Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File05/27/10consummate gamer73K
SB4E--All 242 Power Stars have been collected along with 9999 coins, 9999 Star Bits, and another 9999 Star Bits in the Toadbank. Also, the death count is at zero.
Save Game File06/24/10nintendo125273K
SB4E-All 3 files have 242 stars Master of Galaxies title 9999 coins & starbits(starbits in bank also) zero deaths clear times below 5mins (exept last boss also no clear times on file 3)

Wii Game Save File (Japan)

Save Game File04/19/15bluealfie12373K
100% Everything Unlocked

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File06/17/10jimi_dini73K
SB4P: All stars collected, some luigi shadows unlocked

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