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Reviewed: 09/03/10


So out of all the video games that exist, I am probably a bigger fan of the Zelda, Castlevania and Metroid series than anything else. I love Mario but he can't really hold a candle to Samus or Link when it comes to weaponry. So it should surprise nobody that I managed to smokethrough Metroid Other M in a few days after getting it. The first day I played the game for almost 12 hours or so then an hour or so to finish it off today. Some people aren't into speed running or blasting through games when they first get them but the game was too good not to.

It still took 12:20 to beat the game (which is exactly the time my Wii says I played Metroid Other M last night, but not counting the hour I probably took in breaks). So with the reviews that have come out some people are really afraid this game isn't as good as the Prime games or the games before the Prime games. I am gonna clear that up right now that the Reviewers got it wrong, this is without a doubt one of the best 3D Metroid games ever made and I am going to explain why

Gameplay 10: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the gameplay it controls like a dream with the Wii Remote turned on its side like an NES Pad. Some people were really afraid of this not working but it works as good as it possibly can. Another complaint I have heard in the reviews is that switching to FPS mode is badly implemented but really it just takes some getting used to but once you get it down it's second nature. Everything is here thank God except maybe the Spider Ball. You got the Speed Booster, Shinespark, Screw Attack, Space Jump, Gravity Suit, Varia Suit, Normal, Super and Seeker Missiles, Bombs and Power Bombs (later you don't gain till the end for obvious reasons), Basically I think everything that was in Super Metroid is in this game as far as upgrades.

Another huge complaint is lack of health and item pickups. It's true that there isn't as much to go find but there is plenty enough to find without dragging the game on or making it extremely easy. I think this is AS CLOSE as were ever gonna get to a 3D Super Metroid. The Boss battles are amazingly fun and challenging as well, the puzzles will make you think and work to get past them.. There is also a "Dodge" mechanic you can use in battle and I think it works really well. Eventhough it's easy to abuse by no means are you gonna just slice through this game easily by using it all the time.

I used it a lot and I still died many times in the game. Even more controversial is the "linearity" of the gameplay. It really is one of the most straight forward Metroid games I have ever played and I think it might even be more linear then Fusion was. You always have a "target location" and the map doesn't branch off all over hell like it did in Super Metroid or Zero Mission. I personally like that it is more linear but I totally understand some people's complaints, since Adam was a huge controversey in Fusion navigating you.

There is nothing wrong with the gameplay that I have found and most people who do find something "wrong" with it are probably nitpicking big time. Controls do take a little time to get used to but they do work as good as they possibly can. Also I have seen some reviews complain about how the Framerate dips and honestly I only encountered it a few times in the whole game and it was when there was a TON of stuff happening. It still doesn't dip by much either when it does do it.

Storyline: 9/10: When we first started seeing footage of M: OM we were all pretty surprised to find out that Team Ninja wanted to make this Metroid title more cinematic and story oriented. Now did they succeed? It's really a personal thing when it comes down to whether you like the storyline. In my mind I always pictured Samus Aran as this badass bounty hunter but also a woman with feelings, emotions and compassion. I always saw her as a woman but a woman that could seriously hand you your ass on a silver plater. That being said the storyline does get overdramatic sometimes and it does get a bit ridiculous at times but it's not what the reviewers were making it out to be.

The cutscenes I felt were spread out pretty well and in no way is this Metal Gear or Xenogears or even Final Fantasy. The voice actor I believe "Sara Martin?" I think did a good job with conveying how I always saw Samus. Kind of emotionless and distant but a good heart. I am sure it created a couple plot holes that I didn't discover but it seemed to bridge the gap between Super Metroid and Fusion pretty well. Once again it's up to you but I felt it was well done.

