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Game Script by VisionofChaos

Version: EU | Updated: 03/13/2015

Skyward Sword Script


This is not a complete script and it won’t tell you where to go or what to do
when you get there.
Spoilers are obvious when you read this script.
This script contains all unskipable text in the game.
There are no sidequest here and no unneeded NPC chatter.
This Script is created by TheVisionofChaos for personal uses only.
There will be some typing errors in the script, but don’t expect a lot of them.
The weird set up of lines is to inflect when a new text box is created.


This is a tale you humans have passed down through uncounted generations…
It tells of a war of unmatched scale and ferocity, the likes of which would
never be seen again.
One dark, fateful day, the earth cracked wide and malevolent forces rushed
forth from the fissure.
They mounted a brutal assault upon the surface people, driving the land into
deep despair….
They burnt forest to ash, choked the land’s sweet springs, and murdered without
They did all this in their lust to take the ultimate power protected by Her
Grace, the goddess.
The power she guarded was without equal.
Handed down by gods of old, this power gave its holder the means to make any
desire a reality.
Such was the might of the ultimate power that the old ones placed it in the
care of the goddess.
To prevent this great power from falling into the hands of the evil swarming
the lands…
The goddess gathered the surviving humans on a outcropping of earth.
She sent it skyward, beyond the reach of the demonic hordes. Beyond even the
With the humans safe, the goddess joined forces with the land dwellers and
fought the evil forces, sealing them away.
At last, peace was restored to the surface.
This is a tale that you humans have told for many ages, generation to
But there are other legends, long hidden away from memory, that are intertwined
with this tale.
Now, a new legend bound to this great story stands ready to be revealed.
A legend that will be forged by your own hand.

-dream sequence

Fi: Rise, Link… the time has come for you to awaken…
You are fated to have a hand in a great destiny, and it will soon find

The time has come for you to awaken…

-link reads a letter

Zelda: Hey, sleepyhead. I know how much you like to sleep in, so I’m guessing
this letter will be your alarm clock this morning. Did I guess right?
Rise and shine, Link! Today’s the Wing Ceremony! You promised to meet me before
it starts, remember?
You’d better not keep me waiting. – Zelda.
-link goes outside

Horwell: Hey, Link! Up here!
Good morning to you, Link! Today’s finally the day of the long-awaited Wing
Are you feeling ready? Oh, I just remembered. There’s something I’d like to ask
you about.
Look this way while pressing and holding [Z], then press [A] to have a quick
chat with me.

Horwell: Excellent! Always remember you can press [Z] to target something.
Once you have targeted someone with [Z], you can easily talk to him or her by
pressing A.
And even when there isn’t anything to target, pressing [Z] is a convenient way
to quickly face you view forward.
Oh, but it’s a little silly to carry on a conversation from this distance. Why
don’t you come join up here?
You should be able to climb up if you dash up to the top of that wooden box,
don’t you think?
Move while holding [A] to dash. You should be able to make that jump fairly
Try climbing up here!

Horwell: So what do you think? Using [A] to dash is useful, isn’t it?
However, don’t dash around so much that you tire yourself out, or you stamina
gauge will empty and you’ll be completely out of breath.
It’s best to take a little break when your stamina gauge gets close to empty.
Got all that? On to the next point…
You can jump a short distance like this just by moving toward it. I like to
call it the auto jump. Ahh, yes, auto jump…  It just has a nice ring to it.

Horwell: So what are you up to? Rushing to get some last-minute bird-riding
practice in this morning, Link?
Oh? You have someone to meet? Ah, Zelda’s waiting for you, is she?
Perfect timing, then!
You see, Zelda’s father – Headmaster Gaepora – has a pet named Mia, and, well…
she’s scampered off again.
Look! Over there! Do you see her?
The headmaster is so busy working with Zelda preparing for the ceremony…
I thought that maybe I should feed her, but the ceremony is about to start and
I just put on a fresh set of clothes and, well… you see…
Will you help me out and go retrieve Mia for me?

[I’m busy]

Horwell: Ah, I see...
Can you please tell the headmaster that Instructor Horwell has found Mia and
that he shouldn't worry?

Horwell: So will you help by finding Mia and
bringing her back to me?
[I’m on it]

Horwell: Fantastic! So you’ll do it?! I know you’re in a hurry, so I really
appreciate your taking the time to help.
You should be able to climb up somewhere over there. If you hang off that ledge
there, you can climb onto the roof from the other side.
I’m terribly sorry, but I know you’re quite the climber! I really do appreciate

-link gets up the roof and the teacher shouts from far away.

Horwell: Hey, Link!
I don’t care how good a jumper you think you are. You’ll never reach a roof
that high just pressing A to dash. There should be a wooden box up there. Grab
and move one with A, and use it as a platform of sorts.
You can climb onto a platform by pressing A to dash or by pressing analog stick
for a few moments.

-link brings the cat back

Horwell: Nice work! You’ve brought her back safe and sound!
Sorry for troubling you with this. I know you’re busy, Link! I suppose I should
feed Mia now…
Please tell the headmaster that we found his pet. He should be up by the Statue
of the Goddess.
I believe Zelda is there with him, so you should hurry along.

Horwell: Ahhh, I'm so glad Mia is safe.

Zelda singing:
Oh youth
Guided by
The servant of the goddess
Untie earth and sky
Bring light
to the land..

-Zelda turns around

Zelda: Hey! Good morning, Link.
I’m glad to see my Loft wing got you out of bed.
I was pretty sure you’d sleep in and forget to meet me this morning.
But look at this instrument! And look at this outfit! They’re mine to use today
in the ceremony, since I’ll be playing the role of the goddess.
Aren’t they beautiful? Especially this instrument! They tell me it’s just like
the one the goddess was said to have in the legends.
It sounds gorgeous too. I asked Father about it, and he says it’s called a harp.
And look at these clothes! I made this wrap myself, and we get to use it in
today’s ceremony!
Between the harp and this outfit, I’m going to make a great goddess today!
I got you up early this morning because I wanted you to be the first to see me
like this, Link!
So… how do I look?


Zelda: Hah, I think so too! But it’s nice to know you agree. Thanks, Link.


Zelda: Really...? You know...maybe it does look a little weird...

[Nice… costume]

Zelda: And what exactly is THAT supposed to mean, you goof? If you think I look
silly, just come out and say it.

Gaepora: Ah, there you are, Zelda. Are you all prepared for today’s ceremony?

Zelda: Oh, hello, Father.
-Gaepora walks onto the screen.

Gaepora: Ah, Link, you’re here too. Outstanding.
It’s encouraging to see you up early, given your capacity for sleep. No doubt
today’s ceremony had you too excited to close your eyes for once!
If you win today’s ceremonial race, you’ll get to participate in the post-race
ritual with Zelda, so give it your best out there.

Zelda: Yes. About that…
Father, I don’t know if he can do it!
Recently Link hasn’t been practicing much at all for the ceremony!
And even when he’s out riding his loft wing, he’s just lazily gliding around.
Probably daydreaming!
I don’t know what he’s thinking. He’s going to have to be in perfect control of
his bird to win today.

Gaepora:  No need to worry yourself, Zelda.
Though you may have a point. Today’s Wing Ceremony tests the skill of the rider
as well as his bond to his bird. Victory will not come easily.
And, as you pointed out, I haven’t seen him practicing as hard as some of the
other students.
But you’ve known him since you were both very little. You should know better
than to fret about him!
You see, Link and his loft wing share a special connection. I’ve never seen
anything quite like it.
As you know, each of us in Skyloft is but one half of a pair.
We are only made whole by our loft wings, the guardian birds that the goddess
bestows upon each of us as a symbol of her divine protection.
When we are young, every one of us meets our loft wing under the great statue
of the goddess. It’s quite a big moment, as I’m sure you recall.
Ahh, but that first meeting between Link and his Loft wing was extraordinary.
The bird that came to him was a crimson loft wing. It is a breed so rare we
were sure for some time that it had vanished from the line.
Yes, and the boy and his bird seemed to share a profound connection from the
moment they met.
Do you recall when Link and that Loft wing of his first met? What a sight!
The little boy just hopped up on that bird and gracefully flew away, without
even a moment of instruction! They were meant for each other.
And judging by how jealous you were that day, I’d say the friendship he shared
with his bird didn’t go unnoticed by you, my dear.
Ah, but who can blame you? I’m sure you weren’t the only one envious of the
powerful bond shared by Link and his bird.
Anyone who is a part of something special is bound to catch some nasty looks
sooner or later, hoo hoo.

Zelda: This contest is nothing to laugh at, Father! This ceremony is part of
the final test for those training to become knights of Skyloft!
If Link doesn’t fly fast enough during the race…
What if Link messes up his big chance… What if he’s not allowed to become a

Gaepora: Calm down, my dear. It will be fine.
Honestly, it’s almost as though you become a completely different person when
you worry about Link.

Zelda: Listen, Link, you’d better fly your heart out today. At the very least,
you need to squeeze in a little practice time before the race!

-you see Zelda dragging link

Zelda: Come on! You’ll thank me later!

-you see Zelda and link struggling while she is trying to grab him and pushes
him off

Zelda: Here we are. Go on now. Jump off the edge and call your loft wing.
It’s almost time for the ceremony, so try to practice seriously for once!
Hmm? Oh yeah? You can’t “sense” your bird out there?
Oh, I get it. You’re trying to weasel out of having to practice! Nice try, buy
you’re not fooling me.
Off you go!

-Zelda pushes link off

Zelda: Ok, Link, go ahead! Just press down and call your loft wing!

Gaepora: Hmm… His bird sure is taking a long time to get here…

Zelda: Something’s wrong

-Zelda jumps off she calls her bird and you see her flying on her bird carrying

Zelda: Hang in there, Link! I’ve got you!

Gaepora: Are you two all right?

Zelda: I’m sorry, friend. I didn’t mean to push you so hard. You didn’t sprain
your wing, did you?

Gaepora: This is very odd, Link. What could have possibly happened to your loft
For a bird to ignore the call of his master… It’s unheard of!
And you still can’t sense your bird nearby, eh, Link?
This is quite a problem, especially considering the Wing Ceremony is about to

Zelda: Link, when you said you couldn’t sense your loft wing, well… I should
have believed you. …I’m sorry.
I need to tend to my own loft wing, so I’ll catch up with you later.
You’d better go on ahead and see if you can find where your bird gone!

Gaepora: My, how did it get to be so late? If I recall correctly this year
Instructor Horwell is presiding over the ceremony.
Link, you should go explain the situation to him and seeif he’s willing to
delay the race a little so that you can find your bird.

Zelda: But, Father, you’re the headmaster of the academy! If Link asks
Instructor Horwell, he’ll probably just come talk to you about it.
Gaepora: Ah, quite true. As usual, you make an excellent point, my dear.
Very well, I’ll explain the situation to him myself. Link, run along and tell
Instructor Horwell to come see me in my quarters.

Kid: Hold up, Link! Hey! Hey, Link!
Could you help me with something? All you have to do is use A to dash and roll
into the tree.
Just like I've been doing. Dash, then shake the Nunchuk when you're in front of
the tree to--BAM! Do a roll right into it! So come on...Pleeeaaaase?

Kid: Whoooooa! You did it! A Sky Stag Beetle!
Wait up!

Cawlin: ...You know, Groose, that sure was a pain, what with all the scratching
and pecking.

Groose: Course it was. You thought a big Crimson Loft wing like that was gonna
go down without a fight?
But we got him, and I don't care how tough those birds are supposed to be. He's
not getting out of that pen anytime soon, boys.

Groose: Whoa! Link! So, uh...yeah. Just how long you been standing there?

Groose: What's your problem, anyway? Oh, wait...I got it. You're here to talk
about today's race. I can see it in those dopey eyes of yours.
They're pleading, "Oh, Groose, can you please find it in your heart to let me
win today? Please!"
You're just desperate to win so you can get some alone time with Zelda up on
the Statue of the Goddess at the end of the ceremony.

Groose: Well, sorry, pal. Groose doesn't do charity for wimps. My advice?
Work hard and wish with all your heart. You might even come in second.
...Say, come to think of it, how come I don't see your bird? Where is that
scruffy pile of red feathers?
I can’t imagine what could've happened to him. Do you think his tiny brain got
confused by all the clouds and got lost


[Bring it on!]

Groose: Pfft. Sure. Only thing is, I don't know how you're going to do that
with no bird! You gonna grow wings?

[Give him back!]

Groose: Huh? I've got no idea what you're talking about.

[Nice hair.]

Groose: You lay off my do right now, or I'll flatten you. Everyone knows I've
got the slickest pompadour in town.

Groose: You know, we're all getting tired how you never let anyone forget you
and Zelda go way back.
You've been friends since you were kids? Big deal. It doesn't change the fact
that you float through life with your head in the clouds.
Would you wake up, straighten up, and grow a backbone already?
Dopes like you are dragging our honored academy through the mud.

Zelda: And just who might you be talking about, Groose?

Groose: Oh...Zelda. Hey. Nah, it's...uh...

Zelda: Don't even try it, Groose! You're picking on Link again, aren't you?
He's a student at the academy, like all of us.
Why do you insist on bullying him around so much?

Groose: Yeah...I suppose...

Zelda: You suppose? Suppose what?

-Groose gets hot

Groose: I...suppose...you... Err...

Groose: Pfft! Forget it. I wasn't supposing anything, OK?

Groose: Ok, we're outta here, boys. Later, Link! Hope you find your bird, or
else you're gonna have to sit out today's race!
That could be a major setback toward knighthood, so find that bird or get real
used to the taste of failure! It's your special flavor.

Zelda: I hate to say it, but I'm beginning to suspect that those blockheads had
something to do with your Loft wing’s disappearance.
Link, those guys aren't going to help us find your bird, so we'd better start
I'll fly around Skyloft and see if I can spot any trace of your bird.
Father said he'd talk to Instructor Horwell about delaying the start of the
Wing Ceremony, so don't worry. We'll find your bird in time.

Pipit: Hey! Link!
Over here!
I have some information about your Loft wing. Come over here!

Pipit: Hey, Link! I was just looking for you.
I heard your Loft wing has gone missing, so I thought I'd join the search.
And get this: when I asked Fledge what he knew, he started acting weird.

Fledge: I'm so sorry, Link!
I really wanted to tell you, but... if Groose found out I told you...

Pipit: It sounds like Groose forced him to keep quiet about it.
Go on! Tell him the truth.

Fledge: Just a little while ago, when I was cleaning the dining hall,

Groose and his buddies came in.
They didn't notice I was there and starting talking about their plan to hide
your Loft wing.
I wanted to warn you, Link. But just as I tried to sneak away...
Groose and his gang grabbed me...
They said that if I told you, they'd make sure I would never be able to ride a
bird ever again!

Pipit: It sounds like Groose and his buddies had a plan to capture your bird
and hide him near a waterfall.
That's it! Right there. I think it means the waterfall marked here with X.
You know how to read a map, right? Press plus at any time to see a map of the
area. If you get lost, just press plus!

Fledge: Forgive me, Link! I can't help being such a coward... I'm really sorry.

Eagus: Hey! Link!
You can't take swords outside of the Sparring Hall.
What do you think you're doing sneaking out with that?!

Eagus: What? Your Loftwing is missing? You want to go look for it?
Well I guess I could make an exception just this once. But remember that
Skyloft is a peaceful place. Only knights carry swords!
So I don't want to see you swinging it around like crazy out there! I don't
want to get in a ton of trouble over this, so here's the deal...
Make sure you get plenty of practice on these logs first, and once you get
outside with that sword, only use it when you absolutely have to, go it?

Sheikah Stone: Hey, friend! Walk yourself on over here and say hello.
How do you do? I'm what you call a Sheikah Stone. Glad to meet you.
I'm a stone of few words, so I'll get right to it. You're going to find
yourself in puzzling circumstances as you make your way through this world.
If you should find yourself stuck and you have no idea how to move forward,
come see me.
I've got nothing for you right now, but down the road when you're feeling
stuck, the thing I'll show you may just get you back on the right track.
Good luck out there, friend!

Zelda: Link!

Zelda: Hey, Link, I was hoping I'd find you here.
I heard you'd gone searching for your bird around the waterfall, so I thought
I'd fly around and help you look.
How's your search going? Any sign of your Loftwing?
Oh no…
Well, let's not lose hope yet. There's a place up ahead that Groose and his
gang are always hanging around. Maybe we'll find something there!

Zelda: Huh...?
Who... Who's that?
Who's calling for me?
Oh, sorry, Link. I got distracted for a moment. Let's go!

Zelda: Look! There he is!
No doubt about it. That's your Loft wing, Link!

Zelda: We should hurry, Link. Now that your Loft wing is free, you should

fly to the ceremony...

Zelda: But before you go, I have to ask you something. I...I heard this voice a
few moments ago. Did you hear it too?

Zelda: It's been happening a lot lately. It's the strangest feeling...
Almost like someone is calling out to me.

Zelda: Have you ever wondered what's beneath the clouds?
Some say that it's an empty, barren place, or even that there's nothing at all
below, but I just have this feeling that they're wrong.
Some of Father's old texts talk about a place called the surface. The old tales
describe a whole world under there, far more vast than Skyloft!
The thing is, no one's ever been down there to see it, and our Loft wings won't
fly through the cloud barrier.
...But I can't help imagining the wild things that might be waiting below.
Someday, I want to see for myself.

Zelda: Oh, sorry, Link. We don't have time to talk! Let's get going.
Look, your bird's waiting for you!
Just leap off the edge and press down. Don't worry about falling. Your bird
will catch you for sure this time!

Zelda: Link, let's run your bird through the basics just to make sure he's not
You can change the direction your bird is flying by tilting the Wii Remote to
the left of right.
When you want to speed up...
Swing the Wii Remote up to gain some altitude, then point the Wii Remote down
to drop into a fast dive!
So, again, tilt the Wii Remote up, then point the Wii Remote down to
speed up! Those are the basics of getting your bird up to top speed.
So how's he handling? Do you think he's flying all right?
While riding your Loft wing, you can press two at any time to go over the basic
controls again.
You can also press A to charge which is an attack that also gives you a burst
of speed. Press B to slow down. Try all these moves and see how they feel!

Zelda: Well, that's a huge relief! I don't know about you, Link, but your Loft
wing looks like he's flying great.
My father and the others are probably worried about your bird, so lets go give
them the good news!

Zelda: Your lofting really is amazing. Especially considering everything the
poor guy has been through this morning.
I'm going to fly back and tell Father what happened.

Groose: Well, well, if it isn't Link!
Word around the plaza is you found that dumb bird of yours.

Groose: Well, that's just great. Because you and your dumb bird can't tell
time, all the prerace warm-ups me and the guys did were for nothin'.
Now I'm all stiff.
We've been waiting forever for the race to start, and they delay if for you? I
don't get it. The big flake gets special treatment?

Groose: You're almost a man, and yet you still can't seem to go anywhere
without Zelda.
I bet you can't even decide what to have for luch on your own, huh?
And don't think we haven't noticed the smug looks. 'Ooh, Zelda and I are Best
friends. We go everywhere together." Ugh!
...You think you're pretty suave, don't you? Well? Don't you?!

Cawlin: Groose has been going on forever about how he's gonna be the one to be
with Zelda. He's really got his pompadour in a ruffle about her!

Strich: Der her her.

Groose: I hate to break it to you, but today's the day I bust this adorably
little fantasyland you're living in.
Zelda's playing the role of th goddess at today's ceremony, and I'm gonna be
the one to clain that Sailcloth.
When I heard she made it herself, man, no way was I gonna let some scrawny
clown snatch that prize from me.

Groose: Oh yes, that Sailcloth --Zelda's Sailcloth-- will be mine! Duh huh
Oh, man, I bet she was thinking about me when she was stitching it...
Yup, I can see it now. First, I win the big race, and then Zelda and I finish
the ceremony together on the statue. Just the two of us...
It'll be our special moment alone. Nobody is stopping me and Zelda from having
our moment. Oh, it's so real I can... I can see it...

Groose: Duh... Duh huh huh huh! Oh yeah...

Cawlin: Groose! Pssst, Groose! Behind you! Right behind you!

Groose: WHAT?! Can't you two see I'm in the middle of--?

Groose: GAH!

Zelda: Care to explain just what you meant by 'our special moment alone?'

Groose: I... uh, nothing big, really. Just... Just..
Link! Yeah I was just telling my buddy here how glad I was he found that red
bird of his. Boy, am I looking forward to a fair race!
Anyhow, later, Zelda. Look for me during the race. I'll be the one pulling off
all the dangerous moves

Strich: Hey, Groose! Wait up!

Zelda: Did you hear that guy? A fair race? Yeah, the chances of that happening
are just about less than zero.
Either way, don't let those fools get you down, Link! Just get out there and
fly the best you can!
I know you've got these guys beat, and deep down I think you do too.


Zelda: That's the spirit, Link! Trust me--you can win this.

[I dunno.]

Zelda: Aww, don't be nervous. You can do this!

[Us? Alone?]

Zelda: Come on, Link! Try to focus for once.

Owlan: The Wing Ceremony will now begin! Participating students, please

Zelda: Looks like its race time. Good luck, Link!

Owlan: Your attention, please. At last we are ready to begin the Wing Ceremony.
I was beginning to worry that we'd have to proceed without Link, but luckily
that is no longer a concern.
I'm glad you could all make it. Before we start, I'll explain the rules for
today's competition.
I have attached a small statuette to this bird, who I will then release to the
On my signal, press A to dash and dive off the ledge. Once you are in the air,
mount your Loftwing.
Remember to call your bird promptly with down once you dive off the edge.
Whoever catches the bird and claims the statuette with A will be this year's
Those are the rules. Simple enough, I should think, but do you need to hear
them again?


Owlan: Excellent.

Owlan: As you well know, today's champion will graduate to the next class,
bringing him one step closer to knighthood.
He will also receive a gift from the young woman chosen to play the role of the
goddess in this year's ritual. Today is a special day for many reasons, but it
is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of our fine institution.
To celebrate the occasion, today's champion shall also receive his gift high
atop the Statue of the Goddess.
I hear the young woman performing the role of the goddess this year has crafted
the gift herself.
And as you all well know, the role of the goddess this year will be performed
The lovely Zelda!
Let's see your finest flying out there. Show me just how hard you've been
Also, I want to see good, clean flying. Anyone caught interfering with other
riders will answer to me!

Gaepora: That goes double for you, Groose!

Owlan: all right, gentlemen, line up. At my command, the competition will begin!

Groose: Hey! Don't you know this is my day to get all the glory?

Cawlin: Yeah, you heard him! Let's see how you fly with egg on your face.

Zelda: Link!

Zelda: Don't worry--I'm fine!
Great flying, Link! Congratulations!
Now we'd better get on with the ceremony!

Zelda: Link, hand me that Bird Statuette you grabbed in the race. I must offer
it to the goddess.

