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Guide and Walkthrough by Ice_Shield

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 03/19/2009

A FAQ/Walkthrough by Ice_Shield
Version 0.75
E-mail xMarineSnowx@gmail.com

0. Version History & Contact
1. Introduction
2. Game FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus
   3C. Display/HUD
   3D. Gameplay Terms
   3E. Scoring
   3F. Challenge
   3G. Power Level Table
4. Pixels
   4A. Transition
   4B. Descent
   4C. Growth
5. Story
   5A. Cutscenes
6. Walktrhough
   6A. Transition
   6B. Descent
   6C. Growth
7. InGame FAQ
8. Credits


Version History

Version 0.6 (March 16th, 2009):
   +Created the FAQ
   +Wrote the Introduction
   +Wrote the Game FAQ
   +Wrote the entire Basics
   +Wrote the Pixels for Transition
   +Wrote the Walkthrough for Transition
   +Created the Other Information
   +Wrote the Credits

Version 0.75 (March 18th, 2009):
   +Changed the Other Information section to the InGame FAQ, added onto it
   +Wrote the Pixels for Descent and added as many as I could to Growth
   +Wrote a partial Walkthrough for Descent and Growth 
   +Fixed some misconceptions about the game


If you spot any errors, have additional information to give me or just wanna
say hey, you can email me at xMarineSnowx@gmail.com

If you wish to have this hosted on your site, please also send me an email.

This FAQ is also only to be used on GameFAQs and Neoseeker unless I give
permission to you. And please don't sell it or all of that other crap, although
I don't know anyone stupid enough to buy a user written FAQ.


Hi guys, welcome to my FAQ/Walktrhough for BIT.TRIP BEAT! BIT.TRIP BEAT is a
rhythm type game in which the player must hit "pixels" to create music. The
game can best be described as "Pong" with speed, ecstacy, seizures and music.
This FAQ will give as much info on the gameplay as possible and as much help as
I can possibly give.


A: BIT.TRIP BEAT is Aksys Games and Gaijin Games' WiiWare game. The game is
 exlusive for the Wii as a WiiWare download, which became available to United
 States players on March 16th, 2009.

Q: What is this game like? What's the gameplay?
A: Remember Pong? The game with two side bars with the small pixel in the
 middle that bounced back and forth? Take Pong, get rid of the second player,
 place a lot more pixels into play, add amazing sound quality, keep the same
 pixel-esque design while pumping up the graphic power and turn up the speed.
 That's what the game is like.

Q: Can anyone play?
A: Of course, the game is fun for all ages. People who are fully colorblind may
 have problems since the colors in game can help out the player. People who are
 epileptic may also experience seizures due to the bright contrasting colors
 and the fast paced scrolling in game. The game also deals with control and
 concentration, so younger gamers may find it extremely difficult to

Q: What genre is this game?
A: The game falls under the Rhythm category, however you can also view it as an
 Arcade type game.

Q: How long is a typical playthrough?
A: The game is short. There are only three "levels" (that I am currently aware
 of) to the game, but the replay value is high, since the game is easily
 replayable and addicting.


This will cover how the game is played moreso than how to "beat" the game.

3A. Controls =

Wiimote: Held sideways so the left hand covers the censor and the right hand
 covers the hookup to where the Nunchuk would attach (Nunchuk isn't needed).


Tilt: Tilting the controller back and forth will raise and lower the "player"
 bar on the left side of your screen.
- Button: Brings up the pause menu.
Control Pad: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).
A Button: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).
B Button: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).
+ Button: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).
1 Button: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).
2 Button: Creates different sound effects during the game (not needed).


Tilt: Moves player up and down. Corresponds with highlighted term.
2 Button: Select highlighted term. Player must hit pixel for term to be


Tilt: Moves the highlighted term up and down.
- Button: Unpauses (does not matter what term is highlighted).
2 Button: Selects highlighted term.

