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Guide and Walkthrough by x MJ x

Updated: 01/06/2010

           S I L E N T  H I L L :  S H A T T E R E D   M E M O R I E S

                                    B Y  MJ


- Controls
- Walkthrough
- Endings
- UFO Sidequest
- Mementos
- Echo Messages / Photos
- Phone Number List
- Acessible / Inaccessible Areas


- Controls -


          Analog: Move around
          Z:      Run
          C:      Flare

Wiimote:  D-Pad: Up    - Dial Phone
                 Left  - GPS
                 Right - Camera
                 Down  - Glance Back

          -: Take out cell phone
          +: Turn on/off Flashlight
          1: Pause / Skip cutscenes
          B: Zoom


- Walkthrough -

After the cutscenes you will be at a shrinks office. Answering these tests will
determine what ending of the game you will get. You will be tested throughout
the game in different kinds of ways. Pick the choices you want and the game will


Make your way to the rusty double doors and climb with A. Enter the door. Go to
the next door and to the left down the hall. Enter the next door inside the
store to find your first puzzle. Press A and B to unlock the key attached to the
chain. Raise the wiimote upwards. Grab the latch and move it right to unlock.
Now you have to choose which direction to go, Clear Picture or Theresa's store.
When you enter one you cannot enter the other. I'll cover both.

Clear Picture

Now head to the neon Open sign and enter the door. To unlock the next door head
to the door on the left. Examine the surveillance tv. Turn the dial to 3 and
press the door release button. All done. Another echo message will appear in the
corner of the store. The flashlight will start flickering. Walk around to get
it. You can listen to the answering machine on the counter before leaving.

(skip Theresa's paragraph if you entered Clear Picture)


When you get your cell phone return here and approach the red dress next to a
sign that reads "Formal Dress, Good as New" for a echo message. Walk over to the
counter, then go right behind it. Listen to the message on the answering
machine, then walk through the door behind the counter. Head up the stairs here
and go past the boxes to a locked door. A note tells you that the key to this
door can be found in whichever of the three jackets on mannequin bodies you open
first. Take a look at the three jackets. Unzip any of the three to find the door
key. Note that this choice does affect which ending you're working towards, as
does whether or not you open the other jackets afterward. If you want the Sleaze
ending unzip them all. Whichever jacket you choose, take the key and use it to
unlock the door behind you to reach an alley.


Turn right to find the fence to climb or climb down the ladder. Enter the door
and climb the wooden fence. Look at the red wagon with the coke cans. Examine
the cans and find one that rattles when you pick it up. One of them has a key
to the next door. Turn the can upside down to get the key. Enter the locked
door and head to the diner or bar.

After the cutscene. Head behind the counter and look for a useable door to find
a momento (Diner). "A Winter Beacon". It's near the Hot Food sign. For Good Ol'
Days its at the covered dart board by the door.

Now backtrack to the door where we came from. You will get a notice to take a
photo of the swing girl. Take it and keep going back to where we came from.
Head to the street to recieve a phone call. Now watch the area get chilly! Head
to the door near the blue-ish fence above it.

Nightmare 1

This part you must run from the enemies. Follow every blue trimed fence that you
see along the way. Enter doors and run! Running will make doors open
automatically without stopping. Also sliding under things or jumping gaps as
well. When you're at the room with the flare in the wide hole enter the door
straight ahead. Follow the curved hallway and exit this area through the double
doors outside.

You'll be back to the doctors office again. Answer the questions as you like.
After a cutscene you'll find yourself in the back of Cybil's police cruiser.
When she stops and gets out of the car, move to the front passenger's seat by
pressing up on the nunchuck and open the glove compartment to find the "Hidden
Fire" memento. Exit the car through the drivers side. Unlock it and turn on the


Before heading inside the cabin. Go to the left side of the cabin for another
echo. Head inside and open the first aid box next to the door to find the key
to unlock the door. Head towards the red circle on the map. Along the way
you'll start to hear an echoing interference. Use the sound to reach a wreath on
a tree, which gives you another Echo Message. Go past the tree a little to the
left now to find a barrel in the snow. Go to the barrel, then turn right. You
should see two branches on the ground. Walk toward the right branch and continue
past it to reach a water tower. Jump the fence around the tower and approach the
tower's left side. There you'll see a bin with a metal lid over it. Open the lid
to find the "Frozen Waters" memento. Head towards the circle. Enter the cabin
and to the next door. Climb over to get outside and head to the pump station on
the map.

