastards Jaaku Empire! Really meiwa...

Kakeru: Lamuness!

Lamuness: Ah, sorry, sorry! My careless...!

Milk: Now! You must really be careful!

Sharu: That state, we rather be beaten.

Kakeru: Nonetheless, if you don't talk stress just build up.

Da Cider: Good grief. If I keep caution like that even if I said joke no one
will laugh.

Lesqua: Isn't that always?

Hiryu: How can they build weapons response to human angriness and 
bitterness... Those bastards 5th dimension people hold a fearful thing. 

Maria: Even a little bit I wonder if we terminated the Evil Beast from the 
battle before?

Tsutomu: You can't say that since we don't know how many Arc Dahmer are there.

Momotarou: That means we can only beat them one by one, steadily?

Ken: Good grief, even if it is troublesome that is what we can do!

Jin: Anyhow when we beat the Jaaku Empire they will all vanish in one go!

Koji: I wonder if the Jaaku Empire also gentle like when we beat the Evil
Beast in that condition?

Tsutomu: That is fine but, I think the Jaaku Empire will pull out an 
all-out-attack on us in the near future.

Yui: Why do you think like that?

Tsutomu: If Jaaku's main force, the Arc Dahmers continue to drop, they will
slowly went downhill.
Generally, I can read before that they'll surely strike a bargain.

Asuka: I see. The Jaaku Empire are impatient from their losing battles are
continuing right?

Zanpa: If I am the king of Jaaku Empire I rather rise a white flag long time

Domon: Naturally, we want to strike first the weakening Jaaku Empire but 
unfortunately we don't know their base.

Tetsuya: Now we can only identify the base of the Mechanize Empire is on the
surface of the moon.

Shingo: You mean first we can only act to attack that place?

Kinta: It is dangerous if the Jaaku Empire trigger their all-out-attack while
we are going to the moon.

Sharu: But, the enemy don't give a heck about that situation. We can't act if
we always suppose the worst condition.

Jin: Right! Because the fate of the Earth lies in our hand!

Teacher Himeki: Everyone of Earth Defense Class seem grew up a lot more.

Teacher Shinoda: Because they've piled up various experience not only from the
battle with Jaaku Empire but also going to another world.
As for me, I only want the battle will end soon and they live their life as

Teacher Himeki: Right...

*5th Dimension Space*

Warusa: Belzeb, what are you trying to inform me?

Belzeb: Hah... The truth is we lost almost all of the Arc Dahmer scattered at 

Warusa: You useless idiot! Why can't us Jaaku Empire have those low rank 3rd 
dimension people eat bitter experience!?
Belzeb, you know how I irritated!?

Belzeb: Please give me one more chance!
I'll risked my life on the next battle, and surely I will present those guys'
necks to you majesty!

Warusa: ...Good then. I'll give you one more chance, only.
You give your life beat the hindrance and present me the 3rd dimension space.

Belzeb: Yes! I show you I'll surely beat them!

Warusa: I think I have no time left...

*Jaaku Stronghold*

Belzeb: Shit, how can this be...!

Yaminorius: Dear, your position seems in danger.

Belzeb: I don't care my position! 
The pride of soldier... No, as a man of Jaaku Empire won't let me get beaten
If that is the case I'll use all Arc Dahmers left and let out a final attack!
The goal of the battle plan is the base of Earth Defense Class, Youshou Town!

Yaminorius: But, Belzeb. Now isn't Tider going scout at Youshou Town?

Falzeb: It is just right if we unite on the spot! Because the time left for us
is too little!

Belzeb: Soldier of Earth! This time I'll teach you a lesson!

Yaminorius: ...

*Youshou Town/School Route*

Hiroshi: Tsutomu, you said the 5th Dimension people will lauch an 
all-out-attack but when?

Tsutomu: As for that question I can only say I don't know.
We don't understand the whole Jaaku Empire's fighting force.
Maybe today, tomorrow or one week more.

