Review by Phazon_Master

Reviewed: 06/11/13

It's Metroid! But in 3D... didn't a certain trilogy do that?

Now, I can just say that it's an underrated game and leave, but no, I am better than that... here is my review of Metroid: Other M.

First of all, I can't explain the story so much, it is too big and... boring, the story is thrown at you almost everywhere, dialouge, too much of it.

In short: Samus wakes up from a nightmare of her fighting Mother Brain (with awesome CGi graphics!) like in the end of Super Metroid, she also remembers the baby Metroid dying. So now she goes into a state of depression because of that, so yes, she is in this state because of a baby Metroid, of course...

Later she goes to the Bottle Ship after following a distress signal, where Adam Malkovich is there with his group. So that's what I can say in the story department.

The music is almost non-existent, sure there are some good songs like the second title theme, but other than that and a few songs... it's not really that good, I'm sorry, but I prefer the soundtrack of the Prime Trilogy.

The controls are just... well... you are playing with the D-Pad while holding the Wii Remote horizontally, you can guess why this I don't like these controls.

First of all, Metroid: Other M is a 3D game, meaning it would be perfect if we can use the Numchuk, but no, because Nintendo wanted to spread the meaning of nostalgia, they made us hold the Wii Remote sideways, making it hard to move around since we are playing with the D-Pad rather than the much better Numchuk.

We now have the option to change views by holding the Wii Remote vertically, this brings us to a First-Person view, kinda like Prime. Samus can't move in this mode and can only use it for scanning around to find something, shooting Missiles, and using her Grapple Beam... that's about it.

In the normal view, we can do everything else, the controls are simple and the game tells you how to do them, so I won't go into detail about them.

Now... the voice acting... not some of my favorites, Samus sounds decent, Adam sounds great, Anthony sounds like someone from a movie I might be forgetting, and the rest are average.

The sounds are either new or taken directly from Metroid Prime, which is both a good and bad thing.

The environments are just... bland and uninteresting, I could continue on with this review, but I can not stand it anymore.

It's a good game, just not good enough to beat the greatness that is the Prime Trilogy.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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