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Reviewed: 09/03/10

Very Interesting but somewhat of a downfall...

Metroid Other M - US Version

For this review, I'll go by category of interests with a rating and why the rating, followed by some pros and cons about the section.

This is strictly based on my opinion, I have played and finished every single Metroid there is, and this is my criticism in regards to what I was expecting and what not.

Story: 9/10

Some of us have always wanted to know the story of Samus and how she became a bounty hunter, others like myself would rather say, who cares, she kicked ass in 1986, she kicked ass in 1994, and she should still kick ass in 2010... So the game gives the player quite some background info about her past and her time with the federation, the overall cinematic and voice acting definitely give a good impression for first time players. For us who are used to the old school Metroid, we all know she destroyed Planet Zebes before this game, and we all know she owned Ridley more than 1000 times, so why the soft-hearted girl here? Why?!

Lots of players wanted to know a little bit more about her and they are doing it in a very emo way :).

- Get to see Samus when she's younger and find out she has an attitude.

Gameplay: (Note: I'm dividing this into 2 scores: One for the originality and concept of the gameplay for the game. One for the "staying true" to the Metroid legacy)

Originality: 8/10

Very fancy. Very interesting concept of the 3D Sidescrolling action combined with first person interaction. So far, I'm enjoying this. The controls are pretty responsive and fast. The pace is set as it should be (unlike prime... was a little slow in my opinion.). So far, this is your refurbished combination of Prime and Super Metroid in a ... wierd way :). Unfortunately, the camera although not so much of a problems, Sometimes is a hassle when it comes to close combat... Having to switch to First person in order to fire missiles is a little challenging considering you have to be precise with the Wii mote in order to lock-on target and unleash havoc. I've had some small difficulties with some monsters rushing at me while I'm trying to shoot off some rockets. Another point to take in, is the auto-scan/lock on... When you find a point of interest in the game, your crosshair changes from green to red telling you, there is something of interest there such has a power up, a monster, a breakable object.... Now if you're just walking about, that's okay, but while in the middle of combat while trying to lock-on to the monster and the cursor ends up locking on to a hatch.... Come on now... I want to shoot the guy not the hatch...

New concept of Metroid again and some fancy little things :) (For you to discover) ;)

- Experience Metroid in a 3D environment with FPS shootouts.
- Good Movements and responsive controls.
- All done using the Wii mote alone... Yep No Nunchuk ;)
- Camera can be disapointing and annoying when you can't see what's behind the camera...
- Auto-lock/scans needs to be trigger activated like Prime used to do it.

Staying True to the Legacy: 3/10

Okay so here is my hard bother about the game. Those of you who played Metroid and ESPECIALLY Super Metroid which was in my opinion, the best Metroid ever, ALL KNOW, that items should be searched and found.... W H Y in the hell, does Samus have to have all of her upgrades already uploaded and she can't use em?! AUTHORIZATION!? Let me explain a little bit better... I walk in Sector 3 for the first time, which what seems to be like NORFAIR to me... So... AUTHORIZE MY DAMN VARIA SUIT!!!!!!...... *cough cough*... I remember back in the days where you had to do great feats to get special items... Anyone remember Kraid to get that Varia suit? I hope so... cause now, Kraid's gone, and she has the suit NOT... One other thing that really angers me, now the game tells you, If you clear a room of enemies, a blue dot will pin-point items on your map... What is this? I don't recall Metroid being an easy game.... unless you start counting Zero Mission... but none the less... Why are you telling me where things are.... The whole concept of Metroid is plunging you into a world of who knows what, and you have to find upgrades to get better... Who cares if we don't know why the missile upgrades are there, THEY ARE THERE AND I WANNA FIND EM! Not be told where they are... Now, I know some people are thinking, well there are a lot of them that are hidden and require Power bombs and Super Missiles to get to... I'm not interested. Nintendo, you wanted to make a Metroid game, stick with what made it successful, SUPER METROID. Give us NON-LINEAR Sidescrolling of perfection... So that we can tear our heads apart after finding out, crap, I took 20 to 30 hours playthrough to get 100% completion...