Asuka: You mean we who don't know the financial situation of opponent could 
only wait for their action...?

Love: At least I want the war to end until we graduate school.

Jin: Heh! If they come we just drive them away in full force!

Yoppa: Right! If everyone of Ionia combine power we can surely do something!

Koji: ...

Jin: Hey Koji. What obsessed you from a while ago? 

Koji: I'm thinking if we think carefully we're doing nothing but fighting 
Jaaku Empire.

Asuka: What about that?

Koji: I wonder if that is good? I wonder if we give away fighting and be friend
with them?

Maria: That might be the case...

Tokie: Their goal is seize control of the world isn't it? Then I think it is
useless to discuss.

Koji: That is too early to declare. Perhaps even the 5th dimension people can
be good persons.

Jin: Maybe it is but, we now are receiving thus attack.

Yoppa: Moreover those guys kidnapped Professor.

Tsutomu: But, I heard from Takako-san they didn't do anything violent to her.

Koji: Well, you heard Tsutomu-kun's words? We can't pass that kidnap but there
are room for discussion.

Asuka: I understand Koji's feeling but, the Jaaku Empire attacking can still
become true.
Then if enemy come to attack now we can only fight.

Koji: But, it is best if we can negotiate as friends and avoid fighting...

General Takeda: Waitttt! Stopppp!!

I'll be a fool to wait Da~!

Jin: What? What is that?

Tider: Ha...ha....ha... Good grief, what persistent 3rd dimension person da~.

Jin: Y, you are!

Asuka: To be exact your name is Tider!

Tider: Oh no! You guys are the Earth Defense Class...!

Maria: You seem to be chased by Defense Troop!

Yoppa: What will you do!? Get cought by us!

Tider: Awawawawa, this is bad Da! If I be arrest at this place I will be given
a good scolding by Belzeb-sama again Da!

Koji: Hurry hide inside this pipe!

Tider: What?

Jin: Hey, Koji! What did you just say!?

Koji: Quick! The defense troop are coming!

Tider: U, understood Da!

General Takeda: Hey, you kid! This is just right!

Hiroshi: General Takeda. Is there something happen that you go in great 

General Takeda: On my way to Youshou Academy, I suspected a 5th dimension 
All us defense troop chased him but he was surpisingly quick and we lost him!

Love: I see.

General Takeda: I'm sure he ran this way so have you kid seen him?

Maria: N, no, we didn't.

General Takeda: I see... That bastard 5th dimension person, where could he go!?

Asuka: General, leave this place for us to search. How about you guys try to go
and search somewhere else?

Jin: If we find him we'll immediately try to contact with you!

Yoppa: Right right! Leave this place to us!

General Takeda: Ok, then I rely on you kids!

Asuka: It seems he gone...

Koji: 5th dimension person... no, Tider-san it is alright for you to go out 

Tider: I, I'm safe Da. A while ago I thought what will become of me Da.

Jin: (That idiot Koji. What is he planning by saving a 5th dimension person?)

Yoppa: (If this is leaked out to General Takeda he will be extremely angry at 

Maria: (What are you saying Jin, Yoppa? Even you guys help him)

Jin: (I only join the mood of this situation, unintentionally...)

Tider: Why did you save me even I'm your enemy Da~?

Asuka: We don't plan saving you for special reason. We just thought that we
want to have a little talk with you.

Tider: Talk Da?

Koji: Hey, Tider-san. I wonder if we can discuss with each other?
Since doing so it will end up no one will get hurt, I thought if it turn out
well we can be friends.

Tider: ...

Koji: ...

Tider: Since I fought together with Belzeb-sama, this is the first time I heard
a person said such thing.

Cookie: I see...

Tider: I also want to ask you a question Da.

Jin: What? We'll be happy to answer questions that doesn't go beyond our 

Da Cider: Why are you kids fighting even you are children Da~? Don't you fear
us, Demon World and Mechanize Empire Da?

Hiroshi: It will be a lie if we told you we don't feel scare...

