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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/02/2011
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2010

NOTE: A lot of people on the PS3 version seem to be having a problem with 
glitches.  Until (and if) Traveller's Tales decides to release a patch, let 
me give you one simple bit of advice.  If you collect something, WAIT FOR 
THE AUTOSAVE TO FINISH before moving on.  This will prevent 90% of any 
possible glitches.

      |                    |
      |                    |
      |   _    __  ____ __ |             ====================
      |  / /  / _//___//  /|            |  Y E A R S  1 - 4  |   
      | / /_ / _///  ///// |             ====================
      |/___//__//___//__/  | 
      |                    |
      |                    |
      |____________________|              _ __
         ___                             | '  \
    ___  \ /  ___         ,'\_           | .-. \        /|
    \ /  | |,'__ \  ,'\_  |   \          | | | |      ,' |_   /|
  _ | |  | |\/  \ \ |   \ | |\_|    _    | |_| |   _ '-. .-',' |_   _
 // | |  | |____| | | |\_|| |__    //    |     | ,'_`. | | '-. .-',' `. ,'\_
 \\_| |_,' .-, _  | | |   | |\ \  //    .| |\_/ | / \ || |   | | / |\  \|   \
  `-. .-'| |/ / | | | |   | | \ \//     |  |    | | | || |   | | | |_\ || |\_|
    | |  | || \_| | | |   /_\  \ /      | |`    | | | || |   | | | .---'| |
    | |  | |\___,_\ /_\ _      //       | |     | \_/ || |   | | | |  /\| |
    /_\  | |           //_____//       .||`      `._,' | |   | | \ `-' /| |
         /_\           `------'        \ |              `.\  | |  `._,' /_\
                                        \|                    `.\

                                         ASCII Art Courtesy of potterharry.net
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PS3 Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints/Tips
4. The World of Magic
   4A. Spell Wheel
   4B. Passive Skills
5. The Leaky Cauldron/Diagon Alley
6. Hogwarts Castle
   6A. Map of the Castle
   6B. Student Areas
   6C. Main Castle Areas
   6D. Classroom Areas
   6E. Outside Areas
7. Year One - The Sorcerer's Stone
   7A. The Magic Begins
   7B. Out of the Dungeons
   7C. A Jinxed Broom
   7D. The Restricted Section
   7E. The Forbidden Forest
   7F. Face of the Enemy
8. Year Two - The Chamber of Secrets
   8A. Floo Powder!
   8B. Dobby's Plan
   8C. Crabbe and Goyle
   8D. Tom Riddle's Diary
   8E. Follow the Spiders
   8F. The Basilisk
9. Year Three - Prisoner of Azkaban
   9A. News from Azkaban
   9B. Hogsmeade
   9C. Mischief Managed
   9D. The Shrieking Shack
   9E. Dementor's Kiss
   9F. The Dark Tower
10. Year Four - Goblet of Fire
   10A. The Quidditch World Cup
   10B. Dragons
   10C. The First Task
   10D. Secret of the Egg
   10E. The Black Lake
   10F. The Dark Lord Returns
11. Bonus Levels
   11A. Gringott's Bonuses
   11B. Final Bonus Area
12. Collectibles
   12A. Gold Bricks
   12B. Students in Peril
   12C. Red Bricks
   12D. Character Tokens
13. Characters *INCOMPLETE*
14. Miscellany
   14A. Trophies (Achievements)
   14B. How To Get 100%
   14C. Secret Codes
15. Standard Guide Stuff
   15A. Legal
   15B. E-mail Guidelines
   15C. Credits
   15D. Version Updates
   15E. The Final Word


Welcome, Hogwarts students!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Harry 
Potter: Years 1-4!  In this guide, you'll find the means to navigate the 
complex Wizarding world, and pass your first four years of Hogwarts with 
flying colors, also known as the "whimsical" years, before it all got real.  
Also found in this guide are tips on how to find all those elusive 
collectibles, as well as bios on all the characters, lists of extras, secret 
codes, etc.  So, wands out, because we're going on a magical adventure!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in June of 2010 based around 
 the first four Harry Potter books/films.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptors of Cartoon Violence 
 and Crude Humor.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: Absolutely.  All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no 
 blood, and all "dismemberment" is taken in a humorous stride.  You'll find 
 nothing more objectionable or scary than in the Harry Potter films.  As far 
 as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the gameplay is focused on 
 exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  The co-operative gameplay 
 style and forgiving difficulty is also a plus, as they allow parents and 
 kids alike to play together to solve the puzzles.

Q: How many people can play?  Can I play online with others?

A: Two, and no.

Q: Does this game more closely follow the books or movies?

A: The movies, in general.  The thing many people will notice first is the 
 soundtrack, taken directly from the films.

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Event?

A: Unfortunately, no.  You must complete a Story Event and be returned to 
 the main Hogwarts hub before your game will be saved.  On the other hand, 
 while in the main Hogwarts areas, or at the Leaky Cauldron, you can stop at 
 any time by selecting "Leaky Cauldron" from the pause menu (while at 
 Hogwarts), and then while at the Cauldron, selecting "Quit Game".  This 
 action will save your progress.  Your progress is also automatically saved 
 whenever you complete a Story Event or find a major collectible.  You'll 
 know the game is saving whenever you see Harry's head appear in the lower 
 left corner.

Q: I played as a character in a Story Event.  Why can't I use him/her?

A: Because that's not how it works in this game.  You need to find 
 Character Tokens before you will be allowed to purchase and use them.

Q: What can I do with objects with red sparkles?

A: You need a character that knows Dark Magic.  Most of them, you'll know 
 they have it because they have access to Avada Kedavra in their Spell Wheel, 
 but some don't have AK.  They are actually somewhat tough to come by, as 
 getting most of those characters requires already having dark magic, but 
 Lucius Malfoy only needs someone with Reducto, so he's probably the easiest.

Q: I found a glitch in my game!  Can I complain to you about it?

A: NO.  If you have a legitimate problem with the game AND what I describe 
 for how to beat that certain area is completely not working, then please 
 contact Traveller's Tales and explain the problem.  Be absolutely sure 
 what I've described is not working before doing so, because you honestly 
 just might be doing it wrong.

Q: Are you telling me there's no way out of the Charms Class Basement if 
 I get stuck?

A: Well, a fellow named "JonTT" (TT perhaps stands for Traveller's Tales) 
 discovered this method, which may work for you: http://twitpic.com/2560ve

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Left Analog Stick: Move your character.
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
X Button: Jump.
Square Button: Attack.  
 - For Muggles or Squibs, this is simply some kind of physical attack.
 - For magic-using characters, this will shoot sparks out of their wand.  
  Hold down Square and move the Control Stick to target your attack.  You'll 
  see a green circle around anything that you can strike when you pass the 
  cursor over it.
 - Holding down the Square Button can also use whatever appropriate spell is 
  necessary for the target.  For example, if your target reacts to Leviosa, 
  hold Square while targeting it and you will cast it.  This works even if 
  you don't have Levios as your Active Spell.
Circle Button: Active Spell.  Whichever spell your characters has active, 
  they will cast it.  Some spells require you to have a proper target 
Triangle Button: Shift Focus.
 - Tapping Triangle will change your focus to another nearby character.
 - Holding down Triangle will bring up the "Spell Wheel" on characters that 
  can use magic, allowing them to switch to a different active spell.
L1 and R1 Buttons: Quick-change Active Spell.  Also used during Free Play to 
  change characters.
L2 and R2 Buttons: Quick-change Active Spell.  This is not affected on 
  Free Play.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

Controls can slightly change depending on your situation.  If something 
specific changes per an event, I'll mention it in the walkthrough.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Music: Toggle music on/off.
Audio Volume: Adjust the volume of the audio.
Brightness: Adjust the screen's brightness
Screen V-Sync: Adjusts V-Sync, whatever that is.
Motion Blur: With this on, movement will result in a motion blur.


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased.
Exit: Return to Hogwarts if in a Story Event or to the Leaky Cauldron if in 

3C. Hints/Tips =

Blast freakin' everything.  Lay waste to the area and rack up an awesome 
stud total.  If you find an open area, just start shooting sparks in random 
directions and see what falls apart.  Remember your spells, too.  Especially 
Leviosa.  You can get some good studs from putting stuff together.

Studs are available in four denominations, each worth a different multiple of 
Silver - 10
Gold - 100
Blue - 1000
Purple - 10000

Studs can be hidden in the darnedest of areas.  Make sure to check behind 
things, including the "front wall".  You'll never know what could be hidden 
there until you check, because the camera angle sure won't let you know.


The Wizarding World is chock full of mystical and whimsical stuff to use to 
affect the world around you.  Here is a compilation of all the things you can 
do and learn.

4A. Spell Wheel =

Accessed by holding down Triangle and changed by pressing the L or R buttons, 
the Spell Wheel is your character's bank for their abilities.  Not all these 
abilities are proper spells; sometimes they're just magical items.

Many are learned by progressing through the story events.  Others can be 
purchased from Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley.  Keep in mind 
that certain spells will only work with certain characters.

Wingardium Leviosa -
 The most basic spell in the game, apart from sparks shooting.  This spell 
 allows you to manipulate your environment.  Any object that can have Leviosa 
 cast upon it will have a purple aura surrounding it when you target it.  
 Many objects just require you to hold down the button and they will be 
 manipulated on their own, but a few will require you to do the moving 
 yourself, which is done with the Left Analog Stick.
- Can be used by most anyone in the game that has magic powers.  You'll first 
 get exposure to it when controlling Hagrid in the first Story Event.  All 
 students will learn it following the first Charms class.

Scabbers -
 This summons Ron's pet rat, Scabbers, who will then be controlled by the 
 player.  Scabbers can crawl into small pipes along the walls to reach things 
 humans can't.
- Only Ron can use Scabbers, up until Year Three.

Lumos - 
 This spell creates a ball of light at the tip of the character's wand.  It 
 can be used to light up a dark area, but also to repel large growths of 
 vines.  Activate Lumos, then walk up to the creepers to make them shrink 
- All students learn this in the second Charms class after the "Out of the 
 Dungeons" Story Event.

Lumos Solem -
 An upgrade to the basic Lumos, this allows one to direct a shot of sunlight.  
 This is specifically useful against the smaller focused Devil's Snare that 
 seems to live within gold circles.
- All students learn this in their first Herbology class after the "Out of 
 the Dungeons" Story Event.  Adult magic-users can already use it.

Invisibility Cloak -
 A cloak that used to belong to his father, Harry receives this as a 
 Christmas present during his first year.  Wearing the cloak makes Harry 
 completely invisible, but does make him move more slowly.  He can use the 
 cloak to sneak past people blocking his way, like prefects.
- Harry gets this cloak following the "A Jinxed Broom" Story Event.

Transfiguration -
 This base-level spell allows the caster to turn his target into a small 
 animal for a short time.  It's not particularly useful in the grand scheme 
 of things.
- All students can learn this in their first year not as a part of the story, 
 but as a sidequest.  In the Classrooms Hall area of Hogwarts (the area that 
 leads to the Potions class), there's a prefect blocking a flight of stairs.  
 Sneak past him with the Cloak on and you can enter the classroom.

Immobilus -
 The Freezing Charm is used within the confines of this game as a means of 
 trapping and dispelling Pixies.  Pixies are little blue winged things, and 
 you'll generally find them holding items out of reach.  Cast this spell at 
 them once to entrap them, then again to defeat them.
- All students will learn this in their second year in a Defense Against the 
 Dark Arts class after they learn Mandrake Handling.  Adult magic-users can 
 already use it.

Expelliarmus -
 The Disarming Charm is used to knock a foe's weapon out of his hands.  In 
 the context of this game, it's really not used for much, not when shooting 
 regular sparks is just as useful for defeating enemies.
- All students will learn this in their second year in the Great Hall's 
 Dueling Club after the Story Event "Dobby's Plan".  Adult magic-users can 
 already use it.

Crookshanks -
 Hermione buys this cat (who is actually half-Kneazle, a magical creature) 
 at the beginning Year Three.  Crookshanks serves as a combination of 
 Scabbers and Fang, in that he can climb up pipes on the wall and dig in 
 the ground.
- Only Hermione can use Crookshanks starting at Year Three.

Riddikulus -
 This is a specific charm used in defense against a boggart.  A boggart is 
 a magical creature that has no form until it sees someone, whereby it takes 
 the form of that person's worst fear.  Using Riddikulus will cause the 
 boggart to adopt a humorous appearance and defeat it.
- Every student EXCEPT for Harry learns this in Year Three following the 
 "News From Azkaban" Story Event.  Adult magic-users can already use this.
- Also, just for kicks, it's worth mentioning that many characters have 
 specific views of boggarts and corresponding Riddikulus.  Most characters 
 will see Lord Voldemort, after the charm they'll see him as a mewling baby.  
 Here are some specifics:
  Harry: Dementor (no Riddikulus)
  Ron: Giant Spider (falls over on rollerskates)
  Hermione: McGonagall telling her she's failed everything (presents her the 
   House Cup)
  Neville Longbottom: Professor Snape (in his grandmother's clothes)
  Parvati and Padma Patil: Cobra (Jack in the box)
  Professor Lupin: Full Moon (floats away like a balloon)
  Lord Voldemort: Harry (dead Harry)

Expecto Patronum -
 The Patronus charm is an advanced spell that conjures up a person's positive 
 feelings and uses them as a weapon, specifically against dementors.  In 
 advanced stages, it will manifest itself in the form of an animal that 
 represents its caster.
- As far as students are concerned, only Harry will learn the Patronus Charm, 
 after the "Mischief Managed" Story Event.  Adult magic-users can already 
 use this.  Yes, even dark magic users.

Reducto -
 The Reductor Curse is a destructive spell that breaks things apart.  In the 
 game, it is used against shiny objects as a more powerful destructive spell.
- All students learn this in Year Four after the "Dragons" Story Event.  
 Adult magic-users can already use this.

Trevor - 
 This is Neville Longbottom's toad, which is honestly not particularly useful, 
 but it does have Scabbers-like qualities, in that he can crawl around pipes.
- Only Neville Longbottom can use Trevor.

Animagus -
 Certain magic-users have mastered Transfiguration to the point where they 
 can change into animal form.  This animal form allows them talents that are 
 unavailable to them as humans.  The following characters are Animagi and 
 can change:
- Professor McGonagall can turn into a cat (crawl through pipes and digging)
- Sirius Black can turn into a dog (digging)
- Peter Pettigrew can turn into a rat (crawl through pipes)
- Rita Skeeter can turn into a bettle (crawl through pipes)
- Professor Lupin can turn into a wolf (digging), this is naturally not 
 being an Animagus, but a lycanthrope

Avada Kedavra -
 The worst of the three Unforgivable Curses, the Killing Curse manifests as 
 a great flash of green light that, once it hits its target, causes instant 
 death.  Only one person has ever survived the curse: Harry Potter, when he 
 was one year old.
- Only dark magic users have access to this curse.  The specific characters 
 who can use it are Lucius Malfoy, Death Eater, Macnair, Barty Crouch Junior, 
 Professor Quirrell (Voldemort), Tom Riddle, and Lord Voldemort.


This next list of spells are ones you can buy from Wiseacre's Wizarding 
Equipment in Diagon Alley.  I'll say right at the outset that none of these 
spells are necessary to beat the game, and most of them aren't even that 
useful.  For all spells but the last one, these will be go into your "red" 
spell slot (the same one occupied by Transfiguration and Expelliarmus).  
When you have your red spell as the active one, the spells will cycle about 
every second through a list, and whichever icon is visible on display will 
be the one cast.  Most of these are in place just for a laugh.

I WILL say however, that if you're going for trophies, it might be a good 
idea to buy Glacius first and only Glacius.  There is a trophy associated 
with freezing 20 people with this spell, and it's far simpler to have it 
on a short rotation list rather than a long one.

Slugulus Eructo -
 Price: 500,000
 This will cause the recipient to stop for a moment to puke up a slug.

Multicorfors -
 Price: 50,000
 This will change the color of the victim's shirt.

Rictusempra -
 Price: 65,000
 This is a ticklng charm that will cause the victim to break out in laughter.

Entomorphis -
 Price: 80,000
 This hex turns the victim into an insect-like person for a short time.

Tarantallegra -
 Price: 75,000
 This jinx is used to cause the victim's legs to start dancing uncontrollably.

Locomotor Mortis -
 Price: 30,000
 This jinx ties up the victim's legs.

Redactum Skullus - 
 Price: 10,000
 This hex shrinks the victim's head.

Colovaria -
 Price: 75,000
 This spell removes the victim's hair.

Calvorio -
 Price: 20,000
 This spell changes the victim's hair color and style.

Anteoculatia -
 Price: 95,000
 This jinx turns a person's hair into antlers.

Herbifors -
 Price: 15,000
 This spell causes flowers to sprout from a person's head.

Glacius - 
 Price: 110,000
 This spell encases its victim in ice.

Incarcerous -
 Price: 100,000
 This spell ties up victim's body in ropes.

Flipendo -
 Price: 125,000
 This charm completely flips over its victim.

Trip Jinx -
 Price: 40,000
 This jinx causes the recipient to trip and fall over.

Stupefy -
 Price: 150,000
 The Stunning Spell is used to daze its victim for a moment.

Engorgio Skullus -
 Price: 10,000
 This hex swells up its victim's head.

Accio -
 Price: 4,000,000
 The Summoning Charm is unique among the rest of these spells.  Not only is it 
 the most expensive thing you can buy, but it actually replaces Wingardium 
 Leviosa.  It also has a slight bit of use in the game.  If you target a 
 potion component lying on the ground, you will summon it to your hand, saving 
 you a walk.  You can't just target any item, mind you; just ingredients for 

4B. Passive Skills =

These are talents that do not need to be actively selected.  Your character 
will have an inherent ability and you can use that character to apply that 
ability.  Many of these are relatively unique to certain characters.

Also in this list are potions: Potions are based around cauldrons that pop up 
all over the Hogwarts campus.  In order to use any potion, you first must 
collect the requisite ingredients.  Models of those ingredients can be seen 
floating around the cauldron itself, and the ingredients can ALWAYS be found 
in the same area as the cauldron, although you may not always have the means 
to get to them right away.


Student Access -
 You know, I didn't even consider this the first time writing the guide, 
 but this is technically a skill to be concerned about.  Students in Hogwarts 
 have access only to their own Common Room.  If you wish to access a 
 different Common Room, you'll need to use the Polyjuice Potion to change 
 into a student of that House.  This is further implemented in certain 
 places where you'll find portraits that only react to students of a certain 
- Gryffindor Access: Harry, Ron, Hermione, and everyone on the character 
 list from Katie Bell to Gryffindor Girl.
- Slytherin Access: Everyone on the character list from Draco Malfoy to 
 Slytherin Girl, plus Voldemort.
- Ravenclaw Access: Everyone on the character list from Padma Patil to 
 Ravenclaw Girl.
- Hufflepuff Access: Everyone on the character list from Justin Finch-
 Fletchley to Hufflepuff Girl.
- Total Access: Professor Dumbledore, Dobby
NOTE: This may not be 100% complete, but it should suffice for the 
 average player's purposes.  Let me know if you find any others, particulary 
 any more "total access" people.

Strength -
 The character has particular strength of muscle beyond the average human.  
 With this ability, one can readily pull on large chains that exist in the 
 field.  There is also a potion that can replicate this (see below).
- Used by: Hagrid, Fang, Viktor Krum

Goblin Key -
 The character, being a goblin, has access to locks and the secrets behind 
 them, particularly at Gringott's Bank.
- Used by: Griphook

Rune Book -
 The character carries with them a blue book.  This allows them to read 
 rune cabinets in the game.  They need to stand in front of the cabinet and 
 press Circle.  The four runes will light up in a particular order, and you 
 need to match that to open the cabinet.
- Used by: Hermione, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall

Strength Potion -
 This appears as a yellow potion in a black cauldron.  To activate the 
 cauldron, you need to throw in the three ingredients: a purple thing that 
 I call a "thorn blossom", a "bone arm", and a "snake fang".  With all 
 three of these, press Circle next to the bubbling cauldron and you'll 
 suddenly have the strength to pull chains.
- This is learned in your first Potions Class, after the "Out of the 
 Dungeons" Story Event.

Broomstick Riding -
 The character can hop on any vacant broom and ride it around as a vehicle.  
 Brooms tend to be found only in particular areas and situations.  Also, be 
 wary that different characters have different levels of skill on brooms.
- Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn this skill after their first Flying Lesson 
 following the Story Event "Out of the Dungeons".  Of the three, Harry has the 
 most skill and can fly upwards.  Most other characters that have magic can 
 use brooms like Harry can.

Dig -
 The character can dig at spots that appear to be brown LEGO mounds with blue 
 paw marks floating out of them.  Press Square near those patches to dig.
- Used by: Fang, Hermione using Crookshanks, Neville Longbottom, Professor 
 Sprout, Sirius Black transformed, Professor McGonagall transformed, Filch 
 using Mrs. Norris, Professor Lupin transformed

Crossbow -
 This is technically on the Spell Wheel for Hagrid, but it's really not a 
 spell, so I'm putting it here.  There's not much to it, really.  It's just 
 something that harms enemies, like a wand that can shoot sparks but nothing 
- Used by: Hagrid (in certain Story Events ONLY)

Mandrake Handling - 
 With this ability, you can go to unmarked cupboards and collect earmuffs 
 from them.  With these earmuffs, you can safely pick up baby Mandrake plants 
 and carry them around.  You can then steer the shrieking to clear blue 
 glass objects to shatter them, or you can take the Mandrake to a pot and 
 press Circle to pot it and get it out of the way.
- This is learned in the Herbology lesson in Year Two, right after the "Floo
 Powder!" Story Event.
Parseltongue - 
 The ability to speak to snakes is a rare one, and most people associate it 
 with dark magic since Salazar Slytherin was famous for it.  With this 
 ability, if you see doors that have snakes pop out of them, you can speak to 
 them using Circle and they'll activate something.
- Harry realizes this ability after the Dueling Club event in Year Two, 
 after the "Dobby's Plan" Story Event.  The only other character who can use 
 it in this game is Lord Voldemort, in any of his three characters.

Polyjuice Potion -
 A rather complex potion that is brewed to change whoever drinks it into 
 another person's form entirely.  These potions are found in gold cauldrons 
 with green goo inside them.  The ingredients for the potion are a cherry, 
 an apple, and some hair.  With the potion ready, press Circle next to it 
 and you can turn yourself into any character you've already purchased.  You 
 will remain as that character indefinitely and have all their skills and 
 talents.  The only thing that will automatically change you back is going 
 to the next cutscene or Story Event.
- This is learned in Year Two by visiting the Potions class after the Dueling 
 Club event.

Time Turner - 
 This rare magical device is used to turn back time for its wearer.  It was 
 given to Hermione Granger in her third year so she could take a larger 
 course load at school.  In this game, using the Time Turner on grandfather 
 clocks will turn back time so you can search the area for other useful 
- Although Hermione received this at the beginning of Year Three, she won't 
 use it until after the Story Event "The Shrieking Shack".

Ageing Potion - 
 This bluish potion is used to give the drinker the appearance of having 
 aged considerably.  For the purposes of this game, one uses the potion to 
 cross an "Age Line", which is a hazy blue circle on the floor.  The 
 ingredients for this potion are a banana, a palm frond, and an orange 
- This is learned in Year Four not long after the Story Event "The Quidditch 
 World Cup".
- There are also several characters who can cross Age Lines without needing 
 to use the potion.  Among those are Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Professor 

Mrs. Norris -
 Well, it's technically a passive skill, since Filch doesn't have a spell 
 wheel, but you can toss out Mrs. Norris by pressing the Circle button
- Used by: Filch

Dark Magic -
 This is an adapter to the Leviosa spell.  Having knowledge of dark magic 
 allows the caster to use Leviosa on black objects with red sparkles.  
 Also, if the caster uses the spell on a human, they will be affected with 
 the Cruciatius Curse.
- Used by: Lucius Malfoy, Death Eater, Macnair, Barty Crouch Junior, Peter 
 Pettigrew, Professor Snape, Professor Quirrell (Voldemort), Tom Riddle, and 
 Lord Voldemort


This area is the "base" hub of the game, which is to say that this is where, 
like in other LEGO games, you can purchase game-related things.  

In case you're unfamiliar with video game terms, a "hub" is basically an 
area that leads to multiple other areas, but it somewhat a mission in and of 

There is also no story-specific action that takes place in this hub, except 
for the very beginning of the game, but that actually takes place in a 
slightly changed version of the setting.  Suffice to say that whenever you 
opt to return to the Leaky Cauldron through the menu, you'll be deposited in 
this area.


Leaky Cauldron - 
 There are five major points of interest in the inn itself.

Main Door: This is in the near right corner, and appears as a sort of glowing 
 doormat.  Step on it and you'll be asked if you want to "Continue Story", 
 which will either send you back to Hogwarts or to the next Story Event, 
 depending on the circumstances that you left.

Notice Board: These are your means for replaying old Story Events, either 
 going through the Story again or in Free Play Mode.  They appear on the post 
 in the inn, and also have glowing doormats in front of them.  Step on them 
 and you'll be allowed to select your Story Event.  After which, you'll 
 select Replay Story or Free Play Mode.

Cinema Room: Go up the stairs and through the door on the landing to find a 
 back hallway leading to a room where you can view all cinematics you've seen.

Back Door: On the back wall on the main floor is the exit to Diagon Alley.

Basement: Once you learn Reducto, you can blast the basement door, which 
 leads to the area where you build kits using the Gold Bricks you've earned 
 in Story Events.  Finishing each of these will earn you an extra Gold Brick.


Diagon Alley -
 The alley itself has little for you to do, but is mostly access to all the 
 other areas.  You start on the left and you'll find open shops as you proceed 
 to the right.  First is Madam Malkin's, next is Wiseacre's Wizarding 
 Equipment, then Eeylops Owl Emporium.  At the end of the street is 
 Gringott's.  Once you get Reducto, blast the metal gate at the bottom and 
 you'll be able to go to Knockturn Alley.


Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions -
 This area serves two purposes.

Character Purchase: At the counter, you can purchase any extra characters you 
have collected tokens for.  These characters can then be used in a Free Play 
run of a Story Event, or you can change into them using a Polyjuice Potion.

Custom Character: Go through the changing room in the back to find the area 
where you can create custom characters.  These characters can be used in a 
Free Play run of a Story Event.

CHARACTER TOKEN (Harry (Tuxedo)) - Open the right-hand changing curtain to 
 find a changing wizard as well as the token.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hermione (Ballgown)) - Use Leviosa on the robes on the floor 
 to put them together and receive the token.


Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment -
 This area also serves two purposes.

Spell Purchase: There's a selection of spells for sale that do not appear in 
 the game as story-based spells.  Most of them are relatively useless and 
 are only for comedic effect, but there are a few that could prove useful.  
 All of them are described in the Spells section above.

Secret Codes: If you find a secret code, head up the stairs and you'll be 
 allowed to input it.


Eeylops Owl Emporium -
 This area ALSO serves two purposes.

Gold Brick Purchase: There are twelve Gold Bricks that you can purchase from 
 the count here (assumedly to round out the total to 200).  The first Brick is 
 completely free, while the rest increase in value by 100,000 for each one.  
 Kinda pricey, eh?

Red Brick Purchase: Picking up Red Bricks in your travels and depositing them 
 with owls will bring them to the upstairs owlery for purchase.  These are 
 your Extras, and once you buy them, you'll be able to activate them on the 
 Pause Menu.  A full list of Extras (and how to find them) is available later 
 in the guide.

GOLD BRICK - I'm sorry, there are THIRTEEN Gold Bricks in Eeylops.  Blast the 
 cage in the back and use Leviosa to put together a sweeper machine.  Hop 
 on and sweep all over the shop.  You need to clean up the gray dust on the 
 floor, and it's not all that easy to see, but it's there.


Gringott's Wizarding Bank
 You guessed it.  Two purposes.

Bonus Levels: Ten bonus levels are available to play, and you need a certain 
 number of Gold Bricks to play each one.  Five for the first, and five more 
 for each one, up to forty-five for the last one.  You don't "spend" Gold 
 Bricks to access these, so don't worry about using them up.  Just get up to 
 forty-five total and you'll be all right.  For each bonus level you pass, 
 you get a Gold Brick.

Level Builder: Once you beat a bonus level, you can then access it again 
 in the Builder to adjust it or start from scratch, and make your own fun 
 times.  I went into detail on how to work the builder in my LEGO Indiana 
 Jones 2 guide, so search for that if you want info on that, but really, 
 experience and trial and error is the best teacher for creating good stuff.


Knockturn Alley -

This can only be reached once you get Reducto and can blast the metal gate 
in Diagon Alley.  You can enter Borgin & Burke's at the end.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Igor Karkaroff) - Leviosa the planks from the wheelbarrow 
 to make stairs to reach this.
CHARACTER TOKEN (The Bloody Baron) - Once the wheelbarrow is cleared, stand 
 on it, then zap it to be launched up.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Shifty Wizard) - Blast the chest with the vines, then stand 
 on the table to be launched up.


Borgin & Burkes -

This is where the 200 Gold Brick Challenge sits.  Also, you can blast the 
chest with fangs on the far left side and jump down into it to find a bunch 
of studs.
GOLD BRICK - Right behind the counter.


Unlike the Leaky Cauldron, Hogwarts is more of a "story" hub.  Many Story 
Events are accessed from walking around Hogwarts.  You will also attend 
classes and learn and find new things.  This section will describe Hogwarts 
room by room.  Note that things may change as you progress through the story, 
but nothing is ever "lost forever".  You can also find info on how to find 
extra collectibles here.  For specific events and walkthroughs to get from one 
Story Event to another, see the walkthroughs specific to each Hogwarts year.

6A. Map of Hogwarts =

This is a bit crude, but it gives you a basic idea of how the rooms set up.  
Note that I haven't been completely accurate as to "direction" with the 
connections.  I'll take it into more detail in the individual sections.


