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Achievement/Collectopaedia List by Split Infinity

Version: Melia | Updated: 10/11/2011
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Name of game:   Xenoblade Chronicles
Type of guide:  Achievements & Collectopaedia Data
Platform:       Wii
Version:        Melia, released on 11th October 2011
Authors:        Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) <lifearmor(at)gmail(dot)com>
Copyrighted to: (c) Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) - All rights reserved
Made in:        MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
Best viewed:    MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
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01.)                         LATEST UPDATES - G0100

- Version Melia (11th October 2011)
# Completed the coverage of collectables data.

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- www.gamefaqs.com
- www.neoseeker.com

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

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01.) Latest Updates       | G0100  | Read what was added in last update.
02.) Achievements         | G0200  | Complete list of all achievements.
03.) Collectopaedia       | G0300  | (In)complete list of collectibles.
04.) Past Revisions       | G0400  | History of this guide resides here...
05.) Credits              | G0500  | All who contributed... Thank you.

02.)                          ACHIEVEMENTS - G0200


Hunter-in-training - Defeat any unique monster.
Pro hunter - Defeat 10 UM.
Master hunter - Defeat 100 UM.
First steps - Discover any landmark.
A corner of the world - Discover 10 landmarks.
Seasoned traveller - Discover 40 landmarks.
Globetrotter - Discover 80 landmarks.
Worldly wise - Discover 150 landmarks.
Explorer - Discover a secret area.
Trailblazer - Discover 6 secret areas.
Pioneer - Discover 12 secret areas.
Your first friend - Get to know a named person.
Friend number 10 - Register 10 people on affinity chart.
Fifty fine friends - Register 50 people on affinity chart.
Friend of the world - Register 120 people on affinity chart.
The brave protectors - Get to know all Defence Force soldiers in colony 9.
Network of knowledge - Get to know many Nopon outsied of populated areas.
The hopeful survivors - Get to know lot of people in Colony 6.
Know so many Nopon! - Get to know the Nopon living in Frontier Village.
Wings of nobility - Get to know many High Entia with small headwings.
A village of machines - Get to know numerous Machina in the Hidden Village.
The strongest tie - Help two people form a deep affinity for one another.
Constellation - Help people form an affinity for one another 10 times.
Spider's web - Help people form an affinity for one another 50 times.
Neural network - Help people form an affinity for one another 100 times.
Roots across the world - Help almost everyone form an affinity for one another.
Colony 9 celeb - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Colony 9.
Colony 6 celeb - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Colony 6.
Honorary Nopon - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Frontier Village.
Honorary High Entia - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Alcamoth.
Honorary Machina - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Hidden Vllage.
Local hero - Develop 5-star affinity with the people of any area.
World hero - Develop 5-star affinity with everyone.
Heartwarming - Have Heart-to-Heart go as smoothly as possible.
Heartbreaking - Have Heart-to-Heart go as badly as possible.
Pouring out your heart - Have 20 Heart-to-Hearts.
The heart of the matter  - Have 40 Heart-to-Hearts.
Ace of hearts - Have all possible Heart-to-Hearts.
Problem solved! - Complete a quest.
Helpful stranger - Complete 10 quests (excluding story quests).
Generous friend - Complete 100 quests (excluding story quests).
Charitable ally - Complete 200 quests (excluding story quests).
Selfless giver - Complete 300 quests (excluding story quests).
Shaping history - Change someone's life through your actions.
Drawing a crowd - Increase population of Colony 6 to 50 people.
Building a community - Increase population of Colony 6 to 100 people.
Bursting at teh seams - Increase population of Colony 6 to 150 people.
A fixer-upper - Start reconstruction of Colony 6.
A fix on the solution - Make good progress in reconstructing Colony 6.
Good and fixed - Finish reconstructing Colony 6. Amazing!