Zelda: Great goddess, guiding light and protector of our people, grant us your
blessing and mercy as I act in your stead during this ceremony.

Zelda: Valiant youth who grasped victory at the celebration of the bird folk...
In accordance with the old ways...
I now bestow the blessings of the goddess upon you.

Zelda: The blessings of the goddess drift down from the heavens aloft a sail,
which I now pass on to you.

Zelda: Link! Quit goofing. This is supposed to be a sacred ritual, remember?
You know, they say that the goddess gave the Sailcloth to her chosen hero long
Of course, the one you're holding isn't the same one. I've been working hard to
finish making this Sailcloth in time to give it to today's champion.
I'm really glad I got to give it to you, Link. Make sure you take good care of
it, OK?

Zelda: Thanks for making it up here to do this with me today like you promised,

Zelda: Now we really should finish up this ritual...
You... do know what happens at the end, right?



Zelda: Really? Huh. I thought you would've figured it out by now.


Zelda: And just what are you thinking? Don't be silly. This is your big moment,

[Sort of..]

Zelda: Heehee, I'm glad you're so well informed on the subject.

Zelda: You have to jump off the statue!

Zelda: Look down. See that big, round design on the courtyard below?
The finish the ceremony, you need to drop down right into the center of it!
Leap off the edge here. Right before you hit the ground, press B to open up
your Sailcloth!
Just how brave are you? If you were really fearless, you'd wait untill the last
second to use your Sailcloth. So, ready to jump?

Zelda: That was perfect! You're amazing, Link!

Zelda: You know, Link, seeing as how you won today...
And with the weather being so nice...

Zelda: You think maybe you'd like to, you know, go fly around the clouds

Zelda: ...Link? Hey, Link!

Zelda: Today was amazing. Watching you win the race and performing the ritual
together... I'll always remember this.

Zelda: It really was wonderful.

Zelda: You know... Link...

Zelda: There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about...

Zelda: What is that?

Zelda: What's going on?

Zelda: Ahh! Link!!!

Fi: Link...?

Fi: I am waiting for you.
The time has come for you to awaken.
You are vital to a mission of great importance.

Fi/Zelda: Link...

Gaepora: ...Ah, you're awake.

Gaepora: When your Loft wing carried you back, you were limp and unconscious. I
feared the worst.
Fortunately, you don't appear to have any serious injuries. For that much we
can be grateful.

Gaepora: But, Link... Where's Zelda? She was with you, was she not?
...What's happened to my daughter?

Gaepora: A black tornado, you say? Hmm. That was no ordinary storm.

Gaepora: You must not push yourself. You're still recovering.

Gaepora: Tell me, when you saw Zelda today, did anything about her seem... off?

Gaepora: I see. She was talking about the surface then?
And you've been having dreams about a 'great mission'? How interesting...
I'm sorry. I was lost in thought there for a moment. It's all very strange, but
I doubt there's much of a connection between these things.
I'm concerned for Zelda, but so long as she's with her Loftwing, I'm sure
she'll be fine.
Either way, daybreak has yet to arrive. It would be very difficult to spot one
girl and bird in the dark of night. It would also be very dangerous.

Gaepora: Rest now, Link. Zelda's going to be fine. She's out there alive.
I know it.

Fi: The one chosen by my creator. I have been waiting for you. You will play a
role in a great destiny.

Fi: According to your social customs, I should provide you with my personal
designation. Fi is the name I was given. I was created for a single purpose,
long before the recorded memory of your people.
I must aid you in fulfilling the great destiny that is your burden to carry.

Fi: Come, Link. You must take up this sword. As the chosen by my creator, it is
your destiny.

Fi: The strange dreams troubling your sleep. My sudden appearance.
Uncertainty surrounding the fate of one you hold dear.
Under the circumstances, it is only logical that you would exhibit some

Fi: To minimize your uncertainty, allow me to share some information.
My projections indicate that his information has a high probability of altering
your current emotional state.

Fi: The one you seek, honorable Zelda, is still alive.

Fi: And this spirit maiden... the one you call Zelda... is another chosen one
fated to be part of the same great mission.
Therefore, should you wish to meet with your friend, I highly recommend you
take up this sword before you set out to search for her.

Fi: Does that information invigorate you? Are you ready to accept this sword?

Fi: It seems that further persuasive measures will not be required.
In the name of my creator, draw the sword and raise it skyward.

Fi: Recognition complete, Master...
Link... My master.

Gaepora: Link!

Gaepora: I've had my suspicions, but until now I wasn't sure.
Yet here we are in the Chamber of the Sword, the very place where it was
foretold the youth of legend would one day appear.

Gaepora: It is said that this place was left to our people by the goddess
The very knowledge of this room's existence is a secret passed down to a select
few each generation, along with a handful of words...

Gaepora: When the light of the goddess's sword shines bright, the great
apocalypse will wake from its long slumber.
Do not fear, for it is then that a youth, guided by my hand, shall reveal
himself in a place most sacred.
It started days ago. The sword that I've kept secret all these years...
It began to give off a faint, otherworldly light.

Gaepora: At first I was sure I was seeing thing, here alone with the sword.
There was simple no other explanation.
I never dreamed the prophecy of legend would come to pass in my lifetime.

Gaepora: The words I have sworn to keep secret are coming true before my very
The youth will be guided by one born of the blade--one who is also youthful in
likeness yet wise with knowledge immeasurable.

Fi: Ah yes, the oral tradition, one of the least reliable methods of
information retention and transmission.
It appears that critical sections of the passage have been lost over the

Fi: The youth who draws for the guiding sword shall be known as the goddess's
chosen hero, and it is he who possesses an unbreakable spirit.
He shall be burdened with the task of abolishing the shadow of apocalypse from
the land. Such is his destiny
With the spirit of the blade at his side he shall soar over the clouds and
plummet below...
...And united with the spirit maiden, shall bring forth a piercing light that
resurrects the land.

Zelda: Some of Father's old texts talk about a place called the surface.
The old tales describe a whole world below, far more vast than Skyloft.

Fi: Master, you must embark on a great journey beneath the clouds to the vast
realm of the surface.
It is only through this journey that you can fulfill the mission set before you
by my creator, the goddess.
It is also the only method available for you to reunite with the spirit maiden,
honorable Zelda.

Gaepora: This is no easy task, Link. The world below is a forsaken place, and
to reach it you must pierce the cloud barrier below.
In living memory, no one has ever done this.

Fi: This tablet will illuminate a path through the clouds to the land below.
Take it, and place it within the alter behind me.

Fi: Master, the first thing you must do is hit the crest sitting in this room
with a Skyward Strike.
The blasts are formed of pure energy that charges within your blade when you
lift it skyward.
Once you have charged your blade, face the crest and swing your sword to send
out a powerful Skyward Strike.

Fi: Master Link, it is done.

Fi: Until now, a cloud barrier created by the goddess has separated the world
you know from the one below.
The tablet you placed in the altar has opened a small rift in the barrier. You
can use it to travel through the clouds to the realm below.
I have recognized you as my master and so it is my duty to follow you wherever
you may go.
I reside within your sword and will accompany you in your travels. Press down
to summon me whenever you require my assistance.

Gaepora: Link, listen a moment. The nature of the great apocalypse mentioned in
the old texts is a complete mystery to me.
But whatever it turns out to be, it seems that you and Zelda have big roles to
play in the destiny of this land.
Just think--if what this Fi says is true, Zelda is alive! Alive and no doubt
coming to terms with whatever it is the goddess has in store for her.
Should you heed the call of destiny, I don't know what dangers you may have to
face, Link. Especially down there...
But if you've decided to brave the unknown, please find my daughter and bring
her back to me.

Gaepora: What we've seen here today defies explanation, but is only the start
of your journey. Please, see it through and prove the legends true.



Gaepora: You do your people proud, Link!

[No way!]

Gaepora: I understand how you feel, but this is  destiny itself calling for
you. You must not run from it, Link!

[It’s so much…]

Gaepora: Ah... I'm sorry, Link. I know it's a heavy load to shoulder, but
you're the only one who can bear its weight.

Gaepora: Dawn is drawing near. It has been a long night for the both of us,
hasn't it?
You have a great journey before you, Link, and those clothes... They don't look
up to the task.
The uniform you were to receive for winning the race should be ready by now.
A sturdy uniform like that will prove much more suitable for a long journey.
You'd better change before you go.

Gaepora: That green uniform is what our knights will be wearing this year. To
be honest, I've had my doubts about the color.
But oddly enough, seeing you wear this uniform, I can't imagine a more fitting
color for you. It's as though you were born to wear it.

Gaepora: Take care on your journey, and be sure to stop by some of the shops at
the bazaar here in town to equip yourself properly for the travels ahead.
I will return to my quarters and see if I can glean more useful information
from the ancient texts.
You are always welcome to stop by if you have questions. You and Zelda shall be
in my prayers. May the goddess watch over and guide you both.

Fledge: Link!

Fledge: The green uniform looks so adventurous! You sure look like a knight now.
The headmaster said you're heading out to look for Zelda.
You're really something else. I could never imagine myself doing what you're
about to do.
I put a lot of work into making this! You should take it with you.

Fledge: It's an Adventure Pouch. It's for... adventures. It's neat because you
can fit four things in it that you'll need on your big journey.
You can buy all kinds of stuff at the bazaar that you can put in this pouch.
You should go look!
You could buy some potions and a shiel. They'd fit in the pouch, and they might
come in handy on an adventure.

Fledge: Link! I just know you'll find Zelda for us.

Fi: Master, I have an update regarding the stone tablet and the resulting
column of light it created.
A column of light has appeared to the south of our location, and signs indicate
that is has created an opening in the cloud barrier to the land below.
I must also caution you that descending to the surface armed only with a sword
would result in a decreased probability of survival.
If you have not already done so, I advise you to purchase a shield and potions
at the bazaar in preparation for your journey.
Another subject to discuss, Master...
Once you are accustomed to the controls, you are free to modify the on-screen
On the Gear Screen, select Interface to change the on-screen display to suit
your preferences.

Fi: Master Link... Observe. The green pillar before you is a column of light.
It marks the point at which you can descend to the surface.

Fi: You can confirm your current location on the map. Please see where you are
in relation to Skyloft.

Fi: It appears that you will be able to reach the surface by passing through
the portal in the clouds at the column's base.

Fi: Master Link, we've arrived.
This is the fabled surface that has long been part of Skyloft legend.
By my calculations, you are currently positioned in a location known as the
Sealed Grounds.

Fi: Please proceed with caution, Master.

Goddess: ...Young one...
Child of destiny descended from the sky...
Raise the sword of the goddess skyward... Take aim at the evil aura and unleash
its power...

Fi: Master Link, I'm sensing a change in the area that was triggered by your
Skyward Strike.
I have also detected an aura that correlates closely to your Sailcloth. I
surmise this aura belongs to Zelda.
I can lead you in the direction of this aura through a process known as dowsing.
Would you like me to explain this process to you?



Fi: As you wish, Master.
Dowsing is when I detect the presence of the aura of something you wish to
search for using the tip of the sword.
The nearer you are to an object emitting the aura in question, the stronger the
response will be.
The response manifests itself through vibration and sound. The direction of the
object emitting the aura is indicated by the purple pointer you see.

Fi: Hold down C and select Zelda as your dowsing target, then point in the
direction you wish to search.


Fi: Understood, Master.

Fi: Master, you must seal away the beast that has broken free. Attempting to
flee from your current situation will not help you accomplish this task.

Old Impa: Ah... The traveler descended from the clouds above. I welcome you,
child of fate.
Tell me, what is your name?
...Link? Ah, Link. Good. Very good.
I sense you have already gained control over the sacred power that fills you
sword when pointed skyward. The Skyward Strike is yours to command.
It is proof that you are fit to bear the blade you carry, the Goddess Sword.
I have sat here for many years waiting for you to arrive. All so that I could
fulfill my purpose as your guide.

Old Impa: You stand under the roof of the Sealed Temple, a place built by the
goddess an eternity ago.
Your arrival here was predestined many, many years ago.
The spirit maiden you seek arrived here shortly before you, descending to this
land in a shower of light.
There's no doubting it. The gears of fate have begun to turn.

Old Impa: Yet all is not as it should be. The spirit maiden was not meant to
reach this land in the manner she did.
I feel an evil power working in the shadows. It moves to warp the destiny of
which you two are part.

Old Impa: Link... You are concerned for the spirit maiden and seek her
whereabouts, yes?
...That is understandable, but for now you must focus on moving forward.

That girl has her own purpose she must pursue, as do you.
She set out for Faron Woods to discover that destiny for herself, and you must
Show me your map.

Old Impa: The X upon your map marks the path that will lead you to Faron Woods.
You will be traveling in unfamilair land. Many monsters have settled here, and
a map may not prove guidance enough for you journey.
And so I will give you the power to create beacons.
When a beacon is marked on your map, a column of light will stand at that
location. It will act as your waypoint from afar.
Point at the X and press C to place a beacon.

Old Impa: Though you cannot see it from where we are, a beacon stands outside
to guide you. Leave the temple through the front doors, and see for yourself.
When you no longer have a use for a beacon, you can remove it from your map by
pressing C.
Use your beacons well, and you will never fear getting lost.
Go now. You must head into Faron Woods and chase after the spirit maiden... the
one you call Zelda.
On your way out, take the contents of the treasure chest within this room. What
you find there should prove useful to you on your journey.

Old Impa: You are ready. Leave through the door before you, and head into the
woods. I wish you safe travel.

Old Impa: Know that all the questions you have now will be answered in time.
For now, Link, go bravely!

Gorko: Out of the way! Scram!

Gorko: Whew! Thanks for jumping in there to rescue me, bud!

Gorko: Just who were those red pests? I did not expect to run into a pack

of them in this peaceful forest.
Same goes for you. This is the second time I've bumped into one of your kind
today. I tell you, all sorts of weird things are going on lately.
I owe you big for taking care of those guys, so let me tell you something

Gorko: Hey, bud! I am Gorko the Goron. I am researching the ancient history of
the woods here.
According to the ancient texts, there is some kind of place up above called the
Isle of the Goddess. Far up in the sky!
Apparently, these old statues serve as landmarks to those traveling up to the
sky or down from this Isle of the Goddess place.
If you find one, be sure to examine it to keep tabs on the number of landmarks.
They are rumored to be quite useful.
Supposedly this statue is special, as it is said to have the ability to
activate all the other statues.
The whole thing sounds a little crazy, I know, but I for one believe it to be
Otherwise, why would all these statues be here all over the place?
It is a real head-scratcher, bud. Makes you want to know more, does it not?

[Not Really]

Gorko: GORO!
What was THAT?!

Gorko: The statue just reacted to you!
What did you do? Come on, do not
make a big guy beg! I have got to know!


Gorko: Ah, sounds like I have a fellow connoisseur of ancient cultures here!
All right, bud, you had better brace yourself, because I am about to blow your
So get this: people actually live on this sky island, and they get around by
flying on the backs of huge birds that are way bigger than birds down here!
Up there everyone reveres the goddess, and the residents of all the islands in
the sky live in a perfect society, totally free of conflict or unhappiness.
Not only that, but from what I can tell, their civilization is way, way more
advanced than ours down here.
But it does not even stop there, bud! The Isle of the Goddess has even more
stuff to marvel at!
The place was crafted by the goddess herself,  so it figures that it is filled
with wonders we do not have here.
The buildings are all made of gold! An endless spring of mystical water feeds a
river through the place. One sip of that stuff, and you live forever!
The trees are heave with plump fruit that cures all disease! The fields are
crowded with pumpkins that never rot! Magic wildflowers bloom everywhere!
And the weather. Oh, the weather, bud! Not too hot, not too cold. No chance of
sweaty heat in this garden paradise! That is the Isle of the Goddess...
You want to hear more about it, don't you bud?



Gorko: Ah, that so, bud? I was hoping to tell
you more, but I guess it can wait.


Gorko: Good to hear, bud! I am completely obsessed with this place. I cannot
get enough of it!
I wish I had more to tell you now, but I will need to research these statues to
learn more.
Next time I bump into you, I will give you the latest info!

Gorko: WHOA!
What in the world just happened? Did you use some kind of magic?
The statue reacted the moment you got near it, bud. How crazy is that?

Gorko: I have to examine this statue further,
bud. Who knows what I might find out!

Fi: Master, you have entered Faron Woods.

Fi: The plentiful water in this region clearly sustains a large diversity of
flora, including the massive tree.
It is logical that the lush plant life and water resources have attracted
animal species to the region.

Fi: Looking at the probabilities, it is extremely likely that Zelda is
somewhere in the area.
I recommend you continue to use your dowsing ability to search for her.

Machi: Huh...? It's gone quiet.

Machi: Kwee-koo! Now there's a green one! I didn't even know they came in green!
Dont hurt me, koo-weep!

Fi: Master, I picked up a highly interesting spike in dowsing reading from the
creature you just encountered.



Fi: Yes, Master. Based on the creature's characteristics, I must conclude that
it is a peaceful, forest-dwelling animal known as a Kikwi.
Kikwis are intelligent beings capable of speech. However, such a creature could
obviously not be confused with Zelda.
It is unclear why such a creature would elicit a dowsing response attuned to
Zelda. You should follow the creature and investigate the phenomenon.

Fi: The probability of this life-form being Zelda is 5%, so I must conclude
that  this is, in fact, not Zelda but a peaceful forest creature known as a
Kikwis are highly intelligent beings,  capable of speech. Yes, upon further
observation...clearly not Zelda.
It is unclear why such a creature would elicit a dowsing response attuned to
Zelda. You should follow the creature and investigate this phenomenon.

Machi: It spotted me again!

Machi: Kweee!
... ...
Huh? You don't want to...eat me? Kwee... And come to think of it, why did you
fight off all those red monsters?

Machi: Kee-paleep! I'm Machi. I'm a Kikwi. You seem OK, even though you're
scary. Thanks for helping me!
That's weird, kee-koo. A little while ago I ran into another funny animal like
you, but that one was a girl.



Machi: I don't know who she was, but she seemed to be in big trouble when I saw
her. She a friend of yours, kwee?


Machi: What's a Zelda? I don't know who this girl was, koo-kwee, but she was in
a bunch of trouble when I saw her.

Machi: A pack of those mean red guys were after her, kwee, but she escaped with
the Kikwi elder.

Fi: Master, we have obtained new information on Zelda's current status.
This information indicates that she was assailed by monsters but somehow evaded
capture. However, I infer that she is still in significant danger.

Fi: I have marked the position of the Kikwi known as Machi. Please confirm your
current location.

Fi: Furthermore, my analysis suggests that this Kikwi most likely produces a
false-positive dowsing reaction due to previous direct contact with Zelda.
Using this hypothesis, I theorize there is an eighty-five percent chance that
the Kikwi elder will also generate a dowsing reaction for the same reason.
I propose you continue dowsing to search for Zelda.

Machi: You really spooked me, kwee... You keep some very strange company,
Kee-paleep... It sounds like you're set on finding this friend and the elder.
If you're heading that way anyway, kwee, would you mind telling our elder that
I'm safe?
Cheer up, koo-weep! I bet your friend is safe with our elder.

Bucha: Kweeee-heee... I am Bucha, the Kikwi elder.
I saw the way you spotted me through my ingenious camouflage. Kweee, you are
clearly a master woodsman.

[Where's Zelda?]

Bucha: Zelda...?
Ah, the girl creature with the blonde hair. She looked like on of your kind.
Yes, she was with me, kweee.
But now is not the time for such talk... The woods are full of monsters.
I am worried about my missing tribe.
Kweee... The shock and worry has made my memories of the girl quite hazy...

Bucha: What? You say you've met some of my people, kweee?
Kweee... So Machi is safe, eh?
Ahhh, but the monsters. They are still lurking in the forest. I don't dare
leave this spot.

[Others like you?]

Bucha:What? You say you've met some of my people, kweee?
And you're looking for one of your lost people as well?

Bucha: Hmmm... Yes. At one point during the monster panic here, I did speak
with a blonde girl of your kind, kweee.
But now is not the time for such talk. The forest is full of monsters, and I am
worried about my missing tribe.
Kweee... The shock and worry has made my memories of the girl quite hazy...

Bucha: Three Kikwis are still unaccounted for. Could I ask you to search for
them and make sure they are safe, kweee?
I am worried sick for my fellow Kikwis. If you could calm my fears, I might be
able to remember more about where the girl you seek went off to, kwee.

[For all other options ]
Fi: Learning that Zelda is no longer with the Kikwi elder is an unfortunate
setback. But he may still have useful information.
Taking this in account, I calculate an eighty-five percent probability that
your quest will be aided if you find the lost Kikwis for the elder.
To expedite your search for these forest-dwelling creatures, I have added
Kikwis as a dowsing option.

Fi: Do you need me to explain how to switch dowsing targets?


Fi: Press and hold [C] to display the targets you are currently able to dowse
Point the Wii Remote at the target you want to dowse for, and release [C]
to confirm your selection.
If you do not want to dowse for anything, look around and release [C].

[No, thanks/Got it]

Fi: Additionally, I will mark any Kikwis you discover on your map and disable
dowsing reading for them. That way, you will not revisit the same Kikwis.
This concludes my explanation. When ready, please begin your search for the
missing Kikwis.

Lopsa: Kikwi!

Lopsa: You fought off all those red guys. So does that mean that you're... a
good guy?
See, I've got this problem. My legs have turned to jelly, and I can't get down.
Think you could help me, kwee?

Fi: I detect no monsters in the immediate area and therefore conclude it is
safe for the Kikwi to leave its perch.
It seems that this Kikwi in unable to descend the tree. I suggest you find a
way to expedite his dismount.
If you find yourself lacking ideas, you can always press two to review your
available actions.

Lopsa: Ouch! That, uh...was effective. Anyway, thanks to you I'm saved
Really? The elder was worried about me? Well, I'm glad to hear he's safe
My name's Lopsa. If you see the elder can you please tell him where I am?
Oh kwee... my legs are still shaking.

Fi: I have marked the location of Lopsa the Kikwi on your map. However, dowsing
reading indicate there are still Kikwis to search for.

Lopsa: I thought you were another monster. Don't scare me like that, koo-kwee!

Erla: I've been discovered! And here I thought I had a good hiding place,
I'm Erla. You won't find another Kikwi in these woods that's half as good at
hiding as I am. Except the elder, of course, Kwee!

Fi: I have marked the location of Erla the Kikwi on your map. How dowsing
reading indicate there are still Kikwis to search for.

Erla: You met the elder? And he's OK? Phew, glad to hear it, kwee!
If you see him again, would you please tell him I'm here?

Oolo: Don't eat me! I taste TERRIBLE! Let me go, kwee!
Huh? The elder was worried about me? I'm glad to hear he's safe, kwee!
I'm Oolo. If you meet the elder, tell him I'm here, kee-paleep!
I don't know if it's safe yet... I'm going to stay here awhile longer and wait
for those monsters to go away.