3B. Menus =


TRANSITION: First level. Selectable at start.
DESCENT: Second level. Available after Transition is beaten.
GROWTH: Third level. Available after Descent is beaten.
HIGH SCORES: Displays the High Scores of each level.
CREDITS: Plays the credits (Fun music).


RESTART: Restart the current level.
RESUME: Resume your game.
QUIT: Quit to the main menu.

3C. Display/HUD =

The top left ten-digit number is your score.
The top right word (starts at MEGA) is the next power level.
The top yellow bar is your power meter.
The bottom left numbers are how much each pixel is worth.
The bottom right word (always NETHER) is the below power level.
The bottom yellow bar is your miss meter.

+# Appears next to the player after a combo has started # is the current combo.
DANGER Appears next to the player when his/her miss meter is getting full.

The player will enter black and white mode when the miss meter fill completely.
The top bar is your recovery bar. Fill it fully to go back to normal mode.
The bottom bar is your miss bar. Fill it fully to get a game over.

3D. Gameplay Terms =

Player: The bar on the left which is controlled by you.
Board: I may say "Board", I'm referring to your Player.
Hit: When/Where the pixels make contact to the Player.
Pixel: The items that come at you which you are supposed to hit.

Please note that I'll use these terms throughout the FAQ. From now on when I
say Pixel I am referring to the items coming at you on screen. I will denote if
I mean otherwise.

3E. Scoring =

Each pixel is worth a certain amount of points. Your power level as well as
your combo influence the amount of points each pixel is worth.

Combo less than 10:
100 x Power Level = Points

Combo greater than or equal to 10:
(100 + Combo) x Power Level = Points

Simply put, if you have a combo of less than ten, each pixel is worth 100
points times your power level. At the start of each level, your power level is
1, so each pixel is worth 100 points until you reach a combo of ten.

Once your combo is ten or higher, you quickly start gaining points. Each pixel
is now worth 100 plus your the current combo, times your power level. So, with
a power level of 1, and lets say your combo is at 25, the next pixel you get
will be worth 125 points (100 + 25 x 1). The next pixel would be worth 126
points, if your power level stays at 1.

3F. Challenge =

Every once in a while, a white pixel will appear. Hitting this white pixel will
start a challenge. In a challenge, you paddle will change to the size of one
pixel. You are then given a challenge number, which is the amount of pixels
that are in the challenge. For example:

The first challenge that you will ever get will be in TRANSITION. When you
start the challenge, CHALLENGE will flash across the screen as well as 0 / 19.
This means that the challenge will last through nineteen pixels. For every
pixel that you hit during a challenge you will receive 10,000 points. There is
no bonus for getting all of the pixels.

3G. Power Levels =

This is the currently known power level table. If you manage to get higher than
what I have, please drop me an email and you'll get credited.

NETHER (x0) - Near-Death Level (No music, black and white mode)
HYPER (x1) - Starting Level (Basic music and colors)
MEGA (x1) (More music and color added)
MULTI+ (x2)
MULTI+ (x3)
MULTI+ (x4)

From what it seems, this will just continue to grow higher. Filling up the miss
meter on the bottom of your screen will send you back to Hyper, which is the
normal mode.

It takes 80 pixels to get into MEGA mode from HYPER. It takes 10 misses to get
into NETHER mode from HYPER. It takes 5 misses from MEGA/MULTI+ to go back to

Going down a level when you're in the NETHER level will give you a game over.


Ahh, Pixels. These little guys are the whole fun (and frustration) of the game.
Most pixels are color coded by what their AI are. I'm going to have the job of
listing every pixel and then giving them a fun little name to go with them. If
I miss a pixel, please send me an email and you'll get credited. Please also
note that at the time of me writing this I have no finished the end of level 2,
so I am not sure of what pixels appear in the 3rd level.


Orange "Plain" Pixels: They will just move across the screen. Sometimes they
   will move extra fast or extra slow.

Orange "Bouncy" Pixels: When you hit them with your player, they will bounce
   back and move back to your board. They will continue this for 4-6 hits until
   leaving and they can bounce far, normal or even small bounces.