Bone breaker - Deal 3000+ damage in single attack.
Rock smasher - Deal 25000+ damage in single attack.
World shaker - Deal 50000+ damage in single attack.
Beginner's luck - Defeat 50 enemies.
Tough guy, eh? - Defeat 200 enemies.
No stopping you - Defeat 1000 enemies.
Please! No more! - Defeat 5000 enemies.
Time for new glasses - Attempt 100 attacks that miss.
Some help you are! - Win a battle without actually doing anything.
Machine mishaps - Defeat 30 Mechon.
Machine mayhem - Defeat 100 Mechon.
Machine meltdown - Defeat 250 Mechon.
Ground down - Defeat 30 ground monsters.
Ground up - Defeat 100 ground monsters.
Ground to a pulp - Defeat 250 ground monsters.
Airing grievances - Defeat 30 aerial monsters.
Clearing the air - Defeat 100 aerial monsters.
Anti-air battering - Defeat 250 aerial monsters.
Bug off - Defeat 30 insects.
Walking insecticide - Defeat 100 insects.
Elementary! - Defeat 30 ether-based monsters.
Braving the elements - Defeat 100 ether-based monsters.
Telethia tracker - Defeat 30 Telethia.
Telethia triumph - Defeat 100 Telethia.
Fish for compliments - Defeat 30 monsters that live in water.
Smashing - Smash a vision tag.
Simply smashing! - Smash 100 vision tags.
Smashing... to pieces! - Smash 1000 vision tags.
Not gonna happen! - Stop the future in its tracks once.
I'll change the future! - Stop the future in its tracks 20 times.
The future is ours! - Stop the future in its tracks 50 times.
Second wind - Revive incapacitated party members 10 times.
Can't keep 'em down - Revive incapacitated party members 100 times.
Down but never out - Revive incapacitated party members 500 times.
Critical thing - Deliver 50 critical hits.
Critical condition - Deliver 1500 critical hits.
Critical mass - Deliver 5000 critical hits.
Let's fight! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity once.
Let's go, everyone! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity 100 times.
Yeah! We can do it! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity 1000 times.
Turn it up - Enter state of High Tension once.
Fire it up - Enter state of High Tension 50 times.
Burn it up - Enter state of High Tension 200 times.
Go team! - Use chain attack once.
Tip top team-up - Use chain attack 50 times.
A team like no other - Use chain attack 200 times.
Team with a capital T - Use chain attack 1000 times.
Killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 3000+ total damage.
Cosmic killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 30000+ total damage.
Quantum killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 100000+ total damage.
Chain gang - Perform chain attack with 4+ links.
Off the chain - Perform chain attack with 5+ links.
Back-stabber - Perform back attack once.
Rear admiral - Perform back attack 50 times.
Ninja skillz - Attack an enemy from behind and beat it in one strike.
Jaws of defeat - Win a battle while on the verge of death.
Come on, cheer up! - Feel the pain of being incapacitated for the first time.
Phoenix - Been wiped out 50 times.
Art practice - Use arts 1000 times between the entire party.
The art of war - Use arts 10000 times between the entire party.
Right, let's do this! - Use Shulk's arts 100 times.
Reyn time, baby! - Use Reyn's arts 100 times.
I can beat anyone! - Use Fiora's arts 100 times.
Attack me if you dare! - Use Dunban's arts 100 times.
Things are heating up! - Use Sharla's arts 100 times.
Riki use arts! - Use Riki's arts 100 times.
Who dares defy me? - Use Melia's arts 100 times.
One step further - Unlock the ability to level up your arts even further.
The final step - Unlock the ability to level up your arts completely.
Art school - Level up an art once.
A work of art - Raise an art to level 5.
Perfecting the art - Raise an art to maximum level.
Down to a fine art - Raise 5 of one character's arts to max level.
Art-to-art - Raise 10 of one character's arts to max level.
State of the art - Raise all of one character's arts to max level.
Sharing the knowledge - Receive shared skills from every character.
Specialist - Fully develop one skill branch.
Honest insight - Fully develop three of Shulk's skill branches.
Raging stalwart - Fully develop three of Reyn's skill branches.
Spirited adventurer - Fully develop three of Fiora's skill branches.
Gallant hero - Fully develop three of Dunban's skill branches.
Unyielding devotion - Fully develop three of Sharla's skill branches.
Adorable randomness - Fully develop three of Riki's skill branches.
Serene candour - Fully develop three of Melia's skill branches.
Secret weapon - Fully develop any character's skill branches.
Dream team - Fully develop every character's skill branches.
Turning it around - Successfully achieve burst affinity.
Changing course - Achieve burst affinity 300 times.
Complete 180 - Achieve burst affinity 2000 times.
Looking for trouble - Defeat an enemy 5 levels higher than yourself.
Beating the odds - Defeat an enemy 10 levels higher than yourself.
Unlucky sixes - Perform an attack that deals exactly 666 damage.
Lucky sevens - Perform an attack that deals exactly 777 damage.
Skip it - Use skip travel once.
Lazybones - Use skip travel 50 times.
Hunting for treasure - Obtain 10 rare treasure chests.
Hoarding treasure - Obtain 50 rare treasure chests.
Ooh, shiny - Obtain a super rare treasure chest.
It hasn't lost its lustre - Obtain 10 super rare treasure chests.
Need... more... treasure - Obtain 50 super rare treasure chests.
Treasure trove - Obtain 1000 rare or super rare treasure chests.
Titan's gift - Harvest an ether crystal.
Titan's generosity - Harvest ether crystals 50 times.
Titan's greatness - Harvest ether crystals 500 times.
Raring to go - Obtain a rare ether crystal.
Medium rare - Obtain 7 rare ether crystals.
In rare form - Obtain 77 rare ether crystals.
Crystallized luck - Mine a rank V ether crystal.
That hits the slot - Fill a gem slot.
Truly outrageous - Fill all 8 possible gem slots at once for any character.
Learning the craft - Practice gem crafting and receive a synergy bonus.
Getting crafty - Receive a synergy bonus more than 250 times.
Crafting your destiny - Receive a synergy bonus more than 500 times.
Craftacular! - Enter a fever state while gem crafting.
Craftstravaganza! - Enter a fever state 3 times.
Lending a hand - Receive a support bonus.
Crafting friendships - Receive a support bonus for every character.
Firing on all cylinders - Fill up the cylinder gauge 9 times in one crafting
Happy new year! - Witness the sun rising on 366th day.
Terminal velocity - Fall to your demise from a great height.
Making waves - Fall into water from a height of 200 meters.
One is never enough - Record an item in the Collectopaedia.
Collector's mentality - Complete a page in the Collectopaedia.
Stamp of insanity - Complete every page in the Collectopaedia.
Study aids - Give Shulk 20 pieces of machinery as gifts.
Auber the top - Give Reyn an Energy Aubergine as a gift.
Aim for the heart! - Have Fiora give 20 gifts to Shulk.
Thanks but no thanks - Give Dunban a gift he truly hates.
Fruitful gifts - Give Sharla fruit as a gift 20 times.
You may have this - Have Melia give 30 gifts.
Not just Riki eat! - Have Riki give insects as gifts 30 times.
Love at first bite - Give Love Source as a present.
Ear to the ground - Talk to people 100 times.
Social butterfly - Talk to people 1000 times.
Breaking the ice - Have a party member step into a conversation.
Idle chit-chat - Have party members step into conversations 50 times.
Chatting the day away - Have party members step into conversations 300 times.
Blossoming friendship - Improve the affinity between two party members.
Unshakable trust - Improve two party members' affinity still further.
Unshakable bond - Form the deepest affinity between two party members.
Get the party started - Deepen the affinity between all party members.
Party's in full swing - Form the deepest affinity between all party members.
Equivalent exchange - Successfully trade items with someone.
Tradesman - Trade items 20 times.
Master tradesman - Trade items 100 times.
Mysterious mantis - Obtain a Minute Mantis through trading.
Shining impracticality - Obtain a Golden Cog through trading.
Indigo Belligerence - Obtain a Love Beetle through trading.
Stormy Outlook - Obtain a Thunder Compass through trading.
Angelic Imitation - Obtain an Angel Engine Y through trading.

