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by DEngel

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FAQ/Walkthrough by DEngel

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 03/15/10

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Version: 1.25
March 15, 2010
Daniel (FecalLord) Engel
fecalord [AT] gmail [DOT] com

I have decided not to allow websites other than Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com), IGN (faqs.ign.com) & Gamespot (www.gamespot.com) to host my FAQs from now on. Please don't ask, because I will not grant permission. It's just that too many sites don't keep their version of my FAQ up to date which makes for a lot of hassle in my mailbox. So if anyone sees this FAQ on any site other than those mentioned above, please let me know and I will take care of the situation, thanks.

Just to make things crystal clear for some people, this FAQ is not to appear anywhere at the following URLs:

  • http://www.cheatcc.com
  • http://www.cheatindex.com

This document Copyright 2009-2010 Daniel Engel

Version History

March 15, 2010 [1.25]

  • Added some small corrections/changes from reader emails. Thanks for your help!

February 08, 2010 [1.20]

  • Added remaining images from World 6-5 to World 9-8.

February 01, 2010 [1.16]

  • Added images from World 1-1 to World 6 - Mortons Fortress.

December 15, 2009 [1.10]

  • Minor corrections, removed old margins and added the Secret Goals section.

December 14, 2009 [1.00]

  • Added all of World 9.

December 11, 2009 [0.80]

  • Added World 8 - Bowsers Castle.

December 10, 2009 [0.79]

  • Added Worlds 8-4 to 8 - Airship.

December 09, 2009 [0.74]

  • Added Worlds 8-1 to 8 - Kameks Fortress.

December 08, 2009 [0.70]

  • Added the rest of World 7.

December 07, 2009 [0.66a]

  • Experimenting with the new GameFAQs markup format. I plan to add screenshots of all Star Coin locations in a future update once I find out how that works in January, so please bear with me! This new format should allow you to access sections of the FAQ more easily. Also added Worlds 7-1 to 7-4.

December 02, 2009 [0.60]

  • Added the rest of World 6.

November 30, 2009 [0.52]

  • Added Worlds 4-4 to 6-2.

November 26, 2009 [0.34]

  • Added Worlds 4-1 to 4 - Wendys Fortress.

November 25, 2009 [0.30]

  • Added the rest of World 3.

November 23, 2009 [0.24]

  • Added Worlds 3-3 to 3 - Ghost House.

November 22, 2009 [0.22]

  • Added Worlds 1-2 to 3-2.

November 20, 2009 [0.01]

  • First release. Added some basic sections and the walkthrough for World 1-1.


The controls for this game are as follows:

Remote only

  • Dpad:
    • Walk left or right.
    • Enter pipes above or below you.
    • Climb beanstalks.
    • Duck.
    • Ground pound when in the air.
    • Slide down hills.

  • 2:
    • Jump.
    • Swim.
    • Confirm menu choices.
  • 1:
    • Hold to run.
    • Throw fireballs/iceballs.
    • Punch fences.
    • Cancel menu choices.
  • A: Enter a bubble in multiplayer mode.
  • Plus: Pause menu.
  • Shake Remote:
    • Spin jump.
    • Move your bubble closer to the other players.
    • Shooting spin jump with Fire or Ice Flower.
  • Hold 1 and shake remote:
    • Pick up ice blocks, Toads or other players.

Remote + Nunchuck

  • Joystick/Dpad:
    • Walk left or right.
    • Enter pipes above or below you.
    • Climb beanstalks.
    • Duck.
    • Ground pound when in the air.
    • Slide down hills.

  • A:
    • Jump.
    • Swim.
    • Confirm menu choices.
  • Z/B:
    • Hold to run.
    • Throw fireballs/iceballs.
    • Punch fences.
    • Cancel menu choices.
  • 1/2/C: Enter a bubble in multiplayer mode.
  • Plus: Pause menu.
  • Shake Remote:
    • Spin jump.
    • Move your bubble closer to the other players.
    • Shooting spin jump with Fire or Ice Flower.
  • Hold Z/B and shake remote:
    • Pick up ice blocks, Toads or other players.


The first few items should be familiar to anyone who's played a Mario game where he's not fighting viruses, playing sports, refereeing boxing matches against Mike Tyson, travelling through time, etc.

NES Originals

These items all showed up in Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 or 3.

Super Mushroom

If you want to be big there's no need to send money to those shady emails in your inbox or search for a magical fortune telling machine, just snack on one of these and grow twice your size. If you get hit while big, then you will shrink back to normal size.

Fire Flower

This orange flower allows you to throw fireballs ahead of you. You can have a maximum of two on the screen at any given time and they bounce along any surface. Once they hit an enemy, they're toast. If a fireball hits a wall or other vertical surface, it stops.

Power Star

These rare bouncing items give you a brief period of invincibility. Use it to your advantage and run through as many enemies as you can. The more enemies that you take out, the more points you get and can even get some 1ups out of the deal. You even do the same spinning flips in the air with one of these that you did in Super Mario Bros. 3.

1up Mushroom

These green mushrooms grant you an extra life if you find one. So be sure to get them if they show up.


These can be found everywhere. Floating in mid air, inside blocks, down pipes. When you collect 100 of them, you earn an extra life.

P Switch

When you jump on one of these switches, all bricks will become coins and all coins will become bricks for a short period of time. This can allow you to reach other areas more easily if you didn't grab too many coins before hitting the P Switch. Sometimes these switches also reveal some blue coins that disappear after the effects of the switch wear off.