Fi: I am not detecting any additional dowsing responses in the area.
I suggest you go speak with the Kikwi elder.

Oolo: What WAS that just now, kwee? Don't scare me like that!

Bucha: Kwee! So all my fellow Kikwis are well. And they want me to stop
worrying? Aha, excellent! They know me too well.
You have a real talent for finding whatever is missing, kweee. I don't know who
you are or where you come from, but you have my thanks.
Kwee hee hee, I feel much less worried now! I believe I just remembered where
that young lady went!

Bucha: That young girl...Zelda--was that name? Yes...it's all coming back to
me. She said she had to travel to the temple deep within these woods, kweee...
Oho! I tried to warn her about how dangerous it was there, but the clever
little thing vaulted off my belly and ran off on her own just the same.

Bucha: I think she headed down that way toward the temple, kwee...but be sure
to take great care if you follow her. That area is crawling with monsters.

Bucha: Oho! I almost forgot, kwee!
As a reward for finding all my fellow Kikwis, I will give you a previous Kikwi
Let me just fetch it for you right now, kweee. Pardon me a moment...

Bucha: With that slingshot, kwee, you should be able to find a path into the
Deep Woods where the temple is.

Bucha: To start, why not try shooting that curled-up vine over there?
Press B to ready you slingshot, kwee, then press A to let a shot fly.
If you run out of ammunition, just grab some seeds from the fruit that grows on
the trees over there.

Bucha: Now go find that girl! I'll be rooting for you. Kwee heh heh.

Fi: Master, I highly suggest you save the progress of your quest before you set
out for the temple deep within the woods in pursuit of Zelda.

Fi: Master Link, now would be an excellent time to arm you with additional
information regarding the use of your items.
You should be aware that you can instantly ready the slingshot you used a
moment ago by quickly tapping B.
If you experience difficulty aiming while you're using this at any time, point
the Wii Remote forward and press down to re-center your aim.

Fi: I have confirmed the plant life of this area matches that of Faron Woods.
We have reached the area locally referred to as the Deep Woods.
Now we should continue toward the temple in search of Zelda.

Gorko: Now, there is a face I know. Hey, bud!

Fi: Master Link, I have detected Zelda's aura emanating from within this

Fi: However, I have also detected the presence of numerous monsters. Are you
sure you want to proceed?


[Of course!]

Fi: It would be very unwise to display overconfidence here. Within the walls of
this place, no one will come to your aid.


Fi: Do not feel embarrassed. Fear is anatural self-preservation instinct common
among living creatures.

Fi: If you feel unprepared to face the dangers ahead, consider returning to the
sky to properly equip yourself.

Fi: Now we should continue the search for Zelda.

Fi: Master, I have information for you. You have obtained a map of this area.
You can view it by pressing plus.
The position of doors and their locks, as well as the position and status of
treasure chests, can be confirmed on the map with marks such a X.
However, be aware that you will be unable to use beacons here due to the indoor
nature of this environment.

Fi: You have acquired a new item. Analysis of this object's insect-like profile
and wings indicates it can fly.
Tilt the Wii Remote to remotely pilot the device. The sharp structure on the
front of the device can sever threads and deliver a blow to smaller objects.
To launch the device, press B to ready it for takeoff then press A.

Ghirahim: Look who it is...
I thought that tornado I stirred up would have tossed and torn you apart, yet
here you are. Not in pieces.
Not that your life or death has any consequence.

Ghirahim: It's just the girl that matters now, and I can sense her here... just
beyond this door.
Yes, we plucked Her Majesty from her perch in the clouds, and now she's ours.

Ghirahim: Oh, but listen to me. I'm being positively uncivil. Allow me to
introduce myself.
I am the Demon Lord who presides over this land you look down upon, this world
you call the surface. You may call me Ghirahim.
In truth, I very much prefer to be indulged with my full title: Lord Ghirahim.
But I'm not fussy.

Ghirahim: Did you really just draw your sword? Foolish boy.

Ghirahim: By all rights the girl should have fallen into our hands already.
She was nearly ours when that loathsome servant of the goddess snatched her
Do you have any idea how that made me feel inside?

Ghirahim: Furious! Outraged! Sick with anger!

Ghirahim: This turn of events has left me with a strong appetite for bloodshed.

Ghirahim: Still...it hardly seems fair, being of my position, to take all of my
anger out on you.
Which is why I promise up front not to murder you...

Ghirahim: No, I'll just beat you within an inch of your life.

Ghirahim: Well... You put up more of a fight than I would have thought possible
out of such a soft boy.
But don't clap for yourself quite yet. That sword of yours is the only reason
you still live.

Ghirahim: I fear I spent far too long teasing and toying with you.
The girl's presence has all but faded from this place, which means there's no
reason to linger here.
Good-bye, sky child. Run and play this time. Get in my way again, though, and
you're dead.

Fi: Master, I have a message written in the language of the gods of old.
Allow me to translate for you.

Fi: From the edge of time I guide you. The one chosen to carry out the
goddess's mission.

Fi: The spirit maiden who descended from the clouds must travel to two sacred
places to purify her body.
You stand in one of these places: Sky view Spring. The other is known as the
Earth Spring.

Fi: The second spring is hidden away deep within the scorched earth of Eldin.
The spirit maiden, ever mindful of the heavy task entrusted to her, has set out
for this second sacred place.

Fi: Master, as I just translated, it would appear that Zelda purified herself
in the waters of the spring.
I calculate a ninety-seven percent chance that she has already set out for
Eldin, where another great spring exists.
However, it is not clear what method of travel Zelda used to move from here to
her next destination.

Fi: My analysis suggests you should take the tablet to the alter in Skyloft.
Doing so will likely open a new column of light on the surface, allowing you to
descend to another area and continue your search for Zelda.

Fi: Let's return to the sky once more before continuing our search. The bird
statue outside can take us back up.

Machi: Hey! It's me, kwee! Did you find the girl?


[Sure did!]

Machi: You did? Heyyy, that's great news! Huh? You haven't rescued her?
Don't look so glum, pal. I'm sure you'll figure it out and save her.
Never give up!

[Not yet...]

Machi: Oh. That's too bad. But it sounds like you at least know where you need
to search next to find her, kwee. That's...something, right?
I'm so glad I've finally been reunited with all my Kikwi friends. It's all
thanks to you, koo-weep!
With any luck, hopefully you'll find that girl you've been searching for real
soon, koro-koo! Take care, OK?

Fi: Master, I have confirmed the location of a second opening in the cloud
barrier. It is located in the skies to the northeast.
The opening will allow you to access a new area on the surface. I suggest you
fly there as soon as you complete necessary preparations.

Wryna: Kukiel! Kukiel! Where could that child have gone?!

Wryna: Oh, Kukiel... Where did you go?
What will I do if she's been...kidnapped?!
Oh! Link!

Wryna: What perfect timing! You haven't seen my Kukiel, have you?



Wryna: I...I see.

Wryna: Oh no! This is terrible! The Isle of the Goddess has fallen! I was just
searching there for my Kukiel...

[Kuki -who?]

Wryna: I...I see.
My daughter! She's a little five-year-old girl!

Wryna: Please, Link, won't you help me look for her? I've been looking
everywhere, but I can't find her!
I've asked everyone I could find for help, and a few people have said she's
been spotted with some unknown person with a scary face.
Someone else even said they thought they'd seen her carried off by a monster. A
She must have been kidnapped! She's so cute and friendly... Someone must have
just walked off with her!
Find Kukiel, please! Please! It breaks my heart to think she's somewhere out
there, crying!
Please, Link!



Wryna: And you truly consider yourself a knight in training? Isn't it a
knight's duty to protect the townspeople?!

[You got it]

Wryna: Thank you! The Knight Academy should be proud to have a student like you.
Please, find my daughter quickly!

Fi: Master, this is Eldin Volcano. It is an active volcano rich with the power
of the earth.

Fi: Approximately sixty-five percent of the region is covered by lava. It is
inhabited by a large number of creatures that thrive in the extreme heat and
direct flame.
Please exercise caution with flammable materials such as wood and fabric.

Fi: In the event you catch on fire, I highly recommend you extinguish the
flames by performing a forward roll or a spin attack.

Ledd: Hey! Hey! HEY! Y-you mess with our turf and you're gonna...pay?

Cobal: Whoa! You're not... Yo, Ledd, I don't think this is one of those red

Ledd: Y-y-yeah, I think you're right... No reason to scare the hair off us,
Sorry 'bout that, pal. Therese monsters showing up and messing with our

turf has got me on edge.
They show up here, and I'm gonna knock the red clean out of 'em! That's what
I'm doing here.
Yeah, me, Ledd.

Cobal: Yeah, whatever, Mr. Too Scared to Dig in the Dark.

Ledd: Anyway, if you're looking for treasure, you should stay clear of those
red guys.

Kortz: Huh? Who're you supposed to be? Never seen you around here before...
Whoa, hold it right there! Are you a friend of those red creeps?


[Red creeps?]

Korts: Yeah, monsters carrying big blades? They're crawling all over the place.
Can't believe you haven't run into any of 'em.
But if you don't know 'em, I guess you're not pals.

[No way!]

Kortz: You're not, huh? Well, you don't look like 'em, that's for sure.
You're not THAT ugly.

Kortz: So what then? You here to pick bomb flowers?


[Bomb what?]

Kortz: Bomb flowers.  You're joking, right?
Those are them growing right over there.

Kortz: You pick one with [A], and the fuse lights. A few seconds later...BOOM!
You don't wanna stop and sniff this flower. Dangerous plants, believe me.
But once you learn to use them, they're a powerful weapon. Us Mogmas are crazy
about 'em!
You can toss and roll them the same way you do jars. See what you can do with
those bomb flowers over there.


Kortz: That's what I figured. You can pick some pretty powerful ones in this
Look! There are some right over there! Take as many as you want.

Kortz: I'm sure you already know this, but once you pick a flower with A, the
fuse starts burning. Then it'll blow up in just a couple of seconds.
You can also toss and roll them, just like you can with some other stuff.
You should practice.

Kortz: Um...huh? You do know how to roll stuff, right?



Kortz: Of course you do! You use the Wii Remote. Point it up and swing it
forward to throw things. Point it down and swing it forward to roll 'em.
I mean, hey, everyone knows that!


Kortz: Don't know any of this stuff, huh?
No worries, pal. I gotcha covered with all the info you need.
When you've got a bomb flower, point the Wii Remote up!
The trajectory of the bomb will show up for ya, so all ya do is line it up with
your target and swing it down to chuck it!
A trajectory guide will also show up if you point the Wii Remote down.
Swing it up to roll the bomb along that guideline!
To reach places up high, it's best to throw bombs, but to cover distances or
pass through narrow spaces, rolling is definitely the way to go.

Kortz: I'm stating the obvious here, but you can pick up and put down bomb
flowers with [A], the same way you do with jars.
When you're holding something, point up and swing the Wii Remote down to throw
To roll it, point down and swing the Wii Remote up.
Go on and practice a bit with those bomb flowers over there.

Kortz: You, uh...know you don't have a Bomb Bag, don'tcha?
Without a Bomb Bag, you can't safely carry bomb flowers with you when
you're out and about. You won't find a Mogma without one.
What? Why are you staring at me like that?
No! No way, no how.  You are not getting my bag. You'll have to be satisfied
with blowing up stuff right around here.

Merco: Huh? Another stranger? And you're not one of those red creeps, either. I
swear this neighborhood's getting crummier every day...

Merco: Huh? Oh, nothing, just talking to myself. Hey, I saw this funny-dressed
character go into that hole over there.

Merco: It might be the friend you're looking for? You want to know what this
kook was wearing?
Let's see... Yeah, I'm pretty sure the getup was blackish. Other than that, I
don't remember much.

Tyto: Grrr... Those creeps just shimmied on in and took over our territory.

Tyto: Yeow! What're you doing? Don't be sneakin' up on me like that!
Huh? You're looking for your friend? Can't help you there. Nobody's come
through here, so...
Maybe they went up the mountain from over thataway.

Tyto: Ahh... Wish someone would chase these clowns outta here.

Tyto: You're one tough customer! Thanks for all your help!
I don't blame you for not knowing this, but us Mogmas always honor our debts.
Let me give you something to prove it. Any special requests?



Tyto: Huh? Rupees? Is that really what you're after?
I mean, it's his reward and all, but...really?
Just Rupees? Seems like a waste of a reward opportunity to me. And I don't even
have any.
Oh wait, I know. I got something good instead.

Tyto: So, hey...uh...I don't exactly have any Rupees on me...
But I got something better! Didn't you say you were looking for a friend?
Well, I got something that can help you reach this friend... Take these instead!

[A way forward]

Tyto: Oh, right. You're trying to find your friend aren'tcha?
In that case, take these things! They're something pretty special, if I say so

Tyto: With these, you should be able to get to the top of that ledge right
behind me. Just try digging in that hole below the legde. You're in for a

Tyto: I just hope your friend hasn't been captured by those red guys.
Here's hoping everything's OK.

Tyto: Hey, I'm hoping you find your friend all in one piece!

Zanc: Whoa! Now there's a green one!
One of your people just came charging through here. Dressed all in black!
That a friend of yours?

Zanc: See that up ahead? That's what we call a drop-dead dead end, but this
character danced right over it.

Zanc: Seriously? Jumping over a gap like that? My jaw hit the dirt.

Impa: You, the goddess's chosen hero...

Impa: Zelda is ahead... Hurry.

Cobal: Yo, Ledd! This is the place, ain’t it? So what is it they buried again?

Ledd: A key! K-E-Y, KEY!

Ledd: They busted up the key to that door and hid the pieces all over the place.
I’m telling you, one of the five pieces is buried right around here.

Cobal: Hey, that reminds me… That strange blonde girl in the weird clothes got
taken away too.

Ledd: That’s right! I bet they got something really valuable stashed in there.
And that blonde girl they took is probably part of their master plan too. I’m
telling you, I can smell the riches from here!

Cobal: So what’re you saying we do once we find all the pieces to the key?

Ledd: Whaddya think, igneous? We sneak inside and take all the treasure we can

Cobal: Hey… Why are we so worried about a key when we can just dig our way in?

Ledd: What? Um…

Cobal: Just sayin.

Ledd: You ain’t as dumb as you look!

Fi: Master Link, I require your confirmation on critical information obtained
from that Mogma conversation.
The oddly garbed figure taken deeper into the region must be…


[Women in black?]

Fi: The woman in black? The probability of your assessment being correct
is...10%. Rounded up.
I conclude the subject was likely Zelda.


Fi: My calculations agree, Master. There is a ninety percent probability the
figure in question was indeed Zelda.

Fi: Additionally, I calculate there is a ninety-five percent probability that
the key to this door is made of the same material composition as this mechanism
that bars it.

Fi: I have detected objects of the same material in the surrounding area.
Ascertaining the location of these objects will aid in our search for Zelda. I
have registered them as dowsing targets.

Fi: Master, I am detecting new enemies ahead. They appear to be creatures of
very significant physical ability.
Press Z to target an enemy, then down to call me. I will then share any data I
have on that enemy.

Ledd: Blast! I must have dropped it earlier…
Hey! Nice timing, pal. It’s me, Ledd!
You showing up here must mean we’re connected somehow. You know, like fate or
something. Anyways, do me a favor and get my Bomb Bag, OK?

Ledd: I was behind that rock looking for treasure when those creeps showed up.
I panicked and hit the road, but it looks like I dropped it.

Ledd: It’s a bag for carrying around bomb flowers. I can’t imagine not having
one. Oh, hey… I guess I don’t have to imagine it, ‘cause I lost mine!
Anyway, it’s back there… Do me a favor and get my Bomb Bag back, will you?

Ledd: Heyyyy! You found my Bomb Bag!
Sorry to put you through that. I guess I owe you one now! So let me have it…
What’s this now? You want to borrow it so you can go deeper into the volcano?
Oh, right. You’re looking for your friend. You sure have put yourself out
there, getting this far…
That reminds me! How’s MY pal?



Ledd: Seriously? Can't depend on anybody these days...
Let me take that back. Looks like your friend can count on you, though, right?
You've risked life and limb to get here.
I'm not letting you borrow my bag, though. Nope. I'm GIVING it to you! Just
don't blow yourself up...


Ledd: He's worried? About me? What kind of pal am I, putting him through that?
You must be worried too. Not knowing if your friend's dead or alive...
I'm not letting you borrow my bag, though. Nope. I'm GIVING it to you! Just
don't blow yourself up...

[No idea.]

Ledd:  That so? Hmm… I hope he’s OK. Hey…you don’t think those monsters have…
You must be worried yourself. Not knowing if your friend’s dead or alive or
some awful place in between…
I’m not letting you borrow my bag,  though. Nope. I’m GIVING it to you! Just
don’t blow yourself up…

Ledd: Now you’ve got my Bomb Bag. Go find your friend!

Ledd: Hold up! I forgot to tell you something!
Knowing me, that bag’s probably empty, so let me give you a little something to
get you started.

Ledd: If you run out of bombs, just find some more and fill the bag back up.
When you’ve got a bomb flower, press B to put it in the bag. Don’t forget!
That bag can hold up to ten bombs. So if you run across bomb flowers, be sure
to fill up the bag.

Fi: Master, I detect Zelda’s aura in the surrounding area.

Fi: I detect an especially strong reaction from this chain. I calculate the
probability Zelda was bound by it recently at ninety-five percent.

Fi: I surmise Zelda was somehow able to escape and proceed along this path. I
suggest we continue with all possible speed.

Ghirahim: Oh, it’s you.

Ghirahim: Let me see… No, that’s not it. This is so very embarrassing, but I
seem to be at a loss for your name.
Not that it matters, really. To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a bit
frustrated and right now I just need someone to vent to.

Ghirahim: I hear my underlings had finally captured the spirit maiden, so of
course I rushed over here. What can I say? I was excited. Flustered, even…
But what did I find when I arrived? That agent of the goddess…

Ghirahim: She had once again…
You see, what I’m trying to say is…

Ghirahim: That goddess-serving dog escaped with the girl!

Ghirahim: I MUST have the spirit maiden in order to resurrect my master! I MUST

Ghirahim: …I got a little carried away there, didn’t I? I don’t deal well with…
complications to plans I’ve laid out so carefully. It’s a character flaw of
Ah, but something good can still come from this day! I’ve had all this
bottled-up anger smoldering inside me, and now I can release it.

Ghirahim: There’s someone special I’d like to you to meet. Oh, don’t be shy! I
need to vent all this unhealthy anger, and your agony is such a great stress

Ghirahim: It won’t take more than a few moments with my friend before you’re
charred to a satisfying crisp. And let me tell you, that will put a spring in
my step!

Zelda: Link!

Impa: You cannot go to him, Your Grace. Remember what we discussed. Restrain
yourself. Focus on the task at hand.

Zelda: I… I have to go. I’m sorry, Link.

Impa: It took you far too long to get here. Looking at you, I fear the goddess
is mistaken in her choice of agents.
If this failure is any indication, you have no hope of defending Her Grace from
those who seek to assail her.

Impa: Do my words anger you, boy?
Do my words sting? Let them. If I had not come when I did, your Zelda would
already have fallen into the hands of the enemy.
The truth of it is you were late. You were late, and you failed to protect her.

Impa: I sent Zelda ahead to learn more of the fate in which she is destined to
play a part.
Listen well, chosen one. If you wish to be of help to Her Grace, you must
summon a shred of courage and face the trails laid out before you.
Only when you’ve conquered the trails will you be of use to Zelda. No sooner.
Am I understood?

Fi: Master, I have a message written in the language of the gods of old.
Allow me to translate for you.

Fi: From the edge of time I guide you, the one destined to carry out the
goddess’s mission.

Fi: The spirit maiden who descended from the clouds has passed through the
Earth Spring and makes her way to a fated place.

Fi: The parched desert of Lanayru… That is where the chosen will pass through
the Gate of Time into a distant world.

Fi: Master Link. It appears Zelda has cleansed herself in the waters of this
Based on the information from the message I just imparted, I project she is
traveling to a region known as Lanayru.
If you transport this tablet back to the statue in Skyloft, a new column of
light will appear that will allow you to travel to the Lanayru region.
I suggest you return at once to Skyloft and then set out for the Lanayru region.

Fi: I’ve confirmed the location of a third opening in the cloud barrier in the
sky to the southwest.
It will allow you to reach a new area on the surface. I suggest going there as
soon as you are suitably prepared.

Fi:  As report, Master Link. We have arrived at Lanayru Mine.

Fi: This arid region was transformed into a desert over the course of several
hundred years.

Fi: My projections show that Zelda must have traveled through this area.

Ancient Robot: Where did you come from, dzzzt? We’re here collecting Timeshift
Stones and transporting them to Lanayru Mining Facilty.
Stay away from the blue stones, zrrpt. They’re too  dangerous for humans!

Fi: I am able to confirm that a time shift has occurred within the space.
Any impact to the blue stones creates a sustained temporal disruption field in
the surrounding area. Readings show that this area is in a past time state.
Fi: We have arrived at Lanayru Desert. The terrain in this area changed
dramatically as climate forces rapidly turned it into a desert.

Fi: I have confirmed numerous areas of sink sand. Should you step in sinksand,
you may be swallowed by the deset. Bodily danger has increased by thirty
As a safety measure, I recommend you check the terrain on your map with plus.

Fi: My readings indicate that Zelda has passed through here. As previously
stated, this area is highly dangerous.
I suggest reuniting with her quickly to determine the motivations behind her
actions at Eldin Province.

Fi: Tumbleweeds sometimes roll across the sand in Lanayru Desert and other
Tumbleweeds are used as a material to upgrade a variety of items. You can
collect them with a Bug Net.

Ancient Robot: Thank you, zrrt!

Ancient Robot: If you hadn’t come along, they would have sucked all of the
electricity out of me, vrrm!
Oh… Look at that, zrrpt… You have a Beetle. It appears to be an older model of
Lanayru fabrication.
As thanks for saving me, I will upgrade that for you, zwooop. Give it here for
a second, phwing!

Ancient Robot: I’ve added a pincer modification so you can grab things,
brrrrrt. Be careful out there, zrrt!

Ancient Robot 2: That was scary, vrrrrm… Thanks for helping me, bzzt.
This is the Temple of Time. Within it is the sacred Gate of Time made by the
goddess, bzzt.
It’s my job to patrol outside the temple, vrrm! If you want to reach the Gate
of Time, you will need to pass through that door, bzzap.
Huh? You need another way in, phoo-weep?
Well, Lanayru Mining Facility and the Temple of Time are connected underground,
dzzt. Lanayru Mining Facility is right here.

Ancient Robot 2: This map… It looks inaccurate, bzzt. I’m going to fix it for
you, zrrm!

Ancient Robot 2: Lanayru Mining Facility is just ahead. Good luck, vrrt!

Fi: A report, Master Link.
The map you possess corresponds to the actual terrain of this area with only
thirty-five percent accuracy.
The robot you met earlier modified your map to show past terrain that is now
submerged below the sink sand.