Yellow "Diagonal" Pixels: They will move in diagonally, bouncing off of walls.

Pink "Spinner" Pixels: They will normally spin either slow or fast in a
   clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.

White "Changer" Pixels: These pixels will change the size of your player. This
   is normally a good thing.

Rainbow "Mega" Pixels: These pixels will be double the size of normal pixels
   and will flash many different colors. They normally come at the end of a
   phase. If you do not hit all of these pixels, the background video will
   repeat for the next phase, however you'll still move onto the next phase's

Teal "Programmed" Pixels: These pixels will appear in an odd programmed
   pattern. They will either come in slowly and stop repeatedly, stop and wait
   for more to appear before coming at you the same way they appeared, or even
   coming at you in formations.

Purple "Wavy" Pixels: They move fast and move in a wave motion. Aim for the 
   middle of the wave and you'll hit all of them. They normally appear in
   groups and each set of them contains 4, 8 or 16 pixels.

Baby Blue "Line" Pixels: It will look like a solid line, but it's actually a
   bunch of pixels all mushed together.

Baby Blue "Pulsater" Pixels: They will pulsate from tiny to large in size.

White "Follower" Pixels: They will follow your player for about half of the
   playing screen and then will move right into you.


+Note that pixels from Transition are still used in this area+

Red "Freeze" Pixels: Bright red in color, when they hit your player you will
   be frozen in place for about half a second. When released, you'll jump to
   whatever position the Wiimote is at.

Green "Blinker" Pixels: They're green and they'll flash invisible as they go
   across the screen. They normally come in a row in Descent so they aren't
   that bad of a problem.

Pink "Wave" Pixels: Not to be confused with the purple wavy pixels, these pink
   pixels will wave up and down as they come at you. They will hit your board
   at either the bottom or top of the wave. You'll understand when they appear.

Blue "Bouncy" Pixels: Like the orange bouncy pixels from Transition, these blue
   pixels will bounce off the sides of the level instead of your board, much
   like a bouncy ball.

White "Mirror" Pixels: They will mirror your player's position on the level.
   One will appear on the top half while another will appear on the bottom. To
   hit both of them, you must position your board directly in the middle of the

Pale Yellow "Stopper" Pixels: These will stop when your board hits them. Just
   treat them like normal pixels, since after you hit them they don't do
   anything other than try to confuse you.


+Note that pixels from Transition and Descent will be reused in Growth+
+Note that this list does not contain all of the pixels yet+

Yellow "Tail" Pixels: These pixels will leave a tail as they bounce across the
   stage. It's extremely annoying and makes it hard to tell what pixels are

Blue "Shinking" Pixels: These pixels will start off big, but will shrink before
   they get to the player.

Yellow "Formation" Pixels: Extremely annoying pixels that look like a bunch of
   pixels but are actually in a line formation, which you will see after you
   hit them. Hit the nearest pixel to bounce them all back.


As far as I'm concerned, this game has almost no story. From what the little 
movie shows you before you start playing, this is what I've come up with:

You're a flying astronaut, a wonder of the galaxy, searcher of the beyond. You
are powered by the pixels of color. Each pixel you catch gives you the strength
to move on in your quest to explore. This is where the first level begins, as
you fly through space.

After Transition, you're coming into the planet where you see lots of pixels of
color to power you up. This is where level two begins, as you descend to the

After Descent, you have come to a planet and are going to continue growing as
a flying astronaut.

5A. Cutscenes =

The game features a few movies with itself (ok, more like 15 second animations)
but I figured I'd let you know what they are.

Transition: Your player flies around in space with his rainbow colored tail.
   He stops to hover in space and a bunch of colored pixels fly at him, which
   power him up, letting some holy-ish light shine through by him. He flies at
   the screen and Transition starts.

Descent: Your player is alongside of some planet, where it looks like he trips
   and falls over... in space. He flies at you and Descent starts.