POW Block

These blocks are an old favourite from Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3. When you hit one, all enemies on the ground will die and now all on-screen coins in the air will fall to the ground. This makes them easier to collect all at once.

SNES Originals

These items all showed up in Super Mario World 1 or 2.

Yoshi Egg

When you reveal a Yoshi Egg, then a Yoshi dinosaur appears. Jump on Yoshi to ride him and use his tongue to eat fruit and enemies. If you get hit, Yoshi runs away, but you can catch him if you're fast enough. Yoshis can jump pretty high and also do a flutter kick if you hold the jump button down, to get some extra height and distance. You can also shake the remote to jump off Yoshi, which can mean an extra high double-jump of sorts if you do it while in the air already.

Red Coins

There are eight red coins in some stages of the game that only show up when you pass through a nearby ring. If you can collect all eight before the brief timer runs out, then you will receive an item to help you along.

Newer Items

These items showed up in more recent Mario games.

Mini Mushroom

These blue mushrooms first showed up in New Super Mario Bros DS. They allow you to shrink even smaller than normal. This means that you are weaker and can only damage enemies by stomping them with your ground-pound. On the plus side, you can take a lot of tiny paths, perform long floaty jumps and even run across the surface of water. So it's not all bad being short, right?

Ice Flower

The blue Ice Flower is new to the series and allows you to throw iceballs ahead of you. If an iceball hits an enemy then they are frozen in an ice cube like a novelty plastic fly. You then have the choice of leaving them alone, using the cube as a platform, picking it up and throwing it, or stomping them.

Star Coins

Each stage has three Star Coins hidden somewhere. The Star Coins can be spent at Peach Castle in World 1 of the game to unlock hint movies and make the game easier. You can also throw enemies into some Star Coins to collect them more easily.

Propeller Mushroom

This new mushroom has a propeller growing out of its head, but don't say anything, it's kind of self-conscious. Instead you'll want to send yourself spinning into the air and slowly glide back down when you have one of these. You can also do a spinning stomp that allows you to turn giant screws in some stages.

In multiplayer, if you lift up someone who has the propeller power and then shake your remote, you will both spin jump.

Penguin Suit

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. After being fed up with sliding down icy paths against penguins in the past, it's time to try being a Penguin. This allows you to throw iceballs, like the Ice Flower. You can also move across ice and snow more easily and you can also swim easier in water (much like the Frog Suit of old) and slide over water. Just remember that penguins can't fly!

Also when sliding on flat ground, you won't fall into pits if they are two spaces wide or less.


If you know the correct names of any of these enemies, please feel free to email me.


These walking mushroom-looking enemies are not your friends. Instead you want to jump on top of them to squish them flat. Of course you can also use the fireballs, iceballs and other tools at your disposal.

Micro Goomba

These tiny goombas are easily killed, but if one or more of them jump on you, then you can't jump as high until you shake them off.

Koopa Troopa

These turtle/bird hybrids walk along the ground and hide in their shell if you jump on them. The shell can be picked up if you hold the 1 button, or you can just walk into it, to kick the shell forward. A moving shell will take out most enemies in its path, but it can also damage you. So don't get hit if it rebounds off a wall or block.

The green shelled koopas walk off the end of a ledge, while the red ones turn around when they hit the end of a ledge. Some (koopa paratroopas) also have wings which allow them to get a bit of air and survive one more jump from you.

Be careful because a koopa will shake and come back out of its shell if you leave it long enough, even if you're holding the shell at the time!

Buzzy Beetle

These enemies behave a lot like koopas and you can carry their shell and kick it in the same way. The big difference is that they are immune to fireballs, so don't waste your time using them.


Parabeetles are beetles with wings that fly horizontally. You can use them as moving platforms of sorts, depending on their size. The small ones dip a little as you land on them, before rising up into the air. The big parabeetles slowly sink as you land on them, so don't linger too long on their backs.

Piranha Plants

These deadly looking venus fly trap inspired plants lurk in pipes and can't wait to take a bite out of you. The trick is to either stand right beside the pipe or stand on top when they are hidden inside. In either case they won't come out, but if you move away from the pipe a bit, they will. They can also be burned or frozen with your attacks, just don't jump on them or you'll regret it!

Some piranhas in later worlds can walk around and stretch up higher, but the same strategy applies.


Munchers are small black plants that are invincible. They can't be killed and you can't touch them without taking damage. So try to jump over them whenever possible or use a Power Star.

Hammer Brother

This enemy can be a real pain at times, but he throws three hammers in an arc followed by one more and then jumps higher or lower. The whole time he walks back and forth a few squares. You want to avoid the hammers and run under him after the three, or if you're really feeling brave jump on him to take him out. Usually they appear around bricks so you can hit the brick below them to get your point across. Of course a well timed fireball or iceball also allows you to take them out from a safe distance.

Fire Log

Fire logs are a straight line made of fire that spins in a circle constantly, like the hands of a clock. Some are longer than others, but you want to watch their pattern first before running under one or jumping over. Try to move in the same direction as the fire log to make things easier.

Boomerang Brother

This guy is similar to the hammer brother and he throws two boomerangs at a time that start out high, then curve back low.

Fire Brother

This guy shoots fireballs at you in groups before pausing briefly. You want to jump over the fireballs and land on him before he throws some more. You can also use some fireballs of your own or iceballs to make things a bit easier.

