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Guide and Walkthrough by Xoneris

Updated: 11/21/2013

Ju-On: The Grudge Walkthrough

Ju-On: The Grudge is based on a series of Japanese horror movies in which
several people are killed during the course of different episodes each
dedicated to them dying due to a curse caused by the violent death of a woman
and her son.  This game works like another installment to the franchise as you
play five different episodes and each character you play will be attacked by
the ghosts and die at the end of the episodes.

About This Guide:
Most of the scare elements of this game are based on surprise and only work if
you don't know about them, to that end, this walkthrough is as spoiler-free as
possible.  However, there are times when you are openly attacked, these will be
mentioned as an "Action Sequence."  Because of the need to know about these for
navigation and finding objects they will be mentioned but not what happens
during the sequence.

During the action sequences the directions of what must be done are on screen
and these do a better job of explaining than what could be read in a guide.
There will be no directions in this guide on what to do in this situation.  If
you have trouble with it, your better option is to use the forums.

|Table of Contents:	|
|Controls			|
|Basic Game Play	|
|Back-Story		|
|Episode 1		|
|Episode 2		|
|Episode 3		|
|Episode 4		|
|Episode 5		|
|FAQ				|
|Contact			|
|Copyright		|


B Button: Move Forward.
A Button: Manipulate Object/Pick Up Item/Open Door
+ Button: Pause
- Button: Not Used
1 Button: Not Used
2 Button: Not Used
Direction Pad: Move Backwards
Motion: Move Flashlight/Change Direction/Examine Object/Escape Ghost

Basic Game Play:
You wander the various areas looking for clues holding only a flashlight for
lighting.  This limits your vision immensely and you can only manipulate
objects if you have the light properly placed over them.  When it is in a
proper position an "A" icon will appear and you can then manipulate the object.
Your battery life is limited and if the battery dies you will be killed by
Kayako, an angry spirit you will encounter from time to time.  To prevent this,
you must find spare batteries that are scattered throughout the level.

On occasion you will find yourself attacked by spirits.  When this occurs
arrows will appear on screen and you must move the Wii remote in these
directions in the space of a few seconds.  These directions include up, down,
left, right, forward (thrust the Wii remote towards the screen) and back (pull
the remote towards yourself).  If two arrows appear on screen you must swing
the remote in both directions in rapid succession.  Failure to properly move
the Wii remote results in your death.

There are times in which controls will become non-responsive and your character
will act on his/her own.  At the end of the episode, your character will fall
into this state and inevitably die.  Death before the end of the episode,
(either running out of batteries or failure to escape a ghost) results in a
game over and requires you to start the episode over.

Various items are littered in each episode, some of which you will need to
continue (such as keys), others will extend your flashlight life, and there are
some hidden objects that are required to unlock the final episode of the game.
These hidden objects are shown to you in the "Found Items" section of the
episode choosing screen.

At the end of each episode a "Courage Test" will show you your overall "score"
for the level.  This is mainly based on your reaction times.

In a house in Nermia, Tokyo a man, Takeo Saekia, grew convinced that his wife
Kayako was having an affair and in a fit of jealousy Takeo brutally murdered
her, while his son Toshio watched her death.  After Kayako was killed, Takeo
killed his son and their cat as well.  Due to the brutality of their murders
Toshio and Kayako were unable rest and are cursed with anger and hatred.  This
leads to them to brutally kill anyone who comes into contact with their home or
anyone who is marked for death by being in the house.   With each death the
curse becomes stronger as those killed by Toshio and Kayako now begin their own
curse filled with the same anger and hatred.  This spreads the curse around
Japan causing many unsuspecting victims to be attacked by the angry spirits.
An unfortunate family has moved into the cursed house and now they too are
being hunted down…

Episode 1: Rundown Factory
Character: Erika
Story: After dinner, Erika leaves the house to take Ivy, the family dog, out
for a walk in place of her brother, who is held up at work.  While on the walk,
Ivy manages to get free and runs off into a rundown factory…
Object: Newspaper Article Fragment x 3

