How do I beat Battle Ax Vladitator?

  1. I am an Aquos user,so I know that I'm getting an Aquos Omega Leonidas,but I still don't know which cards to use!Can some one tell me the best ones I can beat BAV with?

    User Info: coconutting

    coconutting - 6 years ago


  1. I have a few tricks to beat this guy with
    first and foremost most common trick is to go ahead and miss your first shot on purpose this will make his Darkus Phantom shot useless and not being able to drain your G-Power.
    Few Gate Cards i can say can be useful is: G-Power Exchange (if you are using G-Power Exchange and know it's face down go ahead and let him drain your G-Power because you will get it back and then some) Mega Warrior can be useful if you have a gate card or 2 already won, High Price can be good since he has higher G-Power it will make it so he cant use Ability Cards, Power Drain is also pretty useful again miss your shot on purpose let him land on it then it will take away half of his G-Power, Lift is another good card but i only recommend it if you are using Ventus, if you are using Haos i strongly suggest you use the Haos and Darkus Combo Ability card since it will give your Bakugan +200 G-Power just because your opponent is using Darkus.
    i also say use the: Fire Wall, Blow Away, Dive Mirage, Dimension 4, Grand Slide, or Spark Out (depending on your attribute)
    also if you are using Pyrus your special shot is useless in this fight since the Darkus Phantom shot prevents Sphere Attacks

    That is pretty much all i have really this worked for me on my game but remember make his Darkus Phantom shot useless by missing the first shot on purpose it will save you a headache

    User Info: youngfrost7

    youngfrost7 - 6 years ago 0   0

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