Fi: Master Link, I have information to report.
I can confirm that you will not be consumed by the sink sand in this current
position. I suggest verifying your location on the map.

Fi: Reading indicate that there is a submerged path beneath the sink sand.
It is possible to walk along a route above this path without submerging
completely into the sinksand.
Simulations suggest that placing beacons to mark a safe route along these paths
before proceeding would significantly reduce risk.
I recommend placing multiple beacons.

Ancient Robot: You are not in my memory banks, brrt.
This is the power generator for the mechanism that opens the entrance to
Lanayru Mining Facility, zrrpt!
But it won’t budge until you activate the remote power nodes and set those
three dials to access them correctly.

Fi: Reading indicate the materials used to construct the generator are also
present in this area. You can now use your dowsing ability to locate them.

Ancient Robot: You’re trying to figure out how to configure the device to get
you into Lanayru Mining Facility, zrrpt?
You look kind of suspicious, vrrm. I probably shouldn’t be telling you how to
access the remote power nodes to enter the facility, zwoop.
And don’t let me catch you stabbing or fiddling with this device, bzzt!

Fi: A report, Master Link. My analysis indicated that you can restore this
device to an operable state by inserting a source of energy.

Fi: Master Link, all three remote power nodes have been activated.
Please make your way to the power generator in front of Lanayru Mining Facility.

*Fi: Point to your preferred descent area with the cursor, and confirm your
destination by pressing A.

Fi: Master, look at this.
There is a great door here that is locked tight.

Fi: It is only logical that something of great importance likely rests behind
this door.

Zelda: Impa!

Impa: Your Grace! Quickly, to the gate!

Zelda: Link!

Zelda: Link, here! You’ll need this where you’re going.

Impa: Go! Now!

Impa: …Link.


Impa: You have my thanks. I will leave him to you.

[Am I late?]

Impa: ...No. You're right on time.

[Protect Zelda!]

Impa: I will. You have my thanks, Link.

Impa: Link! You must go now. Return to the old woman at the Sealed Grounds.
Tell her what happened here. She will know where you must go!

Impa: And know that we will—

Zelda: I’ll see you again! This isn’t good-bye, Link!

Zelda: I promise!

Ghirahim: Now you’ve done it, Link.
I blame myself. I should have reprimanded you the last time we’ve met, but
instead I was…soft.
I’d take pleasure in punishing you, but I have no time for recreation.
But next time, I’ll do more than just beat you senseless.
I’ll make the affair so excruciating, you’ll deafen yourself with the shrill
sound of your own screams.

Fi: A report, Master. I can no longer detect Zelda’s aura.

Fi: The moment the gate was destroyed, Zelda’s presence disappeared from my
reading. You can no longer search for her with your dowsing ability.
Zelda’s companion instructed you to meet with the ancient one in the Sealed
In corresponds with the records in my memory. I propose that we travel to the
Sealed Temple.

Groose: Link! HEEELP!

Groose: …Ugh, rough landing.

Groose: I think I mighta broke something. Hey, Link, seriously… Didn’t anyone
ever teach you how to land without crash—?

Groose: WHOA!
B-bird? TINY birds?! Wh-what… ARE they?!

Groose: And what is that thing?!

Groose: But…how… Wh-why… Wha-what…
Where am I?!
Groose: What’s going on here? Ever since Zelda vanished, you’ve been zipping in
and out of town all in a hurry!
So I figured I’d tail you, and you might lead me to Zelda.
But this is…so wild. Seriously, what IS that thing over there?!
And what’s with all these trees? There are so many!
Just give it to me straight! I can take it. Where are we? Is Zelda here?
What’s the deal with this place?! If there’s supposed to be nothin’ below the
clouds, what’s all this?

Groose: Uhhh… Whoa… You’re kind of imploding my mind right now… But I think I
get what you’re saying.
If I’ve got this right, Zelda is down here somewhere and she’s… OK?

Groose: She’s…She’s Ok. Oh, wow! That’s so great! Duh huh huh…
Hearing that is such a…huge weight off my mind.

Groose: You know, Link… It’s sort of all right down here.
This place needs a name. Yeah… A name fitting for this rugged, adventurous
wilderness. From now on, we’ll call it… Grooseland!

Groose: So lemme see if I’ve got this right.
The old lady living in the temple down the road from here knows where Zelda is?

Groose: I see… Right, Link. Thanks for getting me here. You’ve done a good job.
You can head home.
Big Groose will handle the search for Zelda from here.
Yup. I’ll track her down, save her, and then give her a lift back to Skyloft…

Groose: Then when we get back, I’ll ask her if she wants to make our whole
going-out thing official, and then the two of us will get some quality time

Groose: Anyway, the point is your work here is done. I got it covered from here!
Now, it’s off to find that old lady you were talking about.

Groose: Catch you later, Link!

Groose: Huh? You gotta be kidding me, Grannie!

Groose: You’re messing with me, Say it again, I dare you!

Old Impa: I only speak the truth. You are not the one who will save her. The
spirit maiden, your Zelda, can only be saved by another.
It has been his fate to do this thing, and in doing so save us. As it was
decided long before you were brought crying into this world.

Groose: Shut it, Grannie!
You obviously don’t know me well, ‘cause if you did, you’d know that if
anyone’s gonna save Zelda, it’s Groose!
How could it not be me? Plus, if it ain’t me, why would I even be here? Pffft.
If I’m not up to the job of being the hero, just who is?

Groose: Oh…now I getcha.
Link, Grannie here has been trying to tell me you’re gonna be the big hero who
rescues Zelda.

Groose: What a joke! Look, all I’ve heard so far is a bunch of babbling about
destiny, but that’s a load of garbage.
I know you, and you’re no hero, shrimp!

Groose: Waaah!

Old Impa: Greeting, Link. Were you able to catch up with Zelda?

Old Impa: Ah, I see. So the guardian was there as well, was she?
The one you saw by Zelda’s side is known as Impa. She is a being sent forth by
the goddess to aid Zelda in her quest.
The two have traveled somewhere in order to accomplish the great task destiny
has set before them.
However, now that Impa has destroyed the gate that they used, there is only one
way left to find them.
You must make use of the harp given to you by Zelda.

Old Impa: …Tell me, Link, have you attempted to play the harp that you received?
My sense is that you have not yet familiarized yourself with it.
Very well, I shall teach you how to play it. Listen well and do as I say.
First, press up to ready your harp, then press A to prepare to strum it.

Old Impa: Press up to take out your harp.
Point the Wii Remote forward to ready the harp to play!
Play faster, so that your strums move in time with my braid.
Slow your strums so that they match the swaying of my braid.

Old Impa: Good. You learn fast.
Now for your next lesson.
Focus and play in time with the pulsing of the circle of light.
When your timing is right, I shall join my voice to your harp.
Listen well, for the song I sing will be of great help to you in your journey.

Old Impa: Hold A and broadly swing the Wii Remove left and right.
Swing the Wii Remote more slowly to stay in time with the circle of light.
Swing the Wii Remote a bit faster to stay in time with the circle of light.
Old Impa: The harp you hold is known as the Goddess’s Harp. It is a divine
instrument of the goddess who once watched over this land.
The melodies it brings to life have the power to produce a variety of strange
and otherworldly effects.

Old Impa: The great slab standing before you is known as a Gate of Time.
It is the last of its kind in existence. .. The only portal binding our world
to the one where Zelda now resides.

Old Impa: If you manage to open the gate and pass through, you will likely end
up in the same place as Zelda.
But you will need to endure many hardships and put yourself in great danger to
awaken the gate from its dormant state.
Though your journey will put you in harm’s way, Link… You must endure. It is
your fate as the chosen hero of the godde—

Old Impa: This shaking… I fear the seal has been broken.
I expected that it would react to your summoning the gate, but I never imagined
the seal would break so quickly.
Link, there will be time to explain later. Right now, you must hurry to the
bottom of the pit outside.

Groose: Whoa! Wh-what’s with all the shaking?

Groose: The whole ground is heaving… I thought it was supposed to be solid down

Old Impa: Go quickly, Link! Check on the sealing spike at the center of the pit.
There is nothing natural about these tremors. That monster could free itself at
any moment. Approach the pit with caution!

Old Impa: Nice going, Link.

Old Impa: Though the Imprisoned had only just begun to awaken and break its
bonds, I’m impressed you were able to restore the seal keeping it captive.
Unfortunately, you have only succeeded in buying us a little more time in which
to act.

Old Impa: The behemoth you beat back into confinement is a horror of
unspeakable power.
Judging by what I saw, I would not be surprised if the seal gave way again soon.
So you are left with precious little time to complete the task with which you
have been entrusted.
Return to the Sealed Temple, Link. There is much to discuss.

Old Impa: …As you can see, the gate is nothing more than a slab of cold stone
for now. It is sleeping.
Rousing it from its slumber would require great power.
Yes, I believe a shot of holy light from your Skyward Strike might just do it…
Ah, sorry to disappoint you, boy, but for now your sword lacks the power
necessary to awaken the gate.
First, you and your sword must grow together.

Old Impa: Faron Woods… Eldin Volcano… and Lanayru Desert…
A sacred flame is hidden somewhere in each of these lands. Seek them out, and
purify your sword in their heat.
Only after your blade has been tempered by these three fires will it be fully
imbued with the great power for which you search.

Old Impa: Cleus to finding the sacred flames have been woven into the lyrics of
a song precious to your people, the Ballad of the Goddess.
These clues are your best hope of finding your way to the flames.
Return to Skyloft. Somewhere on your island is one whose knowledge of this old
song will point you in the right direction.

Groose: I hate even sayin’ this, but I guess you got it all figured out,
Me, well, there’s nothin’ I can do to help Zelda. I’m useless.

Old Impa: Ah. You sell yourself short, my friend. You’ll see in time that you
have your own role to play in all this.

Old Impa: Link, go now. Trust in fate to guide your feet. Your mission depends
on it…as does Zelda’s fate.

Groose:  Awww, c’mon!
I couldn’t do a thing!
I’m totally useless!

Gaepora: You’re back, Link! Good to see you’re still in one piece.
So how’s it going down there? Are you any closer to finding my Zelda?

Gaepora: Hmm… I see… My dear Zelda… Things must be terribly trying for her down
And it can’t be easy for you now either, can it?

Gaepora: What? You want to know the lyrics to the song Zelda sang on the day of
the Wing Ceremony?
You know, I’m not much of a singer…

[Sing it!]

Gaepora: Listen--as I said, I wouldn't feel  comfortable serenading you. But if
it's the lyrics you're after, I can recite them for you. Let's see.

[Just lyrics!]

Gaepora:  You just want the lyrics? Oh! What a relief. You really put me on the
spot there for a moment. I believe the lyrics go something like this…

Gaepora: Oh youth, guided by the servant of the goddess…unite earth and sky,
and bring light to the land.
That’s the first part, but as I recall, there’s a second verse to the song.
Oh youth, show the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower…and before you
a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear.
I believe that’s the whole thing.
The Light Tower mentioned in the song is a real place; I’m sure you’ve seen the
tower in the plaza. I don’t know a thing about two whirling sails though…
It sounds like the song is suggesting that if one shows these whirling sails
the way to the tower, something will happen?
But how do you go about doing that, and what does it mean? Two whirling sails.

Jakamar: What’s up, Link?

Jakamar: So you’re curious about that windmill, eh?
Pretty smart design, I gotta say. See, you can turn the windmill so that it can
always catch the wind no matter which way it’s blowing.

Jakamar: But… Well, there used to be this little propeller attached to the
windmill so that you could turn it.
The thing flew off ages ago. It must have dropped down off the edge, down
beneath the clouds.

Jakamar: The windmill’s been uselessly sitting there ever since.

Fi: I highly suggest you retrieve the windmill propeller from the land below to
reorient the windmill.

Jakamar: You wanna know if I could fix the windmill if you brought back the
Well, if I had the propeller, I could probably rig something together to get it
back on there, sure…

Jakamar: But how would you even go looking for the propeller in the first
place? Once something falls through the clouds, it’s gone for good.

Jakamar: …Hang on.
Come to think of it, Gondo at the Scrap Shop told me that someone in his family
once used a flying robot to haul junk back from beneath the clouds.
But we’re talking about a tale that’s been passed down over a lot of years, so
I wouldn’t put much stock in it.

Gondo: Hey, kid! What’s up? You look like you need to get something off your
I think I know what it is. You’ve got a favor to ask me, right?


[Not really]

Gondo: …Huh? It’s about this old robot my grandpa used to tinker around with?
…You probably just came here to make fun of the crazy junk guy for believing in
his grandpa’s stupid stories, right?
Well, get in line…I’ve heard it before. Wait… That’s not why you’re here? You
say you need to pick up something from below the clouds with this robot?
Do you know what that means?! That means…you believe in my grandpa’s stories
too, don’t you?!
Well, I’m happy to hear that someone else believes me, but I don’t think I can
help you. You see, my grandpa’s old robot… What’s it called again…

Gondo: Oh, hey, that’s right… I remember! His name is Scrapper. He may not be
much to look at these days…
But he was an amazing robot once! When you called him, he would go anywhere and
haul anything!
Sadly, as you can see now…he’s just another busted ol’ hunk of junk…

Gondo: But old Gramps did tell me this: you can get him working again with the
extract from an Ancient Flower. It’s like oil to this guy.
But I’ve never even heard of, much less seen, any such thing!


[Me neither]

Gondo: Yeah, who has, right?
But if I just had one Ancient Flower...

[Take mine!]

Gondo: Hold it... Why would you say you have one when you really don't?! That's
a dirty trick, kid.

Gondo: If you want me to get Scrapper here working again, I need one Ancient
Flower. But I dunno where they are.

Gondo: WHAT?! You have one?! Are you kiddin’ me?! That’s amazing!

Gondo: So this is an Ancient Flower?! I can fell some slick, oily stuff coming
out of its stem! Great, with this we can fix Scrapper!
…Wait right here! I’ll have him up and running in no time!

Gondo: Phew… There you go!

Scrapper: Thank you, BZZRT! I’ve got a full tank of energy, and I’m ready to
carry anything, zzzzt!

Scrapper: Huh…? Who is this green-clad individual of small stature?

Gondo: WHOA! It talked! Can you believe that? I guess I really did fix him!
This kid gave me the materials I needed to fix you. Go on! Say thank you!

Scrapper: ….Hmmm. Are you sure it was him, grrzt?
…Well then, I extend my reluctant thanks to you in a gesture of obligatory
gratitude, vrrrrt-CHONK.

Gondo: Heyyy now! Watch it! That’s no way to talk to someone who just saved
your life!
…Anyway, this kid wants you to haul some stuff around, and you’re going the
help him!

Scrapper: Hmmph. This individual may have restored my operations, but I am not
inclined to offer assistance, zrrt.
Serving children is very low in my task priority, dzzt!

Fi: Master Link…
Materials from the windmill have yielded a signal that you may search for with
your dowsing ability. Use it to locate the fallen propeller.

Fi: However, it will not be possible to carry the item in your pouch and return
to the sky.

Scrapper: Who are you?! ZRRPT-FOOOSH!

Scrapper: Your name is…Fi? Dzzt! Should I call you Mistress Fi? Are you looking
for something, Mistress Fi?
I… I understand vrrt!
At your request, I will carry anything, regardless of weight or destination…

Fi: ………..
We now have the means to bring the propeller back to Skyloft. You may
immediately begin your search for the Windmill Propeller.

Scrapper: Master Shortpants! I offer assistance! I can now detect Mistress Fi’s
thought waves, vrrt!
Should you need me, ask Mistress Fi to call me, and I will arrive with haste,

Gondo: So how do you plan to recover all that stuff that fell beneath the
You know, you could always ask the fortune-teller over there…
I know he’s kind of goofy looking, but when it comes to finding things, he’s
always right on the money.

Sparrot: Oh no…Er, hang on a second…
I see you’re looking well these days! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say
you’d found the time to gather all variety of magnificent treasures.
Come! Come closer! If it’s treasure you seek, I’ll use my mystical vision to
find answers for you!

Sparrot: Gaze into my eyes… Stare deeply into my eyes… These eyes see many
things. Oh yes, these lovely, round eyes can even see… into the future.
Allow me to tell your fortune, boy! Do you doubt these eyes? I look upon your
shirt, boy, and I see a single thread loose on your sleeve stitching!
Nothing can hide from these eyes! Normally, I seek ten Rupees to tell a
fortune, but this time I will charge but one Rupee.
So do you want me to tell your fortune? Do you dare discover what fate these
eyes see? Only one Rupee!


[No, thanks.]

Sparrot: I'm hurt! Is this how you respond to kindness?
Don't you trust these big, round,  all-seeing eyes? I might not look on you so
favorably next time. Are you sure you don't want your fortune told?

Sparrot: You are stubborn...but I saw that from across the room. I can also see
on your face that you don't believe in fortune-telling.
Getting your fortune told will aid you on your path... Aren't you curious about
what these large, dewy eyes will behold?

Sparrot: Fine. Fine. I know the time will come when you wish these round,
stupendous eyes could see your fortune! But don't come running to me!


Sparrot: Yessss! I knew it! Aha… What a treat! You are the first customer I’ve
had in a while!
Oh… I mean, I’m the best at what I do! You can trust these glistening eyes!
So, what information do you seek? What is it that you want to know?

[Where to next?]

Sparrot: Magnificent! Come closer, then! Let us see what I can…see!

Sparrot: Ahaaaaa. I see many things… All is revealed…
Ahhh, yesss… You are searching for something. Allow me to gaze into your future…
I see… a propeller falling through a sea of clouds… It is discarded, left to
the elements…
Ahhh, I see a mountain of fire… I see a temple on this burning mountain! What
you seek is just down the mountain from this temple…
A burning mountain… Could such a thing truly exist?
That’s all I can see for the moment… My eyes, they grow weary. Come see me
again if you lose your way.
Good luck, young man!

Fi: This is the Windmill Propeller you were searching for.
It is now possible to retrieve this using the robot whose services we have
Would you like to call the robot?


[No, thanks.]

Fi: Yes, Master. Simply inspect the specimen again if you change your mind and
wish to take it to Skyloft.


Fi: I will send word to the robot using telepathic transmission, Master.

Scrapper: Mistress Fi! I hope you weren’t waiting long, bzzzt!
So, zrrrbt, you want me to carry this?!
Hey! Master Shortpants! You’re in my way here, zrrpt! I said, get out of the
way, vrrrrt!

Scrapper: I’ll be waiting for you up in the sky, so don’t take too long, vrrrrt!

Fi: Master, I suggest that we also return to the sky and collect the propeller
as soon as possible.

Scrapper: Here’s that windmill propeller, zzzazt!

Scrapper: If you need me… zzrboosh-CLANG… feel free to call!
For Mistress Fi, I will travel to any destination, ker-dizzzt!

Jakamar: Whoa! Isn’t that…the beat-up old robot from Gondo’s place?!
Wait just a second…
Is that… It is! That’s the windmill propeller! That thing was supposed to have
fallen down below the clouds!
Are you saying that whole story handed down through Gondo’s family was actually
Hmmm… Somehow I get the feeling this is all some elaborate prank, but I guess
I’ll try to fix this thing…

Jakamar: This goes in here… And I just crank that a few clicks…

Jakamar: Phew!

Jakamar: That ought to do it! If you can find some way to spin the propeller,
you can probably turn the windmill around.

Wryna: Honeeeey! Honeeey?

Jakamar: Oh no! I think I might’ve promised my wife I’d fix our cupboard! I
swear that woman’s always looking for somebody.
See you around, Link!
Fi: Master, there is a high probability that this beam of light will lead us to
clues as to the whereabouts of the three flames.
I recommend that you investigate what lies at the end of this beam of light.

Fi: Master Link, I have memories of this island.
It is known as the Isle of Songs. Sign indicate that it was left her for you by
the goddess, Master.
However, I am unable to determine a means of entering the structure ahead. I
suggest you investigate the area.

Fi: Master Link, I have important information.
When you struck the crest with a Skyward Strike from your sword, a message from
the goddess awakened deep within my memory.
The goddess intended this message for you, Master. These are her words.

Fi: He who seeks the sacred flames, listen well, for I guide you from my place
at the edge of time.
The sacred flames are three in number. To obtain them, you must also earn
relics known as the three sacred gifts.
For each trail you overcome, you shall be blessed with one of the gifts…

Fi: Make use of the power of these gifts, and you will find your way to the
purifying sacred flames.
Now, I bestow unto you a melody. It will serve you as a key, opening the first
trail that awaits you deep in the wilds of Faron Woods.

Fi: That song is called Farore’s Courage. Its rousing melody will guide you.

Fi:  Master, you must overcome the trails set before you and obtain the three
gifts to reach the sacred flames.
I have committed Farore’s Courage to memory. Now you can use your dowsing
ability to search for the gate leading to the first trail you must face.
I suggest you set out for Faron Woods as soon as you are ready.

*Fi: Descend into this area?

Fi: A report, Master Link. I have detected the aura of a Trail Gate nearby.
If you can pinpoint the origin of this aura using dowsing, I conjecture the
song you learned at the Isle of Songs, Farore’s Courage, will reveal the gate.

Fi: Something here is reacting to our performance of Farore’s Courage. I have
confirmed the appearance of a strange mark on the ground.
I calculate a ninety percent possibility that this mark is a Trail Gate, as
mentioned by the goddess statue we heard from on the Isle of Songs.
Trust your sword into the center of the mark on the ground before you.

Fi: Master Link.
As expected, I cannot follow you into this realm, for this trail calls out to
your mind alone.
This is the nature of places known as Silent Realms. They are domains of the
spirit, accessibly only to the goddess’s chosen hero.
This particular trail, Farore’s Silent Realm, tests the limits of your courage.
Your spirit has temporarily separated from your physical body so that you may
undertake this challenge.
To reach the location of the flames that will enhance your sword, it is
necessary for you to overcome this trail and undergo spiritual growth.

Fi: That is your Spirit Vessel.
When this vessel is full, it will signify you have successfully completed the
trail, allowing your spirit to grow.
This, in turn, will allow the goddess to bless you with a new power.
To fill the Spirit Vessel, you need to search for something known as a Tear of
Farore. There are many of them spread across this strange world.

Fi: Master, do you see the glowing object just in front of you?

Fi: That is a Tear of Farore. You will need to collect fifteen of them.

Fi: However, this is not a simple a task as it would seem. Your work in this
realm is referred to as a trail for good reason.
If you take even a single step outside the protective circle you stand in, the
Guardians of this realm will wake up and pursue you, Master.

Fi: If a Guardian manages to land even a single hit on you, your spirit will
shatter and you will fail the trail.

Fi: You must collect the tears scattered throughout this area and fill the
Spirit Vessel without being hit by an attack.
FI: Was my explanation clear, Master? Do you want me to explain again?

[I got it]

Fi: Understood, Master.

