• Infinite Coin Fountain

    For this glitch, you will need to be able to access World 4's Castle. You will want to enter the house with the Ice Flower or Penguin Suit power-up. Go through the level as normal until you see Koopas crawling on gates you can flip.

    At the gate, face the direction in which you intend to fire the fireball, i.e. if you intend to throw the fireball to the right, face right. From this position, jump and latch onto the gate without looking in the other direction. As the Koopa approaches, jump, freeze him with a fireball, grab back onto the gate, and make it flip. The timing is rather precise, in that you need to be sure you flip the gate before the frozen Koopa touches the ground.

    For reasons unknown, the frozen Koopa will begin spewing an absurd number of Coins after. You can use this to easily grab large numbers of lives and points. Bear in mind that the Coins will cause the game to lag, but the game shouldn't freeze since Coins normally disappear over time. If positioned properly, you could even just latch onto the gate right above the frozen Koopa and idly obtain coins just by hanging there. You will gain a life every few seconds, and can easily max out your life count before the level timer empties out!

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

    2    2


  • Make Mushroom Houses appear

    If you see a level where a Toad is trapped, go into the level and save him. The type of Mushroom House that appears will depend on the last digit of the time counter.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit flag when the last digit of the time ends in a 9.
    Green Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit flag when the last digit of the time ends in a 0, 1, or 2.
    Red Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit flag when the last digit of the time ends in a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.

    Contributed By: TheMario91 and Sparx555.

    5    11

  • Make mushroom houses appear in multiplayer

    To get a mushroom house to appear in multiplayer, you simply need to clear the level when the time has the same 2 end digits next to each other when you touch the flag pole. Examples: 544, 322, 411. Depending on the two end digits, you will make different mushroom houses appear at the start point, as you would in single player when you save a Toad, only the digits are mostly red mushroom houses. Two zeros at the end will get you nothing. When you do this, you hear the original Super Mario Bros. level clear music and see a number of fireworks depending on what the last 2 digits are. 1 firework for 11, 2 for 22, and so on.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold Mushroom HouseTouch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 99
    Green Mushroom HouseTouch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 11 or 22 at the end
    Red Mushroom HouseTouch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, or 88

    Contributed By: PhoenixRush.

    7    5

  • Save Anywhere

    After you finish the final castle in World 8, you can save anywhere in the map. A Save option will appear where the Quick Save option used to be.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Save OptionBeat the game

    Contributed By: ratiosu728.

    4    5

  • Stars

    Fulfilling special tasks will award you stars on your save file.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sparkling StarsBeat the game without Super Guide appearing.
    Star 1Beat the game.
    Star 2Beat every normal level
    Star 3Collect all 207 star coins in the first 8 worlds.
    Star 4Collect all 24 star coins in world 9.
    Star 5Beat every level, find every secret goal and use all of the warp cannons.

    Contributed By: MBBDarigon.

    10    2

  • Unlockable levels

    After you beat the game, World 9 is unlocked. Collecting all Star Coins in a world unlocks the corresponding level.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Level 9-1Collect all Star Coins for World 1.
    Level 9-2Collect all Star Coins for World 2.
    Level 9-3Collect all Star Coins for World 3.
    Level 9-4Collect all Star Coins for World 4.
    Level 9-5Collect all Star Coins for World 5.
    Level 9-6Collect all Star Coins for World 6.
    Level 9-7Collect all Star Coins for World 7.
    Level 9-8Collect all Star Coins for World 8.

    Contributed By: Volt7x.

    6    16

Easter Eggs

  • Hatless Mario

    Collect 99 lives at any point during the game. Upon returning to the map screen, Mario will not be wearing his hat. Lose a life, and Mario's hat will return.

    Contributed By: PinkKitty.

    15    8

  • Original End Level Fanfare from Super Mario Bros.

    When you beat the first level of the game, as well as beat a level while rescuing a captured toadstool (1-player only) the old 8-bit end level fanfare will play from the first Super Mario Bros.

    Contributed By: _ChosenOne_.

    11    4


  • Free Coins from Dancing Flowers

    Every dancing flower will give you one coin if you Spin Jump (flick Wiimote upwards) from a Neutral position.

    Contributed By: narfboy2002.

    8    7

  • Unlimited Mushroom Houses

    Get five stars on your save file by beating the game, collecting all the star coins in worlds 1-8, all the star coins in world 9, finding all the exits from a level and using every mushroom house and cannon on the map and you'll get a message saying everything has been cleared. Mushroom Houses will never go away, letting you max out your items.

    Contributed By: Aero_Slasher.

    6    4

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