Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From Rodrigo2014 (10/04/2019; 541KB) [SX4E] (New Game Plus) 270 Affinity Coins, All Quests Completed, Max Affinity Chart, Have the best equipment, Demon King Dragonia Still at Hope Farm. Using Riki to get Ledios Arms with 1 slot.
  2. From Khayyaam (01/05/2016; 541KB) [SX4E] File 2: saved on top of Nopon Tower, notoriously hard to get to. File 1: Completed Game (New Game +) file. Both files: All characters levels 80-81. Majority of sidequests done.
  3. From anonymous_fish (08/29/2014; 541KB) SX4E-- all timed quests done by: save #1.end of Bionis Leg, #2.end of Valak Mt./Alcamoth, #3.end of Agniratha)
  4. From SuperGamer5432 (04/11/2012; 541KB) SX4E: Perfect Savegame +

Wii Game Save File (Japan)

  1. From AmyRose99 (01/26/2015; 541KB) New Game+

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From FlatCerberus (12/23/2011; 541KB) (SX4P) Perfect Save for New Game +
  2. From tbc_addict (05/12/2015; 541KB) SX4P - Lv32 at Eryth Sea (Syrath Lighthouse)
  3. From eliser7 (08/08/2012; 541KB) SX4P 99%Save:140 hours:All characters level 99,best weapons,good equipment,lot of VI Gems, super bosses defeated,all colectables,100%skills,mostly arts maxed,Save 1 New game+,Save3 Before final boss

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