Before climbing down to the station go left to find a blue tent bag for a echo
message. Climb down and turn left to find a climb area. Reach the dead end and
take a picture of the bars on the wall at the end. Head back out. Go to the
Orion Hunting Lodge on the map. Enter the door on the right inside and open
the little wall cabinet door to find the "A Moveable Feast" memento. Go to the
next door to be back outside. Go left to the next door on the cabin. Examine
the drawer and grab the "A Broken Ward" memento. Enter the next door to take
another echo picture. Head back outside from the previous doors and follow the
path to recieve a phone call from Cybil. After the call, look up in the trees
ahead by the fence for a skull. Approach it for an Echo Message. Keep following
the fence until you hit a stream. Jump over it, then go left up the road to a
cabin with a trail of blood outside it. Follow the blood around the left side of
the building to find a pink wallet on a table. Open the pink wallet on the
wooden pallets for a key. Use it to enter the cabin. Enter to find yourself in
another nightmare. Exit cabin and head toward the other cabin to begin.

Nightmare 2

Head straight and jump the gap. Grab the flare and go through the woods. Find
the door to the far left side of the big house and enter. Keep going in doors
and climb the ledge to get above. Enter the doors to be outside again. Now go
straight to the door ahead. Keep going and jump the gap. Slide under and go to
the door straight ahead and not to the one on the left. You'll now be at the
woods, go straight and jump the gaps to find a house.

In this room explore it to get a new message. Listen to it to get the clues on
how to open the frozen door. On the couch you will find a toy piano. Each of the
four keys plays a different animal sound: chicken (blue), owl (magenta), toucan
(yellow), and duck (green).

The echo message revealed the tune you must play here:

   1. Green
   2. Magenta
   3. Yellow
   4. Yellow
   5. Blue

Enter the door and prepare to run again from the enemys. Go straight and climb
up the ledge. Get the flare, light it and run straight to the door ahead. Keep
going straight pass the woods, up the stairs and to safety. When things go back
to normal head down the path pass the bridge. Approach the red car and take a
snapshot of the open door for an Echo Photo. Also, check the trunk of the car
for the "Pinned Beauty" memento. Climb in the cabin and out the door. Crawl
under the fence and climb it on the other side. You will recieve a phone call
from Cybil.

Another test from the doc. Answer it as you like and you'll be back at the high

High School

Head left to find a blue door. Its locked so go around and find a door on the
wall which has the key. Ignore the chemical cabinent, theres nothing of use
inside. Open the next door and head down the hall to the double doors.


You'll be outside again. Outside, you'll hear some interference. Approach the
poster by the bike racks for an Echo Message. Go right now and continue on that
route to Wonderland Burgers. Go inside to get another echo near the window.
Head behind the counter to get another message inside on the left side. Open the
fridge to get "My plastic perfect girl" momento. Head upstairs to go to the roof
of the place. Jump over and open the door. Next to the door examine the heart
shaped box on the table. Open it and grab the momento "Suffocated Forever". Head
downstairs to the bar for another echo on the couch's red pillow. Head back to
the burger place and go through the exit. Climb the bricks and examine the blue
car on the right for a echo. Examine the window on the left. Take out the nails
on each side to enter the gym building.


Find a box on the wall in the equipment room. Unlatch the little lock and grab
the "Heavenly Protection" momento. Find a belt on the wall near the door you
just came in and take a picture of it for another echo. Open the next door for
more interferences. Approach the bench on the right to see a kid running by.
Recieve the message and then you now have to choose how you're going to get
through the school: the Chemistry & Art route, or the Biology & Astronomy route.
I'll tell you how to do both. Head outside and approach the lunchbox on the
picnic table for a echo. For a easier time I would do Chemistry & Art. But
remember that when you enter one, you can't enter the other class room. Also
if you decide to do the Chem & Art one you will miss out on a echo in the

Chemistry & Art

Enter the Chemistry door. You will get interference right when you go in. Go
to the door at the teachers desk and go up the stairs. Turn left to reach the
Art studio. Examine the black and white painting straight ahead. Next to it you
have to match up the objects just like in the painting. The shadows will reflect
on the paper taped to the wall. Turn both pipes on the right to form the number
5. If done correctly the phone number on the wall is 555-8465. Take out the
phone and call it. The door behind the red curtain will now be unlocked.

Before heading out go to the Biology lab; theres a momento and a echo there.