Growth: Your player is floating in space with his head down, when a green pixel
   flies at him and bounces off of his head. He flies at the screen and Growth


It's very hard to give a walkthrough for a game like this since all I can
really tell you is what type of pixels appear when and where they'll hit. All
levels contain "phases" which will last for a couple of minutes each. Also, at
the time of writing I have not completed the end of level 2, so I cannot help
you on the second and third levels. Within a week I should be able to, I just
wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible so that you had some
idea of what to do and have some sort of FAQ for the game.


Transition starts slow. It gets a little fast paced, but it doesn't generally
get any faster than the second set of pixels you see. You might fail a few
times while trying to beat it, but you should be able to pass it if you
concentrate enough.

Phase 1

Pixel Count: 76

You'll start off with a nice slow flow of yellow pixels. Just get a feel of how
to tilt the controller. The pace will pick up after a few pixels, but just stay
calm and focused. After a while, you'll start getting pixels at double the
speed. This is the fastest any pixels will fly throughout the entire level. The
first one will appear in the middle of the screen, so just be ready.

They will continue on for a little while. After they are over, you'll get a
slow flow of pixels once again. After this slow flow, you'll get four rainbow
pixels to denote that this phase is over!

Phase 2

The music will pick up. After a few normal pixels, you'll start getting yellow
diagonal pixels. Just follow their movement as they flow across the screen and
make sure you get them once they arrive at your player. The first diagonal
pixel will hit at the top of your screen. The other diagonal pixels in the set
will also hit in the same general area.

This pattern will continue on for a while. It'll slowly move from the top, to
the bottom and back to the top. The pace will begin to pick up as the pixels
will appear more close together. Just keep your cool. This will continue on for
a little bit.

You'll then be greeted by some fast straight moving pixels again. Soon after
there will be more slow moving diagonal pixels. After this is over, you'll get
the four rainbow pixels to denote that this phase is over! Keep it up!

Phase 3

This phase will start off with some fast moving straight pixels. This will
carry on for a while, when you'll be introduced to some fast, purple wavy
pixels. They will appear in the middle of the screen and fly fast to you.
They'll wave back and forth in a small general area, just stay directly in the
middle of the area. You'll hit every single one if you sit right in the middle.
Get used to these, they'll appear a lot more in the future.

You'll go back to the fast moving pixels again. After a while you'll notice a
line of pixels that's about as big as your player. Just run right into the
middle and try not to be off center, as these are a bunch of pixels all grouped
in a line. You'll also see more purple wavy pixels, but they'll be slower than

After this is done, you'll get two pixels at a time, one moving slow and one
moving fast. They'll hit you both at the same time, so don't worry. You'll then
get more lines of pixels, more fast wavy pixels, and then our good old friend
the diagonal pixel. The diagonal pixels will last for a while. Note that the
background of the level seems to make it hard to see some of the pixels. When
this is done, you'll get three rainbow pixels and a welcome to Phase 4.

Phase 4

This phase introduces the teal programmed pixels. These pixels will fly in with
some programmed order, stop or change direction, then fly at you. Just note at
how they enter and in what order they stop. The order this time will flow right
down the screen.

After a few sets of these, you'll get your first bouncy pixel. As it hits,
it'll bounce off and back at you about four times. Just keep hitting it and
it'll eventually go away. After this you'll get diagonal pixels again. For a
while, you'll get a mix of diagonal and bouncy pixels. After this, you'll get
a mix of the programmed pixels, bouncy pixels and diagonal pixels.

At the end of this you'll notice a burst of pixels coming at you. Don't worry,
they'll all hit you in the middle. After this, you'll get some programmed line
pixels. Just stay in the middle. You'll get some programmed pixels moving in a
weird way, and then some bouncy and wavy pixels. Did you notice that each time
you're introduced to a new pixel, you'll see it with the older pixels? This is
much like the entire first level. Introduction and mixing. Anyways, get the
final three rainbow pixels and onto Phase 5!

