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by DrCoolJamz1

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Guide and Walkthrough by DrCoolJamz1

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/06/2017

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Controls
    2. Characters
  2. Walkthrough
    1. Case #1: Who is the dog's real owner?
    2. Case #2: Who stole Gino's prized map collection?
    3. Case #3: Who is Shirley's secret admirer?
    4. Case #4: Why was Evelyn's apartment ransacked?
    5. Case #5: Was Skip the man from the meeting?
    6. Case #6: Where is the Yeti?
    7. Case #7: Who vandalized the chalet?
    8. Case #8: Who is stealing from the junkyard?
    9. Case #9: Who is killing the plants?
    10. Case #10: Where are those strange beats coming from?
    11. Case #11: Where are Poppy's three letters?
    12. Case #12: Who broke the fortunite crystal?
    13. Case #13: Was Carl set up?
    14. Case #14: Who broke Luke's surfboards?
    15. Case #15: What happened to Justice's crab traps?
    16. Case #16: What is the secret of the sunken ship?
    17. Case #17: How do I get into the temple?
    18. Case #18: What is the treasure of the temple?
  3. Dispatch Missions
    1. #1: Deploy!
    2. #2: Legendary Cheese
    3. #3: I Drilled Too Deep
    4. #4: Assistant Librarian
    5. #5: Blue Thing
    6. #6: Morcucorp Stakeout
    7. #7: The Sadness Parade
    8. #8: Yeti Begins
    9. #9: Pig, Camera, Action
    10. #10: Episode X
    11. #11: Snack Thief
    12. #12: Tainted Broth
    13. #13: Ol' Gabby's Mine
    14. #14: Cocoa Science!
    15. #15: The Longest Voyage
    16. #16: Roadie Despair
    17. #17: OMG Glow Sticks!
    18. #18: Candypaluna
    19. #19: Pizza Investigation
    20. # 20: Equipment Recovery
    21. # 21: High School Yearbook
    22. #22: Missing Bugs
    23. #23: Falling Forest
    24. #24: F, Robot
    25. #25: The Bushido Code
    26. #26: H4XXOR3D
    27. #27: Magical Assistant
    28. #28: Reagent Run
    29. #29: Red Buddy
    30. # 30: The Music That Moves You
    31. #31: Gonk Need Food Badly
    32. #32: The Prominence
    33. #33: What the F?
    34. #34: Surf's Up!
    35. #35: The Extremest Case
    36. #36: Suckers Sabotage!
    37. #37: The Finest Blade
    38. #38: Justice For Justice
    39. #39: Sewer Search
    40. #40: Tobor's Destiny
    41. #41: Blade of Destiny
    42. #42: Writer's Block
    43. #43: The Magical Disaster
    44. #44: Prom Date
    45. #45: Penguin Style
    46. #46: Trouble With Truffles
    47. #47: Train Jimmy
    48. #48: Time for Toast
    49. #49: Protection Detail
    50. #50: Snake on the Loose!
    51. #51: One More Time
  4. Cogs & Gears Puzzles
  5. Analysis Puzzles
  6. Hacking & Lockpicking
  7. Tophies
    1. Top shelf:
    2. Second shelf:
    3. Third shelf:
    4. Bottom shelf:
  8. Hidden Treasures
    1. Main Street:
    2. Mountains:
    3. Industrial District:
    4. Cyrus' Manor (Swamp area):
    5. Boardwalk:
    6. Jungle:

My Sims Agents (Wii Version)


Written by Jacky Swallia - 2010

V 2.0 7/5/17 - Formatted using new FAQ editor.
V 1.01 3/12/10 - Minor changes and formating corrections.
V 1.0 1/22/10 - First complete version.


My Sims Agents is not your typical My Sims game. There is no construction and the cases in the story move you from beginning to end. But it is a lot of fun to play and it warrants a guide, so here we are. I am playing the game for the third time and I have to say that actually going through everything in such detail really showed me that there is a lot more detail than I first perceived when I played before. There are subtleties that make the game different each time. I'm liking it more and more.

That being said, it's clear that I am missing clues here and there. It is possible to solve missions without finding all the clues and leads and sometimes solving one lead will make it impossible to trigger another lead. If you know of any clues or leads I'm missing, please let me know but be specific and detailed so I can add complete information to the guide.

This guide is my original work and is copyrighted by me, Jacky Swallia. The most current version will be at GameFAQs but you are welcome to re-post it on another site as long as you don't remove my name or alter the content in any way. My guides are meant to be freely shared but they may not be sold for profit by anyone other than myself.

If you have any questions, comments or corrections feel free to drop me an e-mail. Please include the game in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete it, thinking it's spam.

Alright then. Let's get this party started.


This game requires the nunchuck to play.

The controls are pretty simple. You will have a cursor in the shape of a hand on the screen. You will also see your tools in the top right corner and your notepad, when it becomes available. And finally in the center of the screen on the bottom is the possible actions (which only appear if you are near something that you can do an action to, otherwise you will see nothing. If you have not interacted with the object, the font will be white. If you have already interacted with it and there is nothing new you can learn or gain, it will be grayed and there will be a check mark over the A. You can still interact, you just won't gain anything new.

Moving Wiimote - Moves the cursor around the screen.

Control Stick - Moves your character.

- button - Pause menu (options, save, quit).

A button - Commence action, if available.

Z button - Jump.

B button - Run.

D pad left - Equip crowbar/f-space manipulator.

D pad up - Equip magnifying glass/detector/super detector.

D pad right - Equip wrench/techno-tool.

D pad down - Unequip tool.

If you click on the notepad icon you will open your notes for the current case. The notes are divided into three sections: leads (gives you hints of where to look next), clues (keeps track of clues you have found) and items (things you find pertaining to the case). If you click on the leads it will give you an even bigger hint on what to do next. So everything is basically laid out for you.

After case #7 Walker upgrades your crowbar to the f-space manipulator. To use it stand on an f-energy vent (looks like blue-ish steam coming from the ground) and equip the f-space manipulator. A new action will be available. Press A to activate the f-energy vent and you will be able to move things. You can't move just anything, just things in the immediate area. Move the cursor over an object and if it is moveable it will change color. Press A to pick it up. Use the Wiimote to move the object and use the control stick to rotate the object. Press A again to place it. That's all there is to it.


These characters are always with you.

Sam (or whatever you change the name to) - You are the friendly neighborhood detective, but you are aching to crack some really big cases and become a special agent.

Buddy - The artist behind the wildly popular detective comics as an adult and your ever-faithful sidekick as a youth. You can talk to him and besides adding color commentary, he can also sometimes give you a clue of what to do next.