Fi: I will be eagerly awaiting your return in the outside world.
May the goddess watch over you, Master.

Fi: The unusual liquid substance that covers that area is known as Waking
Water, and it has certain unique properties.
If you make contact with Waking Water, the Guardians will be immediately
alerted to your presence.
Pools of Waking Water are located all throughout the area. I suggest you watch
where you step…

Fi: Congratulations, Master Link.
You have passed this trail. You now have the power to proceed to the location
of the first sacred flame that will enhance your sword.
The Water Dragon’s Scale is one of the goddess’s sacred gifts.
The great spirit of the Water Dragon has provided you with the ability to swim
freely underwater.
The flame you seek is somewhere within these woods… Master, I must conclude
that this flame is likely in a part of this area you have not explored.

Bucha: Ah, hello again. I see you have the Water Dragon’s Scale there, kewww.
That’s amazing! I heard that if you have one, kewww, you can swim through the
water like a dragon soars through the sky!

Bucha: There must be places here in the woods that you haven’t visited yet,
You should use the Water Dragon’s Scale to explore areas you couldn’t even get
to before, kewww!

Fi: You have reached the top of the tree.
From this vantage point, you have a good view of the woods. Perhaps you will
see an area you haven’t explored.
Master, look up there…
I have confirmed the discovery of a new Kikwi.
Analysis indicates a ninety percent chance that the sounds we have been hearing
were the loud snores of this Kikwi.

Yerbal: Kikwiiiii!
Whoozit?! I’m nappin’!

Yerbal: Oooh, look at that! A real live human! Haven’t seen one of you in a
while, kwrrrk.
They used to call me Yerbal. Now I’m just the old Kikwi hermit. I watch over
this forest here… when I’m not nappin’.
I don’t know how you wandered all the way up here, but let me ask you
something… Can you really see me?



Yerbal: Fibber! You're a fibbity fibber, kwwrk!
And just how did you peg me with your fancy shooter thing without being able to
see me, eh?

[Sure can]

Yerbal: Is that so? Well then, slap yourself on the back, kwwwrk! You know,
some Kikwis can’t even see me these days.

Yerbal: …But forget all that nonsense and tell me, kwwwrk, what business does a
real live human have in these woods?



Yerbal: Remember what I said about it being my job to watch over the forest?
I know things most don't, kwrrrk!
A human who seeks a great flame to enhance his sword... Pffft. I know who you

[The flame!]

Yerbal: You’re out questing for a flame to enhance your sword, kwwrk? So that
you can find someone important to you, eh?
How about that… A human who can see me and seeks a great flame, kwwwrk.

Yerbal: Listen, do you promise not to breathe a word of what I’m about to tell
you to another soul? I’m serious, kwwwrk!


[No promises]

Yerbal: You can't keep a secret?!
Here I am trying to let you in on a big secret, and you can't even promise to
keep it to yourself? Do you even want to hear it, kwwwwwrk?

Yerbal: WHATSIT?!
Oh, fine. I give up, kwwwrk. You climbed all the way up here, so I'll tell you

[I promise]

Yerbal: All right, I’ll tell you. But remember—it’s a secret to everybody.

Yerbal: The flame that you seek… is most likely Farore’s Flame.
Yes, yes… Farore’s Flame… That story begins very long ago, when the goddess was
still with us, kwwwrk…

Yerbal: The goddess gave the flame to the Water Dragon, a great spirit that
presides over Faron Woods.

Yerbal: The way I hear it she left the flame in the care of the Water Dragon so
that one day the mighty dragon could pass it on to the “one from the sky”…

Yerbal: You see, Kwwwwrk, I’ve got a hunch that the goddess was talking about
you, lad.
Well, that settles that. You must seek out the mighty Water Dragon.

Yerbal: Her lair is deep in a lake in the south of these woods, kwwwwrk.
She watches over the flame there.

Yerbal: There’s a problem, though. The gate that leads to that lake is sealed
shut to all those judged unworthy…
But don’t worry, kwwwwrk. I’ll let you in on the trick to opening the gate.

Yerbal: To open the gate, you have to channel the power of the goddess into the
symbol carved into its doors, kwwwrk!
Oh, but it isn’t so simple! The symbol is incomplete. To unlock the gate, you
must make the symbol whole.

Yerbal: The only way you’ll know what the completed symbol should look like is
to first find that same completed symbol somewhere else in these woods.

Yerbal: The gate is down in the south, so it’s likely that there’s a matching
symbol somewhere up north. Try searching near this X, kwwwrk!

Yerbal: Is all of this seeping into your head, lad? Do you know where you must
go to find the symbol you seek?


Yerbal: All right, kwwwwrk, let's try thatagain...
Channel the power of the goddess into the gate, and complete the symbol carved
upon its doors using that power.

Yerbal: Place a beacon on your map over this [X] so that you can find the
location I was talking about, kwwwrk!

[Got it!]

Yerbal: Then I wish you safe travels, lad.

Yerbal: Oh, wait up!

Yerbal: I forgot to mention this earlier, but it’s important. Her Excellence,
the Water Dragon, is VERY persnickety about manners… So watch yours!
I’ve heard stories of folks who caught her in a fussy mood. They ended up as
midmorning snacks, kwwwwrk!

Yerbal: I probably taste like old cave moss, but I’m not in a hurry to become a
royal meal, kwwwrk!
So don’t let her know I told you about Farore’s Flame, OK?
And remember, when you’re in her hall, you’d better be on your best behavior
and be gracious guest.

Yerbal: I’ll be here nappin’ if you need some of my elder wisdom. See you
around! Kwwwwrk…

Fi: I estimate an eighty percent probability that this symbol is the one the
hermit was describing.

Fi: I recommend you memorize its shape.

Fi: Master Link, you should be aware that I have calculated an eighty percent
probability that a sacred flame lies beyond this lake.

Jellyf: Ack! Another human!
Ok, OK… I just have to avoid eye contact and back away slowly…

Jellyf: Quit following me, pest! If you don’t move along, I’ll be forced to
tell Her Excellence the Water Dragon about your little incursion!

Jellyf: Ha-HA! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Yep, there’s no way you’re
going to be able to follow me now!
So, what now? Are you going to cry? If you think you can make it through, just
go ahead and try!

Jellyf: GAH! How is that even possible? I’ve never seen a human pull off a spin
like that!
Wait… That’s a Water Dragon Scale! Does that make you the emissary of the
goddess, like the Water Dragon said?
Hey, I’ve got an idea! Maybe you can help Her Excelllence!

[Take me to her!/What’s Wrong?]

Jellyf: Yeah, about that… It happened really recently. This weirdo came in here
with a gang of monsters and went right after Her Excellence.
My lady the Water Dragon is a fierce fighter, and, boy, did she gobble up most
of those monsters in the first few seconds.
Thing is, there were just so many of them! While she was distracted, the weirdo
leading all those creatures managed to wound her.
She’s healing up now, but she says we don’t have enough special water for her
to make a full recovery.
So could you please go talk with Her Excellence and see if you can help her out?
I’ll even take you to her. Follow me!

Parella: Eeep! Don’t eat me!


[I won’t eat you.]

Parella: Whaaa? You don't want to gobble me up? Oh, that's a relief.
I've been hiding here for a while. Ever since that school of scary-looking fish
swam through.

[Your Excellence?]

Parella: Me, the Water Dragon? No! Are you looking for Her Excellence?
You possess one of her scales, so you must be a friend to our kind. I will tell
you where you can find her.

Parella: The Water Dragon lives just a little ways up from here. If you want to
make a note of that, now’s probably a good time to do it!

Parella: It’s a secret to everybody.

Jellyf: Wow! Perfect jump!
I’d call you amazing, but I think we both know it was the Water Dragon’s Scale
that made that little stunt possible.

Jellyf: Wow! The goddess sure knows how to pick them! You did great!
Faron: Ah! You there, human!

Faron: You have intruded into my home, a sacred place few are permitted to
This is no place for one such as you. And yet here you stand! You will explain
how you got here, and quickly.


[I’m lost.]

Faron: Do not mock me, boy! If this isan attempt at humor, you will find this a
cold audience!
Still...few mortals have had the courage to speak so boldly before me.
You do not intimidate easily. Yes, a laudable trait to be sure.

[Water Dragon?]

Faron: I am. Those with manners address me as Faron, warden of the woods. I was
appointed by the goddess herself.
Though my current stature is less than, well, intimidating, shall we say, know
that you stand in the presence of a loyal servant of the goddess!

Faron: I say, that’s one of MY scales you have there!
A sacred gift such as that could only be carried by the goddess’s chosen hero.
But could you really be him?
That raises questions. Even with that scale in your possession, finding my hall
is no easy task… How did you find me?

Faron: Ah, yes… That cackling, old hermit Kikwi told you where I live, didn’t
Honestly, I can’t remember how many times I’ve told that scruffy thing to keep
his mouth shut. That’s the last straw. Next time I see him, he’s dinner.
Oh, but I digress. You’ve come her seeking a sacred flame, have you?


[I forgot]
[Of course!]

Faron: I knew it.

Faron: But I’ll be straight with you. A shrimpy boy like you hardly looks the
part of the goddess’s chosen hero.
There’s no doubt about it. A test is in order to prove you’re everything you
say you are.
Shortly before your arrival, I was attacked by a pompous creature calling
himself Ghirahim.
I stood against this self-proclaimed Demon Lord, but I was wounded in the

Faron: The wounds he’s given me are stubborn things. I have been forced to
recuperate in this basin of sacred water.
Unfortunately, the healing properties of the sacred water have diminished, and
I am now in need of another dose to freshen up my healing bath.
Bring me the container of fresh sacred water that I require.

Faron: Do me this favor, and I’ll gladly show you where to find the sacred
flame you desire. What say you?


[No, thanks.]

Faron: Do not mock me, boy!
Linger in my hall a moment longer, and I'll bite your head clean off!
I am willing to lead you to the sacred flame you seek, but only if you bring me
the sacred water I seek.

Faron: Hmph. So it's too great a task for you?
Then I guess you are a mere human after all.

[You got it!]

Faron: Quickly now, bring me the sacred water I desire. Do so, and I will show
you the way to the sacred flame.

Fi: I am analyzing the water remaining in this basin… Excellent. I can now help
you dowse for the water type you are searching for.

Fi: Master, you have wisely elected to carry an Empty Bottle. Use it to carry
the water you seek.

Faron: If you continue down this way, you will find an exit back to the woods.

Faron: Excellent. Now run along. One does not keep a dragon waiting.

Fi: Master, I have information to report.
By my estimates you are currently situated in the southwest area of Faron
Woods. Please confirm your location with your map

Fi: My readings indicate the presence of sacred water within the temple.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your dowsing ability here.
Based on my calculations, I estimate the water is located in the deepest part
of the temple complex.

Fi: I recommend using the X on your map as a guide when revisiting the deepest
area of the temple.

Fi: I am detecting a greater enemy presence in the vicinity than I previously
observed. You would be wise to proceed with caution.

Kortz: Hold it… You’re that guy. That guy I met in the volcano!
Here to do some treasure hunting too?



Kortz: I called it! You got treasure hunter written all over your face.


Kortz: You’re a terrible liar, guy. Ya got treasure hunter written all over
your face.
Did the big stone guy out there tip ya off to the loot too?

[Stone guy?]

Kortz: Yeah, what’d he say again? “Strum a chord most beautiful in the place
within the temple where the butterflies dance.”
So I get here, and I let loose with some of the most gorgeous humming I’ve done
in my entire life, and nothing happens!
But seeing how I’ve come this far, there’s no chance I’m gonna give up the hunt
for treasure just yet!

Kortz: Just fantastic. I work like a weasel just to swipe a key from that
monster, and then I hafta go and lose it.
I just can’t remember which hole I hid it in.
Aww… And here I thought that key would be my ticket to a life of luxury. I
could have sworn I buried it right around here…

Kortz: Sheesh. I dig serious miles to get my paws on treasure and I’ve found
squat. Talk about bad luck!
I think some no-good thief beat me to the goods. There’s nuttin’here but water
Who in the stinkin’ world would come all this way for water? Nobody, that’s who.
I’m cuttin’ my losses and headin’ home. See ya!

Fi: There is a ninety-five percent probability that the water here is identical
to the water within the Water Dragon’s basin. I suggest we take it back to her.

Faron: Hmm…
Yes! Just look at that color. There’s no doubt this is the water I need.
Quickly, boy, pour it into my basin!

Faron: Mmmmmm! Exquisite! I can feel its energy surging through me!
Behold the full majesty of Faron, Water Dragon and guardian on these lands! I
stand tall—healed and whole once again!
Human. You have done well to bring me the sacred water I asked you for.
I see now it was no coincidence that you completed the goddess’s trail and
obtained a Water Dragon’s Scale.

Faron: In turn, I will grant you the favor you have asked of me and lead you to
the sacred flame of my land.

Faron: Now…behold.

Faron: Hah-hmm…

Faron: Go. The sacred flame you seek lies within this place.
While the waterfall has barred entrance to this place for many years, monsters
have still found a way in… and inside they flourish.

Faron: Ah, but you are the goddess’s chosen hero. Swatting a few monsters will
be no trouble for you.
I imagine you and I will cross paths again. Until then, do not lower your guard.
Farewell, boy.

Fi: Master, I have taken the liberty to confirm that a door is located at the
uppermost section of this statue. The lock is unfamiliar to me"

Fi: Master, I have some important information that i am certain you will want
to hear. There is a large treasure chest in the area.
There is an 85% probability it contains the key that will open the door we
observed at the top of the stone statue.

Fi: Based on the patterns we have seen so far, I believe the key mentioned on
the stone marker is the key required to unlock the device ahead of us.

Ghirahim: You certainly are persistent...

Ghirahim:  I'm terribly busy trying to find clues that will help me revive the
demon king.

Ghirahim: Your incessant buzzing around my head like some irksome gadfly when
im THIS busy is... Well, it’s making me very disagreeable.

Fi: Raise your sword, Master.

Fi: The sacred flame has purified your blade, enhancing and evolving it.
With your sword now enhanced, you are ready to learn a new melody. We should
return to the Isle of Songs.

Faron: Ah, the sword you carry is different since I last saw you. Yes, I see it
is much improved…
To think, the goddess’s chosen hero is but a mere boy. Quite a twist…

Faron: Chosen hero or not, you do not yet possess the strength required to
wield the full power of that blade.
You must train yourself further! Devote yourself wholly to this task

Faron: Farewell, boy.

Fi: Master Link, I have important information.
When you struck the crest with the Skywatd Strike from your sword, a message
from the goddess awakened deep within my memory.
The goddess intended this message for you, Master. These are her words.

Fi: He who seeks the sacred flames, listen well, for I am the one guiding you
from my place at the edge of time.

Fi: Two sacred flames remain. Should you desire to possess them, you must
obtain the other sacred gifts.
For ech trial you overcome, you shall be blessed with another gift.

Fi: Harness the power of these gifts, and let there be no doubt you shall find
yourself standing before the majesty of the sacred flames.
Now, I give you another melody. It will serve as a key to unlocking your next
trial, which awaits you within the shifting sand of Lanayru Desert.

Fi: The song you just heard is called Nayru’s Wisdom. Use this song of
knowledge to find the next trial.

Fi: I have memorized Nayru’s Wisdom for you. You can now use dowsing to locate
the gate to the next trail.
You should set a course for Lanayru Desert immediately.

Fi: We have arrived at Lanayru Dessert.
You can use your dowsing ability to locate the entrance to the trial you must
pass to open the way to the sacred flame.

Fi: Thrust your sword into the center of the mark and open the way to a new
Silent Realm.

Fi: Master Link.
As you know by now, I cannot follow you. The trial call out to your mind alone,
as it is in every Silent Realm.
This is the second trial, known as Nayru’s Silent Realm. It will test your
wisdom, Master.
You must overcome this trial to find the flames that will enhance your sword.

Fi: When your vessel is full, your spirit will grow and you will be entrusted
with a new power by the goddess.
Do you have any questions?


Fi: Understood, Master.

Fi: Congratulation, Master.
You have completed the trial. You now have the power to proceed to the sacred
flame that will be entrusted to your sword and your strong spirit.

Fi: The Clawshots are one of the goddess’s sacred gifts.
You can extend these claws attached to chains to pull yourself to targets and
vines beyond your reach.

Fi: The flame is somewhere in the desert… I conjecture that it lies in a place
you have not yet visited, Master.

Golo: I almost never get visitors! My name is Golo, and I am researching the
legend of the three dragons, one of which is said to live here!
At first glance, it would seem that there is nothing in this area, but I know
there is something here. I will just keep on looking!
So your name is Link? I see… Not the easiest name to say, is it?
And how about you, Link? Why are you here…?
You are looking for a sacred flame? That sounds like something I have heard of
before, but maybe not…
Sweet goro, I remember now! I read something about in in ancient scrolls that
spoke of the Lanayru Sand Sea.
I do not remember all the details, but you can get to Lanayru Sand Sea, if you
just go straight through here.

Golo: If you want to get to Lanayru Sand Sea, you are going to need this key!

Golo: Good luck to you!

Fi: A report, Master.
This is Lanayru Sand Sea. This whole area was once a vast ocean.

Fi: But the water has all evaporated, and now the area is a sea of sand.

Fi: Signs indicate that this place functioned as a port, linking the land to
the sea.

Fi: This area operated on a new form of power. There is a ninety percent
probability that the sacred flame is located ahead.
I recommend exploring this sand sea.

Skipper: Hmm… Who are you, bzzt? Some human, vrrrm?
Who am I, brrzrrt…?
I am the proud skipper of the ship that protects Nayru’s Flame, phweep!

[Nayru’s Flame]

Skipper: …
It was the day of the storm, phoo-weep… My crew and I were navigating the seas
as usual, vrrm…
And then those brutes, bzzt… the pirates, suddenly attacked us, brrzt.
They were after Nayru’s Flame, zzpt. My crew was imprisoned…vrrrt… and I was
thrown into the sea!

Skipper: I drifted on the current to this port, vrrrrm…

Skipper: After that, I took this boat and went searching for my ship and crew,
but they were nowhere to be found, bzzt.

Skipper: It haunts me, wondering where my ship could be, phweep…
I’d bet my hat they’ve turned the ship invisible and are hiding out somewhere,
vrrm! You can’t see it.


Skipper: In order to protect Nayru’s Flame, the ship has a function that allows
it to become invisible, vweep…
You say you’re searching for Nayru’s Flame, bzzt? Oh… So you need Nayru’s Flame
to find someone important to you, vrrm…?
In that case, you should help me search for my ship and crew, phweep!

Skipper: If you’ll help me, vrzzzt, then I guess I’ll let you on my boat.

[I’ll help!]

Skipper: Really, vrrm? Well, in that case, bzzt…
Hmm… There’s something weird about that map of yours…vrrm.
If you’re going to navigate these treacherous waters, then you need a proper
sea chart, doo-weep!
There is a sea chart in my shack at Skipper’s Retreat, bzzzt. So first you need
to get on this boat and set a course for Skipper’s Retreat!
Shall we shove off, vrrm?

[Let’s go!]

Skipper:  All right! Let’s go, vrrrrm!
Skipper: My circuits spark to life in the salt air, vrrm! It feels good to take
to the seas again after so long, but let’s see if I can remember how to
navigate, brrzrrt.
Press Analog Stick to move, zrrt. Press A while moving to speed up, vrrm!
Press B to ready the cannon, phweep. Then press A to fire it, zrrt!

Skipper: I placed an X mark over on the island where my house is, vrrm!
There’s a pier on the island where we can dock, brrzrrt!

Skipper: Right, let’s go, vrrm!

Skipper: We’ve arrived, vweep!

Skipper: My shack is at the very top, vrrm!

Skipper: The sea chart we need is in my shack, zrrt. But you’re the one who
will have to go get it, bzzt!
There are more monsters about then before, so be careful, vweep!
I can’t wander far from the boat, so I’ll just stay here, vrrm.

Fi: Master, I have determined that this Skipper’s sea chart. Let’s take it back
to him.
Master, look over there.

Fi: That is the ship containing Nayru’s Flame. There is a ninety percent chance
that the synthetic life-forms assembled here are the crew.

Fi: This imagine would indicate that the ship’s captain spent many happy days
among his many crew members.

Skipper: You got the sea chart, vrrm! Now we can finally navigate properly,
Phweep! Let’s go look for my ship!
Shall we set sail, vrrt?

[Set sail!]

Skipper: Anchors aweigh, zrrm!

Skipper: Open up the sea chart you brought with you, zrrt!

Skipper: The Shipyard is at this location, vrrt. Let me mark it for you with an
X, vweep.

Skipper: The Shipyard is where we used to build our ships, vrrt. My ship was
built there too, vweep!
If you go to the Shipyard, you might find some clues to the location of my
ship, brrzrrt!
Ok! Set sail, vrrm!

Skipper: We’ve arrived, vrrm!
This is the island where we used to make our ships, bzzt. You’ll find the
Shipyard here, as well as town where the workers lived, vweep!

Skipper: That building is the construction bay, vrrm!

Skipper: But the entrance is closed, vrrrm. Looks like you can’t get in.

Skipper: Each location on the island is linked to the others via a mine-cart
track, vrrm!
You might be able to get to the back door of the construction bay if you can
get around to the other side of it using a mine cart, brrzrrt.

Skipper: There’s a mine-cart station over there, zrrt!

Skipper: You should head to the station first. I’ll wait here, phoo-weep!

Fi: Master, we have arrived at the Shipyard construction bay.

Fi: With the passing of many years, this structure has filled with sand.

Fi: I recommend looking in the sand for a clue that may direct you to the
location of the ship.

Fi: Master, it would appear that in the many years this factory went unused,
monsters have moved in and built a nest.
I now estimate that the chance of finding a clue in the sand here as to the
ship’s location is extremely low.

Skipper: So my ship wasn’t here, zrrt? Then there is only one place left for us
to look for clues, vrrm…
Brrzrrt. This could be scary, but… we have to head to the stronghold of the
pirates who stole my ship, phweep!
So let’s not waste any time, vrrm!

[Let’s go!]

Skipper: Anchors aweigh, zrrm!

Skipper: This is pretty scary, vweep…
The pirate captain is a mechanical maniac, zrrt! He’s got no shortage of evil
underlings too, vrrm!
I never wanted to lay eyes on him again, brrzrrt. But…
If we want to take the ship back, then we have no choice, phoo-weep!

Skipper: The Pirate Stronghold is here at this X mark, zrrt.

Skipper: Tighten up whatever you humans have instead of bolts, and let’s get
going, phoo-weep.
Skipper:  This is easily as scary as I thought it would be, vrrm…
But if you think about it, they should all be dead, brrzrrt!
The only reason I’m up and about like this is because of that Timeshift Stone
on the boat, phoo-weep!
So I have nothing to worry about, vrrm! I feel better now, Link. And so it’s
time for you to go look for my ship, zrt!
I’ll wait here, of course, bzzt.

