Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File11/19/16FireJbrixGaming77K
[SMNE] Fire's Save Box - 100%, 5 (shiny) stars, Toad house at beginning of all worlds, 99 lives, and 99 power-ups.
Save Game File11/23/09sonicwiifan77K
SMNE - All 5 stars (sparkling), all hint movies unlocked, 99 lives for all characters, all characters in Super Mushroom form, 99 of all power ups, and max score.
Save Game File02/16/10MBBDarigon77K
SMNE - All 5 stars (sparkling), all star coins found, all of world nine complete, all hint movies unlocked, and 99 lives for Mario
Save Game File11/16/09consummate gamer77K
SMNE--100% complete. All Hint Movies have been unlocked, and 99 lives have been accumulated for player 1.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File11/24/09davincentcode0177K
100 % complete (5 stars)- Directory name - SMNP
Save Game File11/25/09davincentcode0177K
SMNP: File 1: 5 sparkling stars (100 % w/h continue); File 2: Speedrun (shortest route, 1 sparkling star)

Wii Game Save File (Australia)

Save Game File11/14/09Reakt00r77K
100% Singleplayer including World 9 completed, all star coins and all hint videos. Directory name - SMNP

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