Phase 5

Challenge: 19 Pixels.

You'll start off with pink spinner pixels. Just aim for the middle. Then you'll
gett programmed and wavy pixels. Aim for the wavy pixels, but remember how the
programmed pixels appear, as that's how they'll shoot at you, in order. The
order is bottom-bottom, top-bottom, bottom-top, top-top. Now you'll get some
bouncy pixels, but they bounce only an extremely short distance, so be ready.

The bouncy pixels will then get mixed into the pink swirl pixels, the bouncy
pixel being the middle of the swirl. Make sure you remember that it'll bounce
back at you about five times. Then you'll get more swirls without bouncy

You're now at your first CHALLENGE. Get the white pixel to initiate. You'll get
a smaller player, but a LOT of extra points. Just follow the programmed pixels.
Then you'll get wavy pixels, just follow them and you'll end your challenge.
You get 10,000 points for each pixel hit.

Now you'll get fast moving straight pixels mixed in with white follower pixels.
The follower pixels will follow your player, but only for half a screen, then
they go the direction they're going. Just move quickly from top to bottom and
back. you'll get some pink spinner pixels and a bouncy pixel, then your four
rainbow pixels to introduce you to Phase 6!

Phase 6

You'll start with slow normal straight pixels, then get shot right into a slow
diagonal group of pixels. Just move up and down slowly while hitting them. Its
easy to get caught up in them and miss a bunch.

A white pixel will appear. GRAB IT! It'll transform your board into two sets.
Just move up and down hitting the pixels as they appear. Its odd, and hard to
get used to, but you gotta do it. Some programmed pixels will appear as well,
hit them. You'll revert to your old board, and then get some blue pulsater
pixels. Just hit them like a normal pixel.

This next part is odd. Blue programmed pixels will rush in and stop all in a
bunch while a line of pixels will approach from the bottom. Line up with the
line of yellow pixels on the bottom but aim a little above them, and the blue
pixels will fly right into you. The same will happen on the top. For some
reason, I always end up missing the mass of blue pixels.

More blue pixels will come in like they did a few phases ago, just hit them.
Sit in the middle when this is done and hit the two wavy pixels and the blue
pulsater pixel. This next part, grab the white changing pixel which will make
your board bigger, then line up with the bottom blue programmer pixels that
appeared. They'll come fast, then come from the top.

Now you'll have yellow fast straight pixels and white followers. Your board
will go back to normal. More white followers, then four rainbow pixels to
greet you into Phase 7!

Phase 7

A white pixel will grow your board again, allowing you to easily hit the
spinner pixels. A bouncy pixel will be in there, but just ignore it and line up
with the spinner pixels and you'll automatically hit it. You'll start getting
faster spinner pixels that move in an odd way right after your board goes back
to normal size. Hit them as best as you can, I always miss a good chunk of

Long spinners will appear. Start at the top of the screen and work your way
down, as fast as you can. You'll probably go into nether mode your first time.
After this is done, you'll get programmed pixels, wavy pixels and lined pixels.
Stay in the middle and after the wavy pixels, try your best to hit the lined

A white pixel will appear and make your board bigger again. Then you'll
encounter more of the same type of pixels you just did. After that, you'll get
pulsater pixels with white followers. The white followers will hit you just
after you hit the pulsaters in the middle of the screen.

You'll get a line of programmed pixels, just stay in the middle, and then
you'll get your wonderful rainbow pixels. Get ready, cause it's BOSS TIME!


He (yes, he) will start off by shooting out yellow diagonal pixels. After
those, he will shoot out a series of yellow bouncy pixels. They will hit your
player on the beat of the background music. He'll start off with one, then two
and then four. After that is done he'll quickly move to yellow diagonal pixels
again, but this time they'll go super fast. They'll all bounce off the side
and go right back at you in the middle. Just stay in the middle and you'll hit
all of them. Back to more orange bouncy pixels. After that, he'll shoot out
yellow diagonal pixels extremely quick. They will hit right above and below
the middle of the screen. Now it will be a slow yellow wave of pixels. Again,
more orange bouncy pixels. He'll start throwing out orange bouncy pixels, but
watch out because sometimes they'll change the distance they'll bounce back on
you. Then he'll end off with clusters of four of these at a time. Once he's
thrown out all of his pixels, you've won!


