Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File03/31/11TalesOfSympathy110K
R3OE - right before glitched red door of death in Sector 3 (where you kill Rhedogian 3rd time)
Save Game File09/06/10consummate gamer110K
R3OE--slot 1 is at the final boss on normal mode. Slot 2 is at the optional boss with 100% of the items. Slot 3 is at the final boss on hard mode. All theater and gallery mode content is unlocked.

Wii Game Save File (Japan)

Save Game File09/12/10istuffedsunny110K
R3OJ - Saved right after the credits. Collect items and fight the optional boss, or enjoy theater and gallery modes.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File09/07/10ItalianIdiot110K
R3OP : 1) 100% items, saved before the secret boss, beat him to watch the epilogue. 2) Saved before the main story final boss. 3) Saved before the boss that gives you super missiles.

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