Asuka: But if we don't fight we can't protect the important people to us.

Tider: But as for that result you kids will probably get hurt Da.

Jin: Nonetheless, if we have power to protect everyone we must fight!
We fight to protect father and mother and the comrades of defense troop, 
moreover everyone living in this town and the Earth!

Maria: Not only us. Everyone of Ionia is fighting for creating peaceful days.

Tider: To protect everyone... For creating peaceful days isn't it Da...?


Asuka: W, what is happening!?

Tsutomu: It seems a big earthquake!

Maria: I don't think it is the level of an earthquake!

Cookie: Ahh! Look at that!

Jin: W, what is that!?

Stage 33: Our dream is definitely invincible!

Tider: Those are Arc Dahmer!

Tsutomu: It can't be...! That size is!

Jin: Hey, Tider! What on earth are you guys doing this time!?

Tider: I, I don't know Da! I haven't heard what they do Da!

Love: Hey, hey! The town begins to float!

Jin: Are you serious!?

Belzeb: Fufufu. Look, Yaminorius. The thriller of the Earthlings.

[Beasts appear]

Belzeb: Are you satify with the fear and chaos whirl this much?

Yaminorius: Yeah. Exactly.

Falzeb: But, the true chaos and fear only begin from now.
We will make Raijin-oh and this town disappear in that dimension!

Belzeb: Go, Arc Dahmer! Carry this town to the sky!


Cookie: It completely floated!

Tsutomu: Somehow the all-out-attack of the Jaaku Empire has begun!

Asuka: They came right after you said...!

Maria: Everyone, go back to the school immediately!

Hiroshi: Understood!

Koji: Wait! What will happen to Tider-san!?

Jin: It is the great crisis of Youshou Town! Now we don't have time to care for

Koji: B, but...

Tider: Go Da. I'll also return to where Belzeb-sama is Da.

Jin: Tider, we don't want to fight you now that we've met.
If you have a heart that think of wanting to protect someone in you even by a 
bit, please stop the fight.

Tider: ...I'll remember your words Da.

Koji: Tider-san...

Asuka: What are you doing, Jin, Koji!? Let's quickly go!

Jin: Understood!

*Youshou Academy/Year 5 Class 3*

Kirara: Maria group still haven't come!?

Hidenori: It seems they will come soon!

Daisuke: How could the Jaaku Empire come at this direction...!

Yuu: This is not imagination right...?

Reiko: No one would imagine this daring battle plan.

Maria: Sorry for keep you wait, everyone!

Minori: We are waiting for you, Maria!

Asuka: Tsutomu, what happen to the connection with Ionia!?

Tsutomu: No need to worry! I sent out a help request before I arrived at 
They said they will be here soon!

Maria: Then let's also go to work right away!

Love: Yeah!

Maria: Let's go, everyone!
Earth Defense Class, sortie!

Tider: Sorry for being late, Belzeb-sama!

Belzeb: You came, Tider! From here let's begin an all-out-attack!

Tider: Y, yes sir Da!

Falzeb: Look! The Earth Defense Class appeared!

Belzeb: Earth Defense Class! Today is the last day we fight!

Jin: Shut up! No matter how many times you trick us we'll protect Youshou town!
Asuka, Koji! Let's combine into Raijin-oh!

Asuka: Roger, Jin!

Jin: Raijin-oh! Matchless combination!!

Maria: Tsutomu-kun, do you know where they aim!?

Tsutomu: The Jaak power releases from Arc Dahmer is gradually increasing!
I afraid the enemy plans to drag Raijin-oh and the town into Jaaku dimension!

Kirara: It can't be!

Akira: This is no joke! Youshou Town is disappeared into another dimension!?

Tsutomu: We only have 6 minutes left!

Maria: Jin, did you hear that!? Beat all the Arc Dahmers in 6 minutes!

Jin: Got it! We'll surely protect the town!

[Ionia appears]

Asuka: Ionia! So you've came!

Isaac: Are you alright, defense class!