Descent starts off pretty hard if it's your first time through. Don't worry,
the first few phases aren't hard. Phase 5 picks up the difficulty a LOT, which
is where I had the most trouble. It took me about 10 play throughs in this area
to get past it and I still do not get the rhythm. But don't worry, after you
get past this, it gets a little easier.

Phase 1

189 Pixels.

You start off with pink spinner pixels. There's six sets, each containing two
pixels. You get a set of blue box pixels, and then yellow diagonal pixels that
shoot from the top right to the bottom left, and vice versa. Then some purple
wavy pixels, which move slowly down the screen as they hit you, so move with
them. Time for some more blue box pixels.

You'll get another purple wavy pixel set, this time moving upwards, along with
more diagonal yellow pixels. Then some more blue box pixels. Here's a new pixel
now, pink wave pixels. They'll wave as they come across the stage. At the
beginning phases, they hit you at the bottom of the wave. You'll understand
when you see them. More blue box pixels, more diagonal pixels, more pink wave
pixels, more blue box pixels. Kinda boring.

This will repeat a little longer, then you'll be greeted with the mega rainbow
pixels. Onto Phase 2!

Phase 2

You'll start out with some blue box pixels, then some yellow normal pixels,
then more blue box pixels. Now you'll be greeted with blue bouncy pixels.
Remember the yellow bouncy pixels that would bounce off of your board? They're
just like those, except they'll bounce off the sides of the level. They will
always hit your boar at the peak of their jump. As they appear, you'll get some
more blue box pixels.

Now you'll get another new pixel. These white mirror pixels will follow your
player, but there's two of them! Just line up your board in the middle and you
will hit both of them. Now you'll get more pink wave pixels, followed by more
white mirror pixels.

Now you'll get a set of blue box pixels mixed in with the blue bounce pixels.
Just stay calm and try to line up with the box pixels, going down to hit the
bounce pixels when they come. The beat they make with the song is actually
pretty nice. Then you'll get soem more white pixels followed by purple wavy
pixels, and then repeat. You'll get more blue box mixed with blue bounce.

Watch out next, because now the blue bounce pixels will bounce high (or lower)
as they come across the board. Once this is done, stay in the middle of the
screen and you'll line up with some blue box and pink spinner pixels. Then more
blue bounce pixels. They'll speed up, so watch out. Then more blue box blue
bounce combo. You'll randomly get yellow plain pixels, but they'll line up with
the blue bounce pixels so they don't really do anything. After this you'll get
the mega rainbow pixels and it's off to phase 3!

Phase 3

Challenge: 35 pixels.

You'll start off with some wavy pixels, and then eventually get a white pixel
that will double the size of your board. Now you'll get plain yellow pixels,
except they'll make a wave formation. It'll start slow, pick up, then move down
the screen and continue. It should be easy, since your board is bigger, and
it'll shrink to normal size when you are finished with the wave. After a bit
you'll get the purple wave, then more plain pixels.

You'll get barraged at the top with quick yellowish orange pixels. They're the
bouncy pixels from Transition. You'll hit six of them, then four blue boxes,
then hit the bouncy pixels as they come back. Then you'll get a purple wavy
pixel line. Now you'll get yellow stopper pixels. When they hit your board they
will freeze, then go back. Don't worry, once you hit them you can move your
board. Another purple wavy line, then blue and yellow pixels.

The blue ones will stop before the board, and the yellow ones will continue
into you. Now, once the yellow are done, the blue will follow the same pattern
as they appeared, like the yellow. Now you'll have more pink wave pixels, this
time they'll hit your player at the top of their wave, unlike the ones in phase
1. After this you'll get a CHALLENGE! If this is your first time through, I'd
skip it. Your tiny board will have to face the same yellow wave as your big
board did earlier in the stage. If you think you can handle it, try it, if not,
just skip it, there's no problem to skipping it.

