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Reviewed: 01/08/13

Why does everyone hate this game?!

First off, a disclaimer:
I know EVERYONE doesn't hate this game, but nobody seems to like it much (at least no one I've known). People criticize it right and left, when all they're really doing is looking for flaws just because they don't like the authorization of weapons and abilities or the story (or both).

Now, on to the review...

First off, a little history lesson. The game begins right where Super Metroid ended, with Samus being saved by the Metroid Larva because it thinks Samus is it's mother, and Samus annihilating Mother Brain and Zebes, thanks in large part to the Hyper Beam. She awakes in a Galactic Fedration recovery room and goes through a quick test of her current common weaponry upgrades (charge beam, missilies, bombs, and the game's one and only Power Bomb (until you beat the game, of course). Then, she recieves a distress signal from a remote part of psace, follows it, and the game begins...

The gameplay is pretty awesome in my opinion. Developed in partnership with Tecmo's Team Ninja, it's not all that surprising that Samus now moves in a somewhat similar fashion to Ryu from the Ninja Gaiden series. She has new moves that are awesome to watch and easy to perform at the right times (similar to reaction commands in Kingdom Hearts II), such as the Overblast (jump on top of an enemy and hit it with a Charge Beam shot), the Sensemove (acrobatically dodge literally any kind of attack with a correctly timed directional button press), and, finally, the coolest of all, the Lethal Strike (get close to a downed enemy, then with a directional input and the beam button, Samus will swing around it, or swing it around, and blast it in the head, similar to Twilight Princess's Ending Blow), no matter how much life an enemy has left, the Lethal Strike ensures it's lights go out! These are cool mechanics, and some enemies actually need to be hit with an Overblast or Lethal Strike to kill them. One boss in particular has you using an incredibly cool version of the Overblast and Lethal Strike techniques that are very cool to watch. Throughout the game, new weapons and moves will be available as always, but in a different fashion than finding them again (like in the previous games). Some of the new weapons are found, and a couple are completely new (like the Diffusion Beam) or have made a triumphant return (like the Grapple Beam). In most of the game, you play in a third-person, 3-D mode. It's psuedo 2-D, hard to explain though, you'd need to play it to see what I mean. Other times, when pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, you go into First-Person mode, allowing you to shoot missiles, use the grapple beam, and search your surrondings, as well as analyze clues in your environment (the Scan Visor and other Visors are gone, unfortunately). That's pretty much it. The frustrating part is there are some sequences in which you are locked into this firs person mode and have to look at a specific area to proceed. This often took me a long time, since the game gives absolutely NO clear indincation of what the hell it is Samus should be looking at. One such sequence actually took me an entire hour of frustrating guessing, until I realized there was a small green puddle on the ground that I had to examine (it's barely visible, looks like a simple plant, and is clearly not as interesting as your teammates looking at your comrades corpse). Issues aside, I found my slef loving the new moves in the game, and would love to see these kind of flashy, special moves in future Metroid games.

STORY: 4/5
Many people have criticized the story for being complete idiocy (among other things). It contains a lot of dialogue (mostly monologues from Samus's thoughts and flashbacks), and there is so much story, that if you choose in the gallery mode to "play all" the first cut scene actually says "Project M presents Other M: The Movie" of which it is just that, a movie. With a good long length (around at least an hour). The basic plot (without revealing too much), is started after Samus encounters a derelict space vessel with a distress signal coming from it known as the "Bottle Ship". This is basically a lot like Metroid Fusion's Biologic Space Labs vessel. Not really a bad thing, since the BSL reasearch station was a very cool place. In the ship, you meet the 7th platoon of the Galactic Federation, led by your former superior, Adam Malkovich. He was breifly mentioned in Metroid Fusion, so hardcore fans will be delighted to learn about his past relationship with Smuas, and how he relates to her now that she's left his command. Samus decides not to use bombs or missiles (or much else, for that matter) until Adam Authorizes them. Being a freelance bounty hunter, not a Galactic Federation soldier, why she decides to listen to Adamis anyones guess, and it was part of why people considered the story to be idiotic. Samus, for example, will start exploring a fire envioronment with ultra-heated areas, but won't even turn on her Power Suit's Varia enhancement until Adam tells her to, thus her health is constantly being drained in the sector for a good 5 minutes or so.

Metroid has always had a minimalistic use of music. Turn on your fav songs while playing, so you don't just hear enemies screeching and your beam being fired. As for the sound effects, they are well done, but I tire of the screeching of enemies when they die, it started getting very annoying.

One of the best looking games on the Wii. It's a good showcase for how to not only switch perspectives almost seamlessly, it also features graphically-enhanced version of previous enemies with an astonishing amount of detail. The cutscenes are fully pre-rendered, high-polygon CG, with full voice acting and animation. Overall, nothing to complain about here at all.

The Metroid games have always had some replay value (trying to collect 100% of all items), and a good reason to revisit (trying toclear it faster). Now, however, the game only grades your completion and ending based on the amount of items you collected, not your completion time, so it's a good idea to take your time and find as much secret stuff as you possibly can. All in all though, I completed the whole game in a single night, (if you have about 5-6 hours to spare, you can too).

A black sheep of the Metroid series, as Samus can talk, there's a HEAVY emphasis on storytelling, the game is third-person 3-D, and you have to once agin follow orders (like in Metroid Fusion). Pretty fun game in my opinion, if you're a purist Metroid fan, you may not like this at all, but I am a picky Metroid fan, and I loved it. Well worth the money, especially if you've never played a Metroid game before...


Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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