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Reviewed: 09/09/10

The most personal Metroid game to date

As a new fan to the series I came away pretty impressed with this game. While its short in length, its a non stop thrill ride. Metroid: Other M Combines elements of Metroid prime and Super Metroid making this the most innovative game in the franchise. Also it reveals an element that has yet to be seen in Metroid, Samus's personality. While there are some questionable design choices that will make you want to grab that plasma beam and shoot Team Ninja. When the elements come together you will wonder why this collaboration hasn't happened sooner.

Gameplay: As a action/adventure game, the gameplay is really the most important element. Fortunately this is the best part of metroid the other m. You fight baddies on a 2.5D plane, meaning its for the most part a 3D game with homiges to super metroids side scrolling. Also to invokethe feeling of 2D Metroid games, it forces you to hold the controller sideways. Yes the nunchuck cannot used in the game. So movement is restricted to the D-pad. Its better than it sounds after an hour or so, you won't mind navigating the 3d enviornments it. The controls in the game are very good and responsive. For the most part you will forget there is even a controller in your hands. The only idea some may not he sold on is the point at the screen gimmick. While in the game you point the wii remote at the screen and the game shifts to a first person perspective. It feels weird with the intense combat scenario's, especially due to the fact you cannot move while in this state. You can only aim and fire missles. For me I never encounterd any problems other than some spotty targeting when there are multiple enemies. But it never killed me. Speaking of death, you WILL die playing this game. In another deviation from the series main stay the game has instant death scenario's. So if you press the wrong button or do the wrong thing, game over. This game can be downright brutal at times. Perhaps to assage the composure of the casual gamers. The game features for the most part a great checkpoint system. So if a boss kills you, you can restart the match at no penalty. The game also features a great deal of explorarion, when you defeat enemies, items appear on the maps. Some of these are health upgrades so its usually a good idea to try to get them when available. Simple put the game is fun to play technical hiccups aside and for that it gets a

Story: I never heard samus talk until I played this game. You might expect a cool voice like lightning(FF 13). As anthony would say, she sounds more like a spoiled "princess" or more a souless one. A lot of her words come across with no emotion. Though there is a good reason for this, the game is narrated mostly by samus. Its an interesting story to say the least. Often times though samus voice bored me, and if your not careful, you might fall asleep. As cutscenes can last up to 15 minutes suprisingly. It does feature some impressive CG sequences however.

Sound: There is no greater sound than a fully charged plasma beam hitting the flesh of vicious man eating fiends. It is at odds with the music. In fact its the main thing the game is missing. For the most part the music is very ambient. You might only notice it in boss battles. I however felt the game should have had a more memorable soundtrack. But its no deal breaker of course.

Graphics: Who doesn't like a game with good graphics? Wii owners. This game may be one of the best looking wii titles to date. Some of the enviorments can come across as bland. But mostly they are as detailed and varied as the enemies. And I felt team ninja respected samus and didn't give her any "extra packages". Even if the zero suit shows samus has a large butt. Her power suit is as sexy as ever. Granted this is a game looks superb by Wii standards.

Lasting Value: unless you are a fan of metroid I can't recommend a buy as much fun as it is to play. This game isn't much longer than GOW 3. About 10 hours of gameplay for one playthrough. After you beat the game you can explore the rest of the bottle ship and hunt ever item. For me it still doesn't enough to warrant the 50 dollar price tag with its generic unlockables. If you are a metroid fan you probably already bought it anyway.

Pros: awesome gameplay
Great graphics
Feels like metroid
Tons of exploration
Nice CG sequences
Controls are as great as they are innovative

Story is told in a bland way
Short with little replay value
Music is almost non-existant

Its a new metroid game, while its an imperfect, I think its a game metroid fans or fans of action games in general should play

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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