Sledge Brother

These bigger versions of the hammer brothers were a small part of Mario Bros. 3. They leap into the air normally and throw a few sledgehammers. They also stomp the ground, which will stun you briefly if you're also on the ground at the time. So, you should jump into the air before the sledge brother lands, just in case it's a stomp.


Amps are small electrified orbs that you need to avoid at all costs.

Dry Bones

These boney koopas just walk back and forth so they don't seem like much of a threat at first. If you jump on one, it crumbles into a pile of bones. However, a few seconds later the dry bones rebuilds itself and starts walking again. They are immune to fireballs, but an iceball allows you to stomp one or throw the ice cube away.


These fish are nothing but bones with yellow eyes. They swim horizontally until they spot you, then they pause and their eyes turn red. You need to swim out of the way as they rush in a straight line and shatter when they hit another object.

Cheep Cheep

These fish swim through the water in groups, but tend to follow basic patterns. Try to use fireballs or iceballs to make life easier around them. Spiky cheep cheep will swim after you as you get close, so swim fast and keep your distance if you can.


These sharp enemies can be frozen underwater. After they thaw, they sink down towards the bottom.

Huckit Crab

Huckit crabs throw dirt balls sideways at you. You can jump on the crabs directly or bounce off the dirt ball for a better chance at hitting them.


These mean looking guys hide up above and wait for someone to walk underneath them. They then come crashing down and try to crush you with their spikes. Try to look up to spot them early and approach slowly. This way you can bait them into falling before you're directly underneath, then run onward as they rise once more.


You didn't see much of these guys in Mario Bros. 3, but they're back and they still pull large spike balls out of their mouths and then throw them at you. Time your jumps carefully and jump on them in between throws so you don't land on the spike ball.


These enemies have spikes on top of their shell, so you can't jump on them. However, you can use Yoshi, fireballs or iceballs to get them out of your way.


This guy floats up high on a cloud and throws down spinys to make life difficult for you. If you can get up high enough, then you can either jump on him or use a shell, or fireball, or Yoshi, etc. This allows you to steal his cloud and fly for a brief period of time.


This guy jumps towards you and is made entirely of fire. So don't touch one and watch for its head growing and shrinking as it jumps. It's safer to run under one, than jump over most of the time.


Not to be confused with the penguin who advises that you PUT YOUR FACE INTO THE GLUE! This tall cactus just walks back and forth and gets in your way. Unlike the pokey in Mario Bros. 2, these pokey have spikes on their heads. If you use an iceball or Yoshi, then you should have an easier time with them. If you eat one with Yoshi when he has leaves, then you will get an item.

Chain Chomp

These metal orbs have sharp teeth and the only thing stopping them from biting you is a chain holding them to a post. Keep your distance and watch their pattern to see when they try to attack in between little hops. If you stomp down the post, then the chain chomp rushes off in the direction that it's facing.

Fire Chomp

These guys fly through the air and shoot fireballs at you. Each fireball removes one from their body until just the head is left over. Once the head is left over, it flashes and explodes. You can either wait for this to happen or jump on the head earlier to kill them. Oddly enough, you can kill them with fireballs as well.


These fiery bubbles jump straight up out of lava and can be removed with an iceball.


Penguins slide across the ground much like Mario in the Penguin Suit. If you jump on them twice or use the usual fireballs or iceballs, then you should be fine.

Bullet Bill

Bullet Bills get fired from cannons and fly in a horizontal line. They can be helpful in reaching higher places if you bounce off one. Similar to piranhas in pipes, a cannon won't fire a bullet bill if you're standing on top of it, or right beside it.


The boos are old favourites from Mario Bros. 3. These ghosts will stand still if you are facing them, but as soon as you turn your back, they approach you. Try your best to keep them in one spot by staring them down.


These walking bombs activate their timer as soon as you jump on one. So jump on one when it's in the right spot, or pick it up and place it where you need it to explode.


These old sea creatures tend to hide down low and swim up high quickly as you get close. After this they swim diagonally up in bursts after slowly sinking. Some of them have babies as well, that they send out in four directions to get you.


The rats travel in packs and run away when you attack one of them.


These mechanical koopas walk along until you jump on them. You can then throw the mecha-koopa before it comes back to life and starts moving again.


These yellow caterpillars have a flower on their head and walk back and forth. If you jump on one, then it loses its flower, turns bright red in colour and walks faster. Try to keep them happy if you can and give them some distance.


These bats lurk up high until you get close, then they swoop straight down and start flying across to you. As long as you keep an eye out for them, then you can avoid them pretty easily or bounce off of one to higher ground.

Rocky Wrench

Rocky Wrench was introduced far up high on the airships of Super Mario 3. They hide under a manhole cover until they're ready to throw a wrench at you. Your best bet is to jump on them once they lift the manhole off the ground a little and watch out for those flying wrenches!


Fuzzies are dark enemies with big eyes and teeth. They follow a track in mid-air and generally just get in your way. If you watch the track then you should know where they are going ahead of time. This way you can jump, duck or otherwise avoid them before it's too late.


Broozers are very aggressive and punch towards their target until they either hit their target or find a new one. You can use this to your advantage and get Broozers to punch through breakable blocks or bricks. Otherwise, you can jump on a Broozer three times to defeat it.