Fi: Master, please take a look.

Fi: This device looks like it is meant to hold a Timeshift Stone, but there is
not one currently installed.
There is a ninety-five percent change that it is the same type of device as the
ones we encountered in Lanayru Mine.

Fi: Signs indicate that Timeshift Stones were used in this facility as a kind
of power source.

Fi: A report, Master. The power of the Timeshift Orb appears to have caused a
change in this structure.
I recommend going outside to further assess the situation.

Fi: I have information to report, Master. Please take a look.

Fi: There is a sixty percent probability that these masts and these sails are
from the ship that protects Nayru’s Flame.

Fi: You can now set your dowsing ability to search for the ship that holds
Nayru’s Flame.

Skipper: So my ship wasn’t here either, vrrm…
Zrrt? Vweeeeet? You found a clue?
You know the place? Some kind of thing called dowsing, vrrm? That’s amazing,
This time we’ll definitely find my ship, voo-whooot!
Ready to set sail, vweep?

[To sea!]

Skipper: Anchors aweigh, zrrm!

Skipper: How are we going to search this whole huge sea, vrrm?
I have no choice but to ask you to do it for me, brrzrrt! So get cracking,
There is a high probability that the ship is currently hidden from our view,
phoo-weep. But if we attack it, then we might catch a glimse of it, zrrr!

Fi: Master, please look.

Fi: This large door is sealed shut.

Fi: This door must lead to an important room in the ship.

Fi: Master, that synthetic life-form… There is a ninety-nine percent chance
that it was the pirate described by the captain.
I can’t help but admire the tenacity it has displayed in staying alive and
functional all these years.

Fi: Master, a report about the bow you have just obtained…
Your bow’s elasticity can propel arrows through the air with great force,
allowing you to strike your targets from afar.
To confirm the controls associated with your bow, raise your bow by pressing B
then press two.

Fi: You can also shoot arrows to strike certain devices in order to activate

Fi: I have confirmed that such a device exists on the deck.

Fi: However, it will be difficult to target it from here, so I recommend you
return to the deck.

Ancient Robot: You’re a human, aren’t you, brrzrrt? So how did you get in here,
You came with the captain to save us, vweep! I’m so happy, vrrm!
But we can’t get out of here while that sparky thing blocks the exit, zrrt.

Ancient Robot: …
I almost forgot to mention it, but the engine room is right below this brig,

Ancient Robot: There’s a corridor from the engine room that connects to the
brig, vrrm.

Ancient Robot: But to get through the engine room to here, bzzt, you need to
activate to two power generators in the engine room.

Ancient Robot: You will need to activate the power generators in two different
locations, zrrt.

Ancient Robot: You can do it, phoo-weep!

Fi: Master, I can confirm that, as mentioned by the crew, the engine room is
now fully operational.
But the corridor to the brig will not be passable until you activate the other
power generator. I suggest hurrying to the seconf power generator.

Fi: Master, I can confirm that the engine room is now fully operational.
I suggest hurrying to the brig through the engine room and freeing the crew

Ancient Robot: You really came to save us, vweep! My circuits are glowing with
happiness, vrrm!
Really, vrrm? You came on board to find Nayru’s Flame, zrrt?
If you want to reveal Nayru’s Flame, you’re going to have to regain control of
this ship, phoo-weep.
The control room is next to the brig, but its huge door is sealed shut and
you’ll need a key to open it, vrrm.
First yo should head to the captain’s cabin, zrrt! The control-room key should
be in there, vweep!

Ancient Robot: Please take this key as thanks for rescuing us, vrrrrm.
This key will open the door to the captain’s cabin, vweep.

Ancient Robot: You can get to the captain’s cabin through a door on the deck in
the back, vrrm.

Ancient Robot: But I’m getting out of here, vrrm.
Sorry to leave you on your own, but you look like you can handle it, zrrt!
We’re counting on you, vweep!

Fi: Master, I conjecture that this is the key to the control room mentioned by
the crew.

Fi: My memory indicates that the location of the door to the control room is
marked with the X symbol.

Fi: I suggest you quickly make your way to the control room.

Fi: A report, Master. Judging by their size, these tentacles belong to a
monster of considerable size.
The current situation is difficuly yo determine with complete accuracy, but
signs indicate that this ship is under attack.
If we do nothing, there is an eighty percent chance the ship will capsize.
I recommend forcing it back with the sacred power, then exiting to further
assess the current situation.

Fi: Warning, Master.

Fi: I sense an evil presence on the other side of this door.
There is a ninety percent chance it is the primary body mass of the creature
whose tentacles are destroying this ship.
I suggest making all necessary preparations before exiting to the outside of
the ship.

Fi: With your sword enhanced, you can learn a new melody. I recommend we return
to the Isle of Songs.

Skipper: Thank you for getting me my ship back, vrrm.
It may have been half wrecked, but my crew and I got it shaped up to almost
proper working order in no time, vrrt.
I wish you good luck in finding whomever it is you’re looking for, phweep!
Come visit again. You’re welcome anytime, vweep!

Fi: Master Link, I have important information.
When you struck the crest with a Skyward Strike from your sword, a message from
the goddess awakened deep within my memory.
The goddess intented this message for you, Master. These are her words.

Fi: He who seeks the sacred flames, listen well, for I am the one guiding you
from my place at the edge of time.

Fi: The last of the sacred flames still eludes you. To obtain it, you must
claim another sacred gift.
For each trial you overcome, you shall be blessed with another gift.

Fi: Make use of the power of these gifts, and you will most certainly find the
path to the sacred flames.
Now, I bestow unto you another melody. Let it serve as a key to unlocking your
final trail. It awaits you upon Eldin Volcano.

Fi: According to my records, that song you just heard is called Din’s Power.
Use this song of might to locate the last trial.

Fi: I have commited Din’s power to memory. Now you can have the abitity use
dowsing to locate the gate to the final trial.
I suggest you travel to Eldin Volcano.

Fi: We have arrived at Eldin Volcano.
You can use your dowsing ability to locate the gate to the trail. You must pass
this trial in order to locate the sacred flame.

Fi: Thrust your sword into the center of the mark and open the way to a new
Silent Realm.

Fi: Master Link…
You stand within Din’s Silent Realm, the third trial. It will test the limits
of your power.
To locate the last flame that will enhance your sword, you must first complete
this final challenge and archieve spiritual growth once again.

Fi: When your vessel is full, your spirit will grow and you will be entrusted
with a new power by the goddess.
Do you have any questions?



Fi: Understood, Master.

Fi: Welcome back, Master.
I conjecture your newly acquired Fireshield Earings will allow you to safely
travel in extremely hot areas.
I recommend continuing your search for the sacred flame.

Fi: I have a status update for you, Master. We are now near the crater at the
peak of Eldin Volcano.

Fi: I am detecting extremely high temperatures in this area. However, your
Fireshile Earrings will allow for extended periods of exploration.

Fi: I calculate the probability of finding the final sacred flame here at
ninety percent. I recommend searching for flames.

Gorko: Do you see this, bud? Talk about intriguing! We are definitely off the
map here.
This does not feel like Goddess Cube stuff to me! I bet there is something
super important hidden around here!

Gorko: All I can say is that is a big frong with a big thirst. I do not think
the amount of water one of your little bottles can hold is going to cut it this

Gorko: Hmmm… You will have to have a big container to hold the water needed for
this job. Got anything like that?
And speaking of which, where are you going to get all the water? I gotta say, I
am pretty much stumped.

Fi: Master Link, I detect no water in the immediate vicinity.
Of course, you will need a large basin to proceed past the impediment, but you
will also need water. I recommend you start with that task.

Faron: Ah, it’s you. Tell me, are you mastering the power that dwells within
your sword?
Oh? You wish to borrow my water basin? Hmm… Very well. I have recovered, and I
have no intention of having to soak in it again soon!
Begone with it. It’s yours to use as you please.

Fi: To transport the Water Dragon’s basin to the volcano, you will need to
enlist the service of that transport robot. Shall I send word to him?


[Call him!]

Fi: Understood, Master. I will call him at once.

Scrapper: Mistress Fi, bzzzt! My deep apologies for keeping you waiting!

Scrapper: Let’s see here… This cargo looks very heave, but it’s well within my
payload tolerances, bzzrrt!

Scrapper: Master Shortpants! Watch carefully while I demonstrate what a real
hero looks like, bzzzzat!

Scrapper: As usual, vrrrt, I shall await you in the skies above.

Fi: Master, your task here is complete for the moment. We should return to the
sky so that we can set a course for the volcano.

Scrapper: Zrrt! This is the entrance to the volcano! I better get there before
Master Shortpants!

Scrapper: What’s going on, brzzt? I almost blew a rotor trying to slow myself
during that descent, zrbt… Anyway, this is where you wanted the water, right?
WHAT?! THE SUMMIT? Why didn’t you say so from the start, bzzrt? I don’t want to
carry this thing back to the sky. IT’S HEAVY, BRZZZT!

Scrapper: This place is, zrrry, swarming with monsters. Vrrrrrrm…

Scrapper: I bust up enemies like a junkyard wrecker, zzizat! Too bad I’ve got
my mitts full with this basin, bzzz…
Hey, Master Shortpants! Since we came all this way, let’s play a little game
called “protect the robot,” bzzrt!
Here’s how it works—I’ll follow you up the volcano, zzzrt, and you make sure
nothing touches me. Got it? Good!
Your job is simple, zzrrt! You make sure none of those monsters lays a claw on

Scrapper: Get moving, Master Shortpants! I’ll be following right behind you,

*Scrapper: Brrzt! Wait for me!

*Scrapper: Monsters! Zrrbt, are you going to handle those or what?!

Scrapper: You want me to pour the water on this? No problem, zzzbrt!
Scrapper: Did you see that, Mistress Fi?
If there’s anything else I can do to be of assistance, zzzzrp, just call me!
Anytime, zzzrbtzz!

Fi: The flames blocking your path have been fully extinguished. I recommend
proceeding ahead.

Gorko: You are something else, bud! There is nothing you cannot do!
You go ahead on in! You have earned the right to blaze this trail.

Guld: Ho ho ho… Ahhh! The exit at last…
Don’t scare me like that! I thought you were one of those monster creeps!
…Oh, hey, what’s this?
You got yourself a swanky pair of Digging Mitts, don’tcha?
Who are ya, anyway? Whatcha doing here?



Guld:Hmm... I getcha.
Huh? Me?
Oh yah, the name's Guld. I'm the big boss of the Mogmas.
Those Digging Mitts you got right there... I invented 'em!

Guld:All right, then... I'm gonna let you in
on an ancient treasure-hunting legend
passed down among generations of
Every Mogma worth a handful o' dirt
knows this one...
Here we go...

[On a quest!]

Guld: Hmm… I getcha.
Huh? Me?
Oh yah, the name’s Guld. I’m the big boss of the Mogmas.
Those Digging Mitts you got right there… I invented ‘em!
…No offense, pal, but you don’t look like the kinda guy I’d send in here on a
treasure-huntin’ mission…
But what do I know… Ya might just surprise me.
So here’s the deal… Word in the tunnels is there’s a huge treasure hidden in
these here ruins…
But nobody who’s ever seen it has come back to tell the tale.
Countless treasure hunters have disappeared in here! Poof! Gone.
As a treasure digger, I gotta warn you to just turn around and enjoy the many
peaceful years of diggin’ left to you, but…
You’re gonna do this no matter what I say, aren’t ya?



Guld: Hahah hah... You sure are set on this!
Ready? Here goes...

[Pretty much.]

Guld: All right, then… I’m gonna let you in on an ancient treasure-huntin
legend passed down among generations of Mogmas.
Every Mogma worth a handful o’dirt knows this one…
Here we go…

Guld: “Ye who seek the entrance to the king’s treasure, look for the two
statues that face one another.”
“Show your bravery and jump into the mouth of the sleeping statue. Do this, and
the path will open before you.”
You remember all that, and you’re golden.



Guld: Some of my guys are searchin’ around here for the treasure.
If you get lost, holler at one of ‘em.

Silva: Oh yaaah! I’m saved!
I don’t know who ya are or where you’re from, but I owe ya big-time!
Are ya here looking for treasure too?



Silve: Well, well! No point trying to hide it! There's only one reason you
could havefor coming so far in here!


Silva: Ha ha! You were totally caught up in that too, pal!
I can see it on your face! You’re here because of the “legend of the sleeping
statue,” right?!
But those are some busted, old diggin’ mitts. Ya can’t go using them for
treasure huntin’!
I got it! As thanks, I’m gonna give ya a replacement pair from y secret stash!
Don’tcha go nowhere!

Silva: All yours!
They’ve been in a buried treasure chest, so they ain’t dirty or anything.
Now these ain’t the kind of thing you can easily get your hands on just
anywhere, so take good care of ‘em!
Right, then—I’m outta here! So long!

Silva: Hey, pal!
How are those mitts treatin’ ya?
If you want to get a good look above ground, try pressing Z!
Got it? Press Z to see above ground! Don’t you go forgettin’ it!

Bronzi: Ohhh yah! You’ve come along at the right time, pal!
I don’t know who ya are or where you’re from, but what I need right now is for
ya to get me offa this chain!

[.../I’m in a hurry!]

Bronzi: I’m not asking ya to do it for nothing, though! Set me free, and I’ll
tell ya the big, gigantic secret about this room!
It’s a secret about treasure! OK?

Bronzi: Hoooo-yah! That is the sweet, sweet flavor of freedom, hoss!
And, uhh…heh heh…thanks for taking the trouble to free me… Sucker!
You really think I would divulge super-secret infor about treasure? My momma
didn’t raise no patsy! I spent too long findin’ that info!
Those gloves are from my brother’s secret collection! Are ya friends with my
brother or something?

[I helped him!]

Bronzi: Wait, wait, wait! There’s somethin’ I want to give you!
I’ll just go get it. Wait here!

Bronzi: Here! Take this!
This here’s some super-secret info that I put together. Took some real sweat
and work too.
I had to survey this place near hundred times to figure it out, but…
You ready for this? Now don’t go faintin’ when I tell ya. Right around here,
there is…
A hidden room!
So in return, please don’t tell anyone that I was captured. It’ll just be our
little secret, OK?



Bronzi: Well, ain't that the lowest of the low!
And here I thought I was bein' polite... You low-down, no-good'un!
...Did you already figure out where the treasure was from that map?
Seriously? Then what did I give you that map for? And you call yourself an
Agh... Well, I must look dumber thana jug of Moblin drool right now...
Maaan... Why can't I just do one thingright?! What a lunkhead!

[OK, it’s a secret.]

Bronzi: All right, then! Go ahead and open ‘er up. But don’t forget out deal!
Later, then… I said bye now.

Silva: …
Heyyy! We meet again!
Heh heh heh… Sorry, but I kinda happened to overhear that conversation.
It seems one of my guys was giving ya a hard time. Sorry about that.
But that stuff he was sayin’ was all true.
There’s a breeze coming from somewhere in this room. I tell ya, I can smell it.
I figure the information in that chest will be useful to ya.

Silva: This room has a fake wall somewhere…
And on the other side of that wall, there’s another room. Or so I hear…
The ground underneath us is full of monsters, so we don’t go tunneling too much
down there, but…
If you’re feelin’ adventurous, there just might be a hidden route…

Plats: Aghhh! A green monster!
Ack… I can’t believe they’re following us down here now…
Guess I can have some fun with him for now, though…
Heh, heh, heh! You’re on Mogma turf now, fiend! You may be scary, but as long
as the way ahead of me is clear, you’ll never catch me!

Plats: Nooooooo… You got me! Go on, then, you monster! Boil me, bake me… Do
your worst!
Huh? I know those gloves…
Ain’t those from my brother’s secret collection?

[He gave them to me.]
[That’s right]

Plats: What?! You know my brother?!
Awww, you’re all green. I thought you were a monster!
Hey, don’t get all angry! I thought you were one of them. Sorry, guy!
Lemme give ya something good to make up for it. Hang on there a sec.

Plats: Here ya go!
Ya know, some monsters seemed to be looking for something on those cliffs ahead
of us…
You heading that way too, guy? You take care out there. Don’t wanna see you get
skewered or nothin’.
Me? I’m headin’ back to the boss’s place. I’ll open the door for you while I’m
at it. See ya!

Ghirahim: …Oh, hello there, Link. I see you’re still among the living. Fancy
meeting you here.

Ghirahim: We seem to bump into each other time and time again. Oh, it’s no
coincidence, though, is it? You and I, we’re bound by a thread of fate.

Ghirahim: Look at these old drawings!

Ghirahim: Until I found these, I was… upset about that little stunt the
goddess’s guard dog pulled at the Gate of Time. What was that twig’s name
again? Impa?

Ghirahim: Well, never mind that, because these drawing suggest the existence of
a second Gate of Time. This news has just filled my heart with rainbows!
I’ve been a busy boy, searching here and there and everywhere for another Gate
of Time.

Ghirahim: And yet, I couldn’t even find a single clue. Since I know I can be
honest with you, I’ll admit I got a little sulky. It was frowns all around.

Ghirahim: The thought of never getting my hands on that darling young girl
again was… well, more than I could bear.

Girahim: But then… Then I found this place! The prospect of a second Gate of
Time has made me positively giggly!

Ghirahim: That girl… Your adorable friend… She will be instrumental in bringing
about the revival of my master.
And though I feared she was now quite beyong my reach, I despair no longer!

Ghirahim: …But before we talk any further on that subject, there’s still the
outstanding matter of your punishment, Link.
Do you remember when I told you that the next time we met, I’d make your ears
bleed from the sound of your own screams?
Well, I’ve been thinking… Perhaps corporal punishment is a touch harsh. I might
be willing to forgive and forget if you’ll strike a deal.

Ghirahim: …All I ask is that you tell me where I can find the other Gate of
That’s not too much to ask, is it? Oh, and don’t you play coy with me. I know
that you know, so why not let me in on the fun?

Ghirahim: Such behavior. A mischievous boy like you needs to be dealt with
firmly. I must warn you, I won’t go easy on you this time.

Ghirahim: Lovely, aren’t they? You’ll find the supple skin of my arms tougher
than any armor. Doesn’t their shape just leave you… breathless?

Ghirahim: Behold!

Ghirahim: Such beauty!

Ghirahim: Such a pure form!

Ghirahim: Such an exquisite physique!

Ghirahim: Such stunning features!

Ghirahim: Yes, I’ve pretty much got it all. Though there is one teensy, tiny
thing I lack…

Ghirahim: Namely, mercy.
Come to me, Link. You and I, we’re bound by that thread of fate. Destined to
So come close, Link! Meet me in battle, and the thread of fate that binds us
will be soaked crimson with your blood!

Ghirahim: …Enough of this foolishness… I am Ghirahim, Demon Lord!
It shouldn’t matter how powerful your sword is, you are still nothing… Not just
a human… A human child! And yet you prevail!
You filthy scamp! You have awakened a wrath that will burn for eons! I swear to
you, whatever it takes, I will drag you into an eternity of torment!

Fi: Master, now that it has been tempered by the last f the sacred flames, your
blade has finally revealed its true form. You now hold the Master Sword.

Fi: With this sword’s great power, you can awaken the Gate of Time within the
Sealed Temple. I recommend you make your way to this location.

Old Impa: Ah, your sword!
There can be no doubt. The sacred flames have purified this blade. Well done,
Link. That sword holds tremendous power.
That power is a sacred force.
It is divine power left to us by the gods of old. The same power that is spoken
of in the Ballad of the Goddess.
To look upon you is the see that same great power, now flowing through you and
the sword you carry.

Old Impa: Come, Link. You must now open the Gate of Time.
Now that the sacred force dwells within your blade, strike the Gate of Time
with a Skyward Strike and it will surely awaken.

Old Impa: Climb upon the pedestal, and show the gate your sword’s power!

Groose: WHOA-HO!

Old Impa: No… I fear the seal has given way once again. That terrible beast is
awakening even as we speak.
It is likely that the monster reacted to the sacred power given off by your
I wish it had not happened, but there was no other way to open the gate. So it

Old Impa: Link, you must imprison the beast once again.

Groose: All right! Bring it on!

Groose: This is what I’ve been waiting for. It’s time to break out my new toy!
Trust me, that flabby bag of teeth doesn’t stand a chance.
Well? What are we waiting for? I’m heading out there!

Groose:  Hey! Link!

Groose: Duh huh huh! Try not to drool on your shirt as you stare at this
amazing superweapon I’ve been working on!

Groose: I call it… the Groosenator!
Leaves you speechless, doesn’t it? That’s only natural. You wouldn’t believe
how much time I put into building this beauty.
Here—check it out!

Groose: First, I got all the fences cluttering the area out of the way. Then I
laid down rails for her to run on. All by myself, of course.
I don’t know what came over me! I had no clue I had the talent to make
something like this, you know?
Anyhow, you just tell me where you want me to place my shots, and I’ll put a
hurting on that ugly monster!
Groose: I don’t care how beefy you are--- you’re bound to stumble for a few
moments after taking one of my big bombs to the body!
Hang on, though… That monster showed up a smidge sooner than I was expecting.
There are a few final adjustments I gotta make before she can move on the rails
I’ve put down.
I’ll call out to you when she’s ready for action. Till then, do whatever you
can to hold off that beast!

Groose: Look at that. Seems like out ugly friend grew itself a pair of hands.
Great timing!
I hope it knows how to catch, because my machine has a mean right arm!
When she’s all loaded up, I’ll let you know. Until them, do what you need to do
to stop it!

Groose: Hey, Link, the machine’s all loaded and ready to smash!
If that flabby sack of teeth tries to climb the wall, I can blast it off from
here with a bomb!
When you want some backup from me, just send me the signal with up!

Groose: Awwright! It’s time for Groose to explode into action!
Adjust the machine’s position with Analog Stick, and aim at your target with
the Wii Remote.
Once you finish aiming, press A to launch a bomb. If it hits, you’ll stun that
scaly sucker!

Groose: Hah! She packs a mean punch, doesn’t she! I tell you, I was in love the
first time I pulled this lever!
I’ll start loading her back up with another bomb, so keep beating on big ugly
till I give you the signal!

Old Impa: Now, Link!
Strike the sealing spike with a Skyward Strike, and restore the seal! Quickly!

Groose: Nice work there, Link! Course, you couldn’t‘ve done it without me, but
no need to thank Groose. I know I saved your tail.
Now let’s get that Gate of Time thing up and running. I’ll go on ahead!

Old Impa: It seems you were successful in imprisoning the monster again.

Old Impa: You have my thanks, Link.
As do you, Groose.
I do not wish to dwell on what may have happened if you two hadn’t been here.

Groose: Duh huh, aww… you give me too much credit, Grannie.
You were the one who got me to stop feeling sorry for myself and put my energy
into doing what I could to help.

Old Impa: I did what was necessary to get you to realize your full potential.