Biology & Astronomy

Enter Chem lab and go straight to find a frog to be dissected. Open it up to
find "A Frigid Jewel" momento. Head to the door pass the teachers desk and go
up the stairs to the Planetarium. Approach the chairs on the outer ring of the
room for an echo message; it gives you a clue for this room's puzzle. Look
around the outer walls of the room. You'll see pictures of constellations.
Find Ursa Minor (it's near the projector) and note the stars and lines used to
create it. Now go turn on the projector. Use the sphere in the middle of the
room and rotate it until you find the Ursa Minor constellation (the tip of it
is noted by a bright blue star). Now go to the projection desk and turn on the
trace laser. A phone number becomes illuminated above the Little Bear
constellation: 555-2327.

Dial that number to open the door out of here.

Heading out

Go down the stairs to recieve a message. Examine the lockers on the left to
recieve another message (near the bench). Go to the other lockers to find
another momento, "An Eternal Rose". Head towards the double doors to find a
keypad. Examine the keypad to find a number written on it. 1053. Go to locker
1053 at the end of the hall and open it. You will notice a photo attached to the
door with the numbers 1031. This is the number to be used on the keypad to open
the door. Head straight to the next door ahead. Walk near the heart shaped
baloon to recieve another echo. Now enter the gym to meet Michelle.

After the cutscenes you will be at the principles office. Principal Fischer's
computer is protected by a password, which you don't know. Click on the
forgotten password link to answer the security questions. You can find clues
to these answers around the room. But i will just tell you them. You will get
the password after 3 questions. Type it in afterwards. After the cutscenes
another Nightmare will begin.

1. Wasted 3 years in order to major in?

2. My only true (four-legged) friend?

3. My star sign?

Other questions can be..

4. The greatest baseball team, without question?

5. I said goodbye to bachelorhood, freedom and happiness, where?

6. The king of sports, a man's game of squash?

7. My bitch of an ex-wife's name?

8. What is the name of my wayward, waste of space son?

9. What is Shakespeare's best play?
   Twelfth Night

Nightmare 3

Head straight to the ledge up ahead, ignore the door on the right. Enter the
door and turn to left side door. Go under and enter the door. Head straight to
the double door ahead, ignore the side doors. Climb the ledges and enter the
door on the left next to the ledge. Go straight ahead and jump the hole in the
wall, enter the door inside the broken bricks. Enter the door on the right and
run straight left. Enter the double doors. You're safe from the creatures in
this room. Take a breather! Approach the frozen figures at the end of the hall
for an echo message that gives you a clue for escaping this nightmare.

The puzzle is this: you must snap three photos to exit the icy nightmare. The
first photo's in the courtyard, the second is in the parking lot, and the third
is in the school locker room.

Go back outside and pickup the flare. Head towards the flashing red lights and
take a picture of the frozen statue. Enter the door near you. Climb over the
hole in the wall and exit through the door ahead. Turn right and climb the
ledge. Take a picture of the car. Now turn around and enter the door you just
came out of. Jump into the hole and go trough the doors inside the bricks. Now
run straight to the left a little and turn right to see another door up ahead.
Jump the ledge and enter the double doors. Keep going straight and jump up the
ledge. Turn right and enter the door ahead. Go down the stairs and enter the
door on the left side. Enter the next door to be outside again. Look left to
see another flashing red light area. Take the picture and go back to the door
you just came out of. Backtrack til your outside again. Go through the icey
woods and enter the doors ahead. Turn right once inside to the door and it will
take you back to the Ice blocked door room. Walk with Michelle to the Club.


Michelle will want you to get the keys from her apartment. Go left and through
the "Staff Only" door, then head up the stairs. You'll get a text message from
Dahlia. Take either door here into Michelle's apartment. Look for the keys now.
Theres lots of places to look for them but it doesn't matter because they will
always be in the third place you look in. Look for the lingerie in the hamper
if you're going for the "Sleaze & Sirens" ending. Head back downstairs for some


We have to get that bridge lowered. Climb the railing and up the ladder to the
control room. Open the maintenance cabinet to the right to find the bridge
control phone number: 555-3411. Call it now to learn how to work the bridge
controls. You will get some messages and text. Head over to the levers. Start
by pressing the big red button on the left. The four differently colored lights
across the top of the panel will light up, and these correspond to the three
levers here. When the blue light lightens up raise the center lever up. When the
green lights up do not press any levers. When the yellow lights up raise the
right lever up. When the red lights up lower the left lever down. This should
lower the bridge. If you mess up press the red button again to start over.