Jin: We're fine! On top of that, if things are like this Youshou Town will be
eaten by Jaaku dimension!
You must quickly help us get rid of the Arc Dahmers!

Kakeru: If we don't beat that Youshou Town will suffer terribly!?

Remy: I have a feeling it already suffered terribly enough at the time it 

Tetsuya: This is no spare time to babbling! Let's sortie at once!

*Jin vs Belzeb (second time)*

Koji: How could you lift up Youshou Town...!

Jin: But we won't let you interfering any longer!

Asuka: It is just right that you launch an all-out-attack! Let's settle this!

Belzeb: I planned that from the beginning! Now is our best chance!

Tider: ...

*Turn 1 enemy phrase*

Asuka: Look at the energy gauge, you two!

Koji: Something strange! Energy reduction is intense more than usual!

Jin: What is going on!? We only sortie for a while!?

Tsutomu: Be careful, Jin-kun!
Somehow the energy comsumption is more than we thought in this space that is
surrounding by Jaaku Power!

Jin: Those Arc Dahmers also cause that!?

Tsutomu: That is only what I can think of!

Jin: Shit! In addition to the lack of time is this trouble matter...!

*Kenichi vs Belzeb*

Kenichi: You are doing dirty tricks again! I can't forgive you anymore!

Belzeb: The one doing that is me! That is my revenge for continuing wounding my
my soldier pride!

*Momotarou vs Belzeb*

Belzeb: I'll not permit more hindrance than this! Die here!

Momotarou: It will not go that way! We can't be done until Youshou Town returns
to its original state!

*Kotarou vs Belzeb*

Kotarou: Stop the stupid conquest of the Earth and return to your own world!

Belzeb: You bastards also be obediently lie under our control! 

*One Arc Dahmer is destroyed*

Asuka: This is the first one!

Belzeb: How dare you! Impudent trick!

*One more Arc Dahmer is destroyed*

Koji: That is the second one!

Akira: Only one more! We rely on you!

*Jin vs Belzeb*

Belzeb: You and this town will be eaten by the Jaaku dimension together!

Maria: It will not go that way! We'll surely protect Youshou Town!

*Turn 4*

Tsutomu: Jin-kun, we've 3 minutes left!

Jin: We have no time to lose. Let's beat them in one go!

*Turn 6*

Tsutomu: Ahh!! Only 1 minute left! If you don't be quick we won't make it!

Jin: I don't need you to tell me that! Let's settle it here!

*Turn 7*

Tsutomu: W, we failed! Youshou Town is dragged into the Jaaku dimension!

Jin: I, it can't be...! Youshou Town is...!

*All Arc Dahmers are destroyed*

Jin: That's all of them!


Tsutomu: The Jaaku Power covers Youshou Town is gone! The battle plan succeed!

Asuka: Then at this point we don't need to worry that Youshou Town will be
sucked into Jaaku dimension!?

Tsutomu: Yes! The energy reduction is gone and, Youshou Town will soon return
to its original place!

Maria: Now, everyone! Let's beat the Jaaku Empire in one go!

Momotarou: Understood!

Belzeb: Why...!? Why are they still facing us even we put them into hopeless

Tider: Surely because they protect this town and the people living in it Da...

Belzeb: What did you say?

Tider: Human care for other person more than themselves Da.

Belzeb: Do you think such thing will be useful in battle!

Falzeb: On the contrary, that will ruin their own life!

Belzeb: I'll teach them that now!

*Jaaku Satan defeated*

Belzeb: I, it can't be! I can't believe it...!

[Belzeb retreats]

Yaminorius: You said you would fight like "do-or-die", but the result is this 
mess, ha?
Somehow, this place is not my chance.
It was very entertaining, Belzeb. I'll make good use of your scattered Arc 
Dahmers so don't worry.

[Yaminorius retreats]

Tsutomu: All enemy machines retreated!

Akira: Perhaps we...

Maria: Won...! We won!

Reiko: We did ittttt!

