Are the swords better/worse than each other?

  1. Besides the fact that they look different and handle a little differently, do the swords have stats?

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  1. - Blood Berry -
    The Starting Beam Katana. It is the worst.

    - Camellia Mk-III -
    The next Beam Katana you have access to from Naomi's lab is both Faster and Stronger than the Blood Berry. It also seems to have a slightly longer battery.

    - Peony -
    The final Purchasable weapon from Naomi's Lab. The Peony is stronger than both the Camellia Mk-III and the Blood Berry. It is also much slower (Similar in slowness to the Tsubaki Mk-II from NMH1), and the Length of the Blade grows as your Ecstasy Gauge increases. This is arguably the strongest hitting weapon.

    - Rose Nasty -
    The final Beam Katana you receive from Bishop's friend. Rose Nasty is the fastest weapon and Powerful than the Camellia Mk-III and the Blood Berry. This weapon also has the longest charge and fastest charging battery. I would argue this weapon does more damage than Peony because you can get more hits in before getting hit.

    *** Peony vs Rose Nasty ***

    In my experience the only time to use Peony over Rose Nasty is when your Ecstasy Gauge is nearly full against a room full of enemies (Charged attack with that works wonders).

    *** Strength Training ***

    Maxing this out will allow you to do good enough damage with any Katana to be able to beat the game with it. You can do for Max Min or you can go for style. =) The choice is yours.

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  1. I believe the Blood Berry is the worst, and aside from that, they pretty much even out.

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  2. I dont remember the names of the beam katanas but from what i have seen:

    your starting one is about average all around. once you get another one you pretty much wont use this one again.

    the first you can buy is faster and all around a little better then the starting one. the stats are still balanced equaly so after the intro buy it and make it your default one.

    the one that grows does the most damage and has the biggest range but swings slow. best for fighting the big fat enemies.

    the dual katanas have more battery life from what ive seen. its stats seem like the first one you can buy just two of it so you can get more hits in at one time which equals more damage.

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  3. The starter is the lowest stat beam Katana

    the second one you get is the same as the special final beam katana in the first No More Heroes (minus the infinite battery unfortunately) and is at the very least FASTER then the starter

    after that, you get a "long blade" beam katana that grows longer and thus more powerful but also slower with each consecutive kill,

    then finally the dual beam katanas are obtained through a story mission and are by far faster then any of the others as well as being very strong.

    However, damage from hits usually still comes down to how much strength training you do. If you max out the gym minigame you'll be slaughtering left and right

    best of luck

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  4. You start with Blood Berry. It's stats are all average.

    The second one available is Camellia. Camellia is NOT Tsubaki-III, despite what many say. It is a little stronger than Blood Berry, a lot faster, and a much faster charge. For the most part, it is Blood Berry with an upgrade.

    The third is the giant beam sword (names escape me). It is the strongest, longest, and slowest blade. Low attacks with it are a horizontal sweep that can hit several enemies at once. Its strength and length scale with your Ecstasy gauge.

    The final is the dual katanas. Stronger than Camellia, I believe. It is the fastest weapon in the game, has the longest combos and longest battery.

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  5. The four beam katanas mirror the ones in Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy. In that game you have "Medium" (Bloodberry), "Fast" (Carmelia), and "Strong" (Peony) style lightsaber. There is also dual wield (Rose Nasty) and double sided (Used by Kimi).

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  6. There isnt a hidden katana? since its suspicious that after you beat the game there is a hole for a new katana

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  7. blood berry is the starter for both games its the average katana

    Camillia mk 3 is the ending sword for nmh almost twice as fast as blood berry

    rose nasty is the faestest swords you get you get them as a gift from shinobu but with the speed increace is a power decrease

    poony {giant beam katana} is the slowest but has the most power + the most reach

    with this they all complement each other

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  8. The Blood Berry: Starting katana. Basic katana, offers combos of equal length on both stances. Battery life is remarkably shorter than later katanas. When the tiger is red, it adds a spinattack at the end of both combos. Overrall, should be replaced with later katanas as soon as possible. Only should be used at the start, when seeking a challenge, or to try to act cool by cycling through all 4 katanas as you mow down an entire mob of enemies.