Crowbers are crows that swoop down to your level and fly straight across. Usually they attack in groups, but watch out for them and plan your jumps ahead of time.

Snow Brother

These guys have nothing to do with the snowmen in a different retro video game series. Rather they shoot iceballs at you usually two at a time before pausing briefly. You want to jump over the iceballs and land on them before they throw some more. You can also use some fireballs or iceballs of your own to make things a bit easier.

Fog Enemy

Fog enemies just stand in one spot and blow fog ahead in bursts to try and make it harder for you to see enemies, pits, platforms and other objects just in front of them.


These slow fish swim back and forth and light up dark sections of water. Try to keep them around so that you can see a bit better.


These creatures show light underneath them and hover in one spot. Once you swim under one, it sinks down towards you and slowly returns to its original height.


Here you can find the basics of the Map Screen and the Stages in the game.

Map Screen

You start the game on the Map screen, ready to decide where you should go next.

Map Screen Basics

The Map screen is where you move your character(s) and decide which stage you want to play, or which mushroom house, shortcut or warp cannon you want to use.

Each stage and shortcut on the map screen starts out as a flashing red circle once unlocked, otherwise it is black in colour. If you use the Super Guide to beat a stage, then it shows as solid red on the map screen. When you beat a stage without using the Super Guide, it shows as blue on the map screen. So ideally you want as many stages to be blue as possible.

Every map has a fortress halfway and a castle at the very end. Each of these stages are guarded by a boss and you get to save your game after beating them. Some worlds also have an airship after the castle.

You can see how many Star Coins you have found on each stage of a world by walking to it, or selecting Star Coins from the Plus menu to see a breakdown of all the Star Coins in the current world.

Mushroom Houses

In between the stages and shortcuts on the map of each world, there are three possible colours of mushroom houses, red, green and yellow. Each one lets you earn more lives or items as described below.

Red Mushroom House - Power-up Panels

There are 18 cards spread out over three rows (6x3) in this minigame. There are seven possible items to win by matching them up in pairs. There are also four cards that can end this minigame if you match up the two bowser cards or the two bowser jr cards. There's no need to remember the cards, because they stay face up as you choose them. So if any of the cards match, you get to keep the item, until you find a pair of the bad cards.

Green Mushroom House - 1up Blast

For this minigame, you want to choose a cannon that can line up a shot through multiple targets above. Hop in a cannon and tilt the remote to aim carefully, then fire yourself at the numbered balls in order to earn that many extra lives. Try to angle your cannon so that you will hit more than one target if possible.

Yellow Mushroom House - Power Star

There's no minigame in these mushroom houses. Simply open the chest that's waiting for you and collect the Power Star inside.


You can earn some items at the mushroom houses in between stages. These items get added to your collection. You can then use these items on the Map screen before you begin a stage to give you an advantage in that stage. Any item used in this way will affect all players in the multiplayer mode.


You can do a Quick Save at any point in the game which creates a temporary save on your file indicated with a balloon. As soon as you load this quick save the next time you play the game, it disappears! Which means that you HAVE to create another quick save before you quit playing the next time, or do a normal save instead. Quick saves are really to keep your progress temporarily, when you might not have the time to do a normal save.

A normal save is done by beating any Fortress, Castle or Airship in a world. Once you do this, you are asked if you want to save your game. You can also replay any Fortresses, Castles or Airships that you have already beaten in order to trigger another normal save.


Once you've chosen a stage on the Map screen, you get to play it and have some real fun.

Stage Basics

Each stage of the game has a time limit in the top right corner along with your score. If the timer runs out for a stage, then you lose a life. Your lives, coins and Star Coins are pictured in the top left. Once you run out of lives the game is over and a continue is used. You have unlimited continues, but the game keeps track of the number of continues that you have used.

You will reach a small flag at the midway point of each stage. If you lose a life after passing this flag, then you will start from the location of this midway flag on your next life, instead of playing back at the beginning of the stage.

At the end of the stage is a larger black Goal Flag. You complete the stage by jumping to this flagpole. The higher up that you land on the flagpole, the more points you get. If you manage to land at the top of the flagpole, you even get a 1up Mushroom for your trouble.

Some stages also have a red secret goal flag, so be sure to find both goals in those stages and reveal more of the world map.

There are little dancing/spinning flowers in some stages. If you shake the remote beside them you can get an extra coin. It's not much, but every little bit helps.

Once you've finished a stage, you can exit the same stage through the pause menu. This means that any coins and items that you collected during that next trip will be lost. You return to the map with the same status that you had when entering the stage. This can be a good way to avoid losing lives in the single player mode.

Be careful with crouching on tilted platforms or objects. If you're not expecting it, you can slide right off to your death.

Speed and Jumps

Since every stage has a timer, you don't want to be too slow or you will lose more lives. The run button is helpful for moving faster, but also for jumping farther and plowing through enemies when you have a Power Star. Go at your own pace, but once you get used to playing through stages faster, it should help you save time for those tricky sections where you really need it.

When running on flat ground, you won't fall into pits if they are one space wide.

Be careful with the remote, because if you move it too suddenly, you might trigger a spin jump when you didn't mean to. This is one of the main complaints with the game.

You can do a triple jump if you jump right as you land from a running jump and then repeat a second time.

For the most part, spin jumps are the same as regular jumps. Unfortunately they don't make you immune to landing on some enemies, like they did in Super Mario World.

