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Reviewed: 09/09/10

A great game for Metroid fans, perhaps not as much for others...

Metroid: Other M was a really enjoyable game to play through but I did find a few problems that kept it from being on the level of the Prime trilogy.

Graphics 9/10
Overall, about what you'd expect from a Wii title. The graphics are good for the system, really pretty impressive considering that the Wii doesn't have much more processing power than a GameCube, but obviously don't compare to 360 or PS3. I gave the graphics a 9 because they're as good as can be expected for the Wii, they definitely add to the playability of the game, but I've seen a few better looking games for the Wii in the past. Pretty good though, all things considered.

Gameplay 9/10
Pretty good gameplay, a well designed game. Occasionally, I'd get a little annoyed at having to go back and forth between sectors but the storyline is well designed so that this doesn't happen too often. At first when I found that the game doesn't have any pick-ups like health or missiles, I was a little skeptical. Since I'm not a pro at games like Metroid, I thought this might create some problems in actually beating the game. While there were some areas that were a little challenging (mostly getting some of the power-ups), the game was fairly easy. The Concentration feature lets you gain back a certain amount of health when your life is low and I found myself using this a fair amount at the beginning of the game but as in most Metroid games, a few extra Energy Tanks make a good buffer for damage. The Lethal Strike move was one of my favorite parts of the game. I like how the developers incorporated it into every major enemy, made it a part of finishing off bosses, just made it look cool. I also liked the concentration feature for being able to recharge missiles too, that was appreciated and often used.

Controls 7/10
I didn't really like the first person mode but since that's my only complaint about the controls, I gave this section a score of 7. I thought the first person mode was completely unnecessary, I never used it outside of being able to look around for a power up. The camera was good, no major problems there, so I think the game could complete drop the optional first person feature and use it only for the pieces of the game when you need to investigate and look around. Other than that though, the game handled fine, the controls were pretty intuitive (there were only two buttons, after all), and I rarely had problems getting Samus to do something I wanted her to do.

Music 9/10
The music was pretty much in the background as is usually the case. I liked the classic themes included and there were enough new themes that I didn't get bored. All in all, the music definitely added to the experience.

Areas 10/10
I liked all the areas, I didn't have a complaint with any of them. Many were really well designed and it was a challenge to find all 100% of the upgrades. There were some areas I wanted more of, like the desert, but thought the developers did a really great job designed each sector different enough to keep the game interesting. I thought there were some great puzzles too, both with getting to a new area and with finding various power-ups.

Enemies 8/10
I liked all the enemies in the game the first time I encountered each one. The only reason this score isn't higher is because I thought the developers recycled many of the same enemy designed with different color palates. I did like how some of the early bosses made an appearance again, particularly after receiving a new upgrade which made those boss fights less tedious than the first time. Again, I like the Lethal Strike move in the game and I think the game incorporated that feature well; it definitely added to the fights in the game. The bosses were good too, I liked that there seemed to be more bosses than other similar length games. I was a little disappointed after the first boss fight when there wasn't a new power-up waiting for me but got used to this quickly and was able to just enjoy the boss fights for what they were. Overall, I would have enjoyed a little more variety in the enemies but enjoyed what was there.

Storyline 10/10
As a Metroid fan looking back on my experience playing this game, I would say that the storyline is the main reason another Metroid fan should play this game. I loved it, I thought it was great learning so much more about Samus' past and where she comes from. It was a little bit of a stretch that yet another organization had found a way to create/clone/revive/engineer Metroids, Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and Ridley but I think the big picture pluses definitely outweigh the little picture minuses. Awesome storyline, it was great to uncover more of the mystery of Samus Aran's past!

Overall, a good game with a play through recommended for everyone. For Metroid followers, a play through of this game is a must! I really enjoyed playing it, there was great balance of nostalgic value and new innovations to keep me hooked. I may even try to beat Hard Mode yet...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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