Old Impa: Link, you must wonder just what it is you’ve been fighting out there
in thegreat pit.
There is much I could tell you, but suffice to say it is the root of the evil
we face. When you pass through the Gate of Time, you shall learn more.
We may seal it and reseal it into its prison a thousand times, but it will
always shatter the bonds that confine it. Such is its awesome power.
We must destroy it at its source or suffer this fate again and again.
There is no time to lose. Hit the gate with a Skyward Strike.

Groose: Come on, already! Charge that sword of yours with that sacred force
stuff Grannie was talkin’ about, and zap the Gate of Time!
Right on, Grannie.

Old Impa: …Indeed. Now, Link, go. Go to the gate.

Old Impa: Do not fear it. This is what we have waited for. At long last, the
gate has been reactivated.

Old Impa: Standing before you is a path that transcends the flow of time. It is
a portal to the past… to the very place where Zelda now waits.

Old Impa: Go bravely, Link. If everything is as I suspect, the reunion with
Zelda you’ve fought so hard for lies beyond this gate.

Groose: Nah, don’t worry about me. I’m gonna hang back here, Link.
That stupid monster doesn’t know when to quit, and Grannie here keeps yapping
on and on about how we never know when it might bust free again.
Someone’s gotta stick around and guard the place. Might as well be me.
Besides, if I’m not here, who’s gonna look out for the girl?
And you know what…

Groose: Naw, forget about it…

Groose: When you see Zelda, tell her I said “What’s up?”

Impa: …At last. I’ve been expecting you, Link.
You are doubtless overwhelmed, so I will explain thing as simply as I can.

Impa: This is the Temple of Hylia, though it will come to be known as the
Sealed Temple sometime in the future.
You stand in the past, ages before your own time. Here the goddess, Hylia, has
only just sealed away Demise…
And little time has passed since the goddess sent the outcropping of rock into
the sky that would one day become Skyloft.

Impa: It is true to its name. You have passed through the Gate of Time to an
era in the distant past.
You will have many questions. But for now, you must proceed back through the
great doors behind you.

Impa: It is there that the person you’ve risked life and blood to defend waits
for you.

Zelda: You’ve come so far, Link… I’m glad you made it.

Zelda: I imagine Impa filled you in on everything. We’ve traveled very far from
home… to the distant past.
In this era, the wounds inflicted on the land during the battle between the
goddess and the demon king known as Demise have not yet healed.
All the fairy tales about that war we heard growing up in Skyloft… Incredible
as it may seem, they appear to be all too real.

Zelda: I think it’s time you learned the whole story. Let me try to explain…

Zelda: The old gods created a supreme power that gave anyone who possessed it
the ability to shape reality and fulfull any desire. They called it: The
In his thirst to make the world his own, Demise readied a massive army of
monsters for war. He sought to take the Triforce for himself by force.
The goddess feared for her people. She used her power to send both them and the
Triforce into the sky on a slice of earth she cut away from the land.
This floating rock became the new home of our people. In time, it came to be
known as Skyloft.

Zelda: After a long and fierce battle, the goddess, Hylia, succeeded in sealing
away Demise.
However, soon after the demon king was imprisoned, it became clear that the
seal would not hold long against his fearsome power.
Hylia had suffered grave injuries in her battle with the demon king. She knew
that if he broke free again, there would be no stopping him.
And if the demon king were to free himself, it would mean the end of the world
for all beings of this land.
In order to put an end to the demon king, Hylia devised two separate plans and
set them both into motion.

Zelda: First, she created Fi. She made the spirit that resides in your sword to
serve a single purpose: to assist her chosen hero on his mission.
Her second plan… was to abandon her divine form and transfer her soul to the
body of a mortal.
…She made this sacrifice, as you have likey guessed, so that the supreme power
created by the old gods could one day be used.
For while the supreme power of the Triforce was created by the gods, all of its
power can never be wielded by one.
Knowing this power was her last and only hope, the goddess gave up her divine
powers and her immortal form.

Zelda: You’ve probably figured it out by now, haven’t you, Link?
You are the chosen here, and I, Zelda…
I am the goddess reborn as a mortal.

Zelda: The day of the ceremony, Ghirahim’s tornado tossed me out of the sky and
down to the world below.
I was nearly captured by the demonic forces, but I was rescued at the last
moment by the old woman who lives in the Sealed Grounds.
I had no memory at all of my existence as Hylia, but she explained it to me.
She helped me to remember who I was… and what I had to do.
I set out to pray at the goddess statues located in each temple across the land.
Each statue stirred up memories within me. After I visited them all, Impa, an
agent of the goddess, led me here… to the past.

Zelda: …All of this is part of the same great effort to prevent the revival of

Zelda: Stripped of his true physical form by the seal that binds him, he takes
the shape of an abomination.
But even in his hideous state, he’s more than capable of devouring this land if
we allow him to do what he desires.

Zelda: We must stop him from freeing himself from the seal that imprisons him.
At any cost…
That is why I intend to remain here in this time and place… To sustain the seal
as best as I can.
As long as I continue this vigil, we may be able to prevent the demon king from
fully reviving himself in our own time.

Zelda: I must maintain the seal that Hylia—rather, that I—created so long ago
and keep it strong for as long as I am able.
With the memories of my former life returning to me, I can see now that this is
my purpose.

Zelda: Link, the goddess created Fi and the great blade she’s a part of for
very specific reasons.
For the task of standing against Demise in the monstrous form he now assumes
rests solely on your shoulders.
Back in our own time, you’ve already driven him back into his prison twice now.
I can’t thank you enough for that, Link.

Zelda: During your long journey, you’ve grown so much.
You learned wisdom from solving devious puzzles and traps. You gained power by
honing and tempering both yourself and your sword.
And by overcome the trials set before you be the goddess, you’ve found true
Now that those qualities reside in you, you are worthy of wielding the power
the old gods left behind for our kind. You can claim the Triforce.

Zelda: Valiant hero, you have endured many hardships and journeyed far in your
quest to reach this place.
Along your travels you have found wisdom, power, and courage, and for this I
shall bless your sword with the goddess’s power.
May it give you and your sword the strength to drive back the abomination that
threatens this land!

Zelda: The mark you see upon the back of your hand is proof that you are the
hero of legend and that within you dwells sacred power.
It is the mark of the Triforce.
Stand now, Link. Draw your sword.

Zelda: Link, before I say another word, I feel like I owe you an apology.
You see, the mark of the Triforce on your hand is a symbol of the greates power
in this world.
If you can obtain the actual Triforce, we will have the power to vanquish
Demise once and for all.
The problem is, among the countless souls in this world, only a select
few—those with an unbreakable spirit—can wield its might.

Zelda: It’s impossible to know the true reason why the old gods created the
Triforce. But I have a theory of my own.
The gods created the Triforce, yet they specifically designed it so that their
own kind could never use its power.
Somehow, I think that may have been their way of giving hope to all mortal
beings of the land.
…Which brings us back to you.
To face Demise and give the land hope, the goddess, Hylia, needed someone with
an unbreakable spirit. That somone is you, Link.

Zelda: But spirit alone wasn’t enough. You had to overcome many trials and
awaken the hero within yourself so that you could wield that supreme power.
And so Hylia… I mean, and so I…
I knew that if it meant saving Zelda, you would throuw yourself headfirst into
any danger, without even a moment’s doubt…
I… I used you.

Zelda: I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for pulling you into all of
this, Link.
But you have to understand this is a war, and the fate of the land hangs in the
balance. I need your strength to tip the scales in our favor…

Zelda: All that may be well intentioned and true, but it doesn’t mean it’s
right… and it doesn’t excuse my actions.
But I’m prepared to pay the price for what I’ve done.

Zelda: To ensure that the seal holds, I will remain here in this time… deep in
sleep for thousands of years.

Zelda: Link… I can’t say it enough. I’m so sorry for the way I had to involve
you in this.
But until my memor of things before our lifetime returned to me, I had no idea
we were fated to carry such a heavy destiny.
Before all this, I was happy just spending my days hanging around with you in
Skyloft. I wanted that feeling to last forever.

Zelda: While it’s true that I am Hylia reborn, I’m still my father’s daughther
and your friend…
I’m stilly your Zelda.

Zelda: When Demise is finally gone, there will be no more need for the seal
that binds him, and then I’ll be able to wake up.
So I’m going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I’d
always be the one to wake you up when you slept in.
But this time, when all of this is over, will you come to wake me up?


[I promise.][I will.][Of Course!]

Impa:  I see you’ve said good-bye.
Now you must keep the promise you made to her. You ust find the Triforce.
Return to your time. There is work to be done there.
Do not fear for Zelda. I will watch over her here. Go now and fulfull your

Old Impa: So you’ve returned.

Old Impa: Then you know everything…

Old Impa: On the other side of that gate, Zelda waits, suspended in a sleep
without end. But do not despair, for she is still alive and well.

Old Impa: True to legend, the Triforce is the one thing with the power to
vanquish Demise. It is thought to have been hidden within Skyloft by the
Sadly, that is all we know of where it rests. All other clues to its
whereabouts have been lost to the ages.
Link, you have likely come to the same conclusion, but I will spell it out just
the same.
The key to finding the Triforce must be in Skyloft.
Go now, Link. Find the Triforce.

Groose: Whoa! Whoa there! Hold up!

Groose: Link, there’s something I gotta tell you.

Groose: So, Zelda… How’s she holding up? Was she OK when you saw her?


[She’s great.]

Groose: She was? Oh, good to hear.
...But she's still stuck there till this whole mess blows over, huh?


Groose: That’s terrible. It’s gotta be so hard for the poor girl.
But you’re going to do something about this mess, right?

Groose: Link… I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going back.
I’m staying right here with Grannie.
Aww, don’t look so bummed out. Do I look sad? Nah, I’m doing what I want to do!
I don’t know how to explain it. I got this feeling in my belly that there’s
work to do here.
Someone’s gotta watch that big, ugly monster, and someone’s gotta make sure
Grannie’s doing all right.
It ain’t as action packed as what you’re doing, but maybe this is my destiny.
Know what I mean?

Groose: Besides, it’s not so bad here. Living up in the sky was OK, I guess,
but don’t you just love the way it smells down here? What? That’s not weird to

Groose: Check it out.

Groose: Zelda and Grannie have brought life back to the land here.
I bet even the weakest sapling could grow into one beast of a tree in soil like
this. It’d brighten this place up a little too.
I mean, sure, it’d take a few years for it to grow, but as far as I’m
concerned, I got nothing but time.
It’s weird to say out loud, but that’s just how I feel right now.

Groose: So…yeah…you know. When you get back to Skyloft, do me a favor and let
people know I’m doing OK down here.
Cawlin and Strich might get a little emotional since they look up to me, but
you tell them I’m happy, OK?
Thanks, Link.

Gaepora: Ah, hello, Link! Have you heard anything more about my daughter?
What is it…? If you know anything at all, I urge you to share it with me.
…You want to tell me but you can’t? Hmm. I…understand. I’m sure you have a good
reason for keeping quiet…
Link, I’ve been doing some thinking since we last spoke.
You have had this destiny thrust upon you without warning… or choice, for that
matter. But I wish to help you as best I can.
I’m getting older, and I lack the vigor of youth… but even old men have ways of
being useful, too!
I wish to share as much of my knowledge with you as I can!
If you have any question… any question at all about Skyloft or its history, I
will be glad to tell you all that I know.


[Not now.]

Gaepora: So you have no need for the wisdom of an old man like myself?
Well, just remember that the wisdom of years can prevail where youth alone
might fall short.
 If you desire my help, I'll be here.


Gaepora: What do I know of the Triforce…?
Link, where did you hear that word?
It’s true that the ancient texts make several mentions of the the Triforce
within their pages.
Unfortunately, the actual location of the Triforce isn’t illuminated in any of
those tomes. Its whereabouts are lost to history.
Sorry, Link. It shames me to say it, but my knowledge is of little use on this

Gaepora: Link, just a moment!

Gaepora: Though, there is one whose vast knowledge may be of use…
Surely you’re familiar with Levias, the great sky spirit who has guarded our
realm for ages?

Gaepora: Levias has served as the protector of our skies for a long time, and
his knowledge of our world is encyclopedic, to put it mildly.



Gaepora: Yes, his knowledge is almost limitless, but I fear meeting him may be
harder than you anticipate…

[Where is he?]

Gaepora: Yes… I feared that might be your next question. About that…

Gaepora: I imagine in your travels you’ve taken notice of the tremendous
thunderhead that suddenly appeared in our skies.
Recently, I’ve heard rumors suggesting that Levias is trapped inside that
massive cloud.

Gaepora: I asked Instructoe Owlan to look into this troubling cloud in order to
determine if there is any truth to these rumors.
I had meant to inquire about his findings earlier but completely forgot about
it after Zelda went missing.
Instructor Owlan can fill me in on the details later, so why don’t you go speak
with him yourself and see what his investigation has revealed?

Owlan: Ah, Link. How goes your search for Zelda? Have you found her yet?
What? Levias? Ah, so you’ve been talking to the headmaster, I take it?
If I’m correct, Levias is the one inside the thunderhead. But… that’s not the
Levias that we all know.
That’s… a monster!
It certainly looks like Levias, but last time I approached him, he came rushing
at me! And his eyes… They were full of malice.
People change… Or old, wizened creatures change, rather. Perhaps it’s more
that… he is possessed by something. That’s how it felt to me.
What? You want to talk to Levias?
That’s… impossible. I don’t think Levias is capable of listening. Not in his
current state, no.
And… even if you were to get close enough to talk to him, it will likely end
with you getting brushed aside and sent flying to your death in a sea of clouds.
What? You’re still planning on going?
I see… It’s because you need to find Zelda.
I understand… I get the feeling nothing I could say would talk you out of it.
Hey! I have an idea. Come with me!

Owlan: Levias is inside the thunderhead. He’s been acting so strangely… Like
something has possessed him.
If we can somehow free him from whatever it is that has a hold over him, then
there’s a chance he will return to his senses.
Listen well, Link, because I’m about to teach you a very powerful bird-riding
It’s called the Spiral Charge!
Owlan: Using the Spiral Charge, you can rid Levias of the blight that has hold
of him!
The technique is quite easy to perfom. All you have to do is press A.
However, the acceleration effect lasts longer than any attack move you’ve used
so far. Maintaining stable flight can be tricky.
This is a technique that only senior Knight Academy students who have mastered
high-level flight skills are allowed to perform.
It’s still a bit too early for you, but… This is an extraordinary circumstance,
so I’ll make an exception this time. However, I will test you.

Owlan: First, dive off this platform and call your bird.

Owlan: Listen up, Link!
I taught your Loftwing to perform a Spiral Charge when you press A.

Owlan: Press A to Spiral Charge and break the ten targets placed around the
floating boulders up ahead.

Owlan: If you can destroy ten targets in under hundred-twenty seconds, I will
recognize you as a skilled bird rider.

Owlan: All right! Off you go!

Owlan: Oh! You managed to destroy ten targets within the time limit!
If you can control your bird that well, you’ll have no problems at all! I knew
you could do it, Link. And what a magnificent red bird…
You are henceforth permitted to use the Spiral Charge attack as a qualified
bird rider!
The next thing we have to address is just how to go about finding Levias.
Maybe the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin might know something. Every year he makes
an offering of his pumpkin soup for Levias.
Go to the Lumpy Pumpkin and ask him what he knows!

Pumm: What’s the matter? You look like you’ve got something mighty serious on
your mind.



Pumm: Oh! I guess it was nothing, then.
If that's the case, why don't you kick up
your boots and stay awhile?

Pumm: If that's the case, how about doing
some more work to pay off that


Pumm: Levias… What about him?
Sure, I know Levias well, but I wasn’t aware anything was wrong…
Every year I offer him an entire basin full of my pumpkin soup!
But lately a huge thunderhead has been brewing there, and I haven’t yet made
this year’s offering. I tell you, I feel horrible about it!
You say you’ll deliver a pot of my soup to Levias?
Huh. I don’t know how you plan to fly into that huge thunderhead brewing out
there, but…
If that’s the case, I’m going to do everything I can to make Levias the best
batch of soup ever!
You wait right here! I’m getting inspired to fire up some soup like I’ve never
souped before!
Pumm: Voilá! Here it is!
I’ve been cooking this stuff for over ten years, and I have to say this is the
best batch of pumpkin soup I have ever created!

Fi: Master, I will signal for the robot.

Scrapper: Miss Fi! I’m heeeere, bzzzrt!

Scrapper: Oh, this is another heavy load… But don’t worry! I can carry anything!
I’ll be waiting outside. I can take you wherever you need to go as soon as
you’re ready, zizzat!

Pumm: The place where I offer soup to Levias is inside the thunderhead cloud,
on an island with an everlasting rainbow.
Oh, you’ll know it when you see it. Good luck!

Scrapper: I’m unloading this cargo of pumpkin soup here.
You’ve picked an odd place for soup delivery. Feels dangerous. Something could
jump out as us at any moment, hungry for soup… or robot.

Scrapper: I’m out of here! See you around, zzzrt!

Levias: Tell me, boy, was it you that brought me this most delecatable cauldron
of pumpkin soup?
I must apologize for my earlier behavior. A most peculiar and irksome pers
possessed me. I was not myself.
But that business is done with now! The delicious aroma of that soup has
restored me to my senses.
I am the Great Spirit they call Levias. Before she passed from this world so
long ago, the goddess, Hylia, appointed me as warden of the skies.
And what do they call you, boy? Ah, Link, is it? A rather pleasing name, that.
Your parents clearly have excellent taste in names!
Hmm… You carry a curious sword, boy. And I sense a silent power dwilling
somewhere in that little frame.
Ah, I see it now, Link, you are the goddess’s chosen hero. How interesting…
I assume you’ve come to hear what I know of the Triforce?


[You know?]

Levias: Do I know? You do realize you are  speaking to the great sky spirit, do
you not? Bahhh. No matter.


Levias: As I suspected… Listen closely, and I will tell you.

Levias: As you likely know, long ago, an evil force attempted to take the
Triforce for his own.
The goddess did everything in her power to prevent it from falling into his
For the safety of all things, she hid the Triforce somewhere within the rock
you call Skyloft. However, its location has been kept secret.
Even I do not know where it rests now. Oh, but the goddess did entrust me with
a hint as to the Triforce’s location.
The clue is a song, meant to be played on the harp you hold. It is known as the
Song of the Hero.
The song is the key to revealing the secret location of the Triforce.
The goddess split this song into four parts. She entrusted one part to me and
the other three to the dragons of the land.
You must gather each of the parts of the Song of the Hero. Seek out the
dragons, and convince them to teach you their parts.
When they’ve taught you what they know, come to me and I will complete the song
with my own voice!
The dragons can be found at Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert. Go
on, then. Find the dragons you now seek!

Groose: Link, bad news! That beast looks like it’s about to break free again!
Gotta get into position! Hang tight!

Groose: Whoa!
Feels like that seal is going to give way any second.
Uh… but no need to panic!
You know what the Groosenator can do, am I right?
As long as I’m at the controls of this bombshell beauty, I don’t even know the
meaning of the word “defeat”!
Flinging bombs on this monster’s face, defending the land… It’s my purpose, I
think. It’s why I’m here.
Anyway, Link. I’ve got work to do. Try not to get in the way of my shots, OK?

Groose: Well, look who’s finally back. Good thing too, ‘cause I was getting
tired of waiting to put a hurting on his ugly mug!
Link! Let’s do this! Our game plan is the same as last time. You know what to

Groose: WHOA! Since when did it learn how to fly?!
It’s headed straight for the temple, but there’s no way I’m letting it get
there! Big ugly’s going down burning!

Groose: Is that it? Man, I thought it was going to put up more of a fight.
Somebody should really thank the genius who made this machine!
OK, Link, time for you to go show big ugly who’s boss!

Groose: Oh NO!
Not good! The road crumbled and I can’t get to the rest of my bomb stash! What
do I do?!

Groose: Link! Come up to the temple, and make your way over here. Hustle up!

Groose: Link, we’re in trouble! I can’t get to my stash of bombs!
All right… Link! We’ve got no choice! You’ve got to get up onto that ugly
thing’s head! Quick now!

Groose: Nice! You’re locked and loaded! We’ll aim it to send you straight for
the spike on its head!

Old Impa: Now, Link!
Strike the sealing spike with a Skyward Strike, and restore the seal! Quickly!

Groose: Whew… I gotta say, Link, I thought we were goners this time. Sorta glad
I was wrong about that.
I’m gonna run ahead to the temple. You should get back there too!

Old Impa: The beast has been sealed into its prison for a third time.

Old Impa: Link, Groose… You have both done well.
But I fear we can’t dwell on your success. The strength of the seal seems to
wane with each escape.
We are almost out of time, Link. Are you close to discovering the Triforce?



Old Impa: …I see. You must seek out the three dragons and complete the Song of
the Hero to find the Triforce.
It is right your search led you here. The Faron Woods are close by.
Unfortunately, there has been an unusual turn of events in the woods…
I am unsure of what happened, but a short while ago, I noticed the path to the
woods was completely flooded.
To protect the land here, I closed the gate leading to the woods and drove back
the water with a simple seal.
The seal will only hold as long as the gate remains closed, meaning you will
not be able to open it without flooding these lands.
Given this situation, I am at a loss as to how you can enter the woods.

Groose: Heh! Is that all? Consider the problem solved!
See, that last battle with the big ugly got me thinking about other ways to use
the Groosenator!
Just climb up into that bad boy, and I’ll give you a “lift” over to the woods,
all right?

Groose: I’ll run ahead and get her prepped for you! Come see me when you’re
ready to take a little flight.

Old Impa: Oh my…
That boy has made himself very useful, but he does have a tendency to cause
trouble for those he “helps”…
Safe journey. I wish you a soft landing, Link.

Groose: Want to head to Faron Woods, do you?
No sweat. Just hop on into the Groosenator, and I’ll fling you over!



Groose: All right! Hop in, and I’ll take care of the flingin’. You just worry
about the landing.

Groose: With my machine, the woods are just a fling away!

Bucha: Oh, Kewwwww. You… You’re that one from before. Come to think of it, I’d
forgotten to ask your name.
…I see. Link, is it? Now there’s an odd name, kewwwww. Ah…
What brings you to see me?

[The woods…][The water!]

Bucha: Kewwww, it’s good to see you again! Yes, things look a bit different
here, don’t they?
The water came gushing out of the base of the tree behind me and flooded the
entire woods.
I don’t know what caused it, but I suppose it will clear out the monster
infestation, kewww, so you won’t hear me complaining!

Faron: Who dares to dip even a toe in my waters without my leave?

Faron: Oh, I remember you. You’re the young human who helped me recorver from
my injuries some time ago. Ah… Link, was it?

Faron: Let’s have a look at you… Yes, you seem a good deal stronger than the
last time we met.
And look at that sword… You’re the real thing, boy. It’s clear you have the
spirit of a hero of the goddess.