Game play:
Immediately start walking forward towards the double doors.  You can try to
open the doors but they are locked.  Turn to the right and head towards the
shiny object on the floor.  Pick up the object to get the BATTERY.   Continue
to walk ahead until you see another object on the ground.  Pick it up to get
the FACTORY BUILDING KEY.  Turn left and search the lockers for one that you
can open.  You will get a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FRAGMENT.  Return to the double
doors and open them.  Walk forward and open the double doors in front of you.
After the action sequence open the doors again and proceed.  Walk straight
ahead towards the flashing object.  Pick it up to get another BATTERY.
Following the path walk towards the flashing object on the ground and get the
WAREHOUSE KEY.  Walk back the way you came and on the right there is a hall
that leads to more doors.  Go through these doors and follow the path.  Ignore
the door and continue down the path towards another desk.  Search this desk's
drawers for the another NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FRAGMENT.  Continue forward and walk
up the stairs.  Follow the catwalk until you find the elevator.  Pick up the
INSPECTION ROOM KEY and head back the way you came.  Go back towards the door
you passed earlier and open it.  Inspect the room to get a BATTERY and a POWER
SWITCH.  Also search the desk's drawers to get a final NEWSPAPER ARTICLE
FRAGMENT. After getting all items leave the office and go back towards the
stairs.  Instead of going up the stairs go around them and you'll see a path
that leads to the circuit breakers.  Go to the broken one and use the switch to
fix them.  Now return to the stairs and go up them.  Head to the elevator.
After the action sequence return to the elevator and push the button.
Episode Cleared

Episode 2: Abandoned Hospital
Character: Miki
Story: Exhausted by the efforts of her family's recent move, Miki had collapsed
and was hospitalized.  Miki had fallen asleep while looking at a photo of her
family, but is suddenly awakened by the incessant ringing of a telephone…
Object: Scribble Fragment x 6

Game Play:
You start the level listening to the sounds of a telephone ringing.  Head
towards the door and open it.  Go straight for the phone.  After the phone
stops ringing go back to the hall and turn right.  Walk down the hall to get
the BATTERY then enter into room 301.  Examine the bed in the back left of the
room.  Leave the room and turn right to go down the hall.  Go all the way to
the end of the hall to get the BATTERY.  Now turn around and go into room 305.
Open the curtain on the second stall on the left and enter the room.  Look over
to the table on the bed to find a SCRIBBLE FRAGMENT.  Leave the room and head
back towards the reception area to answer the phone.  After you answer the
phone look at the floor and see a scrap lying on the floor.  Try to take it.
After the action sequence you'll get a BATTERY and can now take the SCRIBBLE
FRAGMENT.  Walk to the left corner of the room to find another BATTERY.  Go
into the Men's Room and open the stalls.  In the stall with a cat in it,
examine the toilet seat to get another SCRIBBLE FRAGMENT.  Then go into the
Women's Room and leave after the action sequence.  Turn left and enter into
room 307.  Go into the stalls and turn on the TV sets.  After one shows a
unique image go towards the front patient stalls and turn on the TV.  After the
action sequence head back to the door but look at the floor to find another
SCRIBBLE FRAGMENT.  Leave the room and turn right down the hall.  Try to open
the door to the stairway.  After the action sequence enter the stairway and
head down the stairs.  Continue down the stairs ignoring the doors.  Grab a
BATTERY on the way and keep going until you reach a dead end.  Open this door
and turn right down the hall.  Continue all the way down the hall and enter
into the door in front of you.  Take the ROOF KEY on the right of the room and
leave the way you came in.  Go back down the hall back to the stairs.  After
the action sequence head back towards the morgue and open the center casket to
find another SCRIBBLE FRAGMENT.  Now go back out and head up the stairs.  After
another action sequence continue up the stairs and get another SPARE BATTERY.
Open the door to the roof and walk towards the front then turn to the right
going around the sheets and enter the gate.  When the hospital bed moves away
from you check the space it was in front of for the final SCRIBBLE FRAGMENT.
Now walk to where the bed went and finish the action sequence.
Episode Cleared

Episode 3: Derelict Apartments
Character: Ken
Story: Ken had just finished making his last delivery when he discovered an old
box he had not noticed before in his truck.  The address on the box is not on
his usual route, but Ken decides to deliver it.  The address on the box leads
to an eerily quiet apartment complex…
Object: Diary x 4

