Five stars?

  1. I've collected every star coin, unlocked and used all cannons, unlocked all secret goals and I only have four stars. Is there anything i'm missing?

    User Info: shoshonte

    shoshonte - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If your Talking About the Five Stars that appear on your Profile, then you should look in GameFAQS' walkthrough for this game, it tells you but, to save you the time, here they are:
    1. Beat World 8 (warp cannons optional).
    2. Get all Star Coins in worlds 1 to 8.
    3. Get all Star Coins from world 9.
    4. Find all secret and normal goals and use all warp cannons and secret pipes.
    5. Find the normal goal in every stage.

    User Info: MitchellFarted

    MitchellFarted - 9 years ago 15   8

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