Sharu: What!? This enormous energy amount is!?

Tsutomu: Be careful everyone! Something appears at the center of the town!

Tetsuya: At this rate it is dangerous! Let's retreat to the Youshou Academy at

[Emperor Warusa appears]

Warusa: Bastard Belzeb, he exposed his pathetic form until the very end...
Such useless bastard!

Kenichi: H, hey! What is that stupid big guy!?

Da Cider: He bring out terrible atmosphere!

Warusa: My name is Warusa, the emperor of Jaaku Empire...

Maria: Emperor Warusa!?

Jin: You are the boss of Jaaku Empire!?

Koji: Although we think that we saved the town by beating Jaaku Satan...!

Asuka: Then after him is the boss of Jaaku Empire...!

Warusa: This time I'll be your opponent... You should be grateful.

Belzeb: Wait, Warusa-sama!

Warusa: Belzeb... You still alive...?

Belzeb: Those guys are my opponent! 

Falzeb: Leave this to us!

Warusa: Useless guy that can't conquest the 3rd dimension people don't brag!

[Warusa attacks Belzeb]

Tider: Hiiiii! Belzeb-sama!

Warusa: I'll take your life in exchange for the failure of conquest the 3rd
dimension people...

Belzeb: Guuuuuh...

Tider: B, Belzeb-sama! This fight is already unpleasant Da~!
Why does it come to this... Why an ally has to wound an ally Da!?
Uh.. Uuh...

Belzeb: Tider...

Warusa: Fuhahahahaha!

Falzeb: This is not good, Belzeb! At this rate Jaaku Satan will...!

Belzeb: (Why... What did we fight for until now...!?)
(For Jaaku Empire... We fight to the bitter end for a long time...
This is the treatment for that result...?)

Belzeb: How dare you...!
How dare you, Warusa!!

Warusa: Nuwahahahahahaha! Then, come!

Jin: Stopppp!!

[God Raijin-oh attacks Warusa]

Belzeb: What!? God Raijin-oh saved us...!?

Falzeb: Why... Why does that guy save enemy like us?

Asuka: Even you are our enemy we can't leave a person that is in danger!

Koji: Moreover the discussion with Tider-san doesn't end yet!

Falzeb: Discussion!?

Belzeb: Tider, you...!

Tider: ...

Warusa: Hmph, what is the point of saving a palm that can't be used?

Jin: Palm!? Ain't Tider group your subordinates!?

Warusa: You made me laugh. Belzeb group is nothing but my palm...
And I punish the palm that can't be used. That is that...

Jin: You bastard, saying bullshit things! We will never lose to a Jaaku
Empire like that!
Bring it on, Warusa!

Warusa: Interesting! I accept your challenge!

[Evil Beasts appear]

Tider: Belzeb-sama! What will we do from now on Da?

Belzeb: ...

*Kakeru vs Warusa*

Warusa: I'll rule this world after I made you death corpses.

Kakeru: Feel free to speak your desire but, save it after you defeat us!

*Kouji vs Warusa*

Kouji: I'm happy that you came from there! It saved us a lot of effort for
finding you!

Warusa: Fool! As much as I appeared, it means your life-span will be shorten!

*Tetsuya vs Warusa*

Warusa: Attone your sin for obstructing the invasion of the 3rd dimension with
your own body!

Tetsuya: That is the reverse, Warusa! Prepare yourself for the sin of invading
our world!

*Getter Team vs Warusa*

Ryouma: The boss of Jaaku Empire appears! Things will be interesting!

Warusa: The time you feel interesting is only now! I will seal that laughing
face with horror right away!

*Ken vs Warusa*

Warusa: You call yourself a God even you don't carry big power!? You should 
calm your conceit down!

Ken: Shut up! Do you think an emperor can win a God!? The one conceited is you!

*Jin vs Warusa*

Warusa: Raijin-oh, your opposing of our invasion until now ends here! Devote
your life to me!

Asuka: Sorry to say but we don't plan to lose to whoever the opponent is!