Game Play:
Start by going down the stairs and then make a right turn as soon as one
becomes available.  Walk down the path ignoring the gate and the barrier (you
can walk past it) to enter into the park.  Pick up the BATTERY and turn left
towards the apartments.  Walk past the barriers again and walk down the path
towards the flashing object and get another BATTERY.  Now turn around and to
enter into the apartments through the door to your left.  Walk up the stairs
and go to the door to the right to enter into room 3 - 301.  Walk straight
forward and look down when you reach the closet doors to find a PADLOCK KEY
hidden behind the doors.  After the action sequence walk forward towards room 3
- 302 and examine the floor under the box to find a DIARY FRAGMENT.  Head back
down the stairs.  On the bottom floor, explore the area for mail boxes.  Open
the single unboarded mailbox twice to get another DIARY FRAGMENT and then go
back to the park.  Take the BATTERY that is in the sandbox and head out of the
park towards entrance of the level.  Open the gate on your right.  Walk through
the gate and get the BATTERY.  Now walk through the door to your right.  Go up
the stairs and look to your left to get APPARTMENT 2-102 KEY.  Go back down the
stairs and enter into room 2 - 102.  Turn left to go into the kitchen.  Look up
towards the ceiling on the left wall.  Another DIARY FRAGMENT is located at the
top of a wooden beam in the wall.  Turn on the facet and then walk to the back
of the apartment towards the closet.  After the action sequence turn right and
walk towards the furnace.  From here turn left and go to the old refrigerator.
Open the freezer door to get the final DIARY FRAGMENT.  Walk forward from here
to start an action sequence.
Episode Cleared

Episode 4: Security Guard's Ordeal
Character: Hiro
Story: Hiro, a devoted father who works as a security guard, is working the
graveyard shift when a suspicious figure appears in a security camera.
Immediately afterward the power goes out in the building.  Grabbing a
flashlight, he leaves his post to check the circuit breakers…
Object: Torn Up Family Picture x 4

Game Play:
Immediately leave the office and leave the door.  Ignore the doors behind you
as you cannot open them and just walk down the hall until you reach the
elevators.  From here walk past the closed door on the right.  Enter the
doorway on the left and take the BATTERY.  Go back to the hall, backtracking to
the closed door you passed earlier and enter.  Walk through the office to the
green door on your right and enter.  Search the open locker to get a TORN UP
FAMILY PICTURE.  Now exit the room and turn right.  Enter the cubicles on the
left just before the copier.  Take the flashing object ahead to get the PIN
MEMO.  Backtrack through the room and examine the copier.  After you examine
the copier open the door next to it and take the BATTERY.  Leave the room and
turn.  Walk around the desks and on one of them you'll find a TORN UP FAMILY
PICTURE.  Now leave the office and turn left to continue your search of the
hallway.  Enter into the door on the right (the men's room).  Go towards the
toilets and flush each one.  Turn to leave.  After the action sequence take the
flashing object on the floor to get another PIN MEMO.  Head out of the
bathroom.  Immediately after leaving the Men's room head into the Women's room.
Open the second stall.  You will get a BATTERY.  Leave the room and head left
to continue down the hall.  Open the door on the right and follow the pathway.
Take the shining object to get the final PIN MEMO.  After the action sequence,
turn to the door right next to you and open it.  Search the shelves to find
another piece of the TORN UP FAMILY PICTURE.  Leave this room and then head
back out into the hall.  Once back in the hall turn right and continue through
the hall.  At the end of the hall there will be shelves with boxes on them.
Search the partially open box on the floor to get the final TORN UP FAMILY
PICTURE.  Continue down the halls and when you reach the vending machines
search the room for another BATTERY.  Head towards the door with a security
lock on it.  Open the door and enter the room.  Head to the glowing red lights
and push the button.  After the action sequence open the door and move forward.
After the action sequence move forward.
Episode Cleared

Episode 5: Cursed House
Character: Erika
Story: Erika was assaulted by a mysterious figure in the rundown factory, but
was able to escape thanks to Ivy's courageous effort to save her master.  Erika
calls her family, but no one is picking up.  Feeling something is not right,
Erika returns home…
Object: None

Game Play:
Walk past the stairs and go into the door on the left.  Take the BATTERY and
leave the room.  Go up the stairs.  Enter into the first door you encounter and
open the closet door to obtain the ROOM KEY.  Open the door.  After the action
sequence leave the room.  Go back down the stairs and open the door right in
front of you.  Answer the phone.  Now go to the sliding doors and try to open
them twice.  Walk to the sliding doors in front of you and open them.  After
the action sequence open the doors and take the key on the table.  After the
action sequence take the key and go back to the main entrance of the house.  Go
back up the stairs and enter the room at the end of the hall.  Go to the closet
and examine the shelves.  After the action sequence go back down the stairs and
open the door next to the flower vase.  Finish the action sequence.
Game Cleared

Item Locations:
Episode 1
1. In the lockers next to the Factory Building Key.
2. In the desk drawers just past the Inspection Room.
3. In the desk drawers in the office you find the Power Switch in.