    The Camellia/Tsubaki MK. III: Second katana, purchasable from Naomi for 50, 000 LBs. Offers longer upper stance combo than the Blood Berry, with shorter lower stance combo. Combos are slightly faster than the Blood Berry, but not much stronger. Battery life is longer than the Blood Berry. Should be used in place of the Blood Berry as "standard" katana, as medium between the other 2 katanas.

    The Peony: Third katana, purchasable from Naomi for 300, 000 LBs. Offers combos of equal length on both stances. Combos are increadibly slow, leaving Travis wide open in between slashes. However, this katana is the strongest one in terms of pure power, and has the beast reach. Battery life is remarkably long. As the tiger turns red, the katana becomes even longer, adding both to the reach and to that small voice in the back of your head telling you he's trying to compensate for something. Very useful when surrounded, and when facing large foes. Makes short work of Cloe Walsh.

    The Rose Nasty: Last katanas. Dual wield-type katanas, offering combos similar in lenght to the Camellia MK. III. Combos are fast on both stances, though low stance requires a split second start up time. Battery life is very long, and also recharges quickly. Running slice is very strong, capable of instantly killing gunners and injured melee enemies. Step-In Slice is particularly useful due to multi-hit effect, and can be perfectly chained into from a combo.

    Overall, use Rose Nasty when you get it. Before that, use Camellia MK. III, and pull out Peony when you get surrounded or face the big ones.

    Also, just for kicks:

    Jacob's Ladder: Shinobu's katana. Offers the ability to use "Sonic Sword", a ranged energy attack. Has a short, powerful low stance combo, and a fast, upper stance combo ending in a thrust; if it misses, it leaves Shinobu wide open. Has a very quick aerial combo which ends in a downward slice that can split enemies in two. Blade is increadibly sharp, allowing for a considerable killing spree before the blade requires re-sharpening. Offers "beam katana-type death blow enhacement" to augment damage radius.

    Cross Sword: Henry's katana. Offers short low stance combo, ending in a jumping downward slice. Has long upper stance combo. Offers the ability to shoot homing energy balls. Offers the ability to perform a continous dash in short bursts of speed, allowing the capacity to dance around the opponent, or for quick travel. Has a special energy crystal enhancement accesory, thereby making the katana possess infinite battery life. Thank god about that!

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  9. Here is a summarization for all the beam katanas, the beginning weapon(The Blood Berry) is balanced(not to strong or fast)(Blue Katana). There is the Camellia/Tsubaki MK. ll(second available weapon) is a very fast attacker(green katana). The Peony is a heavy, but slow attacking weapon that has a long, extending range.(red katana [yellow in select screen]) The Rose Nasty is a duel wielding katana that is kinda fast at attacking and can have long combos if strung together correctly.(redish,pink katana) Here's a few camo katanas: Shinobu's Katana(Jacob's Ladder), Henry's Katana(Cross Sword), Kimmy Howell's Katana(Dual-Sided Katana).

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  10. if you look at them, they all tend to kinda equal out. the bloodberry and the camillia are the moderate two of the katanas, the bloodberry being slightly more powerful but slower than the camillia. The peony and the rose nasties, however, are the polar opposites, and have stark contrasts to each other. it pretty much just depends on the situation, though, the bloodberries battery is the worst out of the bunch, so i doubt you would use it, and the camillia get turned obsolete when the rose nasty turns up. my recommendation is use the peony for large crowds, because if u get your ecstasy guage up it has a ridiculous range, and if you use your ecstasy, you will kill everyone in the room when you do a finisher, and the big guys cause it can stop their special attacks. And to use the rose nasty on smaller crowds, fast moving enemys and most bosses.

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