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Cheat Codes only work once? General
How do I get past Last Crusade #1 - Crane ropes? Main Quest
How do i get the plane in raiders of the lost ark that is spinning around when u selecting which level are u playing? General
How do you get to the green plain? General
In builder mode, I'm having trouble opening the doors. Help? General
Need help finding last Bonus Level in Raiders? Main Quest
What am I doing wrong- Cant unlock Marion on raven rescue.HELP? General
What do you do If you have a game glitch? General
Where is the movie clips? General
Why can't I get Marion to backlight ? Side Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do I find last guy and vehicle on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1? Main Quest 1 4 months ago
Which level can give me the most number of studs? Build 6 1 year ago
Can anyone help with finding the book to translate on part one please? Side Quest 3 4 years ago
Does anyone know what is the maximum number of studs you can get? General 3 6 years ago
In Raiders of the Lost Ark, where are the discs to open the compound? Side Quest 1 6 years ago
How do I play Free Play mode..? General 1 7 years ago
In level builder, how do you raise and lower the ground? Main Quest 1 8 years ago
How do I get 100% on the creator? Main Quest 1 8 years ago
What else can I do to get 100% completion on Crystal Skull Part 1? Main Quest 1 8 years ago
Can I reset a hub level to an unplayed state? Tech Support 2 8 years ago

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