03.)                         COLLECTOPAEDIA - G0300

Colony 9 - Carbon Driver for 100%
Veg - Sweet Wasabi, Cool Potato, Red Lettuce, Chewy Radish - Quick Step III
Fruit - Dance Apple, Black Kiwi - Agility Up II
Flower - Strong Dandelion, Moon Flower, Dawn Hydrangea - Poison Defense III
Bug - Prairie Dragonfly, Giant Hornet, White Beetle, Sorrow Beetle - Regnas
Parts - Blue Chain, Rabbit Diode - Ether Up II
Strange - Plate Snow, Rainbow Zirconia - Strength Up II

Tephra Cave - Warrior Cuisses for 100%
Fruit - Clear Almond, Bright Fig, Dark Grape - Lightnint Attack II
Flower - Insanity Mint, Night Tulip - Poison Defense III
Animal - Shin Newt, Cave Rat, Shin Gecko, Happy Rabbit - HP Up II
Bug - Brown Butterfly, Gold Caterpillar, Rumble Stonefly - Slow Resist II
Nature - Kneecap Rock, Confusion Ivy, Clarity Moss - Attack Plus II
Strange - Leaf Mystery, Steel Silk - Attack Stability II

Bionis' Leg - White Cluster for 100%
Veg - Hot Taro, Juicy Broccoli, Spicy Cabbage, Hard Lotus - Pelt Top
Fruit - Sour Gooseberry, Red Durian, Walnut Grape, Humming Plum - Paralysis II
Bug - White Ladybird, Hill Firefly, Moth Crawler, Queen Locust, Fire Tarantula
- Grand Gauntlets
Nature - Mat Ice, Bluesky Bark, Pione Stone - Bind Resist II
Parts - Rusty Bolt, Winding Gear - Strength Up II
Strange - Gold Dust Illusion, Devious Gravity, White Songbird, Death Bangle -
Pelt Bottoms