These characters will be available for hire at some point. Use the phone at HQ to hire new recruits. I've included their interests and when I unlocked each of the characters, but I have a feeling that I unlocked some of them simply by finishing a case when really they should have been unlocked at some point during the case that I missed. So, the game just automatically unlocks them at the end of the case if they are missed. The point is that you might unlock them at different times but they will all get unlocked by the story progression.

AnnieAfter dispatch mission #16 Athletic, Charisma, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
AranJoins after dispatch mission #45 Nature, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic
BeeBee Joins after Case #7 Nature, Athletic, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
Carl Unlocked after case #13 Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Nature, Smarts
Elmira Joins after dispatch mission #4Paranormal, Nature, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
GonkJoins after dispatch mission #31Nature, Nature, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic
Gordon Unlocked after case #13 Smarts, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
HopperJoins after dispatch mission #12 Nature, Nature, Athletic, Athletic, Charisma
Leaf Unlock while digging in the forest in case #4Nature, Nature, Nature, Charisma, Charisma
LibertyJoins after dispatch mission #50 Nature, Nature, Nature, Charisma, Charisma
Lyndsay Joins after case #18 Nature, Athletic, Athletic, Charisma, Smarts
MagellanJoins after case #18Paranormal, Nature, Nature, Nature, Athletic
MakotoJoins after dispatch mission #44Athletic, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
MarlonJoins after dispatch mission #43Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal
MikeJoins after case #18Paranormal, Athletic, Athletic, Smarts, Smarts
Ms. NicoleUnlocked after case #13Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
NovaJoins after case #7Paranormal, Paranormal, Nature, Smarts, Smarts
PetalJoins after dispatch mission #23Nature, Nature, Nature, Nature, Nature
PinkyJoins after dispatch mission #5Paranormal, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
PrestonJoins after Case #7Athletic, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
ReneeJoins after dispatch mission #9Nature, Nature, Nature, Charisma, Charisma
RogerUnlocked after you confront Mayor Skip at the end of case #5Athletic, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic
RosalynJoins after case #7Paranormal, Paranormal, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
SkullfinderJoins after case #18Paranormal, Paranormal, Smarts, Smarts, Smarts
SpencerJoins after dispatch mission #26Athletic, Athletic, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
StarJoins after dispatch mission #41Paranormal, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic, Athletic
TravisJoins you as your first recruit after you are made special agentCharisma, Charisma, Charisma, Smarts, Smarts
TrevorUnlocked after case #13Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma, Charisma
VicJoins after case #7Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Charisma, Smarts
VioletUnlocked after case #13Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Nature, Smarts
WendalynJoins after dispatch mission #28Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Nature
WolfahJoins after case #7Nature, Nature, Nature, Athletic, Athletic
ZoeUnlocked after case #13Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal, Smarts

The following characters are not available for hire at the S.P.A. You will meet them, talk to them throughout the game, possibly help them or thwart their evil plans.

Alexa - Dr. F's assistant in the industrial district.
Barney - Sailor turned junkyard man in the industrial district.
Brandi - Part of Morcucorp.
Chaz - Motorcycle stuntman at the boardwalk
Clara - Hangs out at the boardwalk
Derek - The neighborhood punk, suspect in a series of acts of delinquency on Main Street.
Dogwood - Poppy's pet.
DJ Candy - Sick beat-dropper in the industrial district.
Dr. F. - Eccentric scientist in the industrial district.
Esma - Part of Morcucorp.
Evelyn Gray - The mysterious woman from Main Street.
Gabby - Prospector turned junkyard man in the industrial district.
Gino - Pizza maker extraordinaire on Main Street.
Jenny - HQ receptionist. See her for dispatch missions.
Justice - Owns the temporary tattoo shop on the boardwalk.
Luis - Paperboy near the Main Street train stop.
Luke - Surfer on the boardwalk.
Morcubus - The antagonist of the game, generally evil and set for world domination.
Mr. Suckers - Friendly octopus down at the boardwalk
Patrick Rhino - Construction foreman on Main Street.
Poppy - Flower loving sweetie of Main Street.
Rhonda - Main Street local.
Roxie - HQ scientists. Call her for analyses.
Sapphire - One of DJ Candy's dance crew in the industrial district.
Shirley - Owns the hair salon on Main Street.
Skip Rogers - Mayor of Main Street, possibly a little corrupt.
Special Agent Walker - Establishes the S.P.A. branch and makes Sam a special agent.
Summer - Boardwalk beach lifeguard.
Taylor - Hangs out at the boardwalk.
Tim - Chaz's cheerleader on the boardwalk
Tobor - Dr. F's robot.
Watanabe - Sushi chef on the boardwalk.
Yuki - Suffers from Pico but otherwise harmless, stalks you outside of HQ.
Zack - One of DJ Candy's dance crew in the industrial district.


This part of the guide is organized by the cases in the order you encounter them in the game. Rather than a step-by-step narrative of each case, I have instead listed the leads, clues and items and what to do for each one. So you can go about the case however you like and if you're stuck on something you can go to your notepad in the game and see which lead it is. Then you can just control+f the name of the lead and if I have it here, you will be taken right to it.

The story begins in Gino's pizza parlor. Buddy and Sam are discussing being secret agents one day when Travis comes in looking for summer work. Gino has nothing for him. After some more conversation Poppy comes in looking for help. Seems a big meanie has taken her dog and won't give him back. Sam and Buddy agree to help.

You now have control over Sam. She suggests that you talk to anyone who might have any ideas about what happened, and this is really the basis of the game. You have to talk to and interact with everyone and everything to solve the cases. You should practice this now. You can talk to Buddy, Travis and Gino in the pizza shop and practice interacting with the oven, you can examine the pizza and furniture, and so on.

When you do finally leave the pizzeria, you will be on Main Street and the game will offer you tutorials. You can click the light bulb at the top of the screen when they appear. You can walk around and interact with more stuff up and down the street but your ultimate goal is to head to the park to the left.

Poppy meets you in the park and briefs Sam on the dog situation. Seems she turned her back for a second and Morcubus snatched her pooch Dogwood. Or so she says. Morcubus says the dog is his and his name is Killfang. Now it's up to you to figure out who is telling the truth.

Case #1: Who is the dog's real owner?

Finding the ball - Examine the bush to the right of the trash can. You will find Dogwood's ball.
Playing ball - Talk to Dogwood after you find the ball.
Evidence of the crime - Equip the magnifying glass and look for Dogwood's prints.
Investigating further - Equip the magnifying glass near Poppy and follow her footprints to the pizza shop.
Interview the chef - Talk to Chef Gino.
Confront Poppy - Talk to Poppy.
Questioning Morcubus - Talk to Morcubus.
A bone to pick - Dumpster dive behind Gino's and find a bone.
Investigate the dog - Talk to Dogwood.
What's the dog excited about - Use the crowbar on the crates behind Gino's and find the jerky. Take it to Dogwood.
Report findings to Poppy - Talk to Poppy.

