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Reviewed: 09/01/10

Metroid: Other M - The Black Sheep of Metroid?

Before I start the review, I see a lot of the same questions I would like to go over first. Also not that I am not a die-hard fan, or a hardcore gamer. I'm just a casual gamer playing the game when I have time, and wanting to help those who are on the fence about this game.

Do I need to play previous installments of Metroid to understand Other M?

No, no you do not. The game pretty much sums up important events from previous titles to get you going. I hardly played many Metroids and I knew exactly what was going on. The only games I ever played were the Metroid Prime trilogy and Super Metroid.

Samus has a Voice?

This must be the only, if not, rare occasion that Samus ever speaks. She is no longer a mute hero. That said, I think her voice is fine, would be nice to have better voice actors but its good for what it is. I mean its a million times better compared to Arc Rise Fantasia.

Any way, I honestly liked that she spoke and gave some back story. I thought it added to her character and gave her a personality. I liked that she wasn't the stereotypical badass every one was hoping for like compared to Master Chief or God of War. That out of the way, it's nice to see she has a human side, that she is a person too, and with that said, I felt it made me more into the story and care about the character and her journey.

This game is story driven?

Yes, this must be one of the few Metroid games that I know of that actually has a story. With that said, it's pretty good. But again, compared to the other games that have no story it's not saying much but its definitely more cinematic. The story is deep and character driven. Enough twists and mystery to want you t o find out more and play more. But because of this, the game play could be linear at times.

Now with the basic questions out of the way, now to the review:

Game play 4/5: Prime was fine but once it's on the wii it gets old and annoying fast with the wii-mote. Thankfully Other M changed that since this is no longer a FPS.

The game is a side scroller, platformer, shooter. It reminds me a lot of the older Metroid games which is nice. But it was also refreshing with the added bonuses.

Before you get attacked, you can dodge which is nice, also while you play, Samus on her own hops over curves and bumps making the game seem more realistic and natural. Everything is smooth.

When you tilt the wiimote you go into first person view and it's very comfortable to switch between.

The only thing I did not like was that there was no missile button. In order to use missiles you have to go into first-person view and lock on to something. Also during Scan scenes, the game hardly gives you any hint at what you need to look at and you become stuck in this awkward scene to find something.

Sum: Game needs a missile button and needs to get rid of its Scan scenes, aside from that it's great.

Story 4/5: For a Metroid game, the story is really good. You know why you are there, what you need to do, who your character is and why she is driven. The story is fast and cinematic, similar to an action move or an anime. The acting could be a bit hammy at times but for what it is, it works.

How they worked on Samus, again, I thought they did great. I never really seen Samus as much of a badass anyway, so I thought they did well with the character and did a fine job giving her a personality.

Compared to other story driven games like Mass Effect, it doesn't compare. Not even close. But to other action games, it's deep, enough for you wanting to play more.

Sum: Good enough but not amazing. Pretty much a generic sci-fi story with a Metroid theme.

Music/Sound 3/5: It's good, pretty cool actually. What I liked the most was they took some existing themes and did some remixes on them which I thought fit perfectly. Everything matched, everything and everyone sounding the way they should sound, though I'm sure they could of gotten a better Voice Actress for Samus. Not saying she's terrible but I know there could be better. But most of the music is forgettable.

Sum: Everything is great but the voice acting could be a bit better.

Graphics 5/5: For a Wii game it's beautiful, just amazing, especially the movie scenes. This game would probably have been really sweet to look at if it was on a Xbox 360 or a PS3 with their graphics.

Sum: It's beautiful.

Replayability 2/5: What's interesting is that once you beat the game you can go back to recollect items, get an another ending and fight new enemies. But it's nothing hard. What is interesting though is that if you beat the game with 100% you do unlock hard mode. Sadly there are no other alternative plays, as in, playing as Zero Suit for the whole game. That would of been cool. Also, Hard Mode is nothing more than Normal Mode but without power-ups and no reward is given to those who beat it.

Sum: You get an extra ending, and have the ability to unlock a Harder Mode, also get to Unlock a Theater and Gallery Mode. But Hard Mode is shallow with no incentive, and it's just normal mode without power ups.

Over roll: The game is fun, really fun. I found myself enjoying it a lot actually. But it's short, real short, it can be beaten in under 14 hours. If you play every day it'll probably last you for a week at most. Definitely a must-play for a Wii Owner and a keeper for the Metroid fan, but, a rent at best for the casual gamer.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metroid: Other M (US, 08/31/10)

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