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A girl can only handle so much disappointment... 11/23/09 Anime Fangirl
Absolutely the best game money can... rent 01/03/11 DDJ
The boys are back in town... 11/24/09 discoinferno84
Welcome home, Mario. 07/19/10 AK_the_Twilight
It says "Mario" and "Wii" in the title. That's an indication of the greatness of this game. 09/07/10 Chunkey Simmons
Fun 2D platformer with exceptional level design and plenty of character 01/11/16 Cody_Orvik
Nintendo is keeping it real 01/13/10 FeralBerserker
Mario returns to his roots. Dressed as a penguin 11/30/09 Gabranth86
This game's only fault is that it helps the player too much! 04/08/10 GavLuvsGA
Nothing special 08/31/10 gulliver49
Party like it's 1991 01/04/10 horror_spooky
Just can't get enough of Mario. 06/02/17 Junior_AIN
Nintendo Proves They Still Know the Formula. 01/05/10 kobalobasileus
Enough Nostalgia to Entice Gamers, This is a Great Addition to Everyone's Wii Library 11/23/09 MostSeriousness
What a difference a penguin and a rotor makes. 04/08/19 MTLH
Great Addition to the Super Mario Bros. Collection 12/07/09 Nate794
A good game that plays the Nostalgia Card way too often... 12/03/09 NewMoonShadow
Mario returns and takes a step back into 2D 01/06/10 ratiosu728
Great game marred by decades old design decisions and longevity 01/04/12 Solid_SOAP
A good game, but not what I exactly expected. 01/04/10 Solmistice
New Super Mario Bros Wii doesn't deserve hatred. 02/04/11 StephenYap3
Nostalgia Off, Propeller Cap On. 11/23/09 SuperPhillip
A Chip Off The Ol' Question Mark Block 07/02/14 Suprak the Stud
Rushed, Incomplete, Unpolished, but still enjoyable. 01/11/10 Zeta777

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
New Super Mario Bros WiI, great for veterans and newcomers alike. 11/17/09 funsiZe2034
Nintendo has simply stopped trying. 11/30/09 mikethejesus
A Competent MULTIPLAYER Platformer 12/09/09 3picide
Almost Perfect, but Not Quite... 12/22/09 blueblur595
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review 03/20/19 Brickbound
Fun On Your Own, But More Players = Fun Multiplier 10/15/12 buruburu1
The New super 01/20/11 ChaudBlaze890
Almost 20 years later and a step backwards... 11/23/09 Darkowl716
New Super Mario Bros 3 12/23/09 DarkShadow3197
Best Mario game ever. 01/05/10 epicChris09
Fusion Frenzy 03/05/10 gimo80
As Mario says: "Super Mario Bros! Whee-hee-heeee!" 01/11/10 goppers
New Super Mario Bros. Wii throws a few blasts from the past a well as a few new tricks 01/05/10 greeninator
An Amazing Game, Worthy of the Mario Name 03/17/10 Irimaru
Here we go on another awesome game!! 06/14/10 julia2468
Jumpman Strikes Again 11/17/09 JustJackie
Another great Mario game. 11/23/09 kafke
A fun single and multiplayer game 11/30/09 lordlugia_rocks
Nintendo brings us another amazing 2D Mario. 02/02/10 MarioMan127
Peach, Wario and Waluigi will just screw this game up. 03/21/11 Megaleg
yet another installment for the ledgendary mario bros. saga 11/23/09 mettocarpicet09
Leaning On Average 06/03/19 MFields1978
Cheaply made game, but a lot of fun despite its flaws 02/14/11 nWoWhammy
Mario's 'best of' effort 11/13/09 shezamiah
Here We Go! x4 11/30/09 SuperScizor
A celebration of every Mario bros game that has come before. 11/23/09 the_superiorx2
A decent game that's been slapped across the face by a lackluster storyline. 07/08/11 ThePenguin56
Cool challenges, and there's so many new features! 10/19/12 ultramariologan
A blast of old school fun, but I still see missed opportunity 02/02/10 videogamer1030
Old Family Game has Returned! 12/08/09 ZodiacRose

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