Metroid is known by the hardcore to be non-linear, and very demanding. When we first saw Super Metroid. We had no clue what to do in the game. The game was simple, figure out what to do. Guess what, we did, and we loved it. We loved it so much we speed ran the game at a whooping 0:55 mins 100% completion, credits to Red Scarlet.

- Well, You don't have to go looking for your powerups anymore... good thing for new players and younger audience...
- Well boys, they failed to give us the hardcore-ness of what the game should have been... See last paragraph.

Graphical: 10/10

I have to be honest, for a wii system, I'm happy with this. I mean... VERY exciting intro when I got to see the last scene of Super Metroid in 3D... I loved Mother Brain, loved the Metroid... Omg, bring them back... Bring back SM in full 2D 3D...
The game is very colorful and looks quite sharp for a Wii game. What impresses me the most are the bigger monsters, the bosses. My first boss, yes, impressive on the graphics. The lava in Sector 3 was interesting, and I liked the fact that when you lowered the lava in the chamber, you saw remains of the lava dripping and all. It's very nice looking :).
The game also has it's interesting share of CG Videos. A definite plus I think. Looks very sharp, everything is not overly complex. Nintendo definitely did a great job here.

The game is beautiful to my eyes.

- Good balance in colors, nothing seems really hidden. Think of it like Prime in 2D... Although a little more colorful. ;)
- Obviously we cannot achieve a 1080p Resolution here and at the same time, this is a Wii console so no cons for what this little guy can do.

Sound: 10/10

I'm not very picky about the sound. As long as I don't hear some crackling and peaking... I'm pretty satisfied. For a game like this, I don't have much to say about it. Everything really sounds like where they should be. I've heard some very good monster cries and others. Not disapointing at all.

Nothing wrong here.

- All good ;)
- Because the wii doesn't support true 5.1 surround sound, it's something I would have liked. But in a 2d game like this, no problems.

Music: 8/10

Okay, so first of all, I got the biggest shivers when the intro appeared... and what I mean is, Dark Ambient, Reverb'ed Synthesized Keys playing OUR favorite theme from THE Super Metroid .... Just the intro I give it a 11/10, very touching really. There's one thing I'm disappointed about regarding the music and it's the lack of thriving beats... Everyone remembers Brinstar from SM... That was good 90's game music... Remember the escape at the end? Yeah!! that's what I'm talking about. Exciting music... Music to get the heart pumping because of stress. We want to keep the darker and thrilling aspect of the music, but when I was running around Sector 1 (Plant area), Well... I would have like a up-moving music there... When I hit Sector 2 (Ice/Water Area), I would have liked something of a mellow (Meridia) type music. Prime 1 had it somewhat good, we had Talon Overworld which was not bad. When you hit Phendrana Drift, we had that chilly type music, Magmoor Caverns, we had the classic Old Norfair type music. Here, we have some good tracks yes, and definitely some good scores for the battle tracks, but I'd like to hear a little more entertaining music during my level crawling...

(I'd almost give it a 100 because of that intro), Definitely good stuff and the intro... Sorry I can't stop thinking about the intro. The Perfect settling mood... With a song like this, you should be expecting hard work ahead... ... ........ Yeah....

- VERY powerful Intro
- Good music to fill in the adventure
- Could have been a little bit better excluding the intro song... The intro is the next symphony...

Replay: N/A

Yes I haven't finished this game. So I don't know. If Nintendo is smart, they will have kept the completion rates, time rate and unlockable hard mode.

Bottom Line: 7/10

This is a very interesting experience. When I look at this game overall, I think it's targeting the lower age groups, and the new comers. There is still a good amount of difficulty in the game but unfortunately, not as much as I want. Good solid game. I would recommend for anyone to be able to say that they played and finished it however, if you are new to the game, go on the virtual console and get Super Metroid and feel what the true game is about. If you want, you can go and find a preplayed copy of Metroid Fusion which will also give you a good feel of what Metroid is. I love Metroid, and I don't care whether the game is rated 4/10 or 10/10, I will play it, and I will finish it.

I recommend this game for people who've never played Metroid before and wants a good experience.

- Recko

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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