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Reviewed: 09/03/10

The M stands for M-Azing

I've played every Metroid game, my first was Metroid Prime Hunters, then the original Metroid, followed by Super Metroid, Prime 3, then Prime 1 & 2, and then Metroid Zero Mission, Fusion, and Return of Samus, and now I end it with Metroid Other M, so take it from me, this is a good game, and parts of the game that people don't like are understandable, but its also understandable as to why these ideas and changes were made.

S T O R Y - & - S A M U S

The story is pretty good to tell the truth, considering the previous Metroids really didn't have a story, just a base plot, the Prime games, as well as fusion, had the most fledged out stories, but with Other M, you get a fully fledged out story that includes details of Samus's past, its a very nice story, but it also has some bad ideas implemented in it such as the "Thumbs up" sign for understanding and Samus being a rebel with a "Thumbs down."

This game is the first time Samus really becomes a character, in the Prime games she was just a body for the player to control that had minimal interaction with others. In fusion she was a more fleshed out character, but this game really fleshes her out more by giving her emotions, something that I wish was in the other games. Of course though, people complain that Samus isn't the cool and strong lady that she is usually shown as, but because she has emotions now, she actually has a personality now, one players didn't think existed.

In the past metroid games, Samus was merely a Narrator, but now she isn't, that's why she's different now, she becomes more human, she has emotions and shares he thoughts with the player and they play a vital part in the game as she communicates with the other characters.


The game actually plays really great and a few minutes in it becomes apparent how well thought out the controls are, people sometimes call the controls clunky, but they aren't, it plays like a classic, and works like next-gen game, it really feels like the perfect game to capture that old-school feel. Despite not being able to move around in first-person view, if your timing is right, then this won't be a problem at all.


I didn't really pay attention to the music in this game till later on, but it was actually pretty cool music, sometimes it sounded like Kingdom Hearts music though, but I really like how well it was composed


The graphics are amazing for the Wii in my opinion, they look like they could be XBOX 360 graphics, the textures are pretty detailed as well.


There are a few things wrong with this game, but they aren't too bad, for one, the quest for Energy Tanks feels more like the quest for Heart Pieces, some Energy tanks require 4 energy parts to be made, and Missile tanks only offer 1 extra missile, you'll end up with 80 missiles in the end though, but if you're not going for expansions, you'll still end up with close to 40 missiles. There are also some new items that help do things such as decrease charge beam time. Some of the items you want to use though can't be obtained until certain events happen, so sequence breaking is a no-no now.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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