Review by Night-Assasin

Reviewed: 09/09/10

Metroid: Other M. Good and bad. Spoiler free.

Right this is what I personally think about Other M and well you could say my review of it too. The game is fun. Its fun to play. Sure there are two annoying game play problems well not really problems. More like issues.

First the pixel searching. Why was this included? I don't know maybe to add immersion to the game. Like you really are samus when your playing from that angle. Only problem is that its just so damn annoying to find everything! I mean seriously! It is so damn annoying that urgh... It just gets on your nerves after awhile. Even more so when they don't tell you what to search for either. A good example is the very first one you'll have to do. Your standing watching a GF ship that has landed before you. So what your looking for is the GF logo... Only problem is. It doesn't stick out much if at all. (Might be different for others then me so not sure about that yet.) So its randomly searching with the wiimote until you finally find it. Or you get tired of it and will look up an FAQ for how the hell to do it.

The second gameplay issue is not as annoying. But it gets annoying in some parts. Its the lack of a missile firing button. So to fire missiles you need to go into the FPS view. Then target your opponent and then fire the missile. Doesn't sound to hard... Well try doing it while the boss is constantly attacking you and you need to use a super missile. That you got to charge. Yeah. Not so much a walk in the park now huh. Might be easier if you get used to it. But it would be so much easier if there was a switching system like in Super metroid. Or missiles had there own separate button. There is two buttons that wasn't used on the wiimote. The minus... Or maybe plus. Anyone one of them is for entering the pause menu. The other one wasn't used. Same with the B button.

Right so that is the gameplay parts that's problematic. The rest of the game is great or okey... First off sound. The music is great that's all I can say. It captures the feel of it easily. And you do feel like your on this station in space with nowhere else to go.

The sound effects are great too. The charge sound effect and such is really nice. So the sound effects there isn't much to complain about really. They are good over all. Some better then others sure but then again. Could be worse.

Graphics are topnotch no doubt about it for the wii. Moving on then what else...

Right the plot. The plot was... Well okey... The only other metroid game with plot and samus talking would be Fusion and with just plot would be the prime games to some extent. Regardless its an okey plot with some nice twists and turns and some really badass moments that will make you just love a char.

So closing words... Metroid: Other M isn't a bad metroid game. Far from it. Its a good one with some quirks and points that could use improvement. Samus voice while sounding abit... Dull at first grows on you after awhile. Well for me it did at least. So if you like Metroid give it a try. Maybe try renting it first. I bought my copy of the game and it was enjoyable from start to finish. Even if I felt it was abit short. Thought that's me.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (EU, 09/03/10)

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