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Reviewed: 02/14/12

The definitive Zelda experience

When first playing a new Zelda game, I think all Zelda fans have similar expectations for it. They expect the game to have dungeons, items, bosses, the usual things that make a Zelda game.... a Zelda game. While they hope for there to be something that puts a twist on the gameplay to keep the series fresh, they still expect to see the usual skeleton of gameplay on which the game rests on.

For this game, that "twist" is motion controls.

It doesn't just have you swinging the wiimote randomly to make Link swing his sword like in Twilight Princess; the entire game is built upon precise motion control. So after 30 minutes or so, you will come to expect to see motion controls used for pretty much everything.

As a pretty big Zelda fan, the easiest way for me to review this is to compare it to other games in the series. And by doing so I am able to see that this one is truly the best.

Although the motion controls work pretty well and give this game a sort of fun you don't see anywhere else, they are not why I view this game higher than the others. However, they do add a challenge to combat that is completely new to Zelda. And it meshes with the game nicely.

But the reason is this: the gameplay is not defined by one "twist" but rather by many. The game is covered with things both inside and out of dungeons that tend to change the gameplay enough to make it interesting and addictive. I would expand on this, but there's just no way to do so without spoiling parts of the game. If you're looking into this, I recommend you not watch to many revealing gameplay videos. Part of this game's charm is it's surprises. Don't ruin it for yourself.

As for the story, my opinions are mixed. This is essentially a prelude to the Zelda series, before "Hyrule" even existed. For a Zelda fan, it was really interesting, because I was able to compare parts of the story to things that happen later in the series. But like most Zelda games, the scope of the game is more focused on gameplay, and because of this the story is quite simple with minimal twists in the plot. Story has never been a strong point in Zelda, and the same goes for this game.

The graphics are good, for wii. It uses a great effect for objects as they fade into the distance, making them kind of look like an oil painting. Also the game's art style is brilliant. Compared to Twilight Princess this game is a lot more colorful. I think that's the way Zelda games should be.


This game is the best Zelda, and possibly the best Wii game. It doesn't change the traditional Zelda formula a whole lot, but the gameplay's consistent twists really make it stand out. Motion controls took some getting used to, but didn't get in the way.

Go buy it. Now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (US, 11/20/11)

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