Student Areas

  ==========   ==========  ==========  ==========
  = SlyDrm =   = HarDrm =  = HufDrm =  = RavDrm =
  ==========   ==========  ==========  ==========
       |           |           |           |
  ==========   ==========  ==========  ==========
  = SlyCom =   = GryCom =  = HufCom =  = RavCom =
  ==========   ==========  ==========  ==========
       |           |           |           |
  ==========       |       ==========  ==========
  = SlyDor =       |       = HufDor =  = RavTow =
  ==========       |       ==========  ==========
       |           |           |           |
       |           |           |           |
       |           -==========--           |
       -------------= UppHal =--------------
                         ---- To Grand Staircase

 GryCom = Gryffindor Common Room
 HarDrm = Harry's Dorm
 HufCom = Hufflepuff Common Room
 HufDor = Hufflepuff Door
 HufDrm = Hufflepuff Dorm
 RavCom = Ravenclaw Common Room
 RavDor = Ravenclaw Dorm
 RavTow = Ravenclaw Tower
 SlyCom = Slytherin Common Room
 SlyDor = Slytherin Door
 SlyDrm = Slytherin Dorm
 UppHal = Upper Hallway


Main Castle Areas

                        = GrtHal =
                        ==========   ==========   ==========
                        = GrtFoy =---= ResCor =---= BoyRes =      
                        ==========   ==========   ==========
                             |   ---To Courtyard Path
     ==========              |   |            
     = Librar =-----------   |   |            ---To Upper Hallway
     ==========          |   |   |            |
         |               ==========    ==========    ==========
     ==========    ------= EntHal =----= GraSta =----= DumOff =
     = ResSec =    |     ==========    ==========    ==========
     ==========    |                       |
                  To Classrooms Hall   ==========
                                       = MugArt =
 BoyRes = Boys' Restroom
 DumOff = Dumbledore's Office
 EntHal = Entrance Hall
 GraSta = Grand Staircase
 GrtFoy = Great Hall Foyer
 GrtHal = Great Hall
 Librar = Library
 MugArt = Muggle Artifacts Room
 ResCor = Restroom Corridor
 ResSec = Restricted Section


Classroom Areas
(Arrows are one way trips)
                       v<<<<<<<<<= PenUpp =             
                  ==========     ==========
                  = PenLow =           ^
                  ==========           ^
                       v         ==========  
                       >>>>>>>>>>= DACla1 =
               ==========        ==========                  ==========
             <<= Dungen =         |    |                     = TrCla2 =
             v ==========         |    |   ==========        ==========
             v     |              |    |   = PoCla2 =             |
 ==========  v ==========  ==========  |   ==========        ==========
 = ChBas1 =  v = ChBas2 =  = GearRm =  |       |       ------= TrCla1 =
 ==========  v ==========  ==========  |   ==========  |     ==========
      |      v     ^                   |   = PoCla1 =  |
 ==========  v ==========  ==========  |   ==========  |     ==========
 = ChCla1 =  >>= ChCla2 =  = DACla2 =  |       |       |     = DivCla =
 ==========    ==========  ==========  |       |       |     ==========
      |            |          |        |       |       |          |
      |        ==========   ==============================   ==========
      ---------= ChClPa =---=           ClaHal           =---= NoToCo =
               ==========   ==============================   ==========
                              |                                  |
           To Entrance Hall----             To Clock Tower Courtyard (One Way)
 ChBas1 = Charms Basement 1
 ChBas2 = Charms Basement 2
 ChCla1 = Charms Class 1
 ChCla2 = Charms Class 2
 ChClPa = Charms Class Path
 ClaHal = Classroom Hall
 DACla1 = DADA Class 1
 DACla2 = DADA Class 2
 DivCla = Divination Class
 Dungen = Dungeon
 GearRm = Gear Room
 NoToCo = North Tower Courtyard
 PenLow = Pendulum Room Lower
 PenUpp = Pendulum Room Upper
 PoCla1 = Potions Class 1
 PoCla2 = Potions Class 2
 TrCla1 = Transfiguration Class 1
 TrCla2 = Transfiguration Class 2


Outside Areas

 ==========   ==========   ==========
 = OwlPat =---= Owlery =---= OwlTow =
 ==========   ==========   ==========
 ==========   ==========
 = BacCor =   = CloTow =
 ==========   ==========                             ==========
     |         |                                     = QuiGat =
     |   -------     ---To Entrance Hall             ==========
     |   |           |                                   |
 ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========
 = ClToCo =---= CorPat =---= Garden =---= CovBri =---= ForPat =---= HagGar =
 ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========
     |                                                   |
 ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========
 = GrnPth =---= HerCla =---= BehGrn =---= Grnhs2 =   =  Lake  =
 ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========   ==========
     |                         | 
 ==========                ========== 
 = FlLeGr =                = Grnhs3 =
 ==========                ========== 

 BacCor = Back Courtyard
 BehGrn = Behind Greenhouse
 CloTow = Clock Tower
 ClToCo = Clock Tower Courtyard
 CorPat = Courtyard Path
 CovBri = Covered Bridge
 FlLeGr = Flying Lesson Grounds
 ForPat = Forest Path
 Garden = The Garden
 Grnhs2 = Greenhouse 2
 Grnhs3 = Greenhouse 3
 GrnPth = Greenhouse Path
 HagGar = Hagrid's Garden
 HerCla = Herbology Class
 Lake   = The Lake
 Owlery = Owlery
 OwlPat = Owlery Path
 OwlTow = Owlery Tower
 QuiGat = Quidditch Gate 

6B. Student Areas =

Harry's Dorm - 
 This is Harry's room that he shares with Ron, Dean Thomas, and Seamus 
 Finnigan.  The only exit is to the right, leading to the Common Room.
GOLD BRICK - Blast away the four bed canopies.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ron (Hogwarts)) - Blast the chest near the exit door.
RED BRICK (Fall Rescue) - Use Leviosa on the plant on the left side of the 
 room, then blast the suitcase.  Take the Red Brick and give it to the owl.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Dean Thomas) - Use the Time Turner on the clock, then blast 
 the suitcase to the left.
GOLD BRICK - Use the Time Turner on the clock, blast open the large chest, 
 and hop inside.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Seamus Finnegan) - Once you have Reducto, use the Time Turner 
 and then blast the shiny lock.

Gryffindor Common Room -
 Where all Gryffindors can relax and chat together.  Harry's Dorm can be 
 accessed on the left side, while the right side door heads to the Upper 
STUDENT IN PERIL - Cast on the boy sleeping on the couch and he'll get 
 sucked in, then spat back out in an odd shape.  Continue casting at him and 
 he'll be restored.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Gryffindor Boy) - Behind the couch.

Upper Hallway -
 An open hallway leading to several common rooms.  The portrait of the Fat 
 Lady can be spoken to to open the way into the Gryffindor Common Room.  The 
 main exit from this area is the stairs leading down near the Slytherin 
 Common Room.
GOLD BRICK - There are five banners hanging on the walls here from various 
 Houses.  Blast all five.

Hufflepuff Door -
 The door to the Hufflepuff Common Room, which is found near the Upper 
 Hallway, can only be accessed once you learn Immobilus, so you get rid of the 
 Pixie and attach the crank to the door.  Of course, you can't get through the 
 painting if you're not a Hufflepuff.
STUDENT IN PERIL - There's a Mandrake going nuts in the room.  Get your 
 earmuffs and repot it.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Neville Longbottom) - Use the Mandrake in the room to shatter 
 all three glass jars.

Hufflepuff Common Room -
 Once you open the way to the door, you need to learn Polyjuice Potion, then 
 return to the area as a Hufflepuff (ie. Justin Finch-Fletchley).  You will 
 be able to access the painting and enter.
CHARACTER TOKEN (The Fat Friar) - On the left side of the room, blast the 
 painting, then the cake that comes out, twice.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Blast both parts of the carnivorous plant in the fireplace.
GOLD BRICK - You need Reducto to blast the lock off the cupboard.  Leviosa the 
 cake to the painting.

Hufflepuff Dorm -
 To open the way to the dorm, use Leviosa on the candlestick in the Common 
 Room to uncover a Mandrake, then plant it in the pot on the left side.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hufflepuff Girl) - Near the exit door is a chest.  Blast it, 
 then assemble the radio.
RED BRICK (Christmas) - Blast the central plant, then zap every single 
 blossom on the plant (be sure to use your targeting) to drop the brick.

Slytherin Door -
 The door to the Slytherin Common Room can only be accessed once you learn 
 Parselmouth and construct the snake outside the gate in the Upper Hallway.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Rita Skeeter) - You need Reducto and a Strength character 
 for this.  Blast all the shiny floor covers to find pieces for a chain.  
 Pull both chains as the Strength character to get the water flowing in 
 the middle, which can boost you up to the token.

Ravenclaw Tower -
 This is accessed from the far right door in the Upper Hallway.  Once you 
 learn Riddikulus, defeat the boggart to find banners that you need to 
 place on the gate, then climb up the stairs.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Penelope Clearwater) - Zap open the door on the left and 
 assemble the telescope.

Ravenclaw Common Room - 
 Naturally, you need to use Polyjuice to turn into a Ravenclaw, which means 
 you have to buy one from Malkin's.  "Ravenclaw Boy" is probably the easiest 
 and cheapest to get.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Gabrielle Delacour) - Zap the gray chest on the upstairs 
 landing to release a Quaffle, then follow it around to the moose head.
RED BRICK (Hogwarts Crest Detector) - First, Leviosa the middle table into 
 a flat surface, then Leviosa several other pieces around the room to put 
 together a raven.  Once it's assembled, you'll see mist come off it.  Zap it 
 and it will drop the brick.
GOLD BRICK - Find and zap five gold books.  The first three are in the 
 Common Room, and are found by knocking them away from objects.  The other 
 two are under the second bed from the left in the Dorm, and under the 
 far-right bed in the Dorm.

Ravenclaw Dorm -
 Once inside the Common Room, the Dorm can be accessed at the bottom floor 
 in the back.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Padma (Ballgown)) - Zap the leftmost bed.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Leviosa the nearby chain onto the vicious book.

Slytherin Common Room -
 First possible way to get inside here is by using the Slytherin Disguise of 
 either Harry or Ron, and you can't get those until you get Reducto.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Slytherin Boy) - Zap the painting, and then the suitcase 
 that tumbles out of the sofa.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Slytherin Girl) - There are five green lanterns to ignite 
 with Leviosa.  Two are in the first room, and three are in the second, one 
 of which is high on a bookshelf.

Slytherin Dorm -
 Easily accessed from the Common Room.  It's getting to the Common Room that's 
 the tough part.
RED BRICK (Score x4) - One of the easiest ones.  It's sitting right next to 
 a bed.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Leviosa the books on the shelf where the student is 
 trapped behind.
GOLD BRICK - There's a small cabinet behind the bath that can be blasted 
 open, which dumps some stuff in the bath, causing it to turn into a hot tub.

6C. Main Castle Areas =

Grand Staircase -
 The giant staircase with moving stairs and hundreds of portraits lining 
 the walls.  The exit at the top of the stairs leads to the Upper Hallway, 
 while the exit at the bottom leads to the Entrance Hall.
GOLD BRICK - You'll probably start this one without realizing it, but you 
 won't be able to finish until Year Four and learn Reducto.  Zap the picture 
 of the Quidditch player holding a Quaffle and it will be tossed high up to 
 another painting.  Now, use Reducto to make your way up to the top of the 
 stairs and move the painting blocking the Quidditch player, then zap that 
 one so it gets tossed down a couple of flights.  Zap the last painting and 
 the Quaffle will end up above.  Use paintings to move the stairs so you can 
 reach the Gold Brick at the top.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Pretty much right next to where the Gold Brick lands, 
 encased in webbing.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Binns) - One flight down from the top is a gargoyle 
 with two candles flanking.  Leviosa one candle onto the other.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Percy (Sweater)) - In front of the blue door partway up the 
 stairs is a pair of flowers.  Zap both.

Entrance Hall -
 This is the main Entrance Hall of Hogwarts.  Exits are on the right, leading 
 to the Grand Staircase, on the far left, leading to the Classrooms Hall, 
 in the back on the ground floor, leading to the Great Hall Foyer, and a 
 secret passage in the lion statue on the upper floor, leading to the 
 Courtyard Path.
GOLD BRICK - Blast six floating candles.  Two of them are flanking the 
 door in the back (the one that leads to the Great Hall).  There is one 
 (which is already lit) over the door on the left leading to the Classrooms 
 Hall.  Another two are floating over the gold armor suits, and the last one 
 is in the back up the stairs.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Blast the bookshelf on the left side to knock out some 
 books, then Leviosa them into stairs and climb up.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Doris Crockford) - You need to Leviosa nine torches between 
 this area and the Courtyard Path, and there's one in the Courtyard Path 
 that you can't access until you learn Reducto.  There are six in this 
 room, all around the walls, and three (including the one with the shiny 
 lock) in the Courtyard Path.

Great Hall Foyer -
 This area is accessed from the back of the Entrance Hall and connects to the 
 Great Hall.
STUDENT IN PERIL - To the left of the door of the Great Hall is a rolled up 
 Slytherin banner that you may have to tilt the camera up (Right Stick) to 
 see.  Zap it to release the student.
GOLD BRICK - There are four rolled-up banners to unroll.  Two flank the 
 stairwell (Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff) and the other two flank the door to the 
 Great Hall (Slytherin and Gryffindor).  Zap them all.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Harry (Blue Shirt)) - Once you make the Polyjuice Potion, 
 disguise yourself as a Hufflepuff (like Justin Finch-Fletchley) and talk to 
 the painting on the right side of the room.  You'll find the token behind 
 the stairs.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Witch (White)) - With Dark Magic use it on the cabinet to the 
 far left.  To get inside these curtains, you need to use Scabbers or 
 Crookshanks to crawl up the pipe, although by the time you get Dark Magic, 
 you've probably done that ages ago.

Great Hall -
 This is the main convocation place for Hogwarts students and staff, as well 
 as where they eat their meals.
STUDENT IN PERIL - On the left-hand wall.  Just cast him down.
GOLD BRICK - There are six sets of pitchers and glasses of pumpkin juice.  
 There is one on each table, including the staff table in the back, except 
 for the far right table which has two.  You might need to stand behind the 
 tables to properly zap them and make the Gold Brick appear.  It's kind of 
 out of reach, but at the north end of three of the tables are plates you 
 can zap to turn into platforms to let you climb up.
RED BRICK (Character Studs) - In the back-left corner is a turkey.  Blast it 
 and wait for it to finish its thing, then carry the parcel to the owl on the 
 right-hand wall.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Expelliarmus in Year Two
CHARACTER TOKEN (Molly Weasley) - Once you learn Reducto, blast the shiny 
 object on the left side of the staff table.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Colin Creevey) - Once you learn Reducto, blast the shiny 
 object on the right side of the staff table.

Restroom Corridor -
 This area contains a couple of restrooms, as well as a lot of plumbing.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hermione (Cat)) - Return to this area with Hermione (you 
 don't have the option during Year Two) and have her open the rune cabinet.
GOLD BRICK - Once you have Reducto, climb the stairs to the upper floor and 
 blast away the pipes.  In the maze on the wall, navigate the shell through 
 the course (your AI partners should help you with the blockades), then zap 
 the shell once it's out.  Follow the snail.

Library -
 The library is open to you once you use Riddikulus on the boggart in the 
 Entrance Hall and take the key to the upper-left door, but there's very 
 little you can do there until Year Four.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Susan Bones) - Put together books on the left-hand wall 
 and you may find a torch.  Leviosa it to light the other torches.  You can 
 then zap the torch near the painting of the wizard and he'll head to another 
 painting.  Ride on the yellow flower he sprouts up to the token.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ravenclaw Girl) - Once you learn Reducto, blast the lock off 
 the door and assemble the radio.

Restricted Section -
 To access this area outside of the Story Event, you need to learn the Ageing 
 Potion and have access to the Library (see above).  In the library, light the 
 wizard painting on fire, blast the windows on the left wall, and blast the 
 chest in front of the other painting to have the ingredients to make the 
 potion and cross the Age Line, as well as open the door.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Alicia Spinnet) - Have Hermione open the rune-covered 
 cabinet in the back right, then assemble the cart.  Ride it around over the 
 five purple books.
RED BRICK (Red Brick Detector) - On the floor in front of the back right 
 bookshelf are three books.  Move each one onto the shelf next to the book 
 of the same color to drop the brick.
STUDENT IN PERIL - You need to get rid of the Mandrake on the upper floor of 
 the right-hand side.  To get up there, first blast the red book on the shelf 
 below, then use Crookshanks to dig up some gnomes, who will make you a 
 ladder.  To get the earmuffs, go to the left side and stand on the open 
 yellow book so you can be lifted up to the bouncy book to the left.  Just 
 blast the ghost away and take the earmuffs.
GOLD BRICK - You need to zap three hats.  One each are on both of the upper 
 balconies.  See above for how to get up there.  The last is being held by a 
 couple of Pixies you'll have to Immobilus.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Wizard (Red)) - You need dark magic.  Go up to the top left 
 and use dark magic on the black cabinets.  You'll need to defeat several 
 enemies to get the token.

Muggle Artifacts Room -
 Once you learn Reducto, go up the Grand Staircase to the fourth landing and 
 blast the chest to find a steering wheel.  Giving it to the painting will 
 move some stairs up to a door you can enter.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Dudley Dursley) - Blast the computer twice.
RED BRICK (Score x6) - Zap the printer to print out a Red Brick.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Mr. Mason) - Blast the bobble-head doll, then the next two 
 that pop out.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Mrs. Mason) - Zap the vacuum cleaner.
GOLD BRICK - You need three rabbits to get the car going again.  Zap the 
 painting and Leviosa the letter into the post box, then stack the desks 
 near the shelf and hop up to zap the box, then zap the TV on the far 
 right four times.

Boys' Restroom -
 Once you learn Reducto, blast open the door in the Restroom Corridor to 
 enter this.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Blast the left-hand stall.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Madam Hooch) - Near the closets on the right side is a can 
 of spray paint.  Move it around to make graffiti and the token will appear.
RED BRICK (Score x8) - Use Leviosa to move two showerheads to their respective 
 showers, then zap all four to make the Red Brick appear.

Dumbledore's Office -
 Once Year Four ends, you can now go to the top of the Grand Staircase and 
 Leviosa the gargoyle out of the way to the Headmaster's office.
RED BRICK (Invincibility) - Simply walk up to Fawkes the Phoenix and he'll 
 burst into flame, leaving this behind.
GOLD BRICK - Use Reducto on the chest with the lock to get this one.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Nearly Headless Nick) - Blast the vials on the rack on the 
 right, and you'll get this.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Dumbledore (Grey)) - You need to make the Strength
 Potion.  Thorn blossom is with a pixie on the right, snake fang is 
 in the jellybean jars on the right (match up the colors), and bone arm is 
 in the golden armor.  Pull the chain at the top of the stairs, then blast 
 apart the orrery to find the Sorting Hat, who drops this.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Dumbledore) - You need dark magic.  Your target 
 is the red and black chest in the very back of the room.

6D. Classroom Areas =

Classrooms Hall - 
 This is an open hallway leading to several classrooms, but it also has 
 several blockades for when you learn greater spells.  It has exits leading 
 back to the Entrance Hall, to the Charms Class Path (to the left), to 
 Potions Class (back wall on the first floor, behind the vines), and 
 the Transfiguration Class (upper floor on the right side).  Other exits 
 will come up as you progress through the game.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Gryffindor Girl) - Once you have Lumos, you can access the 
 east part of the area.  There's a student nearby holding the token.  Zap him 
 twice, and when he heads down to where the Potions class is, Leviosa 
 the nearby pot to scare him off with a snake.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Lee Jordan) - You can do this once you get the Invisibility 
 Cloak, or any time after Year Two starts.  Head on up the right-hand 
 stairs and blast the gold statues on the far right.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ernie Macmillan) - Once you learn Mandrake Handling, take the 
 Mandrake near the left-hand stairs and shatter some glass.  There's a rose 
 right near you, then bring it up the stairs and walk around to find the rest 
 of the six glass objects.  They're pretty easy to spot.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hannah Abbot) - Once you learn Mandrake Handling, you can use 
 Leviosa on all eight torches in this room.  One is behind the glass on the 
 left-hand stairs, which you need the Mandrake for.  Six are dotted around 
 the main floor area, and the last is up the right-hand stairs, which you can 
 either use the Invisibility Cloak to sneak past the prefect in Year One, or 
 just go up the stairs, as they're clear in Year Two.
GOLD BRICK - Once you learn Reducto, assemble the giant H near the DADA 
 classrooms, then blow up the shiny part that results.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Millicent Bulstrode) - Use Dark Magic on the cupboard near 
 the DADA classes.

Charms Class Path -
 This is a small path leading from the Classrooms Hall to the two Charms 
STUDENT IN PERIL - Leviosa the Quaffle (the red ball) off the shelf on the 
 left side.

Charms Class 1 -
 The first Charms class is where you learn Wingardium Leviosa.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Wingardium Leviosa
CHARACTER TOKEN (Boy) - On the upper floor, go to the back bookshelf and 
 use Leviosa to rearrange the books.
GOLD BRICK - You can't get this until Year Four.  Once you learn Reducto 
 and get access to the basement, you'll finish it and come flying out into 
 the brick.

Charms Class 2 - 
 The second Charms class is where you learn Lumos.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Lumos
CHARACTER TOKEN (Girl) - Blast the four "spine" lanterns in the room to 
 make this appear on the upper ledge.

Potions Class 1 -
 This class is accessed from the Classroom Hall once you learn Lumos and can 
 repel the vines blocking access.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Strength Potion
CHARACTER TOKEN: Justin Finch-Fletchley - Unlocked while making Polyjuice 
GOLD BRICK - Learn Polyjuice Potion
GOLD BRICK - Learn Ageing Potion

Transfiguration Class 1 -
 This class is accessed from the Classroom Hall any time after you get the 
 Invisibility Cloak, which you can use to sneak past the prefect blocking the 
 stairs on the far right.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Transfiguration

DADA Class 1 -
 This class is accessed starting Year Two, once you learn Mandrake Handling.  
 It's past the glass up the left-hand stairs in the Classrooms Hall.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Immobilus
CHARACTER TOKEN (Station Guard) - In Year Three, Leviosa all four torches in 
 the room.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Riddikulus
CHARACTER TOKEN (Parvati Patil) - In Year Three, find four blue books to 
 zap.  Two are in plain sight.  One is up on the stairs, and the fourth is 
 behind a rune cabinet.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ginny Weasley) - With Dark Magic, use dark magic on the 
 back gate to find this.

North Tower Courtyard -
 Once you learn Riddikulus, you can defeat the boggart in the Classrooms Hall 
 and get the key to the door on the far right side, which leads here, which 
 connects to the Divination classroom.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Oliver Wood) - Zap each of the clustered tufts of grass to 
 find the components for the Strength Potion.  Use it to pull the chain and 
 release eight golden rings.  Fly through them as Harry.

Divination Class -
 This stuffy room is situated in the North Tower, accessed from the courtyard.
GOLD BRICK - Tea Leaf Reading Lesson
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Trelawney) - With Griphook, open the safe in the 
 back right.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hermione (Blue Top) - With Dark Magic, use dark magic on 
 the cabinet in the back right.

DADA Class 2 -
 Lupin rents this out for teaching Harry the Patronus charm.  It's found to 
 the left of the regular DADA classroom.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Expecto Patronum
GOLD BRICK - Learn Reducto in Year Four
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ron (Pyjamas)) - In Year Four, Leviosa all four torches in 
 this room.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Parvati (Ballgown)) - Year Four, blast three webs in this 
 room.  One is at the top of the stairs, and the other two are high on the 
 left and right walls, respectively.
GOLD BRICK - Use Reducto on seven shiny objects in this room that aren't 
 the stuff that the students are trapped under.  There are a couple held by 
 Pixies, one in a rune cabinet that Hermione can open, one under a birdcage 
 that you need to Leviosa, and the shiny wall in the back.
RED BRICK (Fast Magic) - With Dark Magic, use dark magic on the globe in 
 the back to find the brick.

Potions Class 2 -
 Once you finish the Ageing Potion, you can move on through the right hand 
 door to this room.
GOLD BRICK - You need to unlock the three green locks to have access to 
 pretty much anything in this room.  First, use Reducto to blast the shiny 
 safe to uncover a Polyjuice cauldron you'll probably need.  Turn into a 
 Hufflepuff and talk to the painting for one key.  Leviosa the gargoyle to 
 the left of the snake, then turn it into a safe lock that you can use 
 Griphook's key on.  Lastly, open the rune cabinet on the far right with 
 Hermione.  Once all locks are open, you can stack blocks to reach the top.  
 For the Gold Brick, you'll need someone older to cross the Age Line.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Snape) - Once you reach the top, blast the chest 
 with the shiny lock on the far left.
RED BRICK (Score x10) - Stack the blocks so you can reach the right side 
 and this Red Brick.

Gear Room -
 This area is accessible from the first DADA Classroom once you learn 
 Reducto.  Blast the chest and assemble pieces to a door.  Actually getting 
 around this room is a challenge in itself.  Start by using Leviosa on the 
 waterwheel, which will allow you access to a snake fang.  To get to the upper 
 area, head to the right and start hopping across the gears, avoiding the 
 steam.  Watch the gear on the far right (it may help if you use Lumos) and 
 jump up when you see a notch that you can climb up.  Blast the small gears 
 on the back wall and Leviosa them together to drop a bone arm.  Lastly, 
 put together the gray pieces to make stairs to get to the far left area.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Once you climb up the first waterwheel, blast the web.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Viktor (Tuxedo)) - Seven lanterns in the area need to be 
 zapped.  Three are at the entrance, one is on the right side, and the last 
 three are on the upper left.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Harry (Maze Task)) - Blast the three Hogwarts banners on 
 the back wall.
RED BRICK (Regenerate Hearts) - There are five boggarts to defeat in here.  
 The first is right in front of you.  The second is up the first waterwheel.  
 The third is on the right end near the stair pieces.  The fourth is in the 
 upper-right and can be brought down by blasting the nearby small gears and 
 putting them together.  The last requires a Strength Potion.  The snake 
 fang is near the waterwheel, the thorn petal is with one of the other 
 boggarts, and the bone arm is in the upper-right with the fourth boggart.

Transfiguration Class 2 -
 The second class can be accessed by using Reducto on the lock in the first 
GOLD BRICK - Transfigure the dummies as they come out.  You need to fill up 
 the cages with three animals each, as you can see on the right side.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor McGonagall) - This is given to you along with the 
 Gold Brick.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Fred Weasley) - Behind the chalkboard near the cupboards.  
 You can see it if you blast the board itself.

Charms Class Basement 1 -
 Once you learn Reducto, blast the lock on the trapdoor in the first Charms 
STUDENT IN PERIL - Encased in a web on the right side of the room.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Mad-Eye Moody) - Blast the two globes in front of the dragon 
 statue, then move the pieces onto the statue.
RED BRICK (Extra Hearts) - With Dark Magic, use dark magic on the globe 
 on the right end to find this.

Charms Class Basement 2 -
 You need to use Polyjuice to turn into Griphook so you can use his key in 
 Charms Class 2 to get down here.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Flitwick) - Once you enter, turn on Lumos so you 
 can see where not to step (not on the vents).  There's a boggart at the end 
 to defeat for the token.
STUDENT IN PERIL - At the end of the trench, which you cannot reach until 
 you're past the vents, is this guy tied up in Devil's Snare.

Dungeon -
 Accessible once you reach the end of the Charms 2 Basement.
GOLD BRICK - Use Lumos on the vines on the right hand, then again on the left.
RED BRICK (Character Token Detector) - With Harry and someone with Dark Magic
 (or just with Voldemort) talk to the snake on the far right, then use dark 
 magic on the resulting globe.

Pendulum Room Upper -
 This is accessed from the first DADA classroom by bringing down the black 
 gate with dark magic.  There's a Character Token immediately behind it, but 
 further is another whole room.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Draco Malfoy) - Head to the left, getting rid of all the 
 Pixies.  All four get you the token.

Pendulum Room Lower -
 This is accessed from the Upper Pendulum Room.  There's a staircase at the 
 far end that will bring you here.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Quirrell) - At the far end of the room this sits.  
 To get across, get rid of all the Pixies and jump carefully.  The Slytherin 
 guys may try to push you back, but won't all the time.
GOLD BRICK - Get rid of the two Pixies holding up the pillars at the end.

6E. Outside Areas =

Courtyard Path -
 This is a small area accessed by a secret passage in the Entrance Hall, 
 which connects to both the Clock Tower Courtyard on the left and the Garden 
 on the right.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Madam Pince) - Once you learn Reducto, you'll need it to 
 blast the lock on a relief in this area.  You need to zap two other reliefs 
 (further off to the right, no locks on them) to make the token appear.

Clock Tower Courtyard - 
 This is a large open area with a fountain in the center, connecting directly 
 to the Courtyard Path on the right and the Greenhouse Path on the left.  The 
 way to the Back Courtyard is opened in Year Two.
STUDENT IN PERIL - On the left side is a student being harrassed by three 
 others.  Zap any one of them and they'll run off.
RED BRICK (Collect Ghost Studs) - Zap all four statues around the fountain and 
 Leviosa the pieces together to find this.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hufflepuff Boy) - Once you learn Mandrake Handling, grab the 
 Mandrake that's bugging everyone and carry it around, shattering the glass 
 around the five roses.  There's one in the right-hand alcove, one in the 
 left-hand, and three in the main area.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ravenclaw Prefect) - Once you learn Reducto, blast the shiny 
 objects in the middle of the fountain to create, erm, lemonade puddles.  Use 
 the plunger to mop it all up.
GOLD BRICK - Once you get dark magic, use it to blow up the red armor suit, 
 take the broom, and fly through all the stud pockets.

Greenhouse Path -
 This path area comes from the Main Courtyard to the right, and leads straight 
 back to the greenhouse and Herbology Class.  The gate on the left goes to 
 the Flying Lesson Grounds.

Herbology Class -
 The greenhouse is accessed from the back of the Greenhouse Path.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Lumos Solem
GOLD BRICK - Learn Mandrake Handling in Year Two
GOLD BRICK - After Mandrake Handling, start blasting up the back until you 
 raise a flower out of a pot.  Jump on top of that flower, then on top of the 
 cupboard, and you can make the jump to the brick.