Now you'll get yellow diagonal pixels, but watch how they hit your player, as
they'll slowly move up or down when they hit you. If you see a single pixel
somewhere else on the board moving very slowly, make sure you hit it, as two
other pixels will join in, making it worth three pixels. When this is done, you
will get another purple wavy pixel line, then the wonderful mega pixels to end
off this phase. Phase 4 time!

Phase 4

This phase picks up the pace. You'll start with easy formation of straight
pixels followed by lines of pixels, just hit them as they come. Eventually you
will see these blinking green pixels. They're just like regular plain pixels
except they blink. Just hit them like normal, they don't make too much of a
problem in Descent. You'll get a purple wavy pixel line, then some blue bounce
pixels from Phase 2. This time they'll be moving two times as fast, so make
sure you realize that this is how they'll move for the rest of Descent. When
this is over you'll get a green blinking line of pixels, just hit it like a
normal line. The blue bounce/green blinky pixel line combo will continue.

This combo will speed up even more, so make sure you realize what's going on,
because if you get lost it'll be hard to catch up. This combo will go on for a
while, so just go with the flow. When you get three blue box pixels, you're
about to encounter a new type of pixel; red freeze pixels. When you hit these,
your board will freeze for about half of a second, then jump to the position
of your Wiimote. They combine these with blue bounce pixels, so just get used
to them quickly because the pace will pick up. Now you'll go to blinky green
and yellow pixels, then back to the old diagonal yellow pixels. You'll get a
purple wave of pixels, just stay in the middle because this time it's

You'll come across a white pixel, DO NOT MISS IT! It'll break your board into
two pieces, making you hit both sets of pixels if they come. If you do NOT get
the white pixel you WILL instantly lose. Once this little area is over, you'll
get a mix of yellow diagonal pixels with green blinkers, then a mix of those
with straight yellow pixels. When this is over, you'll get your rainbow mega
pixels and move onto Phase 5!

Phase 5

Challenge: 28 pixels.

I love the music to this phase.

Phase 5 is the hardest phase you've played yet. I failed about 10 times before
I got passed this phase, so don't be angered if you miss it the first time. If
this is your first time, I would skip the challenge at the beginning of the
level, as you're going to need to hit as many pixels as possible so not getting
the challenge makes this easier.

Once the challenge is over, you'll get two yellow bouncy pixels. Watch out, as
after the fourth bounce when you think it is going to go away, it'll bounce
back once. When this is over, all hell breaks loose.

A giant batch of blue bounce pixels will come at you from the top and the
bottom of the screen. Be aware that the pixels on the TOP will hit your player
BELOW the middle of the screen, and the pixels on the BOTTOM will hit your
player ABOVE the middle of the screen. It took me about five playthroughs to
get this. After about 12 pixels, they will move to the lower part of the stage.
Then they'll move to the upper part of the stage. I've gotten past this part
once, and while I tried to write this I failed, and I don't feel like playing
through all the way up to this part again, so I'm submitting this FAQ and will
update it more when I play through later.

Phase 6+

* Coming Soon *


The boss will resemble a game that I'm pretty sure you've all played before...
Breakthru. Yes, the game where you must bounce the ball and break all of the
little bars at the top of the screen. This is the same idea, except it's
sideways. Your goal to win the level is to break all of the bars on the right
side of the screen. You will get one pixel to shoot at the boss. If you go for
a while on one pixel back and forth, the boss will shoot out another. Sometimes
when the boss gets hit, he will fire back the ball extremely fast. Just try
and keep up with it and destroy all of his pixels for a victory!


Growth has a slower tempo than the other stages, but a hell of a lot harder
pixel usage than the other stages. You will lose by Phase 2 of this level if
you're single player and this is your first 5 times through.