-Dogwood likes the pink ball.
-Dogwood doesn't like chewing bones and Morcubus said he would.
-Dogwood just wanted the Jerky, which happened to be on the other side of
the wall Morcubus was standing by.
-Dogwood's prints show him walking toward Morcubus of his own free will.
-Poppy lies about leaving Dogwood alone.

A pink ball - Found in the bushes near the trash can.
A bone - Found in the dumpster behind Gino's.
Jerky - Found in the crates behind Gino's.

After you talk to Poppy you will get a cut scene where you officially determine that Dogwood belongs to Poppy. Morcubus isn't happy and vows revenge. Better head back to Gino's. You will get another cut scene where Sam and Buddy meet Special Agent Walker. He is impressed with your work on the Dogwood case. And lucky for you, a branch of the Sim Protection Agency is opening in your neighborhood and Walker wants YOU there as a special agent! Well, actually you'll start off as a junior agent and solve smaller crimes, but no doubt you will get promoted soon. Walker also tells you that Morcubus is the head of an evil corporation called Morcucorp. Walker doesn't know what he's doing around here but he is going to keep an eye on the situation. He tells you to get a good night sleep and start solving some cases around the neighborhood in the morning.

You'll find yourself next at the train station, but you can't go anywhere for now. Instead head back to Main Street. Your tutorial light bulb says that to find a new case, find someone with an exclamation point above them and talk to them. Walk down and to the left to Gino's pizzeria and you find your next case. Talk to Gino and he tells you he has lost his maps to his tomato sanctuary. There was also a fire in the restaurant when Derek, Shirley and Patrick were having dinner. His oven is ruined and the safe was opened, which is where he kept his maps, even though he didn't lock it. Sounds like a job for the newest junior agent of the S.P.A.!

Case #2: Who stole Gino's prized map collection?

The crime scene - Equip the magnifying glass near the safe and follow the blue footprints to the door.
Following the footprints - Follow the footprints to Derek in the street.
Faded prints - Follow the footprints from the street back to the sidewalk.
Follow the footprints - Follow the blue footprints through the park to the park forest.
A forest of mysteries - Jump through the ledges in the forest to get to the monolith.
The elusive paper - Equip the crowbar and bash the monolith.
Mapfinding - Search for Gino's maps.
Bringing the maps - Return all three maps to Gino.
Mountain people - Talk to Patrick and learn that Derek has been talking about Mountains.
Partfinding - Salvage parts to repair the oven.
Stove fixin'- Repair the oven.

Clearing the air - Tell Gino the fire was caused by a lack of ventilation.
To the roof - Climb the ladder behind Gino's, jump on the boxes to the roof. Investigate the chimney.
The baseball culprit - Talk to Derek after you find the baseball in the chimney.
Report back to Gino - Talk to Gino after you find Morcubus' letter to Derek.

Patrick: none?
Shirley: none?
-He sort of admits to putting the baseball in Gino's chimney.
-Patrick tells you that Derek has been talking about mountains and the mountain map is the only one Gino is missing.
-Read the letter from Morcubus thanking Derek (it falls from the monolith after you bash it.

Map #1 - Found in the trash can in Gino's restaurant.
Map #2 - Found in the trash can near the entrance to the park (not park forest).
Map #3 - Found in the first trash can in the park forest.
Spare parts for the oven repair (2 required):
-Salvage from the table next to the oven.
-Salvage from the gumball machine.
-Salvage from the safe.
Baseball - Investigate the chimney on Gino's roof after you repair the oven.

After you report back to Gino, he bans Derek forever and the case is closed. Walk to the right on Main Street and you will see Shirley with an exclamation point. Talk to her for your next case. It seems like Shirley has a secret admirer and she wants to know who. Poppy says she sold the same bouquet to Gino, Patrick and Mayor Skip. Shirley isn't too picky, so you have to investigate all of them

Case #3: Who is Shirley's secret admirer?

Scoping out the scene - Equip the magnifying class near Shirley's salon and follow the footprints, pick up the letter in the bushes on the left side of the house.
Handwriting sample: Patrick - Examine the blueprints in Patrick's trailer.
Handwriting sample: Gino - Read the menu board outside of Gino's restaurant.
Handwriting sample: Skip - Ask Skip for a sample, but he won't give you anything.
Finding the safe - Examine the bookshelf in Skip's office.
Eyes on the prize - Climb the ladder on the far left side of Main Street, hop the roofs and awnings and look in the window to see Skip open the safe.
Interview Gino - Talk to Gino at the pizzeria.
Flower pizza - Investigate the pizza near Gino's oven.
Interview the mayor - Investigate the flowers in Mayor Skip's office in city hall (go left on Main Street).
Interview Patrick - Talk to Patrick at the construction site (go right on Main Street).
Patrick in the bushes - Talk to Patrick after you find his footprints near the salon.
Patrick's Alibi - Hop on the boxes near the construction site to get to the roofs, hop across and walk the ropes to Shirley's roof and examine Patrick's tool kit.
Flower confiscations - After you find the letter in Patrick's trailer, talk to Mayor Skip.
Tax evidence - Investigate the computer on Skip's desk.
Hacking the computer - Solve the hacking maze on Skip's computer.
Talk to Shirley - Report that Skip is her secret admirer.

Chef Gino: none?
Patrick Rhino:
-Patrick's footprints are found near Shirley's salon.
Skip Rogers:
-Skip's handwriting on the note to Morcubus matches the love note to Shirley.
-Evidence found after hacking Skip's computer.

Handwritten note - Find in the bushes on the left of the salon.
Flowers - Pick up near Shirley's door.
Flower confiscation letter - Find in the trash in Patrick's trailer.

Shirley is pleased about her new admirer but Sam and Buddy are perplexed. They have uncovered government corruption and it is tied to none other than Morcubus.

When you leave the salon Agent Walker meets you again. He is impressed with your work and promotes you to Special Agent. Your headquarters are also available via the train. There's nothing else to do on Main Street for now, so jump on the train and head to HQ. Yuki is outside and she will be for a while. Each time you talk to her she has a new reason to bite your face, which is kind of funny.

Your new office is pretty impressive. I'm particularly impressed they managed to build it in such a short time because it took 8 months to build a Walgreens by my house. But I digress. Anyway, you meet Roxie and Jenny, who will be working with you at HQ from now on. Roxie shows you your cool new stuff and you learn that you can recruit new agents.