Flying Lesson Grounds -
 This open field is where students first learn flying, and is accessed by a 
 gate from the Greenhouse Path.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Broomstick Flying
CHARACTER TOKEN (Harry (Quidditch)) - Once you get Crookshanks in Year Three, 
 use him to dig up the five spots on the ground.
GOLD BRICK - Once you learn Reducto, blast the lock on the chest to release 
 some rings.  Fly through them all to make this appear.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Viktor (Dragon Task)) - You get this along with the preceding 
 Gold Brick.

Garden -
 This small area connects the Courtyard Path (from the left) to the Covered 
 Bridge (to the right).

Covered Bridge -
 This bridge connects the Garden (from the left) to the Forest Path (to the 

Forest Path - 
 This open field exits from the Covered Bridge to the left, and initially 
 just goes back to the Quidditch Gate, although you can also see Hagrid's Hut 
 out here.  Later, you'll be able to access Hagrid's Garden, then the Lake 
 in Year Four.
GOLD BRICK - There are three rocks that are disassembled at the point where 
 the paths meet.  Bring them up using Leviosa and Lumos, and put them 
 together, then use Leviosa on the nearby brushes to clean them off.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Percy Weasley) - Search the area for four carrots buried in 
 the ground and Leviosa them out.  There are two down by Hagrid's, one closer 
 to the Quidditch Gate, and one by the rocks near the entrance.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Down by Hagrid's hut, wrapped in Devil's Snare.
RED BRICK (Fast Dig) - On the path to the Quidditch Pitch, Leviosa together a 
 rain cloud from blue disks and move it left and right to raise four flower 
 patches.  Leviosa all four patches to make the Red Brick appear.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ginny (Cardigan)) - You need Immobilus for this.  Use it on 
 the Pixies with the pumpkin to find that it's a flying pumpkin, then get rid 
 of the Pixies holding the blue rocket, then zap it to fire it off, creating 
 this token.  Fly up using the pumpkin.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Cedric (Lake Test)) - When you have Reducto, blast the 
 chains holding the green rocket and set it off.  Again, take the flying 
 pumpkin up to it.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Viktor Krum) - Once you have dark magic, use it on the 
 red rocket.  Again, take the flying pumpkin up to it.

Quidditch Gate -
 Just outside the Quidditch pitch is this staging area.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Near the moving billboard, Leviosa a nearby scroll to 
 stretch it out into a trampoline.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Padma Patil) - At the gate, Leviosa all four Slytherin flags.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Katie Bell) - At the gate, Leviosa all five Gryffindor 
 flags.  One is out to the left near the billboard.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ravenclaw Boy) - Go to the popcorn stand at the far right and 
 Leviosa all four corn cobs onto the stand.
GOLD BRICK - Stand on the bench to the right of the tent and another student 
 will Leviosa you up to the top.  Walk to the left and Leviosa the Quaffle 
 down the chute to the box.
GOLD BRICK - You need the Time Turner.  Use it on the clock, then have 
 Crookshanks dig up the nearby spot.  Leviosa the pieces together, then 
 use Leviosa a couple more times to get the band going.
CHARACTER TOKEN (George (Quidditch)) - You need the Time Turner.  Use it on 
 the clock, then head to the far right.  Have Crookshanks dig up the spot, 
 then Leviosa the sun cloud together.  Leviosa the two sets of corn stalks 
 into the popcorn stand.
RED BRICK (Stud Magnet) - You need the Time Turner.  Use it on the clock, 
 then head to the frozen block at the far right.  Leviosa the chisel over 
 the block to start chipping away at it until the brick is unearthed.
STUDENT IN PERIL - You need Reducto.  Use the Time Turner, then blast the 
 lock on the chest.  Use Leviosa to release the student.

Hagrid's Garden
 This is accessed by the swinging door near Hagrid's hut, starting Year Two.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ron (Brown Jacket)) - Use Leviosa on all three clusters of 
 mushrooms in the area.
STUDENT IN PERIL - There are several things to Leviosa in Hagrid's Garden, 
 including a pot, a picnic basket, and a water bucket.  Once you zap and 
 Leviosa a bunch of things, you'll make up a picnic.  Eventually you'll make 
 a vegetable that turns into a balloon and lifts away the student.
GOLD BRICK - Once you all go to Hagrid's, Ron will get a case of slug puking.  
 Using Fang to dig and generally zapping and Leviosa-ing the back area, you'll 
 find parts to put together a salt shaker.  This also includes stuff that 
 comes with the Student in Peril above.  Once you complete it (the black part 
 goes on the top), Ron will be back on the team.
GOLD BRICK - Learn Buckbeak Handling
STUDENT IN PERIL - Use the Time Turner.  You'll see this student pinned under 
 a pumpkin.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Petunia Dursley) - Use the Time Turner.  Have Fang dig up 
 the far right mound of dirt.
GOLD BRICK - Use the Time Turner.  Hagrid needs help warming up Norbert, so 
 first attach the scarecrow head to the scarecrow, then have Fang dig up the 
 dirt that just loosened.  Zap all the pumpkins and assemble a chain that 
 Hagrid can pull, then assemble the hearth and move the egg to it.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Amos Diggory) - You need Reducto.  Blast the locked box and 
 defeat the boggart inside.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Gilderoy Lockhart (Green Jacket)) - You need Reducto.  Use 
 the Time Turner, then blast the lock on the axe near Hagrid's hut.

Back Courtyard -
 You start Year Two in this area, and will soon find that it connects to the 
 Main Courtyard.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Angelina Johnson) - In the halls around the courtyard are 
 torches.  Zap all ten to make this appear.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hufflepuff Prefect) - Once you learn Immobilus, zap the 
 Pixies in this area, then stack the blocks.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Slytherin Prefect) - You need dark magic to affect the 
 dark chest in the courtyard.  Use Leviosa on the watering can and seed, 
 then use it again to lift yourself up with the flower.

Clock Tower -
 This room of grinding gears can be accessed once you learn Riddikulus and 
 can defeat the boggart in the Main Courtyard.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Just as you enter, you'll find a student entangled in web.  
 Zap them.
RED BRICK (Score X2) - Zap the treasure chests flanking the four clock 
 pedestals and place each clock man on his proper pedestal to release the 
 brick.  To get up to the upper level where the owl is, you need to take care 
 of the Pixies that are keeping the gears turning.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Vernon Dursley) - In the upper area, speak to the snake 
 with Harry, then blast the other snake when it gets stuck in the mouse hole.
GOLD BRICK - Zap the picture of a clock to get a gear.  Leviosa that gear 
 onto the purple spot.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Milkman) - Use the Time Turner on the clock.  It's in plain 
 sight on the lower floor.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Madam Rosmerta) - You need Reducto.  Use the Time Turner, 
 then blast the cabinet in the back right.  Then, use Hermione to open the 
 rune cabinet.
GOLD BRICK - You need Reducto.  From where you got Rosmerta's token, you'll 
 get pieces for a green clock hand.  Blast the painting on the left side to 
 get the pieces for a blue clock hand.  Leviosa them to the clock, then 
 Leviosa both at the same time to make it three o'clock (remember you're 
 looking out from the inside).

Path to Owlery - 
 This short area can be accessed once you learn Riddikulus.  Head to the 
 Back Courtyard and defeat the boggart to find a crank to the back door 
 leading here, which leads to...

Owlery -
 This tower houses all the school's owls, including those owned by students.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hermione (Grey Hooded Top)) - Simply Leviosa the nearby 
 rolled up bridge to make stairs to it.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Zap the two owls on the back wall to unfurl a scroll.
GOLD BRICK - Use the Time Turner on the clock.  In the past, use Leviosa on 
 the three packages on the right side of the room and put them in the proper 
STUDENT IN PERIL - Use the Time Turner on the clock.  Zap the student in 
 the birdbath.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Barty Crouch Senior) - You need Reducto.  Use the Time 
 Turner, then blast the cupboard, assemble the cleaner, and take care of 
 the owl droppings on the ground.

Owlery Tower -
 The top of the tower needs the following for access: in the Owlery, zap 
 the chest on the floor, then Leviosa it.  Now, climb the stairs and Leviosa 
 together the lift.  This gives you three owls for the lift, but you need a 
 fourth.  Leviosa the egg on the wall through the maze, then drop it out and 
 zap it for the fourth, so you can ride up.
GOLD BRICK - Leviosa the feather to the painting, then put together the lid 
 to the chest.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Cho Chang) - There is a gramaphone in this tower.  Smash up 
 objects to find three records.  Leviosa a record on, then zap it off.  Play 
 all three to make the token appear.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Hermione (Hogwarts)) - Use the Time Turner on the clock in 
 the Owlery.  Zap the painting on the left hand wall so you can use the lift 
 to get up here.  Once in the room, zap the plant to make the painting sneeze, 
 then Leviosa together the gramaphone.
RED BRICK (Gold Brick Detector) - Use the Time Turner on the clock in the 
 Owlery and get up here like above.  Once you make the painting sneeze, attach 
 the piece near the broken wall to the projector, then Leviosa the Red Brick 
 out of the movie.

Behind Greenhouse -
 Once you learn Reducto, you can smash the shiny lock in the Greenhouse to 
 get here.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Fleur Delacour) - Blast open the chest with Reducto.

Greenhouse 2 -
 From Behind Greenhouse, you'll find an arrow of studs pointing to this small 
 doorway, leading to this room.
STUDENT IN PERIL - First drop down and grab some earmuffs from the cupboard 
 so the Mandrakes don't bother you.  The snake fang is on the upper floor.  
 The bone arm is on the lower floor, on the right side, and the thorn 
 blossom is in the plant on the left side of the room.  Zap it to make it 
 sprout it.  With the Strength Potion, pull open the door to free the kid.
RED BRICK (Singing Mandrake) - Blast the plant on the right side of the 
 room so it spits out leaves.  You'll need to Leviosa them into stairs.  
 Now, start herding Mandrakes upstairs.  There's one behind the gate so you 
 need to free the student first.  Once all three are potted, the brick 

Greenhouse 3 -
 From Behind Greenhouse, this is behind the doors at the back of the path.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Drummer) - Defeat the boggart on the upper floor.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Professor Sprout) - Ride up the bench to the upper level on 
 the right side and grab the earmuffs, then take the Mandrake and use its 
 scream on five glass objects which are all pretty obvious.

The Lake -
 This area can be accessed with Reducto.  It's the shiny locked door on the 
 far right side of the Forest Path.
GOLD BRICK - Leviosa the fishing pole to create the pieces for two frogs.  
 Ride the frogs through the reed gates that pop up.
STUDENT IN PERIL - Zap the boxes and assemble the bridge to the student.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Ron (Tuxedo)) - Save the Student in Peril to get this.
CHARACTER TOKEN (Bassist) - Blast all the black Blast-Ended Skrewts that 
 show up in the ground here.


Once you select a New Game, you'll immediately enter the first Story Event.

7A. The Magic Begins =

"Yer a wizard, Harry." - Hagrid

True Wizard at 69,000: This seems like a tall order, but it's really not 
 that bad.  One thing you'll need to learn quickly is how to find big studs 
 in nooks and crannies of the level.  For example, you can go to the corner 
 on either side of the bar in the Leaky Cauldron to find a blue.  But really, 
 why stop at blues?  You can find a purple (worth 10,000) in the Alley by 
 putting together a red and blue spring, and having Harry jump up to the 
 roof to the left.  You can get another in Gringott's by lighting all eight 
 desk lamps that aren't lit.  Finally, you can get one in the vaults by 
 opening the right-hand vault, zapping open the chest inside, and assembling 
 the pieces into a platform Hagrid can raise up.

Starting Characters: Harry (Blue Shirt), Hagrid
Additional Characters: Griphook


Walkthrough -

The Leaky Cauldron: Enjoy the atmosphere before heading to the back of the 
 room.  Note the bit of floor that looks like LEGO bricks.  Stand on it 
 with Harry and switch to Hagrid with Triangle.  Face the odd floor until you 
 see a pink hazy circle around it, then hold Circle to raise up the floor.  
 Now, you can switch back to Harry and pick up the handle with Circle.  Drop 
 down to the lower floor and press Circle where the small arrow is pointing 
 to attach it to the wall.  Now, switch back to Hagrid and have him use his 
 magic again to open the door.  Step outside.

Diagon Alley: Have Hagrid use Leviosa on the bricks on the ground to open the 
 way into Diagon Alley.  There's plenty of stuff to play with out here, but 
 what you really need to do is head for the far end of the street.  There's a 
 cauldron here, and you need to make a potion to clear the way.  Take the red 
 spider to the left, the yellow flowers to the right, and have Hagrid use 
 Leviosa on the ice cream cart to get a blue popsicle.  Put them each in the 
 cauldron and it will explode, taking the barrier with it.  Now, go up to 
 the doors of Gringott's Bank, switch to Hagrid, and pull on the chain to 
 open the main doors.

Gringott's Main Hall: Step up to the main desk and press Circle to talk to 
 Griphook and get him on your team for this event.  Switch to Griphook and 
 walk him over to the yellow lock on the back left wall.  Hold Circle and 
 he'll open the gate.  Have Hagrid pull on the chain behind it, and then 
 have Griphook open the safe behind that.  Use Hagrid's Leviosa on the bricks 
 inside to make a portrait.  Talk to that portrait using Circle to open the 
 way to the trolley.

Gringott's Vault: The right-hand vault has some studs, but what you really 
 want is the left-hand vault.  Have Hagrid pull on the chain to stop the 
 fire-breathing, then open the vault with Griphook.  Step inside.

Diagon Alley: Not much left to do here but follow the arrow into Ollivander's 
 shop, closing out this Story Event and bringing you to beautiful Hogwarts.


Free Play -

NOTES ON FREE PLAY: In this mode, you will be given a set of characters, 
 and you can switch between them any time by pressing L1 or R1.  You will 
 always be given the proper characters to find everything in the area, 
 unless you have not purchased them, yet.  Also, you may not have learned 
 the proper spells to complete an area, either.

Needed: Reducto

Gryffindor Crest: In the Leaky Cauldron, use Leviosa on two tables on the 
 left so that their candles fly off.  Leviosa the remaining pieces into a 
 picture.  Do this for both.  When the crest appears, Leviosa the stool so 
 they form a ramp.
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) In Gringott's blast the back door with the shiny 
 lock, then have Hagrid pull the chain.
Hufflepuff Crest: Once you make your potion in Diagon Alley, you'll have a 
 big mess left over.  Go back to the south end, use Leviosa on the barrel, 
 then use Leviosa again to assemble a sweeper thing.  Ride it through the 
 muck to get the crest.
Slytherin Crest: Once you reach Diagon Alley, simply wave to the shopkeeper 
 on the left (press Circle in the light spot) and you'll get this easy.

Student in Peril: Found in the main Diagon Alley.  Stand on the table on the 
 east side as Harry and Hagrid will automatically levitate you to this 

Character Token (Mr. Ollivander): (REDUCTO) Once you open the first locked 
 door, head left and blast the shiny lock on the chest.
Character Token (Tom the Innkeeper): (REDUCTO) Once you open the first locked 
 door, head right and blast the shiny lock on the chest.
Character Token (Griphook): (REDUCTO) At the vaults, blast the chest with 
 the shiny lock.

Hogwarts Interlude =

After every Story Event (except for the last one in each Year), you'll 
return to Hogwarts.  Sometimes it's simply to move you towards the next 
event, but often, you'll head to classes and learn new spells and abilities.  
As a general note, your House Ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, will always be on 
hand to direct you to where you need to go, so don't be afraid to follow his 
lead.  Of course, don't be afraid to explore, either.

Harry's Dorm: You have Ron by your side now, and can shoot sparks out of 
 your wand as a basic attack with Square.  Hold down Square and you can create 
 a target that you can pass over objects to attack them with sparks.  
 Practice on the two spiders attached to the exit out of here to remove 
 them and proceed.

Gryffindor Common Room: Hermione will meet you here.  For most of the game, 
 except for a few specific spots that the story demands, the three of you 
 will be running around Hogwarts together.  As you try to leave, a student 
 will enchant a dresser, which will eat up clothes and hop in front of the 
 exit.  Zap the painting to its right to flip it over, and zap the painting 
 again to knock the wizard's pants off, so the dresser will pick them up, 
 and you'll be free to go.

Upper Hallway: Follow Nearly Headless Nick to the left and down the stairs.

Grand Staircase: The stairs moved!  Head up the stairs and you'll see a clear 
 blue pipe.  You need to switch to Ron and press Circle to use his rat, 
 Scabbers.  While controlling Scabbers, climb up the pipe and push against 
 the switch at the end.  This will get the wizard in the painting back 
 downstairs.  Talk to him and he'll move the stairs so you can proceed.

Entrance Hall: You can wander around here, but you can't do too much, so head 
 straight left into the next hall.

Classrooms Hall: This is room is actually pretty big, but you're stuck on 
 this one side, and can only go left.

Charms Class Path: Head through the open door to your first Charms Class.

Charms Class 1: Well, your first class, and Ron has already screwed things 
 up.  You'll need to help release the three students from the chandeliers.  
 No, before you ask, but these don't count towards your running Students in 
 Peril total.  First, use Leviosa on the drum to your right, which will 
 release the first student.  Next, head to the back left.  See those colored 
 blocks?  You're going to put them together to make stairs.  Target the block 
 you want by holding Square and pointing at it, then continue to hold Square 
 and you'll pick it up with Leviosa.  Now, move it to the right and set it 
 into position.  The diagram for how you should put the blocks is on the wall 
 in the corner.  Once you hear a deep click, you've set the piece in place and 
 can move the next one into position.  It doesn't have to be perfect; just in 
 place so you can make the climb up to the upper floor.

 Once on the upper floor, cast sparks on the painting and use Leviosa on 
 what comes out of it.  Use Leviosa again on the drum and you'll have freed 
 your second student.  Continue to the right and note the purple stuff on 
 the ground.  What you need to do is construct a suit of armor.  First, grab 
 the torso on the left with Leviosa and move it onto the legs.  Do the same 
 for the head, and then the spear.  Finally, move the last drum to free the 
 last student.


 You may now leave.

Charms Class Path: Head back to the right.

Classrooms Hall: Head back through the door.

Entrance Hall: Take some time to test out your new spell.  In particular, 
 go to the back of the lower floor and move the blue, green, and yellow 
 blocks onto the purple base as shown in the picture, which will open the 
 door to...

Great Hall Foyer: Head on up the stairs.  The object here is to put together 
 the Hogwarts Crest on the floor in front of the door to the Great Hall.  
 First, use Leviosa on the statue in the back right, to pull some panels out.  
 Next, head to the right and use Leviosa on the bookshelf with a chest on 
 it.  Now, use Leviosa near the parts to put them all together and place 
 them.  Head on in to the Great Hall to start the next Story Event.


7B. Out of the Dungeons =

"TROLL!  TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!  Thought you ought to know." *faint*
 - Professor Quirrell

True Wizard at 48,000: Very tough on your first run, but slightly doable.  
 Check every corner for blues, including inside the fountain, and jump up off 
 the toilets during the fight.  The sinks in the restroom are also targets 
 that give up a good amount.  It would probably be easier to come back here 
 with a multiplier.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley


Walkthrough -

First Floor Hallway: Time to chase down that troll before it gets near 
 Hermione.  Head to the right until the troll smashes down the wall, 
 revealing pipes.  Looks like a job for Scabbers!  Send him to hit both 
 red switches in the pipes.  Continue on to find another roadblock: a globe 
 in your path.  Zap the shelves with the blocks on them, then stack them on 
 the purple panel so you can climb up to the ledge above.  Jump over the 
 fountain, then use Leviosa on the torch so you set the armor on fire.  With 
 this, pieces will tumble down, allowing you to use Leviosa on them twice to 
 move forward.  Your last roadblock is the door to the restroom itself, which 
 won't let you in, being male.  To remedy this (temporarily), Leviosa the 
 pieces near the painting and you'll adopt a "Girl Disguise".  Head over and 
 speak to the painting above the door to be let in.

Girls' Restroom: Now to fight some troll.  You can only get so close to the 
 troll before you he knocks you back, but the secret is in magic (isn't it 
 always?)  When you see a clump of LEGO in front of him, use Leviosa to bean 
 him in the head with it.  Next, he'll start knocking chunks at you with his 
 club.  While the chunks are in the air, Leviosa them back at him.  After 
 the second hit, he'll be dazed.  Pick up his club with Leviosa and manually 
 move it above his head.  TKO!


Free Play -

Needed: Rune Book, Reducto

Gryffindor Crest: Blast nine flower vases.  Two near the entrance, two to 
 the left of the fountain, two to the right of the fountain, and three 
 somewhat spread out near the door to the Girls' Bathroom.
Ravenclaw Crest: Leviosa seven lanterns.  One near the entrance, one to 
 the left of the fountain, one just past Dumbledore's picture, one to the 
 left of the door to the Girls' Bathroom, and three inside the Girls' 
 Bathroom itself.
Hufflepuff Crest: (REDUCTO) At the fountain, blast the piece that fell off, 
 the Leviosa the valve.
Slytherin Crest: At the fountain, Leviosa the three fish back into the water.
Student in Peril: The Troll will smash open the stalls, freeing this girl.

Character Token (Ron (Girl Disguise)): (RUNE BOOK) Use Hermione's book to open 
 the rune cabinet right by the entrance.
Character Token (Harry (Hogwarts)): (REDUCTO) There's a desk with a shiny 
 lock near the bathroom.  Blast it.
Character Token (Madam Malkin): (REDUCTO) In the bathroom is a locker with 
 a shiny lock to blast.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Great Hall Foyer: We're back where we last left our heroes.  You can now 
 explore the Great Hall if you wish, but the way forward in the game is 
 down the stairs and all the way back to the Charms Class Path.

Charms Class Path: Another classroom is now open.  Head into this one.

Charms Class 2: Time to shed some light on the proceedings.  As the game 
 will tell you, you can now switch spells with the L and R buttons.  To 
 use Lumos, first press Circle to activate it, then approach any vines in 
 the area.  You'll automatically make them shrink away, and you need to do 
 this to collect pieces of the star in the floor.  The first piece is under 
 vines to the right.  The second is at the far left of the lower floor.  
 Next, you have to make steps again from the blocks in the back of the room, 
 only there are three pieces this time.  Follow the guide and you should be 
 okay.  At the top, use your light on three more sets of vines to get the 
 last three pieces, then carry them down to the bottom.


Charms Class Path: Head back to the right towards...

Classrooms Hall: You'll now see how big this area is by using Lumos on the 
 vines and moving on to the main area.  Your destination is the big doorway 
 in the back covered in vines to Lumos away.

Potions Class: Ah, our good friend Snape.  Time to make our first Strength 
 Potion.  You need three ingredients for this: the thorn blossom, the bone 
 arm, and the snake fang.  Here's how to get them:
  Thorn Blossom: To the left, Leviosa the pipe together and send Scabbers up 
   to knock it down.
  Bone Arm: Go to the near left corner to find a gold door.  Move it away 
   and shake the skeleton.
  Snake Fang: Use Leviosa on the snake in the middle of the room, and pluck 
   out its fang.
 Place them all in the pot, then drink up with the Circle button.  Now, 
 pull on the chain to your right.


Classrooms Hall: Now, head back to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall: Go up the stairs to find an arrow pointing into a wall.  
 Looks like we need to open a secret passage.  Hop up the ledges on the 
 back wall to find a box, and use Leviosa.  This will open the way.

Courtyard Path: Hey, it's a nice day out!  Head to the left.

Clock Tower Courtyard: Well, there's quite a bit going on out here.  Explore 
 a bit, then head to the left and Lumos the vines away.

Greenhouse Path: Head up along the path and into the greenhouse.

Herbology Class: You will now learn how to throw your light.  Those golden 
 circles with little vines in them are Devil's Snare.  You can use your new 
 Lumos Solem to dispel them.  Your objective is to smash down the vine 
 wall that has Ron pinned down, but you first have to get rid of the outer 
 shell.  Blast the pipes in the front right, and Leviosa the cart in the front
 left.  Also blast all the flowers on the ground between you and the shell.  
 You should now be able to Leviosa together a cart to barrel down the shell.  
 Now, use Lumos Solem on Ron to free him.


Greenhouse Path: Head through the now open gate near the bottom.

Flying Lesson: Broomsticks, baby!  Flying is a little dodgy, but the basics 
 are using the Analog Stick to move around, holding X to move up, and stop 
 touching the stick to float down.  Zap the gargoyle that has Neville's 
 Remembrall, then chase the other gargoyle, zapping him three times.  
 Lastly, you need to zap the flowers on the plant.


Now, return to the Courtyard Path by going continually to the right.

Courtyard Path: Keep going further to the right.  Use Lumos on the vines 
 at the end.

Garden: First, use Lumos Solem on the three Devil's Snare in the area to 
 have them relinquish the pieces needed for the big object in the center.  
 Leviosa it together, then Leviosa it onto its stand.  Now, you need to 
 make a Strength Potion.  The snake fang is in the upper-right bushes.  
 The thorn blossom is in the lower-right bushes, and the bone arm is in 
 the upper-left bushes.  Put them all in the cauldron, drink up, and pull 
 the chain to roll the ball into the wall.

Covered Bridge: Use the broomstick to fly to the opposite side of the 
 broken bridge, then Leviosa it back together.

Forest Path: Head on down the path to the Quidditch Gate.

Quidditch Gate: Into the tent for your first ever Quidditch match!

7C. A Jinxed Broom =

"This is the best team Gryffindor's had in years.  We're going to win. 
 I know it." - Oliver Wood

True Wizard at 34,000: There's a nice purple to be found in the first area 
 just before you exit it.  Head left at the exit ladder, then jump around 
 the barrier to the other side.  Keep heading left and you should see a 
 gap in the floor, which you can jump across to the purple.  There's also a 
 purple in the second area pretty much where the fireworks are.  Just walk 
 around the area and you'll find it.

Starting Characters: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger


Walkthrough -

Under the Stands: Of course, it would be nice if we actually got to play 
 Quidditch, but maybe next time.  Right now, it's up to Ron and Hermione 
 to sneak over to the other side and stop the villain jinxing Harry's 
 broom.  Head down the stairs and Leviosa the boxes blocking the path 
 underneath the stairs.  Continue on to the right.  While it's true that 
 Ron and Hermione aren't really good broom riders, they know enough to 
 cross this gap, so fly to the right and drop down.

 Head to the front and right, then Leviosa the pieces of the pipe into 
 their proper spots to make a complete pipe.  Send Scabbers through the 
 pipe to hop out at the top, then run him to the left, which will get 
 things moving and allow you access to the colored blocks.  Stack them 
 up like the diagram on the back wall to get to the upper area, then 
 head to the right and start blasting things.  You'll eventually make 
 parts you can Leviosa into a Rune Cabinet.  Stand in front of it with 
 Hermione and press Circle.  Watch the pattern and recreate it yourself, 
 which will open the way forward.

 You'll see a Slytherin guy up on the ledge.  He will push you back down if 
 you try to climb up, so blast the curtain in front of the painting, then 
 blast the painting itself to drop him down the trapdoor.  Assemble the 
 colored blocks, then climb up to the ladder.

The Staff Section: Use the Rune Cabinet in here to put out some platforms 
 that you can Leviosa up to the holders.  Also, Leviosa the stairs together 
 to the left.  This should allow you to get to the top.  Blast the small 
 gargoyle holding a torch and it will set off the firecrackers, allowing 
 you to access the staff seats and beat this mission.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: Seven Gryffindor flags, two near the beginning, three in the 
 area with the colored bricks, and two just before going to the second area.
Ravenclaw Crest: After using Scabbers, assemble the three movable steps 
 so that they climb towards the crest off to the left.  I suggest putting 
 the blue one on the far left end first.
Hufflepuff Crest: (REDUCTO) After climbing up the colored pieces pile, 
 you'll see shiny bars blocking an area.  Blast it away, then get rid of the 
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) Just before heading to the second area, hop 
 around the barrier to the left and you'll find a trashcan that needs Dark 

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) - After climbing up the colored pieces pile, 
 you'll see shiny bars blocking an area.  The student is behind it.

Character Token (Fred (Quidditch)) - (REDUCTO) To the left of the tubes is 
 a chest with a shiny lock to blast.
Character Token: Harry (Girl Disguise) - At the end of the third area, set 
 Scabbers to go underneath the stairs, where you can see the token.
Character Token (Marcus Flint) - (DARK MAGIC) On the way up in the second 
 are, you should see a box marked with the Dark Magic.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Quidditch Gate: Head back towards school.

Forest Path: Use Lumos to remove the vines leading back inside.

Upper Hallway: Whoa, Christmas just happened!  Head up to the Fat Lady's 
 portrait to open it, then head into your dorm to collect your presents.


7D. The Restricted Section =

"Somebody's been in the library -- Restricted Section" - Argus Filch

True Wizard at 60,000: Search hard for high studs.  The freezer where you 
 find the popsicle has a purple.  You still may not get this on your first 
 run, so come back with a multiplier or the ability to search more areas.

Starting Characters: Harry (Sweater), Ron (Pyjamas)


Walkthrough -

Restricted Section: Okay, here's the deal.  There are two books hopping 
 around on the ground that will chomp on you and send you back to the 
 beginning if you don't approach them while using the Cloak.  Throw it on, 
 walk up to them, and press Triangle to tackle them into submission.  Once 
 the books are taken care of, there's no need to keep the cloak on.

 So, with the defeat of the two books, a small patch of garden just 
 appeared that you can Leviosa a cauldron out of.  You need to make an 
 exploding potion, like the one you made way back in Diagon Alley.
 Red Spider: Found up on the right side.  Stand on the book the big statue 
  is holding and your partner will raise you up to the upper level.  Blast 
  the bookshelf on the wall to knock it over, revealing this.
 Yellow Flower: Pretty much right near the spider, among the flowers in the 
 Blue Popsicle: Zap the desk on the left side to uncover some pieces you 
  can turn into a book for the statue, which will drop a stack of books, 
  and a yellow one you can stand on so your partner can lift you up.  
  Bounce off the stack to the upper level, then Leviosa the torch into the 
  ice wall.
 Put all three ingredients in the cauldron and boom.