Super Guide

If you lose eight lives on any stage (they don't have to be all in a row), then the next time you start the stage a green exclamation box will be at the start (you will also here a ringing sound). Hit the box and say OK to switch on the Super Guide. This lets the CPU play through the whole stage for you as Luigi.

You can also press the Plus button once you think you can finish the rest of the stage to take control once more. This still counts as using the Super Guide and you need to beat the stage completely on your own in the future, if you want it to count for real.

If you are trying to make the save file stars sparkle, then you need to beat every stage without the green box for the Super Guide even appearing.

Basically the Super Guide is kind of like handing the controller to your friend or sibling that can get past the tough parts in the game before handing it back to you.


When playing alone you can only play as Mario. In multiplayer the first player is still stuck with Mario, but the other players can choose to be either Luigi, a yellow Toad or a blue Toad.


When playing the single player mode, some stages will have a toad icon above them on the world map. This means that there is a Toad hidden somewhere in that stage.

As you play the stage you should hear him shouting when you get close. Hit the box to release the Toad, then pick him up like you would an ice cube, POW block or other item that can be carried. Toad can take one hit before the next one kills him, so be careful!

Go through the stage while carrying Toad and throw him on top of enemies if you want. Toad will follow you through any pipes that you take. Just be sure to touch the goal at the end while carrying Toad and pay attention to the right digit of the timer when you do. If the digit is 0-3, then a red mushroom house appears on the map. If the digit is 4-6, then a green mushroom house appears. Finally, if the digit is a 9, then a yellow mushroom house appears.


                           Bricklayer J. Gastronomy

You will find the walkthrough for the entire game in the sections below.

You could also just lose eight lives in a row and switch on the Super Guide by hitting a green exclamation box inside the stage, and have Luigi beat the stage for you. This would really be a convenient way of me ending the FAQ right here, but that's no fun right? ;)

The images will appear in groups with all three Star Coins for each stage and any secret goal for the stage will also be pictured.

World 1 - Peach Castle

Here you can spend the Star Coins that you've found so far to watch some hint movies and make the game easier. The available hint movies to buy are unlocked as you progress through the game.

World 1-1

Start by jumping on a pair of Goombas and hitting the blocks for some coins and a Propeller Mushroom up high. Go right across the spinning ground for more goombas and your first koopa. Head down the pipe in the middle of the moving ground (you may need to wait for a bit) to reach a small underground section.

Your first P Switch is in the middle of this room. When you jump on it, all bricks will become coins and all coins will become bricks for a short period of time. So in this room you want to jump up to the P Switch without grabbing many coins below. Hit the switch and quickly use the new bricks to reach the temporary coins above. Grab the lower coins once the switch wears off and go up the right pipe to get back above ground.

Attack the enemies to your left if you want the points and a few coins, then jump right past a pair of green pipes. Hit the middle brick up high if you want a pile of coins, then continue up the hill to the midway flag.

Slide down the hill to knock off some goombas and hit the blocks for some coins and a Propeller Mushroom. Use a spin jump to reach the first Star Coin above, then use another spin jump to follow the trail of coins through the air.

You can take the low path if you want a few coins, including a coin block in the second group of bricks. I recommend the high road for a red coin ring that leads to a simple pattern of eight red coins. Quickly grab them before they disappear to get an item for your trouble.

Do another spin jump for more coins and drop down to a moving section of the ground. Wait for a pipe to appear below and wait on top until you pass through a fake wall on your right. Collect 3 hidden 1up Mushrooms and a number of coins, then go back left and down the pipe. Use your wall-jump by moving towards the pipes as you touch them in mid-air, then press the jump button to jump off in the other direction. Repeat this to reach the second Star Coin, then return up the pipe to the surface.

Hit the brick in this hidden section to get a 1up Mushroom, then go back outside and make a note of what this fake wall looks like (this will make it easier to spot similar fake walls later in the game). Go up the next hill to a small fence in the background, then spin jump to the platform above with the arrow sign. Right above this platform is the third and final Star Coin for the stage. Slide down the hill and take a running jump to the Goal for the stage!

World 1-1

World 1-2

Slide down the hill to take out some goombas and enter a pipe.

Take your first Ice Flower from the item box and test it out on the goomba. The purple crystals in this stage rock back and forth constantly. Look up high for the first Star Coin and follow the other coins to your first POW Block. Either stomp it or throw it to kill a few enemies and loosen some coins.

Continue past a koopa and some piranha plants to reach your first Tilt Lift. Jump on to see it change to your colours, then tilt the remote to tilt the platform in the direction that you want. Take the Ice Flower above if you need it, then tilt the right end of the tilt lift up as you jump up and enter a pipe.

Jump up beside the lone brick to reveal two hidden blocks on each side, then jump up there and use a running jump to get one or more of the four coins in the middle. Hit the P Switch to swap the coins and bricks, then dodge the falling goomba and quickly jump up for the second Star Coin. Grab the remaining coins and take the next pipe back down.

Take a running slide (duck) under the bricks for some coins, then hit the midway flag.

Fight through more goombas and koopas as you pass an Ice Flower in the item box. Carefully jump across a pair of pits and stomp the bricks to enter a green pipe below.

Hit the POW block on your right to send all coins down to your level. Be sure to grab the third Star Coin that falls down while you're at it. Take out the goombas if you want the points and go up the next pipe. Jump past another piranha plant and use the tilt lift to get the red coins and a Fire Flower.