You now have a little more freedom. Check out HQ, there really is some very cool stuff. There are 5 floors: the hangar, the loft, the lobby, the patio and the basement. There's not much in any of them right now except the lobby, though. First things first: hire some new detectives. Go to the phone and recruit Travis, the only one available. Talk to Jenny and she can give you
your first dispatch mission. Send Travis on his merry way and Evelyn wanders in. Someone has broken into her apartment and she needs your help. Take the train back to Main Street and Meet Evelyn outside her apartment (to the right of the salon).

Case #4: Why was Evelyn's apartment ransacked?

Talk to Evelyn - Meet Evelyn outside her apartment and talk to her.
Casing the scene - Investigate Evelyn's apartment.
Haircut receipt - Talk to Evelyn about the salon receipt.
Hidden evidence - After you examine the table in Evelyn's apartment, equip the magnifying glass and follow the footprints.
Following the trail - Find and follow the footprints outside of Evelyn's window.
Other Evidence - Dumpster dive near the salon.
Pizza coupon - Talk to Evelyn about the pizza coupon.
Hungry perpetrator - After talking to Gino about the pizza coupon, examine the table near the door.
Forest rendezvous - Talk to Derek in the forest (be nice and get him to slip and tell you what he saw).
Talk to Poppy - Talk to Poppy about the rocks Derek gave her to hold.
Dig it up - Dig the patches around the forest and find Evelyn's jewelry.
Talk to Evelyn - Report your findings to Evelyn.

The Journal:
-Letter to Dr. Gray found in dumpster.
-Derek admits to seeing Morcucorp executives pass on the stolen journal.
-Evelyn's jewels were buried in the forest (so the robbers obviously didn't need them, just the journal).

Haircut receipt - Rummage through Evelyn's desk.
Pizza coupon - Look under Evelyn's bed.
Napkin note - Examine the table in Gino's restaurant.
Letter to Dr. Gray - Dumpster dive outside the salon.
Evelyn's jewelry - Dig it up in the park forest.

Reporting to Evelyn automatically triggers the next case.

Case #5: Was Skip the man from the meeting?

Talk to Skip - Confront Skip in his office.
Forest evidence - Search the trash can in the park forest and find the allergy inhaler.

Flower Power - Ask Poppy if she has any dandelions and then get them from her flower cart.
Pollen attack - Talk to Skip about dandelions.
Criminal timing - Check the clock in Evelyn's apartment.
Pizza time - Ask Gino when Skip was there for dinner.
Leftovers - Analyze the leftover pizza in Skip's office.

Talk to Evelyn - Report your findings to Evelyn.

-Skip's inhaler is found at the park where the exchange went down.
-Skip's pizza alibi doesn't check out.

Allergy inhaler - Found in the forest park trash can.
Dandelions - Get from Poppy's cart.

After Skip spills his guts about Morcucorp, Sam and Buddy decide it's time to fire up the jet and head to the mountains. After all, that was the only missing map from Gino's stash. Head back to HQ. By now Travis should have finished the first dispatch mission so you can also talk to Jenny and get your reward and set up the next missions. From now on I won't be mentioning dispatch missions in the walkthrough as they are not essential to the story. They have their own section at the end.

When you're ready, take the elevator to the third floor and walk outside. Walk all the way to the right and board the jet. When you get to the mountains you get a cut scene and some dialogue between Agents Rosalyn and Vic and BeeBee. Preston is missing and BeeBee is very worried.

Case #6: Where is the Yeti?

Last known whereabouts - Find Preston's journal in the snow.
The trampler - Equip the magnifying glass and find the Yeti prints.
Follow the prints - Follow the Yeti prints back to the path.
Following (Yeti?) prints - Follow the Yeti prints to the ski lift.
Check ski lift - Examine the ski lift.
Another way up - Talk to Rosalyn, who is blocking the gate.
Unwarranted actions - Use the computer in the lodge.
Finding satellite parts - Salvage 5 parts to supercharge the satellite dish.
Supercharge the satellite - Climb to the roof and repair the satellite dish.

Back to the computer - Use the computer after you supercharge the satellites.
Give warrant to Rosalyn - Talk to Rosalyn again.
Through the gate - Unlock the gate.
Sim versus summit - Hop up the ledges that take you to the next area of the summit.
Ski lift repair - Repair the ski lift.

Going up - Ride the ski lift up the mountain.
Rescue the wolf - Bash the trap Wolfah is stuck in.
Finding the scent - Talk to Wolfah to learn he has lost the scent. Equip the magnifying glass and find the blue prints.
Something in the snow - Examine the snow where the Yeti prints stop.
Fur analysis - Analyze the fur in the snow.

Buried bone - Give the bone to Wolfah.
Picking up the scent (again) - Give the fur to Wolfah.
Ladder steppin' with Wolf - Climb the ladder to the ledge where Wolfah is.
Climbing to the cave - Hop the ledges to the cave.
Icicle roadblock - Bash the icicles with the crowbar.
Enter the cave - Go inside the cave.

In the cave:
-Follow the footprints to the ski lift.
-Find the scarf with the P.W. initials.
-Fur analysis results are not from any known animal.
-Find Paul's furnished Yeti cave.

Preston's journal - Buried in the snow.
Salvage parts to supercharge the satellites (5 required):
-Cash register in the lodge.
-Snow cone maker in the lodge.
-Yellow truck outside the lodge to the left.
-Energy drink machine near the ski lift.
-Generator near the cabin.
-Snow blower near the gate Rosalyn is guarding.
A warrant - Obtained after the satellites are fixed and the computer is working again.
Gate key - Rosalyn gives it to you after you show her the warrant.
Yeti fur - Buried in the snow.
Bone - Buried in the snow.

After a long cut scene and a lot of dialogue, Sam convinces Paul to come to the lodge the next morning. But when everyone wakes up they find the lodge smashed and the only logical explanation is that a Yeti did it. This is confirmed when Preston shows up and says a Yeti attacked him. So when Paul wanders down the mountain, it's not to an exactly warm welcome. He is blamed for the crimes and it is up to you to clear his good name.

Case #7: Who vandalized the chalet?

Interview Preston - Talk to Preston in the lodge.
Preston's ripped shirt - Investigate Preston's luggage in the lodge near the piano.
Water bottle bigwig - Talk to BeeBee about Preston's water company.
Search Preston's car - Search the blue car in the parking lot.
Investigate the damage - Examine the hot tub and analyze the water, examine the broken snowboards, examine the snow and find the broken bat.

