Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File12/03/09Shiya643241K
RBIE: Save3: "Claire"(AP girl), Farm: "Memoria", 4 Bells Rung, 1 cow (10), 2 sheep, 2 poultry, squirrel, (14+ rare ore,2 diamonds etc.), summer 28th + a few titles, wish mural event in progress.
Save Game File06/09/10Shiya643241K
RBIE: “Claire” (AP Girl), Year 2: Summer 8, ALL Bells rung, 30K+ Gold, 3 Pets, Required Items for New Game + in Toolbox, 1 Ostrich, LVL 4 House, Proposed to Harvest King, Day before the wedding
Save Game File06/12/10Shiya643241K
RBIE: “Claire” (AP Girl), Year 3: Spring 23, ALL Bells Rung, 300K Gold, 3 Pets, LVL 4 House, Only Missing Heart Trophy, Married Harvest King, 1 Child (Male)
Save Game File06/06/10Shiya643241K
RBIE: “Claire”, Year 2, Spring 8, ALL Bells rung, 3 Pets, 10K+ gold, Various Items, 7 chickens, 1 Duck, 6 cows, 1 Goat, 1 Ostrich, LVL 3 House, Harvest King has a few hearts
Save Game File06/12/10Shiya643241K
RBIE: 3rd Slot, Game Clear Save: New Game +
Save Game File10/27/14BrezzyBliss043241K
RBIE: Raina (AP girl), Farm: Anthea, Year 2 Spring 20, 4 Bells Rung, Lvl2 house. 2 cows 1 sheep, 4 chickens, 30k, Married to Gill, 1 Child/Baby (Female), 4+ hearts with several villagers.
Save Game File12/09/09Shiya643241K
RBIE: Save3: "Claire"(AP girl), Farm: "Memoria", ALL Bells Rung (ready for next event) 2 cows/poultry, squirrel pet, (12 rare ore,2 diamonds etc.), Fall 17th, “Hero” title achieved for next season.
Save Game File11/27/09Shiya643241K
RBIE: Save3:Name "Claire"(AP girl),Farm: "Memoria",3 bells rung (red,blue,yellow), $10K, 1 cow(6+heart),1 sheep(preg) 1chicken, 1duck, squirrel as pet, items in storage (8 rare ore,2 diamonds etc.)

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