Enter the pipe and use a running jump with the next tilt lift to reach the goal!

World 1-2

World 1-3

Grab the coins and hit the block above the pipe that you can't quite enter just yet for another coin. Take out your first hammer brother while dodging his hammers (the small pipe after him has a 1up Mushroom inside when you're Mini Mario), then grab more coins and kill a goomba. The nearby item box has your first Yoshi, so jump on him before you start feeding him enemies. Eat a pair of fruits as you pass some goombas and coins, then jump to the first Star Coin above a pipe.

Eat a few more fruits while eating some goombas and koopas. Yoshi can't swallow the koopas' shells, so you want to spit it back out at the right time to knock out a few more enemies. The next item box also has a Yoshi in it, but this gets replaced with a Super Mushroom if you're already riding Yoshi. Take out another Hammer Brother, and try spitting his hammer back at him with Yoshi. Watch for the Piranha Plant as you reach the midway flag (use Mini Mario in the pipe just after to get some more coins underground).

Watch for more piranhas at the trio of green pipes, then walk through the wall and go down a yellow pipe.

Use a spin jump down here if you have the Propeller Mushroom. You can also jump with Yoshi, or bounce off of a friend in multiplayer to reach the second Star Coin. Go up the next pipe once you're ready to return.

Grab a Yoshi from the item box on your left and be careful of the next fire piranha as it spits pairs of fireballs. By eating this piranha with Yoshi, you can spit out a fireball as well. Jump up the trio of ledges and jump right to a hidden chamber in the wall.

World 1-3 - Secret Goal

If you want to reach the secret goal for this stage, then go back left to exit this chamber, then jump up and right off the top of the screen. Run right up here to get some coins and a 1up Mushroom, then enter a hidden pipe. From here you can get more coins and jump to the secret goal!

If you don't want the secret goal, then just skip the detour above and grab the coins inside the hidden chamber. Drop down the other side and eat the piranha, then jump to the third Star Coin above.

The hammer brothers are too big for Yoshi to eat, so kill or avoid the pair before you do a long jump to the normal Goal!

World 1-3

World 1 - Warp Cannon

You can reach this Warp Cannon by finding the secret goal in World 1-3, which is detailed above. Grab a few coins and enter the cannon to warp straight to World 5.

World 1 - Larrys Fortress

Go right up the platform for an Ice Flower and use it on the dry bones to get rid of him. Ride up and jump to the swinging platform, then take out another dry bones and jump up a pair of moving platforms to reach the ledge above. Grab the coins if you want and jump from the moving platform to the swinging one above for another Ice Flower. Carefully take a running jump left when the ledge pushing out of the wall starts to move, then take the first Star Coin above.

Carefully jump up a trio of swinging ledges while dodging a couple of dry bones, then jump to the small ledge on the right side. Wall-jump to reach a hidden chamber directly above you and take the second Star Coin inside, then use the midway flag on the next ledge.

Carefully jump on the left moving ledge above you, then quickly jump right and back left as the other ledges start to move. This way you shouldn't get squished and lose a life. Use precise timing to get the item that you want from the item box, then wait for the swinging platform to head for the right side of the room. Wall-jump from your left to reach the third Star Coin for this stage, then use the swinging platform to continue on.

The item box has a coin if you want it, otherwise watch the dry bones and jump up to a red coin ring for some red coins and an item. Jump up the swinging and moving platforms to reach the top of the stage, then grab a hidden 1up Mushroom from an item box beside the right wall. Take a Fire Flower from the left item box and enter the boss doors to face off against your first boss.

World 1 - Larrys Fortress

World 1 Boss - Larry Koopa 1

Watch for the pits on both sides of your platform and wait for Larry. He does a high jump or two and swings his wand before firing a slow-moving shot towards you. You want to either jump on him or hit him with about six fireballs.

Once you manage this, he starts spinning back and forth in his shell trying to hit you (the shell is also immune to fireballs). Be sure that you DON'T jump on top of his shell, as you will take damage this time (unlike jumping on these shells in Super Mario Bros. 3). Otherwise keep jumping over him until he returns to his original jumping and magic shot pattern.

After you jump on him twice more or roast him with 12 more fireballs, the fight is over! You are then asked if you want to save your progress, which you should do pretty much all the time.

World 1-4

Hit the goombas before taking an Ice Flower and some coins, then enter the pipe.

Swim past some cheep cheep and urchins to get another Ice Flower, then start whipping iceballs to freeze the enemies in your way and send them floating up to the surface. Swim past some bubble jets that either push you up or down, depending on where they are coming from. Go past more cheep cheep as you reach some more Ice Flowers and the midway flag.

Swim past an urchin and a pair of bubble jets, then freeze the cheep cheep on your left if you can. Otherwise, swim left and jump up out of the water and over him to reach the first Star Coin.

Grab the coins from the clams if you want and keep right for another Ice Flower. Freeze a cheep cheep just below the second Star Coin, and ride the ice cube up between the bubble jets to get the Star Coin.

Freeze the urchin above the next bubble jet and wait for him to thaw and block it, then grab the third Star Coin below.

Go down the green pipe and carefully take the 1up Mushrooms from the clams. Collect a Fire Flower from the left item box and a Power Star from the right box, then quickly swim up the next pipe.

Decide if you want to trade for the Ice Flower below or not, then watch out for some spiky cheep cheep among the regular kind up ahead. Grab the 1up Mushroom from the last clam if you want it, then enter the pipe.