Background Check - Ask Rosalyn about Paul. Then check the computer in the lodge for his records.
Saboteur prints - Equip the magnifying glass near the broken snowboards.
Following the prints - Follow the light blue footprints to the cabin.
Entering the cabin - Climb the roof and bash the ice off the chimney.
Cabin capers - Use the crowbar on the trap door then traverse the abandoned mine, examining everything as you go.

*Somewhere in this mission is a tool chest in the chalet that I have a solution for. I'm not 100% sure when you encounter this tool chest (and I'm not replaying the game just to format the guide) so I'm just going to leave this here.

Two cabins, two yetis - Pick up the yeti costume in the second cabin.
Bat in the snow - Ask Nova in the lodge about the bat.
Security camera review - Climb to the roof and hack the security camera.
Talk to Rosalyn - Present your findings to Agent Rosalyn.
*Before you talk to Rosalyn, know that it will trigger the last cut scene and you will automatically be taken back to HQ and you CANNOT return to the mountain. So if there is anything else you want to do here, do it BEFORE you report to Rosalyn. Make sure to go back to Paul's cave before you go and examine his recliner for the trophy.

-His fur is found on the damaged hot tub.
-He has a record for destroying stuff before.
-Two sets of prints are found near the broken snowboards.
-Yeti costume found in the second cabin.
-Deed in his car shows he owns the land surrounding the chalet.
-Security camera footage shows him bashing the hot tub.

Broken bat handle -Buried in the snow.
Yeti costume - Found in the second cabin.

After you report to Rosalyn that Paul is innocent, another long cut scene happens and it turns out that Paul knows Evelyn. He worked with her father and helped to make the nightmare crown, which is the next target of your investigation. You are taken back to HQ where Agent Walker meets you. He has upgrades for your tools. Your crowbar is now an f-space manipulator, which allows you to move objects using f-energy vents. Your wrench is now a techno-tool, which allows you to pick locks.

Walker suggests you practice with the f-space manipulator before going into the field with it. You can now decorate HQ. Go to the hanger as Walker suggests and you will notice what looks like blue-ish steam coming from the ground. This is an f-energy vent and you will find them everywhere now (see controls for details on how to use them). Right now you can decorate HQ with any objects you may have found or earned. You may want to start thinking about picking a theme for each floor and decorating and placing your detectives accordingly.

When you're done with all of this, head back to the lobby and Jenny will have a message for you from Paul. He tells you to look for his old roommate Dr. F. in the city, which opens the industrial district by train. Head there now. You stumble onto an argument between Gabby and Barney that leads to your next investigation.

Case #8: Who is stealing from the junkyard?

Scoping the scene - Examine the car with the missing engine in the back of the junkyard.
Strange seedlings - Open the crate near Brandi and Esma and find the seeds.
Morcu-alibi - Talk to Brandi and Esma.
Checking thoroughly - Equip the magnifying glass near the car and follow the oily footprints.
Whose footprints - Look in the doghouse and get Barney's sailing map.
Check with Gabby - Talk to Gabby.
Map left behind - Talk to Barney
Car remote in Gabby's cabinet - Check the green cabinet in the lean-to.
Getting into Gabby's cabinet - Equip the techno-tool and pick the lock.
Brute force - Close the hood of the car and then try to open it with the f-space manipulator.
Witness to the strong man - Talk to Grit the dog.
Oily analysis - Analyze the oil in the junkyard.

Robo trail - Equip the f-space manipulator near the crate in the middle of the junkyard. Move the tire so you can jump on top of the crate and pick the lock at the top.
Into the container - Equip the f-space manipulator and open the hatch.
Tobor upgrade - Salvage parts for Tobor's repair.
Robotonomy - Repair Tobor.

Ask the robot - Talk to Tobor.
Report back to Gabby - Talk to Gabby.

Barney Cull:
-His map is found in the doghouse in the junkyard.
Dr. F.:
-The hood cannot be opened by human force.
-Tobor tells you that Dr. F. told him to steal the engine.
Brandi & Esma:
-They planted seeds in the junkyard.

Barney's sailing map - Found in the doghouse in the junkyard.
Salvage parts for Tobor's repair (10 required):
-Old arcade machine near the car with the missing engine.
-Near Barney's boat in the junkyard (can't quite tell what it is, small dark object).
-Gas pump near Grit's doghouse.
-Old car near Grit's doghouse.
-Thrust modulator near the old car by Grit's doghouse.
-Old car behind the lean-to.
-Gizmo near the car behind the lean-to.
-Bulldozer on the road next to the lean-to.
-Speaker behind the ladder in Club Candy.
-Tower on top of Club Candy.
-Tower on the building by the train tracks.
-Junk in the nook behind where Brandi and Esma are standing.
-Guard station on the path to Dr. F's lab.
-Lights behind the guard station.
-Lights behind the lights behind the guard station.
-Device dear Dr. F's front door.

Now that the case is resolved and Tobor has given you the password, head to the lab and meet Dr. F and Alexa. Some dialogue passes in which Dr. F. tells you that in order to make another nightmare crown, Morcubus would need both parts: an extremely rare crystal and the crown itself. You are now on a quest to find clues to what Morcubus is really up to. He also upgrades your magnifying glass to the detector.

Well, if you're looking for suspicious activity, you've probably noticed Brandi and Esma near the junkyard. Brandi now has an exclamation point, so you can talk to her and start the next case.

Case #9: Who is killing the plants?

Analyze the plants - Examine and analyze the plant by the truck.

Inventor Mentor - Talk to Dr. F in the lab.
Mod the analyzer - Use the computer in Dr. F's lab upstairs.

Locating the disturbance - Scan the towers on the roofs:
-Go in Club Candy & climb the ladder to the catwalk. Exit to the roof and the first tower is directly to the left.
-Go left from the first tower and pass the sparky things. The next tower is near the train tracks side.
-Go down from here, past the billboard and hop down to the third tower.
-Go back to Club Candy's roof and go right for the last tower.
Following the wires - Go back to the third tower and equip your new detector (formerly the magnifying glass) and follow the lightning bolts on the wires.
Further explanation - Talk to Dr. F. about the unknown device.
To great heights - Climb to the lab roof (start on the right side of the door).
The missing invention - Talk to Dr. F after finding his device gone.
Turing Test - Talk to Makoto in Club Candy.
In with a bad crowd - Talk to Makoto again.
Circuit-boarding - Hack Makoto's memory.
Evidence of a framing - Examine Brandi and Esma's truck, then equip the techno-tool and pick the lock.
Sonic System - Talk to DJ candy about her sonic system.
Caught red-handed - Talk to Brandi and Esma.

Brandi and Esma:
-Follow lightning bolts from the towers to the unknown device.
-Makoto admits to taking Dr. F's device.
-Candy's sonic system is very powerful.