Episode 2
1. On a table in Room 305 after examining room 301.
2. On the floor under phone after examining room 305.
3. In the second stall of the Men's room.  Examine the toilet.
4. On the floor to the door out of Room 307 after triggering the action
5. In the center casket of the morgue after leaving the room and triggering the
action sequence.
6. On the roof in a small space after a hospital bed is moved away.

Episode 3
1. Behind a box next to room 3 - 302 after searching room 3 - 301.
2. In a mailbox on the first floor of building 3 after searching room 3 - 301.
3. On the top of a wooden beam in the kitchen of room 2 - 201.
4. In the freezer of an old refrigerator near the end of the chapter.

Episode 4
1. In the locker with a white dress in the first door in the first office you
can enter.
2. On the center desk without a computer in the cubicles of the first office
just past the copier.
3. In a storage room in the second office.  On the shelf with a mannequin torso.
4. At the first corner of the hall with graffiti on it.  In the box between the

Q: The fifth episode doesn't come up.  How can I play it?
A: The fifth episode is only available after you find all the hidden objects in
each of the first four episodes.  These will appear in the "Found Items"
screen.  Once all four of the items are completely recovered the fifth episode
will become available.

Q: Okay, so how can I find these items?  I took all the flashing items and
never found one.
A: These items are well hidden.  Unlike batteries and keys, they won't have a
flashing indicator so you'll have to be ever vigilant and search every nook and
cranny for them.

Q: Hey!  I checked an area you said would have a hidden item and it wasn't
A: You have either found it already or you checked it out of order.  If you've
found an item already, it won't show up again.  Furthermore, most of the items
won't appear until after a certain event has taken place.  If you haven't found
it already, you probably have to explore another area then come back to that
spot later.

Q: I forgot to get an item in a level!  Do I have to play the whole level again
to get it?
A: No, not the whole level, but you'll have to play up to the point where you
find it.  If you die after finding an item it still counts.  It won't count if
you reset the software though.

Q: I tried moving the Wii remote in the direction the arrow shows but it still
goes red and I die!
A: There are a number of reasons for this.  It could be that you're misreading
an arrow.  A large arrow in the middle of the screen means to thrust the Wii
remote either forward or backward.

Q: That didn't work.  The arrow is clearly pointing in a direction of the
A: It could be that you are supposed to move it in quick succession.   Up and
down and side to side are easy, but from down to right requires a diagonal
motion as if you're making a diamond shape across the screen.

Q: I'm still having trouble with the actions.
A:  Make sure that you're holding the remote right.  Have it pointed
horizontally towards the screen.  The game won't recognize your motions if you
hold it up vertically.

Q: Can I explore the level more thoroughly than your guide mentions?
A: Of course.  You won't find any significant items but maybe a few more scares
(especially on the fifth episode).  The paths you have to take are pretty
linear though, so there isn't a whole lot more to explore and there's the
problem of wasting battery life.

Q: Do I have to pick up all the spare batteries?
A: No.  None of the levels can be completed with just one battery but if you
know your way around and what to do, they can be completed using only two or
three of them.

Q: The battery is dying and my character moves so slow I can't reach the spare!
Can I move any faster?
A: Unfortunately, no.  The character has a base movement speed and this cannot
be changed.

Q: I hate to spoil it for others but I die at the end of each episode.  Is
there a way to change this?
A: No, this is the way that it ends in the movies, so that's how it ends in the

Q: What significance does it have whether your male or female and what your
astrological sign is?
A: You get a different picture depending on your gender and a few different
comments in the courage test if you do well enough.  Otherwise they don't
change anything.

Q: What does that courage test base itself on?
A: It's based on your reaction times and how long you took to finish the level.
Faster reactions in the action sequences and quickly finishing the level gives
you a better score.

Q: What IS the Courage Test option on the Main Menu about?
A: It lets you replay any episode that's already been completed without having
to create another save file.

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renodox@hotmail.com.  Any SPAM e-mail will be deleted.

Copyright 2013 Richard Turner

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