Head back to the car for another cutscene. When you're in the water move to the
backseat and grab your flashlight, then move back to the front seat use the
flashlight to look out the window and see a nightmare creature crawling! A
message will then appear on the windows. Read it by looking at the driver's
side window, then the windshield, and finally the passenger's side window. Roll
down or open the car to finish here.

You'll be back at the doctors office for another personailty test. This time
your task is to take seven pictures and decide whether or not the person
photographed is sleeping or dead. Fill it out as you like to complete. If you
really want to know... they're all dead! After this you will meet up with
Cybil, briefly. You will be caught in another nightmare. Just use the motion to
wheel youself to the next door, the game will steer itself to the door. Once
you are free from the wheelchair take a look at your clothing. This will show
which ending you are closest to.

If you are wearing:
                    Long winter coat and pink sweater - Love Lost Ending
                    Green jacket - Drunk Dad Ending
                    Black leather jacket - Sleaze & Sirens Ending
                    Duffle coat - Wicked and Weak Ending

Nightmare 4

Head into the door. Go straight and turn left down between the trains. Jump
the ledge and find the flare on the ground. Head straight to the door ahead.
Head straight a little then go far left to the door ahead. Go straight into the
door on the train. Jump up the ledge. Go and grab the other flare and turn to
the right, double door up ahead. Turn right and enter that door. Turn left and
head straight to the other door by the long stairs. This room will freeze over,
protecting you from the creatures. Examine the poster on the wall, remember the
radio frequency. Go to the next room for a echo message. Interact with the radio
and tune it to 101 FM. To get out of this room, you must call this station and
request the correct song. Look at the poster by the door to see a list of songs
and the numbers next to them. The song you want to request is Daddy's Girl (4).
Dial the station, ending with the number 4 (555-8814) to request it. Once the
song plays on the radio, the ice will break and you can exit the room.

Head down the hall and to the right to meet Lisa. Walk her to her place.


Watch some TV while Lisa changes. If you working on the "Sleaze & Sirens"
ending, try to watch her in the reflection through the door to her bedroom. Go
into her room to find the bathroom. Turn to the right and turn the key on the
music box clockwise. This opens it, revealing the "Infinite Jest" memento. Get
a green pill out of the medicen cabinent. Turn the pops off and turn them upside
down. Grab a green pill and give it to her to finish here.

Another test from the doc. Do it to return back to the apartment. Head out of
the apartment and approach the grate. Open it to be outside. Go straight ahead
and climb over on the Goldenleaf Warehouse gate. Climb on the blue storage
container on the left and in the window. You'll get a text message from Michelle
here. Read it, then walk through the room until you see two copy machines. Open
the lid of the left copier to find the "Synthetic Femur" memento. Go through
the warehouse til you are outside again.

Go towards the Mall to recieve a call from Lisa. Head to the door pass the
bridge. Crawl under the opening and down the escalators. Back outside head back
to Lisa's apartment (Nightingale Apartments) for a cutscene. Another nightmare
will begin.

Nightmare 5

Enter the doors to begin. Head straight ahead and go left and enter the door
pass the gap. Slide under and enter the next door. Head straight and jump the
ledge to the next door ahead. Jump up and grab the flare. Turn left and enter
the door ahead. Turn left and enter the door up the stairs. Enter the next two
double doors. Go up the stairs and enter the door on the right. Enter the next
door, turn right and enter ahead. Jump up the ledge and go straight. Climb down
and enter the Garage Access North door on the left. Enter the next 3 doors.
Head straight and enter the double doors on the right side to be safe from the
creatures. In this room we have to solve a puzzle.

Shake the machine until you see the first color of the toucan's beak. Which is
yellow. When you see a yellow gumball, turn the crank to roll it out. Repeat
this process with the three remaining colors, in this order: red, pink, and
purple. If you mess up the order then do it in reverse order to get it right.

You'll be inside the mall.


Read the new message recieved. Go right and approach the trash can next to
Page Turners for another message. Now head to the end to the door at The
Family Pet. Find a hampser cage then you can interact with. Turn both levers to
open the cage (the locks will be visible). Get the "Memories Undeveloped"
memento and head to the door behind the cash register. Go down the hall until
you see a shadow of the running girl. You'll get a text message here. Read it,
then proceed forward to the end of the hall. Go through the door on the right to
Fun and Games. Approach the safe, turn the dial slowly until you hear a
clicking sound. Now let go of the dial and pull the handle down to open the
door. Inside you'll find the "My Flying Lizard" memento.

