How do you beat the queen metroid boss?

  1. I just found that girl she started the alarm and I cant beat the queen metroid any help please!

    User Info: blobulus

    blobulus - 7 years ago

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  1. You need to defeat a few waves of Metroids first. Once you've delt with the Metroids, the queen will grow crystals from her neck. This is when you can attack her. She's easy to dodge, then just fire away with charged plasma shots. Once you've damaged her enough you will enter a cutscene. Just afterwards will be a first person scene where you must grapple into the Queen's mouth. Enter ball mode(if it doesn't already put you in it) and IMMEDIATELY begin charging a power bomb, as being inside the Queen will damage you! Set of your power bomb and it's all over.

    User Info: Gorzski

    Gorzski - 7 years ago 3 1


  1. I already said this somewhere else, but:

    During the first part of this three-parter, you'll have to defeat and increasing number of metroids. First there's one, then two, and so on. When there's one metroid to defeat, you can charge up your beam and blast is right after you dodge one of it's attempted pounces. Then you can hit it with three missiles, or allegedly, a super missile.

    When there's more than one, a charged shot will freeze multiple metroids around your target if they're close enough after you dodge. If you think there's enough time, you can charge a seeker missile shot and get a few little metroid-cicles. They all still tolerate three missile shots though.

    After you kill all her babies, Queen Metroid will stop goofing off and actually start attacking you. But first, a bunch of bullseye-shaped crystals pop up on her neck. You just shoot them with Charged Shots, Missiles, and Seeker Missiles until they're all gone. It also helps to dodge her attacks. I hear the fire-breathing attack is undodgeable. When she does this, just jump off to the side and get a few missiles up to her crystals.

    The final stage of this fight is the shortest, almost scripted. You'll start off in First-Person View. Try to shoot her tummy with two charged shots (because that's all the time you have). In just a few seconds, she'll get up and start charging up her own attack. If she completes this attack, you be REALLY dead. What you're supposed to do next is grapple up into her mouth and go in her tummy. Stewing in her digestive juices, you be dead in about 7 seconds.

    Oh, if you want to survive this fight, (almost forgot to mention) you have to spontaneousness become inspired to do an attack that you haven't used since the tutorial, The Power Bomb. In case you forgot how you did it eight hours ago, you just charge up a normal bomb as if it were a power beam shot. When you think it's fully charged, let 'er rip, as it were.

    User Info: Matthewsama

    Matthewsama - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Simple fact is, you can't beat her. I've been trying for days, watched all of the videos I could find on youtube and I still can't beat the queen b!tch. There is no-!@#$ing-way to freeze the metroids and fire off a super missile before another one starts sucking the life out of you. The videos are a joke, and everyone who has responded to these questions makes it sound oh-so-easy.

    I am just a casual gamer, and not some teenaged brat who sits in his parents basement playing a game for 3 months straight to try and be the absolute best at it. I just want to play a game that is fun, and I was having fun with this game up to this point. This boss is TOO HARD for a casual gamer to enjoy. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed that I paid $50 for a game to enrage me this much.

    User Info: ObiWanCannoli

    ObiWanCannoli - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. I agree with ObiWanCannoli, to some extinct. I had no problem with this game until this boss. I can't even get passed the Metroids, let alone the Metroid Queen. How in the heck are you supposed to freeze all those Metroids and missile them at the same time while there are ten flying around your head? I haven't even touched the Metroid Queen yet. Like I said, I've had no problems with this game and found it very fun, and one of the most exciting Wii games yet, but this is just ridiculous. And I'm more than just a casual gamer, I've been playing video games since I was three, and I'm twenty now. (and no I don't live in my parents basement :p)

    User Info: ViolentJ643

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  4. I finally beat it (after about fifty tries). It also took me three tries to set off a power bomb in her stomach, it wouldn't let me do it the first two times for some odd reason....

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