Phase 1

You'll start off with blue shrinking pixels. They're easy, just hit them when
they come. You'll get eight random blinking green pixels, try to hit them as
they are pretty spread out. You'll now get the same combo of pixels, just
mirrored across the middle of the stage. Blue bounce pixels will appear after
this, but they'll be mixed on the top and bottom, so just watch out.

Now you'll get green blinky pixels mixed in with yellow tail pixels. The yellow
pixels will leave a tail as they fly towards you, which will mask the green
pixels. It's extremely hard to see the green blinking pixels, so just try and
hit them. This will continue and get faster after a while.

Now you'll get a quick line going across the stage, making a rainbow tail. Just
hit in the middle. You'll get baragged by a bunch of blue bouncy pixels. When
these are over you'll go through the whole thing starting with the yellow tail
pixels again. Then you'll get fast moving box pixels with tails, and more
bounce pixels. You'll get some rainbow mega pixels, and onto Phase 2!

Phase 2

You'll start by noticing that there are two pixels, one on the top and one on
the bottom, that you obviously can't hit both. Well, a line will pop up
inbetween the two, creating an impossible to miss field. A blue box will fly
through the middle of the screen. The rest of this phase will be like this. As
the yellow pixels appear, you'll hit the closest one to you to bounce back the

Now you'll see a bunch of yellow dots on the top and bottom. Hit the yellow
pixel that is closest to the middle and the closest to you to pop out a yellow
> figure. Now you will alternate between the top and the bottom > figures. You
will then notice a fast moving pixel in the middle of your screen. Hit this
pixel, and move to the bottom, then back to the middle, then to the top. Each
time you go to the bottom or top you'll hit another formation. After this goes
for a few seconds, all hell will break loose. From what I see, you have to
combine both of the formations from the beginning of Phase 2 alone with the
fast moving pixel in the middle. I've tried about 5 times and cannot get past
this part. Goodluck!

Phase 3+

* Coming Soon *


Q: I unlocked Descent/Growth, yet when I loaded my game up after I quit it
 wasn't unlocked, what happened?
A: When you beat a level, you unlock the next level. However, for some odd
 reason or horrible idea, you must get a score on the high scores list for the
 level BELOW the level you want unlocked for that level to stay unlocked. So,
 if you want Descent to stay unlocked, you must beat Transition AND get on the
 high scores list. To keep Growth unlocked, you must beat Descent AND get on
 the high scores list. 

Q: I want more songs! Will there be any DLC for this game?
A: I'm going to say there will not be any DLC released for this game, since
 there is no menu or mention of DLC in the game. However, it is rumored that
 Bit.Trip Beat will become a series of around 5 games, so this may not be the
 only game.

Q: Does playing multiplayer have any differences between single player?
A: Not that I'm aware of. If you unlock stages in multiplayer you will keep
 them unlocked. High Scores are not divided up into single/multiplayer, so any
 high scores you make in multiplayer will appear on the high scores list, so
 since the game is easier in multiplayer you'll probably have a lot more scores
 on the high scores list from multiplayer than single player.

Q: So there's no practice in this game?
A: Nope. If you have trouble on a particular part of a song, you still need to
 play through the level normally to get to the area you're having trouble with.

Q: I can't get on the high scores list and am sick of replaying the first level
 to get to the second level. What can I do to get around this?
A: Check in the Game Saves part of GameFAQs for a save that has all three areas
 already unlocked. I put it there so people wouldn't complain about this :)


Aksys Games and Gaijin Games - For creating BIT.TRIP BEAT
GameFAQs - For their site, which would leave me so much less of a gamer without
CyricZ - For ideas on how to build my first FAQ
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 Board - Just so that I can say "Hollah" and
   that this FAQ has it written in document that I am the owner of the Knack.
   Hell, it was on a fortune cookie! I am the rightful owner.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for reading my FAQ. If you have any questions
remember to contact me at xMarineSnowx@gmail.com

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