Faron: Let me guess… You swam all the way here to try to get me to teach you
the part of the Song of the Hero the goddess entrusted to me.
That’s all well and good, but I can’t go around giving away something that
precious to every hero who flounders into my waters.
No, I think a final test is in order to ensure you are in fact the one meant to
hear this melody of mine.
This may be news to you, but some very irksome monsters have been overrunning
my woods of late.
Welll, I decided that I’d had enough! The easies way to deal with the awful
things was to flood the whole woods.

Faron: As it happens, almost every inch of greenery in the area is submerged.
So it’s here, in this flooded land, that I will test you.
If you’re up to completing the task I ask of you, I seen no reason why I
shouldn’t reward you with the melody you seek.

Faron: As you just saw, I have split the melody you seek among my many Tadtones
and I have hidden them around the forest.

Faron: If you haven’t already guessed, Link, here’s you task: take this score
and collect all my little musical friends out there.
You can use that score to figure out how many Tadtones are in each group. Find
them, collect them, and bring them back to me.
If you can do that, well, then I’ll just have to see you as someone worthy of
learning the Song of the Hero.

Bucha: Oh, Link! You’ve gathered all the Tadtones, haven’t you? That’s no small
feat! Or should I say no small beat, kewwww!
Ahem… Anyway, hurry and return to the Water Dragon!

Faron: Ah, you’ve brought back all my colorful little Tadtones.
You are indeed worthy of being called a hero. This much is clear. I’m good for
my word, so I will teach you my part of the song you seek.

Faron: Originally, I had planned to keep these woods underwater so that those
awful monsters could never return.
But your task is far from over, and you’re not exactly at home in the water. I
suppose I’ll return the woods to their natural state.
All this excitement has been rather draining. I believe I’ll retire to my hall.
You’d best be on your way as well.

Fi: Yes, as I suspected, the water level in Faron Woods has dropped. The forest
has returned to its former less-aquatic state.
Master, the melody you just acquired is one part of the Song of the Hero.
I recommend you seek out the other two dragons in their respective areas to
learn the other two parts of the song.

Plats: Ta-DAH! I’m here to save the day!
Heyyyy! Long time no see!
Huh? Don’t tell me ya forgot my ugly mug!
I’m Plats, the Mogma you helped in the northern temple!
I saw them draggin’you off unconscious, so I tailed ‘em!
You’re pretty fearless, eh? What are you up to now?



Plats: ...Haha! I know why you're really here!
You heard the rumor about the baddies and their treasure too, didn't ya, pal?
Heh heh heh! You know what I'm talkin' about! The rumor that some bad guys are
havin' a little get-
together on this mountain.
And everybody knows that where there's bad guys, there's treasure!
That's just the way of the world.


Plats: Th-the dragon? You mean the dragon-god thing?
Uhh, yeah… I heard a rumor that a big dragon-god lives in this mountain…
You really like those fantasy stories, eh, pal?
Hmm? Why am I here, you ask?
I just heard a rumor that some bad guys were gettin’ together on this mountain!
Heh heh heh… And everyone knows that when bad guys get together, they’ll be
fightin’ over some loot.
Don’t you gotta take care of your own business first?
Haven’t ya noticed? They swiped all your stuff!
While you were out, they shook you down good, pal! You’re gonna want to get
your stuff back before ya go and try anything else.
I can get you started. I stole these back for ya…

Plats: Time for me to tunnel out, pal! You got your work cut out for you!
Good luck out there!

Plats: Heyyyy!
Whaddya thinkin’? You shouldn’t be out here in the open with no way to defend
This place is crawlin’ with thugs!
Well, just be careful they don’t spot ya while you’re sneakin’ around!

Plats: And I probably don’t even need to say this again… But seriously, pal,
don’t let them bad guys see ya, y’hear?
They ain’t gonna do nothin’ nice if they catch you! So don’t do anything heroic
and get yourself caught!
Got it?

[OK, already…]

Plats: …
Ahh… You know, I really worry about ya, pal. It’s a weakness of mine!
Ok, tell you what… I’m gonna show you something good! Open up your map!

Plats: I feel just terrible for you, pal… Here, let me do one more thing for
ya! Ol’ Plats here’s gonna show ya what’s in all the treasure chests!

Plats: After all, none of it looked like stuff I’d really want anyhow…
Butif some of them things are yours, I’ll bet you’re gonna want to get ‘em
back, right?
All right then, I’m going back to rummage around for treasure!
See ya later!

Fi: Thank you, Master Link.
Please excuse me for leaving your side during this brief trouble with the
volcanic eruption.
While I was here, I detected a strong source of power emanating from the area
on the far right.
Signs indicate a sixty percent chance that the dragon who knows a verse from
the Song of the Hero dwells there.
Please reacquire the rest of your gear and continue your search for the dragon.

Eldin: Ho! A man of flesh and blood has walked his way to the heart of my
burning hall! Now this is something.

Eldin: If I have the right of it, the mark you bear upon your hand is not just
a fashionable decoration.
There can be no doubt about it, them. The goddess has chosen you to hear the
melody I have guarded for her all these years.
Listen well, human child. I will sing you my part of the Song of the Hero.

Eldin: I’m afraid that eruption was caused by an explosion of my power. It
looks like you were caught up in it. My apologies.
The skies above this land should be clear soon…
You should go.

Fi: A report, Master. The volcaninc activity that impeded your return to the
sky earlier has ceased.
It is now possible to return to the sky again.
Well done, Master. You have acquired the second part of the Song of the Hero.
The final part can be found somewhere within Lanayru Desert.

Golo: Hello, hello, Link.

Golo: How is your search for that sacred flame going? Did you find it?!
I have been dying to hear whether you found it. Well… did you?
…So after that wild, long adventure, you found it! Link, you are truly amazing.
You know, I think its time I tell you what I found about the legend of the
three dragons.
I am certain there is a hidden area just beyond here in the desert!
You see, I found a narrow passageway that was too tight for me to fit through.
And my gut tells me that one of the three dragons of legend, the Thunder
Dragon, lives there!
These robots are connected to him somehow. I am sure of it, bud.
The Thuder Dragon, robots, and Timeshift Stones…
What an adventure!

Fi: This is Lanayru Gorge. Legend tells of a dragon loyal to the goddess living
in this area.

Fi: Signs indicate that an ancient civilization established a quarry here to
mine the deposit of high-quality Timeshift Stones.

Fi: Consequently, the terrain is intricately subdivided with the remnants of
long-abandoded mining equipment, such as mine carts and their tracks.

Lanayru: Cough… cough…
Oh, hello… I haven’t had a visitor like you here in… quite a while.
You’re a human, aren’t you? You must have some reason for coming this far. What
is it?
I see. So you’re Link from the sky… Cough… That’s not much of a name, is it?
How about I add a model numer to your name like my friends have got? Maybe
Oh, I can tell you don’t like the sound of that. That’s a shame… Cough… cough…
So, what can I do for you?
Ohh… You say you need me to teach you a song? Cough…
Hold on, now. Didn’t you just say you came from the sky, Link? So then you’re
the hero chosen by the goddess, aren’t you?
I see… Well, that is something…
Although I must apologize. You see, I can’t really help you.
I may have enough strength for a brief chat like this, but… Well, as you can
see, I am quite ill. Cough…
I’m in no shape to sing.
And to think it was the goddess herself who entrusted me with this important
duty… I feel the deepest shame… Cough…

Ancient Robot: What are you doing with that seedling, vrrm?! Master Thunder
Dragon needs fruit from the Tree of Life to recover!
Unless you mean to help our master, bzzzzt?


[Not really.]

Ancient Robot: Well, since you uprooted it, it's your responsibility now, vrrm!
Make sure you plant that seedling where it can grow to maturity, phoo-weep.
And that means taking it somewhere outside of the Lanayru area, bzzt!
We're all counting on you, vweep!

Ancient Robot: I don't think there's any way that seedling would ever mature if
you planted it in the Lanayru area, vrrm...
We need your help, brrzrrt! Master Thunder Dragon needs the fruit from the Tree
of Life to regain his strength!

[Of course.]

Ancient Robot: Really, vrrm?! Thank you, zrrt! Make sure you plant the seeling
somewhere it will be sure to thrive, phoo-weep.
I fear growing the seedling to maturity in Lanayru Province is impossible,
brrzrrt. We’re counting on you, vweep!

Lanayru: Oh, Link. Hello there. Is there something you need?

Lanayru: Oh! OH! Is that what I think it is? You brought that here for me,
didn’t you?

Lanayru: Whoa-ho… Down the hatch!


Lanayru: Oh, you’ve done it, boy. I can feel the fruit’s effect surguing
through me! It’s exhilarating! I feel like a proper dragon again!

Lanayru: Just because I have eternal life doesn’t mean I can’t get mighty sick!
Thanks to you, boy, this old dragon will keep on charging awhile yet!
I owe you a big thank-you, so allow me to perform a moving rendition of my part
of the Song of the Hero!
I should warn you, I’ve got a mean set of pipes and I know how to use them!
This’ll clean out those ears, boy, so brace yourself!

Lanayru: Link! I owe you my life! You have to let me repay you.
Give me some time to prepare, and when you next return to visit me… I believe
you will be mightily pleased!

Fi: Well done, Master. You’ve successfully collected three parts of the Song of
the Hero.
I recommend you return to the sky and meet with the great sky spirit, Levias,
to complete the song.

Levias: Bahah! So you’ve learned all three parts of the song from the dragons,
eh? You have done well, young one!

Levias: True to my word. I will perform the last part of the song for you. Ahem…

Levias: Now that you know the song, I trust you know what to do with it. That
old song opens a door to a great trial.
Should you succeed in conquering the challenge awaiting you there, I’m certain
the path to the Triforce will be revealed to you.

Fi: A report, Master.
I have determined that there is a Trial Gate somewhere among these floating
islands that can be opened by the Song of the Hero.
I suggest you use your dowsing ability to locate it.

Fi: Thrust your sword into the center of the mark and open the way to the final
Silent Realm.

Fi: Master Link.
You have entered the last of the trials, the Goddess’s Silent Realm.

Fi: When you have filled the Spirit Vessel once more, you shall finally be
recognized as the true hero of legend.
Only then will you be shown the door that will lead you to the Triforce.
Master, I wish you success in this trial.
Do you have any questions before you face the task ahead of you?


FI: Understood, Master.

Fi: Master, I await your return in the outside world.

Fi: Congratulations, Master.
You have passed all of the trials.

Fi: The Stone of Trials you just obtained is actually one of a pair, Master.
Another similar object with a mark just like the one you hold exists somewhere
on this island.
Combining the two should open the way to the Triforce.

Fi: I suggest that you search for that matching stone.

Fi: A report, Master Link. My calculations indicate an eighty-five percent
chance tht the structure you uncovered houses the Triforce.
Given this development, I project that the moment for Zelda to fulfill her
destiny and bring an end to Demise is close at hand.

Fi: Master, I have information to report. I’ve detected three sources of sacred
power within this building. This power clearly radiates from the Triforce.
I’ve triangulated the three sources of power and marked them on your map as

Fi: Master, I have new information for you. Analysis indicates that the shaking
you felt just now was caused by a change in the buildin’s structure.

Fi: Now that the building’s structure has been altered, it appears you can
enter the adjacent room.

Fi: I propose you use this control panel to move through the structure and
collect the components of the Triforce.

Fi: Master, look over that way.

Fi: I have identified the design on the floor there as the mark of Nayru.
I detect the sacred power of the Triforce radiating from it. Unfortunately, the
way leading to the mark is closed off.

Fi: There appears to be a Timeshift Orb over there.

Fi: I propose you utilize the nearby Timeshift Orb to open a path to the mark.

Fi: Master Link, you have reached the mark. Offer your sword to it.
If you do this, I calculate a high probability that you will be shown the way
to a part of the Triforce.

Fi: Master, look over that way.

Fi: The design carved into the floor there is the mark of Farore.
I detect the sacred power of the Triforce emanating from its vicinity.

Fi: To reach the area where that mark is located, I propose you pass through
the door in front of you.

Fi: Master, I believe at this juncture that a prayer is required. The ultimate
goal we have traveled so far for is now within reach.
Focus now, and wish with all your might for the destruction of Demise.

Fi: Master Link, I have news. I have confirmed that the Isle of the Goddess,
which was formerly a part of Skyloft, has returned to the surface.

Fi: Furthermore, I have detected the successful eradication of Demise. Your
prayers to the Triforce have been heard.

Fi: In light of these factors, the seal Zelda maintained through her agelong
sleep is no longer necessary. My projections indicate she will wake momentarily.

Fi: I advise you to make your way to the Sealed Temple as soon as possible.

Zelda: Good morning… Link…

Ghirahim: This is all very touching, really, but I’m afraid I have to cut this
emotional moment short.

Ghirahim: It’s best for everyone if you forget about your friend. The little
goddess is mine now!

Ghirahim: My master may have perished in this age, but in the past he lives
yet! I’m taking the girl back through that gate to help me revive the demon

Ghirahim: You’ve been so adorably dogged in your quest to get in my way, and as
much as it has delighted me, I can no longer tolerate you nipping at my heels.

Zelda: …Link…

Ghirahim: …You know, boy, you’ve realled pushed me too far. The moment I
sweated and bled for is at hand.
I don’t even have the time to grind my heal into a worm like you. Not now.

Ghirahim: …Stand down. You’re in my way, and the sight of your appalling hair
makes my gorge rise.

Ghirahim: You’ve done a fine job of spoiling my plans to revive the demon king
in this age, so I see no point in dawdling here.

Ghirahim: But the past…oh, the past… So full of possibilities. I shall
resurrect him there with the divine soul of this golden-haired girl!

Impa: Urgh… Link…? It’s Ghirahim… He appeared out of thin air and got the drop
of me.
Don’t worry about me… you must chase after him!

Impa: He ran through the great doors at the front of the temple. You may yet
catch him before it’s too late. Hurry!

Ghirahim: Hear me, my hordes! The spell is nearly complete! The demon king
returns! Until then, you WILL keep that whelp from interfering with my ritual.

Ghirahim: I don’t care if the whole lot of you get on the end of his blade. You
will buy me the time I need! Do not fear him… Fear my wrath if you fail me!

Ghirahim: You’re far too quick, boy!

Ghirahim: I realize a simple child like you knows nothing of magic, but spells
like this take time and a steady hand! Can’t you wait quietly like a good boy?
You petulant brat… You’ve pushed me too far. I’ve waited my whole existence for
this! This is my moment!

Ghirahim: You know what? Fine! If you’re so intent on hurrying to your grave,
I’ll be happy to show you the way!

Ghirahim: This time there will be no heroic escape. I was a fool to toy with
you and let you walk away with your life before, but I won’t make that mistake

Ghirahim: That, I promise!

Ghirahim: If only I’d put you in your place from the very beginning. Show a
human a little mercy and next thing you know, he thinks himself your equal!
Given my station, I had to maintain some semblance of dignity, so I let you run
with your life… Twice, even. Such a guilty pleasure…
But instead of scurrying away like any creature with a basic instinct to
survive, you just kept coming back. Again… and again… and again.

Ghirahim: I’ve let a mere boy make a fool of me for the last time. You stand
before a demon… or should I say, a weapon without mercy!

Ghirahim: For you, boy, I’ve prepared a most appropriate and humiliating death.
I even have a pet name for it—I call it the endless plunge!
First, I will take my time bludgeoning you, and when I grow bored of it, I will
drive you to the edge and deliver a last strike and send you falling to your
I’ll delight in casting your body into this pit and snuffing out the flame of
your life! Your broken body will serve as a fine sustenance for the demon king!

Ghirahim: This… This is preposterous. Driven to my knees by a simple child of
man. Laughable!
No matter how many times we clash, I can’t prevail! You think I can’t defeat
you? You think I can’t win??
Boy… what are you?

Ghirahim: Ah… But never that. Victory is still mine to savor. While we fought
the ritual I started continued…
At last, it’s complete! The demon king shall devour the soul of the goddess and
resurrect in his full glory!

Ghirahim: Don’t you see? It’s all over! You and your kind have lost! This world
and everything in it now belong to darkness! They belong to my master!

Ghirahim: Welcome back to us, Master.

Demise: …So you are the chosen knight of the goddess.

Demise: The goddess lowered herself to a mortal existence to keep me imprisoned.
How pathetic. This bag of flesh pales in comparison to the magnificence of her
previous form.

Groose: Don’t worry, Link! Groose has got this!

Groose: Link, I… I caught her! She’s OK!

Demise: Hmm… So you and that other human would stand before obliteration to aid
the goddess, would you?
How curious… the humans I’ve known were weak things. Hardly more then insects,
shivering under rocks and ready to flee at a mere glimpse of me.

Demise: When last I walked this world, they did little more than scream and
cling to their goddess, mewling and praying… Counting on her to protect them.
How amusing to think those cowards begot someone like you.

Demise: You grow more fascinating by the second, human. I never imagined I’d
meet one of your kind who wished to stand against me in battle.

Demise: Very well, then. I shall prepare a place for us where we will not be
bothered by distractions. If you still have the courage to face me, seek me

Groose: Link, it’s all on you! Oh, and listen up! Grannie had some info for you!
The old girl says it’ll take time for that grease wad to absorb Zelda’s soul

Groose: If you can take him down before her soul gets all sucked up into that…
thing, you might still have a chance!

Groose: I… I know you can do it!

Groose: So… yeah! You’ve gotta do this! You’re all Zelda’s got! You’ve got to
make this happen!
Demise: if you fear for your life, do not follow me. You can spend what little
time your world has left coweing and crying, as befits your kind.
But if you truly desire to raise your blade against the world I would build,
come for me.
I waited eons to return. I can spare a few more moments to let you decide.

Groose: It’s up to you now, Link…

Fi: Master Link, I have important information for you.
Once you enter this portal, my analysis indicats a zero percent chance that you
will be able to return, unless you are able to vanquish your foe.
Are you ready to proceed?


[Not yet…]

Fi: Understood, Master. When you are ready to proceed, please return to this

[I’m ready!]

Fi: Understood, Master Link. Know that even in the place that lies beyond this
portal, I will be with you…
And, Master… good luck.

Demise: Ah, so you’ve decided to meet your end in battle after all. It pleases
me greatly to see much misplaced valor, human.

Demise: Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings, for where we stand shall
serve as your tomb for eternity.

Demise: The hate for the gods that has boiled in my veins…

Demise: You will taste all of it in the bite of my blade.

Demise: The only question left is how long you will manage to remain standing
before I take your life. Try to keep it interesting for me, would you?

Demise: And when you do fall, know that your world and everything in it is mine
to dominate… Mine to subjugate… Mine to rule!

Demise: When I finish with you, you can take solace in knowing your friends and
kin will soon follow, as I wipe all who oppose me from the face of this world!

Demise: …It won’t be long now. At last, the almighty power I’ve sought for

Demise: I will take the Triforce for my own…

Demise: And the world shall be under my foot for eternity!

Demise: Extraordinary. You stand as a paragon of your kind, human.
You fight like no man or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end.
My hate… never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end!
I will rise again!

Demise: Those like you… Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit
of the hero… They are eternally bound to this curse.
An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander
a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!

Fi:  I have confirmed the eradication of the demon king.
His residual consciousness has been absorbed into the Master Sword… and is now
sealed away.

Impa: You have done well, Link.

Zelda: Link… Thank you. I think it’s over… Finally… it’s all over.

Groose: Nice going, you two. You guys were totally amazing in this little
adventure I like to call the Legend of Groose.

Groose: …That’s a little joke.

Impa: Joke or not, your contributions to our efforts were heroic. You have my

Groose: Aww, well, you know… Just glad I could make myself useful. I’m happy
things turned out OK.

Groose: Hey, so things look pretty sewn up here. What do you say, guys? Ready
to head back to our time?
Grannie was really worried about you two. We don’t want to keep the old girl in
suspense too long.

Fi: Hylia, Your Grace… Or perhaps you prefer “Zelda.” It pleases me to know you
are safe.
…Master, I must speak with you.

Fi: Master Link, you have successfully protected the goddess reborn and
defeated Demise, fulfilling your role as the hero of legend.
My purpose here is complete.
Therefore, I ask you to dissolve our arrangement as master and servant.

Fi: Drive the sword into the pedestal before you, and I will return to the
sword to enter a sleep without end.

Fi: Master, you have achieved the purpose you were chosen to fulfill. Please,
set the sword in the pedestal and bring the goddess’s mission to an end.

Fi: Now, Master. It is time to conclude our necessary companionship.

Fi: Link…

Fi: Link, hear me. My purpose was to obey the command of the goddess and lead
you, the chosen hero of this land, on your quest.
When I first awoke and began this task, I perceived it as merely serving my
function as a servant to Her Grace.
However, I have come to consider the information corresponding to our time
together among the most precious data I have on record.

Fi: I do not have the capability to fully understand the human spirit, Link…
But now, at the end of my journey with you, as I prepare to sleep within the
Master Sword forever, I expierence a feeling I am unable to identify.
I lack sufficient data to be sure of my conclusion, but I believe this feeling
correlates closest to what your people call… happiness.
Our partnership is at an end, and even as we speak, I feel my consciousness
fading away.
Before I enter the sleep that call me to the sword, I wish to relay to you
words that I recorded many times over the course of our journey.
Many have said them to you thus far, but I now wish to say them for myself…
Thank you, Master Link. May we meet again in another life…

Impa: Zelda, Your Grace, you possess the memories of the goddess. You must
understand why that is not possible.
I am a being of this age. My place is here.

Zelda: I… I know that, but…

Impa: You must return to your own time. I will take care of the gate once you
have passed through.

Zelda: I… can’t do that. You and I have been through so much together. I don’t
want to leave you alone.

Zelda: Please, Impa. Come back with us.

Impa: Zelda, at the command of the goddess, I passed through the Gate of Time,
I did so to protect you and aid the fight to prevent the world’s destruction.
The last remnants of Demise are decaying slowly within the sword. Someone must
stay behind to watch over this blade.
His spirit must not reawaken. He must never be allowed to threaten the world

Impa: This is the nature of the task given to my tribe.
As a member of the Shiekah, the goddess’s chosen guardians, I gladly welcome
this duty.

Impa: Zelda, I shall watch over the Triforce.
Its power is too great to leave in the grasp of man. Dependence on its might is
an invitation to disaster.
When it has served its purpose, it must be secreted away to lie dormant once
again… the knowledge of its existence hidden from mortal history.
These are the words the goddess spoke to me long ago. I remember them well. As
do you, I’m sure.

Impa: Do not despair, Zelda. You and I will surely meet again someday.

Old Impa: …See? I told you we’d meet again.

Zelda: Look around us! As a child, I always dreamed of a world below. I wanted
to see the surface with my own eyes and feel the land’s warm breeze on my skin.
I… I think I want to live here. I always want to feel solid ground beneath my
feet, see the clouds above my head, and watch over the Triforce.
What about you, Link? What will you do now?

The End.

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