Colony 6 - Warrior Plate for 100%
Flower - Cure Orchid, Sirius Anemone, Spirit Clematis - Auto-Atk Stealth II
Animal - Pyro Lizard, Amblygon Turtle, Dobercorgi - Paralysis Resist II
Strange - Verdant Eternity, White Night Rod - Ether Def Up II

Ether Mine - Rayon Pike for 100%
Animal - Light Bat, Black Frog, Yellow Cat - Back Atk Plus II
Bug - Black Beetle, Robber Mantis, Mystery Fyrefly - Bleed Defense III
Nature - Charcoal Leg, Ether Pebble, Rumble Coal - Recovery Up II
Parts - Black Chip, Ready Coil - Topple Up II
Strange - Love Crane, Fire Abron - Muscle Up II

Satorl Marsh - Panther Top for 100%
Veg - Blue Turnip, Cute Parsnip, Poisonous Gourd, Humming Cabbage - Nopol Gear
Flower-Sunflower Rogue, Merry Coronation, Ether Rose, Orb Daisy, Forget-You-Not
- Jungle Shoes
Animal - Chimera Rabbit, Venom Platypus, Humming Cat - Lock-On Resist II
Nature - Mist Tree, Lemon Stone, Feather Leaf, Water Log, Wool Rock - Nopol
Parts - Blue Gear Shard, Rumble Part - Strength Up II
Strange - Pauper's Cup, Happy Carnival, Dawn Dice - Haste II

Bionis' Interior - Z Speed Goggles for 100%
Veg - Sarsaparilla, Black Liver Bean - Haste V
Animal - Blood Worm, Azure Mouse, Happy Duck - Aggro Down IV
Strange - Tap Tap Tap, High Entia Jewel - Strength Down V

Makna Forest - Ironwall Gnasher for 100%
Veg - Schorl Mushroom, Kelp Mushroom, Honey Rhubarb - Sleep Resist III
Fruit - Dark Mango, Pure Cherry, Bitter Kiwi, Juicy Grape - Sky Gloves
Flower - Enigma Lotus, Humming Nettle, Princess Daffodil, Black Iris - Blaze
Defense III
Animal - Ash Fox, Soft Sea Cucumber, Fossil Monkey, Venomous Lizard - Sky Shoes
Bug - Scarlet Ladybird, Shield Bug, Hades Beetle, Benign Cricket - Slow III
Strange - Lemonade Sky, Forest of Gossip, Gravel Disk - Debuff Plus II

Frontier Village - Half-Bloom Striker for 100%
Fruit - Spicy Nut, Crimson Citrus - Strength Up III
Bug - Rainbow Bug, Empress Beetle - Weapon Power II
Strange - Rumble Box, Black Panel - Agility Up III

Eryth Sea - Heavy Armor for 100%
Veg - Pink Asparagus, Tropical Radish, Dolphin Carrot, Gold Burdock - Critical
Flower - Sea Berry, Despair Clover, Doomsday Poppy, Night Lily, Razor Teasel -
Mithril Armor
Animal - Sea Frog, Mane Cat - Aerial Cloak II
Nature - White Tail, Marine Marble, Oil Branch, Dilemma Rock - Mithril Leggings
Strange - High Violet, Steel Hauyne - Ether Up III

Alcamoth - Gust Shot for 100%
Fruit - Cool Lemon, Heart Peach - Blaze Plus III
Flower - Mystic Dahlia, Stardrop - Muscle Up III
Strange - Ha Ha Ha, Thunder Atmos - Paralysis Resist III

High Entia Tomb - Shell Armor for 100%
Bug - Green Earwig, Blue Ladybird - Ether Up III
Parts - White Tube, Green Diode, Spiral Lamp - Electric Plus III
Strange - Tasty Sausage, Macro Passion - Ether Def Up III

Prison Island - Ledios Plate for 100%
Fruit - Dry Lemon, Death Lychee, Hell Raspberry, Deadly Kiwi - Break V
Animal - Dancing Squirrel, Lightning Weasel, Angry Monkey - Good Footing V
Bug - Senorita Scarab, Emperor Beetle - Agility Up V
Nature - Absurd Branch, Insanity Moss - Strength Up V
Parts - White Cover, Modern Resistor, Green Cam, Strong Screw - Ledios Cuisses
Strange - Blue Glow, Blue Blood - Ether Up V