Back Library: You need a key to get through that door, and Filch is 
 patrolling in this room.  If you step into his light or let his cat, Mrs. 
 Norris, spot you, then he'll grab onto you.  To get out of his grab, 
 switch your partner, and have them zap Mrs. Norris, which will get his 
 attention.  Anyway, zap the pile of books blocking the way to the back of 
 the left-hand stacks and you'll find a piece of green piping.  Bring it 
 over to the next set of stacks to find a curiously locked gate.  Place 
 the green piping there, then Leviosa the red and blue pipings into their 
 proper place to open the gate.  Grab the key and carry it to the door in 
 the back right to unlock it.

 Next, you need to get through another locked door.  Blast the books in 
 front of the pipe, then send Scabbers up to knock down the other piece 
 of the door knob.  Place it, then head through.

Mirror of Erised: Lumos the vines away on the left side, then zap the 
 two bats on top of the mirror so they will pull away the shade over it.  
 Step in front of it.


Free Play -

Needed: Rune Book, Goblin Key, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (RUNE BOOK) In the first area, open the rune cabinet on the 
 right with Hermione.
Ravenclaw Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the first area, blast the bookshelf on 
 the upper level on the right so it falls over, which reveals the spider, but 
 also a web that you need to use Dark Magic on.
Hufflepuff Crest: Six flower vases, two near the front wall in the first 
 room, two near the door leading to the second room, and two flanking the 
 staircase up to the locked door.
Slytherin Crest: In the room with the mirror, zap the three spider webs.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) In the second library area, go to the back of the 
 first set of shelves and blast the bird cage.  Zap the book that's inside 
 to make it fly to the middle of the room and become pieces to put together 
 for a clock to zap.

Character Token (Harry (Pyjamas)): (REDUCTO) Blast the shiny thing that looks 
 like a TV on the right side of the first room.
Character Token (Filch): (GOBLIN KEY) There's a safe right before the green 
 locked door in the second area.
Character Token (Neville (Pyjamas): (DARK MAGIC) A box with dark magic is 
 in the room with the Mirror of Erised.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Entrance Hall: Next on the hit parade is to head out to Hagrid's.  Head 
 to the back right to get to the Courtyard Path, then keep going right.

NOTE: I want to mention at this point that you can use the Invisibility 
 Cloak in the Classrooms Hall to pass the prefect blocking your way on 
 the right-hand stairs.  This allows you access to the Transfiguration 
 classroom where you can learn the Transfiguration spell.  During the 
 lesson, simply use it the dummies as all your characters and you'll 
 earn the spell.  It's not required at all, but for completion, you'll 
 want to get it done at some point.

7E. The Forbidden Forest =

"I want Fang." - Draco Malfoy
"All right, but I warn yeh, he's a coward." - Hagrid

True Wizard at 70,000: Rather difficult, considering the forest hides a 
 number of hidey holes.

Starting Characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Hagrid, Fang


Walkthrough -

Forest Outskirts: Time to save Harry's bacon again.  Note that Hagrid is 
 armed with a crossbow for this event.  Not much special about it; it's 
 just used for straight attacking.  Anyway, head to in front of the droopy 
 tree and Leviosa together a rain cloud to get it back up to shape.  
 Switch to Fang and have him climb up the ladder and dig (using Square) 
 at the top of the ledge.  This will release a ladder to the right.  Climb 
 up, then head to the far far right and use Fang against on the area that 
 has dig marks to enter the next part.

Forest Clearing: Use Lumos on the vines in the back, then blast away 
 the remainder.

Deep Forest Path: There are colored blocks to your right.  One you have to 
 dig up, and the other two are in webs.  Stack them together, but before 
 you head up, go down and to the right into the lake.  Swim to the center 
 and have Fang dig to create a sinkhole to drain it.  Use Lumos on the 
 vines you uncover, then have Hagrid pull the chain behind them.  This 
 will create a platform above you.  Now, you may return to the colored 
 blocks, hop up and head across to the right.  Near the end, you'll find 
 some pieces suspended in webbing.  Knock them down and place them into 
 a tree, then Leviosa the tree so you can climb up to the exit.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: In the third area, go into the water and drain it with 
 Fang, then Leviosa six fish back into the water.
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) In the third area, drain the lake, the blast the 
 lock on the chest.
Hufflepuff Crest: Yellow Roses, one on the ground floor of the first area, 
 one on the upper ledge to the right, and the third near the bouncy 
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) There are ten mounds of dark magic laced 
 dirt to destroy.  One's in the first clearing, the second is up near the 
 dig spot for the ladder gnomse.  The third is near the bouncy mushroom.  
 The fourth is in the second area.  The fifth is in the third area near the 
 colored blocks.  The sixth is in the pond once you dry it.  The seventh 
 through ninth are near the large tree near the end, and the last is right 
 near the cave to the end.

Student in Peril: There's one caught in some Devil's Snare in the very first 

Character Token (Fang): In the first area, dig up the dig spot on the bottom 
Character Token (Hagrid): (REDUCTO) In the third area, blast the lock on 
 the chest.
Character Token (Draco (Hogwarts)): (DARK MAGIC) While moving through 
 the third area, you'll find a globe that needs Dark Magic.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Upper Hallway: Time to put this one away.  Head up the stairs and speak to 
 the wizard painting so you can enter the secret room.

7F. Face of the Enemy =

"There is no good and evil.  There is only power... and those too weak 
 to seek it." - Voldemort

True Wizard at 33,000: Hard to do without multipliers.  May want to wait 
 until then.  There is a purple in the enclosure with the imperiled student.

Starting Characters: Harry (Sweater), Hermione (Blue Top), Ron (Cardigan)


Walkthrough -

Fluffy's Room: Zap the wizard painting so he drops a rubber duck, then 
 zap it so it grows, the Leviosa it into Fluffy's mouth.  Next, Leviosa 
 together the harp to put Fluffy to sleep and open the trap door.

Devil's Snare Trap: There's actually no need to hang around here.  You 
 can just drop down further.

The Flying Keys: Use Lumos and Solem to get rid of the vines and Snare, 
 then head to the chamber and use Leviosa on the statue so it drops its 
 broom.  Have Harry hop on and ride around zapping the big key four 
 times.  Once it falls apart, Leviosa it into the lock, then proceed.

Wizard's Chess: First, zap the three pawns, then hop into the castle to 
 have it mow down another pawn.  Next, zap the bishop to take the queen.  
 Lastly, assemble the pieces of your queen with Leviosa and zap it for 

Deepest Chamber: Your foe has three hearts, and the way to beat him is 
 to avoid his fireballs, then when he shoots a green ghost head, Leviosa 
 it back to him.  While he's stunned, hop over to him and touch him as 
 Harry to take the heart.  Do that three times and he'll be well done.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (REDUCTO) In the Devil's Snare room, blast the shiny 
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) In the Wizard's Chess chamber, blast the chest 
 in the background, then ride the knight.
Hufflepuff Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the Wizard's Chess chamber, dark-magic 
 the broken chess piece in the front of the room.
Slytherin Crest: (REDUCTO) In the Flying Keys room, blast all ten keys that 
 are floating about.

Student in Peril: In the area with the flying keys, fly up to a higher 
 ledge and Lumos the Devil's Snare holding this guy.

Character Token (Harry (Slytherin Disguise)): (REDUCTO) In the room with the 
 flying keys, blast the chest with the lock.
Character Token (Ron (Cardigan)): (DARK MAGIC) In the Wizard's Chess area, 
 dark-magic the broken chess piece on the right side.
Character Token (Professor Quirrell (Voldemort)): (DARK MAGIC) In the 
 Wizard's Chess area, dark-magic the broken chess piece on the left side.

8A. Floo Powder! =

"You must speak clearly, dear.  And be sure to get out at the right grate."
 - Molly Weasley

True Wizard at 50,000: There is barely and I mean BARELY enough for you to 
 get on your first try.  There's a purple behind the entryway into the 
 Burrow, and blues hidden in several corners, including a stockpile in Borgin 
 and Burkes if you fall into the fanged chest.  You may just want to come 
 back for this one when you have multipliers or all the magic powers.

Starting Characters: Harry (Red Sweater), Ron (Sweater)
Additional Characters: Ginny (Hooded Top), Hagrid


Walkthrough -

The Burrow: Having already made out grand exit from the Dursley's, we 
 arrive at Ron's home, the Burrow.  You can play around out here if you 
 like, but don't need to do anything for the way forward, so just head 

Burrow Interior: Ginny's in a mood, apparently, and you need to find her.  
 Zap all the moving objects in here, because she hides in a different 
 spot every time you play.  Getting to the left half of the inside is as 
 simple as using Leviosa on the water faucet to get all the dishes washed.  
 Once you've found Ginny, wave at the painting in front of the fireplace, 
 then take the jar of Floo Powder and use it on the fire.

Borgin and Burkes: Harry's taken a wrong turn, but Hagrid's here to help 
 him out.  Leviosa the broom to clean off the mirror, which allows you to 
 see a chain on the back side of the big closed hand.  Pull it with Hagrid 
 to release pieces to Leviosa together into a sword, so you can give it to 
 the painting.  This will get you a green key that will open the door to 
 the shop.

Knockturn Alley: Zap the largest jack-in-the-box to find a reaper that 
 will toss out pieces of a handle for Hagrid.  Pulling on it will remove 
 the stand, and allow you to head to the end of the alley to find another 
 handle to pull for the exit.


Free Play -

Needed: Digger, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are six gnomes in the Weasley garden.  Leviosa them 
 twice in a row, once to pick them up and once to spin them and toss them.
Ravenclaw Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In Knockturn Alley, use Leviosa to create 
 stairs out of planks on a cart, then use dark magic to open the door to the 
Hufflepuff Crest: Assemble either the green tractor or the "pumpkin-mobile".  
 Ride it over green tufts of grass to find seven carrots.  Leviosa them all to 
 make them rocket off.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In Borgin and Burkes, blast the fanged chest, 
 then hop inside.  Use dark magic on the globe.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) In Borgin and Burkes, blast the locked cabinet.

Character Token (George Weasley): (DIGGER) With either Fang unlocked or 
 Crookshanks, dig in the patch on the east side of the Burrow yard.
Character Token (Arthur Weasley): (DARK MAGIC) In Borgin and Burkes, 
 use dark magic on the cabinet on the right.
Character Token (Harry (Sweater)): Just before you leave, blast the wooden 
 chest behind the stairs.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Back Courtyard: We start this year's term in a new area, but one that's 
 pretty much directly connected to the Clock Tower Courtyard, as you'll 
 see once you head to the right.  Oh, door's blocked, you say?  Well, looks 
 like you'll be needing a Strength Potion:
 Snake Fang: Blast the purple flower bed, then blast the killer plant that 
  rises up from it.
 Bone Arm: Zap the bushes in the lower right corner until you can Leviosa 
  together a dancing skeleton.
 Thorn Blossom: Zap the pushcart on the left side and watch as it cleans 
 With the Strength Potion finished, pull on the chain to open the doorway 

Clock Tower Courtyard: The way into the school proper is blocked by a 
 rather cranky Mandrake, so head to Professor Sprout's Herbology Class.

Herbology Class: Yes, it seems that all the "magic" about Mandrake Handling 
 is simply having the sense to collect some earmuffs.  Head to the wardrobe 
 and press Circle in front of it collect your pair, then pot all three 
 of the offenders in the room.  You may now return to the courtyard.


Clock Tower Courtyard: You can now get the earmuffs in the wardrobe on the 
 left and pot the Mandrake to open the way to the rest of the schoo.  Head 
 for the Classrooms Hall.

Classrooms Hall: Up the right-hand stairs is a wardrobe for the Mandrake 
 in front of the glass wall.  Take him through there, repot him at the 
 top of the stairs and head into Professor Lockhart's classroom (you can 
 also take this opportunity to go to McGonagall's Transfiguration class, if 
 you missed it last year).

DADA Class: The Pixies are loose!  Use your new spell on them to first 
 encase them in a bubble, then once more to finish them off.  You'll first 
 face three Pixies just floating around, then another five divebombing 
 the area.  Take them all out to finish this lesson.


Classrooms Hall: Now it's time to head out for some more Quidditch action!
 Head out to the Forest Path.

Forest Path: *THIS PART IS OPTIONAL* You can stop by Hagrid's Garden any 
 time from now, and it will trigger a scene where Ron gets "the slugs" and 
 you'll need to get rid of them.  The only way is salt, and you need to make 
 a big shaker worth.  First, Leviosa the bucket under the water pump.  Next, 
 Leviosa the pot onto the firepit.  Zap the picnic basket to roll out the 
 blanket, then Leviosa the basket to set the picnic.  Have Fang dig in the 
 back of the of yard to find pieces, all of which you can put together to 
 form one part of the shaker.  To form the other part you need, use Leviosa 
 on a seed in the back, then on a nearby watering can, which will drag up 
 the plant and the last piece you need.  Assemble them with the gray-holed 
 part at the top.  This will cure Ron of the slugs and you can move on.

Quidditch Gate: Head into the field.

8B. Dobby's Plan =

"Someone's fixed it -- it won't leave Harry alone.  It hasn't gone for anyone 
 else all game!" - George Weasley

True Wizard at 68,000: Look for scrolls you can open and talk to.  You can't 
 get all the scrolls in the first run, but they do give you blues, which is 
 a big help.  Make sure you find everything before finishing off Dobby, 
 because you can't return from the Hospital Wing.  Having half the load by 
 the time you get there is a good start.  There are a couple of purples to 
 be had in the second half.  One is in a cabinet near the front-left bed, 
 and involves a red and blue potion mixing, and the other is in the 
 reception room, hiding in the front-right corner.

Starting Characters: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid
Additional Characters: Madam Pomfrey


Walkthrough -

The Bleachers: And AGAIN we're saving Harry in Quidditch, only this time 
 we have Hagrid along.  Use Leviosa on the trapdoor and drop down.  Blast 
 the chest to make a hand with a Beater club come up.  Zap it when the 
 Bludger hovers next to it to knock it into the barrier on the left, which 
 uncovers pieces for a springboard.  Hop up and move to the right.  Zap 
 Dobby once to knock one of his hearts away.  Use Hagrid on the chain, 
 then cross the scaffolding and zap Dobby again.

 Use Immobilus and Lumos to uncover the way to the Golden Snitch, which 
 knocks down pieces for stairs.  Climb up the stairs, then go to the right 
 and climb up the ladder.  Connect the purple rock to the lever above to 
 open the gate.  

Beneath the Stands: Climb up the ladder and zap Dobby again.  Have Hagrid 
 pull on the chain to drop some blocks, then stack them and head up to the 
 cupboards.  Zap the one in the middle, then zap Dobby for his fourth 
 heart.  Drop down and use Immobilus on the two Pixies, cross the bridge, 
 zap the barrel, and then use Leviosa to shake Dobby out for the final 

Hospital Wing: Now to get Harry back in working order.  The idea is to 
 make a variation on the Strength Potion.  Note that you have Madam Pomfrey, 
 which will give you a taste of all the awesome spells you'll get later.  
 Bone Arm: Use Leviosa on the skull near the kid's bed in the back right.
 Thorn Blossom: Pomfrey is immune to Mandrake cries, so pick it up and 
  take it to the back left to find the blossom.
 Red Spider: Leviosa Malfoy's bed to find armor pieces.  Put them together 
  and head to the next room.  Use Leviosa on the brush and clean away the 
  purple web, then hit the next one that comes along to drop the spider.
 Mix them all together and you're done.


Free Play -

Needed: Goblin Key, Slytherin, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (GOBLIN KEY) In the Hospital Wing's outer room, open the 
 safe using the key.
Ravenclaw Crest: Blast four barrels with small flags in them.  One's at the 
 bottom of the first ladder.  The next is after the springboard.  The third is 
 after Hagrid drops the scaffolding.  The last is up the stairs you make after 
 releasing the Snitch.
Hufflepuff Crest: Leviosa four flags.  Two are found right at the beginning.  
 The other two are found after reaching the top of the stands.
Slytherin Crest: (SLYTHERIN) In the last area with Dobby, there are two 
 scrolls which depict the Slytherin Quidditch team, and only Slytherins can 
 talk to them.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) Just before finishing off Dobby, you may notice 
 a chest with vines and a lock.  Get rid of both.

Character Token (Draco (Quidditch)): (DARK MAGIC) Just after you free the 
 Golden Snitch, head right before going up the stairs to find a cabinet to 
 use dark magic on. 
Character Token (Madam Pomfrey): (DARK MAGIC) In the Reception Room of 
 the Hospital Wing, use dark magic on the file cabinet, then blast it.
Character Token (Dobby): In the Hospital Wing, bounce up on the nearest 
 left bed to reach this.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Clock Tower Courtyard: Ron just suggested the Dueling Club, so head on 
 over to the Great Hall.

Great Hall: First up, you take on a series of dummies.  Zap them with your 
 new spell.  Once both Harry and Ron take care of five, you'll move on 
 to one-on-one against Malfoy.  Zap him with the spell five times to move 
 on.  It's tougher, because he dodges, but just keep hammering him and 
 you'll be done soon enough.


Great Hall Foyer: Time to tail Malfoy to the Slytherin area.  Head up 
 to the Upper Hallway.

Upper Hallway: Go left and speak to the snake with Harry to get some 
 pieces.  Place them in order on the pedestal to make a snake that will 
 open the gate.

Slytherin Door: You'll quickly learn that you can't just walk through 
 another House's door.  You'll need to look like your foe.  We're gonna 
 make ourselves some Polyjuice Potion.  Head down to the Potions Class.

Potions Class 1: You need three ingredients to make Polyjuice.  Black Hair, 
 a Red Cherry, and a Green Apple.
 Black Hair: Blast the boxes on the left and a purple tentacle will creep 
  out and grab the nearby student, leaving his hair behind.
 Red Cherry: On the front-right table is a cauldron with a red, green, and 
  blue bottles around it.  Zap all three so the plant grows out of the 
 Green Apple: In the front-left is a door you can Leviosa away.  Get rid 
  of the Pixie behind it to get the apple.
 Mix all the ingredients and you'll automatically unlock Justin Finch-
 Fletchley.  Change into him and you can talk to Hufflepuff portraits, of 
 which there are two in the room.  Talk to the right-hand one to complete 
 the lesson.


Okay, now that you've learned the potion, there are several gold cauldrons 
around the campus that you can put the three ingredients into.  While I'm 
not going to cover every last one here, I AM going to cover those that you 
can reach right now.  If you don't care so much, then skip ahead to the 
Restroom Corridor area.

Entrance Hall: Use Immobilus on the Pixie on the bookshelf and he'll 
 knock over the shelf.  Assemble the pieces into a ready cauldron.

Clock Tower Courtyard: The Black Hair is on the statue to the right of the 
 door to the Back Courtyard.  The other two pieces can be found once you 
 Leviosa all four stone pieces around the fountain, which causes a bunch 
 of plants to spring up.  Blast all the plants to find the cherry and 
 apple.  Use Immobilus on the Pixies holding the cauldron.

Forest Path: The Black Hair can be Leviosa'd off a sleeping student nearby.  
 The Red Cherry is far to the right, caught in some Devil's Snare

Great Hall Foyer: The hair and the apple can be found in the two rolled-up 
 banners near the stairs, and the cherry can be found near the purple 
 ball thing.  Leviosa it to end up with a rain cloud that makes it appear.

There are also some pre-made in the Classrooms Hall, the Garden, and the 
Quidditch Gate.  So, anyway...

Great Hall Foyer: Turn into Justin Finch-Fletchley, if you're not already 
 him, then go to the Hufflepuff painting on the right side.  Leviosa the 
 nearby broom to clean off the painting, then speak to it to open the 
 curtain.  Climb up the stairs.

Restroom Corridor: Head to the right.  Hold up at the pipe spewing green 
 gas.  Leviosa a nearby pipe to exchange spots and cover up the gas, then 
 head further right and into the restroom.

8C. Crabbe and Goyle =

"You don't know how bizarre it is to see Goyle thinking." - Ron, to a 
 disguised Harry

True Wizard at 25,000: No purples, but there are quite a few blues.  Make 
 sure you use the snake fight to launch yourself up to the blues before you 
 zap them.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger
Additional Characters: Harry (Slytherin Disguise), Ron (Slytherin Disguise)


Walkthrough -

Girls' Restroom: First step is to make some Polyjuice.  Leviosa Crabbe and 
 Goyle to get the Black Hair.  For the Red Cherry, head to the left side 
 of the room and Leviosa the broom.  Take the handle that falls off and 
 place it on the tank, then Leviosa the tank.  For the Green Apple, head 
 to the right-hand toilets, stand on one, then Leviosa the valve above.  
 Jump across the lids to the left.  The last one will drop down, destroying 
 the one further to the left.  Leviosa the bit of pipe left over, which 
 will grow a flower and give you pieces for a fan.  Leviosa it together, 
 which will open the remaining stall, where you can get the apple.

Slytherin Door: Note that this is not in normal Hogwarts.  You're still in 
 the mission.  Head down the stairs and Lumos the vines away from the 
 doorway.  Leviosa open the chest, then Leviosa the pieces.  This will get 
 some snakes poking out of the floor covers.  You to have blast all four 
 of these snakes to get the armor pieces you need.  Assemble the armor and 
 it will get rid of the water jets blocking your way.  Press Circle in front 
 of the doorway.

Slytherin Common Room: Head to the far right to find a globe with a fish 
 in it.  Use Leviosa on it and it will hop to the left towards the tank.  
 Leviosa it into there and the skull will float up.  Move the eyes back to 
 the snake and ring the bell.


Free Play -

Needed: Strength, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (STRENGTH) Pull on the chain on the left wall of the 
 restroom and assemble the plunger.  Mop up the green stuff.
Ravenclaw Crest: There are six lanterns in the Slytherin Common Room.
Hufflepuff Crest: Once you get to the Slytherin Door area, Leviosa three 
 fish back into the fountain.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the Slytherin Common Room, use dark 
 magic on the globe near the entrance.

Student in Peril: In the Slytherin Common Room, Leviosa the brush so it goes 
 into the fireplace and spits out blocks.  Assemble them to make a painting 
 and talk to the painting.

Character Token (Vincent Crabbe): (REDUCTO) Blast the barriers on the right 
 side of the restroom.
Character Token (Gregory Goyle): (DARK MAGIC) In the Slytherin Common Room, 
 use dark magic on the cabinet in the back of the first room.
Character Token (Ron (Slytherin Disguise): (REDUCTO) Blast the desk on the 
 right side of the Common Room.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Restroom Corridor: There's actually very little to do.  Simply head to the 
 right and go back into the bathroom.

8D. Tom Riddle's Diary =

"Hello, Harry Potter.  My name is Tom Riddle.  How did you come by my diary?"
 - Words responding to Harry's writing in the diary

True Wizard at 70,000: There's a purple in the first part, in the little 
 hallway leading back out of the restroom.  Also, be sure to smash up the 
 sinks during the boss fight, as they do have a fair amount of studs.  
 There's another purple back down the hallway at the beginning of the 
 memory, and a third in plain sight after a springboard.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Additional Characters: Tom Riddle


Walkthrough -

Girls' Restroom: Time for a Moaning Myrtle boss fight.  She'll start 
 chucking various things out of the stalls.  Leviosa them back towards 
 her to open the stalls, giving her fewer places to hide, until she pops 
 up from a toilet so you can zap her.  The first time, she'll only hide 
 behind three stalls.  The second time, all five.  For the third time, 
 she'll start throwing out metal objects that you can't Leviosa, so watch 
 carefully.  Lastly, she'll charge you, making the final heart an easy 

Diary Memory: Welcome to Hogwarts, decades ago.  You're paired up with the 
 spirit of Tom Riddle, who has a high level of spells, so be sure to 
 exploit that.  There are several things to do here.  First, let's get rid 
 of that Mandrake.  Use Lumos on the vines to uncover a cupboard that you 
 Leviosa the doors onto.  Get your earmuffs from that, then grab the 
 Mandrake, and use it to break the glass door just to the right of its 
 pot, then repot it.  

 You've uncovered a chain, which you'll need a Strength Potion to use.  So, 
 let's make that.  Head to the left and zap a bookcase to uncover the Bone 
 Arm.  Now, see those three buttons?  Step on all of them and quickly climb 
 up the ledges to the right.  Leviosa the button up here onto its plunger, 
 then step on it.  The ledges will now stay out permanently.  Hop over the 
 left and zap the barrel to find the Thorn Blossom.  Hop over to the right 
 and zap the vibrating chest to find the Snake Fang.  Now, use the 
 Strength Potion on the chain.

 Okay, you've got bridge pieces now.  Go to the right and use Immobilus on 
 the Pixies for more pieces.  On the left side, make the bridge using the 
 supports.  Be careful to target the parts you want so you can make a 
 proper bridge.  For the right side, just stack the two arch pieces on top 
 of each other and you should be fine.  Take another hit of Strength Potion, 
 hop up the ledges, then hop all the way to the right and pull the chain, 
 which will allow you access to the next area, finally.

Memory Corridor: Head down this corridor and you'll soon reach a set of 
 stairs going down to nowhere.  Hit the nearby button and you'll switch 
 the stairs so you can drop down and go up them.  There's another set of 
 stairs right after this.  Zap the painting and it will eventually toss out 
 the top of the button, so set it, then step on it and cross.  Keep going 
 right and you'll come across a bookcase.  Use Leviosa on the nearby table 
 and you'll turn it.  Wait for your partner to step on it, then activate 
 it.  Your partner should find a table on the other side to let you 
 through as well.  The gate to the right will now open.  Zap the banner 
 down and Leviosa it into a springboard.  Hop up and use Lumos to remove 
 the vines.  This will drop some platforms to Leviosa into position.  Climb 
 up and use Leviosa on the pillars to move them aside and finish.


Free Play -

Needed: Rune Book, Goblin Key, Reducto*, Dark Magic*
 * = Not entirely necessary, see below

Gryffindor Crest: Once you enter Riddle's Memory, you need to zap six suits 
 of armor.  Three are on the ground floor, and three are on the upper floor.
Ravenclaw Crest: With Tom Riddle at your side, you can cast away the lock on 
 the chest in the second Memory area using Reducto.
Hufflepuff Crest: (REDUCTO) During the Myrtle boss fight, blast the chest 
 on the left side of the room and ride the plunger around, cleaning up the 
 water. You can do this one on Free Play since you get Tom Riddle 
Slytherin Crest: In the second Memory area are three radios.  They're all 
 pretty obvious, but pretty spaced out.  Zap all three.

Student in Peril: (RUNE BOOK) in the first part of the memory, open the rune 
 cabinet on the right side of the room and carry the green key inside to the 
 cabinet on the left end.

Character Token (Moaning Myrtle): (DARK MAGIC) The black cabinet on the 
 far right side of the bathroom holds this.  You can just do this one in 
 Free Play since you get Tom Riddle automatically.
Character Token (Vocalist): (GOBLIN KEY) As soon as you enter the second part 
 of the memory, open the safe.
Character Token (Professor Vector): (GOBLIN KEY) At the very end of the event, 
 open the safe.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Restroom Corridor: Follow the trail of spiders all the way down the 
 corridor and outside to the courtyards, then all the way out to the 
 Forest Path.

Forest Path: Head into Hagrid's hut.

8E. Follow the Spiders =

"There's something moving over there.  Listen... sounds likes something big."
 - Harry

True Wizard at 90,000: There are a good amount of studs on the car chase, 
 but you run the risk of getting whomped by Aragog.  Just keep an eye open 
 along the ride and don't be afraid to turn around, as the worst he can do 
 is one heart damage.

Starting Characters: Harry (Blue Jacket), Ron (Cardigan), Fang


Walkthrough -

Forest: First step is to raise up that stumpy thing in the ground.  You're 
 going to ride this to the right and hop up the ledge.  Blast away the 
 grass in the back to uncover some discs, which you can Leviosa into a 
 rain cloud.  Move the cloud over the tree on the left and a ladder will 
 rise up, letting the rest of your crew follow you.

 Have Fang dig under the tree to knock it over, then cross.  Head down 
 to the pier and Lumos the vines away from the brooms.  Ride them across 
 the pond and then Leviosa the bridge parts on the other side so the rest 
 of your party can catch up.  Head to the right and watch a bridge go away, 
 but a ladder spring up.  Climb up and move to the right across the webs.  
 Note the Pixies on the tree.  Use Immobilus on all of them.  The resulting 
 tree crash will create a dig patch for Fang.  Dig away.

Aragog: Beating back Aragog is pretty simple.  Keep blasting smaller 
 spiders until you see a black one with a bit of purple.  When you hit that 
 one, it'll flip over.  Leviosa it up to the front of Aragog, then press 
 and hold Circle again to spin it around.  Release to toss it at Aragog.  
 You have to do this three times total.

Car Chase: This happens in three parts.  There's really not much to it 
 except drive away from Aragog.  Watch for studs and the like, of course.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are five shacks to run over while fleeing from 
 Aragog.  They're a LOT easier to pick out if you have the Crest Detector, or 
 if you turn up the brightness on your TV.
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) While crossing the lake, you may notice a shiny 
 gate on the back wall.  Blast that down, then ride the frogs through the 
Hufflepuff Crest: (DARK MAGIC) During the Aragog fight, use dark magic 
 on the cabinet to the left.
Slytherin Crest: Ten mushrooms need to be Leviosa'd.  There's one at the 
 beginning, two after the first ledge, two after the fallen tree, three 
 after the lake, and two near the Pixies.