Head to the train set atthe left of the store. Turn on the Go button to make it
start. All you have to do is change the track to 2 to make the train crash at
the rocks. Pick up the key it drops to open the door to exit. Go up the
escalators and to the exit on the left. Enter and go down the hall. Zoom in on
the mannequin if you're going for the "Sleaze & Sirens" ending. If not then
leave through the door. Head left to the Chica Bella store to find a red ball
on the bench. Approach it for a echo message.

Now you must decide whether to proceed through the New Looks salon (located on
the other side of Tookie the Toucan) or Celebration Time, a card shop to the
left of where you found the echo message. Once you enter one of these shops,
you cannot enter the other. It doesn't matter which you'll enter, you won't
miss anything inside either of them.

New Looks

Go past the desk, then head up the stairs. You need a code to unlock the back
door, so turn right and approach the leftmost sink. Pull the lever and swing it
right to turn on the water. Now turn the center knob counterclockwise to get
some hot water flowing. The steam will condense on the mirror, revealing the
code: 1789. Use the code to open the yellow door, and go through.

(skip Celebration Time paragraph if you did New Looks)

Celebration Time

Inside, go right to the Wedding Cards section. Go left there and past the door
for an echo message that offers a clue: you must find the two cards that match
the two tunes in the message. The two cards are the 20th Anniversary card and
the 50th Birthday card, making the code to exit the store 2050. Use this on the
keypad by the yellow door, and go through.

Head down the hall, ignore the locker, nothing inside. Approach the green
garbage can for another echo message. Go through the middle yellow door now and
head up the stairs, then through the door at the top to reach Photographic
Memory. Jump over the counter and approach the display of memory cards at the
display by the wall another echo Message. Head out and look at the cones on the
left. Take a picture of the figure by the cones for a echo. Head inside the


Head down the stairs and interact with the toy machine. Press the green button
to move the crane over the item inside, then press the red button to grab it and
collect "The Modern Prometheus" memento. Enter the double door around the
refreshment stand. Head out the theater to recieve a message from Dahlia. Go
outside, climb the fence and head to the pawn shop down the street and to the
end right. Go to the front desk. Turn the wing nut on the left to drop the key
on the other side of the gate into the wheel below. Now grab the red handle on
the wheel and rotate the wheel until you can grab the key. Use it to unlock the
door to the left. Turn right and enter the door ahead. You'll be behind the
front desk. Look right to interact with a safe box. Turn the key and get the
"We, Ouroboros?" memento.

Go back and to the other door in the hall. Another cutscene and nightmare will

Nightmare 6

Decend down the long stairs. Walk to the ledge to drop into the darkness. When
you land, you'll be in a large room. Run through the room until you start to
hear interference. You must listen for the source (some shards of glass on the
floor) to be transported to a new part of the area. There is no directions in
this room so I can't tell you anything more. The interference cuts in and out,
making it very difficult to find its source, so you're pretty much stuck with
running around randomly until you find it. Just look for ceiling lamps to find
the glass. At least there are no monsters looking for you here trying to chase

Enter any door (doesn't matter which) and head down the long stairs. Find the
mirror at the bottom to be transported. The next area is populated with those
creatures. Turn left and enter this door. Then go straight down this short hall
through the door ahead. Go straight forward through this room through the door
ahead. Run down this short hall and go through the door at the end. Go through
the door to your right, then make a right in the next room and go through the
door down that path. Go along the right wall in this room past the first door on
your right and into the second. Go through that door and you'll be safe from the
creatures momentarily.

Enter the following rooms until you have to jump down again. Point your
flashlight at the ground here and follow the floor around to the left. The
walkable path is noticably lighter than the part of the floor you can't walk on.
Take this route around the room to find Dahlia's frozen form. Approach it and
you'll be transported to a new room. Another short run here. Go straight forward
through the door at the end of the hall and you'll be in a room with four doors
and a flare. Use it, now go through the door to the right. Run down this hall,
and when it goes to the left, enter the door here. Run through this room and
through the next door ahead. Run down this hall and again go down the left
passage. Enter the door on the right here. Run down the hall and take the left
passage. Go through the door to a long dark room. Run straight forward and Harry
will collapse on the bed. Luckily this is the last of the nightmares!

So in short form you go straight, flare, turn right, left, straight, left,
right, left. Afterwards you'll be back at the shrink. Answer the questions, do
the test to wake up again.