After you deal with Brandi and Esma, go back to Club Candy. DJ Candy has an exclamation point so talk to her to start the next case.

Case #10: Where are those strange beats coming from?

Scrub the club - Go to the roof and talk to Grit (the dog).
Getting his iron - Talk to Tobor, then equip the techno-tool and salvage parts from him.
Shiny new toy - Talk to Grit with the robot parts.
Still noisy - Talk to DJ Candy after Grit stops making noise.
Good ear - Talk to Dr. F. and Alexa about locating the sound.
Placing sensors - Place Alexa's sensors on the trash cans:
-To the left of the lab front door (outside).
-In front of Barney's ship in the junkyard.
-In front of the junkyard by the lean-to.
-Near the dumpster/white van near the train stairs.
-To the left of the entrance to Club Candy.
Back to the lab again - Talk to Alexa.
Finding a listener - Talk to Zack in Club Candy.
A Helping Hand - Examine and repair the left speaker.

Head for the lab - Talk to Zack again.
Underground antics - Use the f-space manipulator on the manhole near the bulldozer and junkyard.
Sewer Spelunker - Follow the sewer maze all the way down and to the right and listen at the wall.
Find another entrance - Climb out of the sewer (use the f-energy vents to move the oil drums when needed) and talk to Esma, who is blocking the manhole in Club Candy.
Move along - Talk to Sapphire.
Ode to Esma - Talk to Esma about Rock n Roll and then The Scrapbooks.
Hit the floor - Talk to DJ Candy.
Underground - Enter the manhole while Esma is dancing, go all the way down (use f-energy vents to move obstacles) and find Brandi digging.
Mining operation - Report to DJ Candy.

On the roof:
-Give Grit the robot parts to chew on.
-Zack says the noise is coming from underground.
-Catch Brandi mining crystals in the sewer.

Robot parts - Salvage from Tobor.
Sensors - Receive from Alexa.

Sam suggests that you talk to Dr. F. so go back to the lab and do that. Dr. F. tells you that Morcucorp is probably trying to turn destinite into fortunite, which is the crystal needed to make the nightmare crown. You need to find the real crystal, so head back to HQ and check in Evelyn's journal. Your next lead takes you back to Main Street so jump on the train and go there. Find Poppy, who has an exclamation point, which means you're about to hear about your next case.

Case #11: Where are Poppy's three letters?

Up to old tricks - Go to the park forest all the way to the left and find Derek. Use the f-space manipulator to move the tires and trash can so you can reach his ledge. Talk to Derek.
Man vs. nature - Climb the branch to the left of Derek's ledge, hop up and find the first letter.
Deeper in the woods - Continue climbing from the first letter to the nest. Examine the eggs.
Postal nest - Analyze the eggs.

Asking around - Talk to Shirley. She tells you that there is some noise on her roof. Go to the construction site.
A visitor upstairs - Climb the crates near the construction site to get to the roofs, hop across to the salon. Pick up the letter in the nest.
Talk to Patrick - Talk to Patrick at the construction site.
I lost my keys - Pick the lock on the safe in Patrick's trailer. Pick up the keys.
Talk to Patrick - Give Patrick the crane keys.
We need more power - Use the f-energy vent to move the crates closer to the building on the right. Jump on them and over to the building. Go right and jump down near the next f-energy vent. Go to the basement to the left and examine the generator.
Hack the machine - Hack the generator.
Talk to Patrick - Talk to him...again.
Vehicle parts - Salvage parts to repair the control panel.
Gluing the paper crane - Climb the ladder near Patrick's trailer and repair the control panel.

Onward and upward - Climb back to the building under construction and go to the right. Activate the f-energy vent and move two crates to the left. Hop on the remaining crates to the ledge, then over to the two crates you moved and to the next ledge. Go across the pipe to the left and up the stairs. Balance across the two I-beams and then up the wooden plank. Pick up the third letter.
Report to Poppy - Give Poppy her letters back.

-Find Poppy's letter in the forest.
-Find Poppy's letter in the nest on the salon roof.
-Find Poppy's letter at the top of the construction site.

Letter #1 - Found in the park forest.
Letter #2 - Nest on Shirley's salon roof.
Crane keys - Pick the lock on Patrick's safe.
Control panel parts (6 required):
-Bulldozer in the construction site.
-Red car on Main Street.
-Blue car on Main Street.
-Bigger blue car on Main Street.
-Bulldozer in front of city hall on Main Street.
-White van on the far left side of Main Street.
-Grey van on the far left side of Main Street.
Letter #3 - Found at the top of Patrick's construction site.

Poppy gives you her invitation to Cyrus' will reading so it's time to fire up the jet at HQ and head out to your next case.

Case #12: Who broke the fortunite crystal?

Combing the scene of the crime - Examine everything in the crystal room and you will notice the fireplace looks disturbed.
Fashionable footwear - Talk to Ms. Nicole about the footprints.
Does Zoe have an alibi - Talk to Zoe about the footprints.
Interviewing Violet - After you examine the desk near the stairs and find the magazine, talk to Violet.
Talkin 'bout fortunite - Talk to Gordon about the properties of fortunite.
Fortunite features - Pick the lock of the door at the top of the stairs and climb the bookshelves to the top using the f-energy vents to move boxes and planks when needed and examine the book at the top.
Finding the hammer - Pick the lock on the toolbox outside.
Analyze the tools - Analyze the hammer to see if it is silver.

Confronting Carl - Talk to Carl about the hammer.
Why, Carl, Why - Talk to Trevor about Carl's motives.
Finding footprints - Equip the detector in the crystal room and follow the footprints.
Following the trail - Continue following the footprints to the swamp, then back to the mansion kitchen.
Getting in the dumbwaiter - Equip the f-space manipulator and try to open the dumbwaiter.
Who's shoes - Ask Carl to see his shoes.
Carl's elusive footprint - Examine the jar of jam on the counter, then equip the f-space manipulator and smash it.
Jamming Carl - Tell Carl you're hungry.
Follow the jam - Equip the detector after Carl steps in the jam.
Putting on a show - Talk to Ms. Nicole about costumes.
Fabric Finding - Go back to the crystal room and examine the curtains.
Tuxedo Time - Talk to Ms. Nicole again.
A mustache for all occasions - Talk to Trevor about mustaches.
Creating a mustache - Find enough wispyweed to make the mustache of wonders.
Finding ghostly makeup - Equip the f-space manipulator and open the crate in the kitchen (flour).
Let the show begin - Talk to Trevor again.
Report to Zoe - Talk to Zoe after the play.

Madame Zoe:
-Her footprints are found at the crime scene.
Zombie Carl:
-Traces of crystal are found on his silver hammer.
-His footprints match the ones at the crime scene.
-He is very upset by the play with Cyrus' ghost.
-Refuses to talk about why she's there.