Student in Peril: Tied up in webbing right next to Aragog.  Just blast the 

Character Token (Ron (Sweater)) - After the lake, once you reach your first 
 big web, head over the left to find this one easy.
Character Token (Lucius Malfoy): (REDUCTO) While fighting Aragog, blast the 
 chest near the right end.
Character Token (Professor Sinistra): (DARK MAGIC) Just after the pond is 
 a cabinet to use dark magic on.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Entrance Hall: Head over to Lockhart's classroom to start the last 

8F. The Basilisk =

"Are you a ghost?" - Harry
"A memory.  Preserved in a diary for fifty years." - Tom Riddle

True Wizard at 60,000: There's a purple hiding in the hallway of the 
 restroom near the exit again.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Gilderoy Lockhart
Additional Characters: Ginny Weasley


Walkthrough -

Girls' Restroom: Head over to the far left and zap the painting to the 
 pipe is uncovered.  Send Scabbers up the pipe.  He won't be able to get 
 all the way, but your partners will move the pipe, allowing you access to 
 the switch.  Push it, and then switch to someone else to use Lumos on 
 the vines.  Place the pipe in the stall into place, then use Lumos again 
 so you can shift the pipes again.  Switch back to Scabbers and have him 
 run the rest of the pipe to the other switch, which will release a frog 
 that heads towards a cupboard.  Leviosa the cupboard to find pieces for a
 riding plunger.  Follow the stud trail that appeared to the toilet with 
 green gas, then hop on it.  Leviosa all the pieces together, then speak 
 to the snake.

Chamber of Secrets: As you head to the left, a squid will pop out of the 
 water.  You'll need to use Leviosa to direct the plunger into its face.  
 Once the squid is out of the way, Leviosa the pieces together and stand 
 on the disc so your partner can let you up.  Walk along this ledge to the 
 end and Leviosa together a skeleton, which will go fishing, ultimately 
 giving you a spout to cross.  On the other side, Leviosa the bridge 
 together, then hop down and cross it.  On the far side, use Leviosa to 
 lower the large snake statue, then hop into it as it rises up.  Head 
 through the pipe.

Basilisk's Chamber: It's you and Ginny versus a big snake.  Watch out for 
 its laser beam eyes.  Stand in front of any of the three piles of rocks 
 and zap the basilisk in its face.  It will strike, and if you were 
 standing in front of the rocks, it will hurt itself upon them.  Do this 
 for all three piles of rocks.  It's still going now, but you have no more 
 rocks.  Now, you need to make a Strength Potion.  On the far right, in 
 the green gate, speak to the snake to get the Thorn Blossom.  Use Lumos 
 on the vines more to the right to find the Bone Arm.  For the last 
 ingredient, head to the left near the chain to find the Snake Fang.  
 Use the Potion, then pull the chain.  This will bring Fawkes the 
 Phoenix in to help you.  The basilisk is now blinded.  Zap it once more 
 in the face and it will retreat to the higher area.  Head to the left 
 and Leviosa the two chains onto the side, then hold Leviosa for both 
 Harry and Ginny to lower the pipe.  Hop in, then use Leviosa on the 
 Sorting Hat, which will drop the sword of Godric Gryffindor.  Leviosa it 
 to the spot under the basilisk's mouth and you're done!


Free Play -

Needed: Goblin Key, Digger, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are four dancing skeletons to put together.  Three 
 are on the ground floor in the Basilisk cave, in the portion where there 
 are bones.  The last one is on the upper ledge and is the one you need to 
 use to fish up the plug blocking the water spout.
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) During the Basilisk fight, you need to blast a 
 shiny vent cover on the left side.  Assemble the pieces into a clock.
Hufflepuff Crest: (DIGGER) In the cave, dig up all four dig spots.  They're 
 all pretty obvious.  The last one's on the far right.
Slytherin Crest: After knocking out the Basilisk's eyes and pushing it back 
 to the upper area, you'll find instruments, or at least pieces of 
 instruments, on the floor of the cave.  Leviosa all three.

Student in Peril: You'll pretty much stumble over this one as you go along, 
 as you need to open her stall to get the stuff you need to proceed.

Character Token (Wizard (Green)): (DARK MAGIC) In the cave, head to the 
 left and Lumos the chest.  Open it with dark magic.
Character Token (Gilderoy Lockhart): (DARK MAGIC) Just as above.  There 
 are two chests here.
Character Token (Tom Riddle): (GOBLIN KEY) During the Basilisk fight, unlock 
 the safe on the right side of the room.

9A. News From Azkaban =

"None of us is hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks.  Go." - Professor 
 Lupin, to a dementor

True Wizard at 50,000: You'll be scrounging a lot through this, so be sure 
 to check every corner and blast and cast at everything.

Starting Characters: Harry (Gray Jacket), Arthur Weasley
Additional Characters: Hermione (Red-hooded Top), Ron (Brown Jacket), 
 Professor Lupin


Walkthrough -

Room at the Inn: Your Monster Book of Monsters is being a tad 
 rambunctious.  First, Leviosa the painting on your left.  This sends 
 out a wizard to another painting and distracts the book.  Zap the 
 painting and the book will be stunned enough so you can jump on it.  
 You'll be doing the same thing twice more, pretty much, to finish it off.

Hogwarts Express: You need to stop the steam from flowing from the 
 smokestack.  Zap the cage with the owl, then Leviosa the flower that 
 comes out and put it on the stack.  Head to the far right and zap the 
 potted plants to find a loudspeaker.  Move it into place and the people 
 will get off the luggage, allowing you to zap them.  The luggage, that is.  
 One of the suitcases will have a platform in it, which you can carry to 
 the suitcase near the train tender and stack onto it.  Climb up and 
 head to the left.  Drop down on the other side of the gate and the 
 turnstile will stop.  Leviosa together a cauldron, and it will be time 
 to make some Strength Potion again:
 Snake Fang: In the luggage on the far right.
 Thorn Blossom: On top of the train tender.
 Bone Arm: In the wicker cage at the far left.
 Blast the black suitcase, and you'll put together the chain for the 
 Strength Potion.  Pull it, and you'll be on your way.

Passenger Car: Now, you need to find a seat.  Go to the trolley and use 
 Leviosa to give two people candy, then for the third time, pull a key 
 out and unlock the door.

Darkened Car: The dementors have taken over the train.  First and foremost, 
 use Professor Lupin' Patronus spell to defeat the dementors (the white 
 one).  Go to the second car from the left, and find the icepick inside, 
 so you can pick away at the ice blocking the third car.  Enter and Leviosa 
 together a luggage rack, then Leviosa the packages onto it.  Zap it to 
 knock it into the door and block the moonlight, which Lupin won't pass.

Darkened Car 2: Head to the right, defeating the dementor.  At the 
 break between the cabins, Leviosa away the bags from in front of the pipe, 
 then have Scabbers (or Crookshanks) crawl up the pipe and open it from 
 the inside.  Take the key from inside the cabin and use it on the lock 
 on the far right to get rid of the ice.

Darkened Luggage Car: Have Hermione open the Rune Cabinet, then assemble 
 the pieces and Leviosa the box into the purple spot to block the first 
 window.  Block the second window by putting the rolled-up shade above 
 it.  Have Lupin go ahead and take out the dementors.


Free Play -

Needed: Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: Once on top of the train, have Hermione use Crookshanks 
 to dig on top of the tender to find this.
Ravenclaw Crest: In the second and third darkened train cars are a total of 
 five Slytherin trunks in plain sight.  Zap them all.
Hufflepuff Crest: On the station platform are five red suitcases that need 
 to be zapped.  Four are in the first area, and the fifth is past the 
Slytherin Crest: This is sitting in the middle of the second darkened train 
 car.  Leviosa the luggage away from the Scabbers pipe and jump off it to the 

Student in Peril: (DARK MAGIC) In the first train car, use dark magic on 
 the lock to find this guy.

Character Token (Stan Shunpike): (DARK MAGIC) On the station platform, 
 use dark magic on the chest with the red lock, then zap it open.
Character Token (Ernie Prang): (DARK MAGIC) On the station platform at the 
 far right end is a cabinet to use dark magic on.
Character Token (Trolley Witch): (DARK MAGIC) In the first train car, 
 use dark magic on the lock to find this.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Classrooms Hall: Head up the stairs to the left to the DADA Classroom.

DADA Class 1: Learnin' new spell time!  Use Riddikulus on the boggarts 
 three times each for Ron and Hermione.  Note that Harry will never 
 learn this spell, so keep that in mind.


Classrooms Hall: There's a boggart near the right-hand door.  Defeat it, 
 then take the key it leaves behind and unlock the door.

North Tower Courtyard: Hang the plant near Professor Trelawney.  This will 
 get rid of the ivy blocking the way, and you can go up the tower.

Divination Class: You need to place three large teacups.  The first is 
 right in front of you.  The second is in a cabinet behind a wall of small 
 teacups, near the chest with the red sparkles.  The last is in another 
 cabinet behind teacups, although this one is a Rune Cabinet, so open it 
 with Hermione.

North Tower Courtyard: Watch Nick.  He'll lead out to a new passage to the 
 left of the tower.  This will end you up in...

Clock Tower Courtyard: That passage was only one-way, though.  Still, 
 it lets you go to the Courtyard Path and further out to Hagrid's.  
 Head to his garden.

Hagrid's Garden: This is your Care of Magical Creatures class.  The 
 object is to place three bits of food on the spots for Buckbeak the 
 Hippogriff.  First, head to the right and find a little tree on a purple 
 brick.  Move it onto the rock with the purple brick to stop Pixies from 
 coming out, because they suck.  Next, use Leviosa to clear away the 
 brush in front of the tree stump and have Hermione use her cat, 
 Crookshanks, to dig.  That's one chicken leg.  The second one is 
 down in the trench area at the far end, near the wasp next.  For the last 
 one, Leviosa the round rock out of the way, then have Crookshanks dig, 
 then climb the ladder.  Zap the frog out of the way, then use Leviosa on 
 the lily pads to make them big enough to cross for the third leg.  There 
 are other things to do here, but they're not real important.  You can 
 zap webs or make mushrooms for studs, for instance.

Forest Path: Head back up to the Clock Tower Courtyard to see a scene, 
 then head to the Great Hall Foyer.

Great Hall Foyer: Head to the statue on the left.  It will move aside, 
 allowing you to enter.

9B. Hogsmeade =

"This one leads right into the cellar of Honeydukes.  We've used it loads of 
 times." - Fred Weasley

True Wizard at 50,000: This one's a pain to barely make.  In the last 
 area are some blues and a purple high up in the left corner, which you 
 should use the broom to get to.  Other than that, I don't have any info 
 on any other hidden stashes.

Starting Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Fred (Sweater), George (Sweater)
Additional Characters: Hermione (Red-hooded Top), Ron (Brown Jacket)


Walkthrough -

Secret Passage: Head down the passage.  Use Lumos to remove the vines.  
 At the first gap, get rid of the Pixie and take the platform.  Place it 
 on the first peg, then hop onto it, look out to the right, and you'll find 
 another platform.  Place it on the second peg, then hop to the solid 
 ground and wait for everyone else to catch up.  Now, take both platforms 
 and move them to the pegs on the other side so you can cross.  After 
 that, take the big weight and place it on the edge of the bridge so it 
 drops.  Cross the bridge, then Leviosa the torches into the vines so they 
 drop their platforms, then cross.

 Go past the panels and defeat the boggart with Fred or George.  Use 
 Leviosa to pull the shade and faces will appear on the panels.  What you 
 need is something to satisfy each panel, based on its largest body part.  
 Put the flower in front of the one with the nose.  Put the cake in front 
 of the one with the mouth, and the painting for the eyes.  With all 
 panels set, you can head to the right and climb up the ladder.

Honeyduke's: All you need to do here is move the purple box onto the 
 scale to clear the path to the door.

Hogsmeade Street: If you head up the street, you'll see Malfoy has taken 
 over with a snowman golem.  Note the torch the wizard just dropped.  Pass 
 it near the LEGO snow to melt it, then assemble the pieces and set it on 

Snowball Fight: Ron and Hermione join back up with you here.  The trick to 
 this battle is to Leviosa Malfoy's snowballs in flight to send them back 
 at him.  You can't do it for every snowball.  Only the slow ones that he 
 lobs.  Once you do that a few times, he'll put together an igloo tank.  
 Again, catch the snowballs and send them back.  Once you get it stuck in 
 his "turret", he'll make it bigger and blast it out, whereby you catch it 
 and send it back to him to knock a heart off.  Keep this up until he 
Outside the Three Broomsticks: The object here is to place three broomsticks 
 on the huge snowball to move it out of the way.  One is right next to the 
 snowball.  The second is down the street to the left.  Take the birdcage 
 and place it on the sled to uncover it.  For the third, start shooting 
 sparks at the trees in the center.  The two top-most trees will shoot out, 
 and will unseat the guy stuck on the broom high up.  Leviosa all three 
 brooms onto the snowball to move it out of the way so you can enter the 


Free Play -

Needed: Digger, Strength, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (DIGGER) Have Hermione use Crookshanks to dig up the spot 
 at the back end of the first street.  Ride the snowball down to the bowling 
 pins to knock them over.  This is one you can't do in Story because you 
 don't get Hermione back until you pass this area.
Ravenclaw Crest: Once on the street, zap three owls which will drop parts for 
 a snowman, then zap the snowman.
Hufflepuff Crest: You need to zap ten webs.  There are two right at the 
 beginning, one before the platforms, one on the middle part of the platforms, 
 one on the right side of the bridge, two after the bridge, one to the left of 
 the three face panels, two near the ladder exit.
Slytherin Crest: (STRENGTH) After sending the snowball down the street at 
 the end, pull on the nearby chain.

Student in Peril: Once you're back in Hogsmeade after the snowball fight, 
 head down the slope to the left and zap the small snowman.

Character Token (Crabbe (Sweater)): (DARK MAGIC) Near the panel of 
 three faces in the tunnel is a globe to use dark magic on.
Character Token (Goyle (Sweater)): (REDUCTO) In Honeyduke's, blast the lock 
 off the... something, and then Leviosa it.  Looks like a monkey in a box?
Character Token (Draco (Sweater)): (REDUCTO) On the second Hogsmeade street 
 is a wizard sounding rather sure of himself.  Zap him and he'll run off to 
 another area.  Zap him again and he'll reappear by the Three Broomsticks.  
 Now, blast the lock on the basket and Leviosa the snake out of it to scare 

Hogwarts Interlude =

Entrance Hall: Head on up to the Gryffindor Common Room.

9C. Mischief Managed =

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." - Incantation for activating 
 Marauder's Map

True Wizard at 50,000: There is a purple in the very beginning just behind 
 the witch statue on the left.  Other than that, just play around the nooks 
 looking for concealed blues.

Starting Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Ron (Pyjamas)


Walkthrough -

Secret Passage: First thing to do is open this door.  Blast the cupboard 
 on the right and assemble the pieces.  Zap the armor and place the key in 
 the wall.  Next, head to the left and Leviosa the torch into the vines to 
 drop the other key.  Place it and turn both at once.  Head inside.

 Head straight through the passage to the other side.  In this next room, 
 you'll ultimately need to make a Strength Potion.  First, the cauldron.  
 Defeat the boggart with Ron, then zap open the cupboard behind it to find 
 the cauldron pieces.
 Thorn Blossom: There's a rolled up banner in the back left to zap.
 Bone Arm: In the center of the room are three blocks that need to be 
  stacked blue, red, then green, from bottom to top, just as the floor 
  says.  This also uncovers the chain.
 Snake Fang: Get rid of the Pixie holding the mallet, then blast the chest 
  to find a rather oddly colored snake.  Use Leviosa on the mallet and bring 
  it down on his head.
 When you pull the chain, a rock will appear.  Leviosa it, and the door 
 will open.

Castle Wall: Out here, we're making a new potion, one of invisibility.  
 Red Spider: Defeat the boggart, then speak to the snake behind it.  The 
  pieces that come out can be Leviosa'd to the lower wall.  Drop down 
  and take the Red Spider.  
 Red Cherry: Leviosa the shovel beside the cauldron, which will dig up a Red 
  Cherry plant. 
 Chicken Leg: Blast all the parts around the fountain and assemble the valve 
  so you can ride up to the upper level.  Avoid Filch and jump in the open 
  window to get the Chicken Leg.  
 Now, have both Ron and Harry drink the potion, and you won't have to worry 
 about Filch patrolling around.  Head to the far right and have both 
 characters Leviosa both gargoyles to open the gate.

Inner Corridor: Head to the end of this corridor.  Blast two gray chests 
 and assemble the pieces inside to make a violin to lull the painting to 
 sleep so it will drop the green key.  Use it to unlock the door.


Free Play -

Needed: Rune Book, Slytherin, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (DARK MAGIC) On the castle wall, near where Flich 
 patrols, is a window that needs dark magic to open.
Ravenclaw Crest: Destroy five gold suits of armor.  They're all pretty 
 obvious, but the first is before you enter the passage, the next two are in 
 the passage itself, and the last two are at the open area at the end.
Hufflepuff Crest: (DARK MAGIC) After opening the door using the Strength 
 Potion, a black rock will fall off that you need to use dark magic on.
Slytherin Crest: (SLYTHERIN) In the last corridor, there's a painting of a 
 Slytherin holding the crest.  You need to be a Slytherin to talk to it so 
 he'll drop it.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) On the castle wall, near where Filch patrols, 
 is a locked window.  Blast the lock.

Character Token (George (Sweater)): (RUNE BOOK) In the first big room after 
 the passage, use Hermione to open the rune cabinet.
Character Token (Fred (Sweater)): On the castle wall, near where Mr. Filch 
 patrols, you'll find an open window with a chicken leg.  Behind the table 
 is the token.
Character Token (The Grey Lady): (REDUCTO) On the castle wall, near where 
 Filch patrols, is a locked window.  Blast the lock.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Gryffindor Common Room: Head on down to the Classrooms Hall.

Classrooms Hall: Head up the left-hand stairs and follow Professor Lupin 
 to the second DADA classroom.

DADA Class 2: Time to learn some rockin' Patronus power.  There are five 
 boggarts in the room, and to Harry, of course, they'll all look like 
 dementors.  Shoot the chests, then back away and use the Patronus on 
 them.  The first two are in plain sight.  The third is in vines on the 
 right.  The fourth is found when you open a cabinet near the exit door, 
 which has pieces for a projector.  Zap the movie it projects to get that 
 chest.  The last is held by a Pixie on the left side of the room.


Classrooms Hall: Let's head down to Hagrid's, shall we?

9D. The Shrieking Shack =

"Ron -- are you okay?" - Harry
"Where's the dog?" - Hermione
"Not a dog...  Harry, it's a trap--" - Ron

True Wizard at 22,000: During the Shrieking Shack fight, head to the corner 
 where the kids are.  If a purple and two blues aren't enough to get you a 
 great head start, you need more help than I can give.

Starting Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Hermione (Red Hooded Top)
Additional Characters: Professor Lupin, Sirius Black


Walkthrough -

Whomping Willow: Fighting the Whomping Willow is a pretty simple matter.  
 Watch for its branches to fly down.  The one you really want to look out 
 for is the large one at the top that looks like a fist.  When that smacks 
 down dead center, press Triangle to hop on, then start blasting at the 
 little antennae at the top of the tree.  Three times does it, as usual.  
 When you're done, you can clean up the area before heading inside.

Underground: Lumos the vines into a bridge, then cross and drop down to the 
 bottom.  Blast the two roots on the underside of the tunnel, which will 
 drop a green seed.  Zap the red flower to water the seed, then climb up 
 the leaves to the right.  In the next area, the trick is to find the 
 roots of three different colored vines and Leviosa them so that they 
 clear away from the exit.  Jump up to the left near the moving root 
 platforms to find the first.  Head right past the root platforms, then 
 drop down to find the second set of roots.  Right the rightmost root 
 platform to the top, then jump past the water spouts.  There are balls 
 above you to knock down and Leviosa and place on these spouts so that 
 you can the rightmost spout can shoot you up to the third set of roots, 
 and the exit.

Shrieking Shack: We're now controlling Sirius and Lupin.  The idea in this 
 fight is to chase Scabbers around.  When he hides somewhere, that piece 
 of furniture will shake.  Zap it and you'll get a few pieces.  Zap all 
 the pieces of furniture to make a mousetrap.

Werewolf Chase: You're back with Harry and Hermione.  Head right into the 
 trench and Lumos the vines away.  Assemble the pieces to make a rock, then 
 zap that rock so it drops blocks that you can stack to climb up.  Continue 
 all the way to the right and you'll find a dig spot for Crookshanks, 
 which will uncover a cauldron for a Strength Potion.
 Thorn Blossom: Zap the round rocks and plant the seeds to find thorn 
  flowers.  Only one gives you the purple blossom.
 Bone Arm: Blast the webbing on the wall near the larger bones to release 
  a skeleton to Leviosa.
 Snake Fang: Blast the bones on the back wall so it drops this.
 Use the Strength Potion to pull on the chain to make platforms.  Have 
 Crookshanks jump up and dig at the top to release some little guys who 
 will give you a ladder.  Climb up and take out the spiders.  At the end, 
 assemble pieces of a mushroom so you can jump up to the fighting duo.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (DARK MAGIC) During the willow fight, have Crookshanks 
 dig up the left-hand dig spot, then use dark magic on the chest that is 
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) After putting together the Strength Potion, 
 blast the lock off the cupboard on the upper ledge and take the earmuffs.  
 Move the Mandrake over to the far left, where Crookshanks can dig up a 
 glass box to shatter.
Hufflepuff Crest: Five yellow flowers need to be zapped underground.  One 
 is near the entrance, the second at the bottom drop near the roots and 
 the apple, the third is after you water the apple, the fourth in the lower 
 right corner, near the roots for the light-green vines, and the fifth is 
 near the exit.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) There are five dark piles of dirt to use 
 dark magic on in the last area.  Three are before the ladder, and two are 

Student in Peril: While chasing Lupin, you'll fight some large spiders.  
 There's a web nearby with the student attached to it.

Character Token (Witch (Grey)): (DARK MAGIC) During the willow fight, 
 have Crookshanks dig up the right-hand dig spot, then use dark magic on the 
 chest that is unearthed.
Character Token (Peter Pettigrew): (DARK MAGIC) In the Shrieking Shack, 
 use dark magic on the cabinet to the left.
Character Token (Hermione (Red Hooded Top)): (REDUCTO) In the forest area, 
 blast the lock off the nearby chest.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Clock Tower Courtyard: This one's easy.  Just head left and through the 
 door to go the Hospital Wing.

9E. Dementor's Kiss =

"The Dementors affect you worse than the others because there are horrors 
 in your past they don't have." - Professor Lupin, to Harry

True Wizard at 60,000: Never been able to pull this off without multipliers.  
 Heck even with x2, you have to blast pretty much every bit of foliage.  
 If anyone finds some purples, let me know.

Starting Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Hermione (Red Hooded Top)


Walkthrough -

Hagrid's Garden: Oooo, temporal causalities!  You need to free Buckbeak, 
 but the first thing to do is take care of that dang Mandrake.  Get earmuffs 
 from the cupboard.  Next, zap the weird plant that's in the Mandrake's pot 
 already.  Then, pot the Mandrake, and zap the plant again in the ground 
 where it showed up, and it should knock the fish barrel over.  Leviosa 
 the fish and Buckbeak should pull out some of its restraints, uncovering 
 parts you can Leviosa into a grill.  Leviosa the chicken leg to Buckbeak 
 and he'll pull up more.  Now, Leviosa the nearby axe and you'll chop 
 through the chains.

Forest Edge: This next part requires you to get a gramaphone and a record 
 together.  Head to the right and down into the pond.  Get rid of the Pixies 
 and use the discs to make a rain cloud.  You can now use the lily pad to 
 bounce up to the upper level.  Use Lumos on the vines covering the 
 gramaphone to free it, then head to the center island.  Use Leviosa to 
 pull out a hook, then zap the hook so it pulls out a chest, inside of 
 which is the record you need to put on the gramaphone.  Carry the record 
 over to the gramaphone and put it back together.

The Lake: Now, it's time to go save you so you can go back and save you, 
 right?  Head up the steps on the left, then zap the hanging brush with 
 bits of red in it over the blue stud.  Leviosa it up into a bridge, then 
 cross and use Lumos on the vines to release the rock, which busts the 
 big block of ice in the middle of the lake.  This gets the attention of 
 the dementors, so hop down and Patronus all six into next week.


Free Play -

Needed: Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: Once you put together the gramaphone, you need to find 
 two records with skeletons drawn on them and play them (before you play 
 the wolf record).  The first is right next to where the gramaphone ends up.  
 The second is under a dig spot near the pond, which only appears when you 
 fill it.
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO) Blast the bird cage in the first area.
Hufflepuff Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the last area, once the dementors are 
 loose, Leviosa the pieces of the rock together to make steps on the right 
 side of the area, then climb up and zap a branch so you can be lifted up to 
 the rocks that need dark magic.
Slytherin Crest: In the second area, once you fill the pond with water, ride 
 the frog using Triangle and steer between the reeds.

Student in Peril: In the second area, blast the bees harrassing the 

Character Token (Professor Lupin): (REDUCTO) In the second area, you'll find 
 a shiny locked chest on the far right in the upper area.  Blast it.
Character Token (Cornelius Fudge): (REDUCTO) On the right side of the lake 
 area is a shiny frozen door.  Blast it down and speak to the snake with 
Character Token (Macnair): (DARK MAGIC) In the last area, once the 
 dementors are loose, Leviosa the pieces of the rock together to make steps on 
 the right side of the area, then climb up and zap a branch so you can be 
 lifted up to the rocks that need dark magic.

Hogwarts Interlude =


Back Courtyard: Well, we could go and play with the Time Turner in other 
 areas, but we've seriously got things to do, here.  Hop on Buckbeak to 
 take off for the last run in this year.

9F. The Dark Tower =

"If all goes well, you will be able to save more than one innocent life 
 tonight." - Professor Dumbledore

True Wizard at 75,000: Another one I haven't managed first time with no 
 multipliers.  Heck, I barely get 60,000 on this one.  Must be some more 
 hidden purples.

Starting Characters: Harry (Grey Jacket), Hermione (Red Hooded Top)


Walkthrough -

Outer Wall: Blast any dementors that get close to you.  Head to the right 
 and zap the yellow chest to find a pick axe.  You'll have to move this one 
 around to chip away at the ice.  Lumos away the vines, then proceed.  
 Leviosa the water bucket onto the garden to create flowers that you can 
 spin and ride up.  At the top, hit the gargoyle so it spits fire at the 
 ice on the door, then hit the nearby chest and assemble another gargoyle 
 to do the same.  Enter the door.

Attic: This little area is going to require you and Hermione to split up.  
 Have each character take a route.  The character on the right should 
 Leviosa a platform to the left, then the character on the left should 
 hop across and Leviosa the torch to the right to get rid of the vines.  
 Switch back to right, then send another platform to the left.  Switch to 
 left and Leviosa some debris to the right.  Switch to the right, then 
 put the junk in front of the door to the left, and you can proceed.

Balcony: Strength Potion time again.  The cauldron is on top of the 
 statue to the right.
 Thorn Blossom: In the tree.  Leviosa the barrel to find an axe, then lift 
  it up to the highest branch to drop it.
 Bone Arm: Drop down the front wall to find a purple gargoyle.  Place it 
  on its perch above the window, and it should swing down and smash it.  
  Have Hermione read the Rune Cabinet inside.
 Snake Fang: Zap the flower bed near the door you came in and then zap the 
  snake that pops out. 
 Pull the chain and cross the bridge.  Head up the tower.

Tower Top: Big dementor fight time.  This one can suck in and blow out 
 something fierce.  The trick is to get him stopped up.  Use Leviosa on 
 the barrels to empty them, then blast the non-boss dementors in the area.  
 When the heavy one starts inhaling, it will get stalled due to all the 
 debris, which will knock a heart off.  Do this three times.  The hard part 
 on the third time is that the barrels will be frozen, and you'll have to 
 zap the nearby gargoyles to thaw them before shaking.


Free Play -

Needed: Goblin Key, Reducto, Adava Kedavra

Gryffindor Crest: On the balcony, when you use a gargoyle to break a window, 
 you'll find this just out of sight on the right inside the room.
Ravenclaw Crest: In the first area are five lanterns to zap.  Four of them 
 are encased in ice and need Leviosa.
Hufflepuff Crest: (REDUCTO) There are six shiny gargoyles to destroy in the 
 second to last area.  One is right above where you came in, two are down 
 the front wall in front of Trelawney's office.  A fourth is near the left 
 side of the drawbridge.  The fifth is close to the front of the screen, and 
 you can see it by aiming down.  The sixth is on the tower on the other 
Slytherin Crest: (GOBLIN KEY) At the end of the attic area is a safe for 
 Griphook to open.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) In the first area, blast the lock on the door 
 near the fountain.

Character Token (James Potter (Ghost)): (REDUCTO) In the first area, 
 blast the lock on the door near the fountain.
Character Token (Lily Potter (Ghost)): (REDUCTO) In the attic area, blast 
 open the chest right in front of you.
Character Token (Sirius Black): (DARK MAGIC) In the last area, in the 
 lower office (where Trelawney is) is a cabinet that needs dark magic to 

10A. The Quidditch World Cup =

"No time, Harry.  Just grab a jacket and get outside, quickly!"
 - Arthur Weasley

True Wizard at 90,000: Remember that the first part ends when the four 
 Weasleys are found, so hold off on releasing Fred until last so you can 
 scour around for studs.  There's a purple behind the tent that sparkles 
 red, and another near the tent where Fred is trapped.

Starting Characters: Hermione (Red Hooded Top), Ginny (Hooded Top)
Additional Characters: Ron (Brown Jacket), Fred (Sweater), George (Sweater), 
 Arthur Weasley


Walkthrough -

Camp Grounds: Never send a man to do a woman's job, eh?  You need to 
 round up Arthur, Fred, George, and Ron in this area.  Harry we'll get 
 later (he ought to be used to this by now).  Let's take them one by 

 Ron: Head straight back and bear right at the end.  You'll see a couple of 
 Death Eaters using mallets to pound on a table.  Zap the DE's, then 
 use Leviosa to remove the table.

 George: South of Ron, you'll see George surrounded by fireworks.  Zap 
 them a few times to get him on the team.

 Arthur: Head to the far right to find Arthur stunned by a Death Eater.  
 Leviosa the nearby mallet to clonk the DE.

 Fred: First, you need to make the Invisibilty Potion near Arthur.
 Red Spider: On the webs to the right of the cauldron.
 Red Cherry: Have Crookshanks dig near the cauldron.
 Chicken Leg: On the grill above the cauldron.
 Once you make the potion, go to the left and sit on the book so it doesn't 
 harrass you, then Leviosa the cart out of the way, then Leviosa the tent.