After the cutscene with John and Michelle go to the passenger seat. Open the
glove box to get the "Poetry as Precise as Geometry" memento. Get out and head
to the door in the sewer area. Descend the ladder and go down the next set of
stairs. You'll get a text from Dahlia here. Read it and keep going in. Theres
a path to the left, you'll see a fish there in a drain on the wall. Pull on the
hook to open its mouth, making the "A Happy Bond" memento to fall out. Go back
and head straight down the path. You'll get a call from Cheryl. Now turn left
and take the path up the stairs. Go up the ladder, turn the wheel to head back
onto the streets.

Head up and to the left to find a car. Look on the hood for a map, you will get
a echo message here. Go back and head to the Indian statue. Examine it and turn
the knob to recieve the "Memories Untaken" momento. Head inside the store by
the red door. Go behind the glass cabinet, then open it and slide the handle to
find the "A Beacon, A Key" memento. Examine the curtain and pull to get out.
Before going to the bar head to the telescope by the water. Hold the red handle
and turn the telescope until the light shines through the eyepiece, the "Your
Diamond Heart" memento will drop into the coin return. Go into the bar to talk
to Michelle.

Afterwards you will get your final test from the doc. Do it to finish the last
parts of the game.

Amusement Park

Climb over and head right. Keep going forward to find a cardbox box on a bench.
Open it to get "The Dragon" memento. Climb into the park on the left. Get the
keys on the jacket to open the door. Once outside go to the photo cutout board
by the castle and take a picture of it for a echo. Now head to the other end
to find the Arcade on the right. Examine the slot machine. Keep pulling the
lever until you get the "Eve" momento. Now turn around a climb the fence to the
tunnel of love. Crawl under and climb down the ladder and approach the frozen
figures in the center swan boat for a echo message. Near the swans go behind
the angel/heart on the wall to have a shadow appear. Follow it up the ladder
and back down the ladder on a swan. The door behind the swans will now be
unfrozen. Climb the fence and head to the boat on the right. Dahlia will be

When you wake up you'll be in a nightmare again. Climb down the ladder. Start
running toward the light coming from the lighthouse in the distance. You'll get
a call soon from Dahlia. Keep going toward the lighthouse and you'll get a text
from Cybil. The creatures will start chasing you. Let them grab you to finish
here. Swim until you meet up with Cybil. Enter the building ahead.


Turn right to find a bust. Examine it to get the "Adam" momento. Head to the
door at the end of the hall. There you will receive one of the four endings,
unless you've completed the UFO Quest, you will get that ending instead.

Start a new game and go for a different ending.


- Endings -

There are 5 endings to the game (the 5th being UFO).
Here are tips to achieve each ending:

1. Lost Love: Make your journey solely about finding your daughter, and don't be
   ---------  swayed by women or alcohol. So avoid answering questions involving

Answers that help: Answer True on Question #3 of Personality Test #1 and False
                   on Questions #2, #5, and #7.

2. Alcoholic: When the doctor ask you about a drink, tell him you like a stiff
   ---------  drink. During the talks with the doctor zoom in on the bottles by
              him. Also zoom in on the beers in the garage area.

Answers that help: Answer True on Question #2 of Personality Test #1.

                   Say that the word "Drunk" applied to you in high school on
                   Personality Test #3.

3. Sleaze & Sirens: The sexual ending. Answering the sex questions during the
   ---------------  tests will help you achieve it. Looking at the posters of
                    the scantily clad women throughout the game also helps.
                    Cybil will appear sexier in the game.

Answers that help: Answer True on Question #5 of Personality Test #1 and False
                   on Question #7. Say yes when he ask you if you've been

                   During Personality Test #3, say that the word "Slut" applied
                   to you in high school, but not "Virgin." In the exercise,
                   make sure to choose "Sex Ed" as one of your four classes.

Other things: Zoom in on the scantily clad mannequin in the mall.
              Watch Lisa change in her apartment. Zoom in on the reflection.
              Check the hamper in Michelle's apartment for the lingerie.
              Unzip all the mannequins at Theresa's.

4. Wicked: Just being a mean bastard will get you this ending.

Answers that help: Answer False on Questions #1 and #3 of Personality Test #1.

                   During Personality Test #3, say that the words "Bully" and
                   "Slacker" applied to you in high school.

5. UFO: Check the UFO sidequest section.


- UFO Sidequest -

You must complete the game once to get this ending. Load the save and do the
walkthrough has normal. When you reach the point where you must choose to enter
Clear Picture or Theresa's. Look at the billboard above Theresa's and you'll see
a phone number for the United Fruitcake Outfit (555-3825). As soon as you have
access to a phone, call this number to start the quest.