Koji: So Emperor Warusa, you are also the same! We'll defeat you and protect
this world!

Jin: Take this, Warusa! The power of our definitely matchless!

*Kotarou vs Warusa*

Kotarou: We beat even Gokuark! We will not lose to the like of Emperor of 
Jaaku Empire!

Warusa: You are naive to compare me with King of the Demon World.
I'll teach you death in realization of that softness.

*Kenichi vs Warusa*

Kinta: From now we have to go to destroy the base of Mechanize Empire!

Kenichi: Because of that, Emperor Warusa! Sorry for your early appearance but,
we'll defeat you with quick attack!

Warusa: The one to be defeated is you! Be regret as much as possible in the
afterlife for obstructing me!

*Momotarou vs Warusa*

Momotarou: Emperor Warusa! We'll defeat you and end the research on the Jaaku

Warusa: Stupid... I'll let you know that research is meaningless!

*Kid or Bowie vs Warusa*

Warusa: I'll spare your life if you come under me.

Kid: Sorry but we're not gems to raise by anyone.

Omachi: If you are desperate to raise prepare to make solid necklaces.

Isaac: But prepare the result of being bitten at the scruff.

*Shingo vs Warusa*

Warusa: Kneel before me and swear absolutely obedience!

Killy: You said a ordinary thing despite you are an emperor of Jaaku Empire.

Shingo: Since we are only tired of being said the same thing, we'll quickly 
make you shut up.

*Magnum Ace vs Warusa*

Magnum Ace: Emperor Warusa! You who have no heart can't win us no matter how
strong you are!

Warusa: What heart! The necessary thing is the power to overwhelm opponent!
That is the only necessary thing!

*Lamuness vs Warusa*

Lamuness: Above you attacked the Earth, you do things like this to Youshou 
Town! I won't forgive you even if you apologize!

Warusa: Apologize!? You, who do you speak to!?

*Adeu vs Warusa*

Warusa: After I conquest this world, the next world I'll lay my hand on is 

Adeu: I won't allow it! I'll surely beat you here for all the trouble that I
came to Earth!

*Emperor Warusa reduced by ~100000 HP*

Warusa: No! You are doing useless struggling!

[Warusa recovers 54000 HP]

Warusa: I can't forgive you any longer! I'll bury you with this town!

Professor: Not good! If we let Warusa attacks at this rate Youshou town will
be torn to pieces! 

Kakeru: Since we took effort stop the ascending of Youshou Town we'll not
permit this trick!

Jin: Asuka, Koji! Let's stop Warusa's attack!

Warusa: It will not go that way!

[Evil Beasts appear]

Asuka: Shit! How could he call out the Evil Beasts by this timing!

[More Evil Beasts appear]

Koji: I, it can't be...!

Warusa: You should quietly watch the destruction of this town!

Jin: Shit! At this rate Youshou Town will disappear before we beat him!

[Jaaku Satan appears]

Belzeb: Warusaaaa!!

[Belzeb's morale max, Jaaku Satan attacks Warusa, Warusa loses 36000 HP]

Warusa: Nuooooo!

Maria: Jaaku Satan attacks Warusa!?

Ely: Now~, what is happening!?

Warusa: Belzeb! You are a fool to betray me!

Belzeb: I'll not accept your command anymore! From now I'll fight by myself!

Falzeb: For that reason Emperor Warusa! You are in our way!

Tider: Belzeb-sama! Falzeb-sama!

Jin: Belzeb! Are you helping us!?

Belzeb: Don't misunderstanding! Because I decided to get over this situation
that is the best choice!

Warusa: How dare you, Belzeb! If you stay quiet I'll kill you without pain!
If this is the case I'll get rid of you together with the 3rd dimension people!

Belzeb: The one to die is you, Warusa! I'll take your life in make up for your
sin of insulting us!

Tsutomu: Everyone! Now is our chance! Focus your attack on Warusa!

Jin: Understood!

*Warusa defeated*