Ruined Camp: Boy, that burned down quick.  Now, to find Harry.  Blast the 
 hanging banner and Leviosa it into a springboard, then bounce over the 
 fire.  To get everyone else to join you, hit the barrel on the wagon 
 nearby.  Head to the back to find a square box.  Open it and pull the 
 barrel out, then use the barrel on the fire.  This will allow you access 
 to a dig spot that has a green wheel under it.  Move that wheel to a cart 
 nearby, then Leviosa it out of the way.  Now, it's Strength Potion time 
 once again.  The cauldron is off to the right and inverted, so flip it 
 back over.
 Thorn Blossom: Blast the Pixie nearby and take the green pipe to the 
  water barrel south of the cauldron.  Use Leviosa to put out the fire, 
  then hop over.  Blast up the debris near the locked chest.
 Bone Arm: Head back left and zap a chest to find an axe inside, which you 
  can use to chop down a banner.  In this alcove, zap a gray barrel to 
  find a skeleton inside.
 Snake Fang: In the pit fire south of the cauldron.  You'll step over it 
  as you go for the Thorn Blossom.
 Pull the chain to head on through.

Death Eater Battle: This isn't too complicated.  Zap any Death Eaters and 
 watch for incoming fire from the back.  Eventually, snakes will join the 
 mix.  If any wrap you up, switch to another character and zap them free.


Free Play -

Needed: Ravenclaw, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are eight small fires (made out of LEGO) that need 
 to be extinguished by nearby water barrels.  One is near the beginning.  A 
 second is in the upper left corner. Two more are in the back right.  Two 
 more are in the front right.  Another is middle front (near a dark globe).  
 The last is pretty much dead center, near where one of the Weasley twins is 
Ravenclaw Crest: (REDUCTO, RAVENCLAW) In the ruins, after you move the 
 cart with the green wheel, head south to find some shiny rubble.  Blow it 
 up, then have Crookshanks dig up a painting.  Use a Ravenclaw to talk to 
 the painting to get the crest.
Hufflepuff Crest: Once the campgrounds are in ruins, there will be five 
 wizards that need some sort of aid.  Some are trapped behind fire.  Others 
 are pinned under debris.  Free them all before using the Strength Potion.  
 There are two before the cart you attach the wheel to, and three after.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) There's tent that needs dark magic in the 
 first area, on the right side, near Arthur Weasley.

Student in Peril: (REDUCTO) Blast the outhouse near the very beginning to 
 free this guy.

Character Token (Death Eater): (DARK MAGIC) During the first area, there's 
 a globe that needs dark magic near the center of the area.
Character Token (Ginny (Hooded Top)) - In the ruins, just south of the 
 first fire is a pile of rubble to blow up.
Character Token (Barty Crouch Junior): (REDUCTO) Near the end of the ruins, 
 after you put out a fire with a barrel full of water which covered the 
 snake fang, you'll find a shiny lock to blow up.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Great Hall Foyer: Fred and George have an idea, eh?  Head down to the 
 Potions Class.

Potions Class 1: The three ingredients of the Aging Potion are Orange 
 Snake, Green Leaf, and Yellow Banana.
 Orange Snake: Go to the near left corner and Leviosa the horns on the 
  gargoyle to uncover a Rune Cabinet.  Open it, then put the pieces together 
  to make a "red" dispenser.  What you have to do is make one of each of 
  the "secondary" colors with that red and the nearby blue and yellow.  
  Make orange, green, and purple, and you'll get the snake.
 Green Leaf: Go to the near right corner to find a chest with a lock.  Shoot 
  it off and take the panel inside.  Carry it over to the left and place 
  it on the pump.  Stand on both panels to start pumping water, after which 
  the leaf will fall out.
 Yellow Banana: Leviosa the blockage away from the pipe and send 
  Crookshanks up it.  Have him push the red panel out, which will drop the 
  banana into a fish tank and free a bird.  Zap the bird and use the 
  chicken legs on the fish tank to get the banana out.


Classrooms Hall: Make your way to the Great Hall for a cutscene.

Great Hall Foyer: What a tweest!  Head down to Hagrid's.

10B. Dragons =

"Keep back there, Hagrid!  They can shoot fire at a range of twenty feet, you 
 know!  I've seen this Horntail do forty!" - Handler
"Is'n' it beautiful?" - Hagrid

True Wizard at 52,000: There's a purple below the second drawbridge, and 
 there are two near the end of the first area with the building blocks, if 
 you're feeling daring enough to stack jumps to them.

Starting Characters: Harry (Blue Jacket), Hagrid, Fang


Walkthrough -

Dragon Cages: All right.  Your first job is to get past the cages of the 
 other three dragons.  First, the Chinese Fireball.  Blast the lock off 
 the left part of the cage, then Leviosa a purple egg from the basket and 
 put it up through the purple door at the top.  Leviosa it all through 
 the tunnels until it reaches the other end.  That will keep the Fireball 
 busy.  Moving on, blast the Pixies and put together the chain for Hagrid 
 to pull.  Time your jumps past the blue flame.  In the next part, use 
 Lumos on the vines and zap the plant.  This allows you to make a 
 mushroom that you can use to bounce up to the pieces of the next chain 
 for Hagrid.  Head across the bridge.

 Next is the Common Welsh Green.  It's rhythmically tapping its tail.  Use 
 Leviosa to pick up the xylophone mallet.  Yes, you have to match the notes 
 the dragon sings, so do so until it falls asleep.  Head down south and 
 jump past another set of blue flames.  Head left in front of the cage to 
 see a fish tank and a bunch of fire.  Lift up the nearby tub and dip it 
 into the water.  Take it out and hold it over one of the sets of flames 
 until it goes all the way out.  You'll have to put the tub back and do it 
 again for the second and third as well.  Once they're all out, Leviosa 
 together the parts to form a ramp to climb up.

 And we've been walking all around him, but here's the Swedish Short-Snout.  
 Looks like he likes that ring.  Leviosa the ring and hold it near the 
 three purple joints to the chains and hold it there until the dragon 
 burns through it.  Once all three chains are cut, head around the cage and 
 across to the right.  Use the blocks to create a bridge and head down the 
 ramps and out to the right.

The Horntail: And now the big one.  The Hungarian Horntail is chomping at 
 the bit back there.  There are three chains back here.  Leviosa one, 
 Hagrid will take another, and a handler will take the third.  You may 
 now go around the other side of the cage.

Behind the Cage: No potions around here for you, but Harry does have his 
 cloak.  Have Fang dig so he and Hagrid can take the low road, and Harry 
 with his cloak can go high.  Have Hagrid pull on the chain, then Harry 
 use Lumos on the vines and blasts the plant.  Harry then Leviosas a gray 
 structure so the other two can go under it, then Hagrid moves a mushroom 
 so Harry can pass through the tree.  Lastly, Hagrid Leviosas a chain to 
 Harry can blast the link on it.  Head right to finish.


Free Play -

Needed: Goblin Key, Reducto, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are nine lanterns in the first area.  One right at 
 the beginning, the second past the red dragon, the third past the jets of 
 blue flames, the fourth past the green dragon, the next two past the second 
 jets of blue flames, the seventh just before facing the blue dragon, the 
 eighth on the bridge after the blue dragon, and the last after the bridge.
Ravenclaw Crest: (DARK MAGIC) After the blue dragon, use Dark Magic on 
 the skeleton to move it to fishing position.
Hufflepuff Crest: Note that when the green dragon goes to sleep, yellow Z's 
 come out.  Hit the yellow bar on the xylophone five times.
Slytherin Crest: (REDUCTO) Near the end of the first area is a chest with a 
 double shiny lock.  Blast it open and assemble the pieces.

Student in Peril: (GOBLIN KEY) Near the Horntail's cage is a safe to open.

Character Token (Drumstrang Student): (DARK MAGIC) Just after the second 
 set of blue flame jets is a cabinet that needs dark magic.
Character Token (Cedric (Sweater)): (GOBLIN KEY) Near the end of the first 
 area, open the safe.
Character Token (Dragon Handler): (REDUCTO) The first part with the Horntail's 
 cage has a chest with a shiny lock to break open.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Harry's Dorm: Don't know why we're starting all the way up here, but 
 oh well.  Head down to the second DADA classroom.

DADA Class 2: Time to learn the awesome stuff.  Use Reducto on all the 
 trapped students to free them and you will have learned the spell.


Okay, now at this point, much of the game is completely open to you.  There 
are TONS of things that need Reducto to work, and you will need it to 
access the remaining skills you need to finish the game fully, like the 
Goblin Key and Dark Magic, for example.  You can take the time now to 
clean up Hogwarts and the events, or wait until you're done the story.  
Either way's fine, really.  Anyway, to move on with the story, head out to 
the Forest Path.

Forest Path: Head to the tent set up near Hagrid's.

10C. The First Task =

"I'm just going to give you some good general advice.  And the first bit 
 is -- play to your strengths." - Moody

True Wizard at 60,000: Given the incredibly hectic nature of this event, 
 I wouldn't even bother with trying for this on the first go.  Come back 
 with multipliers, says I.

Starting Characters: Harry (Dragon Task), Hermione (Blue Top)


Walkthrough -

Dragon Pit: Head to the right and jump between the rocks for cover.  Once 
 you hit the blockade, blast the two smaller dirt piles to make parts for 
 a puppy, I suppose.  This will break the barrier.  Keep heading right and 
 you'll find a hunk of rock with a purple bottom.  Put it in the steam jet 
 and you'll get the parts for a cauldron of Strength Potion.  The 
 ingredients are real easy this time.  Thorn Blossom is under the vines.  
 Snake Fang is in the snake bones, and put together the skeleton for the Bone 
 Arm.  Drink the potion, then ride up the rock to the chain, which will 
 get the Horntail moving.  Climb up and send the next rock onto the purple 
 spot, then cross.  Time your jumps across the platforms that the Horntail 
 breathes fire on.  At the end, use Leviosa to put out the fire.  Keep 
 jumping to the next area.  Now, you need to set colored blocks in a row 
 to climb up to the top.  Blast the rock for the tall green one, dig for 
 the medium blue one, and take out the Pixie for the short red one.  Set 
 them up and climb up.

Tower Chase: Yikes!  Run!  Run along the tower wall and into the building.  
 The Horntail will chase you the entire way.  Just keep running and jumping.  
 You can shoot stuff on the way for studs, but really, it's not worth 
 the pain to hang around.


Free Play -

Needed: Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: Assemble the three blocks to the golden egg.  Make sure 
 you go (from left to right) red, blue, then green.
Ravenclaw Crest: This is on the way as you get chased by the dragon.  It's 
 pretty easy to spot, but also easy to run past.
Hufflepuff Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the very first part are three rocks 
 that the Horntail can blast with its fire, leaving dark remains.  Use 
 dark magic on all three.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the first area are three objects that 
 I guess are gold ore or something.  Use dark magic on all of them.

Student in Peril: During the dragon chase, you'll spot a chained up cupboard 
 on your right.  Use Reducto on it to open it.

Character Token (Harry (Dragon Task)): (DARK MAGIC) In the first area is 
 a black globe to use dark magic on to reveal this.
Character Token (Cedric (Dragon Task)): At the beginning, use the water 
 barrel to put out the fire.
Character Token (Fleur (Dragon Task)): On the towers, as soon as you enter 
 the inner rooms, on your right.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Gryffindor Common Room: Head down to the Covered Bridge to see a 

Covered Bridge: Now we're going to head to the Restroom Corridor.

Restroom Corridor: Head up the stairs and blast the pipes blocking your 
 way with Reducto.  Head through the door at the end.

10D. Secret of the Egg =

"Just mull things over in the hot water.  It'll help you think.  Trust me."
 - Cedric Diggory

True Wizard at 12,000: A small area means for a small number of studs.  Just 
 make sure you scout around all the corners for blues.

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Moaning Myrtle


Walkthrough -

Prefect's Bathroom: You have Myrtle on hand here.  Here (and only here) she 
 can use Leviosa to help out.  The idea is to get to the lower are by 
 attaching four green shells to the tub.  The first is right next to it.  
 For the second, head to the left and blast the three overflowing sinks.  
 This will raise the water in the nearby tank and drop the shell.  For the 
 third, Leviosa the barrel near the boggart, and assemble the pieces.  
 Have both characters Leviosa the yellow lids and you should get the shell 
 unstuck.  For the last one, blast the lockers near the painting to find an 
 object you can zap to make an umbrella.  Hand it to the painting and he'll 
 give you the shell.  Place all four and head down.

Bath: Enter the bath area, and use Leviosa on the broom.  Clean off the 
 window to get the mermaid mad at you.  She'll start throwing crates.  The 
 first one has lobsters to zap.  The next two have parts you can use to make 
 a train.  This train will release a cloud.  Leviosa that cloud to the 
 mermaid and she'll give you the faucet.  Place it on the bath.


Free Play -

Needed: Rune Book, Riddikulus, Strength, Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (STRENGTH) After letting the green shell out of the water 
 container on the left, the crest takes its place.  Pull on the chain to 
 release it.
Ravenclaw Crest: (RUNE BOOK) Use the rune cabinet in the bath area.
Hufflepuff Crest: There are three torches in the bathroom, two on the right 
 side, one on the left.  Leviosa them.
Slytherin Crest: There are four cabinets in the bathroom.  Three on the left 
 wall, one on the right.  Zap them all.

Student in Peril: (DARK MAGIC) In the first room is a dark cabinet to 
 use dark magic on in the right corner.

Character Token (Moaning Myrtle (Swimsuit)): (DARK MAGIC) Use dark magic 
 on the cabinet you start next to.
Character Token (Cedric Diggory): Use Harry's Patronus to defeat the boggart 
 in the first room.
Character Token (Fleur (Lake Test)): In the bath area, use Reducto on the 
 lock and blast open the cabinet.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Entrance Hall: Time to head to the second task.  Go to the Forest Path.

Forest Path: Head down and to the right to find a gate with a shiny lock.  
 Blast it with Reducto.

The Lake: Proceed to the bottom of this area, and to the right through the 
 gate you're being pointed to.

10E. The Black Lake =

"And while you're searching, ponder this:
 We've taken what you'll sorely miss." - Mermaid Song from the Egg

True Wizard at 65,000:  Shoot EVERY PLANT.  Target all over the place, 
 because you can hit stuff from seriously long range, stuff hides well, 
 and studs automatically come to you.  There's a purple near the Student 
 in Peril (down and to the right, hidden among the weeds).

Starting Characters: Harry (Lake Test), Cedric (Lake Test)


Walkthrough -

Under the Lake: Okay, the controls have all changed around now that we're 
 underwater.  Up makes you swim upwards, and the whole thing is in a 2D 
 sort of sense.  That doesn't mean the world doesn't exist in 3D, mind, 
 because you can still shoot towards or away from the screen.  You just 
 can't move that way.  Also, this area is quite dark, so you may want to 
 up the brightness just so you can see what you're shooting at.

 Anyway, swim to the right and into the blue tunnel on the bottom of 
 the floor.  Next, head to the right.  If you get attacked by squids, you 
 can switch characters and zap them.  As you continue down the waterway, 
 you'll see another blue tunnel off in the distance, and a rock in front 
 of it.  Blast the rock to find the other blue tunnel.  You can either go 
 through it yourself, or let your partner go through.  The point is you need 
 to split up for a moment so you can swim right and use Leviosa on a pair 
 of tentacles to clear the way.

 Swim further to the right (you want to use the tunnels to get back to the 
 "front").  You'll find some colored blocks that you can Leviosa together 
 to make a fish, which will clear a stone wall impeding your progress.

The Trench: Soon after you swim to the right, you'll note that the path 
 splits, and you will be splitting up as well.  On the top path, zap the 
 top of the weird weeds, then switch to the lower guy and have him Leviosa 
 them so he can get by.  Continue right on the lower path and Leviosa the 
 giant enemy crab onto the purple spot so the rock falls on him, clearing 
 the upper path.  In the upper path, head right and search for the 
 squid's eye peering through the rocks.  Blast it and it will move its 
 tentacles.  This clears the path for both swimmers, and the paths converge.  
 Note that the squid is squirting ink.  Activate Lumos and go up and to 
 the right to find a pearl.  Carry that pearl down to the lower right to 
 place it on the oyster.

The Mermaid Lair: You need to free your three friends trapped down here.  
 First, zap any mermaids that harrass you.  You need to move anchors so 
 their links are exposed and can be zapped.  For the far right chain, 
 that's easy, as it's just using Leviosa.  For the one on the left, use 
 Lumos to move away the weeds, then use Leviosa.  For the middle one, you 
 first need to blast away the rocks around the tunnel, then go through it 
 to the back.  Leviosa the purple ball onto the balance, then Leviosa the 
 anchor and blast the link.


Free Play -

Needed: Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: There are six people with bubble-heads that you need to 
 zap.  Two show up in the first area after the bubble tunnel.  The next two 
 are after the tentacle fight.  The last two at the mermaid lair.  They all 
 are attracted to worms in the water, so try to move those into good 
Ravenclaw Crest: There are nine clamshells in the area.  Two are in the 
 first swimming area before the bubble tunnel.  There's another in the big 
 chain to the left of the bubble tunnel.  The fourth is to the right, inside 
 the area of the metal supports, and between two red plants.  The fifth is 
 a bit further right, right on the ground in front of you.  The sixth is 
 above the exit to the second bubble tunnel, and you can see it even before 
 you enter it.  The seventh is further along past the second bubble tunnel, 
 right near the tentacle fight.  The eighth is at the end of the "back" 
 waterway near the tentacle fight.  If you're at the right end, you can see 
 it in the distance.  The last is further on past the tentacles, near one 
 of the fish blocks.
Hufflepuff Crest: When the squid squirts ink in the passages, activate 
 Lumos and swim through all the inky parts to dispel it.  When it's all 
 clean, the squid will leave and you'll get the crest.
Slytherin Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the beginning of the second area, use 
 dark magic on the black chest to clear away a skeleton to Leviosa.

Student in Peril: After the second bubble tunnel, go all the way left to 
 find a boat and oars.  Leviosa the oars onto the boat and move the boat.
Character Token (Harry (Lake Test)): After the first bubble tunnel, head all 
 the way to the left and zap the skeleton holding the chest.
Character Token (Guitarist): The minute you enter the second area, drop down 
 and go to the left to find a chest with this.
Character Token (Krum Shark): In the back area of the mermaid lair is a 
 chest with this in it.

Hogwarts Interlude =

Grand Staircase: We ready for the last one?  First, talk to the painting so 
 the staircase moves, then climb up two flights (the second one should come 
 to you automatically).  At the landing, blast the chest with Reducto and 
 give the steering wheel to the painting.  Zap it and the stairs should 
 move.  Head further up two flights and get rid of the Pixies.  Hang up the 
 painting, then zap it to move the stairs up.  Now, you have access to 
 Dumbledore's Office, so climb up the stairs.

10F. The Dark Lord Returns =

"Kill the spare." - Voldemort

True Wizard at 42,000: Lots of plants to clean up.  Don't forget to search 
 the front walls.

Starting Characters: Harry (Maze Task), Cedric (Maze Task)


Walkthrough -

Maze Chamber 1: Blast the bushes around the pedestal to release armor
 pieces.  Put them together, then zap the armor, which will show you the 
 ways to go.  Specifically, go right, and then go left.

Maze Chamber 2: Pretty much the same thing, only now Pixies are holding the 
 armor pieces.  Assemble the armor and follow the directions.  Note that if 
 you know the directions beforehand, you still can't go to them until you 
 zap the armor.

Maze Chamber 3: Same thing, only with vines to Lumos away.

Winding Maze 1: You're now in a more traditional maze room.  Watch out for 
 the moving hedges.  Time your movements past them and continue on the 
 maze.  Near the end, you'll find a Pixie holding an arrow.  Take it, place 
 it at the end and Leviosa it to exit.

Winding Maze 2: Head around the corner to find a sphinx.  You'll need a 
 way past her.  Leviosa the nearby book to find pieces for a springboard.  
 Hop across the hedge to the right, then Leviosa the bug onto the web.  
 This will get a spider in the area.  Leviosa the next bug to clear the 
 way back, then Leviosa together a third bug, which gets the sphinx out of 
 the way, and clears the path to the end.

Little Hangleton: Well, this isn't a very good prize.  Fend off the Death 
 Eaters and Voldemort.  Eventually, he'll drag Harry to a standoff.  
 Repeatedly tap Square to push your spell back to him.  Do this three times 
 and you'll have finished the Story!


Free Play -

Needed: Dark Magic

Gryffindor Crest: (DARK MAGIC) At the end of the first winding maze 
 area, use dark magic on the hedge to warp to where the crest is.
Ravenclaw Crest: (DARK MAGIC) In the first winding maze area, use 
 dark magic on the hedge at the beginning and dig up the spot at the end.
Hufflepuff Crest: There are five creeping vines in the maze.  The 
 first two are past the second set of moving hedges.  The next is past the 
 third set.  The fourth is in the next area entirely, pretty early on, and 
 the last is to the right of the sphinx.
Slytherin Crest: There are three skeletons in Little Hangleton to make 
 dance.  One on the left, two on the right.

Student in Peril: In the second winding maze area, head right and down to 
 find a student in Devil's Snare.  Lumos Solem him out of it.
Character Token (Fleur (Maze Task)): After the first set of moving hedges, 
 turn left and you'll find a boggart.  Defeat it for the token.
Character Token (Cedric (Maze Task)): There are eight droopy plants to zap, 
 and they initially look like palm fronds.  The first is in the first 
 chamber, the second in the second.  The next two are in the third.  The 
 fifth is just past the first moving hedges.  The sixth is later on in the 
 maze (near the third time you see Krum moving around).  The seventh and 
 eighth are in the second winding maze area, one in an alcove to the left, 
 and one near the student in peril.
Character Token (Viktor (Lake Task)): (DARK MAGIC) At the end of the first 
 winding maze area, use dark magic on the hedge to warp a dig spot is.


This section covers the Bonus Levels that you'll find in Gringott's Bank 
in Diagon Alley, as well as the Final Bonus Level which you get for getting 
all 200 Gold Bricks.

11A. Gringott's Bonuses =

Each Bonus Level in Gringott's requires that you have earned a certain 
number of Gold Bricks.  The first one requires five, the second requires ten, 
and so on up to the tenth requiring forty-five.  Put the pieces of each 
vault together, then have Griphook open the lock.  Enter the vault and pick 
up the little piece so you can start the level.

Once you finish the level, you'll have the opportunity to build upon it.  
Select it again and you'll be allowed access to the Builder Tutorials.  
There are four lessons in all, but you'll be able to build at any time after 
the first one.  I don't plan on going into the intricacies of the builder, 
as it doesn't count towards your 100%.  It's only the tutorial parts that 
count towards a Trophy.


Bonus Level 1

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

The point of this level is simply to collect 100,000 studs.  Blast, jump, 
and ride around to find all the studs.  There really are well more than 
you need, but seek out purples anyway, to make this go more quickly.

Once you get 100,000, the gate in the back center will open, and you can 
take the Gold Brick.


Bonus Level 2

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Note that Harry and Ron are split up.  You need to use Harry on the buttons 
to get Ron over to where you are.  You need to hold down the buttons in the 
order of right to left.  If playing by yourself, Ron should do everything 
he needs to do.

Once that's done, have Ron run Scabbers up the pipe to hit the switch.  
Go through the door and to the back right corner.  Step on both buttons to 
lower the platform to get the brick.


Bonus Level 3

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

First up, Strength Potion.  All three necessary ingredients are quite close.  
Only odd one might be the Snake Fang, which you need to ride up a bench to 
get to.  Pull the chain and grab the earmuffs.  Use the Mandrake to shatter 
the glass wall and then step on both buttons to open the gate.

Use Leviosa to move the platforms into position, then grab the brick.


Bonus Level 4

Starting Characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley

First, send Scabbers or Crookshanks through the pipe to hit the switch.  
Grab the earmuffs (don't turn the switch) and carry the Mandrake to the 
right, through the glass wall, and pot it.  Use the Rune Cabinet as Hermione 
and take one of the ingredients to the Strength Potion.  The other two are 
also down in the water, so make the potion, drink it, then pull the chain 
on the far right to drop the platform in front of the ball.  Kick the ball 
down to the depression in the water.  You may now flip the switch next to 
the cupboard.  Swim to the vines and Lumos them away to find the other 
ball.  Kick it to the other depression in the water.  MAKE SURE you don't 
kick both in one, or else you won't be able to get it out and will have to 
start over.  Once both balls are in position, the door to the brick will 


Bonus Level 5

Starting Characters: Ron Weasley, Hagrid
Needed: A Ravenclaw

Lumos the vines and send Scabbers through the pipe.  Have him step on the 
button and Hagrid should follow.  Next, have Hagrid pull the chain so 
Scabbers can go through the second pipe and step on the buttons again.  Now, 
make the Polyjuice Potion.  The three ingredients are on each of the 
islands.  Change into your Ravenclaw and go back to the left and use the 
door to get earmuffs.  Carry the Mandrake to the right side and shatter the 
wall, then send Scabbers up to collect the brick.


Bonus Level 6

Starting Character: Ron Weasley, Filch
Needed: A Slytherin

Turn the crank to your left, then cross the platforms.  Use the Floo 
Powder fireplace, then spin the crank so Filch can catch up.  Send Scabbers 
through the pipe and press the button.  Filch will press the other, to open 
the door so the humans can go to the right.  Spin the crank to open the 
gate to the Polyjuice Potion.  The first two ingredients are nearby, one 
right by the crank, the other is in the back left corner, and you can get to 
it by going behind the pipe.  As for the hair, we'll have to go on a bit of 
a walk.

Spin the crank next to the cauldron to turn the quicksand into water, then 
hop in and swim to the right.  Go to the Floo Powder fireplace to warp to 
the right side.  Lumos the vines, then swim south to the hair.  You have it, 
but you can't currently get back.  Turn the crank here to start a platform 
moving, then have Filch climb up to that platform, then further up to 
another crank that opens the gate.  Get Ron up there and go all the way 
back to the cauldron.  Change into a Slytherin, then go back to the 
beginning and open the wall to the brick.


Bonus Level 7

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Needed: Expecto Patronum

Separated again.  Get rid of the dementor, then Lumos the vines in front of 
the crank at the right end and turn it.  This opens a Scabbers pipe for 
Ron.  The switch in the pipe opens the way to a Floo Powder fireplace for 
Harry, which allows him access to a Strength Potion.  Two ingredients are 
in this new area, while the last is back in the bottom area.  Use the 
potion to pull the chain, then switch back to Ron so he can hop to the back 
of the room and get earmuffs for the Mandrake.  Shatter the glass with the 
Mandrake and the two of you will be reunited.  Head back through the Floo
fireplace and step on the two buttons to open the gate to a crank that gets 
rid of the lava so you can reach the brick.


Bonus Level 8

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Needed: Dark Magic

The dementor has the apple, and the hair is right nearby, so you have two 
for the Polyjuice Potion.  Head through the Floo fireplace for the last 
ingredient, then pull out your dark magic user (may want to use Harry) and 
blast away the black ball.  Use Scabbers to push both switches in the pipe, 
then head out the gate and use the colored blocks to make a bridge.  Head 
down to the two platforms and put them in position, then follow the path to 
the two buttons and press both.  Get rid of the dementors, then Lumos the 
vines to find a crank which will lower the quicksand.  Head straight up 
the path, then jump the mushrooms to find a button while your partner takes 
the other path.  Once both buttons are pressed, you'll have the brick.


Bonus Level 9

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Needed: Ageing Potion

Step on both buttons to open the gate, then Leviosa the pieces to make two 
more buttons, which will open the two side gates.  You need to make an 
Ageing Potion to get the brick.
Orange Snake: Go left and use Scabbers on the pipe to hit the switch, then 
 enter the alcove and turn the crank.
Green Leaf: Go left and use the Floo fireplace, then turn the crank to lower 
 the water.
Yellow Banana: Go right and grab the earmuffs fron the cupboard.  Head up 
 the stairs to the south.  It's time to make an "E" with the proper colors.  
 The pieces are all near the purple base, so set the red piece first, then 
 the yellow piece, then blue piece on top.  Take the Mandrake to the glass 
 wall to find the banana.
Now, take the potion and walk straight up through the Age Line to get the 


Bonus Level 10

Starting Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Needed: A Ravenclaw and a Slytherin (or just somebody old)

This is a big one.  First step is the Strength Potion.  Thorn Blossom is 
right next to you.  Now for the others.
Snake Fang: Head to the left across the platforms.  Use Scabbers on the pipe 
 to open the door to the Mandrake.  Get earmuffs and use the Mandrake to 
 shatter the wall.
Bone Arm: Head to the right.  Put together the bridge of colored blocks, 
 then head to the back and put the platform in position.  Kill the spider and 
 take the bone arm.
Take the potion and pull the chain to open the gate to the next part.

Lumos the vines and head to the brooms.  Hop on as Harry and fly through 
the four rings.  The door at the end will open, so exit.  Now, for the 
Polyjuice Potion.  First, assemble the stairs in order on the platform.  
Next, shoot up the area to find the apple.  It's hidden in one of the 
flowers.  The hair is obvious, and the cherry just needs you to ride up a 
bench.  Once you have the potion together, change into a digger (or someone 
who can summon a digger) and dig up the two buttons to open the next door.

Okay, the way the last area is supposed to go is that you have four doors, 
and each one responds to a different House.  You'll need a Ravenclaw and a 
Slytherin (you'll already have the other two).  Change into the people and 
open their doors for the ingredients to the Ageing Potion.  Get the potion 
together and use it to cross the Age Line to get the brick.

ALTERNATIVELY, just bring someone old.  They can cross the Age Line without 
worries and immediately get the brick.

11B. Final Bonus Level - Harry's Destiny =

Earn all 200 Gold Bricks, and head to Borgin and Burkes.  Put together the 
gold doorway and step back in time.  Your final bonus is in 1981, on the 
eve of the end of the First Wizarding War, and guess who you get to play 

Starting Characters: Lord Voldemort, Death Eater

Time to cause some havoc.  Your objective here is to lay waste to London, 
causing enough damage to collect 1,000,000 studs.  You can smash just about 
anything that looks like LEGO bricks except for the vehicles.  Be sure to 
smash anything that's on walls, too, like signs or windows that are high up.  
Also, things may fall off into pieces that may be further blasted for more 
studs.  There's no big trick to it all.  Just keep smashing.