Sound/Music 8/10: The music is easily the weakest element of the game but it's not "bad" just not memorable like the retro themes. I think Team Ninja was trying to probably convey more "atmosphere" then anything because it seems the music is all about the "mood" and not about orchestrated music. Some retro themes were put in the game and those were the strongest themes. The newer music isn't bad but from my 1st playthrough, I was too concerned about playing the game then listening to the music so nothing really was great enough to stand out.

Graphics 10: Some of the best on the Wii. Idk if it's better than Prime 3 but it's pretty damn good. You got some nice looking graphics overall that I believe it is on par with the Prime series but I can see where people might have issues. 1st off the level design is Metroid and by this I mean your gonna get a lot of hallways, straight and verticle corridors and sometimes it looks a little "samey" and recycled, then again they do this on the 2D Metroidvanias and Metroid games. It's definitely not Castlevania: Curse of Darkness or Lament of Innocence "recycled" since those were the worst games I ever played when it came to level design (and hell the gameplay wasn't even that good).

I won't mark it down over the level design being recycled here and there because that is how Metriod is. Even Prime came off that way too depending on where you were at. I know in Prime it wasn't as recycled as here but then Prime was a completely open world environment. Textures are pretty much as good as you probably can get on a Wii but if your looking for 360 and PS3 textures you will be disappointed. I also really did like the overall look and art direction, it could've been a tad bit better but they did a really good job on it. Overall it's got some of the best looking graphics on the Wii.

Replay Value 8: The game is replayable due to the fact that the game pretty much makes you play through the game again if you want to see and do everything the game has to offer. There are some unlockables you can acquire as well by playing through it again but it's about as replayable as any other Metroid games. Also there is a "hard mode" thrown in. I do miss the "extra endings" that the previous Metroids used to have but then again they usually don't do that with more cinematic games.

Difficulty 10/10: Game will give you some hell for sure, especially the bosses that can be a pain here and there. I had to play some of the bosses upward to 10-12x to beat them and this was while using the dodge moves. Puzzles will make you think and not everything is too easy to find. It has a good difficulty level for this kind of game where it isn't overly frustrating but it isn't a cakewalk either. It should take about 10-12 hours to beat the game which is about normal for this kind of game.

Overall: 9/10: It's a great game. I feel that they could've done a little more with it and I felt like the music wasn't up to par with the other Metroid games but the gameplay rocks and so does the storyline. Ignore the bad reviews and the haters, this is Metroid to its very core. I know there are concerns that it isn't a good game or that the replay value isn't very high but overall it is on par with the other Metroid games. Super Metroid is still the best and nothing will ever be able to compare to that but I feel this is as close to that formula as we got. Prime some people think is closer to that formula then this formula and in the "open world" setting it is but in the "run fast left to right and up and down" style of gameplay, it hits it more on the head.

It's probably closer to Fusion in 3D then Super but overall it is pretty good. Quit worrying about the negative reviews and go buy it or rent it. I would say it's a worthy title to have in your Wii Library. Another thing is if you LOVED Prime a lot and expect this game to be like Prime you are in for a huge "Shock." this is closer to a 2.5D game than a 3D expansive world setting. All I gotta say is thank God I don't have to scan every damn room to make sure I didn't overlook something. That was what I hated the most about Metroid Prime games and it really tore up the pacing of the game.

Now my review isn't definitive by any means and your enjoyment is gonna depend on how much you like "CHANGE." If your one of these people that doesn't want to see a game like Metroid changed in it's 3D setting your gonna hate it. If you were extremely fond of Metroid Prime and consider that to be "the only way a 3D Metroid should be." You might just hate it. Then again if your like me, a retro old-school gamer who grew up on Metroid 1, 2 and 3 this might just be up your alley. The only thing I can hope for now is that Team Ninja or Retro or someone decided to remake Super Metroid in 3D with this kind of formula. I would crap my pants if this game was just an experiment for a SM remake. Let's hope and pray they do remake Super Metroid and make it similar to this style but much better. Now with that being said G4 AND GI CAN GO GET BLOWN BY A METROID :).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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