Carefully bounce off the koopa to reach the goal!

World 1-4

World 1 - Goomba

When you run into the giant goomba on the map screen you get to play this battle against four of them. Each one that you jump on splits into a pair of medium goombas, and each of those splits into a pair of normal goombas. Fireballs make this much easier as the giant goombas don't split when burnt to a crisp.

You technically don't need to kill any of them, just grab the eight toad icons and the goombas will all disappear. Once you do this, you get three Super Mushrooms from the chest that appears.

World 1-5

Jump across some rotating squares and be ready to wall-jump if the surface is vertical when you touch it. Otherwise you want to jump carefully, quickly and often with these. Hit the item box for a Propeller Mushroom, then spin jump to a ledge above the blocks on tracks. Do a slide to hit the pair of bricks and reveal a beanstalk, then climb on up.

Collect some coins and jump below the first Star Coin to reveal some hidden coin blocks, then ride the left spinning block to reach the Star Coin. Hit the blocks if you want more coins, then follow the arrow back down.

Get ready to jump over the big green cube by jumping when you see the corner come closer. Take some coins and jump over the next green block to a ledge, then jump carefully left to a corner in order to get the second Star Coin.

Jump onto the giant screws nearby and shake the remote to wind one platform down and the other up. Repeat this to get across the gaps and do a spin jump up to a red coin ring and the midway flag just beyond.

Collect more coins and spin jump for some coin outlines, that reveal themselves as normal coins. Ride one of the next bricks around for a red coin ring, then jump past some koopas to the fourth spinning red block and do a spin jump to get the third Star Coin above you.

Work your way past another big green block to reach the goal!

World 1-5

World 1-6

Watch for koopas as you grab some coins on the spinning ground and take a Fire Flower. Jump right past more koopas and carefully bounce off a koopa paratroopa when he's mid-jump to reach the first Star Coin above. If that's too hard you can always come back as propeller Mario, or with a friend in multiplayer.

Hit the middle brick of the trio for a beanstalk, then climb up for an item choice box. Go back down the other pipe and bounce off a koopa to reach the second Star Coin.

Beware of some piranhas as you reach the midway flag just past some moving ground.

Watch out for koopas and goombas on the next spinning ground, then take a Fire Flower from the middle item box. Ride the ground left to jump on a small ledge under the midway flag, then walk through the wall and go down a pipe there.

Watch for falling goombas and jump to the third Star Coin on your right, then go back up the left pipe.

Watch for more goombas falling out of a pipe just ahead, then reveal a P Switch for some blue coins to collect. You can try to hit the next block from below for a 1up Mushroom, but it's pretty tricky. You're probably better off ignoring it and continuing right across some moving ground wheels to the goal!

World 1-6

World 1 - Larrys Castle

Ride the first gear for some coins and an Ice Flower while you meet a dry bones, then jump right past another gear and hide in the gaps of the gear above you so that you don't get squished. Ride the gear up to reach a ledge on your right with some off-screen coins. Drop down onto a smaller gear and jump for the first Star Coin.

Hide in the gaps of the gears on your right as you come to another Ice Flower and dry bones, then continue right past a few more gears to reach the midway flag. Go left of the midway flag a little and ride the top gear up to a hidden room with two 1up Mushrooms, some coins and a Propeller Mushroom.

Grab another Ice Flower from the right item box under the first thwomp, then take some coins from hidden item boxes under the second thwomp. Lure the third one to proceed and bait the giant thwomp into crushing the blocks below him. Carefully run into the small alcove with the second Star Coin once he moves back up. You don't need to duck down here even though the spikes are clearly passing through your head!

Bait the next pair of giant thwomps into smashing some blocks, then take the high road for a hidden 1up Mushroom between the coins, and the low path for some more coins. Run underneath a series of thwomps as you hit a red coin ring and start collecting the red coins. Don't stop running until you've reached the gears beyond, then jump carefully to the next ledge in order to dodge another thwomp. Dodge a big thwomp and keep right past some dry bones and gears, then get in the gaps of the big gear so that you don't get crushed against the ceiling. Ride one of the teeth down to reach a green pipe, then go inside.

Hit the P Switch on the ceiling and quickly do a running jump to the bricks. Do another running jump to the wall, then wall-jump left to the third Star Coin. Finally jump back across the bricks before they turn back into coins, and enter the yellow pipe.

Hit the hidden block between the coins for a Fire Flower, then enter the doors and go right to meet Larry once more.

World 1 - Larrys Castle

World 1 Boss - Larry Koopa 2

Larry has the same pattern here as the one he had when you fought him in the Fortress. He jumps once or twice, then fires a magic shot. The only differences are that the ground is now moving constantly, there are no pits, and Larry shoots two magic shots when you've injured him twice.

You still want to jump on Larry a total of three times, or hit him with three sets of about six fireballs to finish the fight. Try to stay on the high ground as this makes it easier to dodge his jumps and attacks and land your own, plus his shell gets stuck nicely in the lower sections.

Once the fight is over, you can grab your first key to end World 1!

Be sure to save your game and decide whether to collect any Star Coins that you missed in this world, or move on to the next World.

World 2-1

Listen and watch for a puff of sand before the geyser rises, then jump to it. Head right to get the Fire Flower in the mid-air item box if you want. Jump past more geysers to a narrow ledge and ride a geyser up to the first Star Coin.