This is a relatively quick list of all the Collectibles in the game.  I'll 
list where they can be found in general, and what is required to collect 
them.  You will NOT get detailed instructions here.  In the interest of not 
making this guide (and this section) gigantic, and so it's more easily 
searchable, I ask you to look at the pertinent section of the guide (either 
the Hogwarts area or the proper Story Event) to see the details.

Note that I don't plan putting Hogwarts Crests here.  Since they're 
specific to each Story Event and there is no deviation in the pattern of 
each crest appearing once per Story Event, it's a simple matter to just go 
to the Story Event that you need to.

12A. Gold Bricks =

There are 200 of these in the game, and they serve as a general counter of 
how far along you are towards completion (if your percentage wasn't a good 
indicator).  There are multiple ways to get a Gold Brick, so let's break 
it down by type.

You get one Gold Brick for completing a Story Event for the first time.  
With 24 Story Events, that's 24 Gold Bricks.

You get one Gold Brick for earning "True Wizard" on each Story Event, so 
that's another 24 Gold Bricks.

You get one Gold Brick for completing the Hogwarts Crest in each Story 
Event, another 24 Gold Bricks.

You get a Gold Brick for every Student in Peril that you rescue, including 
the ones in Story Events and the ones in Hogwarts in general, for a total 
of 50 Gold Bricks.

You get a Gold Brick for everym Gringott's Bonus Level you complete, which 
is another 10 Gold Bricks.

Eeylops Owl Emporium has 12 Gold Bricks on sale.

In the basement of the Leaky Cauldron are minikits to put together with 
all the Gold Bricks you earned from Story Events.  Once you find all 24 
bricks in a "Year" of Story Events, you can put together the minikit for 
another Gold Brick, which is a total of 4 Gold Bricks.

So, 24 + 24 + 24 + 50 + 10 + 12 + 4 = 148

This leaves 52 Gold Bricks to be found in "the wild".

Two of them are found in Diagon Alley:
1. Eeylops Owl Emporium (Leviosa)
2. Borgin and Burkes (Reducto)

That leaves fifty in Hogwarts herself.

First, let's cover the bricks you get for lessons, which are unavoidable:

1. Wingardium Leviosa
2. Lumos
3. Strength Potion
4. Lumos Solem
5. Broomstick Flying
6. Mandrake Handling
7. Immobilus
8. Expelliarmus
9. Polyjuice Potion
10. Riddikulus
11. Divination Class
12. Buckbeak Handling
13. Expecto Patronum
14. Ageing Potion
15. Reducto
16. Transfiguration*
Transfiguration is actually not required to complete the game, but it is a 
lesson, so it's in the list.

This leaves thirty-four Gold Bricks that you have to find on your own.  
Here's the list, in order of the map I gave earlier in the guide.

1. Harry's Dorm (no requirements)
2. Harry's Dorm (Time Turner)
3. Upper Hallway (no requirements)
4. Hufflepuff Common Room (Reducto)
5. Ravenclaw Common Room/Ravenclaw Dorm (Riddikulus and a Ravenclaw purchased)
6. Slytherin Dorm (a Slytherin purchased)

7. Grand Staircase (Reducto)
8. Entrance Hall (no requirements)
9. Great Hall Foyer (no requirements)
10. Great Hall (Leviosa, after 1-2 only)
11. Restroom Corridor (Reducto)
12. Restricted Section (Ageing Potion)
13. Muggle Artifacts Room (Reducto)
14. Dumbledore's Office (Story Complete)

15. Classrooms Hall (Reducto)
16. Charms Class 1 (Reducto)
17. DADA Class 2 (Reducto)
18. Potions Class 2 (Reducto, Goblin Key)
19. Transfiguration Class 2 (Reducto)
20. Dungeon (Reducto, Goblin Key)
21. Pendulum Room Lower (Dark Magic)

22. Clock Tower Courtyard (Dark Magic)
23. Herbology Class (Mandrake Handling)
24. Flying Lesson Grounds (Reducto)
25. Forest Path (Lumos Solem)
26. Quidditch Gate (Lumos Solem)
27. Quidditch Gate (Time Turner)
28. Hagrid's Garden (Year Two)
29. Hagrid's Garden (Time Turner)
30. Clock Tower (Riddikulus)
31. Clock Tower (Reducto)
32. Owlery (Time Turner)
33. Owlery Tower (Riddikulus)
34. The Lake (Reducto)

As I said before, go to the Hogwarts section to find details on how to 
get each brick.  This is just a quick list.

12B. Students in Peril =

There are fifty Students in Peril in the game.  There is one in each Story 
Event, leaving twenty-six mucking around Hogwarts.  Check the Story Events 
themselves for info on getting those, the status of which you can easily 
check by going to the Notice Board in Diagon Alley.  The other twenty-six 
can be a bit more complicated, as there is no "Student in Peril" detector.  
Here's where the ones in Hogwarts can be found:

1. Gryffindor Common Room (no requirements)
2. Hufflepuff Door (Immobilus)
3. Hufflepuff Common Room (Polyjuice Potion)
4. Ravenclaw Dorm (Riddikulus and a Ravenclaw purchased)
5. Slytherin Dorm (a Slytherin purhcased)

6. Grand Staircase (Reducto)
7. Entrance Hall (Leviosa)
8. Great Hall Foyer (Leviosa)
9. Great Hall (Complete 1-2)
10. Restricted Section (Ageing Potion)
11. Boys' Restroom (Reducto)

12. Charms Class Path (Leviosa)
13. Gear Room (Reducto)
14. Charms Class Basement 1 (Reducto)
15. Charms Class Basement 2 (Reducto, Goblin Key)

16. Clock Tower Courtyard (Leviosa)
17. Forest Path (Lumos Solem)
18. Quidditch Gate (Lumos Solem)
19. Quidditch Gate (Reducto)
20. Hagrid's Garden (Year Two)
21. Hagrid's Garden (Time Turner)
22. Clock Tower (Riddikulus)
23. Owlery (Riddikulus)
24. Owlery (Time Turner)
25. Greenhouse 2 (Reducto)
26. The Lake (Reducto)

12C. Red Bricks =

There are twenty-four Red Bricks in this game, four of which have been 
pre-found and already deposited in Eeylops Owl Emporium.  The other twenty 
are found on the Hogwarts grounds.  I list them here in the order they 
appear on the list in the Extras menu.  In addition to the usual location 
and requirement, I also list the effects.

 Location: Already available
 Price: 1,250
 Effect: Turns your characters completely matte black in color.

Ice Rink
 Location: Already available
 Price: 2,500
 Effect: Makes the floor super slippery so you can't get any traction.

 Location: Already available
 Price: 5,000
 Effect: Gives all characters nose-and-mustache glasses.

Carrot Wands
 Location: Already available
 Price: 10,000
 Effect: Turns all wands into delicious and healthy carrots.

Singing Mandrake
 Location: Greenhouse 2 (Reducto)
 Price: 75,000
 Effect: With this on, the annoying screeching of the Mandrakes will be 
  replaced by dulcet singing tones.

Character Token Detector
 Location: Dungeon (Dark Magic, Goblin Key)
 Price: 250,000
 Effect: White arrows will appear both in Hogwarts and in Story Events, 
  pointing towards the location of Character Tokens.  Of course, this 
  won't tell you how to get them, but in the case where multiple objects 
  need to be affected, each object will be pointed to.

Fall Rescue
 Location: Harry's Dorm (Leviosa)
 Price: 125,000
 Effect: If this is on and you fall off a ledge, you will be automatically 
  "Leviosa'd" back to solid ground.

Character Studs
 Location: Great Hall (After 1-2)
 Price: 75,000
 Effect: Any character destroyed, enemy or otherwise, will drop a small pile 
  of studs on defeat.

Score x2
 Location: Clock Tower (Riddikulus)
 Price: 200,000
 Effect: Score will be multiplied by 2.  This can stack with other 
  multipliers, bringing the maximum possible multiplier to x3840.

Score x4
 Location: Slytherin Dorm (A Slytherin purchased)
 Price: 400,000
 Effect: See above.

Score x6
 Location: Muggle Artifacts Room (Reducto)
 Price: 600,000
 Effect: See above.

Score x8
 Location: Boys' Restroom (Reducto)
 Price: 800,000
 Effect: See above.

Score x10
 Location: Potions Class 2 (Ageing Potion, Goblin Key)
 Price: 1,000,000
 Effect: See above.

Stud Magnet
 Location: Quidditch Gate (Time Turner)
 Price: 250,000
 Effect: Your "collection range" for studs has been extended.  You can 
  pick up silver and gold studs from much further away, and blue and purple 
  you only need to be a short distance from.

Regenerate Hearts
 Location: Gear Room (Reducto)
 Price: 50,000
 Effect: If you lose hearts due to combat, they will slowly refill.

Extra Hearts
 Location: Charms Class Basement 1 (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000
 Effect: You will get six hearts instead of the usual four.

 Location: Dumbledore's Office (Story Complete)
 Price: 500,000
 Effect: You will not take damage from any enemies, but are still susceptible 
  to falls.

Red Brick Detector
 Location: Restricted Section (Ageing Potion)
 Price: 250,000
 Effect: Red arrows will appear in Hogwarts pointing you to any Red Bricks.  
  This will not tell you how to get them, but in the case of needing 
  multiple things affected, those multiple things will be pointed out.

Hogwarts Crest Detector
 Location: Ravenclaw Common Room (Riddikulus and a Ravenclaw purchased)
 Price: 250,000
 Effect: Multicolored arrows will appear during Story Events pointing you to 
  any Hogwarts Crest pieces.  The color of the arrow matches which house it 
  is.  This will not tell you how to get them, but in the case of needing 
  multiple things affected, those multiple things will be pointed out.

Gold Brick Detector
 Location: Owlery Tower (Time Turner)
 Price: 250,000
 Effect: Yellow arrows will appear in Hogwarts pointing you to any Gold 
  Bricks.  This will not tell you how to get them, but in the case of 
  needing multiple things affected, those multiple things will be pointed 

 Location: Hufflepuff Dorm (Polyjuice Potion)
 Price: 80,000
 Effect: Everyone will get cute little Santa hats on their heads.

Collect Ghost Studs
 Location: Clock Tower Courtyard (Leviosa)
 Price: 99,000
 Effect: Nearly Headless Nick leaves behind studs as he travels.  Normally, 
  these don't affect your total.  With this on, they will count for 1,000 
  studs EACH, and are affected by multipliers.

Fast Magic
 Location: DADA Class 2 (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000
 Effect: With this on, anything that requires Leviosa will move much faster 
  to assemble.  This can make it tougher to move objects around manually 
  with precision.

Fast Dig
 Location: Forest Path (Lumos Solem)
 Price: 60,000
 Effect: All digging characters will now do so in a split second, saving 
  valuable searching time.

12D. Character Tokens =

This is the long one, because there are 167 Character Tokens in this game, 
and they're all in varied locations.  For the sake of argument, I'm simply 
going to order them as they appear on the list in Madam Malkin's, and do 
the usual "location (requirement)" as well as provide the price.

Harry (Blue Shirt)
 Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall Foyer (Polyjuice Potion)
 Price: 30,000

Harry (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Floo Powder! (Reducto)
 Price: 32,500

Harry (Hogwarts)
 Location: Story Event - Out of the Dungeons (Reducto)
 Price: 25,000

Harry (Dragon Task)
 Location: Story Event - The First Task (Dark Magic)
 Price: 105,000

Harry (Lake Task)
 Location: Story Event - The Black Lake (no requirement)
 Price: 135,000

Harry (Maze Task)
 Location: Hogwarts - Gear Room (Reducto)
 Price: 110,000

Harry (Quidditch)
 Location: Hogwarts - Flying Lesson Grounds (Digger)
 Price: 85,000

Harry (Girl Disguise)
 Location: Story Event - A Jinxed Broom (no requirement)
 Price: 52,500

Harry (Slytherin Disguise)
 Location: Story Event - Face of the Enemy (Reducto)
 Price: 65,000

Harry (Pyjamas)
 Location: Story Event - The Restricted Section (Reducto)
 Price: 80,000

Harry (Tuxedo)
 Location: Diagon Alley - Madam Malkin's (no requirement)
 Price: 80,000

Hermione (Hogwarts)
 Location: Hogwarts - Owlery Tower (Time Turner)
 Price: 25,000

Hermione (Red Hooded Top)
 Location: Story Event - The Shrieking Shcak (Reducto)
 Price: 85,000

Hermione (Blue Top)
 Location: Hogwarts - Divination Class (Dark Magic)
 Price: 62,500

Hermione (Grey Hooded Top)
 Location: Hogwarts - Owlery (Riddikulus)
 Price: 57,500

Hermione (Cat)
 Location: Hogwarts - Restroom Corridor (Rune Book)
 Price: 125,000

Hermione (Ballgown)
 Location: Diagon Alley - Madam Malkin's (Leviosa)
 Price: 125,000

Ron (Hogwarts)
 Location: Hogwarts - Harry's Dorm (no requirement)
 Price: 25,000

Ron (Pyjamas)
 Location: Hogwarts - DADA Class 2 (Year Four)
 Price: 82,500

Ron (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Follow the Spiders (no requirement)
 Price: 60,000

Ron (Brown Jacket)
 Location: Hogwarts - Hagrid's Garden (Year Two)
 Price: 62,500

Ron (Slytherin Disguise)
 Location: Story Event - Crabbe and Goyle (Reducto)
 Price: 75,000

Ron (Girl Disguise)
 Location: Story Event - Out of the Dungeons (Rune Book)
 Price: 60,000

Ron (Tuxedo)
 Location: Hogwarts - The Lake (Reducto)
 Price: 95,000

Ron (Cardigan)
 Location: Story Event - Face of the Enemy (Dark Magic)
 Price: 45,000

Professor Dumbledore
 Location: Hogwarts - Dumbledore's Office (Story Complete, Dark Magic)
 Price: 1,000,000

Professor Dumbledore (Grey)
 Location: Hogwarts - Dumbledore's Office (Story Complete)
 Price: 1,000,000

Professor McGonagall
 Location: Hogwarts - Transfiguration Class 2 (Reducto)
 Price: 200,000

 Location: Story Event - The Forbidden Forest (Reducto)
 Price: 50,000

Professor Flitwick
 Location: Hogwarts - Charms Class Basement 2 (Reducto, Goblin Key)
 Price: 70,000

Professor Snape
 Location: Hogwarts - Potions Class 2 (Reducto, Goblin Key)
 Price: 250,000

Mad-Eye Moody
 Location: Hogwarts - Charms Class Basement 1 (Reducto)
 Price: 225,000

Professor Quirrell
 Location: Hogwarts - Pendulum Room Lower (Dark Magic)
 Price: 150,000

Professor Lupin
 Location: Story Event - Dementor's Kiss (Reducto)
 Price: 185,000

Madam Hooch
 Location: Hogwarts - Boys' Restroom (Reducto)
 Price: 50,000

Gilderoy Lockhart (Green Jacket)
 Location: Hogwarts - Hagrid's Garden (Reducto)
 Price: 75,000

Gilderoy Lockhart
 Location: Story Event - The Basilisk (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000

Madam Pomfrey
 Location: Story Event - Dobby's Plan (Dark Magic)
 Price: 45,000

Madam Pince
 Location: Hogwarts - Courtyard Path (Reducto)
 Price: 40,000

Professor Sprout
 Location: Hogwarts - Greenhouse 3 (Reducto)
 Price: 65,000

Professor Trelawney
 Location: Hogwarts - Divination Class (Goblin Key)
 Price: 100,000

Professor Binns
 Location: Hogwarts - Grand Staircase (Reducto)
 Price: 27,500

Professor Sinistra
 Location: Story Event - Follow the Spiders (Dark Magic)
 Price: 30,000

Professor Vector
 Location: Story Event - Tom Riddle's Diary (Goblin Key)
 Price: 25,000

Katie Bell
 Location: Hogwarts - Quidditch Gate (Lumos Solem)
 Price: 25,000

Seamus Finnegan
 Location: Hogwarts - Harry's Dorm (Reducto)
 Price: 35,000

Percy Weasley
 Location: Hogwarts - Forest Path (Lumos Solem)
 Price: 27,500

Percy (Sweater)
 Location: Hogwarts - Grand Staircase (Reducto)
 Price: 27,500

Fred Weasley
 Location: Hogwarts - Transfiguration Class 2 (Reducto)
 Price: 55,000

Fred (Quidditch)
 Location: Story Event - A Jinxed Broom (Reducto)
 Price: 60,000

Fred (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Mischief Managed (no requirement)
 Price: 52,500

Neville Longbottom
 Location: Hogwarts - Hufflepuff Door (Immobilus)
 Price: 55,000

Neville (Pyjamas)
 Location: Story Event - The Restricted Section (Dark Magic)
 Price: 60,000

George Weasley
 Location: Story Event - Floo Powder! (Digger)
 Price: 55,000

George (Quidditch)
 Location: Hogwarts - Quidditch Gate (Time Turner)
 Price: 60,000

George (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Mischief Managed (Rune Book)
 Price: 52,500

Oliver Wood
 Location: Hogwarts - North Tower Courtyard (Riddikulus)
 Price: 27,500

Ginny Weasley
 Location: Hogwarts - DADA Class 1 (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000

Ginny (Hooded Top)
 Location: Story Event - The Quidditch World Cup (no requirement)
 Price: 65,000

Ginny (Cardigan)
 Location: Hogwarts - Forest Path (Immobilus)
 Price: 52,500

Colin Creevey
 Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall (Reducto)
 Price: 45,000

Parvati Patil
 Location: Hogwarts - DADA Class 1 (Year Three)
 Price: 35,000

Parvati (Ballgown)
 Location: Hogwarts - DADA Class 2 (Year Four)
 Price: 30,000

Dean Thomas
 Location: Hogwarts - Harry's Dorm (Time Turner)
 Price: 50,000

Angelina Johnson
 Location: Hogwarts - Back Courtyard (Year Two)
 Price: 17,500

Lee Jordan
 Location: Hogwarts - Classrooms Hall (Invisibility Cloak)
 Price: 30,000

Alicia Spinnet
 Location: Hogwarts - Restricted Section (Ageing Potion)
 Price: 17,500

Gryffindor Boy
 Location: Hogwarts - Gryffindor Common Room (no requirement)
 Price: 12,500

Gryffindor Girl
 Location: Hogwarts - Classrooms Hall (Lumos)
 Price: 12,500

Draco Malfoy
 Location: Hogwarts - Pendulum Room Upper (Dark Magic)
 Price: 125,000

Draco (Quidditch)
 Location: Story Event - Dobby's Plan (Dark Magic)
 Price: 120,000

Draco (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Hogsmeade (Reducto)
 Price: 85,000

Draco (Hogwarts)
 Location: Story Event - The Forbidden Forest (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000

Vincent Crabbe
 Location: Story Event - Crabbe and Goyle (Reducto)
 Price: 750,000

Crabbe (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Hogsmeade (Dark Magic)
 Price: 60,000

Gregory Goyle
 Location: Story Event - Crabbe and Goyle (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000

Goyle (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Hogsmeade (Reducto)
 Price: 60,000

Marcus Flint
 Location: Story Event - A Jinxed Broom (Dark Magic)
 Price: 35,000

Millicent Bulstrode
 Location: Hogwarts - Classrooms Hall (Dark Magic)
 Price: 25,000

Slytherin Prefect
 Location: Hogwarts - Back Courtyard (Dark Magic)
 Price: 40,000

Slytherin Boy
 Location: Hogwarts - Slytherin Common Room (a Slytherin purchased)
 Price: 25,000

Slytherin Girl
 Location: Hogwarts - Slytherin Common Room (a Slytherin purchased)
 Price: 25,000

Padma Patil
 Location: Hogwarts - Quidditch Gate (Lumos Solem)
 Price: 35,000

Padma (Ballgown)
 Location: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Dorm (Riddikulus and a Ravenclaw purhcased)
 Price: 30,000

Cho Chang
 Location: Hogwarts - Owlery Tower (Riddikulus)
 Price: 65,000

Penelope Clearwater
 Location: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Tower (Riddikulus)
 Price: 35,000

Ravenclaw Prefect
 Location: Hogwarts - Clock Tower Courtyard (Reducto)
 Price: 25,000

Ravenclaw Boy
 Location: Hogwarts - Quidditch Gate (Lumos Solem)
 Price: 25,000

Ravenclaw Girl
 Location: Hogwarts - Library (Reducto)
 Price: 25,000

Justin Finch-Fletchley
 Location: Hogwarts - Potions Class 1 (after making Polyjuice Potion)
 Price: Free

Cedric Diggory
 Location: Story Event - The Secret of the Egg (Riddikulus)
 Price: 95,000

Cedric (Dragon Task)
 Location: Story Event - The First Task (no requirement)
 Price: 87,500

Cedric (Lake Task)
 Location: Hogwarts - Forest Path (Reducto)
 Price: 90,000

Cedric (Maze Task)
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Lord Returns (no requirement)
 Price: 92,500

Cedric (Sweater)
 Location: Story Event - Dragon (Goblin Key)
 Price: 72,500

Susan Bones
 Location: Hogwarts - Library (Riddikulus)
 Price: 35,000

Ernie Macmillan
 Location: Hogwarts - Classrooms Hall (Mandrake Handling)
 Price: 40,000

Hannah Abbot
 Location: Hogwarts - Classrooms Hall (Mandrake Handling)
 Price: 37,500

Hufflepuff Prefect
 Location: Hogwarts - Back Courtyard (Immobilus)
 Price: 27,500

Hufflepuff Boy
 Location: Hogwarts - Clock Tower Courtyard (Mandrake Handling)
 Price: 22,500

Hufflepuff Girl
 Location: Hogwarts - Hufflepuff Dorm (Polyjuice Potion)
 Price: 22,500

Arthur Weasley
 Location: Story Event - Floo Powder! (Dark Magic)
 Price: 75,000

Molly Weasley
 Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall (Reducto)
 Price: 72,500

Witch (Grey)
 Location: Story Event - The Shrieking Shack (Dark Magic)
 Price: 25,000

Sirius Black
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Tower (Dark Magic)
 Price: 85,000

Lily Potter (Ghost)
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Tower (Reducto)
 Price: 65,000

James Potter (Ghost)
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Tower (Reducto)
 Price: 65,000

Lord Voldemort
 Location: Final Bonus Level - Harry's Destiny
 Price: 1,000,000

Professor Quirrell (Voldemort)
 Location: Story Event - Face of the Enemy (Dark Magic)
 Price: 155,000

Lucius Malfoy
 Location: Story Event - Follow the Spiders (Reducto)
 Price: 135,000

Tom Riddle
 Location: Story Event - The Basilisk (Goblin Key)
 Price: 85,500

Peter Pettigrew
 Location: Story Event - The Shrieking Shack (Dark Magic)
 Price: 115,000

Igor Karkaroff
 Location: Diagon Alley - Knockturn Alley (Reducto)
 Price: 65,000

Barty Crouch Junior
 Location: Story Event - The Quidditch World Cup (Reducto)
 Price: 75,000

Death Eater
 Location: Story Event - The Quidditch World Cup (Dark Magic)
 Price: 115,000

The Bloody Baron
 Location: Diagon Alley - Knockturn Alley (Reducto)
 Price: 57,500

The Fat Friar
 Location: Hogwarts - Hufflepuff Common Room (Polyjuice Potion)
 Price: 55,000

The Grey Lady
 Location: Story Event - Mischief Managed (Reducto)
 Price: 52,500

Nearly Headless Nick
 Location: Hogwarts - Dumbledore's Office (Story Complete)
 Price: 60,000

Moaning Myrtle
 Location: Story Event - Tom Riddle's Diary (Dark Magic)
 Price: 62,500

Moaning Myrtle (Swimsuit)
 Location: Story Event - The Secret of the Egg (Dark Magic)
 Price: 62,500

 Location: Story Event - The Forbidden Forest (no requirement)
 Price: 50,000

 Location: Story Event - Dobby's Plan
 Price: 47,500

 Location: Story Event - The Magic Begins (Reducto)
 Price: 55,000

Amos Diggory
 Location: Hogwarts - Hagrid's Garden (Reducto)
 Price: 45,000

Barty Crouch Senior
 Location: Hogwarts - Owlery (Reducto)
 Price: 35,000

Doris Crockford
 Location: Hogwarts - Entrance Hall/Courtyard Path (Reducto)
 Price: 12,500

Wizard (Red)
 Location: Hogwarts - Restricted Section (Dark Magic)
 Price: 5,000

Witch (White)
 Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall Foyer (Dark Magic)
 Price: 5,000

Mr. Ollivander
 Location: Story Event - The Magic Begins (Reducto)
 Price: 27,500

Tom the Innkeeper
 Location: Story Event - The Magic Begins (Reducto)
 Price: 20,000

 Location: Story Event - The Restricted Section (Goblin Key)
 Price: 45,000

Madam Malkin
 Location: Story Event - Out of the Dungeons (Reducto)
 Price: 10,000

Madam Rosmerta
 Location: Hogwarts - Clock Tower (Reducto)
 Price: 15,000

Stan Shunpike
 Location: Story Event - News From Azkaban (Dark Magic)
 Price: 20,000

Rita Skeeter
 Location: Hogwarts - Slytherin Door (Reducto, Strength)
 Price: 40,000

Cornelius Fudge
 Location: Story Event - Dementor's Kiss (Reducto)
 Price: 35,000

Ernie Prang
 Location: Story Event - News From Azkaban (Dark Magic)
 Price: 45,000

 Location: Story Event - Dementor's Kiss (Dark Magic)
 Price: 37,500

 Location: Hogwarts - Charms Class 1 (Leviosa)
 Price: 7,500

 Location: Hogwarts - Charms Class 2 (Lumos)
 Price: 7,500

 Location: Story Event - Tom Riddle's Diary (Goblin Key)
 Price: 15,000

 Location: Story Event - The Black Lake (no requirement)
 Price: 15,000

 Location: Hogwarts - The Lake (Reducto)
 Price: 15,000

 Location: Hogwarts - Greenhouse 3 (Reducto)
 Price: 15,000

Wizard (Green)
 Location: Story Event - The Basilisk (Dark Magic)
 Price: 25,000

Dragon Handler
 Location: Story Event - Dragons (Reducto)
 Price: 17,500

Shifty Wizard
 Location: Diagon Alley - Knockturn Alley (Reducto)
 Price: 7,500

Trolley Witch
 Location: Story Event - News From Azkaban (Dark Magic)
 Price: 15,000

Station Guard
 Location: Hogwarts - DADA Class 1 (Year Three)
 Price: 17,500

Fleur Delacour
 Location: Hogwarts - Behind Greenhouse (Reducto)
 Price: 95,000

Fleur (Dragon Task)
 Location: Story Event - The First Task (no requirement)
 Price: 97,500

Fleur (Lake Task)
 Location: Story Event - The Secret of the Egg (no requirement)
 Price: 92,500

Fleur (Maze Task)
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Lord Returns (no requirement)
 Price: 90,000

Krum Shark
 Location: Story Event - The Black Lake (no requirement)
 Price: 155,000

Viktor Krum
 Location: Hogwarts - Forest Path (Dark Magic)
 Price: 105,000

Viktor (Dragon Task)
 Location: Hogwarts - Flying Lesson Grounds (Reducto)
 Price: 95,000

Viktor (Lake Task)
 Location: Story Event - The Dark Lord Returns (Dark Magic)
 Price: 95,000

Viktor (Tuxedo)
 Location: Hogwarts - Gear Room (Reducto)
 Price: 87,500

Gabrielle Delacour
 Location: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Common Room (Riddikulus and a Ravenclaw 
 Price: 65,000

Durmstrang Student
 Location: Story Event - Dragons (Dark Magic)
 Price: 55,000

Vernon Dursley
 Location: Hogwarts - Clock Tower (Riddikulus)
 Price: 12,500

Petunia Dursley
 Location: Hogwarts - Hagrid's Garden (Time Turner)
 Price: 12,500

Dudley Dursley
 Location: Hogwarts - Muggle Artifacts Room (Reducto)
 Price: 17,500

 Location: Hogwarts - Clock Tower (Time Turner)
 Price: 15,000

Mrs. Mason
 Location: Hogwarts - Muggle Artifacts Room (Reducto)
 Price: 5,000

Mr. Mason
 Location: Hogwarts - Muggle Artifacts Room (Reducto)
 Price: 5,000


Here are simple bios for the characters in the game.  I haven't included 
special abilities.  You can find all that info up in the Spells section 
closer to the beginning of the guide.


Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived, Harry became famous in the Wizarding world at the age of 
one for his role in the defeat of the Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort.  Remaining 
unaware of his Wizarding heritage, he grows to the age of eleven living with 
his uncle, aunt, and cousin until the fateful day he is accepted to Hogwarts.


Hermione Granger

The daughter of two Muggle dentists, Hermione makes up for her relative lack 
of experience in the Wizarding world with an incredible aptitude for study, 
quickly rising to highest marks in her schoolwork, although this results her 
as being tagged as a know-it-all among her peers.


Ron Weasley

The sixth of seven Weasley children, Ron's life is a series of hand-me-downs 
and secondhands from his older and more talented brothers.  Trying to find his 
place in his family, he quickly befriends Harry soon after they meet at the 
Hogwart's Express.


Professor Dumbledore

Lauded as the greatest wizard alive today, Albus Dumbledore is the acting 
headmaster of Hogwarts.  With an air of mystery and a slight bit of madness 
about him, Professor Dumbledore epitomizes the term "whimsical".  Although 
this puts him at odds with the upper echelon of Wizarding society, none can 
deny his amazing talents in magic, nor his devotion to Hogwarts.


Professor McGonagall

The professor of the Transfiguration course, and the head of Gryffindor House, 
Minerva McGonagall is one of the senior and most respected professors at 
Hogwarts.  While she teaches and disciplines with a strict hand, she does 
harbor a tender and somewhat wild side towards her students and their actions, 
particularly if they're for the greater good.