Valak Mountain - Cerasus Cutlass for 100%
Veg - Sour Radish, Ice Cabbage, Girl Courgette, Amethyst Vanilla - Heavy Boots
Fruit - Ether Plum, Fire Apple, Ruby Mangosteen, Sour Grape - Chill Defense III
Flower - Fortune Mallow, Black Peony, Fatal Belladonna - Confuse Resist III
Animal - Wet Rat, Ice Monkey, Crystal Frog, Mud Squirrel - Aura Heal II
Nature - Gypsum Branch, Black Ash, Emerald Snow, Rabbit Snow, Broom Icicle -
Heavy Gear
Strange - Frost Glass, Large Handcuffs - Chill Plus III

Sword Valley - Cosmic Nibbler for 100%
Veg - Fire Pepper, Meaty Carrot, Bitter Broccoli - Good Footing III
Fruit - Bitter Melon, Citron Gooseberry, Juicy Melon, Amethyst Melon - HP Steal
Flower - Jujube Silver, Black Blossom, Abyss Heather, Delerium Foxglove - Auto
-Heal Up III
Parts - Gold Condenser, Purple Lamp, Crimson Gear - First Attack Plus III
Strange - Red Frontier, Darkness Bottle, Bud of Eternity - Arts Seal Resist III

Galahad Fortress - Arkose Pike for 100%
Bug - Wheel Lurker, Ultramarine Ant - Terrain Defense II
Parts - Locust Spring, Art Core Coil, Tail Antenna - Agility Down III
Strange - Hunger Crash, Splish Splash - Ether Up III

Fallen Arm - Taurus Greaves for 100%
Veg - Sour Turnip, Golden Beetroot - Muscle Up IV
Fruit - White Plum, Ice Kiwi Fruit, Spicy Papaya, Large Mango - Heat Sink III
Animal - Oil Oyster, Dark Fish, Ether Penguin, Rainbow Slug - Gemini Boots
Nature - Poisonous Coral, Poison Ivy, Amber Leaf - Blaze Defense IV
Parts - Warning Lamp, Digital Filament - Muscle Up IV
Strange - Star Cute, Summer Star - Strength Up IV

Mechonis Field - Taurus Helm for 100%
Veg - Juicy Steakplant, Acerola Pea, Energy Aubergine, Sweet Pepper - Taurus
Flower - Azure Hollyhock, Utopia Crocus - Agility Up IV
Bug - Scarlet Crawler, Shiny Scarab, White Boatman - Daze Up IV
Nature - Ivy Nest, Mossy Panel, Bronze Wood - First Attack Plus III
Parts - Retro Diode, Modern Blue Gear, Snow Transistor - Lightning Attack IV
Strange - Tweet Tweet, Flame Frame - Fall Defense IV

Central Factory - Machina Driver III for 100%
Veg - Meaty Potato, Blue Root - Strength Up IV
Animal - Prism Centipede, Cable Mouse, Oil Fox - Blaze Defense IV
Bug - Dew Beetle, Glider Cockroach - Ether Up IV
Nature - White Styrene, Black Styrene, Blood Oil - Lock-On Resist IV
Parts - Angel Engine X, Leaf Coil, Warrior Screw - Talent Boost III
Strange - Smoke Cylinder, Sacred Panther, Parts Noble - Arts Heal IV

Agniratha - Debuff Resist IV for 100%
Fruit - Juicy Blueberry, Sweet Lime, Spicy Banana - Auto-Heal Up III
Flower - Lewisia Silver, Freesia Cyst, Bellflower Crystal - Topple Resist IV
Bug - Electric Cricket, Scissor Bug - Ether Def Up IV
Nature - Missing Tree, Fortune Feather - Ether Def Down IV
Parts - Fancy Bolt, Blue Light Amp, Fairy Tale Diode, Grape Spring - Daze
Resist IV
Strange - Eryth Blue, Dramatic Night - Tension Swing III

Other - Aggro Down V for 100%
Bug - Minute Mantis, Love Beetle - AP Up V
Parts - Golden Cog, Angel Engine Y, Thunder Compass - EXP Up V
Strange - Coin of Fortune, Love Source - Critical Up V

The items in Other category can only be obtained by trading!
- Minute Mantis from Sonia in Colony 9 (4* affinity)
- Love Beetle from Lupa in Frontier Village (3* affinity)
- Golden Cog from Oleksiy in Colony 6 (5* affinity)
- Angel Engine Y from Rakzet in Machina Village (5* affinity)
- Thunder Compass from Jarack in Ether Plant, Eryth Sea (5* affinity)
- Coin of Fortune from Mac'rish in Colony 6 (5* affinity)
- Love Source from Jer'ell in Colony 6 (5* affinity)

04.)                        PAST REVISIONS - G0400


05.)                            CREDITS - G0500


End of document.

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