How can i earn money as fast as posible?

  1. How can i earn money as fast as posible?

    User Info: el1987

    el1987 - 12 years ago
  2. Multiple things you need to clarify: What season are you currently in? What bells have you rung so far? How much in each category have you already shipped, and what material are your tools made of. Also how much cash do you have to start this investment.

    User Info: DayWolf

    DayWolf - 12 years ago

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  1. There are at least 2 very easy - not to mention profitable ways to make money. I sent DJ the suggestion for the first one. You can do this as of the spring inthe first year, IF you buy a cutting board.

    Buy the 30 gold fish from the fish market.
    Cook using the cutting board to make sashimi
    Sell for 75 gold.

    It's slow, but you will double your money every time.


    You need to be able to buy decent eggs and decent mayonnaise (or have the maker), and have the pot and cutting board.

    1. buy eggs (and mayonaise if you do not have the maker)
    2. boil half the eggs and turn the other half into mayonnaise
    3. using the cutting board mix the mayonnaise and the boiled egg for something that sells for 500 gold almost.

    Youa re doubling your money as well, but due to the larger numbers involved it is much faster.

    I am at Summer Day 12, I have all the bells and I am waiting for the rain to stop so i can talk to the harvest king.

    User Info: Danalith

    Danalith - 11 years ago 6   0


  1. In the early game the fastest ways to make a lot of money are in order:

    1. Buy and plant as many seeds as you possibly can afford. Go ahead and blow the whole wad each day until you have filled up your farm (chop down the cherry trees in order to get the most out of those spaces during Spring since they provide you with no income and will at least give you some wood.)

    2. In order to support the above, forage and sell everything you find on the beaches and anywhere else. Keep the common mushrooms though so that you can eat just enough in order to finish your farm chores each day.

    3. Finish off any unused energy fishing and selling the fish. You can even eat more mushrooms in order to fit in as much fishing as you have time for.

    In my first Spring I easily made it to Hero status and was rewarded 70 decent fertilizer which came in handy for prepping my land for Summer.


    User Info: TheGrinningWolf

    TheGrinningWolf - 12 years ago 4   1
  2. I find that Planting as many seeds as you can get at the VERY FIRST FIRST FIRST day of the new SEASON. Then get some trees for each season. That way you'll have some fruit for each season, that you get from the great trees. That will actually save you on a couple of dollars once the next season comes around. Then get animals, ducks, chickens, cows, and sheep. Then once you've done all of your daily chores go out and try to foarge. I usually make a lot of money that way. And since there is an ocean and a pond near you go fishing, you can usually make a couple hundred dollars from that. And you can go mine at the Garmon Mines, and make some money there. And very soon you'll be very rich. But at the first year is when you want to spend all your money. Get everything that you can, and soon enough by the second year, you'll already know what you need, when you need it, and what makes the best money for you. Try not to rush through the game though. Because it will hurt you in the future when you really do need to slow down. Well good luck! I hope this helped.

    User Info: Wiigame19

    Wiigame19 - 11 years ago 1   0
  3. I know this probably isn't what you're looking for, but find your own play style and randomize it about every few hours. You'll have much more fun if you're not doing the same thing and if you do it the way you want.

    User Info: oathfeeper

    oathfeeper - 12 years ago 0   2
  4. I've always made a lot of money this way

    Spring- Lettuce
    Summer- Tea Leaves
    Fall- Blue Mist Flower
    Winter- Buckwheat

    User Info: zeldatachibana

    zeldatachibana - 11 years ago 1   3
  5. Well wat I do is that I just keep fishing and I get like 1000G eachday.

    User Info: linkgoron676

    linkgoron676 - 11 years ago 1   3

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