Silver hammer - Found in the toolbox.
Cloth - From the crystal room curtains.
Wispyweed #1 - To the right of the path leading to the manor.
Wispyweed #2 - Pass the toolbox all the way to the back of the swamp and to the left.
Wispyweed #3 - Hop on the stump near the toolbox.

Talking to Zoe automatically triggers the next case.

Case #13: Was Carl set up?

Fixing the dumbwaiter - Repair the dumbwaiter.

Interrogate the suspect - Climb in the dumbwaiter, find Carl and talk to him.
Mysterious whispers - Climb the rafters outside of Carl's room to the vent at the top and examine it.
Fashionable feather - After you pick up the feather near the vent, ask Ms. Nicole about it.
Question Zoe - Ask Zoe about supernatural hobbies.
Other ways in - Go back to the crystal room and examine the clock.
Finding spare parts for the clock - Salvage parts to repair the clock.
Fixing an unusual clock - Repair the clock in the crystal room.

Secret passage - Examine the fireplace in the crystal room and go through the maze, using f-energy vents to move obstacles as needed, to the other door.
Where does it go - Continue in the secret passage to the mysterious trunk at the end.
A mysterious trunk - Pick the lock on the mysterious trunk.
Fake-tunite - Analyze the fortunite crystals in the mysterious trunk.

Another fake crystal - Go back to the crystal room and analyze the broken crystal.

Carl was framed - Talk to Violet.

*NOTE: Talking to Violet will trigger the final cut scene, where at the end you will automatically be taken back to HQ. Just like in the mountains, you will NOT be able to return to the bayou, so if there is anything else you want to do or see here, do it before you talk to Violet. Make sure to check the china cabinet in the dining room for a trophy before you go.

-Zoe claims to be able to hypnotize people into committing crimes.
-The crystal that was smashed was fake fortunite.

Feather - Found in the rafters, near the vent.
Clock parts (5 required):
-Clock in the library.
-Piano by the stairs.
-Refrigerator in the kitchen.
-Stove in the kitchen.
-Red lawnmower to the left of the front door.

So, after everything comes out in the open, you get the real fortunite crystal and Violet inherits Cyrus' estate. Now you've got to find the real nightmare crown. Jenny does a Google search for you and says there's a new Morcubus scuba (muba) shop open on the boardwalk, which is now unlocked on the train map.

Looks like the boardwalk has a lot going on. There are a couple of people with exclamation points. We'll talk to Luke the surfer first.

Case #14: Who broke Luke's surfboards?

Witnesses - Talk to Taylor on the beach about Chaz and Clara on the beach about Mr. Suckers.
Too extreme - Talk to Chaz about Luke.
Broken boards - Examine the broken boards on the beach.
Clues in the sand - Equip the magnifying glass near the broken boards and follow the tire tracks.
Tread trail - Examine Chaz's motorcycle.
Stuntbike solution - Talk to Tim (by the radio near Chaz's motorcycle).
Moto-mechanic - Repair Chaz's motorcycle.

Ring of fire - Talk to Chaz.
Match the treads - Equip the detector and follow the tread from Chaz's motorcycle.
Missing half - Examine the broken piece of surfboard near the big pile of broken boards.
Mysterious goo - Analyze the goo on the surf board.

Tea party setup: Saucers - Find 4 saucers for the tea party.
Tea party checklist - Find the cups, saucers, teaspoons, a teabag, a teapot and a blanket.
Seaweed Supply - Find 4 pieces of seaweed for Watanabe.
Behind the glass - Pick the lock on Luke's display case.
T is for tea - Talk to Luke again and pick up the tea.
Biker blankie - Talk to Justice in the tattoo shop and then pick up the pink blanket.
Clara's complete collection - Talk to Clara after you complete the tea party checklist.
Off to the party - Meet Clara and Mr. Suckers by the tide pool:
-Go where Dr. F. and Tobor are and use the f-space manipulator and move the stones.
-Climb up and walk over to the broken bridge.
-Use the f-space manipulator again to move the gray blocks on the wall to thegaps are to make stepping stones.
-Climb over the wall and pick the lock on the gate.
-Jump on the raised platforms in the water and meet Mr. Suckers.
A spot of tea - Sit down for a tea party with Mr. Suckers.
Kraken is whackin - Talk to Mr. Suckers
I don't speak squid - Ask Clara to translate for Mr. Suckers.
Surfboard summation - Report your findings to Luke.

A jealous Chaz:
-Taylor tells you Chaz doesn't like Luke.
-His motorcycle tread patterns match the ones on the beach by the smashed boards.
An angry Mr. Suckers:
-Clara tells you Mr. Suckers was angry.
-The broken surf board goo is from a sea creature.
-Mr. Suckers tells you he was angry about all the noise..

Teaspoons - Talk to Goth Boy on the boardwalk.
Teacups - Shake the crate on the beach.
Teapot - Talk to Watanabe on the boardwalk after you find seaweed for him.
Teabag - Talk to Luke in the surf shop after you open his display case.
Blanket - Talk to Justice in the tattoo shop.
Saucers - Shake the crate under the pier.
Seaweed (4 required):
-On the beach near the crate with the teacups.
-On the beach near the lifeguard chair.
-On the beach near the pier.
-On the beach to the left of Dr. F. and Tobor.

That being done, it's time to find another case on the boardwalk. Let's see what Justice is up to. He owns the temporary tattoo shop and he's got an exclamation point, so talk to him.

Case #15: What happened to Justice's crab traps?

Cagey culprit - Talk to Goth Boy, Summer, Clara and Justice.
Suspicious surveillance - Go to the back of Justice's shop and climb the boxes to get to the roof, hack the surveillance camera.
Following the footage - Talk to Yuki.
None of my business - Examine the phone booth by the surf shop.
Out of service - Hack the phone booth.
Curious call log - Find the paint invoice in the secret cave.
Fingers pointed - Talk to Watanabe about his knife.
Stolen shellfish - Examine the cut rope on the dock near Dr. F. and Tobor.
At the end of my rope - Examine the oil in the water near the dock and the pile of sand near the dock.
Filthy flotsam - Analyze the oil in the water near the dock.

