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Reviewed: 09/09/10

Metroid Other M- not the best, certainly not the worst

To start out let me say that this is probably the fifth Metroid game I have played. Any who it starts out like any other Metroid game with Samus speaking,...WHAT? Yep of course you probably already know but Samus has a voice in this game, but more on that later. She basically recaps the events from Super Metroid's ending, and from there you begin your tutorial. After that you are off on a mission but Samus intercepts a distress signal and goes to the Bottle Ship. It is there where our story begins!

Gameplay 6/10
Fairly easy controls, when you are in your 3rd-person view, that is. Although from what was depicted in the trailer you would have thought that there would be more complex controls...but no you mainly focus on using 3 buttons in this perspective. When you are not...well it gets a little harder. Point at the screen and you find out that it gets a little harder. When you do Point it is mainly to scan things or shoot missiles. You have to lock on to things to scan them, and it is really hard to scan sometimes for the fact that the items that you want to scan aren't highlighted at all, so sometimes you just are aimlessly looking around for five minutes. And you can only shoot missiles when locked on, which you know if you want to lock onto one enemy, and another jumps in front. You get the enemy that jumps in front, instead of the actual target you wanted. But after a while you do get used to the controls. Also most power-ups that you use will also be easy to understand. Especially since most come with a tutorial box when you unlock them.

Story 5/10
Metroid usually isn't heavy on story. And if it is, you usually can sequence break, this time, NO SEQUENCE BREAKING FOR JOO! Well that is right before the penultimate boss... A lot of the story consists of flashbacks, well I love flashbacks, when they aren't five to seven minutes long... Personally in my own opinion, you should be able to play bits and pieces of the past, to make it more interesting... But hey maybe another Metroid game will do that. Most of the story is Samus going around to find what this Bottle Ship was used for, and find the mysterious happenings inside the ship. By the way to mention you have all your power ups this time...except Samus won't use them until someone says so... But most of the story is fairly well written, but it does tend to nag you from time to time. To let you know there is a story after the game, but in my own opinion it isn’t much.

Graphics 9/10
For a Wii game it has some of the best Graphics out there... Although I did see a few minor graphic faults from time to time, such as one of Samus’s hairs kept looking like a N64 graphic to me. But this was only time to time. Metroid Other M’s graphics, are on par with something like Zelda: Twilight Princess, so hopefully we see more games like these soon.

Sound 8/10
Some of the best sound effects and music in a wii game... Never get tired of hearing the music, nor the sound effects of enemies squealing. Although Samus's voice in this game is just a little to blah for my tastes. I just felt Samus didn’t have any emotion from time to time. All the other voices had an impact on what they were saying, I just didn’t feel that same effort from Samus.

Play time/re-playability 7/10
It took me only about 6 hours to beat this game. Although I did leave it running for a while, and did go for a few sequence breaks before the final bosses. It shouldn't take a good gamer less then a few hours to beat this game, which is actually very sad, considering it is a Metroid game and most take a long time. Considering the after ending story, there are multiple things to do, such as get all the power ups. As for re-playability unlock hard mode and beat that, and that is pretty much it. What they should have done is let you play as Zero Suit Samus if you beat the game also. It would have brought a few new elements to this.

Final Score is 6/10
Good game to rent just to play and beat, because it doesn't take much time to do so. Although if you are a hardcore Metroid fan, I do recommend this game as it does tie together many of the lost ends between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. It all depends on what you think, if you aren't into having a story driven Metroid, or don't like Samus having a voice, don't buy this, just rent it. But it is a good game to pick up. I realize that a lot of people don’t like this game. It does have its moments I absolutely despise, but all games have moments a lot of people will hate. I’m sure most people will love it though.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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