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Reviewed: 09/03/10

This aint your daddy's Metroid

The first game in a third person perspective on a console since Super Metroid. A return to the glory days of the 16bit, or is it? Metroid other M is a game that simultaneously tries to be nostalgic and fresh. It brings back the agility associated with the 2D games but also brings a new narrative focus.

Graphics: This game is really strange in the graphics department. There are moment when it looks great and others where it looks worse than a lot of PS2 games. Some of the monsters look pretty good and others look like a jaggy mess. The pre-rendered sequences all look great however, and spice up a rather bland graphical presentation. All in all the game is hit or miss in the graphics department and they inequality in overall graphics is rather odd.

Score: 7/10

Game Play: The game play an interesting mix of 2D Metroids and the Prime games. You run around, shoot, jump etc in third person but if you want(and sometimes need) you can point the wiimote at the screen to go into first person view for accurate aiming. The controls work fine and I have no complaints there, however there is an issue with linearity. The game hardly lets you stray off the path, and you are constantly locked out of previous areas. There is one more major gripe with the game play and that is the forced first person view "Where's Waldo" sequences. They are just terrible forcing you to find a very specific point, sometimes without a single clue. These abominations should have never made it through the development cycle.

Score: 8/10 but those forced first person parts get a 1/10.

Story: This is the first Metroid game to put a large emphasis on story(arguably Fusion). I'm not going to complain about Samus' characterization even though it irks me at certain points. The fact of the matter is Samus did not have an established personality so all was fare game. The story itself is usually delivered through cut scenes. The cut scenes would not be a problem if the game wasn't so over the top cheesy, but there are still some enjoyable moments. The twists are contrived and the finally is a bit deflating but it isn't really that bad of a story overall.

Score: 6/10

Metroid other M tries new thing and fails at some of them. If this trend is to continue in the Metroid series hopefully they can polish it up a bit.

Overall: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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