Rubeus Hagrid is the gamekeeper of Hogwarts, and will later become it's 
teacher of the Care of Magical Creatures course.  This gentle and jovial 
half-giant was once a student of Hogwarts, until an incident involving a 
dangerous animal led to his expulsion.  Dumbledore took pity on Hagrid, and 
allowed him to remain at the school as part of the staff.  He tends to have a 
rather biased opinion on what creatures are cute and interesting, as opposed 
to being outright dangerous.


Professor Flitwick

Despite his short stature, Filius Flitwick is a talented Wizard and the 
professor of the Charms course at Hogwarts.  He's also the head of Ravenclaw 


Professor Snape

A dark and brooding man, Severus Snape is the professor of the Potions course, 
as well as the head of Slytherin House, although it's often said that he 
years for teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.  It doesn't take long for 
Snape to develop a dislike for the "celebrity" Harry Potter, nor for the 
feeling to be mutual.


Mad-Eye Moody

Real name: Alastor Moody, this fiery but battle-damaged Wizard is an Auror, 
and lives under the constant threat of attack from Dark Wizards.  Thus, 
Moody has multiple magical security devices in his care, the most obvious of 
which is a false eye which has a 360 degree field of view.


Professor Quirrell

This exotic-looking man is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for 
Harry's first year at Hogwarts.  Although said to be quite experienced in the 
subject, Quirinus Quirrell comes off as somewhat timid, and has a rather 
pronounced stutter.


Professor Lupin

Arriving at Hogwarts in Harry's third year, Remus Lupin takes up the 
Defense of the Dark Arts position.  Unlike previous professors, Harry and his 
friends take an instant liking to the somewhat shabby Wizard, who demonstrates 
a decent practical knowledge of the subject matter, as well as a good rapport 
with Harry.


Madam Hooch

A strict and caring professor, Rolanda Hooch is the Quidditch Coach and 
Referee at Hogwarts, as well as the instructor for Flying Lessons.


Gilderoy Lockhart

Talented, charming, dashing, and humble.  These are all qualities Lockhart 
would use to describe himself.  Taking up the position at teacher of Defense 
Against the Dark Arts for Harry's second year, Lockhart instantly charms any 
lady with his good looks and fantastic stories.  The young men of Hogwarts, 
however, tend not to be so amused.


Madam Pomfrey

The Matron and head nurse of the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts, Poppy Pomfrey 
attends to any maladies that afflict members of the student body and staff, 
be they magic-based or not.


Madam Pince

Irma Pince is the head librarian of Hogwarts.  She likes to maintain a 
sense of strict order in the Library, a good idea given the dangerous nature 
of some of the texts kept there.


Professor Sprout

Jolly and motherly, Ponoma Sprout is the head of Hufflepuff House and the 
professor of the Herbology course at Hogwarts.


Professor Trelawney

Sybil Trelawney is the flighty and whimsical professor of Divination, the 
art of predicting the future.  Although her methods tend to be archaic, or 
downright silly at times, it is said that she truly has "the Sight" and 
has actually made some legitimate prophecies.


Professor Binns

One day, the Professor of History of Magic, Cuthbert Binns, simply died.  
This, however, was insufficient to stop him for going to his class and 
teaching it, nor did it cure him of his droning voice.  His ghost continues 
to teach History of Magic to this very day.


Professor Sinistra

Aurora Sinistra is the Professor of Astronomy at Hogwarts.  While not one 
of the more glamorous fields of study in the school, she is nevertheless a 
valued member of the faculty.


Professor Vector

Septima Vector is the Professor of Arithmancy at Hogwarts.  Not much is 
known about her, but arithmancy, the study of numbers and their impact on 
the future, is apparently Hermione's favorite subject.


Katie Bell

One year ahead of Harry, Katie is best known as one of the Chasers on 
Gryffindor's Quidditch team.


Seamus Finnegan

One of Harry's dorm-mates, Seamus tends to play the role of extra 
Gryffindor character ready in the wings with commentary.


Percy Weasley

The third-eldest of the Weasley children, Percy is four years ahead of 
Harry, and had just been announced as a prefect when Harry's first term 
began.  Percy is very ambitious about working in the Ministry of Magic and 
tends to back them on their decisions.


Fred Weasley

Fourth (or fifth?) of the Weasley children, Fred and his twin brother George 
are two years ahead of Harry.  They are infamous throughout Hogwarts as 
incredible mischief makers and pranksters, although they're good kids who 
ultimately mean well.


Neville Longbottom

Another Gryffindor student in the same year as Harry, Neville doesn't seem 
to show the common traits of a Gryffindor.  He's relatively quiet, timid, 
and somewhat clumsy.  However, behind that exterior exists an inner fire 
that just needs the right push for him to come into his own.


George Weasley

Errm, see Fred?  Not much else to say, at least not at this point.


Oliver Wood

Four years ahead of Harry, Oliver is Gryffindor's Quidditch team Captain, 
as well as its Keeper.  By far the most Quidditch-oriented member of the 
team.  It's his dream to see the Gryffindor team with the Quidditch Cup.


Ginny Weasley

The youngest of the Weasley children, and one year behind Harry in school, 
Ginevra is the daughter her mother always wanted.  She first appears rather 
shy, especially around Harry, but ends up playing a big role in his 


Colin Creevey

A spirited fan of Harry Potter, Colin is one year behind him and begins what 
ends up being a bit of a fan club for Harry.  He's a talented photographer and 
is rarely seen without his camera.


Parvati Patil

A Gryffindor in Harry's year, Parvati is one of twin sisters.  Oddly enough, 
she and her sister were sorted into different Houses.


Dean Thomas

One of Harry's dormmates, Dean is a generally easy-going and good natured 
person.  Not much else to say about him, really.


Angelina Johnson

Two years ahead of Harry and a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, 
Angelina is a nice girl who's generally supportive of Harry and good 
friends with the Weasley twins.


Lee Jordan

An outspoken youth, Lee is a Gryffindor two years ahead of Harry.  He's 
most well-known for serving as a commentator on Quidditch matches.  He's 
also a good friend of the Weasley twins.


Alicia Spinnet

Two years ahead of Harry and another Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch 
team.  Alicia is probably the most physical of the three.


Gryffindor Boy
Gryffindor Girl

Gryffindor House is known for accepting those of bravery and inner fortitude, 
as well as those putting the needs of others ahead of the needs of 
themeselves, sometimes to a fault.


Draco Malfoy

The heir to a prominent pure-blood Wizarding family, Malfoy was raised in the 
lap of luxury, and has the attendant arrogance to go with it.  Harry and Draco 
quickly developed animosity towards each other, which would last through most 
of their schooling.


Vincent Crabbe

One of Malfoy's two "flunkies", Crabbe doesn't have much brainpower, but 
has enough physical ability to back it up.


Gregory Goyle

The other of Malfoy's flunkies.  Goyle is most often found at Malfoy's side, 
serving as physical support.


Marcus Flint

Five years ahead of Harry, Marcus Flint is a Chaser and Captain of the 
Slytherin Quidditch team.  He has a rather pronounced overbite and has 
quite a mean streak about him, especially on the Quidditch pitch.


Millicent Bulstrode

A rather physical young lady, Millicent is a Slytherin in the same year 
as Harry.  She has a short lived animosity with Hermione.


Slytherin Prefect
Slytherin Boy
Slytherin Girl

Slytherin House is known to accept mostly those wizards of pure blood, 
believing them to be the most powerful.  Other qualities asoociated with 
Slytherins are known to be cunning and ambitious.  While these traits may 
be used for good ends, many Slytherins end up using these traits to satisfy 
their own ends first.


Padma Patil

A Ravenclaw in the same year as Harry, Padma is Parvati's twin sister, and 
a rather interesting curiosity since her sister was sorted into Gryffindor.


Cho Chang

A beautiful and talented girl of Asian descent, Cho is a Ravenclaw one 
year ahead of Harry and the Seeker of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.  Harry 
harbors a serious crush for her in his fourth year.


Penelope Clearwater

A Ravenclaw student four years ahead of Harry, Penelope was a prefect as 
well as Percy Weasley's girlfriend for a short time.


Ravenclaw Prefect
Ravenclaw Boy
Ravenclaw Girl

Ravenclaw House is known for accepting the most wise and reasonable of the 
students.  They have a penchant for abstract thinking, as well as a capacity 
for study.


Justin Finch-Fletchley

A Hufflepuff in the same year as Harry, Justin is a Muggle-born wizard.  He 
was known for being cheerful, but also impressionable.


Cedric Diggory

Two years ahead of Harry, Cedric is the Captain and Seeker of Hufflepuff's 
Quidditch team.  The very model of a good student, Cedric was selected as the 
Hogwarts Champion for the Triwizard Tournament in Harry's fourth year.


Susan Bones

Susan is a Hufflepuff in Harry's year.  There's not much to say about her 
except for the fact that her aunt is on the Wizengamot, the ruling body of 
Wizards in the United Kingdom.


Ernie Macmillan

Another Hufflepuff in Harry's year, Ernie is a pure-blood wizard who can 
trace his genealogy back nine generations.  However, this status does not 
carry any prejudices in him, and he treats his fellow students the same.


Hannah Abbot

Yet another Hufflepuff in Harry's year, Hannah is a half-blood witch.  She's 
known for being a bit easily flustered, and pays a bit too much attention 
to rumors.


Hufflepuff Prefect
Hufflepuff Boy
Hufflepuff Girl

The founder of the House, Helga Hufflepuff, maintained that she would treat 
all her students the same, regardless of ability or heritage.  There is a 
trend among Hufflepuff students that they're hard-working, friendly, loyal, 
and non-judgmental.


Arthur Weasley

The father of the Weasley family, Arthur works in the Ministry of Magic, 
specifically the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.  It's his job to correct 
any magical mischief that occurs from wizards tampering with or enchanting 
Muggle objects.  His work has led him to a fascination with Muggles and 
their habits.


Molly Weasley

The mother of the Weasley family, Molly is the archetypical mama bear, 
fiercely protective of all her children, not to mention rather strict about 
keeping order in the house.


Sirius Black

After the murder of several Muggles, as well as his childhood friend, Black 
was sentenced to the Wizard prison of Azkaban.  He's thought of as a dangerous 
and unhinged man, which adds to the stress of Harry's life when he learns that 
he may be a target for the criminal.


Lily Potter (Ghost)

Harry's mother was a beautiful Witch with piercing green eyes, which Harry 
inherited.  People had little but good things to say about her even before 
her untimely death defending Harry from Voldemort.


James Potter (Ghost)

People would tell Harry that he looks just like his father, except for his 
eyes.  James was known, particularly during his time at Hogwarts, for being 
free-spirited and laid back, but also sometimes arrogant and bullying.  While 
this earned him a circle of admirers, it also earned him an equal amount of 


Lord Voldemort

Considered one of the most terrifying Dark Wizards in history, to the point 
where it is considered bad form to even speak his name aloud, Lord Voldemort 
began his life as Tom Riddle, an orphan, and an extremely talented student at 
Hogwarts.  His thirst for knowledge of the Dark Arts led to his growth in 
power, amassing a multitude of followers, which he would then employ to 
attempt a takeover of the Wizarding world.  It was only by the barest chance 
that he failed in this attempt, and although he was destroyed in body, his 
spirit lingers for revenge on the one who caused his downfall: Harry Potter.


Professor Quirrell (Voldemort)

On a trip to Albania, Professor Quirrell had the misfortune of running 
afoul of what was left of Voldemort and became seduced by the Dark Lord's 
promises of power.  The professor allowed Voldemort to possess him, resulting 
in a rather odd two-headed affair that became this.


Lucius Malfoy

The father of Draco and the current patriarch of the prestigious Malfoy 
family, Lucius holds his own status in highest regard and looks down on 
any of those in lower standing, especially those born of Muggles.


Tom Riddle

At some point during his Hogwarts schooling, Tom Riddle managed to encase 
part of his soul in a diary.  This diary perserves his memory and can act 
on its own, such as seducing someone to open the Chamber of Secrets.


Peter Pettigrew

Cowardly and timid in his youth, Peter was in the same year as James Potter, 
Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin when they all attended Hogwarts, and the four 
often travelled together.  He was believed killed by Sirius Black years 
later, after James and Lily were killed.


Igor Karkaroff

The Highmaster of Durmstrang Institute, Karkaroff was once a Death Eater 
in the service of Voldemort.  After the First Wizarding War, he renounced 
being a Death Eater for his freedom by giving the names of fellow Death 


Barty Crouch Junior

During the First Wizarding War, Bartemius Crouch Jr. was found out as a 
Death Eater.  Being the son of a prominent Wizengamot member, Crouch was 
made an example of and sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban, where 
it is said he died.


Death Eater

While not called such a name originally, Lord Voldemort had followers even 
during his school years, and during his rise to power, many joined the ranks 
of his personal army.  Some joined seeking power.  Other simply enjoyed 
terrorizing others.  Still others joined him out of abject fear for his 
abilities, and simply wanting to be on the winning side.


The Bloody Baron

The House Ghost of Slytherin, the Baron constantly parades around with a 
large bloodstain on his chest.  He's not particularly sociable among the 
ghosts, and even Sir Nicholas is loathe to ask him how he got the bloodstain.


The Fat Friar

The House Ghost of Hufflepuff enjoys eating, although being a ghost has 
limited his ability to do so, unfortunately.


The Grey Lady

The House Ghost of Ravenclaw is a quiet and wispy figure, floating about 
the halls and not speaking very much.


Nearly Headless Nick

The House Ghost of Gryffindor, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington is a proper 
and gallant gentlemen, or certainly was during life, anyway.  His moniker 
comes from the fact that his death by beheading wasn't a hundred percent 


Moaning Myrtle

An unfortunate student who died in the halls of Hogwarts, Myrtle has come 
to occupy the girls' bathroom where she died.  Her crying tends to keep 
people from using the bathroom.



Hagrid's faithful hound, Fang is always by his master's side, although 
Hagrid himself calls Fang a coward who runs at the first sight of anything 



A simple house elf who lives to serve, like all his kind.  Dobby has a 
propensity for mischief, as well as self-punishment for failing his tasks, 
which causes no end of stress for Harry when the house elf inexplicably shows 
up at the Dursley's.



One of many goblins in service to the Wizarding World, Griphook works at 
Gringott's Bank.  Like all goblins, he is extremely clever and can perform 
magic without the use of a wand.


Amos Diggory

Father of Cedric, Amos is employed by the Ministry of Magic at the Department 
for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.  He has a good working 
relationship with Arthur Weasley.


Barty Crouch Senior

The head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Bartemius Sr. was 
known or exhibiting ruthless punishment against Death Eaters during the 
First Wizarding War.  He ended up a bit of a shaken man once he learned of 
his own son being involved with the Death Eaters.


Doris Crockford

What, don't remember her?  Sure you do!  She was the very first witch who 
greeted Harry Potter on his first visit to the Leaky Cauldron, and had 
pretty much no role other than that.


Mr. Ollivander 

Propietor of his own wand shop in Diagon Alley, Ollivander knows every 
wand he sells to every Wizard and Witch that comes through his doors, right 
down to the length, wood, and core.


Tom the Innkeeper

Owner of the Leaky Cauldron, Tom is a friendly sort, despite looking a bit 



Argus Filch is the groundskeeper of Hogwarts.  A Squib, meaning he was 
born to a magical family but had no magical powers himself, Filch spends 
his days wandering the school hallways, usually looking to catch students 
breaking rules.


Madam Malkin

Owner of her eponymous shop, Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.  Not 
much has been said about her otherwise.


Madam Rosmerta

A rather attractive middle-aged woman, Rosmerta runs the Three Broomsticks 
Inn in Hogsmeade.  It's well-known that several Hogwarts students develop 
a bit of a crush on her.


Stan Shunpike

Not the brightest wizard, Stanley Shunpike is the conductor for the Knight 
Bus, a job he takes relatively seriously.


Rita Skeeter

A freelance journalist, Rita is always looking for the next big scoop.  
She's not above manipulating facts to further spice up her articles, and 
is a well-known contributor to the Daily Prophet.


Cornelius Fudge

Acting Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge is known as a generally well
meaning person, but he can sometimes come across as a bit traditional, 
preferring the Wizarding World to be running smoothly rather than informing 
its people of any coming dangers.


Ernie Prang

Ernie is the aged and bespectacled driver of the Knight Bus.  While he 
says very little, his driving skills do leave a bit to be desired, as 
objects in the road often have to jump out of his way.



Walden Macnair was a Death Eater during the First Wizarding War.  Somehow, 
he managed to avoid imprisonment and was instead conscripted by the Ministry 
of Magic as an executioner, particularly for dispatching dangerous magical 



Well, I used to think these two characters were Muggles, non-magical 
people, but it turns out that they can actually use magic, so whatever.  
These are most likely your average magic-using person on the street.



Most likely members of the hit wizard band, The Weird Sisters.  They were 
invited to perform during the Yule Ball in Harry's fourth year.


Witch (Grey)
Wizard (Red)
Witch (White)
Wizard (Green)

Just your average witch or wizard, going about his or her daily life in 
the Wizarding World.


Dragon Handler

Dragons are a nasty business to deal with.  Only the bravest of animal 
lovers are happy working with dragons.


Shifty Wizard

A frequent visitor of Knockturn Alley.  Most likely this fellow dabbles 
in at least illegal magical objects, if not the Dark Arts outright.


Trolley Witch

This witch works on the Hogwarts Express, operating the trolley that 
serves sweets to the passengers.


Station Guard

Just a run-of-the-mill train station worker, on call to assist passengers.


Fleur Delacour

Beautiful and talented, Fleur is part veela and a member of the Beauxbatons 
Academy of Magic.  She is selected as the Beauxbatons Champion in the 
Triwizard Tournament.


Krum Shark

During the Lake Test, Viktor attempts to transfigure himself into a shark, 
but only gets about halfway.  The result is this somewhat disturbing 


Viktor Krum

While still attending the Durmstrang Institute, Viktor Krum is also the Seeker 
for the Bulgaria National Quidditch Team.  Gruff and impassive, Viktor 
nonetheless has a hidden romantic side which results in a small fling with 
Hermione.  He is selected as the Durmstrang Champion for the Triwizard 


Gabrielle Delacour

Fleur's younger sister, Gabrielle is one of the things she treasures the 
most.  She ends up being an important part of the Lake Test.


Durmstrang Student

Durmstrang Institute is situated somewhere in Scandinavia.  A strict and 
militaristic school, Durmstrang has a somewhat low reputation, as it 
openly teaches its students about the Dark Arts.


Vernon Dursley
Petunia Dursley
Dudley Dursley

The Dursleys are Harry's relatives, uncle, aunt, and cousin, respectively.  
They are Muggles of the most ardent sort, hoping everything to be just as 
it is.  Unfortunately, their life got turned upside-down when Harry was 
revealed to be a wizard, a fact that Petunia dreaded, having previous 
knowledge and distaste for magic.  They are well-known for treating Harry 
rather worse than one would treat an annoying pet.



Providing fresh milk service, even as far out as Little Hangleton.


Mrs. Mason
Mr. Mason

Guests of the Dursleys during the summer between Harry's first and second 
year, the Masons are a simple Muggle couple that Vernon Dursley had hoped 
to impress for his job.  Dobby saw that the evening didn't go so smoothly.

14A. Trophies (Achievements) =

Here follows a list of the trophies (achievments) in the game and how to 
get them, with pertinent notes if necessary.

True Wizard
 - Collect all the bronze, silver, and gold trophies.

 - Complete all Story Events in Year 1.

 - Complete all Story Events in Year 2.

 - Complete all Story Events in Year 3.

Head Boy
 - Complete all Story Events in Year 4.

Teacher's Pet
 - Complete all Story lessons.
 NOTE: Which is to say, learn all the spells that you can through Hogwarts.

Story Complete
 - Complete the Story Events in all four years.

Crest Collector
 - Collect all of the House Crests in Year 1.

Crest Fanatic
 - Collect all of the House Crests in Year 2.

Ultra Collector
 - Collect all of the House Crests in Year 3.

The Ultimate Collector
 - Collect all of the House Crests in Year 4.

Power Up!
 - Collect all twenty Red Bricks in Hogwarts.  
 NOTE: You don't need to buy them.  Just find them.

The Bonus Level is Yours
 - Collect all two hundred Gold Bricks.

Student Rescue
 - Rescue all fifty Students in Peril.

Stud Magnet
 - Earn True Wizard on all 24 Story Events.

You're the Best
 - Earn 100% Completion

Dark Wizards
 - Purchase Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle, and Professor Quirrell (Voldemort)

Quidditch Team
 - Purchase Harry (Quidditch), Fred (Quidditch), George (Quidditch), Oliver 
  Wood, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, and Angelina Johnson.

Back in Time
 - Use the Time-Turner.

Building Blocks
 - Complete all of the LEGO Builder tutorial levels.
 NOTE: Once you complete your first bonus level, you can go to any bonus 
  level and select the tutorials.  Complete all four.

Good Dog
 - Defeat 20 enemies with Fang.
 NOTE: Good place for this is The Forbidden Forest.  There's a nest of 
  wasps you can camp in front of.

Wonderful Weasleys
 - Purchase Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, 
  George Weasley, and Ginny Weasley.

Quirrell Quandary
 - Defeat Quirrell as Voldemort.
 NOTE: Select Lord Voldemort as your character in Free Play, then make 
  sure he's the one who gets the final blow on Quirrell.

 - Collect ten million studs in one level.
 NOTE: Buy all the multipliers and turn them all on at once for a x3840 
  multiplier.  Shouldn't take too long at that point.

 - Defeat 20 spiders with Ron.
 NOTE: Go to Follow the Spiders and just hang around the Aragog boss fight, 
  blasting spiders with Ron.

Chilled Out
 - Freeze 20 characters using Glacius.
 NOTE: I would make sure you buy this spell before buying the others in 
  Wiseacre, because you really don't want to wait and memorize the rotating 
  sequence for the red spell if you have a ton of spells in there.  If not, 
  just watch the icon carefully and release your spell the moment you see the 
  blue ice color in the icon.

 - Scare 20 students using a ghost character.
 NOTE: Buy any ghost.  Press Square to scare.  You'll know it worked if your 
  targets turns slightly blue and stops moving.  You can scare a few people 
  multiple times if you like.

 - Unlock all Animagi.
 NOTE: Specifically, purchase Professor McGonagall, Sirius Black, Peter 
  Pettigrew, and Rita Skeeter.  James Potter is a ghost and is not necessary.

Defeating the Object
 - Defeat the troll using Quirrell.
 NOTE: Select Quirrell (or Voldemort Quirrell) in Out of the Dungeons Free 
  Play and make sure he gets the final blow.

Watch Out!
 - Knock over ten characters using a rideable object.
 NOTE: You can even do this with brooms.  Just go to the Flying Lesson 
  Grounds, grab a broom and run over Ron and Hermione repeatedly.

Solid Snape
 - Hide in a barrel as Snape.
 NOTE: Purchase Snape, then access a Story Event like The Magic Begins.  
  There's a barrel right as you enter Diagon Alley that you can empty and 
  crawl into.

Role Reversal
 - Defeat Harry (as Voldemort) in the Graveyard.
 NOTE: Simply start up "The Dark Lord Returns" on Free Play and select Lord 
  Voldemort as your character.  You should automatically be given Harry 
  as well.  Switch one character to Harry, then switch the other to 
  Voldemort and use Avada Kedavra on Harry.

Quiet Please!
 - Turn the sound and music down to 0 in the Options Menu whilst in the 
 NOTE: I haven't tested this in the story event "The Restricted Section", 
  but I don't see why it wouldn't work.  You can definitely do it in the 
  library area in the Hogwarts hub.

Muggle Trouble
 - Defeat 10 enemies with a Muggle character.
 NOTE: Again, use The Forbidden Forest for its endless wasps.  Any of the 
  Dursleys work, or the Masons, or the Milkman, plus maybe one or two 

Lumos Solem
 - Destroy 50 Devil's Snare plants.
 NOTE: Face of the Enemy is a good place for this if you want to "farm", as 
  there are five pretty early on, then you can just exit and try again, but 
  I wouldn't make an effort on this until you've cleaned out all the 
  missions on Free Play, because there are a lot in the game and there's a 
  good chance you'll hit this.

Quick Quidditch
 - Complete the Quidditch level within five minutes.
 NOTE: Of course, they could have told us WHICH Quidditch level, but I can 
  tell you that it's "A Jinxed Broom" in Year One.  Play it in Story Mode, 
  either the first time or on a Replay (NOT Free Play), and rush through 
  the level.  It's not all that hard.

Ghostly Treasure
 - Collect 500 ghost studs.
 NOTE: Should be no reason why this isn't an early grab.  Ghost studs are 

14B. How To Get 100% =

Getting 100% in this game isn't as big of a deal as it has been in other 
LEGO games, for a couple of reasons.

For one, you won't be able to actually do much of the stuff-finding until 
after you advance a considerable amount into the story, since you learn 
spells sequentially, as opposed to old games requiring you buy characters 
with special skills (although there is a bit of that).

For another, studs just aren't as big of a concern in this game.  The 
multipliers are dirt cheap compared to older games, so it's mostly just a 
matter of finding stuff and getting things done.

So, here's the breakdown of what you need for 100%:

1. 200 Gold Bricks
2. Everything bought from all the stores

Yeah, that's it.  I mean, Students in Peril, True Wizard status, Red Bricks, 
Character Tokens, those all count towards your percentile, but when you get 
right down to it, those all apply to either one of those two.

So, best way to go about it...

Year One: 
 1. I suggest picking up Fang in "The Forbidden Forest", because he's 
   both a Strength character and a Digger.  He's pretty cheap, too.
 2. Buy "Collect Ghost Studs".  Yeah, 99,000 is pretty steep, but since each 
   ghost stud is worth 1,000, ask yourself how long it's going to take you 
   to make it all back, especially if you buy it early and will be following 
   Nick all around campus.
 3. "Fast Dig", while not necessary, is cheap and helpful.

Year Two:
 Go through this as normal.  There's nothing particularly special to be 
 picking up.

Year Three:
 1. Once you learn Riddikulus, head to the Clock Tower to get "Score x2".  
 2. Once you get access to the Time Turner, go to the Quidditch Gate for 
   "Stud Magnet".

Year Four:
 Once you get Reducto, pretty much the entire game is open to you.  At this 
 point, it's not a matter of timing, but what you need to collect in order to 
 sweep through the rest of the game to get everything.  So, here's what 
 you'll need to get everything:
 - Griphook (found in "The Magic Begins")
 - Dumbledore, who has access to all houses, although you have to finish 
   the story to get him.  If you don't want to wait for Dumbledore, you'll 
   need to buy a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin.
 - A Dark Magic user.  I suggest Lucius Malfoy (found in "Follow the Spiders") 
   as he's a pretty easy grab.  Tom Riddle isn't much more difficult, but will 
   require Griphook.

With those characters, I suggest sweeping through Hogwarts to get everything 
in the castle.  All the Red Bricks, especially.  Apply the remainder of the 
multipliers, Fast Magic, and whatever else you fancy and run through all the 
Story Events to collect everything else.  Also, take care of the ten Bonus 
Levels in Gringott's.  With all these things finished, buy everything from 
the shops, and take the final bonus level.

14C. Secret Codes =

Go to Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment and head up the stairs to find the 
means to input codes.  Here is a list of existing codes:


Eeylops Gold Bricks

QE4VC7 - Gold Brick 1
FY8H97 - Gold Brick 2
3MQT4P - Gold Brick 3
PQPM7Z - Gold Brick 4
ZY2CPA - Gold Brick 5
3GMTP6 - Gold Brick 6
XY6VYZ - Gold Brick 7
TUNC4W - Gold Brick 8
EJ42Q6 - Gold Brick 9
GFJCV9 - Gold Brick 10
DZCY6G - Gold Brick 11


Red Bricks

HZBVX7 - Silhouettes
F88VUW - Ice Rink
4DMK2R - Disguise
AUC8EH - Carrot Wands
BMEU6X - Singing Mandrake
HA79V8 - Character Token Detector
ZEX7MV - Fall Rescue
H27KGC - Character Studs
74YKR7 - Score x2
J3WHNK - Score x4
XK9ANE - Score x6
HUFV2H - Score x8
H8X69Y - Score x10
67FKWZ - Stud Magnet
89ML2W - Regenerate Hearts
J9U6Z9 - Extra Hearts
QQWC6B - Invincibility
7AD7HE - Red Brick Detector
TTMC6D - Hogwarts Crest Detector
84QNQN - Gold Brick Detector
T7PVVN - Christmas
FA3GQA - Fast Magic
Z9BFAD - Fast Dig

Collect Ghost Studs is missing.  If anyone knows it, I'd appreciate it.


Wiseacre Spells

U6EE8X - Slugulus Eructo
JK6QRM - Multicorfors
2UCA3M - Rictusempra
MYN3NB - Entomorphis
KWWQ44 - Tarantallegra
2M2XJ6 - Locomotor Mortis
UW8LRH - Redactum Skullus
9GJ442 - Colovaria
6DNR6L - Calvorio
QFB6NR - Anteoculatia
H8FTHL - Herbifors
ERA9DR - Glacius
YEB9Q9 - Incarcerous
ND2L7W - Flipendo
YZNRF6 - Trip Jinx
UWDJ4Y - Stupefy
CD4JLX - Engorgio Skullus
VE9VV7 - Accio

15A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2010 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO Harry Potter guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
that I trust.

15B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with LEGO Harry Potter.  I don't want spam, 
chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, 
- Make sure you say LEGO Harry Potter at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
more than one LEGO FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I beat 
the last level?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.

15C. Credits =

CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.

Ms. JK Rowling, for her imagination and writing talent.

LEGO, for their world of imagination.

15D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 7/11/2010 - Was kinda hoping to have this going on Independence 
 Day, maybe start a tradition of new guides coming out on major (American) 
 holidays, but oh well.  I'll finish up the character bios in a few days.

Version 1.1 - 7/15/2010 - Added the remainder of the character bios, and 
 cleared up a few vague spots.

15E. The Final Word =

Traveller's Tales continues to build on the working formula with new 
gameplay styles and interaction.  I'm once again impressed with their 
efforts and will continue to support them in the future.

See you all for my next LEGO guide, which is probably going to be LEGO Star 
Wars 3!

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