You must photograph all 13 saucers to get the ending. Here are the locations:

1. In an alley outside the Playground, under the street light.

2. In the Boat House in the Woods. Look through the hole in the corner of the

3. On a barrel outside of the Orion Hunting Lodge.

4. In the sky between the goal posts at the Midwich High School football field.

5. In the sky above the roof between Wonderland Burger and the Bar. Look around.

6. Hovering over the statue in the middle of the Midwich High School courtyard.

7. In the tree outside the entrance to the Midwich High School gym.

8. In the parking garage below the mall entrance level. Downtown area.

9. In the fish tank in The Family Pet shop.

10. Green Lion Pawn Shop, look at the left shelf near the door.

11. Near the exit of the Sewer area by the ladder. Check the closed up bars.

12. At the end of the left dock outside the Amusement Park.

13. A big saucer glowing underwater. At the shore from the Lighthouse clinic.


- Mementos -

Collect 25 of them throughout the game. They serve no real purpose and won't
affect any endings. In order they appear:

1. "A Winter's Beacon" - Behind the counter in the diner. Look for a interactive
                         door. Or in covered dart board in the Good Ol' Days

2. "Hidden Fire" - In the glove compartment of Cybil's police cruiser.

3. "Frozen Waters" - In a bin next to the water tower in the Woods.

4. "A Moveable Feast" - Wall cabinet in the Orion Hunting Lodge.

5. "A Broken Ward" - Small dresser drawer in the Orion Hunting Lodge.

6. "Pinned Beauty" - Red car's trunk parked at Bryant Overlook.

7. "Suffocated Forever" - Heart-shaped jewelry box on the top floor of the
                          brothel (by the burger place).

8. "My Plastic Perfect Girl" - Freezer in the kitchen of Wonderland Burger.

9. "Heavenly Protection" - Metal cabinet above the fire extinguisher in the
                           Midwich High School.

10. "A Frigid Jewel" - Inside the frog in the Biology Lab.

11. "An Eternal Rose" - Locker 1037 in the locker room near the gym.

12. "Infinite Jest" - Music box in Lisa's bathroom.

13. "Synthetic Femur" - In a copy machine in the office of Goldenleaf Warehouse.

14. "Memories Undeveloped" - Hamster cage near the registers in The Family Pet.

15. "My Flying Lizard" - In the safe at Fun and Games.

16. "The Modern Prometheus" - In the toy machine at the Cinema.

17. "We, Ouroboros?" - Green Lion Pawn Shop safebox. Walk through the door and
                       to the right to be behind the cage.

18. "Poetry as Precise as Geometry" - In the glove compartment of John's car,
                                      just before you enter the Sewers.

19. "A Happy Bond" - In the mouth of a fish in an open drain pipe in the Sewers.

20. "Memories Untaken" - Held by the cigar store Indian outside.

21. "A Beacon, A Key" - Inside the glass counter in Lakefront Souvenirs.

22. "Your Diamond Heart" - Inside the telescope near Annie's Bar.

23. "The Dragon" - Inside the cardboard box on the park bench by the water, on
                   the way to the Amusement Park.

24. "Eve" - Jackpot machine in the Amusement Park.

25. "Adam" - In the bust at the Lighthouse Clinic.


- Echoes -

Collect 21 messages throughout the game. They serve no real purpose other then
story and won't affect the ending. Some you will get automatically and some you
have to look for. You'll know you're getting close to an Echo Message location
because your phone will start to give off a strange humming sound.
In order they appear:


1. Happy Ever After - In Clear Picture, walk around the corner of the room.

2. Prom: "Caitlin here" - Red dress in Theresa's.

3. Stranded: "Dammit Mom." - Phone box on the log cabin near the beginning of
                             the Woods section.

4. Babes in the Wood: "Don't worry" - Wreath nailed to the trunk of a tree,
                                     after you leave the log cabin in the Woods.

5. Stranded: "Hell. I told" - Tent in the woods left of the Pumping Station.

6. Cycle of Death: "Stop crying" - Skull nailed to a tree near the fence as you
                                   leave the Orion Hunting Lodge.

