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Step up to the oche and go head-to-head against your friends or the greatest champions of the PDC.

Everyone is going crazy for darts and you can be a part of the action and excitement with PDC World Championship Darts 2009, the official game of the PDC and the No.1 selling darts game of all-time. With the greatest players and the greatest tournaments the ultimate darts simulation is back and better than ever!

"The closest thing to throwing a real dart! GAME ON" Phil 'The Power' Taylor

- Hit those trebles with an all new and enhanced throwing method featuring fluid, simple and realistic dart flight physics, using the Wii Remote with updated graphics and game engine.
- Create your own male or female characters with your very own darts shirts, flights and barrel weights.
- Move up the rankings with 18 PDC pros to play as or compete against in real-world tournament locations (World Championship, World Matchplay etc.), with commentary from Sid Waddell and referee audio from Russ Bray and Bruce Spendley.
- Improve your averages! Compete in career mode, fully customisable tournaments and leagues.
- Multiplayer action with up to 8 players and 3 levels of difficulty so beginners and pros or kids and adults can all play together!
- New and improved cinematics give you an as-seen-on-TV experience, with replays, cameras, walk-ins, fly-bys and more!

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