Shiny sand - Dig in the sand near the dock.
Knife knowledge - Talk to Watanabe about his knife.
Buried blade - Equip the detector near where you find the knife and follow the footprints.
Flippered feet - Follow the flipper prints to the boardwalk.
Swim fin origin - Talk to Yuki at the muba stand.
Gizmo Gadgetry checklist - Collect all of the items for the detector upgrade from Dr. F.
Gizmo gadgetry: auxiliary sensor - Get a pair of ears from Tobor.
Gizmo gadgetry: atomic converter - Shake open the crate in the parking lot behind Chaz's ramp.
Gizmo gadgetry: megaphone amplifier - Climb to Justice's roof and then jump to the top of Watanabe's stand and pick up a speaker.
Sunburied science - Talk to Dr. F. after you collect all the parts.
Very rad - Investigate the radiation in the ocean with the super detector and follow it to the cliff wall.
Up against a wall - Walk around to the drain and use the f-energy vent to move stones from the upper level to where you are so you can climb up and enter.
Secrets of the cave - Find the paint invoice in the secret cave.
Combing the cavern - Examine the yellow control station near the submarine.
Raising the sub - Repair the control station.

Hull inquiry - Examine the submarine.
Crab case conclusion - Report back to Justice.

'Liberated' by Clara:
-Watanabe tells you Clara is opposed to seafood.
Stolen by Chef Watanabe:
-Goth Boy tells you he uses crab.
-He rented scuba gear from Yuki.
-His knife is found at the scene of the crime.
Broken by Yuki's submarine:
-Summer saw a strange boat.
-The oil in the water is from an aquatic vehicle.
-Find the paint order in the secret lair.
-Rope is tangled in the submarine.

Knife - Buried in the sand near the dock by Dr. F. and Tobor.
Auxiliary sensor - Ask Dr. F. about this and he will tell you it means robot ears, so ask Tobor to borrow a pair of his.
Atomic converter - Shake open the crate in the parking lot behind Chaz's ramp.
Megaphone amplifier - Arch between the surf shop and Watanabe's sushi stand.
Order invoice - Found in the secret cave.

Things are peaceful on the boardwalk now, so talk to Buddy to see what to do next. He has an exclamation point (but only if you're still on the boardwalk).

Case #16: What is the secret of the sunken ship?

A hopeless request - Talk to Goth Boy and he will ask you to check with Justice about his tattoo.
Inky inventory - Collect the oil from the water by the docks near Dr. F. and Tobor.
Oil refined - Take the oil back to Justice.
Depressing decoration - Talk to Goth Boy again.
Chaz demands an audience - Talk to Chaz and ask him to do the stunt again, he will for an audience:
-Ask Summer on the beach.
-Ask Taylor in the ocean.
To the extreme - Talk to Chaz again.
Robo hackzors - Hack Tobor.
Recovering the remote - Dig in the sand pike near the path to Yuki's secret cave by the water.
Metal detected - Dig up Tobor's remote.
Sandcastle casualty - Repair Tobor's remote.

Collecting the controller - Pick up Tobor's remote.
Deep sea data - Go back to Yuki's secret cave.
Secret cave secrets - Examine the sonar station in the secret cave.
Saving the sonar station - Salvage the parts to repair the sonar station.
Sonic salvage success - Repair the sonar station.

Radar, right on - Examine the green computer terminal.
Looking through the lockers - Pick the lock on the lockers in the secret cave and open them.
Destination download - Interface with the green computer terminal.
Coordinate corroboration - Have a tea party with Mr. Suckers.
Ask a sea monster - Talk to Mr. Suckers about the coordinates.
What's krakle-lackin - Ask Clara to translate.
Robot to the rescue - Talk to Dr. F. to send Tobor under water and navigate the maze:
-Jump ledge to ledge from where you start to get to the top.
-Use the f-energy vent at the top to move the grate to the level below and drop down.
-Go left and jump through the crack and up to a reward chest and then go to the right.
-Jump to the ledge above you and open another chest, this one has a soggy scrap of paper.
-Go back to the f-energy vent by the grate and move the grate back up, drop down to the next level.
-Drop all the way down to the sea floor and activate the f-energy vent, move the stones blocking the path to the left.
-Jump back up to the open square grate and go to the left from there.
-Jump across the gap and then jump up to the next level and go right.
-Jump to the ledge above your head to the right and open another reward chest.
-Jump the gap to the left and open the next chest, which has another soggy scrap of paper.
-From here, drop down two levels and go left, you will be taken to another ship part of the maze.
-Go left and you will see another reward chest.
-Go back left and drop down to the sea floor bottom again (you should see 2 f-energy vents).
-Activate the vent on the left and move the stones blocking your path and then go left.
-Jump the ledges and go up until you see another f-energy vent near 2 red barrels, activate the vent and move the barrels to the ledge above it.
-Jump on the barrels and you can now reach the ledge to the left, drop down to the chest with final soggy scrap
-Examine the hatch to the left.
Left, right, left - Examine the hatch again.
Down the hatch - Equip the f-space manipulator and open the hatch.
Sunken secrets:
-Drop down the hatch and go to the right, past the f-energy vent and stones, through some water to another reward chest.
-Go back to the stones and activate the f-energy vent, move the stones to make a stepping spot to jump up to the next level.
-Go to the right and activate the next f-energy vent and move the stones blocking the path.
-Jump up and to the right over some ledges to another reward chest.
-Jump down and go to the right (if this looks familiar, it should...work back through the ship to the hatch and drop down again).
-This time, drop down to the water and go to the left (if you accidentally go right end up at the spot with the f-energy vent, you have to repeat the process of getting back to the hatch).
-Walk on the ship and open the chest on the left.
*I know you don't want to hear this again, but before you get the map, make sure you are finished here. Getting the map triggers an automatic cut scene, which will take you back to the beach and you will not be able to return to the sunken ship. But at least Tobor automatically goes back and you don't have to go back through the maze. That's a plus.

Explorer map:
-Data downloaded from the terminal in Yuki's secret cave.
-Mr. Suckers says there's a map near his cave.
-Find the map in the sunken ship.

Remote battery - Ask Dr. F. about Tobor's remote.
Tobor's remote - Pick it up after it is repaired.
Encrypted password disc - Pick the lock on the lockers in the secret cave.
Sonar station salvage parts (6 required):
-Yellow control station in the secret cave.
-Red dune buggy between the parking lot and the path to the secret cave.
-Phone booth by the surf shop.
-Gumball machine by the surf shop.
-Cash register in the surf shop.
-Cash register in the tattoo shop.
-Chaz's van in the parking lot.
-Surveillance camera on the tattoo shop roof.
Soggy scrap of paper - Found in sunken ship.
Soggy scrap of paper - Found near the hatch in the second part of the sunken ship.
Map - Found on the sunken ship.

After you get the map from Tobor, Buddy and Sam start to feel like they are close. They head back to HQ to report back to Evelyn on the progress. It's not made clear what to do at this point, but you're going to the jungle. Go to the jet and take off. You're flown to the jungle temple and after a cut scene, the next case is triggered.