The next two item boxes have a coin and 1up Mushroom before some goombas and more geysers. Take out the boomerang brother or avoid him to reach the midway flag.

Take a coin from the item box and keep right past more geysers and a piranha, then hug the left wall on your way down to reach the second Star Coin.

Continue right past more geysers and piranhas, then hit the left item box for a Fire Flower. Watch the red koopa paratroopa and note the second geyser that he passes over. You want to jump to this geyser, then quickly jump twice on him so that his shell lands on the geyser and you can pick it up. Now jump right with the shell to the third geyser and kick it right to the third Star Coin below.

Carefully jump past more geysers and koopas, then jump over another boomerang brother to reach the goal!

World 2-1

World 2-2

Take a Fire Flower from the item box and slide down the hill, then smash a pair of barrels and pick up the third. Throw it at the spike ahead while dodging his spike balls. Collect some coins from the item boxes and hit a P Switch, then quickly grab the blue coins and take out another spike.

Take more coins and an Ice Flower from the item boxes, then freeze Spike and jump above him for a hidden 1up Mushroom. Freeze a spiny and slide down the next hill, then ride the next platform up while you kick a shell into the other koopas. Take the Ice Flower up ahead and use the midway flag.

Go left to sink to the bottom of the quicksand. Hit the P Switch and fall down through all the coins, then enter the pipe at the bottom.

Go right and hit the question mark switch to reveal some platforms, then quickly jump up to the first Star Coin. Go back left and enter the pipe beside the wooden sign to leave this cavern.

Hug the wall on your right, then use a barrel to take out the next spike. Ride a platform down if you want a barrel to use on another spike, then use a running jump to hit the left brick of the group. This reveals a beanstalk that you can climb. So climb on up and ride the platform for a number of coins. Pick up the POW block and wait until you are under the second Star Coin. Use the POW block to shake all of the coins loose, then drop back down.

Go left past a spike to a green pipe, then enter for a Mini Mushroom. Run across the water as Mini Mario and do a wall-jump for more coins, then return through the pipe. Keep right across a group of platforms and go low to find a pair of barrels. Stomp them both to clear the way and enter the small pipe beyond.

Take another Mini Mushroom and hit the P Switch. Run across the water and wall jump back left for the third Star Coin before you enter the next pipe.

Go right to dispatch another spike on a moving platform, then take a running jump to the goal!

World 2-2

World 2-3

Watch out for the spiny and take a Fire Flower, then grab some coins and jump on top of the item boxes. Do a running jump left on top of the trees, then jump up from the left tree to get a 1up Mushroom before you enter the pipe.

Use the fireballs along with your own to help you see in this dark area. Shoot the piranhas up ahead and grab a Fire Flower from the right item box, then slide down a hill. Keep right and watch out for two firesnakes after a moving platform. Jump up the yellow blocks and take a running jump left, then run over the gaps and enter a pipe.

Hit the bricks from below to take out these spike tops, then hit the P Switch to get rid of the rest. Collect your coins and return to the cavern through the pipe.

Head right past more large blocks and keep low for a Power Star, then jump up and over for more big blocks. Drop down for the first Star Coin as you take out any firesnakes along the way.

Keep right and jump up more big blocks to reach some coins and the midway flag.

Carefully jump past some fire piranhas and moving platforms as you reach a fire brother. Drop down in between his fireballs and run left to get the second Star Coin.

Go back right to get a Fire Flower, then remove the fire brother and carefully jump past some big fire piranhas. Use a wall-jump from the top of the next hill instead of sliding down. This gets you to a ledge up above so that you can jump right and reach the third Star Coin and a pipe beyond.

Watch for the koopa as you jump up the steps, then leap to the goal on your right!

World 2-3

World 2 - Roys Fortress

If you want to make this stage a lot easier, then play it as Propeller Mario.

Climb the fence and jump up, then enter either door. Climb the tilt fence and tilt the left side of the remote up so the fence swings towards the P Switch. Collect the coins and go back through either door.

Jump up from the next fence and watch the dry bones while you take an Ice Flower. Walk through the right wall for some coins, then enter the door in the left wall for an item choice box.

Return to the main room and jump up the fences on either side. Watch for some purple magic shots occasionally as you continue your climb, then watch for the first Star Coin on your left and jump over to it once you can climb up and over to that side.

Go up past more fences and dry bones, then enter the door at the top to find the midway flag.

Run right past the dry bones to get the second Star Coin inside the wall.

Climb right and up over some spikes, before you climb up some more. Jump into the POW block to shake loose a pile of coins. Hug the right wall and jump for a hidden 1up Mushroom, then go up for an Ice Flower in the item box to use on more dry bones. Walk through the right wall between the dry bones to reach a door with a tilt fence and some red coins.

Go back through the door and continue your climb as you jump carefully left for the third Star Coin under some spikes.

Climb right and over some spikes to your left, then jump up to the doors and use them.

World 2 - Roys Fortress

World 2 Boss - Roy Koopa 1

Roy does one or two little jumps before doing a big jump and stomp. If you are on the ground when his stomp lands, then you will be stunned for a few seconds. So jump into the air, in order to keep moving safely. Roy fires a magic shot after the stomp that is easily jumped over.

Jump on Roy three times (and dodge the shell) to finish the fight, or hit him with three rounds of about six fireballs (same as Larry). After two of your hits, he will use two magic shots instead of one.