7. Choking Game: "All students" - Poster by the bike racks at the Midwich High

8. Choking Game: "I can't believe" - Red apron hanging on wall in Wonderland

9. Frigid: "Why can't you" - Table near window in dining area of Wonderland

10. Pigtails: "You got all your" - Blue car in the Midwich High School parking

11. Frigid: "I know it's cold" - Bench in the locker room of the Midwich High

12. Prom: "Lovely Caitlin" - Lunch box on a picnic table at the school courtyard
                             (walk by it).

13. Prom: "Okay settle" - Poster on the far end of the locker room near the gym.

14. Prom: "Here's to our" - Heart-shaped balloon outside the gym's entrance.

15. Problem Child: "Malcolm. Doing" - Trash can to the right of Page Turners in
                                      the Mall.

16. Family Pet: "I'm looking for a" - Near the cages in Family Pet.

17. Family Pet: "Look what I just" - Red ball on a bench next to Chica Bella.

18. The Experience: "The store was" - Book on trashcan in mall, after leaving
                                      Celebrations or New Looks.

19. Problem Child: "Another" - Memory card display in Photographic Memory store.

20. Day Trippers: "Here. Finally." - Map on the hood of the parked car after
                                     exiting the Sewers.

21. Day Trippers: I remember that" - Frozen figures by the center swan.


9 cell phone photos to collect. Snap the pictures of the flickering silhouttes
you encounter. In order they appear:

1. Girl on Swing - Swingset at the Playground.

2. Little Boy Behind Bars - The bars at the end of a dead end hall in the
                            Pumping Station.

3. Deer Carcass - The wall above the sink in the Orion Hunting Lodge.

4. Open Car Door - The open door of the red car at Bryant Overlook.

5. Red Sofa - Red pillow on the sofa in the main room of the brothel
              (go downstairs).

6. The Choking Game - Belt hanging on the wall of the Midwich High School
                      equipment room.

7. Bench in the Mall - Bench near the cones left of the Cinema in the mall.

8. Blood on the Snow - On the ground behind a parked car, after you exit the

9. The Princess and the Knight - Photo cutout at the Amusement Park (by the


- Phone Numbers -

All the numbers in the game. Some are useful, some not. Some are funny!

Silent Hill Customer Service Center 	311
Information                     	411
Emergency Services                      911
Alchemilla Hospital                     555-9400
Bedrock Security                        555-0207
Bodkin Insurance                        555-3800
Bridge Control                          555-3411
Brodie Insurance                	555-3900
Brookhaven Hospital             	555-9300
The Cathouse                    	555-5477
Cine-Fone 	                        555-3663
Conservation Police             	555-5253
County Weather Service          	555-7659
Cybil 	                                555-2925
Dahlia (first number)               	555-7399
Dahlia (later number)               	555-8432
Eastway Gas                     	555-5612
Fir Tree Garage                   	555-4341
Home 	                                555-4663
How Am I Driving                	555-7243
HR Administrator 	                555-7872
"Join Tookie!"                  	555-8665
Konami Customer Support Line (funny!)   220-8330
Lakeside Amusement Park         	555-3253
Lakeview Hotel                  	555-2502
Lisa 	                                555-3323
Lost Children                     	555-5678
Michelle 	                        555-3587
Midwich High                    	555-5122
Mr. Gordon                       	555-5464
Nightingale Apts. Super 	        555-4139
Police Department               	555-6358
Riverside Motel 	                555-4340
School Magazine 	                555-7857
Southside Salvage                       555-2212
State Dept. of Natural Resources 	555-3474
State Forestry Dept.                    555-8733
State Water & Sewer Authority           555-7669
Tammy 	                                555-7588
Time                            	555-1212
Toluca Mall                          	555-6255
Towing                           	555-0719
Toy Recall                         	555-7325
United Fruitcake Outlet         	555-3825
Waitress Wanted 	                555-6649
Water Tours 	                        555-2628
Wonderland Burger 	                555-6328
Woodland Properties              	555-6128


- Acessible / Inaccessible Areas -

At some points of the game some areas will become inaccessible if you enter a
certain store or room. It's nothing crucial but you will probably miss some
cutscenes, puzzles, and echoes. You won't miss any momentos or photos though.
Heres a list of them. The lines mean they are the only stores/rooms open if
you took that route.

Early Game -  Clear Picture           Theresa's
                    |                     |
                    |                     |
                    |                     |
                 52 Diner           Good Ol' Days

High School - Chemistry & Art    Biology & Astronomy
                    |                     |
                    |                     |
                    |                     |
                Art Studio           Planetarium

Mall -       New Looks Salon       Celebration Time


Copyright 2010 - MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)

This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
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