Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File09/12/16MetroidPrimeMan124K
[SOUE] SOUE - Hero Mode (Slot 1) Just outside of the Forrest Temple. Fully upgraded Adventure Pouch/Shield/Slingshot/Bug Net. 99 most treasures/bugs (some less than 99).
Save Game File01/14/12Psychotic Jester124K
SOUE - All heart pieces, abilities, fully stocked Item check, 99 of all bugs and treasures, and 9900 Rupees in files 1 (Normal) and 3 (Hero). File 2- New Hero mode game with 99 of every bug & treasure
Save Game File01/30/12Gunsm1th124K
SOUE | Blue Slot | Minimalist Run | 6 Hearts| Right Before Sky Keep
Save Game File12/10/11GUKingOfHeart124K
SOUE Folder - File1: Just after beating the 4th temple and before getting on the boat. File2: Hero Mode, just beat the second temple, NTSC
Save Game File12/08/11Tiael124K
SOUE Folder- After Levias fight before starting the Song of the Hero quests, NTSC
Save Game File12/17/11consummate gamer124K
SOUE--Slot 1 is saved at the start of the Ancient Cistern, slot 2 is saved at the start of the Sandship, and slot 3 is saved at the start of the Fire Sanctuary.
Save Game File12/12/11consummate gamer124K
SOUE--Slot 1 is saved at the start of the Skyview Temple, slot 2 is saved at the start of the Earth Temple, and slot 3 is saved at the start of the Lanayru Mining Facility.
Save Game File12/14/11consummate gamer124K
SOUE--Slot 1 is saved before Sky Keep. Slot 2 is saved before final battle with all heart pieces, items, abilities, 99 of every bug and treausre, and 9900 Rupees. Slot 3 is save data for Hero Mode.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File01/03/17Sturm1269124K
[SOUP] Hero Mode Saves: 1st file is a new spoiler free save with no treasure or insects - 2nd file is also a new spoiler free save, that has all treasure needed for upgrades.
Save Game File12/12/11drivingmissdais124K
Hero mode unlocked. folder: SOUP
Save Game File12/20/11NielsK124K
SOUP Folder - File name is "Link". Normal mode complete with all equipment, upgrades, hearts, 99 bugs/treasures, 9900 Rupees. Simply beat the game to access Hero mode.
Save Game File12/04/11AerSamusAran124K
Zelda Skyward Sword [PAL] After Levias | Before Quest | Folder Name: SOUP

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